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Grant Doelp Executive Agent of the Month


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rant Doelp doesn’t sugar coat things. With a background that includes Navy officer and work with major companies plus small businesses and startups, he has seen enough in the business world to know there are no easy paths to success. That’s especially true in the competitive real estate market in Orange County. But Grant’s extensive and diverse business experience coupled with his strong character and work ethic have enabled him to stand out among the competition and create a successful career as a real estate agent at Red Fox Properties, LP in San Juan Capistrano. A strong sense of what matters most in life and an uncommon dose of humility have made him a popular local agent, too. “Each experience has made me stronger, wiser and better capable to handle the challenges of a continuously changing industry,” Grant says. “I’m a Realtor® today through the

grace and support of friends already in the industry, and it is because of them that I found a ‘home,’ and for that I will never stop being grateful.” Since June 2011, Grant has been an agent at Red Fox Properties. The company focuses on “flipping” properties. Essentially, the practice involves buying a revenue-generating property then quickly reselling it for profit. While the term can sometimes conjure a negative image, Grant says there are many benefits to the practice -- especially for consumers who might not be able to afford to live in an expensive market. “I like to think we are providing viable solutions to, in some cases, struggling homeowners who are both relieved and thankful for a sympathetic ear and a ‘way out’ of their particular situation,” he says. “As a result, we are building a future client base as well as adding value to the homes and communities around us.”

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JJ Maxwell, Grant Doelp, Jack Maxwell, Ryan Van Rensselaer, Cathy Walker, Dorothy Snyder Again, Grant can take a situation that may appear negative and find a way to turn it into a positive that many would have missed with a short view of the circumstances. “If we can make something positive out of a distressed situation and at the same time provide an exceptional value to our investors, then we’ve done our job,” he says. While Red Fox Properties has systems that can handle big volume, Grant and his team say they maintain the personalized service of a smaller operation. They remain accessible and available to agents and partners as much as possible. “Opportunities come at any time and we often need to react quickly to gain an advantage. The housing market will go through its inevitable up and down cycles, and Red Fox Properties is determined to continue providing a superior value to our customers and investors,” Grant says.

Grant acknowledges that finding opportunities isn’t easy -it takes a lot of time and expertise about the local real estate market to make flipping work successfully. That goes for real estate in general, he adds. “You have to put the time in. Agents looking for a quick and easy fortune won’t find it. There is no short cut. No magic pill. You’ve got to be persistent and purposeful,” Grant states. “You’ll get turned down more than accepted and for that reason the right attitude is a must.” Red Fox Properties partners with Cal Max Properties and Suncoast Nova. Together, they work with a common purpose of providing honest, transparent representation to their Orange County clients, and remaining true to their core values.

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Turning Life’s Lessons Into A Successful Career “You cannot overestimate the importance of putting together a team with common goals, complimentary skills and wide business experience,” he says. “Having the opportunity to find this mix has made all the difference. The individual strengths of our team members are complimentary. We fit. And the collective wisdom is better than the sum of its parts.”

true – surround yourself with honest, hardworking people and something good will happen.”

Kristin Boyd, a fellow Realtor® who has worked with Grant in the past, says he turns potentially difficult deals into win-win situations for clients. “We have successfully closed many transactions together and every one of them has been seamless and very timely,” Boyd says on Grant’s LinkedIn page. “Grant is a strong leader and an innovative forward thinker. His ability to solve problems and follow market trends makes him a very solid real estate professional.” She added that Grant’s “high level of ethics and strong communication skills are an unmatched treasure in this industry that does not always carry the best reputation.” Grant’s pragmatic, disciplined work ethic comes natural for him. He learned about hard work from his father, who taught him that he will find rewards if he works hard and is genuinely caring and honest with people. Surrounding yourself with a strong team also makes a difference, he says. “Success is best when achieved through collaborative efforts. The best part of my day is listening to people, working and interacting with others in the business, specifically those driven to succeed,” Grant says. “The adage is



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Grant honed his teamwork skills in college and in the military. He earned a degree in engineering from Lafayette College in 1985 then became an officer in the U.S. Navy. After his military career, Grant went to work at PepsiCo and Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream. He also worked with small businesses and start-ups. “I have enjoyed every twist and turn,” he says. Grant is comfortable with where he is in his career, the culmination of a lifetime of lessons, experiences, achievements and, of course, inevitable disappointments. But he’s quick to note he did not arrive where he is by himself. Like the lessons he learned from his father while growing up, the knowledge and discipline he gained studying engineering in college and serving in the Navy, along with the business skills at companies large and small, today Grant finds support and encouragement from the most important people in his life – his family.

“I am nothing without my family support system: Amy, my wonderful wife of 24 years, and our two beautiful daughters -- Emma, a sophomore in high school, and Whitney, a senior at the University of Alabama. “In the end, success boils down to making the most of every opportunity you are given,” he says. “You only go through this life once. You owe it to yourself to make the most of it. I like the idea that a job should have a benevolent component. Our investors give generously to their churches and charities. When there is a greater purpose to your efforts, your job takes on a whole new meaning.” “My mother has a favorite saying that has guided me in my adult life: ‘Now, go live your good life.’ I try to honor that every day.”

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