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Our mission for the 2012-2013 school year is to create a quality magazine that informs our readers as well as provide a professional journalism experience for all members involved. The Eagle’s View is a public forum of student expression.

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student life


Edible love. [05] UNBREAKABLE HABITS Habits that you love but are bad for you.


Everything you need to get though a breakup. [08] HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS These teachers have been together since high school



You know you love them [11]ROMATIC MOVIES FOR ALL Cozy up to these must see. [12] SOCIAL MEDIA All things social media at North

The hardest of hard times.


Nohting compares to a love like this.



How to get a fawless face that your skin won’t hate

[21]HAIR LOOKS WE LOVE Get the how-to’s here



The sassy duo you can’t help but love [23] HOW TO GET A GUY/GIRL The do’s and don’ts on getting a guy or a girl. [24] STAFF ED Do we support high school relationships?

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The manger’s love for the games. [30] DIE HARD FANS The fans that love their teams. [31] LOVE OF A FAMILY Dive into the love.


>>on the cover The Eagle’s View staff takes a stab at exploring all things love. “Be prepared to read about everything and anything that deals with love. From broken hearts to avoiding breakouts on your face we covered it. I hope you all LOVE it,” editor-in-chief Savana Morrison said.

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eagle’s view staff

foods thatlove you

>> food & life

Written by Lincoln Mccoy | Photos by Lincoln McCoy


the carrot’s way <<

“Milk is bones best friend. Because there are large amounts of calcium in dairy products three servings of milk or dairy a day helps prevent osteoporosis, the weakening of bones. Calcium in milk provides building blocks for bones early in life and protects against osteoporosis.” senior Jessa Adams said.

Classy Sweet Treats See the most popular Valentine’s Day edible gifts!

“Salmon is good for the brain because of the fatty acids in the fish,” senior Jessa Adams said. The Omega 3 fatty acids serve as a great source for the brain. This is because DHA, an omega-3, is in great abundance in the brain, which helps boost brain functions.


to the bone <<

brain food


“Carrots are good for your eyes because they are chalked full of vitamin A and it also is good for your hair,” sophmore Mikayla Gascich said. Eyes need vitamin A to function in the dark, without it you would not be able to see what goes bump in the night.

heart healthy

“Heart healthy thing foods are almost anything with the omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, and tuna,” Nurse Amy Goldsmith said. Heart-healthy is not only about oatmeal and omega-3 fats. You need to look for ways to get all the different nutrients. Plus, you’ll stick to a heart-healthy lifestyle longer if you have variety.




Or go to:

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Photo Illustration by Olivia Brown Resources: Pamela Harding and American Dietetic Association.

the unbreakable

food & life >>

Written by Shelby Prather | Photo by Lincoln McCoy


ad habits; cannot live with them, cannot live without them. A person can try and try to break an addiction but it just does not seem possible. It is a mannerism that one loves to do, but wants to break. These are unbreakable habits, and most seem to have at least one quirky little bad habit. “My bad habit is biting my nails. I’ve done it since I was little. I do it because I’m bored and it gives me something to do. I’ve tried to break it, but it doesn’t work. My mom hates it and is always trying to get me to stop but I just can’t,” sophomore Cassidy Morrow said. There are many common bad habits like biting ones nails, picking at split ends, an addiction to the internet, licking ones lips, knuckle cracking, and many more. Even these simple tendencies can be the hardest to break. “A bad habit I have is picking my split ends. I do it constantly, especially during school. It keeps me busy during the day. I don’t even notice myself doing it anymore because it’s always been a habit. I haven’t really tried to stop but I don’t think it would work,” sophomore Breanna Pinedo said. Bad habits can be a way to entertain one in dull moments. Many people say they catch themselves doing their habit during school. Sitting in a long class period is the perfect time to unconsciously start a bad habit. Since students always have their phone during school, many are guilty of getting on the Internet, specifically social networking sites, when trying to accomplish something. Even this everyday routine can be taken as a bad habit. “My bad habit is a normal one for teenagers. I just have trouble staying off of Twitter and Instagram while I’m trying to do my homework. The main reason I don’t finish my homework is because I get so distracted with things on my phone. It has definitely become a habit because it’s just routine for me now, pick up my phone and check my social networking sites,” junior Jamee Slagle said.

a poll and these were the results!



25% >>

biting nails

>>Eagle’s View staff took


always using chapstick


picking split ends




eating out of boredom

>>Students struggle to break the habits they love to do

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>> student life

break up Bible

How to fall out of love Written by Katelynn Downey | Photo by Cassidy Warne

Thou shall not sit around and think about thy ex.

Thou shall not speak to thy ex.

“Stay busy, hang out with friends, workout, or be with family,” senior Mary Kate Duffin said.

“Never give them closure. Completely stop talking to them” senior Courtney Ayles said.

Thou shall indulge thyself in junk food.

Embrace thy loneliness.

“You feel lonely for the first few days but with supportive friends and family it’s easier. Stay busy and put yourself out there for new people,” senior Kate DeVry said.

“The only thing a girl needs after a break up is Ben and Jerry’s, eat your heart out,” junior Hannah Orcutt said.

Thou shall not care.

Thou shall get over your ex.

“The first few days really suck, but then you have to learn to not care and never look back,” junior Branden Lee said.

“Just get over me. Get over me, it’s for the better,” junior Paul Sherwood said.

Thou shall spend time with people who care.

Thou shall doodle.

“On a Tuesday, I recommend a good flick and chocolate. Then get dressed up, and go out with your friends,” English teacher Rosealynn Zicarelli said.

“Draw funny pictures of him or her and laugh at how stupid he or she is with your homies,” English teacher Abby Saverino said.

Thou shall find a new girl (or guy).

Thou shall make a playlist.


Signs of a Break Up

“Just go out and find someone new. It’s the fastest way to move on,” sophomore Malik Richardson said.

“Buy lots of chocolate and movies. Make yourself a love sick play list and buy a body pillow,” senior Kenny Tran said.


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Check out the tips of how to see a break up before it actually happens Or go to:

as long as youlove me

>> student life

Sweethearts since high school are sweet not tart

mr & mrs


Written by Parker Summers


Science teacher Misty Black was rather young when she met her hubby, at only 16. Like many other high school sweethearts, Black finds it hard to imagine where she would be without her man. Their first date was in downtown Oklahoma City. “We went on a carriage ride in downtown Oklahoma City; it was so much fun!” she said. Her husband is a man of many talents but one seems to stand above the rest. “He’s so handy! He can fix toilets, sinks, creaky floors, you name it! He can do electrical, he can build me furniture. He’s just amazing,” Black said. Misty and Scott Black have been married 21 years.


mr& mrs

Photo courtesy of Misty Black


Kurt Gates, a Government teacher, pursued his high school sweetheart in a way that would be considered by today’s standards just a tad creepy. “We met as juniors in high school and I thought she was groovy but for some reason she talked to the counselor and made sure we didn’t have any classes together our senior year,” Gates said. He followed her around anyway and sure enough, she eventually came around. “I don’t know why exactly she came around… I guess she was just smitten with my charm. I mean who isn’t? We went to separate colleges and we just couldn’t stand to be apart. I think at that point, right before we transferred to Nebraska, I knew she was the rest of my life,” Gates said. Their first date he rented a movie. “Saturday Night Fever, baby!” Gates said. Kurt and Melissa Taylor have been married 19 years.

Photo courtesy of Kurt Gates

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student life <<

mr& mrs



Jane Boswell, a FACS teacher, was the youngest when she met her soul mate at the young age of 15. They were introduced through a mutual friend. “I was driving with a friend and we found him on the side of the road, he got in and we just started chatting!” Boswell said. Only a year went by before he “proposed.” “We were outside one night, staring at the moon under pine trees when all of a sudden he took my hand and said, ‘Jane, I’m going to marry you,” Boswell said. Boswell couldn’t be happier with her high school sweetheart. “His patience is out of this world and he’s the most even keeled person in the world. I would be broke and destitute without him.” Boswell said. Jane and Walter Boswell have been married 41 years.

mr& mrs



Stephanie Taylor, a math teacher, met her soul mate, Chad, during her junior year. “We had biology together. He was the football jock and I was the class nerd, but he was the only person that was nice to me,” Taylor said. They were married in June 2000 in the Bahamas. Taylor didn’t that have many friends in high school and she knew early on that he was the “one.” “I just knew he was my best friend and I just knew I didn’t want to be without him. Where would I be without him? I don’t even want to think about that,” Taylor said. Stephanie and Chad Taylor have been married 13 years.

Photo courtesy of Jane Boswell

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Taylor

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>> a&e

once upon a • romantic novel • •• •

• ••• ••

Here are some things to look for in a good love story • • •

by Mitchell Warne | Photos by David Roelofsz • Written round Valentine’s Day, some readers put down the

• •A

chocolate and pick up a drama-filled romance novel. Nicholas Sparks and Alex Flinn are two authors that are known for their romantic books. Some people like to read romantic novels for the entertainment that they give. “I like to read romance novels because they entertain me. I read them when I find one that I think is going to be good. The last one I read was The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks,” sophomore Ryan Oglesby said. Some may throw themselves into a dramatic read. “I am currently reading Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. I like to read them because I like the drama. I read whenever I have time. My aunt told me about the book and how much she liked it and told me to read it. I like the book because I never know who is going to break up or get together; that is also what makes it fun to read,” junior Katelin Walker said. Others that read romantic novels simply enjoy a good read. “I read romantic novels when I think that I have found a decent one to read. The last one I read was Beastly, by Alex Flinn. I normally read one or two romance novels a year. I liked reading Beastly because it entertained me,” sophomore Caitlin Cameron-Logan said. Nicholas Sparks and Alex Flinn are only two of the authors that write romantic novels. There are many more authors that write romantic books. Even though some people do not read romance books, it never hurts to put down the chocolate and dive into a dramatic novel.

left: “I like to >> Top read because it is


almost like a book can take you away from real life,” senior Aundria Hill said. Top right: “I like to read some romantic novels, it really just depends on the book I guess,” junior Alex Parkins said.

eagle’s view | page 10

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Love the movie, but missed the play? Be our guest and read the review!



HERE printextra/beauty-and-the-beastreview/

Choosing romantic movies both guys and girls can love Written by Chris Kandlbinder| Photos by David Roelofsz


staff’s top 10 love tunes •


here are all kinds of movies to watch either alone or with someone else, or even a large group of people. The vast amount leaves the question: Which is the best? There is a plethora of genres that movie watchers can enjoy. The type of romantic genre that seems to be the most popular is the romantic-comedy. Romantic-comedies typically start out with an emotional back story, and then the tension eases as characters find themselves in unique scenarios that would seem very unlikely, but in the end bring them closer together. “I like romantic comedies because they lighten the mood and aren’t too deep. They can tell an emotional story and not be completely sappy,” junior Raul Garcia said. A romantic-comedy that has quickly risen to fame is “Pitch Perfect.” This 2012 hit features a plot that is typical of the genre. This is like other romantic-comedies that have different focuses. It centers around romance but at the same time brings plenty of humor into play to make sure it constantly keeps you drawn to the movie. “Pitch Perfect is an awesome movie. I’ve never seen such a great movie. It has love, heartbreak, and humor. It’s got pretty much everything a good movie should have,” sophomore Casey Knipps said. Another good romantic-comedy is “Friends with Benefits”. The plot starts off with friends who are determined to have a completely mutual friendship that turns into much more, giving the plot a different twist then most romantic-comedies. This belongs to a group of romantic-comedies in which the main focus is comedy with a little bit romance thrown into the mix. “Friends with Benefits is a fantastic romantic-comedy. It’s not too serious and it’s super funny,” junior Connor Bierk said. Both of these movies have been said to be upbeat and humorous, all while keeping a deep storyline that hits home. So for people who are looking for a movie that their romantic side can relate to and not have to keep the Kleenex nearby, romantic-comedy is the perfect genre. They may not exactly be tear-jerkers, but they will go straight to the heart.

Top: “I watch whatever Jessica wants to watch. I’ve gotten used to romantic comedies and I enjoy them, so I guess they’re pretty alright,” junior Branden Lee said.


you get the popcorn, i’ll pick the movie...

• 1. I Won’t Give Up Jason Mraz


• •

2. We Found Love Rihanna 3. Marry Me Train

••• • •

4. Somewhere With You Kenny Chesney 5. L.O.V.E Nat King Cole 6. One and Only Adele 7. Lucky Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat 8. Don’t Give Up on Us The Maine 9. Hey Stephen Taylor Swift 10. Like You Bow Wow feat. Ciara

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>> a&e

#WeLoveBeyoncé @PayWolff

Lets be honest, I’m just glad that the power didn’t go out while my girl Beyoncé was performing.

@kyliecallura Throw ya hands up at meee #myjam #Beyoncé #Kelly #Michelle

@JKoch24 Oh my gosh! #Beyoncé

Staff’s Top

Date Nights


Homemade Out For 16% Dinner Dinner

34% Concert


13% Movie

Poll Results:

What is your favorite gift for Valentine’s Day?

A. Jewelry (50%) B. Chocolates (25%) C. Stuffed Animals (13%) D. Flowers (12%) eagle’s view | page 12

“My favorite gift for Valentine’s Day is jewelry because it lets me carry around the memory of who gave it to me, that way I always have them with me,” senior Jessica Bonnot said.

>> as of February 5, 2012

@CICIshannelboo Greatest halftime performance OF ALL TIME!!!!

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>> InDepth

loves Teens cope with losing their loved ones


iving with only the memories of a loved one is a tough task, and is unfortunately a burden on many. Fellow students have experienced the death of a loved one. Whether it be a beloved father watching over his son, a mother that is forever in spirit for her daughter, or a sister that continues to live in the memory of her best friend, they continue to affect their lives even after they are gone. It is important for the students to not only live life respecting their THASHERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOST LOVE loved ones who are living, but also Ms. Thasher talks about her losing her husband. to live cherishing the memory of their loved ones who have passed. Three students share their memories about their lost loves. Or go to:




http://www. printedition/thrasherslostlove

eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s view | page 14

InDepth <<

payton reid

loss of a protector

Written by Claire DeVry | Photo by David Roelofsz


unior Payton Reid lost his father in May last year and took on the responsibility of becoming the man of his house. He continues to respect and love his father in spirit. “My dad and I were really close. We were always there for each other and we spent a lot of time together. My dad and I talked about everything, like girls and sports. Honestly, he was one of my best friends,” Reid said. Kreg Reid made an impact on everyone he met, and continues to be a strong influence in Reid’s life. Shortly after his father passed away, Reid’s older sister got married and Reid had the honor of filling in for his father. “She got married January 12, and I got to walk her down the isle to fill in for my dad. I shared the first dance with her and said the blessing over the meal. It was really emotional because that’s not something a seventeen-year-old guy would usually have to do for his sister. I was willing to step in because I knew that’s what my dad would have wanted and he would have been really proud,” said Reid. Just shy of a year after his dad passed, Reid continues to be a great student and athlete. He is influenced by his father’s guidance over many years. “He was like my coach. He’d always be there to correct me if I was wrong not only just in sports but as a life coach also,” said Reid. Reid’s father was fighting an ongoing battle with non-smokers lymphoma cancer. He passed away on May 17, 2012, with all of his friends and family at his side loving and supporting him. “I’d talk to him and tell him ‘it’s okay to leave. It’s okay you don’t have to hang on anymore you can just let go.’ As he passed away it was just my mom and him. My mom got up in the bed with him and laid with him. Everything else had shut down, his heart was really the only thing that was still going. When my mom finally got in the bed with him was when he finally passed away and that was a good moment. It was my dad’s final gift to my mom, to say that the only thing that he needed to let go was her,” Reid said. After his father’s death, Reid continues to keep his family the close to him. When thinking about telling his father one last thing, Reid decides it is better to speak from the heart. “I would tell him that I love him and that I’m always thinking about him. I can’t wait to see him again at some point,” said Reid.

eagle’s view | page 15

>> InDepth

beth damgar

loss of a nurturer

Written by Claire DeVry | Photo by David Roelofsz


t the age of three, Junior Beth Damgar lost her mother to a car accident. Damgar never really had the chance to know her mother. “She was a lot like my sister, kind of shy and pulled together. From what I’ve heard she was not like me at all,” Damgar said. After her mother’s death and a falling out with her father,Damgar and her older sister were adopted by her aunt and uncle. “My aunt is kind of my mother figure now, and I ask her for her advice. Once I asked her if I was allowed to have a boyfriend. Something that most girls ask their mom, I ask my aunt, and if I’m like fighting with my friends or if I’m having a bad day, I like to talk to her about that,” Damgar said. Damgar has many friends that keep her grounded and help her with her problems in life. “I have a lot of friends here that are always willing to help me. I’ve never been without a friend,” Damgar said. Losing her mother has not stopped Damgar from being a teenager and living her life. Although the distance between her mother and Damgar is vast physically, she finds small things in her life that connect them. “She did some of the things I do. Like I like to sing and so did she. Also I’m a really big fan of Edgar Allan Poe and so was she. My grandma, my uncle Travis, and probably my sister, are the three people that tell me about her,” said Damgar. On the night of the car accident that claimed the life of Damgar’s mother, her sister and Damgar were both in the car, but had no life-threatening injuries. “It was in the middle of the night when she grabbed me and my sister and loaded us into the car. We were driving away and then she swerved on the road. She hit a telephone pole. My sister was shot out the window and I think the air bag hit my mom. I was in the backseat in a car seat, so I didn’t get hurt at all, but my mom died later in the hospital,” Damgar said. Although her mother is gone now, Beth continues to cherish the memory of her mother and forever keep her in her heart. “If I could tell her one thing, I would probably tell her that I wish I could have remembered her, and tell her that I love her. Also that I want her to come back, and I’d give her a big hug,” said Damgar.

eagle’s view | page 16

InDepth <<

crystal aguirre

loss of a best friend

Written by Shelby Grego | Photo by David Roelofsz


onfronting death can lead to very emotionally challenging times, especially for sophomore Crystal Aguirre, who lost her sister, Monica, at a very young age. “I wish that she could be here today. She was so young; she still had so much of her life ahead of her, so it was so troubling seeing her go. I know a lot of people told me that she was very shy and quiet at school, but at home she was completely opposite. We told each other everything, so it is really hard not being able to talk to her each day like I used to,” Aguirre said. Monica passed away six months ago. Her passing was very unexpected for her family, friends, and everyone else that knew her. “Monica went into the hospital for what we all thought was just a Urinary Tract Infection; however, it turned out to be much more serious. She was then diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) from a tick. It all just happened so fast. At first, I was in so much shock I wasn’t even sure what was really happening,” Aguirre said. Grieving with such a sudden death was very hard for Crystal and her family. “My parents helped me through my grief because they understood just how I felt. We talked about it a lot, which seemed to help. However, it was very tough for them as well,” Aguirre said. Because Monica passed away so suddenly, many things from her friends and family were left unsaid. “The hardest thing about losing Monica, was that I still had so many things that I wanted to say to her, but I didn’t get to say any of them,” said Aguirre. Everyday it gets more difficult for Aguirre to move on without her sister in her life. “She helped me with so much throughout my life, and its hard for me not to have her their for her opinions,” Aguirre said. Losing a sister was a very challenging task for Crystal especially. “Losing my sister was like losing a part of myself. That space will never be completely filled. If I could tell Monica one last thing today, I would tell her that I love her so much, and I wish she was here,” Aguirre said through her tears.

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different Senior Lauren Gazall had a child at just 17 years old and worked nonstop to supply for her child Written by Austin Robbins

ine months of pregnancy; approximately 18 hours of labor. A seven pound, eleven point eight ounce baby; $16,685.07 in hospital bills. All of these facts added up to the creation of one child: Lilliana Mae Gazall, daughter of senior Lauren Gazall. The namesake of Gazall’s daughter comes from a love of a certain flower. “My favorite flowers are Lilies and I absolutely love the name,” Gazall said. “I wanted something that is uncommon and beautiful. Her middle name originally going to be Rose, but when my sister found out she was having a boy I got to steal the middle name Mae. Mae was my grandmother’s middle name whom I was extremely close with; she passed away from lung cancer.” Although the ordeal is at an end, Gazall was pregnant for 10 months with Lilliana. However, there was a complication during her pregnancy: hyperemesis, a dramatic form of morning sickness that occasionally occurs early on during pregnancy. “The worst part of being pregnant was by far the morning sickness,” Gazall said. “I was constantly throwing up. My work actually found out I was pregnant because every time I smelled a McRib™ I puked. I had hyperemesis, which meant I got severely sick.” Along with pregnancy comes a certain level of attachment to one’s baby, normally unattainable without the level of stress and commitment that comes with pregnancy; this level of attachment led Gazall to worry about Lilly’s future.

eagle’s view | page 18

“My biggest fear is not being able to give my daughter what she deserves,” Gazall said. “I also fear in the future when she starts dating because I know I have personally been hurt. The amount of love that you feel is over powerful. When I delivered her, and they put her on my chest, I cried so hard. Just being able to hear her cries and see her, was so amazing. All the pain disappeared for a little bit and it was like nothing mattered but her. I saw no one but her. I never really believed that you could love someone you didn’t know, or someone you just saw, but being a mommy proved to me its possible.” Gazall, although young, has put forth a powerful effort to provide the best for her daughter. “Another one of my fears is people looking down on her because I am so young; a big issue that I deal with now is being criticized because of my age and I have people tell me everyday that I will fail at life,” Gazall said. “That is not something I want her to have to go through.” Without the normal circumstances of a mother, Gazall believes that she owes something to her daughter, to provide a life as though she were under the circumstances as any other parent. “I had a really rough pregnancy/labor and delivery with her; I literally almost died,” Gazall said. “My pulse dropped and I stopped breathing. It is rough and I get maybe three hours a sleep on average, although lately it’s been about one. I am taking extra classes but I will graduate on time, but that is what I owe my daughter.”

kind of

spotlight >>


As her due date nears, senior Sammie Kidd anxiously awaits the arrival of her child

Written by Katelen Permenter| Photos by Austin Robbins


enior Sammie Kidd is responsible for not only herself, but Jayson Michael Kidd also. Due on February 28, 2013, Kidd is 37 weeks into the pregnancy and three weeks away from a new reality. Not being able to dance has become one of Kidd’s least favorite parts of being pregnant. At first she was worried about just disappointing the girls that she teaches, but then it became more than just that; dance, a major part of Kidd’s life, has completely stopped until after her pregnancy. “When I first figured out that I was pregnant, I didn’t know what was going to happen or what was going to change,” Kidd said. “I did not want to disappoint my parents, friends, or the little girls that I teach at dance. Not being able to dance is one of the hardest parts of being pregnant.” The tradition of the name Michael has spanned two generations for Kidd’s family, and Kidd wanted to keep the tradition constant, making Jayson’s middle name Michael. “The name Jayson was chosen because I really like that it can be shortened to Jayse. Michael was chosen for his middle name because that is my dad’s name and my grandpa’s middle name; I wanted to keep the tradition going,” Kidd said. When the two lines on the pregnancy test signaled the presence of another life, Kidd was scared; however, at first, Kidd kept Jayson a secret. “When I told my parents, my mom was angry and my dad was the calm one, which was the opposite of what I

expected. My dad did not talk to me for two days. My mom felt like she had failed as a parent because she also had me at seventeen,” Kidd said. “Now they are more excited for Jayson to arrive. Although I do not have a job right now, my mom has a preschool in her home. While I am at work my mom will be able to take care of him for me.” In order to confirm that she was pregnant, she contacted one of her mother’s friends; the doctor confirmed the fact that Jayson Michael Kidd was to be born 9 months later. “I confided in my mom’s best friend, and she took me to the doctor to get me checked out,” Kidd said. “She also helped me by actually being the one to tell my parents.” When Kidd finally told her parents, she realized there would be more to come than the physical changes and pain she would endure. “I’m afraid that I am not going to be able to provide the best life for him, but I am going to do the best I can,” Kidd said. Aside from physical changes, Kidd has also encountered changes in eating habits as well. “At the beginning of my pregnancy, I always wanted to eat cottage cheese, but now the thought of eating it disgusts me,” said Kidd. As many students in high school know, rumors are vastly spread. Kidd has also faced this; from name calling to false information being passed around. She has heard it all. “People spread nasty rumors about me. But it’s my baby and my business,” Kidd said.

eagle’s view | page 19

>> fashion

lovely faces

Follow these simple tips to show love to your face

Written by Rachael Wigand | Photos by Kelsea Graham

skin >

choose a foundation that: Will not clog your pores Has an SPF built in


Works with your skin type


choose an eye makeup that: Blends well

Blends naturally and will not leave harsh lines

Lasts all day Covers any dark circles or imperfections around your eyes

lips >

choose a lip product that: Has a moisturizer

Will not rub off quickly Does not look severe against your skin tone




bare minerals foundation

urban decay liquid eyeliner

sugar rose tinted lip balm

$29.00 eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s view | page 20



hairstyles we love •

spotlight >>


HAIRSTYLE HELP Need help with your hair? Watch Bailey Reardon’s hairstyle help video online now.




the knot • bow bun >> step 1 Split your hair into two sections >> step 2

• •

Take the section on the left and place it on top of the right hand section

>> step 3

Twist the two sections together

>> step 1 Pull your hair into a high tuck under bun >> step 2

• •

>> step 4 Tuck the bottom piece through the hole above the ponytail, creating a knot

• •

Split hair in half and pull gently to separate them

>> step 3 Take ends and place them over the divided sections

>> step 4 Pin ends in place with bobby pins

eagle’s view | page 21

>> opinion

a love for life


Savana Morrison Editor-in-Chief

arning: this column contains extreme happiness and an excessive use of the word’ve been warned. Recently my life has been a perfect Taylor Swift song; yes, I know I reference her frequently. With an upbeat tempo and a chorus I want to sing over and over again it’s hard not to absolutely love my life right now. I am finally getting along with my family and actually enjoy them now. Shocking, I know. I understand now that everything they do is out of love, and I am so grateful for them. They have loved me unconditionally, even through the bratty teen years, (Mom, Dad I’m so sorry about those years), and have never torn me down. Somewhere between the tough, and not-so- tough, love it just clicked with me; they aren’t so bad after all. Another factor of my “love song” is the few amazing people I call my friends. These are the people who have loved me through all the drama, through all the tears, and through all of the good times. Without them, my song would be dull and lifeless. They have given me so much love, I can only hope that I have given them half of the love they’ve given me; you know who you are. And one final component of my song is the guy who has my heart; Ivan, I don’t deserve you. You have loved me and all of my craziness, and any guy who can put up with that should receive some kind of award. You have supported me in everything I do, and I am truly blessed I have gotten to know such a great guy. Thank you for loving me, flaws and all. My dear readers, if you’re still with me, and haven’t thrown up from all of the sappiness, I challenge you to crank up the volume and really start loving the song that is your life.

california: a love story


veryone has dreams, ambitions and passion, right? We all have wants, something radical, tucked beneath the back of our minds that has been forming since preschool. When we are four, of course, that dream is to be a ballerina or a firefighter. But, as we age and discover ourselves, that dream evolves into something personal and unreal. Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be by the water; I’ve wanted to look up at giant redwoods and feel the warmth of sand beneath my feet. Yet, every time I move, it’s further towards the middle of America: First Michigan, then Missouri, and next Iowa. All I’ve ever wanted was California; the stereotypical dream. I wanted to graduate from Drake, close my eyes, snap my fingers, and be a writer of some sort living in California. I never worked out the kinks, and I still haven’t. I just keep closing my eyes and dreaming. In reality, I’m stuck for another four years doing God-knows-what while some of my best friends (who share a similar dream) are preparing to leave for California in less than a month. This gives me a reason to visit my land of opportunity, but it makes my heart hurt. For the love of California, and the love of my friends, I just want to fast-forward to four years from now and find myself near the ocean. Sadly, life doesn’t work like that unless it is spring break or summer vacation. My profound love of a state of which I never lived in will continue to be a daydream, much like the four-year-old girl aspiring to pirouette across a stage. But I encourage you, readers, to let love be the fuel of your wildest aspirations. Maybe within a few years you’ll see me tweeting from a train station, captioning a photo something like “California or bust”. And maybe, hopefully, you too will have fulfilled your desires.

eagle’s view | page 22

Kelsea Graham Editor-in-Chief

battle of the sexes


Two guys share their best advice on how to get the love


how to get a guy


adies, ladies, ladies. I know what you’re all thinking. Golly gee, I really want a super hot guy with a nice bod to cart me around town in his lime green mustang. You’re probably also wondering, How can I get such a manly man? There is a list of steps into any man’s heart that even Ugly Betty could do. However, she chooses not to. These steps casually sit in the unknown waiting for an average person to uncover them. So check these out lady prospects, and be amazed as dudes grovel at your feet (preferably not Uggs). All right hot mamas, the first step is easy. Get your bathe on. Lather up with some Aussie shampoo, or any other brand, so you smell as dangerous as you’re about to look, not as stinky as the trash near point

lookout, MD. The second step is dress well. Avoid looking like a hobo by putting on a nice pair of pants (or yoga pants depending on the day) and a cute shirt that says hey boys, look at me, I’m cute. The third step is to have a great attitude. Don’t look like you’re a hot 18-year-old, but act like you’re a 64-year-old crabby grandma who owns 38 cats. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch “Shallow Hal”. Be nice and you will be treated really well. The last step? Well, it’s a mystery, babes. Or is it? Check out the eagle view online for a more in-depth story on how you can tie that rope, and lasso yourself a lumberjack/Ryan Gosling of a man.






o all you XY chromosomes out there, listen to this. It is the day prior to Valentine’s Day and even though you have rolled up to school with your lime green mustang, you are left without a date. It is hard to compete with the star athlete who is tall, athletic, has chops, and drives a Prius. No worries, there is still a miniscule amount of hope that you will not participate in National Single Awareness day (emphasis on miniscule). After you have the girl of interest in mind, it is time to implement yourself into a less disgusting, more attractive version of yourself that will appeal to her desires. The first thing you are going to want to do is shower. Believe it or not, women are not that into the decomposed, sour smell that is derived from raging testosterone developed after a solid 30 minutes of working out and an hour of excess flexing

in the mirror (do not lie, we all see you at the gym). To go along with cleaning up, it is important to make sure your face does not look like a birds nest with that rubbish, otherwise known as a beard. Ladies will not want to go near you in such a case. Next you are going to want find a style the adequately portrays who you are, yet at the same time shows the lovely ladies you are suave. With these two contradicting ideas, it is evident you must break your shell and revamp to the Channing Tatum inside of you. Dress to impress. Collared shirts, pants without holes, and Sperry’s are always safe to dazzling the damsel of Valentines Day. A couple steps may help some, but for a more in depth look visit eagles view online! Good luck you lady killer.


how to get a girl eagle’s view | page 23

>> opinion

staff editorial Are long-term relationships Q. in high school good? A.

Relationships in high school are inevitable. You can try to avoid them, but chances are, there are going to be crushes and a broken heart or two thrown in the mix. Sometimes, though, in the midst of the homework, tests, and drama, long-term relationships are formed. By “longterm”, we mean lasting six months at the very least. When taken to a vote, the Eagle’s View staff said that long-term relationships in high school are a good thing. The staff believes, long-term relationships help you develop into the person that you are, if you are with the right person. Everyone knows of that soul-mate couple, the ones that finish each other’s sentences, are attached at the hip, and just seem to bring out the best in

each other. High school relationships tend to follow this pattern, even if it’s only for a short time. Even the breakups, as messy and painful as they are, can help you discover yourself. Another point for long-term high school relationships is simply the fact that this is high school, and this is your time to enjoy your life. If you find someone who makes you happy, then by all means, date them. Everyone can be a little too focused on high school at times; it’s not to say that you shouldn’t be concerned with getting good grades, but overdoing it isn’t healthy either. A relationship can be a fun and relaxing way to keep from getting too stressed out over the years. The opposing side argues that many teens end up being that “who is he/she dating now?” person. Dating in high school does not mean you have to bounce around to multiple relationships and always have to have a partner. Our staff is advocating long-term relationships, which develop you as a person and help you determine what you want in a relationship, rather than the latter.

what do you think? “High school relationships are usually one of two extremes. You either end up being serious and happy together, or they are full of drama and never should have happened in the first place,” Communication Arts teacher Mrs. Zicarelli said.

eagle’s view | page 24

“The thing with relationships in high “I think relationships in high school is that you are usually good school are good because you have friends with the person before you someone to keep you focused on date, and then you break up and your classes, and someone who end up hating that person. Then can help you with your homework. you are stuck with them for the rest You’re both dealing with the same of high school and it’s awkward,” things at the same time so you sophomore Joe Duncan said. have someone to lean on,” junior Olivia Atkinson said.

spread a little Written By Ally Payne


ne thing I have yet to understand is why people feel it is necessary to be rude. I don’t know why you would rather be flat-out offensive to people you don’t even know rather than show them some love. At school and at fast-food restaurants is where I see the rudeness the most. I understand you may be in a hurry, but yelling at the poor, 16-yearold server who brought you the wrong

opinion <<


order is going to solve absolutely nothing, except make you look like a raging tool-bag. In reference to this Valentine’s issue, do you not realize you are the opposite of appealing when you have to act like that?! Chances are, this server is a) only working this job to save money for a car and b) only bringing you the food, not cooking it. You should take the time to put yourself in their shoes rather than give your friends that smug “I just got my food for free because I acted like a two year old” look. The wise-guy comments said to a student or teacher after every other sentence they say is borderline bullying, not to mention useless. No, it doesn’t make you look cool to act like you’re incapable of showing someone some kindness in that little Grinch heart of yours. I’m not going to go off on an unrealistic “the world would be a better place if…” argument, but honestly, there should be an environment where people don’t feel constantly terrified to speak for fear of being made fun of. Take a moment to realize who your little comments are going to benefit, and then make the choice to spread a little love.

no plans for your valentine’s day? BATTLE OF THE SEXES


David and Joe continue their advice columns online. Scan here to finish reading each of them.

HERE Or go to:

www.eaglesviewonline/ printextra/how-to-get-a-girl/

comic by: Olivia Brown

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Athletic managers show their love and dedication for their teams Written by Timmy Falleri | Photo by Katelynn Downey Each year, this high school has 12 regular season varsity football games, 20 basketball games, 20 baseball games, and all with 100 percent attendance from the sports student management staff. Fueled by self- fulfillment, a sense of belonging, and the joy of the sport, the staff sets up for practice, helps out in drills, runs the clock, films games, or whatever else the coach demands. These managers can go unnoticed, but behind the scenes, their work is critical in making sure that each game day runs as smoothly as the last. “Basketball means a lot to me. Since I could not play anymore, managing allowed me to stay close to the sport. It has been a good experience. It is something I love to do. I still get a lot of credit from players and coaches. I have enjoyed being with the team and watching them grow over the last three years,” basketball manager Mark Oyler said. Extensions of the operations; no more no less, these student managers are dedicated to the team, and are not afraid to spend hours without recognition. “I really enjoy meeting new people. I have a lot of friends on not only North but also on other teams. The girls on North can ask me questions, so I kind of act as a leader to the team,” swimming manager Kyle Martin said. When watching a sporting event, a fan can appreciate the players shooting for pregame warm-ups, stretching on the football field, hitting on the diamond, or diving into the water. A less obvious look, however, might reveal the sports managers preparing for the live action that will soon follow. Regardless of the task, these students find themselves constantly working for the benefit of the team. “The managers are an extension

for the love of the game

of the coaching staff and provide help in every facet of the program. These guys are selfless and have a desire to help the team in any way they can. Our players work hard, our coaches put in a lot of time, our managers might put in more time and effort than both to make our program successful. We are fortunate to have them,” Basketball Head Coach McCabe said. The managers ask for nothing in return, except for the chance to do the same thing next year. Despite the recognition these students deserve, they are satisfied to save the trophies and awards for members of the team. An opportunity to continue their passion is ultimately their championship. “I have been able to practice organizational skills and good communication. I just love being involved with sports and working alongside such wonderful athletes, and such a great coaching staff makes it worth coming to practice and helping out at tournaments. Managing takes work, but the benefits are worth the time you have to spend,” wrestling manager Tiffannie Mac Donald said. By choosing to spend their free time managing, they offer experience and enjoyment, to athletes, coaches and fans. Passion for the thrill of competition is always evident in the eyes of every athlete, coach, and die-hard fan, but possibly bit less noticeable in the eyes of the student managers. Scoring the winning touchdown, hitting the buzzer beating threepointer, or simply working the lights to open or close the gym: all are critical to our game-day experience.

Sports >>

senior Mark Oyler is extremely >> Manager dedicated to his job. “I love the sport, the team,

and our school. I’ve loved every minute of working with Coach McCabe and the rest of the guys,” Oyler said. eagle’s view | page 29

super supporters

>> sports

Students and staff members show their love for their favorite teams

Danny Blackwell

Zach Osborne

Written by Ben Whalen | Photos by Katelynn Downey

Madelyn Kretsinger

vvv KC Royals Fan

“I was born a Royals fan. My parents had season tickets at a very young age, so I went to games when I was younger. I’m a baseball fan and I’ve also really gotten into fantasy and rotisserie league baseball. I go to about five or six games a year.”

Clint Brummett

KU Jayhawks Fan

MU Tigers Fan

“I have loved Mizzou all my life; for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I would always root for the teams in black. I just so happened to root for Mizzou that day and ever since the name and team has just stuck with me.”

Melinda McCabe

“My mom, dad, and pretty much my whole family are KU fans. I love Lawrence. I love the town and the atmosphere at all the sporting events. We get season tickets for basketball and football, so I go to most of the games.”

Kevin Page

v v v Sporting KC Fan

“When they were the Wizards, I watched them a little bit and then when the name change occurred, I went to a few games. The next season my step dad and I got season tickets. We have been to almost all the home games since then and I have been a big supporter.”

eagle’s view | page 30

K-State Fan

“I became a K-State fan because where I grew up there were a lot of K-State fans. Also my mom went there and we went to games since I was five. I was always a fan and I knew that I wanted to go to school there my whole life.”

Liberty North Fan

“Since I’m not as involved anymore and it’s still my biggest hobby, I wanted to stay involved somehow. We wanted to start new traditions and make a personality for the Liberty North student section.”

one T

team, family

Sports >>

The girls swim and dive team and the men’s wrestling team love eachother as not only a team, but a family

Written by Olivia Brown | Photo by Jessica Bonnot eam: A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. Almost every night, the swimming and wrestling teams come together for hours of practice. The teams work hard to achieve their individual and team goals. Though, in these sports, the team is broken up into individuals for competition apposed to basketball or football where the team plays together on a court or field. This makes these sports to not only be physically but mentally straining; it takes only one team member to lose their own race or match.   “Being close as a family benefits the team because we know we are truly all in this together. Swimming is mostly an individual sport but as a family we support and encourage each other every single day. If we weren’t close, there’s no way I could make it through a two and a half hour practice everyday,” senior Mackenzie Elliot said.    The essence of family is critical to achieve team goals. The wrestling team not only consists of brothers but fathers, too.    “Our coaches, they’re like father figures to us. It’s like having my dad out there coaching me at practices. They would help us out with anything, off and on the mat,” sophomore Michael Lewis said. Sibling-like bonds do not just come naturally for these teams. These seasons have been filled with team bonding events like pasta parties, bus rides, and team dinners. “Pasta parties are after practice, the night before a

The team huddles up and prays before the meet. “At the beginning of the year, we decided that we should pray before every meet. It gets us all motivated and shows that we were good enough to do what we set out to do,” sophomore Hannah Engelman said.


Family Over Everything The men’s basketball team shares a special relationship Or go to:



http://www. family-overeverything/


meet. They’re for the team to bulk up on slow burning carbs so we have energy the next day without having to eat right before the meet and feel full and dragging. They are also about team bonding though, I mean we really get to talk to other girls on the team that we don’t really see or practice with,” Elliot said. From sleeping with headphones in, to the whole bus singing along; the swim team would always find a way to entertain themselves on the long bus rides to and from swim meets. “I think the bus rides do help us bond because when we are on the bus it allows us to talk and mess around and have a good time after meets!” junior Kirsten Parks said. The wrestling team had some boy-bonding time, as well. The team members shared many brotherly times this season. “We all have a good time at tournaments and eat together when its break time and get to know each other,” junior Daylan Clawson said. Famiy: A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. The coaches and team members of the swimming and wrestling team have become like family over this year’s season and have used the strong bonds to be two successful, proud teams of Liberty North.


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