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SOLUTION - ORIENTED BUSINESS By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


e has achieved recognition as one of the region’s most productive and driven mortgage professionals whose integrity-based business has earned a loyal and thriving clientele. A consultative approach drives this successful sales manager who leads by example. As the head of The Ryan Grant Team, he inspires his professional group to adhere to high ethical standards and a client-centric focus. Growing up in the small town of Sonora, California, he developed a sense of business that emanates from a personal perspective. “Relationships matter to us,” he explains. “From consumers, to real estate agents to mortgage planners, we enjoy the opportunity to develop a sense of what people need, and then to work and assist them in accomplishing their goals.” Ryan joined imortgage with a simple purpose: to provide consistently seamless transactions with minimal stress for his clients. The company, he says, has proven committed to this ideal. “imortgage has supported the growth of my team with a model that is unconventional within our industry,” he reveals. “By prioritizing internal support, we have laid the foundation of exceptional service that has fostered our ability to expand our client base in a sustainable manner.” The Ryan Grant Team’s approach is in keeping with the imortgage philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive client base. The firm’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of an evolving real estate market has allowed imortgage – and its business partners - to continue to do business during the most challenging conditions.

His team has grown, says Ryan, out of necessity. “As production has increased, so has my need for talented and qualified personnel,” he explains. “We continue to refine our group as our clientele evolves.” An active loan originator, Ryan has welcomed fellow mortgage specialists Matthew Miede, Aaron Hanson and Chip Collins to his team. While each has established his own professional relationship with consumer clients and real estate partners, all have the capacity to assist their clients as needed. “With multiple points of contact, we alleviate communication issues,” Ryan states. “We are proactive with our clients, and responsive when they reach out with questions or concerns.” The driving force behind the loan process is the production assistant. The Ryan Grant Team proudly features Sonia Bingham, Darlene Cathey, Danielle Waldren and Lynne Gale as invaluable assets to the group. “While loan officers are often managing client needs, our assistants handle a range of responsibilities that allow us to maintain a smooth flow of business,” explains Ryan. “They contribute significantly to our customer service efforts, updating clients, agents and ancillary professionals on the status of their files, addressing details including acquiring additional documentation, and providing our clients with an added layer of communication.”

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Processor Aida Rey ensures that loan applications are well-packaged and organized prior to submission to underwriting; her experience allows her to identify the information that may expedite the lending process. A unique addition to the team is Marketing Director Tanja Koller, whom Ryan credits as being “instrumental” in the group’s development. He observes, “One of our most important assets as a lending partner to real estate professionals is our ability to assist them in their businesses. Tanja works closely with agents to create and implement strategies including co-branded marketing materials, open house support including brochures, websites, and other pieces designed to support their marketing efforts.” It’s an invaluable addition to the team; by delegating the creative efforts

to a specialist, Ryan encourages the other members of his group to focus on their distinct strengths. Specializing in resale purchase loans throughout Orange County and Southern California, The Ryan Grant Team prides itself on facilitating an experience that is as smooth and stress-free as possible. “The lending environment can be a frustrating one,” Ryan acknowledges. “Most borrowers don’t find the process of obtaining a loan to be particularly fun. But we are proud to receive consistently high feedback from our clients in the form of third-party customer satisfaction surveys, thank you letters and heartfelt cards. Their gratitude speaks volumes to the level of customer service that we have achieved, and we continuously strive to make improvements.”

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Automation has its place, but not in cultivating customer service. Ryan notes that imortgage professionals maintain a sense of accountability to their clients, readily availing themselves to address questions and concerns. “Our clients aren’t navigating phone systems,” he says. “A live person answers their calls and ensures that we work to meet their needs.”

As the needs of real estate consumers and agents continue to evolve, so will Ryan Grant and his knowledgeable team of professionals. Dedicated to making a difference, they are doing just that- one client at a time.

Ryan and his team also realize that the real estate profession does not stop on Friday at 5:00pm, which is why his team is dedicated to being available on nights and weekends to accommodate our business partners and clients alike. imortgage strives to achieve timely closings, and to educate its business partners and consumers throughout the course of every transaction. With an array of products and services, competitive rates and flexible financing terms, imortgage continues to gain recognition as a solid choice for real estate lending.

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