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The Look of Luxe


Bohemian Beauty


Honeymoon Checklist for the Bride


Contents 6 A Look Back at EA Bride's Garden Soiree 12 Real Life Insights 14 Couples Corner 20 Food Tasting: Lidia's 22 Ask the Expert 26 The Art of Fine Fashion 32 The Look of Luxe 40 Finding "The" Dress 45 Organic Innovations & Cake Creations 46 Words of the Wedding Wise 48 Bohemian Beauty 54 Check it! The Bridal Party To-Do List 58 Eyes of The Groom 60 Communication for a Change 64 Honeymoon Checklist for the Bride 68 Wedding Registry: Techie Times 72 Topping Off Your Look 75 Society Pages


EA Bride


Fall 2014

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EA Bride Staff » Fall 2014 Christie Scott Publisher

Nathan Fried Lead Design & Branding

Britney Beach Executive Editor

Treasa Hershberger VP of Sales

Jana Marler Art Director

A special thanks to our contributing writers : Janay A Mallela, Nimensio “Nimo” Rivera, Sarah Bronson, Timmy Gibson

Claire Reagan Account Executive

Christine Busch Layout Designer

EA Bride Ph. 816.272.5143 Staff photos by Freeland Photography Published Quarterly in January, April, July, & October. Printed in the USA by Harvest Graphics Advertising Inquiries: Email:

Cover. Model: Sarah Armel Photographer: Jana Marie Photography Venue: Hilton President Gown: The Gown Gallery Stylist: Amani Skalacki Hair & Makeup: Traci Morby Florist & Set Stylist: Good Earth Floral Rentals, Tableware & Backdrop: Ultrapom Event Rental

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EA Bride


Fall 2014

Letter from the Publisher

Okay, so I’ll admit I cheated in a way. Years ago, when I was planning my own walk down the aisle, I became so overwhelmed, I scrapped the process all together, grabbed a bunch of friends and family, and headed to the Virgin Islands to tie the knot. It took the pressure off, made a remarkable backdrop, and I found a scapegoat for one of my biggest fears: Event Planning.

Christie Scott Publisher

Now, it’s been a few years since then, and I’d like to say I’ve honed in on a few skills through keen observation of all the professionals I deal with daily. So, this past April, when it came time to put on our first exclusive bridal show, our Garden Soiree, I thought, with the help of our Event Planner, Christine Saxer, that this whole process would be a piece of cake. The good news is that the event was a smashing success in almost every aspect. Bride letters poured in over how much they loved the concept, and many of the professionals reported making great connections while they were there. The bad news is that I learned very quickly that I’m not cut out to be a planner myself. The week preceding and following the event are still a blur to me, as I slipped into some sort of zombie mode, and put every last ounce of energy I had into pulling this off. Which made me start to wonder: Is this what brides feel like as their big day approaches? The biggest take away I came to realize is that every bride deserves someone to take that stress away from her. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for full-on planning, I urge every one of you to strongly consider at least a day-of coordination. As the bride, this is YOUR day to savor, your day to enjoy every minute. Let someone else deal with the little details, and every question that pops up during the event. I promise you, it will be money well spent! Happy Reading!


A Look Back at EA Bride’s

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to host our first EA Bride Garden Soirée. It was one of those beautiful spring days; where the birds brought the day to life through their songs, and the sun shone brightly to reveal the newly painted flowers and grass. The event was hosted at the timeless Hawthorn House that in and of itself sets a standard in incomparable service when it comes to weddings. Upon arrival, the ballroom awaited quietly with fresh pressed linens on the tables and the sweet aroma of homemade food coming from the kitchen. The on-site chapel, which was hosting the fashion show a few hours later, reflected the colors of the rainbow as light flowed in through the stained glass window. Wedding professionals began arriving to assemble their life’s work into tangible tablescapes. Florists illustrated their diverse creativity, cake


EA Bride


Fall 2014

decorators elevated their sugar creations, and wedding coordinators revealed their expertise at creating and implementing themed decorations. Positioned around the room, photographers and videographers illuminated some of the irreplaceable moments they had captured for previous couples. Music filled the air and brought to attention all of the brides in attendance. As mid-afternoon arrived, the registration desk was bustling with brides and their family and friends. Grab bags were handed out along with the new aweinspiring issue of EA Bride Magazine. Guests explored the ballroom, taking in all of the tablescape creations, hand passed hors d’ouvres, and champagne. Soon after, everyone found his or her seats at a decorated table as the presentation began. In an effort to both inform and educate the couple while they plan their wedding, each professional had a moment to share their words of advice, experience, and knowledge of their profession. During the presentation, guests enjoyed appetizers designed exclusively by the chef at Hawthorne House. After the presentation, guests were welcomed to visit with those professionals that spoke to the vision of their wedding day. Cake was served and the photo booth created a roar of laugher. Shortly after, guests were escorted to the chapel, where the fashion show would take place. Music filled the room and excitement built as the first model made their way down the aisle. Dresses were displayed by multiple local boutiques in different colors, lengths, and styles. Unique headpieces and jewelry demonstrated the limitless style of wedding couture. Experts on hair, makeup, jewelry, and gown design offered brides advice and special tips on completing their bridal look. As the Garden Soiree came to an end, guests left inspired by the originality of visual creations, informed on ways to enhance their wedding, and introduced to local professionals, now friends, that could assist in making their wedding a success.


Participating Professionals Included: • Arbonne • All My Heart Occasions • Amani Skalacki • Banana Who? Booth • Black Sheep Custom Cakes • Celebration Party Rentals • Celebrity China & Crystal • Encore • Farmers Insurance • Freeland Photography • Hawleywood Films • Hawthorne House • Ivory & Lace Bridal Boutique • Jana Marie Photography • Janay A Handmade • M & E Photography • Making Beautiful • Making Memories • Monarch Flower Company • Mountz Photography • Precision Pilates • Premier Limousine • Price Chopper • ReMix DJ • Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment • Salon Beyond • Suzanne Brink Designs • Sweet Tooth • The Korner Shoppe • Tip Top Tux • Travel Benefits by Design • Wedding Expressions by Geri Honorary Thanks to- Encore, Suzanne Brink Designs, Kelly Acock with Monarch Floral, and Celebration Party Rental.


EA Bride


Fall 2014


Real Life Insights Trend Alert: Doing it Different We couldn’t be more excited to announce this new trend! For quite some time we have seen duplicate wedding pieces; an inspiration photo that had been found online and was then replicated in a different wedding. We are seeing that couples are breaking the mold and while being inspired through magazines and online, they are now altering the ideas to make it a representation of their own personalities. It is our mission to inspire you with ideas, but we want to see YOU in your wedding photos. It is your love, your relationship, and your passions that make it your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

Bubble First Dance

Think of your wedding as a snowflake. It has all the same components as others; the ceremony, the rings, the reception. But when you look closely, you see that it has distinctive moments and memories unlike any other wedding ever will have.

Budget Buster: Fitting for a Queen So you have found the dress you have always dreamed of. Sure, the size isn’t perfect, but that’s okay. Quick little fix to bring it in to where the clips are holding it in place and a little off the bottom and it will be set for the wedding. Oh yeah, and that pesky bustle in the back to hold it up while dancing. Falling in love with a dress is a magical moment, but remember 12

EA Bride


Fall 2014

that above the cost of the dress are the alterations that make it unique to you. And alterations don’t come cheap. It can often be anywhere from $200-$350 to make the alterations you need. So while the excitement feeling is there, still remember to ask for a quote for your alterations so that you aren’t caught off guard when a large bill is handed your way. Include the cost of alterations into your overall dress budget.

Going Green Tip Planning a wedding means several trips to the post office. For concern of your time (those lines are never short) and money, we suggest announcing your engagement to the world electronically. No paper, stamps, or gagging on the gross envelope glue. Thousands of digital savethe-dates designs can be found and customized on Etsy.

Seasoned Insights Any marriage takes lots of patience, commitment, and determination to stay together. This must come from both or it will not work. I personally think we had it easier (in the old days) when women had their work responsibilities and men had theirs. But now it takes two pay bills and women have to work outside the home. In my day it was a man’s haven to come home to a hot meal ready in a relaxed atmosphere. In our time of marriage, a housewife was an occupation and you worked at being the best, just as though you were working for an employer. I will always be grateful to Larry as he was so determined that I would stay home while our children were young therefore I didn’t work full time outside until they left home. My home and family was my main concern. – Larry & Vera Beach, Married 56 years

Photo by Gloria Baker Feinstein


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Couples Corner

Engaged Couple: Harrison Strauss + Jillian Murphy Wedding Date: November 7th, 2015

How did you two meet? Bride: We met at a bar where I was working at the time. It was a slow night and I found myself spending a lot of time at his table. Luckily, his name was easy to find on Facebook when I got home. Groom: I thank our friend Dave for being so talkative that night and making me look good. Jillian sent me a Facebook message a few days later. I took that as a good sign that she’d say yes when I asked her out.

What do you plan to splurge on with the wedding?

How long did it take to realize he/she was the one? B: Food and cocktails! We’re big foodies and like going out for a great meal. B: I knew pretty much right away. It was a Harrison is a great mixologist and we completely different feeling than I’d ever felt before. homebrew beer. We really want to It was exciting and a little scary for me but I knew I incorporate our favorite things into our didn’t want to lose that feeling. wedding day. G: We were exclusive almost immediately and once we moved in together I felt sure of our long-term compatibility. We can spend every minute together and still like each other. How do you two make it work? B: We have very different personalities and hobbies but we make it a priority to do the things that we love doing together like hiking, walking our dogs and running. I surprise him with spring rolls and he surprises me with jewelry! G: Jillian is an amazing partner. We share a lot of the same values and ideas about how we want to live our lives together. It makes getting through the tough times a lot easier.

G: I told her I don’t even want to know how much her dress costs. I just need a whiskey bar and some friends to toast with. What has surprised you most about the planning process? B: Planning weddings for a living, I didn’t think I’d be surprised by anything. But I’m finding it surprisingly difficult deciding between a Kansas City wedding and an elopement. As soon as I make up my mind we’ll finally set a date! G: So many questions! But Jillian is a super-planner. All I have to say is “yes” or “no,” “this one” or “that one.” I’ve got it easy.


Newlywed Couple: Chris & Haley Jowett Together: 6 years Wedding Date: October 1st, 2011

Photo by Serendipity Photography

What was the best thing about your wedding?

What is the best part about marriage?

Bride: Walking down the aisle and knowing I was about to marry my best friend.

B: The best part about marriage is that I can always count on someone to have my back‌ and share the chores with.

Groom: Being able to bring so many friends and family together to witness me marry the love of my life. Looking back on it, what would you have done differently? B: I would have taken more time on the day of the wedding to relax and make memories, instead of stressing and rushing around. The day flew by! G: I wish we would have picked a different reception venue. We spent too much time trying to be frugal on the reception and I would have spent more money to make it exactly what we wanted. What’s the biggest difference in your relationship now that you are married? B: I think the biggest difference is we both spend more time resolving our disagreements now, instead of letting things build into a bigger issue. . G: I would say the biggest difference is that now our family has grown and that has made my love grow for Haley.


EA Bride


Fall 2014

G: To me, the best part about marriage is always having a best friend and teammate by your side. What is the hardest part about marriage? B: The hardest part is remembering that it takes time and work to make the marriage stronger. Marriage is not just love, it take time and effort to make it last. G: The hardest part is trying not to get too busy with life and taking time to make each other still feel special and spend quality time together.

Long-Term Love: Andrew & Michelle Scianna Together: 13 years Wedding Date: May 19th, 2007

What do you remember most from your wedding day? B: Seeing Drew the first time before the ceremony to do pictures and the excitement we both felt. The message that our pastor preached to us about making God first and us second. What is the biggest difference in your relationship now that you have been married for several years?

G: I remember one of the first things we did was sign the marriage license, because we had forgotten. Also, our DJ did not show up as he got in a car accident and sent a replacement at the last moment. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Bride: We know each other better and can talk about anything. The intimacy is greater and the disagreements can be more easily solved. You can learn to let things go a bit more easily. Groom: The biggest difference is the change in intimacy. While we have a great love life, the focus becomes less sexual and more relational. Not saying the sex goes away (guys do not get cold feet here), however the relationships does change. What is the most surprising difference between dating and marriage? B: The worry has shifted from is “he the one,” to how to be a great wife to him and make time for him while balancing family schedules. G: Kids. We thought dogs were challenging.

B: Chosen a better photographer. G: Spend less money. Any advice for other couples? B: Put God first, those that pray together stay together. That is cheesy, but there are difficult times and you have to rely on someone else other than your spouse and even friends. It is also very important to remember each other’s intimate needs. More specifically, men sometimes need more practice listening and doing “little things” and women need to know most guys (even your husband) just really want one thing. G: Make sure your focus is not just on the wedding and wedding day itself, but your life together. There are going to be days more exciting and many more difficult than the wedding day. It is how you deal with those days that will make your wedding a cherished memory or a tarnished regret.


Food tasting : By Britney Beach

Lidia’s Italy, located in middle of Kansas City has undoubtedly stolen my heart. Being that this was my first time visiting the restaurant, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I parked, made my way up the stairs, through the fresh herb garden, all the while passing hungry business professionals in pursuit for a fulfilling lunch. Once inside, I held the usual table conversation with the receptionist, and took a seat to wait for my escort. To say I was gawking would be a slight understatement; I simply couldn’t stop taking in the imaginative environment that surrounded me. Whatever pre-conceived vision I had of a stuffy Italian restaurant was gone out the window. Three vast glass chandeliers hang in the middle of the restaurant, demanding from all a few moments of appreciation. Despite being owned by renowned celebrity chef, Lidia Bastianich, based in New York, the walls were decorated by beautiful artwork done by a Kansas City native. And oh my, the delicious smell of fresh made pastas and sauces. There is nothing more pleasant than a welcoming atmosphere, smiling faces to greet you, and the aroma of cooking in the air; it fills each of our homes during the dinner hours and even more so on the holidays. That same feeling of comfort is the one I felt walking into Lidia’s. The Grub I enjoyed lunch with the accompaniment of Jen Bryant, the Private Dining and Catering Manager of Lidia’s KC.

To begin my voyage of taste-bud bliss, I was served a Caesar salad of fresh cut romaine lettuce with focaccia bread croutons and a house-made Caesar dressing. Lidia’s unique dressing recipe has awarded them my seal for the Best Caesar Dressing in Kansas City. This is not to be taken lightly; I get a Caesar salad nearly everywhere I go. The second course was served in the same good ‘ol fashion way my grandma used to use- right off the skillet it was prepared in. Three experts delivered my three-part pasta combination to me personally. First the hot plate was set before me. Then one-by-one I received my pasta entrees from each chef that had prepared it: Braised Short Rib Ravioli in Rosemary Butter, Fettucine ala ‘Genovese’ with Basil Pesto, Green Beans, and Potatoes, and finally Cavatappi with Shrimp in Spicy Marinara Sauce. Talk about service! Each pasta dish was delicately prepared


EA Bride


Fall 2014

with the perfected balance of texture and flavor. Usually when eating ravioli the pasta will overpower the filling. However, the short rib was perfectly balanced to the taste of the handmade pasta. The cavatappi shrimp dish was light and zesty. The fettucine ala Genovese was vibrant green in color and perfectly seasoned to taste. Then, there was dessert. As the summer air has set in, I was in search of a refreshing drink. I selected to try the Gelato all Fragola e Soda Agli Agrumi. Which translates into strawberry ice cream, strawberry almond macaroons, house made bergamot and key lime Italian Soda. This dessert had the sweetness of ice cream, with the fizz of soda at the same time. The macaroons were delicately made with a small surprise of flavor inside. I will go back time and time again to order this refreshing choice. It was the perfect end to an already remarkable meal When exploring the cuisine of Lidia’s I couldn’t help but taste the love in the food. I tip my hat to the exceptionally talented Executive Chef Dan Swinney, Chef De Cuisine Cody Hogan, and Pastry Chef Danica Pollard. The Loft It would be my recommendation to not only make a trip to try Lidia’s yourself, but to also bring your family and friends with you to enjoy it as well. While touring the restaurant, I was escorted to the cutest dining room you could dream of for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, bridal shower, or post wedding brunch. It all begins with a private cocktail hour in the outdoor herb garden complete with passed appetizers and beverages. Guests enter through a private entrance, but not before taking in the phenomenal view of Union Station and the Kansas City skyline. The private room is adorned with large wooden shutters recovered from a local barn and can seat up to 85 guests. The tables are delicately set with crisp linens, wine glasses, and fresh floral arrangements that can be customized to match your color palate. There is the capability to play a slide show and music throughout the space for your guests to enjoy.

Lidia’s On Wheels: The delectable food of Lidia’s can come to you. Ask Jen about the opportunity of off-site catering. Lidia’s Fun Facts: • Executive Chef Dan Swinney was the second employee hired at Lidia’s and has been the executive chef for 14 years. • Chef De Cuisine Cody Hogan is Lidia’s traveling assistant, food stylist, and often appears on the Emmy-nominated television program, Lidia's Kitchen • Pastry Chef Danica was awarded the People’s Choice for Best New Pastry Chef Central United States by Food and Wine Magazine in 2012 • Service Captain, Wojo O’Hara was awarded Overall Employee of the Year by Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association in 2013 Try It Out: Lidia’s is open for brunch on Saturday and Sundays from 10:30am-2pm. The buffet style service is a great way to sample the multitude of soup, salads, appetizers and desserts. You can enjoy the buffet service exclusively or add an entrée selected from the brunch menu.

I have seen a space or two in my days of writing, but Lidia’s offers something unique above them all- they have it all covered. When reserving The Loft for your event, all you need to concern yourself with is spending time with those around you. They have the food, linens, beverages, and the centerpieces all covered for you. And come the week of your wedding, when you have a million other things to think about, you will be glad you made the Lidia’s family a part of your celebration.




the expert By Sarah Bronson

Sarah Bronson is the founder and owner of All My Heart Occasions, a wedding planning company based out of Kansas City. AMH is dedicated to helping engaged couples plan their perfect nuptials through budgeting, time management, and vendor coordination. Her motto is to take care of all the details so couples can enjoy the little things on their wedding day. Happy Planning! All My Heart Occasions 816.803.6451

Q: There is two hours of time between my ceremony and reception start time. What do you suggest I recommend to my guests to do during this time while we are taking pictures? A: While the bridal party is away taking pictures you can always treat your guests to a happy hour at your reception hall! Providing drinks and small appetizers encourages your guests to mingle that way when get back from pictures your guests will have no idea how much time has passed. Not a lot of money in the budget left over to host a cocktail hour? Send out a list of local bars/pubs or perhaps city sights for them to see before they head to the reception. Those are always the best!

Q: My mom is insisting that I include my distant cousins in the wedding party as junior bridesmaids. Since I am not that close to them, I would feel better about them not being on the trolley as we ride around taking photos but don’t want to hurt their feelings. What is the best fit for junior bridesmaids? A: The first and most important thing to remember is that it is your special day and no one else's (minus the groom of course)! Do not feel pressured to do something by anyone. Should it mean a lot to your family to include distant relatives try to find a happy medium, and always keep an open line of communication. Include them in some pictures at the ceremony site and explain that taking the trolley is for immediate bridal party only and that there will be plenty of time to take larger group photos later in the day!


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Q: My parents divorced when I was very young, and my father re-married. How do I include my step-mom in my wedding without stepping on my mother’s toes? A: Coming from a divorced family myself, I dealt with this situation at my own wedding. The best piece of advice I have for you is to maintain an open line of communication with everyone. You want to make sure everyone feels included on your wedding day and not left out. While there are certain things your mother may want to share with you privately, think of things you and your step-mother can do as well. Maybe your mom can help you put your wedding dress on and then you can have a “first look” with your step-mom. Little things like that go a long way. Most importantly, this is YOUR day. Everyone should love and support you no matter what.

Q: I am concerned about my guests and their gadgets at my wedding. I want people to enjoy themselves and experience what is happening, not be nose deep in social media. How do I convey that message without sounding rude? A: Many couples have started a trend of going “unplugged” for their wedding. This basically means they ask their guests to put away their phones and other electronics at the beginning of the ceremony and all throughout the reception so they can be present in the moment. Posting signs like this upon your guests arrival is not only classy but respectable. And as a guest of someone else’s event they should be courteous enough to oblige your request. Good luck!

inspiration: The art of Fine Fashion Venue: Prairiebrooke Art Gallery / Photography & Art Direction: Jana Marler | Jana Marie Photography / Model-Bride: McCartney Payton / Set Stylist, Table Decor & Floral Design: Ruth at The Korner Shoppe / Gown: Janay A Handmade Eco Bridal / Headpieces & Accessories: The Yellow Peony / Invitations & Paper Products: Dumb Kid Design / Hair & Makeup: Traci Morby | Making Beautiful / China, Linens & Silverware: Celebrations Party Rentals / Chairs & Vintage Blue Goblets: Ultrapom Event Rental / Artwork & Artists Featured: The Old Barn by Josef Kote, Untitled by Harold Braul, Solstice by Ginnie Cappaert, Up Country by Marie-Claude Boucher, Bright Sunshiney Day by Sue Gingrich, Fine Art Glass by David Thais, Stunning White by Jeremy Bortz / Wine: Napa Valley, Alpha Omega 26

EA Bride


Fall 2014



EA Bride


Fall 2014



EA Bride


Fall 2014


inspiration: The Look of luxe... Venue: Hilton President / Stylist: Amani Skalacki / Photography & Art Direction: Jana Marie Photography / Rentals, Tableware & Backdrop: Ultrapom Event Rental / Florist & Set Stylist: Good Earth Floral / Gowns & Accessories: The Gown Gallery / Suit: Tip Top Tux / Invitations & Paper Products: Announce This Design / Model-Bride: Sarah Armel / Model-Groom: Don Lampert | Manifest Talent / Cake & Cupcakes: Shannon Bond Cake Design / Hair & Makeup: Traci Morby | Making Beautiful / Catering & Desserts: Above & Beyond Catering


EA Bride


Fall 2014



EA Bride


Fall 2014



EA Bride


Fall 2014


Embrace your Eco-Goddess

Eco-chic wedding gowns for the style saavy bride. www.

Finding " T he " dress By: Janay A Mallela

With a plethora of options, how do you navigate the world of wedding dresses to find the perfect one for you? Find the “It” wedding dress that reflects your style and taste with this easy guide.

You’re in good hands for the adventure of finding the perfect wedding dress, minus the stress, with KC’s premier Eco Gown Designer, Janay A Mallela of Janay A Handmade.

1. Clarify: Define on your ideal aisle style. Collect images, labeling each with what you do and don’t like. Piles of images (or pins) with no discernible direction will be chaotic. Consider what will look best on you over what is the “now” trend- those wedding photographs will be with you for life (80’s puff sleeves, enough said).

Photo by M&E Photo Studio

2. Time It: Most dresses take six months to be made for you, so it is advisable to begin shopping one year in advance of your date. Shop only when you are ready to find and buy it on the spot. Designers discontinue dresses every season, stock at vintage stores changes quickly, and custom designers have a limited capacity per season. Finding the dress of your dreams and later discovering that it’s no longer available (since you waited too long to pull the trigger) is the fast track to a bridezilla-worthy-roar.


EA Bride

3. Where to go: Research bridal shops and gown designers in your area which you’re drawn to- but also consider other options like vintage shops, wearing a re-vamped family heirloom gown, shopping sample sales, or having your gown custom made (especially if you are a budget, eco-minded, or alternative-taste bride). If shopping at a traditional bridal salon, dressmaker or designer, be sure to make an appointment for the best service. |

Fall 2014

4. Who to Bring: Hit the town, but don’t shop with too big of a posse. You know what happened to the bride who brought 12 people shopping with her? Epic meltdown. Limit your guests to 2-3 whose opinions you value and who accept your taste and choices. 5. Prep for It: When trying on wedding gowns, bring a strapless bra, hair tie, shoes of the approximate height that you will be wearing, and if needed, a shaping garment. Most importantly, bring a smile on your face. Being nice goes a long way for having the best experience. You get what you give out- capiche? 6. Find It: In most designer salons, you will be brought dresses to try on. Have an open mind about trying on, since dresses look different on the hanger. Taking suggestions about what styles flatter you can lead to a better design for your shape than you’d imagine. But, don’t hesitate to clarify your vision if you are not seeing what you want. 7. Size It: You’ve found your dress! If ordering from a size chart, be sure to order the right size (ie: the size that you are NOW). Bridal sizes can vastly vary from daywear, so don’t be surprised if you go up a size (or two, or three). If having your gown made, it will be altered to fit closer to your wedding date, so don’t let size changes hold you back from placing your order early. 8. Alter It: Get your gown professionally altered and customized (1-4 months prior to your wedding date) by a seamstress who is familiar with wedding gowns and who comes highly recommended. There are so many options to personalize your gown: lower the backline, add a belt or fun accent accessory, dye the tulle petticoat a fun hidden color… make it your own!

Photo by Cornerstone Photography

You’re set. Rock that aisle, girl!


Photos by M&E Photo Studio


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Photos by: Platinum Productions

Organic Innovations

Cake Creations

We were recently a part of the DFW Spring Floral Show and couldn’t help but share with you the creativity of our local florists. The event was hosted at Black on Burlington and while enjoying appetizers by Above & Beyond Catering, we gazed upon the vast creations completed by the inspiring individuals around us. The challenge to florists was to create a threetier wedding cake made up of 80 percent organic materials. This could include food or floral work, but the vast majority of the cake had to be organic.



Shown here are the top three winners. Their cakes are breath taking! Why not step outside the box yourself and instead of having a large edible cake, have an organic cake created that reflects your style and theme. You can then have pie or sheet cakes to serve your guests for dessert. It would be a unique touch that blows your guests off their feet!


1st place: Jennifer DeBacker with Woods Floral in Warrensburg 2nd place: Penny Sisk & Anita Gemsky with Queens Price Chopper #4 3rd place: Rhonda Ruble with Price Chopper #288 in Liberty


Wedding Wise... Carry only one or two credit cards with you on your honeymoon. Leave the rest at home. Contact the credit card companies you will be using prior to leaving to let them know you will be out of the country. This will alert them to unusual usage, but also allow you to use them when needed. Often times a credit card company will not authorize a transaction in your name while in another country unless they have been notified – for your protection.

Consult with your venue or catering coordinator when planning for rentals (ie, tables, flatware, china, water glasses), and trust their advice and past experiences. They often know how many extra linens, cake plates and napkins are needed to account for different sizes of events. – Emily Ferguson, Berg Event Space

– Robert Riesmeyer, Travel Benefits by Design

No detail is too small when it comes to your special day. Sometimes the smallest detail can turn into the most beautiful element of your day. – Sharon Ko, Town Pavilion

Make sure to get thorough instruction from anyone doing skin or spray tan services on you before your wedding. A true professional will have preparation for you to do prior to the service to ensure your experience is an amazing one. Get spray tanned the Wednesday before the wedding (if getting married on a Saturday). You will look amazing for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding plus you get an added day to enjoy the glow. – Channa Clemens, Tan Perfekt

If you and your fiancé are enjoying a long engagement that will span over a year or longer; try and make it to the locations of your ceremony and reception close to the day of your wedding. You can check out the vegetation surround the location for great backgrounds for your pictures; lighting; decor that may be provided by the church or ceremony location that is seasonal; and any other observations that may see. If you are not having a long engagement you can also go by your ceremony and reception locations a week or two before to scope them out. – Christine Saxer, Celebrations of Love

Assure that your liquor service provides you a copy of their insurance. Make sure that they are not only liability insured, but also liquor liability insured. This protects you and your venue. – Mary Rodriguez, Diamond Girls Bartending

Make sure you communicate your vision with your vendors as much as possible. Wether this is through images, swatches, or actual samples, make sure you and your vendor have the same vision for your day. – Nicole Buland, Luminosity

If you really want to surprise the Bride and Groom with a thoughtful gift, have their wedding invitation framed. It will be something they love to display and look back on with many happy memories. – Jill Hermes, Prairiebrooke Gallery


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Remember to remove tags from your jewelry before the big day. Tiny tags are always so difficult to remove and can cause last minute delays in your wedding day schedule as you prepare to begin photos or walk down the aisle.

If your rehearsal dinner is being paid for with an out of town credit card, make sure the card holder notifies the financial institution of the pending purchase. You don’t want to end the evening with a call confirming the card is not stolen. – Jen Bryant of Lidia’s Italy KC

– Beth Hodge, Melissa & Beth

In lieu of receiving many texts and phone calls on the rehearsal and wedding day, make a timeline of events that you can hand out to friends and family letting them know where they should be and when. It will put everyone’s mind at ease.

While planning your wedding, accomplish as much as you can in advance and ask your friends and family for help the day of the wedding. You don’t want to be worrying about the little things on your big day. Put others in charge the day of the wedding. Most family and friends love being a part of your special day and helping where they can. – Tamara Schranz of Staley Farms

– Britney Beach, The Cotillion

Remember the reason for the day is to get married. Don’t get tied up with every little detail of one day. If at the end of the day you are married - it was a perfect day! Make sure to put the same amount of effort, or more, into your foundation of your relationship. After all, that is what is most important. No one is going to remember the color of your chairs in 10 years, but they will remember how you made them feel and will be observing how you live out your vows to one another for eternity.

When planning your honeymoon, don’t do it yourself. Book through an experienced travel consultant specializing in honeymoons. Agents have access to specials, honeymoon packages, and room upgrades not available online and can guarantee the best value by maintaining valuable working relationships with honeymoon suppliers worldwide. – Bev Falley of Island Dreams Travel

Some grooms cannot fathom the many shades of “white” that wedding dresses come in, so be sure to arm him with a fabric swatch from your gown when shopping for his tux. Nothing can detract from a lovely Ivory (or Opalescent Vanilla) gown like the contrast of a bright white shirt on your groom!

Wedding stationery doesn’t always have to follow proper etiquette. There, I said it in PRINT! This day in age almost anything goes. Make them personal and something that will reflect your wedding style and you as a couple. Include a space on your response card for your guests to make a song requests or add a note of your wedding hashtag. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with your guests leading up to your big day and to reminisce with your new hubby or wifey the next morning on things you might have missed while mingling with other guests. Your save the dates and invitations are often the first glimpse your guests get of your big day and are often sent out months before your wedding. Don’t let your wedding get lost in the stack of invites they receive throughout the year. Everything should all be as special as the occasion.

– Janay, Janay A. Handmade

– Virginia Merritt, Indie Olive

– Sara Storm, Clubhouse on Baltimore



EA Bride


Fall 2014

Photographer: Paper Crane Photo Dress: Altar Bridal Table Setting/Decor: Ultra Pom Stylist: Alice Govert-Bryan Models: Andrew Smith from Manifest Talent Kaitlan Whitteberry



EA Bride


Fall 2014



EA Bride


Fall 2014


All photos by Jana Marie Photography

Check it! The Bridal Party To-Do List Maid of Honor

Best Man

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Assist the bride in selecting her gown and accessories Host bridal shower and bachelorette party Record gifts received at the bridal shower and bachelorette party Collect ribbon and bows to make the rehearsal bouquet Order and pay for maid of honor gown and accessories Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Supervise bridesmaids and flower girls Help decorate the ceremony and reception sites Help the bride get dressed and accessorized the day of the wedding Ensure that the veil and dress is perfect during the ceremony Hold the bridal bouquet during the wedding Sign as a witness on the marriage license Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony Toast the newlyweds at the reception Encourage guests to dance at the reception Assist the best man in organizing the dollar dance, bouquet & garter toss • Helps the bride with the facilities throughout the wedding and reception


EA Bride


Fall 2014

• • • • • • • •

Host the bachelor party Help the groom select menswear Order and pay for selected formal wear Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Supervise groomsmen, ring bearer, and ushers Help the groom get ready the day of the wedding Carry the wedding rings at the ceremony Sign as a witness on the marriage license Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony Toast the newlyweds at the reception Assist the maid of honor in organizing the dollar dance, bouquet & garter toss Encourage guests to dance at the reception Decorate transportation vehicle for departure Return rented formal wear after the wedding

Bridesmaids • Order and pay for bridesmaid gown and accessories • Assist maid of honor in hosting bridal shower and bachelorette party • Assist bride in preparing for the wedding if needed • Attend bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner • Help decorate the ceremony and reception sites • Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony • Encourage dancing at the reception

Groomsmen • • • • • • •

Order and pay for selected formal wear Assist best man in hosting bachelor party Attend bachelor party, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner Escort bridesmaids at the ceremony Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony Help best man decorate departure transportation Encourage dancing at the reception

Flower Girl • • • • • •

Parents order and pay for flower girl dress and accessories Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Arrive early to the ceremony Walk down the aisle with flower ball or basket with pedals Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony Attend the reception with parents

Ring Bearer • Parents order and pay for ring bearer attire and accessories • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner • Arrive early to the ceremony • Walk down the aisle with sign or pillow • Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony • Attend the reception with parents

Ushers • • • • •

Order and pay for selected formal wear Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Arrive early and dressed to the ceremony Distribute wedding programs Seat arriving guests, leaving the reserved seating open • Check for any items left behind by guests after the wedding • Be prepared for photos before and after the ceremony


groom Eyes Of The

By Nimensio “Nimo” Rivera

Former US Marine and experienced groom and groomsmen. Nimo has seen the ups, downs and the sideways of what can happen leading up to and including the day of the wedding.

With the big season approaching it is only natural that all the hoopla regarding the big day can start to become a real and true reality. Both the Bride and Groom start to prepare for the day that most people dream of. Of course for good or bad they can produce their share of stresses on each other. While its a given that the Bride is usually the focus during this process a lot of the time or... most of the time. The Groom goes through his own mental and emotional peaks and valleys as well. Its not that the Groom needs to be paid attention to, its just that we can’t assume that he’s stone cold calm the whole time either. It is the most important day of his life too.


EA Bride


Fall 2014

All valid questions, sort of. Most Grooms are afraid of losing their identity as their own person. But in all honesty, thats the reason you get married; to have an identity with that partner. But if you have taken the time to enjoy what you were building, that should never be a worry. It means you know each other and can be honest with each other as much as possible.

Understand that getting married doesn’t change who you are as individuals.

The Groom has his own doubts and fears about how his life is going to go after this point. Marriage is a huge life step and we all want it to be the one. But given how some relationships take a turn, the Groom can panic himself. “What’s my social life going to be like?” “What if I can never hang out with my friends?” 58

“What if she suddenly starts hating Halo?”

This is literally a feeling that every guy feels. They may tell you otherwise but the truth is that human nature will always trump all. Lots of Grooms feel like this is a bad way to feel. Its not. Life with

your beloved will only take true shape after you walk down the aisle. Now if she all of a sudden starts hating Halo, thats another truly necessary talk that needs to happen but by no means at all does it mean the honeymoon is over. It just means you’re going to stand your ground on who you are as a person. Gals and guys, understand that getting married doesn’t change who you are as individuals, and it shouldn’t. Just means there’s more work to be done as a team now. That may mean playing Halo together more or going to a craft gathering together or anything that may come to mind. You are true parts of each others lives so there is no need for panic or doubt no matter how it comes to you. Its going to happen folks. But its okay. She’s all you ever wanted and needed so panic, have your doubts but let it pass. No need to freak out because its happening and its going to be one of your life’s highlights.

Top 5 ways a Groom can chip in with the planning. 1. Pay attention when she asks you a question Your bride wants your opinion so give it to her. She needs to know you’re involved. 2. Be reliable - Nothing stunts the process more than disappointment. 3. Continue to date your bride - Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you stop trying. 4. Try to film every big moment from the process These moments are magical. Some days it’s good to look back on the joy. 5. Ask her if she needs help - Some guys just like being the groom in title but not responsibility. This is a big one. Never stop asking if she needs help.

Communication for a


I once heard it said, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten,” which to me means, you might need to change something if what you are currently doing is no longer working. The first thing to break down in a relationship is communication. If things aren’t working well, you may need a communication change. By Timmy Gibson

I have been married for twenty years, and what worked for us fifteen years ago doesn’t work for us today. Therefore, we had to change it up. As an example, our time together has changed. We now have little people running around the house and they always seem to need something: food, water, and attention. This has not only affected our time together, it also changed how and when we communicate with each other. We find ourselves having to schedule times to communicate with one another. I never thought we’d reach that point, but here we are and it works. As you grow older and become more familiar with each other, you will learn the most productive ways to communicate. We all change with time, and the communication style that worked while you dated, probably won’t work after five years of marriage. There are a handful of important principles to remember when communicating with your spouce:

Principles of Healthy Communication 1. Listen First This is often the most difficult principle because when we think of communicating we think of what we need to say, and what our spouse needs to hear me say. However, listening is 50% of communication. You should want to better understand your spouse, and that happens through listening.


EA Bride


Fall 2014

2. Watch Your Tone

5. Be Honest

We were all raised a bit differently. Some homes would fight quietly, others screamed, and some even threw things. Regardless of how you were raised, strive to communicate in a healthy way. Try to keep a kind and calm tone when expressing your views.

This is self-explanatory, but the truth will set you free, not the half-truth. Honesty is truly the best policy.

3. Watch Body Language Some people are more expressive with their body, and that is fine. But be careful to not portray overly aggressive body posture that may be threating to your spouse. 4. Be Clear Confrontation is difficult for most people to discuss. Instead of talking around an issue, try to be clear and direct on voicing your concerns and opinions.

6. Be Kind In a relationship we should want to be kind to each other. You are on the same team and love each other; there is no room to be mean, harsh, or demeaning. 7. Always Resolve Never leave a transgression unresolved! Always make sure to communicate the full way through the issue. Unsettled issues can come back to haunt you if not properly resolved. Sometimes you may need to discuss it another day, but make sure to come back to resolve it. Time will not heal the wounds.



FROM SIMPLE ROMANCE TO TOTAL EXTRAVAGANCE, your every wish is our command on your special day.

Our talented team will bring your vision to life with spectacular décor and the finest catering, no matter what you dream up. Call us today at 855-MEET-CET or email for more details. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-888-BETSOFF. Must be 21 or older to participate, gamble or obtain a Total Rewards® card. ©2014, Caesars License Company, LLC.

ide r B e h t for


EA Bride | Fall 2014

2 Pair of Jeans

2 Pairs of Everyday Sandals

1 Light Jacket

1 Pair of Evening Shoes

2-3 Sundresses

1 Evening Purse

1 Little Black Dress


1 Dressy Cardigan


4 Casual Shirts


2 Pairs of Shorts


2 Swimsuits

Accenting Scarfs

1 Swimsuit Cover-Up


Walking/Tennis Shoes


Scarf: Floral Scarf Found at: Nordstrom $18

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses Found at: Macys $155

Orange Dress: Sapelli Sleeveless Cover-Up Found at: Bed Bath & Beyond $20

Long dress: Laguna Niguel Knit Maxi Dress Found at: Hollister $30

Wedges: Xtrime Wedge Found at: $100 Black Dress: Tango with Me Dress Found at: Modcloth $48


Wedding Registry:

Techie Times Google Chromecast – Portable media hub that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and immediately streams YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go, and Hulu. Price: $35 Doorbot – The Doorbot is a doorbell that is complete with a camera and speaker system that communicates with your smartphone. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera activates to show you a live feed of who is on your doorstep. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or half way around the world- you can answer your door. Price: $200 Panasonic SC-NT10 – Portable Bluetooth speaker that can withstand splashes of water, dust, sand, and excessive cold/heat. Great for float trips, laying on the beach, and tailgating. Batteries last for 8 hours before needing to be recharged. Price: $120 Nest Learning Thermostat – New age thermostat that is controlled from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It remembers the temperatures you like at different times and will automatically change to make you comfortable. It will also turn itself down while you are away to conserve energy. Price: $250


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Anker Astro E4 – Lithium ion battery pack capable of charging up to six smartphones. Pack can charge two electronics at once and doubles as a LED flashlight. Price: $45

Pebble Smartwatch – Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, this smart watch communicates email, text messages, caller ID, calendar, and application notices with you while your phone is tucked away. Watch can also control music playing on iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify. Price: $150

Phillips Hue Connected Bulb – Why should your light bulbs connect to your smartphone you ask? Well, when they notice that you have left the house, they will automatically turn off. They can also turn on when they notice your alarm going off, change a different hue to alert you that it is raining outside, or flash to notify you that a package has arrived at the house. These connected bulbs are manufactured by Phillips and after the starter kit, bulbs are $60 each. Price: $200 for starter kit

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter – This drone is the new must-have accessory for all GoPro owners. Photography and videography enthusiasts alike use the drone to capture images that were previously inaccessible. It travels a maxiumum of 22 miles/hour and uses advanced GPS positioning to combat wind resistance. Price: $480

>> All items can be found on


weddings From traditionally elegant to simply modern our Hy-Vee wedding experts will help you every step of the way. Fresh flowers, luscious cake and delicious food create an ambiance that invites friends and family to enjoy your special day. To get started, call the catering coordinator for an appointment. We cannot wait to help make your day magical.

Blue Springs



Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit


625 W. 40 Hwy 816-224-4288 Catering: Wanda Brizendine

1525 E. 23rd St. 816-836-1177 Catering: Victoria Forbes

4545 S. Noland Rd. 816-478-6557 Catering: Brad Cottington

301 NE Rice Rd. 816-524-5760 Catering: Ryan Bryant

310 SW Ward Rd. 816-554-2200 Catering: Mike Moore

9400 E. 350 Hwy 816-358-9940 Catering: Sam Horkman


your look:

From veils, to feathers, headbands, and beautiful floral work, your headpiece options for the wedding are so vast it could seem impossible to pick just one. The easiest part of all is where you begin, the focal point you want for your attire. Do you want your headpiece to shine above all else? The style and color of your dress will also assist you in picking a headpiece. If you have found “the dress�, great! If not, hold off on picking your headpiece until you have found your dress.

I want my headpiece to be the focal point

Using this diagram you will be able to differentiate which headpieces that are best suited to match your personality and dress style. Of course, there are no restrictions, just recommendations.

I want my dress to be the focal point Your Dress Style:

Simply Stated Ball Gown

Beautifully Refurbished

Antiquely Inspired

Bold & Busy

Timeless Ball Gown

Structured Curls

In a Bold Bun

Your Hair Style: Down & Flowing

Bridal Cap 72

EA Bride


Pinned Back to One Side

Headband Fall 2014

Floral Barrette

Messy Bun of Curls

Rhinestone Barrette

Birdcage Veil

Traditional Veil

Now that you have found the ideal headpiece to match your style, here are some local handmade creations by The Yellow Peony. To check pricing and availability visit

Photos by Jana Marler


Let our family take care of yours.

Society Pages ÂŤ

Real stories of married Kansas City couples written in their own words.


Lara Hastings Laschen & Patrick Laschen Wedding Date: April 5th, 2014 Photography By: Allison Marie Photography

When a friend said she wanted to set me up I wasn’t exactly thrilled. In fact, I stalled so long and was so late to the hockey watch party at that bar in downtown Denver that night, in January 2011, that Pat thought I stood him up and made other plans. By the time I got there, we spoke for two minutes, exchanged numbers and then he left. I was sure he wasn’t interested and at the time, my disappointment was minimal. But, for some reason we were talking on the phone by the end of the night making plans for the next day. That meeting quickly turned into plans for a real first date the following weekend. After a four-day hiatus and the news that he had accidentally double booked himself for said date, I was starting to think this was a joke, but I figured I had nothing to lose. My decision to accept his offer to join him at his friend’s birthday party and meet all of his close friends that night pretty much sealed the deal for us. He loved my “gamer” attitude and his kind, jolly demeanor charmed me. He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him in my parents’ living room on Christmas Eve 2012. My parents were so honored to be a part of that moment and the simplicity of it was just our special style. We wanted to continue to incorporate that easygoing, fun, realistic, family oriented vibe of our relationship into our wedding. Kansas City was an obvious choice since it’s my home base and has that vintage charm we were going for. We combined my gravitation towards all things vintage, specifically the classic beauty of the 1930s, and our mutual love of bikes into a glamorous party theme. Our personalities were in every DIY detail from the invitations and the old typewriter with our parents’ wedding photos to the wax lips favors and dancing barefoot during our first dance like we do in our kitchen. Naming the tables after Denver neighborhoods also gave a special nod to our current home. 76

EA Bride


Fall 2014

The ceremony took center stage. We used some of our favorite songs by Ray Charles, Grace Potter and Talking Heads. Our wedding party, dressed in black and pinstripes, walked in from different aisles and both of my parents escorted me down the center aisle. We followed up our officiant’s engaging rendition of our love story with our own vows while 150 of our nearest and dearest surrounded us in a circular ceremony in the Little Theatre. The 1930s, art deco ballroom provided a stunning backdrop and the entire experience was full of love and truly extraordinary. Afterwards, the room was flipped for the reception, and then we let the good times roll for the rest of the night with the help of the Saucy Jack Band. We were so pleased with our vendors and how everything came together. It was exactly what we wanted.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Little Theatre Day of Wedding Coordinator: You’re Invited Wedding & Event PlanningCarrie Whitworth Gown: Nicole Miller Menswear: Calvin Klein at Men’s Wearhouse Invitations: Hair: Chop Tops Catering & Bar Service: Aramark Florist: Erin Volante Floral DJ/Band: Saucy Jack Band Cake/Cupcake Decorator: Dolce Bakery Officiant: Simple to Elegant WeddingsRev. Melissa Brooks


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Philip & Tess Laskaris Wedding Date: June 19th, 2011 Photography By: Steven Michael Photography

Philip and I met through a mutual friend and a year later we were engaged. Philip proposed in the woods, I will never forget the shock and awe of the surprise. Tea lights in mason jars and my closest friends hiding while watching the proposal. Magical is the only word I can find to describe our engagement. Planning the wedding was exciting! Once I decided exactly what style and feel I wanted for our ceremony and reception, I began making the white fabric and book paper pendants. We found our table settings for the reception from yard sales and thrift stores. For eight months I dreamed up what our wedding day would look like, until eleven days before the big day, when I got an email from my venue saying that they were being shut down permanently. I took a second to have a meltdown, and then went searching for a new venue. We found the perfect place for the ceremony and reception in a few short hours. The professionals we had hired were so gracious and


EA Bride


Fall 2014

understanding of our situation. Our friends and family did anything and everything they could to help relocate our wedding. Ultimately, our wedding day was more than I could have ever dreamed of. I will never forget the feeling of standing at the altar with my best friend and husband Philip. If I could extend some advice to you as you plan your wedding it would be to be flexible, keep a notebook, make lists, process everything with a few close friends and/or your planner, make a budget and stick to it, delegate to trustworthy people, and try not to give family any responsibilities the day of the wedding (let them enjoy the day with you). Keep things simple and keep it real. I took all of my favorite ideas I’d seen others had used and worked to recreate them in a way that expressed our own unique style. I was being influenced by so many different ideas and it was driving me crazy! I needed to find out what spoke to us, what made us feel the most comfortable. After that, I knew exactly what my wedding was going to look like. I had to keep reminding myself that this day was supposed to be for my husband and me; everyone else had the privilege of being a part of our special day. The end result was everything I had imagined and most importantly, we had a blast!

Ceremony Venue: Bridgeport Church Reception Venue: Office Port Wedding Planner: A Serendipity Affair, Dawniel Richards Gown: Bridal Extraordinaire Menswear: H&M Invitations: Andrew Chen Designs Caterer: Heather Nolan Pickens Florist: Something Kindred Set-up & Design: Blomma Floral & Design DJ: Courtney Raya Cake: Heather Nolan Pickens



EA Bride


Fall 2014


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Jason & Shelby Matz Wedding Date: September 7th, 2013 Photography By: Melissa & Beth

Jason and I were both born and raised in Kansas but did not meet until attending college at Kansas State University. He was completing his Masters Degree and I was in my third year of veterinary school. Jason was out with his good friend Braxton at Kites Bar & Grill in Aggieville on a Monday night to enjoy a few beers and karaoke. I had accompanied one of my friends to Kites the same evening and sat at a table next to the boys. After several songs, we joined their table and Jason asked me to sing a song with him. We sang Joe Diffie’s “John Deere Green” followed by Hank Williams Jr.’s “Family Tradition”. From that night forward, we were inseparable. Jason and I had very similar friend circles and it was hard to believe we had never crossed paths before. Our relationship rapidly grew. Anyone who has ever met Jason knows how truly thoughtful and genuine he is. His love for life is infectious and we can’t help but have fun together. Over the next year we enjoyed many K-State football games, float trips, traveling, and trips to the lake. We cherished our time together because we realized long distance would be in our near future. I had accepted a one-year internship at Oakridge Equine Hospital in Edmond, Oklahoma and Jason had been offered a job with Monsanto in York, Nebraska. The distance was difficult but we learned to further appreciate the time we had together.

The year apart was quickly passing when Jason surprised me with a weekend getaway in Eastern Oklahoma at a romantic, relaxing cabin in the mountains. We went on a morning hike, a mid day horseback trail ride and enjoyed couples massages that afternoon. We cooked a fabulous dinner that evening and started a fire in the fire ring outside the cabin. Jason asked me to put more wood on the fire and when I went to grab a couple of logs, a sign carved out of wood read, “Will you marry me?” under the logs. When I turned to look for him, he was already down on one knee with a ring. It was a moment we will both treasure forever. We were married nine months later on September 7, 2013 in Leavenworth, Kansas. It was truly my dream wedding and every detail turned out exactly like we had hoped. Well, other than the blazing heat. We were very fortunate to have both our families so involved with our day. From the food, desserts, flowers and centerpieces, the majority of our special day was handmade by our families or ourselves. We feel truly blessed to have found each other.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Schwinn Produce Farm Wedding Planner: White Lily Weddings & Events- Missy Dibble Gown & Menswear: Bridal ExtraordinaireAllure Collection Hair: Jillian Adams Makeup: Blush Spa Florist: Bonner Springs Price Chopper Band: The Mills Band Rental Provider: All Seasons Tent Rental Favors: Grandstand


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Eric & Elizabeth Tarnow Wedding Date: October 13th, 2012 Photography By: Photos Edge My husband, Eric and I grew up in Kansas City. Our first date was when I asked him to our high school Sadie Hawkins dance at the age of 15. A few years later, our friendship grew with our knowledge of circles and angles in trigonometry class, and he returned the favor by asking me to Senior Prom. We started dating just as we graduated. We both attended the University of Nebraska, and as I studied to be an accountant and Eric an actuary, we grew as a couple. We learned that we loved not only each other, but also traveling and wanted to experience different parts of the US and world. After college, we lived together in San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC for several years before we started working from home. At that point, we sold our belongings, put our dog in the car, and started living wherever our hearts desired - like nomads that log into a computer every day. Amidst moving around, Eric asked me to marry him while we were visiting family in Kansas City! When I first started planning our wedding, we were living in Aspen, CO and considered a destination mountain wedding. We soon realized it wasn’t the places we lived that defined us, but the people we met along the way. We have loving families and wonderful friends from our 10-years of dating, and wanted a place everyone could easily travel to and help us celebrate. We chose Union Station in Kansas City. Union Station was such an inspiring venue. I designed our invitation to look like vintage train tickets, with luggage tags for additional information. The ticket requested that guests wear ‘formal flare’. Our fun and imaginative guests played along wearing fascinators, boas, top hats, coat tails and even masquerade masks. Each table represented a city we 88

EA Bride


Fall 2014

had visited together or lived in, complete with a picture and small description of our time there. I think it was a personal touch our guests really enjoyed. One of our closest friends performed the ceremony. I carefully put together each component including a guest favorite, the wine ceremony. It was our version of the unity candle, although wine enthusiast might cringe at the idea. A white wine represented the sweetness and happiness of marriage, while a bottle of red indicated the bitterness and sorrows. They represented our individual lives, and once combined signified our joined life journey. We enlisted an amateur photographer friend to run an interactive guest book. I created chalkboards from ornate picture frames for each guest to write a message to the bride and groom and pose for a picture. It is such a great memory to have. We’re so grateful that we could share this experience with our wonderful friends and family from around the country. After the wedding, we headed to Key West for a honeymoon, but ended up staying the better part of a year.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Union Station Kansas City Gown: Bridal Extraordinaire Menswear: Tip Top Tux Hair: Eric & Kassey Barnhart, Groom Salon Makeup: Natalie Calvert Caterer / Bar Service: Brancatos Catering Florist: Clark Montgomery, MeraVic DJ/Band: Kevin, Complete Music Rental Provider: All Seasons Event Rental


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Trevor & Brooke Coons Wedding Date: September 7th, 2013 Photography By: Cayan Brock

Trevor and I met through my good friend and his cousin, Emily. After being friends for a year, we slowly started dating. We were young at the time, which worried some, but we didn’t let that keep us apart or hinder our happiness. One Sunday morning I drove down to spend the day with Trevor (in spite of having a nasty cold). We decided to relax and watch movies. Trevor and his brother, Colten, made me many concoctions of cold medicine and cough syrup, which I managed to gag down. He told me that he had a perfect spot to go stargazing that he wanted to show me after I rested up. So later that evening Trevor, Colten, my friend Makhi, and I made our way to this “perfect” spot. It was a large open area surrounded by a forest. Colten and Makhi went off to “explore” while Trevor walked me all the way across the open area to show me where we were going to stargaze. After walking around for a while we made our way over to the edge of the forest where suddenly all of the trees lit up revealing a trail leading down to a bridge that Trevor had built himself. I was speechless! He walked me down to the bridge and got down on one knee. How could I not say yes!? He had every detail perfectly planned. Colten hid behind a tree recording all of it and Makhi turned on the lights. Maybe had I not been on so much cold medicine I would have guessed something was up but I’m so glad it came as such a surprise to me.


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Then came the fun part, planning our dream wedding! We were very open about getting married while we were dating so we had an idea of what we wanted. I had read so many magazines and blog posts about what to do and what not to do. Almost everyone said the same thing, just have fun with it! So that’s what I did! Of course there were stressful parts but what’s important is not to let those moments take over. Our family and friends helped a ton when it came to our smaller budget. My family did such an amazing job keeping me stress free the week of the wedding. Even the day of the wedding when I woke up to find my cat had got out and was nowhere to be found, everyone helped me look for her. (She came back that night!) I was expecting to be a nervous wreck on the wedding day, but because of everyone’s help, I couldn’t have been calmer! Of course things went wrong the day of, but who cares? At the end of the day I still got to marry my best friend.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lake of Three FiresBedford, Iowa Gown: Vintage. Consignment Store, Re-Vamped by Janay A. Handmade Menswear: K&G Fashions Invitations: Left Hand Man- Jamie Peckham Hair & Makeup: Making Beautiful by Traci Morby Florist: Clarinda Flower Shop Cake/Cupcake Decorator: Jennifer Adkisson Favors/Gifts: Passion Fruit Tea (Republic of Tea)


EA Bride


Fall 2014


EA Bride


Fall 2014

Rachel & Evan Spicer Wedding Date: November 16th, 2013 Photography By: Tracy Routh Photography

Evan and I first met during the summer of 2006, while traveling with our families to the Cayman Islands. Although we were both attending college in Kansas, it was by chance we met over 1700 miles away from home. We were both quite shy, but it didn’t take long before we began to notice one another. We spent the next several days basking in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. When our vacation came to a close, we had no idea our chance meeting would grow into something so much more! Several months later we reconnected back at home and spent the summer sharing late night phone calls and getting to know one another. Our relationship continued to progress throughout the years. Even with all the life changes that came our way, we always knew we were meant to be together. On Christmas morning, after 6 years of dating, Evan had the surprise of a lifetime! He got down on one knee, in front of my entire family, and asked me to marry him. We spent the remainder of the day celebrating, drinking mimosas and spreading the amazing news to our family and friends. Over the next several months the planning came into full swing. Our reception venue was one of the first decisions we made. We visited many amazing sites, but the moment we drove up the stately brick driveway to Mildale Farm, we knew it was the one. It felt as though it encapsulated who we were as individuals and as a couple. It wasn’t long before we realized that this one-of-a-kind facility, situated on 22 acres, was going to require a lot of planning. We met our wedding coordinator, Christine, at a chance encounter at Starbucks (while waiting to meet with another wedding coordinator). Christine proved to be a lifesaver! She made the event seamless and also recommended some amazing vendors. On November 16th our big day finally arrived. It was an amazing day and seemed to go by too fast. Although the process was stressful at times, I would not change one detail of our wedding. It was one of the most beautiful and blissful days of our lives. I can still remember the warmth of the sun, the beautiful flowers and being surrounded by our family and friends celebrating our love.

Ceremony: St. Agnes Catholic Church Reception: Mildale Farm Day of Coordinator: Celebrations of LoveChristine DJ: Platinum Productions- Kris Florist: Branches and Twigs Cake/Desserts: 3 Women and an Oven Bridal Gown: Noltes Bridal Men’s wear: Tip Top Tux Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaid



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Fall 2014

EA Bride Fall 2014  

Be inspired. Plan the wedding of your dreams, with the advice, DIY elements, and inspiration you can find in EA Bride from local weddings in...

EA Bride Fall 2014  

Be inspired. Plan the wedding of your dreams, with the advice, DIY elements, and inspiration you can find in EA Bride from local weddings in...