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Your career with imortgage? The sky’s the limit!

Call today! (951) 893-6300 Judy Marburger

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Rates, terms, and availability of programs are subject to change without notice. This is not an advertisement to extend consumer credit as defined by section 226.2 of Regulation Z. Licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969. imortgage company NMLS 3096. All rights reserved. 08/2013. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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AUGUST, 2013


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32 - Tony Alessandra:

The Thinker Leadership Style

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16 - Carla Cross:

Reduce Your Expenses! Raise Your Profits!

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The Next Hill To Climb

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Cover Story

Steve Alexander & Tige Ferguson Executive Agents of the Month

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By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer


t’s not immediately easy to define a Beazer Home. With a 300-year trade history passed down through nine generations, the name has become associated with beautiful craftsmanship, exceptional quality and innovative building. Thirty-five years after launching

experience in construction and home sales the duo offers extensive product knowledge, industry collegiality, and a purposeful approach to their customer relationships. “We are an integral part of the building of communities,” remarks Tige. “Starting with dirt lots, we assist buyers in creating neighborhoods where families and friendships will grow and memories will be made. It’s an honor to be involved with this process, and we don’t take it lightly.” The process of buying a new Beazer home is, says Steve, as stress-free as possible. “We strive to consistently facilitate a seamless experience,” he offers. “We work well with

Steve Alexander its U.S. brand, the company has earned a spot as a top-10 homebuilder with over 130,000 homes built in 16 states. While designs and styles may vary by region, what remains constant is the thoughtful approach to homebuilding. With the launch of its new community, Eastvale’s Hearthside Lane, Beazer offers beautiful single family homes with flexible floor plans designed to accommodate a range of individual wants and needs. Longtime friends Steve Alexander and Tige Ferguson look forward to the opportunity to assist customers in creating new homes built around their distinct lifestyles. With ample

Tige Ferguson agents, too, making the customer handoff a smooth process. We maintain communication with buyers throughout the entire build process, ensuring that their questions and concerns are addressed.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

In the frenetic pace of a recovering real estate market, buyers have become acutely aware of the challenges associated with purchasing resale homes. “We’ve got homes available,” Tige states. “Buying in a new community allows buyers to work within the parameters of their budgets and loans, while creating homes that are as unique as they are. In fact, Beazer Homes is known for its flexible floor plans, which provide a wealth of options within a specific residence model. “Our flexible floor plans have been very successful,” remarks Steve. “Each residence offers opportunities to change room configurations, with some modifications at no additional costs to buyers.” Don’t need that third garage spot? It can be utilized as a cozy casita with an attached bathroom. Love open space? Opt out of two bedrooms and enjoy an airy and open loft. Searching for form and function? Add office space to your ample great room. Possibilities abound, and Steve and Tige work closely with customers to identify the details that will make sense for their long- and short-term goals. “We’re focused on achieving maximum value,” Tige explains. “Where is a customer’s dollar best spent? We dig

deep, ask the right questions, and walk through different models to provide buyers with a first person perspective on what their options are.” Many builders’ homes, while beautiful, feature floor plans with underutilized spaces. “In a Beazer home, a single 3,100 - 3,300 square foot model may be customized to hold three to seven bedrooms,” Tige states. “There is a real opportunity to maximize space.” Beazer Homes don’t lose their aesthetics to functionality. Residences feature exquisite interior and exterior details, offering styles well-suited to their environments. While Pueblo-style builds play up the New Mexico landscape and Washington, D.C. homes pay homage to the region’s colonial roots, Beazer’s California communities feature Spanish and Craftsman influences. Natural light is abundant, and homes are well-appointed throughout. Beautiful courtyards and porches create transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces, with impeccable attention to detail. Beazer’s Brea design center allows buyers to select from a range of finishes and colors, further customizing their new homes.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Steve Alexander, Janet Scott (imortgage), and Tige Ferguson As an ENERGY STAR new homes partner, Beazer Homes has voluntarily agreed to build according to stringent standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Every home is carefully crafted to meet the 3.0 designation. “We go above and beyond the traditional energy efficient items in our homes,” Steve says. “Every one of our homes is independently tested to ensure that it is up to par.” The result, he adds, is significant savings to homeowners in the daily use and maintenance of their homes. “We’re lowering costs tremendously, even compared to new homes built just five years ago,” observes Steve. “Our buyers are reaping the benefits of solidly sealed homes, higher performance windows, high quality HVAC systems and ENERGY STAR certified appliances.” Beazer Homes is committed to providing customers with options tailored to their distinct needs, and this is reflected in the buying experience as a whole. With no inhouse lender, the organization’s open mortgage policy has earned the trust and appreciation of buyers, outside real estate agents and ancillary professionals. “It makes sense for buyers to examine their financing options,” explains Tige. “We do provide a list of mortgage specialists with whom we have established productive relationships, but we do not incentivize buyers to utilize their services because we don’t receive compensation for those referrals.” He adds, “Today’s home buyers are well-educated and knowledgeable; while we are here to assist them

throughout the process, we also believe that they are simply too savvy to be influenced by interests other than their own.” Steve says, “Our goal is to build great homes, and to take care of our customers throughout the process and beyond.” Steve and Tige look forward to the growth of Hearthside Lane, which offers easy access to Orange County, highlyrated schools and notable value compared to the regional markets. They anticipate continued success with Beazer’s newest community, The Collection at Citrus Park. Situated in the heart of Fullerton, Citrus Park will feature two neighborhoods comprised of townhomes and single family detached homes. Beazer Homes has never lost sight of the importance of its network of industry partners, says Steve, which allowed the company to thrive even during challenging market conditions. “We recognize that the real estate community is integral to our ongoing success,” he acknowledges. “Tige and I appreciate the relationships that we have established, and look forward to continuing to nurture collegial partnerships throughout the region.”

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Steve Alexander - Tige Ferguson Beazer Homes - Hearthside Lane 7363 Maddox Ct. Corona, CA 92880 Steve: 951-712-9532 Tige: 909-851-1919 Community: 951-898-8580 DRE # 01317019 - DRE # 01509941 Beazer DRE # 01503061

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The Next Hill to Climb By Zig Ziglar


recently received an interesting letter from one of our subscribers, quite complimentary. He pointed out that he particularly enjoyed one week’s edition of the newsletter having to do with success. Then he elaborated on the fact that he has achieved so many things--God has been really good to him--and his question was, “I guess it’s like winning the World Series or the Super Bowl. After you have done that, there simply isn’t a Universe Series or a Galaxy Bowl to win. When you are on top, how do you find a bigger hill to climb? Or do you?” Emphatically yes! The writer did not mention his real purpose in life, or how many people he had helped on his way to the top. What he can do now is clear: Identify clearly and distinctly what his purpose in life is. When he does that, I believe he will realize there are much higher hills to climb. They’ll be tough, but very enjoyable at the same time. And out of it will come joy. Joy comes only when you do things for other people. You seldom experience joy when you focus on what you’ve been able to do. However, when you focus on what you can help someone else do, that lights a fire that is extraordinary.


Personal example. Many years ago, with the aid of key members of our staff, we created our Mission Statement to be the difference maker in the personal, family, professional and spiritual lives of enough people to make a positive difference in the world. Audacious? Of course it is! But when we wrote it, it was ridiculous! Very few people really knew who I was or what we did. Since then our works have been translated into over 40 different languages and dialects in several million books touting the philosophy that You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. Following that philosophy, the bottom line is countless people have benefited. The letters we receive (in public seminars I show a photo of myself sitting behind my desk, on which are stacked over 5,000 letters from around the world) reveal the benefits people get from following through on what we teach. Few writers, if any, mention anything beyond the fact that they benefited and then they elaborate on what those benefits have been. When I receive that kind of correspondence, I am motivated and encouraged to “keep on keepin’ on.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


I encourage anyone who is ever in North Dallas, Texas, to visit our offices where you can read as many of those letters as you wish, but I always like to warn that if you read very many you will leave our company with everything we offer in the form of inspiration, training, etc.

in front of each other I would look you right in the eye and say, “Since July 4, 1972, when my purpose in life was clearly defined, not one time have I even thought casually about abandoning our mission statement.” I had that dream and the dream had me.

Reality is when you have a specific purpose in your life you are far more likely to maintain momentum than otherwise. I could get in a little commercial here and say if you read my book, Better Than Good, you will be able to clearly understand why. But in the meantime, let me encourage you to start working on discovering your real purpose in life--what gives you real joy? Have you ever reached down and lifted someone up with your words, your example, your career, your life, and they expressed gratitude for what you did for them? If you’ve done that even once, then you know what joy is all about.

Passion is important, but passion can wear you out if you don’t clearly understand what you are pursuing--in short, if you have purpose the passion simply fuels the purpose. If you do not have purpose, passion wears you out. When you clearly understand that, you will realize that regardless of how many bucks you have in the bank, how high you are on the corporate totem pole, regardless of how healthy and happy and prosperous you are, you still have a huge hill to climb--and that is fulfilling our Biblical application of the Golden Rule, helping other people along life’s path. When you do that, then your purpose will be crystal clear and the results foregone. God bless you as you ponder these things.

I have pondered this for many years--I notice that many people start out on a specific objective (getting in better shape physically, getting better educated, winning more friends, influencing more people, etc.), but along the way they had no specifically designed purpose and so they dropped out. I can tell you seriously, and if we were seated

Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at

Written By Zig Ziglar

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Laura Folsom

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Rising to the Top By Julie Brown


n order to rise to the top, you have to start at the bottom. That’s how Laura Folsom built her real estate business. In 2007 the recession was just getting started and so was Laura’s career. The single mother of three is used to working hard and overcoming challenges, and breaking into the real estate industry was no exception. She spent the first few years of her career managing distressed properties where she learned all about property values and home improvement. It’s the kind of knowledge that only seasoned real estate veterans have and it has helped Laura to build a bustling business. “Times were tough, but I had to survive,” shares Laura. “Having a sense of humor helped. If you didn’t laugh, you cried.” Laura was born and raised in Riverside County. She attended Northern Illinois University on a volleyball scholarship and graduated with a degree in social services. She went to work in the industry for five years before considering a career change. A friend suggested that she would be a great fit for real estate and Laura liked the flexibility it offered her as a single mother. “Social services is all about taking care of people and making sure the well being of everyone is being considered,” says Laura. “I get to use those same skills in real estate.” After earning her real estate license in 2007, Laura joined Realty Executives where she has been ever since. With the market in a recession, she spent all of her time working on and managing REO properties. The job was all hands on and was very intensive according to Laura. “I was driven and ready to work hard,” explains Laura. “Everything comes from hard work.”

County market. “I’ve had buyers write personal letters to the sellers,” adds Laura. “I’ve even had friends of a client vouch for her client to the seller because they lived in the same neighborhood where they wanted to purchase a home.” Laura’s background in social services has enabled her to look at transactions carefully to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. “It’s all about honesty, follow through and listening to people,” explains Laura. “I really care about people. I would never push anything on my client that’s not in their best interest.” She recalls a story of a client that she met at an open house who was looking for a rental property. Laura figured out that it would be cheaper for them to own the home, but their past experience with other agents had turned them off from the whole buying process. “Being able to change their perception of real estate agents and get them into a home they love is what I love best about my job.” When she’s not focused on her job, Laura stays busy keeping up with her three teenage sons. She also enjoys playing volleyball, cycling, studying art and visiting local wineries. Her family keeps her motivated to push forward and continue to be successful. Pushing forward is what Laura has planned for her business over the next few years. “I’ve really been running off of referrals and need to focus more on marketing efforts,” she says. “I hope to get some systems in place and bring in some extra help so I can take on more.”

Working with distressed properties gave Laura a strong knowledge of construction, property values and home improvement. “I learned all about flipping homes and how property values are determined,” shares Laura. “Now I can see things in homes that many other people don’t.” She also learned how to manage properties and continues to do so today. Regardless of the market conditions, Laura has always valued hard work. Staying consistent and persistent are important factors that have contributed to her success. “I can work seven days a week and not get a check for two months,” says Laura. “You have to stick with it.” She’s also been successful by using some unique techniques to get the attention of sellers in the competitive Riverside

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Laura Folsom Realty Executives 3610 Central Ave., Suite 400 Riverside, CA 92506 Tel: 951-213-3500 DRE # 01823359


Reduce Your Expenses! Raise your Profits!


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Written By Carla Cross


hope you managers and owners already have your business plans done. If so, check them against the list below. If not, it’s time to get that business plan thought through and finished for a more focused, goal-oriented 2014. Here are 10 strategies to reduce your costs without hurting your productivity. Co-op expenses with a title company, escrow company, or other company that wants business from the same source as you (or wants your business). Quit advertising in mass media, (like your local, expensive newspaper), and teach your agents to “relationship market”.

Advertise in targeted media, and teach your agents to do the same. It costs less, and gets a much greater return. Focus on listings selling, not listings taken (a training issue).  Your long-held listings are costing you too much money.  Do you know how much?  How much ill will, and lack of return customers, is it costing you to have a listing that doesn’t sell?  Quit wasting your money on overpriced listings! Stop chasing new customers. Focus on keeping the customer, not snagging new ones. Put your advertising dollars there.

Decrease your costs by firing non-productive agents. Then, increase the number of productive agents through a recruiting program. Reduce the square footage of your office, by offering agents incentives for in-home offices. Reduce your secretarial costs by routing your phone calls directly to agents as much as possible. Stop buying experienced agents.  Hire new agents and train them with a great high accountability, get started fast, business start-up plan and training/coaching program. Reduce the time you spend in non-productive activities.  Systematize and delegate many of your duties to staff, so you can do what you do best – recruit, train, and lead your agents. Carla Cross, speaker, trainer and author, has had the good fortune to learn effective teaching techniques from the best. She is a master Certified Real Estate Broker (CRB) national instructor. Her passion is to assist owners and managers in conquering the challenges of managing in today’s real estate world. Copyright© 2006, Carla Cross. All rights reserved. For information, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@frogpond. com;

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By Julie Brown

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Janet Scott


here are a few things to be expected in the mortgage industry according to Janet Scott. Like the real estate market, it’s very cyclical. Lending requirements are always changing. People’s perception of the mortgage process isn’t always necessarily a positive one. These are the things that make Janet’s job as a mortgage consultant for imortgage both exciting and challenging at the same time. She has spent 23 years in the mortgage industry and wouldn’t change a thing. “You can work with a person who doesn’t think that they deserve or will qualify for a home and hold their hand through the entire process,” shares Janet. “Nothing compares to that moment when you hand them the keys. It’s so rewarding to see people get in the home of their dreams.” Janet grew up in Orange County and studied finance and interior design at California State University. She spent 12 years working in the banking industry, but knew that she wanted to be a lender. She received her real estate and mortgage license in 1990 and went to work in the industry right away. “Banking is so institutional and is all about numbers and a scorecard,” says Janet. “With mortgages we look at people as individuals, not just numbers. Buying a home is such a personal and emotional process.” She worked on refinancing and new construction loans for a few mortgage companies before joining imortgage last year. Janet was attracted to the company because of their reputation and longevity in the mortgage industry and business philosophies. After working with builders like Beazer Homes for 20 years both as a lender and direct employee, she also respected their expertise as a builder mortgage company. “imortgage really understands and embraces the building industry,” shares Janet. “Plus, it’s a hands-on company made up of knowledgeable and experienced mortgage veterans who just get it and understand what a client needs.” One of the core imortgage business philosophies that Janet has embraced is that there’s a mortgage for everyone. “Trying to find a program for every buyer is like fitting a square peg in a round hole,” explains Janet. “I enjoy the challenge of helping people to qualify and get in the home they’ve always wanted.” Making that challenge easier are some of the industry changes she has seen that are incentivizing home buyers. Those include the availability of products like Federal Housing Administration loans to people beyond first time home buyers. She also shares that conventional loans now only require 3% down as opposed

to 10% in previous years. “These changes are helping to get people back in homes,” says Janet. “Plus nobody alive today has seen interest rates this low in their lifetime.” The smoke from the recession is beginning to clear and paving the way for more active home buyers today according to Janet. She sees more first time buyers, retirees and people who had been previously displaced by the market now qualifying for loans. “Most foreclosures were prior to 2007 and after three years you can qualify for financing again,” explains Janet. “We are seeing those people getting back into the market.” Even with mortgage trends so favorable now, one thing that never seems to change is people’s perception of the lending process. “It’s like the excitement of having a baby, but knowing you have to go through labor to get it,” shares Janet. “People often dread the paperwork, documentation and time it takes to get through the lending process.” She works hard to make that process for her clients as painless as possible by anticipating their needs, keeping them informed every step along the way, and always being sure to never overpromise and under deliver. When Janet is not calculating mortgage payments, she enjoys spending time with her two kids and five grandchildren. Her hobbies include painting, reading, hiking, boating and decorating her home. She is very active in her local business community in Temecula where she plans to open her own imortgage office within the next few months. While her job keeps her working long hours, Janet believes the hard work is worth it to see the results of her efforts. She laughs as she reflects on a Hallmark thank you card that is sitting on her desk from a client. “It’s from a 53-year-old man who came to America eight years ago with the goal of owning a home someday,” explains Janet. “He’s on track to purchase his first home ever and making his dreams come true. These are the stories that keep me motivated and it’s why I love what I do.” Janet Scott imortgage 1250 Corona Pointe Ct., Ste. 101 Corona, CA 92879 Tel: (951) 893-6325 NMLS ID 488762

imortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations CRMLA 4130969, NMLS 3096. Equal housing lender. 09/2013

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Team DuarTe! We believe in building quality partnerships with our clients, so together we can achieve more. yOur

success is Our


Go mobile and gain a competitive edge with Ticor Title’s mobile apps and automated services. Our mobile apps are designed to streamline efficiency in the title process. Ticor Express Pocket Profile allows you to quickly search for property information from your mobile or tablet device. Our Pocket Profile app provides real time access to valuable property information. TicorAgent is a powerful and intuitive app made for you and your business. TicorAgent comes loaded with our title and escrow fees, local tax rates, our recording fees, and all other closing costs. It allows you to quickly answer buyer or seller related questions. TicorAgent is the mobile app that will help you close more business. Our web-based service tool, Ticor Live, is an efficient, convenient, and easy to use system for all your title and escrow transactions. Ticor Live allows transaction parties to coordinate, update, deliver and manage pertinent documents. Track orders electronically, get transaction details with status report, and download documents and preliminary reports... all through our secure database. Ticor Title is committed to developing and implementing proprietary software and technical tools to allow our clients to succeed in today’s dynamic market. Contact Team Duarte TODAY for live demonstrations of our added-value tools.

Felix Duarte Vice President 714.392.1400

Tomas Duarte Vice President 714.272.9552


Ticor Title Company 18302 Irvine Blvd., Suite 100 Tustin, California 92780


Successful Practice... W

e all have a fundamental choice when we fall short of our goals and dreams. We can choose to modify our goals and dreams or magnify our skills needed to reach them. These are the only two solutions to this quandary we are in. Which are you going to choose? We must focus on acquiring the skills to create abundance in life. The mastery of the skills will create a life full of rewards. To acquire the skills in sales in order to create abundance, we need to break it down to two components. The first is we must talk to a lot of people. Great salespeople talk with more people than mediocre salespeople. By talking to lots of people daily, we insure victory. Mediocre salespeople let their feelings dictate their success in prospecting. When they don’t feel like prospecting, they don’t. Great salespeople cause their minds to control their actions in a positive manner. George Patton, the famous general, said, “You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired—morning, noon and night. The body is never tired if the mind is not tired. You’ve always got to make the mind take over and keep going.” Which is winning daily in your life? The mind or the body? Resolve to control your body and talk to lots of people daily. The second solution is practice. Daily practice is as valuable as making the sale. To develop a high level of skill in life we must practice. I spent hours in my youth practicing on the racquetball court my variety of shots. If I had not I would never have won any tournaments. For me to be able to be able to play at the professional level in racquetball, I hit hundreds of thousands of crosscourt, backhand shots. This allowed that shot to be automatic under tournament pressure conditions. What do you need to practice on to become a world-class Realtor? Is it your prospecting, qualifying, listing presentation, lead


follow-up, negotiating? Each one of these areas needs practice. To achieve mastery of these skills it will take thousands of opportunities to improve your skills. Do you want to make the errors on “live” buyers and sellers or do you want to practice on partners where it is cheaper? Which do you choose? Let me share another example. Your child is learning to ride a bicycle. Do you send your child out on the busiest street for their first day or do you keep him or her in the back yard? I am sure the answer is obvious. Practice in a controlled environment gives us confidence and the skill to compete. It allows us to create wins in practice before we have to play the game. Make sure you adopt these philosophies and make a concerted effort to talk to a lot of people. You then need to practice daily so you improve your ability to execute in the moment. Dirk Zeller, President of Real Estate Champions, is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. He has developed a system that takes “regular” agents and “regular” managers and transforms them into “top gun” agents and managers. Dirk’s coaching systems are built around his incredible success in the 90’s as one of the top agents in all of North America. He closed over 150 transactions annually while working Monday through Thursday and taking Friday, Saturday & Sunday off. Copyright© 2000-2001, Dirk Zeller. All rights reserved. To contact Dirk about his availability to speak to your group, please call the Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or email susie@frogpondgroup. com;

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

EA Written by Dirk Zeller

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Jumping For Joy For Your Business Is An Understatement

Experience a New Level of Service

Branch locations in Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Brea

Alissa Hittner Account Executive Direct (714) 496-1970

Nancy Feathers Account Executive Direct (949) 282-9899

Adrienne Salyer Account Executive Direct (949) 300-7344

Lance Indes Account Executive Direct (714) 423-6882

Call one of our Account Executives today! RESALE • REFINANCE • COMMERCIAL • REO • SHORT SALE • AUCTION


Patterns Of T

here are four common types of buyers out there in buyerland:

The Impulse Buyer - sees it & buys it.


Did some of the B activities, then one day called and had the phones installed the following week. (style #3) Decided 4 years ago they needed new phones and are still having weekly meetings about it. (Style #4)

The Investigator - researches, studies, thinks and buys. The Fooler - researches (for maybe a year) and then one day walks in and buys. Looks like The Impulse Buyer. The Never Buyer -investigates, agitates, procrastinates. (Every salesperson’s nightmare!)


How do you identify who buys how? Ask questions. You might ask the prospect directly or you might ask an assistant if the opportunity arises. “I noticed you just got a new phone system. How did that happen?” OR . . . “ How did you buy your last car (or computer)? “

Once you know the buying pattern you can tailor your presentation and your expectations to that buying style. The reason so many salespeople - in real estate, mortgages or widgets - get frustrated is because they expect faster decisions. Many people cannot make fast decisions. Morgan Carter, the Chicago PR guru, says: “Frustration is a function of expectations.” If your expectations are appropriate, your frustration is diminished. Lower frustration means more energy and that equals more sales. Investigate those buying patterns!

With just a little prompting, people will tell you how they decided they need new phones: They got out the yellow pages, made three calls, listened to three presentations the next day and had the system in place the following Friday. (Style #1) They subscribed to Consumer Reports, called every company that made phones, poured over the literature that was sent, listened to 73 presentations, did more research, created a task force, mulled it over, presented 3 options to the president and a year from day one got the phones installed. ( Style #2)


Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, is a nationally recognized expert in sales and marketing for Realtors® and Mortgage industry. She has been speaking professionally speaking, training and consulting since 1992. © 2008, Linda Brakeall. All rights reserved. For information about Linda, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

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Written By Linda Brakeall ExecutiveAgent Magazine




The Real Estate Yin and Yang


ebbie Docherty and Amie Peterson are the yin and yang of real estate. This mother and daughter duo have opposite, yet complementary, skill sets that when combined create a dynamic team. Debbie is a real estate veteran who enjoys working with people. She’s a

networker and nurturer who likes to take care of others. Amie is new to the industry and is analytical and technically savvy. She’s a marketing guru who is very detail oriented. Together the duo is creating a successful business in an industry that they both ironically stumbled into.

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Debbie & Amie By Julie Brown

Debbie earned her bachelor’s degree of science in nursing and spent most of her career as a registered nurse. When her parents passed away over 20 years ago, she was forced to sell their home. Unable to get the information and answers that she needed, Debbie set out to arm herself with real estate knowledge. She took classes and before she knew it she was working on her license. “I backed into a career that I really love,” says Debbie. She earned her real estate license in 1984 in West Virginia and moonlighted as an agent while still practicing nursing. Her husband was a physician so her clients were mostly people in the medical field. “I sold a lot of homes to doctors and nurses,” shares Debbie. After moving to California in the early 90s, she got her broker license and eventually transitioned into real estate full time. “I enjoy taking care of people and was able to translate that passion to real estate,” adds Debbie. Amie earned a master’s degree in English and went to work for an advertising agency after graduate school. She later started her own freelance copywriting business. Ironically one of her clients was her mother whom she helped to market her real estate business. Amie wanted to immerse herself in the industry, so like Debbie she took real estate classes and later earned her license. Her mother eventually became her main client and Amie officially joined her in the business last year. “Amie had been working with me for two years before she decided to make the leap into real estate full time,” shares Debbie. “It was a natural transition for her.” It wasn’t much of a leap for Amie who had watched her mother slowly build a real estate business throughout the years. “She always had fun and it was great to see her match people with properties,” explains Amie. “It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together and that really appealed to me.” The duo is like a puzzle themselves whose individual pieces fit naturally together. “Our strengths really complement one another,” says Amie. She handles all of the marketing while Debbie focuses on relationship building. “Together we complete the puzzle,” adds Debbie. “I have decades of experience to draw on and Amie brings the marketing and technical background to our business.”

as well as investors. Plus, with all of the information that buyers can find on the Internet today, Amie’s technical expertise helps them stay apprised of online trends. The duo joined First Team® Real Estate this year so they could start fresh as a team. Amie is working on branding and marketing efforts that include social media. Debbie is focusing on building client relationships and a referral base. Both ladies hope to expand their business into areas of Orange County that are less competitive and saturated. “Moving to First Team was a great fit for us because it allowed us to start fresh in an area with lots of opportunities,” shares Amie. “Plus they offer a lot of great resources and support to help us with our careers.” When the duo is not working on their business they both enjoy the outdoors and traveling. Debbie has two other daughters and one of them is considering joining the family business. “She works in interior design and is thinking about getting her real estate license,” says Debbie, who welcomes the idea. “I enjoy seeing my daughter everyday and being able to work with her.” Whatever the future holds for their growing family business, both ladies enjoy where they are today. “I love working in real estate because it’s so relevant and it’s something that everyone has a vested interest in,” explains Amie. “When people hear I work in the industry they always have questions and commentary.” For Debbie, her caregiver instinct carried over to her real estate business. “I love helping people to achieve their goals and sharing my expertise with them,” adds Debbie. “My goal is to make people’s moves and experience as seamless as possible.” Debbie Docherty & Amie Peterson First Team® Real Estate 27451 Los Altos, Suite 100 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Debbie: 714.357.7152 - Amie: 714.402.7461 DRE # 01867809 - DRE # 01911414

Not only do their opposing backgrounds and strengths work to their advantage, but their age does as well. Amie is able to appeal to young first-time home buyers while Debbie is a natural fit for experienced and repeat buyers

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“My mission is to continue building a successful long-term career in the Real Estate industry while enhancing others careers along the way. I passionately pursue to build environments that are progressive and that provides growth and advancement opportunities to those who excel.�

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Jeff Farr Life at the Speed of Success By Shannon Hartsoe


f there’s a pattern to Jeff Farr’s professional life, it’s start small, build quickly, help others and give back. This is the pattern that drove him to succeed in the automotive industry, the furniture industry, mortgage lending and now real estate. For Farr, life is a challenge – an interesting compulsion to grow his business as big as he can, not for the sake of success itself, but to help others build on his success and in turn help others. It’s a kind of professional “pay-it-forward.” “What better compliment,” he says, “than to look back at the end of my career and see all of the people who were inspired to go out and do it themselves, all because they worked with me.” Farr opened the doors to the Orange location of Sellstate Regency Realty early in 2013. In just a few short months, he went from one agent to 11 with plans to add more locations in the coming year. If it sounds ambitious, consider this: Farr was a fully licensed automotive master technician when he graduated from high school. His gift, he says, was “fixing things.” So rather than pursue academic scholarships he worked and put himself through college. By the time he was 22 he had gone from labor jobs to sales then to management while earning a degree in business and accounting. By the late 1980s, Farr was making very good money in management, as he discovered the dark side of an early success. “Life in the fast lane can be dangerous” he says. Unfortunately, this took him down the wrong road and it got the best of him. “I knew something was wrong and that something needed to change.” he said. With the help of a dedicated support system Farr poured himself into working on his sobriety and is proud of his nearly 20 years without any hiccups. That experience taught him another lesson – one he hopes to instill in his children and his agents. “There is no failure. If you fall on your face but you learn something, get back up and try again, that is success in and of itself,” he says. “Now I try to give back that which was so freely given to me.” Mentors Matter Farr says he couldn’t have built a successful career without the help of two people he counts as mentors. As an only child to a single mother who worked hard to support him, he was destined to spend long hours by himself, left to his own devices. Fate intervened in the form of his “rent-a-parents.”

“Mike and Jay were a married couple who lived not far from us,” he says. “They couldn’t have children and wanted desperately to be parents and I was alone. He taught me everything I needed to know about how a man should be – upstanding in business deals, respectful to women, all that stuff. And she taught me a lot of things from a woman’s perspective. I learned early on that a work ethic is important.” Starting at age 13, Farr was always working – whether it was a paper route, cutting lawns or earning his automotive technician license. Today, he is always in motion -- an energetic, affable man with an easy laugh and a generous personality. Go, Grow, Give Today, he and his wife try to instill those same values into the lives of their four children. In subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways, they work to teach old-fashioned values like respect, money management and charity. Everyday experiences turn into teachable moments. Each child will be required to have some type of job outside the home when they turn 15. They’re already required to manage their own resources. “We give our children what seems like extravagant allowances,” he says. “But in return, they’re responsible for saving up for things they need and for things like birthday gifts for their friends. It works.” Each child is also involved in the family pastime – racing. The four, ages 8 to 13, all participate in the NHRA Junior Drag Racing league. “Our kid’s cars are the only thing faster than the real estate market,” Farr says with a laugh. “There’s always an adventure when you’re in real estate.” Jeff Farr, Broker/Owner Sellstate Regency Realty 321 S. Tustin Street Orange, CA 92866 Tel: 714.289.4400 Email: Web: DRE # 01336678

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The Thinker Leadership Style


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Written By Tony Alessandra


f You’re a Thinker...Your high standards are a twoedged sword. Your employees are inspired by your quest for excellence, but often they feel frustrated because they can never quite seem to please you.

One of the best things you can do is lessen and soften your criticisms spoken or unspoken. You can seem so stern sometimes! Ease up on your need to control. Walk around and spend more time with the troops, chatting up people at the water cooler or in the lunchroom. Wake up to the fact that you can have high standards without requiring perfection in each instance. That’ll take a load off your shoulders--and off your employees, too. Whatever your style, being adaptable can help you to build bridges to your employees and make them feel valued. By learning to best respond to their interests and concerns, their strengths and weaknesses, you can get the most from your people as well as leave them more satisfied. Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE has authored 13 books, recorded over 50 audio and video programs, and delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches since 1976. Copyright© 1999, Tony Alessandra. All rights reserved. This article has been adapted from Dr. Alessandra’s book, The Platinum Rule (Warner Books, 1996). Dr. Tony Alessandra is recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as... “one of America’s most electrifying speakers.” For information about Tony’s keynote presentations, please call The Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or email susie@;

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