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CINDY HANSON Executive Agent of the Month

C INDY H ANSON Luxury Home Specialist By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer


ith unwavering focus and laser sharp determination, Cindy Hanson has proven that strength and grace go hand in hand. An intelligent and diligent professional she consistently meets challenges head-on, never losing sight of her end goal and working tirelessly to achieve it. She is creative, well-spoken and

humble, an accomplished agent who places the needs of her clients at the forefront of her actions. Cindy displayed tenacity and dedication at an early age: studying the piano at four years old, she applied an uncanny sense of discipline and tenacity to her daily practice. She was gifted, and was soon competing and performing on a regular basis. In her early teens it became evident to her parents that her homeland of Taiwan didn’t offer the scope of opportunities that would allow her to blossom into her musical potential, so Cindy’s parents made the brave decision to send her and her younger brother to live in New York while they remained at home. “That was tough,” acknowledges Cindy, who at 16 was living alone in a new country, raising her younger brother. The duo had family nearby, but lived alone in a modest condo in the city. Though they arrived in the U.S. with limited English, Cindy and her brother dedicated themselves to their studies. Cindy was awarded a scholarship to Juilliard and went on to earn a Bachelor of Piano Performance from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. She furthered her studies at the University of Southern California, earning a Master of Music Education as a two-time recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship. Cindy was teaching elementary school music when she was introduced to real estate by a friend who encouraged her to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book, which advocates financial independence through real estate, entrepreneurship and investing, made an indelible impact. “It changed my life, my whole point of view,” recalls Cindy. “I began to pursue education and to acquire investment properties.” As a hands-on investor she became the go-to resource for friends and colleagues, who appreciated her knowledge and information. “I realized that, instead of offering advice to people on how to interview other agents, I had the skills and passion to help them myself,” Cindy says. She earned her license in 2007 and launched her career with her signature work ethic and determination.

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ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Fiona Tang (Marketing Strategist), Cindy and Douglas Hanson Her first year in the industry was a challenging one; the market had shifted and conditions were worsening. She persevered despite the obstacles, maintaining a focus on her goal. “I attended classes, held open houses and built the skills I needed to succeed,” recalls Cindy. “I knew I had made the right move.” Her business grew consistently, and has continued to increase. With each year, she says, she achieves new levels of production. “It’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy this,” Cindy enthuses. She is naturally oriented to seek out solutions to challenges, and this proactive sense of optimism is a foundational component of Cindy’s success. Her aim is to assist clients, to understand their unique wants and needs and to establish plans of action designed to achieve their distinct goals. Her professionalism is tempered by an easy demeanor; she relates well to a range of individuals and adapts her approach and communication style to match their preferences. “It’s about respecting and valuing others,” Cindy explains. “When you truly understand what is driving people, you’re better able to identify the best ways to help them.”

Cindy, who specializes in luxury homes in Irvine and Orange County, is well-versed in a range of markets and transactions. She works with a diverse clientele spanning all stages of the real estate spectrum, from first-time buyers to international investors. Her solid communication skills, exceptional customer service and business acumen contribute to her professional success. Her commitment to ongoing education is reflected in an array of industry designations: Cindy is a certified member of CLHMSCertified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and of KW Luxury Home Division, and has pursued accreditation as a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), she is also an active member within her professional associations as well as Business Network International. As a former educator, Cindy adheres to the philosophy that knowledge is power; by providing her clients with the information and resources they need to make the right decisions, she reinforces the trust that they place in her abilities. “I believe in the value of consulting with others,” she explains. “My clients are intelligent, competent. I’m here to facilitate an experience that is as smooth as possible, and that guides them to their short- and long-term goals.”

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Fluent in Mandarin and English, Cindy has tapped into an international clientele that hails from China, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore, India, Korea and England. Her local knowledge and experience allows her to represent clients throughout Orange County with confidence and clarity; she is wellconnected within the real estate community and continues to expand her collegial network. “There are times, particularly within the high-end and luxury home community, that buyers and sellers want a more private transaction,” she explains. Creative marketing through peer-based channels may be the ideal opportunity for those individuals for whom the traditional sales and purchase process is not an option, and Cindy has established the industry relationships necessary to facilitate these unique types of transactions. Her professional dedication is unwavering, yet Cindy finds time to pursue outside interests. She continues to perform on the piano, playing weekly in church services at the University United Methodist Church. “Music will always be in my life,” she smiles. “It’s a part of me.” Cindy also enjoys spending time with her husband, whose loving support she credits for much of her professional success. “I have a great family life, which gives me tremendous peace of mind,” she explains. “This allows me to better focus on the issues impacting my clients.” If her life was a musical score, the workin-progress would undoubtedly be a complex melody, subtle yet strong, a harmonious mélange of complimentary notes and chords that would inspire a sense of well-being and joy. This is the heart of Cindy Hanson, a professional whose positivity is uplifting and inspiring.

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Cindy Hanson Keller Williams Realty 2 San Joaquin Plaza, Ste. 150 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Telephone: 714.425.1127 DRE # 01788291

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