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contents APRIL, 2012

VOL. 2 NO.4

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12 - Linda Brakeall: Higher Realtor® Production Starts With Hiring Right

26 - Mark Hunter: Shut-Up And Sell!

22 - Denise Lones: The Key To Being Predictably Lucrative

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31 - Jim Rohn: Doing The Remarkable


32 - Chris Widener: 5 Dane Chapin & Brad Termini Zephyr Partners

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Cover Story

Dane Chapin Brad Termini

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

A Solid Force

Brad Termini & Dane Chapin


explore his entrepreneurial interests and launch his own residential building company. A meeting with Dane Chapin solidified his plans; Zephyr Partners became the solution to a challenged marketplace. Dane’s entrepreneurialism has driven him in a number of highly successful professional ventures. The San Diego native delved into real estate development as a recent college graduate, cultivating a partnership with an established investor who recognized his tenacity and drive. “Before I knew it, we had expanded from a seven-unit apartment complex into nearly ten additional projects,” he recalls. “We built throughout West LA.” A challenged economy impacted their opportunities, and

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photography

s winds of change continue to impact the real estate market throughout California and beyond, turbulent times have affected the way homes are built, bought and sold. Zephyr Partners has emerged as a solid force, a fresh breeze bearing with it the promise of a bright and balanced future. Zephyr Partners is committed to building high-quality, compelling homes nestled in desirable boutique communities. The firm is

a young one, though its principles reveal that experience is the foundation upon which the thriving business has been built. “I grew up in real estate,” explains partner Brad Termini. A native of Western New York, he relocated to the warm shores of San Diego and garnered a management role with one of the region’s largest private development and home building firms. As the real estate market shifted, Brad recognized an opportunity to

Dane found himself looking for a new venture. In 1994 he founded USAOPOLY, a business that has cultivated long-standing relationships with Fortune 500 companies including Hasbro as well as a host of high-profile organizations.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


From the onset, Brad and Dane held a concise and unified vision of what Zephyr Partners would offer. “We began with a fundamental assumption that home buyers, particularly in today’s market, are educated individuals with established expectations,” Dane says. “Exceptional quality and great value are non-negotiable elements in new home construction.” Housing a seasoned team of subcontractors, vendors and employees, Zephyr Partners was able to establish itself with its first community and has maintained the highest standards of production and client care with each new project. Zephyr Partners has committed not only to providing distinct, high-quality housing, but also to ensuring that clients experience top-notch care throughout the course of their builds and beyond. The firm works closely with home buyers as well as real estate professionals, cultivating solid and productive relationships. Notes Brad, “We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with agents, with whom we work closely to ensure that their clients’ needs are consistently being met. We also offer great incentives for real estate professionals, who benefit tremendously from our available inventory.”

Zephyr Partners understands that property speculation can often lead to lost deals; consumers have ready access to customizable homes in stunning communities that are currently being marketed and sold. Paseo La Jolla is a luxury enclave townhome community designed to complement a vibrant lifestyle. Featuring classic coastal architecture, Paseo La Jolla inspires downtown strolls, deck top dining and enjoying a wealth of amenities including shops, dining and galleries. The residences at Paseo La Jolla are open, airy and inviting, and are built with thoughtful attention to impeccable interior details and features. A stunning city with over three miles of beaches, numerous parks, many recreational activities and restaurants, Oceanside proved an ideal setting for Zephyr Partners’ Panorama Ridge II community. Custom single story floor plans lend themselves to families and social entertaining, while designs artfully incorporate usable space and ambient light in order to maximize ambiance and aesthetics. Its proximity makes the community of Panorama Ridge II ideal for recreational endeavors and active lifestyles.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“While each community boasts its own unique ambiance, there are signature elements that define Zephyr Partners homes.” Contemporary design and clean lines prevail within the residences at Mesa del Sol, a single-family home community nestled in the “Jewel of the Hills,” La Mesa. The city’s idyllic climate and balanced amenities attract a range of individuals, and Mesa del Sol is an exceptional place to call home. Floor plans are designed for comfortable elegance, with classic and timeless spaces. Zephyr Partners’ projects are designed by top architects throughout San Diego County, who are hand-selected for each distinct community. “We

work with professionals who are known for a certain architectural style, pairing them with the neighborhoods where their designs will make sense,” says Brad. And while each community boasts its own unique ambiance, there are signature elements that define Zephyr Partners homes. “Every home we produce is highly amenitized and features exceptional construction quality,” states Dane. “Zephyr Partners homes are not only beautiful and functional structures, they are also priced in accordance to today’s market values.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

The experience of purchasing a new home is a complex one; for many, the process of selecting finishes and colors can become tedious and challenging. Even with on-site showrooms, new home buyers may find themselves overwhelmed by the myriad of options and combinations. Zephyr Partners utilizes a user-friendly software program that allows for complete home customization on a home computer. “There are thousands of finishes and amenities available in our homes,” notes Brad. “With our software, buyers can explore floor plans and design details, price out their options, and create their dream home before ever meeting with our designer. It’s a great tool for couples, who have the opportunity to come to terms with home elements that will meet everyone’s criteria.”

company’s success. Both Brad and Dane are intimately involved in all aspects of their business, communicating with architects, designers and subcontractors as well as their internal personnel and clientele. Unlike traditional nationally-branded builders they are accessible and available, active members of the communities in which they live, work and build. Brad, Dane and their Zephyr Partners team look forward to continued thoughtful growth throughout California. The organization enthusiastically awaits ongoing opportunities to develop productive relationships with area real estate professionals, and to providing their home buyers with tangible representations of their property needs.

The team of professionals at Zephyr Partners collaborates to ensure that clients enjoy a consistently positive experience, and that real estate agents are treated as valuable colleagues who are instrumental to the ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Brad Termini & Dane Chapin Zephyr Partners 11750 Sorrento Valley Road, Ste. 130 San Diego, CA 92121 Telephone: 858.348.7672 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Higher Realtor® Production Starts with Hiring Right By Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, SB

t is difficult, almost impossible, to predict success among any commissioned sales people and Realtors® are no exception. Over the years I have been involved with creating some sales predictor tests and I think I have used every one that has ever been published, but I have yet to find one that is more than 50% reliable. And most are far less accurate than that!


in 4 years, chances are they will be 5 companies in 5 years. Do you want to be the 5th company? I don’t. It takes too long to get them up to speed. Why would you do that to yourself or to the people who work with you? Every time someone leaves the whole office grieves. (Occasionally the office cheers, but obviously THAT was a hiring mistake, too!)

Some people will sell well working for certain managers, but not for others. Some will sell well under a particular given set of circumstances, (a friend of mine was the top appliance salesman at Sears when he was 16 because his father had recently died and Jerry had to support the family. He tells me he has never again sold as well. Joan sold 3 million dollars in residential real estate a year when managed by Russ. She never sold a single house for me… or for anyone else!) Some you can’t start and some you can’t stop!

LOOK FOR: People who want to expand, to improve or to move up to the next logical step on the professional ladder.

Predicting success for any given person at any given time is tough. But you know what is really simple? To figure out who will NOT succeed. It finally occurred to me that if I merely eliminated those who were highly unlikely to succeed, based on my own particular experiences, (and everyone is different!) that I would immeasurably improve the odds on finding successful salespeople in those who remained. If you are a manager of Realtors® you can look back over the past year or so and analyze why those who failed did so. It will not be the same for all, but some common denominators will quickly emerge. Your list may be different than mine, but here are some of the eliminators for me. I will never again hire a commissioned salesperson who is in crisis, change or flux. Examples: Newly married, newly widowed or newly divorced. Usually these people are so very concerned with their own personal lives --good or bad -- that they really aren’t “there” at work! LOOK FOR: People who are stable, well-adjusted and are looking for a new challenge that will enhance their life, not BE their life! Look for people who have support at home. This is not the easiest job in the world and if the family is not “on the team”, that player won’t be on your team next year! I will never again hire a job hopper. No matter what the excuse or reason. If they’ve been with 4 companies 12

I will never again hire a gossip. My Momma used to say that small people talk about people, average people talk about things, and exceptional people discuss ideas. Even at a first interview you can identify a gossip. He or she tends to tell you all about their own and others’ personal data, habits and foibles. Spare me! If they gossip at the interview with YOU, someone they are supposed to impress, what do you think will go on over coffee in the kitchen? LOOK FOR: People who will share ideas about where the industry will be in the next five years, how they think technology is going to serve lending or ideas for improving or finding business! I will never again hire a salesperson who does not have a track record of success. When asked about their successes, they (the success-free people) would say: “Well, gee, I’ve never done anything very important.” Trust me, that will not change. People who have repeatedly not made the grade doing ANYTHING are not good candidates for success! LOOK FOR: Any signs of success. Success in sales would obviously be your first choice but I’ve hired many “soccer Moms” who had previously run the PTA, or had been a successful officer of local civic or social organizations. They often told me stories (with prompting) about projects they had organized, money they had raised, goals they had met, changes they had orchestrated. Selling homes is all about people skills, some financial acumen, good organization and time management skills. Soccer Moms and other unlikely sources often have those skills. I will never again hire anyone who does not have an aptitude for numbers & technology. It is downright embarrassing to see a Realtor® who cannot compute payments, figure closing costs or able to use a computer to find listings.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


LOOK FOR: People who do not run in horror from a calculator or a computer. They may not be fully competent in those areas now, but they have to be willing to learn and show some ability. TEST! I will never again hire anyone who is late for the interview. I know that sounds hard, and maybe petty, but my experience has been if they will not bend over backwards to make a good impression up front, it will not improve. LOOK FOR: People who are not only on time, but also well dressed and well groomed. These are the folks who will be representing you out there in the community. I will never again hire anyone who cannot hold an easily flowing conversation at the interview. If they can’t talk with you, can they talk with buyers or sellers? Enough said. I will never again hire anyone who has a lousy attitude, or whines. PMA (for positive mental attitude) had become a platitude but as a manager you cannot change someone’s attitude. No one can. I don’t care how great their skill and or how high their production looks, they are simply too expensive to have around an office. I had a good producer that I once inherited who either intimidated, aggravated or infuriated everyone in the office. I kept her for about 6 months before I bit the bullet and fired her,

thinking my bottom line would plummet when her 3.5 million in volume walked out the door. The remaining salespeople immediately picked up the slack and then some. She had depressed us all and we (including ME!) had not been working up to capacity because we had to deal with HER. Once she left it was a happier, more productive office. Yes, you can change their actions, but you CANNOT change their attitude and bad attitudes are contagious and deadly. LOOK FOR: A cheerful disposition, a positive outlook, and a smile! A sociologist friend when asked if the glass was half-empty or half-full said they only intelligent answer was: “Yes”. At the risk of sounding less than intelligent, I’d still rather work with the half-full folks! That’s my list, what’s on yours? Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, is a nationally recognized expert in sales and marketing for Realtors®. Linda, a Realtor® for 13 years, three of which were as an award wining sales person, spent the next ten years as a manager and corporate trainer. She has been speaking professionally speaking, training and consulting since 1992. For info about Linda, please contact The Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or email susie@;

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Top 1% in the Nation, Multi-Million Dollar Producer Over 1,600 Homes Sold Unsurpassed Customer Satisfaction into sales, it wasn’t long before she realized she had found her calling.

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

he is cultured, worldly, and accomplished; real estate professional Cesi Pagano’s unique background allows her to successfully navigate the challenges of real estate for a diverse and savvy clientele. Her attention to detail is impeccable, her commitment to success unwavering. When Cesi sets her sights on a goal- whether it’s hers or a client’s – there’s no stopping her.


Cesi launched her real estate career after earning a degree in Architecture with a minor in Interior Design from Cal Poly Pomona. Though she intended to forge a professional path as an architect, an internship opportunity changed her course. “I realized that my heart was really in the building side,” she recalls. Tenacity drove her to explore that passion, and Cesi obtained a corporate position with a respected home builder. The work afforded her an insider’s understanding of the homebuilding process and allowed her to maximize her creativity and disciplined work ethic. Those skills weren’t lost on her employer, who eventually convinced Cesi to accept a position as a new home sales associate. Though she acknowledges that she was initially reluctant to move

Employing a consultative and collaborative role, Cesi discovered that she had the solid interpersonal skills necessary to make a significant difference in the lives of her clients. “I’ve never focused on being a salesperson,” she explains. “Instead, I’m driven to meet my clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.” After nearly 15 years in new home sales the time was right to pursue a new challenge. Cesi delved into the resale market, though she maintained professional relationships with a number of area builders. Today Cesi maintains her own thriving clientele as a listing specialist, continues to work with builders, and leads a team of professionals known as The Cesi Pagano Team. “After assisting hundreds of home buyers with their dreams of home ownership, I developed a team who specializes in servicing buyers so that I could focus on my listing expertise,” she explains. Highly competitive and driven to succeed, she maximizes her competitive nature and hands-on approach to business in order to consistently capitalize on opportunities within the marketplace. She is candid in her reflections of the industry’s economic challenges. “I can honestly say that the market hasn’t impacted my business volume or production,” Cesi reveals. “I have been fortunate to earn a clientele that is comprised of approximately ninety eight percent repeat and referral customers, and have maintained a steady flow despite market trends.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


The Cesi Pagano Team Years of industry experience have allowed Cesi to navigate the often tumultuous waters of a cyclical marketplace. In keeping with the ongoing needs of today’s clientele, she has adapted her business accordingly. “I’m not focusing on any particular niche market,” she explains. “I believe that a well-rounded real estate professional is the ideal resource for clients who may become impacted by trends and changes.” To that end Cesi has mastered the short sale process, which allows her to work with distressed homeowners as well as investors. She lists homes at every level of real estate, from high-end and luxury properties to comfortable residences ideal for first-time and move-up buyers. Though she maintains her own book of business, Cesi has a notable influence in the transactions completed by her team members as well. “We have become highly systematized in order to provide every client with a consistent experience regardless of which agent he or she works with,” she notes. “This allows our team members to collaborate and readily accomplish their clients’ goals without compromising their level of service.” Cesi’s dynamic approach to business has earned her recognition and respect throughout the real estate community and beyond. The award-winning top producer has been tapped to speak at seminars and conventions, in

webinars, and on the well-regarded radio business show Critical Mass. An accomplished businesswoman and mother of three, Cesi creates balance in life by spending time with her children and staying active. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, she loves to travel and journeys annually to Europe. Cesi exudes professionalism and enthusiasm, and is optimistic about the opportunities that await. Her clientcentric attitude drives her ongoing goals. “I want every client to complete a transaction feeling that my team and I were there every step of the way,” she asserts. “Despite the transitioning market, we are here to facilitate a process that is as seamless and stress-free as possible, working to achieve each client’s goals and dreams in a timely and efficient manner.” Cesi Pagano Keller Williams Realty 27101 Puerta Real #150 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Telephone: 949.370.0819 Email:

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Champions Get Up Each And Every Day


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


By Dirk Zeller


ne of the secrets to success is the ability to hold on a little longer than the next guy. To be willing to take a little more rejection, a little more hardship, and a little more temporary failure over time. Ultimately, to be successful you have to know how to survive setbacks and failure. In the end, failure is not fatal. Lying there and wallowing in it is fatal, but getting up and accepting it as a temporary setback forges a new beginning. Failure can sometimes feel fatal, but it never is. In my sales career I have had far more “no’s” than “yes’s”; the “no’s” out number the “yes’s” twenty or thirty to one. If I had focused on the twenty or thirty “no’s” instead of the one “yes” I would have quit. Too often we focus on the wrong thing. We fixate on the “no” rather than anticipate the “yes”. We must position ourselves with people to give them every opportunity to say “yes” to us. We have to ask and ask and then ask again, so we gain the “yes” we want. We have to be willing to attend and graduate the “University of Failure” to eventually receive our doctorate in success. No one has ever achieved long lasting success without the “University of Failure” degree. We don’t begin as a success.

“To be successful, you have to know how to survive setbacks and failure.” Let me give you a few rules of failure. Learning and applying these will better prepare you for your success. Temporary failures are not bad: If we mentally focus on bad events, that is what we will create more of. In the end, failure is neither good nor bad. When Thomas Edison’s wonderful compound of laboratories and buildings burnt to the ground he did two things. First he told his sons to get his wife because she would never see another fire like this in her lifetime. Second, he realized that all his failures had been burned away. He had a clean slate in front of him.

To take advantage of a lesson, you must fully learn it. That means that we must review and analyze all the failures and setbacks we experience. Most of us want to merely forget them or cover them up. This puts us in a pattern to repeat them again. Treat each failure as a lesson. In school if you don’t learn your lesson you don’t graduate. Make sure you learn the lessons that failure is trying to teach you. Treat each failure as a lesson bringing you closer to success. By learning how not to do something, you are exponentially closer to learning how to do it. In the end, failure is never final. We all fail and fall down. We all come up short of the mark in life. It’s whether we decide to stay there or learn and move forward that makes us a success. Tackle the opportunity that your setbacks and failures bring you everyday. Create a daily mindset of opportunity in each setback. Your choice is to either stay down or get up. Champions get up each and every day. Dirk Zeller, President of Real Estate Champions, is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. He has developed a system that takes “regular” agents and “regular” managers and transforms them into “top gun” agents and managers. Dirk’s coaching systems are built around his incredible success in the 90’s as one of the top agents in all of North America. He closed over 150 transactions annually while working Monday through Thursday and taking Friday, Saturday & Sunday off. Copyright© 2005, Dirk Zeller. All rights reserved. For information about Dirk’s Keynote presentations, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG (3764) or email susie@;


At the end of the day, week, month, or year it’s what you do with the set back that makes it good or bad. Failure is merely a lesson.

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Nancy Anderson Gateway Funding ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Your Partner in Home Financing By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


or nearly three decades, mortgage professional Nancy Anderson has cultivated a thorough knowledge of the lending industry as a whole. She entered the banking/mortgage banking industry after earning a degree in Economics, gaining invaluable experience as she built her career from the ground up. Nancy found her niche as a loan officer/mortgage planner, a position that allows her to establish productive relationships with her clientele and to assist them in achieving their long - and short-term financial goals. From first-time buyers to high-end homeowners, she provides sound solutions to the challenges facing today’s real estate consumers. She also partners readily with real estate agents and is skilled at working with builders and developers, who appreciate her knowledge and professionalism. Nancy employs a consultative role with her clientele, offering responsive communication tailored to each customer’s needs. Experience has impacted her proactive approach; she is highly adept at discovering potential challenges, identifying methods of resolution, and strategizing manners to implement corrective actions. “Issues do arise, but my aim is to discover the most effective ways to resolve them,” she explains. “Ultimately, we’re all working to achieve positive outcomes and to successfully close transactions.” When working with consumers Nancy is patient and objective. The process of obtaining a loan, she notes, can be emotionally charged even for the most savy investor. Establishing a comprehensive understanding of each client’s motivations, she says, can make a difference. “So often there is a sense of apprehension or stress associated with the lending process,” she observes. “I believe that if you’re going to do business with someone, especially a significant transaction like the purchase of a home, you should know who you’re working with.” While she utilizes technological tools in order to facilitate ongoing communication with clients, Nancy reveals that there is no substitute for one-on-one meetings. “When you’re able to put a face with a name you move beyond numbers and into the heart of the transaction,” she says. “This allows me to better comprehend my clients’ wants, needs and expectations.” Collegial relationships are also driven by solid communication; Nancy establishes an understanding of how her professional partners conduct business, and adapts accordingly. “I’m available to assist real estate agents and builders in any way I can,” she

states. “I truly value the opportunity to facilitate the success of other industry specialists.” Nancy joined Gateway Funding in 2012, and notes that the mid-sized mortgage banker is poised to meet the changing needs of an evolving marketplace. “Gateway Funding is working with clients across the country, but has created a business model that offers decentralized, local services,” she explains. “Processing, underwriting and funding are handled within branch offices, which is a logical and clientcentric approach to lending.” With transactions becoming increasingly complex, she adds, Gateway Funding’s investment in customer satisfaction is a refreshing approach. “It speaks volumes to the company’s commitment to its clients,” says Nancy. “Gateway Funding is differentiating itself from big banks by providing personalized service that’s driven by its customers’ needs. The result is consistently smoother and more efficient transactions.” Throughout the course of her career, Nancy has had the opportunity to focus on a range of positions including branch management. Though she spent a good part of her career in management overseeing branches with 50 plus employees who boasted upwards of $600 million in annual production, she reveals that she prefers the challenges and excitement of working directly with her own clientele. “In my industry you meet people from every walk of life, from different cultures and professions,” she reflects. “The commonality is that everyone needs a home, and I get to be a part of making that happen.” Nancy appreciates the opportunity to continue to build relationships with consumers, real estate professionals and builders. She remains committed to ongoing education, staying abreast of industry changes and trends in order to consistently provide each client with the highest level of knowledgeable care. Nancy Anderson - Senior Loan Officer Gateway Funding 11682 El Camino Real, Suite 250 San Diego, CA 92130 Telephone: 619.417.0407 Email: Nancy Martin - NMLS #304942

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The Key To Being Predictably Lucrative By Denise Lones


hat’s the Number One thing real estate agents don’t like about the business? Time and again I hear the same answer: The unpredictability of


But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a rampant delusion out there that real estate is a “feast or famine” business. Every day agents say, “I don’t know if I’ll be making any money in March because of the fluctuations in the market.” If you’ve ever said anything even remotely similar, I have a question for you:

Self-Control! The most successful agents are not necessarily the best salespeople, or the most outgoing. They are the ones with the most self-control. Self-control governs success. It ensures you do things consistently over time. The size of your goals doesn’t matter. The length of your business plan doesn’t matter. What you do is what matters. So what are the keys to Self-Control? 1. Say YES.

If this is true, then how is it that I know many agents who turn business away because they don’t have time to handle it all? It’s not market conditions. Up or down, these agents have a steady stream of buyers and sellers. And no matter where the market is this time next year, I guarantee it will be the same for them. So what’s their secret? Is it a “killer” marketing software program? Is it “power” sales tactics that use verbal mastery to sweet talk people? Is it tons of expensive advertising? It’s none of these things. But its power is so amazing that universities should offer degrees in how to master it. What is it?


Self-control means saying “yes.” “Yes” to sending monthly mailings on a regular basis. “Yes” to implementing systems that put your daily tasks on “autopilot.” “Yes” to education. “Yes” to your annual client appreciation party. “Yes” to only sending out the very best marketing. “Yes” to sending out an Annual Client Review. 2. Say NO. But mastering self-control also means saying “no.” “No” to clients that waste your time. “No” to ridiculous offers. “No” to people who treat you with disrespect. “No” to scams, gimmicks, and unethical advertising. “No” to CUTTING YOUR COMMISSION!!!

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


3. Do what you say you’ll do. I’m always amazed that I have to mention this, but the business world is riddled with people who say they’ll do something and then don’t do it. If you return phone calls the exact minute you promise to, keep appointments on-time, and provide exactly what you promise when you promise it—you’re already ahead of 90% of businesspeople out there! 4. Follow-Up and Follow-Through. Do you return phone calls faster than any other agent? Do you send requested information the very same day? Do you make additional phone calls to verify the information was received? Do you provide extra service touches both before and after the sale? 5. Adaptability. Self-control also means you don’t “freak out” when something is not working. You just drop it and quickly do more of what is working. This doesn’t mean that your emotions aren’t important. They are. But you cannot be a successful businessperson if you are a frenzied wreck every time something goes wrong. Things happen. Life is unpredictable. Plan on unpredictability. Practice in your mind how you’ll react on the day when everything falls apart. See yourself with “grace under pressure” as you pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild. One of the best ways to implement self-control is

accountability. I have clients who call me just to tell me what they’re committing to accomplishing by the end of the week. Don’t ever underestimate the power of just telling someone what you will do. This means you can’t use excuses to yourself—because you’ve already promised someone you’ll do it. Another helpful measure is to manage your time. And I really mean, manage your time. Schedule phone time. Schedule road time. Schedule lunch. Heck, schedule 15 minutes of goof-off time. I know it’s impossible to predict every minute of every day, but at least have a solid plan of what you’re doing —even if circumstances prevent you from doing the task. So if you’ve ever complained about the unpredictability of your income, take heart! You can have more business than you can handle if only you commit to self-control and all its responsibilities. The road to self-control may be rough at times, but the rewards of implementing it are worth it! Denise Lones, President of the Lones Group Inc. is dedicated to helping people find innovative ways to increase their business and still have “a Life”. She draws from her professional and personal experiences and believes that the key to business success is all about people, systems, and follow-through. To book Denise, please call 1-877-2116472 or visit. Copyright© 2007, Denise Lones. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email; http://

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Shut-Up And Sell! By Mark Hunter


ontrary to popular belief, to be a successful salesperson, it doesn’t matter how much you know about your product or service. It also doesn’t matter how much of an industry expert you are. It doesn’t even matter how great your mother thinks you are. The only thing that really matters to

be successful in selling is your ability to shut-up and listen. On numerous occasions, everyone in sales has heard how important it is to get the customer talking, so it’s imperative that they have an arsenal of great questions to ask. Despite trying to follow this guideline, every salesperson seems to overstate the amount of time they believe they allow the customer to talk. The many interviews I’ve conducted over the years with customers and salespeople alike confirm this reality. Therefore, salespeople need to take a step back and consider their sales presentation. To talk less means you have to ask questions that truly engage the customer. However, this doesn’t mean you need to develop complex questions. Instead, the best tactic is to ask shorter ones. Long questions tend to result in short answers, while short questions will generally result in long answers. An example of a great short question is, “Why?” In my opinion, there isn’t a better follow-up question you can ask after the customer has shared with you some information. Consider how your customers would respond to other short examples like, “Can you elaborate on that?” and “Could you explain more?” These shorter questions elicit detailed responses and that’s just what you want. On the other hand, asking complex questions often tends to perplex customers. Because they are not sure what you are looking for, they respond with the universal answer representing total confusion, “What did you say?” Questions should not be your means of showing your customers that you are an expert. Save that for your statements.


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When preparing your sales presentation, a guideline I subscribe to is to limit yourself from talking for more than 20 seconds at a time without asking a question. The question you ask should be one directed at the comments you just made. By doing so, you’re checking with the customer to see if they understood what you just shared with them. Again, this is something many salespeople overlook. They get caught up in sharing with the customer their expertise and the features of their product or service and forget all about what the customer is thinking. Even if your product or service requires a complex presentation, you should still follow this rule. Whether you’re selling software, high value medical equipment, or technical tools, it’s essential to check your clients understanding by asking a question every 20 seconds. Your goal on any sales call is to talk only 20% of the time. To help ensure that this takes place, you have to plan ahead. Before you start developing your sales presentation, create your list of questions. This is contrary to the pattern of most salespeople who often spend a substantial portion of their time developing their presentation and, at the last minute, develop their list of questions. Consider that if you’re expecting to have a 20 minute presentation, you should have 40 questions (2 questions per minute). Even though you may not use all 40, you’ll definitely be more prepared. In addition, you’ll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to ask. If you’re following the rule of asking short questions, you’ll ensure that the customer is doing most of the talking.

You’ll learn valuable information that will help you better understand the customer’s needs. If you want to move your questioning process to the next level, make half of the questions you ask be ones that help the customer see and feel the pain they have. By doing so, they will be much more open to receiving your solution. For example, if you’re selling computer back-up systems, you might ask, “Can you explain to me what happens when data is lost?” This short, concise question is designed to get the customer thinking about the risks they face. Furthermore, the beauty of this type of question is that no matter what the customer’s response is, some good follow-up questions will naturally arise. By adhering to these guidelines, you will be able to see dramatic results in the number of sales you are able to close. As simple as it sounds, the more you shut up, the more you’ll sell. And, the easiest way to achieve this goal is by asking more, short questions. So, shut up and sell! Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”, helps companies identify better prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term customer relationships. Sign up to receive free weekly “Sales Hunting Tip” email at http:// . Copyright© 2007, Mark Hunter. All rights reserved. For information, contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email Susie@;

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Wendy Clyne The Art of the Deal By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


or real estate professional Wendy Clyne, creative thinking isn’t just a sound business strategy; it’s a way of life. The artistically-inclined agent earned a degree in Graphic Design before setting her sights on the opportunities associated with the real estate industry, and has built a solid understanding of the elements involved in successful real estate transactions. Wendy excels in building and sustaining positive client relationships, and in guiding her clients with thorough and knowledgeable representation. “I’ve always been interested in art as well as technology,” says Wendy. “From interior design to print and online advertising, I enjoyed the opportunity to utilize my skills in real-world situations.” Her professional aspirations were redirected when Wendy and her family moved out of state. Wendy’s husband Jeremy ventured into the mortgage business, opening a brokerage called Artistic Lending. Her role as administrative, marketing and advertising point person provided her with a firsthand account of real estate from the financial side, and her entrepreneurial veins were opened. “I began to identify options that would improve our business production and volume,’ she says. As the business began to flourish, the Clynes found themselves relocating once again. Settled back in California, Jeremy established himself with Kinecta Federal Credit Union and Wendy reflected on her next career move. A multi-tasking mother who welcomed challenges, she realized that a transition into real estate sales made sense. Her professional collaboration with her husband, she adds, only reinforced the idea that she had the skills and resources to provide exceptional care to her clients. “In our industry it can be difficult to determine which specialists will offer truly client-centric services,” observes Wendy. “Obviously I trust Jeremy and know that he works with his customers’ long-and short-term goals in mind. When my clients choose him as their lender, they are receiving a team that is completely focused on their wants and needs.” Wendy’s approach to real estate is a consultative one. Honest in her communication, she believes that a forthright response is always the best reply to any question. “If a client needs information and I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it,” she asserts. “I want my clients to know that I’m a trustworthy resource and advocate in the real estate process.” Wendy instinctively connects with her customers on their terms, which leads to improved dialogues

and conversations. “In any relationship, you’re more open when your guards are down,” she observes. “The same holds true for real estate agents and their clients.” She chose to align her business with ZipRealty, a brokerage she says is one of the top five nationwide. “Zip was a forerunner in the process of putting the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) online,” she notes. “The brokerage houses over three thousand agents in thirty five-plus markets across the nation. ZipRealty is growing by leaps and bounds thanks, in large part, to the company’s commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of technology.” Wendy, too, is committed to her profession. In addition to maximizing her use of the resources available through her brokerage, she also reaches out to her colleagues in order to dialogue issues and trends that are impacting the market at large. “The teams at ZipRealty are great about supporting their fellow agents,” adds Wendy. “They focus more on developing collegial relationships than in competing with others. This yields better results for all of our clients.” The Orange County Association of REALTORS® (OCAR) is another source of education and opportunity for Wendy, who actively seeks out industryrelated professionals whose level of client care matches her own. “I’m always meeting people who can help my buyers or sellers,” she notes. The busy mother of three is an exceptional multi-tasker who has set her sights on the years ahead. “I’m looking forward to the changes and transitions that will impact our market,” she reveals. “The challenges ahead are going to lead to exciting opportunities, and I want to be there to assist my clients in continuing to thrive.”

Wendy Clyne ZipRealty Telephone: 949.228.7176 DRE # #01906293

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Doing the Remarkable By Jim Rohn


hen it comes to meeting and conquering the negativity in your life, here is a key question: what can you do, starting today, that will make a difference? What can you do during economic chaos? What can you do when everything has gone wrong? What can you do when you’ve run out of money, when you don’t feel well and it’s all gone sour? What can you do? Let me give you the broad answer first. You can do the most remarkable things, no matter what happens. People can do incredible things, unbelievable things, despite the most impossible or disastrous circumstances. Here is why humans can do remarkable things: because they are remarkable. Humans are different than any other creation. When a dog starts with weeds, he winds up with weeds. And the reason is because he’s a dog. But that’s not true with human beings. Humans can turn weeds into gardens. Humans can turn nothing into something, pennies into fortune, and disaster into success. And the reason they can do such remarkable things is because they are remarkable. Try reaching down inside of yourself; you’ll come up with some more of those remarkable human gifts. They’re there, waiting to be discovered and employed.

With those gifts, you can change anything for yourself that you wish to change. And I challenge you to do that because you can change. If you don’t like how something is going for you, change it. If something isn’t enough, change it. If something doesn’t suit you; change it. If something doesn’t please you, change it. You don’t ever have to be the same after today. If you don’t like your present address change it — you’re not a tree! If there ability to to get a success.

is one thing to get excited about, it’s your make yourself do the necessary things, desired result, to turn the negative into That’s true excitement.

Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success - in business and in life. He has devoted his life to a study of the fundamentals of human behavior and personal motivation that affect professional performance. He can awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you! Reproduced with permission from the Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine. Copyright© 2006, Jim Rohn. All right reserved. For information about Jim’s keynote presentations and seminars, contact the FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email http:// .

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Life Rewards Action


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By Chris Widener


hinking is good, yes it is. I strongly encourage thinking. In fact, thinking plays a terrific role in success. It helps you strategize. It helps you get motivated. It tunes you into success. I am all for thinking and I do it regularly!

There is only one thing: ACTION. Will you succeed? Will you achieve your dreams? Will you live the life that you want? Only you can make that decision because only you can decide whether or not you will act.

That being said, just thinking, no matter how good of a thinker you are, will never catapult you to success. The difference between the thinker who succeeds and the thinker who doesn’t is that the thinker who succeeds also ACTS!

My friends, life rewards action. Your actions do not need to be perfect. They just need to be. And then they get rewarded with success. With achievement. Accomplishment.

Life does not reward thinking. Life rewards action. Let me clarify: Life rewards thoughtful action.

You have the power within you to lead YOUR life as you see it. There is only one question you must answer for yourself:

Think first, by all means… But then ACT! Do you want to gain wealth? The save your money - ACT! Do you want to lose weight? Then hit the treadmill - ACT! Do you want a new job? Then quit your current one - ACT! Do you want to write a book? Then begin to write - ACT! Do you want a new friend? Then introduce yourself - ACT! Anything you want to accomplish will only be done by bold and decisive action.

Will I act? Because Life Rewards Action. Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders. Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly, and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2002, Made For Success. Used by permission. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’ speaking and consulting services, please contact the Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or email; http://www.

Wishing won’t bring it about. Neither will dreaming. Nor will hoping. Nope, you must ACT. What is it you want from life? Tell me. Be specific. Be clear. Think about it. Strategize. Roll it around inside that noggin of yours. Got it? Good. Now what? What will you DO to turn that nonphysical electrical impulse we call a thought into a physical reality?

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