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Durham Academy 2019–2020


Thank you‌ to our Board of Trustees for their leadership and 100% giving participation. to the 161 donors who made Cavalier Circle gifts to the Durham Academy Fund. to our community for donating $88,122 to the COVID-19 DA Family Support Fund. to the donors who contributed $3,532,090 to support the first phase of transforming our Middle School campus. to our alumni who collectively contributed $277,776 to the DA Fund. And thank you to our 117 amazing volunteers who supported DA’s philanthropic efforts, directly impacting our students and faculty.

Cover photo by Melody Guyton Butts Preschool Celebration Parade 2020

Photo by Kim Walker


Letter from the Head of School....................................................... 3 Admissions Profile......................................................................... 4 Financial Report............................................................................. 5 Durham Academy Fund..................................................................6 Board of Trustees............................................................................6 DA Fund Volunteers....................................................................... 7 Development Committee................................................................ 7 Campaign Steering Committee....................................................... 7 Diamond Society............................................................................8 Cavalier Circle................................................................................8 Roll of Donors............................................................................... 10 Corporate and Foundation Gifts.................................................... 12 Sponsorship Gifts......................................................................... 16 Class of 2020................................................................................ 19 Alumni Leadership Giving............................................................20 Alumni Giving by Class................................................................. 22 COVID-19 Durham Academy Family Support Fund........................26 Restricted Gifts.............................................................................28 Capital Gifts..................................................................................29 Gifts in Memory...........................................................................29 Endowment Gifts..........................................................................30 Parents Association...................................................................... 31 Planned Giving............................................................................. 31 Office of Philanthropy.................................................................. 32 Commencement 2020

Giving Circles and Societies..........................................................33 DURHAM ACADEMY | 2019–2020 | ANNUAL REPORT  1

2019–2020 Annual Report The purpose of Durham Academy is to provide each student an education that will enable him or her to live a moral, happy and productive life. The development of intellect is central to such a life and thus, intellectual endeavor and growth are the primary work of the school. The acquisition of knowledge; the development of skills, critical judgment and intellectual curiosity; and increased understanding are the goals of the school’s academic program.


Letter from the Head of School Dear Durham Academy community, Despite the health, emotional and financial challenges of last year, we made great strides

War II, we are now facing circumstances of


unparalleled challenge. Every facet of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19

• Giving Day surpassed its goal by raising $218,000 and securing 1,264 gifts.

pandemic. We have drawn from every well

• 1,427 people donated to the DA Fund.

of our creativity, compassion, resilience and

• 94% of new families gave to the DA Fund.

resolve to continue offering the best and safest

• We raised over $5 million for core priorities,

possible learning experiences to our students

including facilities improvements across the

and families.

Upper School and Middle School:

Durham Academy has always been

○ The Upper School STEM & Humanities

animated by community spirit. Last year,

Center transformed students’

it mattered more than ever before. We

educational experience.

stepped up and supported one another in extraordinary ways: • Faculty pivoted to online learning in

○ Construction of the Middle School’s first phase (Arts & World Languages Center) has moved along quickly. It

a matter of days — reinventing their

will immediately enrich students’

classrooms and keeping students connected

on-campus experience when it is

and engaged through a difficult spring. • Parents facilitated their children’s online

Photo by Melody Guyton Butts

While our school was founded in the midst of the Great Depression and survived World

completed this winter.

Michael Ulku-Steiner at the 2020 Lower School Celebration Parade

Our culture of generosity will continue to be

learning while juggling a range of roles

critically important throughout this academic

and challenges.

year. The year ahead will stretch all of us. Come

for our campus, for our precious time

relevant than ever. Durham Academy remains

what may, we will remain unshakably focused

together, for the astounding professionalism

strong and true — not despite but because of the challenges we rise to overcome together.

• The DA community raised more than

This crisis has deepened our appreciation

$88,000 for the COVID-19 DA Family

on our mission of preparing students for moral,

of our faculty and staff, and for the grace and

Support Fund to help keep our Cavalier

happy and productive lives.

generosity of our families and volunteers.

family intact. • Family, friends and faculty honored

When we do emerge on the other side of this pandemic, we will — as individuals and

In this time of forced separation and frenzied reinvention, it can be difficult to step

the memory of Jack Linger ’20 with an

an institution — be stronger and wiser, more

back and see the larger picture. Why DA? Why

Independent Study Endowment that will

compassionate and more courageous. We

did we all choose to join this school? What

benefit generations of students wishing to

will be equipped with new tools, new habits

attracted us to this community? What fuels our

pursue out-of-the-box learning adventures.

and new mindsets that will benefit our

tenacious efforts now? While sometimes hard

students — now and in the years to come.

to see in this chapter of uncertainty, the

• Alumni reflected the values of the school

answers to those questions remain more

Grateful for your steadfast generosity,

by helping their local and national communities in myriad ways during the pandemic.

Michael Ulku-Steiner, Head of School




New Students


Total Enrollment


Re-enrolled for 2020–2021


Admissions Profile

Financial Aid Awarded

Average Financial Aid Award


37.7% Students of Color






Durham 59% Chapel Hill 28%





Admit Rate


Other 13% Geographic Diversity

2019–2020 Financial Report


We support our students and families by attracting and retaining exceptional faculty, creating a socioeconomically diverse community, and providing opportunities that promote growth in the classroom.

Summary of Giving: $5,042,811 Audited Report of Cash Gifts

$19,752,429 Salaries and

July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020 Durham Academy Fund

$2,248,937 Financial Aid

$1,553,562 Instructional, Technology and Athletics



Capital Projects


Other Gifts Endowment Funds


Restricted Funds




Total Endowment: $13,351,046


Tuition and Fees 89% Auxiliary Services 6.4% Durham Academy Fund 3.4% Endowment Income 0.4% Other Income 0.4% Student Activities Fee 0.4%

5-Year Trend Durham Academy Fund

Capital Projects

Other Gifts $4.46M $3.53M





$1.22M $625K




$0 ̓15– ̓16

̓16– ̓17

̓17– ̓18

̓18– ̓19

̓19– 20




̓15– ̓16

̓16– ̓17

̓17– ̓18

$0 ̓15– ̓16

̓16– ̓17

̓17– ̓18

̓18– ̓19

̓19– 20



̓18– ̓19

̓19– 20


2019–2020 Durham Academy Fund

Board of Trustees

The DA Fund is the foundation of our philanthropic efforts, enhancing

Karen Rabenau, Chair

the educational experience of each student and faculty member

Neal Triplett, Treasurer

while also making possible the valuable learning opportunities that take place outside the classroom. We are thankful for broad participation

Caroline Rogers, Vice Chair Edwin Poston, Secretary Beth Anderson, Ex officio, Hill Learning Center Executive Director Deb Claypoole Anderson ’80 Lee Barnes ’86

from our Cavalier community.

Stephen Bayer Roger Brooks ’80 Paul Casey ’87 Jimbo Huckabee ’91 Monica Jenkins

$1,222,914 raised

1,427 donors

$857 average gift

Selena Keegan Nina King Ann Leininger, Ex officio, Parents Association President Nick Livengood ’08, Ex officio, Alumni Board President Chuck Lovelace Kavita Nayar Luis Pastor Garrett Putman ’94 Ann Smith Jean Spaulding


Michael Ulku-Steiner, Ex officio, Head of School Laura Horton Virkler ’91 Lauren Whitehurst 25 Trustees 100% 65 New Parents 94% 198 Faculty and Staff 87% 224 Parents of Alumni 83% 565 Current Parents 77% 158 Grandparents 31% 490 Alumni 28%

Members of Durham Academy’s Board of Trustees serve as stewards of the school who hold in trust its mission and reputation. As such, trustees accept the obligation to not only preserve but to advance the institution. Their work begins with the fiduciary expectations of duty (due diligence on financials), care (executing decisions by prudent standards) and obedience (to laws and bylaws). Beyond these duties, trustees focus on policies and strategies that are future-focused, working

Participation percentages are based on the number of donors solicited.

in partnership with the head of school, who oversees daily operations. The board utilizes its committees to study and assess the needs, activities and performance of the school and to make recommendations when planning, developing and establishing policy.


DA Fund Volunteers

Deborah Hertzog

We are deeply grateful to the 94 volunteers who made calls to the DA community and participated as advocates for Giving Day this year. Thank you for answering their calls and emails so generously.

Jimbo Huckabee ’91

Margaret Anderson ’09 Caylan Ashworth Mala Bailey Millie Long Barritt ’94 Sheri-lyn Carrow Kent Cheesborough ’05 Missy Daluvoy Sanjay Daluvoy Tricia DePue Susan Knott Easterling ’00 Andrea Eckhart Daniel Eller Jenny Eller Neal Ellis ’88 Teresa Engebretsen Laura Fisher Rick Fisher Katye Proctor Freelon ’03 Meredith Friga Molly Kane Frommer ’01 Dave Guyer Virginia Reves Hall ’91 David Harpole

Campaign Steering Committee

Margie Gudaitis Hess ’07 Tiffany Hilton Doug Hodges Luke Hoffman Justin Hunter Photo by Sarah Jane Tart

Sterling Mah Ingui ’97 Rachel Jeter Xandy Peete Jones ’78 Torsie Judkins ’91 Selena Keegan Mimi Kim Nina King Rick King Demetra Kontos

Giving Day 2020

Kara Kooken

Roger Brooks ’80 Paul Casey ’87

Jimbo Huckabee ’91 Brendan Moylan ’85 Edwin Poston Karen Rabenau Caroline Rogers Ann Smith Neal Triplett Michael Ulku-Steiner, Head of School

Ryan Lamb

Garrett Putman ’94

Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Sarah Lamb

Harriet Putman

Lauren Whitehurst

Adam Lang ’98

Karen Rabenau

Ann Leininger

Jennifer Riley

Hai Li

Arthur Rogers

Nick Livengood ’08

Caroline Rogers

Mei Lu

Steed Rollins ’78

Laura Magid

April Salama

Ben Mark ’03

Joe Salama

Laci McDonald

Culver Scales

Lenora Midyette

Jennifer Schmidt

Avery Miles

Nicole Steck

Mimi Miles

Ryan Steck

Delores Moore

Caroline Paul Stutts ’04

Jill Moore

Amelia Ashton Thorn ’01

Kyle Mumma ’09

Kevin Trapani

Monica Newkirk

Neal Triplett

Zankhna Parekh

Kirsten Vollmer ’87

Asha Patel

Lauren Whitehurst

Kinnary Patel

Arlon Wilber

Lee Patterson ’00

Khari Williams ’14

Mike Pelletier

Jeff Wolf

Eric Poon

Kathryn Wolf

Edwin Poston

Cindy Zielinski

Development Committee Jimbo Huckabee ’91, Chair Stephen Bayer Ashley Horton Freedman ’97 Monica Jenkins Nina King Amanda Lacoff Delores Moore Frank Morgan Kavita Nayar Zankhna Parekh Mike Sholtz Janis Bergman Tillman ’84 Michael Ulku-Steiner, Head of School

Alexa Powell Rasna Prakash Joanie Preyer


Diamond Society Diamond Society donors are recognized for collective gifts of $7,500 or more to Durham Academy. Ainslie Foundation

John and Kathleen Linger


Craig and Mai Lowe

Lee Barnes ’86 and Christy Barnes

Brad and Michelle McKee

David Beischer ’85 and Michelle Beischer

John Middleton and Laura Thomas

Brad and Cheryl Briner

Brendan Moylan ’85 and Cindy Moylan

Brenda Brodie

Chris and Judi Ng Cashin

Brian and Erica Caveney

Selene and Zankhna Parekh

Earl and Margaret Chesson Charitable

Andy and Karen Penry

Cavalier Circle Cavalier Circle donors are recognized for unrestricted gifts of $2,500 or more to the Durham Academy Fund.

Jim and Lauren Whitehurst Jeff and Kathryn Wolf Jason Zhou and Amanda Yang Ed Zobrist and Cindy Zielinski

$7,500–$9,999 David Beischer ’85 and Michelle Beischer Daniel and Jenny Eller Andy Freedman and Ashley Horton Freedman ’97 Paul and Meredith Friga Russell and Pam Goin Robert Hallyburton ’82 and Beth Hallyburton Patrick Hranitzky and Svati Shah

Endowment Fund of Triangle

Tom and Melissa Pfeil Brian Polzak and Jacquie LauChial

$20,000 and Above

John Middleton and Laura Thomas

Community Foundation Ray and Evelyn Crowley

Edwin and Harriet Poston

Lee Barnes ’86 and Christy Barnes

Matt Webbink ’95 and Summer Lowe

Daniel and Jenny Eller

Kurt Preble and Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95

Earl and Margaret Chesson Charitable

F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Randleigh Foundation Trust

Fox Family Foundation, Inc.

Arthur and Caroline Rogers

Andy Freedman and Ashley Horton

Alex and Karen Sapir Tom and Janet Savage

Freedman ’97 Scott and Kelly Freishtat

Paul and Lee Schmidt

Paul and Meredith Friga

Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family

Randy and Debra Gelber


Endowment Fund of Triangle Community Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.


Hobson Hogan and Fancy Lacefield


Hogan ’96 Shu Lin and Michelle Ekanayake-Lin Tom and Melissa Pfeil

Chris and Ann Smith

Brian Polzak and Jacquie LauChial

Russell and Pam Goin

Jean Spaulding

Chenjian Sun and YanQing Teng

David Goldstein and Kavita Nayar

Chenjian Sun and YanQing Teng

Robert Hallyburton ’82 and Beth Hallyburton

Frank and Shelayne Sutton

David Harpole and Karen Rabenau

Jeff Tillman and Janis Bergman Tillman ’84

Hunter Henry ’97 and Kate Henry

Kevin and Jennifer Trapani

Hobson Hogan and Fancy Lacefield Hogan ’96

Neal and Karen Triplett

Lloydette Hoof

Michael and Beril Ulku-Steiner

Ward Horton ’94 and Alexa Horton

Drayton Virkler and Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Trig and Alice Horton

Matt Webbink ’95 and Summer Lowe Webbink ’95

Jimbo Huckabee ’91 and Emmy Huckabee

Bob and Anna Whalen

Roger Jeffs ’79 and Lisa Jeffs

Jim and Lauren Whitehurst

Tom and Rachel Jeter

Will and Patsy Willimon

Geoff and Selena Keegan

Charlie Wilson ’89 and Fran Wilson

Tom Kenan ’55

Jeff and Kathryn Wolf

Dave and Cynthia King

Jason Zhou and Amanda Yang

Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski

Ed Zobrist and Cindy Zielinski

Shu Lin and Michelle Ekanayake-Lin 8  DURHAM ACADEMY | 2019–2020 | ANNUAL REPORT

Webbink ’95 Charlie Wilson ’89 and Fran Wilson

Perry Genova and Mimi Kim

Patrick Hranitzky and Svati Shah

Neal and Karen Triplett

Jamie and Caylan Ashworth Scott and Heather Baker Brad and Cheryl Briner Martin Brooke and Nan Jokerst Paul Casey ’87 and Sarah Casey


Brian and Erica Caveney


John and Ginny Fogg

Scott and Kelly Freishtat Randy and Debra Gelber David Harpole and Karen Rabenau Hunter Henry ’97 and Kate Henry Jimbo Huckabee ’91 and Emmy Huckabee Roger Jeffs ’79 and Lisa Jeffs Tom and Rachel Jeter Chris and Judi Ng Cashin Selene and Zankhna Parekh Edwin and Harriet Poston Arthur and Caroline Rogers Chris and Ann Smith Drayton Virkler and Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Ben Davis and Boo Lee Doug and Kathy Hodges Justin Hunter and Lenora Midyette Tom Kenan ’55 Craig and Mai Lowe Lori Lowe Brad and Michelle McKee Brendan Moylan ’85 and Cindy Moylan Russ and Robyn Owens Gregg and Cindy Pacchiana Amit and Kinnary Patel Ashish and Rasna Prakash Tim and Karen Proctor Dee and Jennifer Riley

Joe and April Salama

Chris and Anna Hunter

Chuck and Culver Scales

Brian and Monica Jenkins

Paul and Lee Schmidt

Waldo and Candy Johnston

Jean Spaulding

Geoff and Selena Keegan

Ryan and Nicole Steck

Charles Kim and Gina Lee

Anonymous Mack and Elizabeth Aldridge Mark Anderson ’81 and Mary Eileen Anderson Vince and Stephanie Aurentz Rodney and Mala Bailey Tom Beischer ’87 and Lily So Beischer Ravi Bellamkonda and Lalita Kaligotla Zach and Danielle Bishop Christopher Boehlke and Gabriela Valdivia Nate and Kathy Brown Paul and Leslie Brown John and Stacey Burkert Jason and Meredith Butler Mark and Allison Chandler Jonathan and Anita Cook Matt and Anne Costello Andy Crawford ’97 and Mimi Ritzen Crawford Sanjay and Missy Daluvoy Matt Dedmon and Michelle Morgan Jon Duensing and Pauline An Duensing Bill Easterling and Susan Knott Easterling ’00 Neal Ellis ’88 and Jaime Ellis Brent and Tammy Fox Pierce Freelon and Katye Proctor Freelon ’03 Scott Frommer and Molly Kane Frommer ’01 John and Julie Futrell Antonio Garcia and Monica Lopez-Vazquez Perry Genova and Mimi Kim David Goldstein and Kavita Nayar Oren Gottfried and Jill Moore Dave Guyer and Andrea Eckhart Andrew Hee and Rachel Erickson Hee ’86 Matt and Tiffany Hilton Scott and Julie Hollenbeck George Hugh and Ann Leininger Barbara Hulka

Rick and Nina King Edward and Pattie Kushner Guoqing Li and Tian Tian Wolfgang Liedtke and Jing Li Joel Lipsitch and Abbie Melnick Chuck and Karen Lovelace Huabo Lu and Shuli Zou Photo courtesy of the Gelber family


Christian and Fiona Lundblad Chris Lunsford and Elsje Harker Dan and Laura Magid Scott and Katherine Manuel Jonathan and Chris Mark Steve and Liz McClelland Ken and Sarah McGovern Avery and Mimi Miles Suhail Mithani and Betty Tong Timothy Mooney Eric and Delores Moore Mark and Vivian Morris Sachin and Shraddha Mudvari Justin and Hadley Nixon Ward Nye ’81 and Laura Nye Chet and Asha Patel David and Marjorie Pierson Mike Pelletier and Eric Poon Ed Powell

“We wanted to give back to the DA community for two reasons: 1) we have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the education at DA and 2) we were so appreciative to be welcomed into the DA community with such open arms. Our gift was to show our appreciation.” — Randy and Debra Gelber, P ’23, P ’29

James and Mackenzie Powers Garrett Putman ’94 and Harriet Putman Andy and Beth Romach

Ryan Steele ’05

Jeff Wilcox and Leslie Marx

Alex and Karen Sapir

Jon Stone ’85 and Julie Stone

Clarence and Mildred Williams

Kim Satterfield

Kevin Sun and Annie Xu

Soren and Alison Windram

Tom and Janet Savage

Michael and Beril Ulku-Steiner

Peter Yao and Evelyn Hu

Mark and Amy Scurria

Nick and Lindsey Viens

Howard and Kelly Zellman

Sidharth and Dianna Shah

Andrew Wang and Tian Zhang

Peter Slomianyj and Jane Chen

Bennet and Jane Waters

Lanty and Margaret Smith

Watson W Wise Foundation

Ed and Carol Smithwick

David Webb and Molly Shaw ’98

Chris and Ali Smyth

John Whaley and Morgan Edwards Whaley ’97

Chris Spatola and Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00

Arlon Wilber and Alexa Powell


Roll of Donors

Scott and Lyn Edwards

Dick and Jackie Needle

Matt Ellis and Sheila Lee

Mark Oldham and Veshana Ramiah

Bailey Farrin

Tom and Susan Owens

Gail Fearing

David Peters ’13

Harvey and Brenda Freishtat

Kathryn Peters ’09

John and Shirley Gaither

Bruce Peyser and Cynthia Shortell

Tao Gao and Maria Wang

Todd and Dana Pope

Mike Giarla and Ellen Michelson

Bryson and Lauren Powell

Rob and Hunter Goss

John and Joanie Preyer


Chris and Bradi Granger

Rich and Marilyn Preyer

Anonymous (5)

Leesie Guthridge

Renee Rand

Elizabeth Haney ’97

Richard and Debbie Rand

David and Elizabeth Hays

David Ravin ’89 and Mandy Turvey Ravin ’89

Adrian Hernandez and Tracy DeWald

Todd and Cathy Roessler

Rob and Kathy Hershey

Pat Ross

Don and Deborah Hertzog

Nan Schiebel

Jamie Hoberg and Rumey Ishizawar

Sean and Jenny Selig

Phillip and Anupama Horne

Nick and Amy Shaheen

Trig and Alice Horton

Mike and Beth Sholtz

Ward Horton ’94 and Alexa Horton

Daniel Shumate and Jenn Rymer

Ross and Marisa Houser

Eddie and Jo Allison Smith

Chris and Mary Rae Hunter

Larry Snyder

Paul Ingui and Sterling Mah Ingui ’97

Richard and Nancy Stack

Perry Jeffries and Kara Henderson-Jeffries

Bob Strauss and Mary Jannelli

Douglas Kass and Leah Welsh

Doug Stuber and Kwang Park

Billy Kim and Jen Jen Yeh

Ray Tan and Diana Hsu

Jimmy Kim and JooRi Park

Jeff Tillman and Janis Bergman Tillman ’84

Jungsang Kim and Soyeon Nam

Allen and Kate Torrey

Gray and Lindsay King

Pierluigi Tricoci and Chiara Melloni

Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski

Joe and Betsy Turek

Jennifer Lail

Deepak and Taisha Vazirani

Lex and Kathy Larson

John Villani and Gilda Rodriguez

Howie Levinson and Melanie Hatz Levinson

Tim and Molly Walsh

Hai Li and Mei Lu

Andrew Wang and Annette Dubard

Chris and Madeline Liddicoat

Eric and Gerty Ward

Tisha Lindberg

Mark and Karen Webbink

Xianhua Liu and Hui Yang

Carmen Williams and Ann Miller

Patrick and Mildred Long

Chuck and Jean Wilson

Bill and Kelly Marchese

Brad Woloson and Crickett Johnston

We are grateful to all donors who supported the Durham Academy Fund.

Gautham and Diti Aggarwal Hashim Al-Hashimi and Allison Aiello Deb Claypoole Anderson ’80 Jim and Laura Anderson Kiran Anna and Archana Rao Javi Armenteros and Michelle Sutton Armenteros ’07 Anil and Stacey Asnani Stephen Barringer ’81 Habib and Kathy Bassil Stephen and Dori Bayer Deb and Amrita Bhowmick Mike and Jenny Blazing Phil Breitfeld and Sue Kreissman Brenda Brodie Barbara Brown Tom and Eileen Brundage Rob and Lydia Califf Xiang Cao and Zhou Yu Jack Carlin Chris and Hayley Cepeda Alex Cerwin and Erika Streck Cerwin ’98 Robert and Jennifer Christian Riccardo Colacito and Anna Bassi Ben and Anikke Conway David and Karen Cutcliffe Tommy and Lisa D'Amico Andrew and Christina Del Gaizo Mehul and Kruti Desai Chip and Margaret Dillard Jack and Nickie Donovan Betty Doyle

Keith Markland and Debbie Howe Markland ’87

Woloson ’89

Ken McNish and Rosemary Nye ’93

David and Catherine Woodard

Michael and Carolyn Meredith

Mike and Justine Zavaglia

Frank and Sara Morgan

Robert and Janet Zucker

Mike and Sally Morgan


Up to $999 Anonymous (74) John and Rhonda Adams Dan Adler and Kelly Walsh Julian Adler ’19 Matt Adler and Julia Rudolph Sean Aery and Meg McKee Araba Afenyi-Annan Pankaj and Shruti Agarwal Anuj and Swati Agrawal Ben and Kim Aitken Andy Albright and Elizabeth Schiebel Albright ’88 Julian and Becky Aldridge Bruce and Paula Alexander Sky Alibhai and Zoe Jewell Mark and Leslie Alkins Robert Allen ’00 Simon and Julie Allen Zac Allison ’08 Andrew and Mercedes Almodóvar Michael Alvarez and Natalie Sutton Alvarez ’07 Jonathan Ambler and Lindsay Speir Ambler ’02 Ed and Beth Anderson Jack Anderson ’19 Lily Anderson ’15 Margaret Anderson ’09 Tina Anderson ’77 Joanne Andrews Shirley Anglin Emmy Anlyan ’04 Greg Archer and Alivia Sholtz Archer ’00 Owen Astrachan and Laura Heyneman ’81 Ashley Atkins ’91 Caitie Attarian ’10 David and Claudia Attarian Matthew Attarian ’13 Ken and Andi Auman Jonathan Avery ’86 and Kirsten Avery Metin and Buket Aydemir Jordan and Hunter Babwah Al and Lynn Baker Peggy Baker

Photo courtesy of Katye Proctor Freelon ’03

Eric Block and Begum Tolgay

James and Phyllis Burkhard

David and Jan Bochnovic

Robby Burroughs ’07 and Katie Burroughs

Caroline Bodager ’10

Jordan and Teri Burrus

James and Christina Bohanek

Ryan and Chrissie Bushey

Wessam Borai and Shauntae Gause

Ann Bussel

Tony Bowes and Shayla Randolph-Bowes

Chris and Melody Butts

Ryan Bowie and Kristen Hughey Bowie ’95

Patrick Callaghan ’15

Jeff and Amanda Boyd

Susan Callaghan

Mark Bozymski ’78 and

Christopher Cameron and Nicole Guinn

Mary Hartzog Bozymski

“We support DA because of Michael Ulku-Steiner’s outstanding leadership!” — Karen and Tim Proctor, P ’00, P ’03, GP ’27, GP ’28; Dave Proctor ’00; Katye Proctor Freelon ’03, P ’27, P ’28 Randy and Becky Baker

Clayton and Kaija Beard

Steve and Bes Baldwin

Forrest and Sarah Beck

Burton Balfour and Claire Sanders ’79

John and Bev Beck

Gabrielle Balthazar ’19

Jason Bennett ’94

Joe and Michelle Balthazar

Jerry and Anne Benson

Ed and Betty Bannat

Tristan Bepler ’10

Willetha Barnette

Ryan Bermudez and Katie Dominguez

Brian and Delia Barrick

Bermudez ’96

Sid Barritt and Millie Long Barritt ’94

Fernando and Maria Cassinelli Bernstein

Jordan Barry ’15

Moses Best and Veta McNeill-Best

Lakin Barry ’16

Phil Bick ’05

Tom and Linda Barry

Tim and Tatiana Bidgood

Jorge and Nancy Bartolome

Jeff and Cooper Biersach

Maria Marinos Barton ’96

Margie Billinger

Christy and Tim Barus

Sean Bilsborrow ’94 and Audrey Bilsborrow

Steffen and Almasa Bass

Rick Birgel ’82

Bob and Blanche Bast

Kyle Black and Heath Aldridge

India Bayley

Kyle Black ’03

Robert and Shelley Beall

Pete Blackwell

Caroline Camitta ’19

Don Bradley and Kathy Andolsek

Mike and Debbie Camitta

Kendall Bradley ’07

Catharine Berry Campbell ’87

Brendan Bradley ’01

Bruce Capehart and Tracey Holsinger

Nicholas Bradley ’05

Nick Cariello ’09

Chris and Carla Brady

Si Carpenter ’08

David and Timiny Braemer

Jeff Carpenter and Victoria Muradi

Bryan and Danielle Brander

Braxton Carr ’12 and Annie Giarla ’12

Alexander Brandt ’18

Hill and Sheri-lyn Carrow

Andrew Brasseaux and Christine Suggs ’05

Carla Cerami

Brad Breitling and Shea Maynard Breitling ’89

Cam Chambers ’07

Bill Brenner ’77 and Pam Brenner

Will and Jamie Chambliss

Jason Brent and Lisa Levenstein

Sunil Chand and Sunita Galada

Gary Brichford

Dave and Judy Chandler

Jonathan and Anna Brimfield

Gary and Jane Chandler

Bryson Brodie ’96

Heather Chandler ’01

Tyler Brodie ’92

Mark Chandler ’03

Cameron Brodie ’90

Ronnie Chandler

Andy and Meg Bronneck

Frank Chao ’94 and Dawn Tripp Chao

Ed Broughton and Rabia Ali

John and Elizabeth Chapman

Betsy Brown

Ronnie Chatterji and Neely Shah

Greg and Lisa Brown

John Cheek ’96 and Haley Pendergrass-Cheek

Zachary and Ellen Brown

Kent Cheesborough ’05 and Aimee

Jeremy and Nina Browner


Daniel Browning ’10

Courtney Chen

Tommy and Vicki Brundage

Lihong Chen and Lei Zhu

Bill Bryson ’92

Yongxin Chen and Yingqiu Guo

Charles and Becky Buckley

Ashutosh Chilkoti and Laura Casa

John Bugg ’62 and Sally Bugg

Kent and Mary Christison

Jeff Burch and Brent Wolfe

Melissa Cefalo Cianciotti ’84

Aidan Burdick ’14

Bill and Donna Clark

Claire Burdick ’15

Larry and Phyllis Clark

Lily Burdick ’15

Anthony Clay

Michael Burdick and Sarah Warner Burdick ’84

Charles Clay ’91

Laurel Burkbauer ’09



Samit Dasgupta and Smriti Rana

Benson Easley ’18

Bill and Liz Fowler

Jim and Amy Daubert

Emma Eason ’15

Betsy Fox ’98

Jack Clayton ’14

Stephen Dauchert ’03

Ford Easley ’16

Peter Fox ’13

James Cleary

Carolyn Eaves Davidson ’70

Chris Eaton and Ellen Teer Eaton ’89

Peter and Kim Fox

Larry and Kathy Cleaver

Harry and Wendy Davidson

John and Juliette Eck

Tom and Susan Francis

Loren Clemens ’96

Alexandra Davidson-Palmer ’08

Robert and Nancy Edgar

Steve Frasher and Lindy Krzyzewski Frasher ’95

Anne Clement

Jorden Davis and Janet Figueroa-Davis

Bill and Gladys Edwards

James and Jamie Freeland

Dan Clifford ’19

Bradley Dawson and Katie McClay Dawson ’97

William and Anna Edwards

Lany and Janet Freeland

Jason and Kelly Cloninger

Kate DeBerry ’16

Ben Edwards and Emily Oliver ’80

Sterling Freeman and Michelle

Nicholas and Katherine Cloninger

Julius Degesys ’01

Paula Ehrlich

Mike Cocchiaro and Rachel Croughwell

Mykas Degesys ’03

Tyler Elkins-Williams ’00 and

Roll of Donors Continued

Cocchiaro ’02

Vytas Degesys ’07

Ellen Cochran ’19

Lucy Dempsey ’12

Joe and Landy Elliott

Marilyn Friga

Franny Cochran ’19

Chip and Desiree Denton

Bret Ellis ’92 and Blake Teer Ellis ’94

Frank and Carol Frimel

Julian Cochran

Loften Deprez ’16

Emma Ellis ’18

Chris Fromme ’98

Ken Cockerham and Kate Keese Cockerham ’86

Philippe and Stephanie Derfeuil

Susan Ellis

Ryan Frost ’93

Chris Cole ’86 and Alison Cole

Chirag and Shefali Desai

Ashley Elstro ’05

Grant and Meghan Fulton

Bob Cole ’89

Hem and Niyati Desai

Jon Enberg ’98

Jim Furgurson and Lynn Fitch Furgurson ’01

Jim and Doriane Coleman

Rajeev Dharmapurikar and Sangeeta Joshi

Grant Engebretsen ’11

Jonathan and Ebonee Gabbidon

Matt Coleman ’92

Suraj Dhungana and Liliana Simón

Jake Engebretsen ’06 and

Leo Gafinowitz ’15

Charles Collie ’80 and Betsy Collie

Ahmed and Ashante Diallo

Claire Collie ’14

Doug and Debbie Dibbert

Steve and Teresa Engebretsen

Laura Gaither ’05

Joe and Barbara Collie

Edith Dicconson ’89

Tom and Tara Eppinger

Jennifer Garci

Scott Collie ’85 and Amy Collie

Rick and Emily Dike

Bruno Estigarribia and Ellen McLarney

Erik and Jennifer Garr

Douglas and Ann Congdon

Mark and Sheryle Dirks

Jonathan Evans ’94 and Sally Evans

Glenn Gentry ’77

Ralph Corey

Thai Doan and Joannellyn Chiu

Les Evans ’90 and Jenny Evans

Tim and Lori Gershon

Tom and Beth Cornwall

Luke Doerning and Andrea Caruso

Michael and Teresa Evans

Matt Gialanella and Anne Lacy Gialanella ’01

Anna Bland Costello ’07

Jake and Amanda Dolan

Kevin Everson and Catherine Clark Everson ’02

Bill Giduz ’70 and Ellen Giduz

Brendan Cox ’97

Carolyn Dolan

Anthony and Ashini Fernando

Katie Giduz ’09

Billy Coxhead ’82 and Lori Coxhead

Frank and Pat Dominguez

Guido and Lisa Ferrari

Patrick and Dana Gillispie

Shea and Amy Craig

Mark and Katrina Donahue

Tony Ferreira and Molly Punk

Dan Gilson and Colleen Fisher

Bill and Narda Croughwell

Tom and Tanya Donaldson

Randy Few ’78

David Glass

Timm and Becca Crowder

Andrew Dong ’02

Billy Fischer ’94 and Leah Fischer

Oliver and Sarah Glass

Steve and Anna Lisa Crowley

Patti Donnelly

Dick and Linda Fisher

James Godfrey and Marion Ross Godfrey ’64

Alexander Crutchfield ’13

Jay and Laura Doss

Rick and Laura Fisher

Veena Goel

Kevin Cullen ’03 and Holly Becker Cullen

David Dowdy and Lindsey Keegan

Gib and Carrie Fitzpatrick

Steve Goldin and Debby Bussel

Jay Cunningham and Rhonda Cohen

Jeff Doyle and Melissa Ellis

Chris Flanagan and Anna Smalley Flanagan ’83

Brian and Melanie Goldman

Sam Cunningham ’04

David and Kathy Drake

Cory Forbach and Jade Sung

Jay and Avery Goldstein

Scott Cunningham ’02 and

Wil and Kim Drake

Dick Forringer

Ralph and Barbara Goldstein

David and Roberta Drewry

Fabrice Fortin and Alycia Levy Fortin ’94

Roberto Gonzalez and Lizzy Graham

Barry Curtis and Jeanmarie Eaves Curtis ’73

Rachel Dunn ’09

Gerald Fossum

Kenneth and De Cutshaw

Sid DuPont

Mark Fossum and Brittany Zwischenberger

Tyrone and Gloria Gould

Tim and Bobbie Dahlgren

Kim Durack ’92 and Hope Williams ’92

Guy Foulks ’90 and Deb Hahn Foulks

Tyrone and Tracy Gould

Jens Dannull and June He

Matthew Earp ’97

William Fowler

Stefanie Goyette

Jenn Pavlick Cunningham


Priti Elkins-Williams

Graham-Freeman Lara Freishtat

Elizabeth Engebretsen

Alex and Sandra French

Marty Gagliano

Gonzalez ’02

Jack and Sally Graham Will Graham ’89 Gaby Graham-Glicksman Leah Granger ’18 Michael and Nikki Graves James and Becky Green Marianne Green Ashley Greenleaf ’07 Anne Gregory-Bepler Dick Hawkins and Trena Griffith-Hawkins ’71 Darryl Gross and Mere Muncy Jim and Christy Gudaitis Peter Gudaitis ’09 Leo Guo and Bonnie Wang Michele Gutierrez Christoph Guttentag and Cathy Clabby Betsy Hage ’90 John Hager ’54 and Maggie Hager Conrad Hall ’89 and Virginia Reves Hall ’91 Rachel Hall ’10 Spencer Hallyburton ’14 Jeff Hamill ’77 and Susan Hamill Chris and Caroline Hamilton William Hamlin and Jane Stewart Hamlin ’94 Clay and Margaret Hamner Peter and Janet Hampton Frank Hanenberger and Melissa Brodie Hanenberger ’88 Jack Haney ’95 and Christina Barkauskas Arlene Hanks Nathan and Lori Hanks Stillman and Lara Hanson Sarah Hantzmon ’16 Bobbie Hardaker Mack Hardaker ’99 Tracy Hardaker ’91 Christine Hardman ’07 Brad Hardy ’98 Steve and Daniela Harrell Jay and Julie Harris Mason Harris ’16 Mike and Shannon Harris Continued

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Hounfodji ’92


Photo courtesy of Jason Zhou and Amanda Yang

Jason Howell and Meredith White Howell ’97

Roll of Donors Continued

“Giving to Durham Academy is like planting a tree; everybody in the years to come can enjoy the shade.” — Jason Zhou and Amanda Yang, P ’27, P ’33 Stephen and Sara Kraskin Dylan Kraus Sally Preminger Kudert ’03 Paul Kumpf and Tina Tyson Andrew Kuyper ’10 Lee and Pauline Kuyper Jeff La Dine and Barbara Brooks La Dine ’83 Steve and Amanda Lacoff Nandan and Nora Lad Sam Lai and Sachi Ozawa Jussi Laine and Kate Lessey Laine ’98 Ryan and Sarah Lamb

Thea Lance ’16

Tom Long

Mac and Wendy McCorkle

Drue and Kelly Moore

Samantha Lanevi ’14

Jeff Loperfido and Kristin Stroupe

Evan and Emily McCormick

Patricia Moore

Adam Lang ’98 and Amanda Qiao

Andrew Lovett

David McCoy ’94

Quinn Moore and Viji Sathy

Libby Lang ’89

Lindy Maynor Lowery ’91

Michael McCrory ’96

Bill and Sheri Morano

Steve and Ginny Lang

Dan Lowrie ’96 and Julie Simmons Lowrie

Justin and Laci McDonald

Thiago Morelli and Julie Marchesan

Jon and Suzanne Lantzy

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Mac McDonald

Helen Morgan ’15

Jason Lapidus ’15

Will Ludington ’96

Ronnie and Phyllis McDonald

Rob and Ingrid Morris

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Chip and Concetta Lupa

Thomas McDonald

Craig and Nicole Morris

Mike Larson ’90 and Andrea Larson

Kim and Annie Lyerly

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Pete Larson ’08 and Hillary Rosen ’09

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Gracelee Lawrence ’07

Chad and Melanie MacKenzie

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Bill Moss and Mary McGranahan Moss ’74

Ben and Julie Lawson

Jon Macklin ’92

Tim and Holly McKenna

AJ Motsinger and Sarah Graham Motsinger ’00

Justin Lawson ’12

Raj Majithia and Namrata Patel

Jim McKey

Mike Moylan ’84 and Morgan Moylan

Matt and Suzy Lawton

Bobby and Nichol Mallik

Heather McKinney

Bruce and Ira Mueller

Crawford Leavoy and Clayton Alfonso

Negmeldeen Mamoun and Nada Mohamed

Margo McKinney-Kane

Bryce Mueller ’04

Samantha Leder ’08

John and Ginger Manchester

Chris McLaughlin and Lynn Leubuscher

Andrew and Kelly Muir

Kim Johnson Ledgerwood ’91

Corey Mansfield ’02

Jim and Mary McLean

Kyle Mumma ’09

Kendrick and Chingyi Lee

Paul Manus and Debbie Crovitz Manus ’80

Malcolm McLean ’00

Maddy Mumma ’12

Yueh and Christine Lee

Ben Mark ’03 and Rebekah Brenner Mark ’03

William McLean ’04

Samantha Mumma ’07

Donald Lemmon

Zach Mark

Elizabeth McLeod

Sally Muncy

Brian Leslie ’95

Ben Marks ’91

James and Anne McNamara

Eric and Annette Munson

Bob and Laura Levin

Tim and Paula Marr

Pat and Susan McNease

Greg and Debra Murray

Kyle and Corie Lewis

Paul Marsh and Jennifer Longee

Kathy Davenport McPherson ’66

Almir Mutapcic

Parker Lewis ’17

William Marshall and Angie North Marshall ’98

Will McPherson ’97

Salim Mutapcic

Bill Lindsey and Jean Bethea

Adam and Melissa Martin

Pete and Bonnie McWilliams

Jordan Myers ’12

Howard and Tracy Lineberger

Molly Maskel ’00

John Meador ’06

Lee and Ava Nackman

George and Kristen Linney

Jean Masse

Jon and Eleanor Meredith

Amit and Jaymie Nagar

Josh Lippman and Lauren Cavallito

John and Amelia Matthews

Jim and Roberta Meyer

Suresh Nallareddy and Sahitya Nelavai

Cory and Miller Maxwell

Mike Meyer and Sara Holleran

Ben Nance and Susan Warner Nance ’81

Bennett Lipscomb ’98

Peter Mayer ’85 and Katherine Shecora

Ben Michelman

Vivek and Monika Nanda

Joe and Carolyn Lipscomb

Jim Maynard and Holly Brown

Rich Mihalyi and Lyda Teer Mihalyi ’72

Naseem and Hilda Nasrallah

Ellis and Jeanna List

Roland and Michelle Maynard

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Alan and Weejy Neebe

Darin Little and Katie Moylan Little ’90

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Braxton Lloyd ’13

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Danny Lloyd ’71 and Anne Murray Lloyd ’82

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Kate Lloyd ’17

Chip McCorkle ’05 and Allison McCorkle

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Cindy Moore

Lippman ’00



Ian Patrick ’87 and Debbie Patrick

Lali Pshyk

Marcelle Rockwell ’89

Lee Patterson ’00 and Lucy Patterson

Molly Williams Pugh ’94

Paul Rockwell ’91

Garrett Nichols and Jennifer Hoog Nichols ’90

Liz Patterson

Debu and Anuja Purohit

Eric and Lynn Roeder

Ian Niedel ’88 and Jen Niedel

Sean and Jennine Paul

Jeb Quarles ’98 and Anna Hall Quarles ’98

Jon and Delores Roeder

Stefan Nikolic ’05

Michael and Kathy Pause

Vincent Quiett ’81 and Valerie Quiett

Charlie and Mary Roederer

Zeljko Nikolic and Harriet Hadrigan-Nikolic

Ryan Pearman ’14

Blake Radcliffe and Constanza de Radcliffe

Henry Rogers ’19

Patrick and Kemi Nonez

Brittain and Toni Peck

Rahul Rajkumar and Kiran Ghia

Shane and Jen Rogers

William and Jean Noonan

Andrew and Anne Peery

Scott Ramsdell and Nicki Epstein Ramsdell ’91

Todd and Kim Rogers

Joseph and Mary Norkus

Jeff and Jodie Peirce

John and Carolyn Ramsey

Sarah Rollins ’16

Derek and Anne-Caroline Norman

Ajit and Molly Pendse

Stuart Ramsey ’03

Steed Rollins ’78 and Louise Few Rollins ’82

Ron Norris and Kandance Weems Norris

Chris Perkins and Diane Haldane

Bryant Randleman and Christian

Michael and Carolyn Ronco

Becca North ’94

Bill and Pam Perreault

Doug and Sloan Nuernberger

Will Perreault ’02 and Emily Holbrook Perreault

Anthony Ranieri

Roland Rosas and Christy Sporleder Rosas ’91

Chidi and Onyi Nwafor

Ben and Ashley Perry

Mark and Nancy Ratner

Rocky and Michelle Rosen

Kathy Oakes ’91

Jon Peter ’81 and Donna Peter

Charlie Ray ’97 and Anna Kemp Ray ’97

Stephanie Roses ’09

Scott and Nancy Oglesby

Jane Peters

William Ray

Josh Ross and Michaela DuBay

Masaki Okawa ’77

Chuck and Laura Peterson

David and Barbara Raymond

Ben Rotenberg and Cynthia Walukewicz

George and Pamela O'Keefe

Patty Pfeil

Ramana and Deepa Reddy

Peter Rourk ’86 and Karen Rourk

Phil Oldham ’86

John Pharo and Sue Dunn

Kevin and Beth Reeves

Karen Ruberg

Nicholas Ortolano and Jessica Streck

Rob Phay ’86

Kylie Reeves ’10

Bill and Cheryl Ruderman

Thomas and Kim Phu

Austin Elizabeth Regnerus ’15

Scott Runyon and Elizabeth Frock Runyon ’98

Michelle Orvis

Noah Pickus and Trudi Abel

Brandon Regnerus ’13

Scott and Laura Ryan

Scott Orvis

Ellen Pieper ’06

Verle and Connie Regnerus

David Sailer ’11

Pam Osborne

Joel and Vicki Pineles

Marco Reyes ’10

Scott and Jean Sailer

Brian Ostrer and Merideth Cox Ostrer ’93

Joe Piscitello ’02 and Amy Bryson

Isaias Reyes-Martinez ’19

Kamel and Gwen Salama

Nick Overcash and Rachel Monsein

Emily Pisetsky ’03

Nelson Rha ’09

Jesús and Elizabeth Sánchez

Sean Planchard and Becki Feinglos

Ellen Rice

Jeff Sanford and Martha Smalley Sanford ’90

Michael Rice and Rosa Lin

Guillermo Sapiro and Dalia Gheiler

Roll of Donors Continued

Ortolano ’01

Overcash ’04 Todd and Jenni Owen

Planchard ’07


Dawn Roog

Shaun and Allison Pack

Andy Pogach

Cedric Richardson

Fran Savarin

Jesse Paddock

Martin and Barbara Poleski

Karen Richardson

Ashu and Neeta Saxena

Todd and Keisha Pagden

Rob and Kelly Policelli

Russell Richey and Merle Umstead Richey ’60

Doug and Sibyl Scales

Rahul and Neha Pagidipati

Larry Pollard ’66 and Brenda Pollard

Tracy Riddle

Yolanda Scarlett

John and Rebecca Pang

Lee and Teresa Pollard

David and Stephanie Ridley

Karl Schaefer and Nancy Krasno

Paul Pappas and Karen Miles

Borden Pons ’89 and Lou Pons

Lauren Rivers and Janelle Hoskins

Allison Schenck

Ted and Theky Pappas

Chris Porter ’88

Meg Herbert Roach ’78

Samuel Schilis and Aleksandra Kaplon-Schilis

John Pardon ’07

Dave and Sara Pottenger

Ted Roach and Leah Bergman ’94

Kurt and Jennifer Schmidt

Jay and Jimin Park

Megan Pottenger ’15

William Robb and Sybil Rockwell Robb ’87

Marv and Kathy Schneider

Andy and Sarah Parker

Tatum Pottenger ’10

Brian and Jenny Robbins

Josh Schoedler and Caroline Mage ’01

Elizabeth Parry ’13

Jeff and Barbara Potter

Jimmy and Jennifer Roberts

Abby Schoenfeld ’10

Lou and Sarah Parry

Ty and Dana Powers

Justin Roberts ’01

John and Paige Scholl

Luis Pastor and Ana Valverde Vidal

Kurt Preble and Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95

Snow Roberts

David and Sarah Schulz

Manesh and Sallie Patel

Sims Preston ’87 and Posy Stone

Ginny Robinson

Bill and Amie Schwartz

Rakesh Patel and Tricia DePue

Ellie Preyer ’10

Scott Robinson ’80 and Liz Sher

Damon Scott and Amber Kelley-Scott

Satyen Patel and Susan Anthony

Andy and Sarah Pronto

Stacy Robinson ’01

Dana Seeman


Sam Stover and Beth Throop ’06

David and Denise Shaw

Dan Stutts and Caroline Paul Stutts ’04

Marion Suggs

Steven Suggs ’03 and Amanda Suggs

Douglas Sheafor and Cathy Howe Sheafor ’84

Steve and Debbie Suggs

Theresa Shebalin

Kamal and Ritu Sukhija

Jack Sherrill ’73 and Katherine Sherrill

Christine Sullivan

Charlie Shi and Feng Li

Nick Sullivan ’13

Jason Sholtz ’99 and Melissa Rodgman

Albert Sulmistras

Andrew and Rebecca Shores

Anna Sundy ’15

Merritt and Leatrice Short

John and Cindy Sundy

Jeff and Kressa Sieren

Ben Swain ’94 and Jen Swain

Cami Simpson ’18

Wink and Nancy Swain

Mark and Bria Simpson

Jay Swaminathan and Shanti Jayashankar

John and Courtney Sjostrom

Rajesh Swaminathan and Susan Kansagra

Eric Smith

Marvin Swartz and Gita Schonfeld

Matt Smith and Jazmin Garcia Smith

Ashley Swigart

Michael Smith

Jim Swigart

Ronnie Smith and Jo Lynn Hughes Smith ’82

Anna Tabor

Stuart Smith

Lloyd Taliaferro and Laura Ritchie Taliaferro ’91

David and Nicole Smithwick

Millie Tan

Rob and Chesley Sneed

Michael Tapper and Rocio Quinonez

Elizabeth South

Jim and Janelle Tarpey

Gray and Susan Southern

Brantley and Sarah Tart

Nita Sparkman

Kent Tatum ’98

Jim and Wendy Speir

Buck and Barry Taylor

Adam Spilker ’87

John Taylor and Kate McAllister Taylor ’92

Jennifer Sprague

Scott Taylor and Ann Kidd Taylor

William and Staci Spransy

David Teer ’80

Katherine Spruill

Alan Templeton

Scott Stadler and Diane Downing Stadler ’78

Victoria Templeton

Don and Sylvia Stanat

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Thomas, Jr.

Charles and Toni Stanley

Harry Thomas and Joe Cawley

Turkey Trot


Betsy Starling

Ashley Thrower

The Bartlett


Leyf Peirce Starling ’99

Brajesh Tiwari and Anvisha Agarwal

Blue Water Dentistry Drs. Davis

New Hope Animal Hospital

Brooke Staton ’97

Brandon and Diem Tom

Bob and Ebet Stevens

Rose and Leland Tom

Croasdaile Dental Arts

Transenterix, Inc.

Ryan Stewart ’95

Michael Tomasello and Margarita Svetlova

East West Partners

Triangle Glass Service Inc.

Jason Straus ’06

Francesca Tomasi ’11

Finn Plastics

Steve Straus and Heather Lee

Michael Tomasulo

Fisher Wealth Management

John and Lyn Streck

Donna Tope ’07

Hansell Painting

Sean Streck ’97 and Tracey Streck

Nick Torrey ’98 and Abby Dean

I9 Sports

Michael and Marjorie Strickland

Gary and Stacey Towning

Puddle Baby

Peter Strickland ’81 and Cindy Strickland

Joe and Lisa Tracy

RED Collective

Frank and Susan Strohlein


Photo by Bob Karp

Gokhan Sevik and Nazli Turkan-Sevik

Photo by Dave Chandler

2019 Turkey Trot

Robotics 2020 Season, February Build Day

Sponsorship Gifts and Lee, DDS

RTP Dentistry

Upright Athlete


Roll of Donors Continued

Carole Washington Dan and Stephanie Wechsler

Soph Tsang ’11

Warren and Jan Wehmann

Jonathan Tsipis ’91

Adam Weinberg ’90

Hank Tucker ’15

Sarah Weiner ’09

Don and Kim Tupper

Andrew Weinhold ’05

Mark Turner and Ana Garcia-Turner

Chard Weir and Maggie McPherson Weir ’01

Barb Turpin

Phill Wertz and Carol Brinkhous Wertz ’90

Kenan Ulku-Steiner ’18

Charles Whaley

Adam Ushpol ’17

Elisabeth Davis Wharton ’81

Cait Ushpol ’17

Guy Whilden ’00 and Jessica Crowe

Anne Vail

Whilden ’00

Annie Vample

Pam Whilden

Mike Vann ’93

Chris White ’92

Dick and Sheppy Vann

Holt and Trish Whiting

Sheen Varughese

Henry and Darah Whyte

Brian Vick ’90 and Ellen Maguire Vick

John and Elisabeth Wiener

Jeff and Liz Vincent

Wayne Wilbanks and Ashlin Thomas

Roberto Vivanco and Cameron Graham

Wilbanks ’78

Vivanco ’91

Dirk and Marlo Wilcox

Robert Vogler ’89

Julius and Diane Wilder

Bill vonReichbauer ’96

Sterly Wilder ’79

Kevin and Amy Vorenkamp

Kent and Natasha Wiles

Momen Wahidi and Hannah Souman Wahidi

Rick Wilkins and Cathy Sorgi

Bitsy Sather Wainwright ’92

Bob and Ann Williams

Marla Wald

Mark and Julie Williams

Rob and Winnie Walker

George Williams ’77

Kacie Wallace ’85

Sandy and Jennifer Williams

Bethany Walters ’05

Dave and Sandra Williamson

Emily Walton

Meg Williamson

Bonnie Wang

Stead Willis ’96 and Emma Willis

Elayne Wang ’15

Bill Wilson and Shelli Ballantyne Wilson ’77

Jeff Wang and Cindy Zhu

Jim Wilson

Kent and Dawn Wang

Lanis Wilson and Mary Floyd-Wilson

Qianben and Hongyan Wang

Robert Wilson and Barbara Luckey

Tim Wang and Linda Sun

Tevin Wilson ’10

Xiaoqi Wang and Yan Miao

Robert and Marcia Wines

Alice Ward ’15

Jason Wise

Carl Ward ’11

Nick Wisner ’06

Fred Ward ’11

Didi Wong and Amber Lemke Wong ’98

Rodney and Laura Ward

Dominic and Jeen Wong

Lawrence Warner ’87 and Genevieve

Bill and Kelly Wood


Photo courtesy of the Moore family

Andy Webb Peter and Janis Travers

Andrew Wooden ’05


“We believe that talented and dedicated teachers lie at the heart of the DA experience. Contributing to the Durham Academy Fund helps ensure that the school is able to maintain a faculty full of life-changers who will provide the very best education for our children, both now and into the future.” — Delores and Eric Moore, P ’26 and P ’28 Tyler Wooden ’03 and Stacy Wooden Anthony Yarborough and Lucretia Burrus-Yarborough Andrew Yarbrough ’02 and Jane Yarbrough Lyle and Ashley Yetman Brian and Fawn Young Peter Zaytsev and Kate Zaytseva Janet Zdon Jeff and Melody Zentner Hui Zhang and Lily Zhao Qi Zhang and Jennifer Sun Pei Zhou and Jia You Chris Zhu and Shui Wang Terry Zug

Photo by Sarah Jane Tart

Congratulations to Our Newest Alumni, Durham Academy Class of 2020 We wish you continued success in your future endeavors! American University Amherst College Boston College Brown University Case Western Reserve University Clemson University College of William and Mary Colorado College Cornell University Dartmouth College Davidson College Drew University Duke University Elon University

Emory University Florida State University Furman University Gap Year George Washington University Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Grinnell College Hillsdale College Loyola University Maryland New York University North Carolina State University Northeastern University Northwestern University

Occidental College Princeton University Purdue University Rice University Santa Clara University Sewanee: The University of the South Stanford University Stevens Institute of Technology Tufts University University of Chicago University of Colorado at Boulder University of Maryland, College Park University of Michigan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Charlotte University of North Carolina at Greensboro University of North Carolina at Wilmington University of Notre Dame University of Richmond University of South Carolina University of Southern California University of Virginia Vanderbilt University Virginia Commonwealth University Wake Forest University Washington University in St Louis Williams College Wofford College


Alumni Leadership Giving


Brendan Bradley ’01

Deb Claypoole Anderson ’80

Nicholas Bradley ’05

Three consecutive years of giving

Alexander Brandt ’18

Anonymous (4)

Braxton Carr ’12

Natalie Sutton Alvarez ’07

Kevin Cullen ’03

Lindsay Speir Ambler ’02


Sue Coonrad Cullen ’72

Tina Anderson ’77

Jeanmarie Eaves Curtis ’73

Lily Anderson ’15

Mark Anderson ’81

Benson Easley ’18

Margaret Anderson ’09

Ford Easley ’16

Alivia Sholtz Archer ’00

Rob Everett ’86

Ashley Atkins ’91

Catherine Clark Everson ’02

Jonathan Avery ’86

Billy Fischer ’94

Millie Long Barritt ’94

Anna Smalley Flanagan ’83

Jordan Barry ’15

Grant Fowler ’08

Lakin Barry ’16

Pier Bynum Fowler ’08

Maria Marinos Barton ’96

Annie Giarla ’12

Jason Bennett ’94

Laura Gaither ’05

Leah Bergman ’94

John Hager ’54

Sean Bilsborrow ’94

Chasie Allen Harris ’59

Caroline Bodager ’10

Morgan Edwards Whaley ’97

Steve Harris ’58

Bill Brenner ’77 Bryson Brodie ’96

David Beischer ’85


Margie Gudaitis Hess ’07 Laura Heyneman ’81

Cameron Brodie ’90

Ashley Horton Freedman ’97

Michelle Sutton Armenteros ’07

John Hull ’86

Tyler Brodie ’92

Hunter Henry ’97

Erika Streck Cerwin ’98

Seth Jernigan ’96

John Bugg ’62

Fancy Lacefield Hogan ’96

Matt Crawford ’99

Xandy Peete Jones ’78

Aidan Burdick ’14

Ward Horton ’94

Elizabeth Haney ’97

Nick Livengood ’08

Claire Burdick ’15

Jimbo Huckabee ’91

Sterling Mah Ingui ’97

Kathy Davenport McPherson ’66

Sarah Warner Burdick ’84

Roger Jeffs ’79

Cam Lewis ’11

Sarah Graham Motsinger ’00

Robby Burroughs ’07

Tom Kenan ’55

Debbie Howe Markland ’87

Stefan Nikolic ’05

Patrick Callaghan ’15

Brendan Moylan ’85

Rosemary Nye ’93

Emily Oliver ’80

Cam Chambers ’07

Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95

David Peters ’13

Joe Piscitello ’02

Frank Chao ’94

Janis Bergman Tillman ’84

Kathryn Peters ’09

Anna Hall Quarles ’98

John Cheek ’96

Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Sims Preston ’87

Jeb Quarles ’98

Loren Clemens ’96

Peter Rourk ’86

Kate Keese Cockerham ’86

Kim Singletary ’88

Chris Cole ’86

Jason Straus ’06

Charles Collie ’80

Kate McAllister Taylor ’92

Scott Collie ’85 Anna Bland Costello ’07

Alumni are recognized for unrestricted gifts of $500 or more or for three consecutive years of giving to the Durham Academy Fund. $10,000 and Up Anonymous Lee Barnes ’86

$7,500–$9,999 Robert Hallyburton ’82

Paul Casey ’87 Garrett Putman ’94 Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00

Stephen Barringer ’81 Tom Beischer ’87 Andy Crawford ’97 Susan Knott Easterling ’00 Neal Ellis ’88 Katye Proctor Freelon ’03 Molly Kane Frommer ’01 Rachel Erickson Hee ’86 Ward Nye ’81 Molly Shaw ’98 Jon Stone ’85

David Ravin ’89 Mandy Turvey Ravin ’89 Crickett Johnston Woloson ’89

Kendall Bradley ’07

Other Gifts

Summer Lowe Webbink ’95


Kacie Wallace ’85 Maggie McPherson Weir ’01

Brendan Cox ’97

Charlie Wilson ’89


Ashlin Thomas Wilbanks ’78

Billy Coxhead ’82

Elizabeth Schiebel Albright ’88

George Williams ’77

Sam Cunningham ’04

Robert Allen ’00

Stead Willis ’96

Stephen Dauchert ’03

Kyle Black ’03

Andrew Wooden ’05

Katie McClay Dawson ’97

Matt Webbink ’95


Ken Kanoy ’73

Patrick Nevins ’03

Andrew Dong ’02

Lionel Kennedy ’70

Worth Newman ’09

Hope Williams Durack ’92

Veronica Kim ’16

Jennifer Hoog Nichols ’90

Kim Durack ’92

Erik Knelson ’03

Ian Niedel ’88

Tyler Elkins-Williams ’00

Sally Preminger Kudert ’03

Becca North ’94

Blake Teer Ellis ’94

Barbara Brooks La Dine ’83

Phil Oldham ’86

Bret Ellis ’92

Samantha Lanevi ’14

Jessica Streck Ortolano ’01

Jon Enberg ’98

Adam Lang ’98

Merideth Cox Ostrer ’93

Grant Engebretsen ’11

Libby Lang ’89

Jonathan Pas ’02

Jonathan Evans ’94

Jason Lapidus ’15

Lee Patterson ’00

Les Evans ’90

Anna Larson ’96

Ryan Pearman ’14

Alycia Levy Fortin ’94

Mike Larson ’90

Rob Phay ’86

Guy Foulks ’90

Brian Leslie ’95

Emily Pisetsky ’03

Betsy Fox ’98

Parker Lewis ’17

Becki Feinglos Planchard ’07

Lindy Krzyzewski Frasher ’95

Lauren Cavallito Lippman ’00

Megan Pottenger ’15

Glenn Gentry ’77

Katie Moylan Little ’90

Tatum Pottenger ’10

Katie Giduz ’09

Anne Murray Lloyd ’82

Molly Williams Pugh ’94

Lizzy Graham Gonzalez ’02

Braxton Lloyd ’13

Vincent Quiett ’81

Will Graham ’89

Danny Lloyd ’71

Nicki Epstein Ramsdell ’91

Peter Gudaitis ’09

Kate Lloyd ’17

Kylie Reeves ’10

Betsy Hage ’90

Dan Lowrie ’96

Austin Elizabeth Regnerus ’15

Conrad Hall ’89

Jamie Ludington ’87

Brandon Regnerus ’13

Virginia Reves Hall ’91

Betty Sweaney Lykins ’62

Marco Reyes ’10

Jane Stewart Hamlin ’94

Jon Macklin ’92

Merle Umstead Richey ’60

Melissa Brodie Hanenberger ’88

Corey Mansfield ’02

Meg Herbert Roach ’78

Jack Haney ’95

Debbie Crovitz Manus ’80

Sybil Rockwell Robb ’87

Sarah Hantzmon ’16

Ben Mark ’03

Justin Roberts ’01

Mack Hardaker ’99

Rebekah Brenner Mark ’03

Scott Robinson ’80

Brad Hardy ’98

Ben Marks ’91

Marcelle Rockwell ’89

Josh Hertz ’00

Angie North Marshall ’98

Louise Few Rollins ’82

Alexis Hewitt ’11

David McClay ’04

Steed Rollins ’78

Brent Hilpert ’94

David McCoy ’94

Elizabeth Frock Runyon ’98

Sammy Hobgood ’12

Malcolm McLean ’00

David Sailer ’11

Bailey Horgan ’17

William McLean ’04

Claire Sanders ’79

Catherine North Hounfodji ’92

Will McPherson ’97

Martha Smalley Sanford ’90

Jenny Glasson Hubert ’75

Allison McWilliams ’91

Jason Sholtz ’99

Greg Hulka ’80

Helen Morgan ’15

Adam Spilker ’87

David Hutchings ’05

Mary McGranahan Moss ’74

Leyf Peirce Starling ’99

Michael Igwemezie ’17

Mike Moylan ’84

Brooke Staton ’97

Alex Isley ’80

Bryce Mueller ’04

Sean Streck ’97

Cory Johnston ’91

Kyle Mumma ’09

Peter Strickland ’81

Jeff Jones ’07

Maddy Mumma ’12

Caroline Paul Stutts ’04

Mary Trent Jones ’58

Samantha Mumma ’07

Steven Suggs ’03

Torsie Judkins ’91

Susan Warner Nance ’81

Anna Sundy ’15

Photo by Bob Karp

Mykas Degesys ’03

2019 Reunion Party at Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Ben Swain ’94 Kelly Teagarden ’04 David Teer ’80 Beth Throop ’06 Nick Torrey ’98 Hank Tucker ’15 Adam Ushpol ’17 Cait Ushpol ’17 Cameron Graham Vivanco ’91 Robert Vogler ’89 Kirsten Vollmer ’87 Alice Ward ’15 Carl Ward ’11 Fred Ward ’11 Lawrence Warner ’87 Elisabeth Davis Wharton ’81 Guy Whilden ’00 Jessica Crowe Whilden ’00 Sterly Wilder ’79 Shelli Ballantyne Wilson ’77 Tevin Wilson ’10 Andrew Yarbrough ’02


Alumni Giving by Class

Class of 1978

Classes of 1954–1975

Bob Johnson

Anonymous John Hager ’54 Tom Kenan ’55

Mark Bozymski Randy Few Xandy Peete Jones Nick Morrow Meg Herbert Roach Steed Rollins Diane Downing Stadler

Steve Harris ’58

Ashlin Thomas Wilbanks

Mary Trent Jones ’58

Class of 1979

Chasie Allen Harris ’59 Jim Hendrix ’59


Merle Umstead Richey ’60

Roger Jeffs

John Bugg ’62 Betty Sweaney Lykins ’62 Marion Ross Godfrey ’64

Claire Sanders Sterly Wilder

Photo by Bob Karp



Class of 1979 at Boxcar Bar + Arcade for the 2019 Reunion Party

Class of 1980

Class of 1982

Class of 1985

Bill Giduz ’70

Deb Claypoole Anderson

Rick Birgel

David Beischer

Lionel Kennedy ’70

Roger Brooks

Billy Coxhead

Scott Collie

Trena Griffith-Hawkins ’71

Charles Collie

Robert Hallyburton

Peter Mayer

Danny Lloyd ’71

Greg Hulka

Anne Murray Lloyd

Brendan Moylan

Sue Coonrad Cullen ’72

Alex Isley

Louise Few Rollins

Jon Stone

Lyda Teer Mihalyi ’72

Debbie Crovitz Manus

Jo Lynn Hughes Smith

Kacie Wallace

Jeanmarie Eaves Curtis ’73

Emily Oliver

Ken Kanoy ’73

Scott Robinson

Jack Sherrill ’73

David Teer

Class of 1983

Class of 1986


Jonathan Avery

Anna Smalley Flanagan

Lee Barnes

Barbara Brooks La Dine

Kate Keese Cockerham

Kathy Davenport McPherson ’66 Sarah Craig Neuwirth ’69 Carolyn Eaves Davidson ’70

Mary McGranahan Moss ’74 Jenny Glasson Hubert ’75

Class of 1977 S1,300


Class of 1981 $10,016

Mark Anderson Stephen Barringer

Tina Anderson

Laura Heyneman

Bill Brenner

John Klintworth

Glenn Gentry

Susan Warner Nance

Jeff Hamill

Ward Nye

Masaki Okawa

Jon Peter

George Williams

Vincent Quiett

Shelli Ballantyne Wilson

Peter Strickland Elisabeth Davis Wharton




Class of 1984 $10,625

Sarah Warner Burdick Melissa Cefalo Cianciotti Mike Moylan Cathy Howe Sheafor Janis Bergman Tillman



Chris Cole Rob Everett Rachel Erickson Hee John Hull Andrew King Phil Oldham Rob Phay Peter Rourk

Class of 1987

Class of 1990

Class of 1992

Class of 1995

Tom Beischer

Cameron Brodie

Tyler Brodie


Catharine Berry Campbell

Les Evans

Bill Bryson

Kristen Hughey Bowie

Paul Casey

Guy Foulks

Matt Coleman

Lindy Krzyzewski Frasher

Mari-Wells Hedgpeth

Betsy Hage

Hope Williams Durack

Jack Haney

Jamie Ludington

Justin Heineman

Kim Durack

Brian Leslie

Debbie Howe Markland

Leigh Taylor Koch

Bret Ellis

Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble

Ian Patrick

Mike Larson

Andy Hatchell

Ryan Stewart

Sims Preston

Katie Moylan Little

Catherine North Hounfodji

Matt Webbink

Sybil Rockwell Robb

Jennifer Hoog Nichols

Jon Macklin

Summer Lowe Webbink

Adam Spilker

Martha Smalley Sanford

Kate McAllister Taylor

Kirsten Vollmer

Brian Vick

Bitsy Sather Wainwright

Lawrence Warner

Adam Weinberg

Chris White


Class of 1988 $4,220

Elizabeth Schiebel Albright


Carol Brinkhous Wertz

Class of 1991 $110,088


Class of 1993 $1,165


Class of 1996 $28,766

Anonymous Maria Marinos Barton Katie Dominguez Bermudez

Ryan Frost

Bryson Brodie

Neal Ellis

Anonymous (2)

Rosemary Nye

John Cheek

Melissa Brodie Hanenberger

Ashley Atkins

Merideth Cox Ostrer

Loren Clemens

Ian Niedel

Charles Clay

Mike Vann

Fancy Lacefield Hogan

Chris Porter

Virginia Reves Hall

Kim Singletary

Tracy Hardaker

Class of 1989 $7,810

Shea Maynard Breitling Bob Cole Edith Dicconson Ellen Teer Eaton Will Graham Conrad Hall

Matt Hawkins Jimbo Huckabee Cory Johnston Torsie Judkins Kim Johnson Ledgerwood Lindy Maynor Lowery Ben Marks Allison McWilliams Kathy Oakes

Class of 1994 $18,727

Millie Long Barritt Jason Bennett Leah Bergman Sean Bilsborrow Frank Chao Blake Teer Ellis Jonathan Evans

Seth Jernigan Anna Larson Dan Lowrie Will Ludington Michael McCrory Bill vonReichbauer Stead Willis

Class of 1997 $79,473

Billy Fischer

Anonymous (2)

Alycia Levy Fortin

Brendan Cox

Jane Stewart Hamlin

Andy Crawford

Brent Hilpert

Katie McClay Dawson

Ward Horton

Matthew Earp

David McCoy

Ashley Horton Freedman

Becca North

Elizabeth Haney

Molly Williams Pugh

Hunter Henry

Robert Vogler

Garrett Putman

Meredith White Howell

Charlie Wilson

Ben Swain

Sterling Mah Ingui

Katie Coleman Helmer Libby Lang Robin McWilliams Borden Pons David Ravin Mandy Turvey Ravin Marcelle Rockwell

Crickett Johnston Woloson

Nicki Epstein Ramsdell Paul Rockwell Christy Sporleder Rosas Laura Ritchie Taliaferro Jonathan Tsipis Laura Horton Virkler Cameron Graham Vivanco



Erica Teagarden Johnstone Will McPherson

Class of 2000

Anna Kemp Ray


Charlie Ray

Robert Allen

Brooke Staton

Alivia Sholtz Archer

Sean Streck

Susan Knott Easterling

Morgan Edwards Whaley

Tyler Elkins-Williams

Class of 1998 $7,178

Erika Streck Cerwin Jon Enberg Betsy Fox Chris Fromme Brad Hardy Costen Irons Katie Ryan Amick Kantz William Kimbrell

Josh Hertz Lauren Cavallito Lippman Molly Maskel Malcom McLean Sarah Graham Motsinger Lee Patterson Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola Guy Whilden Jessica Crowe Whilden

Class of 2001

Jonathan Pas

Laura Gaither

Will Perreault

David Hutchings

Joe Piscitello

Chip McCorkle

Andrew Yarbrough

Stefan Nikolic

Class of 2003 $5,482

Kyle Black Mark Chandler Kevin Cullen Stephen Dauchert Mykas Degesys

Ryan Steele Christine Suggs Bethany Walters Andrew Weinhold Andrew Wooden

Class of 2006 $1,707

Katye Proctor Freelon

Jake Engebretsen

David Hull

Michael Hutchings

Erik Knelson

Drew Littlewood

Sally Preminger Kudert

John Meador

Ben Mark

Ellen Pieper

Rebekah Brenner Mark

Jason Straus

Patrick Nevins

Beth Throop

Kate Lessey Laine


Adam Lang


Emily Pisetsky

Camey VanSant

Bennett Lipscomb

Brendan Bradley

Stuart Ramsey

Nick Wisner

Angie North Marshall

Heather Chandler

Steven Suggs

Kyle Nevins

Julius Degesys

Tyler Wooden

Anna Hall Quarles

Molly Kane Frommer

Jeb Quarles

Lynn Fitch Furgurson

Elizabeth Frock Runyon

Anne Lacy Gialanella

Molly Shaw

Caroline Mage

Kent Tatum

Orla Buckley O’Hannaidh

Nick Torrey

Jessica Streck Ortolano

Amber Lemke Wong

Justin Roberts

Class of 1999 $1,315

Matt Crawford

Stacy Robinson Maggie McPherson Weir

Class of 2002

Mack Hardaker


Margaret Jones

Anonymous (2)

Jason Sholtz

Lindsay Speir Ambler

Leyf Peirce Starling

Rachel Croughwell Cocchiaro Scott Cunningham Andrew Dong Catherine Clark Everson Lizzy Graham Gonzalez Corey Mansfield


Class of 2004 $1,115

Class of 2007 $3,215

Anonymous (2) Natalie Sutton Alvarez

Emmy Anlyan

Michelle Sutton Armenteros

Sam Cunningham

Kendall Bradley

Martin Graebner

Robby Burroughs

Erik Hoffman

Cam Chambers

David McClay

Anna Bland Costello

William McLean

Vytas Degesys

Bryce Mueller

Ashley Greenleaf

Rachel Monsein Overcash

Christine Hardman

Caroline Paul Stutts

Margie Gudaitis Hess

Kelly Teagarden

Jeff Jones

Class of 2005 $7,755

Phil Bick Nicholas Bradley Kent Cheesborough Ashley Elstro

Gracelee Lawrence Zach Mark Lewis McCorkle Samantha Mumma John Pardon Becki Feinglos Planchard Donna Tope

Class of 2008 $1,490

Ellie Preyer Kylie Reeves

Class of 2014

Marco Reyes


Zac Allison

Abby Schoenfeld

Aidan Burdick

Si Carpenter

Tevin Wilson

Jack Clayton

Alexandra Davidson-Palmer Grant Fowler Pier Bynum Fowler Rachel Hodges Pete Larson Samantha Leder Nick Livengood

Class of 2009 $3,268

Class of 2011 $1,625

Grant Engebretsen Billy Haas Alexis Hewitt Alison Kohl

Claire Collie Spencer Hallyburton Sydney Jeffs Samantha Lanevi Ryan Pearman

Class of 2015

Cam Lewis


David Sailer


Francesca Tomasi

Lily Anderson

Anonymous (2)

Soph Tsang

Jordan Barry

Margaret Anderson

Carl Ward

Claire Burdick

Laurel Burkbauer

Fred Ward

Lily Burdick

Nick Cariello Rachel Dunn Katie Giduz Peter Gudaitis William Hodges Maddie Miller Kyle Mumma Worth Newman Kathryn Peters Nelson Rha Hillary Rosen Stephanie Roses Sarah Weiner

Class of 2010 $910

Anonymous Caitie Attarian Tristan Bepler Caroline Bodager Daniel Browning Rachel Hall Julia Kelsoe Andrew Kuyper Tatum Pottenger

Class of 2012 $829

Anonymous Braxton Carr Lucy Dempsey Annie Giarla Sammy Hobgood Katherine Hodges Justin Lawson Maddy Mumma Jordan Myers

Class of 2013 $2,487

Anonymous Matthew Attarian Alexander Crutchfield Peter Fox Braxton Lloyd Elizabeth Parry David Peters Brandon Regnerus Nick Sullivan

Patrick Callaghan Emma Eason Leo Gafinowitz Ralitsa Kalfas Jason Lapidus Helen Morgan Megan Pottenger Austin Elizabeth Regnerus Anna Sundy Hank Tucker

Kenan Little Jack Mishra Sarah Rollins

Class of 2017 $300

Anonymous Bailey Horgan Michael Igwemezie Parker Lewis Kate Lloyd Adam Ushpol Cait Ushpol

Class of 2018 $1,395

Alexander Brandt Benson Easley Emma Ellis Leah Granger David Klein Josh Klein Steven Kohl Cami Simpson Kenan Ulku-Steiner

Class of 2019

Elayne Wang


Alice Ward

Julian Adler

Class of 2016

Jack Anderson


Lakin Barry Kate DeBerry Loften Deprez Ford Easley Sarah Hantzmon Mason Harris Spencer Jenkins Veronica Kim Thea Lance

Gabrielle Balthazar Caroline Camitta Dan Clifford Ellen Cochran Franny Cochran Jack Horgan Nechama Huba Yaakov Huba Ellie McGhee Isaias Reyes-Martinez Henry Rogers


COVID-19 Durham Academy Family Support Fund

Loren Clemens ’96

Geoff and Selena Keegan

Tom and Melissa Pfeil

Julian Cochran

Bob and Lynn Keegan

Noah Pickus and Trudi Abel

Scott Collie ’85 and Amy Collie

Ryan Kelley and Una Flannery Kelley

Andy Pogach

Jim and Kendra Congdon

Charles Kim and Gina Lee

Edwin and Harriet Poston

Matt and Anne Costello

Jungsang Kim and Soyeon Nam

Sims Preston ’87 and Posy Stone

Shea and Amy Craig

Sam and Leslie King

John and Joanie Preyer

Steve and Anna Lisa Crowley

Michael and Kristen Klein

Andy and Sarah Pronto

Dennis Cullen and Sue Coonrad Cullen ’72

Kara Kooken

Vincent Quiett ’81 and Valerie Quiett

Jim and Jill Cunningham

Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski

Paul and Jen'nan Read

Tim and Bobbie Dahlgren

Steve and Amanda Lacoff

Brandon Regnerus ’13

Mehul and Kruti Desai

Lex and Kathy Larson

Verle and Connie Regnerus

This fund was established to provide one-time financial assistance to families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jay and Laura Doss

Crawford Leavoy and Clayton Alfonso

Ted Roach and Leah Bergman ’94

Jon Duensing and Pauline An Duensing

Kendrick and Chingyi Lee

Jon and Delores Roeder

Mark Easley and Mary Grigg

Patrick and Mildred Long

Arthur and Caroline Rogers

Joe and Landy Elliott

Huabo Lu and Shuli Zou

Andy and Beth Romach

Steve and Teresa Engebretsen

Will Ludington ’96

Michael and Carolyn Ronco

Tom and Tara Eppinger

Chris and Fiona Lundblad

Josh Ross and Michaela DuBay

Rob Everett ’86 and Elizabeth Everett

Chip and Concetta Lupa

David and JoAnn Rubin

Kate Faherty

Melissa Mack

Joe and April Salama

Anthony and Ashini Fernando

Bill and Kelly Marchese

Tom and Janet Savage

Grant and Meghan Fulton

Jonathan and Chris Mark

Allison Schenck

John and Rhonda Adams

Jonathan and Ebonee Gabbidon

Cory and Ann Miller Maxwell

Nick and Amy Shaheen

Araba Afenyi-Annan

Jennifer Garci

Michael McCrory ’96

Andrew and Rebecca Shores

Jack Anderson ’19

Tim and Lori Gershon

Ken and Sarah McGovern

Ann Haley and Shaw Smith

Tom Archdeacon and Marilyn Lavin

Dan Gilson and Colleen Fisher

James and Anne McNamara

Stuart Smith

Owen Astrachan and Laura Heyneman ’81

Russell and Pam Goin

Pete and Bonnie McWilliams

Leyf Peirce Starling ’99

Ken and Andi Auman

David Goldstein and Kavita Nayar

Jon and Eleanor Meredith

Wink and Nancy Swain

Willetha Barnette

Oren Gottfried and Jill Moore

Avery and Mimi Miles

Harry Thomas and Joe Cawley

Forrest and Sarah Beck

Stefanie Goyette

Mark Miller and Sarah O'Keefe

Nick Torrey ’98 and Abby Dean

Jerry and Anne Benson

Anne Gregory-Bepler

Suhail Mithani and Betty Tong

Neal and Karen Triplett

Jeff and Cooper Biersach

Darryl Gross and Mere Muncy

Rob and Ingrid Morris

Ellen Tvrdy

James and Christina Bohanek

Josh and Kate Hammer

AJ Motsinger and Sarah Graham Motsinger ’00

Michael and Beril Ulku-Steiner

Wessam Borai and Shauntae Gause

Arlene Hanks

Greg and Debra Murray

Anne Vail

Jason Brent and Lisa Levenstein

Brad Hardy ’98

Antonio and Leslie Nambo

Bonnie Wang

Gary Brichford

Jeff Harrison and Beth Akers

Dan and Kari Newman

Myron and Charleen Warren

Roger Brooks ’80 and Ann Brooks

Django Haskins and Lauren Garrett

Justin and Hadley Nixon

Bob and Anna Whalen

Barbara Brown

Hobson Hogan and Fancy Lacefield Hogan ’96

Patrick and Kemi Nonez

John Whaley and Morgan Edwards Whaley ’97

Betsy Brown

Yaakov Huba ’19

Scott and Nancy Oglesby

Sandy and Jennifer Williams

Greg and Lisa Brown

Duncan and Linsey Hughes

Todd and Keisha Pagden

Lanis Wilson and Mary Floyd-Wilson

Tommy and Vicki Brundage

Aatif and Sarwat Husain

John and Rebecca Pang

Jeff and Kathryn Wolf

Laurel Burkbauer ’09

Tom and Rachel Jeter

Chet and Asha Patel

Bill and Kelly Wood

Chris and Melody Butts

Jeff Jones and Xandy Peete Jones ’78

Lee Patterson ’00 and Lucy Patterson

Andrew Yarbrough ’02 and Jane Yarbrough

Dave and Judy Chandler

Torsie Judkins ’91 and Bria Judkins

Andy and Karen Penry

Lyle and Ashley Yetman

Miguel and Maritza Chirinos

Michael Kahl and Devon Noonan

Jay and Kay Peters

Brian and Fawn Young


“THANK YOU! This is incredibly generous, and on behalf of our family, I'm so appreciative. The DA community never ceases to amaze.”

166 Gifts

$88,122 raised

(as of June 30, 2020)

“We are simply blown away by the extreme generosity of the Financial Aid Committee and cannot express our gratitude in words for what this means to our family. At a time when so much is completely out of our control, to know we will receive this help and support for the coming school year is an assurance of stability.”

“Our family wanted to thank the school for providing this very generous financial aid assistance — we were not expecting this.” DURHAM ACADEMY | 2019–2020 | ANNUAL REPORT  27

Restricted Gifts

Jeff and Jeanne Dombcik

Athletic Department

Jian Hu and Rowena Wei


Ryan Kelley and Una Flannery Kelley

Baseball Brian and Erica Caveney Jay and Avery Goldstein

Boys Basketball David Beischer ’85 and Michelle Beischer Garrett Putman ’94 and Harriet Putman

Boys Lacrosse

James Gachanja and Mercy Njenga Michele Gutierrez David and Elizabeth Hays Lloydette Hoof Yubin Kang and Jie Zhu Muhammad and Nadia Pasha Kurt Preble and Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95 David and Sarah Schulz Charlie Shi and Feng Li Jeff Wang and Cindy Zhu Hui Zhang and Lily Zhao

Robotics Anonymous TC Anderson Stephen and Dori Bayer John and Mary Booth Kennon and Holly Borden Greg and Lisa Brown Anthony and Ashini Fernando Andy Freedman and Ashley Horton Freedman ’97 Russell and Pam Goin Joel Kades and Jenn Hult-Kades Mark and Kim Lawton

Pei Zhou and Jia You

Xianhua Liu and Hui Yang

Girls Golf

Mike and Claire Nelson

Terry Kim and Ellie Lee

Ralph Marshall Brian Polzak and Jacquie LauChial David and Stephanie Ridley

Head of School’s Discretionary Fund

Bob and Liz Rossilli

Cam Lewis ’11

Brenda Brodie

Neal and Becky Simmons

Garrett Putman ’94 and Harriet Putman

History Department

Braxton Carr ’12 and Annie Giarla ’12 Billy Haas ’11 Jon and Suzanne Lantzy

Captain’s Leadership Fund Lloydette Hoof Kurt Preble and Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95

Computer Science Daniel Jiang and Xiaowei Yang

Cross-Country Brian and Erica Caveney

Debate Chris and Jennie Brown

Kyle Black ’03

Mark and Amy Scurria Drew Shindell and Miriam Ehrensaft Drayton Virkler and Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Science Department

Kyle Black and Heath Aldridge

Neal and Becky Simmons


Upper School Theatre

James and Christina Bohanek

The Panter Foundation

Lower School Garden Nicholas Ortolano and Jessica Streck Ortolano ’01 John and Lyn Streck

Performing Arts David and Stephanie Ridley

Jens Dannull and June He Anthony and Jamie Dilweg


Martin and Barbara Poleski

Photo of Allison Hoof ’89, courtesy of Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95

“We are thrilled to contribute to the Captain's Leadership Fund and support this new student athletic leadership program in memory of Allison Hoof ’89. Many of her happiest days and dearest friendships revolve around DA, so supporting this program in her memory is fitting for our family.” — Kurt Preble and Mary Lloyd Hoof Preble ’95 and Lloydette Hoof, family of Allison Hoof ’89

The following people were memorialized with a gift. Julie Abraham Nicky Abraham ’31 George Brumley George Brumley ’07 Jordan Brumley ’10 Julia Brumley Mary Clyde Bugg Bruce Carpenter Beth Crawford Morris Ehrensaft Joe Farmer ’77 Tom Fowler ’73 Eloise Furber Lincoln Furber Dave Gould Luca Harrell ’10 Allison Hoof ’89 Bob Johnston Cory Johnston ’91 Gate Jones ’09 Elizabeth Jones ’11 Graeme Kirven ’17 Lucille Lawrence Jack Linger ’20 Irving Lowell Shui Chuen Man Lucy Melendez Kurt Meyer ’77 Bruce Mickey ’81 Steve McNutt ’91 Helen Nasrallah James Palmer Tarunesh Ramiah Gail Walker Watson Wise Tim Whiting ’93

Capital Gifts These donors are recognized for gifts made to Durham Academy’s capital projects. Anonymous Deb Claypoole Anderson ’80 Ed and Beth Anderson Lee Barnes ’86 and Christy Barnes Stephen and Dori Bayer Roger Brooks ’80 and Ann Brooks Durham Academy Parents Association F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Fox Family Foundation

Photo courtesy of the Lin family

Gifts in Memory

Andy Freedman and Ashley Horton Freedman ’97

Tom and Janet Savage

Paul and Meredith Friga

Paul and Lee Schmidt

David Goldstein and Kavita Nayar

Chris and Ann Smith

Graham Family Foundation

Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation

David Harpole and Karen Rabenau

Chris Spatola and Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola ’00

Trig and Alice Horton

Frank and Shelayne Sutton

Ward Horton ’94 and Alexa Horton

Jeff Tillman and Janis Bergman Tillman ’84

Jimbo Huckabee ’91 and Emmy Huckabee

Kevin and Jennifer Trapani

Tom and Rachel Jeter

Neal and Karen Triplett

Geoff and Selena Keegan

Michael and Beril Ulku-Steiner

Tom Kenan ’55

Drayton Virkler and Laura Horton Virkler ’91

Dave and Cynthia King

Bob and Anna Whalen

Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski

John Whaley and Morgan Edwards Whaley ’97

Shu Lin and Michelle Ekanayake-Lin

Jeff and Kathryn Wolf

Nick Livengood ’08 Jonathan and Chris Mark Brendan Moylan ’85 and Cindy Moylan Chris and Judi Ng Cashin Luis Pastor and Ana Valverde Vidal Tom and Melissa Pfeil

“Although the future seems uncertain, we were compelled to make a multi-year commitment because DA has been a part of our lives for many years. Under the leadership of Michael Ulku-Steiner, DA has continued to flourish in its mission to provide the kids with the best learning environment, including having the most wonderful teachers as a part of the DA family. Our commitment is a vote in our gratitude for the school and the many ways it has impacted our children.” — Shu Lin and Michelle Ekanayake-Lin, P ’18 and P ’23

Edwin and Harriet Poston Garrett Putman ’94 and Harriet Putman Arthur and Caroline Rogers Alex and Karen Sapir


Amelia Matthews Endowment Fund John and Amelia Matthews

Beth Crawford Memorial Fund

Oren Gottfried and Jill Moore

James Palmer Memorial Fund

Todd and Ronnie Grosshandler

Susie Davidson

Ian and Lucy Falk

Photo courtesy of John and Kathleen Linger

Endowment Gifts

Jane Fisher

Beth Healy Jeffrey Hjelm Jimbo Huckabee ’91 and Emmy Huckabee Leslie Kellog Tim and Teri Kinsella RB Klinkenberg Libby Lang ’89 Alyse Levine John and Kathleen Linger

Matt Crawford ’99 and Julie Crawford

Sean Manning

John McLaughlin

Hilary Maslow

Joe and Wendy Nevins

Ashok and Leene Nayyar

Mike and Sarah Upchurch

Derek and Anne-Caroline Norman

Financial Aid Endowment Anonymous Betsy Brown Neal Cariello and Adriana Oller Jay Cunningham and Rhonda Cohen Kevin and Susan Concannon Ray and Evelyn Crowley Elaine Julius Jonathan Pas ’02 Randleigh Foundation Trust

Hall Barnes Memorial Fund Burton Balfour and Claire Sanders ’79

Jack Linger Independent Study Fund Ainslie Foundation Ken and Andi Auman Carey Baddour Tom and Linda Barry Stephen and Dori Bayer Paul and Leslie Brown

“The fund is a truly special way for our family to keep Jack’s memory alive. We want to enable current and future generations of students to pursue an individual interest in new ways and send more Durham Academy graduates into their next phase of education with a unique and powerful experience.” — John and Kathleen Linger, P ’20 and P ’24 Owen and Ashley Bryant Hill and Sheri-lyn Carrow Kit Carson Brian and Erica Caveney Tina Constable Mary Beth Evers


Allison McWilliams ’91 Pete and Bonnie McWilliams Robin McWilliams ’89 and Kristen McWilliams

Parents Association Endowed Fund for Faculty Salaries Colin and Laurie Myer

Fran Savarin

Parents Council Endowment

Bill and Pokey Schiff

Durham Academy Parents Association

Lauren Rivers and Janelle Hoskins Jack Linger ’20

McWilliams Scholarship Fund

Alex and Karen Sapir

Bob and Kristen Schwabe Nick and Amy Shaheen Frank and Shelayne Sutton Wink and Nancy Swain Buzz Sztukowski and Ingrid Lauenstein

Putman Family Endowment Garrett Putman ’94 and Harriet Putman

David Tendler and Susan Spratt

Will and Patsy Willimon

Neal and Karen Triplett Michael and Beril Ulku-Steiner

Scott Filston Memorial

Virginia Van Dyk

Howard and Kay Filston

Drayton Virkler and Laura Horton Virkler ’91 Bennet and Jane Waters Charlie Wilson ’89 and Fran Wilson Ed Zobrist and Cindy Zielinski

James A. Cole Memorial Mary Cole Charlie and Patsy Surles

James Leonardi Scholarship Jon Enberg ’98

Sheppy Vann Preschool Financial Aid Endowment Fund Robert and Valerie White

The Thomas Land Fowler Memorial Fund Grant Fowler ’08 and Pier Bynum Fowler ’08

Executive Committee

Parents Association funds are directed to three main areas: Student Enrichment, Capital Projects and Special Initiatives and Schoolwide Programs. These dollars were allocated during the 2019–2020 school year.

Kaija Beard, Treasurer

Photo by Leslie King

Parents Association

Ann Leininger, President Fiona Lundblad, President-Elect Selena Keegan, Secretary

Allocations Student Enrichment $66,800

These funds support each division director’s authors and artists. Funding for divisionwide events such as Preschool International Night and Upper School International Day are provided through Student Enrichment, as well as funding for wellness activities in all divisions.

Capital Projects and Special Initiatives $52,000

Lower School Unity Day 2019

Planned Giving

Faculty Wish List


One of the most powerful and philanthropic tools available to Durham

New Capital Campaign


Academy’s supporters is planned giving. The benefits of planned giving include tax savings, increased income and providing for heirs, and

Parents Association Endowment Fund


Meal-Packaging Event


Schoolwide Programs $32,470

These funds support important communitywide events such as the All-School Picnic, Turkey Trot and welcoming events for new parents in each school division. These funds are also used in various ways to thank and honor faculty.

benefiting Durham Academy at the same time. Making a planned gift is a special way to support the school because it allows you to donate assets

Rise Against Hunger

All-School Picnic 2019

Photo by Sarah Jane Tart

budget for student life, assemblies and visiting

yet defer the time DA actually receives them. The best gift plans improve the donor’s financial and tax situation, often right away. Several planned giving options are available, with the simplest one being a bequest in your will. Other planned gift options include life insurance, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. We strongly recommend you consult with your attorney or tax adviser as you research the most appropriate way to remember DA in your will or estate plans. Michelle Morgan Director of Philanthropy 919-260-9239 michelle.morgan@da.org


Office of Philanthropy Meet the members of our philanthropy team and learn why each of them has chosen to make Durham Academy their professional home. Michelle Morgan

Tim McKenna

Director of Philanthropy

Director of Alumni Philanthropy and Engagement

Years Affiliated with DA: 0.75

Head Coach, Varsity Boys Basketball

“Durham Academy offers the rare opportunity to fully dedicate myself, both professionally and personally, to an organization whose mission and core principles align with my own. Whether parent,

Current Parent (9th), Parent of Alumna ’20 Years Affiliated with DA: 14 “Being able to work at school like Durham Academy is such a

faculty or staff, we have all made a choice to join this community.

privilege. It has been amazing getting to know so many of the

The result is one incredible place of learning, growth and support.”

school’s graduates and hearing their stories about their days at DA. I love the fact that I get to reconnect so many of them with their classmates and teachers.”

Caylan Ashworth

Sarah Graham Motsinger ’00

Assistant Director of Family Philanthropy

Associate Director of Philanthropy, Engagement and Events

Current Parent (Pre-K, 1st)

Campaign Coordinator

Years Affiliated with DA: 2

Assistant Coach, Varsity Girls Tennis

“Durham Academy is an extraordinary place; a place that continuously strives for excellence. It is truly a gift to be both a parent and a professional in this tight-knit community where we

Alumna, Current Parent (K, 4th) Years Affiliated with DA: 31 “Through my stewardship work, I get to affirm and celebrate each

come together to build exceptional educational experiences and

donor’s belief and investment in the school community that means

opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom.”

so much to us. Being fulfilled by this work, coupled with the joy of seeing my children learn and grow daily from our incredible faculty, makes Durham Academy feel like home to me.”

Willetha Barnette

Morgan Edwards Whaley ’97

Director of Donor Services

Associate Director of Philanthropy, Data and Research

Years Affiliated with DA: 26

Co-Head Coach, Middle School Girls Green Basketball

“In this place, I found an unexpected opportunity to participate and grow not only in responsibilities but in added value to the school culture and as an individual. I am grateful for the experience.”

Assistant Coach, Varsity Volleyball Alumna, Current Parent (5th, 7th) Years Affiliated with DA: 26 “As an alumna and current parent, working at Durham Academy has been a tremendous opportunity to further my involvement in an unparalleled community. It is a great honor to be part of a team steadfastly working for the future of the school.”


Introducing New Giving Circles and Societies in 2020–2021 Giving Circles Philanthropy is integral to Durham Academy’s mission to provide students an education that prepares them to lead moral, happy and productive lives. Your gift ensures we meet near-term goals and fulfill long-term aspirations. We would be delighted for you to join one of our giving circles with an annual gift or multi-year pledge.





Includes all Benefits from Cornerstone Circle

Includes all Benefits from Evergreen Circle

Includes all Benefits from Calvert Circle

Includes all Benefits from Academy Circle

Toast prior to Calvert Circle Dinner

Speaker Series Featuring a DA Parent

Speaker Series Featuring a DA Faculty Member

Calvert Circle Dinner

Lifetime and Legacy Giving Societies Commemorating the founding of Durham Academy and the influence and vision of George Watts Hill, Frank Hawkins Kenan and Bess Pickard Boone, our Lifetime and Legacy Giving Societies celebrate our most generous donors and honor the exceptional culture of philanthropy embraced by our community.

Campaign Donor Wall and Naming Opportunities





Includes all Benefits from Cavalier Circle

Includes all Benefits from Green & White Circle

Special Recognition in Annual Report

Toast prior to Upper School Fine Arts Production

Cavalier Circle Reception


$500/ $250*

*Young Alumni ≤ 10 years post-graduation Toast prior to Spring Alumni Reception Special Recognition in Annual Report

Planned Gifts Bi-annual Lifetime and Legacy Society Dinner Special recognition in Annual Report



$218,846 in donations

34 states represented

377 alumni participation

1,264 And 9 different countries!

53 donors New alumni



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Profile for Durham Academy

Durham Academy Annual Report 2019–2020  

Durham Academy Annual Report 2019–2020