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Green travel measures adopted by the School

What the school is doing / has done already:

Students study the environmental impact of travel in the local area in Geography.

Students explore the issues of citizenship and social responsibility in the local community through PSE and form time.

The school promotes and provides training in cycle proficiency for students.

The school provides and promotes cycle storage.

The school has recently expanded cycle storage due to increased demand.

The school regularly applies for and uses free transport on the London Underground for trips in and around Central London.

The school provides information for staff, prospective staff, parents and other visitors on how to get to school on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

Groups of parents living in the same area have begun to start pooling transport resources (e.g. use of a minibus).

We have carried out a school wide survey of students, staff and parents in order to understand and assess the environmental impact of the school through the travel patterns of different stakeholders.

In the process of gathering the information, we have carried out discussion workshops with students in form time so that the survey is placed in the context of healthy living, environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Emma Gleadhill (School Deputy Head Teacher and School Travel Plan Champion) has undertaken two assemblies, discussing the aims of the Travel Plan. The assemblies were given to the students and highlighted the importance choosing sustainable transport as part of being responsible individuals.

School Governors have been involved in formulating decisions about the plan.

The Local Authority representatives have been involved in the production of the Travel Plan. In particular, Richard Evans, the School Travel Plan Advisor, has been invited to discuss the feasibility of the Travel Plan and how it should be developed.

Local residents have been consulted through the Brackenbury Residents Association and through meetings to discuss planned developments with interested local residents.