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The CEO Speaks Welcome! The pages you have in hands have the goal to introduce DYNAMICS to you, in a brief way. Our main goal is to develop products with distinguished quality. Since the beginning, the company has always sought to invest in technological renovation and enhancement of its employees. This direction paid off and allowed us to strengthen our business, based mainly on close relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. Nowadays, DYNAMICS occupies a privileged position in the competitive market of quick release couplings, as a result of the efforts of a group of competent professionals, able to meet the latest and ever-changing demands of this market. Now you will know a little bit of our history, achievements, structure, goals and what we have been offering to our customers over three decades of existence. It´s a pleasure to have you on board.

Amerigo Manzato CEO


Business Hydraulic and pneumatic components solutions.

Mission Bring components for hydraulic and pneumatic products with assured quality to the market. Keep the clients loyal and satisfied through efficient and fast service supply to their needs. Seek profitability as a way for technological renovation and subsequent growth of the company and its employees.

Values Quality assurance assured in products delivery. Full dedication and commitment with clients needs. They are the source of our resources. Well trained staff are the responsables of our achievements. Continuous renewal of equipments and products. Profitability as a means for continuous growth of the company and its employees.

Quality policy Fully meet the clients´ needs, complying with specified requirements and seeking excellence in products´ quality and services.

HISTORY 2001 1976


The Manzato Mechanical Industry enters the fasteners segment, forcing the brothers Amerigo and Marcelo Manzato to seek a new thread for their machining equipment.

The blow gun and the cooling line production begins.

The company builds its Hydraulic Laboratory, ensuring increasing quality to this product line.

1988 Launch of its its first own product, called ER-01 (Pneumatic Quick Release Coupling – Size 1)

1970 to 1989

1990 to 1999




The company moves to the current address - Rua Padre Ambrósio Pieratelli, Bairro Kayser, Caxias do Sul.

Funded by Amerigo and Marcelo Manzato in Caxias do Sul city (south region of Brazil) on September, 12th. Initially focused on the production of parts for trucks, tractors and agricultural implements manufacturers.

1989 DYNAMICS enters in the hidraulic sector, producing fittings and quick release couplings.

2002 Achievement of DNV´s (Det Norske Veritas) ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certifications.



Launch of the new catalogs in Portuguese, English and Spanish languages, as well as the new version of the web site.

Aiming to better serve customers in other regions of the country, DYNAMICS opens the second unit, situated in Jundiaí City – São Paulo.



The company celebrates its 30 year aniversary.

Implementation of the Metrology Laboratory, starting a new era in the company´s production process.



2010 to 2013 2012


Because of the the increasing demand by the national and international markets, the DYNAMICS broadens significantly its manufacturing area and optimizes its physical space.

DYNAMICS exports to the Latin American market for the first time.

2010 Acquisition of new and modern machining equipment, increasing significantly the company’s production capacity.


Agricultural Line Especially developed for the agricultural market, this product line undergoes rigorous tests to provide greater durability wich is a constant demand of tractors, combines and agricultural implements manufacturers.

Cooling Line The injection and blow molding machines uses a variety of molds and dies to manufacture components and products in polymers. The quick release couplings and components manufactured by DYNAMICS are used to exchange dies and molds in a fast and safe way.

Industrial Line The quick couplings of this line have been developed according to the requirements of the industry, seeking convenience and speed in plumbing (speed during maintenance). Also used in road equipment (trucks, trailers and semi trailers), this line has high durability and provides security for mobile and static applications.

Pneumatic Line Used in air networks to facilitate equipment maintenance and frequent tools change in pneumatic points, this line of quick release couplings consists of various products and accessories that meet the various needs of industrial automation.

“The cutting edge technology has always been a priority for DYNAMICS.” Amerigo Manzato

QUALITY DYNAMICS has a modern Laboratory for hidraulic and pneumatic texts, as well as a complex Metrology Center, developed to maintain the accuracy of the products developed and sold by the company.

Every day, engineers and technicians dedicate their time to improve DYNAMICS products performance. Several tests are carried out to indentify new opportunities that add value to the final product received by customers.


In its plant, the company has modern machining and production equipment enabling high productivity without losing dimensional accuracy, that is so important to keep DYNAMICS quality. Besides, the company owns CAD, CAE and CAM top software that provides agility to the engineer team, a key factor for clients who see quick action as a business advantage.


Efficient material handling is extremely important for DYNAMICS professionals. The continuing search for improvement in production processes led the company to adopt the Lean Manufacturing tools, providing improved operational performance. Thus, DYNAMICS can better visualize the market changes, adapting its structure to meet their customers´ needs adequately.

SUSTAINABILITY Seeking to combine economic development with the preservation of the ecosystem, DYNAMICS searches for solutions that meet the new market demands. Example of this commitment is the FLAT FACE quick release hydraulic coupling series. Specially designed to prevent fluid loss during connection and disconnection, the FLAT FACE is an easy and safe product to handle and above all, environmentally friendly.

DYNAMICS has a modern machining chips recycling system. The chips are inserted into the shredder and loaded in the centrifuge through a transport channel. After the centrifugation, the recovered oil is filtered and subsequently conducted through pipes to the machining equipment, which are automatically replenished. This cycle takes place continuously.

The system has a number of advantages for the company, such as a reduction of operating costs, minimizing waste oil during the process, saving energy and, above all, the usage of a system within environmental standards and geared to sustainability.


Beeing aware that the success of a company is linked to that of its employees, DYNAMICS invests in professional training for the team, as it believes that technological excellence walks along with skilled labor.

Specific trainings and aid-education programs are part of the company´s policy.

INTEGRATION Throughout each year, DYNAMICS performs a series of events seeking greater integration among its employees. Through planned activities and based on celebration dates, the company encourages togetherness and team spirit, generating satisfaction in the professional environment.

Dynamics - Marketing August/2013

Caxias do Sul Unit Rua Padre Ambrósio Pieratelli, 454/A - Bairro Kayser CEP: 95098-380 - Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil Phone: + 55 54 3213.7700 - Fax: + 55 54 3213.7799 E-mail:

Jundiaí Unit Rua da Várzea, 873 - Bairro Agapeama CEP: 13203-000 - Jundiaí - SP - Brazil Phone: + 55 11 4587.1115 - Fax: + 55 11 4587.8365 E-mail:

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Perfil Dynamics Quick Release Couplings (English Version)  
Perfil Dynamics Quick Release Couplings (English Version)