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MARCH, 2013

VOL. 5 NO. 49

Cover Story


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14 - Rory Aplanalp: Try Vs. Do...

36 - Maya Bailey:

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself...


28 - Frank C. Bucaro:

Eagle Home Mortgage.......................39

Rocks, Ripples, Decisions!

Evergreen Realty...............................19

34 - Craig Harrison: 5 Natalie Boyle

Executive Agent of the Month

First Team Real Estate.....................27

It’s Time For Plan B Brianstorming!

imortgage.................................2 i Photography Studio................11 & 25

16 - Zig Ziglar: Survival Tactics

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Cover Story

Natalie Boyle Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“Your Real Estate Professional” By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer


he earned her license as a teenager, but Natalie Boyle has displayed remarkable professional maturity throughout the course of her real estate career. Well-educated, thoughtful and results-driven, she utilizes a comprehensive skillset to best repre-

sent buyers and sellers at every phase of real estate. Natalie is highly approachable, relating to her clients and establishing lasting relationships steeped in mutual trust and respect. “We tend to become friends throughout the process of a given transaction,” she explains. “I love the opportunity to connect, to earn repeat and referral business because my clients know I’ve kept their best interests consistently at the forefront of my actions.” Natalie grew up in real estate. Her parents, once residential sales specialists, later delved into commercial transactions and land development. “I’ve seen it all,” remarks Natalie, who earned her license while attending California State University, Fullerton. In 2005 she launched her career in earnest. Business was thriving until the market began to shift and Natalie, like so many others in the field, reached a pivotal fork in her professional road. In 2008 she returned to school, earning an MBA from the prestigious University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. “It was an opportune time to pursue ongoing education,” she notes. “The coursework, which included an emphasis on real estate development and entrepreneurship, correlated directly to my business.” Her proactive approach yielded handsome rewards. What might have been a deterrent to an agent early in her career, proved instead the opportunity to establish herself as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional. Natalie emerged with an arsenal of information and ideas, which she promptly implemented into her business. Today she manages a bustling practice with the support of a skillful team of like-minded individuals, who place an emphasis on cultivating exceptional client experiences. “Having the right

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

group of people associated with my business allows me to offer my clients an enhanced level of care and representation,” she explains. Her team includes a core group of in-house professionals, as well as ancillary service providers. “We work well together to facilitate a great transaction for every client,” she says.

A native and lifelong resident of Southern

able to offer important insight to clients who are based in our region.” She is patient and consultative throughout the home buying process, and notes that she enjoys the opportunity to guide first-time buyers during every step of the transaction. “I’m there, in tune with their needs and responsive to their questions and concerns,” she says. “There’s never a rush; I want my clients to feel that they were provided with the support they needed to make the right decisions.

California, Natalie acts as a source of information and education for her buyers, who value her in-depth knowledge of area communities and their unique amenities. “This is ideal for individuals relocating here from out of state or beyond our region,” she says, “But I’m also

Understanding buyer needs requires directed dialogue, and Natalie readily engages in conversations during her buyer consultations, during which she forms a working knowledge of individual goals and time frames. “We’re not going to run out and look at houses without preparation,” she states. “By establishing a clear list of long- and shortterm objectives, we’re able to better identify the true wants and needs that must be considered in choosing the right home. My aim, consistently, is to have a sense of focus.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

A True Professional When working with sellers, Natalie directs her energy to ensuring that each home is shown in its best possible light. With an eye for staging and design, she’s able to guide her clients to take the necessary steps. “My experience has shown that a turnkey home sells quickly, especially in today’s market,” she says.

“I provide my clients with ideas and an action plan on how to better position themselves for success.” Homes are showcased through professional quality photography and are featured in stunning print and online campaigns. “I’m actively promoting my listings,” adds

Natalie. “From hosting open houses and scheduling showings, to networking with other agents in the region, I’m providing my clients with enhanced visibility within key target markets.” Her technical prowess adds value to Natalie’s business model. Her listings include unique websites which are ideal for individuals crunched for time or out of the region. She enhances sign riders with QR codes or e-fliers, which allow interested individuals to launch their previews from the comforts of their own spaces. A social media fan, Natalie promotes herself – and her business- through a number of sites including Facebook and an online blog. “This also helps my clients stay upto-date on new information that might impact them,” she says.

Natalie with Christine Tsan ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The Boyle Family Rian Otto Photography

When she’s not working with buyers and sellers, Natalie is spending quality time with her family. She and her husband Gary Boyle II are the proud parents to a beautiful boy, Gary Boyle III, affectionately referred to as “G3.” The Boyles enjoy visits to local farmer’s markets, as well as regional hiking and travel. A proud USC alum, Natalie revels in the opportunity to network with her fellow alumni. Though the course of her real estate career has changed since she first earned her license, Natalie reveals that she is enjoying the professional journey. “When I started out, I loved the flexibility and the opportunity to manage business the way I best saw fit,” she says. “Today, what I truly love more than ever is working directly with my buyers and sellers. I strive to facilitate a great experience for every client, to create a lasting and positive impression.” She sees no immediate end in sight. “I love real estate,” notes Natalie, “This has been a great means for helping others realize their dreams.”

Natalie Boyle Teles Properties 12 Corporate Plaza, Ste. 250 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Tel: 949-929-5727 DRE # 01329012

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

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vs. By Rory Aplanalp


f at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” Mom and Dad were wrong about this one. Now I know that their motives were good, and the principle, in and of itself had value. They were teaching us to ease into what ever it was that we were struggling with. I know the lesson they were teaching us was pure and sound but when we get to be adults we should get away from the ‘try’ and get into the ‘do.’


area and opened the door, he looked out and it appeared to be a lot higher than he thought it was going to be, so he asked them to close the door. I said, “You mean you did not jump out?” He said “No, but I tried skydiving.” I countered by saying, “You didn’t ‘try’ skydiving, you simply went on a plane ride with a parachute on!” To this day I don’t know if he got the message, but the rest of the class did.

There is one very important thing lacking behind the ‘try’ word. Commitment, anytime you use the word ‘try’ it lacks commitment. Here is an example most of us see at least once a week. How many times during the course of the week do you have someone come up to you and say, “Hey, I’m going to ‘try’ and get in touch with you sometime next week.” Whenever I hear that I always reply, “What do you mean, try?” Does that mean if you’re in the mood, or if you remember my number, or if you’re by a phone and have 35 cents?”

Do this, for the next week, stop using the ‘try’ word. If you catch yourself or another person use it, ask yourself or them if that really was what you meant. You see, I have more respect for someone who will say, “I’m not going to do that” and then tell me why, than someone who will say, “I’ll try,” and then not deliver. On the first hand, I know where I stand.

Do you notice a difference between, “I’m going to ‘try’ to get in touch with you next week” and “Tuesday at 3:00 in the afternoon, I’m going to call you at this number. Are you going to be in?” Do you see the difference? One is committed the other is not. Some people use the ‘try’ word just to get out from under the task at hand or to be polite. Either way, it lacks integrity. Here is another example. How many of you out there have ‘tried’ skydiving? You know jumping out of a plane with parachutes on. I had one guy in my seminar say, “Well, I have.” I stated that he didn’t ‘try’ he actually ‘did’ the skydiving thing. He countered with, “No, I tried it!” I asked him to explain. He proceeded to tell me how he went up in the plane and strapped the parachute on. When they came to the drop


I’ve got to do it myself or get someone who will. It’s not hard, simply replace the word ‘try’ with ‘do’ and see if you notice the difference. Here is an important question. Do you want to ‘try’ to be happy? Do you want to ‘try’ to be a good Father or Mother? Do you want to ‘try’ to do a good job at work? It is more than a semantics issue; it ties directly into our level of commitment. Rory Aplanalp has impacted the lives of more than one million people across the globe. He then founded his own company, Human Resource Development, a leader in the sales training field. For more than fourteen years, Rory was affiliated with Franklin Quest/Franklin Covey and was distinguished as their top seminar and keynote speaker. Copyright© 2002, Rory Aplanalp. All rights reserved. For information about Rory’s speaking and training programs, please contact the Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or;

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Survival Tactics


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Zig Ziglar


he giraffe is the largest mammal that gives birth while standing up. I don’t speak “giraffe,” but I can imagine what the baby giraffe must think when he bounces on the ground from that great height. He just left warm, cushioned quarters in which all his needs, comforts and security were provided. Now he finds himself bouncing off (comparatively speaking) hard, cold, unwelcoming ground. Almost immediately thereafter, a new trauma occurs in the baby giraffe’s life. As he struggles to his knees, Mama Giraffe gets busy “persuading” him to stand up. She does this as he wobbles to his feet by giving him a swift kick to prod him to faster action. No sooner does he reach his feet than Mama delivers a booming kick that knocks the baby giraffe back down. . . . I can well imagine the baby giraffe thinking, “Well, make up your mind, Mom! First you kicked me to make me stand up. Then you kicked me back down!”

That process is repeated several times because Mama Giraffe loves her baby. . . . Mama Giraffe knows that the only chance for survival her baby has is to be able to quickly get up and move out of harm’s way. Yes, kicking the baby up and down seems like a strange way to show love. But for a baby giraffe it is the ultimate expression of love. Caution: That approach definitely won’t work in the “people” world, but the principle will. Real love is evidenced when you do what is best for the other person, whether or not they appreciate it at that moment. Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www.ziglar. com

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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Kim Cole ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Integrity, Knowledge, Passion By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


he is at once unconventional and highly professional, a juxtaposition that suits the demands of a career in real estate. Kim Cole is honest and thoughtful in her communication, genuine in her approach. A well-rounded businesswoman driven by the spirit of entrepreneurialism, she meets challenges head-on and maintains a commitment to success. Long interested in real estate, Kim first launched a career in radio and TV advertising sales before establishing her own advertising agency. The learning curve was steep but she remained undaunted, focusing instead on her intense desire to succeed. “I felt it was important to have some knowledge on the legal aspect of the business,” she explains. “So I enrolled at UCI and earned a Paralegal degree.” Kim notes that the education provided her with a terrific subset of knowledge and experience, which she successfully parlayed into a position in the corporate sector, working with a managing partner in real estate law. When the time was right to pursue a sales opportunity she made a seamless transition. Remarking that she’s an original homeowner within the Newport Coast neighborhood where she currently resides, Kim recalls the opportunity to witness firsthand the community’s evolution. “I’ve watched this region grow,” she says. “It’s a wonderful place to live, to raise a family and to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle.” Early in her real estate career, she adds, she was motivated to assist others in being a part of the community she so loved. And while she remains extremely well-versed in the local inventory, trends and changes within Newport Coast, Kim notes that she has dedicated herself to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the regional marketplace as well.

face to face communication is, I believe, so important.” This is true of her professional relationships as well. Her network of collegial partnerships allows Kim to better position her clients – buyers in particular- when market conditions pose certain challenges. A polished professional, Kim observes that she has had the fortune of meeting “illustrious individuals” throughout her life. Her uncanny ability to connect with a range of personalities is of note; she works as well with international clients and high-level professionals as she does with firsttime buyers. “Ultimately, I’m excited to assist people in finding the right home, and to facilitate transactions that run as smoothly as possible,” she explains. There’s never a dull moment in the life of this busy professional. Kim creates balance outside of work by spending time with her son, who recently graduated from the prestigious Marshall School of Business at USC, and her cherished red poodle Sir Benjamin Button Cole. “He’s my super agent,” she quips. She’s an avid fitness enthusiast who loves to embark upon half century bike rides, as well. Kim looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of her clients through knowledgeable and trustworthy representation.

“I’m up to date on the market on a daily basis,” she asserts. “There’s never a point where you’ve ‘got it.’ As people continue to buy and sell, it is critical that I am aware of what’s happening, and able to accurately gauge upcoming trends. That’s how I provide my clients with value-added service.” She’s technically adept, incorporating a solid system of tools and systems into her business to allow her to maximize efficiency and improve communication. But Kim’s personable nature can’t be captured in e-mails alone; she appreciates the opportunity to nurture the one-on-one relationships that have contributed to her professional success. “I strive to maintain a good balance between the two,” she offers. “Technology is a great platform for business, but

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Kim Cole Coldwell Banker Previews International 4 San Joaquin Plaza, Suite 260 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Telephone: 949-466-3703 Email: Web: DRE # 01363188



Travis Baron A

n astute business professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Travis Baron is honored to carry on the tradition established by his father Tom. The family’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their brokerage, RE/MAX Premier Realty, and in the loyalty of clients and agents alike who appreciate the value-added services that the Barons provide.


Growing up around real estate, Travis had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the challenges associated with the business. Armed with this knowledge and a determination to succeed, he launched his career in 1999 and has never looked back. “In the back of my mind, I always knew I’d pursue real estate,” he reveals. “It was, it turns out, the best move I ever made.” As the Baron’s herald their 40th year in the industry, RE/MAX Premier Realty’s” solid foundation becomes more apparent than ever. “We value our agents and encourage them to pursue their entrepreneurial spirits,” notes Travis. “In an industry known for high turnover rates, we’re particularly proud of the longevity of the agents in our office; our agents are supported in cultivating long-term success through vision and planning.” Indeed, RE/MAX Premier Realty’s support includes annual financial seminars designed to assist agents in achieving true wealth through real estate. “It’s a career-minded move that pays off in so many ways,” notes Travis. “In addition to securing better futures for themselves, our agents have access and insight to sound financial planning information that is translated to their clients.” Travis is a non-competing managing broker who enjoys utilizing his own experience to serve as a resource for active agents. An active member of his professional community, he has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of the business of real estate and maintains his finger on the pulse of local, regional and national market trends and changes. He thrives in the opportunity to dialogue with agents and to assist them in creating strategies designed to meet the ongoing challenges faced by professionals and consumers alike. “It’s exciting,” he acknowledges. “I’m inspired every day to stay on top of my game, to be at my best so that I can act as a go-to resource to our agents.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


A Legacy of Success By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

In tune with the changing needs of real estate professionals and their consumer clientele, RE/MAX Premier Realty has distinguished itself as an adaptive, forward-thinking brokerage. The company has expanded through thoughtful and sustainable growth; in addition to its flagship office in Irvine, the firm now offers locations in Mission Viejo and a Chinese language office in Irvine. With over 125 agents and counting, says Travis, the business is poised for ongoing success. “We’ve employed a nimble approach,” he explains. “But we’re also careful in the process of identifying opportunities and taking advantage of them.” A solid technological platform has further enhanced the experience for agents and their clients; Travis notes that RE/MAX Premier Realty’s virtual reach allows for expedited processes and streamlined systems. “Our agents love the ability to conduct mobile business,” he says. “Virtual offices, a comprehensive intranet and paperless document capability enables us to serve a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.” An established network of ancillary service providers adds significant convenience for agents and their clients, who can take advantage of long-standing affiliations cultivated by the office. “Everything we’ve done is designed for convenience and efficiency,” Travis explains. “We want our agents and their clients to enjoy transactions that are as seamless as possible.” For all its innovation and progressive models, RE/MAX Premier Realty is firmly rooted in its successful past. “I’m committed to upholding the legacy of leadership that my father established,” says Travis. “He has consistently made – and continues to make – smart decisions based on a clear long-term vision, and I want to follow in those footsteps.”

Travis Baron RE/MAX Premier Realty 5299 Alton Pkwy. Irvine, CA 92604 Telephone: (949) 451-1200 Email: Web: DRE# 01263780

ExecutiveAgent Magazine



Advisory/Selection Committee


Executive Agent Magazine would like to thank the Advisory/Selection Committee for selecting the cover Agent of the Month and inside Feature Stories. The Executive Agent Magazine 2013 Advisory Selection Committee members:


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Bob & Gayle Gottuso First Team Real Estate 949.533.3009

Elizabeth Do Keller Williams Realty 714.317.7243

Spyro Kemble Surterre速 Properties 949.717.7248

Chris McKeen Prudential California Realty 714.921.9457

David & Avarelle Silver-Westrick Keller Williams 949.248.1310

Barbara Amstadter Prudential California Realty 949.500.0155

Jim Mecklenburg Prominent Escrow 949.825.5125

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Janice Eckles Eagle Home Mortgage 949.275.3005

Fred Arrias Executive Agent Magazine 949.366.3349

Ryan Grant

Marlene Veal



By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

First Team welcomes Anna Bennett


irst Team Anaheim Hills agents welcomed their new Branch Manager Anna Bennett. In addition to her drive and enthusiasm for the business, Anna Bennett brings diverse experience in real estate to the job. As a former District Manager for a National Real Estate company Anna oversaw operations for 7 counties and grew her district from 80 agents to 200 agents. Driven to succeed, she leads by example: “I enjoy thinking outside the box and putting ideas into play. When my agents need support, I’m thrilled to be out by their side, door knocking, cold calling and practicing scripts designed to enhance and improve their businesses.” Anna aligned with First Team after relocating from Northern California. She initially joined the brokerage as a Career Development Specialist where she was able to attract top producing agents to the company. In her new role as branch manager, Anna is excited about the opportunity to directly impact agent growth and development. Anna excels at recognizing and building upon agents’ strengths and abilities for optimal career growth.

“I am incredibly supported in helping agents respond to the needs in the market with innovative tools and systems that offer real solutions to today’s market challenges, for example: Sneak Preview which allows First Team agents to share advance information on hundreds of soon to be listed properties. “Working closely with my agents allows me to experience the market from their perspective thus allowing me to guide them to work with the market to leverage opportunities they might otherwise miss. I am always in tune with providing my agents everything they need to follow their path to success.” Anna looks forward to continuing to build her established network of agents, and notes that she appreciates individuals who operate with specific goals and objectives in mind. “I’m thrilled to work with agents who are coachable,” she says. “I’m looking for highly committed agents regardless of where they are in their career, who are willing to come to the office every day and approach their businesses with a sense of purpose and direction.” Anna recognizes that her objective, to continue to build market share and momentum, can only be achieved through helping agents grow to their full potential. She believes in fostering a culture that is conducive to teamwork and agent support and development while at the same time driving exceptional service and value to consumers.

“I love my new role which allows me the opportunity to think outside the box and work closely with agents to help them find creative solutions to the challenges in the market. I specialize in helping agents work smarter not harder to achieve their goals.” Anna has mastered in the use of technology to accelerate lead generation, lead capture and lead conversion. She offers training and coaching to help agents gain and keep a competitive edge by the application of technology to their business. As a First Team branch manager, Anna has the support of First Team’s home office consisting of nearly 200 employees who provide marketing, relocation services, IT support, online and off line marketing and advertising support services, online lead generation, Luxury Division, Client Service Center and agent concierge services.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Anna Bennett Branch Manager First Team Real Estate 5500 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd., #150 Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 Telephone: (714) 974-9191 Email: DRE # 01271227



First Team’s New Assistant Training Program

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• Increased productivity with streamlined systems • Activities focused on generating increased revenue • Lead generation and lead follow-up skills for optimal lead conversion • Timely closings with file tracking systems • A business plan to leverage your investment

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T E A M®


Rocks, Ripples And Decisions!


while back, when I first started presenting programs that included a section on making decisions, I struggled to find an analogy that would help explain the importance of discernment in the process of making a good decision. One day while watching a group of kids throw rocks in a pond the idea came to me. Making a decision is a lot like throwing a rock in a pond. No matter how large or small the rock is, water is displaced and there will be ripples. Likewise, no matter how big or small the decision is, people might be affected as ripples will flow out from the rock. So when is the best time to think about those ripples? After you’ve thrown the rock or while it is still in your hand? Maybe you can recall a time when you had to make a decision; you thought about it, and figured you had all the bases covered. After making the decision something happened that you had not considered, and you were accountable nonetheless. Maybe as a kid, you threw something in the water and it actually splashed back on you; unintended, but there you were, a wet mess!


Examples of unintended consequences are easy to come by just about anywhere. But in my home state of Illinois two separate events took place this summer that really got me thinking again about unintended consequences. In June, within hours of the verdict finding previous Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich guilty of 17 out of 20 charges of corruption, Lura Lynn Ryan (wife of former Illinois governor, George Ryan) passed away at the age of 76. Although Mr. Ryan was allowed to be with his wife in her final hours, he is currently serving 6 ½ years in federal prison for racketeering, conspiracy and fraud. During this particular news cycle I found myself reflecting a bit less on the public impact of their deeds, and more on how some of their actions had a direct, and I am sure unintended consequence, for their loved ones. Mrs. Ryan, in ill health near the end of her life, was unable to enjoy the close comfort of her husband. Mr. Blagojevich has yet to be sentenced, but speculation is that he may be facing at least as much prison time as Mr. Ryan. He faces the possibility of being away from his family, specifically his two young daughters for several years during an important time in their lives.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Frank C. Bucaro

I do not think either man set out to negatively impact their loved ones when they made decisions that contributed to their convictions. But like that rock in the pond, once things are set in motion, it is difficult to control who will be affected. About that rock….here are a few ideas that might help when considering a difficult decision: 1. When a decision needs to be made, hold the rock, and pause….until you are confident that you have evaluated the possible “ripples.” Be sure that you can and will deal with what flows from your decision. 2. Don’t let emotions dictate when to throw the rock. There may even be times when it is a good idea to seek wisdom from a few trusted colleagues or friends who know you well. Reason should drive decisions but sometimes we get stuck rationalizing, or we get angry and want to react immediately. A trusted colleague or friend who knows you well, and has your best interest in mind, might be able to offer insight.

3. The bigger the rock (decision) the bigger the ripples (consequences). Ask yourself, what does my gut/conscience/intuition tell me about this decision? 4. Do a self-check to make sure that what you are about to decide is in line with your values. This is no guarantee that everything will turn out well, but knowing that you made a thoughtful decision, in line with your values, will help to minimize regret if things don’t go exactly according to plan. Frank C. Bucaro, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations that want to integrate ethical standards of excellence with solid business practices. He also presents keynote and seminar programs on the relationship of ethics and values to long-term success. He is the author of two books, Taking the High Road: How to Succeed Ethically When Others Bend the Rules and What Happened to the Good Guys in the White Hats? Lessons in Ethical Leadership. © 2011, Frank C. Bucaro. All rights reserved. For more information about this article or author, contact For the most current local Housing Trends, go to http://

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Business with a Purpose By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


hroughout the course of her lending career, Edna Austin has achieved the pinnacle of success. An award-winning top producer working with consumer, builder and commercial clients, she understands the unique needs associated with a diverse customer base. Today the accomplished lending professional employs a relationshipdriven approach to her work. “It’s not about my numbers,” she reflects. “I’m here to be of service. Every day I strive to do the right thing, to help my clients achieve their goals.” She understands the value of home ownership; Edna was just 19 when she purchased her first property, and the event made a lasting impact on her life. “It was the greatest feeling,” she recalls. “I was hooked; I knew that I wanted to be a part of making this happen for others.” Though she initially delved into real estate sales, Edna soon discovered that her talents – and her passion – lie in the lending aspect of the industry. “I truly enjoy the art of the deal, which hinges upon the financing,” she explains. “The challenge of putting together the right lending package for each client’s unique needs is something I love to undertake.” Edna’s lending experience includes commercial and business opportunity transactions, though she has focused the majority of her career on working with builders and consumers seeking residential loans. Her builder business appreciates her extensive background and thorough industry knowledge. “Every product has distinct elements that impact the loan options available,” she notes. “My builder clients have access to a great range of products, including long-term lock options that are ideal for managing interest rates during the construction process.” As a residential loan specialist, Edna thrives. Her personable, empathetic approach is well-suited to the nature of her business; she connects with consumers to establish trust and gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs. This allows her to identify products and packages that will work with the transaction, facilitating a real estate experience that is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

self-employed. But by taking the time to analyze each buyer’s finances, I’m able to strategize solutions to get them into the lending products that will best meet their short- and long-term needs.” Open communication makes a difference; Edna notes that she’s up front with clients and professional colleagues, addressing potential challenges and issues proactively to avoid unexpected glitches. “My goal is to consistently facilitate a successful closing,” she says. Supporting Edna’s philosophy of business is the team of professionals at imortgage, which has dedicated itself to providing clients with effective and efficient mortgage solutions. The company is known for its ability to meet the needs of a diverse clientele including individuals with less-than-ideal credit, high-end investors and builders, and has differentiated itself for its ability to close loans in less than 30 days. A well-planned internal structure supports a cohesive experience with imortgage; the organization understands the fluid nature of the real estate industry and has poised itself to be responsive to the changing demands of the marketplace. “Transactions are handled in-house and we’re given a great deal of autonomy in managing our business and addressing our clients’ unique needs,” observes Edna. At the heart of her business is a simple, unwavering desire to help others improve their lives. “There’s nothing like it,” remarks Edna. “I’m thrilled to be a part of my clients’ success.”

Edna Austin imortgage - Newport Beach 1301 Dove Street, Suite 101 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Telephone: 949.705.0543 Email: NMLS ID 283761

“The lending process isn’t always an easy one,” acknowledges Edna. “I work with a range of individuals, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors. There are complexities involved, particularly with people who are

imortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969, NMLS 3096. Equal housing lender. 04/2013

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By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


Cheryl Coleman A Passion for Real Estate


he purchased her first home at the age of 18, launching a lifetime of enthusiasm for the real estate industry. A driven professional who’s motivated by her clients’ success, Cheryl Coleman utilizes a background in marketing, management and business development to assist others in achieving their goals. Her positive and personable approach allows her to connect with consumers and professionals alike; Cheryl has achieved notable industry success thanks to her skills and diligence. Cheryl’s interest in real estate was piqued early on; she took coursework in college before launching a storied corporate career that took her across the country and around the world. Her dynamic presence earned her a wealth of professional options; in 1999 she accepted an offer to relocate to Huntington Beach, where she later went on to earn her real estate license. A saturated market posed challenges, but Cheryl’s tenacity propelled her to succeed. And when the industry began to show signs of change, she was prepared. “I saw the advent of foreclosures,” asserts Cheryl. “In fact, I was one of the first agents to start working with them in Huntington Beach a few years ago.” Those transactions, she acknowledges, were difficult. “It’s hard to navigate the emotionally-charged situation of a homeowner who’s in distress,” she says. “My objective is to maintain a sense of calm and focus, to provide solutions and to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel.” That approach has made a difference; Cheryl has been tapped as a go-to professional by major lenders, who appreciate her thorough attention to detail. Cheryl has earned the respect and trust of her consumer clients as well, thanks in large part to her consultative and education-based business model. “Ultimately, we’re working together to accomplish a goal,” she explains. Supporting her efforts is a team of professionals whose commitment to excellence parallels her own. “We want every home to look like a million dollars,” says Cheryl of her listing business. A professional interior designer, staging assistance, professional photography, and comprehensive advertising and marketing ensure that home sellers receive the assistance and exposure necessary to maximize visibility to prospective buyers.

Her team includes specialized buyer’s agents, who work diligently to find the right homes for their clientele. Though Cheryl is hands-on during the process, she acknowledges the importance of business leverage. “With my team, there’s always someone available to answer our clients’ questions and address their concerns,” she explains. “They appreciate that.” In addition to a thriving base of repeat and referral clients, Cheryl has also earned professional accolades for her solid and consistent performance. A top-producing agent, she has earned Star Real Estate’s President’s Award, an honor bestowed to the brokerage’s most accomplished salespeople. Cheryl is an active member in a number of organizations including the Women’s Council of REALTORS® and state, local and national Boards of REALTORS®, where she pursues ongoing education and training as well as opportunities to network with like-minded industry professionals. Her tagline says it all: “Helping People Live Happily Ever After” isn’t just a slogan; it’s the inspiration for Cheryl’s professional endeavors. Every successful closing is the story of a real life, a real vision accomplished with the careful guidance of a dedicated real estate Realtor®.

Cheryl Coleman Star Real Estate 16875 Algonquin St. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Telephone: 714.717.1728 DRE # 01428040

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It’s Time For Plan B Brainstorming! By Craig Harrison


ur workgroup was in the middle of a spirited brainstorming session – a free form session where creativity is encouraged, judgment is suspended, and the best ideas often come after ten or more minutes. The ideas were flying fast and furious, as they should, when the group gets momentum. The energy was intoxicating. And, in a fit of inspiration, one employee suggested, “Why don’t we reverse the order of the deliverables!?” While nine other people energetically accepted this offer as worthy of inclusion on their flip chart of ideas, their manager scowled “That will never work!”

and epiphanies to cross-pollinate each other. Think of brainstorming meetings as magnificent melting pots, a veritable giant stew bowl where bouillabaisse bubbles and bursts, unleashing new, exciting and innovative initiatives. Consider a skilled facilitator for best results, though this isn’t a requirement. The B-List: Preparing for Your Meeting The following recommendations will insure a successful session, whether it’s a stand-alone brainstorm or part of a larger meeting or event:

By definition, brainstorming is unlike your typical meetings. It’s unbounded by traditional rules where predetermined people speak on pre-determined subjects for prescribed times. Like a jam session of Jazz musicians, all you need to do is begin recording and let the sounds begin. Remember, the key is to record it all. Later you can go back and edit out that which might not be considered beautiful music.

• Adorn your environment with art, toys, games, crayons, colored markers or other stimuli to get the juices flowing and invite fun, free thinking and playfulness. • Consider special written invitations in advance to set the tone, expectations and goals for the session. • Create a mental and/or physical ice breaker to loosen everyone up. • Consider lava lamps, beanbag chairs and even bubble-gum and bubble makers to loosen everyone up. • Encourage participation by all. • Language is key. Use sentences such as “What if we…”, “How about…”, “Let’s try...”, or “Suppose we...” • Check your skepticism, negativity and ego at the door. It’s not about whose ideas are embraced. All ideas should be received, for the benefit of the group. • Employ the “Yes, AND...” approach instead of a “Yes, BUT...” stance in response to others’ ideas. • Remind people to suspend judgment throughout the session. • Assign a scribe or tape record the meeting. Consider a graphic recorder. (Visit http://www.graphicrecorders. com/ for one I recommend.) • Allow enough time for people to loosen up. Often the best ideas occur once the group has gotten over any self-consciousness and gathered momentum.

In Brainstorming sessions everyone is equal, all ideas are worthy of consideration, all judgment is suspended and a person’s rank or status is irrelevant. The goal is to fill the air with ideas, depart from conventional thinking, and allow the smorgasbord of strategies, ideas, inspirations

Remember, like mastermind groups, brainstorming sessions rely on the reality that when multiple brainpower is applied the results are greater than the sum of their parts. You will generate great results from the blend of talent, experience, ideas and perspectives that naturally result

Thus ended a productive brainstorming session. Sadly, the manager was unclear on the concept at play. She replaced a brainstorm with a brain fart and stunk up the entire process. A Different Kind of Collaboration Brainstorming is a special type of meeting, with its own ground rules, tempo and ethos. It’s also an invaluable tool for idea generation, problem solving, innovation, teambuilding and creativity. Whether you are tasked with creating new sales contests, new strategic initiatives or simply trying to break the doldrums of your day-to-day routines, brainstorming carries the day. Rules That Rock!


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from giving everyone equal footing and freeing them of the usual restrictions of time, structure and rules. By the way, what if...? Craig Harrison is an instructor with the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension’s Business department, has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and cited in

Business Week. As a manager, consultant, publisher and curriculum developer, he developed his digital dexterity, helping the technical world train and communicate more effectively. CopyrightŠ 2007, Craig Harrison. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email

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Stop Being So Hard On Yourself... By Maya Bailey Ph.D.


o you have to be hard on yourself in order to succeed? When I coach real estate agents in creating their multiple six-figure incomes, I often hear this misconception: “I need to be hard on myself in order to succeed.” When I ask about the origin of this belief, I often receive stories of being conditioned by well-meaning teachers and parents in a controlling and rigid way. Since we learn to treat ourselves the way we were treated, my clients are just carrying on the legacy because they don’t know how else to motivate themselves in order to succeed.   Unfortunately, however, their strategy actually works against them. Studies have shown that when we are hard on ourselves, and beat ourselves up, we actually lower our energy. This leads to decreased motivation and eventually burnout.   So what is the answer?  If you’re not going to be hard on yourself, then how do you motivate yourself to succeed?   Fortunately, there is a positive solution. Research indicates that if we choose a positive and encouraging way to get ourselves focused and on track; that this can be a very efficient motivation technique.   So here are some tips on how to change your motivational strategy.   1.  Awareness - Start becoming aware of the words you say to yourself every day in order to get up to speed. Do they have a positive or negative tone? Do they build you up or tear you down? 2.  Observe – Observe your energy when you hear these words. Does your energy increase or decrease? If you have an inner tyrant, do you also have an inner rebel?

Here’s how it goes: Say the word “STOP” when negative voices arises in you, Then take a deep breath, interrupt the pattern. Finally, put in a positive new thought   What kind of positive new thoughts should you install? I recommend thoughts of positive self talk, such as: I now motivate myself in a loving and encouraging way I inspire myself with the enthusiasm and energy I treat myself with kindness and respect   Create your own phrases of self-talk. They can be as simple as saying to yourself:  “Good job” or “You are on the right track.”   When you start treating yourself with more respect, you will notice your energy level increase. Use that increased energy to prioritize your day, and implement what you planned.   Remember, you don’t need to work harder; you just need to work smarter.   Dr. Maya Bailey, Multiple 6 Figure Income Business Coach for Real Estate Professionals, integrates her 20 years of experience as a psychologist with 14 years of expertise in marketing. Her powerful transformational work creates a Success Formula for Real Estate Professionals ready to create a Multiple 6 Figure Income. To get your free report: “7 Simple Strategies to More Clients in 90 Days” and to apply for an Initial Complimentary Consultation, go to © 2011, Dr. Maya Bailey. All rights reserved. For more information about this article or author, contact For the most current local Housing Trends, go to http://www.

3.  Intervene - when you become aware of how often you are being hard on yourself, it’s time to intervene.  The best way to break into your own thoughts is to use the “Stop Technique.” 36

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