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Jonathan Zuckerman Executive Agent of the Month

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Introducing the Lock-N-Shop program from imortgage… ● Lock a low-interest rate today while continuing to shop for a home ● 120 and 150-day locks available ● An accepted home-purchase contract is not necessary ● If rates drop, use a one-time float-down feature to get an even lower rate! Your buyers enjoy protection from rising interest rates along with the flexibility to capture an even lower rate, if available. Use the imortgage Lock-N-Shop program to remove interest rate worries and get happier, more-focused buyers.

Find out how our Lock-N-Shop program can help your buyers! Call today!

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Rates, terms, and availability of programs are subject to change without notice. This is not an advertisement to extend consumer credit as defined by section 226.2 of Regulation Z. Licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969. imortgage company NMLS 3096. All rights reserved. 06/2013. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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JULY, 2013


Cover Story


28 - Craig Harrison:

Go Google Yourself! How Are You Known In The Marketplace?

16 - Mark Hunter:

Quit Being A Salesperson


12 - Walter Sanford:

So Many Different Business Plans, Which Do You Choose?

5 Jonathan Zuckerman

Executive Agent of the Month

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Cover Story

Jonathan Zuckerman Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Jonathan Zuckerman By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer


e is tenacious, ambitious and driven by an unwavering vision of success. Jonathan Zuckerman acknowledges that he has always held high aspirations for himself, and readily meets challenges head-on. Determination has allowed him to cultivate professional success and to pursue opportunities that lead to a better big picture. “I’m constantly seeking to improve,” says Jonathan. “I never get too comfortable.”

Jonathan grew up in Huntington Beach and made his way to study Political Science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “I wanted to be a lawyer,” he recalls. But professional opportunities presented themselves and the entrepreneurial spirit within him couldn’t resist. He launched a career in mortgage lending, spending three years assisting clients in their steps to home ownership. “I enjoyed lending, but always felt the limitations associated with my work,” Jonathan notes. “I wanted to have the platform to deliver a higher quality of customer care, to connect with my clients on a more meaningful and profound level.” In 2004 he made the transition into real estate sales. From the onset, Jonathan employed a unique approach to the business. “It was evident early on that controlling inventory was the key to success,” he explains. “While other agents were focusing on managing leads and clients, I was working to acquire, market and sell listings.” His strategy worked; Jonathan established himself as a productive and accomplished agent. The signs were evident before the fall, but too many real estate professionals failed to notice the subtle shifts that foretold the market collapse of 2007. Jonathan, acutely involved in the business, recognized the need to adapt. “I saw that the players in the game were changing,” he states. “In order to stay relevant and active, I had to be proactive.” Jonathan pursued REO properties with a vengeance, employing his client-centric model as he approached banks, lenders and asset management companies. He was unrelenting, focused on achieving the momentum he needed to weather the coming storm. Whithin in no time, Jonathan held upwards of 160 REO listings. He had also aligned himself with MGR Services, a brokerage designed to accommodate agents specializing in property management, commercial and distressed properties. His first year with the company, he says, he achieved status as the organization’s top producer among approximately 500 agents. “I’ve maintained that spot for five years,” he adds. He has also become the company’s Director of Operations for the REO Division.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Jesse Zuckerman, Laura Kudo and Jonathan Zuckerman

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Clients Come First As the market continues to shift, so does Jonathan. “I’m modeling my business to meet the evolving needs of my clients,” he explains. “This is leading me back to working with more traditional equity sellers, and I am strategizing methods to assist them.” Real estate is an industry marked by change; Jonathan’s commitment to excellence is reflected at the heart of his professional approach. “I have worked to maintain a unique understanding of area markets, particularly within San Bernardino, the Inland Empire and the High Desert,” explains Jonathan. “The question becomes, ‘What, exactly, is value?’” The concept, he explains, has a depth of complexities. “Many agents look at sold histories to determine the value of a currently-listed property,” Jonathan states. “But in a market that’s moving like ours, to get an offer accepted requires a more thorough perspective. It’s not always about the highest

priced buyer; it’s about determining which offer presents the best chance of closing successfully. Because I have ample experience in a range of transactions, I’m better able to assist my sellers in working through this process.” He garners maximum exposure for his listings, and Jonathan reveals that his network of professional relationships and affiliations has provided opportunities for enhanced marketing and advertising. “The MLS is the first and last stop for many agents when it comes to listing a home,” he observes. “The problem with this is that the house is only reaching that audience. I’m connected to a number of websites and portals with banks, asset managers and REO companies that tremendously magnifies the reach of the houses and properties I’m selling. With a larger audience of prospective buyers, I’m positioning my sellers for greater success.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Jonathan’s diligence is supported by a solid team of professionals whose work ethic parallels his own. Among the group are buyer’s agents, showing agents and personnel responsible for a range of duties including checking properties, administrative support and marketing. “I’ve hand-picked great people who work effectively together on our clients’ behalves,” he says. “Their assistance is a crucial component to my ability to dedicate myself to my clients’ needs.” Strong communication and well-honed systems keep individual group members on the same platform, facilitating congruency throughout the course of every transaction. With an extensive network of ancillary service providers, Jonathan is able to act as a trusted resource for traditional buyers and sellers, investors, banks and asset managers. “When listing distressed homes, agents are often called upon to take on the role of property managers,” he offers. “In the process of building my REO business I have established connections with an assortment of vendors who specialize in home issues including roofing, gardening, painting and general repairs. As a result, I’m able to refer my clients to service providers throughout California.” He is well-versed in technology, marketing, negotiations and the laws impacting real estate, and Jonathan continues to pursue opportunities to expand the scope and breadth of his industry knowledge. As a member of professional organizations including the National REO Brokers Association (NRBA), The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), he regularly engages in networking and ongoing education. While he has successfully implemented and refined a system of processes designed to maintain a smooth flow of business, Jonathan notes that he tailors every transaction to individual clients’ wants and needs. “Once I’ve established an understanding of their unique goals, I am able to create an experience that works for them,” he says. “It’s important to make the transaction as smooth and comfortable as possible.” His candor, knowledge and assertive business style have propelled Jonathan to professional success. The trilingual (he speaks Hebrew and Spanish) agent has achieved top-producer status, ranking 35th in the country among all AREAA agents in 2011. He looks forward to continued accomplishments, and remains committed to making the difference for his clients. “There’s always a solution to a challenge,” he says. “In fact, there’s always more than one. I’m constantly working to identify strategies that will allow my clients to continue to capitalize on opportunities and to achieve their goals.” ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Jonathan Zuckerman MGR Services, Inc. 1425 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite 300 Upland, CA 91786 Ph: 909-559-5275 Email: ExecutiveAgent Magazine


So Many Different Business Plans, Which Do You Choose?


o you ever get confused on what business aspect you should implement next? Just about ANYTHING is better than doing nothing at all while you wait for the business to come to you; however, is there one that is THE BEST? Sure, there are guys out there who have a huge team, numerous pages of advertising using direct response, and promises that if you implement his website, you just don’t have to work anymore. Before you fall for this, you need to check this guy’s take home pay! There are numerous speakers that tout around the clock referral generation. It is genius, but it usually works best when new leads are brought into play through other lead generation systems, increasing the referral base.

There are the fringe speakers who usually have something to sell – staging books, software, websites, et al. Their talks are normally centered around their product. It might be a good product, but usually, it is only a tool that should be used when appropriate as part of a total business plan. Some of the products are dangerous to implement in your business all of the time! Truthfully, there is just nothing that beats a business plan that includes the following items:

8. ties.

Time-block consistent dollar productive activi-

9. Delegate procedures through systems, technology, family, clients, affiliates, and staff. 10. Budget by increasing resources to the items that work and improving or eliminating the systems that do not work. Now that you have the general business plan, you will need to develop specifics on how to implement each step. We hope you come to us. If not us, please go to individuals who understand the big total picture of high production real estate and not just experts in very small parts that just happen to match the product they are selling. Walter Sanford was one of the top real estate agents in North America for nearly thirty years, and now, he is one of the most requested speakers, trainers, and coaches. He has authored dozens of systems and books on checklists, pro-active lead generation, affiliate lead generation, plus others. © 2008, Walter Sanford. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email; http://www.FrogPond. com.

1. Intelligent, inexpensive, and effective seller lead generation systems. 2. Client-centric listing presentation that explores the seller’s needs while meeting their expressed goals. 3. Consistent buyer program weeding out the noncommitted but offering better service to the survivors. 4. Design checklists that can be followed no matter how busy you are while still making sure that net profit and customer perceived service remain top priority. 5. Referral generating program leveraging existing business. 6. Leveraging sellers to get buyers and leveraging the search for inventory for your buyers to get sellers. 7. Utilizing the opportunities available to you and getting a dual-value from looking at all the inventory by buying a little for yourself.


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Walter Sanford

ExecutiveAgent Magazine




By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

ExecutiveAgent Magazine



or years, real estate professionals David Sidoni and Suzy Arriola established themselves as accomplished solo agents with client-centric business models. Though they forged their own paths into the industry, their approaches revealed uncanny parallels. Eventually the duo, who share a history of mutual collegial respect and collaboration, determined that a professional partnership would enhance their opportunities to best serve their clients’ needs. In 2012, the top-producing agents joined forces to create a fully-staffed power team which provides exceptional care at every turn. “Real estate transactions are complex,” explains David. “Our team is designed to address challenges and meet the needs of each client, facilitating a process that is as smooth and stress-free as possible.” David grew up in Orange County before making his way to Hollywood to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. An accomplished actor and TV host, he recognized the opportunity to create long-term financial stability through real estate. “There’s a great opportunity not only to assist others in realizing their goals, but to also pursue my entrepreneurial interests and business skills,” he explains. “I really enjoy the diversity of the business.” For Suzy, real estate was an ideal transition from her career as an international flight attendant. “I loved travel, learning about different customs and cultures,” she recalls. “My work allowed me to live abroad and to gain a unique understanding of the global marketplace.” The exotic lifestyle was appealing, but after starting a family, Suzy sought the opportunity to ply her skills in a more stable environment. Her impeccable communication and customer service skills provided a solid foundation upon which to launch a successful real estate business. In 2012, David and Suzy were each faced with a unique professional dilemma: their individual successes had placed their businesses at a breaking point. “I was simply unable to continue with the growth of my clientele,” acknowledges Suzy. “I realized that I needed to forge a strategic alliance that would allow me to maintain the quality of care that was attracting new, repeat and referral business.” They had each earned status as top producers, consistently ranking among the top 25 agents in Orange County, and David and Suzy shared a deep-seeded sense of respect and admiration for each other. “We watched each other grow professionally,” David says. “Suzy and I had a lot of similarities in our approaches to our work and we realized that, together, we had a unique opportunity to take business to a new level.”

David and Suzy transitioned their business to Keller Williams, a brokerage designed to foster powerful and productive real estate teams. Joining forces wasn’t without its challenges, but the duo’s dedication to their long-term success – and that of their clients- drove their efforts. “We complement each other,” says Suzy. “David and I hold each other accountable, as well.” David and Suzy employ a comprehensive approach to real estate, with a full-service team intact that is designed to foster their high quality of services. They work with a clientele that ranges from first-time buyers to savvy investors, with a focus on luxury and high-end listings. Through stunning marketing and advertising campaigns, David and Suzy maximize exposure for every property they sell. Their expansive network of collegial contacts is an added value, facilitating business with buyers within the region, across the country and around the world. As their clientele continues to expand and evolve, David and Suzy remain committed to preserving the quality and integrity of their professional representation. Their combined experience is enhanced by ongoing education and training; between them the duo has a host of specialty designations including International Luxury Homes Marketing (ILHM), e-Pro, Certified HAFA Specialist (CHS), Short Sale and Foreclosure Certified (SFR) and Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR). These qualifications reflect their adaptability and dedication to professional growth, and allow them to better navigate the challenges of a changing marketplace. Their team holds limitless potential, and David and Suzy look forward to ongoing growth and professional success. At the heart of their partnership, though, is the genuine concern and care that each holds for their clients’ well-being. “Everyone needs a home,” remarks Suzy. “David and I believe so much in the value of assisting others, helping them achieve their unique goals. Through real estate, we have the capacity to make a lasting impact on our clients’ lives.” David Sidoni & Suzy Arriola Keller Williams Realty 27101 Puerta Real, Suite 150 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 David: 949-939-7045 Suzy: 949-842-1447 - DRE # 01721688 - 01727432

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Written By Mark Hunter 16

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Quit Being A Salesperson...


any sales are lost because of “sales.” To be successful in this profession requires listening to the customer. Unfortunately as salespeople, we often hear so many different things that we feel the need to provide solutions for all of their problems. When this happens, sales professionals can overwhelm the customer, causing them to become confused, ultimately losing any sale. For the salesperson, it all begins when Marketing comes out with what they perceive as the greatest new product or service to hit the market. Marketing will proclaim that their latest creation will solve all of the problems any customer has or could possible ever have. They continue to lay it on with an assortment of product characteristics all matched to whatever issues the customer has.

Meanwhile, attentive salespeople absorb this information and subconsciously begin to look for ways to apply everything Marketing has proclaimed. It is only natural for sales professionals to believe the information and to assume that it applies to everyone. Once they adapt this mindset, one of the biggest “quiet mistakes” in Sales occurs. It is not an error made in front of a customer such as misquoting a price or missing a key date. Rather, it is a “quiet mistake” because it happens long before a sales call, and, therefore, becomes hard to see how it could result in a lost sale. Anytime a salesperson is dealing with a customer, patience must be exhibited to not only find out what their needs are, but also to discover which particular need best matches what is being offered.

Unfortunately, salespeople often do not take the time to validate the needs they hear. Instead, they treat all of the needs as being equal, remember what Marketing has told them, and begin to think they have come across the perfect customer for their product/service. This is where many sales are lost because the salesperson does not narrow their focus. Therefore, it is critical for sales professionals to think “sale”, not “sales.” Top performing salespeople are confident of their skills and their ability to close a sale. They focus on helping the customer fulfill their primary need. Average salespeople, on the other hand, attempt to satisfy numerous needs and in so doing, end up losing the sales by overwhelming the customer. The key to being a successful salesperson is to focus on selling to the primary need of the customer, not on multiple needs. This will result in a higher closing percentage and, in the long-run, allow you the opportunity to continue the relationship by helping the customer solve the other issues they have identified. Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”, helps companies identify better prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term customer relationships. Sign up to receive free weekly “Sales Hunting Tip” email at . Copyright© 2007, Mark Hunter. All rights reserved. For information, contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email Susie@;

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Charon Smith and The Smith Team Experience Matters

Joy Mansfield, Chris Tosti, Charon Smith, Ron Blackmore


tight-knit group of lending professionals, The Smith Team consists of seasoned individuals who share a common vision and a big-picture goal: to facilitate successful lending transactions for their consumer clients and real estate partners. Under the leadership of imortgage sales manager Charon Smith, The Smith Team has earned a reputation as one of the Inland Empire’s most dynamic mortgage teams. “We are a unique group,” acknowledges Charon, whose

knack for identifying talented individuals has shaped the course of her lending career. As a top-producing manager for a large lender, she had a way of spotting and developing sales potential in others. It happened with Joy Mansfield, who was working in an administrative position, and with Christopher Tosti, who transitioned into lending after working in warehouse management. The trio joined forces, providing their clients with a comprehensive, service-oriented lending solution for borrowers at every price point.

With distinct backgrounds, the group offers enhanced service throughout the course of every transaction and beyond

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

In 2009 The Smith Team welcomed Ron Blackmore to their group. Ron, who owned and operated a successful mortgage company that served the Inland Empire, brought an additional layer of knowledge and experience to the team. With distinct backgrounds, the group offers enhanced service throughout the course of every transaction and beyond.

“Our team approach and our combined

with operations specialists including processors and underwriters. As a business development specialist Ron focuses on building The Smith Team’s productive relationships with independent banks, large investors and other sources of capital. His collegial network is inimitable; after three decades in the mortgage industry, Ron has established an enduring reputation as a knowledgeable professional who operates with high ethical standards.

skills really differentiate us,” observes Ron. “We truly offer one-on-one service, with someone available to answer questions and address concerns whenever the need arises.” Charon explains, “We’re in the business of lending; each one of us considers this our career, not our job. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist real estate agents, builders, investors and borrowers. We don’t focus on a single transaction, but on cultivating and developing relationships that will continue to flourish thanks to our attentive care.” Operating with a sense of fluidity and adaptability, the members of The Smith Team contribute distinct strengths to the group. As a loan originator, Joy thrives on the opportunity to assist buyers in realizing their dreams of home ownership. “I love working with first-time buyers,” she remarks. “It’s an incredibly emotional experience, and I work to alleviate stress and provide the education and information our clients need to make decisions that will assist them in reaching their short- and long-term goals.” Communicative and service-oriented, Joy is known for her exceptional follow-up.

Spearheading the ongoing success of her group is Charon Smith, a well-regarded mortgage professional with over 25 years of comprehensive experience. Her passion for teambuilding and her commitment to creating solutions for home buyers and real estate agents have propelled her accomplished career. The Smith Team works with clients throughout the Inland Empire, with a reach spanning Southern California. “We have grown beyond local business, representing transactions closing in Los Angeles, San Diego, the High Desert and Low Desert,” remarks Charon. “Thanks to a thriving repeat and referral-based clientele, we continue to grow and look forward to the opportunity to meet the ongoing needs of our marketplace.”

Christopher’s forte is his technical acumen and management background. “I enjoy working in the business, but I’m also busy managing our pipeline and ensuring that transactions run smoothly and efficiently,” he explains. He works regularly with investors, and acts as a liaison

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The Smith Team imortgage-Inland Empire 300 Central Ave., Suite 145 Riverside, CA 92506 Telephone: 951-830-5655 NMLS ID 202473

imortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969, NMLS 3096. Equal housing lender. 07/2013


Team DuarTe! We believe in building quality partnerships with our clients, so together we can achieve more. yOur

success is Our


Go mobile and gain a competitive edge with Ticor Title’s mobile apps and automated services. Our mobile apps are designed to streamline efficiency in the title process. Ticor Express Pocket Profile allows you to quickly search for property information from your mobile or tablet device. Our Pocket Profile app provides real time access to valuable property information. TicorAgent is a powerful and intuitive app made for you and your business. TicorAgent comes loaded with our title and escrow fees, local tax rates, our recording fees, and all other closing costs. It allows you to quickly answer buyer or seller related questions. TicorAgent is the mobile app that will help you close more business. Our web-based service tool, Ticor Live, is an efficient, convenient, and easy to use system for all your title and escrow transactions. Ticor Live allows transaction parties to coordinate, update, deliver and manage pertinent documents. Track orders electronically, get transaction details with status report, and download documents and preliminary reports... all through our secure database. Ticor Title is committed to developing and implementing proprietary software and technical tools to allow our clients to succeed in today’s dynamic market. Contact Team Duarte TODAY for live demonstrations of our added-value tools.

Felix Duarte Vice President 714.392.1400

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Ticor Title Company 18302 Irvine Blvd., Suite 100 Tustin, California 92780


Written By Zig Ziglar 22

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Being Nice...


’m seated in the Tampa airport on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2005. A gentleman recognized me and approached me saying, “Greater love hath no man for his wife than to always open her car door.” That’s something of a takeoff on what I’ve been talking about for many years, that it’s the little things husbands and wives do for each other on a regular basis, not the big things once or twice a year, that breed long-term, successful marriages and lots of honeymoons instead of just anniversaries. I believe quite strongly that is the approach we need to take. It’s the little things. For many, many years I’ve been doing exactly that. As a matter of fact, since I first caught sight of her on September 15, 1944, at 9:08 p.m., at the YWCA in Jackson, Mississippi, I have been courting that woman of mine avidly. Two years, two months and eleven days of relentless pursuit later she finally said “yes.” I’m convinced that the little things make the difference. The Redhead and I take turns trying to outdo one another in being nice, thoughtful and helpful to each other. Simple example. On this trip, as in all trips when I’m gone for more than just the day, the Redhead has followed through on things we started doing years ago. I stopped carrying my cash in a wallet; I just fold it over and put it in one of my pants pockets. In the evening I lay the money on our bathroom counter. She counts my money and if she doesn’t think I have enough to cover emergencies where cash is needed, she gets me more. Now that’s not a big

deal, but it’s one of those little things that says an awful lot. It says, “Honey, I love you very much. You’re very important to me. I will be more comfortable knowing that if there is an emergency and cash is needed, you will not be embarrassed, delayed, or perhaps endangered.” That’s a big thing. Little things, over the years, can make a big difference. Husbands and wives, first be faithful to each other. Second, keep the romance going all of your life by courting each other every day. Immediately after my encounter with this gentleman in the Tampa airport, I called the Redhead to tell her about it. Her response fascinated me because it emphasizes what I’m talking about. She said, “Honey, I just want you to know I’m in the process of making you your uncooked fruit cake,” which just happens to be one of my favorite of all things for the Christmas season. I really love that fruit cake! It’s the only one I really do enjoy. While I was gone, there she was, thinking about what she could do for me. Yes, when husband and wife try to outdo each other by being nice, thoughtful and attentive, it’s amazing what that does to the romance! Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Integrity, Excellence, and Achievement. Advance with the most trusted Escrow Company in Orange County.

Branch locations in Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Brea Call one of our Account Executives today!

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By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

Experience adds value to her services, but Dolly notes that she continues to pursue opportunities for ongoing education and training. “The market is never static,” she observes. “It becomes important for an agent to offer insight into potential trends and changes, which may impact a client’s future plans.”

Dolly Weingart Westcoe realtors, Inc.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Determined Professional


he has been in and around the business of real estate for over three decades, and Dolly Weingart still displays the enthusiasm and positivity that launched her career. Her experience and comprehensive industry knowledge reflect her professional commitment and prove invaluable elements to her ability to effectively represent clients in a changing market.

acknowledges, “but my ability to communicate with my clients and ancillary professionals has been very helpful.” Her background also allows Dolly to better position buyers and sellers to achieve their distinct goals. Not only does she understand how to effectively price homes for sale, but she is also able to assist buyers in determining investment returns on their prospective purchases.

Dolly launched her career with a nationally franchised brokerage in Louisiana in the late 1980s, establishing herself among colleagues and builders. She eventually sought new opportunities and transitioned into a position processing mortgage loans, before moving into the corporate sector where she focused on management and marketing. The experience allowed her to hone her sales and negotiations skills and to expand her business perspective.

Dolly also understands the importance of collegial relationships, and has established a solid network of regional professionals and service providers. “When we work together, we’re better able to achieve our respective goals,” she notes. Dolly has earned the trust and respect of agents, consumers and industry professionals through her dedicated efforts. “I’m active in the community,” she says. From open houses to farming, golf courses to her local church, she has become a familiar figure within the real estate markets she serves.

A series of moves took her to Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. Changes in scenery didn’t deter her interest in real estate. “I was consistently involved in some phase of the industry,” she notes. “When I wasn’t, I missed it.” Relocating to California, Dolly took on a position at a local newspaper before re-integrating herself into the field. “It was just a matter of time,” she smiles. Dolly’s empathetic approach is driven by unwavering professionalism. Her ability to connect with a range of individuals, to hone in on their unique wants and needs and then to strategize solutions designed to facilitate their success - has been carefully honed throughout the course of her career. “I have been fortunate to have experienced many market cycles, and have sold in five states,” she explains. “The knowledge I have acquired allows me to address challenges, navigate difficult transactions and consistently achieve closings that meet everyone’s best interests.”

As she reflects on the course of her career and the opportunities to come, Dolly returns to the driving force at the heart of her business. “The best part of real estate is the people,” she offers. “There is nothing like the feeling of helping people fulfill their dreams, negotiating for their best interests and watching them move forward in their lives. The end results are amazing; from first-time buyers with dreams of building families, to the emotional process of selling the home of a loved one who has passed on, I am honored to be a part of that process.”

In addition to earning her broker’s license, Dolly has also completed training on appraisals. This, paired with her experience processing mortgage loans, allows her to employ a comprehensive approach to her work with residential buyers and sellers. “I don’t do loans now and I’m not an appraiser,” she

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Dolly Weingart Westcoe Realtors, Inc. 7191 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92504 Telephone: 951-784-2500 DRE #01347180


Go Google Yourself! How Are You Known In The Marketplace?


ow does the world see you? It may not be the way you see yourself. Either way, it’s time you find out!

Recently I typed my own name into a series of search engines to see how well known I was. Surprise surprise! I learned in England I am a soccer star with adoring fan clubs and celebrity status; in New Zealand I’m a playwright, author and editor. Stateside I am either a Gastroenterologist in Kalispell, Montana or a gospel singer with 4 CDs to my name in Ohio. Who knew! My point? We need to know how our customers regard us. Is there market clarity or market confusion? Are customers as clear about who we are and what we can do for them as we are? If not, it’s our responsibility to send a clear and consistent message about who we are and what’s special about us. Be the Best At What You Do Best In our quest for customers there’s a tendency to try to be all things to all people. In our desire to be serviceoriented when a customer says “jump” we naturally say “how high?” Yet you should operate from a position of strength. Signal to others what it is that you do best. Let it flow off your tongue in your elevator speech, sparkle in your web banner ads and be reinforced throughout your collateral material. Whether it is your product line, company or the services you provide you must tell the world in a consistent fashion what it is that you excel in. TAG — It’s You! Does your, or your product or service’s tag line tell a tale that’s embraceable? Many company names leave customers pondering what your core business is. If your name does not say it all, make sure your tag line tells the tale. Focus on the benefits, not the features. Emphasize the results of the work, not the process. The clearer you are on the results that accrue to your customers, the better they will be able to determine how best to hire you or buy your products.


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Written by Craig Harrison It’s Your Defining Moment If you do not define yourself and your business effectively your marketplace will do it for you. In terms of positioning, you want to be the focal point. There was once a database company whose brilliant engineering was undermined by weak marketing. Despite superior products, they lacked name recognition. They were resigned to introducing their company name, then having to say “Have you heard of Oracle? We’re a competitor of theirs.” As you can imagine, they no longer exist. Carve your own niche, stake claim to your own territories and position yourself appropriately. Be known for your strength. When you come from that place of strength, competitors will be left to carve out what’s left. Once you Google yourself successfully you will leave the rest of the Yahoos in the dust! Craig Harrison is an instructor with the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension’s Business department, has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and cited in Business Week. As a manager, consultant, publisher and curriculum developer, he developed his digital dexterity, helping the technical world train and communicate more effectively. Copyright© 2007, Craig Harrison. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email


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Edgestone Real Estate

Sebastian Stofenmacher By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

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Edgestone Real Estate Is Dedicated To Providing Unmatched Levels Of Client Care


ounded by brothers Sebastian and Matias Stofenmacher, Edgestone Real Estate reflects the duo’s entrepreneurial spirits and innovative approaches to business. “We aren’t your typical agents,” acknowledges Sebastian. “Matias and I are focused on building business through strategic marketing while improving upon processes and systems to maximize the experience for our clients and our agents.” The brothers, natives of Argentina who are fluent in Spanish, each launched their real estate careers after graduating from USC. Their early years in the business were spent at a traditional brokerage, where they became wellversed in the distressed property market. Managing upwards of 100 short sale and REO listings a year, Sebastian and Matias quickly determined that a traditional real estate model wouldn’t support the volume of business they were poised to continue to generate. By apportioning their business duties, they were able to maximize their distinct strengths and skillsets. When their brokerage closed its doors, the Stofenmachers capitalized on the opportunity to establish their own real estate firm. “We had solid relationships with a great group of agents, asset managers and banks throughout the state,” Sebastian says. “Matias and I concluded that we wanted to create something bigger; a real estate brokerage that would allow us to engineer the experience for our clients and agents.” Edgestone Real Estate continues to meet the needs of clients throughout the State of California, with agents handling a spectrum of transactions including traditional equity sales, investor purchases, short sales and REO properties. Sebastian and Matias have continued to represent their own clientele with a team approach: Sebastian focuses on client relationships and negotiations, while Matias is exceptionally skilled at valuations and market analyses. “We believe that two brains are better than one,” quips Matias, who adds, “Our partnership allows us to offer our clients a truly unparalleled level of service; we pride ourselves on this.” While many REO sales offices utilize large teams to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of complex transactions, the Stofenmachers have designed a hands-on approach that maximizes efficiency and maintains thorough communication throughout the process. “We’re a lean company,” Matias observes. “We have streamlined our systems and continue to refine our approach to consistently improve upon our services.” Technology is a driving factor in their success; Sebastian and Matias incorporate the appropriate tools to facilitate transactions that run as smoothly as possible. But at the

heart of their business – and their success- is their relationship-driven style. Collaborating with a vast network of industry specialists, the duo has utilized the strength and talents of collegial allies to accomplish their goals. “Our clients benefit tremendously when we work together with our peers,” Sebastian explains. “By maintaining good relationships with other agents, we are better positioning our buyers and sellers to reach their objectives.” Their sphere of contacts runs throughout California and beyond; Sebastian observes, “We are always looking to learn and implement best practices from other successful agents, and dialogue regularly with top producers in other states.” Locally, they are active in professional organizations including the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). As broker/owners, the Stofenmachers have established a supportive office environment that encourages collegiality and communication. Conveniently situated at Sunset and Fountain, the brokerage features comfortable meeting and office spaces as well as ample parking. Simple splits appeal to agents at every stage of their careers, observes Matias, who reveals that Edgestone Real Estate is well positioned for internal growth. “We’re looking at a careful expansion in personnel and services,” he says. “Our focus remains on maintaining a full-service model that meets the ongoing needs of our diverse clientele.” The brothers continue to invest time and energy into their brokerage and their family-driven business. Sebastian’s wife Vanessa, a talented graphic design artist, is heavily involved in the company’s marketing, advertising and branding efforts. They find balance with family, as well: the Stofenmachers note that Monday lunches are meetingfree, thanks to a running appointment with their mother, a wedding gown designer. Successfully merging business and family can be an overwhelming process, and the brothers acknowledge that they aren’t always on the same page with ideas and issues. “But our different perspectives allow us to examine things from a broader scope,” says Matias. “We respect each other as professionals, and we enjoy the opportunity to work together to help others.” Sebastian Stofenmacher Edgestone Real Estate 4344 Fountain Ave. G Los Angeles, CA 90029 Telephone: 213.245.7928 DRE # 01328684

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Written By Richard Weylman

Acquisition—Growing Your Business With The Affluent and Wealthy Sales Keep You in Business--Only Marketing Can Keep You in Sales


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dvisors are typically investing more time running their business than growing their business, i.e., becoming well known and trusted in the markets in which they desire to work. Part of the challenge is that many advisors are unsure just how to position and promote themselves to the affluent and wealthy market. The result is that their positioning and promotion is replete with mixed messages and weak value propositions that diminish their access and acceptance. Once the advisor has identified the market in which they intend to focus their efforts, they need to be clear about the value they can bring to these targeted groups and promote themselves appropriately. Unfortunately, few advisors understand the difference between selling and marketing. The confusion is largely due to the fact that most advisors believe their success path lies in their ability to make a sale. However, contrary to this belief, the fact is that the affluent and wealthy will only conduct business with advisors with whom they have developed a relationship and they feel they can trust. What are your advisors doing to become known and trusted in the markets in which they want to work? Merchandisers Focus on Products-- Marketers Focus on People Much communication in the industry supports the concept that affluent and wealthy individuals buy solutions to their problems. For this reason, many advisors typically focus on promoting products and services to penetrate this market. However, successful market access requires more than targeting individuals with a product approach just because they have money in motion or have substantial assets. What significantly increases the advisors opportunity for success is their ability to focus on the “people side” of the business—getting to know and understand them and discovering what they are most passionate about. Effective advisors act as marketers by identifying how their best clients and prospects network and communicate with one another based upon where and what they do for enterprise and/or recreation and what their special interest involvements are such as cultural and charitable. Thus, advisors gain favored access into their targeted markets by: (1) demonstrating a passion for their clients and prospects as individuals, (2) getting involved and becoming visible in their network, and (3) being authentically curious, interested, and engaged about their goals, dreams, lifestyle, and business activities. This approach establishes and cultivates the relationship. Further, the client or prospect gains confidence in the fact that the advisor has the desire

to partner with them to address their particular issues rather than solely to sell a product or service. Are your advisors focused on marketing to the people or on merchandising the products? Stop, Look, and Listen The affluent and wealthy buy people before they buy products and services. By scheduling a meeting, they have already acknowledged that the advisor has the capabilities and credentials and the brand represented has value. That portion of the “sale” has been made. Therefore, instead of the advisor spending time at the meeting presenting a lengthy review of their credentials and experience, they should attend with a mindset to engage the client or prospect, observe, listen, and learn—listen intently to what they value and prefer, ask questions that reveal issues, and be open to discussion. With the insight gained, the advisor is more attuned to the particular needs and issues of their clients and prospects. This new awareness will enable the advisor to present an entire platform of specialized services and products available through them instead of pushing singular concepts or products. The end result is a positive presentation of informed solutions that differentiate. When meeting with prospects and clients, are your advisors focused on themselves or gaining insight into issues? C. Richard Weylman is an expert in helping financial services professionals and their organizations grow their business with the affluent and wealthy. To discover the many resources available to you call 800-535-4332 or visit CopyrightC 2002, Richard Weylman. All right reserved. Richard Weylman, CSP, serves as President of The Achievement Group, Inc., an Florida-based consulting firm dedicated to professionally and ethically help people move to the next level of productivity and fulfillment. He is the author of “Opening Closed Doors, Keys to Reaching Hard-to-Reach People” and numerous other sales, relationship marketing and management audio and video programs. To receive more ideas and insight on how to market to high net worth people, recruit quality people, or practice management issues, schedule Richard to speak at your next meeting, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@

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