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Savana Morrison Editor-in-Chief

’m sure just reading Chick-fil-A in my headline causes a stir. It seems as though everyone and their judgmental mothers have an issue with something related to the now controversial restaurant chain. The Chick-fil-A supporters encourage the conservative views of the fast food chain’s president, Dan Cathy. However, while doing so they automatically disrespect the views of those who support homosexuality. But the humorous thing about all of this is that the pro-gay community lashed out on a man who was simply stating his beliefs; the very same thing they’re fighting for. Both sides are fighting for what they think love should be, but in doing so, both sides show an outrageous amount of hate. Our society is constantly fighting a battle for love with the main weapon being hate. This concept is senseless and producing an extreme amount of hypocritical hatred. It is time that our society smartens up and accepts the fact that not everyone is going to have the same beliefs. If one expects to have their beliefs accepted, they must in turn be open to other’s beliefs. This is called not being a hypocrite. So no matter which side you are it is my wish that you take a minute and understand the fact that in your lifetime someone is going to have different beliefs than you. So for Pete’s sake, just eat the chicken if you like it!

it’s a love story (with taylor swift)


ince I’ll be having a column every issue now, I suppose I’ll slowly wean you into my madness. I’ll start by sharing with you all a deep, dark, confession. Usually, I prefer my music to be filled with talent, passion, and some rad double bass. I love me some melodic metal and I especially love old school pop punk. Yet, lately, all I want to do is jam to some T. Swift. Yes, after years of calling her music garbage I finally admit that I love Taylor Swift. Sure, her songs basically have the same message. The thing is though I just don’t care. Any teenage girl who’s had a relationship knows the feelings she shares with the world. And to be honest, I love blaring “Mean” and belting it with my best friend. It’s basically the next best thing for moody females since chocolate bon-bons. I guess lately I’ve been branching out with my music taste. And switching from a Lamb of God song to Taylor Swift always gets me weird looks from my metal head friends. Maybe someday they’ll get used to it, or maybe indulge in Swift’s greatness with me. Until then, I’ll save my guilty pleasure for myself.

Kelsea Graham Editor-in-Chief

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