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Magnetic Floating Bed By Dwiki Febri Ristanto (X.3)

Magnet has been used for many purposes for centuries: for the industrial purpose, for automotive purpose, for electricity purpose or even health purpose. It comes to our realization that magnet can be used for almost every aspect in life. Our earth is even consisted of a huge magnet. We cannot refuse that this knowledge forces us to try to initiate something made up of magnet for any aspect in life. It has been also known that magnet can produce such a big force; this leads some designers to innovate the use of magnet in daily life. One of the best innovations a designer has made is magnetic floating bed, a flying bed with high capacity of weight that can be held. It is the result of six years of development and research by Dutch architect named Janjaap Ruijssenaars, working with Bakker Magnetics. The idea is coming from one of the needs that matters the most for a human to keep alive: sleep. Every human being is actually needed to spend one third of their life to sleeping. Some people complaining about the uncomforted condition of being asleep. It is coming along with the most possible thing that usually happen in the common bed, being broke, being fallen or collapsed. This is happened because of the limited maximum load can be buttressed by that bed. This bed has designed to solve all of these problems. Thus, how this mattress can be floating in the air? It is actually simple as this kind of use of magnet is using the principle of the property of magnet that repel each other if the equal poles brought near one and other. This made the bed is floating in the air, keep flying and can hold such a big weight. Bounded with four thin cables makes the bed keep on the place and motionless. These cables form the only direct contact between the bed and the ground with the purpose of avoid the bed to be crashed out to the floor. The advantage we can get through this flying bed is its ability to hold 80 kilogram safely. That is for one fifth platform only. The full scale of bed can hold 1,984 pounds load or equal to 900 kilograms and it is still able to keep floating in the air! The only thing we have to worry is that the magnet being used in this innovation is strong enough to affect the other metallic thing placed nearby the bed itself. That is dangerous because some things made up of logam such as pace maker cannot be working properly according to the effect. We also cannot use such a metalic thing whenever we have this bed installed but plastic all over.

This bed can be used all the time unless there is no magnet provided. The previous knowledge about magnet that has been found; added by the idea to solve some problems coming from the sleep or bed disorder lead us to the innovation of the use of magnet: that is the magnetic floating bed. Offers a huge capacity of load can be hold and an appealing look make this bed priced expensive, can be until 1.2 million euro for each unit! Although, there are still some disadvantages can be found in this product. But overall, this product is great as other many products has already made such as sofa, coffee table or Japanese dining table with the same principle with this innovation. Now, it is about how we maximize the magnet and its use, how we improve or develop the use, or how we initiate any other possible use.

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Magnetic floating bed  
Magnetic floating bed