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New Brunswick Extra Provincial Registration Service $129.99

Enterprise42 Canada Development Corporation - - offers fast and easy New Brunswick Extra Provincial Registration Service for domestic and foreign corporations around the world. The following overview provides information on how to register an extra provincial company in New Brunswick. The Extra Provincial Corporation must apply for a New Brunswick provincial name search report prior to registering in New Brunswick as an extra provincial company. The New Brunswick provincial name search report must be the foreign entity's own name in its current jurisdiction. If that name is not available, the foreign entity may reserve and adopt an assumed name for use in New Brunswick. A name reservation is not required if the foreign entity is a federal corporation. Foreign Jurisdiction Information The proposed extra provincial company must provide the Corporate Registry with a copy of the certificate of Incorporation and copy of the articles of incorporation. Head Office Information The delivery and mailing addresses of the head office for the foreign entity, whether or not the head office is in New Brunswick, must be entered. The delivery address must be for a location that is accessible to the public between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on business days for the delivery of records. The delivery address must not be a post office box. Registered Agent Information A foreign entity registering as an extra provincial company MUST have one or more registered agent in New Brunswick, unless its head office is in New Brunswick. Processing Time 3 business days New Brunswick Extra Provincial Registration Fees NUANS Report: $25.00 (only required for named corporations) New Brunswick Gov. Fees: $262.00 E42 Service Fees: $129.99 GST (5%): $6.49 Total: $423.48 Please note that when you use our services, we take care of all the process for you, including the request of the provincial or NUANS name search report and we can also provide the registered agent service (Power of Attorney) if needed. The fee for the registered agent is $349 per province. If you need this service for more than one province, we can give you a $50 dollar discount for each province.