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28 - Jon Cheplak: It’s Not About The Splits? Then Why Do Agents Ask?

22 - Louise Morganti Kaelin: Letting Go Vs. Giving Up

32 - Peggy L. McNamara:

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16 - Jim Remley: 5 Jeannie Gleeson Executive Agent of the Month

Breaking Impossible Sales Barriers

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12 - Richard Weylman:


Turning Visibility Into Sales

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Cover Story

Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photography


or Jeannie Gleeson, the rewards of a successful career that has spanned over two decades aren’t about transactions; they’re about people. “I work from my heart,” reveals the accomplished professional. “I consistently keep my clients’ interests and needs at the forefront of my actions.” A former educator, Jeannie made the move to real estate after her family relocated to California from New York. Her longtime interest in the business was piqued, though she never considered herself a candidate for a career in sales. “I still don’t see myself as someone who sells other people on properties,” she reflects. “I educate my clients, providing them with the knowledge and information they need to make their own decisions.” Jeannie acknowledges that there was an initial sense of reluctance from friends and family members when she indicated her interest in the business. “I heard people disparage real estate agents, but decided that I’d be the person who would make a difference,” she says. Her commitment to excellence was unwavering. Jeannie spent four years working as an assistant to a top-producing agent in order to build her industry knowledge. “I wasn’t willing to represent a client until I felt completely confident in my abilities,” she explains. “Real estate is a serious business, and I take to heart the responsibilities that my role entails.” In 1995 Jeannie recognized that she was ready to launch her career in earnest. From the onset, Jeannie aspired to add value to her services by providing attentive and personalized care for her clientele. “Polls have shown that buying or selling a home is one of the top five most stressful experiences in a person’s life,” she says. “This is right up there with the loss of a spouse, divorce or joblessness.” Emotions run high during transactions, and Jeannie strives to maintain an objective and rational approach while engaging in thorough and timely communication with her clientele.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

In order to maximize the experience for each client, Jeannie has assembled a solid team of professionals who work closely together on their customers’ behalves. “I wouldn’t be here without them,” she asserts of her assistant Elizabeth, buyer’s agent Todd and husband Peter. “Together we maintain a focus on helping others accomplish their goals.” For over a decade, Elizabeth has witnessed firsthand the dedication with which Jeannie approaches her profession. “She doesn’t walk away from unfinished business,” Elizabeth states. “Jeannie operates with an exceptional level of professionalism, turning over every stone until she reaches her objectives.” Strategic negotiation skills are buoyed by her ability to identify creative solutions to challenges and objections. Once Jeannie sets her sights on a goal, she doesn’t waver off course. As professional as she is in her approach to business, Jeannie is also incredibly personable, with an innate ability to connect with others. “We’re like a family,”

notes Elizabeth of the team. “That attitude extends to our clientele as well.” Jeannie’s empathetic nature allows her to tap into the non-business needs of her clients, many of whom are relocating to Southern California. “Our real estate market isn’t just about selling homes; we’re also selling a lifestyle,” observes Jeannie. “My clients are making homes for themselves, and it can be challenging to start fresh in an unfamiliar environment.” To that end she has created a social network that introduces new and existing clients. “I like to link people up, to get them acquainted over coffee or tea,” she says. “I know from personal experience that it’s not easy to move, and I love the opportunity to help my clients build their lives here.” As a relocation specialist Jeannie offers a wealth of critical information on everything from taxes and school districts, to utilities setups and local service providers. “From pre-start of a transaction to beyond the closing, my team and I want to offer the highest level of service possible.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

BUILDING BUSINESS, ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME As a listing agent, Jeannie fully dedicates herself to the representation of every property. “My clients need more than just someone who opens the door for showings,” she says. “I’m available to answer questions and point out distinguishing features in order to best market a home to prospective buyers.” She often consults with buyer’s agents before showing a listing, ensuring that they have ample information to provide to their own clients. Visual appeal is a critical component to successful marketing, and Jeannie’s homes show beautifully thanks to the efforts of a team of specialists. “We employ the services of staging professionals, cleaners, window washers, gardeners…whatever it takes,” she offers. “What’s important is that there’s a ‘wow’ factor on the day of a broker preview, open house or photo shoot.” While marketing a property should be a given for any listing agent, Jeannie takes measures to ensure

her properties are well placed in strategic advertising campaigns. “I invest in the areas that generate measurable results,” she explains. “I’m open to exploring new opportunities, but also utilize outlets that have proven to reach my target audience for a given property.” Jeannie is well-connected within her industry. As a member of multiple professional networks she meets regularly with other highly motivated real estate specialists, maintaining communication with them throughout the year. Cultivating collegial relationships with her peers allows Jeannie to further market her listings, and to provide her buyers with an insider’s knowledge of upcoming property availability. Jeannie notes that a home’s price is equally as important as its appearance and marketing. “I want to achieve top dollar for every listing I represent,” she says, “but I am also straightforward with my clients on what I believe is realistic pricing for their homes.” Within certain markets, her knowledge and experience

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

are particularly critical. “La Jolla is a town where most of the homes have a lot of unique distinguishing factors,” she explains. “A less experienced agent might miss out on opportunities to maximize results for his or her clientele.” Buyers who work with Jeannie’s team have access to a group of professionals determined to provide them with exceptional care and accurate and relevant information. “We treat our customers like family,” says Jeannie. “We look out for their best interests, and guide them throughout the process of searching for their homes.” Their efforts have garnered Jeannie and her team professional awards and top producer status, but the real accomplishment, she says, is in helping their clients achieve their goals. “Our clients’ success is our success,” she offers. “Our mission is to help them through their journeys, to offer an ethical business that’s steeped in integrity and trust. By respecting our colleagues and customers, we enjoy a value-based business that consistently achieves successful results.” Years ago, when Jeannie Gleeson embarked upon her own journey as a new real estate professional, she envisioned the opportunity to make a difference. Today, she graciously continues that journey as a Realtor®, mentor and friend. It’s the only path she knows.

Elizabeth Kennedy with Jeannie Gleeson

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Jeannie Gleeson & Associates Prudential California Realty 1299 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 Telephone: 858.551.3355 DRE # 01059544 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Turning Visibility Into Sales By Richard Weylman

aking the transition from networking activities to sales requires that you become well known on an individual basis. Gaining high individual visibility will ultimately permit you to deliver more products and services to the people in your niche market because you will have stepped out from the crowd and they can identify you as someone who is clearly different.


extremely valuable resources. What was the missing link? The individual agents had not stepped out to establish personal interaction with the CPAs one-on-one. The agents were not using the credibility they built for their agency (and themselves) effectively. They needed to represent and demonstrate these strengths on a personal basis.

It is critical to understand, however, that one of the most effective ways to achieve high individual visibility and to create more sales is to meet people face-to-face. Current research indicates that 77 percent of affluent Americans are interested in purchasing financial services and products from individuals that they meet face-toface. This means that you have to join and participate in your niche market organizations not only to have name recognition, but to have face recognition as well.

In this case, it meant becoming pro-active by reaching out after the courses and contacting the individual CPAs to begin building personal relationships. This one-on-one contact is the missing link that many agents struggle with and that prevents them from turning networking events into sales.

Networking helps shape the prospect’s perspective about you. Sales are created, however, when you are working and interacting side-by-side with the very people around whom you want to build your business. Make the network work for you by working the network. To convert the visibility you gain from networking into sales, you must recognize the fundamental prospecting principle in networking ¬ your personal interaction will drive curiosity and, ultimately, the sales process. There is an insurance agency that wanted to target CPAs as a niche market and several of the agents were interested in building a relationship with these accountants. They wanted to become the personal insurance agents of these CPAs. To facilitate the process, the agency put on special events and informational seminars designed for their target market of CPAs. The agency was very successful in this phase of networking. Eventually, these seminars became accredited as continuing education programs for CPAs. The program was so valuable that CPAs from a wide geographic area began attending. The CPAs’ evaluations of the programs were always very high. They felt the information was timely and topical and also very applicable to their practices. Yet, after five of these programs, the agents had not seen much of an increase in sales and wondered why. The agency and the agents had built great visibility and credibility with these CPAs and were positioned as 12

How can you take your high visibility resource positioning and establish credibility and convert that into sales? There are two very effective ways to do this: 1. When you’re attending a networking function such as an association meeting, golf outing, or other activity where you are interacting with prospects, target three or four individuals at that function that you want to meet with individually after the function is over. As an example, if you attend association meetings, sit at a different table each month and meet the two people on your left and the two people on your right. Engage them in dialogue to build rapport, and thus open the door. First, ask the people you’re targeting to meet with you individually. You need to approach them instead of waiting for them to come to you. For example, invite the people you meet at the function to get together with you one-on-one for breakfast or lunch or simply for coffee so that you can “hear more about what they do” and brief them on some of the things you’ve been able to do for individuals like them. The personal outreach that you make to an individual (not to sell them something, but to hear more about what they do) is essential if you want to create sales from your marketing and prospecting efforts. 2. Offer something of value to drive a desire to meet with you. As an example, take a camera to the association or organizational meetings and take a picture of yourself with the guest speaker and a couple of prospects. You can then call the prospects on the telephone and offer to bring by their picture. Great opportunity for you to get in the

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


door. Also, you may offer to bring a copy of the notes that you took from the program, particularly if it was a speaker bringing ideas applicable and of interest to them. Or, you can simply offer to bring by your loaner copy of a book, audiotape, or magazine that you discussed during lunch. The most important point in this process is to realize that when you do meet with these people for the first time, don’t immediately jump into a sales mode. When you’re transitioning from networking and prospecting activity to sales activity, you must continue to build rapport and to increase their level of trust. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re just there to sell them as opposed to building a long term, mutually profitable relationship. Be sure that you focus on learning more about their business and starting a relationship with them. This is the type of pro-active, one-on-one approach it takes to convert your visibility into sales. Once you’ve gotten the door open and you’re in their place of business or in their home, take the opportunity to build rapport and then move forward into your research and needs analysis phase as is appropriate. One-on-one contact is the most forgotten link between visibility and sales. As Dr. David Clark, a professional fund-raiser in Dallas, Texas, says, “Friend-raising precedes fund-raising.” The same principle applies when you are converting your marketing and prospecting activities into sales activities.

In today’s over-marketed society, it’s vitally important that you take the time and have the patience to demonstrate a personal interest as opposed to simply a financial interest in perspective clients. C. Richard Weylman is an expert in marketing, selling and communicating to affluent and high net worth people. He is the author of “Opening Closed Doors, Keys To Reaching Hard-to-Reach People,” as well as numerous sales, relationship and marketing and management audio and video education programs. To discover the many resources he has to offer you and your organization, including his speaking topics, free weekly marketing tips (emailed to you), free articles and much more, go to or call 1-800-535-4332 to schedule Richard to speak at your next event. Copyright 2002, Richard Weylman. All right reserved. Richard Weylman, CSP, serves as President of The Achievement Group, Inc., an Florida-based consulting firm dedicated to professionally and ethically help people move to the next level o f productivity and fulfillment. contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@

ExecutiveAgent Magazine




Cheryl Lynch & Lisa Dunn By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


or accomplished real estate agents Cheryl Lynch and Lisa Dunn, closing a successful real estate transaction means significantly more than completing a traditional sale. The duo specializes in working with individuals selling homes due to divorce proceedings, and they offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet the unique needs of their clientele. The property is at the heart of a sale that is motivated by divorce. The challenge, explains Cheryl, is often in maintaining a logical and objective approach to the process of selling the home. “Unfortunately, divorce is an inevitable end for some people,” she observes. “Lisa and I want to be a resource for all parties involved, to help them achieve resolution while avoiding unnecessary problems or conflict.” It’s not an easy task, but it is one that Cheryl and Lisa embrace with steadfast determination. “Our

responsibility is to work in the best interest of the house, which will allow us to facilitate as smooth a transaction as possible. We are proactive throughout the process, taking steps to alleviate misunderstandings and to mitigate any potential issues before the home is listed for sale.” They do things a little differently in order to accomplish their objectives. Early in the divorce process, a home is warrantied and inspected for any outstanding issues including termites, mold, roof or pool problems. “By conducting critical inspections up front and running a search to ensure that a property has a clear record of title, we eliminate a host of unexpected delays and stressors. When appropriate, a staging professional is brought in to maximize the home’s appeal to prospective buyers. With all elements in place, an accurate price range is determined. This is a critical component for couples in the process of dissolving their assets,” says Lisa.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


When Resolution Matters “By determining a home’s true value, we can provide our clients with a realistic financial outlook,” Lisa explains. “Oftentimes during a divorce, one party wants to keep the home. Cheryl and I can offer them a solid projection of what they will net after the sale, which helps alleviate additional worries. Sometimes it’s better to sell and invest in a new home, other times it makes sense to keep the property. Our objective stance allows us to provide solid information that our clients need to make the right decisions.” Experienced professionals with nearly three decades’ combined industry experience, Cheryl and Lisa take to heart the importance of their roles in the real estate process. They are systematic in their approach, setting expectations and responsibilities for themselves and their clients as they identify strategic plans for the preparation, marketing and sale of each home they represent. They are also empathetic individuals who understand that, as objective as they are throughout the process, there will be emotional times. Ultimately, they say, their business remains focused on the objective at hand. States Cheryl, “divorcing couples struggle deciding who to use to sell their home. Often they think one agent or the other is biased based on previous relationships with one of the parties. This is where we are different. We are neutral like Switzerland when it comes to divorce real estate. We represent the best interest of the house and treat each side equally – no bias and we communicate directly with the attorneys to keep both sides abreast of the real estate transaction.” Individually they continue to represent their own buyers, sellers and investors throughout Orange County and Southern California, but Cheryl and Lisa believe that a team approach is an ideal way to handle the intricacies of transactions related to divorces. Not only does their partnership provide their clients with increased communication and access to information, but their strategic alliances are effectively doubled. “We’re excited to bring our network of affiliate service providers, including mediators, financial planners and CPAs together,” asserts Lisa. “Our combined database

will enable us to provide our clients with an exceptional level of customer care.” Family law attorney Robin Huggins has witnessed firsthand the quality of representation that the team offers. “(Cheryl) is compassionate toward sellers who are selling incidental to a divorce,” she notes. “Her skills as a real estate agent are superb, and she is very knowledgeable about the inventory in her locale. I would highly recommend (her) for anyone selling real estate, particularly if a divorce is involved.” In addition to their extensive experience with buyers and sellers, Cheryl and Lisa are also well-versed in a range of specialty areas. They are both Certified Short Sale/ Foreclosure Specialists, have earned the Divorce Real Estate designation, and are active within their professional organizations. Cheryl is e-Pro certified, and Lisa is a Senior Real Estate Specialist who serves on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Association of Realtors®. Their unique styles and strengths are complementary assets to their business, and Cheryl and Lisa take pride in knowing that, during what can be a painful and stressful situation, they will offer reliable and straightforward client care. “We were drawn to this element of real estate because we have seen a significant percentage of clients who are in desperate need of objective, solid representation,” says Lisa. “Cheryl and I appreciate the opportunity to make a positive difference during challenging situations.”

Cheryl Lynch & Lisa Dunn Realty ONE Group 25910 Acero, Ste. 100 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Cheryl (949) 842-5340 Lisa (949) 233-8603

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

DRE # 01314572 DRE # 01161749


Breaking Impossible Sales Barriers By Jim Remley


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


“Nothing is impossible if you apply high quality information, unshakeable belief, and action!”


ave you ever thought to yourself – I just can’t do anymore! I’m at my limit!

But is that really true or have we instead placed a self imposed ceiling on our success? At times, in our red hot market, it can certainly seem like we could not possibly do any more. But this is a dangerous line of thinking. What we are really saying to ourselves is that it is OK to push back from success. This psychological line in the sand can become a mental barrier that prevents us from reaching out true sales potential. Consider the true story of a Roger Bannister. In 1952 while studying at Oxford University to later become a highly respected neurosurgeon, Bannister had become the favorite to win the gold medal in Helsinki. He was such a favorite even the famous Duke of Edinburgh had arranged to watch the event. But during the first few minutes of the race Bannister was jostled, lost his footing, and barely was able to salvage a fourth place finish. Roger returned to Oxford with a new goal, and a new passion, to break the “unbreakable” four minute mile. Many doctors, athletes, and even the physiologists of the day deemed it to be an impossible barrier to shatter. Since the dawn of time no mortal man had been able to conquer this limit. A barrier most believed would stand forever. Even, John Landy, considered at the time to be the one of the greatest runners of the era could only get within 1.5 seconds of the four minute mark. For weeks leading up to his attempt Bannister took a scientific approach to his goal. He set up a fierce training schedule including a 90 minute workout during his lunch breaks at Oxford. He measured every aspect of his training, the half mile, the quarter mile, and the full mile. He listened to coaches, friends, and students. On May 6, 1954, on the university’s track, on Iffey Road Bannister stood before a thousand cheering fans. No man had ever broken the four minute mile, but Bannister was set to change history. The event could have easily been called off the winds were reported to be gusting to 25 miles an hour but Bannister pressed on committed to achieving his goal. Two friends Chris Chataway, and Chris Brasher agreed to act as “rabbits.” They would run with Bannister urging him on by pushing his competitive spirit to the brink. As the race began Bannister followed closely behind Brasher during the first two laps, and then Chataway took over. Bannister began pushing Chataway during the third lap. The Associated Press reported the final moments of the race: Bannister “bided his time until about 300 yards from

the tape,” the AP reported, “when he urged himself to a supreme effort. With a machine-like, seemingly effortless stride he drew away steadily from Chataway and, head thrown back slightly, he breasted the cool, stiff wind on the last turn to come driving down the homestretch to climax his spectacular performance.” As he crossed the finish line the roar of the crowd died down to silence as everyone watched Bannister collapse from sheer exhaustion. No one knew if he had indeed broken the record. At that moment Bannister was to exhausted to care, he described his condition to the press. “It was only then that real pain overtook me,” he said. “I felt like an exploded flashlight with no will to live; I just went on existing in the most passive physical state without being unconscious.” Within a few minutes the announcer came over the load speaker. He began to read off the time - 3 Minutes… but the crowd drowned him out with an explosion of cheers. The actual time as reported later was 3:59.4 seconds. Bannister had broken the four minute mile! What is interesting is what happened in the months and years following this momentous event. John Landy who couldn’t seem to break the four minute mile was finally able to do so only 47 days after Bannister’s breakthrough. Within a year 37 more runners would accomplish the same feat, and within two years another 300 runners would claim a victory over the “impossible” four minute mile. Roger Bannister is a classic example of someone who combined high quality information from coaches, friends, and his own research, with a powerful unshakeable belief that he could accomplish something no mere mortal had in the history of time, with the most important ingredient to success – ACTION! What sales barriers could you break if you combined the same elements in your career? Nothing is impossible if you apply high quality information, unshakeable belief, and action! Jim Remley, ABR, is a speaker, author, and consultant. He is also an active real estate broker in Southern Oregon where he owns a network of eight offices. Jim won the Rookie Instructor of the Year award in 2001 from Realty-U, the largest network of real estate educators in the nation. Recently he won the 2002 and 2003 Pacesetter Award. Jim is the author of an extensive catalog of products as well as a personal coaching system. Copyright© 2005, Jim Remley. All right reserved. For information, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@;

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ERIC BURGESS ExecutiveAgent Magazine


PERFORMANCE MATTERS By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


s a mortgage consultant with MetLife Home Loans, Eric Burgess manages his business with a systematic and communicative approach. An unwavering work ethic, paired with his desire to facilitate long-term relationships with consumers and his industry partners, has allowed Eric to build a solid business, and he looks forward to the opportunity to continue to build his clientele. He entered the workforce at the tender age of 12, working his way through high school and college. Before Eric launched his career in the lending industry, he held the dubious position of car salesman. Though the industry is known for its less-than-savory characters, Eric was a standout for his client-centric focus. Customers took notice, including a vice president at a major lending company, who offered Eric a position within his group. Eventually he accepted the offer, transitioning into retail lending in 2002. From the start, Eric recognized that his position entailed significantly more than simply handling loan applications. His own experience as a first-time buyer, he reveals, left him physically ill. “It was so stressful,” he recalls. “My loan product wasn’t really right for my family’s financial situation, and in the process took a toll on me and my wife.” Once he was responsible for assisting others obtain their own home financing, he placed a significant emphasis on the educational aspect of his job. “I take the time to ensure that my clients understand the products available to them, and work with them to effectively manage their financial choices so that they can meet their short- and long-term goals,” he explains. In forging collegial partnerships with real estate agents, financial advisors and insurance professionals, Eric offers a systematic business structure that allows him to disseminate vital communication in a timely and effective manner. “I want everyone I work with- consumers and industry professionals alike- to feel that they’ve received above-par service throughout the course of each transaction,” he states. Eric is proactive during the transaction process, addressing challenges head-on and identifying solutions when issues arise. Eric joined MetLife Home Loans in 2011 and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to build his business with the company. A certified mortgage coach, he is currently training to become a loan professor for MetLife, which will allow him to offer formal education to real estate agents on the intricacies of the loan process. The support of

a solid brand, paired with a markedly local presence, has helped MetLife Home Loans become a viable competitor within the industry, notes Eric, who appreciates the company’s comprehensive array of products. “We offer great rates and a full range of loan products,” he explains. “That, paired with an incredibly responsive team of individuals who are working together to accomplish loans in a timely manner, adds tremendous value to the high level of service that I provide for my clients.” His focus on building long-term professional relationships is evident in Eric’s business model. Long after the closing of a given loan, he notes, he remains in contact with his clientele and is available to act as a resource for their real estate-related needs. Even past clients can count on his attentive, personalized care. “I’ve had clients who worked with me through other lenders,” Eric notes. “I’ve maintained contact information with individuals with whom I used to work; if clients need to reach someone, I can usually get them in touch with the right person.” Eric’s diligent service has earned him the respect of colleagues and clients alike, as well as notable professional accolades. A consistent top producer, he has ranked within the top 10% of his company since launching his career as a mortgage consultant. To date, notes Eric, he has funded upwards of half a billion dollars in loans. The results, he says, have come not just from his ability to close loans, but from his approach to his profession. “I’m an educator,” he reveals. “I’m up-front and focused on helping my clients reach their goals.” He adds, “Once I start a loan, I’ll do everything I can to see it to fruition. And I always have a backup, providing viable options for my clients and exhausting all avenues to get the job done.” Outside of his professional endeavors, Eric is an avid boater and outdoorsman who enjoys travel, camping, and scuba diving. He looks forward to continued opportunities to expand his business and build relationships with consumers and industry specialists.

Eric Burgess MetLife Home Loans 11455 El Camino Real, Suite 365 San Diego, CA 92614 Telephone: 619.238.2700 Email: NMLS #240240

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By Louise Morganti Kaelin


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Letting Go Vs. Giving Up H

ave you ever wondered what the difference is between ‘letting go’ and ‘giving up’? There certainly seems to be a very fine line between the two. Intuitively, I know there is a different feeling between the two, but it’s only recently that I was able to understand the essence of that difference. For me, ‘giving up’ is like folding your cards in poker, throwing in the hand before all the cards are dealt. You stop investing energy into the project and concede failure at a point way before the finish line. Like in poker, we usually fold as a result of fear, uncertainty or a spot-on analysis of the situation and the likelihood of success. You can usually tell the difference by how you feel about the ‘giving up’ after you’ve done it. When you feel calm, confident and free, you can be pretty sure it was based on sound analysis. There are definitely times when moving on is the appropriate way to go. On the surface, ‘letting go’ looks the same. What I now understand, however, is that what I’m actually letting go of is the attachment to the results, especially the results I decided the action would have before starting. This process allows me to play out the hand knowing ‘Yes, I might win; Yes, I might lose’ but either way I gain something from the experience”. It also allows me to keep investing energy into whatever it is. So often in life we judge ourselves not by the results of our actions, but by what we decided in advance the results ‘should’ be, our expectations. We often speak of others’ expectations of us and how deadly they can be, yet we forget that we develop expectations as well. In many ways, our own expectations can be more devastating than someone else’s expectation of us. We may have an initial knee-jerk reaction to the idea of someone else having expectations, something inside us that shouts ‘No!’ even as we try to live up to them. Unfortunately, our own expectations seem normal and ‘right’ and we rarely question them.

A long time ago, I heard an _expression that I must admit I don’t remember as consistently as I’d like: Let go and let God. For me, it’s the essence of letting go of my attachment to the results. I believe (and tell my clients) that it is our job to figure out what we want, to develop a clear picture of that and to start moving towards it. It’s God’s responsibility to figure out “how”. Our actions send a strong message that we are truly committed to experiencing whatever our stated goal is. The process is definitely one of “co-creation”. Next time you are feeling disappointed in how things are turning out, here are some questions to help you determine if it’s time to let go: • How have I defined success in this area? • Where did that definition/number come from? • What is that result supposed to bring me? What feeling? • What other definition/number can bring me that feeling? • What am I learning in the process? • Am I taking all the actions necessary to make this come true? • Am I willing to let go of my attachment to the results? Louise Morganti Kaelin is a Life Success Coach who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support. She publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter, The 3-Minute Coach, which offers tools, ideas, strategies and action plans to assist individuals in creating the life they truly want. In addition, she is the author of the ebooklet “Blueprint for Success: 101 Tips to Reclaim your Vital Energy & and Get the Results You Want “. Copyright© 2003, Louise Morganti Kaelin. All rights reserved. For more information about Louise, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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n the demanding world of real estate, brokers and agents alike have long searched for innovative and effective methods of conducting business and maximizing results. It’s an exigent industry, unique for its nature that is at once fluid and firmly rooted in established practices. At Fitzpatrick & Prince Real Estate, an exciting approach is challenging the status quo and generating remarkable outcomes. This is more than a traditional brokerage; it’s a real estate marketing firm designed to meet the needs of a highly savvy and results-oriented clientele. And it’s gaining incredible momentum. Founding partner Mark Fitzpatrick has always operated with an entrepreneurial mindset. While building his career as an agent at traditional real estate brokerages, he acquired best-practice methodologies that, he knew, would one day become the foundation of his own business. Nurturing his dream took time; there were gaps in what he wanted to accomplish, and what was technologically available. But as the right tools and methods were developed, Mark realized he had the makings of a truly unique company. Fitzpatrick & Prince distinguishes itself among traditional brokerages through a novel approach to marketing and advertising, as well as a business model


By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

that features salaried agents who benefit from company profit sharing. The structure ensures that agents aren’t working to close transactions for their own financial gain, but consistently maintain a focus on accomplishing their clients’ goals. It also facilitates a collegial environment where professionals collaborate to increase the company’s profitability. “Competition is not an issue,” explains Mark. “Everyone steps in as needed because we all benefit from a successful transaction.” Their marketing campaigns are incredibly engaging, thanks to an in-house team of professionals who have cultivated a brand that emanates style and panache. “We specialize in creating visual representations of each home’s value,” Mark reveals. “Our advertising stands out because we put a tremendous amount of effort into each element.” Interactive 360 tours invite online viewers to enjoy virtual walkthroughs, while exceptional photography creates an appealing ambiance for each property. Using professional audio, camera, and editing work, Fitzpatrick & Prince produces exquisite HD video tours that rival professional commercials. In a region known for its lifestyle as much as its architecture, Fitzpatrick & Prince’s creative team capitalizes on opportunities to showcase community-related amenities and features pertinent to each listing.

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Mark believes that clients benefit from the unique team approach in that they work with a group of individuals who focus on their respective areas of expertise. “Our listing agents handle a higher volume of properties because they are completely dedicated to selling and negotiating,” he explains. The company has been selective in assembling its boutique roster seeking individuals with the utmost in integrity, drive and character.

the traditional method of selling a home, then we can provide them with a service that has been tailored to their needs,” he says. “With an entire firm of professionals focused on accomplishing their individual goals, they are going to experience something far beyond their expectations.”

Their notable listing volumes allow agents with Fitzpatrick & Prince to gain an exponential amount of industry knowledge, which they utilize to best represent their clients’ wants and needs. “Our agents are highly adept at negotiating, communicating and resolving issues that arise during escrow,” states Mark. “Their abilities to meet the challenges of our market are without question.” Members of the Fitzpatrick & Prince creative team are as valuable to the company as their professional counterparts - their respective skills and abilities are held in equal esteem. It’s uncommon in the hierarchy of a traditional real estate model, but it makes sense. As the group responsible for ensuring that properties are presented and marketed to their fullest potential, the team aims to achieve consistent results for their clientele. Videographers and photographers work closely with homeowners to create beautiful and unique campaigns that capture the essence of each property, while techsavvy marketers target potential buyers through a strategic network of online portals and printed pieces. Fitzpatrick & Prince represents luxury and high-end residential homes, commercial property and residential investment properties as well as distressed homes suitable for short sales. Their comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns allow the firm to successfully manage transactions throughout Southern California. Reflecting on his company’s innovative approach to real estate, Mark remarks, “We love real estate. That’s why we’re fixing it.” His excitement is palpable, and it’s appealing to a rapidly-growing clientele. “If we can enlighten our clients to the opportunities that exist beyond ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Fitzpatrick & Prince Real Estate 23832 Rockfield Blvd., Suite 185 Lake Forest, CA 92630 Telephone: 800.829.5158



TEDDY HOPSON By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


is professional approach to real estate is designed to offer clients an exceptional level of care and representation throughout the course of every transaction. Broker/Associate Theodore “Teddy”

Hopson has cultivated a successful career utilizing the skills he honed as a member of the United States Navy, and as a corporate executive in the technology sector. Today he appreciates the opportunity to utilize his business acumen as a trusted resource for clients throughout Southern California, representing a spectrum of real estate transactions. A native of Virginia, Teddy capitalized on the opportunity to develop discipline and leadership skills through service in the U.S. Navy. His world view was broadened in travel throughout Asia, where he learned to embrace a range of cultures, customs and personality types. His military experience proved a solid foundation for a move to the corporate world; Teddy forged a successful career as a senior executive in the IT industry, where he gained invaluable experience in sales and marketing. He also became intimately familiar with the structure of business and the practice of maximizing the contributions of others. “I developed great process skills and learned how to bring people through processes,” he explains. “That has been very useful in real estate.” Transitioning from the structured environment of corporate life into his role as a real estate professional was a natural segue, Teddy reveals. Already an investor in local development projects, he capitalized on the opportunity to launch his own business. “I felt that my sales and marketing experience would transfer well into real estate,” he offers. “I was fortunate to have the guidance of a great mentor, who helped me to establish a successful business model early in my career.”

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CLIENT - F OCUSED AND RESULTS - O RIENTED Teddy brings a sense of focus and objectivity to his business. “My aim is to understand each client’s needs, to help provide clarity in the process of determining how those needs will apply to a transaction,” he says. By identifying the driving factors behind a purchase or sale, he is more adept at structuring a process that will suit individual clients, and at working toward achieving their unique goals. His client-centric approach allows him to work with buyers, sellers and investors in residential and commercial transactions throughout Orange County and the surrounding regions. As a listing agent, Teddy specializes in assembling and implementing a “quality presentation package.” From the onset each home is prepared to show to its fullest potential, with assistance from a staging professional when appropriate. Comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns target prospective buyers via online and print exposure, with high-end photography and video creating visual appeal. Beyond technology, though, are the very tangible relationships that Teddy has cultivated with his fellow brokers and agents. Within his company’s multi-office network and throughout the real estate community at large, he has committed himself to a collegial and collaborative approach. In walk-throughs and open houses he is supportive of buyer’s agents, offering them the information they need to assist their clients in evaluating homes. He is a personable representative with consumers as well, canvassing neighborhoods before hosting open houses in order to maximize attendance.

higher-end and luxury homes. Sophisticated buyers require knowledgeable and skillful representation; Teddy’s professionalism adds significant value to the process, and his ability to identify the right homes for his buyers’ needs saves time and alleviates stress on their part. He enjoys the challenge of matching buyers to homes, and stays well-versed in market trends, changes and activities. He is a skillful negotiator who consistently strives to accomplish his clients’ goals and to facilitate successful transactions. Beyond his professional endeavors, Teddy finds balance playing golf and spending time with his wife Angel. An avid fitness buff, he enjoys running on the beach and traveling abroad. He is a resident of Downtown Huntington Beach, and appreciates the community’s eclectic culture and lifestyle. In real estate, Teddy revels in the opportunity to explore the diversity of his clientele. “I really enjoy immersing myself in cultures and experiences that are different from my own,” he notes. “This industry is great because it has allowed me to build relationships with so many wonderful people, all with their own unique backgrounds, wants and needs.” He is accomplishing their goals and appreciating their stories, building a thriving business in the process.

“I want to garner significant attention for the homes I list,” Teddy explains. “Often, community residents have friends or family members who are interested in relocating to their neighborhoods. By introducing myself to neighbors and promoting a house in person, I am enhancing the high-quality print and Internet exposure that I provide to my clientele, answering questions and offering insight into each home’s distinct value.” Teddy is a communicative and receptive buyer’s agent. While he works with a range of clients, he tends to attract individuals who are moving up to

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Theodore “Teddy” Hopson Coldwell Banker Beachside 19671 Beach Blvd., Ste. 101 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 DRE# 01789546


It’s Not About The Splits? Then Why Do Agents Ask? By Jon Cheplak


ast time you bought an airline ticket what did you look for? Sure a nonstop would be nice but today it’s about “Peanuts” and “Price”. Why is this? It’s quite simple, when there’s no value all that can be offered to the consumer is price. Wouldn’t it be great if agents were satisfied with “Coffee” and a “Great Split”? Lack of value is the primary reason an agent flies out the door, with no value all they can ask for is money, that’s all that’s left in the relationship. Of course the coffee supply was fine. Let’s do a couple things, first we will take a look at your recruiting interview and then we will move to your value delivery in the relationship. Surprisingly, you find the recruiting interview will come back into play in the end “the exit interview”. Wrapped around this is the safety valve that you can have in place in the form of standards and agreements. Let’s start with your interview. Many interviews take on the face of a sales presentation, not asking enough questions, exaggerating your company features and failing to articulate the benefits. Don’t sell in the interview. • Have an agreement that money will not be discussed until both of you recognize there is value match that will create a long term working relationship. • Find out what’s important to the agent. What are they looking for? “Seek to understand”. Restate their responses to the questions in your language. Ask Questions, Don’t Sell!! • Is there a value match? They will more likely listen and comprehend when you connect the benefits of your coaching/office to their needs and wants. Remember, to get agreement on those connections. The series of agreements will create the “value match”. By asking questions and restating their answers you can now measure. • Focus on what you can deliver, not what you think the agent wants to hear. Communicate your company features and clearly illustrate the benefits the agent will experience. Be sure that you can and will deliver. • Finally, don’t cave in on split. If you hire someone based on money they will eventually leave because of money. Last time I checked rarely is there enough money to keep a relationship together. Now deliver value. 28

• Be “The Coach” for your agents. When agents have to pay a coach your value begins to erode. • Don’t be a problem solver, be an inspiring growth leader. • Expand your capacity as a leader, knowledge of the industry and ability to deliver this back to your agents. I’m sure you encourage agents to invest in themselves through continued training, how are you investing in yourself? • Pack them in at your sales meeting and have them coming back for more. This is it, once a week to communicate your vision and deliver value to the most critical audience. How good is your sales meeting? How is your attendance? Would you feel comfortable inviting a potential recruit to your meeting? Don’t plan your meeting 15 minutes before and expect a great result, plan it a week ahead of time and pack it with value. A great sales meeting will do wonders for recruiting and retention. • Manage your office systems and lead your agents. Here is the solution to “I want a higher split”. Interview by asking vs. selling, hire based on value vs. money and deliver as “The Coach” for your agents. Is that the cure all? No, but fill the gaps by doing your primary job of prospecting, interviewing and hiring agents. If you put these steps into action the next time someone else asks for a higher split you will operate from a position of strength vs. vulnerability. Agents don’t leave because they get offered a better deal, they leave because they are no longer getting what they expect from you. *If an agent asks for a higher split, stand your ground and go back to the “mutual agreement” they signed when joining your office. It’s rather interesting, agents want you to keep your agreements but we find at times theirs are negotiable. Last time I checked, agents talk to each other and if you give one a “higher split” your agents will love you for the wrong reason. Standards have been broken down and you have given life to the commission split virus. The next agent in line has been granted permission to ask for a “higher split”. Now what are you going to do? Jon Cheplak is the Co Founder of The Real Estate Recruiters, a Recruiting and Management Solutions Company that supports brokers, owners and managers in the management and recruiting solutions arena. Copyright© 2004, The Real Estate Recruiters. All rights reserved. For information about Keynote presentations, consulting and training, contact Frog Pond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email; http://www.

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Stop The Pattern By Peggy L. McNamara


his article is for those of you that want to break free from the not-so-positive patterns that have been set in your life or, as some would call it, self-destructive behavior. Psychology states that your predominant habits, and attitudes, are formed by the time you are five years old. This doesn’t mean that things cannot be changed; it just means that whether you realize it or not, you could have habits that are either hurting you, or helping you, from your youth and childhood years. Personal Development is not easy. While working on overcoming self-destructive behavior is not easy by any means, it is definitely worth it. It is quite empowering to discover your positive traits and humbling to learn the negative ones. It is extremely exciting to realize your gifts and let them come out; it is highly effective to find your weaknesses so that you can

The answers to those questions lie in the habitual patterns you keep. Your success in life, whatever you deem success to be, is simply based on the habits you have…it all starts with you. 1. Once you understand your patterns, accept full responsibility for them. Go ahead, set your ego, pride and emotional feelings aside for a moment. In as practical of a format as you can, look in the mirror and simply accept who you are and all the “stuff” that comes along with it. Take full responsibility for your habits and realize that the best is yet to come. It is much easier to skip this part and yet, you will see no appreciable results without it. Side note: this is not about perfection; after all, you are only human. Just because you may have some selfdestructive patterns within, it does not mean you are a failure. It all depends on what you want out of yourself and life.

“In your greatest weakness is where you will find your greatest strength.” What is your greatest weakness? Discover that and before you know it, it will turn into your greatest strength! either learn to delegate those activities or do your best to overcome them. Spend some time reflecting on the following questions, “What is it in you that is preventing you from getting where you want to go?” Or, “What is it in you that is preventing you from accomplishing your dreams?” Replace your Destructive Habits with Positive Ones. What are your negative patterns or habits? Why are you, sometimes, your own worst enemy? Why do you, occasionally, sabotage your efforts toward accomplishment of a given goal? How can you want something so bad you can taste it and yet, fail to seize the opportunity when it is right in front of you? 32

2. Begin to shed yourself of the negative habits by replacing them with positive ones. Create a statement, and vision, based on how you want things to be; not as they currently are. It is not effective to sit and tell yourself to not be a certain way --- that just makes you think about it even more. However, you can create a picture of how you want things to be. That is the beauty of your imagination. It is stored and you have the freedom and power to create whatever kind of scenario you want to work towards. The key is to replace the not-so-healthy thoughts and habits with positive ones. That is where change begins. Write down your vision if it will help. It is a great process for clarification and commitment.

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If you begin to make an adjustment, and fall off track, so what! Just start over again. The beauty is that you’ll realize it sooner than later. The benefit is that rather than going on blindly in the same fashion that you always have, you’ll recognize it and adjust as needed. Let it go and move on.

If you grew up in an environment of love, and support, and passion for life, more-than-likely you will still have that mindset with you today. However, if you grew up in an environment of limitations, put-downs and jealousy towards the “successful ones”, without even realizing it, you could be carrying that habit with you as an adult.

A profound statement is, “In your greatest weakness is where you will find your greatest strength.” What is your greatest weakness? Discover that and before you know it, it will turn into your greatest strength!

How many times have you limited your actions or thoughts based on what someone else’s opinion is? How often have you shared a dream with someone only to have it squashed by a negative reaction? How often have you told yourself that you could not do something based on your own limiting behaviors?

Be aware of your environment. What kind of people do you surround yourself with: positive, optimistic people or, depressing, pessimistic individuals? You are a product of your environment. What that means is that the environment that you live in, work in, socialize in and volunteer in will determine your overall outlook, and therefore, effectiveness, in life. If you are not accomplishing the results that you are looking for, it may be due to the environment that you have put yourself in or allowed yourself to stay and be a part of. Many people who are looking for the meaning of happiness and success and, even more importantly, how to obtain it, will go to people for advice that don’t necessarily have the answers. If you continuously surround yourself with people that have negative attitudes or no desire to improve things, how can you expect those people to guide you to greener pastures?

Be aware of who you surround yourself with. Your current environment has a large impact on the way you feel about life, your behavior around successful people and your actions when opportunity is in front of you. Peggy L. McNamara’s overall theme, or brand, is Stimulate Some Action™. She is an expert in the area of personal development. Peggy is the author of inspirational book, “My Tender Soul - A Story of Survival”. Copyright 2004, PLM, Inc. All rights reserved. For information about Peggy’s Keystone presentations, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals


Our mission is to increase the rate of sustainable homeownership among Hispanics, increase membership, help educate Hispanics in the home buying process and promote homeownership in the Hispanic Community.

monthly educations events ▪ networking mixers ▪ national events and conferences realtors ▪ loan officers ▪ title/escrow officers ▪ appraisers ▪ inspectors ▪ insurance agents

Join NAHREP-LA on December 2nd as we bring 2011 to an end and celebrate the holidays together!




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