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Christian Fuentes Executive Agent of the Month



Written by Haley Freeman - Ian Wiant Photographer

ward-winning Realtor® and co-owner of RE/MAX Top Producers in Diamond Bar, Christian Fuentes, has this message about prospering in life and real estate: “Success is Contagious.”

sell an average of 140 homes a year. Our concept was to share everything I do and help agents create a system to build their businesses, and then build teams so they could do even more business.”

His own journey to real estate success began at age 21. He was working in retail and going to school, when his father signed him up for a real estate appraisal course. That introduction to the industry sparked his interest, and he went on to work as an assistant to a successful husband and wife real estate team. “I started at the bottom and learned from good people. I was fortunate to have two mentors who taught me the best way to run a real estate business. Once I got my license, I became a buyer’s agent. As I learned about coaching, I started doing a higher volume of business and began building a team.”

When agents join the company, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Christian focuses on skill-building, taking time to sit down with each individual and mastermind results around their goals, the things they are already doing and the things that are missing. He provides them with a blueprint for success in the form of proven business systems they can easily realize for themselves.

After eight years of hard work and perseverance, Christian met his wife, partner and inspiration, Jeannette. He moved his team to RE/MAX and ultimately founded his own franchise, RE/MAX Top Producers. He began the franchise seven years ago with four agents, and with Jeannette’s help, it has grown to nearly 170 agents across three offices.

Christian also provides ongoing support to help agents implement his systems and remain motivated. His mantra, “Success is Contagious,” is emblazoned on the office wall. “Ever since we opened, it’s been one of my hashtags. I believe we will be an average of the five people we surround ourselves with most, so I make it a point to surround myself with other successful, top-producing agents. Other offices have a lot of negativity and drama, but we don’t allow that here. We want to maintain great energy and a team environment where we can all grow together.”

From the outset, Christian and Jeannette set out to create a culture of positivity and growth. “When we opened up, our mission was to open an office where I could help mentor agents, and we could all share with each other. Jeannette and I lead by example. It’s rare to see an office owner who does a lot of production, but my team and I

With Christian’s help, agents are consistently increasing their production, doubling and even tripling the size of their businesses. “When people see other agents doing well, they think, ‘If that guy is doing it, why can’t I? What are they doing that I need to do?’ That’s how positive thinking rubs off.”

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His personal production team, the Christian Fuentes Dream Team, is made up of three assistants and seven other agents. Christian’s own business centers primarily on seller representation, while his team assists buyers. He and Jeannette are also investors, and together, they have purchased and flipped more than 300 homes. “My role is to pretty much help clients sell and get the highest market value possible by making sure the home is prepared to show at its best. Because of my background in rehabbing and flipping, I can help sellers prepare their homes for market. I have design experience, do staging, and have contractors who can do work at competitive prices. Whether they are doing a complete remodel or just looking for inexpensive ways to make the home look better, I can give them the advice and the tools they need to get it

done. Then I provide professional photography and video, so when potential buyers see the property, they fall in love with it.” Generating buzz around a property means generating multiple offers. The natural result is that Christian consistently sells homes at record prices. Several years ago, Christian and Jeannette began creating videos about how to flip homes successfully, and they have built a substantial YouTube video library. After being featured in an “LA Times” article, they were approached about creating a television show. They are currently in production on a house flipping show, FEARLESS FIX that will air on HGTV a major television network.

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“Success is Contagious”

Overall, Christian says that success isn’t magical; it’s a matter of being good at the basics. “I’ve seen the industry change a lot over the years, with technology offering us ways to do things faster and more efficiently. But the basics never change: meeting people, getting on the phone, giving great customer service, looking after your clients’ best interests, and doing an amazing job so they refer more people. People are the reason we do this job. That’s where the business comes from.” Christian has also learned the importance of placing life’s priorities in the right order: God, family, health, business. He keeps a disciplined personal routine that

gives attention to each of these concerns. “I wake up early each morning and take time to pray, think and meditate before heading to the gym. Then I check in with work and email, and Jeannette and I spend time having breakfast with the kids before I drop them off at school. After that, I go to the office where I am completely focused on what needs to be done for the day. By building the right habits and routines, I get more done and can work a half day on Friday. People always put work first and then try to fit their personal life around their business. That’s the wrong way of doing it. When you’re happier, you’re more productive. You have to put your family in your schedule, and don’t compromise.”

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Changing Lives For The Better Giving back is another priority in Christian’s life. He is a member of the national board of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). “Our mission is to sustain Hispanic home ownership, and we are big on empowering and educating real estate professionals.” Together, Christian and his office generate tens of thousands of dollars each year for charitable causes, and they have been repeatedly recognized with the Children’s Miracle Network Award for Top Fundraiser Event of the Year. They also provide an annual scholarship to Chino Hills High School.

breathe real estate, and I look forward to doing it again each day. I’m so fortunate to have found the right partner and to have Jeannette with me through the journey. Everything took off when I got married and we began building something for our children, Alexa and Liam. We started at the bottom, and by learning every day and surrounding ourselves with the right people, we have built something we can share with others. I want people to know that it’s possible to change your life through real estate.”

If Christian’s success is contagious, it is also incurable, as he continues to grow his community of flourishing agents and prospering clients. “I love what I do. I eat, sleep and

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