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2013 Annual Report Dear Eagle’s Nesters, It is a gift to be able to do what we do at Eagle’s Nest, and I am so grateful to every person in our community who works, volunteers and contributes with such loyalty, creating the feelings of belonging and connection for all children. The programs that we run through Eagle’s Nest Foundation are helping young people grow in profound ways.

“At Eagle’s Nest there is an obvious love that shines through every person and every activity. It is a very special place. I wish everyone could experience what it feels like to be welcomed in a community with an open heart.” - Camp Parent, 2013

2013 was a year of many successes for our programs. Most importantly, our campus was home to 518 campers, 21 Hante participants and 46 Outdoor Academy students – each one having their time to shine at 43 Hart Road. Through your support, we were able to award scholarships to 93 campers and 23 students. We replaced freezers, refrigerators, water heaters and our main well pump. With a special donation, we were able to rebuild the website you see today, a much needed upgrade. Every donation, no matter the size, has made a significant difference in what we were able to accomplish.

It is an exciting time for our organization. After a year of preparation, including 15 community discussions across the country, we will host our Centennial Planning Retreat this month. The Board of Trustees and several staff members will take the weekend to step out of the day to day business of the Foundation and look at how we are going to position our organization moving toward our 100th Anniversary in 2027. Your voices will be carried to that gathering via your feedback at the discussions and the surveys sent out last summer. Look for more news on that front later this spring. Thank you so much for your support this last year and for making Eagle’s Nest Foundation part of your giving priorities. This community of people far and wide is doing tremendous work for our young people. With deep gratitude,

Noni Waite-Kucera Executive Director

Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character. PO Box 5127 Winston-Salem NC 27113

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

From the Head of School As the snow melts and gives way to the first green hints of spring, it is a good time to look back at the success of the past year and to look ahead to the bright future. Your generous support of Eagle’s Nest Foundation helped us have one of the best years at The Outdoor Academy that we have had in quite some time. In terms of both students enrolled and tuition revenue, 2013 was the best year since 2009. This was in part possible because we were able to offer our students and families the financial support that they needed to have this tremendous experience. We continue to incorporate our clarified cornerstones and principles into all that we do, from marketing at school visits to classes on campus. We are also working hard to integrate the different parts of our program into a more unified whole so that our students more fully understand what it means to inhabit a very special place in a small community. I recently attended the Independent School Experiential Education Network Institute, and everyone I talked with was impressed with the degree to which we are able to truly enact experiential education in all that we do. This is an exciting time in the field, and The Outdoor Academy is on the leading edge. Again, I offer my deepest gratitude for the support that you offer this school and its vital work. Be well,

Michael Brown

From the Camp Director As I think back on the summer of 2013, it’s easy to smile. There were so many highlights: we welcomed over 500 campers to our campus, many of whom were children of camp alumni. We sent three groups of campers out to explore rivers, rocks, and the coast on Added Adventures. Hante participants hiked over 200 miles of the Appalachian Trail and summitted a 12,968 foot mountain in Colorado. Our youngest campers slept outside for the first time on their cabin campouts, and our oldest campers learned more about responsibility to community while washing stacks of dishes and turning compost at the edge of the garden. We danced at Lodge, roasted marshmallows on Nature Hill, and enjoyed delicious food with our table families. We laughed, grew, and joyfully enjoyed our time together on Hart Road. I am most excited about the campers we bring together at camp. Each year the requests for financial support increases, and each year we do all we can to make camp a reality for families across the United States and abroad. Thanks to your support, in 2013 we were able to award $94,850 in camperships to 93 campers. It’s heartwarming to look at the names of campers able to come to camp because they received financial aid. I read each of their requests, and I know how important Eagle’s Nest is in their lives. The only thing that may be more exciting than welcoming those campers on opening day is seeing the names of all the donors that made it possible for them to be there. Before long it’ll be time to welcome our first campers for the summer. I can already picture the excited looks on their faces as they run up the stairs to the Salt Mines. I know that the campers I’ll be welcoming include ones that are receiving financial support. Thank you for helping them make it to Hart Road. With thanks, Paige Lester-Niles

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Eagle’s Nest Foundation Board of Trustees 2013 Will Abberger, MA Tallahassee, FL

Cain Cox, BA Asheville, NC

Bruce Grob, PhD Jacksonville, FL

Tom Rogers, PhD Decatur, GA

Amos Barclay, JD Denver, CO

Alexandra Flowers, BA Winston-Salem, NC

Elen Knott, MLS Winston-Salem, NC

Edee Waite Robinson Mt. Dora, FL

Gail Bunce, AAS Apex, NC

Lyne Gamble, BA Raleigh, NC

Jamey Lowdermilk, MS Helena, MT

Moseley Waite, PhD Pisgah Forest, NC

Cissy Kelton Byrd, BA Spartanburg, SC

Shelley Gaynes, MBA Atlanta, GA

Richard O'Hara, MEd Bel Air, MD

Nate Byrd, MBA Durham, NC

Jonatha Gibaud, PhD Pisgah Forest, NC

Richard Orland, MD Nashville, TN

John V. D’Albora, Jr. Cocoa, FL

Jean Cohen, MSW Washington, DC

David Gilbert, MAT Greensboro, NC

Michael Perling, CPA Atlanta, GA

Jay Skyler, MD Miami, FL

Cormac Connor, JD Chevy Chase, MD

Heather Goodling, MA Atlantic Beach, FL

Steve Robins, MA Nashville, TN


Camp and OA Representatives 2013-2014 Liz & Rich Baker Elizabeth Barnes & Carissa Santana Marty Billingsley Francisco & Cybele Botran Dean & Gail Bunce Michelle Carney & David Kusher Kim & Danny Carr Susan & Kevin Conley Cormac & Anu Conor Ronnie & Cain Cox Cathy & John Downey Ashley Dillon Jori & Daniel Falcon Yuri & Dan Feeney Alex & Marty Flowers

Maria Frexes & David Steed David & Kathy Friedman Gigi Gill Hilary Hafeken & Jose Amundarain Meggan & Brody Hartman Chris & Elizabeth Jensen Bill & Andrea Kidd Alice & Dan Koehler Kim Lawson & Richard Emmett Brian LeFevre & Julia Toone Barbara Lentz & Michael Smith Celia & Scotland Lewis-Stout Tony & Julie Lindsey Kristen & George Linney Elise & Tom Lowry

Gary & Christy Mellot Bart & Jane Meroney Lisa & Mark Meyer-Braun Christianna McCaleb Heather & Eric Morlino Nicole Naylor Kate & Peter Neville Sara & Bucky Nichols Claire & Christian Novy Julee & Kevin Nunley Joe & Nancy Perkoski Chuck & Jodi Pippin Edee & Tom Robinson Hannah & Tom Rogers Russell Seymour, Jr. & Vilma Perdomo

Justin Shacklette & Sharon Bloom Gene & Anne Shelton Blane Sherman & Tanya Marsh Danielle & Christopher Siebert Kim & Rob Skeen Dee Anna Smith & Roman Riedmueller Jennifer Snowhite & Angus MacLachlan Tracy & Gavin Stannard Diane Ulmer Karen Wellish Cathy & Bryan Williams Angela Young & Peter Begalla

Outdoor Academy Semester Leaders 2012-2013 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Rebecca Hilinski, Alyssa Merwin

Leader Needed

Whitney Hannah Abigail Poe Jamey Lowdermilk Caitlin Ellis, Emily Nelson Sarah Candler Katharine Wilkinson Julia Maccini, Andrea Wolf Liz Levitt, Kari Reynolds Mary Grace Elliott, Ben Lerer, Lauren Prince 12 Chris Metzloff

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Lauren Dillon-Merrill Anna Lipton-Galbraith Laura Northrop Laura Masulis Alex Hartley Walter Kucera Callie Sadler, Gary Sorcher, Brandon Tankard, and Josh Rosenstein Carson Hale Sarah Mackey Jennifer Cohen, Emily Northrop, Blake Ross Nora Stedman Anna Graves

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Colin Istvan, Cecilia Kucera, Jack Mize Emily Fish Gabrielle Dowell Adriane Spiro QSierra Pierce, Kate Sutton Kendall Clark, Park Inglefield Selene Munoz, Madeline Vogelsang Allison Moore, Lily Tidwell Jebe Moiwai, Sophia Navarre Eliza Renner Jessica Bolin Clare Ende Rachel Weaver, Jack Reed

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

2014 Strategic Initiatives and Activities For 20132013-2015, ENF identified three strategic initiatives to coordinate our focus across all programs. They are:

#1: Strengthen the process by which we develop character within our foundation and community #2: Fully engage in 21st Century environmental ethics and practices #3: Return to positive cash flow and reinstitute funding for the Quasi Endowment The Staff Executive Council established the following objectives and activities for meeting these initiatives in 2014:

Define foundation-wide principles for character development & environmental responsibility

In our continuing efforts toward greater integration, we will explore what our overarching principles are, how we implement them across our various programs, and how we can effectively communicate them.

Implement and train on new information technology systems

Create clear guidelines and systems of support for all levels of staff

Facilitate Long Range Planning Retreat

The intent of this initiative is to support all members of staff within our community. We recognize their hard work and know that it is a cornerstone of our ability to meet our mission. We recognize that when our staff thrives, so does the foundation. It’s very important that we provide them with continued opportunities for growth and job satisfaction, and as a result, greater stability for our foundation team.

In March 2014, the members of the Board of Trustees, along with peer-chosen staff representatives, will meet to review the data gathered through our research and during the 2013 Community Meetings. This information will guide our strategic priorities.

Set, track and achieve enrollment and Annual Fund benchmarks and activities

We continue to increase enrollment for Camp and Hante Adventures by building our Camp Representatives program, reviewing and refreshing our Hante Adventures program, and encouraging camper/ adventurer retention.

Our OA admissions initiatives include capitalizing on the website redesign, sharing our message through activities like semester school networking, encouraging alumni to stay active with OA, and by increasing the number of visits we do to schools in our target zones.

Adjust expenses according to enrollment in order to meet or exceed budgeted surplus in Operating Fund and Annual Fund

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

2013 Revenues and Expenses (pre-audit) Operating Expenses

Revenues Camp

$ 1,106,273









Outdoor Academy Development

$ 706,731 $ 206,601

Outdoor Academy











Total Revenue

$ 2,092,540

Total Expenses

$ 1,987,848



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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Honor Roll of Donors 2013 White Oak

Sustainers of the Wheel

Steven P. & Jane Goddard Akin Thomas E. & Lisa Bernard The Bernard Family Foundation Sarah Candler Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Larry Pless & Dana Halberg The Sweetgrass Foundation

The following individuals are honored for having established a planned gift for Eagle’s Nest

Cedar Waxwing Wendy & Graham Brugh Dean & Gail Bunce in memory of Michael Wellish

and Alec Bruno The Fleshman-Pratt Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Gordon Hanes* The Olsson Family

Stanley Bohrer Anna Jordan Boll Chris Chapman & Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman Susan Eidam Andrea Eliscu Suzanne Madison Hogg Mark Magnuson & Lucile Houseworth Rich Orland & La Quita Martin Lauren Prince Helen Waite Moseley Waite Greg Kucera & Noni Waite-Kucera To learn more about including Eagle’s Nest in your will, call our development office at 336-761-1040.

Golden Eagle Anonymous Anonymous in honor of Adriane Spiro William W. Abberger & Mary Anne Koos Bank of America Charitable Foundation Amos Barclay & Kate Sessions Dr. Richard Brodkin & Mrs. Lois Buerkle The Castillo Family Chris Chapman & Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman Jean, Harrison, Jon, Saul & Jennifer Cohen John Bishop & Beth Cook Ronnie & Cain Cox Corinne H. Dale Molly Dale Smith, Catherine Dale McCain, Corinne H. Dale, & Virginia H. Dale Darci Carlton DeMatteo Development Services Group Consulting Andrea, Alicia & Max Eliscu George J. Ellis III & Ursula Goebels-Ellis John & Amy Ende David & Kathy Friedman Bruce & Shelley Gaynes

Ken Wallston & Jonatha Gibaud Andy Dean and Lynne Goldsman in honor of the

Semester 36 faculty & staff Heather & Beaver Goodling Toby Gordon & Terry Schupbach-Gordon Gordon Family Fund Bruce Grob & Banta Whitner The Hafeken Amundarain Family in honor of OA

Semester 37 Jeanette Hagan The Hagan Family Fund Benjamin Hedin & Kathryn Miele Troy P. Hendrick Suzanne Madison Hogg Charles & Merrill Keeley Elen Knott Nina Waite Leip Jamey Lowdermilk in honor of Susan Conley The Mabee Family Foundation Eric & Callista Mansell Master Marketing


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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Golden Eagle continued Joerg & Angela Matthiessen Kenneth & Beth Mayer Chris McArdle Patrick & Terry McDaid Alyssa S. Merwin The Millars Rich Orland & La Quita Martin Sandy Oswald Joe & Karen Page Jeremy & Katie Barge Paris Michael, Dori & Anna Perling in memory of Milton &

Bootsie Perling Catherine Petty Brad & Laurie Richter Steve & Adrienne Robins

Black Bear Bobcat Woodchuck Deer Mouse

($500-$999) ($250-$499) ($100-$249) (to $99)

This list includes Restricted and Unrestricted gifts and pledge payments received January 1—December 31, 2013. All contributions to Eagle’s Nest Foundation are fully deductible as provided by law. Please contact Melissa Engimann, Development Associate—Annual Fund, at 336-761-1040 or to note an error or omission.

Sarah Gamble, Starling Gamble, Lanier Olsson, Maja Olsson, Grady Tollison & Laurel Tollison Bill & Laura Snyder Diane Ulmer United Way of Forsyth County W. Bruce & Mary Louise Cook Foundation Helen & Moseley Waite Noni Waite-Kucera & Greg Kucera Sarah, Daniel & Nathan Wellish Molly Chapman Wheeler & Logan Wheeler James & Marcia Wofford in honor of Claire,

Madalyn & Luke Wofford

Black Bear

Giving Levels Dream Keepers White Oak ($10,000+) Cedar Waxwing ($5,000-$9,999) Golden Eagle ($1,000-$4,999)

Mimi Selig Selig/Weiss Charitable Gift Fund Phin & Gregg Sheets in honor of Innes Boland,

Anonymous (2) Anonymous in honor of my nephews Dan Behn Rich & Cissy Byrd Lewis Carson & Karen Prus Kevin, Susan, Madeline & Ethan Conley in honor of Suzanne Madi-

son Hogg Cormac & Anupama Connor Thorns & Perry Craven Horace & Mildred Dawson The Forde Family David Gilbert & Margaret Rowlett Peter Guzzardi and Isabel Geffner Julie Hagey in honor of Michael

Brown The Lettes Family George & Kristen Linney The Milchberg Family in honor of the

OA Staff & Faculty for a wonderful Semester 36 for Moses and his OA-mates! Mr. & Mrs. William J. Moore, III Richard & Jane O'Hara in honor of the

Jen Powell Larry E. Renfro Tom & Edee Waite Robinson Tom & Hannah Knott Rogers Linda & Jim Rogers in honor of Helen

Rogers Paul and Gail Rohlfing in honor of

Grant Rohlfing Billy & Marti Rosenberg David and Mardi Sacks Thomas & Margaret Sexton Rob & Joy Sherman in memory of

Mariella Waite Huber Christopher & Danielle Siebert Liz & Jesse Smith Ellen Thompson in memory of Janet

Green Thompson The Thomson Family Winslow & Charles Umberger in honor

of Jill, Richard, & Lauren Stephen Kay & Jennifer Weissman Ruth & Carrol Wilson Leslie Poole & Robert Wykle Luis & Regina Zervigon

Faculty and Staff of OA and Eagle's Nest Foundation

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Bobcat Anonymous Anonymous in memory of Benjamin

Moseley Jones, Jr. The Abelman Family Liz Baker Jeff & Amy Benedict Anna Jordan Boll Jacob & Rachel Chapman Jim & Debbie Clapper Jim & Kathy Clower Darden Restaurants, Inc. Foundation Noah Eaker Lyne & Kathryn Gamble Zanne Garland & Jackson Anderson in

Molly & Calvin Miller Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Morrow Insurance Agency NC State Employees Mary Ann & Robert Norris The Pfizer Foundation

Mark Podhorzer & Terry Egdal in

honor of Hannah Podhorzer W. Casey Reed Jim Roberts & Deborah Jakubs in

honor of Logan Roberts Victoria Ross Steve & Anne Sessions in honor of

Kate Sessions Lenore T. Shamey Glenn Siegel in honor of Ethan,

Micah, Naomi & Ezra Siegel Dee Anna Smith & Family Laurel Solomon & Paul Nicholson in

honor of Ariana Nicholson

honor of the NYC Event

Bill & Lucy Stokes Astrid Trinh Ron & Susan Van Duyne in honor of

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Dana Griffin & Tiffin Vaughn Katie Hansen Nick & Wendy Brasunas Heilbut Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Dan & Alice Tilson Koehler Allison Linney The Bellber Family

Hope Van Duyne & in memory of Alec Bruno Jeanne Ballinger & Irwin Venick Jake Vogelsang Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Woodchuck Anonymous (9) Anonymous in honor of David Gilbert &

Margaret Rowlett Anonymous in honor of Rachel Lamb The Abramson Family Michael & Diane Alexander Wills & Anna Conrad Allen in honor of

Darlene and Chip Conrad

Byron, Mary & John Bridges Bob Brogden Michael Brown & Susan Tinsley Daily Nathan Byrd Jonathan Capps Doug Tidwell, Sheri Castle, & Lily Tidwell Anita Cava in honor of Rebekah and

Trevor Denning Susan Stark Alston Mary S. Aplin Ken & Leslie Chepenik Joseph & Phyllis Arnold in honor of Beth, Michael Coleman Sam, Hannah, Clare, & Bella Helmey Marilyn, Brendan & Madison Connor Catherine Austin Erin Crawford in honor of the OA Faculty of Semester 37 The Babbitt Family Glenn Barcheski Bob DeHaan* Nick Barnette Amy Diamond Tony Bartelme The Dossett Family Kathleen Beakley Taylor Dunn BlogHer, Inc. Dan & Yuri Feeney Carl & Innes Gamble Boland Richard & Joann Fireman Joel Bonder & Kim Holmes Alexandra & Marty Flowers Kathryn & Ed Bonsey Robbie & Lib Foster Julie & Theodore Braun Ellen Fox

Frazier & Deeter Foundation Sophie Fried John & Sally Gardner in memory of

Margaret Gardner Steve Garland & Edna Green in honor

of Zanne and Drew Denese Giordano & Frederick Rhoads

in memory of Janet Jones Lilian Gomez Cliff Gordon & Laura Graves Dave & Lyn Gould Indigo Grady William David Guice Beth Briley Gylan in memory of Nancy

Abberger Stacy Hackner Kay & Chip Hagan Drew & Julia Hale The Hall Family Charles V. Harmon & Elizabeth S. Miles in honor of Jacob Harmon


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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Woodchuck continued Anne R. Harris in honor of the Dave Gil-

bert & Margaret Rowlett Family Nancy Golding & Robert Hartheimer James Hendrix Steve & Susan Hoffman The Hunt/McCauley Family Shepard & Margretta Hurwitz Barthell & Margaret Joseph Annie & Alan Kramer Laura Kraus Neal F. Kronley in thanks for the NYC

Event Lou & Marti Kucera Walter Kucera Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Kutcher David & Leslie Langford Jane Leggett Doug Lester Andres & Amy Link in memory of Paul

Spigel Tad & Ellen Lowdermilk in honor of

Jamey, Ariel & Tad Lowdermilk Robin Lynne Michael Maccini & Barbara Koenig Mark Magnuson & Lucile Houseworth Sarah Irons Marques Matthew & Julie Marton

Laura Masulis in memory of Jon Krist W. Walker McDonald in honor of

Semester 37 teachers and staff

Graydon Pleasants & Margaret Scales in honor of Kate

Sessions and the NYC Event

John & Susan Mickey Abigail Poe Tiffany Miller & Miguel Chumacero Michael Letchinger & Michele Lofton & Carolyn Misick Pollak Dave Moffatt & Anne Garvey in honor of Elizabeth Moore & Leonard Anne, Ruth, and Caitlin; Susan Presberg Conley; Lindsay Martin; and the Julia Paparelli ENF administrative and developSteve Price & Molly Barnett ment staff. Barbara Price in memory of Fran Price Allison Moore Steve Nadel in honor of Marcy Nadel Quintiles Patrick Nelson Shashi Reddy Peter & Kelley Newsome Stephanie & Jack Reed Bucky & Sara Knott Nichols in honor of Dennis Reid the Cabin 1 counselors Zoey Mahoney Rollenhagen Dewey & Jean Niles Jonathan Romm & Eliza Sydnor Emily Cava Northrop in honor of Trevor Romm & Rebekah Denning David Roth Kevin & Julee Nunley Pete & Ginny Rowlett in honor of Dave Gilbert, Margaret Rowlett Walter & Diane Orenstein & Katie Rowlett Evan Orenstein Steve & Beverly Oswald Ken & Kathy Shapiro Lawrence & Lorraine Palma in memory Nick Silverman of Maura Finn Dan & Lee Singleton Clay Pittman The Singleton Family Foundation Liz Snyder Diane Sorcher Jon E. Steffensen in memory of

James A. Humphreys III Gail & Andy Titen Lisa Tumarkin Ellen Updike Katharine Wilkinson Leslie Wingate The Winston-Salem Foundation

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Deer Mouse Anonymous (16) Anonymous in honor of Paige & Andy

Allison Gaston-Enholm Kimberly Grimes Lester-Niles Adam & Janet Guy Anonymous in memory of Hannah Jo- Harris Teeter, Inc. seph Stephanie Hellert Anonymous in honor of Alyssa Merwin Beth Helmey and Jason Sparks Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation Karin Abromaitis in honor of Lindsay Gabriel Hoff Abromaitis-Smith The Hoskinson Family Shadiyat Ajao Katy Howell Lark Almond Ivey Monsen Polly Averette Linda & Steve Johnson Katherine Bailey Joan Johnson Justin Baker Serena Jones & Eric Lupfer Chris Barge & Erin Koenig The Keach Family Sam Barge Christopher Keiser-Liontree Elizabeth Bateman Zoe Keller Andrea & Michael Berger Denton King George & Grace Bickel Bryce Koukopoulos Marty Billingsley Cecilia Kucera Genia Blaser Faosat Laguda-Ajao Kiko & Helen Cybele Botran David, Rebecca & Rose Laudicina Hannah & Bill Castrucci in memory of Anna Lauria Julie C. Morgan Benjamin Otis D. Lerer Krin Cosner & Family Kate Lewis in memory of Alec Bruno Cindy Covington in honor of Alie Cov- Many Beautiful Human Beings ington Lucy McDaniel Coyote Davidson Niel & Alison McDowell Carol Davis in memory of Alec Bruno Abe McKay Peter Degnan in memory of Maura Paige McThenia Finn Megan Mess Marga DeJong Rod & Marianne Meyer Chand Desai & Sylvia Hurdle The Meyer-Braun Family Talia Dessel S. Hollis Mickey Carol Dugger and Benjamin Dugger Anita Mitchell Lerer in honor of Margot Wallston Jonas Monast Mary Grace Elliott Marc & Katherine Morrison The Engimann-Ackermann Family Selene Munoz Essential Journeys Rex & Viki Nelson Fig Ferrell Lucas Newton Julie R. Fields Nissen North America, Inc. Brian Fireman Laura Cava Northrop & Jakub Scholtz Matt & Sarah Griffin Fraser Sharon Nouwens Ted & Karen Frauman Kelly Ockwell Hannah Friedman Maja Olsson in honor of OA Semester Kaitlin Friedman 34 Julia Fuster Eli Orland Alex Gallagher Margaret Lipman

Max Smith & Wendy Parker Micah, Caleb, & Zoe Parsons Mackie Price Lauren Prince Jeffrey T. Robbins David & Christine Rodabaugh Gina & Shel Rosenstein Bernard Ross & Victoria Taylor Andy & Tina Rowlett in honor of Mar-

garet Rowlett & family Ben & Slater Rowlett in honor of The

Rowlett Gilbert Family Rebecca Rubin The Schilling Family Paul & Charlotte Schwartz Fred & Darcy Scott in honor of Dr.

Bruce Grob John Scott Blane Sherman & Tanya Marsh Anna Shugoll Jack Shuler & Barbara Hawk Jon Shurberg Ezra Siegel Jane G. Smith Milford Sprecher The Stannard Family Jamie Steele Missy & Terry Stein in honor of Noni

and Paige Carly Summers The LeFevre-Toone Family in honor of

Paige Lester-Niles Jimmy Trujillo & Maria Walker Elinor Tucker Tess Tumarkin Rodrigo Vargas Corrales Sara Bright Vogelsang Jim Wallace & Barbara Pequet in

honor of Jaimie Wallace Paul & Gigi Welch Marion & Jan Wells Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering Phil & Krista Griffin White Lucius McKee Wofford Madalyn Wofford

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Eagle’s Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

Gifts in Kind Anonymous The Babbitt Family John & Wendy Barclay Elizabeth Barnes Black Diamond/Frugal Backpacker BlogHer, Inc. Stanley P. Bohrer Broad Street Wines Dean & Gail Bunce Carolyn Carter & Els Van den Eynde Ken & Leslie Chepenik Kevin, Susan, Madeline & Ethan Conley Marilyn, Brendan & Madison Connor Ronnie & Cain Cox Dinners on the Porch, Winston-Salem Eagles Nest Outfitters, Inc John & Amy Ende The Engimann-Ackermann Family Steve & Patty Ghertner Cliff Gordon & Laura Graves

Great Outdoor Provision Company Bruce Grob & Banta Whitner The Hafeken Amundarain Family Ryan & Perry Houghton KAVU, Inc Bill & Andi Kidd Elen Knott Jack & Diane Kraus Noni Waite-Kucera & Greg Kucera Barbara Lentz & Michael Smith Posey Lester-Niles Hannah Levin Robert Levin George & Kristen Linney The Milchberg Family North Face Patagonia Peace Corps Mark Podhorzer & Terry Egdal Gina & Shel Rosenstein

Second Gear Gene & Anne Shelton Barbara Lentz & Michael Smith Liz & Jesse Smith Jennifer Snowhite & Angus MacLachlan Jim & Barbara Suojanen United Therapeutics Rodrigo Vargas Corrales Vermont Mechanical, Inc. Alex, Kelley & Emory Waite Helen & Moseley Waite Paula Ward & Gail Kirkland Josie Whelan Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering Phil & Krista Griffin White Bryan and Cathy Williams Ruth & Carrol Wilson Claire Wofford Madalyn Wofford

Faculty & Staff Donors Anonymous (10) Polly Averette Justin Baker Liz Baker Sam Barge Nicholas Barnette

Michael Brown Susan Conley Susan Tinsley Daily Marga deJong Talia Dessel Melissa Engimann Daniel Feeney Ellen Fox Julia Fuster

Alex Gallagher Indigo Grady Ryan Houghton Laura Kraus Cecilia Kucera Anna Lauria Andy Lester-Niles Paige Lester-Niles George Linney

Anita Mitchell Dave Moffatt Allison Moore Patrick Nelson Lucas Newton Sharon Nouwens Kelly Ockwell Eli Orland Clay Pittman

Mackie Price Edee Robinson Anna Shugoll Liz Smith Liz Snyder J. Caroline Toy Tess Tumarkin Diane Ulmer Rodrigo Vargas

Noni Waite-Kucera Josie Whelan Krista White Ruth Wilson Luke Wofford Madalyn Wofford

Eagle’s Nest Foundation PO Box 5127 Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5127 336-761-1040

Follow us! OA Blog Camp Blog Hante Blog LinkedIn OA Alumni Group

Give us a call Fall to Spring: 336-761-1040 Year-Round: 828-877-4349

Eagles Nest 2013 Annual Report  

Eagle's Nest Foundation 2013 Annual Report

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