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British Columbia Incorporation Service $99.99 Incorporate Now Online

Incorporate today a new corporation in British Columbia. Enterprise42 Canada Development Corporation – - provides Quick and Easy British Columbia company registration service with the British Columbia registries office. What are the advantages of incorporating? Incorporating limits the liability of corporation shareholders. Generally, a shareholder of a corporation is only liable to the extent of his/her investment in the corporation. Incorporating promotes continuity of existence. The existence of a corporation is continuing and is not affected by the death or bankruptcy of a shareholder or director. Incorporating allows for holding title to real property and entering into contracts. There may also be tax advantages to incorporating, but check with your accountant or seek other professional advice to determine what is best for your situation. Our British Columbia Online Incorporation Service for only $99 + Gov Fees Enterprise42 Canada Development Corporation provides fast and easy British Columbia online incorporation service with the British Columbia Corporate Registry Office and provides FREE of charge all the documents your new British Columbia corporation will need to keep your new corporation up-to-date and I n compliance with the British Columbia Business Corporation Act. When you incorporate your new company in British Columbia with Enterprise42 Canada Development Corporation we will take care of all the process for you. Our British Columbia Incorporation Service Include: - British Columbia NUANS name search, if applicable - Completed British Columbia Articles of Incorporation - Completed British Columbia Notice of Directors - Completed British Columbia Notice of Offices - Filing of all documents with the British Columbia Corporate Registry - Completed Organizational Minutes - Completed Share Certificates - Completed Director's Registers - Completed Officer's Registers - Company Minute Book including registers, ledgers and share certificates. - Free Compliance Management Service ($99 value) - Free Minute Book Management ($99 value) British Columbia Incorporation Fees: Provincial Report: $30.00 (only required for named corporations) British Columbia Gov Fees: $388.68 E42 Service Fees: $99.99 GST (5%): $4.99 Total: $523.66

British Columbia Business Incorporation Service