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RED-BLACK IP VOICE SWITCH SYSTEM OVERVIEW The Orion Systems Red Black Control switch simutaneously routes secure and non-secure audio to multiple Red Black Consoles, radios, and telephones as selected by the Red/Black Console operator. The Red/Black IP Voice Switch System adheres to NSTISSAM TEMPEST/2-95 red/black isolation of -100db.

The Red /Black IP Voice Switch System top level components consists of the following: ▪ Red Voice Conference Server ▪ Black Voice Conference Server ▪ Red Black Dispatch Operator Console ▪ Radio Gateways ▪ Telephone Gateways

RED / BLACK OPERATION Red/Black Console Operator capability ▪ Simultaneously listen to both red and black audio ▪ Select to talk on red circuit audio while still listening to black audio ▪ Select to talk on a black circuit audio at which time red audio is muted ▪ Denied the ability to simultaneously talk to both Red and Black radio circuits

Secure Voice Communications Each Red/Black Operator Console is comprised of an electronics chassis and a touch screen PC. The electronics chassis is a three chamber Tempest approved device consisting of a red chamber, black chamber, and a headset chamber. The red and black chambers provides secure RoIP encryption and interconnects to their respective voice servers using an Ethernet connection. The electronics chassis is 1 rack unit high, has 2 front facing headset jacks, and includes a rear mounted footswitch connector.

Operator Console GUI

The touch screen PC’s operating system can be either Windows or Linux based. The only program required to be installed on the PC is the Orion Systems Operator Console application. The PC’s operating system can be locked down to meet IA requirements. Operator Consoles features include Per Circuit Volume, Patch, Audio Present, Binaural Headset, Left & Right Ear circuit selection, Multi-Monitor, Multi-Talk, and Per Circuit Character Label.

RED & BLACK VOICE SERVERS The Red/Black IP Voice Switch System consists of separate Red and Black Voice Conference Servers. Each Voice Conference server is comprised of a 2 rack unit chassis. The Voice Conference Servers perform voice conference audio summation for radio and Console communication. Voice conference servers can also be configured with an IP-PBX to handle telephone functions and connections to external FXO interfaces and customer provided PBX’s. Server options include cluster configuration for redundant mission critical applications.

Gateways for RoIP Systems Orion Systems provides radio gateway devices with either 1, 4, or 8 port radio interfaces that can be applied to most radio over ip applications. The RoIP gateways interconnect multiple radios to the Red/Black secure VoIP Consoles and Voice Conference Server. These units are known as Radio over IP devices (RIP1, RIP4, RIP8). These units convert the analog radio interface to an IP interface compatible with the Orion Red/Black Consoles and Voice Conference Servers.

Each radio interface includes a full duplex non-blocking Tx/Rx radio communication. Each radio gateway is capable of transmitting and receiving audio on all its radio interfaces simultaneously. When paired with Orion Red/Black IP Consoles the gateways perform as an analog to VoIP/RoIP gateway Each radio interface consists of 600/150 â„Ś analog transmit and receive transformer isolated audio pair. Radio keying utilizes either a PTT solid state contact closure or EIA Function Tones. Each radio interface contains VOX and Carrier Operated Relay (COR) detectors that can be used for radio-to-radio patch keying. Management and configuration is accomplished using a Web browser. Settings such TX/RX line levels, Tone Keying Functions, AGC enable/disable, and VOX level detection are set using a standard web interface. A user name password must be provided to access the unit.

TELEPHONES Telephone interfaces are available for both traditional Telco (FXO & T1) and SIP extensions. Telephone features such as caller ID, do not disturb, hold, transfer, conference, redial, auto dial, and telephone to radio patch are standard telephone features.

RUGGEDIZED COTS equipment such as Servers, Ethernet Switches, Touch Screens, and Workstations will be provided with Mil-Std specifications. The Orion equipment can be provided either as rugged versions or placed in shock mount enclosures

Please contact Orion Systems for more information: Sales: 215-659-1207 x111 T; 215-313-1366 cell


The Orion Systems Red Black Control switch simultaneously routes secure and non-secure audio to multiple Red Black Consoles, radios, and tel...


The Orion Systems Red Black Control switch simultaneously routes secure and non-secure audio to multiple Red Black Consoles, radios, and tel...