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1. Download Faststone image resizer : (choose portable option if you have no admin rights on your computer)

2. Unzip the file on your computer. If you have choosen do download the .exe file, Install Faststone on your computer (change target forder to “my documents� during installation process if you are not admin) 3. Lauch FastStone

4. Select source and destination folders:

5. Select Output format Settings:

Notice that you must here convert pictures to RGB in any cases: important !

6. Select “advanced options”

7. Configure resizing:

8. Configure Canvas size:

9. Configure definition:

10. GO !

Nota bene: You can use my config file as a starting point (for reducing packaging pictures to 320x320):

Resize images with faststone  
Resize images with faststone  

guide for resizing pictures with a free software