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July, 2014

N. Orange County

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30 - Tony Alessandra:

Becoming More Persuasive

06 - Theresa Behenna: Seeds of Change

26 - Louise Morganti Kaelin: Master Your Craft

16 - Laurie Moore-Moore: Three WILD Ideas To Help You List & Sell

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe

Maxine Yokota


n traditional Japanese culture, a high emphasis is placed on respect, honor and loyalty. Raised by parents who were of Japanese ancestry, these traits were instilled in Maxine Yokota from a very early age. Today, as a Hall of Fame loan consultant at imortgage in Laguna

Hills, those traits inform every transaction Maxine handles. “My parents worked hard,” she says. “And morals and ethics were a large part of my upbringing. ‘Integrity’ is not just a word for me. I live by it and all my thoughts and actions are based on it.”

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We have a loan for every home... simple as that.® Having watched her parents create successful customerbased careers – both worked for very large banks and her mother was the first female vice president of her company – it wasn’t difficult for Maxine to envision herself in a customer service-based field. She and her husband Dean entered the real estate profession as a team, and for seven years Maxine grew a successful business as a REALTOR® and earned multiple Hall of Fame awards. The more she became invested in her clients, however, the more she realized that she could be of more assistance as a lender. “I became disillusioned by the lack of customer service with some of the lending institutions out there,” she says. “They didn’t seem responsive and didn’t seem to care about the needs of the client.” Maxine knew she could do better. Having watched her father handle the real estate holdings of his bank, Maxine was familiar with the lending protocols and the importance of handling each transaction ethically. As a REALTOR® she was also familiar with lending from both the buyer’s and the agent’s standpoint. She continues to work closely with her husband Dean, who is now at imortgage and supports her on the processing and production side. “I have a genuine understanding of what happens on both sides of the fence,” she says. “From the first meeting with a client to the closing of escrow and handing the key to the new homeowner, I’ve seen it all. I integrate that knowledge into what I do to assist the buyer and help them make the best decisions and provide peace of mind through the home buying process.” For Maxine, the client comes first, and she is dedicated to educating and assisting each one at every step of the process. “Sales person” is not in her vocabulary. “I truly become emotionally tied to each client,” she says. “And I treat every transaction as if it were my own. I genuinely like to help people and finance has always come easy to me. I believe I am good at explaining the process and steps to homebuyers. I consider myself a problem-solver and I really do care about their wellbeing.”

thoroughly as possible. She’s dedicated to identifying and meeting the needs of every client because each one is different. Often, this means spending many hours a day communicating with both the buyer and the REALTOR®. As a lender, Maxine has truly found her niche and is proud to be part of one of the fastestgrowing mortgage-lending companies in the United States. “I’ve seen many changes and cycles in my 27 year career,” she states. “Programs and products come and go, rates have gone up and down, but I feel that I have withstood all the changes by having the right attitude and doing what is best for the client. I am always learning and I grow each and every day. Outside of marrying Dean, joining imortgage was one of the very best decisions that I have ever made. The culture and support here is like no other and I never feel that I’m alone; it feels like I have the entire team standing behind me each and every time that I meet with a client. Innovative programs, supportive staff, a ‘never-give-up,’ ‘make-it-happen’ attitude is both refreshing and inspiring.” By working with imortgage, Maxine is able to do what she loves best – help her clients. “There is an incredible level of satisfaction in helping someone who didn’t think they could ever be a homeowner actually achieve that dream. That feeling NEVER gets old. There is nothing like congratulating that client when their loan closes and they get the keys to their new home.” Maxine Yokota imortgage 24422 Avenida de La Carlota Ste. 110 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Tel: 714-473-0774 Email: Web: NMLS ID 653915er 18 m

During initial meetings, Maxine walks her clients through the process, making sure to answer every question as ExecutiveAgent Magazine

imortgage is licensed by the CA Department of Business Oversight, CRMLA 4131040. NMLS ID 174457. Equal Housing Opportunity. All rights reserved. 2014.


Seeds Of Change


efore you freak out - this is SO not about politics. It’s about the only sure thing in our lives before death and after taxes. For most people ‘change’ is a scary word particularly if you work for a company that goes through reorganization and mergers. You’re fine with that warm fuzzy cubicle decorated with family photos, the regular pay check and your water cooler buddies. Sure you’d like more money and perhaps more job satisfaction and maybe more recognition for all you do, but hey, it pays the bills, right? The thought of stepping outside your comfort zone to change jobs is too scary for words so you don’t try. As a keynote speaker at conferences it’s my job to inspire and encourage people to be all they can be and achieve success in their lives. I’ve spoken to diverse groups ranging from 25 year old office admins to 60 year old entrepreneurs and I discovered a common denominator about change that impacts everyone. It’s a powerful, grossly underestimated tool we can all use to achieve goals, realize dreams, be more productive on the job and create a pleasant work environment. (Translation: Cha ching!) Curious? Read on… Twenty odd years ago as a professional entertainer from Australia, I was playing the piano at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. (Don’t be too impressed – it wasn’t like being on American Idol!) Life was good. My picture was in the local newspaper every week and I was almost a Diva in my own mind lol. It was that big fish in a small pond thing working for me….however the pond was getting smaller and starting to smell a tad fishy. I wanted to go to America but there was one major problem: I didn’t think I was a good enough musician. I lacked the self confidence to even attempt to take the next step. (Sound familiar?) The most popular song in Singapore at that time was “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” by Andrew Lloyd Webber from his Broadway musical “Evita”. One night after I played that song the entire room of 150 people burst out into thunderous applause. This was totally unexpected since I hadn’t paid any attention to what I was doing. I was glowing with the instant gratification this brings and determined to maintain the excitement of the moment by playing an audience participation song with everyone clapping along. They did. Woo Hoo! Big fun! Suddenly a man came up to me at the piano and rambled on about how well I had played “Argentina”blah, blah, blah. I was ticked. How could this dufus have such bad timing? Couldn’t he see I was busy being a Diva? In no uncertain


Aussie terms I told him to buzz off. He then apologized and introduced himself as… Andrew Lloyd Webber. No kidding. He was the real thing. Have you ever wanted to take back your words and be instantly kidnapped by aliens? Do you realize what a tremendous impact words have on our lives? Words are seeds for change. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s few words of praise changed my thinking. They instilled belief in myself and helped realize my dream of coming to this great country. Change your mind, change your life! Words are a powerful tool that can be used creatively or destructively. What are yours doing? Maybe the changes your company is going through are a golden opportunity for you to get a grip on that dream job. Who can you talk to that will support you? If you’re the boss reading this - think about giving an employee a huge boost with a compliment on her work efforts. Then give yourself a pat on the back ‘coz you just gave your company a huge boost in productivity. People work harder for people they like. Got it? Oh, by the way, please don’t send this to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s publicist. Theresa Behenna has been delighting audiences at meetings and conferences for over a decade by combining her talent as a world class pianist with Aussie humor and a timeless message. Her uplifting, humorous keynotes have been widely acclaimed by a variety of organizations as being unique, inspirational, fun and memorable. Theresa is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, founding member of the Australian-American Chamber of Commerce and former President of the Piano Entertainers Guild. In 2007 she was awarded the John Wolfe Award for speaking excellence by her peers at NSA-Houston. Theresa is a contributing author to the anthology “Rekindling the Human Spirit” and resides in Houston where she has yet to master the art of sounding Texan. © 2008, Theresa Behenna. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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Written By Theresa Behenna

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Written by Haley Freeman


ick Roshdieh, of HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty in Laguna Beach, spends each day striving for the balance that leads to excellence in all aspects of life, including elite service he delivers to his clientel.

anced approach to life. I don’t just want to be good at one thing. I want to be good in all areas – family, spiritual, mental and physical. If I am great in real estate and only average in other facets of my life, I know that I won’t be as good in real estate as I could be,” Nick says. Nick grew up in the greater Cincinnati area and relocated to Southern California in 1992. “I’ve always been a friendly person, and I enjoy helping people. As I progressed in life that opened a lot of doors for me in terms of meeting a lot of good people and making connections that prepared me to achieve what I wanted to do in my life.” Nick was introduced to real estate through a friend. “From my first month in real estate, I’ve never had a downturn. My passion for making friends and connecting with people, coupled with the fact that many in my sphere of influence worked with me in buying and selling homes, helped me enjoy success right from the beginning. It’s a wonderful journey for me, and I love what I do. I have great respect for this profession, and I do it with pride.” Even through the challenging years of the recession, Nick maintained his success through adaptability. “In 2007, I quickly learned how to position myself in a downturn market. It meant not doing what I was doing before. The only constant in the universe is change, and my goal was not just to survive, but to thrive.” Nick did thrive, as the years of 2008-2010 were some of the busiest of his career.

An early riser, he begins his day with a workout of yoga or weight training. “My goal is to take a bal-

Nick is focused on working with clients in luxury, coastal communities. “I came to Sotheby’s as the market transitioned, and I already had many distinguished, upper income clients. We have a team of seven agents who work together. They are all wonderful, experienced people who are professionally coached. We go the extra mile to insure a wonderful and memorable experience for our clients.”

Nick Roshdieh ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Enjoying The Journey Along With The Results Nick and his team have perfected a system for marketing luxury properties globally through strategic internet exposure in key countries like China and Australia. “We begin building a relationship with these buyers months before they ever board a plane to go abroad.” These methods, combined with the exceptional resources offered by Sotheby’s, like prestigious international media exposure and offer clients access to the finest service the luxury market has to offer. The success of these strategies is reflected in Nick’s stunning track record, in which 95% of his listings have sold for an average of 97.3% of the listing price. To keep his own skills sharp, Nick began consulting with business advisors and coaches from his first month in business. “I have been listening to business and self development audio books five days a week for the past 16 years. I think we all need to slow down and digest who we are and how we can better ourselves, rather than just going to work every day. It allows you to enjoy the journey, not just the results.” Nick’s greatest happiness derives from the time he spends with his wife and daughter. “Having a loving home to go to is one of the greatest joys of my life,” says Nick. “We travel a lot and especially like tropical destinations. Every year we go back to my home town of Cincinnati, and we spend the holidays there.” Nick and his wife support over 70 charitable foundations, covering a vast range of causes including Alzheimer’s, animals, abused children, homeless and veterans. One of his long-term goals is to open two homeless shelters, each feeding 100 people three meals per day. “Life would not be complete, in my opinion, if I didn’t live to serve others in this way.”

knowing that even when things don’t work out the way I want them to, they are often leading to something bigger than I wanted for myself.”

“It has been a breakthrough for me in life to always look at everything with a positive point of view,

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Nick Roshdieh HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty Tel: 949-254-4775 Email: Web: CalBRE # 01339587

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe

John Wellsandt


resh out of the University of the Pacific in Stockton with an undergraduate degree in geology, John Wellsandt couldn’t find a job. But a combination of intellect and resourcefulness along with the lessons he learned from his salesman father gave John just what he needed to make the most of the situation.

That’s too bad for geology, but for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Orange County, the unexpected change of careers has been a blessing. “We started the Huntington Beach office with no employees -- except me! -- on Dec 1, 2013,” John recalls. “We now have 17 and growing. My goals are to have a team of around 30 loan professionals by the beginning of 2015, and to become the lender of choice for the Resale market in Orange County!” Real Estate a Natural Fit John’s father sold farm machinery and was committed to providing the best possible service to his clients. He remembers his father talking about the importance of providing responsive, solid customer service and that honesty and transparency were always the best approaches. John took those lessons to heart but he also describes himself as an outgoing people person. “This industry suits me!” says John, now branch manager of imortgage’s Huntington Beach office. “My philosophy on lending and mortgage is that there is almost always a way to get a deal done, if all parties are willing to think outside the box. I have a very long history in mortgage and lending -- this is my 30th year in the industry. I try to leverage my experience to find ways to get people in homes, or to improve their situation.” John’s experience fits perfectly with the imortgage philosophy. The Arizona-based company provides a wide variety of mortgage products, so it’s easy for a dedicated professional like John to find the best option for his clients.

There was also that element of being in the right place at the right time. While he was looking for a way to make use of his geology degree, John happened to hear about a mortgage company offering a management training program. “What do I have to lose?” he thought. “I actually fell into lending,” John says. “I gave the training class a shot. It turned out that I had an aptitude for it, and I was running my first office one year later.”

“Simply put, imortgage tries harder to get loans closed faster and with less hassle than any other lender I know of,” John says. “We have solid professionals at every level, and we try to provide a unique experience for the industry.” A History of Success Even before John joined the imortgage team, he had developed a consistent history of success, thanks in large part to his ability to effectively manage and motivate.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“Once I got my first office, I was successful very quickly,” John recalls. “I have a knack for managing and motivating sales people, and I was able to build pretty big offices fairly quickly. I also live by the creed that success builds success – If I build a good support system for my people, they will be successful, then spread the word.” In this highly competitive Orange County, market, that kind of success makes people sit up and take notice. Providing a consistently high level of service to his referral partners -- Realtors®, builders and others -- means that John and his team continue to build a reputation for no-nonsense, experienced lending practices. John doesn’t rest on his laurels, though. He has completed a significant amount of advanced management training, including courses based on the insights of authors Dale Carnegie (“How to Win Friends and Influence People”) and Stephen Covey (“The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”).

including doctors, lawyers and CPA’s without the extensive educational requirements. “I feel very fortunate that I found a partner in imortgage,” he acknowledges. “They have been great in trusting my vision to build a team of loan officers, and to build a culture of success, to serve our Realtor® community. I always feel personally responsible for the service provided by my team, so people should always know I am available to help at any time.” John Wellsandt - Branch Manager imortgage 7755 Center Ave., Ste. 1200 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Telephone: 949.705.0602 NMLS ID 448583

Looking back, John says one of the biggest surprises has been that in real estate a person has the ability to generate an income and lifestyle that equals that of professionals

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We have a loan for every home... simple as that.® ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Three WILD Ideas To Help You List And Sell


hen dealing with listing prospects, share information about the number of buyers in various price ranges. This sets you apart from the competition and provides the seller with important market information. First, do your homework. Divide the specific market area you serve into specific price ranges or price bands. For instance, under $100,000 might be one price band, from $100,000 to $124,999 might be another, from $125,000 to $150,000 might be the third, and so on. The price bands which you select, will be determined by the market you serve. Next, research the number of closed transactions per price band in the last six months. Divide the total number of closings in each price band by six. The resulting number is the average number of buyers per month in each price band. Put this data in chart form showing number of buyers per price band. You can also calculate number of buyers based on pending statistics for a more current look at the market activity.


Show sellers the actual number of buyers in a specific price range and talk about the number of properties competing for those buyers. This information can make your sellers more realistic about market activity, price and selling time. Using the “number of buyers per month” terminology rather than “number of sales” is a more powerful way to explain level of demand to a seller. Idea #2: Enlist the children’s help to keep your listings looking spiffy. Sign them up for your neat kids club. Have you ever had a listing or shown a home where the children’s rooms looked like a whirlwind had blown through -- toys in a jumble or dirty gym clothes hanging from the room’s light fixture? Here’s an idea to encourage the small children who live in your just-listed properties to clean up their act and help you sell the house. Initiate a NEAT KIDS CLUB. Explain to the whole family how essential it is that the house be neat and clean in order to show well. Then let the children know how important it is that they do their part. Ask

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written by Laurie Moore-Moore

them to join your NEAT KIDS CLUB. In return for their commitment to keep their rooms tidy, present them with a Neat Kid certificate (make these on your computer). Then every couple of weeks until the home sells, send the kids a funny thank you card, or other small thank you item. Let the kids know they’re important in helping sell the house and they’ll be neat kids. (Parents will appreciate this, too and view it as added value service!) Idea #3: Develop a sweet technique for clearer communication with buyers. Ask, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” You probably know the old technique of giving a carton of ice cream to prospects who visit your open house. This sends them scurrying home to put the ice cream in the freezer rather than going on to meet other agents at other open houses. A top sales associate in the Buffalo (NY) area has developed another ice-cream related technique which he says gives him specific feedback about how well his buyer prospects like the homes he shows them.

He asks his prospects, “What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?” If, for instance, they tell him, “maple walnut,” he says, “As we look at houses, I want you to tell me how close each house is to maple walnut.” Houses they’re not impressed with become “plain vanilla” while one they like a bit better becomes “maple, but with no walnuts.” Until, ureka! They find the maple walnut house. “The ice cream analogy makes it easier to get meaningful feedback,” says the top producer who originated the ice cream approach. “Making a game of it seems to reduce the pressure and open up communication.” Laurie Moore-Moore is the real estate industry futurist guru. She has her finger on the pulse of today’s changing real estate business. Laurie is co-publisher of REAL Trends newsletter. For information on Laurie’s speaking and consulting services, please contact The Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or e-mail susie@frogpondgroup. com.

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Cover Story

The Campion Team Executive Agents of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The Campion Team By Shannon Hartsoe - Ian Wiant Photographer


ot long after Vince Campion got his real estate license in 1982, the California real estate market hit a slump so severe that even veteran real estate agents were leaving the business for good. High inflation and even higher interest rates were scaring buyers and sellers alike. But Vince was determined to make it work. Drawn to the real estate industry by the opportunity to control his own career path and make a difference in the lives of others, Vince had nothing to prove to anyone – except himself. But he believed in the power of real estate. “For most people, their single biggest asset is their home or other real estate investment,” he says. “I wanted to be involved in those types of sales, the ones that make the biggest difference in people’s lives.” Vince stuck it out, and today he’s an award-wining REALTOR® able to react appropriately to changes in the market and help his clients chart a course that is right for any situation. Where other people see challenges, Vince sees opportunity. Though the most recent market has

many difficulties in common with the one he started in, nothing fazes him. “I tend not to panic, because experience has taught me that there’s a solution to nearly every problem,” he says. “Having been through many cycles of the real estate market has its advantages.” With that comprehensive understanding of real estate, Vince has become a trusted resource for his real estate clients, helping both his buyers and sellers achieve their desired results. A Team Effort While Vince started his career as a solo agent, over the years he has built a team he describes as pretty close to perfect. His wife, Donna, handles marketing and the administrative duties of the Campion Team. Her staff takes care of all aspects of marketing campaigns for the team’s listings, including social media, photography, staging and making sure paperwork is filed correctly and on time. “She’s truly my right-hand person,” says Vince. “Without her and her staff, the rest of the team wouldn’t be able to focus on what we do best -- listing, selling and providing exceptional service.”

The Campion Team: Erik Wetzel, Cathy Rhoades, Scott Day, Vince Campion, Donna Campion and Manpreet Day

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Nothing Too Difficult For Experienced Real Estate Agents Cathy Rhoades is a top-producing REALTOR® in Orange County and brings years of experience to the table. A true community icon who is a moving force in the CHOC Littlest Angels Guild, Cathy has lived in Yorba Linda for more than 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge for her clients. Her clients respect her work ethic and they can count on her to always be available to help them whether they are buying or selling a home. Vince commends her integrity and commitment to her profession. He says, “I trust her to

an injury, it made sense that Erik would go into real estate professionally in his native Southern California. Today, he’s the perfect choice for investors or others looking to purchase homes through the Campion Team. As a baseball player in college, Erik’s hard work helped take his team to the College World Series in 2008. This same determination can be seen in him every day as he helps guide his client through the real estate transaction. The dynamic synergy of the team members is a driving force of the success of the Campion Team. Together, they ensure that each client is fully informed and satisfied every step of the way. The Campion Team Difference “It’s all about the customer,” Vince says. “We truly do go the extra mile for our clients, whether that means taking the pets out, being honest about pricing or acting as a ‘gobetween’ to protect my sellers from listing and showing ‘free-for-alls,’ I’m here for them.” Vince has built his business on a solid combination of work ethic, honesty and real estate knowledge. Today, Vince has a mostly repeat and referral clientele that keeps growing by the day. Vince’s listings are priced to sell – not too high and not too low. A relentless student of the market, Vince has learned that the secret to hitting that point

always do what’s best for all her clients, including my very own friends and family.” Scott and Manpreet Day are committed full-time agents who transitioned into the industry after working in education. “They bring a level of technological expertise to the team I don’t think we would have without them,” says Vince. “That’s important because today’s buyer or seller is very tech savvy. Instant information means you have to be ready when the client emails, sends a text or wants to Skype.” Scott and Manpreet have also played an integral role in expanding the reach of the Campion team’s “Your Friends in the Community” slogan as they are not only committed to excellent service to clients, but they are active in the community. Scott is a member of the Anaheim Hills Rotary Club and Manpreet serves as the fundraising chairperson at her sons’ school. Former professional baseball player Erik Wetzel rounds out the team. While playing baseball for the Colorado Rockies, Eric amassed quite an impressive personal portfolio of real estate investments. After he was sidelined by

is a thorough market analysis. He’s also careful to market his listings with the utmost of care. Professional stagers, professional photography and high-end marketing materials help his listings stand out.

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“Over the past eight years, we’ve identified what has worked at different stages of the market and being able to adjust quickly has helped me and my clients to be a bit ahead of the market,” he says. Buyers get the benefit of working with one of the area’s most respected and knowledgeable REALTORS®. Having lived and worked in the area for so many years, Vince is able to identify neighborhoods and communities that may be perfect for his buyers, sometimes finding the perfect home in an area the client hadn’t thought of. “I don’t just dump a bunch of MLS listings in their laps and waste their time showing them properties that are either outside their price range or that aren’t right for them,” he states. He’s also a skilled negotiator and works tirelessly to craft an offer that is likely to be accepted by sellers. Vince is also experienced in unique real estate scenarios such as divorce and probate and helping people purchase real estate with retirement accounts. “In some of these situations, it’s important to work with an agent who has the skill to handle them,” he says. “For instance, working with successor trustees can be tough, especially when all parties aren’t happy, but they need help before the court gets involved.” Using a bit of ‘tough love,’ Vince reminds people in these situations that there is no easy way out. “It

will only get back to normal once you put this behind you. We work together so all parties can move on.” Hard Work Yields Success And Rewards In their spare time, Vince and Donna enjoy visiting their children in Colorado or travelling a bit. But truth be told, Vince says he loves the business too much to stay gone for long. “I tell new agents, if you got into this because you love your ‘me time,’ get out now,” he laughs. “You can’t make a consistent living owning your own business without putting in the time and managing your time effectively.” If there’s one thing (besides real estate) Vince is passionate about, it’s community service. He has been on the board of directors for the Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary and is a former president of the Boys and Girls Clubs Placentia-Yorba Linda. Additionally, Vince and the team work with food pantries, homeless shelters and other groups dedicated to helping those less fortunate among us. His efforts earned him Yorba Linda Citizen of the year in 2006. “We try to be good friends and good neighbors, not just good real estate agents,” he says. “We all have a vested interest in making this a better world for all of us.”

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Vince & Donna Campion The Campion Team Prudential California Realty 22800 Savi Ranch Parkway Yorba Linda, CA 92887 Tel:714-397-2222 CalBRE # 00706420 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Master Your Craft


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Written By Louise Morganti Kaelin


larification: It is no longer enough to just be ‘competent’ at what you do. In order to distinguish yourself and truly know success, you need to become a master at whatever you do. This is especially true if you are trying to attract what you want to you. We all want to be around the ‘best in class’ 1. A big component of mastery is innovation. You don’t just do what you’ve always done. You constantly seek ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively. 2. Effective vs. Efficient. To be efficient means getting the job done in a smart, timely manner. To be effective means getting the ‘right’ job done well, whether efficiently or not. Combining the two is incredibly powerful, but if you have to choose between the two, always choose effective. 3. Learning. Another component of mastery is learning, both your learning (from everything and everyone around you) and the learning of others. You may be teaching others, or sharing your learning, or just learning what not to do and who not to waste time with because they like things the way they are.

make what you have better, in small incremental stages. Innovation is evolutionary, which is very attractive. 5. Assimilation vs. Integration. To assimilate means to absorb, to be nourished by what you are learning, eating or experiencing. Whatever you absorb is incorporated into you. Integration implies linking or bonding with something else and creating something new in the process. Both assimilation and integration are powerful concepts that a ‘master’ embraces. Louise Morganti Kaelin is a Life Success Coach who partners with individuals who are READY (to live their best life), WILLING (to explore all options) and ABLE (to accept total support. She publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter, The 3-Minute Coach, which offers tools, ideas, strategies and action plans to assist individuals in creating the life they truly want. In addition, she is the author of the ebooklet “Blueprint for Success: 101 Tips to Reclaim your Vital Energy & and Get the Results You Want “. Copyright© 2003, Louise Morganti Kaelin. All rights reserved. For more information about Louise, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

4. Innovation vs. Improvement. To innovate means to revolutionize, or at least introduce something new and important into the mix. When you improve something, you

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NOW HIRING MORTGAGE LOAN CONSULTANTS throughout Orange County! Offering twice monthly pay, high commission splits, full benefits, expense accounts, marketing support, local processing operations, laptop and mobile phone. We need top salespeople to promote our unique products and join a great team!

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The Kinecta Difference: Not-for-profit • Member-owned • Over 70 years in Business NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) ID: 407870. Kinecta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Look to Kinecta – Standing strong for over 70 years. The mortgage industry has been weathering stormy waters in recent times. Many lenders have significantly reduced their product offerings… some have even abandoned ship. You need a partner that you can count on to stay the course.

Kinecta has been standing strong since 1940 and is one of the nation’s largest credit unions. Our solid financial foundation allows us to provide a full array of mortgages to homebuyers. Ranging from conventional, government, jumbo, and even niche product offerings, Kinecta will give your clients options to help them choose the right mortgage solution.

Homebuyer offers: • $500 off loan closing costs1 • 21 day loan closing guaranteed1 • 0.75 point discount on conforming loans and super conforming fixed rate loans2 • 0.125% rate discount on Jumbo Loans • Loans up to $3 million

Visit the Kinecta booth at the CA Association of Realtors Expo Anaheim Convention Center, Oct. 7-9 Contact me today! Erik Jenner, Mgr. Mortgage Loan Sales cell: 949.293.1237 • tel: 949.253.5337 • NMLS# 38025 Not-for-profit | Member-owned | Est. 1940 Terms & conditions subject to change. All loans are subject to credit approval. Guidelines are available upon request. NMLS # 407870. Intended for mortgage professionals only and not for consumer use. 1) Visit for $500 closing cost and 21-Day loan closing guarantee restrictions. 2) 0.750 discount offer applicable to Conforming and Super Conforming fixed-rate mortgages with 45-day rate lock. 0.625 discount offer applicable to Conforming and Super Conforming fixed-rate mortgages with 30-day rate lock. 14601-05/14




hy are so many new ideas a tough sell? Isn’t it true, as the old saying goes, that if you invent a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door? No, that’s baloney! In fact, it’s never been less true. For a variety of reasons. For starters, people everywhere have become more savvy, skeptical, even cynical. We’ve all become more jaded about advertising, more suspicious of political claims, and less trusting of those who bring us a message, any message--even one that may be in our best interest.

for communicating. But it’s also more difficult in that the deluge of messages and ill-equipped messengers cheapens them all. So nowadays, it’s more crucial than ever to hone the skills that heighten our power of persuasion. Here are some ideas, big and small, for making yourself more persuasive:

Second, and most important, many people just aren’t skilled at the art of persuading. No matter how brilliant your idea, no matter how technically advanced or economically sound it may be, it’ll go nowhere unless you get others to go along with it. And the only way you do that is by persuading them, by communicating clearly why they really should want to do what you really need done.

1. Ask yourself: What do I really want? Sure, we all want security, happiness, health, love, and fulfilling work. Digging a little deeper, we might find further shared values, such as recognition, power, freedom, and serving others. But what’s unique to you? What do you think about alone at three in the morning? What really resonates within your soul? What would you, in a perfect world and freed of family, fiscal, or geographic constraints, most like to be doing? Think about these questions as a means of searching for your great “because-- the difference between your current situation and your desired situation.”

Learning to improve our persuasiveness is both easier and harder than it used to be. Easier because we’ve now got E-mail and voice mail, CD-roms and cellular phones, satellites and skywriting, and a vast array of other tools

2. Shift your focus to others. There’s an old story of a young lady who was taken to dinner one evening by William Gladstone and then the following evening by Benjamin Disraeli, both eminent British statesmen in the


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Written By Tony Alessandra

late nineteenth century. “When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England,” she said. “But after sitting next to Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England.” If you practice attentiveness to others, you’ll find it does wonders for both of you. They’ll enjoy it; so will you. And together you’ll accomplish much more. 3. Train yourself to remember other people’s names. The sweetest sound, it’s said, is that of your own name being spoken. And calling others by name is an important first step toward building rapport and, thus, persuasion. Roger Dawson, in his book 13 Secrets of Power Persuasion, gives numerous techniques for overcoming this problem. One of the best: When you shake hands with a new person, note the color of his or her eyes. That forces you to make eye contact and, after a while, will also send a signal to your brain to store that person’s name in your short-term memory. Use the name soon afterwards, and you’ll have a lock on it. Try it! 4. Empower others. Skillful persuaders send out the message, spoken or unspoken, that they appreciate others’ abilities. For example, Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing

(3M), the $15-billion-a-year firm famed for its innovation, leaders still utter--and follow--the maxims of William McKnight, its legendary leader for half a century: “Listen to anybody with an idea.”...”Encourage experimental doodling.”...and “If you put fences around people, you get sheep; give people the room they need.” 5. Hone your sense of humor. While being wheeled into the operating room after being shot by a would-be assassin, the ever-persuasive President Ronald Reagan got a chuckle when he wisecracked, “I hope the doctor is a Republican.” We may not all be so cool in a crisis, but we can all profit by not taking ourselves too seriously. Tony Alessandra, Ph.D, is a marketing strategist and applied behavioral scientist, Dr. Tony Alessandra is a leading authority on bottom-line marketing tactics and on building business relationships for life. Copyright© 1998, Tony Alessandra. All right reserved. For information on how to bring Tony to your group, please contact us at 800-704-FROG (3764) or susie@frogpondgroup. com.

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The #2 lender for purchase business in California in 2013* is coming to Huntington Beach! At imortgage, we understand that in today’s market, home financing requires a company with a proven track record, financial strength and integrity. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in these three key areas has earned us a reputation as one of the most well respected companies in the industry. And we cannot wait to bring our outstanding service to Huntington Beach. *Based on MarketracŽ Lender Profile Report | Total number of 1st Mtg Loans/Trans | Jan. 1, 2013 through Dec. 31, 2013.

John Wellsandt Branch Manager Direct (949) 705-0550 Mobile (916) 835-8129 NMLS ID 448583

Rates, terms, and availability of programs are subject to change without notice. Licensed by the CA Department of Business Oversight CRMLA 4131040. Corporate NMLS ID 174457. All rights reserved. 05012014.



imortgage 7755 Center Avenue Suite 1200 Huntington Beach, CA 92647



Written by Shannon Hartsoe


that weren’t exciting enough, he also owned and operated a successful nightlife business, where he fine tuned his social and marketing skills. Along the way, Andy’s scope grew and he developed a strong interest in real estate.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Andy worked for 12 years as an equity options trader on Wall Street. As if

“Initially, I branched into real estate investing helping investors find efficient ways to maximize investment models. I had a strong interest in residential remodeling,” he says. “I wanted to create a product for people that they really loved and that was bringing them joy for years to come.”

o say that Andy Yang is a jack-of-all-trades would be a bit of an understatement. From structuring complex equity derivatives, to marketing and hosting large-scale nightlife events, to remodeling homes from the ground up; Andy has been at the center of it all. Sitting down with him, you quickly realize that his breadth of knowledge and experience runs well beyond his years.

A Full Service Real Estate Agent ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Andy Yang But Andy believes in doing all things well, so as he began to immerse himself in the world of real estate, it was only natural to delve into residential sales. Like the consummate professional he is, Andy was able to close 14 transactions and over $9 million in volume in his first four months as a Realtor®. “I was fortunate that I was already working with a strong investor clientele and able to leverage my network to build a strong foundation for my business,” he says.

“These days that means I have what it takes to handle all aspects of the agent business and I’ve been able to create business that can cater to all home owner needs.” Andy’s well-established knowledge and skills mean his clients can enjoy a hassle-free process without any surprises.

In just two years, Andy has become one of the most successful Realtors® in the Irvine area -- a testament to his work ethic, determination and knowledge. By utilizing his experience gleaned from years in finance, risk management and marketing to achieve the best results, Andy is able to fully serve the clients who come to him to help them buy, sell or invest.

“My goal is to be an all-inclusive service and to make sure my clients are not inconvenienced during the real estate process,” he says. Indeed, Andy’s core team of ancillary specialists includes a network of general contractors, sub-contractors, cleaners, window washers, roofers, landscapers, pool maintenance specialists, handyman and more. If his clients have a home-maintenance need, it’s likely Andy can help them fill it. His assistance to his clients goes on long after the transaction is completed.

“Typically, a home is the biggest single investment of a person’s life,” he says. “I put myself in the role of trusted adviser rather than a sales person. I put my clients above everything else and strive for total customer satisfaction.”

As his business grows, Andy remains humble and eager to create a complete customer service experience. From the first meeting to closing of the transaction, he’s all about relationship building.

One of Andy’s early mentors, Marcus Lee from Climb Real Estate in San Francisco, took Andy under his wing and taught him the value of marketing and presentation, the intricacies of negotiating offers and how to leverage a quality product, stressing the need for creating a network of real estate agents and trusted vendors -- all things Andy took to heart.

“Without people, it’s impossible to build a successful real estate career,” he says. “Clients receive the benefit of intelligence, effort and creativity when they entrust their real estate needs with me.”

Today, Andy’s approach to business is nimble and fluid, and he always strives to stay one step ahead of the market, protecting his clients and their properties from legal ramifications in the ever-changing real estate market. “It’s important to stay alert,” he states. “Real estate trends and laws, as well as macro economic factors can affect your clients drastically.”

Andy Yang RE/MAX Premier Realty 5299 Alton Parkway Irvine, CA 92604 Tel: 949-829-3506 Email: Web: CalBRE # 01941743

Additionally, by constantly innovating, changing marketing styles and trying new ideas, he keeps things interesting and fresh. Andy’s marketing background ensures his listings get the five-star treatment – nothing stale or boring for him. “There are many tools out there to help market properties that weren’t around years ago,” he acknowledges. “I excel at the social aspect, so that helps my clients get maximum exposure for their properties.” And because Andy started out in real estate as an acquisition specialist, focusing on evaluating distressed or original condition homes, he gained valuable insight in construction and residential rehab. “I fell in love with creating a home for buyers that I could be proud of,” he says. ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Plus Bonus Day! Monday, July 28 – 1:00pm to 4:00pm BECOMING A SUPERSTAR LISTING AGENT Learn How To: Price listings so they sell NOW Dramatically increase your personal listing power Make an enthusiastic, powerful listing presentation Get a seller to choose you versus the competition Maintain a large inventory whether the market increases or decreases To purchase tickets to this event please visit us at:

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The Mike Ferry Organization Monthly Report


n the last message that I sent to all of my great LinkedIn connections, I mentioned the 3 mentors I’ve had all my life, and I want to take a few minutes to talk with you about one in particular. It’s a person I think most of you know of or have heard of ... Earl Nightingale.

Let me give you an example ... at every seminar that I start, every coaching call that I do, I assume that 100% of the audience is going to take 100% of what I say, and do it ... no exceptions. Yes, by Day Four, some of them have convinced me that they can’t do it, or they’ll never do it. That’s a choice they make based on what’s going on inside their heads. Remember, my belief is that everybody will take this advice and use it to their advantage.

I worked for Earl from 1968 to 1972 and that’s when I went into the residential Real Estate business when I left his company.

What’s going on in your head as you read this particular message? Is it positive or negative? If it’s not positive, how is that helping you ... build your business, grow as an individual or improve your personal life? If your thoughts are positive ... you have a smile on your face and you’re saying, “Thanks Mike!”

Earl became famous for one sentence ... “You become what you think about most of the time.” It’s a simple sentence, and yet a very profound sentence for anybody who is taking the time to think about their life, their business and their future. I’ll give you my rendition of what I think he meant ...

Look forward to sharing more ideas with you next month.

If you’re the kind of person who has a wide variety of negative thoughts in your head on a regular basis, and you’re not getting the type of results you want from your life ... you may want to look at Earl’s statement and decide if it applies to you (because it probably does). If, for example, you’re a Real Estate agent ... in the mortgage industry ... any type of sales ... or have constant contact and communication with the public ... and you’re holding on to negative thoughts for whatever reason ... the odds of you having a positive experience is at best minimal. If, for example, a Real Estate agent says, “I know that seller will never list with me,” or “I know that buyer will never buy from me,” ... the odds are you will be 100% correct. On the other side of Earl’s thought ... if you’re saying to yourself, “I can do this or that,” ... or ... “I can accomplish this or that,” then your odds dramatically increase. I think the simplicity of the thought allows each of us to see exactly what Earl was trying to say. The question is, what’s going on in your head at any given moment ... is it positive or is it negative? And how is it effecting the results you get?

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Shop with Confidence: Let real estate agents and sellers know you mean business with a pre-approval that’s as good as gold.

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Relax: As a full-service mortgage banker backed by Lennar Corporation©, an S&P 500 Real Estate and Financial Services company, Eagle Home Mortgage offers a rare level of ethical and financial stability.

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A Cornerstone of California’s History and its Future... Title Insurance and Trust Company, often called “TI”, opened for business on January 15, 1894, with about 30 employees.


When TI began operation, the population of the city of Los Angeles was 66,000, and the county population was 122,000. For more than a century, Ticor has been a premier leader in the title insurance industry providing our customers with an unmatched combination of professional expertise, exemplary customer service, and rock-solid financial security.


Today, Ticor Title Company of California continues to be a groundbreaker in the industry for both residential and commercial services. The market share growth for Ticor has been extraordinary.

Ticor Title has increased residential market share in Orange County of nearly 4% in the last four years making it one of the fastest moving companies in the industry.

Jan 2010


April 2014


Data: Residential resale non-bank closed transactions - Source:

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our loyal customers who continue to trust their transactions with Ticor Title each and every time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with our team of amazing Sales Executives or Officers, we encourage you to give us the opportunity. We want to earn your business!

Adam Cleary

Vice President National Commercial Services 714.289.3341

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“Caring is our Competitive Edge” 18302 Irvine Blvd, Suite 100 Tustin, California 92780 • 714.289.3300 | | | |

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