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Let Intiga take you from here

to HEAR.

Introducing Intiga by Oticon. Move from feeling left out toward a richer, fuller life.

Get more out of life. Do you feel like you’re on the outside looking in, when you’d rather be participating in conversations and your favorite activities? Even minor hearing loss can separate you from where you want to be. Straining to hear conversations in a noisy environment can be tiring. It can make you retreat into a solitary place that’s a mere shadow of the life you want to live.

Bring your world closer with Intiga by Oticon. Intiga is the super tiny, ultra sleek, high-performance wireless hearing device that’s new from Oticon. Intiga’s high-speed sound processing chip and wireless technology can work in harmony with your brain to help you organize, select and follow the sounds and voices you want to hear, and ignore competing background sounds. You can spend less time and effort trying to understand… and more time enjoying life.

Listen with quiet clarity. Intiga’s Speech Guard technology works with your brain to recognize natural speech cues and keep competing noise from distracting you, so you can follow conversations naturally, in real time.

Put it on and forget it. Intiga’s automatic functionality means you won’t have to fiddle with switches to adjust it.

Tear down the wall of sound. If you have hearing loss, background noise can be a huge barrier. Intiga’s new Spatial Sound technology makes it easier to separate conversation from the background

Intiga will transform the way you live your life. Live in the now.

noise. You can focus on the voices

Forget about what you’ve heard about hearing devices up to now.

that are speaking to you, and shift

Intiga is so advanced, you’ll be amazed at how smart, how helpful

attention to other voices as you choose.

Expand your listening possibilities with ConnectLine.™ Intiga is fully compatible with ConnectLine — a range of plug-and-play

and how transforming better hearing can be. Social and family gatherings become more relaxed and more fun. Business meetings become more productive and professional. Entertainment becomes more enjoyable.

Bluetooth™ accessories that can turn your Intiga hearing devices into the world’s smallest wireless headset. With ConnectLine, Intiga can wirelessly connect to your cell phone, landline phone, television or just about any device with an audio output to boost your enjoyment of hearing and listening.

Hear more, strain less. When you take control of your hearing with Intiga, you can engage more in life, and begin hearing more naturally. You will strain less to understand, so you have more energy to respond, communicate and give back. You can take part in life the way you want to.





Mother of Pearl



Samoa Blue


Pure White

Chroma Beige

Natural Henna


Super tiny. Ultra sleek. Intiga delivers the benefits of a hundred years of Oticon experience in hearing technology. Intiga’s fast, powerful processor works in harmony with your brain, using the latest signal



processing technology. Your two Intiga devices communicate wirelessly with each other to locate and focus

Think Pink

Chestnut Brown

Silver Grey

Diamond Black

High performance. on the sounds you want and bring your world that much closer. And you will be pleasantly surprised about the way Intiga looks when you wear it: sleek, comfortable, light and small, Intiga is practically invisible tucked behind your ear. It comes in a variety of cool colors, including popular shades designed to match skin and hair tones, plus contemporary hues.

Steel Grey

Vivid Lilac

Live in the now. With Intiga by Oticon. Every day is a new journey, with new experiences and new opportunities to connect and grow. You don’t want to miss another moment of this precious time straining to communicate. Now is the time to move away from the frustration of hearing loss and get back into your circle of family and friends. Now is the time to take control and transform the way you live your life.

Don’t let another day go by without finding out how much more rich and rewarding life can be when you’re back in the middle of it. Contact your Hearing Care Professional and try Intiga risk free today.

People First

People First is our promise to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively

OTICON Intiga Launch Brochure  

This brochure introduces the world's smallest, fully wireless hearing device – Intiga by Oticon.