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Jackie Castro-Cooper was born in Colombia, South America, and was raised in New York City, where she became a professional ballerina, almost joining the Broadway cast of CATS. She made her home on the Mississippi coast when she married a man from Biloxi. Here, Jackie has immersed her talents into helping other through her therapy practice, Gulf Coast Myofascial Release Physical Therapy. Jackie says she is one of the first holistic, alternative physical therapists in the United States. She obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of South Alabama. She is a professional speaker, business consultant, and the author of The Power of Self Care/Self Love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self. In 2020 when she couldn’t personally treat some of her patients, she created an online self-treatment video series, Back and Neck Pain Relief: The Surprising Gut and Brain Connection, which allows people to relieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain in their own homes. “I have the privilege of helping people heal themselves. As a holistic alternative physical therapist, I look at the whole person physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” she says. Jackie’s mission is to share information that is not widely known about the alleviation of pain and suffering. She is also the creator of the Women’s Health Forum, which educates and promotes alternative health care. She also leads The Self Care/Self Love Retreats. In 2007, Jackie established her private practice. She specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and incorporates her other studies to treat the needs of her clients. Jackie supports those seeking to combine both evidence-based research and spiritual healing practices. She is a long-time board member of STEPS Coalition, focused on the needs of the underserved. She

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is a volunteer for CureMSD (multiple sulfatase deficiency is a rare, fatal disease that affects the entire body), a nonprofit that is seeking to eradicate this disease that takes the lives of children before the age of ten. She is also the founder of The Alliance for the Education of Undocumented Youth, which supports DREAMERS. Her drive comes from above: “God drives me to be successful through loving kindness,” she says. “Success is measured by how many people I can lift up including myself. My mother’s work ethics drive me: Do what you love. Be great at what you love. Dance and have fun. My grandmothers’ work ethics: Be of service to God, family, and community. Care and love yourself.” Her message is that each and every person is a gift to the world: “In the way you look into someone’s eyes or shake their hand. The kind words that flow from your mouth. The smile you give to a child or the touch you place on an elder,” she says. She stresses that these things are important because people hold the power to bring heaven to earth. She credits her mother for instilling in her the belief that she is capable of anything. Her grandmother taught her that with God, all things are possible, and to these lessons she adds her own: “I am always evolving into my higher self.” She has learned to trust her intuition and listen to God’s voice. Though Jackie is the picture of confidence and success, she wasn’t always so self-assured. She was, however, willing to persevere. “At the age of 19 I thought I wasn’t smart enough or good enough to be a physical therapist,” she recalls. “At the age of 34 when I thought I was smart enough and good enough, my university said I wasn’t smart enough. When I came back five years later after three kids and a 4.0 GPA and told them in my inter-

she says It’s my mission to bring awareness to the world that, in order to evolve into our higher selves we must enter the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual rooms first.

Photography by Brandi Stage Portraiture

view I was good enough for the master’s program, they agreed.” And she has fulfilled the promise of her education and passion: “After 10 years of research to unite science and spirituality with personal stories, my book,The Power of Self Care/Self love: A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Evolving Into Your Higher Self (on amazon/kindle) was finally completed. I have also launched my online self-treatment video series; Back and neck Pain Relief: The Surprising Gut and Brain Connection (available at She also is living the life she envisioned for herself when she was a young teen. She recalls that when she was 15, a news reporter asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. “The questions were, ‘What do you think of the world’ and ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ My answers were, ‘There shouldn’t be people that are hungry, and I want to own my own business. And that girl grew up to be a coordinator and collector of uncooked food to feed 74 families twice a year with her church, and she owns her own business.” Jackie says she views others as sisters and brothers. “I look at what unites us, not what separates us. I create my own happiness. I lead with love.” To others seeking to find their path to fulfill their passion and achieve success, she says: “Ask yourself three questions: When you close your eyes what do you see yourself doing or being in the future? What makes you happy? What would you like to create? What do you love?”

If your hard-earned money is just disappearing, you might be

Over-shopping by CARRIE RATTLE If more boxes have appeared at your door step in 2020, you’re not alone. During the pandemic, online shopping became the go-to activity for many people. Beyond filling needs, and as a form of entertainment, shopping can be a coping mechanism to escape, self-soothe, take control, or reward ourselves for getting through another week. Despite the lack of spending on travel, hotels, flights, and much entertainment, spending levels by the end of 2020 were predicted to match pre-COVID levels, according to 1010Data and Visual Capitalist. As a financial therapist and coach, one of my specialties is compulsive shoppers. I work with successful people who have amassed anywhere from $100,000 to millions in debt and know they should stop, but just can’t. Often, they’re caught in the never-ending circle of working hard – shopping to reward themselves for the hard work – increasing debt – and working harder to pay it off. The key is to help clients build awareness of their true emotional needs and shift their behavior toward healthier spending patterns. IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, SEEK HELP

If you needed to self-soothe or escape to get through 2020, have compassion for yourself. However, if you’ve been over-shopping for a year, you now have bad habits you need to break quickly. Over-shopping behaviors look like this: 1. You’re triggered when disappointed, angry, scared, or bored 2. You’re not saving, or getting deeper into debt despite a healthy income

comparison to alcohol or drug dependencies. Yet over-shopping can create massive debt, harm relationships, distract us from work, and affect our quality of life. Our payment infrastructure today doesn’t help. We used to pull out cash, and knew we’d have to delay a purchase when our money was depleted. Now with one click and our credit card on file, we can buy all day without feeling the implications. Overshoppers tend not to look at credit card or bank statements either, which further exacerbates the gap between buying and understanding the true cumulative cost of all those impulses. When I add up the debt with clients, its often a nasty surprise.


3. Your shopping is affecting your relationship with someone you love 4. You buy items with your credit cards that you wouldn’t buy if you paid cash 5. You get a high while shopping that quickly transforms to guilt/sadness 6. You feel you’re performing a dangerous, reckless or forbidden act 7. Many of your purchases are in your closet or storage unused. 8. You lie to your family or friends about what you buy and how much you spend 9. You juggle credit cards and bills to accommodate your shopping debts 10.Boxes arrive and you don’t recall what’s in them, or don’t open them


Compulsive shopping is classified as the “smiled upon” addiction. Often, we are encouraged to shop and support the economy. And shopping is considered an almost harmless addiction in

You work too hard for your money, and if shopping is your go-to coping mechanism, you can find healthier alternatives. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

about carrie Carrie Rattle, MBA, CDFA®, AFC®, is a financial therapist and coach as well as owner of Behavioral Cents and its sister company, Stopping Over-shopping. Carrie trained with psychotherapist Olivia Mellan, a pioneer in money psychology and renowned author, as well as psychologist Dr. April Benson, who created the proven program to help overshoppers stop. Carrie focuses on tailored money psychology and behavior change solutions for professional women. ”

by TYE MILES Every woman already has a personal brand, no matter who she is and what she does. But whether she intentionally cultivates it to improve her life and career, is totally up to her. Personal branding has allowed me, and my clients, to organically build careers from idea to generous income while making real impact – just being ourselves and doing what we love. Personal Branding involves an individual who builds their career around their name, individual qualities, and expertise. Many people think that personal branding is only for celebrities, actors, artists, or those who aspire to be famous. Well, it is not. Personal Branding is essential for every woman who desires to improve her career, secure leadership positions, expand influence, make a greater impact, attract quality clients, increase brand awareness, and generate generous income, all while being true to herself. So, do you need a personal brand? In my opinion, the answer is an empathic YES. You may be thinking, exactly how can building a personal brand help me to improve my life and career? Here are the top five reasons: 1. Empowers Authenticity – Your personal brand is all about you – the REAL you. Not the fake persona that hides your brilliance and drains your individuality. Build your brand upon the things that bring you a sense of fulfilment and happiness. Your passions, skills, goals,

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Build A Personal Brand beliefs, and most importantly, your true personality. 2. Enhances Confidence – Building your personal brand upon your strengths and positive qualities can increase confidence. A well-crafted personal brand also highlights your positive attributes, expertise, or talents so that others can clearly see how they can use your strengths. 3. Enriches Credibility –Consistently sharing your brand message and expertise with your target audience helps others to perceive you as an expert. Subsequently, increasing the appreciation, respect and trust associated with your name. 4. Encourages Trust – Your personal

brand is a great opportunity to emotionally connect with people and gain their support of you and your goals. When people are clear on what to expect of your character and contribution, they feel more comfortable with you and feel at ease with your involvement in their projects, organizations, and companies. 5. Expands Connections – Increased visibility in the right places by the right people can be a generous source of connections, opportunities and leads. Once you build your reputation through personal branding, it can help you gain the exposure you need to climb the corporate ladder and/or the social ladder to elevate your

influence, impact, and income. As I stated earlier, you already have a personal brand. So, my question to you is, what aspect of your personal brand (authenticity, confidence, credibility, trust, connections) will you intentionally cultivate, starting now? you can find healthier alternatives. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save. Tye Miles is a business and life coach. Connect with her about personal branding, business growth strategy, and personal development on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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Meet the Project Partners Presented by best-selling editor & author Dorothy Wilson NICOLE MASON






























Real-life stories

Compelling you to


8 speakers on the rise a coaching and consulting firm designed to support divorced Christian women as they journey into reclaiming their power by forgiving and releasing. She is also an inspirational speaker, author, Internet show host, and radio/TV co-host.

DIANN ANTLEY Diann Antley is a forgiveness coach and consultant with Anew You, Clarified LLC,

KASUNDRA BROWN Kasundra “Dr. K.” Brown, a The Tilted Fedora trainer, is a highly sought-after preacher, teacher and motivational speaker most known for clearly communicating timeless truths with practical applications for today’s world. She has spoken to thousands of people and helped them apply Biblical examples


After my divorce, I’d spent years feeling like a failure. Once I permitted myself to paint another picture, I began to use it to think more of myself.

She knows what the journey is like firsthand. On the heels of her own divorce, double bankruptcy, and foreclosure, Diann ended up alone, broke and in need of more. So, instead of continuing down the road with feelings of anger, resentment, and shame, Diann listened to God, made a detour, and began her journey to reclaim her power through forgiving & releasing. The journey led her to who she is and equipped her to live with intention.


Once Diann decided to open her mouth and tell others what she was going through, she was concerned that so many other Believers endured the same things. Today, Diann realizes the importance of telling her story to inspire other women and help them reclaim their power and GROW through their journey.

I cannot continue to wear remnants from my past and expect God to clothe me in His excellence.

to their everyday life and has a 30-year track record of experience as an ordained nondenominational minister. Kasundra was dubbed Dr. K. by an online prayer and study group with which she met daily for 15 months.

Creator and an excellent representative of HIS Kingdom here on earth.

Dr. K. is the founder of The Tilted Fedora Trainer, her motivational speaking brand based in DFW, Texas, with clients such as the Tobano Consulting Group, the American Diabetes Asso-ciation, Chai Together, LLC, and the Positive Blueprints Podcast. She has published her first book, “Moving Beyond Betrayal - Help Getting Past What You May Never Get Over” and hosts a weekly online Bible Study called Connecting the Dots in Scripture to See the Image of GOD. After teaching biblical truth to thousands around the U.S. and now the world by virtue of the internet, Dr. K. believes the Bible is still the best motivational book ever written and is now making the pivot to take biblical truth to non-traditional places.

The main message I share is: you CAN overcome. Reclaim your power by forgiving those who’ve wronged you AND forgive yourself. Release what no longer serves you so that you can live with intention. KEY LESSONS LEARNED

Forgiveness is NOT about the other person. It’s a gift that you give to yourself.

Don’t just go through the journey; GROW through.


The message I share with my audience is that you cannot change and should not ignore truth. I teach people to bring their lives in agreement with biblical or universal truth so they can obtain the Blessings God has promised and fulfill His purpose for their lives. For example, a person’s refusal to believe that gravity exists can harm them irreparably. But, acting in agreement with the truth or law of gravity will allow them to experience a won-derful life and avoid being broken by that same law. Since truth/law don’t change, we have to. KEY LESSONS LEARNED

The key lessons I have learned that have helped me to grow the most are: 1. I have the power to control my thoughts.


2. My results are my responsibility.

My drive for success comes from my desire to fulfill my purpose, max out my God-given po-tential and to help others do the same. I truly want to be a good servant to my

3. No investment, no return. 4. Where there is no hope for the future, there is no work in the present. 5. Forgiveness is not optional.

jenna armato Jenna joined the John Maxwell Team in 2017 with the mission to facilitate growth. A DISC-certified trainer, she helps people leverage behavioral awareness of themselves to strengthen connection,


collaboration, and communication at home, at work and in the community. Prior to becoming a growth and success coach, Jenna spent 20 years working in the advertising and marketing industries. Jenna is a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach and trainer, a DISC certified trainer, and licensed teacher with the Empowered Living Community.

strategy for growth. That’s when I became certified in personal growth and leadership development, and licensed in Empowered Living, so that I could gain tools and strategies to grow myself and help others design their growth paths — individuals, organizations, and communities. That is what drives me: Intentional, continuous growth.



There was a time in my life when I felt stuck. I felt stuck in my career — and I felt stuck in life. This was a really challenging time, because growing up and early on in my career, I was always quite driven, I couldn’t understand how I got stuck and I became quite down on my-self — until I decided I never wanted to feel that way again and I didn’t want other people to either, so I had to get unstuck for me and so I could then help other people who may be feeling that way or prevent them from getting there in the first place. I discovered the reason I got stuck is because somewhere along the way I allowed life to take over. I was in “keep up” mode, trying to keep up with my role as a mom and trying to keep up with my role as a professional. I didn’t have a proactive intentional

I am Keundrea Felton, 33, and the mother of a handsome 10-year-old son! I am a serial entrepreneur and it’s all centered around helping people get ahead, and protecting people’s rights! I also love motivating people and encouraging people to live past what happened to them, prioritize self-care, and if that means normalizing therapy for your mental health, I applaud your courage! Therapy is a step towards purpose, redefining oneself, and securing your destiny. So many are afraid to face oneself; but I back it 100%! I had to be the example of being an overcomer of the biggest obstacles of my life; getting delivered from myself; my greatest setback was me! When I came to terms that is when greatness flowed out of me! I am a resilient, virtuous, woman of God, that is intentional about loving myself and others. God values me and that is all that matters! WHAT DRIVES HER

I was not supposed to make it this far. My resilience and belief and trust in Jesus

One of the biggest messages I share is about the power of perspective, the fact that we can choose how we look at things. No matter what is going on around us, that choice is always available within us. KEY LESSONS

I learned early on in my business building journey that I needed someone who could see my business from a different perspective, a mentor — a Thinking Partner to help me grow, and I always will. Working with a mentor means that I am consistently connected to someone who believes in me and someone who can challenge limiting beliefs that might other-wise hold me back.

helped me carry on for myself and my family! I shall live and not die! I know I am kept and held together by God; my sustainer and way maker! HER MESSAGE

Make your pain pay you! Profit from your pain! You didn’t go through it for nothing, the fact you’re still alive; is the reason you should snatch back your power. Since pain didn’t break nor overtake you; now let it make you! KEY LESSONS

Forgive those who wronged me, be honest about my feelings, and own my story! I wouldn’t know what’s inside of me if it wasn’t for my enemies! I thank them all wholeheartedly!

and paper. I often draw on my experience dealing with mergers and acquisitions to identify and secure talented and passionate authors and their stories. My passion and true purpose prevailed after reflecting on the many conversations I had with, defeated, aspiring, and firsttime authors around the inequities they felt as they tried to navigate the publishing process.

kia harris

As a black woman-owned and operated publishing company, we are all about giving black and brown authors the resources to thrive. My goal is to create and advocate for greater access in the publishing industry and amplify black and brown authors’ voices. My mission is to amplify black and brown voices in an industry that underrepresents our stories and our voices.

I have always loved writing, ever since I was able to write. Although it took a backseat to my successful 20+ year career in the public and private sectors, I always knew that someday I would find my way back to pen

I have also decided to expand my platform by opening my first bookstore (spring/ summer 2021), Chapters, Verses & Books, in the Bronx, N.Y., where I will house and sell books written by brown and black authors.

the message of self-care and self-love to women around the world! Kiara believes every woman should “Drop Your Cape!” and love yourself enough to care for yourself! For over three years, she has been inspiring and promoting self-care and the “Drop Your Cape: A Guide to Increase Self-Care, Wellness and Strength”.

Kiara moore Kiara Moore, M.A., L.P.C.M.H. is a licensed mental health therapist with several years of experience working with various mental health diagnoses. She owns and operates Kiara Moore Therapeutic Services as well as Embracing Oak Therapy. Both practices offer therapy to individuals, couples, families and children within the state of Delaware. She is a motivational speaker spreading

She is an author of two workbooks, “Start With Your Thoughts: A Workbook to Improve Self-Esteem” and “Eliminate Negative Thinking”, (adult and teen version); a children’s book, “When I’m Angry” (accompanying worksheets available at; and a planner for the enterprising woman, “The Pursuit of Productivity”, which focuses on managing self-care and wellness. She believes that you are your best self when you intentionally care for yourself. WHAT DRIVES HER

People have always confided in me and found me easy to talk to, and I’ve always enjoyed listening and helping. Once I realized that I can use my gift as a career, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in clinical/counseling psychology. Private practice was always my ultimate goal, but this past year of the


I’ve spent over 20 years in the public and private sector, often the only black (and sometimes female) in leadership roles. I faced every type of stigma, stereotype, and bias black women endure in business. I’ve fought and advocated for my growth, development, and elevation. Now I want to advocate for others, but through my passion for writing and publishing. HER MESSAGE

I believe in the power of the stories written by black and brown authors. Society and generations to follow will benefit abundantly when our voices and stories are applied. We can no longer wait for others to find our stories and our children important. We must use our creativity through writing so that we can influence social and economic. We can close the literacy divide in the brown and black communities when there are more books that feature stories and characters to whom we (and our children) can relate.

coronavirus pandemic and social injustice has really solidified the need for mental health therapy in general, but especially for underserved populations. This need not only motivates me to work harder, but it motivated me to expand and open a group practice with a goal to provide affordable and even free therapy through donations and fundraising. HER MESSAGE

Some of the common themes that I share in therapy and at large, is that your thoughts control your behavior. We have to make sure that we get our thoughts of ourselves, others and the world in order, so that we can operate freely and without restraint. We can be our own worst enemy at times. Before someone else can try to stop us, we often stop ourselves by operating in fear. But we were not created to fear but to conquer every obstacle. Sometimes we conquer obstacles by learning from them and growing through them. I also teach self-care. Many women, especially women of color are groomed to be strong and powerful women, but we are not often taught how, or when we can take the armor or cape off. That’s where I step in. I teach women how to operate in their humanity and listen to their body versus carrying the world on their shoulders.

Ronice Felicia Latta is an accountant turned author from Stamford, Conn. She is the CEO of New Levels, LLC, a startup designed to help equip and empower women to pursue a purpose-driven life.

ronice latta

Ronice spent over 26 years in various accounting and management roles within GE Capital before shifting her talents to entrepreneurship. Passionate about helping others obtain greater fulfillment and authentic success in their “next acts,” New Levels supports individuals on their journey from jobs and stifled careers to living in Purpose Prosperity. This is the state of moving from surviving to thriving as the person each one of us were created to be. Ronice was inspired during a hiatus to write her debut book, “The Layover: Devotionals for When You’re Between Where You Were and Where You’re Going”. It was released in January 2020 by Trilogy Christian Publishing/TBN.

Ronice is married to Lenwood Latta and mother to son, Jalen, and daughter, Jordan. WHAT DRIVES HER

My children are my biggest source of inspiration and motivation. They not only keep me energized, but also on my toes. Knowing they are following in my footsteps is enough to keep me going. They have learned by example that hard work pays off. I intend to leave a legacy of love, faith and perseverance along with a financial inheritance. HER MESSAGE

I tell my audiences that“Life is filled with transitions. Don’t groan through it, grow through it.” In other words, embrace the process, don’t resist it. The process of moving from where we are to where we’re going forces us to dig deep. It forces us to pull something out of ourselves that would otherwise remain dormant. In my case, I discovered my divine gifts and a place of purpose in the middle of my career transition. Now I do work I truly love. KEY LESSONS

I used to over-analyze every decision, but I had to learn how to quiet my mind. This freed me from unnecessary anxiety. Also trying times taught me how to have courage. In those moments, I learned to take risks and to do things I wouldn’t normally consider. Stepping outside of my comfort zone helped me build a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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