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RELOADED We’ve B&JGeorgina7721 TammeValleyRitaT926 Reg#: 18891818 • DOB: 3/14/17 Mill Brae Identified x Connealy Comrade CE BW WW YW Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 11 .7 75 130 21 .76 1.18 92 71 179 324 15% 30% 10% 10% 85% 25% 1% 1% 10% 4% 1% Reg#: 19724958 • DOB: 10/2/19 Baldridge Colonel C251 x Weigh Up K360 CE BW WW YW Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 9 -1.3 70 125 37 .57 .70 79 82 141 262 25% 10% 15% 15% 3% 45% 25% 10% 2% 30% 15% Reg#: 20144328 • DOB: 8/25/20 KG Justified 3023 x Connealy Thunder CE BW WW YW Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 5 .7 75 136 27 .55 .66 104 75 149 297 60% 40% 15% 15% 45% 65% 50% 1% 10% 35% 10% Reg#: 20128258 • DOB: 1/8/21 Tehama Tahoe B767 x G A R Sure Fire CE BW WW YW Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 8 2.5 90 149 31 .87 .81 97 92 152 294 35% 80% 2% 4% 20% 30% 25% 1% 15 35% 10% E/TBurgess028 E&BLadyTahoe174 We’ve been busy the last year reloading our donor arsenal, and we’re excited about the impact they will have on our program! Claylick Run Angus Genetics David, Dawn, Keri and Kacey Felumlee 11970 Cross Rd. • Newark, Ohio 43056 (C) 740.404.3594 • dfelumlee@windstream.net
A select high-quality herd, based on the Maternal, Reproductive & Carcass values of the Angus breed! L/R EJ Jessica 2097•Reg# 20426626 BW 77# - Ratio 99 • WW 810# - Ratio 114 Owned in partnership with Conny Grain & Cattle; Beloit, OH Henry Bergfeld Managing Partner 33009 Yellow Creek Church Rd. Summitville, OH 43962 330.223.1872 donahankb@hotmail.com John Bergfeld Partner 38100 Jackson Rd. Moreland Hills, OH 44022 216.445.4836 bergfej@ccf.org There is a Reason! From a little herd in OHIO....Cattle & Embryos have sold Worldwide. Including SD, NC, MO, VT, MI, ID, PA, OK, TX, WV, NY, FL, Russia & New Zealand. Come See - Visitors Welcome GAR Transcendant the #2 Marbling Bull in the BREED! This top daughter was added to the program... WW 5% YW 5% Milk 10% MARB 3% $W 2% $G 2% $B 4% $C 10% 2
3 2023 Directory & Handbook The Ohio Angus Association Membership Directory & Handbook is published by: Ohio Angus Association Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 12620 Westfall Rd. • Frankfort, OH 45628 Cell: 740-505-3843 • Email: danwells@ohioangus.org Website: www.ohioangus.org Ohio Angus District Association Info.................................................. 37-39 Constitution & By-Laws of the Ohio Angus Association......................... 41-44 President’s Message........................................................................49 Ohio Angus Association Officers........................................................52-53 Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors......................................... 54-55 Ohio Angus Association Committees..................................................48 Secretary’s Corner...........................................................................51 Ohio Angus Auxiliary....................................................................... 58-59 Ohio Junior Angus Association..........................................................63 Ohio Angus Association Annual Meeting & Banquet..............................48 Distinguished Service Award............................................................ 57 2023 Miss Ohio Angus.....................................................................61 Silver Show Award Winners..............................................................64-65 2022 Ohio Angus Preview Show Results.............................................66-69 2022 Ohio State Fair Show Results....................................................70-71 2022 National Junior Angus Show Results.......................................... 72-73 2022 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show Results.............................. 74 2022 Ohio Beef Expo Junior Show Angus Results................................ 75 2022 Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Report...........................................76 2022 Ohio Fall Angus Classic Sale Report...........................................77 Membership Applications................................................................. 97-101 Ohio Angus Association Media Kit..................................................... 103 Ohio Angus Association Calendar of Events........................................ 46 Index of Advertisers........................................................................112 Breeder Resources..........................................................................104-111 Ohio Angus Member Websites.......................................................... 45 2023 Ohio Angus Membership Listing................................................ 81-96
Justin Moore & Family Jordan Moore & Family 10480 Moore Rd. • Oak Harbor, OH 43449 Justin: 419-350-2338 • Jordan: 419-346-0029 toussaint river angus Good cattle is our business... TR Patsy 034 PVF Surveillance 4129 x TR Patsy 1645 • Reserve Champion Owned Female at 2022 Ohio Jr. Angus Preview Show • Exciting daughter of or newest donor Patsy 1645 and sired by the great PVF Surveillance! 2022 Ohio Angus Preview SHOW Premier Breeder 4
ATTERHOLT FARMS Cattle bred and developed for the Commercial Cattlemen GAR Sunbeam Musgrave 316 Exclusive Mike, Mandy, Maci, & Kalli Atterholt • 419-651-5293 Aaron, Mandy, Claire, Natalie, & Tyler Atterholt • 419-651-4260 Like us on Facebook Ohio Fall Angus Classic Nov. 18th, 2023 - Newark, OH @ Claylick Run Sale Facility OCA Replacement Female Sale Nov. 24th, 2023 - Zanesville, OH @ Muskingum Livestock Watch for our female consignments to these upcoming sales... Open House Bull Sale April 8, 2023 at the farm, Loudonville, OH Sons of these elite sires, Casino Bomber and others willhighlightourOpenHouseBullSale! •Cattleavailablebyprivatetreatythroughouttheyear • Visitors Welcome 5
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Reg#: +*20295750


Reg#: +*20265953

sire: GAR Greater Good

ANNUAL FEMALE SALE OF THE SATURDAY • APRIL 22 • SEAMAN, OHIO New Date! DCF Ruby of Tiffany 6799 Selling Limited Number of Herd Bull Prospects Sired By: Salvation, Greater Good, Identify, Veracious, Conclusion, and Hometown 15898 State Route 247 • Seaman, OH 45679 • 937-205-2996 • optumangus@gmail.com Owners: Wes & Claudia Mitchell • Tim & Patty Sandker • Andrew & Courtney Mitchell Herdsman: Ben Wheeler 606-301-1961 • Office Manager: Courtney Mitchell Sale Managed by: Cotton & Associates • www.cotton-associates.com www.optumangus.com & Four 6799 daughters will be featured! Reg#: +*18809148 sire: VAR Generation 2100 dam: DCF Ruby of Tiffany 7592 CED +3; BW +3.9; WW +82; YW +142; MILK +18 CW +75; MARB +.77; RE +1.18; $AxH +176; $AxJ +192 $M +71; $W +61; $F +127; $G +66; $B +193; $C +321 Featuring progeny from the foundation Optum Angus Ruby of Tiffany, Ruby of Tiffany 6799, the $44,000 powerful and proven growth and carcass highlight that blends the $250,000 balanced-trait sire, Generation with a dam who combines the the 44 Farms and ABS Global sire, Destination 727-928 with a direct daughter of the former Hunter Farms Genetics donor, Ruby of Tiffany 5113 by the $75,000 216 LTD.
HPCA Veracious
Home Town

Raines Rita 1637

G A R Sunrise x A A R Ten X 7008 S A Reg # +*18991554

Raines Blackbird 1548

V A R Discovery 2240 x G A R Prophet Reg # +*19716710

JACS Henrietta Pride 1313

E W A West Point 7258 x A A R Ten X 7008 S A Reg # +*20100680

WSC Rita H556

Wilks Regiment 9035 x MCC Daybreak Reg # +*19895370

CED BW WW YW Milk Marb REA $B $C +0 +2.6 +72 +126 +29 +1.16 +.85 +188 +320
CED BW WW YW Milk Marb REA $B $C +3 +2.4 +81 +141 +20 +1.59 +.83 +207 +335
CED BW WW YW Milk Marb REA $B $C +4 +2.4 +75 +137 +33 +1.38 +.98 +209 +315
CED BW WW YW Milk Marb REA $B $C +12 +.5 +83 +152 +41 +55 +1.41 +180 +285 8

Paradise Cattle Co.

Caroline Winter 5839 Ashville Fairfield Rd, Ashville, Ohio Sharon’s Cell:
Herd Certified & Accredited & Johne’s Testing Upcoming Sales: Ohio Beef Expo Michigan Beef Expo Eastern Ohio Angus Assoc. Spring Sale Share the Vision Sale Country Road Sale Mid-Ohio Valley Cattleman Select Sale Paradise Belle 247 2022 Ohio State Fair Open Heifer Calf Champion Paradise Declaration 043 Second Highest Selling Angus Bull at the 2022 Ohio Beef Expo 9
Christina, and
740-808-1366 Jim’s Cell: 740-808-1365 Email: paradisecattle92@gmail.com
Way View Cattle Company Registered Angus Cattle Hebron, OH Our new resident herd sire that is owned with Claylick Run Genetics! SITZ STELLAR 12060 CED BW WW YW Milk Claw Angle Marb REA $M $W $B $C 8 0 85 135 23 .27 .36 .71 .40 116 87 130 285 35% 25% 4% 15% 70% 1% 4% 35% 75% 1% 2% 60% 15% Reg# 19660478 DOB: 1/30/20 Sire: Sitz Stellar 726D Dam: Sitz Eisa Evergreen 2498 Way View Cattle Company Registered Angus Cattle Fred M. Penick | 3264 Refugee Rd. | Hebron, OH 43025 H: 740-928-3912 | C: 740-404-1832 | wayviewcattle@hotmail.com | www.wayviewcattlecompany.com Check out our website: www.wayviewcattlecompany.com To learn more about our bull development program and view test report on this year’s bulls! NEW A.I. Sires • Poss Rawhide • Connealy Emerald • GAR Hometown • Crawford Guarantee 9137 • EWA Peyton 642 Calves By: • Myers Fair-N-Square • KCF Bennett Exceptional • Connealy Emerald • Connealy Commonwealth • McCabe MYCC Cascade • Connealy Concord • Ferguson Trailblazer Top 4% - WW Top 1% - Claw Top 4% - Angle Top 1% - $M Top 2% - $W 10

Reg# 18323175

Rita 9Q23 of Rita 5F56 GHM

FF Rita 5E32 of 9Q23 3710B

Rita 5E32 is the foundation member of the Hammack Ridge donor arsenal that blends Resistol with Rita 9Q23 the $44,000 valued donor in the Friendship Farms and Fairway Farms joint embryo program. Her dam, Rita 9Q23 is a flush sister to the Genex sire 9Q20 and an own daughter of the famed Rita 5F56.

Rita 5E32 offers an impeccable combination of power and phenotype.

WL 4031 8549 Shamrock 0642

Reg# 20109753

Top 1% - $C

was the $10,000 half-interest selection of Hammack Ridge from the 2022 Ohio Beef Expo; as she is a direct daughter of the great Mill Brae Identified that has taken the breed by storm!

0642 writes an impeccable script of EPD’s with a tremendous birth to yearling spread, a double 1.0 for Marb & REA as well as ranking in the single digits for all of the $Values.

HammackRidge FARMS PERFORMANCE GENETICS forthereal-worldcowman!
Mill Brae Identified 4031 Dam: WL K62 6428 Shamrock 8549 CED 14 • BW -.7 • WW 75 • YW 137 Milk 34 • Marb 1.24 • REA 1.00 $M 85 • $W 81 • $B 197 • $C 340
Top 3% - CED, $W & $B Top 5% - $M
CED 7 • BW 1.3 • WW 68 • YW 135 Milk 36 • Marb .75 • REA .80 $M 52 • $W 77 • $B 176 • $C 280
Top 3% -$B Top 5% -$C 7th Annual March 25, 2023 • at the Farm; Amma, WV October 28, 2022 • Jackson Co. Stockyards; Ripley, WV Bob Hammack, Owner Jason Shamblin, Farm Mgr. • 304-373-7902 8037 Clay Rd. • Looneyville, WV 25259 Follow us on Facebook Make plans to join us... BULL & FEMALE PRODUCTION SALE Mid-Ohio Valley Cattleman’s Select Sale 12
Sire: EXAR Resistol 3710B
W WELLS LIVESTOCK PERFORMANCE & Phenotype THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS...FROM THESE TOP DAUGHTERS OF THE BREED GREAT MILL BRAE IDENTIFIED 4031! We’re always willing to talk cattle...give us a call or just stop by! Dan, Kate, Garrett & Ruth Wells • 740-505-3843 • 12620 Westfall Rd; Frankfort, OH 45628 WL 4031 8549 Shamrock 0642 Reg#: *20109753 • DOB: 9/9/20 Mill Brae Identified x GAR Sure Fire Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 34 1.25 1.00 85 81 198 342 10% 10% 10% 4% 3% 3% 1% Traits that rank in the top 15% or higher of the breed. B&JGeorgina7721 Reg#: 18891818 • DOB: 3/14/17 Mill Brae Identified x Connealy Comrade CE BW WW YW Milk MRB REA $M $W $B $C 11 .7 75 130 21 .76 1.18 92 71 179 324 15% 30% 10% 10% 85% 25% 1% 1% 10% 4% 1% Traits that rank in the top 15% or higher of the breed. • Owned with Hammack Ridge Farm; Amma, WV • $10,000 half-interest high-selling female of the 2022 Ohio Beef Expo Angus Super Star Sale! • Owned with Claylick Run Angus Genetics; Newark, OH 13
We are honored to receive this award in recognition of over 60 years of owning & raising Angus Cattle Watch for our consignments to: & Bulls, Cows and Heifers for sale off the farm. Eastern Ohio Angus Association Spring Sale Mid-Ohio Valley Cattleman’s Select Fall Sale 2022 Ohio Angus Association Distinguished Service Award NOBLELAND FARMS Jim Secrest 13496 Lincoln Hwy • Caldwell, OH 43724 740-581-2000 Barry, Nancy & Erica Snook 13703 Chapel Dr • Caldwell, OH 43724 740-581-0931 • Nancy 740-509-0816 • Erica 14

Building Foundation Cattle Families

Building Foundation Cattle Families

Our herd development focus is based

on using proven and predictable genetics that meet today’s performance based market. “ Foundation G Genetics - Performance Results” BILL LEVERING 6180 Sparta Road Fredericktown, Ohio 43019 740-398-5400
on using proven and predictable genetics that meet today’s performance based market. “ Foundation Genetics - Performance Results” BILL LEVERING 6180 Sparta Road Fredericktown, Ohio 43019 740-398-5400 Email: bill@skyhighfarmscattle.com www.skyhighfarmscattle.com Blackcap May 3525 BOYD FOREVER LADY BOYD ABIGALE SAV MADAM PRIDE SAV BLACKCAP MAY SI T Z HENRIET TA PRIDE SAV EMBLEMEYET TE BALDRIDGE/TIEDEMAN EVERELDA EN TENSE 16
Our herd development focus is based
Breeding & calving supplies • calf care • vaccines • identification • parasite control fly control • farm supplies • prescriptions • show supplies & more is your one-stop shop when it comes to the Success of Your Herd GREAT LOW PRICES • FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING Brands You Trust • Top-Notch Knowledgeable Service Sign up for Email Deals We are growing & hiring Apply online! Farmers & Ranchers... Conveniently shop 24/7, 365 days a year on your phone, tablet or computer pbsanimalhealth.com Order fast & easy on your phone! Call us at 800-321-0235 Ohio owned and operated sinc e 1941 Serving cattlemen nationwide for 80+ years! From BREEDING to CALVING to WEANING & Everything in-between Shop our store nearest you! 3188 Lincoln Way East Wooster, OH 44691 Phone 330-262-1596 2721 Progress Way Wilmington, OH 45177 Phone 937-382-4572 2029 U.S.R. 127 St. Henry, OH 45883 Phone 419-925-8800 23507 U.S.R. 23 South Circleville, OH 43113 Phone 740-474-7394 2780 Richville Dr. SE Massillon, OH 44646 Phone 330-834-9252 82,000 sq. ft. Warehouse, Distribution Center, and Corporate Offices Call for a tour! Visit one of our 5 OHIO RETAIL STORES OAA23 17

Chippewa Valley Angus Farms, LLC

Rittman, Ohio


2023 Offering of Quality AI Sired Registered Angus Bulls

Select from 30 Long Yearlings or Four Two-Year-Olds Available After March 15 And Will Have Passed A Stringent Breeding Soundness Exam, Vaccinated, Wormed, Healthy And Ready To Go To Work.

VAR Revelation Square B True North Woodhill Blueprint Sydgen Enhance KCF Bennett Exponential Baldrige Moving On Myers Fair N Square GAR Freedom GB Fireball Wilks Regiment

and others

Mark Your Calendar For The 5th Annual 2023 Cattlemen For Cattlemen Female Sale on September 30th, 2023 at 6:30 PM At Muskingum Livestock Sale Facility In Zanesville, Ohio.

Selling Approximately 75 Productive Bred Cows & Heifers.

Selling Registered Angus Cattle For Over 25 Years Quality Breeding Cattle For Sale At All Times Specializing in Calving Ease Bulls Without Giving Up Performance Free of All Known Genetic Recessives Contact Us For Catalogs, More Information or Questions, Appointments:

Matt Brown, Manager (330) 383-1516 Matt Horst, Herdsman (330) 464-8243 Laurie Ferguson, Owner



Sires of 2023 Sale Bulls: 18
Mat Toler • 740-709-1388 • mtoler@mrminc.biz Nick Craft • 740-645-9291 • Nickcraft55@yahoo.com 879 Homewood Dr. • Bidwell, OH 45614 Sold in the 2022 Conley Spring Production Sale 24kt x DT Sandy 9004 Diamond T Online Show Heifer Sale April 25, 2023 on SConlinesales.com Blue Chip x 8195 These Elite Prospects will sell in the 2023 Conley Spring Production Sale - March 25th.

We have 250 head of Black and Red Angus cattle. Our cows are managed like a commercial herd. The cows are of moderate frame, good udders, and good feet and legs. The herd is tested negative for Johne’s and Leukosis, and free of genetic defects AM, NH, CA, and OS.

Burgett Angus Annual Bull Sale

First Saturday in April each Year!

Bred Heifers & Cows For Sale by Private Treaty every Fall!

Phillip, Keith, and Bryan Burgett 1246 Antigua Road SW Carrollton, Ohio 44615 Telephone (330) 627-5414 • Fax (330) 627-6314 Bryan’s Cell (330) 771-0482 • burgettangusfarm@yahoo.com www.burgettangus.com BurgettAngus Farm
Watch for our consignments to the... Next Generation Building for the... E xline Farms Chuck & Pamela Exline 929 Oil Rock Rd. Elizabeth, WV 304-483-2061 Mid-Ohio Valley Cattleman’s Select Sale Nov. 11, 2023 Exline’s D245 Clarity XK17 Reg#: 20455075 • DOB 3/20/22 Sire: Connealy Clarity Dam: K C F Miss Anthem D245 • XK17 will be the next foundation donor to anchor our program. She blends the breed great Clarity with Miss Anthem D245 the up-andcoming donor in the Knoll Crest program. • Flush brothers headlined the Fall 22 Knoll Crest bull sale selling as Lots 1-4, with K C F Bennett Clarity J757 being the $24,000 high-selling bull. CED BW WW YW Milk Claw Angle 10 .1 90 156 30 .38 .43 20% 25% 2% 2% 25% 10% 25% CW Marb REA $M $W $B $C 71 .98 .80 92 91 184 331 10% 20% 30% 1% 1% 10% 2% Connealy Clarity K C F Miss Anthem D245 21
R o n K r e i s , A u c t i o n e e r r t k r e i s @ h u g h e s . n e t 7 4 07 9 65 2 4 2 • 7 4 06 8 33 2 3 5 22
Over 100 years in the beef cattle business! WWW.BOYDBEEF.COM THE HOME OF HERD SIRES! 6077 Helena Rd.•Mays Lick, KY 41055 Charlie Boyd II (606) 584-5194•Blake Boyd (606) 375-3718 Logan Boyd (606) 375-3366 E-mail: cboyd2@maysvilleky.net www.boydbeef.com BOYD JUSTIFICATION BOYD BELLRINGER 2010 FAMILY OWNED FOR OVER 120 YEARS! Focusing on a MATERNAL BASE to produce BULLS that will ADD VALUE TO OUR CUSTOMERS BOTTOM LINE - Combining MATERNAL with PERFORMANCE and CARCASS TRAITS! SALE DATES Hereford Female Sale September 2, 2023 Angus Maternal Matters Female Sale September 23, 2023 Angus and Hereford Bull Sale March 9, 2024 CED BW WW YW Doc Claw Angle HP +8 -.8 +76 +130 +29 +.34 +.24 +8.3 MILK CW Marb RE $M $W $B $C +24 +60 +.84 +1.01 +86 +77 +169 +305 CED BW WW YW Doc Claw Angle HP +7 +2.2 +91 +162 +25 +.41 +.37 +12.2 MILK CW Marb RE $M $W $B $C +28 +75 +1.03 +1.00 +76 +82 +191 +324 23

Our FOCUS is On Real World

MATERNAL VALUE Montana Miss Amy 7164

Reg#: 18844636

DOB: 7/7/17

Sire: Coleman Charlo 0256

Dam: M A R Miss Amy 1348

• Introducing our recent donor purchase from the 2022 Montana Ranch Maternal Revival Sale,we are excited to be adding Montana Miss Amy to our donor pen alongside, SAV Madame Pride 0250, CS Blackcap May 302 and CS Blackcap May 9024.

• Planned matings to the following bulls in the 2023 season: Marcy’s Scale Crusher, Coleman Glacier, Coleman Rock and Connealy Craftsman.


John Miller 330-600-9720

Shreve, Ohio

Thanks to the 2022 Coleman Angus Maternal Source Sale. We acquired a daughter of the $400,000 valued maternal martriarch Donna 5247 sired by Coleman Galatic.


• 1C13 was our featured selection through the QHF “Moment of Clarity Sale”. He offers breed leading performance with a powerful look and build. He’s sired by the great Clarity and stems from the same cow family that produced Rampage.


• X189 was the second high-selling bred heifer of the 2022 Hoover Angus Sale and anchors our embryo program.

• She offers a balanced script of EPD’s with a killer look and elite femininity.

• She ranks in the TOP 2% of the breed for REA!

SD & Farms Larry Drain 304-966-5749 Tyler Shelton 304-488-6615 4267 Pine Run Rd. Washington, WV 26181 Performance & Power Quaker Hill Clarity 1C16 Breed Leading... CED BW WW YW Milk Claw Angle Marb REA $M $W $B $C 11 -1.9 63 115 31 .36 .47 .80 1.21 70 69 173 294 15% 4% 40% 40% 20% 10% 45% 35% 2% 30% 20% 15% 10% Reg# 19813237 • DOB: 2/21/20 • Sire: Hoover Notary • Dam: Queen of Ellston K11
Queen of
CED BW WW YW Milk Claw Angle Marb REA $M $W $B $C 6 3.5 103 179 32 .44 .43 .84 .71 84 92 183 321 55% 95% 1% 1% 15% 25% 25% 30% 40% 10% 1% 10% 3% Reg# 20208957 • DOB: 9/13/21 • Sire: Connealy Clarity • Dam: Quaker Hill Blackcap 7KF30

United Producers is one of the largest farmer-member-owned cooperatives in the United States. As one of the nation’s largest livestock marketing cooperatives, we provide livestock marketing, credit and risk management solutions. We operate 30 facilities and handle approximately 3 million head of livestock annually. Ask us how we can assist with your operation today!

Connect with us: United Producers | www.uproducers.com

Elite Angus Genetics, Show & Replacrment Females Highland Farms, Ltd. Granville - Frazeysburg, OH The Untied Family Wes: 740-258-2230 • Vince: 740-258-2675 v.untied@gmail.com HIGHLAND FARMS MR PRESIDENT Grand Champion Steer at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show. Congratulations Rylee Closser! GET THE EDGE ON YOUR COMPETITION WITH UPI. Livestock Marketing • Risk Management • Credit Services
Now Booking Fall Sales! -Auction Broadcasting -Live Online Bidding -Online Auctions topshelf-auctions.com WHY pay more? Online bidding shouldn’t break your sale budget... 27
Hill Valley Reckoning BNWZ Dignity Conley South Point Feel free to contact us at 573-641-5270 or visit www.cattlevisions.com For Semen on Today’s Hottest Sires! SCC SCH 24 Karat Good Times Steven & Kelly Sigler Road's End Angus 12490 Township Rd 504 Big Prairie, OH 44611 330-378-5944 Farm/Cell: 330-466-2852 roadsendangus@gmail.com 28
#1 Independent Dealer in the area! Chutes ~ Gates ~ Panels ~ Fencing Energizers ~ Automatic Waterers ~ Livestock Scales Shop Online Store Location: 9036 Leopard Rd NW Malvern, Ohio 44644 Store Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm www.Ranchcity.com / M /MOLLENKOPF CATTLE CO. Doug, Gwenna & Cody 620-794-3447 East Palestine, OH 29
Ryan LePage Auctioneer -Peddicord Rice Auction Realty LTD Ryan LePage, Auctioneer 740-627-0133 “The most important thing I sell belongs to you!” Put the Spotlight on your Farm or Business! By buying this ad in the 2024 Ohio Angus Association Directory & Handbook! 30


SAV Madame Pride 7088

SAV Madame Pride 7088

Reg#: 18770405 • DOB: 2/21/17

Sire: S A V Resource 1441

Dam: S A V Madame Pride 0075

A genetic gem from the mating of the iconic Pathfinder

Sire SAV Resource 1441 with the maternal matriarch

SAV Madame Pride 0075. The dam of this cow is the second top income-producing cow in SAV history whose progeny include SAV America 8018, the $1.51 million all-time world record-selling bull.

Siebring Abigale 704

Siebring Abigale 704

Reg#: 18832498 • DOB: 1/16/17

Sire: S A V Sensation 5615

Dam: S A V Abigale 914

A gorgeous representation of the Abigale family that produced a multitude of landmark sires including Bismarck 5682 who led the breed for annual registrations. This daughter of SAV Sensation 5615 has multiple maternal brothers working in AI studs and descends from the famous Pathfinder Dam SAV Abigale 8213.

SAV Madame Pride 2548

SAV Madame Pride 2548

Reg#: 17294200 • DOB: 9/20/11

Sire: S A V 707 Rito 9969

Dam: S A V Madame Pride 5290

The result of mating the high-performance Pathfinder Sire SAV 707 Rito 9969 with SAV Madame Pride 5290, the top income-producing daughter of the maternal matriarch SAV Madame Pride 0075. Her flush brother, SAV Realist 2846, was a $100,000 feature of his calf crop who went onto become an outstanding proven sire.

Selling private treaty:

Registered Bulls, Cows, Heifers & Embryos

AI & Herd Sires Represented include: SAV America, SAV President, SAV Emblem, SAV Raindance, SAV Rainfall, Boyd Markota 9202 (19660928) & Sitz JLS All Pro 513H (19726408)

Mark & Jodi Markota • Mark Cell: 330-540-5823

408 N. Meridian Rd., Youngstown, OH 44509

Ranch Address: 43525 Fairmount Rd., Elkton, OH 44432

Ranch Mgr: Bobby Rawson (C) 330-692-2152

Fall Angus Classic OHIO November 18, 2023 Consignment Deadline: September 16th! Saturday • Noon Claylick Run Sale Facility • Newark, OH Featuring leading Angus genetics from Ohio and surrounding states! For more information contact Dan Wells at 740-505-3843 or danwells@ohioangus.org
Angus. America’s Breed. A reliable business partner is difficult to come by. Contact Alex Tolbert to locate Angus genetics, select marketing options tailored to your needs, and to access American Angus Association® programs and services. Put the business breed to work for you. Alex Tolbert, Regional Manager Ohio © 2020-2021 American Angus Association 3201 Frederick Ave. | St. Joseph, MO 64506 816.383.5100 | www.ANGUS.org Contact Regional Manager Alex Tolbert: Cell: 706-338-8733 atolbert@angus.org 34
THE UNION STOCK YARDS COMPANY 7510 ST RT 138 E • HILLSBORO, OH 5/10 mi east on RT 138 at the intersection of U.S. RT 62 AND ST. RT. 138 Bill Butler-Owner & Manager Yards: 937-393-1958 Home: 937-393-2393 Cell: 937-725-7388 Janet Butler-Accounts Manager Cell: 937-725-7358 Sales every Thursday starting at 9am! No Membership Fee - Less Commission www.unionstockyards.net Muskingum Livestock Auction Co. Denny Ruff, Manager Bus. (740) 452-9984 Res. (740) 962-3612 Cell (740) 819-5120 The Wednesday Sale Starts at 9:00 A.M. 944 Malinda Street Zanesville, Ohio 43701 Cattle Hogs Lambs www.muskingumlivestock.com 36



Ron Miller

Vice President

Austin Bockelman

State Director & Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Clutter


Michelle Bockelman

Jim Rentz

Brandt Couch

Brent English

District Angus Association

West Central Ohio Membership

Bockelman Family - Napoleon

Jay Clutter - Wapakoneta

Brad Core - Spencerville

Couch Angus - Warren, IN

Irvin Crider - Elida

Brent English - Otway

Randy Jones - Harrod

Bruce Kuhn - Celina

Ron & Kelli Miller - Wapakoneta

Pohlman Farms - Delphos

James Rentz - Coldwater

Sanders Skylight - Harrod

James Bassett - Lima

Dennis Schroeder - Ottawa

Gene Topp - New Bremen

Way-View Farms - Hebron

Terry Knight - Vam Buren, IN

Scott Millikan - Napoleon

Gahler Farms, Graytown

Hayes Farms - Graytown

Steve L. Berk - Brookville

Jim Stoner - Celina

Host of the 2023 Ohio Angus Preview Show

April 22-23, 2023

West Central Jr. District Show held in conjunction with the Preview Show

For Information Contact: Jay Clutter (419) 305-3702 • jclutter@sunriseco-op.com

North Central Ohio Angus Association

Since 1973

President - David Hartschuh

Vice President - Phil Feik

Secretary/Treasurer - Darlene Wagner

Bernie & Valerie Bauer

John & Judy Berger

J. Sebastion Berger

Phil & Michelle Feik

Dale & Vicki Hartschuh

David & Leah Hartschuh

Ivan & Lillian Hartschuh

State Director - Nick Wagner

Marvin & Kara James

Scott & Stacy Kiesel

Eldon & Carolyn Pfleiderer

Paul & Julie Pfeiderer

Christopher Perry

Thomas & Nancy Sheaffer

Warren & Martha Smith

Andy & Jennifer Stirm

Casey Wagner

Nick & Darlene Wagner

Sandra Wallace

Weslane Cattle Com.

Clareese Prenger

North Central Ohio Angus Association

District Angus Show

Crawford County Fairgrounds

Bucyrus, OH * July 18, 2023 * 8:00 am


Black Swamp ANGUS


Since 1947

President - Casey Wagner

Vice-President - Darlene Wagner

Sec./Treas. - Megan Fredritz

State Director - John King

Black Swamp District Show

July 25th, 2023 - 1:00 p.m.

Seneca Co. Fairgrounds

Tiffin, Ohio

Black Swamp Angus Membership

Patricia Bockelman

Dansende Bae Angus 419 592 5740


Jacob Breidenbach


Brent & Becky English English Farms 419-339-3417


Matt and Megan Frederitz


Allen & Susie Gahler

Gahler Farms 419-350-2091


Brayden Hayes Graytown, OH

Kylie & Backy Hemchak

Bellevue 419-217-2220

Scott & Stacy Kiesel

Kiesel Farms

419 447-5052

New Riegel

John & Mary Lou King

Kingsway Angus Farms 419-937-1864


Walter & Joyce King

Walter N. King & Sons 419-332-9774


Nate & Barb Liskai

Seth, Natalie, Leah and Alexis Woodville

Dave & Cherri Miller

Miller’s Farms



Justin & Jordan Moore

Toussaint River Angus Farm


Oak Harbor

Bill & Ester Rapp

Dave & Courtney Rapp

Wagon Wheels Show Cattle



Joe, Melissa & Sharon Sanders

Sanders Skylight Farm



Jeri & Nathan Starlin

Wagner Angus Attica

Casey Wagner Wagner Angus


Nick IV & Darlene Wagner

Wagner Angus 419-426-1406


Roma Wallace Green Maples Farms 419-986-5290


Sandra & Samantha Wallace Green Maples Farms 419-307-6734






President - Erica Snook

Ohio Angus Association

Vice President - Bob Deitrick

Sec./Treasurer - Nancy Snook

State Director - Chip Enos

Queen - Audrey Hoffman

Director - Scott Davis

Director - Lincoln Deitrick

Director - Dave McCardle

Director - Kirk Scheurmann

Eastern Ohio Angus Association Spring Sale
• April 8, 2023
6:00 PM
Muskingum Livestock
Zanesville, OH Featuring Bulls, Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred Cows and Open Heifers Contact
Manager – Bethaney
Eastern Ohio Angus Association Junior Show
2023 10:00 AM
Co. Fairgrounds • Zanesville, OH For Information – Contact: Nancy Snook 740-581-0931
Saturday, June 3,
Sale Mgr. - Bethaney Enos 39



SEC. 1 This Association shall be known as the Ohio Angus Association.


SEC. 1 The object of this Association shall be; to encourage and extend the influence of Aberdeen-Angus cattle; to promote the interests of its membership by creating better trade opportunities, and so far as possible, cooperate to their general advantage and profit; to promote closer relations between membership and to stimulate greater activity among them.

SEC. 2 To arrange for State Sponsored Shows and/or Sales when conditions are favorable and a majority of the members desire such show and sale to be held, to which state members may enter or consign their stock. The president shall appoint a sale committee, approved by the board of directors, and it shall be the duty of said committee to assist in the arrangements of the sales. This committee or the sale manager shall have full power to reject any animal offered for consignment, if said animal would not bring credit to the organization. The president shall also appoint a show committee, approved by the board of directors, and it shall be the duty of said committee to assist in the arrangement of the shows. Upon the recommendation of the show committee and/or the sale committee, the board of directors shall decide on an individual basis at which events out-of-state consignors/breeders may participate.

SEC. 3 To arrange for exhibits at local and other Fairs as may be desired by the members, and, where necessary, make selections of individuals from several herds in order that the group exhibited may represent the best herds in the state.

SEC. 4 To promote and publish a breed directory and other publications that may be decided upon by the board of Directors; to sell advertising in said publications to breeders within the states; to sell advertising to people or concerns other than breeders of Angus Cattle, provided such advertising is ethical and does not bring discredit to the Association. The power of Management of said publications shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

SEC. 5 To employ a Sale Manager who shall devote time to the promotion of the Association as shall be specified and fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time.

SEC. 6 To work with, and for the promotion of Breeder Activities in all County and Regional Associations. To aid and assist all county or Regional Association Officers, Directors and Sale Managers in promotion of their various activities.


SEC. 1 Any breeder of Angus cattle, or anyone interested in Angus cattle in Ohio, may become a member of the Association by sending his name and address to the Secretary together with a yearly payment of annual dues payable on or before the Annual Meeting of said state Association. Annual dues are to be established by the Association board of directors at a regular meeting of said board, for the following year, at a date no later than November of the preceding year. Association members are to be notified of said dues via regular Association media and communications.

SEC. 2 Honorary Members. Any person who has distinguished himself in the field of animal husbandry and is interested in the improvement of Aberdeen Angus cattle, may upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors, be made an honorary member without payment of dues.

SEC. 3 Junior Members. Any youth under the age of 21 years shall be eligible to be considered as a junior member providing they meet all the conditions and requirements of the National Junior Angus Association. Promotion of youth activities, through the Ohio Junior Angus Association, is paramount to the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors and is a further extension of 4-H and FFA activities. The Ohio Jr. Angus Association acts and exists in accord and with a mutually beneficial relationship with the Ohio Angus Association and shall be considered an affiliate of the Ohio Angus Association. The Ohio Junior Angus Association shall be under the indirect supervision of the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors through the Junior Activities Committee of the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors. Lead advisor of the Ohio Junior Angus Association shall be appointed annually by the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors. The lead advisor shall have the responsibility of reporting all Ohio Junior


Angus Association activities to the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors. Lead advisor can be an ex-officio member of the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors. The Ohio Junior Angus Association shall further be authorized to select or appoint two (2) additional co-advisors who shall either be past Ohio Junior Angus Association members (over age 25), supportive and interested parents, vo-ag teachers or other adults. These advisors shall be approved by the Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors annually each April. These Junior appointed advisors shall have terms as set by the Ohio Junior Angus Association. These three (3) advisors shall: 1) Provide leadership, mentoring, guidance, teaching, advice and financial expertise while serving as role models for the development of all Ohio Junior Angus Association members. 2) Support all Ohio Angus Association, Ohio Junior Angus Association and Ohio Angus Auxiliary activities in a positive and professional manner including but not limited to shows, sales, fund raisers, annual meetings and other activities. 3) Encourage all Ohio Junior Angus Association members to enhance their love of the Angus breed and agricultural industry. 4) Provide unbiased and positive support to all Ohio Junior Angus Association members.

SEC. 4 Any breeder of Angus cattle who is or has been a member of the Association may be declared a non-member of the Association for just cause by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present. Any breeder of Angus cattle who is at any time declared a non-member is automatically and immediately barred from any and all activities of the Ohio Angus Association. The dispelled member so declared shall have the right to appeal to any succeeding meeting of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE IV: Officers & Directors

SEC:1 The Directorate of the Ohio Angus Association shall consist of not less than eight Directors-at-large and one representative Director from each recognized active County or Regional Association and one Director from the State Junior Association. At the last regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Angus Association prior to the annual meeting, the Board shall prepare a list of recognized regional associations that will be called upon for a representative director. In order to be recognized as an official regional association, each association must, by the 1st of November, submit to the Ohio Angus Secretary, a roster of officers and the minutes from their most recent annual meeting, which must occur within the previous 12 months. Following the Board approval of recognized regional associations, the Secretary shall inform the president of those associations that an official of that associations shall be prepared to submit the name of their director to the membership of the State Association at the annual meeting. Representative Directors may be elected or appointed in whatever manner the local or Junior Association shall prescribe. However, they must be elected or re-elected annually, and their names submitted by a duly elected official of that Association when called for from the floor at the annual meeting of the Ohio Angus Association. Only those representative directors submitted in the above manner and who are members in good standing of the Ohio Angus Association shall serve during the following year. However, only one director or officer from a particular farm/herd may serve on the board of directors of the Ohio Angus Association at a given time. The exception would be the Ohio Junior Angus Association representative director.

SEC. 2 Four directors at-large shall be elected to serve two year terms, and if the total of Directors-at-large and Representative Directors is less than eighteen, then additional Directorsat-large shall be elected to serve two year terms so that the total of all directors shall become at least eighteen. If it is required that more than four at-large directors are to be elected in the same year, then every 2nd position elected after the 4th shall be a one year term. If the same instance occurs in successive years, the board shall approve a ballot so that not more than one director position more than half of the total at-large positions will be elected in the same year. When an election occurs that requires one year terms, the director(s) elected to the one year terms will be those individuals receiving the highest number of votes after the required two year term positions are filled by individuals who received the highest number of votes across the entire at-large election. If the number of nominations received for at large directors is not sufficient to fill the required number of seats, then the remaining positions may be filled by appointment by the President of the Association following the annual meeting. Officers of the Association shall consist of Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The retiring President shall become Chairman of the Board, and a President, Vice President, and Treasurer shall be nominated from the floor and elected annually. The Executive Secretary shall be hired by the board of directors on an annual basis.


SEC. 3 Officers and Directors at large shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting. Only members whose dues are currently paid shall be eligible to vote. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting for Director-atlarge positions. The person being nominated and the person making the nomination must be members in good standing at the time of the nomination.

ARTICLE V: Duties of Officers

SEC. 1 The Chairman of the Board shall be a member ex-officio with the right to vote with all committees.

SEC. 2 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the board of directors, and shall be a member ex-officio with the right to vote with all committees. He shall fill by appointment all temporary vacancies among officers, directors and committees not otherwise provided for and perform all duties pertaining to the office of president.

SEC. 3 The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and perform all duties pertaining to that office.

SEC. 4 The Secretary shall be employed by the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of the Secretary or their assistant or person hired by the Board of Directors to give notice of meetings to all members and attend all such meetings of the Association: to conduct and direct all correspondence and carry out and execute all orders and resolutions as directed by the Association or Board of Directors, or duly authorized Officers; to keep a list of members of the Association; to notify members of their appointment on a committee; to prepare or have prepared for the Board of Directors an annual report of the transactions and conditions of the Association; to collect and keep an account of all moneys received and expended for the use of the Association. All sums received shall be deposited in the name of the Ohio Angus Association in a bank approved by the board of directors. Funds shall be disbursed by the Secretary, or a person approved by the Board of Directors. All accounts, books, and vouchers of the Association in the hands of the Secretary and Treasurer shall at all times be subject to supervision of the Board of Directors and subject to its control.

SEC. 5 The Treasurer shall work closely with the Secretary to monitor, control, and manage all accounts, books, and vouchers of the Association; present reports at the Annual Meeting and as directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall at all times be subject to the supervision of the Board of Directors. At the expiration of their term in office, they shall deliver to his successor all books, moneys, and other property, or in the absence of the Treasurer elect, to the President.

SEC. 6 The secretary, treasurer and office personnel shall give bonds of security to the satisfaction of the board of directors if so requested by the board.

SEC. 7 The executive committee will consist of the chairman of the board, president, vicepresident, secretary and treasurer. The duties of this committee shall be to work closely in connection with the secretary/fieldman in directing the operation and making decisions which are necessary for the conduct of the Association from time to time, but on major decisions, they must have approval from the board of directors.

SEC. 8 The President shall have the power to appoint any and all other committees which he may consider necessary for the betterment of the Association. Such committees shall require a twothirds affirmative vote by the Board of Directors.

SEC. 9 When an Ohio Angus Association Committee deems it necessary to have a monetary account separate from the Ohio Angus Association General Fund, their records shall be subject to regular accounting at each Ohio Angus Association Board of Directors meeting and an annual audit shall be conducted along with the Ohio Angus Association financial records.

ARTICLE VI: Annual Meeting

SEC. 1 The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at such time and place as shall be designed at the previous meeting or by the President.

ARTICLE VII: Special Meeting

SEC. 1 The President may, through the Secretary, call a special meeting at any time he may deem it advisable.


ARTICLE VIII: Amendments

SEC. 1 The foregoing by-laws or any part thereof may be amended or rewritten by a two-thirds vote of the paid membership present at an Annual Meeting.

SEC. 2 Proposed amendments or changes of the foregoing by-laws must be made available to the membership at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting at which such proposed amendments or changes are to be the subject of a vote by the membership.


Ohio Angus Association HONORARY MEMBERS

Order of Business
Record of those present 7. Communications 2. Reading minutes of last meeting 8. Unfinished Business 3. President’s Address 9. New Business 4. General Program 10. Election of Officers 5. Report of Officers 11. Election of Directors 6. Report of Committees 12. Adjournment
(Deceased) 13.
R. Wilson (Deceased) 2. D.J. Kays (Deceased) 14.
Curtis Balthaser (Deceased) 3. E.H. Hutchinson (Deceased) 15. Paul Lewis Good (Deceased) 4. G.H. June (Deceased) 16. H. Edwin Bryson (Deceased) 5. C.D. Littleton (Deceased) 17. William C. Strayer (Deceased) 6. Herman R. Purdy (Deceased) 18. Fred H. Johnson (Deceased) 7. J.B. McCorkle (Deceased) 19. Merlin D. Woodruff (Deceased) 8. Dan T. Warner (Deceased) 20. Fred N. Penick (Deceased) 9. Jesse Hagler (Deceased) 21. Louis “Mick” Colvin 10. Harold A. Etling (Deceased) 22. John F. Stika, Phd. 11. Mrs. Florence Heberding (Deceased) 12. Rowe C. Littleton (Deceased) 44
1. Dr. Carl E. Gay
Dr. George
Mr. & Mrs.

2600 The Farm LLC www.2600thefarm.com

Blackstone Farm www.blackstoneperformance.com

Boyd Beef Cattle www.boydbeef.com

Buckeye Grove Farm www.BUCKEYEGROVEFARM.com

Chippewa Valley Angus Farms www.chippewavalleyangus.com

Greenacres Foundation www.green-acres.org

HFS Angus www.hfsangus.com

Hidden Creek Farm www.hiddencreekcattle.com

Homecroft Farms www.HOMECROFTFARM.com

Kasler Cattle Co. www.kaslercattleco.com

Maplecrest Farms www.maplecrestfarms.com

Mt Hope Farm Angus Genetics www.mthopefarmangusgenetics.com

Optum Angus www.optumangus.com

Pedro's Angus www.pedroangus.com

Pipe Creek Angus www.pipecreekangus.com

Pleasant View Farm www.pleasantviewangus.com

Sanders Cattle www.sanderscattle.com

Highland Farms, Ltd. www.showsteers.com/untied/index.htm

Sky High Farms, LLC www.skyhighfarmscattle.com

Twin Hills Farms www.twinhillsfarms.com

Wagner Angus Farm www.wagnerangus.com

Way View Cattle Co. www.wayviewcattlecompany.com

Weiser Farms www.weiserfarms.net

Wells Livestock www.wellslivestockservices.com

Member Websites Farm Website


Calendar of Events

Dates & Locations subject to change


March 17-20 Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus, OH

March 21 Maplecrest Farms Performance Bull Sale, Hillsboro, OH

March 31 Ohio Auxiliary Scholarship Application Deadline

April 1 Partners in Performance Bull Sale, Zanesville, OH

April 1 Burgett Angus Annual Bull Sale, Carrollton, OH

April 2 Entry Deadline Ohio Angus Preview

April 8 Eastern Ohio Angus Spring Sale, Zanesville, OH

April 15 Entry & Ownership Deadline Atlantic National Angus Show

April 22 Optum Angus Production Sale, Seaman, OH

April 22-23 Ohio Angus Preview Show, Marysville, OH

May 1 Entry & Ownership Deadline Eastern Regional Jr. Show

May 15 Entry & Ownership Deadline National Jr. Angus Show

May 25-28 Atlantic National Angus Show, Timonium, MD

June 3 Eastern Ohio District Jr. Angus Show, Zanesville, OH

June 11-12 All American Angus Futurity, Louisville, KY

June 22-24 Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show, Lebanon, TN

July 1-8 National Jr. Angus Show, Grand Island, NE

July 18 North Central District Show, Bucyrus, OH

July 25 Black Swamp District Show, Tiffin, OH

July 23-26 Ohio State Fair Angus Shows, Columbus, OH

September 19-21 Ohio Farm Science Review, London, OH

September 23 Maplecrest Farms Production Sale, Hillsboro, OH

September 30 Cattleman to Cattleman Female Sale, Zanesville, OH

November 5-7 American Angus Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

November 11 Mid-Ohio Valley Cattleman’s Select Sale, Ripley, WV

November 12-14 NAILE Angus Shows, Louisville, KY

November 18 Ohio Fall Angus Classic Sale, Newark, OH

December 1 Annual Meeting Award Nominations Deadline

December 30 Jr. Silver Show Award Applications Deadline


January 10 2024 Ohio Beef Expo Angus Sale Consignment Deadline

www.ohioangus.org for updates

Farm Science Review

The Farm Science Review will be held September 19-21, 2023 in London, OH. This serves as an excellent opportunity to not only promote the breed and the Association, but provides opportunity for members to showcase their genetics. If anyone has interest in displaying cattle or working at the Angus barn during the review, please contact Dan Wells.

The Farm Science Review promotes Angus cattle and our organization to anyone who attends the review. Pictured below are the signs that are promoting herds throughout Ohio. The revenue from these signs helps to maintain our building and allows for us to make a neat, professional display to the public. We have some sign spaces available, so if you would be interested in promoting your herd and supporting your association in this project, contact Secretary/Fieldman Dan Wells.

Angus Building Farm & Business Signs

**New farm and business signs on display in the Ohio Angus Building at the Ohio Farm Science Review**

• 2’ x 3’ Farm or Business Banners replaced the old signs.

• Banners will cover the back wall of the Angus Building at FSR.

• Banners will cost $24 printing fee + $50 yearly display fee. Annual display fee will be charged each summer, and must be paid before FSR for banner to be displayed.

• Deadline to purchase banner is September 5, 2016. Must be submitted as high resolution pdf or jpeg and fit 2’ x 3’ dimensions.

DEADLINE: September 5, 2023

• Banners will be taken down after show and stored for following year. Farms wanting to change or update their banners will be charged additional printing fee.

Angus Building Display Cattle

**Display cattle needed for the Ohio Farm Science Review**

• Ohio Angus members interested in displaying cattle, should contact Dan Wells at 740-505-3843.

• Cattle can displayed for one or all three days.

• Haltered cattle preferred but not required.


Ohio Angus Association


The Ohio Angus Annual Meeting was held on February 4th, at the 19 Hawthorne Event Center in Lima, OH. Approximately 125 participants were in attendance.

Election of Officers were held with Allen Gahler, Graytown elected to a third term as President, Mike Atterholt was elected as Vice President, Justin Moore, Oak Harbor was elected as Treasurer and Dan Wells, Frankfort will continue serving as Secretary. The new board members and officers of the Association, the Jr. Association, and the Ladies Auxiliary were introduced, and as always, the evening concluded with the auctioning of the page choices in the 2023 directory.

New Board members were elected and include: Tim Harsh, Dave Felumlee, Fred Penick and Zane Gross were elected to 2 Yr. terms. With 5 regional associations having vacancies the by-laws call for at large positions to be elected for one year terms, so the total number of directors should be kept at a minimum of 18. As well there was a year remaining on vacacted term by newly elected Vice President Mike Atterholt. Joe Sanders, Brian Burgett, JL Draganic, Shawn Howell, Dave Baird and Ron Miller were elected to serve 1 Yr. terms.

To conclude the evening Col. Darby Walton sold the Directory Premier Page auction that was a huge success. The high-selling pages were the Back Cover going to Maplecrest Farms for $1050, Inside Front Cover to Claylick Run for $800 ; Page 2 to Pine Hill Farms for $625 and Page 1 to Egner Farms Angus for $600. Other notable high-selling pages included: Inside Back Cover to HFS Angus for $550; Page 5 to Atterholt Farms for $550; Thank You to all that bid and purchased ads through the 2023 Ohio Angus Directory Auction!

Ohio Angus Association



Todd Raines - Chair

Allen Gahler

Mike Atterholt

Justin Moore

Dan Wells

Marketing & Member Services:

Dave Baird - Co-Chair

Shawn Howell - Co-Chair

JL Draganic

Chip Enos

Tim Harsh

Ron Miller


Mike Atterholt - Chair

Jay Clutter

Fred Penick

Promotion & Education:

Dave Felumlee - Chair

Brian Burgett

Kelvin Egner

Joe Sanders

Nick Wagner

Zane Gross

Jr. Activities:

Scott Millikan - Chair

Ben Wheeler

Lindsay Hall

Kelly Kidwell


Justin Moore - Chair

John Grimes

John King

The President ’s Message


Angus breeders and Ohio Angus Association supporters,

What an amazing ride this has been serving as the Ohio Angus Association President the last two years! We have certainly seen some ups and downs through all facets of life in this time - entry numbers in our shows and sales, prices received for cattle, the stock market, the commodity markets, and of course interest rates! But one constant has remained unchanged through the roller coaster of an economy and social climate in the world around us – the demand for Angus genetics and Angus beef!

If you are reading this, we likely have more than one thing in common, and certainly can agree that the Angus cow has stood the test of time and continues to be at the forefront of the cattle industry in Ohio and the United States, setting the standard for the purebred and commercial industries from coast to coast and around the world! The good Lord has also blessed us with some great people in the Angus business, and it is simply amazing to be involved in the great leadership team that we have in Ohio and at the American Angus Association, where I have forged lifelong friendships, just as I’m sure most of you have. Whether that be through the show ring, sale circuit, Jr. activities, or any sector of beef industry involvement, those relationships and the people around us are what matters most and make all the hard work of being a farmer or rancher worthwhile. If you have not been involved in our organization as a board member, Jr. member, sale consignor, sale buyer, or participant at a field day or event, I encourage you to get involved and enjoy that experience that so many of us have, and get your kids involved so they too can have a rewarding experience and form friendships, business relationships, and skill sets that go way beyond the classroom and the barn.

It is truly an exciting time to get involved or at least pay attention to what the Ohio Angus Association has going on and give your input, as we are in the 2nd year of an intense strategic planning process that will shape this organization for years to come and hopefully ensure that it remains as one of the most active, resourceful, and effective state breed organizations in Ohio and beyond. I can’t thank the current and past board members enough that have willingly decided to engage in this endeavor and see it through, as they are putting countless hours into tough decisions that may not even directly benefit them or their operation but will likely have a lasting impact on their children’s and grandchildren’s Angus business endeavors. Whatever your role or involvement is in the Angus business, please be sure to join me in thanking our officer team, our fieldman - Dan Wells, our American Angus regional managerAlex Tolbert, our entire board of directors, our Jr. Advisors, and of course all of their families for the time, dedication and effort put forth to ensure the prosperity of this organization and the Angus business in Ohio for years to come!

Take care, be kind, and EAT ANGUS BEEF!






1918-27 O.E. Bradfute Xenia 1928-29 E.G. Little Dresden 1930-31 Frank B. Turnbill Cedarville 1932-33 Fred G. Stroop Dayton 1934 Hugh Romert 1935-36 Dan Martins Oxford 1937 Dei Duprey Van Wert 1938-39 Kenneth Hitchinson Xenia 1940-41 Jay Miller Mechanicsburg 1942-43 Sam Bowman Springfield J.D.McCorkle 1944 Earl Burnson Carey J.D.McCorkle 1945 E.E. Greiner Springfield J.D.McCorkle 1946 Earl Burnson Carey J.D.McCorkle 1947 L.G. Purmount Van Wert J.D.McCorkle 1948-49 Dan T. Warner Dayton J.D.McCorkle 1950 Harold Etling Marshallville J.D.McCorkle 1951 W.T. Shaw Columbus J.D.McCorkle 1952-53 Harold Etling Marshallville Ray Pifer 1954-55 Rowe Littleton Kenton Jim Colliver 1956 Jeff Etling Marshvallville Jim Colliver 1957 Edward O. Elliott Mt. Victory John Hennigh 1958-59 William J. Ryan Milford Center John Hennigh 1960-61 Rowe Littleton Kenton John Hennigh 1962 Paul Good Van Wert James Hobbs 1963 Vaun C. Stocker Warsaw James Hobbs 1964-65 Eugene Schear Dayton James Hobbs 1966-67 Karl W. Kumler Columbus Roger Eckstein 1968-69 Fred H. Johnson Summitville Roger Eckstein 1970-71 Fred N. Penick Hebron Frank Bauman 1972-73 Richard S. Sour Urbana Frank Bauman 1974-75 James P. Keen London Frank Bauman 1976 Dale E. Evans Utica Frank Bauman
John C. Jelley Sidney Frank Bauman 1979-80 Walter N. King Fremont Frank Bauman 1981-82 Henry L. Bergfeld Summitville Frank Bauman 1983-84 Louis (Mick) Colvin West Salem Frank Bauman 1985-86 Warren Smith Bucyrus Frank Bauman / Elizabeth Harsh
William J. Parchman Cincinnati Elizabeth Harsh 1989-90 Bain Goff Norwich Elizabeth Harsh / Dick Sour
David Eversole Baltimore Paul Sidey
John Grimes Hillsboro Paul Sidey 1995-96 C. Wayne Baird Washington C.H. Paul Sidey / Jerry Ballard 1997-98 Fred M. Penick Hebron Jerry Ballard 1999-00 Vernon L. Hall Greenville Jerry Ballard 2001-02 James M. Rentz Coldwater Jerry Ballard 2003-04 Tom Woodward III Galipolis Jerry Ballard 2005-06 John King Tiffin Jerry Ballard
Doug Majors Lancaster Allen Gahler
Bob Deitrick Zanesville Allen Gahler
Dave Felumlee Newark Allen Gahler / Dan Wells
Kelvin Egner Shelby Dan Wells
Tim Harsh Radnor Dan Wells
Joe Sanders Harrod Dan Wells 2019-20 Todd Raines Seaman Dan Wells 2021-23 Allen Gahler Graytown Dan Wells

Secretary’s Report

Ohio Angus Members,

Enthusiasm for raising high quality Angus beef continues to stay strong in Ohio. All indicators point to a strengthening cattle market through 2023 and into 2024, with feeder forcasted well over $2/lb and fat in the upper $1’s With that said the market for purebred Angus genetics has been strong. Consignment and production sales continued to gain strength as the fall season went on and that trend has continued through the winter at the Cattleman’s Congress in Oklahoma and early bull sales. All the more proof that high end breeding stock will always draw a premium regardless of the current commercial market values and economical challenges.

It remains a buyers market for those looking to expand their herd, as we continue to work to rebuild the cow numbers nationally that have sank over the past 5-10 years. This is a good time for producers to consider retaining high quality heifers which drives a demand for Angus bulls. Alternatively, a priority is also being placed on well- built Angus females for those looking for replacements versus developing their own.

If you have any feedback on how to take Ohio Angus to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. I’m here to support you, our membership, with any of your Angus herd needs.



Ohio Angus Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board Todd Raines

President Allen Gahler

Vice President Mike Atterholt

Treasurer Justin Moore

Secretary/Fieldman Dan Wells


Term Expires 2023

John Grimes Kelvin Egner Dave Baird Ben Wheeler

Shawn Howell Joe Sanders Brian Burgett Ron Miller

JL Draganic

Term Expires 2024

Dave Felumlee Zane Gross Fred Penick Tim Harsh

Front (L-R) Todd Raines, Chairman; Allen Gahler, President; Mike Atterholt, Vice President; Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman; Justin Moore, Treasurer; Joe Sanders & JL Draganic

Back (L-R) Tim Harsh, John Grimes, Zane Gross, Shawn Howell, David Baird, Ron Miller, Chip Enos, Kelvin Egner.

Not Pictured: Fred Penick, Dave Felumlee, Jay Clutter, John King, Brian Burgett, Nick Wagner & Ben Wheeler.



L to R: Todd Raines, Chairman of the Board; Allen Gahler, President; Mike Atterholt, Vice President; Justin Moore, Treasurer & Dan Wells, Secretary/ Fieldman


John King

Chip Enos

Nick Wagner

Jay Clutter

-Black Swamp

-Eastern Ohio

-North Central

-West Central

Lindsay Hall -Ohio Jr. Angus


Black Swamp Angus Association

President................. Casey Wagner

Vice President.......... Darlene Wagner

Sec./Treasurer.......... Megan Frederitz

State Director........... John King

Eastern Ohio Angus Association

President................. Erica Snook

Vice President.......... Bob Deitrick

Sec./Treasurer.......... Nancy Snook

State Director........... Chip Enos

West Central Ohio Angus Association

President................. Ron Miller

Vice President.......... Michelle Bockleman

Sec./Treasurer.......... Jay Clutter

State Director........... Jay Clutter

North Central Ohio Angus Association

President................. David Hartschuh

Vice President.......... Phil Feik

Sec./Treasurer.......... Darlene Wagner

State Director........... Nick Wagner





Allen Gahler

Gahler Farms

641 N. Elliston-Trowbridge Rd.; Graytown, OH 43432


Vice President

Mike Atterholt

Atterholt Farms

408 Twp. Rd 2252; Jeromesville, OH 44840

419-368-4035 or Farm/Cell: 419-651-5293


Justin Moore

Toussaint River Angus

10480 Moore Rd., Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Farm/Cell: 419-346-0029


Dan Wells Wells Livestock

12620 Westfall Rd.; Frankfort, OH 45628

Cell: 740-505-3843

Chairman of the Board

Todd Raines

Raines Farm

2667 Nichols Ridge Rd.; Seaman, OH 45679

937-386-2627 or Farm/Cell: 937-386-2031

Email: gahler2@yahoo.com

Email: mabeef2002@yahoo.com

Email: toussaintriver@gmail.com

Email: danwells@ohioangus.org

Email: toddbraines@gmail.com

DIRECTORS AT LARGE (Terms Expires 2023)

John Grimes

Maplecrest Farms

2594 St. Rt. 73; Hillsboro, OH 45133

937-764-1198 or Cell: 937-763-6000

Ben Wheeler

Optum Angus & Wheeler Show Stock

4035 Point Liberty Rd.; Hillsboro, OH 45693

Farm/Cell: 606-301-1961

Kelvin Egner

Egner Farms Angus

4555 Hazelbrush Rd.; Shelby, OH 44875

419-347-7123 or Farm/Cell: 419-295-6089

David Baird

Baird Angus Farm

Email: mcfarms@cinci.rr.com


Email: kjegner@hotmail.com

6004 Washington New Martinsburg Rd, Washington C.H., OH 43160

740-333-6310 or Farm/Cell: 740-572-7189

Shawn Howell

Egners Farms Angus

1395 Snake Rd. Shelby, Ohio 44875

Farm/Cell: 419-612-6117 or 419-921-9334

Brian Burgett

Burgett Angus Farm

1246 Antigua Road SW.; Carrolton, OH 44615

Farm/Cell: 330-771-0482

Email: angus@in-touch.net

Email: howell521@gmail.com




JL Draganic

Paint Creek Cattle


3266 Wakeman Townline Rd.; Wakeman, OH 44889

Farm/Cell: 740-274-2597

Joe Sanders

Sanders Skylight Farm

5959 Hay Rd.; Harrod, OH 45850

419-648-3222 Farm/Cell: 567-204-0062

Ron Miller

Woodside Farm

11086 Rt. 197.; Wapakoneta, OH 45895

419-657-6836 Farm/Cell: 419-230-3364

Email: paintcreekcattle@gmail.com

Email: sanders_skylight_farm@hotmail.com

Email: woodside@ohiolink.net


(Terms Expires 2024)

Dave Felumlee

Claylick Run Angus Genetics

11970 Cross Rd.; Newark, OH 43056

740-763-4616 of Cell: 740-404-3594

Fred Penick

Way View Cattle Company

3264 Refugee Rd.; Hebron, OH 43025

740-928-3912 or Cell: 740-404-1832

Tim Harsh

HFS Angus

4721 St. Rt. 203; Radnor, OH 43066

740-595-3543 or Farm/Cell: 740-225-2443

Zane Gross

Buckeye Creek Angus

1671 St. Rt. 60; Ashland, OH 44805

Farm/Cell 567-203-2369

Email: dfelumlee@windstream.net

Email: wayviewcattle@hotmail.com

Email: hfsangus@hotmail.com

Email: buckeyecreekangus@gmail.com


Black Swamp Angus Association

John King

Kingsway Angus

3735 N. Twp Rd. 111; Tiffin, OH 44883

419-937-1864 or Farm/Cell: 419-937-4148

Eastern Ohio Angus Association

Chip Enos

Black Destiny Angus

67059 N. 8th St. Rd.; Cambridge, OH 43725

740-439-4828 or Farm/Cell: 740-584-2727

West Central Ohio Angus Association

Jay Clutter

West Creek Farm

Email: kingswayangus@gmail.com

Email: cenos@frontier.com

12667 Buckland Holden Rd.; Wapakoneta, OH 45895

419-657-6804 or Farm/Cell: 419-305-3702

North Central Ohio Angus Association

Nick Wagner

Wagner Angus Farm

13257 E. Co. Rd. 56; Attica, OH 44807

419-426-1406 or Farm/Cell: 419-618-8645

Email: jdc@ohiolink.net

Email: wagnerangus@frontier.com


Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

2022 Jim Secrest Caldwell

2021 David Baird

2020 Tim & Elizabeth Harsh

2019 Fred Penick

2018 Kelvin & Jackie Egner

2017 John & Mary Lou King

2016 Jay Clutter

2015 John & Joanie Grimes

2014 Bob & Gail Deitrick

2013 Jim & Ruth Keen

2012 Jim Rentz

2011 John & Karen Enos

2010 Brent English

2009 Paul Hill

2008 Charles & Shirley Deitrick

2007 Richard Reimer

2006 George & Vivian Martin

2005 Henry Bergfeld

2004 Robert Horner

2003 Louis “Mick” Colvin

2002 C. Wayne Baird

2001 Richard Sour

2000 Warren & Martha Smith

1999 Merlin D. Woodruff

1998 Roy E. Truster

1997 Carl & Barbara Hinds

1996 A. Earl Caruthers


West Salem
Newcomerstown 56

2022 Distinguished Service Award

Jim Secrest

Nobleland Farm - Caldwell, OH

Nobleland Farm, owned by James Secrest and his daughter Nancy Snook is a family owned and operated beef farm raising registered Angus cattle. The farm has been in Jim’s family since 1895. The family farm has been designed an Ohio Century Farm by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

James has had Angus cattle since 1956, when he won Grand Champion Steer at the fair. In 1958, he bought his first Angus heifer. When he graduated high school in 1961, he purchased seven registered Angus heifers to start his own herd. The family farm hasn’t always been a beef farm. When Jim was younger, it was a dairy farm. For 40 years, he worked with his father as a dairyman. His dad begged him to stay on the dairy saying that milk price will get better someday.

Nobleland Farm’s main emphasis is raising registered Angus cows and bulls. Currently, they run approximately 45 females on 180 acres. The only crop that they produce is hay for their cattle. One thing that has made them stand out in the cattle industry is that they were an early adopter of artificial insemination technology. They started using AI in the early ’70s before a lot of people. They use low birth weight EPD sires in their AI program, which is popular among their customer base. Nobleland Farm has had one bull, Pioneer of Nobleland that was part of an AI bull program at Bovagene Genetics and semen was sold nationally on the sire.

Nobleland Farm sells to individual Angus breeders, commercial cattle operations and to 4-H youth. In 2017 the family celebrated 50 years of selling cattle at the Eastern Ohio Angus Sale in Zanesville, Ohio. Jim has only missed three sales in 50+ years of the EOAA Sale. They also participate in the Ohio Beef Expo sale, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association replacement heifer sale, and other regional Angus sales. Jim, Nancy and family have been involved with the Ohio Beef Expo since its first breed show and sale in 1988. Being members of the Noble County Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Angus Association and Eastern Ohio Angus Association allows them to participate in various shows and sales around the state and country.



On January 28, 1956, a group of approximately seventy-five enthusiastic women met at the Fort Hayes Hotel in Columbus, Ohio and formed the Ohio Women’s’ Auxiliary.

The opening session was conducted by Mrs. Barbara Hunt, one of the founders, serving as temporary chairman. Mrs. Arthur Mallory of Hampton, Iowa, then President of the American Women’s Auxiliary, assisted with the organization and conducted the first election of officers in which Mrs. Florence Hederding of Canfield, Ohio was named the first President.

The purpose of the Auxiliary has been to aid the Ohio Angus Association and Ohio Junior Angus Association in promoting the Angus breed. These activities include state scholarship awards, support of the American Auxiliary Scholarship program, selection of the annual Miss Ohio Angus, Junior Show Awards for girls & boys, Women’s Showmanship Contest, and acting as a hospitality committee at most Ohio Angus events.

The Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarship program began in 1962 and through 1968 was annually awarded to an Ohio State University student in the College of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science. The Board of Directors announced that the 1969 scholarship Award would be patterned after American Auxiliary Scholarship rules. This award is open to graduating high school senior boys and girls. The highest scoring girl or boy applicants will be Ohio’s entries in the American Auxiliary Scholarship contest and receive the Ohio Scholarship Award. The American Auxiliary Scholarship winner will be announced at the Ohio Preview Show. The Ohio Scholarship money will be awarded at the following Annual Banquet. The winner must attend college or some other course of higher education within one year.

Annually from 1958 through 1965, an Ohio Angus Queen was selected on the basis of her cattle show ring success, and from 1959 to 1963, an Ohio Angus King was chosen on the same basis. After 1965, the Queen was selected from a representative of each district association, competing on a point system. In 1968, the Queen was renamed “Miss Ohio Angus”. Starting in 1972, the Auxiliary selected judges to interview each district representative just before the Annual Meeting. Beginning in 1977, candidates for Miss Ohio Angus need not be representatives of a regional association. The “Miss Ohio Angus” is crowned and begins her reign at the Ohio Beef Expo. She presents ribbons and awards at Ohio Angus Association sponsored events and at other Angus events where she is invited. At the following Annual Banquet she will end her reign, and receive an engraved silver award in recognition of her service to the Ohio Angus Association. Miss Ohio Angus will be allotted an allowance to help defer her expenses in connection with her duties.

The Silver Show Award is open to a girl and a boy Junior Angus Association member of 4-H or FFA age and is based entirely on show records.

Each year during the Ohio Angus Preview Show, The Ohio Angus Auxiliary sponsors a Ladies Showmanship Contest and presents a trophy to the winner. To be eligible, a contest must be age twenty-one (21) or over and a paid member of the Ohio Angus Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary assists the Ohio Angus Association at the Annual Banquet by acting as the hospitality committee, decorating the tables, designing the programs and serving as part of the Annual meeting committee. The Angus Auxiliary serves refreshments at the Ohio Preview Show and the Ohio State Fair, and acts as hostesses at the Annual Field day. The Ohio Angus Auxiliary assists the directors of the Ohio Angus Association with the Ohio State Fair Booth and is available to help with promotions at the Farm Science Review.

The Ohio Angus Auxiliary is supported by its dues of $5.00 per year and fund raising projects such as the sale of Angus Motif items and coffee & doughnuts at sale and Angus events.

Any women interested in Angus cattle are cordially invited to join our organization and share in activities and fellowship while helping to promote the most important productANGUS CATTLE and ANGUS BEEF



President Kelli Miller

Vice President Aimee Waymire

Treasurer Kerrie Smith

Scholarship Christina Howell

Miss Ohio Contest Aimee Waymire

Ohio Auxiliary Officer Team

Ohio Angus Auxiliary Past Presidents

1956 Mrs. Florence Heberding

1957 Mrs. Margaret Matteson

1958 Mrs. Karl Kumler




1959 Mrs. Carlton Diefenthaler 1986-87





Roy Hagler

Richard A. Leppert

Richard Mikesell

Edwin Bryson

Roland Johnson

Curtis Balthaser

1966 Mrs. Vaugn C. Stocker


Leroy B. Billman

1967 Mrs. Henry E. Whitehead 2005-06




Fred H. Johnson 2007-16

Ralph J. Kramer 2017-18

George Wallace 2019-

1974-75 Mrs. James Keen

1976-77 Mrs. P.L. Sticker Jr.

1978-79 Mrs. Victor Hauke

William Rapp
Walter King
Fred N. Penick
1990-92 Mrs.
William Flesher
1993-95 Nancy Snook
1996 Becky Orndorff
1997-00 Sandra Wallace
Jackie Woodward
Carol Hutchinson
Barb Dance
L to R: Kelli Miller, President; Kerri Smith, Treasurer; Aimee Waymire, Treasurer; Christina Howell, Scholarship Chair.

Ohio Angus & Auxiliary Scholarships

Scholarships are made available by support from the ladies auxiliary and Ohio Angus Association, and there have been very few applicants the last couple years! So make sure to check out the details below and take advantage of this great financial opportunity as a reward for your participation in Ohio

Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarships are open to any graduating Ohio Jr. Angus member, and 2 scholarships are offered - one for boys, and one for girls. Applications are due to Christina Howell in March each year. Scholarship form can be downloaded off American Angus website, AAA Scholarship section.

Any questions contact Christina at howell521@gmail.com or 419-294-9247 or 1395 Snake Rd. Shelby, Ohio 44875

Miss Ohio Angus Queen Contest

1. A candidate must be an active member of the Ohio Junior Angus Association for at least one year and be between the ages of 15 and 21 by January 1.

2. She should be active in show showing Angus cattle at county fairs, district shows, Ohio junior Shows and the Ohio State Fair.

3. Each candidate shall request an application form from the chairman of the Miss Ohio Angus Contest. This application must be completed and postmarked no later than two weeks prior to the Annual Banquet. A photograph should be submitted with the complete form.

4. Selection of Miss Ohio Angus from the candidates will be made by a panel of judges at the Ohio Angus Association Annual Meeting, based on the following point system.

55 points Angus activity record & show participation/affiliation with Jr Angus Association, 4H, extra-curricular activities and assay.

35 points Personality, poise and appearance

5 points Parents or guardian, membership in the Ohio Angus Association for at least the preceding year.

5 points Mother or guardian, member of the Ohio Auxiliary for at least one year.

5. Miss Ohio Angus will begin her reign at the Ohio Angus Annual Meeting. As Queen, she must attend the following functions: (1) Ohio Beef Expo; (2) Ohio Angus Field Day; (3) Ohio Angus Preview Show (Junior & Senior); (4) Ohio State Fair (Junior Steer Show, Junior Angus Heifer Show, Open Class Angus Show; (5) Ohio Angus Annual Banquet. The Ohio Angus Auxiliary will pay for the Queen’s annual Banquet ticket the year she crowns the new Miss Ohio Angus. All other Angus functions (not listed) may be attended at Miss Ohio Angus’s discretion.

6. Miss Ohio Angus will receive an allowance of $200.00 to help defray expenses.

7. At the end of her reign, she will be presented an engraved silver award in recognition of her service to the Ohio Angus Association.

Queen Chairman: Kelli Miller, 11030 S.R. 197, Wapakoneta, OH 45896 • 419-657-6836


Miss Ohio Angus

Anna Scheurmann Warsaw, OH

Hello! I am Anna Scheurman, your 2023 Miss Ohio Angus. I am 18 years old and a senior at Tri-Valley High School. I have been active in many school activities including varsity volleyball, National Honor Society, student council, pep club, and served as a class officer as both President and Secretary. After high school, I will be attending Ohio University where I will be majoring in nursing. Outside of the classroom, I have spent much time volunteering and am active in both Ruriteen and 4-H. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community which I enjoy very much. I live with my family on a century family that has been in my dad’s family since 1831. For my 4-H experience, I am the president of my club and I have been a camp counselor for 4 years. I have been showing animals in 4-H for 9 years showing swine, poultry, and beef. The past few years, I have been heavily involved in the national Angus shows, working with my older sister, Kristina, by helping her and my dad during the shows. I was fortunate to represent Eastern Ohio Angus Association as the queen for the past 4 years and am very excited to now represent the state as the 2023 Miss Ohio Angus.

Past Miss Ohio Angus

1958 Gretchen Myers 1981 Sandra Slicker 2002 Stephanie Ann Mullett 1959-60 Daun Hauke 1982 Roberta Deitrick 2003 Jody Gahler 1961 Deanna Baker 1983 Denise Rapp 2004 Christina Egner 1962-63 Kathleen Jelly 1984 Sandra Wallace 2005 Caroline English 1964-65 Carolyn Jelly 1985 Shelly Burroughs 2006 Kayla Alexander 1966 Deanna Baker 1986 Cheryl Hampton 2007 Kelsie Davis 1967 Carolyn Dupreve 1987 Laura Burroughs 2008 Lindsay Grimes 1968 Marsha Phelps 1988 Sandra Flesher 2009 Bailey Harsh 1969 Jill Eversole 1989 Heather Lott 2010 Jeri Wagner 1970 Sharon Wilson 1990 Diane Rapp 2011 Sarah Miller 1971 Joy Thompson 1991 Suzanne Smith 2012 Shyla Kreager 1972 Diane Carr 1992 Carla Hinds 2013 Caroline Miller 1973 Sherry Kline 1993-94 Jennifer Butler 2014 Kelsey Davis 1974 Jayne Honeck 1995 Kimberly Nichols 2015 Lydia Dance 1975 Sue Molitor 1996 Melissa J. Sanders 2016-17 Marrisa Hall 1976 Cindy Lee 1997 Heather Traxler 2018 Kristina Schuerman 1977 Susan Wilson 1998 Jamie Marie King 2019 Ellie Kidwell 1978 Diane Molitor 1999 Pearlann McNichols 2020-21 Sarah Millikan 1979 Laureen Novak 2000 Angela Jean Miller 1980 Karen Uetrecht 2001 Danielle Yvonne Brosey

Ohio Angus Holds Commercial Cattleman’s Meeting at Certified Angus Beef

The Ohio Angus Association host the inaugural Commerical Cattleman’s Meeting to help cattleman to beef up their knowledge on the Certifed Angus program and the advantages of using Angus bulls in their herd. Over 35 cattle men & women gathered in Wooster, OH on January 27th & 28th. The event kicked off on Friday evening with a meal sponsored by the Ohio Angus Association followed by an evening of fellowship and socializing about cattle and the Angus breed.

Finally the group concluded the morning with a presentation from Alex Tolbert on an over view of the American Angus Association and the benefits of using an Angus bull in your operation.

To conclude the group was treated to a CAB lunch compliments of Certified Angus Beef before wrapping up the program in the early afternoon.

The event was a huge success with many participants raving about the experience. Planning and execution of the meeting was let by the Promotion and Education Committee of the Ohio Angus Board. We greatly appreciate the time and effort they put into the event and know they are already looking for ways to expand the event for future years in an effort to continue to grow the demand for Angus bulls and Angus genetics in the state of Ohio.

On Saturday morning the group move to the CAB Culinary Center for a morning of beef education let by the CAB Staff and American Angus Regional Manager, Alex Tolbert. Topics included the Science behind the Sizzle where participants learned about the different quality grades, what it takes to make it into Certified Angus Beef and tasted samples of steak from each respective quality grade. From their the group moved into the Meat Lab where CAB Meat Scientists led discussion on carcass processing, wholesale and retail cuts of a carcass and the grid pricing system. This hands on session was very well received as its not every day you get to evaluate a beef carcass.


Ohio Junior Angus Association


Ohio Jr. Angus Summer Schedule:

April 22 • Ohio Jr. Angus Preview, Marysville, OH

June 22-24

July 1-8

Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show, Lebanon, TN

National Junior Angus Show, Grand Island, NE

July 23-26 • Ohio State Fair Jr. Show, Columbus, OH

August 3-6 • LEAD Conference, Modesto, CA

Jr. Advisors: Lindsay Hall, Hillsboro, OH 937-763-8115

Kelly Kidwell, Walhounding, OH 740-504-0834

Gwen Crowe, Eaton, OH 937-603-9410

PresidentEllie Kidwell Vice PresidentSydney Sanders TreasurerMaggie Davis SecretaryHannah Millikan
News ReporterTori DeMeyer

Silver Show Awards

The following rules and point system will be used for Silver Show Awards for Boys, Girls, bred and owned, and Juniors except where noted. Points may be accumulated on animals for which there are classes at American Angus Association sponsored Junior shows (bred & owned heifers, bred & owned bulls, bred & owned cow/calf pairs, owned heifers and Registered Angus Steers). Only the winnings of two animals at each show may be used, but these need not be the same two animals at each show. Ownership deadlines will be the same each year as set forth by the American Angus Association. The winner will selected by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the Ohio Angus Association and the sponsor of the award. The following point system shall be used for all awards: Note that only One County or Independent Fair and Two Jackpot Shows may be used for points. Bred & Owned Award, 1 Boy - 1 Girl, 2 Animals can count points the same as Silver Show Rules. Points can also be used in the Silver Show Award. Class points will only count in designated Bred & Owned Show. An animal may only accumulate 1 point value per show, points are not cumulative for class, division, and overall champions.

2022 Junior Silver Show Award

The Junior Silver Show Award is presented by HFS Angus, Tim & Elizabeth Harsh, Radnor, Ohio. This award is for younger juniors who have not had their 13th

1 of the year in which the points are accumulated. This award may

Past Junior Show Award Winners

Grand Champion 100 150 175 200 250 500 1,000 Res. Grand Champion 75 125 150 175 200 400 800 Division Champion -- -- -- 125 150 300 600 Res. Division Champion -- -- 100 125 250 550 Class Winner 25 50 75 75 100 200 400 2nd Place -- -- -- -- 50 100 200 Independent All Expo County District State Fair National Fairs Shows Jackpot Shows Preview Shows NJAA Junior Silver Award Only All Silver Awards Applicants County Fair District Ohio State Fair Preview Regional NJAA Showmanship Showmanship Showmanship Showmanship Showmanship Showmanship 1st Place 100 100 100 150 250 500 2nd Place 80 80 80 120 225 450 3rd Place 60 60 60 90 200 400 4th Place 40 40 40 60 175 350 5th Place 20 20 20 30 150 300 Application Forms may be obtained from the Ohio Angus Association Secretary. Completed forms are due January 1st.
1982 Ritchie Boring 1996 Justin Brosey 2009 Lydia Dance 1984 Brad Draper 1997 Jordan Moore 2010 Samantha Wallace 1985 Kirk Furniss 1998 Jared Chester 2011 Rylee Closser 1986 Shannon Billman 1999 Caid Unger 2012 Caroline Winter 1987 Justin Goff 2000 Lindsey Grimes 2013 Kinsey Crowe 1988 Tarah Lott 2001 Logan Deitrick 2014 Kasey Felumlee 1989 Chad Goodman 2002 Lincoln Deitrick 2015 Jacob LeBrun 1990 Nicholas Rentz 2003 Sarah Wogan 2016 Ellie Kidwell 1991 Jamie Marie King 2004 Lauren Grimes 2017 Sydney Sanders 1992 Kyle Penick 2005 Brandee Painter 2018 Carly Sanders 1993 Kisha Jo Goodman 2006 Jordan Mullett 2019 Griffin Gahler 1994 Danielle Brosey 2007 Will Harsh 2020 Lilly Gahler 1995 Jenna Leigh Gilbert 2008 Christina Winter
one time
birthday by
The 2022 Junior Silver Show Award was sponsored by HFS Angus, Radnor and presented to Logan Davis, Bidwell, OH

Boys & Girls Silver Show Awards

Past Boys Show Award Winners

Past Girls Show Award Winners

Bred & Owned Silver Show Awards

The 2022 Boys Bred & Owned Award was sponsored by Egner Farms Angus, Shelby and presented to Logan Davis, Bidwell, OH. The 2022 Girls Bred & Owned Award was sponsored by Wells Livestock, Frankfort and presented to Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, OH. The 2021 Boys Silver Show Award was sponsored by Gahler Farms, Graytown and presented to Brayden Hayes, Oak Harbor
1973 Fred Penick 1991-92 Chad Goodman 2006 Justin Brosey 1974-75 Mark Goodman 1993 Chad Goodman 2007 Vince Untied 1976 Jeff Johnson 1994 Derek Isaacs 2008 Will Harsh 1977-78 David Dorn 1995 Kyle Penick 2009-10 Jordan Mullett 1979 Jeff Johnson 1996 Phil Leitnaker 2011-16 Will Harsh 1980-81 Sam Johnson 1997 Justin Brosey 2017 Kasey Felumlee 1982 Kevin Hampton 1998 Mike Painter 2018 Jacon LeBrun 1983 David Hutchins 1999-00 Eric King 2019 Griffin Gahler 1984-85 Kevin Hampton 2001 Kevin Majors 2020 Brayden Hayes 1986 Doug Rentz 2002 Eric King 2021 Logan Davis 1987-89 Jason Goff 2003-04 Justin Brosey 1990 Kirk Furniss 2005 Vince Untied
The 2022 Girls Silver Show Award was sponsored by Turkey Run Angus, Otway, and presented to Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, OH
1969 Joyce Thompson 1987 Sheri Rentz 2004 Sarah Wogan 1970 Pat Opelt 1988 Shelly Burroughs 2005 Lindsey Grimes 1971 Jean Molitor 1989 Heather Lott 2006 Kayla Alexander 1972 Connie Evans 1990 Diane Rapp 2007 Lauren Grimes 1973-74 Cindy Lee 1991 Jennifer Butler 2008 Lindsey Grimes 1975 Diane Molitor 1992 Elizabeth Hauke 2009 Bailey Harsh 1976 Sue Evans 1993 Danielle Brosey 2010 Lauren Grimes 1977 Anita Billman 1994 Melissa Sanders 2011 Lindsey Grimes 1978-79 Laureen Novak 1995 Jennifer Lynn Luli 2012-15 Lauren Grimes 1980 Twila Doran 1996 Jenna Gilbert 2016 Brandee Painter 1981 Denise Rapp 1997 Neenah Kay Hill 2017 Emily Wogan 1982 Cheryl Hutchins 1998 Morgan Woodward 2018 Erica Snook 1983 Sheri Rentz 1999-00 Jenna Gilbert 2019 Caroline Winter 1984 Vicki Johnson 2001 Kimberly Evans 2020 Lilly Gahler 1985 Sharon Secrest 2002 Jamie King 2021 Maggie Davis 1986 Ellen Bergfeld 2003 Lindsey Grimes



Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH

Bred & Owned Division

Grand Champion Bull: SCH Presidential Power 212 won grand champion bred-and-owned bull at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, owns the January 2021 son of S A V President 6847. He first won junior champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Reserve Grand Bull:

HAII Georgina’s Express 928 won reserve grand champion bred-andowned bull at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Hannah Millikan, Napoleon, Ohio, owns the September 2021 son of Conley Express 7211. He first won junior calf champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female: SCH Power Girl Pride 217 won grand champion bred-and-owned female at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, owns the June 2021 daughter of Silveiras Style 9303. She also claimed intermediate champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female:

Gahler Erica 6101 won reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Lillian Gahler, Graytown, Ohio, owns the September 2021 daughter of PVF Blacklist 7077. She first won senior calf champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Ohio Junior Angus Showmanship Winners

Senior Showmanship

1. Kristina Scheurmann

2. Rylee Closser

3. Elly Castello

4. Caroline Winter


Intermediate Showmanship

1. Brayden Hayes

2. Hannah Millikan

3. Josie Kidwell

4. Aubrey Bapst

Junior Showmanship

1. Brianna Foxx

2. Maggie Tomlinson

3. Audrey Hoffman

4. Cade Videkovich

5. Carrie Gahler

PeeWee Showmanship

1. Kinsely Hoffman



Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH 2022

Owned Females

Grand Champion Owned Female:

Seldom Rest Sandy 1024 won grand champion owned female at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio.

Tori DeMeyer, West Union, Ohio, owns the February 2021 daughter of Colburn Primo 5153. She first won junior champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Reserve Grand Owned Female:

TR Patsy 034 won reserve grand champion owned female at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Brayden Hayes, Graytown, Ohio, owns the September 2020 daughter of PVF Surveillance 4129. She first claimed senior champion. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.


Grand Champion Steer: Highland Farms Mr President won grand champion steer at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Rylee Closser, Hebron, Ohio, owns the February 2021 son of Conley Express 7211. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Reserve Grand Champion Steer: Gahler Highland Stewie 9133 won reserve grand champion steer at the 2022 Ohio Junior Angus Association Preview Show, June 11 in Zanesville, Ohio. Lillian Gahler, Graytown, Ohio, owns the March 2021 son of Bushs Wing Man 201. Clint Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, evaluated the 29 entries.

Ohio Junior Angus Preview Division Winners




Intermediate Junior Tori
Senior Brayden
Bulls Champion
Calf Hannah
Intermediate Rylee
Junior Kristina
Senior Bred
Senior 67
Owned Females Champion Reserve
& Owned Females Champion Reserve Heifer Calf
Gahler Brianna Fox
Kristina Scheurman
Kaydence Connolly


Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH


Grand Champion Female: Seldom Rest Sandy 1024 won grand champion female at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Tori DeMeyer, West Union, Ohio, owns the February 2021 daughter of Colburn Primo 5153. She first won junior champion. Kevin Rooker, Smock, Pa., evaluated the 27 entries.

Reserve Champion Female:

Maplecrest Shadoe 1256 won reserve grand champion female at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio, owns the September 2021 daughter of SCC SCH 24 Karat 838. She first won senior calf champion. Kevin Rooker, Smock, Pa., evaluated the 27 entries.


Grand Champion Bull: SCH Presidential Power 212 won grand champion bull at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, owns the January 2021 son of S A V President 6847. He first won junior champion. Kevin Rooker, Smock, Pa., evaluated the 27 entries.

Reserve Champion Bull:

Maplecrest Style J1118 won reserve grand champion bull at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, Ohio, own the May 2021 son of Silveiras Style 9303. He first claimed reserve junior champion. Kevin Rooker, Smock, Pa., evaluated the 27 entries.



Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH

Ohio Preview Division Winners

Herdsman Award: Elly Castello, Barnesville, Ohio, center, won herdsman of the year at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Also pictured presenting the award are Mandy Rooker, left, and Kevin Rooker, judge, right. Premier Breeder: Toussaint River Angus Farm, Oak Harbor, Ohio, won premier breeder at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Pictured from left are Brayden Hayes, Jordan Moore, Kinsley Moore, Mandy Rooker and Kevin Rooker, judge Premier Exhibitor:
Females Champion Reserve Heifer Calf Ellie Kidwell Wyatt Luallen Intermediate Kristina Scheurman Junior Tori DeMeyer Audrey Hoffman Senior Brayden Hayes Maggie Tomlinson Bulls Champion Reserve Calf Gary Davis Hannah Millikan Intermediate Maplecrest Farms Audrey Hoffman Junior Kristina Schuerman Caroline Winter Senior
Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, won premier exhibitor at the 2022 Ohio Angus Association Preview Show, June 12 in Zanesville, Ohio. Pictured from left are Kurt Scheurman; Kristina Scheurman, recipient; Mandy Rooker and Kevin Rooker, judge.




Grand Champion Female: SSF SKY Annie Lu 5011 won grand champion female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Angus Show, July 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Bryson Jones, Harrod, Ohio, owns the May 2021 daughter of PVF Blacklist 7077. Brett Carter, Stratford, Okla., evaluated the 52 entries.

Reserve Champion Female: Genflo Coor Blackbird 421 won reserve grand champion female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Angus Show, July 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Sydney Sanders, Leesburg, Ohio, owns the March 2021 daughter of TGM Compton 1738. Brett Carter, Stratford, Okla., evaluated the 52 entries.


Grand Champion Bull: SCH Presidential Power 212 won grand champion bull at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Angus Show, July 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, owns the January 2021 son of S A V President 6847. Brett Carter, Stratford, Okla., evaluated the 52 entries.

Reserve Champion Bull: WWK Jack of All Trades 224J won reserve grand champion bull at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Angus Show, July 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Union Angus, Norwalk, Ohio, owns the February 2021 son of WB Pendleton 708 PVF SWSN. Brett Carter, Stratford, Okla., evaluated the 52 entries.

Ohio State Fair Division Winners

Females Champion Reserve

Jr. Heifer Calf

Sr. Heifer Calf

Caroline Winter

Wyatt Luaallen

Intermediate Bryson Jones

Junior Sydney Sanders

Senior Braydon Hayes


Jr. Calf Garrett Wells

Sr. Calf Davis Farms

Kingsway Angus

Kingsway Angus

Kristina Scheurman

Carly Sanders

Kevin Hinds

Union Angus

Intermediate Audrey Hoffman --------------

Junior Kristina Scheurman

Union Angus




Owned Females

Grand Champion Female: SSF SKY Annie Lu 5011 won grand champion owned female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Angus Show, July 30 in Columbus, Ohio. Bryson Jones, Harrod, Ohio, owns the May 2021 daughter of PVF Blacklist 7077. Donnie Robertson, Yukon, Okla., evaluated the 40 entries.

Reserve Champion Female:

Genflo Coor Blackbird 421 won reserve grand champion owned female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Angus Show, July 30 in Columbus, Ohio. Sydney Sanders, Leesburg, Ohio, owns the March 2021 daughter of TGM Compton 1738. Donnie Robertson, Yukon, Okla., evaluated the 40 entries.

Bred & Owned Females

Grand Champion B&O Female: SS Shadoe 1362 won grand champion bred-and-owned female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Angus Show, July 30 in Columbus, Ohio. Sydney Sanders, Leesburg, Ohio, owns the February 2021 daughter of Silveiras Style 9303. Donnie Robertson, Yukon, Okla., evaluated the 40 entries.

Reserve Champion B&O Female:

Maf Miss Sandra 802J won reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female at the 2022 Ohio State Fair Junior Angus Show, July 30 in Columbus, Ohio. Audrey Hoffman, Coshocton, Ohio, owns the August 2021 daughter of Seldom Rest Sandman 6075. Donnie Robertson, Yukon, Okla., evaluated the 40 entries.



Reserve Intermediate Champion Division 3: SCC Heart N Sole 153 won reserve intermediate champion heifer-division 3 at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 2-9 in Kansas City, Mo. Delaney Jones, Harrod, Ohio, owns the winning heifer.

Bred-and-owned Bull Class 11 : SCH Presidential Power 212 won bred-and-owned bull class 11 at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 2-9 in Kansas City, Mo. Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, owns the winning bull.

UDE Style 182J won steer class 6 at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 2-9 in Kansas City, Mo. Madison Riley, Washington Court House, Ohio, owns the winning steer.

Flat Andy Award: These young Angus enthusiasts won top honors in the Flat Andy Contest at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, July 8 in Kansas City, Mo. Pictured from left are Anna

Scheurman and Kristina Scheurman, both of Warsaw, Ohio; and Lani LeBeouf, Deridder, La. Steer Class 7:
Showmanship Honorable Mention: Pictured from left are Avery Dull, Westminster, Md.; Baylee Wulfkuhle, Lawrence, Kan.; Rylee Closser, Hebron, Ohio; and Taylor Schofield, Pavilion, New York.


Ohio - Senior Steak 3rd:

Ohio juniors won third place in the senior steak division at the All-American Certified Angus Beef® (CAB) CookOff at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 5 in Kansas City, Mo. Pictured from left are Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding; Hannah Millikan, Napoleon; Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw; and Josie Kidwell, Walhonding. They prepared “’It’s Greek to Me’ Certified Angus Beef Gyros.”

Woodlawn Farms Scholarship:

Kristina Scheurman, Warsaw, Ohio, right, received the Woodlawn Farms $1,250 Scholarship at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Scholarship Presentation, July 6-8 in Kansas City, Mo. Pictured presenting the award is Casey Jentz, American Angus Assocation regional manager, left.

CAB/NJAA Scholarship:

Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio, left, received the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) LLC/NJAA $1,500 Scholarship at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Scholarship Presentation, July 6-8 in Kansas City, Mo. Pictured presenting the award is Richard Dyar, Chairman of the Angus Foundation Board of Directors, right.

Angus Foundation $2,000 Scholarship : These junior members received the Angus Foundation Undergraduate $2,000 Scholarships at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Scholarship Presentation, July 6-8 in Kansas City, Mo. Pictured front row from left are Kelsey Theis, Leavenworth, Kan.; Alexis Vandebergh, Cleveland, N.D.; Kinsey Crowe, Eaton, Ohio; Kyli Kraft, Fort Collins, Colo.; Alli Perry, Fayetteville, Tenn.; Lexi Knapp, Bloomfield, Iowa; Amelia Miller, Gridley, Ill.; Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.; and Richard Dyar, Chairman of the Angus Foundation Board of Directors, presenting. Pictured back row from left are Trey Conley, Clarksdale, Mo.; Seth Cox, Eagle Point, Ore.; J. Gordon Clark, Gretna, Va.; Victoria Gerken, Cashion, Okla.; Kady Figge, Onaga, Kan.; and Jordyn Wickard, Greenfield, Ind.


2022 Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show

Chatham, VA

Grand Champion PGS Female: Maplecrest Eva 1239 won grand champion phenotype and genotype female at the 2022 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show, June 1718 in Chatham, Va. Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio, owns the September 2021 daughter of G A R Kansas. She earlier won division 1 champion.

Bred-and-owned Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull: WayView Erica 291-033 won reserve division 3 champion heifer at the 2021 Phenotype and Genotype Show (PGS) held in conjuction with the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show, June 27 in Fletcher, N.C. Rylee Closser, Hebron, Ohio, owns the winning heifer.


2022 Ohio Beef Expo Jr. Show

Reserve Champion Female & Champion Angus HeiferExhibited by Delaney Jones, Allen County 8th Overall Female & Reserve Angus HeiferExhibited by Samantha VanVorhis, Wood County Champion Angus SteerExhibited by Madison Paden, Guernsey County Reserve Angus SteerExhibited by Macie Riley, Fayette County Champion Angus Heifer Buckeye Breeders SeriesSkylar Ward - Preble County Bred by Skyler Ward Reserve Champion Angus Heifer Buckeye Breeders SeriesElla Pietranton - Belmont County Bred by Trails End Farm/Eric Dunfee, Belmont County Champion Buckeye Breeders Series & Champion Angus SteerExhibited by Madison Paden, Guernsey County Bred by Diamond T Land & Cattle Co. LLC - Bidwell, Ohio High Selling BullLot 22, a son of WB Pendleton 708 PVF SWSN that was consigned by West / Woodard / Kreis, Adamsville, OH and purchased by Union Angus, Norwalk, OH for $8,500
Thank You to the Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Buyers & Consignors, for making this years sale a huge success! SUPER STAR Ohio Angus Sale Ohio Beef Expo •
High Selling Bulls Lot: Price: Seller: Buyer: 22 $8,500 West / Woodard / Kreis; Adamsville, OH Union Angus; Norwalk, OH 3 $8,000 Paradise Cattle Co.; Ashville, OH Duvall & Sons Angus; Barnesville, OH 2 $6,000 Kristina Scheurmann; Warsaw, OH Tom Taylor; Pleasant City, OH 8 $5,750 Cedar Hill Farm; Newark, OH Mark Kinsey, Jeromesville, OH 11 $5,000 Egner Farms Angus; Shelby, OH James Eppley; McConnelsville, OH High Selling Open Heifers 52 $4,200 Davis Cattle Co.; Bidwell, OH Bonnie Evans; Lakeland, FL 43 $3,700 Davis Cattle Co.; Bidwell, OH Ronald Winkler; Clarington, OH 38 $3,200 Paradise Cattle Co., Ashville, OH Kimberly Videkovich; Ashville, OH 47 $2,600 Smith Show Stock; Brown City, MI Linda Cranmer; Butler, PA 42 $2,500 Twin Spurs Ranch; Sarahsville, OH Kyle Smith; North Fairfield, OH High Selling Bred Heifers 33 $10,000 Wells Livestock; Frankfort, OH Hammack Ridge Farms, Looneyville, WV 29 $5,100 Claylick Run Genetics, Newark, OH Brent Stoten; Carthage, IN Lots: Gross: Average: 21 Angus Bulls $86,150 $4,102 5 Embryos Lots $14,650 $3,662 Cattle Sold Into: 5 Bred Heifers $27,200 $5,440 Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia 17 Open Heifers $39,300 $2,068 Illinois and Florida 48 Total Lots $167,300 $3,485 76
High Selling FemaleLot 33, a daughter of Mill Brae Identified 4031 that was consigned by Wells Livestock, Frankfort, OH and purchased by Hammack Ridge Farms, Looneyville, WV for $10,000.
March 18th, 2022

Fall Angus Classic

Claylick Run Sale Facility

November 19, 2022

High Selling Bred Cows Lot: Price: Seller: Buyer: 2 $4,300 Claylick Run Genetics, Newark, OH Mike Gastier /Gahler Farms; Graytown, OH 31 $3,200 Gahler Farms, Graytown, OH Josh Gruber; Raymond, OH High Selling Bred Heifers 5 $4,900 Way View Cattle Co.; Hebron, OH Kiata Farms; Hamilton, OH 15 $4,100 Atterholt Farms, Jeromesville, OH Harold Koons; Salem, OH 19 $4,000 Atterholt Farms, Jeromesville, OH David Shurtz; West Lafayette, OH 23 $4,000 Atterholt Farms, Jeromesville, OH Egner Farms Angus; Shelby, OH High Selling Cow/Calf Pairs 1+A $7,500 Pine Hill Farms; Summitville, OH C.Cope; Salem, OH & T.Snyder; Belmont, OH 4+A $4,800 Pine Hill Farms; Summitville, OH John Rozenek; Rayland, OH High Selling Open Heifer 9 $1,700 Blackhoof Creek Farm, Wapakoneta, OH Christian Robertson; Newark, OH Lots: Gross: Average: 18 Bred Cows $37,550 $2,086 15 Bred Heifers $52,050 $3,470 Cattle Sold Into: 3 Fall C/C Pairs $10,100 $3,366 Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee 4 Open Heifers $5,500 $1,375 & West Virginia 7 Com. Bred Cow $12,550 $1,807 $126,650 $2,694

Highlights of the 2022 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show & National Junior Angus Show

CongratulationstotheOhioJuniorsona successfulsummerrepresentingOHIO!

Al & Susie, Lilly, Addy, Griffin & Carrie Gahler Allen: 419-350-2091 gahler2@yahoo.com Brayden Hayes: 419-707-7239 Independent Sales Rep. www.stgen.com 419-350-2091 Hay and straw available year round - 3x3 Large Squares - Alfalfa, Mixed Grass & Oat Hay - Nutrient Tested, Properly Stored, Angus Cow Approved - Delivery Anywhere in Ohio If you don’t already own a “ Lady of the Toussaint” it’s time to give one a try, and let us supply you with the forages to keep her belly full too! Claylick Run Queen F09 Con. Concord x WV Queen 1402 Newest member of our donor pen Top 30% in 14 different EPDs Gahler Patsy 6208 Rawhide x Patsy 3508 Rockstar daughter of our premier donor. Top 10% for 7 traits TR Rachel 8302 PVF Insight x TR Rachel 3415 Reserve Calf Champion at 2019 Ohio Angus Preview Show! Find one at the Ohio Beef Expo, Ohio Fall Angus Classic or venture up north to the banks of the Toussaint River and pick out a daughter or sibling of one these rising stars… 80
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Application for Membership Ohio Angus Auxiliary Association Annual Dues $5.00 Name:___________________________________________________________ Farm Name:______________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________ City:____________________________________________________________ State:______________________________ Zip:_________________________ Telephone: (_________)____________________________________________ Farm Phone:_____________________________________________________ Mail to: Ohio Angus Auxiliary Association Treasurer, Kerrie Smith * 3610 S. Grubb Rd. * Cridersville , OH 45806 Ph: 419-657-6108 119 97
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Annual Dues $35.00

Ohio Angus Association

Please note: Memberships are by calendar year, and are due on January 1st each year. Members receive the monthly Ohio Angus Newsletter, a listing in the OAA Directory, one free classified web ad, e-mail news and updates, and more...

____New member ____Women’s Auxiliary ($5 additional dues)

Membership type: ____Renewal

Business of Farm Name:

Owner(s) Name: Address:



No. of Brood Cows City:

Farm/Cell Phone:

Home Phone:

Website: Email:

*E-mail addresses will not be distributed or utilized for any communication other than official Ohio Angus Association business, news, and updates. Check here if you would prefer to receive the newsletter by E-Mail

*Due to U.S. bulk mailing procedures and pending changes in mail service, timeliness of mail delivery may be highly variable -

OAA cannot guarantee timeliness of receipt or deadlines, and highly encourages subscribing to the electronic newsletter.

____ Check here if you have children between the ages of 8 and 21 or if you would other wise like to receive news and info about the Ohio Jr. Angus Association via E-mail

Mail to: Ohio Angus Association, Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 12620 Westfall Rd.Frankfort, OH 45628 Phone 740-505-3843 • Email: danwells@ohioangus.org
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Application for Membership Ohio Junior Angus Association Annual Dues $10.00

Parent/Guardian: _________________________

Name: ___________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: __________ Zip: ___________________ Telephone: (____) ____________________

email: _________________________________

AAA Membership #: _______________

Date of Birth: _________________

TShirt size: ______

Age as of January 1 current year: _____________ County: _______ _______

Make Checks Payable to: Ohio Junior Angus Association

Lindsey Hall 3764 Harriett Rd. Hillsboro, OH 45133

Mail to: Ohio Jr. Angus Association 101
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2023 Ohio Angus Media Kit & Advertising Opportunities

Directory/Handbook Advertising

• Membership directory with Ohio Angus Association, Jr. Association, and Ladies Auxiliary information, show and sale info, calendar, breeder tools, activity results and photos, and advertisements

• Published annually in March. Mailed directly to all members and advertisers.

• Additional copies distributed throughout Ohio and surrounding states at shows, sales, and industry events

• Ad design services are available, additional charges apply

Deadlines / Page selection

• Premium pages to be sold at auction, Saturday, February 4th 2023 at Ohio Angus annual banquet

• Confidential bids will be accepted if you cannot attend auction - minimum bid $400

• Auction purchased ads include ad placement, design/layout, and color charges with no additional fees

• Full color pages are limited availability and usually sell out at auction

• February 15 - Deadline to reserve ad space

• February 15 - Deadline for plans and materials to be submitted for Ad design / layout assistance

• February 21 - Copy ready (PDF) ad deadline

Newsletter and Website Advertising

• Published 6 times per year (Jan./Feb.; Marc/April; May/June; July/Aug.; Sept./Oct; Nov./Dec.)

• Ad design services - submit plans by the 10th of the preceding month, additional charges apply

• Ads from other publications - submit order instruction by the 20th of preceding month, fees may apply

• Ads will appear on “featured ads” on front page of web site for 30 days prior to event or specified date

• Business card ads will appear on website “advertising” page for 1 year (may be purchased at pro-rated price any time.)

• Pricing is for copy ready ads in PDF format. Newsletter is printed black and white -ads may be submitted in color and will be used in color for web/email versions

• Print ads should be submitted in high resolution (300dpi) PDF format, in full color if desired, printer will convert to grayscale for the printed version.

• Angus sale advertisers will receive free sale and fieldman services with the placing of 2 full page ads.

• Must be current Ohio Angus member to advertise cattle sales, and content must relate to sale of Angus cattle.

• For a cattle sale to be included on Ohio Angus official calendar of events, at least $150 of newsletter, website and/ or Facebook advertisements must be purchased.

Additional Advertising Services

Facebook Posts

• One time post with pictures, videos and/ or advertisement

• Posted to the Ohio Angus Facebook Page the has over 1500 followers.

• $100 per post / $50 with purchase of full page news ad

• Pictures and Ads to be submitted as high resolution JPeg files.

Direct Mailings / Mail List Access

• The membership and other mailing lists are the sole property of the Ohio Angus Association and may not be duplicated or used in any manner without proper consent.

• Members or business advertisers may conduct special mailings through the Ohio Angus Association, for $150 plus printing and mailing costs

• Under no circumstances will the mailing list be distributed via hard copy or electronic to anyone other than the printer of choice for the mailing which already has a working relationship with Ohio Angus.

*All prices and regulations subject to change, as determined by the Ohio Angus Association board of directors*

Pricing Specifications Black/white Full Color live area bleed full page $225 $385 5.5 x 8.5 1/8 in. (.125) 1/2 page $130 $225 5.5 x 4.25 1/8 in. (.125) NEW 1/4 pg/business card $75 $125 4.75 x 1.8906 N/A
Size Price full page $150 1/2 page $100 Bus Card $200 live area bleed 8.5 x 11 1/8 in. (.125) 8.5 x 5.5 1/8 in. (.125) 3.5 x 2 none


Owning seed-stock Angus cattle can be a very rewarding experience. A great deal of time, hard work and planning go into building a successful program. A sound and pro-active marketing plan will provide you with even more enjoyment and a “leg-up” on the competition, regardless of the size of your operation. Today’s cattle industry is a global one; tailor your marketing efforts for both local and national buyers.

Planning and preparation are the number one components of a successful consignment. Start brainstorming possible consignments months before the sale chairperson contacts you or you contact them. Your management and breeding decisions play a large role in this planning and preparation process. When completing your AI work, keep in mind how these decisions will affect your offering. Keeping daily accurate records will benefit your program and assist the sale manager. For your review, here is a suggested time table for the necessary steps to a successful consignment.


• Review your cow herd, make list of potential consignments.

• Double check ages, breeding information and pedigrees to assist in narrowing down your list.

• Contact sale chairperson/ sale manager with your interest in consigning to the sale and provide them the information on your potential consignment for their review.

• Make the necessary arrangement to get the consignment(s) bred and/or pregnancy checked. If and when possible, use ultrasound for pregnancy and calf-sex; ultrasound gives you a more accurate age of the fetus and sometimes can determine sex of the fetus. A confirmed heifer calf fetus could potentially add more value to the offering.


• Make final selection of consignments.

• Make sure all consignments, including calves at side, are registered. This allows the sale manager access to the most up-to-date information, such as EPDs, on your consignments and allow for a smooth registration transfer process to please both the buyer and seller.

• If you are interested, arrange to photograph your consignment, either by contacting a professional cattle photographer or your sale manager. A good photograph of your lot allows the sale manager and you to showcase your consignment to potential buyers nationwide. A quality picture will place the dollars back in your pocket.

• Promptly submit registration numbers, breeding information, photos, support photos, performance pedigrees and footnote information to the sale manager. If you are not comfortable writing a footnote, provide all pertinent information to the sale manager. You know your cattle and their bloodlines better than anyone; providing the sale manager this information will provide insight into the strengths of your consignment.

• As part of a consignment sale, a sale manager handles a large part of the sale advertising. However, you may choose to also place your own ads to highlight your consignment, especially on premier consignments. If you do choose to place additional advertising, start thinking of publications in which to place the ad, the size, whether color is desired, content etc. Typically, your sale manager is set up to assist you in developing and placing ads.



• Sale manager finishes putting the catalog together and it is sent to the printer

• Separate sale offering from the rest of your herd, and give them some extra attention and feed.

• Buyers prefer cattle that are in optimal condition, not too fat...not too thin. Top pedigrees and production records alone will not always sway a buyer if your consignment is too thin or in poor condition.

• Watch for consignor pre-sale mailers from the sale chairperson and sale manager with information and instructions for the up coming sale.


• Remain in contact with the sale manager; discuss potential buyers, past buyers and your price expectations, so everyone is on the same page.

• Complete necessary health work and obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). To ensure that your consignments are eligible to sell into almost any state, they are required to be tested negative or come from a documented “free herd” for both Tuberculosis (TB) and Brucellosis (Bangs). T.B. and Bangs testing must be done Within 30 days of the sale. Every state has slightly different requirements for what ages must be tested and what documentation is required from a “free herd”, so work closely with your vet and the sale manager to ensure your consignments are eligible.

• Matching ear tags are mailed to all consignors from the sale manager.

• Request paper copies of Registration Papers, if yours are stored electronically.

• Catalogs are mailed app. 3 weeks before the sale; work with the sale manager to ensure copies are mailed to any new potential buyers and request several additional copies for you to distribute.

• You can maximize sale results by contacting past buyers directly. Mail them an extra catalog with a letter highlighting your consignment(s), produce a flyer with additional information about your consignment or call/visit with them, making sure they received a catalog, offering to answer any questions and inviting them to attend the sale.


• Clip or make arrangements to have your consignments clipped. Well presented & clipped consignments will draw more attention from potential buyers. If you need help, contact the sale manager. They can put you in touch with someone who has experience Clipping cattle.

• Double check that all consignments are tattooed and match their registration papers, apply your sale ear tags and remove any additional old ear tags. Typically, this can easily be done when the cattle are in the chute to be clipped.


• Make sure consignments are clean and presentable.

• Arrive on time at the sale location and have all the necessary paperwork including: signed & completed registration papers, Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), test results for T.B. & Bangs and any updated breeding, calving or production information to be included on the update sheet.

• Upon arrival, check in with the Sale Manager and present all necessary paperwork. (Offer to assist with stalling and sorting of all consignments.)


• Arrive early, make sure your consignments are fed and watered.

• Visit with potential buyers and answer any questions they might have.

• Assist during and after the sale, by running lots to and from the sale ring. It takes the efforts of all consignors to make sure the sale runs smoothly.

• After the sale, stick around and help load out, clean up and tear down. Especially, picking up after yourself, as many consignment sales are hosted by another consignor or fellow breeder.


American Angus Association® Selection Tools

Expected Progeny Difference (EPD), is the prediction of how future progeny of each animal are expected to perform relative to the progeny of other animals listed in the database. EPDs are expressed in units of measure for the trait, plus or minus. Interim EPDs may appear on young animals when their performance has yet to be incorporated into the American Angus Association National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) procedures. This EPD will be preceded by an “I”, and may or may not include the animal’s own performance record for a particular trait, depending on its availability, appropriate contemporary grouping, or data edits needed for NCE.

Accuracy (ACC), is the reliability that can be placed on the EPD. An accuracy of close to 1.0 indicates higher reliability. Accuracy is impacted by the number of progeny and ancestral records included in the analysis.


Calving Ease Direct (CED), is expressed as a difference in percentage of unassisted births, with a higher value indicating greater calving ease in first-calf heifers. It predicts the average difference in ease with which a sire’s calves will be born when he is bred to first-calf heifers.

Birth Weight EPD (BW), expressed in pounds, is a predictor of a sire’s ability to transmit birth weight to his progeny compared to that of other sires.

Weaning Weight EPD (WW), expressed in pounds, is a predictor of a sire’s ability to transmit weaning growth to his progeny compared to that of other sires.

Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG), feed efficiency expressed in pounds per day, is a predictor of a sire’s genetic ability for postweaning gain in future progeny compared to that of other sires, given a constant amount of feed consumed.

Yearling Weight EPD (YW), expressed in pounds, is a predictor of a sire’s ability to transmit yearling growth to his progeny compared to that of other sires.

Yearling Height EPD (YH), is a predictor of a sire’s ability to transmit yearling height, expressed in inches, compared to the that of other sires.

Scrotal Circumference EPD (SC), expressed in centimeters, is a predictor of the difference in transmitting ability for scrotal size compared to that of other sires.

Docility (DOC), is expressed as a difference in yearling cattle temperament, with a higher value indicating more favorable docility. It predicts the average difference of progeny from a sire in comparison with another sire’s calves.


Heifer Pregnancy (HP), is a selection tool to increase the probability or chance of a sire’s daughters becoming pregnant as first–calf heifers during a normal breeding season. A higher EPD is the more favorable direction, and the EPD is reported in percentage units.

Calving Ease Maternal (CEM), is expressed as a difference in percentage of unassisted births with a higher value indicating greater calving ease in first-calf daughters. It predicts the average ease with which a sire’s daughters will calve as first-calf heifers when compared to daughters of other sires.

Maternal Milk EPD (Milk), is a predictor of a sire’s genetic merit for milk and mothering ability as expressed in his daughters compared to daughters of other sires. In other words, it is that part of a calf’s weaning weight attributed to milk and mothering ability.

Mature Weight EPD (MW), expressed in pounds, is a predictor of the difference in mature weight of daughters of a sire compared to the daughters of other sires.

Mature Height EPD (MH), expressed in inches, is a predictor of the difference in mature height of a sire’s daughters compared to daughters of other sires.

Cow Energy Value ($EN), expressed in dollars savings per cow per year, assesses differences


in cow energy requirements as an expected dollar savings difference in daughters of sires. A larger value is more favorable when comparing two animals (more dollars saved on feed energy expenses). Components for computing the cow $EN savings difference include lactation energy requirements and energy costs associated with differences in mature cow size.


The genetic evaluation produces a single set of EPDs for carcass weight, marbling score, Ribeye area and fat thickness. The units of measure are in carcass trait format and analyzed on an age-constant basis.

Carcass Weight EPD (CW), expressed in pounds is a predictor of the differences in hot carcass weight of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.

Marbling EPD (Marb), expressed as a fraction of the difference in USDA marbling score of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.

Ribeye Area EPD (RE), expressed in square inches, is a predictor of the difference in ribeye area of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.

Fat Thickness EPD (Fat), expressed in inches, is a predictor of the differences in external fat thickness at the 12th rib (as measured between the 12th and 13th ribs) of a sire’s progeny compared to progeny of other sires.


$Value indexes, are multi-trait selection indexes to assist beef producers by adding simplicity to genetic selection decisions. $Values are reported in dollars per head, where a higher value is more favorable. The $Value is an estimate of how future progeny of each sire are expected to perform, on average, compared to progeny of other sires in the database if the sires were randomly mated to cows and if calves were exposed to the same environment.

Weaned Calf Value ($W), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for pre-weaning merit. $W includes both revenue and cost adjustments associated with differences in birth weight, weaning direct growth, maternal milk, and mature cow size.

Feedlot Value ($F), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for postweaning merit compared to progeny of other sires.

Grid Value ($G), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for carcass grid merit compared to progeny of other sires. $G combines both $QG and $YG, and may be the best carcass decision tool for focusing on quality and red meat yield simultaneously.

Quality Grade ($QG) represents the quality grade segment of the economic advantage found in $G. $QG is intended for the specialized user wanting to place more emphasis on improving quality grade. The carcass marbling (Marb) EPD, which is influenced by carcass marbling scores and ultrasound percent intramuscular fat (% IMF) measurements, contribute to $QG.

Yield Grade ($YG) $YG represents the yield grade segment of the economic advantage found in $G. $YG is intended for the specialized user wanting to place more emphasis on red meat yield. It provides a multi-trait approach to encompass ribeye, fat thickness and weight into an economic value for red meat yield.

Beef Value ($B), an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for postweaning and carcass value compared to progeny of other sires.

Combined Value ($C), expressed in dollars per head, which includes all traits that make up both Maternal Weaned Calf Value ($M) and Beef Value ($B) with the objective that commercial producers will replace 20% of their breeding females per year with replacement heifers retained within their own herd. The remaining cull heifer and steer progeny are then assumed to be sent to the feedlot where the producers retain ownership of those cattle and sell them on a quality-based carcass merit grid.


*Due dates are based on a 283 day gestation interval of Angus based Cattle.

1/1 10/10 2/1 11/10 3/1 12/8 4/1 1/8 5/1 2/7 6/1 3/10 7/1 4/9 8/1 5/10 9/1 6/10 10/1 7/10 11/1 8/10 12/1 9/9 1/2 10/11 2/2 11/11 3/2 12/9 4/2 1/9 5/2 2/8 6/2 3/11 7/2 4/10 8/2 5/11 9/2 6/11 10/2 7/11 11/2 8/11 12/2 9/10 1/3 10/12 2/3 11/12 3/3 12/10 4/3 1/10 5/3 2/9 6/3 3/12 7/3 4/11 8/3 5/12 9/3 6/12 10/3 7/12 11/3 8/12 12/3 9/11 1/4 10/13 2/4 11/13 3/4 12/11 4/4 1/11 5/4 2/10 6/4 3/13 7/4 4/12 8/4 5/13 9/4 6/13 10/4 7/13 11/4 8/13 12/4 9/12 1/5 10/14 2/5 11/14 3/5 12/12 4/5 1/12 5/5 2/11 6/5 3/14 7/5 4/13 8/5 5/14 9/5 6/14 10/5 7/14 11/5 8/14 12/5 9/13 1/6 10/15 2/6 11/15 3/6 12/13 4/6 1/13 5/6 2/12 6/6 3/15 7/6 4/14 8/6 5/15 9/6 6/15 10/6 7/15 11/6 8/15 12/6 9/14 1/7 10/16 2/7 11/16 3/7 12/14 4/7 1/14 5/7 2/13 6/7 3/16 7/7 4/15 8/7 5/16 9/7 6/16 10/7 7/16 11/7 8/16 12/7 9/15 1/8 10/17 2/8 11/17 3/8 12/15 4/8 1/15 5/8 2/14 6/8 3/17 7/8 4/16 8/8 5/17 9/8 6/17 10/8 7/17 11/8 8/17 12/8 9/16 1/9 10/18 2/9 11/18 3/9 12/16 4/9 1/16 5/9 2/15 6/9 3/18 7/9 4/17 8/9 5/18 9/9 6/18 10/9 7/18 11/9 8/18 12/9 9/17 1/10 10/19 2/10 11/19 3/10 12/17 4/10 1/17 5/10 2/16 6/10 3/19 7/10 4/18 8/10 5/19 9/10 6/19 10/10 7/19 11/10 8/19 12/10 9/18 1/11 10/20 2/11 11/20 3/11 12/18 4/11 1/18 5/11 2/17 6/11 3/20 7/11 4/19 8/11 5/20 9/11 6/20 10/11 7/20 11/11 8/20 12/11 9/19 1/12 10/21 2/12 11/21 3/12 12/19 4/12 1/19 5/12 2/18 6/12 3/21 7/12 4/20 8/12 5/21 9/12 6/21 10/12 7/21 11/12 8/21 12/12 9/20 1/13 10/22 2/13 11/22 3/13 12/20 4/13 1/20 5/13 2/19 6/13 3/22 7/13 4/21 8/13 5/22 9/13 6/22 10/13 7/22 11/13 8/22 12/13 9/21 1/14 10/23 2/14 11/23 3/14 12/21 4/14 1/21 5/14 2/20 6/14 3/23 7/14 4/22 8/14 5/23 9/14 6/23 10/14 7/23 11/14 8/23 12/14 9/22 1/15 10/24 2/15 11/24 3/15 12/22 4/15 1/22 5/15 2/21 6/15 3/24 7/15 4/23 8/15 5/24 9/15 6/24 10/15 7/24 11/15 8/24 12/15 9/23 1/16 10/25 2/16 11/25 3/16 12/23 4/16 1/23 5/16 2/22 6/16 3/25 7/16 4/24 8/16 5/25 9/16 6/25 10/16 7/25 11/16 8/25 12/16 9/24 1/17 10/26 2/17 11/26 3/17 12/24 4/17 1/24 5/17 2/23 6/17 3/26 7/17 4/25 8/17 5/26 9/17 6/26 10/17 7/26 11/17 8/26 12/17 9/25 1/18 10/27 2/18 11/27 3/18 12/25 4/18 1/25 5/18 2/24 6/18 3/27 7/18 4/26 8/18 5/27 9/18 6/27 10/18 7/27 11/18 8/27 12/18 9/26 1/19 10/28 2/19 11/28 3/19 12/26 4/19 1/26 5/19 2/25 6/19 3/28 7/19 4/27 8/19 5/28 9/19 6/28 10/19 7/28 11/19 8/28 12/19 9/27 1/20 10/29 2/20 11/29 3/20 12/27 4/20 1/27 5/20 2/26 6/20 3/29 7/20 4/28 8/20 5/29 9/20 6/29 10/20 7/29 11/20 8/29 12/20 9/28 1/21 10/30 2/21 11/30 3/21 12/28 4/21 1/28 5/21 2/27 6/21 3/30 7/21 4/29 8/21 5/30 9/21 6/30 10/21 7/30 11/21 8/30 12/21 9/29 1/22 10/31 2/22 12/1 3/22 12/29 4/22 1/29 5/22 2/28 6/22 3/31 7/22 4/30 8/22 5/31 9/22 7/1 10/22 7/31 11/22 8/31 12/22 9/30 1/23 11/1 2/23 12/2 3/23 12/30 4/23 1/30 5/23 3/1 6/23 4/1 7/23 5/1 8/23 6/1 9/23 7/2 10/23 8/1 11/23 9/1 12/23 10/1 1/24 11/2 2/24 12/3 3/24 12/31 4/24 1/31 5/24 3/2 6/24 4/2 7/24 5/2 8/24 6/2 9/24 7/3 10/24 8/2 11/24 9/2 12/24 10/2 1/25 11/3 2/25 12/4 3/25 1/1 4/25 2/1 5/25 3/3 6/25 4/3 7/25 5/3 8/25 6/3 9/25 7/4 10/25 8/3 11/25 9/3 12/25 10/3 1/26 11/4 2/26 12/5 3/26 1/2 4/26 2/2 5/26 3/4 6/26 4/4 7/26 5/4 8/26 6/4 9/26 7/5 10/26 8/4 11/26 9/4 12/26 10/4 1/27 11/5 2/27 12/6 3/27 1/3 4/27 2/3 5/27 3/5 6/27 4/5 7/27 5/5 8/27 6/5 9/27 7/6 10/27 8/5 11/27 9/5 12/27 10/5 1/28 11/6 2/28 12/7 3/28 1/4 4/28 2/4 5/28 3/6 6/28 4/6 7/28 5/6 8/28 6/6 9/28 7/7 10/28 8/6 11/28 9/6 12/28 10/6 1/29 11/7 3/29 1/5 4/29 2/5 5/29 3/7 6/29 4/7 7/29 5/7 8/29 6/7 9/29 7/8 10/29 8/7 11/29 9/7 12/29 10/7 1/30 11/8 3/30 1/6 4/30 2/6 5/30 3/8 6/30 4/8 7/30 5/8 8/30 6/8 9/30 7/9 10/30 8/8 11/30 9/8 12/30 10/8 1/31 11/9 3/31 1/7 5/31 3/9 7/31 5/9 8/31 6/9 10/31 8/9 12/31 10/9
August Janurary Feburary March April
BOLD = SERVICE DATE UNBOLD = *DUE DATE September October November December May June July 108
Gestation Table

Bull Hip Height (inches) Frame Score

Heifer Hip Height (inches) Frame Score

Age in Frame Score Months 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5 37.5 39.5 41.6 43.6 45.6 47.7 49.7 6 38.8 40.8 42.9 44.9 46.9 48.9 51.0 7 40.0 42.1 44.1 46.1 48.1 50.1 52.2 8 41.2 43.2 45.2 47.2 49.3 51.3 53.3 9 42.3 44.3 46.3 48.3 50.3 52.3 54.3 10 43.3 45.3 47.3 49.3 51.3 53.3 55.3 11 44.2 46.2 48.2 50.2 52.2 54.2 56.2 12 45.0 47.0 49.0 51.0 53.0 55.0 57.0 13 45.8 47.8 49.8 51.8 53.8 55.8 57.7 14 46.5 48.5 50.4 52.4 54.4 56.4 58.4 15 47.1 49.1 51.1 53.0 55.0 57.0 59.0 16 47.6 49.6 51.6 53.6 55.6 57.5 59.5 17 48.1 50.1 52.0 54.0 56.0 58.0 60.0 18 48.5 50.5 52.4 54.4 56.4 58.4 60.3 19 48.8 50.8 52.7 54.7 56.7 58.7 60.6 20 49.1 51.0 53.0 55.0 56.9 58.9 60.9 21 49.2 51.2 53.2 55.1 57.1 59.1 61.0
Age in Frame Score Months 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5 37.2 39.3 41.3 43.4 45.5 47.5 49.6 6 38.2 40.3 42.3 44.4 46.5 48.5 50.6 7 39.2 41.2 43.3 45.3 47.4 49.4 51.5 8 40.1 42.1 44.1 46.2 48.2 50.2 52.3 9 40.9 42.9 44.9 47.0 49.0 51.0 53.0 10 41.6 43.7 45.7 47.7 49.7 51.7 53.8 11 42.3 44.3 46.4 48.4 50.4 52.4 54.4 12 43.0 45.0 47.0 49.0 51.0 53.0 55.0 13 43.6 45.5 47.5 49.5 51.5 53.5 55.5 14 44.1 46.1 48.0 50.0 52.0 54.0 56.0 15 44.5 46.5 48.5 50.5 52.4 54.4 56.4 16 44.9 46.9 48.9 50.8 52.8 54.8 56.7 17 45.3 47.2 49.2 51.1 53.1 55.1 57.0 18 45.6 47.5 49.5 51.4 53.4 55.3 57.3 19 45.8 47.7 49.7 51.6 53.6 55.5 57.4 20 46.0 47.9 49.8 51.8 53.7 55.6 57.6 21 46.1 48.0 50.0 51.9 53.8 55.7 57.7 109

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