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MARCH, 2014

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04 - Patricia Fripp:

A Team is More Than a Group of People

24 - Louise Morganti Kaelin: The Perfect Time For Change!

32 - Ron LaVine: Want to Sell More?

28 - Nancy Michaels: College Interns

17 Ruth Pugh

Executive Agent of the Month

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08 - Zig Ziglar:

The Right Mental Attitude

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10 Dana L. Wall

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A Team Is More Than A Group of People


hen John Amatt led the 1982 Canadian team on a successful Mount Everest Expedition, only three people reached the summit. Many climbers who were part of the team, whose lifetime ambition was to stand on top of Everest, made the conscious choice to stay in the base camp. Why? Because they knew the effort was likely to fail if everyone tried to make it. They chose to forego their individual dreams in favor of helping the team succeed. This wasn’t John Amatt’s first time to plan an Everest expedition. Ten years earlier, with one of his friends from Norway, he had gathered a team of world- class climbers from many different countries, for the challenge. But at the last minute, he backed out. Officially, it was to get


married. “But that was just an excuse,” he said later. “I knew that, despite having the best climbers in the world, this expedition would not succeed. Everyone wanted to reach the top for their own glory or that of their country. No one seemed willing to make decisions for the good of the team.” His fears proved founded. Not only did the team not cooperate to make it to the top, at one point these sophisticated expert climbers even indulged in a rockthrowing fight. A “team” is not just people who work at the same time in the same place. A real team is a group of very different individuals who share a commitment to working together to achieve common goals.

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Written By Patricia Fripp

Most likely they are not all equal in experience, talent or education, but they are equal in one vitally important way, their commitment to the good of the organization. Any group of people--your family, your workplace or your community -- gets the best results by working as a team. I believe that all of us want to be part of something bigger than we are. Team relationships fulfill that basic need. They are an immensely powerful force, yet they always need to be nurtured. Be sure to show each team member exactly how far reaching his or her contribution can be. The team, each member, and the larger organization will enjoy greater enthusiasm and ultimately greater success.

What makes a team? Individuals who are not equal in talent, experience or education, but equal in commitment. It is not realistic to think we can live or work with others without some conflict, but by communicating about the differences, focusing on the common goals and not throwing verbal rocks, we will make great strides. Patricia Fripp, CSP,CPAE is a professional speaker on Change, Teamwork, Customer Service, Promoting Business, and Communication Skills. She is the author of Get What You Want! And, a Past-President of the National Speakers Association. CopyrightŠ 2006, Patricia Fripp. For information about Patricia’s Keynote presentations, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email

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The Right Mental Attitude


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Written by Zig Ziglar


n old Ann Landers column contains some excellent advice from one of her readers. This lady said that at one time she assumed that a wealthy woman whom she only knew slightly was an arrogant snob because she rarely spoke and never smiled. She also had the feeling that the woman in the supermarket with the whining children was a lousy mother. “Then,” she said, “one day I stood in line at the grocery store. I noticed that the clerk never smiled at the customers and ignored light conversation.” She said, “I was tempted to tell her what I thought of her sour attitude when the elderly woman in front of me took a different approach. She said, ‘Honey, you look like you’re having a bad day.’ The clerk looked up with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen and said, ‘My husband lost his job yesterday and I just found out I am pregnant.’ The lady patted her hand and said, ‘Dear, things will work out.’ When it was my turn,” she said, “the clerk had tears in her eyes, but she smiled, and I felt ashamed of myself for being so intolerant.” Then the lesson she teaches is significant. She said, “That instant made me realize that people usually aren’t rude because they’re mean and want to make my life miserable. They are unpleasant because they have problems on their mind and a heavy heart. My entire outlook changed that day and I am now much more compassionate.” She said, “I now assume the frowning woman might be worried about the results of a biopsy. The rude young driver could be on his way to the emergency room to meet an injured relative, and the distracted mother with the screaming child in the supermarket may need my smile and a kind word. Perhaps the only one she will get all day.” This reader said, “This change in my attitude has made those around me happier, but the greatest benefit is mine. I am less angry and more serene, and I like myself better than I used to.”

seminar, I greeted the young woman who was guarding the backstage door with a cheerful “Good morning, how are you doing?” She said, “I’m not doing well. I hate to be here.” I confidently, cheerfully and arrogantly said to her, “Well, think about it this way. There are some people who don’t have any kind of job doing any thing, so maybe you’ll feel better with that thought.” The young woman looked at me and said, “Look, I’m not ready for any of your ‘positive thinking.’ I’m having an extremely tough time.” As I walked away I thought to myself, “Boy! What a lousy attitude!” However, as I pondered it during the next few minutes I realized that what she needed was some empathy, somebody to say, “Is there anything I can do?” or, “I’m sorry things are not going your way.” I went back at my earliest possible moment to apologize to the young woman. Unfortunately, she was gone. That’s one of the reasons today I talk a great deal more about the right attitude in addition to having a positive attitude. In that particular incident, my relationship with that young woman, and the possibility of giving her any real encouragement later, was destroyed because I was so intent on saying what I had to say and not really empathetic to her problem. Relationships are built on putting yourself in the other person’s position and trying to, as the old Indian adage says, “You won’t know another person until you’ve walked in his moccasins at least one day.” Try to imagine how he or she must feel and you can deal with them more effectively and get along with them far better – and feel better about yourself in the process. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www.

I can certainly relate to what this dear lady was saying. A few years ago when I was doing an early-morning

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Dana wall People are her Passion By Shannon Hartsoe


s with many success stories, sometimes things just line up right. For Dana Wall, it was a love of psychology and exposure to the real estate industry at an early age that has given her the perfect mix of personality, education and knowledge to become a successful real estate sales and marketing professional in the coastal areas of South Orange County. “I believe my extensive education and experience in psychology, human nature and behavior has definitely helped me better understand people’s motivations,” says Dana, who has worked since 2012 at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ Luxury Residential Real Estate Sales division in Monarch Beach, Calif. “I recognize how unique each individual is, and the importance of maintaining who you are as a person, but also tailoring your style somewhat to what works best for your clients and how they like to operate.”

Dana specializes in listing and selling homes primarily in the coastal areas of South Orange County, as well as areas in North County. Known for her friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic nature, Dana offers her clients a “laser focus on customer service, research, attention to detail, a great background in marketing and advertising, a good eye for photos, marketing layout, proofreading, and aesthetics when showcasing luxury homes,” she says. “I work full-time, seven days a week, and feel it’s very important in this business to always be available for my clients. I pride myself on my communication skills, anticipating my clients’ needs and delivering updates and following up with critical information before they even need to ask me for it.” These skills have helped propel Dana to steady sales growth in a highly competitive coastal market since re-entering the real estate market full-time in 2009.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


From a young age, Dana says she has loved being around people. Her fascination with what motivates people and what influences their behavior led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University’s Orange County campus in Irvine. While she was gaining in-depth knowledge about people’s behavior on her way to becoming a psychologist, Dana also began to work in various real estate jobs, including at a large vacation rental and real estate company in San Diego that specialized in properties along Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and La Jolla of San Diego. “They are also a very busy brokerage in the area, so my boss at the time encouraged me to get my real estate license,” Dana recalls. “My step-mother was a broker so I was already very familiar with real estate but really gained a great deal of experience during my seven years at this firm.” She grew to love the beautiful coastal homes and quickly found that she had a knack for establishing a rapport with people from all over the world. During her first year of graduate school, Dana worked for C21 Beachside in Laguna Niguel and got her first Orange County experience. “Then fate would lead me into a corporate sales position, which then led to my nine-year tenure at PSB Integrated Marketing, Inc. in Lake Forest,” she says. “I kept my real estate license active -- I knew I’d go back into real estate one day, graduated with my MA in clinical psychology, and loved the marketing and advertising business.” While working her way up through the ranks of PSB, Dana was promoted to national director of client relations, a position she held from 2006-2009. She says her early experience with clients of all types and sizes helped hone her skills and set her apart as one of the company’s most successful account managers. An eye for problem-solving and creative marketing campaigns also hastened her success, and under her leadership, clients won in excess of 100 awards for marketing excellence, return on investment and creative concepts. She received PSB’s prestigious Founders Award. In 2009, Dana decided to take a leap of faith and get back into full-time real estate in South Orange County. She went to work at a local firm for three years, then moved to

Prudential California Realty in June 2012 (now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties), where she has been since. Not one to stop learning and growing, Dana is studying for her broker’s license with a goal of completion in 2014. But she still attributes that love of people she recognized early in life as the key to her success. “I am very in tune with people’s emotions, voice intonations, body language, eye contact and communication styles, which helps me to perhaps better understand how to connect with people on a truly genuine level,” she says. “I think people would agree that I exude honesty, integrity, genuineness and a sincere interest in them and accomplishing the goal at hand. I tend to believe that doing what you love and doing it with the most passion and enthusiasm will create success. I think my clients feed off of my energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook on life.” Dana L. Wall, M.A. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2 Ritz Carlton Dr., Ste. 201 Monarch Beach, CA 92629 Tel: (949) 892-9598 Email: Web: BRE # 01227433

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By Shannon Hartsoe


Mindi Landry A Perfect Score!


fter 38 years in the real estate business, you’d think Mindi Landry would have seen it all. Not so says this top Executive Agent. “Just when you think you’ve seen everything, ‘Bam!’ something new pops up,” she says with a laugh. It’s that laughter, along with excellent customer service, stellar market knowledge and, of course, experience, that help her to serve her clients in the best way possible. Mindi Landry decided to become a Realtor® after she bought a home in 1976. Though the process was interesting, she knew she could do a better job than the agent who represented her through the transaction. “My dad always told me to put my money where my mouth is, so I did!” she says. “I know that whenever I believe in something, and it’s something I’m passionate about, I can be every bit as successful as I want to be. It’s contagious with me – once I set my mind on it, I’m off!” But it wasn’t all wine and roses when she started out. “The sheer amount of work it takes to be a success was really surprising to me,” she says. “People think this is such a glamorous business, and that’s fueled in part by some of the new reality shows that are popular right now. It’s true that it can be fun and exciting. But what they don’t show are the endless hours spent sending emails, making copies, returning phone calls at 10, 11 o’clock at night.” To help stay on top of it, Mindi is in the office by seven and works “as long as it takes” to get the job done. After her first year in the business, her determination finally began to pay off and she saw the fruits of her labor. From that point on growth was consistent and she began earning business by referral. Today, about 95 percent of Mindi’s business is repeat and referral and she’s selling homes to fourth generation clients. It doesn’t surprise those who’ve worked with her. At the end of every transaction, Mindi sends each client a brief questionnaire asking them to rate their experience in working with her. On a scale of one to 10, Mindi consistently ranks a “10” in categories such as “knowledge,” “listening skills,” “communication,” “problem solving,” and more. Time and time again her clients describe her as honest, hard-working, and thoughtful. Thoughtfulness might not be the first thing that comes to some people’s minds when they think of real estate, but it’s a word that perfectly describes Mindi’s philosophy of business. That’s because one of Mindi’s guiding tenets is to always go the extra mile. Sometimes that means babysitting, cleaning house before a showing or simply

taking out the trash. If it helps her clients, Mindi doesn’t mind. As a result, Mindi’s clients and colleagues have come to know her as a “full-service Realtor®,” but it may as well be “a Realtor® who cares” because it’s care, she says, that makes the difference. That dedication to client care has earned her numerous awards, including “Number One in Listings Sold” in 2002, President’s Circle and Vista Award. She has been in the top 11 percent of agents of all Coldwell Banker Residential agents nationally on multiple occasions. Mindi has also been awarded the 5 Star Designation from San Diego Magazine in 2013 and 2014 , recognized as in the top 3% of Oceanside Realtors® and No. County Times Recipient 2011 Award in the top 10 favorite Realtors® in Escondido. To Mindi, the awards are simply a natural extension of doing what she loves and being committed to those she serves. “There’s no such thing as a small sale,” she says. “First-time and those moving into their dream home are equally important. I don’t take my job lightly and I don’t turn anyone away whether their selling a mobile home or a multi-million dollar property.” And that Realtor® she bought her first home from? He turned out to be one of her biggest mentors, one who heavily influenced her way of doing business. “Funny thing, right? He started out as my broker all those years ago and we’re both still selling real estate today, even though many of the people I started with gave up long ago.” She also says that Tommy Hawkins and Danielle Kennedy, two popular real estate trainers in the ‘80s were influential to her success. But to Mindi, the “who” is not nearly as important as the “what.” “Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two,” she says. “First, no fooling around, that is I say what I mean and mean what I say. When you’re dealing with a person’s largest investment, it’s absolutely necessary to be honest, have integrity and work hard. In the complex world of real estate, I make sure that no one is taken advantage of on my watch. It’s just not going to happen.” Mindi Landry CENTURY 21 Award 700 La Terraza Blvd., Ste. 100 Tel: 760-737-3767 Email: Web: BRE # 00588950

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Cover Story

Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


uth Pugh grew up in a very simple home with exceptional entrepreneurial skills …. My father taught me that with a great positive mindset, hard work and never giving up you can achieve anything your heart desired. “I loved sales and I was good at it,” she says. So in

1991, Ruth had obtained her real estate license and in only 12 months, became a top-producing agent in her office earning Rookie of the Year and closing 25 transactions. Today, Ruth and her award-winning team sell more real estate than any other CENTURY 21 office in the country. The Keys to Success

By Shannon Hartsoe - Ian Wiant Photographer

Ruth knew one thing when she started out in real estate -- “Know your Why…. Why are you doing what you are doing. Be passionate about everything in life. Never compare yourself to others. What you see is the success and not the hard work that goes on backstage. Most people give up right before there is a breakthrough in their life and business. Stay committed and give, give, give…. Provide value!” To her, this would be no part-time endeavor. A full-time income is only generated by full-time effort. Early on, she realized that to be the best would mean coming in early and staying late. It would mean answering calls promptly and prospecting voraciously. Dreams would become goals written down on 3x5 cards and hung where she could see them every single day. Ruth acknowledges, it is not how you can top your competitor it is how do you have stellar customer service! Start with the client and work backwards….. Do you have the dedication to do this. Having the obsession for customer service and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Make sure your voice is heard and your clients know that they are #1. “You have to inspire, inform and improve your customers life in every transaction. Our clients are our raving fans. They trust us and know that we are always tying to do the best for them.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Ruth Pugh with her team of professionals “I love, love, love this business and there’s nothing else in the world I can imagine doing as a career. I’d probably do it for free -- that’s how much I love it!” “My Y story might be a little different than most but it is definitely a story that I love to share...I lost my son Dallas in May of 1995. This was something that I never thought I would ever have to go through or would want anyone else to ever go through,” says Ruth. “I knew that the only way to be able to get through this pain was to Give Back & Make a Difference! It has been our mission to continue to impact people’s lives in a positive way so that no other families have to go through what we as a family have gone through.” Ruth says, “there are so many hurting kids out there and it has been through the YMCA that we have been able to impact them in a Positive way. The YMCA Annual Support Campaign gives hope to so many

families that would otherwise be lost with nowhere to go. The YMCA is not just a GYM... They are a Cause! Never turning anyone down due to the inability to afford it.” Now with every transaction, Ruth Pugh and her team send a child to a YMCA camp and the Dallas Pugh Foundation committed to raising $1.5 million to build the Dallas Pugh Gymnasium at the McGrath Family YMCA in Rancho San Diego. The facility is a 47,000 square-foot multi-purpose center featuring stateof-the-art equipment, plus a soccer field and baseball diamond. “It is our commitment to continue building and strengthening the youth of tomorrow,” says Ruth. “My real passion and my goals are to affect people in the most positive way,” she says. “Real estate is the tool to help me do that. I want kids like Dallas to know they’re not alone and that they have people in their corner.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

SMARTER, BOLDER, FASTER Affirmations in Action Ruth says that it was her father who gave her a heart for business, but it was Jack Forness and Tom Ferry who gave her the knowledge. “Jack was my first broker and he gave me my faith back when it was in the dumps,” she says. “He believed in me when no one else did.” Tom Ferry and the Ferry Group gave her the tools to take her business to the next level. “Everyone needs a mentor and Tom Ferry is mine,” she says.

Leann Thompson with Ruth From Tom, Ruth learned how to prospect more efficiently, and how to make “repetitious boredom” work for her.

Dan Tomasi and Ruth

“I know that for every 37 contacts I make I’ll have a sale and I know that because I keep excellent records and I have workable systems in place -- both things I learned from Tom,” she says. “Repetitious boredom means it’s not fun every single day. There are foundations that need to be laid to create success, but by doing a handful of things daily and staying committed to doing those things, success will come. If you make a mistake, admit it and quickly commit to correcting it, going above and beyond. The company that creates the best experience wins! Build relationships with your clients.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Positive affirmations help keep her on track and reaching for her next personal best. 23 Years of Successful Sales Now twenty three years later, Ruth Pugh has mastered not only the San Diego real estate market, but the national sales market as well. Ruth and her top selling real estate team are ranked #6 in the country closing over 277 transactions in 2013, and whether you are buying or selling, the Ruth Pugh Group works hard to match the right homes with the right buyers at just the right price!

“Did Tiger Woods stop practicing when he got to the top? I don’t think so. I know I’m good on the phone, but by practicing my phone scripts every day I am telling myself to get better. As good as you think you are at something, there is someone right around the corner who might be just a little bit better.” “Running a real estate business is having whole life success with your family, friends, faith, fitness and finance.” “One thing to always remember...Avoid falling for that shiny penny, stay focused!”

In one recent year the group sold 1,676 homes and generated $539.5 million in sales! While units sold and values can fluctuate with the economy, suffice it to say that the Ruth Pugh Group doesn’t look backwards or rest on their laurels. Every team member is giving maximum effort, each and every day.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

RUTH PUGH GROUP CENTURY 21 Award 7676 Hazard Center Dr., #150 San Diego, CA 92108 Tel: 858-467-4727 BRE # 01139420

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The Perfect Time For Change!


o matter where you live, the chances are you are either (finally!) moving into the spring or fall season. Unlike winter or summer, where either because of the heat or cold, we tend to move less, both spring and fall fill us with hopefulness and energy. A great way to really jump into the season is to help change, well, change! There are two simple techniques I suggest that will increase your energy on a daily basis. Although you might start small, there is a gradual buildup that propels the momentum until you are enjoying constant and sustainable movement. 1. Move ‘em around and shake ‘em up.


There is a Chinese proverb that says, roughly, ‘If you want change in your life, move 27 things.’ These can be any 27 things, big or small. I’m finding that the number doesn’t appear to be the significant factor. Keeping things moving does seem to help. To start, think small. Very often, when we ‘decorate’ a room, we place something in a particular spot and keep it there for years. Try moving an ornament to the other side of the room. Bring that vase from the dining room into the bedroom. In my guest bathroom, I flip-flopped two items, one that was on the sink and one on the commode. A number of my clients are also working on this as well and we’re all feeling a shift in energy. 2. ‘Do’ a drawer, shelf or container a day.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Louise Morganti Kaelin Once a day, every day, go through a drawer, shelf or container. Clean it off, discard what needs to be discarded, replace only the loved and/or functional. Start thinking of this the way you think of brushing your teeth or shaving. You have to do it on a regular, consistent basis to see the results you want. I started doing this ‘in order’, but find that every day, some drawer or shelf will catch my eye and that’s the one for me to do that day. Also, don’t forget to look inside the things in the drawer. For example, the folder may need to go back in the drawer, but half the paper in the folder can be tossed. I want to emphasize again the value of thinking small. It doesn’t need to be big change for you to feel the results. So start by moving your toothbrush to the other side of the sink

and feel the energy flow through you! Louise Morganti Kaelin is a Life Success Coach who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support. She publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter, The 3-Minute Coach, which offers tools, ideas, strategies and action plans to assist individuals in creating the life they truly want. In addition, she is the author of the ebooklet Blueprint for Success: 101 Tips to Reclaim your Vital Energy & and Get the Results You Want. Copyright 2004, Louise Morganti Kaelin. All rights reserved. For more information about Louise, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe


t’s been said that experience is the best teacher, and for Andrew Sheftel that old adage has proven to be true. Andrew, a top loan consultant for imortgage, got

his start as temporary help for a local savings and loan. “That’s where I got my first look at the loan industry and I was hooked,” he says “The vibrant culture really drew me in. The realization that, as loan officers, we really do work for ourselves was extremely intriguing to me. I knew that if I worked hard, treated my clients well and did the job right, I could be a success.”

From those humble beginnings, Andrew spent nine years making his way to the top. From clerk, to processor, to underwriter, then to an assistant to a top producer, then wholesale account executive. As an account executive, Andrew won accolades for his hard work -- earning a spot in his company’s President’s Club as one of the top ten loan agents in the entire nation. “Having literally started at the bottom, I saw lending from every side, and I learned quickly,” he says. “Learning how to put a loan together the right way has been a tremendous advantage for me over other lending professionals.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Andrew Sheftel

The Lender Who Makes Things Happen Now in retail mortgage lending for imortgage in San Diego, Andrew’s background has helped propel him to the top. His ability to “think outside the box” and push himself to bigger and greater heights, is a huge factor to his succes.

is ‘The Wolf,’ because just like the character of The Wolf in Pulp Fiction, Andrew can always save the day. Once I had a client who was working with another lender who couldn’t get them financing. Andrew came in at the last minute and got us financing in 10 days. He makes deals happen.”

But he also believes that the seeds for that success were planted long ago.

But even with praise like that, Andrew isn’t content to rest on his laurels. In the coming year he expects to increase his market presence by improving his marketing, continuing his education and working toward even better customer service.

“My family believed in helping others wherever possible,” he says. “Giving back was a big thing for my parents and I think that’s a large part of my philosophy today. The most rewarding part of mortgage sales for me is being able to help friends, buyers and agents…it is what makes me tick. My father was also a very humble and honest man and that has impacted the way I do business today.” He learned early that people come first and that there’s no substitute for hard work and good character. To Andrew there is no such thing as second place -- whether he’s working with buyers or agents, each person receives individualized attention and customized care. The result is an environment of mutual respect and unparalleled professionalism. “The buyer, the agent, the processor and even the underwriter are all in a tie for first place,” he says. “If someone I’m working with needs something, I am there to help.” Andrew’s extensive knowledge of lending and underwriting means that he’s often able to find lending solutions others might miss. A commitment to integrity and a superior customer service experience are at the heart of everything he does.

He’s constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone and into a place of consistent growth. In fact, to Andrew, the nature of this business is change. “There is always something to learn and some way to get better. With all of the compliance changes and constant shifting in the marketplace, I am constantly educating myself about current changes and what is to come. The only way to get better is to keep learning.”

Andrew Sheftel imortgage 4690 Executive Dr., Suite 150 San Diego, California 92121 Tel: 858-736-0773 Cell: 619-523-4309 NMLS ID 453464

That’s why time and time again, Andrew’s clients turn to him for their every lending need. Whether it’s a single-family home, an investment or a refinance, Andrew has the perfect product to get the job done. “Working with Andrew is always a pleasure,” says Numan Stotz with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in San Diego. “He’s just a spectacular lender. My nickname for him

imortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969, NMLS 3096. Equal housing lender. 12/2014

We have a loan for every home... simple as that.®

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College Interns S

o, you could really use some extra help around the office, but your budget has other ideas. Well, there’s a way to beef up your staff without breaking the bank. Go back to school. No, not to further your education, but somebody else’s. Colleges and universities regularly offer their students internships with local businesses and organizations. Students earn academic credit by spending a period of time working in their field of study. They gain practical experience, apply classroom theory to real-life situations and build their resume. The company offers the internship, in turn, gets low- or no-cost help. If the idea of a student internship conjures up images of a large corporation, take heart, no business is too small for a college intern. “Sometimes a smaller company offers an even greater opportunity,” said Roger Herman, a Greensboro, North Carolina-based certified management consultant, public speaker and author of the books, Turbulence, and Keeping Good People. He and his wife Joyce Gioia have been using college interns for 15 years. In a large organization, the student intern may be confined to a specific task. He or she may never get a broader view of how the different pieces of the company work together. But with a small-business, the student intern may not only see how the organization as a whole operates, but may very well have a hand in helping run its various functions. The time is also good for approaching a college or university about setting up an internship program, according to Herman. Schools are putting more emphasis on practical learning applications at the same time some of the larger organizations are downsizing. The upshot is many schools are challenged to find enough internships for their students. To set up an internship program with your company, contact the internship coordinator or placement office of your local college or university. If the school doesn’t have someone specifically responsible for placing student interns, call the head of the department that most closely matches your need. For instance, if you need someone to


help with your marketing, call the marketing department head. If you need someone to do chemical research, call the head of the chemistry department. Another option is to offer your business as a “laboratory” of sorts for class projects. Herman and Gioia recently had three different teams of students from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, doing marketing plans for their business as part of the students’ project for a marketing class. “Our cost? A little bit of time,” Herman said. If you don’t have a college nearby, tap your local high school for office help. Many high schools have cooperative education or distributive education programs where they work for credit toward graduation. These programs operate differently than internships because the work doesn’t relate specifically to students’ academic work. Another option is to contact colleges about setting up a summer internship with a student who lives in your area. With a student intern, you invest time, and sometimes money. But the return is the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping prepare a young adult for the workforce. Another benefit is the perspective a student brings to an organization. “It’s a good way to keep yourself fresh because you’re working with young people with a lot of questions and answering those questions keeps you thinking,” Herman said. And, if things work out, you may be training your next full-time employee. It’s not uncommon for graduating students to return to the place of their internship for their first job. Nancy Michaels, of Impression Impact, works with companies that want to reach the small business community and with small business owners who want to sell more products and services. Copyright© 2005, Nancy Michaels. All rights reserved. For information, contact Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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Written by Nancy Michaels ExecutiveAgent Magazine




By Haley Freeman


enata Paluch grew up on the east coast in Connecticut, where she attended college as well. She earned a bachelor’s degree in finance; after col-

lege, she worked in various accounting analyst roles, on both the domestic and international scale. While obtaining a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), she worked full-time in addition to teaching intermediate English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to Portuguese-speaking Brazilian adults. This endeavor was dear to her, since Renata is a first-generation American whose first language was Polish. Her ultimate ambition was to become a professor. Shortly after visiting friends in California, Renata decided to relocate to San Diego. She taught various university-level accounting & advertising courses as an adjunct, but then began rethinking her plan of spending another four years pursuing a doctoral degree. “I had a lot of friends in the real estate field. I initially received my real estate salesperson license, but decided not to hang my license right away. Rather, I decided that I needed to master financing in pursuance of gaining a competitive edge as an agent, if I were to transition. Hence, I found a local brokerage that was looking to hire a loan processor and was willing to train the right person. In no time, I was processing 18-24 loans a month by myself. Then I met someone at Kinecta and was invited to interview there as a loan officer.” Renata soon felt at home in the culture at Kinecta. “Credit unions are non-profit organizations – our main goal is to service our members, rather than making profits like the big banks. I communicate with members by asking how I may be of assistance to them. If they have a question about their personal account or a car loan, I connect them to the right person. Our members realize we are on their side, so they’re more apt to telling us about their needs and how we may be able to help reach their goals.”

Renata Paluch ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Renata is well-versed in identifying borrower needs and finding creative financing solutions. She specializes in first-time home buyers, jumbo loans, refinance, 2-4 units and FHA. Renata states, “I am a numbers person – that’s my background. I’m very analytical and detail-oriented. I enjoy closely examining every financial situation in order to determine the best program for each individual based upon their personal needs and goals.” Renata’s teaching experience is also of value to her clients. “I like to inform potential borrowers and answer their questions by explaining everything and supporting them throughout the entire process, just like I did while I was teaching. After all, purchasing a home is usually the biggest decisional investment throughout one’s life.” Renata recognizes that exceptional customer service is one of the most important components to working with borrowers and Realtors®. “My best asset is that I am all about service. It doesn’t matter what somebody needs – even if the loan has already closed. If it’s an investment property and my client needs a landscaper to service their needs, I will find the best possible resource for them, even if it goes beyond my normal day-to-day duties. I answer my phone, and I am always accessible. I also believe it’s extremely important to be honest with people. I’m a pretty black and white person as it is, so I discuss everything upfront so there are no uncertainties when it comes time to loan closing.” She adds: “The industry is always changing and it’s important to restrategize and adapt in order to continue moving forward. I stay connected with the news, various economic reports, local real estate as well as changes in government regulations and lending laws.” Her professional credentials include: -NMLS affiliate -Licensed as a real estate salesperson -Member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Renata credits her father as well as her aunts and uncles, all of whom are entrepreneurs, for teaching her about starting from the ground up as well as hard work. “They all came over here from Europe and started their own businesses. None of them even graduated from high school. I know times were different then, but it’s impressive nonetheless. I’m always picking my father’s brain. He owns a logistics company as well as some residential investment

properties in addition to a newly-remodeled commercial building. Even though we are not exactly in the same field, he has a lot of life experience and always offers the best advice.” Renata now considers herself a California girl. In her free time, she enjoys the beach and water sports, and she also volunteers with the San Diego Rescue Mission in her free time. “Starting a new life out here is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I always take advantage of opportunities that come my way. Being a part of the real estate industry is exciting and if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Renata Paluch Kinecta Federal Credit Union 2375 Northside Drive, Suite #125 San Diego, CA 92108 Tel: 858-880-5890 Email: Web: NMLS ID 1058277

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Want To Sell More?


ometimes sales reps lose track of the basics. What do the coaches say when you’re in a sports slump? Go back to the basics.

What do you think the person on the other end is thinking? “This person likes our company’s products and therefore likes me. I should try to help them.”

You can be a greater presenter or a fantastic closer, however if you lack good solid prospecting skills, who will you be presenting too or what sales willing you be closing?

Ron, that sounds real corny. I know it sounds corny but it works. Try it before you judge it.

Probably no one unless you have someone doing the prospecting for you in which case they are building the relationships, not you.

Call on the account you have always wanted to call on but never have. What’s the worst that can happen on the phone? A person can hang up on you. They can’t punch you through the phone.

First, get out there and do it! Stop making excuses or putting things off. If it is cold calling, then make cold calls. If your presentation needs work, then practice presenting. There is no time like the present to get things done.

People are people wherever you go and good manners transcend all borders. Guess what, Lou Gerstner or any famous person for that matter and you both have the same color blood, “red”.

Set aside time to get the most important things done first by asking yourself this question. “What do I need to be doing right now that will make me the most money?”

There’s nothing to be afraid of they’re just people be it the CEO of CISCO or a Janitor. Some maybe a little old, smarter and wiser and yet that can work to your advantage.

“When do I need to have it done by?”

People love to teach other people. It is very rewarding, spirit energizing and is the main reason I do what I do.

“How much time am I willing to commit to make what I want to happen, happen?”

People are often amazed at people who are friendly and yet that is what they crave.

Pick up the phone. Make one more call. People crave other people who are interested in them and their problems and what they have to say. Want to sell more? Be interested not interesting.

Pick up the pen and write one more sentence. Get to the keyboard and type one more line. Push yourself a little further each time than you have before and watch the improvements take place in your life. Make a extra effort to be nice and complement someone. Complements are free and people enjoy hearing them. So boost your sales by using them. When is the last time you complemented a prospect? One of the first things I do when I call on a corporation whose products I use and like is to immediately let them know just that.

Ron LaVine is president of Intellworks, Inc., a sales training firm located in Oak Park, CA which specializes in teaching technology salespeople how to cold call into the Fortune 1000. Sign up for his free weekly Sales Tips for Selling Success email newsletter at Copyright© 2004, Ron Lavine. All rights reserved. For information about Ron’s training programs, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

If it’s GE, it might start something like this. “Hi there. You know I’m a big fan of yours. I love the GE Refrigerator I bought. Maybe you can help me.”


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Current or former smokers, you should know that lung cancer detection using low-dose CAT scans has been proven to save lives of patients aged 55 or older. Let City of Hope help you. Speak to one of our lung cancer specialists today to find out if you are eligible for this simple and painless screening. 800-826-HOPE

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A powerful housing market research tool to help you win more business! A FREE Members-Only Benefit from the Pacific West Association of REALTORS®


BUYING OR SELLING DECISION. Data is provided directly from CRMLS – so you know your clients are receiving only the most timely and accurate information!

• BECOME THE MARKET EXPERT AND TRUSTED RESOURCE. With PWR MarketAnalyzer, you can quickly analyze and compare areas you specify, filter search results by different housing variables, customize price & square squa footage ranges, and examine housing market metrics on the fly.

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Kinecta can help your buyers… It’s a smart move when your homebuyer purchases a home with a Kinecta mortgage. As one of California’s leading credit unions with local mortgage consultants and processing, we provide a wide range of competitive mortgage products from conventional to jumbo to FHA and much more. And you benefit, too. SMART MOVE Program Benefits:

• Purchase Ready Pre-Approval – Saves you time by showing the properties your clients know they can afford • 21-Day Closing Guarantee – A fast closing means more time you can devote to other buyers. • $500 off closing costs – A value-added bonus your buyers will appreciate • VIP Gold Club Membership – Another bonus with extra financial services for your buyers that will reflect on your dedication to their future.

Contact me for more info! Erik Jenner Mgr., Mortgage Loan Sales tel: 949.253.5337 | fax: 949.293.1237 | NMLS #38025 Mission Valley Mortgage Center 2375 Northside Drive San Diego, CA 92108

San Diego Mortgage Center 13161 Black Mountain Road San Diego, CA 92129

The Kinecta Difference: Not-for-profit • Member-owned • Over 70 years in business Information intended for mortgage professionals only. Certain terms and restrictions apply. Visit for program details or call 800-853-4501. Terms and conditions subject to change. All loans subject to credit approval. NMLS # 407870. Program offer is valid through 12/31/2014 and all offers may be modified or canceled by Kinecta at any time. Mortgage application and funding must occur during offer period. 14028-01/14


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