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We are intensely committed to providing our customers with the service, quality and value that they expect and deserve. We will do whatever it takes to service our customers in every detail with consistency and courtesy. We want to be your first choice! BEST FIT GUARANTEE You demand it . . . DynaFlex® guarantees it! Our goal is for our appliances to fit the first time, every time. If you are unsatisfied with any appliance fit or function that we manufacture, DynaFlex® will repair it at not cost to you.

HOW TO SEND A CASE DynaFlex® is a state of the art 3D Digital Laboratory. We can produce a physical model, from a digital record taken in your office, and fabricate any orthodontic appliance on it. You can send cases to us through our DynaFlex File Portal or through your scanners drop down menu (if that feature is available). If you are sending in working models or impressions, please wrap the model. To avoid damage, we recommend that each model is wrapped individually. All models should be marked with both the patient and doctor’s name for proper identification. Also, it is very important to fill out the prescription fully and accurately - especially the date wanted box. Prescriptions can be downloaded at and submitted by email to

DELIVERY TIMES Please utilize the date wanted box on all your prescription forms with a specific date, not ASAP or RUSH. We know how important it is to have your appliance back for your patient’s appointment. With a specific date, we can inform you ahead of time if there is a delay. TIP: Your date wanted should be the day prior to your patient’s appointment. General shipping is 2-3 days each way but shipping times may vary. GENERAL LAB APPLIANCES: In lab time is 3-5 days. If you require shorter or same day lab service, it is available on most appliances. EZ-ALIGN®: In lab time is 5-7 days. TOOTH POSITIONERS: In lab time is 7-10 days. SLEEP APNEA DEVICES: In lab time is 7-10 days. Rush (5 days or less) is available for a fee of $100.00 per device.

SHIPPING & HANDLING For shipping your cases to DynaFlex®, we provide convenient postage pre-paid mailing labels. A postage paid label is available on our website. All your cases will be returned guaranteed UPS for a small shipping and handling fee. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY is also available for an additional charge.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE DynaFlex® is as close as your telephone or computer. Feel free to call our toll free number 1-800-489-4020 or email at for assistance on appliance designs and appliance adjustments.

HAWLEY ASSURANCE When you purchase Hawley Assurance you are guaranteed a one time replacement of your retainer. The certificate is good for six months and is only valid on Hawley Retainers.

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meet your helpful laboratory team John Pietroburgo Executive Vice President, CDT John has provided his expertise and knowledge in appliance design and manufacturing to DynaFlex® clients for more than 35 years. John is extremely committed to solving difficult problems in regards to orthodontic appliance selection and custom manufacturing. John has direct contact with all laboratory technicians to ensure that DynaFlex® consistently produces quality appliances that fit the first time. E-mail at

Max Hall Director of Lab Sales Max comes to DynaFlex® with 30+ years of experience in the Orthodontic lab industry. The majority of that time was as co-founder, Director of Sales and Marketing and Key Accounts Manager at AOA labs. Throughout his career, Max has been dedicated to providing unparalleled appliance knowledge and expertise, innovative and high quality lab treatment solutions and outstanding customer care to the industry. E-mail at

Jennifer Keeling Director of Digital Sales Prior to becoming a regional manager at DynaFlex, Jennifer worked for 7 years as an orthodontic assistant. She offers a wide variety of orthodontic knowledge as well as sales and marketing expertise. Jennifer is now the director of digital sales at DynaFlex and can assist in new account set-ups for all practices utilizing digital file transfer and for all new digital model storage customers. E-mail at

Gary Kline Director of Digital Laboratory Gary is an expert in computerized digital technology and has led the way on the set-up of our 3D Ortho laboratory. Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in digital orthodontics, Gary is now leading the implementation of our interactive digital indirect bonding system. If you or your staff have questions concerning our digital indirect bonding software, Gary is here to assist you. E-mail at

Randy Williams Senior Technical Lab Advisor Randy has many years of experience in technical orthodontic appliance fabrication and design. Over the years Randy has attended many continuing education courses as well as lectured to multiple orthodontic groups. His extensive laboratory training and knowledge provides our clients with a level of service far beyond our competitors. Randy is always available to help you with custom appliance design and fabrication. E-mail at

Francis Alcazaren Senior Technical Lab Advisor Francis has been involved in the dental industry for over two decades. He has obtained broad knowledge and valuable skills in both the clinical and technical aspects of orthodontics through continuous training and education. As a laboratory advisor, he focuses on helping doctors with appliance design and selection and provides excellent orthodontic laboratory services that exceeds industry standards. Email at

Gary Quaka Director of Dental Sleep Medicine Gary has more than 30 years of laboratory sales and marketing expertise. He attends most of the continuing education courses as well as lectures to university programs and study clubs. Due to his extensive laboratory experience, he is an excellent source of information on the newest developments in sleep appliance design and function. E-mail at

Alex Buddemeyer Dental Sleep Medicine Technical Advisor, CDT Alex is a highly trained dental sleep medicine specialist. With his knowledge and lab skills there is not a question he can’t handle. With this combined skill set he can help you over the phone and in the lab with your sleep devices. He helps make sure the OSA devices we fabricate in our brand new sleep laboratory are of the highest quality. He also makes sure each doctor is personally taken care of with his great customer service. E-mail at

Keith George Dental Sleep Medicine Technical Advisor Keith comes to our sleep medicine department after many years as a Technical Advisor in our orthodontic department. With his knowledge of Dental Sleep Medicine and our appliances, Keith can assist you with appliance selection and offer solutions to problems. E-mail at

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Utilizing the latest technology to create efficiency in your orthodontic and sleep appliance manufacturing!

3D.Ortho PAGES 5-11

Manufacturing the highest quality orthodontic appliances in the industry for the past 45 years.

Lab Appliances PAGES 13-37

All FDA 510(k) cleared devices, plus THREE Medicare E0486 verified devices.

Dental Sleep Medicine PAGES 38-40

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Visit to download any DynaFlex® Prescription Downloading and filling out a prescription has never been easier. Download our prescriptions to help save time when ordering custom lab services from DynaFlex®. Follow the instructions on the download page for saving instructions. The following prescriptions are available: • General Ortho Lab Prescription • Dental Sleep Medicine Prescription • Herbst® Prescription • Indirect Bonding Prescription • Series-2000® Prescription • Positioner Prescription • EZ-Align® Prescription • Retainer Prescription • SmartJet™ Prescription

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3D.Ortho 3D.Ortho

Leading the Way ...

...Solutions For every Application

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appliance fabrication One model at a time...

With the technology behind our Stratasys Rapid Prototyping Printers, DynaFlexÂŽ can print models and start appliance fabrication with the click of a mouse.


800.489.4020 > 314.426.4020

3D.Ortho 3D.Ortho

Changing the Way You Practice . . . Forever! In 2011, orthodontics reached a milestone: the ability to become alginate free. 3D.Ortho™, a division of DynaFlex®, began offering alginate-free appliance fabrication in January of 2011. This means that a practice can use an intra-oral scanner to scan your patient and send that electronic file to DynaFlex for appliance manufacture. We will then send that file to our rapid prototyping printer. Then the printer will create or “grow” a model from your file that will be sent to our technicians in the laboratory. DynaFlex® can also accept any open .stl file that most orthodontic scanners can produce. If you do not own your own scanner, we can also provide your practice with digital model storage.

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Digital File Transfer


DynaFlex® is able to print your scanned orthodontic case on our Rapid Prototyping Printers into a physical working model. These models can then be sent into our laboratory for appliance fabrication. The model-building material is a non-toxic durable material that does not break easily like plaster and stone models. The accuracy of the model is exceptional and the appliance fit is better than EVER!


High Contrast Polymer

Step 1 – Taking Your Scan Most scanners allow you to send your scans directly to DynaFlex®. If your scanner does not support this feature, you can manually export your scans directly to DynaFlex®. DynaFlex® can except an .stl file from any scanner.

Step 2 – Completing Your Prescription Filling out your prescription has never been easier! DynaFlex® prescriptions are available for download through the download link on Every case requires a DynaFlex® prescription to be completed and submitted.

Step 3 – Submitting Your Case If your case was submitted directly from your scanner, simply email your prescription to If your scanner does not have the capabilities to send the scan directly, please send your digital scan & prescription through the 3D.Ortho Portal. Call to quickly and easily get set up today! DynaFlex Prescriptions Use your QR CODE Reader

Scanner Information DynaFlex® can accept most scans taken through any intra oral scanners. The scanners pictured below are some of our most popular scanners that doctors use to send cases. Visit to learn more about your scanner. Still have questions? Call 1-800-489-4020 for assistance.

Align iTero®

CareStream CS 3500


3M™ True-Def 3Shape Trios®


Cerec® Omnicam

DynaFlex® can accept .stl files from ANY scanner. If your scanner is not listed, call 1-800-489-4020 for more info.

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Digital Model Printing


DynaFlex® can print your scans quick and easy! DynaFlex® has FOUR Stratasys 3D printers in house, ready to print your models! These printers use the highest quality material available in today’s market and will ensure the utmost in accuracy while making your appliance. DynaFlex® can print your scans in 3 different ways, based on your needs.


Working model print for DynaFlex Appliances Horseshoe or Full Palate Models

ABO Study Model Prints

Slim Base Model Prints

If it’s your first time submitting a scan, please contact the 3D.Ortho department at 1-800-489-4020 for initial setup up instructions. Setup is quick and easy!

Visit to view video!

There is no need to remove brackets before you take your scan! DynaFlex® can easily remove brackets for you digitally. Simply check off Bracket Removal on your Rx that you submit for the case. For best results, it is important to capture ALL of the area around the bracket. Removing archwire will ensure better results.


Digital Model Storage DynaFlex® uses the most technologically advanced scanning system available to convert your impressions or models into a 3D image. With each DMS case, you will receive a digital model that you can easily manipulate on your computer screen and a .pdf that contains six views of the case in a 1:1 ratio. All cases are stored forever in five different locations all meeting HIPAA standards. If your patient breaks or loses their appliance, you can order a replacement with a simple phone call.

3 Types of Digital Model Storage Full Based Study Model DynaFlex® returns these records to you through the DynaFlex® portal with a full ABO base and a printable 1:1 ratio composite PDF.

Rough Scan DynaFlex® returns these records to you through the DynaFlex® portal without any cleanup or base, and a printable 1:1 ratio composite PDF.

Simple Storage/Archive Scan DynaFlex® will store your scanned models without returning your records to you. If you would like the digital version of your scan sent back to you, an additional fee will be required.

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Bracket placement where you want it.

DynaFlex® now offers state-of-the-art interactive software to put the control of bracket placement in your hands... • Use software for patient consultation • View ideal computer aided bracket positioning • See before and after results • Modify or reposition brackets • Approve case for fabrication


800.489.4020 > 314.426.4020

3D.Ortho 3D.Ortho

W H AT M A K E S O U R S Y S T E M U N I Q U E . . . • D  ynaFlex’s CAP™ indirect bonding system utilizes a technologically advanced bracket positioning system. • T  his system places “ridges” around the perimeter of the bracket pad that is a perfect match for your specific bracket system. • T  hese ridges are built up on the surface of the “digitally” printed models. These ridges hold the brackets in place avoiding possible movement or unwanted rotation of the brackets as the delivery trays are being constructed. • D  igital interface allows the practice to manipulate bracket placement. • S  how patients a digital rendering of treatment simulation. • O  nce the case is approved, DynaFlex® uses an advanced bracket locking system to assure that brackets stay in place during tray fabrication.

you choose your bracket, we will store it for Choose Any Major Bracket System

Bracket Storage

DynaFlex® can produce digital indirect cases using brackets from all major orthodontic manufacturers. Please contact us to find out if your bracket system is supported.

DynaFlex® can store up to a 3 month supply of your brackets. And it’s easy to set-up.

Rely on DynaFlex® DynaFlex® also carries a full variety of self-ligating, mini-twin, and ceramic brackets that are also supported by the software. Literature is available for all of our brackets. Please call 866-346-5665 for information about any of our bracket systems.

Simply fill out the bracket storage form at Include this filled out form along with your individually packaged brackets and our complimentary UPS shipping label (please call to request your label) and we will store and inventory them for you at no charge.

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Lab Appliances

Visit to download any DynaFlex® Prescription Downloading and filling out a prescription has never been easier. Download our prescriptions to help save time when ordering custom lab services from DynaFlex®. Follow the instructions on the download page for saving instructions. The following prescriptions are available: • General Ortho Lab Prescription • Dental Sleep Medicine Prescription • Herbst® Prescription • Indirect Bonding Prescription • Series-2000® Prescription • Positioner Prescription • EZ-Align® Prescription • Retainer Prescription • SmartJet™ Prescription

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Lab Appliances


Orthodontic Laboratory


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Lab Appliances

Fixed Expanders Fixed maxillary and mandibular expanders include a broad range of appliance designs. The designs are used to correct cross-bites, narrow arches and crowding. The fixed expanders utilize some mechanism of force (expansion screws, self-activating spring or wire activation) for development of the arch. These fixed designs require minimal patient compliance and provide the doctor with total control during active orthodontic treatment. Auxiliary attachments such as brackets and habit breakers can be requested for most of the expander appliances.



Slimline The Slimline palatal screw is used in cases requiring a physically smaller expansion screw for cases needing upper arch development. The screw allows for approximately 12mm of activation and more patient tongue space providing optimal patient comfort.

Bondable RPE

Haas This fixed design is both tissue and tooth borne to provide orthopedic and orthodontic changes.

Bondable RPE Acrylic onlays or pads are placed over the posterior teeth and then bonded in place.

Memory Screw RPE

Memory Screw RPE The new line of memory screw expanders puts the control back in the clinician’s hands. Once the Memory screw is activated 4-to-5 turns the Niti coil springs that are built into the screw become active. The Niti coil springs then provide light continuous forces for biocompatible arch development. This new screw can be used in both fixed and removable appliance designs.

“Snap-Fit” RPE “Snap-Fit” RPE The .036 contoured buccal-lingual wire eliminates path of insertion problems. Composite is used to lock in the appliance

Super Screw The Super Screw expander is used in situations that require a larger degree of arch development but a physically smaller screw is desired. A 12mm or 16mm screw can be requested. A special adjustment wrench is sent along with each appliance.


Super Screw

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lab appliances Fixed Fan Gear The fixed fan gear appliance is the appliance of choice when presented with a tapered maxillary arch and a fixed appliance is required. The screw provides 9mm of activation.

Lab Appliances

Fixed Expanders Fixed Fan Gear

Spring Jet I & II

Achieve slow arch expansion with controlled continuous NiTi spring force. No patient compliance required. Substitute for screw or pre-set wire expanders. Provides reliable results with minimal tipping & no patient compliance.

Spring Jet I & Spring Jet II

Quad-Helix This appliance allows for the development of the maxillary arch by utilizing active helical springs. The springs can be activated to provide overall arch form improvement or to address either anterior or posterior expansion needs. The design of the appliance also allows for improvement of molar rotation.


NiTi-Expander This is a pre programmed thermally activated appliance. The appliance comes in several different sizes to allow for a wide range of expansion. The individual appliances are anchored in place via horizontal sheaths attached to molar bands. This is an exceptional appliance when mild to moderate expansion is required. It is possibly the finest appliances at acquiring distal rotation of 1st permanent molars.


E-Arch Typically a lower appliance designed to upright lingually inclined posterior teeth. This NiTi spring loaded appliance is a very effective & popular choice do to its streamlined design. When the desired lateral development is achieved the spring can be deactivated by adding composite.


Slimline This fixed expander improves the lower archform with an expansion screw along with extensions to engage the lingual surface of posterior teeth as well as primary or permanent canines.


Williams The most popular of our lower uprighting appliances. This appliance uses a mini screw capable of 10mm of activation. The design incorporates an .018 NiTi archwire that freely slides labially to apply pressure to the lingual of the lower incisors to improve alignment as arch form improvement occurs.


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For more fixed expanders, see our Series 2000ÂŽ on page 20 & 21.


Lab Appliances

Schwarz A variety of active appliances can be fabricated for arch width and arch length development. Active designs are beneficial for development of the arches prior to fixed treatment. A minimum of four clasps is suggested to maximize retention. In addition to our standard designs; springs, small expansion screws and wires provide forces to move individual teeth. Maxillary occlusal coverage can be added as desired.

Schwarz Upper & Lower

Designed to gain lateral arch development in the upper and /or lower arches.

Schwarz Upper & Lower

Three Way Schwarz

Three Way Schwarz

Used in the upper arch for both lateral and anterior development.


Nord A Maxillary appliance, designed for the correction of unilateral cross bites.

Fan Gear

Fan Gear

Designed to develop the bicuspid area, it is ideal for correcting tapered arch forms.

Arch Length Development - Sagittal The Sagittal appliances are designed to regain lost arch length in an anterior and/or posterior direction.

Anterior Sagittal Upper & Lower

Anterior Sagittal Upper & Lower To ensure anterior development, the design maximizes posterior anchorage with screw placement and occlusal indentations.

Distal-Drive Upper & Lower

Distal-Drive Upper & Lower

This design facilitates distal driving of posterior teeth to regain lost arch length. To maximize distalization, splits are cut mesial to first molars.

3 Screw Sagittal Upper & Lower This features the Sagittal design with a midline expansion screw for lateral development.

3 Screw Sagittal Upper & Lower


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lab appliances The Pendulum expanders provide both distalization and rotation of the maxillary first molars with .032 TMAÂŽ wire. A midline expansion screw can be added for arch development. The design includes upper first molar bands with bands or rests placed on the first bicuspids.

Lab Appliances

Pendulum Appliances Pendulum


An .032 TMAÂŽ wire provides light forces to distalize and rotate upper first molars. A Nance button provides anchorage.



Upper arch development along with molar distalization is gained by adding an expansion screw in the acrylic.



This appliance is used for maxillary arch expansion and molar distalization. An expansion screw is used to first develop the maxillary arch. Once transverse movement is gained, the pre-activated .032 TMAÂŽ wires are trimmed loose for molar rotation and distalization. * TMA is a registered trademark of ORMCO.

Distal Jet

Distal Jet Appliances The Distal Jet offers the unique feature of unilateral or bilateral molar distalization and molar rotation correction with one appliance. The appliance is anchored off the first bicuspids or in cases requiring maximum anterior stabilization second bicuspids can be used. For lateral arch development an expansion screw can be requested.

Distal Jet with Expansion

Frog Appliance Frog

The Frog is designed for maxillary molar distalization without adjustment of palatal wires. The small expansion screw provides the force to move the molars. Each counterclockwise activation delivers 0.4mm of distalization. The Frog design can be used for the first phase or in combination with fixed appliances.

Bowman Distal Jet

Nitanium Molar Rotator Nitanium Molar Rotator

Specially designed heat-activated nickel titanium palatal wire is used to correct mesially and distally rotated molars. The rotator fits easily into lingual sheaths for immediate activation. Once molar rotations are corrected the appliance can be used as a transpalatal retainer.

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Lab Appliances

SmartJet™ - DynaFlex® Exclusive This brilliant new design is super-efficient, supercomfortable and very simple to manage. All of the mechanisms are built for comfort and convenience. The larger anterior mechanism (SmartStop) has a small set screw that locks into place after you have made your necessary adjustments to the appliance (Figure 1). The smaller mechanism (SmartGuide) is threaded on the coil spring for secure positioning and will accept our exclusive Z clip for connection to the lingual sheath. The super elastic nickel titanium spring maintains a consistent 200 grams of force and slides friction free along the wire. Another incredible feature of the SmartJet™ is the ability to mesialize a molar by sliding the SmartStop anteriorly and pulling the molar into position as shown in the picture (Figure 2). The SmartJet™ is truly the smartest appliance….

FIG. 1

FIG. 2

Fixed Retention Appliances Fixed appliances are used for anchorage and retention between phases of treatment and after final orthodontic treatment. Various appliance designs are utilized to preserve space and hold teeth in a desired position. Stainless steel wire is used in appliance fabrication and is available in a number of round and rectangular sizes.


3x3 with Composite Pads & Transfer Tray

6 x 6 or L.H.A.



Fixed Habit Appliances The fixed habit appliances are used for correcting both tongue thrust and thumb sucking habits. A variety of appliance designs can be used for habit correction. In some cases, persistent finger habits may require a more aggressive appliance design such as small prongs or spikes to act as a deterrent to correct the habit.

Myo-Functional Bead


Tongue Habit

Spiked Thumb Habit

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lab appliances Maxillary Retainer

Lab Appliances

Retainers The Hawley Retainers are used for finished orthodontic cases to securely maintain the teeth in their new position. DynaFlex® finish­­ing retainers meet all the major criteria for effective retention of your finished orthodontic cases.

Mandibular Retainer

Essix® Retainer

San Antonio Retainer (wrap around)

Modified Spring Retainer

Hawley Spring Retainer

Spring Clip With Wire Extensions (3x3)

QCM Clear Bow Retainer The new highly esthetic clear labial bow retainers are excellent for your teenage and adult patients. The labial bow will remain crystal clear and guaranteed not to stain or discolor with extended wear. The “QCM” retainer can be used in both the upper and lower arch.

Bracket Carving/ Removal: To assure stability for your finished cases, DynaFlex® can accurately remove brackets from working models. Your retainer can be insert­ed at the debracketing visit. This eliminates the possibility of “drifting” of the teeth between patient visits. It is important to take the impression with the arch wire removed to prevent the impression material from tearing.

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Lab Appliances

Series 2OOO®

Maxillary Designs MAX™ MAX™ is a maxillary spring loaded palatal expander. The MAX™ utilizes the nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanism for a continuous low force system to gain arch width.




DMAX™ or “Distalizing Maxillary Expander” utilizes either a midpalatal nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanism or a standard jackscrew for transverse movement and the same rod-tube mechanism on the lingual to distalize the molars.



DMAX/RPE™ or “Fixed Distalizing Maxillary Expander”. The hygienic fixed design is superior for total maxillary arch development. The rapid palatal expansion screw provides positive force for transverse movement. No adjustments are needed for molar distalization. Bodily movement without crown tipping is gained by the low continuous forces of the nickel titanium open coil springs.



DMJ™ or “Distalizing Molar Jig” is designed to distalize maxillary molars with the telescopic rodtube using a low continuous nickel titanium force. The DMJ™ also utilizes an acrylic Nance button for additional anchorage.



SAG™ is a fixed sagittal appliance which incorporates a midpalatal jackscrew as well as the telescopic rodtube nickel titanium open coil spring design. The SAG™ is designed to be used in Class III skeletal cases with midface deficiencies anterior-posterior as well as transversely.



TB SAG™ Tooth borne sagittal design for Class II Division II correction. This appliance will distalize maxillary molars and simultaneously put pressure on central and lateral incisors for forward movement. It is excellent for Class III skeletal cases.


SAN™ or “Spring Advancing Nance” is a superior appliance following SAG™ treatment to maintain skeletal arch advancement. The nickel titanium spring loaded SAN™ supplies a predetermined amount of continuous force to the maxilla. The totally spring activated design requires no adjustments by the patient or doctor.


*Stainless steel crowns or Rollo Bands may be substituted for bands.


800.489.4020 > 314.426.4020

lab appliances

MSX™ MSX™ or “Mandibular Spring Expander” is a totally spring activated appliance requiring only recall observation visits. The MSX™ employs the nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanism bilaterally and replaces the midline jackscrew with nickel titanium open coil spring rodtube mechanism.



MJX™ MJX® or “Mandibular Jackscrew Expander” is a lower arch developing appliance that utilizes a midline jackscrew for arch width and a lingual nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanisms bilaterally for distalizing molars simultaneously gaining arch length.

MSC™ MSC™ or “Mandibular Space Closer” is excellent for bodily advancing molars mesially where second bicuspids have been removed. The unique rod-tube and titanium spring produces light force for space closure without crown tipping. The self adjusting springs require no adjustments once the appliance is cemented in place.



SAL™ or “Spring Advancing Lingual” is excellent to advance mandibular incisors to a predictable result. The SAL™ does not require activation or de-activation chair side adjustments. The telescopic rod-tube and open coil titanium springs provide low continuous forces for advancement of the incisors to a predetermined position. This is also an excellent choice for single tooth cross bites in the maxillary arch.

Mandibular Advancement Designs EAS™

EAS™ *EAS™ or “Expanding Advancing Sheath” combines the MAX™ design for maxillary transverse movement with mandibular advancing mechanics for skeletal Class II correction. The lower appliance designs incorporate Series 2000™ options for either development of arch width, arch length or extraction space closure.



EAS MSX™ is a totally spring activated appliance requiring only recall observation visits. The MSX™ employs the nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanism bilaterally and replaces the midline jackscrew with nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanism.


EAS MJX® EAS MJX® is a lower arch developing appliance that utilizes a midline jackscrew for arch width and a lingual nickel titanium open coil spring rod-tube mechanisms bilaterally for distalizing molars simultaneously gaining arch length.



EAS MSC™ or “Mandibular Spring Closure” is excellent for bodily advancing molars mesially where second bicuspids have been removed. The unique rod-tube and titanium spring produces light force for space closure without crown tipping. The self adjusting springs require no adjustments once the appliance is cemented in place.

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© Copyright 2016 DynaFlex® is the exclusive licensed laboratory in the United States to fabricate Series 2000® appliances. Series 2000® appliances are trademarked and are covered by one or more of the following patent numbers 5645422, 5769631, 5919042, 6036488, 6241517, 6402510, 6520772, 6719557.


Lab Appliances

Series 2OOO®

Mandibular Designs

Lab Appliances

Class II & III Treatment

INSTANT LOAD CONSTANT FORCE The all new CS3® is made from an exclusive nickel titanium material that has amazing features and far surpasses other spring systems including our popular CS-2000®. Although the CS-2000® is extremely successful, we wanted to make it even better and that’s exactly what we did. The new CS3® spring will load force instantly and remain extremely consistent throughout treatment. The benefit is a smoother, more constant force that performs better and lasts longer. The CS3® system is one of the most successful Class II and Class III chairside appliances used in the world due to its simplicity, effectiveness and value pricing as compared to other systems available today. Now the CS3® is a major improvement on an already successful and widely used product. This is a must have system for your orthodontic tool box.


• • • • • •

Class ii & III Treatment Non-Compliance Quick Placement Easy to Maintain Up to 5mm of Correction 3 50 Grams of Constant Force

There are multiple options to use CS3® in Class II & III along with upper and lower fixed appliances AFTER

(upper view)

(lower view)

Featured Published Articles for Class II & Class III Correction


X-rays compliments of Dr. Andy Hayes of St. Louis, MO

Actual Class III patient treated with the CS3® system placed directly on the archwires and the case required no compliance.

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lab appliances

Facemask in use.

MTA in use.

Modified Tandem™

Fixed MTA

The Modified Tandem™ Appliance (MTA) is designed for orthopedic correction of the growing Class III patient. The appliance design is more comfortable than conventional devices because it is worn intraorally. The simple MTA utilizes three separate units; an upper appliance (active or inactive), a lower appliance (fixed or removable), and a traction bow. Design modification is simple for both the upper and lower arch, any combination of fixed or removable appliance designs may be requested.

Removable MTA

For more information, refer to these JCO Articles: April 2003, “Early Orthopedic Class III Treatment with a Modified Tandem™ Appliance”. June 2011, “Early Treatment of Skeletal Class III Open Bite with the Tandem™ Appliance”. (available at

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Lab Appliances

Say good bye to the facemask... and hello to the Modified Tandem™

Lab Appliances

Twin Block Appliances Dr. William Clark, an Orthodontist, developed an uncomplicated technique that incorporates the use of upper and lower bite blocks to reposition the mandible forward for skeletal Class II correction. The Twin Block technique is easy to use and very patient friendly. The design utilizes two separate appliances that fit the maxilla and mandible. The unique design allows for more patient comfort and increased patient cooperation. The Twin Block design also allows for independent development of the upper and lower arches with the addition of transverse and/or sagittal screws.

Standard Twin Block

Twin Block to Close

Sagittal Twin Block

Dr. James McNamara designed Twin Block includes two upper expansion screws for maxillary arch development. To enhance retention of the lower portion of the appliance a labial bow with acrylic is added to the design. In addition, the lower flanges of acrylic are extended to the molars.

McNatt Twin Block

Twin Block Stage II Once “three-point” contact has been achieved a fixed or removable incline bite plane is used to support Class II correction. The Stage II appliance is used until the bicuspids have erupted into occlusion

“Stage ll”



Rick-A-Nator ll

and the posterior open bite has been closed.

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lab appliances Lab Appliances

MARA® Appliance MARA (Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance) is used to achieve Class II correction treatment goals in the “noncompliant” patient. For the MARA patient to close his / her mouth and occlude the teeth, they must posture the jaw forward into the desired Class I occlusion. With the MARA, the mandible is held forward in Class I occlusion by the labs positioning of the buccal attachments on the molars. The MARA is anchored to the molars in the same manner that a Herbst appliance is i.e. crowns, modified crowns or bands. The lower buccal attachments are fixed to the molars while the upper buccal attachments (called Elbows) are removable. The upper Elbows being removable enable the Orthodontist and/or staff to make adjustments and advancements in the appliance. Each MARA comes with both upper and lower archwire tubes to facilitate the option of fixed mechanics being used in conjunction with MARA treatment. Additionally, advancement shims in various sizes are available by request.

MARA® “U” Appliance To enhance the effectiveness of the Mara Appliance in very deep overbite cases the U-Mara is an excellent alternative. In deep overbite cases when the mandible is advanced there is a large posterior open bite making it difficult for the patient to keep the upper elbow and lower loop properly engaged. The “U” modification addresses this problem by reversing the lower loop to provide additional millimeters of vertical engagement between the lower arm and upper elbow.

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Lab Appliances



Appliances The Herbst® appliance is a superior fixed functional appliance which effectively corrects skeletal Class II malocclusions. DynaFlex® has created quality Herbst® appliances for doctors all over the world for forty years and counting. DynaFlex laboratory offers value pricing, expertise, and a vast knowledge of current Herbst® designs. Herbst® Designs: The Herbst® designs include stainless steel crowns, Rollo Bands, bands and/or acrylic. The amount of mandibular advancement and bite opening depends on the case and appliance design. All Herbst® designs can be reactivated by using precut “shims” or “spacers” to gain further advancement of the mandible. The EAS® design allows for 5 additional mm of advancement with a built-in screw mechanism.

MiniScope™ & MiniScope w/ Apple Core™ The MiniScope Herbst is a three section telescoping mechanism that will not become disengaged during patient opening. The Apple Core housing nut has a curved radius to allow for increased lateral excursion, reduction of breakage and optimum patient comfort.


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lab appliances Lab Appliances

Traditional Herbst®

This design highlights the traditional rod and tube mechanism, however any Herbst mechanism can be used with this Dr. Jim Hilgers designed Herbst. The upper first molar crowns and the lower first bicuspid crowns provide sufficient anchorage; however the LHA rest can be bonded for greater anchorage.

Hanks™ Telescoping Herbst®

The HTH was developed by Dr. Stephen Hanks as a major improvement to the traditional rod and tube design and is the only true “one piece” design available for Herbst® treatment. The telescoping design eliminates problems of disengagement and incorporates a ball and socket pivotal screw that is built into the telescoping mechanism. The ball and socket allows for tremendous lateral excursion and increased patient comfort. Also, the built in screw makes chair side placement extremely easy.

Flip-Lock® Herbst® The Flip Lock mechanism is comprised of a simple ball joint hinge that allows for maximum lateral excursion and extremely easy chair side assembly. It can be fabricated with the traditional design or the cantilever design for increased patient comfort. Any Herbst design can be fabricate with the Flip-Lock mechanism. All Herbst accessories can be included in a Flip-Lock Herbst.

EAS™ EAS™ or “Expanding Advancing Sheath” combines the MAX™ design for maxillary transverse movement with mandibular advancing mechanics for skeletal Class II correction. The lower appliance designs incorporate Series 2000™ options for either development of arch width, arch length or extraction space closure.

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Lab Appliances

Wilson 3D® Appliances The 3D® appliances are a group of prefabricated “fixed-removable” modules that are interchangeable at chairside. The 3D® lingual tubes provide a quick and secure plug in system to achieve various orthodontic movements such as arch development, single tooth movement and maintenance of arch space. The 3D® system is easily incorporated into any fixed technique.

3D® Palatal Appliance 3D® Palatal Appliance

This very popular maxillary appliance can be used as a traditional transpalatal bar or can be used to provide lateral development throughout the arch or can be selectively adjusted to provide bicuspid/cuspid expansion.

3D® Bi-Metric Arch

This product allows for predictable molar distalization without the use of external headgear. The appliance can be used either unilaterally or bilaterally & require minimal adjustment and patient compliance.

3D® Bi-Metric Arch

3D® Lingual Arch

3D® Lingual Arch

The 3D® Lingual Arch allows for multiple functions ranging from anchorage control to maintaining or improving arch length. It can easily be adjusted to provide buccal expansion and molar uprighting.

3D® Quad-Helix

3D® Quad-Helix

Traditionally used as a maxillary expansion appliance, it is also a very effective appliance at providing molar rotation.

3D® Quad-Action 3D® Quad Action

* Wilson 3D is a registered trademark of Rocky Mountain Orthodontics


This appliance is an excellent alternative to multiple arch lengthening and expansion appliances. This versatile appliance allows for a variety of movement with minimal adjustment and great patient acceptance.

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lab appliances Lab Appliances

Bionator/Orthopedic Corrector The functional appliances include Activators,



Orthopedic Correctors, Twin Block™

Bionator l to Open

and Herbst® designs. The doctor can

Bionator Il to Close

choose from various re­movable and fixed appliance designs. All functional appliance designs address Skeletal Class II problems by advancing the mandible forward to a corrected Class I position.

How To Send A Case: All Functional Appliance designs

Orthopedic Corrector

Neutral Bionator

require accurate working models. A construction bite should be provided to indicate the amount of mandibular advancement and vertical change.

Frankel Appliances The Frankel appliances are removable designs invented by Professor Rolf Frankel. The Frankel philosophy uses the vestibules to enhance favorable growth in developing dentition and restrict undesirable muscle forces. Thus, the Frankel appliance is reported to provide an “ideal” environment for maximum arch development and proper skeletal jaw relationship. The three most commonly used designs are the Frankel II, Frankel III and Frankel IV.

Frankel ll

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Lab Appliances

Orthopedic Splints DynaFlex® has over 45 years of experience fabricating orthopedic splints. DynaFlex® is experienced at constructing a variety of splints custom made to the specific needs of your patient. The splints pictured below are some of the more commonly requested designs used to treat TMJ dysfunction. Additional splint designs are available upon request.

Maxillary Anterior Deprogrammer

How to Send a Case: Send accurate maxillary and mandibular working models from high quality alginate impressions. To guarantee “best fit” the impressions should be poured immediately. For proper appliance fabrication include a wax bite to the desired vertical opening and mandibular advanced position.

Maxillary Anterior Deprogrammer

Maxillary Flat Plane

Full coverage splint most often used for clenching and bruxing problems. A flat platform lingual to the upper incisors is designed to provide contact with the lower incisors. The lower posterior teeth are held out of occlusion which differentiates this splint from a maxillary flat plane splint.

Maxillary Flat Plane Upper splint designed to have all lower teeth to strike evenly. This splint is commonly designed to include cuspid disclusion or anterior guidance. It is most commonly used as a traditional night guard for occlusion related problems.

Dorsal Splint

Dorsal Splint

A nighttime splint designed to provide aggressive mandibular repositioning. The Dorsal fin on the mandibular appliance interfaces with the maxillary appliance preventing the lower jaw from retruding during sleep. This appliance is most often fabricated out of a dual laminate material, but can also be fabricated with traditional acrylic.

Farrar Splint Farrar Splint, often referred to as a maxillary repositioning splint, utilizes an aggressive incline plane lingual to the incisors to force the mandible into a protrusive position. This splint can be fabricated with or without posterior support depending upon personal preferences. This is a very common nighttime appliance.


Farrar Splint

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lab appliances Gelb A traditional lower diagnostic splint. Most commonly used to establish proper vertical dimension with slight to moderate anterior repositioning. The amount of repositioning dictates how heavily indexed the posterior bite pads become.


Modified Gelb

Modified Gelb Most popular splint similar to Gelb splint with the addition of anterior acrylic for additional support.

Pull Forward Splint

Pull Forward Splint

Mandibular splint designed to aggressively reposition the lower jaw to a down and forward position. The lingual flange or acrylic helps guide the mandible to a specific position. These flanges also help prevent lateral movements, and are generally reduced over time as the patient becomes comfortable in the new position.

Tanner Tanner

Popular lower splint that includes both posterior support as well as an anterior cap of acrylic. This cap is a common addition on patients who will wear this splint for an extended period of time.

Luco Lower splint fabricated on the buccal as opposed to the lingual. This is a patient friendly splint as it preserves tongue space. Similar to other lower splints, the amount of repositioning is controlled by the design of indexing of the upper posterior teeth into the occlusal pads.

Stack Bionator A monoblock style appliance that aggressively holds the lower jaw in a down and forward position. This is most commonly used in adult post mandibular repositioning patients to prevent dual bites from occurring. It is considered a night-time appliance.


Stack Bionator

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Lab Appliances

Orthopedic Splints

Lab Appliances

Pro-Form Mouthguards Custom made Pro-Form mouthguards from DynaFlexÂŽ give your patients the absolute best in comfort, fit, retention and protection. Pro-Form mouthguards offer the best protection available for athletes without interfering with breathing or speech during play and they can also protect your patients from many types of oralfacial injuries during athletic events including tooth fracture and concussions. All Pro-Form mouthguards are custom made by skilled technicians with many years of experience and the fit is always guaranteed. They are available in a variety of colors and can be made with or without a helmet strap.

Basic Mouthguards Black Blue Clear Green Orange Red Purple

Multiple color choices for each style!


Tie-Dye Wilderness Patriot Flamingo Midnight Shamrock

Glitter Green Orange Pink


Basic Mouthguard

The Glitter Guard

Mouthguard Straps

Tie-Dye Guard Color Options WILDERNESS




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Tooth Positioner

lab appliances Lab Appliances

For many years now, the Orthodontic community has considered the Positioner to be the ultimate case finishing appliance. The Positioner combines the use of state-of-the-art materials, an intelligently constructed tooth set-up, used at the ideal time to move the teeth into the best occlusion possible. This combination allows the Orthodontist to finish off those difficult movements of correcting rotations, tipping, torquing, leveling, width discrepancies, space closure and occlusal plane corrections all in a relative short wearing time. Achieving these tasks in such a relative short time allows the case to be finished several months / weeks earlier than without using a Positioner. All DynaFlex® Positioners are custom fabricated to your specifications; material type, flange thickness and height, retention auxiliary are designed to blend appliance efficiency and patient comfort. Sending DynaFlex a Positioner case: There are a variety of ways and times in treatment to send DynaFlex® your case. The ways to send DynaFlex® a case is either digitally (DynaFlex® accepts scans for nearly all scanners i.e. iTero, Lythos, Trios, True Definition, Cerec), or plaster models sent in shipping boxes that we provide via UPS, FedEx or U.S. Mail. The times in treatment to send DynaFlex® Positioner cases varies from the end of treatment after brackets are removed, to several months prior to finish with bracket still on the models. The majority of Positioner cases at DynaFlex® are received a few months/weeks prior to bracket removal from your patient. We remove the brackets from the models; fabricate the set-up and positioner and return both to you prior to you removing the brackets from the patient. This technique allows you to take advantage of the teeth being most mobile when brackets/archwires are just removed and the teeth can most easily settle into the ideal set-up of the Positioner.

Demonstration Appliances DynaFlex® offers a complete line of orthodontic display appliances for patient‘s education and case presentation. All demonstration appliances are constructed from superior materials and finished to a high quality gloss. Demonstration appliances are excellent for enhancing your patient understanding of the orthodontic treatment you are prescribing for them. They are great for increasing patient acceptance of both fixed and removable appliances. Demonstration appliances can be ordered in complete sets or individually. Any of the appliances in the DynaFlex® catalog can be ordered as demonstration appliances. The cost of these appliances are comparable to our standard laboratory fees. White or two-tone models are available. Enhance the way your demonstration models are showcased. DynaFlex® now offers an exquisite brown leather case with a light soft fabric interior. Also makes travel safer and easier. Available for purchase, ask for details.

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Lab Appliances

WHAT IS EZ-ALIGN® EZ-Align® is a clear tray system that progressively aligns your patients teeth until the final results have been achieved. This system is able to treat with fewer aligners and in quicker times than some other aligner systems.

EZ-Align® is an

affordable alternative to other aligner systems currently available.


510(k) Cleared Medical Devices

Your case will start with aligner labeled “A” then move to aligner “B” and so on, until treatment has been completed. Each aligner should be worn for approximately 2-3 weeks prior to moving to the next tray. For best results, patients should

EZ-Align® trays are custom fitted clear trays with progressive tooth alignment built into each tray.

be expected to wear each aligner for at least 20 hours per day. Each aligner comes individually packaged in a protective case and labeled for easy identification.

WHY CHOOSE EZ-ALIGN® EXCEPTIONAL MATERIAL • Crystal Clear .030 Thermal Plastic • Excellent Tooth Moving Properties • Durable, Long Lasting • Latex and BPA Free • Esthetically Pleasing Option For Patients

It can be difficult making a decision about the best alignment solution. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. DynaFlex® gives you the option to allow our laboratory technicians to customize a treatment plan for your patients.

“The EZ-Align® system from DynaFlex® is the most economical and effective way I have found for patients that need only limited treatment of their anterior teeth. Patients love their fit and feel, and I love the results!”

Robert E. Sims D.M.D, M.S.D. | Nashville , TN


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lab appliances Lab Appliances

PATIENT MARKETING KIT Increase office revenue by marketing directly to patients in your practice with the FREE EZ-Align patient marketing kit. The brochure will inform your patient how the clear tray aligner system is the easy and affordable way to align minor crowding.

EZ-Align® Marketing Kit Ask about our FREE patient marketing kit

EZ-2000® Appliances


Excellent for pre-aligner treatment

• Completely invisible

• Easily opens space

• Reduces or eliminates interproximal reduction

• Qualify more candidates for aligner therapy

• Nickel Titanium spring loaded screw for patient comfort

Call a laboratory technical representative today for more information on the EZ-2000® expanders.

Scalloped edges for patient comfort.

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Lab Appliances


1 Penguin

2 Tennis Racket 3 Racing Stripes

11 Snoopy

12 New York

13 Kite

20 Apple Seed

21 Tiger Claw

22 Dice

29 Baseball

30 Pink Pig

68 Football

69 Basketball

76 Alien

77 Theater

78 Orange Slice

85 Stars

94 Cross

86 Heart w/ Arrow 87 Cause Ribbon

95 Balloons

96 Butterfly

5 Floral Design

14 Piano Keys

15 Ying Yang

6 Bear Claw

32 No to Drugs

70 Volleyball

25 Frog

33 Golf

71 Cow Print

79 Smiley

80 Cherries

88 Lips

89 Lady Bug

97 Sunset

102 Hello Kitty

7 Stripes

9 Strawberry

26 Daisy

34 Flower

72 Tiger Print

73 Paw Prints

81 STL

82 Peace Sign

90 Private Island 91 Spider Web

103 Fish

27 Racing Car


109 Small Hearts 110 Cup Cake

111 Superman 137 Glitter Vortex

28 Life Saver

35 American Flag 36 Black Eye Susans

74 Mouse Trap

75 Eight Ball

83 Cash Money

84 Angel

92 Shamrock

93 Clouds

106 Lizard

107 Sun

105 Pacman

by changing the color on ANY design you see pictured on either page! CUSTOMIZE

108 Class of

10 Tic-Tac-Toe

16 Pin Wheel 17 Camouflage 18 Lightning Strikes 19 Sunflower

23 Zebra Stripes 24 Watermelon

31 ABC

67 Soccer Ball

4 Dots

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lab appliances

55 Red

56 Pink

112 Tropical Red

57 Clear

113 Tropical Orange

119 Tropical Green

120 Dark Pink

58 Purple

59 Yellow

114 Tropical Pink

115 Tropical Purple

121 Black

122 Teal

60 Blue

116 Tropical Yellow

123 Maroon

65 Green

66 Orange

117 Tropical Blue

118 Tropical Teal

Lab Appliances


124 White


49 3 Color Combo

101 Green Marble

50 Rainbow

51 2 Color Combo

130 Blue Yellow Swirl

52 Rainbow Glitter

131 Pink Orange Swirl

136 Blue Silver Swirl

98 Tropical Dots

99 Stained Glass

100 Blue Marble

138 Star Sparkles


61 Glow Orange

62 Glow Pink

63 Glow Red

64 Glow Clear

125 Glow Purple

126 Glow Teal

127 Glow Blue

128 Glow Green

129 Glow Yellow


37 Pink/Purple Sparkles

38 Yellow/Green Sparkles

46 Green Glitter

47 Clear/Gold Sparkles

39 Blue/Gold 40 Orange/Purple 41 Green/Gold 42 Purple/Gold 43 Red Glitter Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles

48 Red/Green Sparkle Hearts

53 Multi Glitter

54 Gold Glitter

132 Stardust

44 Blue Glitter

133 Purple Glitter 134 Silver Glitter

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45 Clear/Pink Glitter

135 Orange Glitter


DynaFlex Dorsal® Available in 3 Different Materials

DynaFlex Dorsal® Acrylic The DynaFlex Dorsal® Device has evolved into one of the most popular choices for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The two piece construction allows for maximum patient comfort and lateral jaw movement. The Dorsal fins on the mandibular appliance interface with inclines built into the facial of the upper appliance to dictate a specific mandibular position. The device is fabricated with adjustable screws in the maxillary appliance to allow for further mandibular advancement. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 5mm - Protrusion 40%-70% New Low Profile Design 22% Less Bulk

DynaFlex Dorsal® Comfort-Fit The DynaFlex Dorsal is constructed from our new “comfort fit” material. The DynaFlex Dorsal Comfort Fit is 22% thinner reducing buccal bulk in the vestibule areas for increased patient acceptance. Many of our doctors are reporting improved night time wear with the new comfort fit design. The soft inner lining provides superior night time retention. The outer durable acrylic covering is designed for long lasting wear. The great news . . . the comfort fit design can be requested at no additional charge. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 6mm - Protrusion 40%-70% “It is a pleasure to have oral appliances made that fit well and require few adjustments” Dr. Larry Z. Lockerman, D.D.S., Diplomate, ABDSM - UMass Memorial Medical Center

DynaFlex Dorsal® Accu-Fit* Custom Thermal Acrylic

Fits first time, every time! The Accu-Fit design is the newest device added to the Dorsal family of sleep appliances for treating patients with sleep apnea. The unique custom thermal acrylic liner allows the appliance to fit at the first delivery appointment without acrylic or wire adjustments. The Accu-Fit design is ideal for patients who will require future dental work (restorations, crowns or bridges). The new design eliminates costly remakes after dental work. The thermal acrylic liner is remolded in hot water (160 degrees) to fit the patient’s arch after dental restorations. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 7mm - Protrusion 40%-70% *

Patent Pending

“From personal experience, the ability to re-adapt the Accu-Fit to restorative changes sets it apart from similar sleep appliances.” Dr. Neil Zane, D.D.S. - New York Center for Neuromuscular Dentistry


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dental sleep medicine EMA® The Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliance is the smallest of our obstruction sleep apnea appliances. The individual trays are constructed of 2mm vacuum form material and are held together with straps of varying lengths and flexibility. These straps provide unsurpassed lateral movement and comfort as well as dictating the amount of mandibular advancement. These straps are positioned between the teeth and cheek leaving the palate free from obstruction. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 2mm - Protrusion 0%-70%

“ DynaFlex® has been very helpful in meeting our specific needs. As a full time oral appliance practice, having a single source for our most frequently used appliance designs is a real bonus.” Dr. John M. McCrillis, D.D.S., Diplomate, ABDSM - Louisville Dental Sleep Medicine

DynaFlex Adjustable Herbst® Appliance* Three Materials: Acyclic, Comfort-Fit, Accu-Fit The Adjustable Herbst® is a two piece construction held together with two inseparable hinged mechanisms on the facial of the upper and lower appliances. The hinged mechanisms are designed with advancement screws to allow for titration and advancement of the mandible. The Adjustable Herbst® is designed for incremental advancement of the mandible to the desired position. The advancement screws have a 5mm range with an adjustment ratio of 16:1 or 16 quarter turns to one millimeter. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 5mm - Protrusion 40%-70% *MEDICARE E0486 VERIFIED

TAP® 1*, TAP® 3, TAP® 3 Elite* & dreamTAP®* Thornton Adjustable Positioner The two piece Tap® devices are fully adjustable on a horizontal plane, providing dentists the ability to locate the ideal mandibular position for their patient. This custom appliance is fabricated with separate upper and lower trays. The maxillary component utilizes an adjustable screw and hook which interfaces with a lower socket or lower lingual bar to hold the mandible in the desired position. BITE NEEDED: Vertical 6mm - Protrusion 40%-70% *MEDICARE E0486 VERIFIED dreamTAP®

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...Leading the Way In Sleep Appliance Technology! DynaFlex is now accepting your digital files for fabrication of sleep devices.

Fast and Easy Service Day 1

Day 2-7

Patient is scanned with intra-oral scanner. Digital record & Rx are uploaded to DynaFlex Portal.

DynaFlex prints models and fabricates the sleep device.

Day 7-10

Fabricated Sleep device is shipped directly to your office.

Receive More Than Just A Device... Digital Sleep Package Included With Every Device!

FREE Travel Case

FREE Home Storage Case FREE AM Aligner For Morning Wear

FREE Digital Storage

Patients models and bite registration

FREE 3D High Resolution Printed Models


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dental sleep medicine

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Laboratory: 800.489.4020 Fax: 314.429.7575

Products: 866.346.5665 Fax: 314.426.1967

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DynaFlex Orthodontic Laboratory Catalog. Released 2017

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