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Your career with imortgage? The sky’s the limit! ● If you’re a loan consultant determined to take control of your high-flying career, now’s the perfect time to target imortgage, especially as we expand into strategic regional markets in Southern California. ● imortgage was ranked the Number 2 Purchase and Builder Lender* in California for 2013. ● imortgage loan consultants averaged 4.7 transactions per month in 2013! ● imortgage is not only the perfect place to land, it’s the perfect place to launch the next phase of your exciting career.

Watch your career take flight at imortgage! Ron Stowers

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10 - Tony Alessandra:

Becoming More Persuasive

12 - Theresa Behenna: Seeds of Change

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Passion Produces Profit

32 - Louise Morganti Kaelin: Master Your Craft

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24 - Laurie Moore-Moore: Three WILD Ideas To Help You List & Sell

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe

Joan Llanes ExecutiveAgent Magazine

We have a loan for every home... simple as that.®


ore than 20 years ago, Joan Llanes and her husband purchased their first home. Calling it “one of the best decisions we ever made,” Joan knew then that she wanted to help other people make their dreams come true. “The ‘American Dream’ of homeownership is still very much alive and well,” she says. “Our experience was so positive, and the financial rewards so great, it became a passion of mine to help others with their goals.” So several years after purchasing her own home, Joan decided to turn her passion into her career. In 1998 Joan took the courses necessary to obtain her real estate license, but realized that she preferred the lending side of the business. Once she made she switch, Joan knew that she had found her calling. “Serving others has always brought me the most happiness,” she says. “Therefore my customer, whether it’s the buyer or the REALTOR®, is always my priority. I do what I can to make them feel like that single transaction is the most important.” Working with imortgage helps Joan provide the kind of exceptional customer service that’s important to her. With a wide variety of products backed by one of the most trusted lending institutions in the San Diego area, Joan feels confident that her clients are getting the best service and the best loan for their needs. It’s this customer-centric philosophy that has helped Joan assist more buyers than at any other company she’s worked with. She attributes that to the responsiveness of the company. From the top down, each individual is dedicated to the success of the loan. As a result, if a challenge arises during a transaction, Joan knows that a solution is in the works before she ever has to make a call. “Their way of doing business simply makes sense,” she says. “I’ve worked with some of the big banks and the level of customer service just isn’t the same. It is very beneficial to work with an institution like imortgage, allowing my transaction to get done and in a timely manner. The fact that I am selling something I strongly believe in makes it a lot easier.” But a great company hires great agents, and Joan is among the best. Detail-oriented with a sense of humor and a love of people, Joan excels at making others feel comfortable, walking them through the transaction with knowledge and communication. As a result, Joan’s clients know they can turn to her again and again for help with their real estate lending needs. “My clients know that I am available to them at all times during and after a transaction,” she says. “And if I am not able to get to my phone, one of my team members is always available.”

Joan’s team includes her two assistants. Her sister Yvonne, who has worked with her for 16 years, as well as Monica, whom are the Transaction Coordinators. With a strong background in underwriting and processing, Yvonne is able to help with all aspects of lending. “Both Monica and Yvonne pre-underwrite every file,” says Joan. “As a team, we know immediately if a problem arises and we’re able to consult with a client on the best course of action. Our commitment is to assure a smooth transaction and one of us will always be available to assist.” The team is well-versed in all aspects of lending, including FHA/ VA loans, but it’s Joan’s easy-going nature and her genuine concern for others that really helps her stand out. She connects easily with people from all walks of life and creates an almost instant bond with everyone she meets. “I really care about my clients and the real estate agents I work with,” she says. “Regardless of who they are, I’m able to relate in some way with them where they are able to build the trust, getting to know the customer on a personal level.” Joan believes that her faith in God and her close-knit family have helped create the success she sees in her business and her personal life. “My husband Benjamin and my two children, Tabitha and Jacob, have always been very supportive of everything I do, and without that support I wouldn’t be what I am today. But my biggest influence has always been God and I know my job here on Earth is to serve others with what I have been blessed with. So as long as I’m here, that’s what I’ll do.” Joan Llanes imortgage 1902 Wright Pl., Suite 120 Carlsbad, California 92008 Tel: 760-814-5576 - 760-707-0203 Email: Web: NMLS ID 633016

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The Mike Ferry Organization Monthly Report


n the last message that I sent to all of my great LinkedIn connections, I mentioned the 3 mentors I’ve had all my life, and I want to take a few minutes to talk with you about one in particular. It’s a person I think most of you know of or have heard of ... Earl Nightingale.

Let me give you an example ... at every seminar that I start, every coaching call that I do, I assume that 100% of the audience is going to take 100% of what I say, and do it ... no exceptions. Yes, by Day Four, some of them have convinced me that they can’t do it, or they’ll never do it. That’s a choice they make based on what’s going on inside their heads. Remember, my belief is that everybody will take this advice and use it to their advantage.

I worked for Earl from 1968 to 1972 and that’s when I went into the residential Real Estate business when I left his company.

What’s going on in your head as you read this particular message? Is it positive or negative? If it’s not positive, how is that helping you ... build your business, grow as an individual or improve your personal life? If your thoughts are positive ... you have a smile on your face and you’re saying, “Thanks Mike!”

Earl became famous for one sentence ... “You become what you think about most of the time.” It’s a simple sentence, and yet a very profound sentence for anybody who is taking the time to think about their life, their business and their future. I’ll give you my rendition of what I think he meant ...

Look forward to sharing more ideas with you next month.

If you’re the kind of person who has a wide variety of negative thoughts in your head on a regular basis, and you’re not getting the type of results you want from your life ... you may want to look at Earl’s statement and decide if it applies to you (because it probably does). If, for example, you’re a Real Estate agent ... in the mortgage industry ... any type of sales ... or have constant contact and communication with the public ... and you’re holding on to negative thoughts for whatever reason ... the odds of you having a positive experience is at best minimal. If, for example, a Real Estate agent says, “I know that seller will never list with me,” or “I know that buyer will never buy from me,” ... the odds are you will be 100% correct. On the other side of Earl’s thought ... if you’re saying to yourself, “I can do this or that,” ... or ... “I can accomplish this or that,” then your odds dramatically increase. I think the simplicity of the thought allows each of us to see exactly what Earl was trying to say. The question is, what’s going on in your head at any given moment ... is it positive or is it negative? And how is it effecting the results you get?

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hy are so many new ideas a tough sell? Isn’t it true, as the old saying goes, that if you invent a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door? No, that’s baloney! In fact, it’s never been less true. For a variety of reasons.


For starters, people everywhere have become more savvy, skeptical, even cynical. We’ve all become more jaded about advertising, more suspicious of political claims, and less trusting of those who bring us a message, any message--even one that may be in our best interest.

for communicating. But it’s also more difficult in that the deluge of messages and ill-equipped messengers cheapens them all. So nowadays, it’s more crucial than ever to hone the skills that heighten our power of persuasion. Here are some ideas, big and small, for making yourself more persuasive:

Second, and most important, many people just aren’t skilled at the art of persuading. No matter how brilliant your idea, no matter how technically advanced or economically sound it may be, it’ll go nowhere unless you get others to go along with it. And the only way you do that is by persuading them, by communicating clearly why they really should want to do what you really need done.

1. Ask yourself: What do I really want? Sure, we all want security, happiness, health, love, and fulfilling work. Digging a little deeper, we might find further shared values, such as recognition, power, freedom, and serving others. But what’s unique to you? What do you think about alone at three in the morning? What really resonates within your soul? What would you, in a perfect world and freed of family, fiscal, or geographic constraints, most like to be doing? Think about these questions as a means of searching for your great “because-- the difference between your current situation and your desired situation.”

Learning to improve our persuasiveness is both easier and harder than it used to be. Easier because we’ve now got E-mail and voice mail, CD-roms and cellular phones, satellites and skywriting, and a vast array of other tools

2. Shift your focus to others. There’s an old story of a young lady who was taken to dinner one evening by William Gladstone and then the following evening by Benjamin Disraeli, both eminent British statesmen in the


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Tony Alessandra

late nineteenth century. “When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England,” she said. “But after sitting next to Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England.” If you practice attentiveness to others, you’ll find it does wonders for both of you. They’ll enjoy it; so will you. And together you’ll accomplish much more. 3. Train yourself to remember other people’s names. The sweetest sound, it’s said, is that of your own name being spoken. And calling others by name is an important first step toward building rapport and, thus, persuasion. Roger Dawson, in his book 13 Secrets of Power Persuasion, gives numerous techniques for overcoming this problem. One of the best: When you shake hands with a new person, note the color of his or her eyes. That forces you to make eye contact and, after a while, will also send a signal to your brain to store that person’s name in your short-term memory. Use the name soon afterwards, and you’ll have a lock on it. Try it! 4. Empower others. Skillful persuaders send out the message, spoken or unspoken, that they appreciate others’ abilities. For example, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing

(3M), the $15-billion-a-year firm famed for its innovation, leaders still utter--and follow--the maxims of William McKnight, its legendary leader for half a century: “Listen to anybody with an idea.”...”Encourage experimental doodling.”...and “If you put fences around people, you get sheep; give people the room they need.” 5. Hone your sense of humor. While being wheeled into the operating room after being shot by a would-be assassin, the ever-persuasive President Ronald Reagan got a chuckle when he wisecracked, “I hope the doctor is a Republican.” We may not all be so cool in a crisis, but we can all profit by not taking ourselves too seriously. Tony Alessandra, Ph.D, is a marketing strategist and applied behavioral scientist, Dr. Tony Alessandra is a leading authority on bottom-line marketing tactics and on building business relationships for life. Copyright© 1998, Tony Alessandra. All right reserved. For information on how to bring Tony to your group, please contact us at 800-704-FROG (3764) or susie@frogpondgroup. com.

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Seeds Of Change


efore you freak out - this is SO not about politics. It’s about the only sure thing in our lives before death and after taxes. For most people ‘change’ is a scary word particularly if you work for a company that goes through reorganization and mergers. You’re fine with that warm fuzzy cubicle decorated with family photos, the regular pay check and your water cooler buddies. Sure you’d like more money and perhaps more job satisfaction and maybe more recognition for all you do, but hey, it pays the bills, right? The thought of stepping outside your comfort zone to change jobs is too scary for words so you don’t try. As a keynote speaker at conferences it’s my job to inspire and encourage people to be all they can be and achieve success in their lives. I’ve spoken to diverse groups ranging from 25 year old office admins to 60 year old entrepreneurs and I discovered a common denominator about change that impacts everyone. It’s a powerful, grossly underestimated tool we can all use to achieve goals, realize dreams, be more productive on the job and create a pleasant work environment. (Translation: Cha ching!) Curious? Read on… Twenty odd years ago as a professional entertainer from Australia, I was playing the piano at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. (Don’t be too impressed – it wasn’t like being on American Idol!) Life was good. My picture was in the local newspaper every week and I was almost a Diva in my own mind lol. It was that big fish in a small pond thing working for me….however the pond was getting smaller and starting to smell a tad fishy. I wanted to go to America but there was one major problem: I didn’t think I was a good enough musician. I lacked the self confidence to even attempt to take the next step. (Sound familiar?) The most popular song in Singapore at that time was “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” by Andrew Lloyd Webber from his Broadway musical “Evita”. One night after I played that song the entire room of 150 people burst out into thunderous applause. This was totally unexpected since I hadn’t paid any attention to what I was doing. I was glowing with the instant gratification this brings and determined to maintain the excitement of the moment by playing an audience participation song with everyone clapping along. They did. Woo Hoo! Big fun! Suddenly a man came up to me at the piano and rambled on about how well I had played “Argentina”blah, blah, blah. I was ticked. How could this dufus have such bad timing? Couldn’t he


see I was busy being a Diva? In no uncertain Aussie terms I told him to buzz off. He then apologized and introduced himself as… Andrew Lloyd Webber. No kidding. He was the real thing. Have you ever wanted to take back your words and be instantly kidnapped by aliens? Do you realize what a tremendous impact words have on our lives? Words are seeds for change. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s few words of praise changed my thinking. They instilled belief in myself and helped realize my dream of coming to this great country. Change your mind, change your life! Words are a powerful tool that can be used creatively or destructively. What are yours doing? Maybe the changes your company is going through are a golden opportunity for you to get a grip on that dream job. Who can you talk to that will support you? If you’re the boss reading this - think about giving an employee a huge boost with a compliment on her work efforts. Then give yourself a pat on the back ‘coz you just gave your company a huge boost in productivity. People work harder for people they like. Got it? Oh, by the way, please don’t send this to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s publicist. Theresa Behenna has been delighting audiences at meetings and conferences for over a decade by combining her talent as a world class pianist with Aussie humor and a timeless message. Her uplifting, humorous keynotes have been widely acclaimed by a variety of organizations as being unique, inspirational, fun and memorable. Theresa is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, founding member of the Australian-American Chamber of Commerce and former President of the Piano Entertainers Guild. In 2007 she was awarded the John Wolfe Award for speaking excellence by her peers at NSA-Houston. Theresa is a contributing author to the anthology “Rekindling the Human Spirit” and resides in Houston where she has yet to master the art of sounding Texan. © 2008, Theresa Behenna. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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By Shannon Hartsoe


Eddie Nguyen Born to Succeed


ome people are just destined for real estate success. Eddie Nguyen is one of those people. After earning his degree in business information from San Diego State University, and accepting a position with a prominent engineering firm, it didn’t take long for Eddie to realize that he was on the wrong career path. He wanted something more fulfilling – something were he could help people and get out from behind the desk. After some encouragement from his sister, who had recently retired from her own successful real estate career and built an impressive portfolio of investment properties, Eddie decided to give real estate a try. His clients are glad he did. “There is no better feeling than the one that comes from helping people fulfill their dreams of homeownership,” he says. “I knew the moment I handed the keys to my first family that I was born to be a Realtor®.” That was 12 years ago. Today, that same passion and drive to see others’ dreams come true continues to fuel his success at CENTURY 21 Award in San Diego. Though engineering wasn’t quite the path for him, Eddie believes that no experience is wasted. He uses that technological background and an analytical mindset to his clients’ advantage. He’s constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help his clients and his team by implementing new technology. Whether it’s the latest software or social media marketing, he’s always willing to try something new. “The real estate market is always evolving,” Eddie says. “I have learned to have the foresight to be able to see what’s going to happen in the next few years.” That ability to spot trends long before his colleagues has made him a valuable ally for his clients by helping them save money and take advantage of the best opportunities available. Though he says that it took roughly six years to gain momentum, now there’s no turning back. “I have worked through both good markets and challenging markets and I learned from both. Once everything clicked and I started putting systems in place from trainers like Mike and Tom Ferry, Joe Stumph and Brian Buffini, I began to learn how to create systems to help me be of the utmost service to my clients.” From that early rocky start, Eddie’s business is now nearly all repeat and referral. And his clients are happy to refer him to their closest friends and family members. “All I can say Eddie Nguyen and his work associates were awesome!” says Chad Townsend, a recent client. “(His) CENTURY 21 Team are very knowledgeable and professional, I highly recommend them! They did all the work and made my house buying experience easy and very enjoyable.” But Eddie’s entrepreneurial mindset

didn’t start when he became a Realtor®. It started in high school. “I always knew I would be good at sales,” he says. “Between the ages of 15 and 18 years old, I was out knocking on doors selling subscriptions for the LA Times. It was hard – and I faced lots of rejection, which helped me develop the skills necessary to overcome objections in real estate. But I made $30 an hour – lots of money for a teenager even by today’s standards.” And he remains eager to be challenged personally and professionally, attending at least three conferences each year and maintaining a dedication to continuing education. He also understands the importance of partnering with a top-notch team. “My broker, David Romero, has created a company culture that sets us up for success,” he says. “There’s a reason why CENTURY 21 Award has ranked in the top three CENTURY 21 franchises for the last five years. With David’s guidance and insights we’re able to do our jobs better and serve our clients more effeciently than agents in other offices. With the synergy that he has created, our team is looking forward to even more success in the coming years.” In addition to a stellar brokerage, Eddie has also grown his personal team. With two assistants, one listing specialist and four buyer’s agents, Eddie is able to give exceptional service to each and every client. “Making a decision to sell our home was one of the biggest decisions of our life,” says a reviewer on Zillow. “Eddie walked us through the process and made us feel very comfortable with the decision we were making. As you know things on the Internet aren’t always as they seem but when we found Eddie with CENTURY 21 Award we were pleasantly surprised.” Eddie expects the accolades will just keep on coming. “We’re not only increasing our transactions closed, but we’re also helping our clients reach their goals,” he says. “This year our market share can only increase as we’re able to handle more transactions. And more transactions mean more satisfied customers.” Eddie Nguyen CENTURY 21 Award 7676 Hazard Center Dr. # 100 San Diego, CA 92108 Tel: 619-788-3343 Email: Web: CalBRE # 01402467

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Cover Story

Robbie & Keith


Executive Agents of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Hass Team Realty Exceeding Your Expectations


Written by Shannon Hartsoe - Ian Wiant Photographer

ifteen years ago, Robbie Calderon-Hass never expected to be a successful real estate broker. She and her husband Keith were both working for a company that ran promotional toy programs for other companies that marketed to families and children. She was doing well, helping the organization secure contracts with major corporations such as Continental Bakeries and Best Western. So when the Chinese toy manufacturer began downsizing, eliminating the United States division, Robbie and Keith found themselves out of work and looking for their next adventure. “We tried for a year and a half to run our own promotional business. Keith and I had spent our entire savings and retirement trying to get this business off the ground,” she recalls. “When we were down to our last $5,000 we

needed to do something that did not require purchasing inventory or hiring staff.” A friend of Keith’s encouraged him to get his real estate license. Not long after, Robbie decided to get hers. Once the first commission check came in, she knew she could do it full time. As a husband and wife team, Robbie and Keith became the No. 2 team in the office in only their second year in business. They went on to become perennial top producers, earning the top spot for the next two years and landing in the top 1% out of 100,000 agents and the top 10% for California /Hawaii. With hard work and an unbeatable combination of prospecting, marketing and customer service, Robbie and Keith were beating out agents with much more experience – and they were enjoying their newfound career.

The Hass Team: Robert Botkin, Odette Pennington, Keith and Robbie, Angela Calderon and David Marquez ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Past honors include earning top producer awards such as the Chairman Award, Platinum Club, 100% Club and the Executive Club. Robbie was also ranked as a Five Star Top Real Estate agent by San Diego Magazine for the past 3 years, scoring highest in “overall real estate customer satisfaction.” A Firm Foundation Creates Solid Success The two discovered that where one was weak the other was strong. By playing off each other’s strengths and minimizing weaknesses, they built a system that worked

to the advantage of their clients. “Keith was great with showings and I was good with the paperwork and had the right disposition to hold the deals together,” says Robbie. “I love negotiating and working with the challenges that come up.” The skills they honed at their previous company helped them leverage past experience for their real estate success. “I had the best trainer ever,” laughs Robbie. “At one time Keith motivated and trained a sales force of more than 1,000 at another company he worked for,” says Robbie.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

A Successful Career Surprises and Fulfills Because she started her professional career in social services in Hawaii, Robbie says that sales didn’t always come naturally for her. But once she pushed herself out of her comfort zone and created systems that worked, she discovered a new passion. “I didn’t always have the confidence to go out and cold call,” says Robbie. “It was overwhelming at first to go out to book the appointment at a corporation and later ask for the order. But Keith was aggresive and encouraging at the same time, and when the orders started coming in it was a real confidence booster, and I learned a lot about myself.” Today, Robbie tells new agents to find a good team that offers exceptional training with the opportunity to build the same kinds of skills that have made her a successful agent. “There are so many moving parts in real estate,” she says. “To be good you have to specialize and make real estate a full-time career.” The Next Level After nine years working for other brokerages, Robbie obtained her broker’s license and she and Keith opened

Hass Team Realty in Oceanside. Built on providing VIP service to all of their clients, Hass Team Realty serves all of North San Diego County, with an emphasis on building relationships and offering exceptional service. “We understand the importance of focusing on community, which better equips us to understand and meet the needs of those who live within our community,” says Robbie. “While residential real estate is our mainstay, we have experience from your typical starter home to condos, new construction and to beachfront properties. We can do it all.” At the heart of their successful business is a willingness to rely on what works for each property, and communicating with buyers to ensure that goals and needs are met. Robbie is a master of proper listing techniques such as staging, marketing and constant contact, keeping clients informed of changes in the market and listing activity. “Communication really is key,” she says. “I work closely with sellers to prepare their homes for the market. Staging is all about creating a lifestyle that buyers can see themselves in.”

Jodi Diamond and Robbie in front of the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The entire Hass Team Realty team works together to meet the needs of the clients, keeping a close eye on details and anticipating changes. “We’re consistently working on ways to improve the home-buying or homeselling experience for the client. We try to make it as stress free as possible; we work hard in our business and care about the people who trust us to assist them with what may be the biggest purchase they will ever make,” she says. “It’s a team effort, all working together using the systems and processes that create success for all of us. Its focus and passion for what I do.” Balance Is Important To Robbie and Keith, hard work is a given. By setting goals and maintaining the systems they’ve already put in place, the two “shoot for the stars.” Keith remains a pivotal part of the company’s success, handling all of the marketing and long-term strategic planning, while Robbie does what she has loved for the past 14 years. “I still do something real estate-related every day,” she says. “After all these years I enjoy what I do and I have a saying, ‘Work is only work if you would rather be doing something else.’ I love the business so much I can’t imagine there’s anything else I’d rather be doing.”

better place for everyone. They are actively involved in several charities and community-based nonprofits. Robbie is president of the Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside and is a member of the Moonlight Cultural Foundation, Soroptomist International and the North County Philanthropic Council. They also volunteer in community events such as the Annual Oceanside Turkey Trot, Susan B. Komen 3-Day cancer walk in San Diego, the homeless shelter at Brother Benno’s and Habitat for Humanity. “I am a firm believer in giving back to the community that has done so much for me,” she says. “I believe our purpose is to serve in any way that makes this a better world – that in turn makes us better people.” In her spare time, Robbie loves to read, cook and entertain. “It’s important to spend time laughing with friends or just ‘vegging,’” she says. “Keith and I love to spend time with our children and grandchildren or just relaxing on a cross-country drive.” Ever the perfect team, the two have even created complementary roles while traveling. “Keith drives, I settle in with a good book,” she laughs. “We always find a way to make things work!”

But They’re Hardly All Work And No Play The duo is committed to making their community a ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The Hass Team

2131 Oceanview Road Oceanside, CA 92056 Tel: 760-213-4084 Email: Web: CalBRE # 1263073 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Three WILD Ideas To Help You List And Sell


hen dealing with listing prospects, share information about the number of buyers in various price ranges. This sets you apart from the competition and provides the seller with important market information. First, do your homework. Divide the specific market area you serve into specific price ranges or price bands. For instance, under $100,000 might be one price band, from $100,000 to $124,999 might be another, from $125,000 to $150,000 might be the third, and so on. The price bands which you select, will be determined by the market you serve. Next, research the number of closed transactions per price band in the last six months. Divide the total number of closings in each price band by six. The resulting number is the average number of buyers per month in each price band. Put this data in chart form showing number of buyers per price band. You can also calculate number of buyers based on pending statistics for a more current look at the market activity.


Show sellers the actual number of buyers in a specific price range and talk about the number of properties competing for those buyers. This information can make your sellers more realistic about market activity, price and selling time. Using the “number of buyers per month” terminology rather than “number of sales” is a more powerful way to explain level of demand to a seller. Idea #2: Enlist the children’s help to keep your listings looking spiffy. Sign them up for your neat kids club. Have you ever had a listing or shown a home where the children’s rooms looked like a whirlwind had blown through -- toys in a jumble or dirty gym clothes hanging from the room’s light fixture? Here’s an idea to encourage the small children who live in your just-listed properties to clean up their act and help you sell the house. Initiate a NEAT KIDS CLUB. Explain to the whole family how essential it is that the house be neat and clean in order to show well. Then let the children know how important it is that they do their part. Ask

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Written by Laurie Moore-Moore

them to join your NEAT KIDS CLUB. In return for their commitment to keep their rooms tidy, present them with a Neat Kid certificate (make these on your computer). Then every couple of weeks until the home sells, send the kids a funny thank you card, or other small thank you item. Let the kids know they’re important in helping sell the house and they’ll be neat kids. (Parents will appreciate this, too and view it as added value service!) Idea #3: Develop a sweet technique for clearer communication with buyers. Ask, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” You probably know the old technique of giving a carton of ice cream to prospects who visit your open house. This sends them scurrying home to put the ice cream in the freezer rather than going on to meet other agents at other open houses. A top sales associate in the Buffalo (NY) area has developed another ice-cream related technique which he says gives him specific feedback about how well his buyer prospects like the homes he shows them.

He asks his prospects, “What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?” If, for instance, they tell him, “maple walnut,” he says, “As we look at houses, I want you to tell me how close each house is to maple walnut.” Houses they’re not impressed with become “plain vanilla” while one they like a bit better becomes “maple, but with no walnuts.” Until, ureka! They find the maple walnut house. “The ice cream analogy makes it easier to get meaningful feedback,” says the top producer who originated the ice cream approach. “Making a game of it seems to reduce the pressure and open up communication.” Laurie Moore-Moore is the real estate industry futurist guru. She has her finger on the pulse of today’s changing real estate business. Laurie is co-publisher of REAL Trends newsletter. For information on Laurie’s speaking and consulting services, please contact The Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or e-mail susie@frogpondgroup. com.

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe


Steve Pike

f there’s one thing Steve Pike never wanted from a career in real estate it’s his picture on a bus bench ad. “The investing side of real estate has always been something I have been passionate about,” says Steve, the

broker associate at Pacific Home Team in San Diego. “I knew that I didn’t ever want to be the typical Realtor®sales guy, and I told myself I wouldn’t ever have my picture on a bus stop bench ad.”

Market Knowledge - Professional Skills ExecutiveAgent Magazine


A Natural Salesman Finds His Passion Fortunately for Steve, there’s no such promotional piece in his future. Since starting his career in 2004, Steve has found success through his passion for learning, a desire to provide the best customer service and sales instincts learned from his father, a successful salesman himself. “I took to real estate to learn everything I could about investing in it, not just selling it,” says Steve, now an Executive Club Member. “Helping people with one of the biggest investments of their life while at the same time helping them toward a better future is extremely inspiring.” Steve’s path to real estate was not a straight one. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications and working in commercial real estate, he completed a year of MBA coursework then gained five years of real estate marketing experience at the San Diego Union-Tribune, now the U-T San Diego. But a sales career was always in the back of his mind. In addition to the influence of his father, Steve had tasted success in a sales job he had as a teen, and the sales awards seemed to come easy. “When I was 18 I knew it was for me,” Steve says. Before Steve launched his real estate career, he took a month-long training course then took more classes and accreditations, earning Short Sale and Foreclosure certification and becoming an Accredited Buyer Representative through the California Associations of Realtors®. Next he “jumped into learning” about the business of investing -- how to buy low, negotiate, sell, deal with banks, investment strategies, appraisal, construction and even how much every repair and upgrade costs from a new kitchen sink to a full remodel. “After I sold my first home I was surprised how natural it came to me,” he recalls. “I was also initially pleasantly surprised how many people become involved just when one home is sold. Between escrow and title departments, the selling agency, listing agency, transaction coordinators, county recorder, home inspector, contractors, home warranty company, notary, movers, all the way down to the cable guy.”

All of this has combined to help propel Steve into a highly respected place in the San Diego real estate industry. He attributes this to the knowledge and experience he has had, successfully going through the entire sales process himself on many properties. “You learn so much more when you buy and sell your own properties, not just someone else’s,” he acknowledges. His clients speak highly of Steve’s professionalism and his ability to help them through the entire sales process. “We had an excellent experience working with Steve,” writes one former client. “He made himself available to us when requested and always looked out for our best interest.” Steve also attributes his success to the way he views his role – as more of a consultant and not just an “agent” or “broker,” he says. “I actually practice what I preach. Unlike many Realtors® who still rent, I purchased my own home and have purchased several investment properties, some of which I’ve bought and sold and others I’ve kept as long-term rentals.” Steve says his goal is to buy many more properties with a number of them as long-term rentals. “The best investors are rarely able to find and purchase long-term investment properties at a higher cap rate then I’ve been able to acquire.” Steve also prides himself in providing excellent customer service, something he expects when he buys properties, too. “I don’t want to sell a product, I want to enable a new lifestyle for my clients so that they think of me as their lifetime real estate consultant and have them so happy that they refer all their family and friends to me.” Steve Pike, ABR, SFR, PMC Broker, Pacific Home Team Coldwell Banker Executive Club Member Cell: 858.361.8651 Email: CalBRE # 01514579

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Passion Produces Profit!


assion is mandatory! There must be a fire in your belly, a passion in your gut, a sense of excitement in your sinew. You must have a missionary zeal, along with a relentless pursuit to satisfy your customers, clients and prospects. Your passion has nothing to do with phony smiles, clever phrases and hanging banners with slogans. It means your ability and desire to compete profitably now and throughout the 21st century. Passion is burning the midnight oil. It’s going the extra mile. It’s doing the unexpected. Passion is your positive attitude in a world of negativity. It’s finding the extra fuel when you thought your tank was dry. It’s an unwillingness to accept second best or “it’s good enough.” Passion, somehow, lets you execute, even when you’re exhausted. Passion confidently pits you against your toughest competitor—you.


Passion converts suspects into prospects. Prospects into customers. And, customers into friends for a lifetime. Passion turns successful salespeople into superstars! Jeff Blackman, J.D., CSP is an international speaker, author, broadcast personality and lawyer. This article is excerpted from Jeff ‘s latest book, “RESULT$: Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times.” (Successories, 1998.) His extensive work with clients in the areas of sales, marketing, negotiations, customer service, leadership and adapting to change—has earned him the title of “business-growth specialist.” His books, audio and video business-growth tools include; RESULT$, Peak Your Profits, How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals, Profitable Customer Service and Opportunity $elling. To learn more about how Jeff can help you—maximize results, please contact Susie Hale at The Frog Pond Group, 800.704.FROG (3764) or e-mail:

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Written By Jeff Blackman

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A powerful housing market research tool to help you win more business! A FREE Members-Only Benefit from the Pacific West Association of REALTORS®


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Master Your Craft


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Written By Louise Morganti Kaelin


larification: It is no longer enough to just be ‘competent’ at what you do. In order to distinguish yourself and truly know success, you need to become a master at whatever you do. This is especially true if you are trying to attract what you want to you. We all want to be around the ‘best in class’ 1. A big component of mastery is innovation. You don’t just do what you’ve always done. You constantly seek ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively. 2. Effective vs. Efficient. To be efficient means getting the job done in a smart, timely manner. To be effective means getting the ‘right’ job done well, whether efficiently or not. Combining the two is incredibly powerful, but if you have to choose between the two, always choose effective. 3. Learning. Another component of mastery is learning, both your learning (from everything and everyone around you) and the learning of others. You may be teaching others, or sharing your learning, or just learning what not to do and who not to waste time with because they like things the way they are.

make what you have better, in small incremental stages. Innovation is evolutionary, which is very attractive. 5. Assimilation vs. Integration. To assimilate means to absorb, to be nourished by what you are learning, eating or experiencing. Whatever you absorb is incorporated into you. Integration implies linking or bonding with something else and creating something new in the process. Both assimilation and integration are powerful concepts that a ‘master’ embraces. Louise Morganti Kaelin is a Life Success Coach who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support. She publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter, The 3-Minute Coach, which offers tools, ideas, strategies and action plans to assist individuals in creating the life they truly want. In addition, she is the author of the ebooklet “Blueprint for Success: 101 Tips to Reclaim your Vital Energy & and Get the Results You Want “. Copyright© 2003, Louise Morganti Kaelin. All rights reserved. For more information about Louise, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

4. Innovation vs. Improvement. To innovate means to revolutionize, or at least introduce something new and important into the mix. When you improve something, you

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WE LIVE TO CURE CANCER. Science saving lives.

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