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DECember 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm CST Sale Schedule:

Nov. 27, Wednesday – Cattle available for viewing at sale site in Dixon, IL. Prior to this cattle will be available for viewing at Paulsen Cattle in Preston, IA.

Dec. 1, Sunday – Lunch served at 11am and auction begins at 1pm. (find SALE TERMS on inside back cover)

Location and Directions:

Humphrey Family Sale Facility 1556 Red Brick Road | Dixon, Illinois 61021 From Interstate 88 go North on Rte 26 to stop light. Take a right and go to the next stop sign. At stop sign take right onto Rte 52. Go 2 miles to Red Brick Road and turn left – the sale facility is on your right.


Comfort Inn – Dixon, IL 815-284-0500 Super 8 – Dixon, IL 815-284-1800

Industry Reps & consultants:

Cody Lowderman, Auctioneer 309-313-2171 Shane Ryan, Ring Man 309-371-7490 Tom Rooney, Midwest Marketer 515-491-6025 Kent Jaecke, Special Assignment 405-408-2440 Caden Curoe, Consultant 563-542-8889 Blake Bloomberg, Consultant 309-368-3648 Buddy Robertson, Consultant 580-747-7000 John Peterson, Consultant 402-873-2224 Ryan Dunklau, Consultant 402-369-2025 Matt Owens, Consultant 417-830-8180 Craig Steck, Consultant 319-530-8790 Joe Seale, Consultant 936-201-8272 Devon Olson, Consultant 309-714-1509 Charlie Wilson, Consultant 563-219-0318 Jeff Jackson, Consultant 254-897-9116

Sale HostS:

Paulsen Cattle Jeff and Carmen with Kinnick and Copeland 6098 425th Ave. Preston, IA 52069 563-212-9944 Jeff Paulsen 563-542-8889 Caden Curoe Campbell Land and Cattle Jamie and Jackie Campbell 928 W.W. Railroad Road Sycamore, PA 15364 724-263-0955 Jamie Campbell 724-986-0634 Darrin Lyle

Sale Manager:

Dwyer Cattle Services 309-337-1404 Bob Dwyer 309-337-6404 Nick Dwyer

Welcome to the 2019 Divas and Donors Elite partnership collection! A set that we are extremely excited about and eagerly anticipate hitting the tan bark! We feel like the purebreds are extremely deep this year with a wide variety of powerful cow families backing them up and show ring quality second to none. As always, our percentage cattle represent the nation’s elite foundation show stock from some of the country’s most popular donor dams and cow families. We concentrated hard this spring and summer on assembling some powerhouse Angus and Maine cattle as well, and what we put together is definitely fitting of the term “Elite”. And again, they too are backed by timetested, high revenue generating, proven cow families. To say we are pumped about this set of cattle would definitely be an understatement. They are special! In reflection this year, as much as I’d like to dwell on the terrible weather for the second year in a row, I’m not because of all the great positive things that came in 2019. Customer success was amazing again with continued success from both new and returning families. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say how much Kinnick’s first year in 4-H meant to our family this year. Truly a special journey we had with his Limmy heifer that I will never forget. With all that being said, I now need to thank the special people that make this work on a daily basis. First has got to be Caden. His dedication and hard work is the backbone of our business, and his friendship cannot be replaced. Thank you buddy. To Brent and Dustin for coming to help dial in the divas. To all the guys that help at the shows, with pictures and getting the cattle ready to sell, and to our customers – you guys are irreplaceable! To my boys, my amazing wife and my parents for all of their love and continued support and making me smile. Thanks for keeping me sane! And for sure to my partners and friends, Jamie and Jackie Campbell – truly amazing people who have always helped support this dream and shared in the pursuit of a common goal. Thank you! As I said, we are beyond excited for this set and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

the Campbell family

the Paulsen family

Sincerely, Jeff Paulsen and the Divas and Donors Partnership

bD 4/2 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3595429

SIRE | Pay the Price DAM | KLS Diamond W516

The legacy of KLS Diamond W516 is one for the Simmental history books with national champions, AI promotional sires, and progeny already raising sale topping prospects! And if this lady is indicative of what’s yet to come in the future, Diamond’s legacy just went from bright to blinding! 4 purple Denver banners are stacked in this diva’s pedigree, and I’m willing to bet this one will add some purple to the pile. 549G combines elegance and athleticism with sublime maternal attributes. She’s captivating on the side profile and so pleasing on the stroll. Females like this don’t come by chance or luck. She’s the result of stacking champions on champions and bred for consistency. You know what they say about sure things... death... taxes... and 549G!

Diamond – Dam of Lots 01 and 02

bD 4/24 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3595433

SIRE | Distinction DAM | KLS Diamond W516

As if finding one Diamond in the Pennsylvania rough wasn’t lucky enough, we found two! This younger sister sired by Distinction has the go-to good looks with perfect balance and symmetry. Plenty of shape and dimension with great feet and legs. We love our Distinction females and with the added consistency of KLS Diamond W516 on the bottom side of this youngster’s pedigree, we see nothing but her trajectory headed up! These Diamonds promise to not only be a force in the ring but highly profitable cattle in the pasture and donor pen. We’re only offering 2 folks. Don’t miss this chance. Meant To Be – Maternal Sib to Lots 01 and 02

bD 1/20 Bred by Richie and Johnson

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3631615

SIRE | Pays to Believe DAM | K-Ler/RC Miss Hoya Saxa

Hoya Saxa! Sounds like a battle cry from an old Mel Gibson movie or something!? But none the less, when this one comes walking all dressed up to the ring, you won’t need to say a word because they will all want to retreat! A perfect proportioned baldy female out of the dominant donor campaigned by the Richie’s that has since proven herself as a potent producer. She’s stout, yet sexy. Feminine, yet powerful – and just plain hard to poke a hole in! A farm favorite by most all the visitors this fall and for good reason. Her ability to check all the boxes phenotypically combined with her purple-filled pedigree makes her an easy place to land on in an incredibly deep purebred class. So put on your war paint, hold up your spear, and grab hold of your Hoya Saxa! This one’s ready to win every battle!

Miss Hoya Saxa – Dam of Lot 03

bD 2/2 Bred by Owen Bros.

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3590627

SIRE | Wheelman DAM | M12X (Rendition)

Heart attack on a halter!! We have been lucky enough to either be a part of or sell some very special females over the past decade, and every one of those females have had one thing in common – their first impression. Females like this are like that high school girl you get a crush on the first day of junior high. You can’t look away. You can’t stop thinking about ther. And you definitely talk about her nonstop! She’s a full sister in blood to a past Kansas City Grand and an absolute freak of nature herself. You can’t build purebreds like this folks. That freak on a leash look with power, foot, and bone – and she can straight up move! She’s the one you’ll spot from 3 pens away. A stone cold stunner. You have to see this one in person to understand. Do yourself a favor and be in Dixon on Dec. 1st to witness a part of history.

Full Sister to Lot 04

bD 4/3 Bred by Paulsen

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3631766

SIRE | CLAC / PAL Meant To Be DAM | Bronx Gal (Pilgrim)

Named precisely as intended – Meant to Dazzle is going to do exactly that! This female is a perfect example of femininity and pin width combined with a sweeping rib cage and monster bone and foot. Exciting presence that commands a stop and stare factor that can’t be broken. Caden’s personal favorite all summer long, and definitely sure to be at the top of a lot of lists Dec. 1st. If this vixen is an example of what’s to come from Meant To Be – we are going heavy this spring! The added dimension without sacrificing look is a rarity within the breed, and definitely much needed. Get on board with 401G and be on the ground floor of a truly elite female.

bD 3/4 Bred by 4/B

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3590044

SIRE | Ruby’s Turnpike DAM | Secret Weapon

A striking baldy Turnpike female out of a young Secret Weapon donor that produced both the Champion and Reserve Champion spring heifer calves at this past American Royal. Power in the blood! Study her from the ground up. Tremendous foot shape and surface area. Perfect angles at her joints & robust in her rib cage. No disappointment when viewing this one on the 3/4 view and definitely a looker on the side profile. Try poking holes in this lady. The kind that makes or breaks it for you at a judging workout. It’s simple folks, she’s just plain good. Don’t overthink it. Just bid. And take a damn good one home!

bD 5/4 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3592707

SIRE | Distinction DAM | JS Black Satin (Boots)

In the spirit of sticking with the theme of prominent, predictable, and profitable cow families, Lots 07 & 08 come to us from a dominant and extremely purple decorated donor. JS Black Satin “Boots” made herself a household name all on her own in the breed when she strolled to Supreme titles at Simmy Junior Nationals, KC, Louisville, and Denver for Jake Bloomberg. Truly as dominant of a female as the purebred Simmy ring has seen in quite some time. Her progeny already becoming champions on their own with multiple high sellers this fall and last year. 599G may be young, but she indeed is mighty! I loved this one even as an extreme youngster, and she continues to do all the right things. The build and phenotype of a show heifer through and through. All the bells and whistles coupled with practicality and function and the power of a predictable cow family. This is one of our favorites. Come own a part of the “Boots” legacy!

“Boots” (National Champion / Triple Crown Winner) – Dam of Lots 07 and 08 –

bD 3/25 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3592703

SIRE | Pays to Believe DAM | JS Black Satin (Boots)

More of the goods here!! Pays to Believe (Denver Champ) x JS Black Satin (Triple Crown Champ “Boots”) – does it get any better?!?! This powerful female is not only backed by banner winning parents, but 2 banner winning sisters and 2 high selling sisters this fall already! Power and substance in these siblings seem to be a theme while being great at the ground with tremendous angles. Big shapely feet and great hair is also definitely on the docket for 519G, and her disposition fits all! These “Boots” females just plain work, and their consistency makes them a sure fire investment! Reserve Grand Champion Simmental at 2019 KILE for the Fidler Family – Full Sister to Lot 08

bD 3/11 Bred by Griswold

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3631636

SIRE | CLAC / PAL Meant To Be DAM | Upgrade X 30X

Lot 09 comes to us with two potent cow families in her pedigree – Diamond on her paternal side and 30X as her granddam. Stacking a proven show ring pedigree has definitely worked out in this young lady’s favor. 311G is exactly what’s winning on today’s tanbark. She’s very angular in her makeup with a great neck & shoulder and opens up into a big center body cavity with plenty of skeletal width and dimension. On the move this sweetheart is extremely flexible & drives with a tremendous amount of poise. More consistency bred in with the proof in the pudding here! 30X – Granddam of Lot 09

bD 4/23 Bred by Eckloff

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3632139

SIRE | Executive Order DAM | Steel Force x 3C Macho

This little lady packs a punch!!! Sired by the multi-faceted Werning sire, Executive Order, and out of a popular past Louisville champion exhibited by Kiley Elder. With her petite head and feminine neck you wouldn’t expect her to come with so much shape & pure width. Her style and ladylike presence are amplified by her ability to drive freely and effortlessly when on the go. One of the younger females in our offering, but she offers a huge future both in the show ring and in the donor pen.

bD 1/3 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

Purebred Simmental Reg # 3582201

SIRE | CCR Wide Range DAM | WHF Andie

Lucky 11! And for the lucky new owner of this future donor, nothing but green should be in their future! Here’s a full sister to the popular Steenhoek champion that won banners at the Iowa State Fair, KC, and Louisville. Andie is a huge bodied & stout featured female that’s extremely easy fleshing and maternal built in every aspect. We predict both show heifers and herd sires in this female’s progeny future, with a pedigree that shouldn’t present any mating problems at all. Big time potential to produce major green right here! Full Sister to Lot 11

Juniors can earn moneys redeemable at any future Divas & Donors Partnership Sale in the form of sale credit. Credit can only be used by the exhibitor who exhibited the animal that won said credit. Incentive amounts outlined below: Junior National Heifer Show: Grand $5000 – Reserve $4000 – 3rd Overall $3000 – 4th Overall $2000 – 5th Overall $1000 Kansas City, Louisville, Denver, Fort Worth: Grand $2500 – Reserve $1500 Any State Fair Junior Simmental Show: Grand $1500 – Reserve $1000 Supreme Overall at any State Fair – $2500

Note Regarding Show Expenses: Paulsen Cattle does not make money showing cattle that are purchased from us. However, we would like to cover our expenses. If Paulsen Cattle cares for and shows your animal(s), it will cost $20 per day. In addition, Paulsen Cattle will charge a flat per head, per show amount of $1500 for the following shows: Kansas City, Louisville, Denver

bD 3/21 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

% Simmental Reg # Pending

SIRE | TR Mr Hammer DAM | Steel Force x Hairietta

Definitely a female near and dear to this program’s heart. A full sister to Hara’s Distinction 10C – a bull that is consistently siring great females for both the show ring and the pasture. This is the kind you wish you had a hundred of in your keeper pen, and always a couple in the barn. The kind that are just fun to look at. Baldy face, bold sprung, & cowy – the kind we all can make money on! And this 3/4 lady will definitely show as well! Not to mention her ability to raise those highly sought after purebreds. Again, the deck is stacked in your favor here. Take advantage of a unique opportunity! Distinction – Full Sib to Lot 12

bD 3/3 Bred by Baty Livestock

% Simmental Reg # 3565429

SIRE | TL Bottomline DAM | Bada Bing

Ba Da Bing!! Remember the belly dragging freak of nature the Effling family dominated the % show circuit with a few years ago? An absolute beast!! Belly like she swallowed a dumpster yet great structured and cobra necked and headed. This Bottomline sired female is so maternal in her overall build yet possesses the added look and pizazz it takes to get noticed in today’s show world. She comes to us from the Jake, Ashley and Ken Baty family in Colorado, who are busy compiling some of the best genetics in the country. If you’re hunting a top shelf 3/4 to show and raise pures, you’re welcome! Bada Bing – Dam of Lot 13

bD 2/14 Bred by BC Show Cattle

% Simmental Reg # 3627678

SIRE | Broker DAM | Style x Sandy (Roxi)

Truly a sale feature here. Worth the trip to Dixon all on her own. The day we pictured this heifer I Snapchatted her and asked if people remembered just a few years back when we were fighting over Broker semen, and every time you turned around another Broker sired female was hanging a banner. And then we stopped due to an ignorant reason called API. A human manipulated EPD whose ever evolving formula we’ve been told multiple times is exact and proven science. Only to be told 8 months later that it’s changed and has totally screwed all of our breeding decisions for that calf crop. Solution? Just breed good cattle! End of rant :) This female is a prime example of why Broker is resurgent in use! She is special. Sired by a triple crown champion and out of the hottest Sandy daughter in the Angus breed, Roxi. Yes, you read that right. Phenotypically she is dead on. Stout & burly, yet super attractive (like me...jk) and killer on the move with poise & presence. A no brainer. Throw the stupid paper away – let the stock do the talking.

Roxi – Dam of Lot 14

bD 3/4 Bred by Reimann and McGlaughlin

% Simmental & low chi Reg # 3631768

SIRE | Relentless DAM | 275 (Irish Whiskey x Kelli)

I’m not sure there’s a more versatile female in the entire offering. If you’re looking for a top shelf percentage show heifer, this is definitely your girl. If you’re looking for a program changing young donor that’s backed by two immortal cow families, in both 275 and Kelli – stop shopping!! This is your girl! An electrifying female that comes equipped with every option you can get. Style and substance are both abundant with a perfect square hip, jerk neck, and perfect jet black hair. This one is very unique in terms of pedigree and build. Her kind do NOT come along every day, and most times aren’t for sale. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and get in!! 275 – Dam of Lot 15

bD 4/7 Bred by Draper/Vary

% Simmental Reg # 3631774

SIRE | CLAC / PAL Meant To Be DAM | Style x Lookout

Whoa!! WTH? If you can’t get noticed with this one, save yourself the embarrassment and hang it up! Captivating is a great way of describing this female. She has a wow factor that’s endless. On top of her cool marked brockle face and cocky attitude, she still brings all the maternal attributes to the table. From a big shapely center 1/3 to her athletic running gear complimented by her great hip and tailhead, Blackbird is ready to take the show ring by storm. Backed by an incredible Style x Lookout purebred Angus that did her own fair share of winning. This one’s going to get noticed folks! Now, who’s gonna be leading her?!?! Meant To Be – Sire of Lot 16

bD 3/18 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

% Simmental Reg # 3593590

SIRE | Pays to Believe DAM | Sangria (Braveheart)

You won’t walk by this one. I promise. Just on pure phenotype she makes it tough to look away, and then upon reading her paper it will be impossible. Sired by the Pays bull that has stood the test of time and out of a dam that’s produced the 3rd Overall heifer at the Iowa State Fair and the promotion bull, State of Mind – this female is no joke. She’s massive bodied with big legs and a “showtime“ look from the side. She’s one of those “next level” kind of females. Bring your trigger finger well-oiled and stretched to Dixon on December 1st, and be ready for this one! State of Mind – Maternal Sib to Lot 17

bD 2/2 Bred by Campbell Land and Cattle

% Simmental Reg # 3582203

SIRE | Classen DAM | HPF Ms Honey

Red Hot Pedigree!! A full sister to the popular Nikkel champion that hails from the decorated Schaeffer program in Indiana. Countless champions and high sellers have come from this cow family over the past 5 years with progeny out of Ms Honey now exceeding $1 million in sales. This gal is the result of an embryo purchase from the Schaeffer program. So elegant and ladylike from the side with a skinny neck and attractive head. Perfect in her top line and hip and holds together on the move! If you’re searching for a current pedigreed, high quality % show heifer, CLAC Ms Honey 229G is your girl. Full Sister to Lot 18

bD 4/6 Bred by Willow Springs

% Simmental & mainetainer asa # 3631983 | amaa # 504657

SIRE | Relentless DAM | Yoho (Unlimited Power)

This Relentless female definitely is this year’s “come out of nowhere” award recipient! ‘Super skinny and green, but all the right pieces’ described this youngster just six weeks ago when she came out of the scorching heat in the south. Since then she has been grabbing gears and doing all the right things with lightning speed. She’s always getting compliments from the help as she comes through the barn with her consistent leaps and bounds. She’s good, square, fundamentally built stock. Perfect in her skeleton and undeniable in her look, she sits on ample bone and foot possessing that show ring look. Added bonus – she dual registers MaineTainer tracing back to Jirl Buck’s legendary Roxbury cow! 4 of the top 5 were Relentless sired at Jr. Nationals this summer. As a Cubs fan, this one will definitely get to raise a few “W” flags!

bD 4/10 Bred by J Bar M Cattle

% Simmental Reg # 3631864

SIRE | Primo DAM | FLE Royal Jewel

Primo is racking up the wins in the Angus world right now, not to mention his countless sale topping progeny. When I saw this Primo half-blood this spring in Ohio, I definitely knew we needed her for the group. Wedge built like an Angus on the side with a flat shoulder and skinny neck. But after taking a stroll and getting behind this female, you’ll see her true pin width, back shape, and great rib shape. Her dam, Royal Jewel, was Reserve purebred at the 2015 Iowa State Fair Open Show, the largest Simmental show to date on record. Power in the blood here folks!! Royal Jewel – Dam of Lot 20

bD 3/14 Bred by Jackson

% Simmental & high chi Reg # 3631923

SIRE | Broker DAM | Who da man

Dual registered and triple good! This Broker half-blood female comes to us from our friends Jeff and Lauren Jackson in Texas. They have consistently sent us some great females to sell the past 3 years, and this vixen is definitely no exception! As a dual registered female, I’m torn on which way to show this one. Built so good fundamentally in her skeleton and angles with lots of added wow factor in terms of look and dimension. We truly believe this female can play ball in both rings on a national level, and also be a huge revenue generating donor at the conclusion of her career. This is the kind everyone needs in their barn. One look and Temptress will keep you up at night!

bD 3/12 Bred by Cross Creek Farms

Angus Reg # 19520132

SIRE | PVF Blacklist DAM | Style x WK Lady Stacker

And we’re off and running into our modest, but extremely potent, Angus division! Starting off the trio of “business breed” divas is one we found early this summer in Illinois. This Blacklist sired female back on a Silveiras Style dam screams modern day Angus, both in build and genetic makeup. Stout featured at the ground and floats on the move – this diva is upheaded and stays collected as she strides. Her balance and symmetrical lines make her easy on the eyes. We strongly believe this one will be a force in the ring due to her completeness and added look. These Blacklists have been extremely hot this fall in both purebred and foundation cattle. Whether you’ve found yourself wanting to switch to the dark side and show an Angus, or have been playing for years – this one has got the goods!

PVF Blacklist – Sire of Lot 22

bD 4/5 Bred by BCII Show Cattle

Angus Reg # Pending

SIRE | TGM Compton DAM | Penny (Lutton)

25 seconds. Maybe not even. A new personal record. No – get your mind out of the gutter!! 25 seconds is how long it took to get her picture on picture day. And we could have taken it 30 more times! So photogenically gifted is this Angus female. She demands your attention when you walk into a pen. When you see this freaky beast on the side profile you’d swear she’d be a flat sided, narrow pinned individual, but boy would you be wrong! Square, wide & extremely good in her underpinnings, with squishy square feet and can get out and roll! She’s the text book freak! And the mating options on this one? Endless. See you in Dixon! Penny – Dam of Lot 23

bD 4/23 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

Angus Reg # 19556815

SIRE | Dameron First Class DAM | PVF Proven Queen 2114 (Raptor)

This one’s a double edged sword. She’s going to get your heart AND your mind racing! An own daughter of Dameron First Class and PVF Proven Queen 2114 (Raptor). Talk about 2 dominant pedigrees stacked together! Now, the icing on the cake? She’s wicked good. A talented young lady when it comes to showing off her goods. Enviable in her skeletal integrity and pulled apart perfectly everywhere to make spot on proportions. Topped off with a cocky look and fault free motion. This one definitely needs the leather strapped on her head, but most definitely will show her added value in the donor pen. We’ll wait for your call in the future on this diva’s donor days! PVF Proven Queen 2114 – Dam of Lot 24

bD 4/10 Bred by Fosdick

Purebred Limousin Reg # 2172573

SIRE | TASF Crown Royal DAM | Zesty 22Z

It’s Limmy time!! We are greenhorns to the Limousin breed yet, but we’ve definitely ran head first into it and made a splash! To me right now, this is the hottest and fastest growing breed in the country – and for good reason! Great looking functional cattle with capacity and great feet and legs. They are definitely a breed that has broken through the stigma and can compete for not only Top 5’s but Supreme titles as well. This Crown Royal sired female is just that! And backed by a great donor dam with a proven track record. I’ll guarantee one look at this PUREBRED female and you will see exactly what I mean. She’s ready to go pick on the so-called “mainstream” breeds this entire show season. Another definite sale feature here!

bD 3/16 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

High Maine Reg # 504651

SIRE | Data Bank DAM | Dominatrix (Hard Whiskey)

We are the first to admit that we are in no way, shape, or form experts on breeding high % Maine Anjou cattle... however; we do know damn good stock when we see them, and these cattle from Blind Badger are definitely that! Starting off with a high Maine by Data Bank that we think is pretty special. Out of the ATM of a donor, Dominatrix – this gal flat gets it done! You’d guess MaineTainer all day long on one like this. Added bone, foot, power and pizazz set this one apart from the rest of the crowd. Stupid good haired and always giving you that stare at me look! She will make your shortlist no matter what her papers read. Dominatrix – Dam of Lot 26

bD 4/12 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

High Maine Reg # 504649

SIRE | Daddy’s Money DAM | Joudy (X2 x Whiskey)

Another elite high % Maine female out of Blind Badger’s Joudy donor. Joudy was Supreme Female at the 2013 NAILE. 788G is a full sister to the 4th Overall High Maine at Junior Nationals this year in Des Moines and 3rd Overall at the Wisconsin State Fair. She’s big footed, great necked, soft bodied, and great haired. The kind that can not only win in the ring, but also produce high revenue MaineTainers, High Maines, and the popular new Maine Angus. I can only imagine the Angus sired females out of this one! Bid with extreme confidence on this youngster – the quality is there, and the predictability bred in. Joudy – Dam of Lot 27

bD 3/22 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

MaineTainer Reg # 504653

SIRE | Maternal Made DAM | Dominatrix (Hard Whiskey)

The Maternal Made heifers have taken the MaineTainer world by storm the past few years, and Go Girl is a prime example of why! 1017G has huge paws and elephant bones, but still a massive center 1/3 and divine eye appeal. She excels in terms of raw power and stoutness, but doesn’t sacrifice maternal fundamentals. Go Girl’s dam, Dominatrix, is no stranger to producing top end stock. She’s the dam to the Maronde champion a few years back and a pile of high selling progeny this year and last, including 2 more on this sale! It’s not every day you find them this stout yet still complete. Definitely one to watch! Dominatrix – Dam of Lots 28 and 29

bD 2/28 MaineTainer

Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

Reg # 504645

SIRE | Maternal Made DAM | Dominatrix (Hard Whiskey)

Full sibs, but this is the more refined, elegant, and fancy sibling. Kinda like me compared to my sister – JK! For real though, this full sister to Lot 28 is so angular and feminine in her shoulder design. Sleek necked with definite eye appeal. Gathers herself on the go and gives you that ‘front pasture kind of cow’ body presentation. 93G flows on the move, is very clean about her joints, and has great presence on the pose. Proof positive that good cow families consistently get it done – Dominatrix cracks the whip again!

bD 4/2 Bred by Blind Badger Ranch

Maine Angus Reg # 504650

SIRE | PVF Blacklist DAM | Rumor Mill

Maine Angus!! End of footnote. Ok, ok – I’ll say a few words. But with the buzz the Maine Angus have created this past year, it’s about all one has to say. Above that, I love this one!! She is the epitome of maternal, and a perfect example of why this breed’s going to be so hot. I wish I could raise 50 of these and keep them all. Soft built and soft wheeled with just the right amount of punch and great hair. Her pedigree excites me as much as her build, being out of Schaeffer and PVF’s hot new Blacklist bull and a proven Rumor Mill dam. Every time I visited Fort Morgan, I loved the Rumor Mill cattle. If you want in at ground floor level on the hottest thing going – Giselle is ready to strut her stuff! PVF Blacklist – Sire of Lot 30

DEC. 1, 2019

live auction begins at 1:00 pm CST Terms and Conditions: Cattle sell per the terms and conditions of their breed associations. Announcements from the Auction Block on sale day regarding the cattle selling in this sale will take precedence over the information printed in this catalog. No cattle will be loaded until paid for. Terms are cash, check with proper ID, or Master Card/Visa will be accepted with a 3% fee. For example a $1,000 purchase with your credit card will reflect a charge of $1,030. If you cannot attend the sale, please contact one of the owners, sale managers, or consultants for information regarding our sight unseen buyer guarantee. We will arrange for a member of the sale staff to discuss the cattle with you. Bidding can be done via phone or by confidential bid prior to the sale. Please call between November 29 and December 1 to obtain a bidder number. flush rights: Paulsen Cattle reserves the right to two (2) successful flushes at the buyer’s convenience and seller’s expense on all females selling. Registrations: Please leave all transfer information with the sale clerks at the completion of the sale. Liability: Anyone attending the sale attends at their own risk. Dwyer Cattle Services, Paulsen Cattle, Humphrey Show Cattle, the sale hosts and consignors, and the sale personnel will not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, or theft. Herd Health: Health papers for interstate travel will be available. Bred females have been pregnancy checked safe by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer has within 21 days following the sale to re-pregnancy test their purchases. If any animals are found open within those 21 days you must notify sale management at once for an adjustment to be made. Updated breeding information will be available on a supplement sheet sale day; this sheet will take precedence over statements in the catalog. Insurance: Insurance will be available through Anna Krieger, (269) 470-7553. Talk to Nick Dwyer after the sale to insure your purchases. Trucking: We will assist you in finding the most reasonable trucking options possible. ABSENTEE BIDDING: Phone – If you cannot attend the sale, please contact sale management or Paulsen Cattle 24 hours prior to the sale in order to receive a bidder number. At that time, we will make sure that we have someone on the phone with you when your lot enters the sale ring. Online – The sale will be broadcast via If you are having internet trouble during the sale, contact Paulsen Cattle, Dwyer Cattle, or any sale consultant to place your bid.

To learn more, contact: CARMEN PAULSEN 563.210.8540

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2019 Divas & Donors {the ELITE} Sale  

The annual Divas & Donors partnership female sale brought to you by Paulsen Cattle with Campbell Land and Cattle and managed by Dwyer Cattle...

2019 Divas & Donors {the ELITE} Sale  

The annual Divas & Donors partnership female sale brought to you by Paulsen Cattle with Campbell Land and Cattle and managed by Dwyer Cattle...