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Ohio Angus Newsletter August 2012


2012 Ohio Angus Field Day Sunday • August 26, 2012 Wayne County, OH Certified Angus Beef Education & Culinary Center (Wooster) Meadow Lane Angus (Burbank) Schedule of Events C.A.B. Education and Culinary Center (ECC) 344 Riffel Road, Wooster, OH 10:30 a.m. Registration 11:00 a.m. Welcome from John Stika, President, CAB 11:10 a.m. Rotation 1 (half of group) at ECC – CAB Overview, John Stika Rotation 2 (half of group) at CAB office – Update on beef cattle genomics Tonya Amen, AGI, and Mark McCully, CAB 11:45 a.m. Switch rotations 12:30 p.m. Lunch 1:15 p.m. Depart CAB

Meadow Lane Angus (less than 10 mins. from C.A.B.) 12494 Friendsville Rd., Burbank, OH 1:45 p.m. Welcome 2:00 p.m. Rotation 1 (half of group) – Bull calf judging, Henry Bergfeld Rotation 2 (half of group) – Heifer selection using GeneMax™ Mark McCully and Tonya Amen 2:30 p.m. Switch rotations 3:00 p.m. Closing comments & Homemade Ice Cream

For accurate meal count, Please RSVP by contacting Dan Wells at 740-505-3843 or danwells@ohioangus.org by August 22nd.

2012 National Junior Angus Show

These National Junior Angus Association members won the intermediate division B of prepared public speaking at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, July 20 in Louisville, Ky. Pictured from left are Esther McCabe, Elk City, Kan., first; Will Harsh, Radnor, Ohio, second; and Will Pohlman, Prairie Grove, Ark., third. Photo by Carrie Heitman, American Angus Association.

These young cattle evaluators received top honors in the intermediate division of the judging contest at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, July 20 in Louisville, Ky. Pictured from left are Catie Hope, Berryville, Va., first; Blake Holtzhower, Dade City, Fla., second; and Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro, Ohio, third. Photo by Carrie Heitman, American Angus Association.

Secretary’s Corner

In This Issue...

Ohio Angus Breeders, Hopefully you have been blessed with some of the recent thunderstorms that have moved through Ohio in the last several weeks and that your pastures are greening back up. While many of us are still below normal on rainfall for this time of the year, its amazing how quickly things and people’s outlooks & attitudes can change with some rain! The Ohio Angus Field Day is coming up in just a few weeks and we have a great program planned. We will be touring the new CAB Education & Culinary Center as well as visting the Field Day host: Meadow Lane Angus. Terry Howland & Field Day Co-Chairman Henry Bergfeld & Joe Sanders have worked very hard planning this event. More details are available on the front cover of this issue. There is still time to RSVP for the event. We ask that you do so by August 22nd so we can have an accurate meal count. If you weren’t able to make it down to the Ohio State Fair, the Angus Shows were a huge success with cattle being exhibited by 58 exhibitors for 4 states. Alan Miller from Gridley, IL evaluated the Open Show while Neal Branscum from Nancy, KY judged the Junior Show. Show results photos from the Ohio State Fair will run in the September newsletter. The Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale is to be held on November 17th. Any one interested in consigning cattle to the sale needs to complete the consignment form in the issue or online by August 31st! If you have any questions, please give me a call. The Ohio Angus Association is pleased to announce that it will be working with the Eastern Ohio Angus Association on their Fall Sale as the Sale Manager. The sale is scheduled for October 27th, and we are now accepting consignment for that sale till September 7th. Anyone wishing to consign cattle can do so by calling or emailing myself.

Ohio Angus Field Day Info National Junior Angus Show Results Secretary’s Corner Eastern Ohio Angus Fall Sale Info Boyd Beef Cattle Production Sale Ad Dawson & Miller Online Heifer Sale Ad Industry News & Notes Pfizer 50K State Angus Program Maplecrest Farms Production Sale Ad Ridgeview & Friends Female Sale Ad Angus Hill & Guests Sale Ad Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale Info Calendar of Events Ohio Angus Auxiliary Embryo Raffle

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2012 Ohio Angus Association Officers Dan Wells, Secretary / Fieldman

President: Dave Felumlee (740) 763-4616 dfelumlee@windstream.net Vice President: Kelvin Egner (419) 295-6089 kjegner@hotmail.com Chairman: Bob Deitrick (740) 674-4610 ghdeitrick@yahoo.com Treasurer: Bill Levering (740) 694-6078 bill@skyhighfarmscattle.com Secretary/Fieldman: Dan Wells (740) 505- 3843 danwells@ohioangus.org

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Eastern Ohio Angus Association 2012 FALL SALE Saturday • 6 p.m. October 27th, 2012 Muskingum Livestock Zanesville, OH

ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS NOW! To consign contact Sale Manager Dan Wells, at 740-505-3843 or danwells@ohioangus.org

Selling: Bred Cows • Open Heifers • Bred Heifers • Herd Bulls • Angus Steers SALE MANAGED BY: Dan Wells, Sec./Fieldman 740-505-3843 • danwells@ohioangus.org www.ohioangus.org

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase high quality Angus cattle sired by & bred to the leading A.I. Sires! Jim, Sharon, Christina, & Caroline Winter 5839 Ashville-Fairfield Road Ashville, Ohio 43103 (740) 983-2755 jswinter1@verizon.net

Registered Angus Cattle Hay & Straw - Large and small squares Freezer beef

Allen Gahler 641 N. Elliston Trowbridge Rd. Graytown, OH 43432 (419) 350-2091 gahler2@yahoo.com

Herd Certified and Accredited Johne’s Testing

Brice Gahler 1618 N. Elliston Trowbridge Rd. Graytown, OH 43432 (419) 552-0169 abcgahlers@live.com

Cows & Heifers FOR SALE

Herman & Kathleen Howell 4200 Twp. Hwy 289, Hammondsville, OH 43930 Phone / Fax: (740) 544-5861 ridgeviewangus@yahoo.com -3-


e l a m e F l a u n An ction Sale Produ Noon • Saturday

Pathfinmd!er Da

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012


Mays Lick, KY

CED +5; BW +2.8; WW +52; YW +89; $W +29.13; $B +52.15


Due 1/17 to Connealy Consensus 7229.

The Pathfinder® Dam, S A V Priscilla 7374 sells along with three daughters, two daughters of Boyd New Day 8005 and the phenomenal Connealy Consensus 7229 daughter, Boyd Priscilla 1076! These females represent a blending of unsurpassed performance with style and power!


CED +6; BW +1.9; WW +66; YW +108; $W +35.22; $B +71.38

BOYD FOREVER LADY 2041 CED +10; BW +0; WW +62; YW +110; $W +46.21; $B +59.18 Due 9/22 to Connealy Consensus 7229.

These two exceptional females from the powerful Forever Lady family sell! Boyd Forever Lady 2041 is one of the most exciting heifer calves in the 2012 Boyd calf crop, sired by the popular Select Sires AI Sire, Connealy Confidence 0100 and produced from a maternal sister to Boyd Forever Lady 9108. Boyd Forever Lady 9108 is a direct daughter of the past NJAS Grand Champion B&O Cow, Boyd Forever Lady 5125 who is also the dam of the Genex/CRI Sire, Boyd Resume 9008.

CED I+11; BW I+.4; WW I+56; YW I+103; $W +36.63; $B +77.11


Many fall bred heifers sell including this daughter of SAV Bismarck 5682 whose granddam is the famous Basin Lucy 178E! Sells safe in calf to Connealy Confidence 0100.




A unique feature will be this fall bred female sired by Wulffs EXT 6106 who is a full sister to the granddam of the $170,000, Boyd Signature 1014! She is safe in calf to Kesslers Frontman R001.

6077 Helena Rd. • Mays Lick, KY 41055 Charlie Boyd II (606) 763-6418 • Charlie Boyd Sr. (606) 763-6688 Fax (606) 763-6343 • Cell (606) 584-5194 E-mail: cboyd2@maysvilleky.net -4-

Dawson-Miller Featured Attraction Sale Open House at Dawson Angus in Morocco, IN August 31st Noon—8PM CST and September 1st—3rd 9AM-8PM CST Bidding August 31st—September 4th at www.cattleinmotion.com Join us at the Open House for a cookout on Saturday, 9/1 from 11:00AM—1:00PM CST

February, Eagle Eye

February, Dawson's Determination

March, Lutton

April, MCM Challenger

Call Wade at Berenda Farms to learn about his club calf offering in the 2012 sale. 765-426-4951

Like Dawson Angus and Miller Family Angus on Facebook for sale updates!

February, Royalty

2 yr old Raven bred cow

Industry News & Notes Who’s your daddy? Solving sire mysteries By Miranda Reiman Give or take a week or more, gestation varies enough to make cattlemen wonder: Is this an AI (artificial insemination) calf or a natural service? Multi-sire pastures raise even more questions. “There are some unique things you can do if you know which bull sired which calf,” says Tonya Amen, with Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI). From bull behavior to replacement heifer selection, the possibilities are both interesting and applicable. Commercial Angus producers now have that ability. In July, GeneMaxTM (GMX), a DNA test to measure gain and grade potential, added a function without adding cost: sire match. If bulls that could have bred a cow have been Pfizer-50K tested, the $17 commercial test can reveal her calf’s sire. Barb Downey, a registered and commercial Angus producer near Wamego, Kan., says knowing complete parentage would give her another layer of information for selection. “We use performance data, the 205-day weights and the frame sizes. Then we look at history of the dam,” she says. “We’ll kick out some of the extremes on both ends.” After visual appraisal, they’re either sent to the feedyard, developed for retention in the Downey Ranch herd or sold as bred heifers. “Having a little bit more information for your buyer is always good,” she says. After an aggressive AI season, Downey turns out females with as many as 22 cleanup bulls in the same pasture. “We are going more and more to rotational grazing,” she says. “With my commercial cows, we have one large group and swing them through pastures. That makes managing my grazing better and easier. “After AI, we wait a couple days before we turn out bulls, but with natural differences in gestation length, there is always a big question as to who is the sire of that calf.” With numerous bulls, Downey says, “There is a wide variety of sires and genotypes and phenotypes

in there.” Adding a DNA test could help sort that out. “Anything I can do to get those cows up in the front of the season—and those are generally your AI calves with more highly accurate, proven genetics—serves me and my customers well in the long run,” she says. GMX adds genetic predictions for performance and carcass measures in the form of a percentile ranking. “If she’s got everything else going for her and you can tell me that she’s got stellar grading genetics, then maybe I could use that for a high-end sort,” Downey says, looking to future applications. Widespread AI breeding to a relatively few prominent bloodlines causes a challenge for Patsy Houghton, of Heartland Cattle Co., at McCook, Neb. As her staff makes mating decisions for commercial heifers, knowing the sire could help avoid pitfalls. “The relatively narrow pool of popular sires used can easily lead to accidental line breeding, and even inbreeding,” she says. “In turn, that can result in decreased fertility, longevity, immune response and growth. The DNA technology provides an opportunity to solve this problem.” Not everyone is interested in sire assignment purely from an AI standpoint. “In multi-sire pasture situations, it’s pretty valuable to be able to identify the bulls that are getting the job done for you and those that aren’t,” Amen says. “That’s based not only on quality of calves, but also quantity of calves.” Downey says finding out more about the bulls is as intriguing as the heifer information. “I do know there are real differences in how well bulls manage themselves in terms of getting cows covered, how aggressively they breed and how smart they are in their breeding behavior,” she says. The sire match function could be added to GMX test results without charging more because it draws on information already in the system. “The markers we use for GeneMax are a subset of the 54,000 markers that are used on the Pfizer high-density test [50K],” Amen says. “When we have calves that we’ve tested for that reduced set, and bulls that have been tested for all of them, we then go back and see which markers might have been Continued on next page...


inherited from which sire.” The test will return results ranging from the “most likely” to “not likely” candidates. “The one that comes back ‘most likely’ is probably the sire,” Amen says. “If it lists, ‘other possible’—those are bulls that meet some of the criteria, but it’s still most likely the first one.” Bulls with similar pedigrees may show up as “other possible”, for example. Commercial cattlemen can order 50K tests on registered and transferred Angus bulls, or work with their seedstock suppliers to order them as an aid in analyzing subsequent calf crops. “You can chose to request the sire match feature up front when you order the test, or you can go back and request it after you receive GMX results,” she says.

Anyone who has already run a GMX test may request this new layer of information in retrospect if they have the sire information. “You may like the looks of a set of cattle, but it can pay to know more than that,” Amen says. “GMX results are one tool that can help you keep the right candidates in your herd, and guide strategic mating decisions if you discover strengths or weaknesses in the individuals.” GeneMax was introduced in February 2012 by CAB and AGI in cooperation with Pfizer Animal Genetics for use on high-percentage Angus cattle. It is not intended for use on registered animals. For more information visit: www.CABpartners.com/genemax.


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Don Hange

District Sales Manager 4313 Mechanicsburg Rd. Wooster, OH 44691 330.345.1328 * Cell 330.465.1515

Miami Valley Angus Association

Kelvin, Jackie, Christina Egner Shawn Howell

Dave Long, Pres. 513-383-4077 Dan Brosey, V.P. 513-315-6894 Christy Campbell, Sec./Tres. 937-533-7051

4555 Hazelbrush Rd. Bulls, Heifers, Embryos Shelby OH 44875 Registered Red and Black Border Collies (419) 347-7123 (419) 295-6089 kjegner@acquired-sight.com kjegner@hotmail.com

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8632 North State Route 376 NW McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 740-962-3860

Registered Angus Cattle Certified & Accredited Johnes Free

R. Terry Howland (330) 635-1621 meadowlaneangus@gmail.com


12494 Friendsville Road Burbank, OH 44214


Our expectations for excellence from MCF females far exceed their accomplishments in the show ring. MCF females are pretty on the outside and powerful on the inside. That’s our business!

Maplecrest Blacklass K8261 Lot 2 (16371109)

Maplecrest Blackcap 6P564 Lot 1 (15630443) The female is a definite game changer! Ranks in the top 1% of current dams for WW, YW, $F and $B and top 2% for CW, Marb and $QG. She sells with a GAR Fusion calf at side.

A +83.43 $B female! Her first calf posted ratios of BW: 97; WW: 116; YW: 102. 8261’s genomics place her in the top 1% of current dams for WW, Milk, RE, $F and $B and the top 2% for YW, $F and $G. She sells with a Sitz Upward 307R calf at side.

Maplecrest Rita 2026 Lot 7 (17249856)

Maplecrest Rita 7088 Lot 50 (16003406)

One of the first Confidence daughters to sell, 2026 is exactly the type of female we always hoped to produce. Flawless phenotype and the genetics to back it up, she ranks in the top 2% for Milk, top 10% for RE and $B. Her +.8 BW EPD adds value to her in any environment.

It’s always comforting to find a tremendous female in a sale AND see several of her daughters also selling. 7088 achieved much success in the showring. Today, she’s achieving even more as a donor. She sells safe in calf to GAR Game On.

Watch the sale and bid live online. Buyers must create an account and request a buyer number. Register to bid @ www.liveauctions.tv.

Selling Over 100 Head of Angus & Sim-Angus Females 8 Donor quality females 5 Heifer calves 20 Fall yearling heifers 26 Bred heifers 17 Bred cows 16 Fall calving cows 15 Commercial Angus cows bred Simmental -9-

John, Joanie, Lindsey & Lauren Grimes 2594 State Route 73 • Hillsboro, OH 45133 • (937) 764-1198 John’s Cell: (937) 763-6000 • Fax: (937) 764-1617 mcfarms@cinci.rr.com • www.maplecrestfarms.com Ben Wheeler: (606) 301-1961 • Scott Winkle: (937) 681-1550

Ridgeview & Friends Female Sale October 21, 2012 • At the Farm

RV PH Predestined U843 “Destined” DOB: 3/27/08 • Reg# 16169248 BW +3.4

WW +51

YW MILK +104 +35

CW +40

MRB REA +.85 +.63

FAT $W $F $G $B +.051 +27.55 +45.55 +34.52 +79.65

• Featuring the first daughters to sell from this outstanding herd sire featured in the Ridgeview & Wayview Cattle LLC programs. • “Destined” is the great son of the famous Predestined and out of Big Eye’s Dam.

SALE MANAGED BY: Dan Wells, Sec./Fieldman 740-505-3843 • danwells@ohioangus.org

Ridge View Farm

Herman & Kathleen Howell 740-544-5861 Hammondsville, OH


• Open Heifers • Bred Heifers • Pregnancies • Donors • E.T. Heifer Calves • Fall Calving Pairs • Spring Cow/Calf Pairs

Sale Consignors: Pine Hill Farm

John & Henry Bergfeld 330-223-1872 Summitville, OH

ErReR Hill Farm Bob Hay, Mgr. 814-445-4440 Friedens, PA

Voytus Angus Andy Voytus 724-397-2643 Creekside, PA

Exline Farm

Chuck & Pamela Exline 304-483-2061 Elizabethtown, WV

2012 National Junior Angus Show

Dameron SRF Pride 1144 won owned heifer class 21 at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 15-21 in Louisville, Ky. William Harsh, Radnor, Ohio, owns the winning heifer. Photo by Shelia Stannard, American Angus Association.

Kingsway Georgina 193 won owned heifer class 23 at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 15-21 in Louisville, Ky. Megan Hunker, Bellevue, Ohio, owns the winning heifer. Photo by Shelia Stannard, American Angus Association.

Maplecrest Beyonce 1096 won bred-and-owned heifer class 6 at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 15-21 in Louisville, Ky. Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro, Ohio, owns the winning heifer. Photo by Shelia Stannard, American Angus Association.

These National Junior Angus Association members placed in their category of the senior photography contest at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, Pictured from left are Lauren Barker, Monticello, Iowa, 3rd place--around the farm or ranch; Lauren Adcock, Moweaqua, Ill., 2nd place--Angus cattle; Samantha Schermer, Latimer, Iowa, 3rd place--landscape; Lauren Jernas, Knox, Ind., 1st place-landscape; Lincoln Deitrick, Zanesville, Ohio, 1st place--around the farm or ranch; Sadie Kinne, Eagleville, Mo., 2nd place--landscape; Michelle Malson, Parma, Idaho; 3rd place--people; and Audrey Taylor, Lavaca, Ark., 1st place--people.

Other Award & Scholarships Winners Included:

Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro, OH; American Auxiliary’s Female Scholarship Winner Lindsey Grimes, Hillsboro, OH; Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Undergraduate Scholarship Bailey Harsh, Radnor, OH; Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Undergraduate Scholarship Lincoln Deitrick, Zanesville, OH; Gold Award Winner Jordon Mullett, Coshocton, OH; $1,000 Angus Foundation Scholarship Shyla Kreager, Newark, OH; $3,000 Angus Foundation Scholarship - 11 -

- 12 ad angus hill.indd 1

7/18/12 12:03:45 PM

experience counts

Pine hill far M

” “ridin’ for the brand

Columbus, Ohio

Managing Partner Three Oaks Farm, 33009 Yellow Creek Road Summitville, OH 43962 330.223.1872 fax: 330.223.2215 e-mail: donahankb@yahoo.com

Kevin Hinds

h e n r y b e rg f e l d

Partner 38100 Jackson Road Moreland Hills, OH 44022 daytime: 216.445.4836 home: 440.247.7916 e-mail: bergfej@ccf.org

j o h n b e rg f e l d



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11503 State Rd. 554 Bidwell, OH 45614 740-367-7021

Jon Davis * 740-446-2127

FAX: 740-367-7937 * www.championhillangus.com Email: champion@championhillangus.com

Way-View Cattle Co. LLC

Sires in use: 16286088, 16233833, 15552303

Performance Tested Angus Bulls For SAle Fred M. Penick

3264 Refugee Rd. Hebron, OH 43025

Don & Mida Peterson Phone (304) 269-3877 E-mail: rockingp@shentel.net

Home (740) 404-1832 Fax (740) 928-3912

- 13 -

625 Cattail Rd. • Chillicothe, OH 45601 • 740-505-3843 • danwells@ohioangus.org

August 7, 2012

The “Buckeye Best of Both Worlds” Sale Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 12 noon Claylick Run Angus Sale Facility, Newark, OH Sale Manager: Ohio Angus Association, Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 740-505-3843, danwells@ohioangus.org Sale Sponsors: Ohio Angus Association Dave Felumlee, Vice President, 740-763-4616, dfelumlee@windstream.net Tim Harsh, Sale Chairman, 740-225-2443, hfsangus@hotmail.com Ohio Simmental Association Tim Brinkman, President, 419-264-3312, mrailsimme@henry-net.com Pam Haley, Secretary, 419-853-4657, phaley@haley-farms.com Consignment Information • Entries must be received by August 31, 2012 - For entry information, contact Dan Wells • Photographs and footnote information must be submitted via email no later than Monday, Sept. 17th. • Open to all Ohio Angus Association & Ohio Simmental Association members - if not paid in 2012, dues must accompany entry for respective breed association. (OAA $35) (OSA $20) • Entry fee: $50/lot, non-refundable. $50 entry credited to commission • Sale Commission: Sale Management will do their best to keep it at or near 15%. • Consignments open to Registered Angus & Registered Purebred & Percentage (%) Simmental females born after January 1, 2005, and embryos/pregnancies Health & Genetic Testing Requirements (details will be sent upon entry) • All cattle must have health papers certified for interstate shipment (Brucellosis/TB ) • Cattle should be vaccinated for BVD, PI3, Blackleg, Lepto 5 way, etc, within 30-90 days of sale • No Carriers of AM/NH/CA will sell! Potential Carriers of these defects must be tested prior to being cataloged. • Bred females must be pregnancy checked within 30 days of sale to be sold as safe Sale Terms and Conditions • American Angus Association & American Simmental Association Sale terms and conditions apply, refer to www.angus.org or www.simmental.org for a copies. • Ohio Angus Association staff and board of directors are only agents of the sale - any disputes are to be settled between buyer and seller • Sale committee reserves the right to limit and screen entries • Sale manager / sale committee will determine sale order • Cattle must arrive at sale facility no later than 12 Noon, on Friday, November 16th. • All cattle should arrive at sale facility with heads, top lines, and tails clipped • Cattle arriving late or not clipped will forfeit their $50 entry fee credit • While appropriate grooming and display of cattle is encouraged, all cattle will be sold without halters • All consignors must present one person on sale day to work chutes/facilitate sale. Consignors not cooperating will forfeit their entry fee credits on commission.




Birth Date

Dam Name

Prod. Group

Dam Reg#


Sire Name


Bull Reg#

Sire Reg#

A.I. Date

A.I. Breeding

Lot Breed


Recip #


Recip Breed

Pregnancies Only

Bull Reg#

Total Consigned Lots

Due Date


Print Form

Total Consignment Fees: (@ $50/ea.)


Pasture Exposed Breeding


Mail Completed Form & Consignment Fees to Sale Manager: Ohio Angus Association Dan Wells, Sec./Fieldman 625 Cattail Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601 Cell: 740-505-3843

Ohio Simmental Assoc. (OSA)

*All live lots must be registered before consigning. *List the calf of a Cow/Calf Pair on the line immediately below its dam. *Any lot selling as "Safe" must have been checked via veterinarian palpation or ultrasound pregnancy checked. *The sale is limited to Female lots only. No breeding age bulls will sell. *Angus lots must be genetic or tested free for known Genetic Defects. No potential or confirmed carriers will sell. *Consignment Fees must be paid when submitting consignments. *Make Consignment Fee check payable: Ohio Angus Assoc. Sale Managment Account *Upon completing Form, print 2 copies. 1 for submittting and 1 for your records.

Consignment Form Instructions:

Prod. Group




Ohio Angus Assoc. (OAA)

Consignment Deadline: August 31st, 2012 Sale Date: November 17th, 2012

Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale Consignment Form

Are you a 2012 Dues Paid member of OAA or OSA? Please check all that apply:


Cell Phone


Zip Code





Farm Name

August 17 August 25 August 26 August 31 Aug 31-Sept 4 September 7 Sept. 18-20

Ohio Angus Calender of Events

Angus Hill Production Sale West Central District Show & Picnic Ohio Angus Field Day @ Meadow Lane Angus Best Of Both Worlds Sale Entry Deadline Miller & Dawson Online Heifer Sale Eastern Ohio Angus Fall Sale Entry Deadline Farm Science Review

September 22 September 22 October 21 October 22 October 27 Nov. 10-12 November 17

Maplecrest Farms Production Sale Boyd Beef Cattle Production Sale Ridgeview & Friends Female Sale Champion Hill Fall Production Sale Eastern Ohio Angus Fall Sale NAILE “Angus An. Mtg. & Shows” Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale

Non Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID

Ohio Angus Association Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 625 Cattail Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601


Return Service Requested


Ohio Angus Auxiliary

Embryo Raffle Supporting Angus Youth through the Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarship Program!

Featuring 5 elite embryo packages, from these top OhioAngus operations: HFS Angus, Champion Hill, Stertzbach Cattle Com., Maplecrest Farms & Kingsway Angus To purchase tickets contact: Jackie Egner 419-347-7123 ot Cheryl Miller 419-665-2251

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August 2012 Ohio Angus Newsletter  

August 2012 Ohio Angus Newsletter

August 2012 Ohio Angus Newsletter  

August 2012 Ohio Angus Newsletter

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