Dutch Delegation at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco

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Dutch Delegation at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, CA 12 - 14 September 2018


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National Institute for Public Health and the Environment 45 New Energy Coalition 46 One Architecture & Urbanism 47 OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe 48 PaperFoam 49 Paques 50 Plantible Foods 51 Port of Rotterdam 52 Province of Drenthe 53 PTX International 54 Qbuzz 55 Rabobank 56 Resato International 57 Royal DSM 58 Royal Dutch Gazelle Bikes 59 Shell 60 Signify 61 SNN 62 Sodexo 63 SolaRoad 64 Steenstra GCM 65 The Ocean Cleanup 66 Toiless Paper 67 VanMoof 68 Wasteless 69 Yksi Connect 70

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Foreword California and the Netherlands: a strong relationship! California and the Netherlands share a strong commitment in addressing global climate change. We face a common challenge. Both California and the Netherlands are contending with the reality of climate change and rising sea levels. We will need to share knowledge and expertise on these subjects in order to find integrated solutions to these and other challenges. California and de Netherlands show the willingness and ability to cooperate on climate change at a variety of occasions, resulting in the Paris Agreement that provides direction for climate action in the coming decades. Action is needed to address climate change and at the same time climate change will create all kinds of new business opportunities. From that perspective, we together can spread the seedlings of a worldwide climate neutral and circular economy. Businesses, investors, local, regional and national governments across the globe are actively and ambitiously implementing the Paris Agreement, but more can be done. Climate-smart solutions and innovations are crucial to limit climate change to a minimum and help cope with its effects. Climate action can also deliver –co-benefits, such as new jobs and markets and improved air quality. Smart innovations that help us tackle the effects of climate change are proving to be big business. To foster these opportunities and take them to the next level, you decided to join the Dutch delegation to California to explore business opportunities and to attend the different events of the Global Climate Action Summit. In order to show the Dutch approach, we invite you to join us in demonstrating a united Dutch effort. The Global Climate Action Summit will bring leaders and people together from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level.” It will be a moment to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens with respect to climate action. It will also be a launchpad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries— supported by all sectors of society—that can put the globe on track to prevent dangerous climate change and realize the historic Paris Agreement. The decarbonization of the global economy is getting started. Transformational changes are happening across the world and across all sectors, as a result of technological innovation, creative policies and political will at all levels. States and regions, cities, businesses and investors are leading the charge on pushing down global emissions by 2020, setting the stage to reach net zero emissions by midcentury.


The Global Climate Action Summit will highlight business and investment opportunities in the transition toward strong, resilient economies and societies that are healthy, equitable and innovative. The program includes inspiring speakers, networking over a reception, and in-depth discussions on three pressing challenges that help to prevent and cope with climate change: deploying a circular economy, sustainable and green mobility and climate adaptation. In particular, I hope that, with your input and experience, we will identify new climate-smart solutions to drive the climate-action agenda in the coming years. It is an honor to lead the Dutch delegation in California, in the company of innovative, front running businesses that are active in developing smart solutions to combat climate change. It is a privilege and a pleasure to present a Dutch delegation of innovative businesspeople, provinces and cities. We are looking forward to exploring opportunities for strengthening commercial relations and exchanging knowledge and knowhow with their Californian counterparts. As representative of the Dutch government, I look forward to deepen the relationship between California and the Netherlands during the Global Climate Action Summit. I wish all members of the delegation a successful and pleasant visit.

Mrs. Stientje van Veldhoven

Minister for the Environment, Kingdom of the Netherlands



The Netherlands





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Locations 1. Amsterdam (and Airport Schiphol) | 2. Arnhem | 3. Eindhoven | 4. Enschede | 5.Vlissingen | 6. Groningen | 7. The Hague | 8. ‘s Hertogenbosch | 9. Leeuwarden | 10. Maastricht | 11. Rotterdam | 12. Utrecht | 13. Zwolle


Introducing the Netherlands Inventive, Open and Inclusive

Joining forces to create sustainable solutions for the most liveable world, now and in the future. How do the Dutch make a difference? Through their integrated approach to finding innovative solutions to the integrated challenges facing the world today. The Dutch way of thinking and working has been shaped by centuries of living in the lowlying delta of the Netherlands. Through the

Building with nature An innovative method for coastal protection 8

ages, the Dutch have joined forces to find ingenious ways to tackle challenges like water, urbanisation, energy, food, health and security. By being inventive, pragmatic and open to new challenges, the Dutch have created a flourishing and resilient land. The Netherlands is a constantly evolving ecosystem of cities, industry, agriculture and nature, all integrated through smart infrastructure. It is a result of knowledge and experience that the Dutch are keen to share with others. Learning from the past to create a better future. Together, seeking sustainable solutions for the most liveable world.

Worldwide ranking 1st Best water transport infrastructure in the world (IMD, 2016) 1st Best performing European Healthcare system (Euro Health Consumer Index, 2017) 1st Production and auctioning of cut flowers and flower bulbs 1st World’s largest flower exporter 2nd Number of patent applications per million inhabitants in the world (WIPO, 2016) 2nd Largest exporter of agricultural products in the world (WTO, 2016) 3rd Number of broadband connections per 100 inhabitants (41.3%, OECD, 2016) 4th At WEF’s ranking of most competitive economies in the world 4th At RISE’s global energy policy ranking 4th At World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 5th Largest exporter of goods in the world (668 billion US dollars) 6th Largest exporter of commercial services in the world (180 billion US dollars) 7th Largest importer of services in the world (173 billion US dollars) 8th Largest importer of goods in the world (507 billion US dollars) 9th Largest foreign investor in the world (1,074 billion US dollars) 9th Largest recipient of foreign investment in the world (707 billion US dollars)

Facts & Figures • Official name Kingdom of the Netherlands • Form of government Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy • Head of State His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau • Capital Amsterdam • Seat of government The Hague • Administrative structure Twelve provinces and the overseas territories of Aruba and Curaçao and St. Martin. The overseas islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius, all three of which are situated in the Caribbean, are ‘special municipalities of the Netherlands’ • Surface area 33.800 km2 • Location Western Europe, by the North Sea, bordering Belgium and Germany • Number of inhabitants 17.1 million (June 2017) • Number of inhabitants per km2 502 (June 2017) • Currency Euro • Languages Dutch and Frisian • GDP per capita 40,941 euros (FocusEconomics, 2017) • 33% of Dutch GDP is derived internationally • 1.3 bicycles for each person in the Netherlands • Unemployment rate 5,6% (average 2007-2016) • Moderate inflation 1.4% (average 2007-2016) • 90% of all Dutch people speak English Sources: Holland Compared, CBS, DNB, World Bank, IMF, OECD, WTO, UNCTAD, EIU, IMD Business School


Foreword Dear reader, “Take Ambition to the Next Level” is the tagline of the Global Climate Action Summit. A tagline that fits California and the Netherlands, like a glove. For years we have been collaborating on climate action and identifying sustainability solutions, always striving on being a step ahead. From the S4C Smart e-Mobility Program, to sustainable agriculture and the Climate is Big Business Conference, the Netherlands and California have a partnership and friendship that works and one we endeavor to continue. One third of our country is below sea level and this challenge has always pushed us to think creatively and innovatively to provide sustainable and integrated energy, climate and water management solutions. Our pragmatic ‘can-do’ approach is what has made the Netherlands the 2nd most innovative country in the world. Not bad for a country of 17 million people and roughly 10 percent the size of California. People and planet, but also profit. The Netherlands believes that addressing climate change can go hand in hand with profitable business. That’s why our delegation focusses on a Circular Economy, Green Mobility and Resiliency. During the Global Action Climate Summit, important steps will be taken from a broad range of stake- and shareholders. It is a process the Netherlands does best, known as the Triple-Helix government and a pillar in our economy. Government, business and universities work together to find smart solutions for global challenges. Climate change being one of them. At Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, we support these collaboration efforts and extend them from the Netherlands to California through matchmaking, public-private partnerships, networking opportunities and information. As gateway to Europe we can give US companies an overview of the opportunities to do business in our country as well. Bringing people together is at the core of what we do. I look forward to meeting you at the Global Action Climate Summit and learn from and about your experiences for our joint ambitions to act now on climate change. It will no doubt be a memorable week.

Gerbert Kunst

Consul General of the Netherlands in San Francisco Twitter: @NLinSF www.nlintheusa.com



The Netherlands at GCAS People and planet, but also profit. The Netherlands believes that addressing climate change can go hand in hand with profitable business. During the Global Climate Action Summit, the Dutch delegation will focus on three key topics: Circular Economy, Mobility and Resiliency. Circular Economy

Fighting climate change and profitable business come together in a circular economy: a sustainable economy without waste. The Netherlands aims to become a circular economy by 2050. From construction to fashion: all materials that enter the economy will be reused time and time again. This leads to a major reduction of CO2. To achieve this goal, Dutch companies, universities and government are inventing smart solutions, working together with partners worldwide. The Dutch government has selected 5 economic sectors and value chains that will be the first to switch to a circular economy. 12

These 5 priorities are important to the Dutch economy and have a big impact on the environment: • biomass and food; • plastics; • manufacturing industry; • construction sector; • consumer goods.


As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the Netherlands has to be smart with its infrastructure. The government is looking at new technologies to solve challenges in the area of transport, the environment and safety.The Dutch are investing heavily in electric vehicles to

move away from fossil fuels, and invest in self-driving cars. The S4C Smart e-Mobility Program between the Netherlands and California brings together experts and businesses. The Dutch government is working together with the private sector to develop selfdriving vehicles, and to improve in-car traffic information for drivers. The Netherlands is a unique testing ground for Smart Mobility solutions. That’s why the government is supporting their development in many ways, from providing testing facilities to adjusting rules and regulations. The aim is to make Smart Mobility possible on a larger scale. In the Netherlands, businesses, knowledge institutions and government are working on this together.


One-third of the Netherlands is below sea level. The innovative Dutch approach of soft and hard measures makes the Netherlands the safest Delta to live on Earth. In the last 800 years, the Dutch succeeded in finding innovative solutions to waterrelated problems that threaten communities, economic capital, and quality of life. A series of measures help keep Dutch cities safe and attractive, including multifunctional levees, flood-resilient buildings, and green infrastructure. The Dutch believe the work is never done. The Netherlands needs to keep preparing to be safe from water problems, not just now, but in centuries ahead. Dutch companies and experts are partnering with American companies to find ways to make coastal regions in states like New York, New Jersey, Florida and Connecticut safer. The Netherlands and American regions at risk of floods and storm surge actively exchange expertise on how to properly manage water for protection, taking into account the impact of a changing climate. 13

Clean Revolution. Dutch Design for a Better World. Waste doesn’t exist. Create new value. This exposition showcases 40 young Dutch designers that work with recycled and reused materials. They tell a story of how consumers can buy products without harming the environment and how climate and business can go hand in hand. Examples are clothes that generate energy, baskets made out of used flip-flops and chairs from used refrigerators. Supporting a circular economy; creating value from waste, producing sustainable fashion. This exposition shows how consumers can contribute to a greener economy and features the inspiring stories behind the innovative Dutch designs. The exhibition is curated by Yksi Design. The expo is open to visit for anyone between the hours of 9 and 6 PM in Westfield San Francisco Centre, 4th floor, under the dome.

Westfield San Francisco Centre 865 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Sponsors: Westfield San Francisco Centre, KLM, Consulate General of the Netherlands


The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco The Netherlands and the United States have strong economic relations. The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco connects the Netherlands and the Western States of the United States. We link American businesses and organizations to Dutch expertise and innovation, and help Dutch businesses and organizations with finding partners or a soft landing in the US. We also provide consular services to Dutch nationals in the US and non-nationals that want to visit the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the third largest foreign investor in the United States, the No. 1 destination for US foreign direct investment, and in the top 10 countries with which the US has a trade surplus. Our nations share an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, which has allowed us to become important trading partners. The strong economic ties between the US and the Netherlands support 825,000 American jobs, 130.000 on the West Coast alone. • The Economic Team promotes trade relations between our two countries and helps Dutch companies with a soft landing on the US West Coast. For instance through economic missions, market scans, public private cooperation and matchmaking. Dutch students gain work experience through the Internships in the Valley platform. • The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) assists American businesses with establishing or expanding operations in the Netherlands. • The Holland Innovation Network (HIN) stimulates international cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and governments in the fields of innovation, technology and science. The Consulate General in San Francisco is supported by honorary consuls in Anchorage, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego and Seattle.

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in San Francisco 120 Kearny Street, Suite 3100 San Francisco, CA 94104 P: +1 (415) 291-2033 E: sfn@minbuza.nl www.nlintheusa.com Twitter & Linkedin: @NLinSF Facebook: NLinthUSA


Company Profiles


APPM management consultants

Mark van Kerkhof

Business unit manager smart and green mobility

Harm-Jan Idema Manager e-mobility

APPM Management Consultants Stationsplein 45 NL-3013 AK Rotterdam P: +31 235 621 630 E: info@appm.nl www.appm.nl E: kerkhof@appm.nl M: +31 655 825 874 E: idema@appm.nl M: +31 646 346 024 18

APPM is a Dutch consultancy firm that works for various (local) governments and companies in the public domain. With a group of around 85 people the company focuses on numerous projects in sustainable mobility, energy and environment, urban development, infrastructure, and managing water safety. APPM has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and is interested in expanding internationally and to California in particular. APPM is an international knowledge expert in the field of smart and green mobility and (smart) charging infrastructure. We have been engaged with E-Mobility projects since 2008. Our main expertise in the field of E-Mobility includes strategy development, smart charging infrastructure and innovative modes of electric transportation, such as electric taxis, zero emission public transport, light electric vehicles and car sharing. The following list provides a selection of projects that APPM has been or is involved with in the field of E-Mobility and smart charging infrastructure: • Project management, business development and coordinating tenders of over 10,000 public charging stations in total in major cities and metropolitan regions • Research on and development of smart charging applications to avoid grid congestion, optimizations of network usage and optimizations of charging with renewable energy • Project management of public agreements and implementation of electric bus and taxi transport, including Dutch national agreement for zero emission public bus transport and introduction of electric taxis at Amsterdam Schiphol airport • National Vision Sustainable Transport Fuels and action plan on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment • Research regarding the effectivity of EV-policy in the Netherlands and California APPM offers expert knowledge and expertise regarding strategy and business development, project management and strategic collaborations in the field of E-Mobility. APPM is partner of Coast to Coast Smart E-Mobility, a public- private partnership between California and the Netherlands on smart and green mobility.


Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets.

Carolien Gehrels European Cities Director

Peter Wijsman

City Executive – Vice President


Gustav Mahlerplein 97-103 NL-1082 MS Amsterdam E: info@arcadis.com www.arcadis.com

Arcadis has four main activities. • Infrastructure focuses on sustainable infrastructure solutions for efficient transportation by road, rail, air, and over water, and creating reliable energy supply systems. We enable great cities to not only be livable but also to be connected and allow mobility across cities. • Water focuses on the entire water cycle; from source to tap and then back to nature. Through our wealth of experience in the water sector, we are uniquely positioned to provide safe and secure water technology and innovations that are built to withstand the demand of a rapidly changing world. • Environment focuses on improving the sustainability of natural and built assets. Arcadis combines environmental innovation, engineering, consulting, and construction services, and develops successful and sustainable solutions. We are the leading global environmental solutions provider to private industry and deliver projects that protect the earth’s resources while meeting our clients’ economic objectives. • Buildings focuses on delivering world-class master-planning, architectural design, engineering design, consultancy, project, program and cost management for all types of buildings and cities. We are partnering with our clients to plan, create, operate, and regenerate their built assets. We create a balance of form, functionality, and environmental stewardship.

E: carolien.gehrels@arcadis.com M: +31 612 612 990 E: Peter.Wijsman@arcadis.com M: +1 415 244 2118 19


CarmineÂŽ, together with its group companies, encompasses over two decades of fleet management experience. With offices in the United States and Europe, our solutions are actively serving over 5,000 satisfied customers with over tens of thousands subscribed vehicles.

Reza Fategh

Carmine is focusing on the North American and Benelux market because of the overwhelming demand for an effective and simple to use fleet management solution.


The Carmine services, which incorporate the most advanced technology coupled with next generation data visualization and design, are offered through a cloud-based (SaaS) GPS fleet tracking and management solutions platform.

Cesar Yepez

Director of Operations

Carmine helps companies to monitor their fleet, improve operations and significantly reduce CO2 emissions by presenting real time and historical data on the status, location, and health of their vehicles. Through automated driving behavior analyses and crash detection technology companies can improve their driver productivity, lower their carbon footprint, reduce costs associated with a crash as well as receive crash notifications that can save lives. Carmine is designed for immediate implementation, ease of use, and high flexibility and reliability. Our goal is to help businesses reach new levels of safety.


1500 Quail Street, Suite 280 92660 Newport Beach USA www.carmine.io E: fategh@carmine.io M: +1 949 325 4878 E: cesary@carmine.io M: +1 714 609 7177 20

City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands, in South Holland within the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt river delta at the North Sea. Its history goes back to 1270, when a dam was constructed in the Rotte river, after which people settled around it for safety. In 1340, Rotterdam was granted city rights by the Count of Holland.

Ahmed Aboutaleb Mayor of City of Rotterdam

Gerben Wigmans

Director General Public Works Rotterdam

A major logistic and economic center, Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port, and has a population of 633,471 (2017), the second-largest in the Netherlands, just behind Amsterdam. Rotterdam is known for the Erasmus University, its riverside setting, lively cultural life, and maritime heritage. The nearcomplete destruction of the city center in the World War II Rotterdam Blitz has resulted in a varied architectural landscape, including sky-scrapers (an uncommon sight in other Dutch cities) designed by renowned architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Ben van Berkel. Rotterdam’s logistic success is based on its strategic location by the North Sea, at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas channel leading into the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta. The rivers Rhine, Meuse, and Scheldt give waterway access into the heart of Western Europe, including the highly industrialized Ruhr. The extensive distribution system including rail, roads, and waterways have earned Rotterdam the nicknames “Gateway to Europe” and “Gateway to the World”.

Martin Dukker

Manager International Relations

City of Rotterdam Coolsingel 40 NL-3011 AD Rotterdam PO Box 70012 NL-3000 KP Rotterdam P: +31 102 672 460 E: info@rotterdam.nl www.rotterdam.nl

E: gjd.wigmans@rotterdam.nl M: +31 653 288 712 E: m.dukker@rotterdam.nl M: +31 622 806 073 21

Climate Neutral Group

Every organization emits greenhouse gases, which unfortunately has a negative impact on our climate. CNG helps organizations reduce the climate impact of their business by guiding customers step by step along the path towards developing, designing, and implementing climate-neutral products, services, events or businesses.

René Toet

Managing Director

Our services in a nutshell include, but are not limited to: • Calculating greenhouse gas emissions and determining the carbon footprint of products (LCA’s), services or the total footprint of an organization. • Developing and implementing CO2 reduction measures, for instance with energy saving programs or mobility solutions • Finally offsetting the remaining greenhouse gas emissions which cannot be avoided. CNG realizes more than 50 CO2 emission reduction projects like cookstoves, biogas and solar projects across the world, giving 3 million households in developing countries access to clean energy. When organizations decide to reduce their carbon footprint entirely to zero, by going through the process of determining, calculating, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint, they will ultimately gain the privilege of using the Climate Neutral Guaranteed label.

Climate Neutral Group

Arthur van Schendelstraat 650-748 NL-3511 MJ Utrecht P: +31 302 326 187 www.climateneutralgroup.com E: rene.toet@ climateneutralgroup.com M: +31 614 585 686 22

CNG is a widely recognized organization in the carbon market, established in 2002 by Triodos Bank and Doen Foundation with a diverse client portfolio including Port of Rotterdam, Worldbank, WWF, Swiss Post, Boels Rental and government institutions etc. Our headoffice is based in the Netherlands and GreenSeat is our worldwide brand to offer customers the most sustainable travel option. We are continuously looking for organizations willing to lower their carbon impact and assist them to act upon the necessary steps towards a climate neutral situation.

Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility

Peter van Deventer

The S4C Smart e-Mobility Program promotes knowledge and innovation exchange between the US and Dutch government, universities and industry in the field of smart and electric mobility. This ‘Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility’-cluster helps to position private organizations on the respective Smart E-Mobility markets to find new business opportunities. The cluster is a private public partnership: with all partners agreements have been signed aimed to exchange knowledge, share experiences and create opportunities in both regions.

Program Director

Main activities: • Development of “Holland Smart E-Mobility House” at the Consulate General, San Francisco; • Organization of seminars/events at the Holland Smart E-Mobility House; • Organization of trade missions and study tours; • Development of bilateral relations between US and NL decision makers (government, universities, companies), e.g. ZEV Action Plan. • Stimulate and realize pilot projects and new business development; • Knowledge and innovation dissemination between US and Dutch governments and universities. How can Smart e-Mobility help overcome climate change? That is the theme of the S4C events that will be organized around the Global Climate Action Summit 2018. More info: www.coast2coast.org

Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility Orionlaan 62 NL-1223 AJ Hilversum www.coast2coastev.org E: petervandeventer@ gmail.com M: +1 831 295 9120 M: +31 618 609 420 23

Compostable Coffee Cups IP

Compostable Coffee Cups IP has developed a unique patented innovative cutting-edge technology to solve pollution in the competitive 30 billion dollar single serve espresso market.

Robert de Jong

The espresso capsules market worldwide exceeds 50 billion capsules per annum. Approximately 30% of this market are aluminum capsules, the remaining 35 billion capsules are made of various types of plastic. The market is forecasted to grow to 70 billion capsules in 2021.


An alternative to plastic has been developed which has the same characteristics as plastic, however, under normal natural circumstances this material composts in less than 12 months. We made this material compliant to function under high pressure, high humidity and high temperature, to apply the material as the new standard material for single use espresso capsules.

Roland Pluut Executive

Public awareness about the severe negative impact of plastic on the environment is growing. Market parties (brands, supermarkets) look for alternatives to plastic, in order to brand themselves as environment friendly. Our product offers exactly that: • a non-polluting domestic compostable capsule • fair pricing • fits the present production processes/lines • long shelf life • competitive advantage

Compostable Coffee Cups IP

Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 133 NL-2593 BM The Hague www.compostablecups.eu E: robert@compostablecups.eu M: + 31 639 783 841 E: roland@compostablecups.eu M: + 31 653 217 795 24


Henriëtte Otter

Head of department ‘Urban Water and Subsurface Management’, Theme leader ‘Resilient Cities and Adaptive Planning’

Roelof Stuurman

Senior (Ground)Water Management Expert


Boussinesqweg 1 NL-2629 HV Delft PO Box 177 NL-2600 MH Delft P: +31 883 358 273 E: international@deltares.nl www.deltares.nl

Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our main focus is on deltas, coastal regions, river basins and cities. Managing these densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, which is why we work closely with governments, businesses, other research institutes and universities at home and abroad. Deltares’ areas of expertise include: Climate resilience, Adaptive planning, Urban water management, Urban engineering, Critical infrastructure, Subsidence, Integrated water resources management, Flood risk analysis and flood risk management, Operational warning and management. Deltares aims to support urbanizing deltas around the world to become more resilient to physical, social, and economic challenges. Our starting point in dealing with urban resilience, is approaching the city as an urban ecosystem. We specifically focus on working on the water- and subsurface layer of the urban ecosystem. We seek ways to mitigate risks and realize the potentials of urban areas, allowing for sustainable, inclusive and climate-robust development that contribute to the quality of urban planning and design. By integrating local with expert scientific knowledge, we develop adaptive, integral and innovative strategies and planning tools for urbanizing deltas all over the world. Deltares employs over 800 people and is based in Delft and Utrecht in the Netherlands. Deltares has offices and affiliates in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Latin America and the USA.

E: henriette.otter@deltares.nl M: +31 610 677 509 E: roelof.stuurman@deltares.nl M: +31 651 594 075 25


The greatest challenge in the world is to engage people in the energy transition. By combining state of the art technology with evidence based behavioral insights, ee’yoo does exactly that.

René Pie Founder

Jan van Diessen International Business

The ee’yoo app provides insight in energy usage and provides you with easy to follow tips and advice, based on your own data. It also provides you with an automated online dashboard which facilitates the process of sustainable home improvement. After the (partial) rebuild of your home, ee’yoo helps to keep your energy usage and your financial situation under control, effectively acting as a validation of the business case of home improvement. Products and services offered via the ee’yoo app: • Tools and campaigns to reduce energy waste; • Automated online dashboard to facilitate the process of sustainable home improvement; • Performance monitoring for accountability; • Monitoring appliances and equipment. Unique selling points: • A proactive approach with easy to follow tips and advice; • On the basis of measured and profiled data, which are converted to personal information; • Where participants are rewarded directly for their good behavior.


Scharwoudestraat 3 NL-3826 CL Amersfoort PO Box 1700 NL-3800 BS Amersfoort E: info@eeyoo.nl www.eeyoo.nl E: rene.pie@eeyoo.nl M: +31 6 22 97 91 47 E: jan.vandiessen@eeyoo.nl M: +31 6 24 40 11 44 26


ElaadNL, along with EVnetNL, emerged from the e-laad foundation, which established a network of more than 3,000 public charging stations for electric cars across the Netherlands between 2009 and 2014. The aim of this initiative was to stimulate EV.

Baerte de Brey

Chief International Officer


Utrechtseweg 310 Kantoorgebouw B42 NL-6812 AR Arnhem P: +31 263 120 223 E: info@elaad.nl www.elaad.nl

ElaadNL is the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of (smart) charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and is owned by the Dutch DSOs. ElaadNL coordinates the connections of public charging stations to the electricity grid and has been working from the beginning to adapt the grid connection demands to make these more fitting to charge points. The existing charging stations are managed by EVnetNL in coordination with the relevant municipalities to provide an innovative charge network, a living lab for ElaadNL. ElaadNL is involved in many ‘practical’ developments such as e-clearing.net and developed the de-facto global standard for connecting different charge stations, the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). The emergence of electric mobility and sustainable charging is a significant development for the electricity grid. Through their mutual involvement via ElaadNL, the DSOs acquire an overview of the measures to be taken to ensure that the network remains reliable and affordable, whilst enabling the development of E-mobility. Innovative solutions are explored that will generate great benefits for society. Optimal use can be made of the existing grid by ‘smart charging’, requiring fewer expensive investments of the electricity grid. ElaadNL also enables market parties to benefit from the potential flexibility that an EV can provide to match the demand from EVs from the intermittent (non-controllable) sustainable supply/generation.

E: baerte.de.brey@elaad.nl M: +31 611 034 826 27

EV4 LLC dba EVGlobal

EV4 LLC dba EVGlobal designs, finances, manufactures, installs and operates its innovative and iconic solar-powered, battery-based charging stations. EVGlobal is based in Portland, Oregon. Its electric vehicle (EV) charging station is trademarked as ETM® (Energy Transfer Merchant).

Hans van der Meer Founder / President

The ETM® station is delivered as a turnkey project, capable of charging vehicles with renewable energy, providing power system back up, grid support, and balancing services with on-site battery storage. The station is a modular system, assembled together as a kit on-site. The station is equipped with a 50kW-175kW DC fast charger (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) and AC Level 2 charger (J1772). EVGlobal has installed various ETM® stations in Oregon, Washington, California and the Netherlands. Company Founder & CEO, Hans van der Meer, has over 35 years of experience in international business and construction management. He has a Master’s degree in civil engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and an MBA from Brunel University, London.

EV4 LLC dba EVGlobal

Griekenlandlaan 46 NL-7577 PD Oldenzaal 2727 SE Raymond Street Portland, Oregon 97202 U.S.A. P: +1 503 847-2018 www.EV4Oregon.com www.EVGlobal.net E: Hans@EVGlobal.net E: Hans@EV4Oregon.com M: +1 503 789-5038 28

He has been involved in the construction of large civil engineering transportation projects, highways, bridges, seaports and airports worldwide.


EVBox is the global industry leader in connected electric vehicle charging stations, with over 60,000 charging stations installed over 45 countries. Headquartered in Amsterdam (the Silicon Valley for charging stations), EVBox has currently over 200 employees in offices all over the world — and the number is growing every day.

Kristof Vereenooghe CEO

Sibu Janardhanan SVP North America

Tim Kreukniet

VP Business Development, NA

Proudly committed to combating climate change, EVBox provides the most reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and network services for every location, with both regular and fast charging. EVBox charging stations offer a wide array of energy management and cloud-based network solutions that give owners peace-of-mind and drivers the freedom to charge anywhere. Smart Charging features like peak shaving and load balancing ensure energy is used in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. EVBox is also staunchly in favor of creating an unrestricted, driver-first network of available charging stations. Known throughout the industry as an outspoken supporter of open standards and interoperability (OCPP/OCPI), EVBox actively seeks out collaborations with other companies in the EV sector. Locations have the option to choose between our network, a partner network, or start without a network and upgrade later, making our stations 100% future-proof. Our goal — to make it easy for drivers to find and use charging stations everywhere without requiring dozens of different charging cards or mobile apps. Transportation accounts for more than 25% of global CO2 emissions. That’s why we as an industry need to do everything we can to make it easy for drivers to make the switch to EV.

EVBox Megha Lakhchaura

Director of Public Policy & Utility Programs, North America

Fred Roeskesstraat 115 NL-1076 EE Amsterdam P: +31 887 755 444 E: info@evbox.com www.evbox.com

E: kristof.vereenooghe@evbox.com E: sibu.janardhanan@evbox.com E: tim.kreukniet@evbox.com E: megha.lakhchaura@evbox.com 29

Goudappel Group

Improving urban performance by mobility Our mission is to use proven Dutch mobility solutions to create sustainable, accessible, liveable and economic flourishing cities worldwide.


Integrated network design creates attractive vital cities, to better use scarce space. Dutch cities are famous for their high quality of life, including their smart mobility systems. As a world-wide strategist for urban mobility, Goudappel aligns city goals and mobility plans.

Bas Govers

For more than 50 years, we are the leading firm on mobility engineering in the Netherlands. Our core business focuses on redesigning the mobility architecture of existing cities and make these cities adaptable for changing demand within their existing space. Shortly, we are experts in projects that deal with growth in cars and populations, with all kinds of solutions for network management, public transport, parking, cycling and pedestrians.

Jos van Kleef

Program Director Excellent Cities

Our role in projects that improve urban performance is twofold. First, we inspire and sharpen interventions with strategic workshops, concept studies or second opinions. Using the MoveMeter, a powerful IT-tool that generates data for decision-making. Second, during implementation of the plan, we typically are the ‘back office’ for local partners for quality assurance and knowledge transfer on Dutch experience.

Goudappel Group

Snipperlingsdijk 4 NL-7417 BJ Deventer PO Box 161 NL-7400 AD Deventer P: +31 570 666 816 www.goudappel.nl www.excellent-cities.com E: jvkleef@goudappel.nl M: +31 613 342 905 E: bgovers@goudappel.nl M: +31 651 402 081 30

Goudappel Coffeng is part of the Goudappel Group (300 mobility professionals), consisting of multiple companies that work together on improving urban performance by mobility. The Group’s best-known labels are Goudappel Coffeng and DAT.Mobility. ‘Excellent Cities’ is our international program (www.excellent-cities.com) in which we partner with universities, local partners and cities.

Green Planet

Green Planet is a SME which exploits one of the most, if not the most, innovative fuel station in the Netherlands. Under its key slogan “today for tomorrow� Green Planet has as mission is to lower the threshold to sustainable fuels for the mobility.

Wietse ter Veld

Project Manager & Advisor International Relations

Recently Green Planet embarked on two ambitious projects to add 0-emmission fuels to its portfolio. As part of the Connecting Europe Facility funded TSO 2020 project it will realize a full size and mature hydrogen fuel station for both heavy and light duty vehicles. Second project is the Dutch government funded GREENFLEX project which has as goal to create an arena for transport companies to experiment with all available truck fuels, it entails a grid independent super-fast charge facility. We believe that in the near future the energy flows to the mobility and the urban environment will start to merge, this will have a large impact on the future role of fuel stations. Together with the knowledge partner in the GreenFlex project, Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen, we will study options how a fuel station can be part of these merging energy flows by becoming an energy buffer at micro grid level. Green Planet is especially interested to come in contact with companies active in hydrogen logistics, hydrogen retail, biofuel blending and 0-emmision fuels retail. This to exchange experience, applied technology and to find potential suppliers of equipment for its aforementioned projects.

Green Planet

Bultinge 2 NL-7933 TZ Pesse P: +31 857 602 790 www.greenplanet.nl E: projectmanager@ greenplanet.nl M: +31 634 583 450 31


Greenifying the World’s Kitchen. Greendish is advising food service providers, cities and governments how to make impact, reduce waste and costs and serve more sustainable and healthy dishes.

Joris Heijnen Founder & CEO

How? We engineer dishes, guide kitchen teams and nudge consumers towards the most sustainable, profitable and healthy dishes. We believe in innovation and science-based solutions and have developed a proven implementation method. For governments we developed a unique city program called Restaurants of Tomorrow which can move an industry step by step to a higher sustainable level. Impact Greendish works with leading food companies like Compass Group, HMSHost (Autogrill), Unilever, NH Hotels, Rabobank and various Ministries. To date we saved 1.67 milllion kilograms of CO2, 2,749,470 square meters land-use and 887,730,500 liters of water. The Greendish Foundation is initiating and executing groundbreaking research to proof sustainable and healthy dishes are profitable, waste-saving and highly appreciated by guests. With our research projects and business case first approach we have been able to take away the barriers and demonstrate the advantages for serving green dishes. Apetite for impact? Join us!


Geuzenkade 37-2 NL-1056 KL Amsterdam P: +31 202 600 206 E: hello@greendish.org www.greendish.org E: joris.heijnen@greendish.org M: +31 655 118 538 32


Jurjen de Jong

GreenFlux is a technology provider and provides solutions to make electric driving the new standard of mobility. The company was founded in 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is now active in more than fifteen countries. GreenFlux currently operates about 20% of the Smart Charging infrastructure with an ecosystem of more than 18,000 charging points in the Netherlands. GreenFlux operates with a team of 50 highly dedicated professionals. We are currently expanding our business internationally in Europe, the US and Asia.

Co-Founder and CEO

Products: • An open and cloud-based platform to manage EV charging networks. It can be used as a white label solution. It has functionalities such as remote management, billing, roaming and smart charging • A Smart Charging Controller that fits in every charge point and turns every charge point into a connected device ready for billing services and smart charging • Our charge card offers access to 60,000 charge stations in Europe via open protocols


Mauritskade 64 NL-1092 AD Amsterdam PO Box 95001 NL-1090 HA Amsterdam P: +31 886 050 700 E: info@greenflux.com www.greenflux.com

Unique Selling Points: • Seven years of hands on experience in operating a network of thousands of charge points • Experience with Installation, Client registration, Authorization, Billing and Helpdesk and complex large-scale solutions (100+ stations in one location) • Take total control of charge stations; remote access, manage transactions and smart charging • Save time and money using smart and advanced technology that is under continuous development • Safe and secure application in the public cloud, accessible from anywhere using web interfaces • Influence EV charging speed and behavior • Faster ROI for your customers using revenue management

E: jurjen.de.jong@ greenflux.com M: +31 651 113 800 33


HiePRactief is a communications agency, specialized in smart eMobility. HiePRactief supports organizations with their (online) marketing and communications strategies and organizes meetings and events. HiePRactief is official partner of the S4C Smart e-Mobility Program that promotes knowledge and innovation exchange between the US and Dutch government, universities and industry.

Ellen Hiep CEO


Paradijslaan 21 NL-3034 SH Rotterdam www.hiepractief.nl E: ellen@hiepractief.nl M: +31 654 370 565 34

• HiePRactief has been organizing different exchanges in the field of smart eMobility between the US and the Netherlands since 2011. • HiePRactief is one of the initiators of Adventures 2 a Smarter World, a program that connects kids from different parts of the world with exciting (online) challenges in the field of smart mobility, solar and climate change: www.adventures2smarterworld.com • Owner Ellen Hiep is also board member of the Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Association (Vereniging Elektrische Rijders): www.evrijders.nl.

Holland Circular Hotspot

Holland Circular Hotspot is a private public platform in which companies, knowledge institutes and (local) authorities collaborate internationally with the aim of exchanging knowledge and stimulating entrepreneurship in the field of circular economy.

Ruben Dubelaar

Advisor International Strategy

Holland Circular Hotspot was on of the actions from the Dutch government programme ‘Nederland Circulair 2050’: • To stimulate cooperation between the private sector, knowledge institutions, governments and other relevant parties; • To provide international visibility of Dutch CE innovations/ best practices; • To assist foreign parties in linking with relevant Dutch CE parties; • To establish a online community where both Dutch and foreign companies can post CE challenges and solutions, and generate business matches; • To facilitate access to Dutch and international (financing) instruments and programmes.

Foundation Holland Circular Hotspot

Rijnlanderweg 916 NL-2132 MN Hoofddorp E: info@ hollandcircularhotspot.nl www.hollandcircularhotspot.nl E: ruben.dubelaar@ hollandcircularhotspot.nl M: +31 634 106 230 35

HyEnergy Consultancy and HyEnergy TransStore

HyEnergy began as a UK based consulting firm. HyEnergy specialises in the pulling together of the disparate hydrogen and energy communities to understand, foster and realise opportunities for new technical solutions to deliver power from various new energy production methods.

Ian Williamson Managing Director

Our goal is to ensure that the systems and technologies introduced have a route to commercial acceptance in the given market and that the systems will deliver a low cost, clean, energy solution to compete with technology. HyEnergy draws on the expertise and global network of our partners - built over 50 plus years of running businesses within the hydrogen economy sector. Multiple skill sets, developed in global leaders within the industrial gases business, allow us to deliver technology, concepts and data from every facet of the hydrogen sector. We undertook the preparation work for the TSO2020 project bid on behalf of the Dutch ministry of I&M and this has resulted in us recognising that opportunities exist for not only consulting services but also hydrogen infrastructure provision in the north Netherlands. We have therefore established HyEnergy TransStore in Groningen/Drenthe with the plan to place hydrogen equipment in the field to facilitate the region’s transition to hydrogen. We are currently establishing our office and developing hydrogen projects.

HyEnergy Consultancy and HyEnergy TransStore Squirrels Wood 39 St Johns Street Crowthorne RG45 7NQ UK P: +44 134 476 2039 E: ian.williamson@ hy-energy.co.uk M: +44 789 994 142 36

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

For 99 years, KLM has been a pioneer in the airline industry and is the oldest airline to still be operating under its original name. KLM aims to be the most customer-focused, innovative and sustainable airline in Europe, offering reliable service and top-quality products.

Diederik Scheepstra Commercial Director USA

KLM carried a record 32.7 million passengers in 2017, offering its passengers direct flights to 165 destinations with a modern fleet of more than 160 aircraft. The airline employs a workforce of more 32,000 people worldwide. The KLM network connects the Netherlands with all of the world’s key economic regions and is a powerful engine driving the Netherlands’ economy. KLM currently services 9 gateways in the USA, and that will increase to 10 when we launch service to Boston on March 31, 2019.

Digna Faber

Commercial Manager West Region USA

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Amsterdamseweg 55 NL-1182 GP Amstelveen PO Box 7700 NL-1117 ZL Schiphol P: +31 206 499 123 E: mediarelations@klm.com www.klm.com www.klmtakescare.com

Since September 2016 KLM has partnered with AltAir and SkyNRG for a supply of sustainable biofuel for a period of 3 years on all flights between LAX and Schiphol. The biofuel is produced by the local biofuel refinery AltAirFuels and supplied by SkyNRG. Los Angeles is the world’s second airport that has incorporated biofuel into its regular refueling process. We are proud to have held a top position in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 13 years. KLM views this as confirmation that we are taking the right decisions when it comes to developing our sustainability policy. More information about how KLM is making air travel more sustainable can be found on the KLM Takes Care website.

E: diederik.scheepstra@ klm.com M: +1 646 864 5590 E: digna.faber@klm.com M: +1 714 343 1595 37

Land Life Company

Land Life is a holistic nature restoration company with the mission to help restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land.

Jurriaan Ruys CEO

The development and deployment of high tech solutions drones, robots, proprietary Cocoon, and data - enable Land Life to make reforestation of degraded land possible where natural regeneration doesn’t happen. Impact is measured through satellite and block chain technology, enabling transparency and communication. Land Life works with governments, NGOs and corporates, providing CO2 offsets. It has offices in the U.S.A., Mexico and the Netherlands.

Rebekah Braswell CCO

Andrew Whyte California Director

E: j.ruys@landlifecompany.com M: +31 654 906 269

Land Life Company

Mauritskade 63 NL-1092 AD Amsterdam www.landlifecompany.com 38

E: r.braswell@landlifecompany.com M: +31 652 868 628 E: a.whyte@landlifecompany.com M: +1 786 877 6063


LeasePlan is a global leader in Car-as-a-Service, with 1.8 million vehicles under management in over 30 countries.

Michael Lightfoot

Our core businesses are Car-as-a-Service for new cars, a €68bn market, and CarNext.com, an independent marketplace for flexible used-car mobility solutions, serving a €65bn market. We are the market leader in Car-as-a-Service based on the number of vehicles in our fleet and we are the largest reseller of 3-4 year old cars in Europe.

Chief Corporate Affairs officer

With over 50 years’ experience, our strategy is to lead the megatrend from ownership to usership taking place in both of these markets. Our mission is to provide What’s next in mobility via an ‘any car, anytime, anywhere’ service — so our customers can focus on What’s next for them.

Jeff Schlesinger

Managing Director LeasePlan USA


Gustav Mahlerlaan 360 NL-1082 ME Amsterdam PO Box 7874 NL-1008 AB Amsterdam P: +31 207 093 000 E: info@leaseplancorp.com www.leaseplan.com/corporate

We are taking a leadership role in the transition from the internal combustion engine to alternative power trains, targeting net zero emissions by 2030. Key elements of our strategy are: • Educating customers on what’s next in low-emission vehicles • Facilitating the uptake of low-emission vehicles with attractive customer propositions developed by the LeasePlan Electric Vehicle Experience Centre • Transitioning LeasePlan’s own employee fleet to an electric vehicle fleet by 2021 To further support our sustainability ambitions, LeasePlan became a founding partner of EV100 and is taking a leading role in the World Economic Forum’s climate change activities

E: michael.lightfoot@ leaseplan.com M: +31 621 108 533 E: Jeff.Schlesinger@ leaseplan.com M: +1 678 255 1097 39

Lightyear | Solar Car for consumers

Lightyear is developing the first native solar consumer car in the world with almost 70 engineers in The Netherlands. We are a spin-off of the 2013, 2015 and 2017 World Solar Challenge winning teams.

Robert Hoevers

Business Development Manager

The Lightyear One is a 4-wheel drive exclusive family car with integrated solar cells that can drive for weeks or even months without charging. The Lightyear One has a range of 800 km and can drive up to 20.000 Km per year purely on direct selfgenerated solar energy. Lightyear’s long term ambition is to develop mass-market solar electric cars and therefore offering a sustainable solution for the growing worldwide mobility needs. Solar electric cars are independent from a charging infrastructure by using just the sun and ordinary power sockets as an energy source. Our solar electric car is a complete & integral system, not just a EV with solar cells, therefore Lightyear has developed a Native Solar EV platform, resulting in an energy efficiency up to 3x higher than current EV’s in the market. Lightyear’s mission is to bring clean and affordable mobility to everyone. We’re doing this by creating a car that charges itself with sunlight. A solution that will make the electric car scalable because it drastically reduces the dependency on the electricity grid. The Lightyear One is currently available in pre-order, already 28 cars have been ordered to date.


Automotive Campus 30 NL-5708 JZ Helmond www.lightyear.one E: robert.hoevers@ lightyear.one M: +31 633 696 934 40

Lightyear is looking for potential USA suppliers, partners and investors.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy / NIA

Jan Dexel

Programme Manager Risk Capital & Int. Strategic Alliances

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy promotes the Netherlands as a country of enterprise with a strong international competitive position and an eye for sustainability. It is committed to creating an excellent entrepreneurial business climate, by creating the right conditions and giving entrepreneurs room to innovate and grow. By paying attention to nature and the living environment. By encouraging cooperation between research institutes and businesses. This is how we enhance our leading positions in agriculture, industry, services and energy and invest in a powerful, sustainable country. The government wants to help ambitious startups and other entrepreneurs to grow quickly. Startups are new businesses that have only recently been launched. Fast access to networks and finance are vital for them. Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan The government is supporting entrepreneurs, including startups, through its Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan. It is important that they have better access to capital, knowledge, innovation and the global market.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy / NIA

Directorate-General for Enterprise and Innovation PO Box 20101 NL-2500 EK The Hague www.rijksoverheid.nl E: J.dexel@minez.nl M: +31 611 376 224


MisterGreen Electric Lease

Mark Schreurs Founder & Director

MisterGreen will not rest until the use of fossil fuels for mobility disappear from the face of the earth! In order to achieve this, we started our mission in 2008: accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility by offering complete and reliable lease contracts for electric cars. This way we reduce the impact on people and on the environment together. There’s also an economic advantage, electric driving is in fact a lot cheaper than “normal” driving (petrol or diesel). We make electric car leasing accessible and transparent. With MisterGreen Direct you can order order a lease quotation for a new electric car from your smartphone in just 5 minutes. For example, we make the experience of requesting out a lease contract a pleasant and well-organized process in which you are fully in control. Also, we offer through the online chat and our smart support platform you even have access to customer service in the evenings and on weekends. As a customer of MisterGreen Direct you not only opt for an electric car, you also opt for a sustainable partner in electric car leasing. MisterGreen currently owns more than 1,000 Tesla’s and recently won the FD Gazelle Award, which means MisterGreen is registered as a top 3 player in the Netherlands for fastest growing company.

MisterGreen Electric Lease

IJdok 159 NL-1013 MM Amsterdam P: +31 207 719 026 E: support@ mistergreendirect.com www.mistergreendirect.com E: mark@mistergreen.nl M: +31 643 161 375 42

Municipality of Emmen

The municipality of Emmen has about 107.000 inhabitants and is the largest (total 7,500 companies) industrial and chemical aria in the northern part off the Netherlands. It has many oil and gas related companies and has a very good gas infrastructure.

Rudi Gengler

Policy adviser Energy, Climate and Environment

Together with the companies and related universities the city aims to become a smart energy region and investigates reducing the use of natural gas. The city facilitates the development of sun, wind and geothermal energy. With the neighbor city Stadt Haren in Germany it is working on a wind park with innovative solutions for the impacts of using sun and wind energy on the electricity grid. One of the solutions for balancing the electric grid is the use of hydrogen. In Emmen many of the conditions for using hydrogen are already there. The former installation used for removing sulfate from natural gas could very well be used for producing hydrogen. Which would be welcome for using in the local industry instead of natural gas or producing new materials of known materials producing in a new way.

Municipality of Emmen Raadhuisplein 1 NL-7833 HJ Emmen P: +31 591 685 439 www.emmen.nl

E: r.gengler@emmen.nl M: +31 652 091 496 43


Kristina Knauf

Senior Project Leader/Urbanist

MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries and is one of the most innovative architectural practices in the world. Located in the Netherlands with a staff of two hundred architects, urban planners, designers, interior architects and landscape architects who develop projects in a multi-disciplinary, iterative, collaborative design process involving rigorous technical, creative and innovative investigations. These have resulted in a range of building types, urban plans and conceptual visions, and extends to research, publications, and exhibitions. Built projects include the Villa VPRO, redefining the workspace for a public broadcasting network, the stacked Dutch landscapes of the Netherlands Pavilion for the World EXPO 2000 in Hannover and Rotterdam Markthal, a combination of food, housing and retail that changed the economic perspective of Rotterdam. Work, Play, Live, MVRDV wants to revolutionise every aspect of human life. The portfolio ranges from objects to social and high-end housing; to boutiques and large-scale retail; to offices and business parks; to urban parks and landscapes; to follies, museums, libraries and performing art centres. The results are exemplary, ambitious and outspoken projects, which enable our cities and landscapes develop towards a greener, more sustainable and attractive future defined by its users.


Achterklooster 7 NL-3011 RA Rotterdam PO Box 63136 NL-3002 JC Rotterdam P: +31 104 772 860 www.mvrdv.com E: kristinaknauf@mvrdv.com M: +31 619 815 089 44

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Utrecht University

Guus Velders

Professor Air Quality and Climate Interactions

How can we keep ourselves and our environment healthy? That is the challenge facing government authorities at all levels, from the local to the international. RIVM conducts research and provides advice to assist them in this task. It promotes public health and consumer safety, and helps to protect the quality of the environment. RIVM applies this knowledge itself, and places it at the disposal of policymakers, researchers, regulatory authorities and the general public. Each year, RIVM produces numerous reports on all aspects of public health, nutrition and diet, health care, disaster management, nature and the environment. Guus Velders expertise is the Montreal Protocol, for the protection of the ozone layer, and its effects on climate change. In the past decade Guus Velders has worked with colleagues from the US investigating the role of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) on climate. These gases are used as substitutes for ozone-depleting substances for refrigeration systems, air conditioners and foams. This work has contributed to the foundation of the global climate agreement of Kigali (Rwanda) of October 2016, in which all countries of the world agreed to significantly reduce the use of HFCs in the coming decades. In honor of his work, in April 2017, TIME has named Guus Velders as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Utrecht University

Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9 NL-3721 MA Bilthoven PO Box 1 NL-3720 BA Bilthoven P: +31 302 749 111 E: info@rivm.nl www.rivm.nl E: guus.velders@rivm.nl M: +31 646 324 629 45

New Energy Coalition

Patrick Cnubben

Manager LNG & Hydrogen

We are New Energy Coalition: a knowledge and network organisation for energy transition. It is our mission to provide a substantial contribution to the energy transition, on a national and international level. Connecting knowledge and networks are necessary preconditions. We are a broad and continuously expanding coalition. With knowledge institutions such as the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, with the energy sector, business enterprises, governments and industry. Working together on the energy transition! The development of (green) hydrogen as a new climate neutral energy carrier and its application within industry, mobility, the build environment and network balancing offers interesting opportunities for the Northern Netherlands region and the established companies.

Gerbren Andringa Project Coordinator

The broadening of the knowledge portfolio and network increases the opportunities for the region and all parties within this region. Hydrogen is a driver of innovation that increases the business impulse for business and knowledge institutes. This enables them to provide a significant contribution to climate- and environmental goals as stated in the Paris Agreement.

New Energy Coalition

Nijenborgh 6 NL-9747 AG Groningen PO Box 70017 9704 AA Groningen P: +31 881 166 800 E: info@newenergycoalition.org https://newenergycoalition.org E: p.cnubben@ newenergycoalition.org M: +31 642 727 045 E: g.andringa@ newenergycoalition.org M: +31 615 362 518 46

ne architecture ne thinking ne urbanism ne planning ne

One Architecture

One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) is an award-winning design and planning firm with offices in Amsterdam and New York. Established in 1995, the firm is known for its unique approach in which financial, technical, and organizational issues are addressed and resolved through design.

Matthijs Bouw Founder

The office co-led the team that made the ‘Big U’, the winning proposal in Rebuild by Design for the flood protection of Manhattan. They are now part of the multi-disciplinary teams executing the first phases of this multi-billion transformation of 7 miles of Manhattan waterfront into a coastal defense system with multiple urban benefits, such as parks and new attractions. After this entry to the US market in 2014, they have become a leader in design for climate adaptation, involved with flagship resilience projects in New York, Boston and San Francisco, as well as in Southeast Asia, where they e.g. support the Asian Development Bank with the integration of resilience in New Clark City, and Latin America, where ONE is the planner in Panama City’s Water Dialogues.

One Architecture & Urbanism

Johan van Hasseltkade 306 NL-1032 LP Amsterdam PO Box 15816 NL-1001 NH Amsterdam P: +31 204 700 040 E: office@onearchitecture.nl www.onearchitecture.nl

One Architecture & Urbanism founder Matthijs Bouw directs the Urban Resilience Certificate Program at the School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania, and consults 100 Resilient Cities and the Chief Resilience Officers in their ‘100 cities’ on the strategic use of design, as well as on the implementation of resilience projects and initiatives.

One Architecture USA 35 E. Broadway, 5c 10002 New York, NY, USA

E: bouw@onearchitecture.nl M: +1 203 612 5977 47

OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe

Erwin Stoker

Manager Public Transportation Development

OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe is the Public Transportation Authority for the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and the city of Groningen. OV-bureau has an active role in development of the public transport system and the service level for people travelling in the provinces. In a joint effort with current operators Qbuzz and Arriva the Qliner and Q-link buses providing high frequencies on trunk lines are growing more than 10 percent per year. In 2017 2,6 million passengers used the bus-system, covering 26 million passengerkilometers. Passenger satisfaction is 7,7 out of 10 and cost coverage is around 51%. OV-bureau tenders long-term PT contracts to operators of 110 mln euro per year. Qbuzz is the main operator for Groningen and Drenthe up to 2029. In recent years sustainability of the PT system has been improved by introducing 14 full-electric buses and 2 hydrogen buses and alternative fuels as HVO. Two hydrogen buses are operated from January 2018, fuelled with hydrogen from the Akzo chlorine factory in Delfzijl. The PT concession 2020-2030 will be operated by Qbuzz and will see large scale deployment of electric buses for citybuses, Q-link and regional lines. It will be the largest electric bus fleet in the Netherlands with more than 160 full-electric buses. Also the aim is to increase the number of hydrogen buses to 22 by 2020. The rest of the buses will all be run on HVO, reducing CO2 emissions in 2020 by over 90%.

OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe Overcingellaan 15e PO Box 189 NL-9400 AD Assen P: +31 592 396 900 E: info@ovbureau.nl www.ovbureau.nl

E: e.stoker@ovbureau.nl M: +31 651 574 562 48

Paperfoam – Biobased packaging solutions

PaperFoam is a young and innovative packaging company based in the Netherlands. We specialize in Bio Based packaging solutions with extremely low carbon footprints. Our awardwinning Dutch Designs contribute to the sustainability goals of Nobel Biocare, Microsoft, Plantronics, Samsung and others by becoming approved packaging suppliers.

Philip Bredt

Vice President Business Development PaperFoam USA

With our certified BioBased material and patented injection molding technology we serve customers in consumer electronics, medical, cosmetics and dry food industries from our facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia. The PaperFoam material is sustainable, eco-friendly, low-carbon, highly recyclable and home compostable. The main ingredients (starch and fiber) are annually renewable and locally sourced. Together with lightweight properties and energy-efficient production, PaperFoam is one of the most environmental friendly packaging materials available. PaperFoam has a green footprint and is safe for our people and planet. We care about our planet and through green innovation we offer a competitive, beneficial solution for most packaging needs.


Hermesweg 22 NL-3771 ND Barneveld E: info@paperfoam.com www.paperfoam.com

PaperFoam USA

1450 Mariposa street CA 94107 San Francisco E: bredtp@paperfoam.com M: +1 415 712 6507 49


René Rozendal

Paques is world market leader in anaerobic wastewater treatment. Understanding the complex connection between water and energy is in our DNA. Paques has over 30 years of experience in helping industries and municipalities to reduce their water and carbon footprints. Our reactor systems are found in all kind of industries and applications, such as food, pulp and paper, beer and beverages, distilleries, and chemical industry. Since 1980, Paques realized more than 2600 references worldwide.


Besides the Global and European headquarters in The Netherlands, Paques has regional headquarters in China, South America, India, South-East Asia & North America. This ensures local presence and the best service for clients worldwide.


Products and Services Offered: Water is essential in the production of all kinds of goods and energy, for socio- economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Paques provides biotechnological processes to purify wastewater and gas streams and offers a wide range of products. Among other systems, Paques delivers: • BIOPAQ®: Organic compounds are converted to biogas by bacteria: get green energy from wastewater. • THIOPAQ®: Biogas desulphurization: Deep hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas at high uptime enables industries to meet stringent gas quality requirements. • ANAMMOX®: Sustainable nitrogen removal The ANAMMOX® process is a very cost-effective and sustainable way of removing ammonium from effluents and ammonia from waste gas.

E: r.rozendal@paques.nl M: +31 611 028 986

Unique Selling Points: • Biological processes contribute to a better environment, revitalizing resources is the future of mankind. • Market leader in biological wastewater and gas treatment: over 2600 references worldwide in several industries • Local presence ensures the best service for clients worldwide. Continuous innovation and development of new purifying systems.

T. de Boerstraat 24 NL-8561 EL Balk PO Box 52 NL-8560 AB Balk P: +31 514 608 500 E: info@paques.nl www.paques.nl


Plantible Foods

Tony Martens

Plantible Foods is a B2B food technology company and we are on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by harnessing the power of the humble, awe-inspiring lemna to create the world’s best plant-based protein. Lemna may be the most protein efficient crop in the world, as it can be up to 400x more protein efficient than other plant-based protein sources. Our target customers are CPG food makers and manufacturers worldwide in the booming plant-based food industry, including dairy- and meat alternatives companies.


Maurits van de Ven Co-Founder

Plantible Foods

1111 Kane Concourse Suite 603 Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 United States of America P: +1 310 606 0814 E: info@plantiblefoods.com www.plantiblefoods.com

Products and Services Offered: • Our innovative ingredient is a protein concentrate which is neutral in taste, color and odor, highly digestible and applicable, and allergen free • The protein has the same functional characteristics (e.g. foaming, gelation and emulsifying) as eggs, a complete amino acid profile and a fully transparent and traceable production process Unique Selling Points: • Our proprietary technologies and knowledge are the results of years of experiments, and optimizations around strain selection, cultivation, nutrient mix, and more factors • Our protein is nutritionally and functionally superior to other plant-based alternatives and is allergen free, organic and non-GMO; a premium set of qualities that sets us apart • Our ingredients superior and versatile functionalities allows food manufacturers to decrease their cost-in-use compared to existing plant-based protein ingredients by up to 60% • We harness the power of lemna, which grows year-round with no soil required. This results in stable supply and price, while using materially less water than any other protein sources3

E: tony@plantiblefoods.com M: +1 310 606 0814 E: maurits@plantiblefoods.com M: +1 760 529 1999 51

Port of Rotterdam Authority

The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and worldclass industrial complex. Not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality.

Allard Castelein CEO

Eric van der Schans Director Environmental Management

Port of Rotterdam Authority

Wilhelminakade 909 NL-3072 AP Rotterdam PO Box 6622 NL-3002 AP Rotterdam P: +31 102 521 010 E: info@portofrotterdam.com www.portofrotterdam.com E: e.schans@ portofrotterdam.com M: +31 620 431 574 52

The Port Authority is therefore leading the transition to sustainable energy and it is committed to digitalisation in order to make the port, and the supply chain, more efficient. The core tasks of the Port Authority are to develop, manage and exploit the port in a sustainable way and to deliver speedy and safe services for shipping.

Province of Drenthe

Drenthe is one of the three northern provinces of the Netherlands, with a total area of 2,680 km2 en 490,000 inhabitants. With its beautiful landscape, dynamic economy, attractive business climate and excellent recreational facilities, Drenthe is a great place to work and live.

Tjisse Stelpstra Regional Minister

Drenthe has a relatively large number of small and medium sized enterprises. We enjoy economic success in the fields of bio-based fibre, medical instrument production, plastic industry, agribusiness and energy. The region produces gas and oil, but also has a high potential for sustainable energy such as solar energy, offshore wind and hydrogen. We’re working hard to achieve our climate goals and make the transition to sustainable mobility and economy.

Andrea Huisman Advisor to the Board

With some of our very innovative entrepreneurs we have a trade mission for hydrogen technology before and during the GCAS. If you’re interested, please ask one of our delegation. We are pleased to tell you more or introduce you to our network.

Johan Scholte

Coordinator European Affairs

Province of Drenthe Westerbrink 1 NL-9405 BJ Assen PO Box 122 NL-9400 AC Assen www.drenthe.nl

E: t.stelpstra@drenthe.nl M: +31 655 873 910 E: a.huisman@drenthe.nl M: +31 652 093 965 E: j.scholte@drenthe.nl M: +31 652 475 143 53

PTX International

Cortijn van Valkenburg

PTX, is a disruptive innovation which will change the way we fight fires in the future. It is a completely translucent natural liquid additive that not only puts out fires in seconds (see below) but does NOT reignite. Amazingly, the burned object becomes immediately cold to the touch. It uses 65% less water, is environmentally safe and it is biodegradable. PTX saves forests, agriculture, property and most importantly lives, while protecting the environment and reduces pollution. PTX is starting up their operations in California.

CEO PTX International


Fred Bok

President PTX California

PTX International Binnenkant 44 NL-1011 BP Amsterdam P: +1 415 933 4993 E: info@ptx-usa.com www.ptx-usa.com

E: cortijn@ptx-usa.com M: +31 621 840 003 E: fred@ptx-usa.com M: +31 623 847 944 54

Safety • Fast and safe extinguishing performance • NO re-ignition of any fire source • Extreme cooling down effect to any fire source (Immediate) • Reduces smoke development during the extinguishing process resulting in less disorientation of firemen and victims Environment • Nontoxic of composition- and after use (NO PFOS) • NO residues, NO cleaning operations and soil sanitation after extinguishing • Biodegradable (98.3 % within 28 days and 100% within 31 days) • Environmentally safe for humans and animals • Exceptional low water consumption – >65% less • Reduction in smoke reduces air pollution • A new breed in fire extinguishing that exceeds environmental safety laws/standards In July, PTX did a demonstration at NASA Ames. After extinguishing pallets they were doused with gasoline and relit, still they did NOT reignite. See: https://vimeo.com/281737277


Michel van der Mark Commercial Manager

Qbuzz, the third operator in public bus transport in the Netherlands, with an average turnover of 250 million euros and an EBIT of 6.9 million, is part of the Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane). As of December 2018 Qbuzz has a total fleet of 860 buses, 24 trams and 10 trains. Daily we transport approximately 275,000 passengers and employ over 2,000 people. Qbuzz is proud to be part of the transition to zero emission of public transport in the Netherlands. Unique Selling Points: • Qbuzz is the only multimodal transportation company with hydrogen and electric busses, trams and trains. • Qbuzz is an ambitious and innovative quality player with the focus on sustainability and effectiveness. • We have an open relationship with the public transport authorities and constantly search for the best way to provide sustainable mobility services in line with communal and social needs. • Currently we operate 24 electric and 2 hydrogen busses. By 2020 we expect to upscale to 22 hydrogen busses and implement the largest electric bus fleet of the Netherlands. Looking for companies that offer electric or hydrogen bus solutions or IT companies enabling multimodal travels / trips.


Piet Mondriaanplein 31 NL-3812 GZ Amersfoort P: +31 334 601 580 www.qbuzz.nl E: michel.van.der.mark@ qbuzz.nl M: +31 655 176 151 55


Rabobank is a bank by and for customers, a cooperative bank. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are key pillars in our business focus. Our aim is to be market leader across all financial markets in the Netherlands. We are also committed to being a leading bank in the field of the agrofood value chain globally.

Bas RĂźter

Head Sustainability

Rabobank is active in the US since 37 years. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and services in investment banking, commercial lending, vendor finance, leasing, forex and commodities trading and hedging, trade services and cash management. Rabobank is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It serves approximately 8.4 million clients around the world.

Frans Den Broeder

Manager International Services


Croeselaan 18 NL-3521 CB Utrecht PO Box 17100 NL-3500 HG Utrecht P: +31 302 165718 www.rabobank.com E: Bas.Ruter@rabobank.nl M: +31 653 357 375 E: Frans.Den.Broeder@ rabobank.com 56

Resato International

Resato International is a high-pressure specialist. The core competence is to create, control and manipulate high pressure fluids till 10.000 bar and gases till 3.000 bar. We use our 27 years’ experience of compressing to develop products, systems and solutions in various application areas and markets.

Rob Castien CEO

The hydrogen boosters for continuous use in hydrogen refueling stations is the result of the combination of two Resato know-how‘s: On one hand the know-how of gas testing systems for the gas and petrol industry and on the other hand the 24/7 applications experience with hydraulic intensifiers with waterjet high pressure pumps. Resato intends herewith to contribute to the energy transition by enabling a hydrogen economy. The hydrogen boosters are developed for a wide range of pressure between 10 till 1.100 bar and a minimum supply pressure of 2 bar. The materials are chosen to be suitable for hydrogen and enable long life time of wearing parts to reduce the OPEX costs to a minimum. The booster design facilitates the maintenance and avoids hydrogen contamination.

Resato International Duitslandlaan 1 NL-9403 DL Assen PO Box 950 NL-9400 AZ Assen P: +31 505 016 877 E: H2sales@resato.com www.resato.com

Next to the booster OEM sets available for the Hydrogen Refueling Station manufactures, Resato developed a standalone and slow fill Fleet Owner Station a transition solution for the refueling of vehicles till 700 bar. With 1/10 of the investment required for a public fast fill Hydrogen Refueling Station, Hydrogen vehicle driving is possible. For more information see: www.resato.com/en/hydrogen

E: robcastien@resato.com M: +31 622 698 697 57

Royal DSM

Royal DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Jeff Turner

VP Corporate Sustainability

Paulette van Ommen Global Climate Lead

Royal DSM

Het Overloon 1 NL-6411 TE Heerlen www.dsm.com

DSM North America 45 Waterview Blvd Parsippany New Jersey 07054-1298 USA

E: jeff.turner@dsm.com M: +31 630 539 194 E: paulette.ommen-van@ dsm.com M: +31 615 029 275 58

DSM has identified three key areas in which we can drive sustainable markets: nutrition, climate change and circular economy. With regard to climate change, at DSM, we believe that effectively tackling climate change is both a responsibility and a business opportunity. We are therefore focusing on: • Improving our own carbon footprint (for example, we have a 75% renewable purchased electricity target for 2030, and an over-all target of 30% absolute reduction between 2016-2030 of the emissions from our operations and purchased energy) • Enabling the low-carbon economy (for example, we have solutions enabling bio energy, wind energy, solar energy and are developing a cow feed ingredient that will cut methane emissions from cows’ burping with 30%) • Advocating climate action (with a focus on carbon pricing and renewable energy).

Royal Dutch Gazelle Bikes

Ewoud van Leeuwen General Manager Gazelle North America

With US offices located in Santa Cruz, California, Gazelle Bike’s history is very much the history of the bicycle as a popular means of urban transportation. Their original Dutch style comfort bike won over the hearts of the Netherlands 125 years ago and their continued design and technology have people all over the world falling in love today. Today, Gazelle remains at the forefront of invention to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible. Gazelle is an integral part of Dutch cycling heritage and have kept in cadence with today’s global innovation with their new line of electric bikes. Gazelle has positioned themselves as the benchmark for urban mobility traditionally and contemporarily. Products and Services Offered: • Bicycles • Electric Bicycles • Urban Mobility Unique Selling Points: • 125 years of Dutch heritage and experience designing and manufacturing bicycles and electric bicycles for urban mobility • Partnering with best-in-class technology/electric motor companies such as Bosch and Shimano • Diverse product assortment line encompassing comfort, mobility, utility, transportation and performance • In-depth Global knowledge of the electric bicycle market that can be applied to the North American market

Royal Dutch Gazelle Bikes 2867 Mission Street US-95060 Santa Cruz E: info@gazellebikes.com www.gazellebikes.com E: e.vanleeuwen@ gazellebikes.com M: +1 213 269 9143 59


Mark Gainsborough Executive Vice President New Energies

Matthew Tipper

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with an average of 93,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Shell’s strategy is to strengthen its position as a leading energy company by providing oil, gas and lowcarbon energy as the world’s energy system changes. Safety and social responsibility are fundamental to how we do business. Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading energy company by providing oil, gas and low-carbon energy as the world’s energy system changes. Safety and social responsibility are fundamental to how we do business. Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading energy company by providing oil, gas and low-carbon energy as the world’s energy system changes. Safety and social responsibility are fundamental to how we do business. Shell’s New Energies business was set up in 2016. New Energies is an emerging opportunity, in which Shell plans to invest on average $1-2 billion a year until 2020 as we look for commercial investments – that build on our strengths – in new and fast-growing segments of the energy industry.

Vice President New Fuels

Shell New Energies focuses on two areas: new fuels and power. New Fuels consists of hydrogen, biofuels and electric vehicle charging. In power, we are building up positions in the full value chain from directly supplying electricity to the customer through trading to renewable power generation.

Shell headquarters Carel van Bylandtlaan 16 NL-2596 HR The Hague PO box 162 NL-2501 AN The Hague P: +31 703 779 111 www.shell.com 60


Harry Verhaar

Head of Global Public & Government Affairs

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) is the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Our Philips products, Interact connected lighting systems and data-enabled services, deliver business value and transform life in homes, buildings and public spaces. With 2017 sales of EUR 7.0 billion, approximately 32,000 employees and a presence in over 70 countries, we unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. For more than 125 years we have pioneered breakthroughs in lighting and been the driving force for many innovations. Our track record in innovation is strong and we invest heavily in R&D to stay at the forefront of technological developments. We strive for continued innovation in LED lighting we are leading the industry expansion to lighting systems in both the professional and consumer markets. Our position as the industry leader in connected lighting, makes Signify the lighting company for the Internet of Things (IoT).


HTC48-0-A NL-5656 AE Eindhoven PO Box 80062 NL-5600 KA Eindhoven P: +31 402 750 000 www.signify.com E: harry.verhaar@signify.com M: +31 651 337 341 61

The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN)

Karlijn van Bree

Advisor EU Public Affairs Northern Netherlands


Leonard Springerlaan 15 NL-9727 KB Groningen PO Box 779 NL-9700 AT Groningen P: +31 505 224 900 E: info@snn.nl www.snn.nl Huis van de Nederlandse Provincies Trierstraat 59-61 1040 Brussels Belgium E: vanbree@snn.eu M: +31 627 963 539 62

The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) is a partnership between the three northern provinces in the Netherlands (Drenthe, Fryslan and Groningen), as well as the four largest cities in our region. It is our mission to stimulate, facilitate and connect ambitions aimed at the development of the Northern Netherlands. Therefore, we provide grants, support northern cooperation and represent the northern interests in The Hague, in Brussels and beyond.


Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseilles, France, Sodexo is now the worldwide leader in Quality of Life services. For over 50 years, we have developed unique expertise, backed by nearly 427,000 employees in 80 countries across the globe.

Amir Bercovitz

Director business development Government Services Benelux

In combining the diverse talents of our teams, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions. We develop, manage and deliver a unique array of On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services for all our clients to improve the Quality of Life. Our experiences with our over 100 million customers each and every day enable us to develop Quality of Life services that reinforce the well-being of individuals, improving their effectiveness and helping companies and organizations to improve performance‌every day. On-site Services From foodservices to construction management, reception services to the maintenance of scanners and laboratory equipment, technical maintenance to leisure cruises, and housekeeping to rehabilitation services at correctional facilities... Sodexo provides clients with a wide array of on-site services.


We’re building a better tomorrow for everyone We know we can only meaningfully improve lives if we make good decisions. And that means thinking about the needs of tomorrow as well as today. That is why we monitor our progress (for example on food waste) through our corporate responsibility roadmap, called Better Tomorrow 2025. See the link below: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/77768968

Rivium Boulevard 2 NL-2909 LK Capelle a/d Ijssel P: +31 884 963 650 www.sodexo.com E: amir.bercovitz@sodexo.com M: +31 655 112 228 63


SolaRoad (Delft, The Netherlands) produces and markets road pavements that harvest solar energy and convert it to electricity. State-of-the-art solar technology is integrated into robust, prefabricated concrete elements. SolaRoad pavements, combining infrastructure with solar electricity production, turn roads into large, decentral solar plants: invisible, inaudible, durable, and vandalism proof.

Sten de Wit

Co-founder, Commercial Director

Products and Services Offered: • Prefabricated road elements with integrated solar technology (PV) • Maintenance products • Support on system integration Unique Selling Points: • Surface area efficient: green electricity is generated without claiming extra space, without disturbing environment or nature, by multifunctional use of the roads that we build and use anyway. • Electricity from our pavements can be used to power a range of applications, including public lighting, traffic management systems, households, and electric vehicles. • High electricity yield: in California, a road section of 10 m SolaRoad pavement produces an estimated 7,000 kWh per year, enough for e.g. 50,000 electric vehicle kilometers. SolaRoad has been successfully applied in roads in The Netherlands and in France since 2014. SolaRoad is preparing to enter the USA and is looking for agents to co-develop the market.


PO Box 155 NL-2600 AD Delft www.solaroad.nl E: sten.dewit@solaroad.nl M: +31 612 021 647 64

Steenstra GCM

Cor Steenstra Founder | CEO

Steenstra GCM is developing zero emission vehicles to be produced in California. In cooperation with a well-known Formula 1 team a technological platform is being developed utilizing the latest battery-, kers- and solar technologies that will initially be used in high-end performance vehicles. Steenstra GCM wants to establish its unique brand identity at the highest level first, guaranteeing a healthy financial basis for further growth. With his 35 years’ experience within the automotive industry as designer and entrepreneur, Steenstra has gathered a uniquely qualified team together to create, innovate, build and market limited production, high performance vehicles tailored to each customer specifically. Scheduled to start production in Q1 2021, the initial preproduction concept will be introduced during the 2020 Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance on August 14, 2020. With an initial product line up of 3 distinctly different vehicles Steenstra GCM expects to become profitable in 2024 and will use the platform knowledge to expand down market with tailored sub-brands. Steenstra GCM is looking for partners to aid in financing the various phases of our development, and for active development partners for the production vehicles as well.

Steenstra GCM

16 Roquedo Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688 USA www.steenstragcm.com E: cor@steenstragcm.com M: +1 949 307 5820 65

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Founded in 2013 by Boyan Slat (24), The Ocean Cleanup now employs approximately 80 engineers and researchers. The foundation is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Boyan Slat CEO & Founder

Joost Dubois

Communications & External Affairs

Instead of going after plastic debris with vessels and nets – which would take many thousands of years and billions of dollars to complete – The Ocean Cleanup has designed a fleet of extremely long floating screens that will remain in the water to act like an artificial coastline, enabling the ocean to concentrate the plastic using its own currents. Once fully operational, a fleet of passive collection systems is expected to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years’ time. After years of conducting reconnaissance expeditions, scale model tests and the deployment of prototypes on the North Sea, the world’s first full-scale cleanup system is soon to be deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. System 001 departed from San Francisco Bay on September 8, 2018 to conduct a series of final near-shore trials at 240 nm off-shore from the Golden Gate. It is expected that the first shipment of debris collected by this system will be returned to land for recycling before the end of the year. The Ocean Cleanup is working to design processes to convert recovered ocean plastic into valuable raw materials and durable products.

Hanna Beumer Executive Assistant

The Ocean Cleanup

Batavierenstraat 15 – 4th-7th floor NL-3014 JH Rotterdam E: info@theoceancleanup.com www.theoceancleanup.com

The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation John Murray

Ambassador, Public Affairs


535 Mission Street FL14, Unit 1922 San Francisco CA 94105 USA

Toiless Paper

Toiless Paper stands for action, connection and responsibility world wide. That each individual is aware of the impact of human behavior and their contribution to a healthy planet. A shift is happening.

Paula Loos Founder

Toiless Paper is creating an awareness campaign about the use of toilet paper. Use it effectively, safe money and trees, and reduce energy to clean sewage water. In 2019 we produce toilet paper that is 3 inch wide. With the profit we support the awareness campaign. We use humor in an educational way. Rational reason: people understand the world is in jeopardy. Given that our clients are the people of the Earth, this is a long term commitment. The actions will be measured by the amount of toilet paper that is sold around the world. We are a young company with big ambitions. Join us in the quest to use less. How many sheets do you use each time you visit the toilet?

Toiless Paper

Gloriantstraat 15 1 NL-1055 CV Amsterdam P: +31 telefoon: E: e-mailadres bedrijf: www.toilesspaper.com E: paula@toilesspaper.com M: +31 616 382 622 M: +1 917 702 2432 67


Folkert Salomons

Manager at VanMoof San Francisco

VanMoof is founded by two Dutch brothers, Taco and Ties. They are born and raised in the Netherlands, where they loved getting from point A to B on two wheels. Yet, they have never found the perfect city bike, so they created VanMoof. VanMoof is the perfect city bike from scratch, where it will take you anywhere around the world. Currently, there are eight brand stores located in big cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Taipei, Tokyo. Products and Services Offered: • Electrified S2 and Electrified X2 • Electrified S and Electrified X • Smart S and Smart X • VanMoof + (Subscription Model) • Bikes Accessories • Bike Doctors • Peace of mind • Bike Hunters Unique Selling Points: • Rather than wait years for the bike industry to catch up, we invent the parts ourselves. Our R&D teams in Taipei and Amsterdam are working 24/7 on creating the most efficient, maintenance free parts that you could dream of. • We want to change the world, by getting the next billions on bikes. We are not just selling bikes, together we reinvent the whole experience, from buying to maintenance, to discovery of stolen bikes.


886 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 P: +1 415 525 4258 E: sanfrancisco@vanmoof.com www.vanmoof.com E: folkert@vanmoof.com M: +1 415 996 6692 68


David Kat

SVP Business Development

Wasteless enables supermarkets to sell more and waste less; our software leverages dynamic pricing that lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a perishable product based on its expiration date. Wasteless continuously monitors stock levels to alert for out-of-stock. Wasteless recaptures lost revenue opportunities like FLW cost and out-of- stock costs and creates new revenue opportunities by increasing product availability. We use dynamic prices to reduce food waste (rather than only drive up profitability), to start the conversation about food waste in the supermarket: the exact spot where the Farm meets the Fork. This is made possible by our Pricing Engine, a multidimensional algorithm that uniquely solves the food waste issue, while taking out-of-stock and overstock into account. Food Waste is a on the biggest emitter of greenhouses gases. Project Drawdown found that combating this threat to the both climate and access to food is one of the most impactful measures to halt climate change. And Wasteless is effective: at Spanish discount giant Dia we exceeded the KPIs on waste reduction and revenue growth. Waste was reduced by almost 40% and revenues increased significantly. Wasteless is an alumnus of the Food-X accelerator, recipient of prized including from Kairos, AGFunder and Seeds&Chips, finalist of Rabobank Sustainable Development Prize, Accenture Innovation Award and several more leading competitions. We’re keen on working with US retailers to reduce food waste.


Epicenter Amsterdam Fred Roeskestraat 115 NL-1076 EE Amsterdam www.wasteless.co E: david@wasteless.co M: +31 651 541 188 69

Yksi Connect

Leonne Cuppen Designer and curator

Daria Biryukova Designer

Yksi Connect

Torenallee 22-04 NL-5617 BD Eindhoven P: +31 407 805 033 E: connect@yksi.nl www.yksiconnect.nl www.yksiexpo.nl www.studiomixtura.com E: leonne@yksi.nl M: +31 610 573 108 E: design.biryukova@ gmail.com M: +31 620 184 204 70

Leonne Cuppen from Yksi Connect connects designers with the industry, provides inspiration, gives directions and resolves issues. Leonne Cuppen was among the founding fathers of the Dutch Design Week and the Designhuis (House of Design) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Leonne Cuppen curates, designs and realizes exhibitions that can be seen in other places in the world, from Beijing to Barcelona and from Moscow to Madrid. Yksi Expo is an experience platform for design, which Leonne Cuppen curates and has a leading role, offers inspiration, indicates directions and exposing issues. Yksi Expo organizes exhibitions in her space (600 m2) at Strijp S in Eindhoven. With great attention to Dutch Design, young talent and the relationship between design, technology, architecture and other art disciplines. In addition, there are workspaces (Stichting Zilverwerk, Yksi Connect, Studio Mixtura, Beyond Waste, NYVIDD, Driven by Design and shops (SBK Kunstuitleen & galerie, Coffee Keuten & Design, Yksi Rugs and Sandwichbike). With Yksi Expo you are therefore at the right address for a beautiful gift, design furniture and everything in between. A visit always guarantees the necessary inspiration. Products and Services Offered: • Curate and produce exhibitions • Moderator, chairman of the board of directors, advisory Committee , ambassador for design related projects • Concept & interior design Unique Selling Points: • After 27 years of experience Yksi Connect creates projects with a flexible team of free lancers. • Yksi Connect is an expert in concept development, art direction, consulanty, content development, product design, curation and event design. • Yksi Connect creates meaningful design concepts for cultural institutions, Dutch embassies and companies with a sound awareness of the future, with sustainability and circular design as our main topics.

Climate Neutral Flying This delegation’s flight emissions have been fully offset We’ve come together to discuss one of the greatest issues of our time; climate change. It may feel a bit hypocritical; flying to the other side of the world to discuss climate change and in doing so contributing to the problem. Therefore Climate Neutral Group calculated the carbon emissions of the flights from the whole delegation and has decided to sponsor the carbon offsetting of all participants to neutralise the CO2-emissions. Our target is to reduce the carbon emissions of flying. GreenSeat, our carbon initiative for business travel, offers several unique tools that helps you and your business measure, change and finally green its travel habits. Flight offsetting is an important aspect of your journey towards climate neutral flying! For the Dutch delegation the CO2-offsetting is done by investing in the Gold Standard certified Biogas Projects in Asia, which as an added benefit supports the livelihoods of local communities with its connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The biogas project stimulates and helps people change from cooking on open fires to cooking with biogas. Biogas Project In rural Asia, 80% of the population relies on open fires for cooking. Preparing meals over an open fire is dangerous to one’s health, expensive, time-consuming, and bad for the environment. Owning a biogas installation can solve many of these problems. Even if a family owns just two cows, these digesters can generate enough gas for cooking and lighting. This offset project provides access to such biogas installations in rural Cambodia. They are installed on recipients’ land by local construction companies. After the manure is placed in the digester, it turns it into biogas that is piped to people’s homes, where it can be used for cooking or lighting. The by-product - a bio-slurry - is a powerful organic fertiliser. With that, the farmer can replace expensive, chemical fertilisers with own organic slurry.

The biogas project supports the following SDG’s:

GreenSeat - your green boarding pass for better travel



Official Delegation


Official Delegation

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Stientje van Veldhoven Minister for the Environment

PO Box 20901 NL-2500 EX The Hague

P: +31 70 456 1062


E: dbo-Stas@minienm.nl

Roald Lapperre Director General for the Environment and International Affairs P: +31 70 456 7979 E: postbussecretariaatDGMI@ minienm.nl

Joris Schouten Spokesman P: + 31 6 462 51 005 E: Joris.schouten@minienm.nl

Henk Ovink Special Envoy for Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands P: +31 70 456 8301 E: waterenvoy@minienm.nl

Marcel Beukeboom Climate Envoy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands P: +31 6 20 43 52 96 E: Marcel.beukeboom@minez.nl


Hans Scholten Senior Policy Advisor P: + 31 6 525 967 85 E: hans.scholten@minienm.nl

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy | Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Maurits Berger Project Manager Economic Missions

PO Box 93144 NL-2509 AC The Hague

M: +31 625 641 019


E: maurits.berger@rvo.nl


Contact details

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in San Francisco 120 Kearny Street, Suite 3100 San Francisco, CA 94104 P: +1 (415) 291-2033

Gerbert Kunst Consul General

E: gerbert.kunst@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2042


Vincent Storimans

Deputy Consul General E: vincent.storimans@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2092

Victoria Elema

AttachĂŠ for Infrastructure and Water Management E: victoria.elema@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2086 M: +1 (415) 813-5033

Vera Olgers

Policy Advisor for Infrastructure and Water Management E: vera.olgers@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2090 M: +1 (415) 623-4331

Skadi Tirpak

Senior Economic Policy Officer E: skadi.tirpak@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2081 M: +1 (415) 608-7358


Interns Walter van der Weiden Senior Economic Officer

E: walter-vander.weiden@ minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2073

Sam van de Snepscheut

Intern Infrastructure and Water Management E: sam-vande.snepscheut@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2089 M: +1 (415) 429-9828

Karin Louzada

Keeke van Paassen

Sietze Vermeulen

Josefien de Kool

Senior Innovation AttachĂŠ E: karin.louzada@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2083

Senior Officer Communications and Public Diplomacy E: sietze.vermeulen@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2039 M: +1 (415) 866-5572

Intern Communications and Public Diplomacy E: keeke-van.paassen@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2087 M: +1 (415) 420-1469

Intern Economic Affairs E: josefien-de.kool@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2074 M: +1 (415) 272-7413

Daniela NuĂąez Zurita

Personal Assistant to the Consul E: d.nunezzurita@minbuza.nl P: +1 (415) 291-2042


Contact details

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Washington D.C.

Bart de Jong

4200 Linnean Ave. NW

Water Management

Counselor for Infrastructure and

Washington D.C. 20008 P: +1 (202) 244-5300

E: bart-de.jong@minbuza.nl


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