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Beau Beardslee Executive Agent of the Month


Beau Beardslee “Defender of the American Dream”


Written by Haley Freeman - Photography by Ian Wiant

eau Beardslee remembers exactly where he was on September 11, 2001. He stood on his high school football field during practice that day, looking into the sky with the certainty that he would be going to war. “I was really distraught over what had happened. Then I went into a recruiting station, and the first thing I said was, ‘What do I need to do to get into the fight?’” Beau joined the U.S. Army Infantry to be on the front line, and he was deployed to Iraq from 2006 to 2007. During the invasion of Ramadi, his unit worked in tandem with Navy Seals in a door-to-door sweep of the city, searching for insurgents. “We had to be so disciplined,”

he says. “Complacency would have killed us. We had to remain on high alert and pay attention to detail to do our job and stay alive.” After his honorable discharge in 2008, Beau returned home to beautiful Orange County full of gratitude for the privilege of living in this country. “I saw evil and the worse face of humanity my first day in combat, and I saw the turmoil the tribes were living in. Coming home to Orange County, I realized that I got to live in this amazing State. I had earned my right to say I’m an American and to have the American Dream.”

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Beau jumped into action as soon as he returned to civilian life. He enrolled in Saddleback College, joined its nationally ranked football team, and began working full time as a property analyst for a real estate investment group. He eventually completed his pre-law degree at Concordia University with a goal of becoming a real estate attorney. His twin brother encouraged him to begin selling real estate instead. Recently married to his wife, Katie, and determined to succeed, Beau immediately took the exam and passed. He joined First Team Real Estate with a goal of selling 12 homes in his first year -- and he doubled it. “It’s just a matter of being out there doing the work day in and day

out. My broker and manager, Mark Kojac, felt like another combat leader. He basically said, ‘This is the standard. Do what I say, and you will sell houses.’ All I did was follow his orders, and it worked.” Beau sums up his business philosophy with the words, “Keep boots on the ground, and always move forward. The attention to detail I learned in the infantry affects my business as a civilian in a huge way. I’m always willing to do the grunt work, the work other agents don’t want to do, and not take the easy way out. In the end, attention to detail can make a big difference to a buyer or seller. All those little things add up to a great experience, or a poor one.”

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Attentive, Knowledgeable, Ethical Beau’s approach to open houses well demonstrates his service philosophy. He goes the extra mile to create a memorable event and puts in a full eight-hour day of interacting with visitors. “I don’t know why Realtors® say they’re going to sell the most expensive asset you own, and then only keep the store open for three hours. Of the 10,000 open houses happening in Orange County on a given Saturday, not one is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. That’s a jaw drop for my clients. When someone hires me to sell their greatest asset, I make it a production. I drop invitations in the neighborhood, and on the day of the event, I start early in the morning putting out signs. I get there early, and I stay late. That’s how I generate the most numbers.” In general, Beau says it’s the hardest things that get the best results in business. That’s why he is careful about delegating seemingly menial tasks. “It’s important to

stay humble, or you’ll stop doing what actually works. It’s good when people see you out putting up your own signs and dropping your own invitations. In an infantry squad, nobody is above or below any type of work, and you all depend on each other. I try to keep that grunt mentality.” Much of Beau’s business is focused in coastal South Orange County. His legal education is a benefit to clients in this affluent community where high-stakes real estate transactions are common. He is adept at reading and writing contracts, and discerning the pitfalls. He is also a skilled negotiator who zealously advocates for his clients’ best interests. “I believe I have three jobs for clients: To save you money; to make you money; and to protect you. So often people just look at the making money part. But with all three legs, the stool can stand.”

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Clients consistently describe Beau as attentive, knowledgeable and ethical, giving him five stars for his service. One said: “Beau was a huge help to us throughout the buying and selling process. He assisted us in selling our home in less than 30 days for the value we wanted. He also negotiated a rent-back, allowing us to stay in the house for as long as we needed to find just the right house. He then helped us purchase our new home and walked us through all the ups and downs of negotiating repairs and ensuring they were done correctly. He was easily accessible throughout the process and always made time to help us out when we needed it! We would absolutely recommend Beau as an honest, ethical, and genuinely great Realtor® to work with!” Another shared: “I have been working with Beau for two years. In that short time, he found me a home under market value and sold my personal home (unlisted at the time) for the highest price per square foot. His commitment to service and ethics is unmatched by his peers. I am very particular with whom I choose to work with when it comes to buying and selling real estate, and I would give Beau my highest recommendation.”

Family is at the center of Beau’s American Dream, and he and Katie recently welcomed their first child, Chloe Joy. “I am the youngest of five kids raised by a single mom who worked hard to provide for us in Orange County. Our church rallied around us, and other people blessed my family by helping her pay bills or help us play sports. We never had much, and it became a driving force for me to succeed as I got older. In Katie’s awesome, supportive way, she drove me. I wouldn’t have my American Dream without her. When she was pregnant, I prayed that our little girl would have her spirit. I told Katie, ‘I want to name her Joy, after you. If one word describes you, it’s joy.’ She and her family have brought such joy and lightheartedness to my life. Now we have Chloe Joy, and she has her mom’s joy. She is giggling and laughing all the time. She’s a little Katie, and I love it.” This defender of the American Dream has a heart of service. And his life has come full circle, as he is helping others achieve the extraordinary life he fought to preserve.

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