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You are invited to join Duplex Cleaning Machines as we hold weekly online product demonstrations showing the latest in cleaning processes and techniques direct to your computer. Our live broadcasts are scheduled every Tuesday at 9:45am AEST. Features of our online product broadcast will include: • Machine applications • Step by step process on use of machine • Maintenance • And more! To register your interest, please go to: If you have any questions, please call us on 1800 622 700 or email

Wine Barrel Cleaning, a Duplex initiative, would like to invite you to Sticks Winery in the Yarra Valley for our live wine barrel cleaning demonstration using dry steam systems on Wednesday 20th February at 10:30am. We understand that oak barrels are one of the greatest investments and ongoing expenses in a winery. As we are now approaching the peak time of year for wine barrel cleaning, we would like to introduce you to dry steam systems. Our 94% dry steam systems can: • • • • •

Clean with up to 95% less water Deep cleanwith no chemicals required Thermally sanitised to eliminate Brettanomyces in the oak Rehydrate and revitalise barrels to restore oak flavours Increases wine barrel life investment by up to 25%

To register your attendance, please follow the link: In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like more information, please call us on 1800 622 770, email or go to our website at

Are you interested in the Duplex, Duplex Industrial or Tecnovap range for your facility, but never had the finances to take that next step? Duplex Cleaning Machines now offer finance packages to make the purchasing of our equipment at a cost that suits your budget.





• • •

• • •

Duplex 340 with 2 extra black brushes Duplex Trolley Kit 3 Year Service Agreement

Jetsteam Maxi with Jetsteam Trolley Flexible Mini Mop 10 microfibre pads

• • •

• • •

Duplex 420 with 2 extra black brushes Duplex Trolley Kit and Aqua Tank 3 Year Service Agreement

Jetsteam Maxi with Jetsteam Trolley Flexible Mini Mop and 10 microfibre pads Aqua Tank



10x 10x

Includes: •

Jetvac Junior, 2 Upholstery Tools, 2 Mitts, 10 Microfibre Cloths and Star Kit 3 Year service agreement

Includes: • • •

Batvac 50 Vacuum Vacuum Kit 3 Year Service Agreement



Includes: • •

Jetvac Junior, Thermoglide, 10 Microfibre Pads, 10 Microfibre Cloths, 10 Mop Heads, 10 Mop Head Thermoglide, July Kit and Flexible Mini Mop 3 year service agreement

Includes: • • •

Salla 500 Max Vacuum Kit 3 Year Service Agreement


Duplex 340, Duplex Trolley, 2 Extra Black Brush, 3 Year Service Agreement, Aqua Tank, Fastvac, Jetsteam Maxi with Jetsteam Trolley, Mini Mop Flexible and 10 Microfibre Pads


Duplex 420, Duplex Trolley, 2 Extra Black Brush, 3 Year Service Agreement, Aqua Tank, Fastvac, Jetsteam Maxi with Jetsteam Trolley, Jetvac Junior Standard

Includes: • • •

Duplex 420 Steam Duplex Trolley 2 Extra Black Brush

• • •

3 Year Service Agreement Aqua Tank Fastvac 3.7

• • •

Jetvac Professional Plus Jetsteam Maxi Steam Mop Thermoglide

Upholstery Kit

»» Are you looking to start your own business? »» Be your own boss? »» Work in a lucrative and expanding industry?

People need and want cleaning experts. Many people don’t have the expertise, necessary equipment or time to clean their facilities, buildings or office space. Commercial cleaning will always be a necessity. It is necessary for the presentation and reputation of a business and is an OH&S requirement. Key benefits of starting your own cleaning business: • • • • • •

Top end, industry specific cleaning machines Better travel efficiency Maximise time onsite Frequent client interaction Backing of an established brand Broader customer base

With this growing industry and our top end products, you will experience high customer retention and referrals rates. To find our more about this rare business opportunity, please contact us on 1800 622 770 or email us at

Do you have flotex flooring in you facility? Join us at the WA Ausclean conference to get the latest tips and advice on how you can effectively maintain and clean your flotex flooring. Director of Duplex Cleaning Machines, Murray McDonald, will be presenting at Ausclean WA on flotex topics such as: • • •

Proper daily/periodical cleaning and spills management of flotex Unique cleaning requirements of the product And more!

Oak barrels are one of the biggest investments a winery will make. Given it is now a key time of year for wine barrel cleaning, Duplex Cleaning is holding a live and free of charge wine barrel cleaning demonstration at the Moet Chandon in the Yarra Valley in February 2013. Wine makers, production managers and quality control managers will gain valuable insight into wine barrel cleaning elements such as: • • • • •

How to kill Brettanomyces How to reduce risk of spoiling/contaminating wine How to reduce water usage by 90 per cent How to increase wine barrel life investment How to naturally clean and disinfect wine barrels

To register your interest, email: We will then send you information direct to your email when the date and time of the event is confirmed.

To find out more about our wine barrel cleaning solutions, please visit:

Duplex Cleaning’s expertise and advice has been featured in a wide range of magazines and publications in a variety of sectors, such as healthcare, aged care, hospitality, safety, industrial and domestic. Publications and media include hospital and aged care magazine, Grapegrower and Winemaker magazine, Food Service Magazine, INCLEAN and many more. If you would like to be featured with Duplex in a story and get some media exposure for your business, email us your interest in being part of our media planning for 2013 at If you would like to see some of our recent media exposure, visit


Need to motivate and train your cleaning staff? Provide them with a copy of our advice and educational cleaning articles each time a new one is published. If this is of interest, email and we will send you the latest media that is relevant to your industry as they are published.

Duplex cleaning machines require no chemicals to effectively clean, disinfect and santise all surfaces. All that is needed is water and the water is then converted into high temperature steam. This is ideal for businesses that need to take into account the safety of their environment, as well as prioritise infection control (steam at above 180 degrees Celsius kills all bacteria and disease). Industries that particularly benefit from the use of no chemicals yet need to ensure their facility is disease free include dog kennels and vets, and aged care and health care facilities. Regular detergents can be used in Duplex machines if you wish to add a small amount to your water, however, it is not necessary to achieve the standard of cleaning you need to meet.



New - Stainless Scraper J120723X


Stainless Steel



New - Memory Flex Lance





New - Tile Cleaner

$315.00 New - Lance with Brush Connection




New - Big Sink Cleaner


Stainless Steel



New - Rectangular 10cm x 6cm Brush Available in Nylon, Brass, Stainless Steel





New - Square Stainless Steel Brush 6cm x 6cm


New - Square Nylon Brush 6cm x 6cm


New - Round Brush 3,5cm

FAST FAX RESPONSE - AUSTRALIA WIDE 03 9482 4940 Organisation : ............................................................ : ......................................................... Full Name Address Suburb

: ........................................................... ........................................................... : ...........................................................

Memory Flex Lance Square Brush 6cm x 6cm

Stainless Scraper

Tissue Cover for Flex Lance

Rectangular Brush 6cm x 6cm


: ......................................................


: ......................................................

Telephone Email

: ..................................................... : .....................................................

Big Sink Cleaner Round Brush 3,5cm x 3,5 cm

Lance with Brush Connection

Tile Cleaner

Other: _______________

Order Form

Fax: (03) 9482 4940

Steam only - Tools and Accessories Thermoglide (400mm) with 10m hose

JV7000005V1 QTY:

Microfibre for Thermoglide / 400mm minimop

J7000055 QTY:

Cotton/Poly for Thermoglide/ 400mm minimop

J7000065 QTY:

Large Mop Flexible (400mm)

JV7002039 QTY:


Microfibre for Thermoglide / 400mm Minimop (10 Pack)

J7000055BK QTY:


Cotton/Poly for Thermoglide/400mm Minimop (10 Pack)

J7000065BK QTY:

Minimop Flexible (220mm)

JV7002049 QTY:

Microfibre for 220mm Minimop (10 Pack)

J7000268BK QTY:

Minimop Fixed (220mm) J7002008 QTY:


Microfibre for 220mm Minimop

J7000268 QTY:

Extension Tube Steam only

J12030G QTY:

Window Cleaner

J120600 QTY:

Rectangular Brush

J120400 QTY:

Steam Lance (attach steam brushes - see below)

J120730 QTY:

Triangular Brush

J120500 QTY:

Curved Bayonet Lance

J120755 QTY:

Nylon 28mm brush

J120716 QTY:

Steam Plunger 60mm

J120721 QTY:

Brass 28mm Brush

J120717 QTY:

Nylon 60mm Brush

J120718 QTY:

Stainless 28mm Brush

J120709 QTY:

Small Triangular Brush

J120713 QTY:

Steam Scraper

J120723 QTY:

Stainless 60mm Brush

J120727 QTY:

Professional Steam Iron J071900 for steam machines QTY:

To order simply write in the quantity for each item and fax back to Duplex with the details on the reverse or email the scanned form to

Submit Fax Form

Order Form

1800 622 770 Fax: (03) 9482 4940

Steam & Vacuum Tools and Accessories Extension Tube Steam & Vac

J51030G QTY:

Brush for Insert (no cassette)

J510404 QTY:

Floor Tool 375mm J51040G (inserts sold separately) QTY:

Floor Tool Carpet Insert 375mm

J510405 QTY:

Floor Tool Insert Squeegee/Squeegee 375mm

J510410 QTY:

Floor Tool Insert Stainless / stainless 375mm

J51043A QTY:

Floor Tool Insert Squeegee / brush 375mm

J510420 QTY:

Steam / Vac Turbo J51072G Lance (attach steam QTY: brushes - see reverse)

Squeegee for Insert (no cassette)

J510425 QTY:

Steam & Vac Window Cleaner

J51060A QTY:

Metal Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool

J6100207 QTY:

Chewy Removal Tool (brushes sold separately)

J5107608 QTY:

Threaded Chewy Tool Triangle Nylon Brush

J1207133 QTY:

Threaded Chewy Tool Round 28mm Nylon Brush

J1207163 QTY:

Threaded Chewy Tool T50 Metal Brush

J1207003 QTY:

Bivap Gum Remover 10 L

J1207133 QTY:

Plastic Upholstery Tool J510616 (inserts sold separately) QTY:

Brush insert for Plastic Upholstery Tool Squeegee insert for Plastic Upholstery Tool


To order simply write in the quantity for each item and fax back to (03) 9482 4940 (in ALL STATES) with the details on the reverse or email the scanned form to PHOTOCOPY AND FAX BACK NATIONAL FAX: (03) 9482 4940 IN ALL STATES

Company : ___________________________________ Name : ___________________________________ Address : ___________________________________ Suburb

Please also send me:

: ____________________Postcode_______

Telephone : ___________________________________ Email : ___________________________________

1800 622 770

More Technical Information Demonstration Quote

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