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think spring: The Home Builders & Remodelers of CNY will host its annual event March 15-18.

EXPANDING: The owners of Wild Bird Center in Manlius are moving up, opening a new shop.

“We tried to think of something that fit well with the Wild Bird Center and liked the idea of buying local.�

“The 2012 Home & Garden Show will highlight hundreds of businesses, services and products to help you improve your home or build a new one.�

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‘The best time to buy’ February 8, 2012

A supplement to Eagle Newspapers

CNY real estate market holding its own

Re, who has been in real estate for 32 years, said this is a great time to buy a house. “In my whole career I have never seen the three things that are occurring right now happen together,� he said. “That is there is affordable housing with low interest rates and a huge selection of houses. This is the best time to buy real estate in CNY. If you are selling your house and want to move into a bigger house when you sell your house you’re not getting as much as you would have years ago, but the house you are looking to buy is also priced less. That is why it is important to price your house appropriately.� “It’s not easy, in fact it’s harder than it used to be, but I look at it as the new normal,� Re said. “We’ll never see another 2005 again, but it’s not as dire as you may think from listening to the national news, with foreclosures, short bails and people losing their homes in Florida, Arizona and California.� Re said he is optimistic for the future.

By Jennifer Wing

Mark W. Re

Realty USA Central Region

Dan Bargabos Heritage Homes

The Central New York home real estate market experienced a bit of growth, according to Mark W. Re, vice president and general manager of RealtyUSA Central Region and president of Central New York Information Service Inc. “Central New York was insulated from the bubble and the bad times and the foreclosures,� Re said. “We certainly were not booming in 2011, but we were not hit hard. We never do go up a lot or down a lot, and are fairly steady.� Re said Central New York was the only part of the country not affected by recent trends in the market. “In fact, Central New York had a two or three percent appreciation,� he said. His firm had a successful 2011, he added, in part because they have priced the homes correctly for the market. “Here in Central New York it used to be, in 2005 or before, you would give a house worth $125,000 a cushion and maybe ask $129,900. Today, you can’t have that cushion. If you price it at the correct price for the market and it will sell. In fact, for those homes offered at 5 percent less than market value we’ve seen multiple offers.�

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One town’s experience: Upswing in home construction in 2011

stock photo

If Clay follows national trends, the town could see a marked increase in residential new construction starts, as well as housing sales as a whole, in 2012. According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, the housing market, both in terms of the sale of existing homes and in new home sales, is expected to see a recovery, with double-digit gains in both new home sales and construction starts nationwide. â€Żâ€œTight mortgage credit conditions have been holding back home buyers all year, and consumer confidence has been shaky recently,â€? said NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. “Nonetheless, there is a sizeable pent-up demand based on population

Carter’s Upholstery


:&"34*/#64*/&44 t'".*-:08/&%01&3"5&%tT0''"#3*$450$)004&

6707 South Salina St. • Nedrow • 469.0202


growth, employment levels and a doubling-up phenomenon that can’t continue indefinitely. This demand could quickly stimulate the market when conditions improve.� According to the report, new home sales are expected to rise to 372,000, up from 302,000 in 2011, and new home construction should climb to 630,000 units, up from 583,000 in 2011. As it stands, 2011 saw more new construction than 2010, according to Clay Planning Commissioner Mark Territo. “This year to date, in terms of single family construction, we have 75 new construction starts,� Territo said. “In 2010, there were a total of 88. Those are

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By Sarah Hall


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Feb. 8, 2012

L. & J.G. Stickley: A company on the move Legacy of family business’s success credited to loyal employees, customers, dealers and Stickley’s unparalleled quality By Jennifer Wing One couple with great aspirations certainly had their work cut out for them when they decided to purchase a struggling furniture company with a sterling reputation. That company, L. & J.G. Stickley, was known for its beautiful furniture and fine workmanship, but had only 25 employees and $235,000 in annual sales in 1974 when Alfred and Aminy Audi took over its helm. That same company now boasts 1,500 employees, 14 company-owned showrooms throughout the country, 150 dealers nationwide and an international division. In addition, the company is “continuously investing in new designs and technology to keep ahead of the curve,” Aminy Audi, president and chief executive officer of L. & J.G. Stickley, said. “We are a company on the move. We also have purchased five other companies over the years – including John Widdicomb, the crown jewel of the furniture industry and more recently Nichols & Stone.” “In the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, the company was successful, but after Mr. Stickley’s death in 1957, his wife Louise inherited the business and it was difficult for her,” said Audi. “Many of the dealers gave up – they’d have to wait two years for their order to come in.” She and her husband, who passed away in 2007, decided on a game plan for making the company a success. “When we first bought Stickley, our first priority was to hire and train the right people, then introduce new product and open new dealers,” Audi said. “Over the years we have also diversified our product offering. In addition to our trademark Mission style, which we reissued in 1989, we now offer contemporary, traditional and casual designs. The upholstery and leather, which we manufacture in our plant in North Carolina, represent the softer side of Stickley. Comfortable and cutting edge, they are available in over a thousand fabrics and leather. Our large gallery of Oriental rugs, many of which we design and import directly, represent a great value and add beauty to


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all actual buildings that have started construction; that number does not include permits that have been issued by the planning board. The last development to be okayed by the planning board is off Maple Road, and that’s a plan for 30 single-family houses.” Apartment construction, meanwhile, has really taken off in the town, and Territo thinks it will continue to do so in the next year. Fourteen apartment buildings, or housing with three units or more, were constructed in 2011, compared to nine in 2010. “I think that number will go up quite a bit in 2012,” Territo said. “There are apartments going in behind Price Chopper and Target on Route 31. You have the Jolu development before the board [Nov. 21] asking for a zone change, which will be mostly townhouses and apartments.” So will 2012 be a bigger year for new construction overall in Clay? “It’s hard to say, but it’s looking that way,” Territo said. “Maybe not for single-family houses, but more towards apartments.” Territo said the town has options for developers that other area towns don’t. “We have a lot of open land,” he said. “We’re not built out like the town of Salina. There’s a lot more room here.” Supervisor Damian Ulatowski had other ideas about what Clay had to offer. “The town of Clay has a tremendous amount of things that potential homeowners are looking for,” Ulatowski said. “Clay offers the perfect combination of urban and rural living. We’ve got a stable tax base, excellent school systems, a commercial district that’s second only to the city. We’ve got easy access to all of the amenities people are looking for. If I were potentially looking for a place to move my young family, this is it.”

any room,” Audi said. Audi also credits her staff for the top-notch service that is associated with Stickley. “The people who work at Stickley make the difference,” she said. Besides the many craftsmen and other employees, the company employs interior designers who will not only help clients select products in the showroom, but will also make house calls. “They will help customers pick out what is right for them and help them with the layout of their rooms,” Audi said. “They are very talented and have transformed many homes for people.” The company is very much in the family. Audi’s three children, Carolyn Audi Fischi, Andrea Audi and Edward Audi, who is the company’s executive vice president and president of its international division, are all partners in the business. And the fact that it is family-owned works to the benefit of both its employees and customers. “We tend to think long-term,” Audi said. “Throughout the years we have attracted the most talented employees and we have the most loyal customer base and dedicated dealers.”

Looking ahead

The Stickley name has been synonymous with success, and the future looks bright, with expansion and innovation always on the horizon. “This past year we opened a 36,000 square feet showroom in Charlotte, N.C., on Labor Day,” Audi said. “It is a great building that had been a furniture showroom previously.” The new location, Stickley’s second in Charlotte, will show both Stickley as well as other lines of furniture, similar to what is housed at the Towne Center location in Fayetteville. But Stickley is certainly not done expanding, with a new, 22,000-square-foot showroom in Paramus, N.J. projected to open in Labor Day of this year. And Stickley is also intent on improving what it already owns, evidenced by a $700,000 up-

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New developments in Clay

The following are new housing developments currently under construction in the town of Clay. Included is the area of the town in which the development is located and the approximate cost of the houses, as well as the builders participating in the construction. Country Meadows (off Caughdenoy Road) Builders: Heritage Homes, Signature Crest Builders, Sciuga Custom Builders, Loscombe Custom Homes, Mark Antony Homes, Miller Homes, Summerset Homes, JMG Custom Homes and Harrington Homes. Cost of homes: $200,000s Construction is ongoing. Inverness Gardens (off Taft Road across from Wegmans) Builders: JMG Custom Homes, Loscombe Custom Homes, Signature Crest Builders, Zellar Homes, Harrington Homes, Pigliavento Homes, Miller Homes, Martin Custom Homes, Mark Antony Homes and Sciuga Custom Homes. Cost of homes: $320,000s Construction is ongoing. This is a PDD zone, meaning that it also contains commercial projects. Lawton Valley Hunt (off Route 31 between Clay and Cicero) Builder: Ryan Homes Cost of homes: Upper $150,000s Construction is ongoing. Newbury Woods (off Henry Clay Boulevard north of Route 31) Builder: JMG Custom Homes Cost of homes: $200,000s and up Construction to begin spring 2012. Northfork at Ver Plank (off Ver Plank Road behind Great Northern Mall) Builder: JMG Custom Homes. Cost of homes: $250,000s and up Construction is ongoing. Pine Gate Acres (off Soule Road) Builders: Eldan Homes, JMG Custom Homes, Signature Crest Builders, Zellar Homes, Heritage Harrington Homes, Pigliavento Homes, Miller Homes and Sciuga Custom Homes. Cost of homes: $300,000s. Construction is ongoing. Riverwalk (off Black Creek Road by Seneca River) Builder: Loscombe Custom Homes Cost of homes: $500,000 and up Construction may begin next summer. Waterhouse Landing (off Morgan Road across from Fairway East) Builder: Ryan Homes Cost of homes: $190,000s Construction is ongoing.

The ribbon cutting for L. & J.G. Stickley’s new Charlotte showroom.

Aminy and Edward Audi present Cindy Manning with a Harvey Ellis Rocker in recognition of her 50 years at Stickley. Surrounding Cindy are her family members.


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“We’ve done incrementally better each year, and did a little bit better in 2012. It’s turning around slowly and steadily, although it will never be like it was before.” Dan Bargabos, president of Heritage Homes, called last year “the toughest year for new home construction in recent memory.” “Still, plenty of homes got built, but it was difficult,” Bargabos said. “However, this year, we’re already doing much better than the year before. There’s so much going on and a lot of people that are savvy are watching the news, paying attention to what is happening, and that affects how they see the world. People are recognizing that they want to stay in Central New York, and I think remodeling will pick up also.” He said he has “more deals and potential deals in the pipeline, more appointments through the month of February this year over last year.” Mark W. Re , RealtyUSA Bargabos said Central Region the local economy “is stronger than people give credit for. The way we are affected is a lot different than the way the country was. We were impacted because the whole economy slowed down, but it is not that unusual to have a low or a high. We go through the cycles all the time, but because the underlying economy here in CNY is strong the reality is that nothing that bad happened here. The change is that someone who would have spent $500,000 on a new home is spending $400,000; the people who wanted to spend $600,000 are spending $500,000 and some people who wanted to buy a new house remodeled instead.” He said the market seems to have settled a bit. “We’re going to do fine,” he said. “Are we going to do great – no – we never did. We never got caught up in the sub-prime mess, and that is why we didn’t see the foreclosure situation that other parts of the country experienced.”

“In my whole career I have never seen the three things that are occurring right now happen together. That is there is affordable housing with low interest rates and a huge selection of houses.” -


Feb. 8, 2012


Wild Bird Center spreads its wings Seneca Street Emporium to debut this spring By Jennifer Wing

The Wild Bird Center is growing, and the Manlius area will be prettier because of it - and not only from the beautiful birds gracing feeders in residents’ yards. The shop is expanding the space it occupies in the historic building located at 315 E. Seneca St. in the village. As a result, the already striking interior of the former site of the First Baptist Church of Manlius will be even more beautiful. Opened in January 2008, the Wild Bird Center of Manlius is family owned and operated by Heidi and Bob Menikheim of Manlius. Heidi, a Manlius native, and Bob, a birdwatcher and lifelong

resident of Manlius, were inspired to open the store by their love of birds and nature and a desire to share their knowledge of backyard birding with their customers. The store offers field-tested birdseed and exclusive seed blends consisting of premium ingredients preferred by backyard birds, such as sunflower, peanuts, hulled sunflower, safflower, Nyjer and millet for ground feeding birds. Their blends have no fillers and are fresh, debris-free and packed with protein. Wild Bird Center also offers a selection of feeders, birdbaths, nest boxes, books, media, binoculars, gifts and other bird feeding products.

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Jennifer Wing

Heidi Menikheim of Wild Bird Center in Manlius, showing some of the many feeders available at the store, above, and in front of the shop, located at 315 E. Seneca St.

Who’s In Your Tree? Bring your backyard to life! At the Wild Bird Center we carry the highest quality bird feeders, houses, seed and unique accessories to help enhance your backyard and your enjoyment of your backyard friends. We invite you to come in & discover all that we have to offer!

Visit us at the Wild Bird Center of Manlius PARKING IN REAR OF BUILDING! (Easy Access off of Franklin St. and Masonic Way) 315 E. Seneca Street (Rt. 173), Manlius, NY 13104 +)-!.1*%,+*-ooo&oad\Zaj\&[ge'eYfdamk

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Feb. 8, 2012

Ahh!…Simple steps to better water by Brian Smith Bob Auchinachie has been affiliated with Kinetico Water Systems for more than a decade, yet he still marvels at the products he sells and installs as part of his H2ahh Water Purification System. And Auchinachie and his family have plenty of experience with all things water: He’s the fourthgeneration owner of Auchinachie Plumbing, which started in Binghamton in 1906. “The Kinetico products really are unbelievable,” said Auchinachie. “They’ve been around for more than 35 years, and we’ve had the franchise to install them in the Syracuse area for the past 10 years. They’re unlike anything else in terms of water softeners and purification systems because they aren’t electric, and they use one-third less salt and water to deliver what we feel is the cleanest water on the market.” The softener component is installed at the water’s point of entry into the home or commercial building, allowing for soft, non-acidic water to travel throughout the entire system, lessening the potential damage to pipes, faucets and shower heads. At the kitchen sink or other consumption areas, a filter using reverse osmosis purifies the water for drinking and cooking. Clean drinking water is a concern for everyone, but hard water – water that has high amounts of dissolved minerals – is of particular concern in Central New York. While it isn’t necessarily a health risk, hard water can cause mineral buildup on fixtures, dry skin and poor soap and detergent performance.

“Clinton, which is not too far from Syracuse, has some of the hardest water in the country,” Auchinachie said. “We’ve installed several systems in the area to outstanding results. The people, who have tried other purification systems in the past, are amazed at how well the Kinetico products through H2ahh perform.” Kinetico products, including the ones Auchinachie installs with his H2ahh line, are customizable. Water in a home or business is tested to determine which filters will best clean each system’s water. Well water and city water can have different concentrations of harmful chemicals and minerals, and will need different filters for purification. “I’m in the service business, so I will come out and we’ll fix your existing filter, but I strongly urge people to look into our H2ahh line,” said Auchinachie. “It’s a premium product, and the last softener you will buy. I really feel that way. “In fact, once we put one in, I’m disappointed in knowing that I won’t have to install another in that home,” Auchinachie added with a laugh. H2ahh will provide a free, no-obligation analysis of your home’s water. To learn more about the offer, or to inquire about installation, visit h2ahh. com, or call 753-0120. H2ahh can also be reached toll free at 888-551-5100.

Stickley sively offered in 2012 or browse the more than 1,000 Stickley fabrics available, 250 of which are brand new. “We are always looking to improve our lines and our company, and in the future, we will continue to invest in people, product and in infrastructure. “If new opportunities present themselves, we will seize them.”

Stickley’s biggest asset

Audi said there has been a continuing demand for Stickley’s lines, which is very gratifying. “At a time when many furniture manufacturers and retailers are closing their doors or reducing their footprints, we are grateful to be in a position to expand and plan for future growth,” she said. In fact, Stickley has not had a single layoff since 1974, which makes Audi proud. “We have been very busy – we don’t sit still, and that is why we have been able to keep two full-time shifts in Manlius.” She said Stickley’s “biggest asset is our people. We recognize that and appreciate the benefits of having longtime employees.” One example of the kind of loyalty that can be found at Stickley is Cindy Manning, who

was recently honored for 50 years of service with the company, along with other longtime employees. “Some of Cindy’s family also works here, including her son and daughter-in-law,” Audi said. “Together Cindy & her family have 165 years at Stickley. Also recently honored were two employees that had been here for 35 years, as well as six 30-year, six 25-year and 15 20-year employees. That kind of longevity is unusual.” Audi said the company was also able to attract the perfect candidate for its vice president of sales, Blain Wrench, who moved here from North Carolina, and has added several dealers with previously-unrepresented areas across the country.

Customers, community are No. 1

“We are grateful to this community,” she added. “Even in this economy, we have had continued growth. This is a credit to our customers, employees and dealers, as well as to the unparalleled quality of Stickley.” Stickley continues to add personal touches to its presence in Central New York, hosting a special Go Red for Women event, “Handbags Helping Hearts.” The showroom in Fayetteville

has also been the setting for Jowonio School’s annual celebration, “Friends, Flowers and All that Jazz.” Stickley will hold its next clearance event in March at 206 S. Main St., North Syracuse (the former Goldberg’s showroom.)

Award-winning business

Audi called 2011 an “unusually rewarding year.” Stickley received numerous awards this year, among them the Legacy Award from the Syracuse Business Journal and the International Center of Syracuse’s International Humanitarian Award for its work with refugees. Audi was recognized as a woman of achievement who has made a significant lifetime contribution to the home and furnishings industry with the Women in the Home Furnishing Industry’s 2011 Legacy Award and also was named International Citizen of the Year by the International Center of Syracuse. Visit the Stickley showroom at 300 Towne Drive in Fayetteville, or call the showroom at 637-7770, the home office at 682-5500 or visit for more information on L. & J.G. Stickley.


grade to its Albany showroom which is slated for a grand-reopening this spring. The company’s manufacturing side is also on the move, keeping at the forefront of the most current technology. “We’ve also invested in state-of-the-art machinery in Manlius and are spending more than $3 million on an ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] system, thus updating our information technology to make us much more efficient,” she added. “It has been a huge investment, both in capital and human resources, with so many people involved. We will go live in March.” Stickley is also constantly working to add to its stellar lineup of products, including featuring its new Finger Lakes Collection, described by Audi as “a uniquely American perspective on classic Western design. Included in this is a custom designed dining room assortment where customers can choose their own bases and tops from the selection offered, and the tops come with different levels of distressing. This line is beautifully displayed in our Fayetteville showroom.” Customers visiting the showroom can also see a limited edition Harvey Ellis cabinet exclu-

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Feb. 8, 2012


Welcome spring with the 2012 Home & Garden Show

The Home Builders & Remodelers of CNY is encouraging area residents to celebrate spring with its annual Home and Garden Show, one of the largest events of its kind in the Northeast. Scheduled for March 15 through 18, the 2012 Home & Garden Show will highlight hundreds of businesses, services and products to help you improve your home or build a new one. Housed in two buildings at the New York State Fairgrounds with more than 400 exhibitors, those who attend are sure to find great ideas about home-building and improvement projects. The show offers an opportunity to meet local professionals and buy quality products right from the show floor. This year, the Home & Garden Show is pleased to present the Duct Tape Guys. Tim Nyberg and Jim Berg are the authors of seven books documenting real and wacky uses for duct tape. Their bizarre prop comedy has made them popular radio and television show guests, including regular appearances on Discovery’s “Gimme Shelter.� Also, be sure to stop by March 17 to meet the Leprechaun, and enjoy your chance to win great prizes from some of our terrific exhibitors. Visit for more information and Duct Tape Guy show times. The Home & Garden Show opens from 5 to 8:30 p.m., March 15, and continues from 2 to 8:30 p.m., March 16, from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. March 17 and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. March 18. Tickets are $8, seniors are $7 and children 16 and under are free courtesy of Busch Products. Weekend passes are $12 per person. For additional information, visit

John Scipione, GreenHomes America CNY Branch Manager

GreenHomes America: Helping reduce utility bills

Can you believe another year has passed? Green­ Homes America is appreciative of their customers in helping them in their achievement as NYSERDA’s most recognized and awarded weatherization contractor. With their knowledgable, hardworking staff, GreenHomes America is busy serving the customers in order to help homeowners reduce their utility bills and increase both the comfort and safety of their homes. This in turn makes the customers’ homes more valuable. GreenHomes America has now become part of ABM Industries Inc., a 100-year-old Fortune 500 company. With 13 franchise locations from Maine to California, GreenHomes America is planning 24 other locations by the end of 2012. The original Central New York location has evolved into the expansion model and serves as the training facility for the entire GreenHomes America network. GreenHomes America is located at 801 Hiawatha Blvd., East Syracuse. Call 474-6549 for more information.

Wild Bird Center

From page 3 on improving the building inside and out. ‘We’ve paved the parking lot behind the building and put in a fence,� Heidi said. “Also, the renovations to the building will make it handicapped accessible, with an elevator and ramps. We think this old building is beautiful and are trying to make it a nice place in Manlius.� Heidi said it is the customers that make it all worthwhile. “Our customers are great,� she said. “They love nature and animals, and are always coming in here with stories about birds, squirrels and other wildlife they’ve encountered.� She said she plans to reach out to the community and share her family’s love of nature. “We like to hold bird walks, and will be expanding on that in the future,� Heidi said. For more information about the Wild Bird Center stop by the store at 315 E. Seneca St., Manlius, call 692-4325 or visit franchisee/man/home.

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“It has been a thrill opening and operating a Wild Bird Centers store in my hometown,� Heidi said. “My husband’s family has been here for more than 30 years and love this community. That is why we are committed to staying in Manlius.� In keeping with this mission, they will be opening a new store this spring, also in the former church, which the Menikheims purchased in June of last year. “Seneca Street Emporium will have crafts, food and handmade items, all made in the U.S., with a lot of it made in New York,� Heidi said. “We tried to think of something that fits well with the Wild Bird Center and liked the idea of promoting buying local. Being local ourselves, it is important for us to encourage people to support local business. We wanted to help revitalize this area that we live in. That’s why we bought this building.� Since the Wild Bird Center moved to its current location, the Menikheims have been focused

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Home Performance with ENERGY STARÂŽ Program can help you lower your energy bills and make your homes safer and more comfortable. 801 Hiawatha Blvd. East Syracuse, New York 13208




Feb. 8, 2012

Carter Upholstery all in the family Nedrow business stresses customer service

White’s Farm Supply puts the customer first White’s Farm Supply has three retail stores located on the outskirts of Syracuse in Canastota, Lowville and Waterville. By Tami S. Scott White’s Farm Supply stands behind its philosophy of putting customers first, and it shows in the books. The family-run business enjoyed a 40 percent growth spurt last year in the agricultural industry. “You have to take care of the people who are buying from you,� said Art White, who owns

the enterprise with his two brothers, Dale and Doug. “We stay with upper end brands and we’re able to do that because of the age [and] security of our business. We’re able to only pick the best of the brands that are available and that are the best value to our customers for their jobs.�

Carter Upholstery is located at 6707 South Salina St. in Nedrow. By Jennifer Wing In the 1950s Bernie Carter spent time “dabbling� with replacing automobile tops and seat covers for friends and family. Now, more than 60 years later, the upholstery business born from his early efforts is still thriving in Cen-

tral New York. Bernie, who grew up in Alabama, met his wife, Marianne, a native of Czechoslovakia, in the service, started his family here and made Nedrow home to his business. Carter Upholstery, lo-

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ZG222 This is the year to reward yourself with a new Kubota. Right now you can get 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 5 years and a Customer Instant Rebate of $300 on Kubota Z Series zero-turn mowers. It always pays to own quality — and now it pays $300 more. Offers end March 31, 2012.

White's Farm White's Farm Supply, Inc. Supply, Inc.

This is the year to reward yourself with a new Kubota. Right now you can get 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 5 years and a Customer Instant Rebate of $300 on Kubota Z Series zero-turn mowers. It always pays to own quality — and now it pays $300 more. Offers end March 31, 2012.



4154 NY Route 31 962 NY Route 12 Canastota, NY 13032 Waterville, 13480 8207 State Route 26, Lowville, NY 13367 • (315)NY 376-0300 (315) 697-2214 (315) 841-4181 White's Farm White's Farm 4154 State Route 31, Canastota, NY 13032 • (315) 697-2214

962 State RouteSupply, 12, Waterville, NY 13480 • (315) 841-4181 Inc. Supply, Inc. ŠKubota Tractor Corporation, 2012

4154 NY Route 31 962 NY Route 12 Canastota, NY 13032 Waterville, NY 13480 (315) 697-2214 (315) 841-4181


cated in Nedrow since the 1960s, is all in the family for Cathy Carter-Damiano, who took over its operation, along with her late husband, Andrew, upon her father’s retirement 20 years ago. “I helped with the business growing up,� Cathy said. “I did it as a kid. My favorite thing was working with the customers.� It is that experience that has helped her in her many roles at Carter Upholstery, from managing and scheduling appointments to organizing sales, setup and delivery. “I think what is most important is that we connect so well with the customers and are able to relate to them,� Cathy said. “They tell us what they need and we are able to fulfill that need. We strip the furniture down to the frame and retie the springs [and] check for loose joints, making repairs if necessary. Then we start rebuilding the piece to look like new adding padding where needed or changing completely. We also replace foam cushions and do throw pillows. It’s always a pleasure to take someone’s family heirlooms and bring them back to life. We have reupholstered almost anything that you could imagine.� Carter Upholstery services all residential upholstery from sofas and chairs to window seats and headboards. They are able to do custom work with thousands of fabrics available in books at the shop, and can do upholstery with fabric brought in by the client as well. “We like to use as many American-made products as possible,� Cathy said. “We also offer a lot of fabrics made in America. I love to work with a lot of different fabrics, and we work with a lot of designers as well.� In addition, the company can do upholstery work on boats and motorhomes, though it has moved away from automobile tops. “We also do commercial upholster y,� Cathy said. From doctors and dentists offices, including exam and medical tables, to hospitals



Feb. 8, 2012


Timber Banks offers the newest lifestyle in CNY

Timber Banks Golf Club & Marina Community, located just off of River Road in Baldwinsville, is host to the newest lifestyle in Central New York. Owner and developer Gary Pooler had a vision more than 10 years ago about what Timber Banks would become. “Timber Banks has exceeded my expectations� said Pooler. “I believe we have one of the finest residential communities in all of New York State.� With the 18-hole Nicklaus Design golf course, the new Wedding & Banquet Center and two miles of walking trails, Timber Banks offers amenities that are difficult to match. You will also find two of the finest builders in all of Upstate New York available to you at Timber Banks. @home Builders and Heritage Homes have models up for you to tour and also have endless custom options for you to choose from. It is a must see for everyone in Central New York. @home Builders is one of the most respected new home builders in Upstate New York. President of @Home Builders David Riedman has a proven track record in building a home to meet your lifestyle needs. The company has new homes for sale all across Upstate New York including right here in Central New York at Timber Banks. @Home offers resort style apartments, cottages, villas, townhomes and single family homes with prices starting in the low $200s. With all of these options they truly have a product for everyone. For more information about @Home Builders or to schedule a model tour please call Teresa Carpenter at 6356006 or visit and follow the link to the “Live Here� page. Heritage Homes founder and President Dan Bargabos is a fourth generation contractor with more than 20 years of experience. Heritage has built its reputation on quality, style and craftsmanship and they have lived up to that reputation at Timber Banks. Weather it is a colonial style, ranch or a traditional design, Heritage has something for everyone. In addition to their library of over 300 designs, Dan and his team offer endless custom options which means that your new home will be just that- yours. For more information about Heritage Homes or to schedule a model tour please contact Barb Ciricillo at 345-2355 or visit the Timber Banks web-site at and follow the link to the “Live Here� page. Not only does Timber Banks offer some of the finest homes in all of Upstate New York, a Nicklaus Design golf course and all of the amenities that come with living at the newest community in Central New York, new for 2011 is the addition of the Wedding & Banquet Center. With room for up to 400 guests it can host wedding ceremonies, recep-

Carter Upholstery

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Timber Banks offers some of the finest homes in all of Upstate New York. tions, corporate events and banquet functions just to name a few. With their gazebo ceremony site right on the Seneca River, endless photo opportunities with the Nicklaus Design golf course and the walking trails and the new Wedding & Banquet Center, Timber Banks offers the bride- to- be everything she would need all in one location. You would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque spot for your special day anywhere in Upstate New York. “We still have

dates available for the 2011 season� says General Manager Perry Noun III. “There is still time to book weddings for this year. Our staff can gear up and be ready for those who still need a one stop shop facility.� Please call General Manager- Perry Noun III at 635- 8800 to book your date or to schedule your facility tour. You can also visit the website at and follow the link to the Wedding & Banquet Center page.

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and colleges, “we can do upholstery anywhere there is seating.� The company employs eight full or part-time employees, “some who have been here for more than 30 years,� she said. “We have a lot of experience here.� Cathy is busy out of the shop as well, a big SU fan, she also takes part in riding and showing quarter horses. “I have a small hobby farm and boarding facility in Baldwinsville,� Cathy said. “Yes, I am busy, but I love it.� Her children helped out in the shop when they were growing up and, though they have taken different career paths, learned a lot when they worked there. “They learned about the business and gained organizational skills that help them in their current jobs,� Cathy said. “It helped them in many ways when they started out in their careers.� Carter Upholstery is located at 6707 South Salina St. in Nedrow. They can be reached at 469-0202 or carteruph Visit for more information.


   Welcome to the Villas Enjoy living in one of at Timber Banks! Central New Yorks


 Priced starting at the $180's!   • Attached Patio Homes • Maintenance Free Living • Access to Community Clubhouse that Features a Pool, Hot Tub, Fitness Center, Theatre Room and So Much More!


Enjoy Central New Yorks For more information contact: Country Cupboards, Farm Tables, Windsors, most versatile comBarbara Ciricillo Upholstered Furniture, Floorcloths, Periodmunities. Heritage Licensed Associate RE Broker Call: Chris Dardano 622-2111 x129 Lighting, Pewter, Textiles & Other Handcrafted Homes is built on a 345-2355 (cell) (315) 546-3062 Necessities For The Early Home tradition of excellence All of our Heirloom-Quality Reproductions and Accessories are American-Made by the Finest Craftsmen with experience and quality second to none. Visit Us Wednesday ~ Saturday 11am-5pm 4538 Apulia Road, Jamesville • 492-1977 Let Barb introduce you to a community that will www. .com ÀW\RXUOLIHVW\OH

(315) 635-8800

For more information contact:

Barbara Ciricillo


most versatile communities. Heritage Homes is built on a tradition of excellence with experience and quality second to none. Let Barb introduce you to a community that will living in one of ÀW\RXUOLIHVW\OH



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Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.: Better customer service sets them apart Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning is fully said customer service. “We have over 15,000 customers in our dainsured and all work is guaranteed. They feature six fully-stocked service trucks throughout Cen- tabase and we take care of them all,” Hill said. “Our database software enables us to look at their tral New York. In fact, if you have purchased your system history, from day one to the present. It’s a big adfrom Hills and require an emergency service vantage – we’ve been able to help with extended warranty issues call chances are 99 percent because we have the data.” that they have Hill’s was the repair part Baldwinsville: 7852 West River Road – 638-2945 featured in an on the service Auburn: 2121 West Genesee Street – 253-6869 online article, truck. Hills “How to Run features sera Data-Driven vice contracts with maintenance and full service contracts on Business,” by Gene Marks, that appeared on all brands of heating and air conditioning equip- in 2010. In the article Marks writes, “Terry Hill, owner of Hill’s Heating and Air Conment. And parts… Hill’s has made a strong com- ditioning in Baldwinsville, NY, thrives on data and mitment to inventory and parts, with more than he uses the CRM (Customer Relationships Man11,000 square feet of warehouse stocked with agement) Program that I sell. Data is powerful and equipment, parts and accessories. Thousands of it’s essential to good customer service.” parts in excess of $600,000 in value, all on had to Hill’s is also different from most competitors in other ways. better serve its customers. “We’re bigger than most and better equipped,” When asked how his company was different from other companies in the field, Terry Hill, Hill said. “We’ve served Central New York for over owner of Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning, 39 years and our customers know us. We have cus-

Hill’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

24-hour service Fully-stocked service trucks mean quicker repairs. tomers who know their service tech. Some even baked cookies for their tech at Christmas time. We are customer oriented and we have customers in a service region that stretches from Cortland to Pulaski and Utica to Geneva.” Owners Terry and Elli Hill’s commitment to customer service is shared by Shirley Hammond, who manages the 25 employees at Hill’s, some who have worked there for more than 30 years. Hammond said this is important because customers see the service end of their work. Hill’s offers extended warranty programs on their products, and financing is available to all customers. In addition to the office on River Road in Baldwinsville, there is a Hill’s store in Auburn. Both locations have fireplace showrooms full of Kozy Heat and Napoleon brand fireplaces and hearth inserts. Their Baldwinsville store also includes full sheet metal shop to allow custom fabrication of heating, ventilation or AC systems. They represent Rheem and Trane air conditioning and heating products. They also offer Amana, Napoleon, Thermo Pride and Kozy

Heating brand products. Hill’s approved products come with at least a five-year parts and labor warranty. Hill’s Heating also sells and installs microprocessor energy management control systems. They offer residential, commercial and industrial equipment and service. Service contracts are available, stabilizing customers’ parts and labor costs when maintenance time comes around. Hill’s has a fleet of six fully-stocked trucks. Alternative heating such as wood and wood pellets may be popular this year if oil prices increase. “I think oil prices will be up,” said Hill. “It should result in more wood and wood pellet unit sales.” Gas fireplaces continue to be popular and you can’t beat the efficiency. People can heat the space you spend time in – and then turn them off. Whatever your heating or air conditioning needs may be, Hill’s can help. Visit the store nearest you or learn more online at hillsheatingandair. com. Discover the Hill’s difference.


The basics of property taxes Paying property taxes is a necessary side effect of home ownership. Across the United States, residents are required to pay property taxes based on an assessment of their homes’ value. Taxes on land and the buildings on it are one of the biggest sources of revenue for local governments. In the United States, property taxes are not imposed by the states, but by the smaller governing bodies in cities, towns, townships, counties, and other jurisdictions. In Canada, property taxes, or milliage taxes, are levied by the jurisdiction in which the property is located. They may be paid to a federated state or a municipality or the national government. Sometimes multiple jurisdictions may tax the same property. Although the taxes are mandated by a higher governing power, the rate at which you pay taxes could be based on a very local assessment of the area in which your house is located and the current market conditions. An assessor will visit a home -- usually prior to purchase -- and make a determination on the percentage of tax to be paid depending on the condition of the home, the improvements that have been made and the climate of the economy in your particular town or city. Property taxes are usually calculated by taking the assessed value of your home and multiplying it by the tax rate that has been determined by your local government. While no one can “legally” escape paying property taxes, there are several ways to have them lowered. Getting your home re-assessed is one such way. Individuals who have reached a certain age may be eligible for certain discounts on property taxes. But this may require a very low income to qualify. There are also some tax credits or homestead exemptions that may qualify you for a limited assessed value on the property. According to data from the Tax Foundation and Forbes, areas of New Jersey, New York and Illinois boast some of the highest property taxes. Residents of Hunterdon County, New Jersey paid on average $8,600 a year between 2005 and 2009. Those in Lake County, Illinois pay around $6,500. People

living in Westchester County, New York can plan on spending $8,400 per year. Statistics indicate that homes located in Ontario cities in central Canada have the highest property taxes. Toronto residents, for example, pay an average of $3,900. In this tough economy, lowering property taxes (which are generally rolled into the mortgage amount for ease of payment) could substantially reduce bills. As many as 60 percent of properties across the United States are overassessed, according to the National Taxpayers Union, a nonprofit group that promotes lower taxes. If you suspect your property taxes are high, here are the steps to take. Get a copy of your property tax assessment from the local assessor’s office and double-check all the information contained to see if it is correct. Check the assessments of five comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood in the last three years. An independent appraiser can also provide you accurate information at a cost. Make sure he or she is licensed with the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers or by the American Society of Appraisers. It’s not possible to lower the property tax rate, just the assessed value of the home through an official appeal. There may be fees associated with this appeal, however. Some home improvements will increase the value of your home and, in turn, your property taxes. Here are some of the most common culprits: 3 extra stories to the home 3 outhouses, like a guest house 3 sports courts, like tennis 3 installation of an inground pool 3 improvements to fencing 3 addition of a garage or other room A change in the status of a neighborhood can also give rise to higher property taxes. An influx of new residents or new construction of stores and homes can have a major effect on the assessed value of your home.


Feb. 8, 2012


Tradition, set in stone Busch Products is known for unmatched quality in countertops

Jacobsen Rugs’ new location at 225 Wilkinson St. opened its doors Jan. 2.

Jacobsen Rugs:

Bigger, better, stronger by Brian Smith Well versed in both matters, Bruce Gianni much prefers the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes to the fate of the dodo bird, metaphorically speaking. Gianni and Brent Goodsell co-own Jacobsen Rugs, a fixture for hand-knotted Oriental and area rugs in downtown Syracuse since 1924. As the end of their lease in the Learbury Centre approached this past autumn, they were faced with the daunting task of raising

enough capital during a recession to move their business. The numbers didn’t look good, and Gianni and Goodsell made the tough decision to close their store, started by the Jacobsen family 88 years ago. Then, pleas from the customers began. “When we announced we were going to close, people were coming in and saying, ‘Please don’t close,’� said Gianni, who has worked for Jacobsen Rugs for 33 years,

See Jacobsen Rugs on page 11

Bus ch Pro duc ts, a family-owned and operated business with more than 25 years of experience in the countertop industry. Based out of Central New York, Busch Products is equipped to meet the various surfacing needs of the northeast region. Their entire operation, from inventory and fabrication to showroom and sales, is all under one roof at their state-of-the-art facility in Syracuse and, with the owners on-site, at Busch Products you’ll get personal service and expertise you can’t find anywhere else. Elegant, functional, and durable, BuschTops are custom fabricated to your Elegant, functional, and durable, BuschTops exact specifications. also proud to be a Certiare custom fabricated fied Woman’s Business to your exact specificaEnterprise and Cambria tions. No matter what Lexus of all you’re looking for, Busch 110 Baker St. 12 worldwide. Pro ducts has the ex474-8422 Come visit their statepertise, facilities and of - t h e - ar t f a c i l it y to personal service to meet browse their huge granite your needs. They’ve been producing elegant and and stone inventory and see the unmatched durable countertops for residential and quality of our granite countertops and other commercial applications and are trusted showroom displays. They specialize in: fabricators for all major solid surface, - Kitchen counter tops quartz, natural stone, marble, soapstone and granite countertop products. They are

Busch Products

See Busch Products on page 10

Grand Re-Opening Sale

JACOBSEN RUGS (315) 422-7832 •

Unprecedented Prices Since 1924



Visit our New Location:

225 Wilkinson Street (Just West of Downtown Syracuse) with free parking Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm


• Old Inventory Sold at Sacrificial Prices! • New Inventory Sold at Unsustainable, LOW, LOW Prices! • Our antique and collectable rugs for sale for the first time EVER! • See our new line of Unique Furniture! • We now offer Professional Cleaning!



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Home improvements eligible for tax breaks or rebates Homeowners often look to make improvements to their homes to improve aesthetics, save money or make their homes more energy efficient. What they may not know is that certain home improvements may qualify them for manufacturer or energy supplier rebates and even federal tax credits that can help a person save even more. Not all products are eligible each year, so it’s beneficial to know what tax incentives are out there regarding home retrofits. Here are some programs to keep in mind. In Canada, the ecoEnergy Retrofit -- Homes program has been extended until March 31, 2012. Owners of most homes, including four-season recreational properties and low-rise multi-unit residential buildings of three stories or less with at least 50 percent residential space, might be eligible, according to Natural Resources Canada. Applicants can receive a federal grant for up to $5,000. Owners of multiple dwellings can receive up to $1,000,000. Eligible improvements include heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, hot water equipment, insulation, air sealing, windows/doors/skylights, and water conservation products. U.S. residents who made home improvements in 2011 may be eligible for tax credits when filing a 2011

tax return. Installation and replacement of biomass stoves, HVAC systems, insulation, metal and asphalt roofs, nonsolar water heaters and windows/doors can earn a person up to 10 percent of the cost, up to $500, or a specific amount from $50 to $300. Improvements must have been done to an existing home and principal residence by December 31, 2011. Federal tax credits for 2012 include geothermal heat pumps. These are similar to ordinary heat pumps, but use the ground instead of outside air to provide heating, air conditioning and, in most cases, hot water. Use of small residential wind turbines and solar energy systems, including solar water heaters and photovoltaic panels, are also eligible. These tax credits offer 30 percent of the cost of the renovation with no upper limit. Visit to determine any additional rebate and savings programs that may be offered in your state. Canadian residents can log onto http:// to find out about other grants and incentives in their province or territory. Homeowners looking to do improvements can go online or consult with a tax professional to determine which improvements may be eligible for tax credits or Installation of insulation and other energy-saving products could make you eligible for incentives. With the energy saved and the credit, it could a tax rebate. add up to considerable savings on the new product.

Seneca Federal: Not an average mortgage originator on its ear. Rather, the “big” banks who took part in the sub-prime lending with less than qualified applicants is what has contributed to the downturn of the economy. “It’s not all about making a quick buck,” said Russo. “Mainstream America has to start thinking beyond the all mighty buck and remember what is really at the heart of

this nation, which I believe is what all communities bank’s thinking boils down to. The dream of homeownership is a dream we help make happen and it can be done in a conservative manner and still render positive results to many.” Seneca Federal provides traditional, local home town lending with competitively priced mortgage rates.


“Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association is not an average mortgage originator but it IS an average community bank,” said Katrina Russo, president-CEO of Seneca Federal Savings and Loan Association. Sound community bank mortgage lending practices are not the source of problems that have turned the economy

“We look to competitors daily, in part, to decide where to price our mortgage rates,” said Tammy Purcell, VP– lending. “We also respond quickly to pre-qualification requests and pride ourselves as local underwriters with timely commitments.” Seneca Federal has never used credit scores as a basis for loan approval but base loan commitment on actual consumer credit history. This ‘traditional,’ ime-tested practice has worked well for the association, with a foreclosure rate near zero percent. “A low foreclosure rate sometimes leads people to ask me if we are risky enough with such a low default rate,” said the president, adding that the low default rate has more to do with the rapport they have made with their customers during the underwriting process and less to do with not taking risk. “Our loans are often tailor-made to our customer’s specific needs and we build a rapport with them from the beginning, indicating that we are on the ‘same side’. We are very thankful when a customer is willing to approach us when they are having difficulty and before the loan is in default and we are able to work with finding a solution to get them through a rough time such as a job loss,” added Purcell. At Seneca Federal you always have the ability to speak directly with experienced loan underwriters who assist you in your mortgage loan application process from start to finish, including servicing

Busch Products

Seneca Federal Vice President – Lending, Tammy Purcell, left, and Assistant Vice President – Lending, Rebecca Smith. throughout the loan. The lending team is carrying on with the philosophy of individualized lending that community banks thrive on. “We are imbedded in our communities and want to offer competitive mortgage, consumer and commercial loan rates for the benefit of our customers,” said Purcell. “We aren’t a ‘cookie cutter’ secondary mortgage market lender. We understand the needs of our communities and want to provide a competitive product.” The mortgage servicing is always retained by us so our customers are assured they will work with us for the life of the loan. One example of a loan that is often tailor-made to a customer’s needs is the construction to permanent financing mortgage loan with one loan closing and a rate that is determined at commitment, before the construction phase. This loan is popular since the rate can’t change when it ‘converts’ to permanent financing later and closing costs are only paid

- Vanity counter tops - Shower surrounds - Furniture - Table tops - Window sills - Unique designs Not sure which product is right for you? Their

once, upon commitment. The risk of a higher rate later after the house is constructed is removed. Another such tailor-made loan includes a mortgage where a customer is purchasing a house in which projected renovations are included. The purchase and renovation costs are wrapped into one mortgage loan. Other features which add to Seneca’s appeal as a mortgage lender include no flood certification fees and no underwriting fees. “This culture of personalized service was instilled into us by our predecessors, so that Seneca Federal’s continued success is guaranteed for decades to come,” she said. “We pride ourselves on providing the best possible products with the lowest possible lending rates. As a community bank, it is our job to increase the wealth of our members through low lending rates and high savings rates, given the state of the economy at any given time,” according to Russo.

From page 9 easy material comparison chart at buschproducts. com helps you compare and contrast the differences between solid surfaces, quartz, granite, marble and other natural stone materials. And when you’re ready, their knowledgable staff is always happy to help. Just stop by the Syracuse facility, located at 110 Baker St., or call 474-8422.


Feb. 8, 2012


Home is where the hearth, and cabinets, are Hearth, Cabinets and More is true to its name, and the Liverpool business, with a newly remodeled showroom, is devoted to helping customers tackle jobs big or small, from design to installation.

Classy cabinets

Liz Mattox, who heads sales and design in cabinetry, was excited to discuss a new product line that Hearth, Cabinets and More began selling three months ago. Americana Capital has made a big splash for selling plywood-box cabinets with a maple hardwood face at an outstanding price point. Americana Capital also uses all American products, a rarity in today’s market, at least at the particular cost level. “We’ve had great feedback on Americana Capital, which come in six stain and two paint options,” Mattox said. “It’s also nice to be able to provide a quality, 100-percent American product to our customers at a reasonable price point. But we feel all six companies we feature give our customers great options, and are all putting out quality-driven products.” Hearth, Cabinets and More carries six cabinets lines, from beginner lines to high end, also with price points in between. The company also sells countertops, from granite down to laminates, and has tapped the concrete countertop market, which, according to Mattox, is a new trend in the industry. Mattox added that her team offers free design services, and gratis measuring of a kitchen or bathroom if a customer has committed to purchasing from Hearth, Cabinets and More. Mattox added that if a full remodel isn’t in a customer’s budget, her design team can still work wonders. “We can jazz up a kitchen with a new coun-

tertop or maybe some new knobs and smaller renovation ideas,” she said. “You’d be surprised how a little can really go a long way.”

Retrofit revolution

While Hearth, Cabinets and More cut their teeth selling wood-burning stoves, natural gas inserts and freestanding units are currently hot sellers. “Natural gas is cheap and plentiful, and it’s safer and more popular than wood right now,” said Howard Kraus, who has sold stoves for Hearth, Cabinets and More for 25 years. “We retrofit a lot of fireplaces with the inserts for gas units, and the technology and innovations, from companies like Heat & Glo and Majestic, are putting a lot of bells and whistles on the gas units.” Kraus added that companies are developing advanced lighting systems in gas stoves that give their products a more authentic “wood-burning look,” and that gas can heat a large space in a home or business as well as wood can. “We still have the true wood-burning stoves, and they are all great quality products, but gas appears the way to go nowadays,” he said. Much like the cabinet and countertop side of the business, Hearth, Cabinets and More carries a wide range of stoves at various price points. Hearth, Cabinets and More is located at 4483 Buckley

ABOVE: In this classically traditional kitchen, customized panels blend the appliances into a graceful wall of storage, setting off the center workstation and heart of this kitchen in a contrasting glazed paint finish. LEFT: a Majestic DVB Series direct vent gas fireplace.

Road West in Liverpool. Visit them online at or call 6411197 for more information.

Jacobsen Rugs becoming part of the ownership team in 2002. Goodsell, a 35-year employee, also became an owner in 2002. “Our customers were telling us how they ‘grew up’ on our rugs and how sad they would be if we weren’t around any longer. Of course it made us feel good, and it also gave us the drive to make an attempt at keeping the company going.” A going-out-of-business sale became a push to pay off debts and generate capital. Space needed to be secured for the new location, and Jacobsen Rugs was able to turn another negative into a positive. “There are a lot of empty buildings in Syracuse, but we needed one that would fit our needs of highlighting the features of our rugs,” Gianni said. “It had to be large, but it also had to have an inviting look and feel.” The old Dietz Lantern Factory at 225 Wilkinson St. was the perfect location. Jacobsen Rugs leased 10,000 square feet in the building, and immediately began restoring the space’s original hardwood flooring and exposed beams. Jacobsen Rugs reopened their doors to the public on Jan. 2, and Gianni said customer feedback has been great. He added that the size of the location allows them to displays several variations of their rugs, which are imported from all over the world. Numerous large windows allow for plenty of

From page 9 natural light to shine on the inventory, creating a stunning ambience while giving customers a sense of how the rugs would appear in their homes. “First and foremost, the customers are glad that we made it, and that we’re still in a convenient location in the city,” Gianni said. “We’re still working on getting more inventory into the display space, but things are going well. “With WCNY building

their new studio close by, and other art spaces and performance centers springing up, we are thrilled to be part of the next boom area here on the Westside.” Jacobsen’s carries rugs in various shapes, sized from 2x3 to 12x20. They will work with customers to select the rug best priced and sized for their needs. To learn more, call 422-7832 or visit for more information.

White’s Farm Supply

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White’s Farm Supply was founded more than 65 years ago by newlyweds Willard and Nettie White. The company was known then as the Oneida Valley Garage. Their sons now run the three retail stores located on the outskirts of Syracuse in Canastota, Lowville and Waterville. Customers are mainly comprised of homeowners and hobbyists, although commercial clients serve a fair percentage of sales, too. White’s Farm Supply carries a wide range of product from agricultural companies such as AgriFab, Case IH, Cub Cadet Yanmar, Meyer, New Holland, Kubota and Land Pride. Other brands it sells include Kuhn & Kuhn Knights, Bradco and Degelman. Equipment ranges from compact tractors and their attachments to sundry utility

vehicles, mowers and sweepers. “We do well with what we sell,” White said. The company placed fifth in sales last year with Kuhn haytools, of which the stores carry a full range. White’s Farm Supply is a consistent top 10 seller of Kubota and Meyers, too. “We give good, fair pricing,” White said, which also extends to its substantial parts department. “That’s one thing that everybody raves about.” Another service the business provides and excels in is rentals, which includes tractors, loaders, backhoes and rakes. A list of machines and rates can be found on its website, whitesfarmsupply. com, where customers can also check out the virtual showroom, current promotions and latest items on offer.

Where else but the kitchen? We all gather in the kitchen, where aromas tantalize and memories are created. For a kitchen designed just for you and your family, visit our showroom or call us today.

4483 Buckley Road W. Liverpool (315) 641-1197


by Brian Smith

Feb. 8, 2012




Excellence in Home, Garden & Energy  

Excellence in Home, Garden & Energy

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