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8 8 D E N H A M S T R E E T, T O W N S V I L L E . P H O N E 0 7 4 7 7 2 3 6 2 2 G E M M O L O G I S T S • Q U A L I F I E D D I A M O N D G R A D E R S • R E G I S T E R E D VA L U E R S MEMBER

DUOMagazine May 2017




DUOMagazine May 2017



21–23 Balmoral Drive Castle Hill

The Good Life Only rarely does a first-class property like this five-bedroom Castle Hill gem come on the market.



Imagine waking up to the Coral Sea each morning at this luxurious property perched atop Castle Hill over three blocks (2034 square metres) of land. The property is currently called home by Irene Vassilakos, owner of the Townsville Injectable & Laser Clinic at CastleTown Shoppingworld, who is looking to downsize. “I purchased the property 17 years ago because of its amazing views and the fact it’s so close to the beach, city and shopping centres,” says Irene.

“With its maid’s kitchen, wine cellar and full-size cold room with bar facilities it’s perfect for entertaining.”

“With its maid’s kitchen, wine cellar and full-size cold room with bar facilities it’s perfect for entertaining.” Irene has renovated the residence (including plumbing, electrical, plastering and pool) so it’s essentially a new home. The patio has been extended and the three bathrooms and kitchens are new as well. The master bedroom and swimming pool have uninterrupted views from Castle Hill to the Cape Cleveland lighthouse and across to tropical

Magnetic Island. There’s also a separate one-bedroom apartment and guest wing with its own kitchen and bathroom that’s ideal for extended family visits or holiday rental when not in private use. Ecologically designed, the home features bi-fold doors placed strategically throughout to make the most of the openplan configuration and afternoon sea breezes. It’s suited to an expanding family or a family with grandparents who’d like to live nearby in a separate dwelling.

Open homes are not being conducted so please call to arrange an inspection of this extraordinary home.

CO N N E C T N OW Contact Mark Lake LJ Hooker 0408 284 922

DUOMagazine May 2017


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DUO Food+Drink 128 Directory 138 Recipes The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet by Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth and Pennie Taylor

Salary Saints Save Lives

106 Courtney Frank DUOMagazine 107 M  arco Della Valle International Psychic Medium

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DUO Magazine

Making changes one page at a time


24/4/2017 5:40 PM

DUO Magazine

MUMMY L OV E W i t h Mo t he r ’s Day o n Su n day 14 May, now i s t he t i me to ce leb ra te t he lea di n g l a dies i n ou r l i ves . Ta ke t hese f ou r l oc a l m o t he r s , f o r exa m p le, w ho’ve s h a red so me o f t hei r f i nes t m u m m o me nt s w i t h u s .

Words Kylie Davis

Photography Matthew Gianoulis

DUOMagazine May 2017


If you’re a long term reader of DUO you may remember I use to list 10 things I appreciated every month (thinking of you Darren Frank). For a pretty long period of time, it really made me stop and think about who I’d met and the people around me as well as how fortunate we are to live in Townsville. It made me realise I did a lot of the same things every month (which I couldn’t include in every list). I really had to identify the changes between each month when I pretty much do the similar things month in month out. It’s doing something new that excites me. That’s a bit like making DUO every month. As much as we can, we plan the stories for each issue months in advance and then search for the people we can write about. Our aim is always to profile local people and businesses and positively promote Townsville as a fantastic place to live. Every time we start a new issue, we try to make it better than the last one. We’re always learning on the job! Not only finding the stories that you’d want to read but how the pages look and the feeling you’d get from picking up the new issue. We agonise over what will be on the cover. We’re not just a fishing magazine that only has to show a big fish or a fashion magazine with a beautiful model. And we don’t have to put a ‘local identity’ on the cover to say we’re from Townsville. That would be so easy but after 132 issues (this month) we would have run out of them a while ago. After much thought and trialling we decided we could do whatever we wanted as long as you like it. Which brings me to this month’s cover. I hope you love it because everyone we show it to starts smiling. If that’s what you did then, to us, that’s a really good cover. Now, if you’re an analytic, you may have worked out that the photo was chosen because it’s a combination of this month’s major themes and stories: Mothers Day and our Home Expo Feature. Subtle but it’s there. Believe me. And if you’re an observer (aficionado) of graphic design I hope you have noticed some of the changes we’ve made to the look of many of the pages. Like I said at the beginning, what keeps us excited about making DUO Magazine every month is changing and improving the look of each future issue one page at a time. It’s what makes each month and each issue different to the previous one. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along with us to see what DUO will become. Best regards

Scott Morrison Publisher PS Happy Mothers Day, Mum and Mums everywhere!


Scott Morrison Stacey Morrison Marco Della Valle Courtney Frank Rachel Dean Adrienne Green Joan Fanning Frantz Salvador Al Rio Jenni Contreras

FOR ALL EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES FOR ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Kylie Davis, Rachel Licciardello, Courtney Frank, Warwick Powell, Marco Della Valle, Lucy Abbott, Lori Napier PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Josephine Carter, Matthew Gianoulis, Megan MacKinnon, Maddy Voinea, Mel Bernardin TELEPHONE 07 4771 2933 READ DUO ONLINE AT DUOMagazine is published monthly by Intrepid (NQ) Pty Ltd ACN 107 308 538 113 Boundary Street Townsville PO Box 1928 Townsville Qld 4810 Telephone 07 4771 2933 Email COPYRIGHT Contents of DUOMagazine are subject to copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or resultant consequences including any loss or damage arising from reliance on information in this publication. Expressed or implied authors’ and advertisers’ opinions are not necessarily those of the editor and/or publisher.

All of us at DUO Magazine are proud to support our local community with sponsorship and editorial contributions whenever we can. It’s our privilege to be able to give back to our community by helping to promote the positive development of our city. We’re proud to support these worthy organisations: Townsville Hospital Foundation Major Sponsor Townsville Enterprise Gold Partner Townsville City Council Together Townsville City Partner Townsville Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club Major Sponsor



DUO Magazine

Horo scope


Taurus 21 APRIL – 20 MAY

There’s little point in settling back down into that well-grooved rut. The cosmos promises radical changes for many months to come. You’re dragged away from the tried-and-true, and encouraged to break free from limitations. It’s not just a matter of changing old methods – you rediscover the childlike wonder that comes with starting each day anew.

Astrologer Tanya Obreza reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…





With another birthday cycle drawing to a close, Gemini’s are granted the right for personal review. Rather than slog on, you’re more likely to pour over past mistakes. Try to maintain objectivity. With hindsight, so-called “mistakes” can be seen as massive learning curves. See this as a chance to put old demons to rest.

There’s much to be said about expediency, even if it puts the odd nose out of joint. This month, you tire of the endless debates, investigations and exploring of options. There comes a time when the course must be struck, and for you that’s now. Everyone else will just have to fall in line with your thoughts and actions.

The desire to achieve is now equalled by a longing to learn and earn. But don’t expect instant results. Approach your goals with caution. Socially, though, you’re fabulous – with your confidence going a long way towards advancing personal projects. And now that you’ve found your own special style, stick with it.

In early May, you captivate lovers with your quirky humour and sense of adventure. What better time to lure in prey? Late month turns more serious. By now, too, any ailing love affairs should have ended – giving you more freedom to rediscover the dating game. Don’t worry if you’re out of practice. Great dates happen when you least expect them.





Consider yourself blessed, as you’re offered a fabulous month. May puts ambitions and desires within reach. If any caution is needed this month, it’s regarding money. While a windfall is likely, take care not to overstep your budget. Hide your credit cards and draw your curtains – you’ll get all the pleasure you need in your own bedroom.

Extract yourself from everyone’s beck and call and give them some quick lessons in self-management. If something’s no longer working, you’re probably ready to make changes. A tough ask, perhaps, but by discarding outworn attitudes and perhaps, people, you’ll carry less baggage. Your compensation? More happiness – in mind, body and soul.

May inspires a generous cosmos. You’ve been feeling bored and uninspired, so why not welcome this fabulous phase of optimism and creativity? Are we talking more friends, better money, hotter romance or career achievement? The short answer is “yes”! Treat the month like a pick’n mix and choose where to shine.

Progress often runs parallel to our efforts, and it’s the simple process of ‘doing’ that forges our success. Work with your talents, and exploit new opportunities. You should also make the best of a busier social calendar. Sexy Venus offer singles a choice between carefree pleasure and deeper commitment. For the coupled, love could take an unexpected turn




21 May – 21 June

23 September – 23 October

21 January – 18 February Right now, yours is an irrepressible optimism – regardless of the circumstances. As a result, windfalls and wild excursions are likely. One warning: you may be tempted towards speculation. Only commit to the gamble if you have some kind of safety net installed. Your real wealth will lie in the goodwill you hold with others. Past favours are now returned.



22 June – 22 July

24 October – 22 November

19 February – 20 March When you feel torn between two worlds, certain aspects of your life can lose out to other concerns. This may be fine for a while, but eventually neglected interests stir emotional unrest. Thankfully, May restores a sense of balance and, for many, the tide of commitment swerves towards long-term relationships. Find some loving company and relax.

23 July – 23 August

23 November – 21 December

24 August – 22 September

22 December – 20 January

21 March – 20 April Mix a little determination with a lot of ambition, and you get a sure-fire recipe for success. It’s also time to ditch emotional or professional deadwood. Sure, this is more easily said than done – but one of Aries’ greatest strengths is the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on to bigger and better things. Get to it.


If you’re interested in an in-depth astrology profile prepared by our favourite astrologer Tanya Obreza, visit

WE LOVE Gift with Purchase RECEIVE A BEAUTIFUL FREE* GIFT WHEN YOU PURCHASE NAJO, PALAS, VON TRESKOW OR THOMAS SABO *minimum spend applies - see online for full terms and conditions





Spend $129 on NAJO and receive the “Love You” necklace valued at $89 as your gift. Spend $89 on PALAS and receive a Ball Bracelet valued at $39.95 as your gift. Spend $120 on Von Treskow and receive a Howlite Bracelet valued at $79 as your gift. Spend $99 on Thomas Sabo and receive a Rose Quartz Charm Club bracelet valued at $49 as your gift.

Aitkenvale Townsville QLD Shop 130, Stockland Shopping Centre Phone: 4775 6077 Email:


DUO Magazine

What’s Going On? 21 May

7 May

West End Park Take a ride on a vintage Chevy bus, enjoy the live entertainment and experience guided tours through the historic cemetery. There will also be loads of historic information displays and plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Hervey Range A day to explore and experience a wide range of holistic and natural therapies. Treat yourself to a massage, reflexology or reiki treatment and seek guidance from the spirit side with clairvoyant, tarot and angel readings.

Heritage Day

Spirit and Soul Festival

20 May

Burdekin Growers Race Day Burdekin Race Club, Home Hill Burdekin Growers Race Day has cemented its place in the 2017 North Queensland events calendar, celebrating their 18th year for the event this year. They anticipate another excellent crowd in excess of 3000 patrons this year, who will be invited to take home a box of local produce.

Tomorrow Makers 4–6 May c2 at Civic Theatre Tomorrow Maker’s features a series of short works choreographed by Dancenorth’s contemporary dance ensemble with an eye to supporting the next generation of choreographers. Curated by Artistic Director Kyle Page, Tomorrow Makers invites the company dancers to investigate the potential of ‘tomorrow’. What are the issues and opportunities facing humanity in the 21st century? What does the future look like?

25 to 27 May

Townsville Grammar School’s Production of Beach – A Theatrical Fantasia Townsville Civic Theatre au 4727 9797 Australians have a special affinity with the ocean; cities hug the coastline, beaches bring back childhood memories… but also our greatest fears. Beach by Timothy Daly is a poetic celebration of our connection over the past 150 years.



CHAMPIONSHIPS presented by the Burdekin Shire Council

When: Time: Cost:


Saturday, 3rd June 2017 10.00am - 5.00pm FREE entry


Where: Info:

Home Hill Showgrounds, Sixth Avenue, Home Hill

BAR, FOOD & BEVERAGES FREE children’s craft LIVE enter tainment ES WORKSHOPS & ACTIVITI

& more...

DUO Hinchinbrook Promotion

Join in all the fun, tours, events and entertainment at TYTO – art, culture, nature, knowledge EVENTS

Artist In Residence Kate Carr May – June 2017 This artist in residence programme introduces Kate Carr, a Hinchinbrook Shire local artist, delivering the addictive art form of mosaic. Mosaic is an art form that will stir your emotions and make you think differently: whether you are assisting to create the art piece or simply viewing it. TYTO Piazza

Sunday Session – Live Music Sarah Little 28 May 4.30pm–6.30pm FREE Event Kick back and enjoy the afternoon, overlooking the picturesque lagoons at TYTO. BYO rug or chairs. Food and beverages are available for purchase. BYO alcohol in designated areas only. TYTO Amphitheatre

31st Battalion – The Kennedy Regiment mini Museum Daily 10am–4pm. The collection showcases a compilation of published works, periodicals, military records, photographs, writings, ephemera and artefacts sharing the history of The Kennedy Regiment, including the 31st Battalion, 31/51st Battalion and the 2/31st Battalion and their role in the Australian military narrative. The Museum honours and celebrates the 31st Battalion – The Kennedy Regiment and the Spirit of Gallipoli in the 100th year anniversary. Hinchinbrook Shire Library



Double Exhibition ‘Off the Wall’ by Fay Morris and ‘Terminus’ by Susan Hollamby 5 to 28 May Daily 10am–4pm. Why ‘Off the Wall’? Because ceramics aren’t hung like paintings. This collection of ceramics by local artist Fay Morris explores different glazing techniques throughout the past 40 years. ‘Terminus’ by Susan Hollamby is a collection of lifelike acrylic paintings expressing the artists’ passion for nature, wildlife and people. TYTO Regional Art Gallery



TYTO Wetland Tours Wednesday and Saturday 9am Adult $15pp Child 5–14 $5pp Discover the Wetlands and learn about some of the 243 bird species found at TYTO. Conditions: minimum numbers or by appointment, group savings available. TYTO Information & Wetlands Centre

Photo: Dylan Evans

Camerata’s Greatest String Hits Evening Concert for General Public Tuesday 9 May 2017 from 5.00pm FREE Event – No booking necessary. Camerata is returning to the Hinchinbrook Shire touring its full award winning chamber orchestra. They invite you to help them bring the music to life! Camerata has established itself as a chamber orchestra of national significance with an outstanding track record of artistic achievement. There is no designated seating. Limited log seating BYO chair &/ or rug. Food and Beverages will be available to purchase, inc beer, wine and soft drink. TYTO Parklands – The Paper Grove

Camerata Sugar Tracks Free Display: Daily 10am–4pm Paid Tour: Tuesday and Saturday 10am. Adult $25pp Child 5–14 $15pp. Conditions: minimum numbers or by appointment, group savings available. A journey that brings to life a yesteryear that shaped the great pioneering cane communities of Hinchinbrook. Meet at Hinchinbrook Shire Library

MARKETS Hinchinbrook Market Day Thursday 4 May, 8.30am–1.30pm Enjoy the morning or pop in over lunch to wander through this collective of regional delights, from fresh produce, local preserves and baked goods, to original works by local artisans and craft enthusiasts. Chat to farmers, watch demonstrations, take part in workshops and purchase unique gifts or keepsakes. Bring the kids and keep them busy with an activity, exchange your old books at the free book exchange or just enjoy live music and have time out. TYTO Parklands off Macrossan Avenue, Ingham.

ACTIVITIES Free daily activities for the children HinChess, Chinese Checkers, Quirky Quiz, See the Turtles, Nature Bingo, Code Cracker Daily 9.00am – 4.00pm from TYTO Information & Wetlands Centre All dates, times and information is correct at printing. For up to date information please see our Facebook page or the website. All listings subject to change without notice. There is more happening at TYTO every day. Please go to our Facebook page for further details.

CONTACT TYTO TYTO Information & Wetlands Centre 4776 4792 TYTO Regional Art Gallery 4776 4725 TYTO Conference & Event Centre 4776 4726 Hinchinbrook Shire Library 4776 4614

visit TYTO




Discover fun in May Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Enjoy a day of adventure and discovery of art, culture, nature and knowledge with Tasman Turtle and his friends at our annual family Picnic Day. The day will be filled with activities, workshops, games, food and entertainment for you and your family. Cost: Free entry. Entertainment and games are free of charge. Some activities and workshops will incur a small fee. Food and beverages available for purchase. Entry: The event in the TYTO Parklands is accessible from entrances off the Bruce Highway at Cooper St and Macrossan Ave and 73-75 McIlwraith St, Ingham. Parking: Car parking is available at Cooper St, Macrossan Ave and 73-75 McIlwraith St, Ingham, and on street parking. Wet Weather: In the event of inclement weather the event will be postponed to the following Saturday 27 May.



DUO Magazine

Biennial Literary Festival Set To Inspire Readers And Writers Of The North Townsville community members will have a chance to mingle with some of Australia’s most iconic and award winning authors this coming May, as CityLibraries Townsville presents its biennial literary festival, Savannah: Townsville’s Festival of Stories.


From left Magda Szubanski, Mem Fox, Jackie French

HELD from 25 – 28 May at Mercure Townsville, Townsville’s Festival of Stories is designed to inspire north Queensland residents to read, write, tell stories and connect with each other and their local library. Some of the authors making an appearance at the festival include Magda Szubanski, Mem Fox, Jackie French, Professor Frank Bongiorno, Fay Gee-Hoy, and many more. Attendees of the festival are encouraged to get creative with story writing, zine creation, ochre painting, bush tucker tasting, 80’s roller skate disco and of course, author Q&A’s and conversations. Designed to provide insight into the writing process and inspire budding authors, the packed four-day program will have something for all ages and interests, including programs for children and youth.

Local authors with a complete fiction manuscript that is ready for publication are invited to book a rare opportunity to pitch their manuscript to literary agent Alex Adsett. Alex is seeking fiction manuscripts and narrative non-fiction manuscripts, for adults, young adults, and children. CityLibraries will be hosting a movie night on the Strand on 5 May featuring Babe to help you get in the mood for Savannah: Townsville’s Festival of Stories later in the month. Most of the workshops and events in the Savannah calendar are free or low cost in order to give as many people as possible in our community the opportunity to access the event. Ticket bookings are essential for all sessions and workshops, including those that are free, and numbers are limited. For more information and to book your tickets, visit

S AVA NNAH 2 5 –2 8



Magda Szubanski • Mem Fox • Jackie French







M AY 2017

• Frank Bongiorno • Fay Gee-Hoy

Jeremy Staples • Ariella Van Luyn • Rachel Amphlett • Alex Adsett • Ian McIntosh • Dale Chapman • Rick Garcia For more information including the full line up of writers, events and workshops, visit




CAlling ALL


Want to be published in DUO? Enter our monthly profile story competition and you could get published in DUO Magazine and win $250.

As Townsville’s community magazine, we want to know your story... or your story about someone else. Every month the DUO Magazine team will choose and publish at least one story submitted by our readers and they’ll win $250 per published story. If you want to enter, your story should be about someone you believe should appear in DUO Magazine. Your subject could be a relative, a friend, someone in business, someone who helps our community, someone you admire or even yourself. To enter just email your story along with your name, address and telephone number to before the 5th of each month. Entries need to be a maximum of 1000 words in length and previously unpublished. For full terms and conditions please visit

DUO Magazine

Townsville Grammar School

Open Days

North Ward (Yr7-Yr12) 4th May, 3.30-7pm

Annandale (P-Yr6) 26th May, 9am-12noon

Call 1800 GRAMMAR or visit our website 20


North Shore (PK-Yr2) 3rd June, 9am-12noon

DUO Magazine


aina bilit y and T he Town svill e Eco Fies ta focu ses on sust es. them envi ronm enta lly focu sed * * * * * * *


r ese n ci l P



e n u J S u n d ay 4 Q u e e n s Ga r d e n s 9 a m -3 p m

n Co u

alongside exclusive footage of the animators and sound artists, demonstrating how the drawings were brought to life with movement, sound effects, music and narration. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts ‘Visions of Australia’ program. The exhibition has been organized by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne. Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing: From Book to Film is showing at Perc Tucker Regional Galley from Friday 5 May until Sunday 2 July. For more information, visit


Set in a city overrun by bureaucracy, Shaun Tan’s highly-acclaimed picture book The Lost Thing tells the story of a boy who comes across a strange creature while at the beach. The creature doesn’t appear to fit in any of the available pigeon holes. Guessing that it is lost and feeling sorry for the hapless creature, the boy sets out to find out where it belongs.

In 2002, Melbourne-based production company Passion Pictures Australia invited Shaun to direct an animated version of his book. The short animated film was completed in 2010 and received many accolades, most notably the award for Best Short Animated Film at the 83rd Academy Awards. The film adaptation of The Lost Thing utilises CGI and 2D hand painted elements to create a unique aesthetic that avoids the artificiality of CG objects. To achieve this, almost every surface was hand-painted using non-digital materials including acrylic paint, pencil, oils and collage. This exhibition features Shaun’s exquisite original drawings and working sketches

To w n

Opening at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery on Friday 5 May, Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing: From Book to Film tells the story of picture book turned Oscar®-winning short film The Lost Thing.

Images Courtesy Passion Pictures Australia

Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing: From Book to Film

Environmentally focused exhibitors and displays Live entertainment Kid’s corner JCU Educational Hub Tech-free chill out zone Food court Prize giveaways and much more!

FR c o m m uEnEit event y

yl fest i L t r Living a Sma


Optional gold coin donation upon entering. Donations distributed to environmentally-focused non-profit organisations.

w w w. w h a

t s o n .t o w n s v i l l e . q l d . g o v . a u

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Advertorial

BETTER BUYS WITH BLUEWATTLE’S BLOCK BUSTER Bluewattle Rasmussen is continuing its rapid growth with civil works on the next two land releases due to begin this month. The development comes as demand continues to outstrip supply in the riverside suburb that is rejuvenating the already vibrant Upper Ross community.



THE land-rush is good news for would-be home owners looking to build their first home or upgrade to their dream home, with Bluewattle launching a Block Buster home and land clearance. There are just 15 blocks on offer with generous build incentives, which are ready to build on now. As a bonus, there is also a limited number of house and land packages with completed homes ready to move into right now. Bluewattle Sales Agent, Andrew Forster of Knight Frank said the Block Buster clearance is the perfect opportunity to secure a patch of land or ready-built home to suit any lifestyle. “When it comes to finding the right land to build your new home on, there is no such thing as “one block fits all” – that’s why we’ve got a range of block sizes available as part of the Block Buster clearance,” said Mr Forster. “There’s a variety on offer from 320sqm ‘starter blocks’ to larger blocks for a family home with a pool, and even one 931sqm block suitable for a duplex. All our current blocks now have a generous build incentive, so you could save between

$2,200 and $13,200 when you build your new home at Bluewattle. “For first home buyers, this is in addition to the boosted $20,000 First Home Buyers Grant, available until June 30. The blocks are ready to build on, and there’s a limited number of brand new homes priced from a very affordable $287,500,” Mr Forster said. The Block Buster clearance comes at a perfect time, with Bluewattle’s connectivity to neighbouring schools, shops and community facilities set to get improve even more with the upcoming stages of development. “The new stages will see pedestrian access to local schools and shops become even easier later this year; that provides great peace of mind for young families wanting a safe passage to school, and we really look forward to even more new residents joining us in the wonderful Bluewattle community,” said Mr Forster. For more information about Bluewattle’s Block Buster home and land clearance, and to discover the friendly community-focused neighbourhood, visit the Bluewattle Sales Centre at 12 Bluewattle Boulevard today or call 1800 250 250.



If you’re looking for an address that has everything, it’s right here at Bluewattle. A master planned community designed for a life of leisure, it’s a great place to raise a family and enjoy life to the fullest. 15 Block Buster lots ready to build on now A limited number of completed homes ready to move into right now Hurry…don’t miss out!

Homes from $287,500

Land from $120,85O




Save up to $13,200

1800 250 250

Sales & Information Centre Open Thursday - Sunday, 10am to 4pm 12 Bluewattle Boulevard, Rasmussen DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Magazine

MUMMY L OV E W i t h Mo t he r ’s Day o n Su n day 14 May, now i s t he t i me to ce leb ra te t he lea di n g l a dies i n ou r l i ves . Ta ke t hese f ou r l oc a l m o t he r s , f o r exa m p le, w ho’ve s h a red so me o f t hei r f i nes t m u m m o me nt s w i t h u s .

Words Kylie Davis

Photography Matthew Gianoulis

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Magazine

DANIELLE YOUNG Mum of 10 Danielle Young always knew she wanted to help children in foster care. She was only 11 when her mother died 26


and others were quick to put their hand up to care for her. “As a kid I had plenty of relatives who jumped in to help raise me and I really think it does take a community,” Danielle says. “Before I went to live with my father at eight, I had also spent some time with a foster family in New South Wales, but

mostly with relatives including my Indigenous family members, aunts and cousins. “This has really helped me understand my kids better as I know what they are going through and I know how I had to make sense of things to survive. I also think my childhood made me realise that at times things can go wrong and parents need a chance to get themselves back on track.” Danielle thought she would be a carer later in life but once she and her husband Ashley had their three kids, they felt the timing was right. “We started fostering when our youngest was four, so some of our children wouldn’t remember a time when we didn’t have extra at home,” Danielle says. “This is our 13th year of being foster carers and some of our children have been with us for over a decade. “We’ve looked after over 100 children and some have contacted me as adults to say we really made a difference. That’s what’s really important,” Danielle says. The Young family’s motto is ‘we are large, we are loud, we are awesome’ and they make the most of living on eight acres out of town. “Kids need to get dirty, muddy and noisy, especially kids working through struggles,” Danielle says. “When we are all pitching in doing a veggie garden or working on something together, that’s amazing. Motherhood has taught me flexibility. It’s exhausting, hilarious and heart-warming all rolled into one. Some nights I wonder what went wrong, others I think today was a piece of cake and you never know what type of day each morning will bring.” Danielle cooks for anywhere between 11 to 14 each night depending on who’s coming for dinner (not all of her children live at home). Lunch boxes are a production line and keeping the

DUO Magazine

“We’ve looked after over 100 children and some have contacted me as adults to say we really made a difference.” house clean is a joint effort with everyone assigned their regular chores. And then there’s going away on holidays… “We do a lot travelling. All of us went to New Zealand a couple of Christmases ago and I think I packed for a whole week,” Danielle says. “Most of our trips are in our Jayco Swan at caravan parks. People sit back and watch us set up — it’s a funny sight to see. Our best investment was our pool and our Jayco as they’ve created so many fun family times.” Danielle says the biggest challenge of raising kids in our modern times is social media. “Don’t be afraid to step in and put down rules,” she says. “You have to be 13 or 14 here to get a phone and even later for social media and the kids pay for their own phone credit. I’ve taken many mobile phones hostage. One day I think I had five phones lined up in my room. It’s their main consequence — no phone for 24 hours.” So how does Danielle survive the chaos when things get a little out of control? “I make sure I keep my sense of humour,” she says. “If I misplace it, I take some time out until I find it again. Kids need to see our silliness sometimes and we need it to keep smiling.”

AMANDA NASS For mum of two Amanda Nass, owner of Bubs2Bratz Nursery Hire Townsville, motherhood is even better than what she imagined it would be. “Motherhood is the best unpaid job I’ve ever had,” Amanda says. “It’s been a journey of discovery, from undergoing the IVF process, to having a premmie baby and a mountain of other milestones.” Amanda has two boys, Braithan (5) and Kaidan (3), who bring plenty of special mum moments into her life. “I have two active boys, a husband who has a successful swimming pool construction business and my own business, so I’m all about routine… routine… routine,” Amanda says.

“I live by my online calendar and prepare for the week ahead… school clothes, lunches and dinner menus. I was told by another successful business owner years ago to concentrate on what you’re good at in business and outsource the rest. This is now more important as my business and family are growing. “I’ve employed amazing staff, I have a reliable bookkeeper and a very supportive husband.” One of the biggest challenges Amanda has faced is the loss of her first child – a daughter who was stillborn at 28+ weeks, but she says she has learnt to appreciate the little things in life. CONNECT NOW

“I live by my online calendar and prepare for the week ahead…”

CONNECT NOW DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Magazine


ANGIE D’ARCY Angie D’Arcy has four children, aged from seven to 17, and is constantly amazed by how different they all are, even though they’ve been parented in the same way. “Lily (17) is a smart and funny young woman who has a strong sense of who she is. Daisy (14) is extremely energetic, emotional and very empathetic,” Angie says. “Miss Poppy (11) has an uncanny ability to attract people with her smile and Sam (4) is a thinker, who soaks up knowledge like a sponge.” For all of its blessings, Angie admits motherhood can be a tough gig too. “Sometimes the biggest challenge is simply getting up every morning and doing it all again,” she says. “It can be a bit like ’groundhog day’, getting through the neverending chores.” Having a child who is completely dependent (Poppy was born with an intellectual and physical impairment and is non-verbal) means Angela encourages her other children to be more self-sufficient. Thankfully Poppy is now a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and, for the first time, 28


“My advice to younger mums is to not be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to not go away every holiday or to say no to certain things. And even when you think you can’t do it, you can!” Angie has wonderful support workers who help her with Poppy as well as assist her in accessing the community and activities. “I’ve needed to learn to accept help when it’s offered, which I don’t do enough,” Angie says. “My advice to younger mums is to not be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to not go away every holiday or to say no to certain things. And even when you think you can’t do it, you can!” CONNECT NOW

Mother of two Taryn Gaudin always saw children in her future but when her maternal instinct kicked in her relaxed attitude toward motherhood changed. “I remember feeling like I had gone from wanting children ‘one day’ to ‘I want a baby so badly, like NOW’! My husband and I were extremely lucky in the sense we became pregnant relatively quickly,” Taryn says. “We did have one very early miscarriage, and at the time I was heartbroken, but in hindsight I understand what a miracle it is to conceive and deliver healthy children into this world.” Taryn delivered Sophie, 3, and Hannah, 10 months, at The Townsville Hospital’s birth centre. “The first time I ever saw them laughing and ‘talking to each other’ in their own language was one of the happiest moments of my life,” Taryn says. “I read a meme the other day that said: ‘A mother’s dream is that, when she is gone, her children will still love each other wholeheartedly.’ I resonate with that. My dream is for them to be the best of friends for life.” Taryn says learning how to discipline her girls and set boundaries has been one of her biggest challenges as a mother. “The terrible twos seemed to come quite early for Sophie,” she says. “I think it’s just as hard for them as it is for us. They want to be grown-up and stay a baby all at the same time. The constant negotiation to do everything really pushed my buttons!” Exercise has been a great way of letting off steam for Taryn, whose blog ’Swim Ride Mum’ has helped her connect with like-minded women and keep her mental health in check.

DUO Magazine

“Part of my mission is to provide women with the education and advice they deserve around exercising after pregnancy.”

“I love triathlon and I also love helping other mums feel strong physically and emotionally,” Taryn says. “My blog began as a hobby but now I’ve started to pursue a career working in women’s health and fitness that I would never have previously considered. As adults, we sometimes let our fears prevent us from taking risks. We care too much about what other people think. “Children don’t do that. They just take a leap of faith and know that it will work out somehow and, if it doesn’t, well they learn a valuable lesson.” One of Taryn’s biggest passions is helping to inform mothers regarding safe return to exercise after having children. “Women are either expected to ‘bounce back’ without paying respect to their body and the changes that occur during pregnancy and birth. Or they’re given this obscure message that their bodies are ‘broken’ now they’ve had children, and they shouldn’t expect that they can enjoy the sports and leisure activities they did prior to motherhood,” Taryn says. “Part of my mission is to provide women with the education and advice they deserve around exercising after pregnancy.” With a mindset that our children are sent to challenge us, and we are meant to grow from our experience as parents, Taryn says she’s experienced drastic personal growth since becoming a mum. “My children teach me to try and find that inner child and embrace life,” Taryn says. Every day they show me how to be kinder, more patient, more loving and more open.” CONNECT NOW DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Profile

GROWING up in Weipa, Cape York, Paul Lyons was fascinated by the awesome thunderstorms. When a cyclone warning was announced, he’d turn on the radio and track its progress. So it’s no surprise that, when Paul took up a job as a TV Director, he was quick to jump in and help produce the cyclone warnings. “A friend at the station and I had seen a travel show in America where they where chasing tornadoes and we thought ‘Let’s go do that’,” Paul says. “It’s lucky we didn’t at the time because, with what I know now, we probably wouldn’t have seen anything or we would’ve gotten ourselves killed!” The dream remained on the backburner, though, as Paul turned his career into freelance casual. Making the most of the opportunities that came his way, he worked hard saving for a rainy day… “In 2009 I started getting really crook and everything just began to shut down. I couldn’t talk, bright light would burn my eyes and my parents had to help me toilet and shower,” Paul recalls. “Doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong but I spent about six months in bed, so I had a lot of time to think…” Paul asked himself what he’d do if this were his last day on the planet. His answer? Storm-chasing Australia and the US. “Once I got better, I bought myself a rooftop tent and travelled around Australia for six months across the top of the country during cyclone season. And as soon as I finished that trip, I jumped on a plane to America and did my first tour of Tornado Alley,” Paul says. “The name of the company was Silver Lining Tours, which seemed like a fit after everything I’d been through.” The very first tornado Paul saw developed right over his head. “You get a thing called cinnamon swirl and you can actually look up into the storm and see the rotation happening,” Paul says. “We were standing behind the van trying not to get buffeted by the wind when the system developed



and dropped a tornado about about 500 metres away.” Paul has now seen 63 tornadoes and says everyone reacts differently. “Some people cry, some laugh, some scream. I’ve learned how to quell that adrenaline,” says Paul, who is now a volunteer driver and guide for Silver Lining Tours. “I have lives in my hands so I need a clear mind to make quick decisions.” Of all the weather events he’s seen, Paul says twin EF 4 tornadoes in Nebraska were the most awe-inspiring. “Actually seeing two tornadoes side by side like that in 2014 was such a rare event. It hadn’t been seen by people since about 1965,” Paul says. “Another spectacular event I saw was a night-time tornado that stayed on the ground for about an hour. You could only see the tornado when it was silhouetted with a lightning bolt behind it. It was like a Hollywood animation happening right in front of your eyes.” Paul has also seen his fair share of cyclones here in Australia and was on the ground for Yasi, reporting on the

destruction for Reuters International. “With Yasi I went in fully prepared with 100 extra litres of fuel and 100 litres of water, a rooftop tent and a generator so I could be self-sufficient,” Paul says. “The main problem with storm chasing in Australia is our weather isn’t as predictable as, say, Tornado Valley in the US. And if you’re going to chase a cyclone in North Queensland it’s quite likely you’ll be flooded in for a week or two.” Paul reported on Cyclone Debbie for the ABC and is also a storm spotter for the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia. When he’s out filming severe weather, he sends in reports to help them update their weather warnings. As for what the future holds… “A lot of the media organisations in the US chase tornadoes from a chopper and broadcast the weather event live,” Paul says. “I’d love to do that!” CO N N E C T N OW

“Some people cry, some laugh, some scream. I’ve learned how to quell that adrenaline. I have lives in my hands so I need a clear mind to make quick decisions.” PAUL LYONS


The Storm Chaser He’s seen 63 tornadoes but that’s not enough to satisfy storm chaser Paul Lyons. Words Kylie Davis

Standing under a tornadic supercell thunderstom in Oklahoma near Enid, north west of Oklahoma City.

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Where Are They Now

We’ll Take The Long Way Thanks Pia Leong has realised her dream of designing for operas on the other side of the world. Not to mention heading off on an epic bike tour of South America…

BEING an emigrant is never easy but Pia Leong’s grandfather, well-known former Townsville businessman Philip Leong, tackled the challenge head-on. Now his grandchildren are making their own way in the world. Take one of his youngest grandchildren, Pia, for example. Pia now lives in Berlin, Germany, and has already realised her long-term goal of designing an opera. “I was working in a wannabe classy hotel, breaking my back and wearing a horrid brown uniform when I got the call from the managing director of the Komische Oper,” Pia recalls. “It was the 1927 theatre company asking if I would design their next show. It was a real fork in the road as I’d been planning to leave on a long-term bike trip around South America with my partner Jimmy. “In the end I did the opera and the bike journey! We premiered in January this year and the show will tour next year.” In her student days at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, where she studied

set design, working for the Komische Oper seemed like a far-away dream. “Sometime during my second year I knew I wanted to work in Germany. Thanks to my German mother I have a German passport and I thought that, given Germany has the most opera houses, the most governmental funding for performing arts and some of the best theatre-makers in the world, moving there would be a good move,” Pia says. “So I followed my heart to Berlin, where my mother’s twin brother was living.” Pia was starting to wonder if she had made a stupid mistake when everything changed. After much persistence, she was offered a work experience position on one of the operas at the Komische Oper Berlin. Soon after she was offered the assistant role on Barrie Kosky and 1927’s now multi-award-winning production of The Magic Flute. She must have done a good job because Barrie requested her as assistant many times following that, which led to her being hired as a designer. Thanks to the money

Words Kylie Davis

Pia cycling in the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama Desert, feeling rejuvenated from a swim in a waterhole.



DUO Where Are They Now

Above: Loaded up with a week’s worth of supplies for crossing the Sico Pass (Argentina to Chile).

she earned from the high-profile design gig, Pia’s planned bike journey took on more epic proportions. “I knew nothing about bikes, nothing about South America and spoke no Spanish but my partner Jimmy had previously cycled from Berlin to Japan and speaks Spanish, so I was in good hands,” Pia says. “He’d also begun a video blog on that journey, which we used to pitch a film idea to a language-learning company. It worked and we got a contract to produce a web series from the road called Remote Encounters.” On the bike trip Pia was pleasantly reminded of how incredibly kind and generous people can be. “Jimmy and I were often overwhelmed with the kindness strangers showed us. Whatever food people had – whether it was two handfuls of toasted grain and a bite of cheese between a family of four or an Argentinian red steak – we were invited in,” Pia says. “In Southern Argentina we must’ve received a dozen jars of home-made jam from people we met on the roadside. I’ve never been as fit as I was at the end of that journey, having crossed the Andes mountain range back and forth many times at high altitudes. “It changed my life and I strongly recommend taking a journey like that to anyone who can sit on a bike. We met other bicycle tourists from all over the world, each with their own epic story. People cycled with their dogs, their toddlers and we even met a couple in their mid-60s living it up and glowing from the inside out.”

Above: Covered in mud after a day travelling in the rain.

Despite her love of travel and the open road, Pia says she does often miss ‘home’. “I miss waking up to the sound of birds in the garden, the smell of frangipanis and mangoes in the afternoon sun, and the sound of the rain on the corrugated tin roof,” Pia says. “I have fantastic vivid memories of growing up in Townsville and know very well how lucky I am to have these. I grew up with my amazing mother in a gorgeous wooden Queenslander in Belgian Gardens where she still lives today. People would always be popping by for a chat, to share some dinner or to show us something special.” Thanks to her mum, who ran the Café Nova on Blackwood Street, Pia also got to meet lots of artistic types. “At the cafe, Mum would have live music, local art exhibitions and homemade German cakes,” Pia recalls.

“Whatever food people had – whether it was two handfuls of toasted grain and a bite of cheese between a family of four or an Argentinian red steak – we were invited in.” PIA LEONG

“It was the go-to night cafe and bar and, later, we went to lots of openings at The Perc Tucker Gallery and Umbrella Studio, where artists would come from all over the world to mingle in Townsville.” Pia’s father and his five sisters were the first generation of Australian-born Chinese in her family. Most weekends, she and her mum would visit her grandfather, Philip Leong, where she would explore all the ‘Chinese things’ in the house, like three-dimensional cork landscapes trapped behind glass and her grandmother’s Mahjong table. “I especially loved the set of musical side tables and jewellery boxes with wooden inlay decorations,” Pia says. “There are actually 13 of us who had ‘Gong Gong’ as a grandfather, and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we are more than grateful for the fact he made us proud to be Chinese Australian.” So what’s next for Pia and her partner Jimmy? More adventures of course! “This month we’ll set off on our next journey. After the success of our Remote Encounters web series, we’ve been lucky enough to snap up another film-making contract that will show us crossing the Alps from Germany, across Austria and to Venice,” Pia says. “This time we won’t be taking as much luggage and we’ll be changing up our terrain touring bikes for mountain bikes so we can get further off the grid.” CONNECT NOW

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now? So much talent, so little space to feature them all… that’s why we’re continuing our series on what former Townsville stars-in-themaking are up to now. Make sure you give us a call at DUO if you know someone we should be catching up with.

ANNABEL FALCO fashion stylist and journalist

What’s your link to Townsville? I was born and raised in Home Hill, so Townsville was my second home and every weekend was spent visiting my grandparents and other relatives who lived (and still live) there. Where are you now? I always wanted to work within the fashion/media industry and, after applying to the University of Queensland in Brisbane, was accepted

KATRINA BRAGG shoe designer

What’s your link to Townsville? After a family holiday to Townsville when I was 10, my family decided to move there from Bundaberg. Where are you now? I left Townsville when I was 20 to move to Adelaide with my then boyfriend, now husband, Jake. We moved around for a few years as he was in the Army, then came back at the end of 2013. We decided Melbourne was the place to be for my dream job and for the fashion opportunities, so in January 2016 we made the move down south. We’re now happily living in inner-city Melbourne with our dog Kebab. I’ve made a lot of great fashion contacts in Melbourne and am looking forward to growing my business further. What does your work involve? Designing new shoe collections, communicating regularly with my manufacturers, networking and building a brand profile. Meeting with stylists and other creative



into the Bachelor of Journalism program. I moved there about a week after my 18th birthday with no close family or friends (very scary!) but was determined to make my mark on the Queensland fashion industry. What does your work involve? Over the past decade, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Australian fashion greats such as Mimco (both in Oz and London), Sass & Bide, Talulah, Brisbane’s Style Magazine and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. I now work as a Fashion

individuals is an inspiring part of the job. Our brand philosophy is quality over quantity, so we have created timeless pieces that don’t follow the fads of fashion. All our shoes are designed in Australia and handmade in Italy from the finest European materials. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Townsville was a great starting point for me as I was involved in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival and it was an exciting first experience for a fashion show. I felt supported in the local community about having a small business and regularly attended networking events like Business in Heels. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? Yes I still visit my family in Townsville and it’s always a relaxing homecoming as the laid-back vibe is refreshing. Magnetic Island is lovely to visit as well. CONNEC T NOW

Stylist and Journalist for Westfield Queensland and have just landed a role as the Stylist and Fashion Editor for News Corp where I will style and shoot their weekly fashion spreads for Q Weekend and Brisbane News magazines. Working for this publication was always a career goal of mine and I feel very fortunate to have landed this position at 29! What’s happening with your personal life? I married my husband Joshua Falco (also from Home Hill) in 2013 in Italy and we welcomed our first born, Oscar Alexander Falco, in October last year. How did your time in Townsville and Home Hill set you up for success? I believe my ‘small town’ upbringing is a big part of my success as North Queenslanders are known for their friendly but tough demeanour — two traits that are integral to my industry! Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville to visit? Yes my husband and I visit a couple of times each year. CONNEC T NOW

T Y WILLIAMS head football coach

What’s your link to Townsville? I moved to Townsville in 2000 to play Rugby League for the North Queensland Cowboys, who I spent 10 years with. Where are you now? I left Townsville at the end of 2010 and moved to Cairns to work at the Northern Pride as a Community Engagement Officer running programs to keep students engaged at school through Rugby League throughout Cairns, Mt Isa and up to the Torres Cape. I also played Rugby League for the Northern Pride in the Queensland Cup and am now their Head Coach. What does your work involve? Sea Swift Northern Pride are one of the three feeder teams for the North Queensland Cowboys, plus I also look after the Pathways Program for the Pride and Under 16s to Under 20s. So my work involves a lot of coaching and mentoring both on and off the field. I also co-own a fitness business in Innisfail, called KZ7 Training, so the

nights I’m not at Northern Pride training I’m down in Innisfail running my fitness business. What’s happening with your personal life? I just got married in October last year to my partner who I met in Townsville. We have two awesome sons Kyan and Bodhi. How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Townsville is the main reason why I do what I do today. Do you still come back to Townsville to visit? Yes, to watch the Cowboys play whenever I can. CONNEC T NOW

SOPHIE RICCA opera school student

What’s your link to Townsville? I was born in Townsville and I grew up in the Burdekin on a cane farm. Where are you now? This will be my third year year in Brisbane studying opera. I feel extremely lucky that I get to learn alongside young performing artists of all genres every day. I live around 10 minutes away from Southbank and my campus is located just near the Wheel of Brisbane. Being so close to QPAC and the city is fantastic, although I still find myself daydreaming about my dad’s sugar cane paddocks. What performances do you have coming up? I’m in the middle of rehearsals for the upcoming Val Machin Opera Scenes at the Queensland Conservatorium and I’m looking forward to returning to Townsville to perform at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music.

How did your time in Townsville set you up for success? Growing up in the Burdekin, I was a part of the Burdekin Singers, a fantastic performing arts organisation that fostered a love of music in me from a young age. Moving to Townsville in 2012, I was as eager as ever to keep performing. I discovered NQOMT and a new door was opened. A fantastic opportunity came to Townsville in 2014 where locals could audition to be a part of Opera Queensland’s chorus of La Boheme. From that point on I decided to prepare for auditions into opera schools. Do you still come ‘home’ to Townsville and the Burdekin to visit? I’m very close with my family and try to get home to see them as much as my schedule will allow. My boyfriend is also in Townsville so you could say I’m often scrolling the Internet looking for a sneaky flight home for the weekend! CONNEC T NOW

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home+Travel | Book Extract



DUO Home+Travel | Book Extract

In a World Without Walls Balinese homes in harmony with nature Bali is considered to be one of the most magnificent places on earth. Spirituality and nature are integral parts of everyday life for the Balinese, so one can easily see why the island’s traditional architecture has a peaceful presence to it, mimicking its surroundings and sometimes blending in with them. When it comes to Balinese houses, walls are not compulsory, wood is everywhere, earth tones are dominant, and thatched roofs abound. Opening onto gorgeous green landscapes, majestic mountains, or beautiful coastlines, the homes herein ooze relaxing, contemplative vibes. Gazing at these opulent examples of simple and elegant living, one wonders why more people aren’t rushing to move to Bali‌ DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home+Travel | Book Extract



DUO Home+Travel | Book Extract

When it comes to Balinese houses, walls are not compulsory, wood is everywhere, earth tones are dominant, and thatched roofs abound. Opening onto gorgeous green landscapes, majestic mountains, or beautiful coastlines, the homes herein ooze relaxing, contemplative vibes. Swiss photographer Reto Guntli, based in Zurich, regularly travels the world shooting for international magazines. He has published numerous books and contributed to TASCHEN publications such as Inside Asia, Living in Japan, Living in Bali, Great Escapes Asia and Great Escapes Europe. Anita Lococo decided to make Bali her home 15 years ago. She has worked as a scout for Architectural Digest and has written many articles about life-style and

interiors in Bali for numerous international magazines. British Traveller named her the expert for Bali travels. Angelika Taschen studied art history and German literature in Heidelberg, gaining her doctorate in 1986. Working for TASCHEN from 1987 to 2010, she has published numerous titles on art, architecture, photography, design, travel, and lifestyle.

Living in Bali Published by TASCHEN, distributed by New Holland Publishers RRP $24.99 DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home+Travel






Perfect Pastels Stylish finds for your home

01 Ligne Roset Bloom Hanging Lamp from $395

05 Muuto The Dots Coat Hooks in Rose from $35

09 Vitra Butterfly Stool in Maple $1135

02 Sika Design Renoir Hanging Chair from $650

06 Artifort Butterfly Lounge $4975

10 La Chance Toy Vase in Pink and Green $2405

03 LZF Agatha Small Suspension Light from $1824

07 Sancal Barnaby Sofa from $5342

11 Sancal Nido Lounge Chair from $2035

04 Kenneth Cobonpue Angel Small Wall Lamp from $1178

08 Ligne Roset Ploum Settee from $6225


06 08 11





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Make the most of outdoor living Crimsafe is famous for being an incredibility strong security product against intruders, but did you also know that Crimsafe:

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DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview

I Live Here Words Kylie Davis Photography Maddy Voinea



Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, no doubt you have a vision of the end product. Find out how these locals brought their dream homes to life.

DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview


DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview

New Home Solutions’ 5 top tips for home builders 1. Identify your ideal new home layout with your land or home site already known (or at the very least with a chosen aspect and orientation to the natural elements) in order to achieve a smart and energyefficient design. 2. Make sure your new home is designed to control and maximise breezes as well as limit the effects of the summer sun. Get it wrong and you will probably move. 3. Research thoroughly and don’t decide too early. There are some clever sales strategies out there designed to get you committed before you identify the best value. Best price is usually NOT best value. 4. Talk to past and current customers either during the build process or recently after. Most will give you advice on how close the starting price was to the finished price. 5. Choose a builder experienced in building your style of project and one with regular tradespeople who work for them on a regular basis.

Alan and Sharon Lovegrove



First-time home builders Alan and Sharon Lovegrove had a myriad of design ideas in mind for their dream home, which they were keen to locate near the Townsville Golf Course for the uninterrupted views of the greens. “We wanted to take advantage of the view and the breeze, so we designed our patio (which is the entire width of the house) to be an extension of the kitchen and living area,” Alan says. “It was important to us to have a big activity area for our grandkids and we’re very happy with how it turned out.” Alan and Sharon chose New Home Solutions as their building partner

because their business model gave them confidence and their administration back-up and pricing also appealed. “Having a builder with an internal architect meant we could communicate our thoughts directly to that person,” Alan says. “Some builders don’t have an internal architect and we found in our research that some communication was lost between us, the builder and their external architect.”

DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview

Kym Wilson When Kym Wilson bought a 120-year old worker’s cottage in West End her family was concerned she was making a big mistake. “At the time (seven years ago), my father who was a carpenter thought I was mad,” Kym says. “There was a tree growing through the front stairs and it needed everything except a new roof.” But being a property stylist, Kym was confident she could turn the ugly duckling of a house into a swan. “My job involves styling and staging homes that are going on the market for sale,” says Kym from Styled 2 Sell Staging. “Yes, the cottage needed a lot of work

but I know some great builders…” Kym tapped David Rose for the job, who she says “really understands the Queenslanders”. The kitchen was the first part of the renovation as the cupboards were so bad Kym wouldn’t have put tin food in them. The next thing to go was the apricot plaster on the old timber walls. “We went through three heat guns removing the old plaster and paint,” Kym says. “The wall is now a feature in the living area. Visitors think it’s wallpaper until they look closely and see it’s the original timber.”

My 5 top tips for renovators 1. Live in your space to get the feel of the house before doing anything major, if you can! 2. Don’t always rely on tradies who are friends of friends. Sometimes that quote isn’t all you think it is. 3. Look at your builder’s work at another property before engaging their services. 4. Think about your colour choices. Are you renovating for yourself to live in or for resale a few years down the track? 5. Consider doing some of the paintwork yourself to save on costs. I did all of the internal paintwork myself.

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview

Our 5 top tips for home builders 1. Be realistic with your initial budget as there will be optional extras you’ll want to include. 2. Measure your furniture and make sure everything will fit in each room. 3. Consider resale values in case one day you decide to move on and sell or rent the property. 4. Do your research on home loans. Ask plenty of questions. You’re not expected to know everything at first. 5. When looking at display homes, question what’s included and what are optional extras.

Rohan and Louise Wotherspoon Driving by their house block each week and seeing each stage of their new home being completed was a thrill for firsttime home builders Rohan and Louise Wotherspoon. “We had mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness, hoping what we’d envisioned would be brought to life in the end result,” Rohan says. “We had a lot of fun selecting our colours and flooring with the guidance of an interior designer too.” The couple wanted a separate media room where they could block everything out and watch movies, minus the distraction of an



open-plan layout. They also wanted a luxe main bedroom and ensuite that would be a future selling point of the house. “We had a final walk-through a week prior so all the excitement happened then,” Louise says. “It felt surreal. It took a while for it to sink in that it was actually ‘our’ house. We felt proud of our builder (Bauer Constructions) and ourselves for being able to achieve something we’d dreamed of for a couple of years when saving towards a deposit.”

DUO Home Expo Feature | Interview

Our 5 top tips for home builders 1. Visit display homes more than once. You’ll be surprised what you notice on the following visits. 2. Listen to other people’s opinions about their experiences of dealing with builders. 3. Have a level head. Don’t let the excitement of the moment get to you when you talk to the salespeople at the display homes. Take the time to listen. Are they only there to make a sale or is he/she genuinely interested in building your home? 4. If looking at a custom-built home, don’t be deterred by how long it will take to construct as it does take time to get things perfect. 5. Don’t be afraid to be involved in the entire building process. Do your own research and ask as many questions as you need.

Paul and Jo Amante Paul and Jo Amante have always had a keen interest in property. Having built a new home before, they would spend any free time looking through display homes and seeing what land was available. Their adventure continued, until they found an elevated block in Mount Louisa around the corner from their current home. Together, Paul and Jo spent the following five years collecting designs and ideas they had seen and liked and began to

draft a plan. The couple had great fun making continual changes to room layouts, challenging traditional building design and seeing what they could come up with. The concept plan was a lavish construction that spanned over three levels. It had everything a home of your dreams would have, complete with a gym, media room, pool, sun deck and gazebo, spread over an open-plan living space. “One of the reasons we went with Martin Locke Homes is that Martin never said no to our ideas,” Paul says. “He always said ‘we’ll work it out’. It was the little things he thought of that impressed us too, such as elevating the house a bit further to take in more of the view and making the sliding door tracks flush with the floors from the house to the alfresco area.”

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home Expo Feature | Advertorial

Local Business Enhancing Townsville Homes Just a glance at Cover Me NQ’s Facebook page will tell you that the solid reputation of this local blind, shutter and awning business is an open and shut case.



OUR love/hate relationship with the sun in Townsville can make for a very precarious process when it comes to designing, building and fitting out our homes with the necessary materials and products that find the perfect balance of light and shade. And as such experience counts, which is why Gavin Bradtke and his team at Cover Me NQ are being hailed as go-to people for advice in creating liveable spaces in your home that are functional all year round. “North Queensland can be a harsh environment so you need to make sure you’re installing the right equipment and products to suit it,” Gavin explained. “What works well in Sydney or Melbourne may not necessarily work well here, so it’s really important to work with locals who understand our region; help you understand your vision and make sure you’re getting what you need.” Gavin, a qualified carpenter and joiner by trade, made window coverings his business more than 13 years ago; fast becoming well-renowned in the industry for his problem-solving abilities, design vision and high-quality workmanship standards. His building background brings with it a nous for overcoming tricky installation situations and his flexible, personalised service includes design consultations with customers to address both their functional and aesthetic needs. “I believe service is everything, so from the commencement of your journey with my business to the final touches and installation you are dealing with me and only me,” Gavin said. “I like to be open and honest and help the customer make the right decision for them and

North Queensland can be a harsh environment so you need to make sure you’re installing the right equipment and products to suit it. their budget not just what is best for me. I have been in the blinds and shutters business for a long time now and my clients value this type of service.” And in a world where positive public sentiment is worth more than its weight in gold, Gavin is in safe hands with his overwhelmingly satisfied bunch of Cover Me NQ customers. “I pride myself on my customers’ testimonials as well as our great products,” he said. “But ultimately it’s the customer’s decision, so my advice is to do your research, read the business reviews and when obtaining quotes ensure you’re comparing apples with apples.” Cover Me NQ 0418 110 276

DUOMagazine | Home Feature

Façade display only

Façade display only

Hewitson Homes The Parisian

97 bedrooms, 4 pools 51 bathrooms & 1,000’s of ideas in one easy location! With 25 homes on display from North Queensland’s leading builders, find your inspiration this weekend at the North Shore Display Village. Open daily, 10am – 5pm. 126 Sunhaven Boulevard, Burdell


Visit us online at Call (07) 4774 3844

DUO Home Expo Feature | Advertorial

A New Wave

With a new wave of construction making Townsville’s northern beaches even more accessible, Bayside’s beachfront lifestyle at Bushland Beach is beckoning you to jump in to discover a new way of living. BUSHLAND Beach has always been known for its natural beauty. It’s the northern beachfront suburb where the bush meets the ocean, parklands and walking trails are aplenty and Magnetic Island is given a unique perspective from the shores of Halifax Bay. As the only master planned community on Townsville’s Northern Beaches to adjoin the beachfront, Bayside – the latest stage of the established Bushland Beach estate – gives residents an unparalleled vantage. Not only are the blocks varied, with extra-large or conveniently compact lots, level or gently undulating blocks available, you can purchase a lot with Magnetic Island views from just $135,000. Sunland Group Managing Director Sahba Abedian said the estate is unique in its lifestyle offering, with views to island, city and Pinnacles, and is even more livable today due to recent developments. “Bayside is currently at the centre of a major wave of new investment and infrastructure, making the seaside community even more accessible and livable than ever before,” Sahba says. That wave includes the $200 million Townsville Ring Road extension completed this year and the first stage completion of a multimillion dollar upgrade to the 15-hectare Peggy Banfield Park which delivered a new entrance, off leash dog areas, BBQ shelters, open play spaces, new football fields and four grass netball courts to the community. Construction of the new Coles shopping centre at Bushland Beach Plaza is also well advanced and expected to open later this year, alongside new specialty retailers. This adds to this existing amenity offering of excellent schools – catholic, private and public – nearby; local markets on weekends; the Stoney Creek boat ramp, giving local anglers direct access to Halifax Bay and the nearby islands via the Bohle River; and great local dining options.



“Bushland Beach is a vibrant, family-friendly community,” continues Sahba. “When people visit for the first time they are generally struck by the quality of the homes, the size of the blocks and the cool ocean breezes throughout the community. “Our vision for Bayside is to create a vibrant, family-friendly community with parkfront and beachfront amenity, at a price point that makes home ownership possible to a broader spectrum of the market.” Bayside, Bushland Beach Sales & information office open daily 10am–4pm, or by appointment Lionel Turner Drive and Salonika Cct, Bushland Beach 1300 816 989 Facebook: @baysidebushlandbeach

The first stage of the Peggy Banfield Park upgrade now complete.

New Coles shopping centre under construction. Sunrise over Halifax Bay.

“Bushland Beach presents the ultimate, family-friendly way of life, where expansive parkland precincts, convenient shopping, local markets and direct beach access combine to create a unique coastal lifestyle.” SA H BA A BE D I A N

DUO Home Expo Feature | Bathroom Trends

Posh Solus 900 Wall Hung SB 1 Drw Open Shelf Vanity RRP $953

BATHROOM TRENDS 2017 Key bathroom trend insig ht s f rom Reece Bathroom s

Kado Lux Wall Hung Pan RRP $414 Bastow Georgian Basib Bath Set Brass Gold/Ceramic RRP $704

Highlighted are some of the most popular bathroom styles in the recent Reece Collections for 2017. Discover fresh, new bathroom looks to compliment your individual style.

Kado Classic 1700 Freestanding Bath RRP $2139

Laufen Palomba Collection Wall Hung Pan RRP $1,399

Roca Inspira 370 Square Vessel Semi Inset No Taphole RRP $460

ISSY Z1 Ballerina Custom 700-900x400 Vanity Unit RRP $2,869 ISSY Z1 Ballerina En Pointe Sets RRP $180





LOT 7: 1040M2 ($494,250) 4 BEDS


LOT 1: 2005M2 ($449,000)



! HED S M X6 6M E E FR










LOT 3: 1936M2 ($449,800) 2 BATHS


LOT 49: 1281M2 ($518, 988)




! HED S M X6 6M E E FR

LOT 31: 1001M2 ($475,961) 4 BEDS


LOT 19: 1150M2 ($509,595)




More house & land Package Available WWW.THEORCHARDNQ.COM.AU





Limited time only

Free 6x6m shed Free shed promotion is to the value of $10,000. $10,000 6m x 6m shed kit. Limited time. Ends 30 06 2017




10 minutes to Townsville Hospital and JCU 12 minutes to Lavarack Barracks 15 Minutes to Airport 19 minutes to Strand 28 DARLING ROAD, JENSON FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Pene Slogrove 0439 749 700

LAND FROM $179,000

DUO Home Expo Feature | Kitchen Trends

K ITCHEN TRENDS 2017 L ate s t k itc hen prod uc t insig ht s f rom Smeg Super Efficienct Dishwashers. Consumers now expect excellent performance with the highest sustainability credentials. The Smeg Diamond DWAFI16D15T fully integrated tall tank dishwasher (fully integrated appliances another big trend) RRP $2790.

Thermoseal oven technology. Creates a perfectly controlled oven cavity so temperatures are accurate and constant. Users can literally set and forget, safe in the knowledge that they will get exactly what they are expecting. Smeg Classic Symphony freestanding cooker CS9GMXA RRP $3790.

Espresso Coffee Machine Pale Blue RRP $499

The Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana collaboration on a line of kitchen appliances soon to be released.

Vintage design. The Smeg Victoria range has won multiple international design awards for its vintage inspired looks and its 21st century technology. Available in freestanding and built in. TRA4110 110cm wide freestander with 2x70L ovens and 7 gas burner hob, available in black and panna.RRP $8690.



Smeg introduces their latest trends for the heart of the home. From retro to sleek and modern, these kitchen appliances suit the needs of today’s families. For more details go to

SFPA6925 79L Victoria built-in oven with 20 SmartSense auto menus and 16 functions and pyro cleaning. RRP $3290.

Speed Ovens. Will become the appliance of choice due to the fact it is both a convection oven and microwave oven in one appliance. Can be used as a dedicated convection oven OR microwave OR can be used together to create a speed oven. Ideal for working families – speeds up cooking without compromising on texture, taste or succulence. A whole chicken, for example, will be cooked to golden perfection in just 30 minutes. Smeg SFA4395MXA Classic Speed Oven RRP $3090.

s ’ e f i L

e z e e r B a


.Chrome Dako ta B e ood Blad W ht g Li +

Queensland Distributor:

att White e Sierra M Oak Blad ed sh a W +

Bronze Astra OR od Blade o + Dark W

Iconic might be a new name, but the team behind the name has more than 30 years combined experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of world-class ceiling fans, both in Australia and internationally. In fact, we manufactured for a number of other Australian brands before bringing our great products and service direct to you. Our range features a number of much loved Australian classics as well as all-new cutting edge contemporary designs. In the Iconic Fan product range, you will also find the Modern Fan and Period Arts

tt White Orion Ma de la B te + Whi

Collection by well-known designer Ron Rezek, and the all-time favourite Sycamore fan by Michael Hort and Danny Gasser. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary design, you can always expect the product is of the highest quality in terms of material and craftsmanship.

A.L.B.Distributors 15 Mackley Street Garbutt 4775 3727

DUO Home Expo Feature | Outdoor Trends

Kenneth Cobonpue Adesso Easy Armchair from $1,974 KE-ZU 1300 724 174

Emu Heaven Outdoor Dining Table $1,796 Emu Heaven Lightweight Chair $1,302 KE-ZU 1300 724 174

Roda Teka 173 Table from $9,425 DOMO

OUTDOOR TRENDS 2017 T he coole s t ou td oor f ur niture trend s availa ble f rom K E-ZU and DOMO

Kenneth Cobonpue Lolah Setting Kenneth Cobonpue Lolah Easy Armchair from $3,166 KE-ZU 1300 724 174

Kenneth Cobonpue Calyx Loveseat from $6,797 KE-ZU 1300 724 174












(JUST LIKE ADRIAN) As a miner Adrian Hogue spends three weeks a month away from his home in Kirwan, Queensland. The time apart from his wife and 16-year-old daughter is tough – but it’s even tougher when the energy bills come in. Despite having only two people in the house most of the time, the family’s energy bills could be anywhere between $1,800 and $2,500 every quarter. That’s because when Adrian is hard at work, so is the family’s huge range of appliances – including three refrigerators, a freezer, five TVs and three computers.

SWITCHING TO SOLAR After seeing an ad for Origin’s Solar as a Service in the paper, Adrian contacted one of Origin’s local installers. Horan & Bird put together a personalised quote for him, and visited Adrian at home to chat through the different contract options and the rates available with each one.

“... The offer was a great fit, so that made it easier too” They explained to Adrian that Solar as a Service allows his house to get the benefits of solar without having to buy a solar system*. For Adrian, it couldn’t have come at a better time. “I’d been thinking about solar for years – and it was time to take the next step. The offer was a great fit, so that made it easier too,” he said.

HOW WE WENT ABOUT IT Horan and Bird dealt directly with Ergon Energy to get his network application started. Once they were ready to go, they installed a 5.2kW system at Adrian’s home earlier this year. Amazingly, it was all done in one day. “The whole process felt really simple and efficient,” Adrian said. “The installers were tidy, professional and polite – and my main contact was very thorough, keeping me updated with all the nuts and bolts.”

“... The only regret I have is not switching to solar earlier” NINE MONTHS LATER Adrian’s been enjoying the benefits of solar since January 2016. He’s seen a decrease in his bills – despite the fact that the family are still running all their appliances. “After going solar our first combined bills were $1,300, and our bills have been going down ever since. Our last quarterly bills were around $700 in total, which is amazing! The only regret I have is not switching to solar earlier,” Adrian said. “After being in the mining industry for 40 years, it’s nice to be doing my bit for the environment too – no matter how small.”

Adrian is saving $600 a quarter on his energy bill without buying a Solar System

READY TO SWITCH? If you’re looking for a solar solution that’s right for your home, chat to one of our experts today on

1300 467 262

*You may incur other costs in order for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or roof repairs) and for meter upgrade or changeover. Origin Energy (TM) Pty Ltd ABN 49 108 327 760 - QLD licensed under Electrical Safety Act 2002 (No. 78711) and QBCC Act 1991 (No.1212318) 9560.Nov16.All

DUO Home Expo Feature | Colour Trends

COLOUR TRENDS 2017 T he D ulu x C olour Trend s 2 017 is your per fec t pre sc ription for the mundane. The 2017 Colour Trends prescribes colour as an antidote to many challenges we face in our modern lifestyles; it also provides practical colour solutions to help transform your space with colour and texture to create your very own haven, Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says.

Styled by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King for Dulux Colour Forecast 2017 Photographer: Mike Baker

m a e r d E BUILD TH

HOMES FROM $220,000 Display home open 14 Signature Drive, Fairways Estate. Contact Josh today 0419 818 955



DUO Home Expo Feature | Colour Trends


New Home Solutions

The New Home Solutions’ new Hamptons Design Range gives you the best of both worlds. Delivering elegant beauty with timeless architecture while exuding a relaxed and cosy feel to the home… all this while maintaining a practical and best use of the land approach with common sense passive solar design. Evoke a feeling of belonging, and home with the NHS Hamptons Design Range.


Fairways 24 Signature Drive P: 07 4728 3853 | Open 7 days: 9am – 5pm Weekdays 10am – 5pm Saturdays & Sundays

Harris Crossing 12 Crystalbrook Place P: 07 4751 8577 | Open 7 days: 9am – 5pm Weekdays 10am – 5pm Saturdays & Sundays

54 Carthew Street Kirwan PO Box 1535 Thuringowa QLD 4817 Phone 07 4723 0011

DUOMagazine May 2017


Stretching our water There are so many dynamics to consider when building or renovating your home but taking into account the environment in which you live should always be up there as one of the most important considerations. In Townsville, we have long dry seasons and sometimes the rain just doesn’t fall so we all need to be vigilant with our water use both in and outside the home. It’s important to take into account these earthly aspects when designing your new home and garden or when you’re looking to makeover your existing assets.

drought-proofing your home doesn’t have to be difficult! Let us help you get started with a few simple items you can incorporate into your upcoming building or reno that will save you time, money and water in the wet and dry seasons.

When planning your landscape design: 1. Greywater from your shower, bath and laundry can be reused for watering the garden independent of restrictions. The cheapest way is by manual bucketing and you can also purchase approved greywater diversion devices to do the heavy lifting for you. Talk to your local irrigation/pump specialist to find out more. 2. Make the most of your roof and downpipes by directing rain and condensation onto your garden beds. Your air-conditioners are another great source of free water that your plants will love. 3. Plant low water use native trees to cool your home, reduce your lawns water needs and attract wildlife. Don’t forget to group your plants of similar water use together for effective watering and management. 4. Replace some of your lawn area with screened gravel, rock, mulch or other permeable surfaces. This not only reduces the water needed, it also can recharge your groundwater.

further information >>

5. Build a wicking bed or convert old pots into wicking pots. Your friendly local hardware store will be able get you started. 6. Use a pool cover to reduce evaporation when your pool isn’t being used. 7. Add much needed organic matter to your lawn by using a composting system or mulch mower. This helps your soil soak up more water and hold it for longer. 8. If installing irrigation, use a programmable irrigation controller fitted with evaportranspiration sensor or rain switch to prevent unnecessary watering. Visit your local irrigation/pump specialist for help with this. When purchasing your indoor fit outs: 9. Install water efficient devices like low-flow shower heads, dual flush toilets and taps. 10. Install water-efficient appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

supply starts at home





8 3



4 5

DUO Advertorial

High Achievers In Property

Moving With The Times Real estate is a tricky business…which is why we usually call on the expertise of local agents like Jan Lee to help turn our property perils into a painless experience.

Jan Lee Explore Property 103 Boundary Street, Townsville 4750 4000 0408 777 437



For anyone wondering whether complexities of our region’s property landscape have changed over the past few decades, Explore Property’s leading real estate agent Jan Lee will surely be able to tell you. “I can remember selling property in suburbs like Annandale that were considered to be out in the sticks!” Jan recalled. “I’ve seen enormous growth and maturity in Townsville since I started my career. I’ve also worked in all sorts of real estate markets; from the hard times in the late 1980s when interest rates reached 17%, and through the rollercoaster ride that saw prices fall dramatically during the early 1990s and peak in 2009.” After more than 28 years in the business, Jan’s comprehensive knowledge of the market is well sought after across the region. And with both state and national awards for excellence in her field, she knows better than most that a rewarding real estate experience isn’t always about the bottom line. “Client satisfaction is very important to me and I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with my clients,” Jan stated. “It makes me smile to think that I am now working with the children of

buyers who moved into the homes I sold during the early years of my career.” Sharing the stories of her journey is nothing but joyful for Jan, who thrives on the pace and the variety of her chosen path in life. While she views her longevity in the industry as a reward for her unshakable work ethic, she is also realistic that success is greatly affected by the economy. “It’s nice when you can say your occupation is also your hobby but there are also many areas that you have to be skilled in to be a successful real estate agent,” Jan admits. “I spend so much time working because I’ve made it one of my life goals to provide financial support to my family. I have grandchildren, one of whom has disabilities, so I feel privileged to be able to make sure they receive all the equipment and access to services they need.” And her best advice for anyone looking to make it in the real estate industry? “You have to continue learning about yourself and learning from others. It’s vital to ALWAYS do what you say you are going to do and be where you say you are going to be and above all, always tell the truth!”

DUO Advertorial

High Achievers In Property

Owning The Dream A sea change for a corporate high-flyer from Sydney has brought a tide of talent to the shores of Townsville’s oldest and most respected real-estate institutions.

Girish Menon Principal Elders Real Estate Townsville 6/41 Denham Street Townsville 340 Ross River Road Aitkenvale 0414 985 243

Girish Menon packed up his southern life and moved to North Queensland to embark upon his new career 10 years ago, he has had no need even glance back. “Since moving to Townsville in 2006 I’ve sold over 200 homes; 26 of these were in my first six months as a Real Estate Agent,” Girish states. He continues working hard in these challenging times and in the first three months of 2017 has sold 11 homes. A challenge which he has taken on with gusto, receiving prestigious property-industry accolades like Top 5% Selling Real Estate Agent and No 1 Growth Office Nationally, the likes of which will no doubt continue mounting up in his City and Aitkenvale operations. “In October 2012, I was approached by Elders Rural Corporate Office to purchase the Townsville operations and so, I took on the next challenge of my life.” With decades of experience in the corporate world, Girish has been able to bring a wealth of invaluable business acumen to his regional real-estate team who are clearly thriving under his guidance. Equipped with an MBA acquired in London, he is a natural leader, manager and person of influence in the business.

“We are constantly working on the morale, training, customer relation management and using Information Technology to improve our efficiency as a means of continuous improvement." Proud to be part of such a reputable Australian icon, Elders, Girish believes the success of his franchise is due not only to the company’s progression and diversified interests but the fact Elders is the most recognisable regional brand name. With Adani Mines getting National approval along with the Singaporean Army coming to Townsville, and with 47 major projects with total value of $1.27 billion under construction, there is a beacon of hope. “I believe Townsville is on the threshold of growth, with more investments and trade, to come out from the region,” he said. “If you want a challenging and rewarding career then the real estate industry in Townsville is worth considering now. I am passionate, hardworking and love what I do and enjoying the fruits of labor. “Success comes not from doing what others do well, but from doing what others cannot do, or cannot do as well”.

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home+Travel





DUO Home+Travel

Growing up in the heart of Melbourne, Virginia Martin’s passion for clothing and design was nurtured by a mother who doubled as sewing teacher. After finishing high school Virginia threw herself into design, at 19 years old her first collection was released to great success and was quickly taken up by various stores throughout Australia. Virginia eventually took a break and moved to New York, further growing as a designer while interning at renowned labels Proenza Schouler, Cynthia Rowley and Heatherette.

After spending almost two years immersing herself in this world of design, she returned to Melbourne eager to establish a new label. The ocean and the coast acted as her inspiration and motivation for a label that would reflect her passion for quality garments and tailoring. That label was búl. Búl [buhl] childhood nickname, derived from her brother who couldn’t pronounce ‘Virginia’. Origin of the actual word is unknown. Pronounced buhl, similar to the hull [huhl] of a boat.

Melbourne fashion designer, Virginia Martin of búl, shares her travel tips for visiting Hamburg.

Where to go?

Bastian Sander /

Make sure you visit the stunning harbour views at Strand Pauli, walk through Speicherstadt on a foggy evening, bike along the river to Blankenese and get lost within the meandering stairways, small roads and thatched-roof houses. Visit Eppendorf for their local produce market Isemarkt and grab a Streuselkuchen full of fresh seasonal fruit – delicious.

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Home+Travel

What to do?

Where to stay? Being Germany’s second-largest city, there’s an abundance of places to stay depending on what you’re after – St Georg is near central station, close to Alster Lake and Hamburg’s main shopping strip or St Pauli is the nightlife district, which is close to the harbour/River Elbe. A personal favourite of mine is Movenpick Hotel Hamburg, a converted water-tower near Schanzenviertel, one of Hamburg’s ‘trendy’ quarters.

With an abundance of canals, streams and bridges, Hamburg is a visual spectacle. Stroll the River Elbe, which flows right into the north sea, and lose yourself in the rich parklands of Jensichpark, Romischer Garten and Hirschpark to name a few. A must-see is the Alter Elbtunnel, the old tunnel under the Elbe with stuck-in-time car elevators, extremely photogenic views, rich in history, and always a unique experience. Immerse yourself in Hamburg’s contemporary art galleries like Kunsthalle and Galerie der Gegewart and be sure to see a performance in the newly opened Elbphilharmonie, a concert hall in HafenCity and a piece of architectural art in itself.

Ritu Manoj Jethani/


Eating out? Tarterie, Kandie Shop and Mimosa are great cafes where German breakfasts are grand. Ask for a Franzbroetchen from one of the many bakeries. End the day with dinner at Krug and wine-tasting at TVino. They are quite close to each other on C, very modern-German and both well-known by locals. Walk into Schanzenviertel (which reminds me a lot of Melbourne’s Fitzroy) and sit on the steps sipping on hot Galao. Or start your day right with breakfast at Café unter den linden. CONNECT NOW



Amaroo on mandalay

d n a l s I c i t e Magn

e p a c s E Duo 2 People 2 Nights Only $220*

Amaroo On Mandalay 61 Mandalay Avenue Nelly Bay Magnetic Island For bookings and enquiries please call 07 4778 5200 *Per room twin share. Conditions apply. Offer available until 30 June 2017 unless extended. Ask about our special wedding and group packages.

DUO Home+Travel


Whether you’re jumping on a plane or into the car for a weekend away, Elk Accessories’ Mand Overnight Bag ($399) is the ideal mix of style and practicality. From the Mr Elk collection, this bag is made from a raw, vegetable-tanned leather and has two open side pouches for those items you need readily available.


Nervous flyer? Stress Check Breathe In ($72) is a 100 per cent natural blend of pure essential oils to help you breathe more easily. Refreshing eucalyptus cleanses, frankincense acts as an antiseptic and lavender eases nervous tension.



One of Australia’s most luxurious ocean retreats, Jonah’s Restaurant & Boutique Hotel at Whale Beach is the only hotel in the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group in Sydney. The property has 11 Ocean Retreat rooms with spas and balconies overlooking the sea, and an acclaimed restaurant offering contemporary Australian cuisine. Whether you’ve checked into the hotel or are a visiting diner, be sure to arrive before sunset to take in the restaurant’s view over the Pacific Ocean.



The countdown is on for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, which will take place in Sydney this month. More than 50 designers are set to present their latest collections to the press, including Dion Lee, Sass & Bide and Romance Was Born. This year, thanks to the Weekend Edition on 19 and 20 May, the public can also experience the excitement!

PASSPORT PROTECTOR Fossil’s leather passport holders are designed with a special lining to help protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in your credit and debit cards from unwanted scanning.

DUO Magazine ads work for more than a month. We’re a magazine, not a newspaper

For more information and advertising rates Call 4771 2933 or email

SculpSure fast & permanent fat reduction TM

What is SculpSure?

How many treatments will I need?

SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen and love handles. The 25 minute procedure destroys up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery.

Most patients see results with as little as one treatment. However, you may wish to have additional treatments based on your desired results. Ask your Northern Skin Studio about the best treatment plan for you.

Is SculpSure right for me?

What should I expect during the treatment?

SculpSure is ideal for people with trouble fat spots that seem particularly resistant to diet and exercise.

Most patients feel a tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment which is generally well-tolerated. When will I see results? Many patients start to see results as early as 6 weeks following treatment as the body begins to evacuate the destroyed fat cells, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks.


How long will the results last? Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed during the treatment and will not regenerate. How long before I can resume normal activities? There is no downtime with SculpSure, so you can have the treatment during your lunch hour and return to work immediately. For complimentary consultations call us 4771 5898.

where science meets beauty

DUO Her Style


Najo Jewellery’s new La Tierra (The Earth) collection is inspired by the uninhibited beauty of nature. Soft, organic shapes and sculptural geometric silhouettes echo natural forms while labradorite and onyx gemstones reflect the lustrous minerals of the earth. Priced from $39.


Lovingly made from fabrics sourced the world over, Mary + Marie puts a unique spin on every piece. Fully waterproof zip-out compartments can be removed on a whim, so you can switch bags to suit the occasion.






Witchery and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation have launched the ninth annual White Shirt Campaign. Buy a white shirt during the white shirt campaign (ends 8 May) and Witchery will donate everything except GST to help build a future free of ovarian cancer.


Former Townsville girl Katrina Bragg is wowing the fashion world with her label KL BRAGG (turn to this issue’s Where Are They Now? feature for more). Her latest collection of Italian-made shoes are classic designs. Our favourite– Dark Desires ($595), a black suede sandal (leather outer, lining and sole) with a 10cm heel.

L OV E Treat your Mother to hand-finished sterling silver jewellery #DOPANDORA PANDORA TOWNSVILLE SHOP 217 · STOCKLAND TOWNSVILLE 310 ROSS RIVER ROAD · T: 4725 4755

DUO My Bag

Cayley Downey About Me: I’m a sentimentalist (not hoarder). I consider myself a North Queenslander after moving here from Brisbane in 1989. I met my husband, Gavin at a Charters Towers B&S Ball. My work life is as much passion and friendship as it’s paid and volunteer. I assist in conveyancing at Purcell Taylor, I’m a bookkeeper for my brother-in-law at TTS and President of Unlock the Lachs. I’m a proud and loving mum of three boys, Hayden, Tyson and Lachy. Hayden and Tyson I show my unconditional love for every day (sometimes disguised in a cranky voice they would say) and Lachy is our magical guardian angel. Hence, Unlock the Lachs. BAG I fell in love with this Country Road bag the moment I saw it. Luckily, I had some Myer gift cards (my favourite present)! HANKY My grandmother gave this to me when I was 10 years old. I remember not adequately appreciating it then but now I use it often (for tears and to spit on and wipe my sons’ faces which they looove). PENDANTS These pendants were given to me by each pair of Lachy’s godparents and our treasured friends. GLOMESH PURSE My grandmother’s, then my mother’s, now mine. UNLOCK THE LACHS BROOCH We are somewhat of a brand so at any moment, I can be wearing my Unlock the Lachs hat. I mean brooch. RING This is my most cherished piece. Gavin gave it to me as my eternity ring (designed by Reid at RMJ’s). Eternity because it contains Lachy’s ashes. Like in my heart, mind and memories, he shares my every day. CHARM BRACELET Me on a bracelet. Our initials, Pisces symbol, love heart, a cross and a coffee (it’s just missing vodka). DAD’S LIFE MEMBER QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY BADGE My late father was an opal artist and I spent many young weekends viewing exhibitions here. Again, not fully appreciated then, but the memory of them cherished now. PHOTO OF MY BOYS My heart and soul, focus and distraction, reason and excuse, love and life. ROSARY BEADS I have faith in the comfort and support of a community, inclusion and treating other people how you want to be treated. CHANEL My very first bottle. I’ve loved smelling other people wearing it for years and now it’s me I love to smell (most of the time).


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SHELLS FROM MAGNETIC ISLAND Collected from Alma Bay. Us, and about 20 other families, gather on Magnetic Island annually to celebrate New Year. This tradition has provided some of our favourite memories. READING GLASSES At a recent lunch with girlfriends I broke my reading glasses trying to get them into a clutch I’ve had since before I needed to take reading glasses everywhere. Luckily my mentor (stylist Lucia Designs Collection) that I borrow from often and true friend had this spare pair. GOGGLES I wish I’d given swimming a go 30 years ago. It would have made the Magnetic Island to Townsville (team) swim last year a lot easier. With Townsville’s temps swimming simply makes sense. LOVE HEART KEY RING Mothers Day present from the boys. WATER BOTTLE My friend Clare bought this for me because it has a strap. It’s easier to hold when we occasionally jog (not run) together. CRYSTALS My first car was an old bomb and I remember driving it from Brisbane to Townsville, not really sure if we were going to make it. When I hobbled in to Townsville with the car overheating, the mechanic opened the bonnet and found that my mother (who advocates for the healing powers of crystals) had taped these crystals to various parts of the engine. I mightn’t share the beliefs with the same certainty but it can’t do any harm right? AFFIRMATIONS To me, simple words can be powerful thoughts. USB When photos were taken by actual cameras, not mobile phones, I sadly lost all of the photos on my computer (including photos after the birth of my first born). Lesson learned. This lipstick USB, is a backup of a backup of a backup. COWBOYS SCARF I am a proud Cowboys supporter and, come finals time, this scarf saves me from squeezing into my son’s shirt.

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NORTHERN SKIN Northern Skin Studio sets a new benchmark for a holistic facility. A medispa operating under the supervision of Dr Monique Flores with skin therapists and registered nurses. Services offered are advanced cosmetic injectables, laser, skin cancer management, medical grade peels, Sculpsure (permanent fat reduction laser) with traditional spa & beauty treatments. Complete customised packages to meet your needs, medically and holistically, so you achieve the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and health. 4771 5898

Venture into Bluebell Trading, stockist of clothing, jewellery, homewares, linen, sleepwear, baby giftware. We cater for a large range of tastes and ages. Our brands include; Boom Shankar, Lazybones clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn, Glasshouse Fragrances, Robert Gordon Pottery, Anna Chandler Designs, Annabel Trends and much more. Open 7 Days Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm Saturday 9am – 3pm, Sunday 8am – 1.30pm. 280 Flinders Street in the heart of Townsville City. 4772 5366

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IN STORE NOW 280 Flinders Street Townsville City 4772 5366 Open 7 days

THIS MOTHERS DAY... e Gift PackagebrOen

Balayage/Om Toner tment Hot Towel Trea t Cu Style raight or Blow Wave St rled Cu d oo w lly Ho 50 ly All for on $1

Gift Package

Makeover All over colo ur Unlimited Fo ils Toner/Treatm ent Style Cut


Blow Wave Straight or Hollywoo d Curled All for only


GIVE MUM SOMETHING AVIDA! Offers available until 31 May 2017




Hanks Optometrists (Formely Eyecare Plus) has joined George & Matilda Eyecare.

George & Matilda Eyecare is Australian-owned and committed to local service, as well as premium eye care. We may look different, but the things you love about us aren’t changing. Come in and say hello to the team! AITKENVALE 246 Ross River Rd 4779 7433

AYR 137 Queen St 4783 1361

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Business Manager

Bevan Hill Jewellery By Design

The Technology of Jewellery Modern technology offers precision, perfection and creative innovation in jewellery design.

THE advancement of design technology is transforming the jewellery industry. Where ‘hand-made’ was once considered the ultimate in personalised jewellery design, the availability of engineering-based CAD technology now means that custom-made can be the most effective process in terms of producing exquisite, precision pieces in the most timely and cost effective way. The difference and (sometimes) confusion lies in the interpretation of ‘custom-made’. Prior to the availability of this technology, jewellers would hand-make pieces that were considered to be of the highest quality. The reality is that hand-made pieces can take much longer to craft, particularly if the design is intricate. Precision and ‘perfection’ can be achieved when hand making items. It is just more difficult, more time consuming and a more resource heavy process to get a precise result. All of those factors can make it a less cost effective way to create a piece of jewellery. With the introduction of CAD technology, jewellers can now design a piece digitally in-store and the customer can view the 3D image before it is cast. The casting process ensures the metal is crafted using exact temperatures and mechanics to produce the highest quality, precision piece. Once the casting process is complete, jewellers proceed with the final process of hand-setting the diamonds, stones and other features of the design. This process ensures there is no ‘surprise element’. Unlike selecting from in-store collections, there is an element of the unknown when it comes to creating your own design. This technology and process gives customers

peace of mind in that they can see the piece in 3D before it goes to casting. Additionally, if they are still wanting another level of reassurance, the piece can first be 3D printed in plastic for the customer to view before it is cast in metal. The high-end exclusive jewellery brands all use casting in their manufacturing process because it ensures that they can provide precision and perfection to their customers without compromising their high quality standards. This is exactly what independent jewellers are doing, only on a smaller scale and more personal level. With the prevalence of Pinterest, Instagram and other similar applications out there, we are seeing an increase in requests for more intricate designs. These designs, if handmade, would often be out of most people’s modest budgets. However, by utilising Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), the time involved can often be reduced significantly and this translates into a lower cost than if the piece was created by hand – it can also help reduce the human error element. Jewellers will meet with the customer and sketch out their piece before designing it using the 3D CAD technology. This process gives the customer the opportunity to have their own creative input, to see the piece in 3D before it is created and to make alterations until they are satisfied with the design. It is an exciting and rewarding process and customers are satisfied to know that their piece has been custom-designed, according to their personal specifications.

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DUO My Style

Jana Keane

Tell us a little about yourself? I am a Certified Image Consultant, owner-builder, wife and mother of two. I started my business Refine Your Style, with the intention to empower women by educating them on how to take control of their personal brand. I help women realise, regain, or refine a sense of their own style identity with a range of services, including colour analysis, body shape analysis, wardrobe analysis, and personal shopping. Describe your style? I would say my style is minimalist elegance with a dramatic flair. Most treasured item? My grandmothers heart locket, that my three year old is already coveting. Labels you like? I love Dior, Colette Dinnigan and Moss & Spy. As well as Witchery, Country Road, David Lawrence, Sportscraft, and Review for staples. Best shopping trip? Townsville has some fantastic boutiques, but Melbourne has been my favourite shopping destination for a long time. Your style guru? It changes as my style evolves. At the moment it is Marion Cotillard, Rachel Weisz and Rose Byrne. I think it’s important that your inspiration comes from a source that will translate well to you. Getting your personality style right is essential in making yourself feel both comfortable and confident. While I identify as ‘elegant dramatic’, some of my clients are ‘natural creatives’ or ‘dramatic sexy’. Dressing outside your personality style only makes you feel inauthentic and awkward, so getting to know my clients innate preferences is essential for this reason. You’d never be caught wearing? A flared skirt. While I love them, on my body shape it is seriously unflattering. Wardrobe item you can’t bring yourself to part with? Beautiful shoes, even after they are a tad well worn. Shoes or dress first? I would have to say shoes. I consider shoes an investment piece, and I opt for shoes that are good quality and versatile, so that they can be worn with lots of dresses. Meaningful last words? If you’re not wearing the right undertone, value, and intensity, you’re not looking your best. ‘Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.’ Epictetus.

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HANKS OPTOMETRISTS BY GEORGE & MATILDA (FORMERLY EYECARE PLUS) Hanks Optometrists specialise in comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses and spectacles, contact lenses and eye health. They offer Cataract & Glaucoma Testing, Macular and Retinal Scans, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan, Colour Vision Tests, Prescription Dispensing, Children’s Vision and finding any Diabetic Eye changes. Healthfund rebates and Medicare bulk-billing. Open Monday–Friday 8.30am–5pm 246 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale 4779 7433

DONOHUES As the biggest city and country outfitters in the North, Donohues offers quality products to suit all needs from the business person to men and women on the land. Donohues are jeans specialists with styles to suit everybody and are local stockists of R.M Williams, Akubra, Ariat, Levi and Wrangler. Monday–Wednesday, Friday 8.30am–5.30pm Thursday 8.30am–8pm Saturday 8.30am–3pm 230 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4775 5144

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Flower Girl & Page Boy

• holy communion • christening • character clothing • formal wear for little princesses & little princes Stockland Townsville (Kmart) Cnr Ross River Road & Nathan Street Aitkenvale 0417 033 611 and 0439 546 910 Find us on Facebook 84


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The Optical Superstore

The Coffee Club Loloma Jewellers

Spend-less Shoes

Retro Maiden and Mayhem


A Makeover Fit For A Wonder Woman To celebrate the launch of the new Wonder Woman™ movie at Reading Cinemas, CastleTown treated Rebecca Sacco to a Retro Makeover at the centre. CENTRE stylist, Drosia Parliaros accompanied Rebecca on her whirlwind retro makeover that included a new-do compliments of Colour It, makeup by Michelle’s Skin & Body Solutions, a fab outfit from Retro Maiden and Mayhem, shoes from Spend-less Shoes, sunnies from The Optical Superstore

CastleTown, and a classic pearl necklace and earring set from Loloma Jewellers. Rebecca was treated to a yummy lunch at The Coffee Club and while this was all happening, the team from Wash Me Car Wash washed and detailed her car! “We were inspired by the gorgeous Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman™ movie

set in the war years and thought a retro makeover would be a perfect tie-in” said CastleTown Marketing Manager, Lorraine Marshall. “And Rebecca was a perfect winner for the prize!”

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M A ISON TA LU L A H The Lu m ière col lec t ion i s a fem i n i ne, e x per t ly c ra f ted col lec t ion s u ited for a f ter work d r i n k s t h rou g h to red c a r pet g l a mou r.




The Trial Midi Dress RRP $350 Breaking Dawn Mini Dress RRP $350 Knight of Day Mini Ruffle Dress RRP $260

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Walk on by Midi Vee Neck Dress RRP $280 Falling Star Gown RRP $420




Mixed Emotions Maxi Dress RRP $420

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Falling Star Gown RRP $420 In the Mix Gown RRP $450

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Beauty bayside is located in Belgian Gardens and provides a range of Skin and Body treatments to get the best result in your skin no matter what your age. Our therapists aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin thus creating great skin and revising almost any skin condition. Book in for a consultation to see how we can help you and your skin. Shop 4/34 Primrose Street Bayside Shopping Centre Belgian Gardens 4771 2122 |

Combine, Create and Discover the magic of PANDORA. Select from our extensive range of more than 600 charms, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in sterling silver, 14 carat gold and twotone to express your personal style and create a collection as individual as you. Open Monday-Wednesday and Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm PANDORA Townsville Shop 217 Stockland Townsville 4725 4755

At Avida we take the time to listen to your needs and ensure you receive the hairstyle and colour you deserve. While this process is happening sit back and enjoy a delicious cuppa and a home baked goody. Call in and see the amazing team at Avida Hair Design. Open Tuesday & Wednesday 9am–5pm. Thursday 9am–7pm. Friday 9am–5pm. Saturday 8am–2pm. Shop 3/127 Eyre Street, North Ward 4420 3577




Established in 2005, is a locally owned, family business specialising in children’s clothing & accessories. Planning a wedding? They have a large range of children’s clothing; exquisite flower girl dresses, communion dresses, page-boy suits, christening gowns, shoes and accessories! Stockists of character clothing, umbrellas, jewellery and gifts for your little ones. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am–5:30pm Thursday 9am– 9pm, Saturday 9am–4pm. Stockland Townsville (Kmart), Corner Ross River Road & Nathan Street, Aitkenvale. Like us on Facebook. 0417 033 611

Browse our wide collection of contemporary brands including Najo, Palas, Kirstin Ash, Swarovski, Fossil Watches and more. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for someone special, wishing to commemorate a special occasion, or simply spoiling yourself, our friendly staff can help you choose that perfect piece. Open Monday–Wednesday & Friday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–4.30pm, Sunday 11am–4pm Stockland Townsville 4775 6077

Renegade Handmade began in 2013 and includes a curated collection of locally made fashion, jewellery, gifts and homewares. The market is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Marian School, from 8am to 1pm. The Renegade Handmade Gift Shop features 70% locally made and now includes ‘Hello Handmade’ with a collection of Australian independent artists and designers. Open Monday to Friday 10am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am–3pm Warrina Arcade, Illuka Street, Gulliver 0477 900 222



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As part of Mary Kay’s limited edition Light Reinvented range, the brand has launched three luxe lip oils in Brilliant Violent, Magenta Ray and Sheer Pink. They glide on to provide long-lasting moisture and are buildable so you can go from subtle to intense in an instant. $24 each. BeautyDirect



Be quick to grab this limited edition fragrance from Lancôme… The La Vie est Belle bouquet features the iris, the flower of happiness, sweetly complemented by notes of vanilla. At its side is Jasmine Sambac Absolute LMR, the flower of femininity, delicate and sensual, joined by a scent of green Williams pear. And at the heart of this composition is a new lily of the valley accord. $140 for 50ml.



The 3Mermaid Eye Matte Trio ($138) by Chantecaille not only look lush on your peepers but they also help save endangered wildlife, with part proceeds supporting the work of Dr Lucy King of, Angela Sheldrick of and Dr Stephanie Dolrenry of The crease and waterproof eye shadows are velvety matte and stylishly neutral.


Dark, intense and dazzling, The Shock Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils ($57) promises a new ferocity in mascara, offering unprecedented coverage within YSL Beauté. Think ultra-thick, ultra-long eyelashes to frame hypnotic, sensual eyes. Stockists 1300 651 991



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Born from an obsession for organic, natural soaps, Valors’ beginnings were humble: selling at local markets in the Byron Bay hinterland. Their products were a hit and, nowadays, their men’s shaving and beard products are available in a growing range of speciality stores (including Townsville’s Renegade Handmade) and online. Try their organic shaving soap ($34), complete with custom stainless steel shave bowl, and pure boar bristle shaving brush ($22).

BE SP OK E TA I LOR I NG As a stepping stone to their full bespoke tailoring service, this year Canvas by J.H. Cutler (based in Sydney) has launched a Made To Measure tailoring service. What distinguishes their service from others is being fitted by bespoke tailors Sam Hazelton and Carl Sciarra, with great flexibility in jacket construction ranging from soft tailoring to structured tailoring, and exclusively handmade in Tuscany, Italy. In addition to tailoring, CANVAS by J.H. Cutler offers custom made luxury silk and cashmere ties, leather belts and a full range of luxury accessories and care products.



Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s passion for cars and racing, Polo Red Extreme is designed for the man who pushes limits to the edge. The bold, masculine Oriental Gourmand scent combines vibrant blood orange, rich black coffee essence and black ebony wood. $149 for 125ml.

The fastest ever mass-produced stand-up jet ski, the all-new 2017 Kawasaki SX-R ($14,499), is now available through Kawasaki dealerships across Australia. It’s powered by a four-stroke In-Line Four that puts out twice as much power as its two-stroke predecessor (800 SX-R). It also enables a top speed more than 25 per cent faster than the 800 SX-R.


With a minimalistic approach based on the 1960s, Fossil’s new Townsman dress watch ($229) has a symmetrical style, drawing attention to its vaulted hands, two-eye chronographs and bold blue dial.



DUO Health

However, navigating the NDIS system has not been an easy task. We have spent months wading through the process and procedures of the NDIS so we can make it easier for you to get access to the NDIS.

Who is eligible for the NDIS?


Grant Collins

Clarity Hearing Solutions

Hearing Loss and the National Disability Insurance Scheme One of the best things about the National Disability Insurance Scheme is that it provides funding options for people who before were not eligible for government assistance for hearing health.

PRIOR to the NDIS there was only government funding for hearing assessment, hearing aids and rehabilitation for those with a pension concession card or a DVA white (hearing) or gold card recipients.

Firstly, there is general eligibility. Most citizens or permanent residents between the age of 26–64 may be eligible if their disability satisfies the NDIS criteria. That criteria says that if your disability is likely to be permanent and significant you can receive funding from the NDIS. There is also a component of the NDIS targeted at early intervention for children under 7 years of age. The second part to eligibility, when talking about hearing loss, relates to the severity of the hearing loss. Currently there is no set specific limit for hearing loss but generally, if your hearing test determines (and here comes the technobabble) that you have a hearing loss of 40db HL 4 frequency average in the better ear you may be eligible This is considered a moderate hearing loss and you would most likely need hearing aids to understand normal speech or rely on speech reading cues.

What help can I get? The key wording for the NDIS is that they will fund reasonable and necessary supports to help you reach your goals and aspirations, and take part in activities to increase your social and economic participation. For hearing loss, this means assessments and hearing rehabilitation. This may include hearing aids and what’s called assistive listening devices or ALDs.

ALDs include items like: • Alert systems e.g. baby cry, smoke alarm, doorbell • Bluetooth accessories • Remote controls • TV streamers • FM systems • Remote Microphones

How do you apply for the NDIS? Clarity has developed a step-by-step guide for accessing the NDIS for hearing loss. The full guide is available from our website but the process consists of six steps: 1. Check that you meet the initial eligibility criteria for the NDIS. If you are eligible contact the NDIA for an Access Request Form on 1800 800 110. 2. Obtain evidence of your hearing loss. You will need a hearing test from your audiologist. 3. Apply for NDIS access using the Access Request Form. 4. Develop your plan. If access is approved an NDIS planner will contact you to help establish your first personalised NDIS plan. 5. Apply for access to the OHS Program using the OHS Application for NDIS Participants and ensuring you include the required documentation. 6. Make an appointment with your audiologist once you have your plan approved and access to the OHS granted.

Now is the time to act on hearing loss While not every Australian will be covered by the NDIS, hearing health support is now available to a much greater number in the population. If you, or someone you know is struggling with hearing loss, now is the time to address the disorder for good.

Hearing help is here with the NDIS! Are you eligible? With the advent of the NDIS you may now be eligible for hearing aid funding support, even if you haven’t been eligible in the past. The NDIS opens up funding possibilities for people under 65 who have a permanent and significant hearing loss.

Funding is available for: ■ Hearing aids ■ Rehabilitation ■ Bluetooth accessories ■ Visual alarms ■ Music and TV streamers ■ FM systems ■ Remote microphones

Call Clarity Hearing Solutions on

1300 CLARITY or 4779 1566 Hermit Park 266 Charters Towers Rd | Condon 60 N Beck Dr

Clarity are your hearing health NDIS experts. Talk to us today about NDIS access and available supports.

Down our onload lin guide e today! For better hearing the solution is Clarity.

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DUO Health News

DISCOVER YOUR INNER ATHLETE New book release The Real Food Athlete ($34.95) will help you discover the importance of gut health, the ‘foods’ you need to quit and how to survive eating out. It also contains over 75 nutrient-dense recipes even someone who ‘can’t cook’ can make. www.thenaturalnutritionist.



CocoEarth has launched Australia’s first Liquid Coconut Premium Oil (LCPO). LCPO extracts only the healthiest part of the coconut and doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients. It’s an all-natural pressed cooking oil that, according to CocoEarth, contains 1.5 times more healthy MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) than regular virgin coconut oil. You’ll find LPCO at Woolworths, Coles and selected health and independent food stores.

Inspired by the complementary forces of yin and yang, the Bondi-designed Take Flight collection features soft navy-andgrey hues alongside the label’s signature prints. Feminine but edgy, it’s a label with a growing following.

PE ANUT BUT TER MINUS THE GUILT Love peanut butter but avoid it for health reasons? We have good news for you… Pic’s Peanut Butter doesn’t have any sugar, emulsifiers or nasties. It’s made of 100 per cent Aussie peanuts from Kingaroy in Queensland and there are crunchy and smooth versions available. Look out for it at Coles, Woolies and independent grocers nationwide.



BETTER FOR YOU THAN CAFFEINE A great alternative to morning coffee, warm lemon water gives your system a gentle energy boost. Not only does it detoxify your body and aid digestion, but it also strengthens your immune system.

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Jess Brown Pure Core Nourishment

A Good Night’s Rest Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Are you getting enough?

NOW I don’t know about you but I need at least eight hours a night or the next day has definitely been compromised! I find it harder to make good food choices, coffee is required and when we go and get a coffee we may as well have one of those peppermint slices… just today. Not only are my choices compromised and my willpower lowered, but sleep deprivation also brings with it the following dangers: higher levels of anxiety/depression; higher risk of hypertension/heart disease/ diabetes/stroke; unhealthy food cravings/ weight gain.

Not having enough sleep can lead to difficulty sleeping and it’s a nasty cycle. When your stress hormones are flooding your system they have a tendency to wake you at ridiculous hours of the morning like 1am and 3am as your blood sugar spikes and your liver and pancreas are trying to sort your insulin levels. Cutting back on sleep increases insulin resistance. The link between lack of sleep and blood sugar issues, which is a precursor to diabetes, is now well-documented. We now know that the clearance of glucose into muscle cells is lower in those who are sleep-deprived. You know what it’s like when you are tired all day but bed time rolls around and you are doing anything but sleeping! Blood sugar and sleep work together, as sleep decreases unfortunately blood sugar increases and this is a dangerous slope. Furthermore, it has been proven that fatigue makes you angry. We are all under constant pressure and stress in our fast-paced society and since the creation of the light bulb we no longer go to bed when the sun goes down and get up when the sun rises and enjoy having a nap after lunch in the heat of the day. If you can pull that off you feel amazing. But let’s face it, it’s a rare few who are doing that, while many of us are in bed after 11pm and up around 6am. Most people don’t sleep well even when they do sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and rested is a distant memory if we even remember ever feeling rested. Sleep medication is rife and we wonder why there are so many people with anxiety and depression. Everything is harder when you are tired. Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture and honestly I think it would be one of the worst. After two or three days

you will start to hallucinate, after five days there will be undesirable mental effects and by around the 11th day you will be dying or believe that you are already dead. Stick bamboo under my fingernails any day! So what helps you start or maintain a healthy sleep pattern? Well I’m so pleased you asked.

Yoga: This is a big one and there are so many great studios in Townsville. There are plenty of beginners’ courses so there’s no excuse not to go. Diet: Eat whole foods and give yourself two to three hours of not eating before bed. Aim for no caffeinated drinks after lunch. Routine: Stay off your phone and computer an hour before bed. Read a book instead. Try a nice cup of chamomile tea, diffuse essential oils like lavender, and your room should be a comfortable temperature and dark. So set yourself up and have a good night’s rest. While we are sleeping our body has so much to do. It is being maintained and repaired by our wonderful organs, the brain is running cycles and scans, our immune system is working and our skin is repairing – ‘beauty sleep’. Your kidneys are filtering toxins and your digestive system is digesting. So please give your body the time it needs to rest and repair. Your quality of life will improve – your mood, appearance and overall health.

Carbs, Blood Sugar and Diabetes A Community Talk by Pure Core Nourishment Functional nutritionists Sunday May 7th at 10am $10pp includes Morning Tea

West End Tea House 17 Echlin Street West End Please RSVP 0408 722 353

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DUO Health

CEO of MATES in Construction, Jorgen Gullestrup, will speak at the conference about their successful suicide prevention program.

Mental Health in the Spotlight Leaders in the field of mental health will join forces at a ground-breaking James Cook University conference (30 June to July 1) to share innovative solutions. JAMES Cook University is taking the lead in bringing together leaders in the field of mental health at the Inaugural Australasian Mental Health in Higher Education Conference (IAMHHEC). “We know that 18 to 24-year-olds have the highest prevalence of mental health challenges of any age group,” says Professor Nola Alloway, Dean of JCU’s College of Arts, Society and Education. “Responding to this reality our conference will explore prevention and intervention programs, strategies and services to improve mental health. Our intention is to build a more resilient culture within higher education and the wider community.” CEO of MATES in Construction, Jorgen Gullestrup, will talk at the IAMHHEC

about their community development program, which has yielded impressive results with suicide prevention. “For years we’ve encouraged men to ask for help but we’re just not good at it,” Jorgen says. “What’s worked with our program is we’ve asked men to offer help instead.” The first step of the program is to run a one-hour talk at work sites that looks at suicide as a preventable problem. The second is asking for volunteer ‘Connectors’ who link colleagues who are struggling with resources that can help them and the third is providing a two-day workshop on suicide prevention to those go-to people so they’re more equipped to assist. “We don’t provide any clinical services – it’s about connecting people with the

IVF for under $3,000

right help. We’ve got about 9000 volunteer Connectors across four states, who are identified by a green sticker on their hard hats,” Jorgen says. “Our research shows the suicide rate in the construction industry in Queensland has dropped by about eight per cent over the first five years of the program.” To learn more about evidence-based services, preventions, interventions, and mental health education, register for the conference now at


We are committed to making IVF accessible to all North Queenslanders. Accessible IVF offers discounted IVF cycles with leading Fertility Specialists, Dr Ron Chang and Dr Renee Verkuijl, helping more couples reach their dream of a family. *Conditions apply. Contact Queensland Fertility Group for more details.

Call us on 4772 8900 today or visit to find out more Call 4771 2933 or email



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HAVE you ever walked past your crammed closet and thought, “I’ll clean it. Later.” Or rummaged through packed drawers feeling frustrated unable to find what you’re searching for. Or lost your keys in piles of stuff and perplex how this keeps happening. When it comes to de-cluttering, we think that we should just know how to do it. But after repeated attempts to tidy up or get organised, the piles of stuff come back.

Clinical Psychologist

Lydia Rigano Fulham Consulting

The Psychology of Clutter The seemingly mundane domestic scenario of clutter can reveal a surprising amount about a person’s inner world.

So why is it so hard to get control over clutter? Because clutter isn’t just about ‘stuff’ and the visible external world. To remove clutter and make lasting changes, we must examine the psychological inner workings that influence this behaviour. Firstly, our ability to organise begins early in childhood through the modelling and messages we receive from parents. If you grew up in a cluttered home, then you probably weren’t taught the skills to maintain order. Another factor contributing to clutter is indecisiveness. Answering a simple question about ‘what to do’ with stuff can seem overwhelming to some. Decisions about how to organise requires a high level of cognitive processing that can be incredibly complicated for the clutter prone. These decisions often go beyond a cognitive process and include a deeply emotional one. Nostalgia can make clearing out a space seem impossible. Holding on to special things is acceptable when it is a sentimental reminder of an important person or memory but this can be a mistake if taken to the extreme. Clutter can be a distractor for tackling deeper issues like loss and grief and holding

Sometimes, life feels like it could swallow you whole. Our psychiatrists and clinical psychologists can help.

on to ‘stuff’ can be a buffer from emotional pain. Clutter also creates emotional distress. When exposed to clutter, our ability to think clearly amidst the stuff is diminished. When confronted with piles and junk drawers we are haunted by feelings of guilt about our disorganisation. Disorganisation causes stress and is an inefficient way to live as it wastes time, money and energy. For those who experience difficulties with clutter and disorganisation, there is hope. The clearing of clutter and the concept of organisation have become mainstream and there are services and self-help books filled with tools to help create clean spaces. The essential skills to eliminate, categorise and organise, can be learned. But learning to organise is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to fix the outside space, we often must turn inward and this is where a clinical psychologist comes in. A clinical psychologist can help to identify when, where and how a clutter tendency began. Therapy will also consider the here-and-now, discovering the reasons and hidden payoffs of keeping ‘stuff’. Finally, working with a psychologist can help to shift thinking to a more healthy view of our belongings and how to organise stuff and life generally. In essence, we must clear our head before we clean out our home for true, lasting change and to live our #BestLife.

Friendly. Private. Mental Health Hub. For tools to live your best life, visit our website and subscribe for resources to your inbox. Twitter @Fulham4bestlife #bestlife 5 Fulham Road Pimlico Townsville | Phone 4728 5209

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DUO Health

Despite this, associated treatments such as breast surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immune and hormone therapy remain physically and emotionally gruelling with resulting impacts on physical function and quality of life. Exercise therapy plays a very important role in the management of these impacts and is now recognised as a complimentary and crucial element of holistic breast cancer care.

Is exercise safe?

Physiotherapist + Director

Research concludes that exercise is a safe and effective therapy. Regular exercise undertaken as part of treatment and into survivorship results in maintaining and/or improving: • physical functioning (muscular mass strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness), • quality of life (self-esteem, body image, sleep patterns, mood) and • minimising treatment related side effects (fatigue, nausea, bone density, weight gain, lymphoedema and pain).

Paul Parker

SportsMed NQ

Exercise Therapy for Breast Cancer Supervision is recommended during active treatment, when the frequency and type of side effects are likely to fluctuate.

When to start exercise?

ANYONE who has been touched either directly or indirectly by breast cancer, knows that along with the treatment comes some unavoidable immediate and long term impacts on an individual’s health and wellbeing. In 2017, it is estimated that breast cancer will become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Thanks to dedicated research, diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs, survival rate after 5 years is very good (90%).

The decision regarding when to start and how to maintain physical activity should consider the unique challenges facing people undergoing treatment and needs to be commenced at an appropriate level and progressed gradually. You may start at any time during or following treatment and generally the earlier you start the better. Supervision is recommended during active treatment, when the frequency and type of side effects are likely to fluctuate. It is important that you have discussed any plans to exercise with your treating specialist before you embark.

At SportsMedNQ

How much exercise is enough? Research recommends people undergoing treatment avoid inactivity and suggests that some exercise is better than none, and more is generally better than some. The Australian physical activity guidelines relevant to all adults (including people diagnosed with cancer), are best viewed as goals to aim for, rather than a starting point. These include:

Adults 18 – 64 • A im for 150 to 300 minutes (2½ to 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes (1½ to 2½ hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity, each week. • Try to do muscle strengthening activities on at least two days each week.

Adults 65 and over • A im for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days. • Try to be active every day in as many ways as possible, doing a range of physical activities that incorporate fitness, strength, balance and flexibility.

Who can help? An accredited exercise physiologist (AEP), in consultation with the treatment team, can help address common barriers to exercising during and after cancer treatment and provide exercise modification when needed. This support can ensure you are undertaking exercise specific to your individual circumstance safely and effectively.

Physio we offer

expert Physiotherapy services, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy.


North Shore Clinic

Bayswater Road Clinic 2 Park Lane Hyde Park Phone 4771 3650

50 North Shore Boulevard Burdell Phone 4774 2860

Open Monday–Thursday 7am–7pm Friday 7am–5pm Saturday 7am–12pm



Open Monday 8am–7pm Tuesday 7am–7pm Wednesday 8:30am–7pm Thursday 8:30am–5pm Friday 7am–5pm Saturday 7am–12pm

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Dr Linda Ton Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

Mum’s the Word ‘Mum’ is a small word that carries enormous meaning. I have three young children and I can tell you that caring for another human being is simultaneously, one of the most satisfying, terrifying and rewarding experiences that I’ll ever have. Being a parent, while deeply wonderful, can be exhausting and baffling as we spend many nights wondering how our decisions will affect our children.

BEING responsible for another often means making hard decisions. When it comes to the health of our children, the confusion can peak and we can be left feeling frozen with the fear of making a ‘wrong’ decision. Anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty are feelings that we all know too well. These feelings can be compounded by well-meaning advice, which is often in abundance and oversupply. In many instances, this advice is found to be in contradiction to the advice of the experts. This is where a relatively straightforward decision can seem impossible. The field of Orthodontics is not immune to this and sadly, this situation is something I encounter all too regularly. It is generally accepted that orthodontics has an important place in the lives of many children. We have all seen kids that have had their lives changed, by the act of providing a fabulous smile – a gift that should last them their lifetime. But when it is your child’s turn, you want certainty that you get it right the first time. When it comes to children, these are the most important questions that parents ask of me: • Do they need treatment? • When do they need treatment? • What type of treatment should they have? • Who should provide the treatment? • How much does it cost? • What happens after treatment? By perusing this list, it is easy to see how it can be overwhelming when considering treatment for your child. To make your life easier, your specialist Orthodontist will facilitate constructive conversation to provide you with all of the answers.

Every child is unique and their orthodontic needs carry their own complexities. As such, it is imperative that an expert assesses the child, before formulating and providing the treatment. You should feel confident that you’re in the right hands. An expert is exactly what an Orthodontist is – an expert in their field. This is only made possible by at least 8 years of full-time university training, followed by years of experience. On top of the 5 years at university to become a dentist, they spend another 5000 hours of full-time specialist training, in the field of orthodontics. Orthodontists strive to provide each child with the best outcome, in the shortest period of time – put simply, to provide treatment which is both effective and efficient. Seeing the wrong person may result in a poor result, over-treatment and worst still, irreversible damage. This can be devastating for the parents and child. It is the responsibility of an Orthodontist to protect you from this type of outcome, so please ensure that you’re seeing one. Your children are precious and it goes without saying that they deserve the best. Trust your mother’s intuition, have confidence in your Orthodontist. Be wary of opinions and please remember that opinions are not equal to the clinical experience and scientific knowledge of a true expert. Be vigilant and ask the right questions. On this Mother’s Day, we celebrate motherhood and the individuals that have shaped and enriched our lives.

Did you know?

Townsville Orthodontic Specialists

For the Smile of Your Life

No need for a referral, our door is always open. Introducing Our Specialist Orthodontists

Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, our professional, qualified Orthodontists and team of trained and dedicated dental assistants, technicians and administration staff will be able to assist you in any area. Call us today to find out how.

Dr Paul Hanrahan Dr Geoff Stanton Dr Linda Ton Dr Desmond Ong

17 Martinez Avenue | The Lakes | Townsville | 4775 4433

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Jen Plath, Director & Principal Physiotherapist

Live your best life As an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist and specialist women’s health physio, Jen Plath is able to treat the whole family – and help you live your best life. AS a physio, Jen Plath’s job is to help her patients achieve the most from their bodies – whatever their particular goals might be. She has almost 15 years’ experience working in private practice general physiotherapy–treating backs, headaches, ankle sprains and the like. She treats athletes, ironmen, regular Joes, mums, teenagers and children and is qualified in dry needling. Jen’s specialty though is women’s health physiotherapy. A Townsville local, Jen completed university in Brisbane before returning home to work in private clinics and build a career as a specialist generalist musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Several years ago she increased her focus on women’s health, gaining qualification through the Women’s Health Training Association in Sydney, and completing advanced training in pelvic organ prolapse, bladder incontinence and pelvic pain including pain during intercourse. “The world of women’s health physiotherapy is seeing great progress in evidenced-based treatments,” says Jen. “I think a catalyst for this was the hardfought campaign for public awareness around bladder incontinence; but the world of pelvic floor physiotherapy really includes so much more. We have 102


successful strategies for managing bladder urgency, painful intercourse, prolapse, bowel issues, and you don’t need a referral to see a women’s health physio. “Without a doubt the number one line I hear in my daily work is, ‘I never knew that this sort of physiotherapy existed – thank you!’” Having established Physio Vida last year, Jen is able to offer her general physiotherapy services as well as specialised women’s health physio, with her personalised service as the owner-physio. “My patients might be training for the next Cairns Ironman, or just trying to get through their day without discomfort. I even treat some families, each person with their own ailments,” says Jen. “My role is to listen, understand and help improve comfort and function. “There is great satisfaction in giving people pain relief and a better understanding of their injury.” PHYSIO VIDA 4725 0501 3/57 Bowen Road, Rosslea

DUO Community

LEFT: Townsville Hospital Foundation General Manager Judy Higgins with JBS Australia’s Kim Henaway.

Salary Saints Save Lives Would you give $2 from your pay each week to save a life? The workers at JBS Australia’s Townsville plant do and they want you to join them.



FOR 25 years, staff at JBS Australia’s Townsville plant have been donating money from their weekly wages to support the Townsville Hospital Foundation. With more than 450 staff registered as ‘Salary Saints’ this makes the meatworks the Foundation’s biggest salary sacrificers outside of Hospital staff when the plant is operational. “Since starting with the Townsville Hospital Foundation, I’ve been amazed by the generosity of local businesses such as JBS and Glencore, who rally their staff together and salary sacrifice to The Townsville Hospital,” says Judy Higgins, General Manager of the Townsville Hospital Foundation. “The donations are tax-deductible and the staff choose to donate whatever sum of money from their pay every week they can afford. Their donations have helped

DUO Community

us purchase life-saving equipment for the Emergency Department and contributed to the Children’s Ward Redevelopment when that became our Foundation’s focus project. We are so appreciative of JBS’ support.” The decision to donate was made collectively by JBS staff via their Consultive Committee, which is headed up by employees Dustin Barath as president and Barry Martin as secretary. “I’ve been here 24 years and JBS started donating to the Foundation not long before I got here,” says Barry. “I know a lot people here who’ve had their children staying at the Hospital so it feels good that our donations have come full circle to help them out. What’s $2 a week out of your pay? You can’t even get a can of soft drink for that much now.” “Everyone agreed that we want to donate to the Foundation because we know the money stays local to help our community.” JBS HR Manager Kim Henaway says that supporting the Townsville Hospital

Foundation by becoming a Salary Saint increases the chances our children get to remain here for treatment rather than having to be transported down south. “It’s so important for us to support families in this way and not only Townsville families but the rural and remote families who rely on Townsville as their city base,” she says. “We’ve got to think about the wide geographical area this hospital covers. It’s not just Townsville and the local community it’s the broader Queensland remote and isolated communities that don’t have a hospital. The extra beds here in the redeveloped Children’s Ward means not as many families have to travel to Brisbane for treatment.” But it’s not only businesses that can become ‘Saints’ – any individual wishing to set up regular salary payments to the Townsville Hospital Foundation can do so and this support allows the Foundation to continue its important work. From big-ticket items like life-saving equipment

and breakthrough medical research to everyday comforts like entertainment and distractionary tools for patients, the Townsville Hospital Foundation is focused on making a difference… and they couldn’t do it without the donations of their ‘Salary Saints’. To become a Salary Saint, call the Townsville Hospital Foundation on 4433 1337 or email thfoundation@helath. CONNECT NOW

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Generation Spokesperson

Courtney Frank DUO Magazine

A Message to All Mothers and Daughters No-one has the ability to rile you up quite like your mother. But why is it that mothers and daughters fight so much?

WHEN I told my mum that I wanted to write a column about our relationship with each other, she was a little shocked. “But why do you want to write about our relationship, we have a great relationship?” she asked me. I told her that, even though our relationship is amazing now, I wanted to write about the two-year period where things weren’t that great. I knew that there would be others out there who have a similar story to ours and it was important for me to share this. So, after some initial hesitation, she agreed. I think she knew it would reflect more poorly on me than it would on her… I want to start by saying that my mum is the most kind-hearted, generous, caring and welcoming person you’ll ever meet. She’s the kind of woman who strikes up a conversation with anybody and everybody and, within two minutes, they’re talking like the best of friends. People are drawn to her warm and inviting nature. She ALWAYS puts others first and has a unique way of seeing the best in everyone. Her intuition is so spot-on it’s frightening and she’d give you the shirt off her back if you asked. She also



cooks the best lasagne I’ve ever tasted. But all of this aside, there was a period of time when I was a teenager (between ages 16 – 18) that I treated my mum very poorly to say the least. I wasn’t a particularly pleasant teenager; I was the ‘keep it all inside and then explode’ type. I was moody, dramatic and a know-it-all and my mum was often on the receiving end of my (rather large) explosions. You see, my mum and I are alike in a lot of ways, but we’re also different in many more. Where she is calm and placid, I am quick to anger and easily irritated. Where she is soft and easy-going, I am loud and commanding. Where she can be vague and easily distracted, I am curious and particular. And it’s often these differences that cause us to clash. It’s true that mothers seem to have a way of riling you up like no-one else. Often, the simplest question can feel like an intrusion. A kind gesture can feel like they’re suffocating you. A gentle piece of advice can feel like an order. Heck, many of my own arguments with my mother stemmed from each of us thinking that the other one didn’t understand them! More often than not, we push and challenge our mothers because they’re family and, at the end of the day, we know they’ll love us unconditionally. But that doesn’t make it right. History tells us that we stop falling out with our mothers when we leave adolescence and, in most cases, I believe that to be true. For most people (myself included), the toughest part of the relationship with

their mother happens around the age of 16. History also tells us that sometimes it’s not until you leave home and start to grow up that you truly realise your mistakes and begin to try fixing them. In my case, I tried to put myself in my mother’s shoes. I know I can’t have been the world’s most pleasant teenager and yet my mum still loved me unconditionally and without judgement. But I never stopped to think about how I was making her feel. I never thought about how it would feel, as a mother, to find yourself continually criticised and challenged by your own daughter… I imagine it wouldn’t have been nice. It took me moving to another city to realise that the way I treated my mum was wrong. I still harbour a lot of guilt about that period in my life. Don’t let that happen to you too. Mums put up with all the tough stuff. They listen to you cry for hours on end after a break-up; they let you complain incessantly about your friends and your job. They try fad diets with you but also help you down a bottle of wine. They ALWAYS give you an honest (sometimes unwanted) opinion. And despite how much we deny it, it seems they really do have an answer for everything. So on Sunday 14 May, no matter how young or old you are, give your mum a hug and tell her you love her. You’ll probably never understand how much this means. And to my own mum, I’m so glad that I now get to call you my best friend. I love you very much.

DUO Community

Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium

The Love of a Son

The bond between mother and child is known to be one of the strongest we can experience.

WHEN I was a kid, my mother suffered illness from the time I was born. She had kidney failure and fought a long and arduous battle until she passed away when I was twenty-two. There were times during her illness, that she used to say; “It doesn’t matter how sick I am, as long as I die before any of you kids, because that would be the worst thing a mother would ever suffer.” She passed away at 56, and for her, this fear was thankfully never realised. A few years ago, I was doing a Mediumship reading for a woman named Carol who had recently lost her son. Patrick was born with Down Syndrome and had passed away three years earlier. Although that was not the cause of his physical death, he was able to make his presence known to me as soon as his mum sat down with me for her reading. Very quickly he started to show me all about himself, including the things he liked to do and what his personality was like – which I might add was a very upbeat one! Carol was able to confirm the evidence that was being given to me by her son and she wanted to tell him how much she missed him.

During the reading Patrick was able to relay stories to me of the various things he remembered his mum doing for him, including some of the funny things she used to say which they would often laugh about together. It was nearing the end of the reading when Patrick asked me to tell his mother that it was important she knew how proud he was of her. This is not an uncommon request, as our loved ones in spirit will often say things like this, however on this particular occasion, I asked him, why? Patrick showed me that after he passed away, his mother had left her husband (who wasn’t Patrick’s father) and that she was living alone for the first time in her life. He then asked me to tell her that although he was in the spirit world, he still “sleeps in front of her bedroom doorway watching out for her every night.” I passed on the information of what Patrick had said. With this information, Carol became quite emotional. She explained to me that when she was married, her now ex-husband was quite volatile and although they slept in separate rooms at the time,

Patrick would often sleep in her bedroom doorway at night in order to protect her from her husband. She went on to advise that after Patrick had passed away she was able to get the courage to leave him, however she still gets scared sometimes sleeping in her new home at night. One week later, Carol contacted me to advise that although she still misses her son, she doesn’t feel scared anymore, knowing that her son continues to watch over and protect her. It is from these experiences, along with a host of many others, I know our loved ones in spirit are always looking out for us. So, from me, to all mothers, living in the physical and in spirit world, Happy Mother’s Day.

Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium The Beauty Hub on Flinders 209 Flinders Street, Townsville City 0428 753 689

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Turn It Around Townsville On average 12,500 women look to the Townsville Women’s Centre for help every year.

SHAMEFULLY, Townsville has been identified as the rape and sexual assault capital in Queensland and the Townsville Women’s Centre is the only free specialist service available for rape and sexual assault victims in Townsville. In 2013, three Townsville barristers Skye Jerome, Kerri Fredericks and Megan Heywood learnt of the Townsville Women’s Centre’s plight and created a powerful and energetic charity, The Sky Foundation. The purely Townsville brand has resonated strongly within the local business community and individuals alike. Over the last 32 years, the Townsville Women’s Centre has assisted on over 360,000 occasions. The centre offers specialist care to women and children escaping domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness. On average, 12, 500 women will walk through the door for help every year with 35 new referrals each week. “These are shocking statistics but this number has been steadily increasing which we believe is due to the rising strength

pet heaven nq townsville’s pet crematorium & cemetEry

ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE • Your choice of cremation or burial services • Collection from your home or vet • Range of ashes boxes and memorial items • Professional and personalised service • Pre-needs and Payment plan available • Local family owned and operated Pet Heaven NQ City Office 20 Yeatman Street Hyde Park 47 513 220



Call 4771 2933 or email

DUO Community

amongst the Townsville community to no longer accept family violence in their homes,” said founding member, Kerri Fredericks. “On International Women’s Day, we launched the ‘Turn It Round Townsville’ campaign in support of the Townsville Women’s Centre.” The Townsville Women’s Centre has recently teamed up with Queensland Police and the Qld Health which overs a 24/7 holistic service to sexual assault victims. On average, the new group are responding to a sexual assault victim once every two days. Due to the low level of government funding and the inability to fundraise themselves, the centre currently operates from an old dilapidated house with only 11 staff. The current premises is no longer capable of sustaining the growing demand for vital services it delivers. Current facilities are inadequate to maintain existing programs and increase delivery of support services. Currently, counsellors are forced to share office space, the rooms are damp, the roof leaks, the

downstairs ceiling has exposed wires and the downstairs waiting area is not enclosed. It is generally a very depressing and over worked building. Due to the current building situation, the Sky Foundation’s main fundraising focus is to finance a purpose built building for the Townsville Women’s Centre. “We are very proud that every dollar donated to the foundation has been invested into helping North Queensland women and children. Thanks to community support since 2013 we have raised over $500,000 for the Townsville Women’s Centre Building Project, but we need more.” The Sky Foundation is asking Townsville to dig deep and donate of $100 or less to the project. The Foundation is also calling on individuals and local businesses to host their own fundraising event. “We are delighted to have the support of organisations such as McDonough Piper Promotions who have announced fundraising events surrounding the Spartan Race in June and The Coffee Club will

fundraise for the Foundation at their Ladies Day Race at the Townsville Turf Club for the fourth consecutive year. Since launching the campaign in March, the Foundation has already raised some $10,000. CONNECT NOW To donate or register your own fundraising event contact Sky Foundation at: or skyfoundationtownsville/


You are warmly invited to attend a Free Community Seminar

GRIEF, WORRY AND DEPRESSION – THE DIFFERENCES Morleys Funerals are committed to assisting the community with helpful topics that benefit carers and those dealing with grief and loss. ©DUOMagazine 2016

Guest Speakers: Suzy Dormer (Psychologist)

2 Martinez Avenue The Lakes Townsville 4779 4744 A/H 4779 2794 F 4779 5480 E


Monday 29th May 7.00 pm


The Lakes Chapel, Morleys Funeral Home


Friday 26th May on 4779 4744 Free Registration and refreshments

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Karen Quagliata Northern Tax & Financial Services

Nothing Closer to Home than a Family Business What do you need to create a successful family partnership? ONE of the first questions to ask yourself when going into business with a family member is whether, if you weren’t related, you would honestly go into business with that person? Same family does not mean same mindset, nor that you will automatically be well-matched to be in business. Trust your instinct. Any gut-feel negativity needs to be addressed. We all know certain personality types are destined to not get along, so are you 100 per



cent certain that this person is someone you get along with and respect? More importantly, will they respect you and your opinions? In my experience as an accountant, the greatest cause of disagreement in family businesses is miscommunication, often bred from ignorance. Like any relationship, your business relationship must be built on good communication and trust. This involves being open to discussion about all topics, even the difficult ones. It also involves being honest while remaining respectful towards differing opinions. Both parties need to reassure each other and look out for one other as much as they do for themselves. Treat your family business partner as you would an independent person. Hold formal meetings, have open business finances so all parties can see how the business is tracking, and discuss goals and plans without independently acting or doing things alone that can affect the business. In agreement matters, both must be certain that the decision at the time was right. It’s no good agreeing that you understand, only for your partner to find out you didn’t have a complete understanding at the time a major decision was made. Be sure to understand the entity structure and what needs to be done at every level. Likewise, respecting the professionals who give you advice is crucial. That doesn’t mean you must do everything they say, but giving them due respect and listening is not only courteous but commercially sensible. Discussing their recommendations with your business partner before dismissing them out of hand is vital to smart commerce and a solid business partnership. Each person has their own traits and

skills to contribute, whether they be technical, financial or operational. To maintain a level of equilibrium, each partner must put in their fair share of value to the business, or resentment will build and cause issues. Where there are voids in areas of need, consider employing a third party to cover this. Discuss a Partnership or Director’s Agreement. This sets the understanding, expectations and ‘rules’ for what will happen in the business while it operates and, just as crucially, what happens if it isn’t working and you’re looking to wind up the business. After all, ‘business is business’ but family should always remain family, without silly disputes and ignorance becoming an issue. Along with the agreement, you will need to work out things such as who controls the bank accounts and who is responsible for maintaining the business administration in a fair and equitable way. Another important consideration is a ‘Buy Sell’ insurance arrangement, which may be required to assist if one of you pass away or become incapacitated for an extended period. Successful family partnerships survive if a certain level of decorum is sustained, particularly when emotions and stress levels are high. This is why running a business with the most suitable partner is essential to your continuing success. And why partnering with the wrong person can often be a recipe for disaster. The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Northern Tax & Financial Services Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.

DUO Business

Business Administration Consultant

Trent Yesberg Regional Business Services

DDIY Bookkeeping Don’t Do It Yourself!

Don’t Do It Yourself is a not a new concept and it’s certainly not rocket science but boy, did it resonate with yours truly. If you’re not a plumber, you wouldn’t try and plumb your new house. If you’re not a mechanic, you wouldn’t try to tune your engine. If you’re not an accountant, why would you do your own tax? Whatever it is that you do, that’s precisely what you should do. Need a hand with deciding between whether something is DIY or DDIY? Answer this simple question: Do you do it for a living? Yes or No If you answered ‘yes’, then by all means, you should definitely do ‘it’. If you answered ‘no’ then it’s DDIY time! When it comes to taking care of your administration needs you should ask yourself the same question. If you’re not convinced as to why you should DDIY, then let’s consider the benefits of DDIY.

Benefit Number Four Your life is less stressful. Note: not stress free – no one is stress free and if they tell you they are stress free, they are lying! When you DDIY you have one less thing to worry about. Some of the other benefits, which may not seem like deal makers include; • Not having to rely on yourself to complete the work each week. • Having everything processed in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. • Having the paperwork filed in an easily accessed online location, so that when you need to refer to something in particular – it is where it should be. So tell me again, why do you like to DIY?

Benefit Number One You don’t have to do it. Ok, maybe this is a little cheeky – but it is true! WE have all heard of DIY (aka Do It Yourself). We’ve all watched an episode of The Block and thought “I could do that... sort of”. And there is no escaping the ads that make you think: Yes, I am sick of my bathroom… Why not renovate? Just DIY! It’s so simple! DIY is a great mantra, if you don’t have anything better to do. Of course you would DIY if it’s what you actually do. If you’re a plumber you wouldn’t get someone in to fix your leaky tap. That just makes sense. It wouldn’t make sense if you DDIY.

Benefit Number Two You get to enjoy the fact that you don’t have to any bookwork to DIY. Come on, are you really telling me that you enjoy doing your bookwork? Yes? Great. You should call me – I have a job for you!

Benefit Number Three You get to finish everything else you do faster. If you DDIY you’ll notice you have more time to complete whatever task is next most important. I say next most important, because having up-to-date, accurate accounts is the number one priority of every business.


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DUO Business | Observation

Founding Chairman

Warwick Powell Sister City Partners

NQ Energy 2.0 The Townsville North Queensland model is showing its age. A redesign, fitting of the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, is a must. And no more so than in two core areas of public service delivery: water and energy. Simplistic responses are reassuring, but unfortunately reality is more complex. This month, I’ll take a look at questions related to energy.

ENERGY 21ST CENTURY STYLE Energy costs across the country have been rising inexorably for the past five years. The region has not been immune. While many diverted valuable political and social capital towards boondoggles like loss-making football stadiums, business viability and household living standards were being eroded by a structure of energy generation, delivery and consumption that left North Queenslanders vulnerable. Misplaced priorities are matched only by the poverty of analysis and understanding of key dynamics in energy provisioning in Australia generally, and the North specifically. Instead, what we’ve seen are unrealistic hopes being foisted onto the local community that somehow a new coal-fired base-load power station in our neck of the



woods is the answer to our economic woes. (Let’s not forget that a year ago, we were told that we only needed one catalyst … a footy stadium … but I guess a year is a long time.) Cheap local baseload is the clarion call. And it must be coal-fired. It’s a great sound bite. The most recent instance comes from none other than the boondoggle booster-inchief, Townsville Enterprise (TEL). Having diverted scarce public resources into the low priority financial dud that is the footy stadium, TEL now leads the charge for a new so-called ‘super critical high efficiency’ coalfired power station to be built in the region. This comes on the back of recent musings by TEL’s CEO that the old Collinsville power station could be the site for just such a plant. Pity for the CEO and the TEL narrative that just as these thought bubbles were aired, the site owner was in the final stages of decommissioning the plant in readiness for a planned solar farm. The solar farm has since achieved financial close. THE THOUGHT BUBBLE GOT POPPED BY REALITY Wind the clock back 3 years and we’ve a report, prepared under the auspices of TEL, that asked whether a coal fired power station in the Pentland area would be viable. The report concluded that at best, it would be marginal, but more likely would fall into the ‘difficult investment’ category. The report also noted that the business case for the coal fired station would suffer if alternative generation facilities were to come to market. The World Continues to Move On And that is exactly what has happened. Since the Pentland study was released in mid-2014, the region has seen a number of renewable energy projects – at scale for grid supply – take shape and achieve financial closure. These projects, on last count, amount to additional generation capacity of 2,200MW, covering North, Far North and North West Queensland. Of these, approximately 300MW is now being built, to which can be added the extra 115MW of solar being developed at Sun Metals. THE WORLD IS SIMPLY MOVING ON. Just as industry is developing at-scale renewable projects, the household sector and small-medium enterprises also are finding alternatives to the traditional ‘hubs and spokes’ model. Technological developments in generation, trading/sharing and demand management are all enabling distributed approaches to be considered, and adopted. The explosion in residential rooftop solar

is a case in point, but what’s remarkable about this space is recent research by Energy Consumers Australia that a growing proportion of consumers have by and large lost faith in conventional electricity suppliers and will – as soon as they can afford it – install domestic renewables coupled with battery storage (36% of Queensland households are already considering installing batteries, according to the results of the December 2016 ECA survey). Indeed, ECA research indicates that 82% of consumers who’ve installed solar did so to become les dependent on ‘the grid’. Commercial buildings also are moving down the ‘grid independent’ path. Over the next few years, we can expect to see more technology-enabled micro-grids and socalled ‘behind-the-meter’ solutions pop up across our business landscape. What I’ve just described is simply what is happening. It’s happening because it makes financial sense and, by and large, that’s where the capital is flowing. Investment is focused on energy self-reliance and demand side management to address peaks. SOME NUMBERS Despite the clarion calls for regional ‘baseload’, the fact is there is no shortage of baseload power in the Queensland system. In fact there’s a significant surplus of generation capacity over current and forecast demand. The energy regulator’s assessment is that over the medium term there is plenty of surplus capacity ( When did anywhere in Queensland last experience an outage that wasn’t associated with unusual peak conditions or a transmissiondistribution network failure? Total installed capacity in Queensland is in the order of 13,676MW. Of this, coal fired baseload power stations have a combined capacity of 8,158MW (59%). There are 9 coal fired power stations, the oldest being Callide A (52 yrs), followed by Gladstone (41 yrs), Tarong (31 yrs) and Callide B (29 yrs). Kogan Creek, with 744MW is the youngest at 10 years. Add to this 4,047MW of gas-fired capacity and we’ve 12,205MW or 89% of the State’s capacity based on fossil fuels. We’ve also got a further 1,600MW of installed rooftop solar capacity and growing. Solar at scale has a planned capacity of 4,399MW, with almost all of this yet to come onto the market (but will in the next few years). Base summer demand in the State is in the order of 7,500MW. The highest peak load demand last summer was 9,000MW.

Markus Spiske/

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Like the stadium boondoggle, a desperate government or opposition could easily fold to electoral cycle bullying. They haven’t really been rising lately. Existing baseload is already surplus to base demand, and there’s also a substantial surplus of gas capacity over shoulder and peak demand. Throw in the impact of residential solar on net peak demand, and you’ve got a rapidly changing energy usage profile, which frees up conventional coal fired baseload during large parts of the day. Ergon’s total load across its network (basically everywhere outside of SE Queensland) peaks at 2,500MW with base load around 1,600MW. The peak is late afternoon, when people get home from work. Townsville North Queensland’s load is just one part of this, about 500MW. Add another baseload station to the current mix and the simple consequence is that some of the existing baseload capacity will be mothballed, assuming the new capacity can bid in cheaper than the older units. This assumption remains to be tested. Either way, because there’s already a surplus of baseload coal capacity, adding more is unlikely to place downward pressure on wholesale pool prices. Pool prices are set by the last bid, not the first, to meet prevailing demand. Demand levels and trajectory are the system constraints, and the real question is peak demand trajectory. Overall demand has, in fact, fallen since 2010 and with increased energy efficiency through demand side management and new technologies, the rate of future demand growth is likely to be far more modest than was the case in the distant past. More baseload supply in these circumstances is simply not the answer. Additional shoulder and peak capacity or

peak-shaving appears to be the fundamental opportunity-cost question that needs to be addressed. Furthermore, whatever the wholesale pool prices, almost all energy users (households and businesses) can’t buy direct from either generators or the wholesale market. They buy electricity from retailers. The price charged by retailers is heavily regulated, which includes a substantial component notionally to cover the costs of transmission and distribution networks. In this context, so long as North Queensland is linked to the State system and ultimately to the National Electricity Market, overall system dynamics and regulatory provisions will trump. If the business case for local coal fired power was so good, how is it that Collinsville was shut down and decommissioned? Incidentally, Rockhampton is in superclose proximity to Stanwell (23km), yet it hasn’t actually benefitted from lower energy prices. There’s a fundamental lesson in that for those who think an NQ base load power station will some how miraculously reduce regional prices. WILL IT, WON’T IT? Given the existing surplus of coal fired baseload supply over base demand, the only meaningful question is what you’d replace an ageing coal unit with when the time comes to retire it? Put another way, you’d probably be well advised to consider whether it’s more sensible to extend the life of an existing plant than commission a new one. Queensland’s

oldest coal plant is Callide A, which has a capacity of 30MW. At 52 years of age, there’s probably not a strong case to keep it going given its modest capacity. It rarely gets dispatched anyway. Gladstone is the big one: 1,680MW of capacity at 41 years of age, followed by Tarong (1,415MW, 31 years). Given rapid developments in all sorts of technologies, there’s a good case to defer major capital commitments as long as possible, and only install capacity on an incremental basis with rapid planningcommissioning cycles. Stranded or underutilised capital is a deadweight on the community. As the residential sector shifts inexorably to a prosumer model (mainly solar PV+battery), good old fashioned baseload will be freed up for commercial and industrial uses. Quicker and more flexible seems to be the direction things are going. Which is one of the reasons why even the Australian Industry Group does not think additional coal fired baseload capacity is likely to be part of the future answer. Like the stadium boondoggle, a desperate government or opposition could easily fold to electoral cycle bullying. That’s the mendicant model at work. But just because electoral extortion can be effective doesn’t make the result a good one. Indeed, too much supply in conditions of subdued demand will see costly public investment sit idle; and that’s about as silly as having a stadium that is activated around 1.3% of the time, while it sits un-used but depreciating for the rest. It will actually create upward price pressures. The risk we run with regional energy futures is once again a simplistic approach, which will result in adverse financial and economic outcomes for the community. We deserve more than sloganeering and better than jawboning.

Warwick Powell is the founding Chairman of Sister City Partners, a regional not-for-profit investment bank with headquarters in Townsville. He brings almost 20 years of experience in global capital markets and project development and finance to bear on the challenges of creating regional resilience. He is an iconoclast who questions and challenges orthodox thinking. More information about Sister City Partners visit Warwick is active on LinkedIn. Search him and hook up.

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Volunteers provide a pivotal service to the local tourism industry, with the ultimate aim to encourage visitors to stay longer and enhance the visitor experience.

THIS concept certainly isn’t for everyone. In this day and age most people feel as though they must receive monetary gain from what they’re putting their time into. To work for an organisation and not be paid requires significant passion, selflessness, and dedication to a cause that will ultimately achieve an outcome to benefit someone else. Townsville North Queensland is privileged to possess a group of incredibly special people, committed to promoting their hometown to visitors and ensuring those domestic and international visitors leave our destination with fond memories and the desire to return. The Townsville Enterprise Tourism Volunteer Program is a devoted group of Volunteers who provide the welcoming and friendly face of Townsville and promote local and regional attractions, accommodation, tours, events and services. The Volunteers provide a pivotal service to the local tourism industry, with the ultimate aim to encourage visitors to stay longer and enhance the visitor experience. The Program also includes opportunities for Volunteers to assist with administration processes such as brochure ordering, rosters and working on exclusive projects.

The Unique Army Selling Our Destination Volunteering: Time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.



DUO Business | Townsville Enterprise Limited Promotion

The Program was established in 1979 as the Magnetic North Tourism Association, initially with ten volunteers, working five days a week from the Community Information Centre. Today, Townsville has two Visitor Information Centres (VICs): the Townsville Bulletin Square VIC and the Bruce Highway VIC at the Billabong Sanctuary. Townsville Enterprise also implements a range of mobile visitor services to welcome event attendees and cruise passengers to the region. The Program is currently 83 Volunteers strong, providing a combined 5,934 hours of service during the 2015/2016 financial year and welcoming a total of 202,104 visitors to the region, or 12% of the overall visitation to the destination (Source: NVS data). The Volunteer Program prides itself on achieving high retention rates. Currently 38% of the Volunteer cohort has dedicated five or more years to the organisation, with 21% serving over 15 years. In 2015/2016, the Tourism Volunteers significantly extended their services to the visitor experience by their participation in the ‘Welcome to Townsville’ Program. The Welcome to Townsville Program sought to leverage and partner with regional events and cruise ship arrivals to provide an enhanced welcome experience for visitors and attendees. The Program involved activating the Townsville CBD and other key visitor touch points including the airport, cruise terminal, public transport, attractions and accommodation with ‘Welcome to Townsville’ messaging and Volunteers armed with local insider knowledge and support.

For Townsville North Queensland, events and cruise ship arrivals create a ‘need’ to travel and they often bring new visitors who otherwise would not have visited. This provides a great opportunity to showcase the region, enhance the experience and create a lasting impression on visitors to ensure they leave the destination with positive stories and memories, and they return with family and/or friends in the future. The incredible success of this Volunteer Program has not gone unnoticed, receiving a Bronze Award at last year’s Queensland Tourism Awards for Outstanding Contribution by a Volunteer or Volunteer Group. This month celebrates National Volunteer Week – an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of Australia’s volunteers. From 8–14 May 2017 events across the country will take place to say thank you to the 6 million

Australians who quietly go about their business volunteering for a range of causes and organisations. The Townsville Enterprise Tourism Volunteer Program has entered into the National Volunteer Week Awards for the category “Volunteering Impact Award” – a volunteer program or activity that has made a measurable or sustainable difference. The awards ceremony is being held in Brisbane on Friday 12 May. By engaging with the entire region’s tourism industry and their frontline staff, our Volunteers have built significant awareness of the importance of tourism within the local community. Additionally, they have also developed a strong network of businesses, stakeholders and individuals who support the cause of providing a remarkable welcome experience ensuring that the Townsville North Queensland brand shines in the eyes of every visitor.

Words Lucy Abbott Townsville Enterprise Limited

CONNECT NOW To find out how you can become involved in the Tourism Volunteer Program contact Christine O’Flynn at Townsville Enterprise on 4726 2739.

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privilege, as well as meeting the industry and political leaders who are really making things happen in my city. I also thoroughly enjoy broadening my network outside of my industry with fellow Emerging Leaders and graduates of the Program. What has been the most beneficial aspect of the Program? Without a doubt it has been the opportunity to be mentored by Laurence Lancini and work with his team on the newest boutique land estate in the Ross River precinct, Brookstone on the Park. Laurence has given me a wealth of knowledge and honest perspective and advice on branching out my business. It’s also extremely beneficial to hear firsthand about what’s happening on the ground in the region, and learn from one of the best in the business.

Emerging Leader




Jess Graniglia

JESS GRANIGLIA is the Director of Townsville based land development marketing and estate management business, Next Level Land Marketing. With over 12 years land sales and marketing experience, Jess has helped hundreds of families find their perfect block of land. Well versed in all things building, Jess boasts a wealth of contacts within Townsville’s building and construction industry and will be the first to tell you why you need to live, work and invest in the region. Whether it’s buying or selling, Jess Graniglia knows land. Read on to learn how the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program, proudly supported by Queensland Country Credit Union, has helped Jess develop not only personally, but given her the contacts, confidence and knowledge to strengthen her business.



Laurence Lancini

What drew you to the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program? I found myself in a position of really wanting to get the building and construction industry more motivated about Townsville and where it was heading. I could see from the public and private investment in Townsville that the region was about to prosper and I wanted to be an advocate for my industry. I discovered Townsville Enterprise and became a member of the organisation. From there I learnt about professional development opportunities such as the Emerging Leaders Program and jumped at the chance to become involved. What do you enjoy the most about the Program? The opportunity to regularly connect with some of the most motivated and inspiring people in Townsville is such a

Where do you see Townsville in 10 years? I’m really excited for Townsville’s future. In 10 years I don’t think we’ll recognise the city as we know it today. We live in one of Queensland’s best kept secrets and it’s incredibly encouraging to see a cross-section of industries working together to progress our city. I am heavily invested in Townsville and I am confident that our shovel ready projects will strengthen our economy and transform Townsville into the city we all know it has the potential to be. What’s your advice to anyone considering the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program? Just do it. I became involved because I knew it would be beneficial for me professionally and personally. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure about what you want to achieve out of the Program, just completely immerse yourself in it and don’t let the opportunity slip past. It has absolutely flown by but I know I haven’t wasted a moment of the past 12 months. I just wish it went for longer – it’s a fantastic program.

Emerging Leader

Chloe Costanzo

What has been the most beneficial aspect of the Program? Understanding how challenges and disruptions aren’t industry specific has been a real eye-opener for me. Until you’re in a room with a broad range of accomplished industry and business leaders, you don’t realise that the challenges in your professional life are not unique. We’re all experiencing the same adversities, regardless of industry. It has also been extremely valuable to develop new relationships with my fellow Emerging Leaders, and despite working in different fields, I have gained a wealth of new knowledge. At the end of the day, we’re all on the same journey and are only too happy to help each other and share our ideas with one another.




Queensland Country Health Fund Member Experience Manager, CHLOE COSTANZO is a passionate and enthusiastic individual committed to community engagement and embracing new technologies to make a difference. Chloe is constantly applying member and staff feedback to identify system and process modifications to improve the holistic experience members have with the Fund. Over the past 18 months, since Chloe has been in the position, her focus has been on ensuring she is the voice of members and keeping their experience front of mind. Read on to learn how the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program, proudly supported by Queensland Country Credit Union, pushed Chloe out of her comfort zone professionally, and assisted with her understanding of a broad range of industries in Townsville. What drew you to the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program? I received some extremely positive feedback from graduates of the previous Emerging Leaders cohort and immediately wanted to become involved. Hearing and witnessing the incredible growth and development, professionally and personally, that graduates of the Program had acquired was very

inspiring and appealing. I considered myself to be someone who actually relishes being out of their comfort zone, but only in a personal sense. The Emerging Leaders Program has now pushed me out of my professional comfort zone which has been an invaluable experience and I’m so glad I came on-board. What do you enjoy the most about the Program? Can I say our Program Coordinator, Eleni Millios? She is amazing. When I think about the Program, I think of Eleni; how she facilitates and exposes us to this incredible network, creating everlasting connections with business, industry and political leaders in the region. Those contacts don’t expire, and their door is always open which I am very grateful for. Eleni goes above and beyond for Program participants and I know she will support us long after we graduate. I have personally enjoyed the relationship I have developed with my mentor, Associate Vice-Chancellor of CQU, Kari Arbouin. We immediately hit it off. Kari offers her genuine and honest opinion on a range of topics, and I feel privileged to bounce ideas off her and apply her knowledge to both my personal and professional life.

Where do you see Townsville in 10 years? Holistically, I see the community thriving and industry sectors uniting to strengthen Townsville’s economy. The community and government are already working together to better the region, breaking down barriers and expanding our city’s connections beyond North Queensland. I believe we have a real opportunity to continue bridging the gap with Asia and developing significant relationships with that region. It’s encouraging to see international connections increasing, such as the new link with Papua New Guinea through Air Niugini. I believe if we keep working together the spotlight will continue to shine on Townsville, and we will edge closer to overcoming some of the critical issues impacting our community. What’s your advice to anyone considering the Townsville Enterprise Emerging Leaders Program? Honestly, just take a leap of faith and do it. You only know what you know, and if you don’t push your personal and professional boundaries you won’t acquire the tools and knowledge to continue to flourish in life. This Program will open your eyes and your mind.

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On May 10, Townsville Enterprise is taking Townsville businesses to Parliament House for a networking event with South East Queensland business, industry and political leaders. Townsville business identity, Pat Brady of consulting engineering and project management practice, UDP Group, says the opportunity for Townsville businesses to gain access to senior business leaders at a state level, from both the private and government sectors, is invaluable. CONNECT NOW

BIG4 ADVENTURE WHITSUNDAY RESORT WINS TOURISM AWARD The team from BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort in Airlie Beach was honoured to accept the silver award in the Caravan and Holiday Park category at the Australian Tourism Awards recently. BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort has been in the McKinnon family for 24 years and they have taken it from a ½ star property to a multiaward-winning one. Their latest exciting development is a mega Waterslide Park. CONNECT NOW

More than 90 of Queensland’s best professional photographers gathered in Brisbane recently for the AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards but it was Mysterton photographer Matthew Gianoulis who took out the top title. More than 140 entrants submitted a collective of 701 of images to be judged. This year saw all four of Matthew’s images receive awards in the commercial category. The images featured local talent including models, hairstylists, make-up artists and fashion designers. Having received more than two awards this year, Matthew is now eligible to enter the national awards later in the year where he will compete against Australia’s best. CONNECT NOW

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF THE NQ DESIGN + INNOVATION AWARDS Celebrating North Queensland’s bright sparks, design thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and game changers. The North Queensland (NQ) Design + Innovation Awards is a new initiative aimed at promoting and celebrating excellence in design-led innovation in North Queensland. The NQ Design + Innovation Awards is organised by Good Design Australia in collaboration with Sister City Partners, Innovation NQ and Founding Partner, James Cook University. The Awards will recognise and reward innovative thinking across: Product and Industrial Design, Design Strategy, Digital and Communication Design, Designer Maker, Architectural and Landscape Design, Student Design and Service Design. To register your interest for the NQ Design + Innovation Awards visit the website at ABOUT GOOD DESIGN AUSTRALIA Good Design Australia is an international design promotion organisation responsible for managing Australia’s annual Good Design Awards and other signature design events. CONNECT NOW



EDUTOURISM FUNDING TO DRIVE MORE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS NORTH The Queensland Government has announced they will co-fund a Townsville Enterprise-led initiative to attract more international students to the Townsville North Queensland region. Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt announced matching funds of $40,000 to support development of an edutourism strategic plan and marketing material to promote Townsville as a destination for international students. CONNECT NOW

WORK STARTS ON $10 MILLION TOWNSVILLE AIRPORT UPGRADE A $10 million expansion of Townsville Airport has kicked off with early demolition works beginning on an upgrade that will provide 18,000 square metres of extra parking space for large aircraft. Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Jackie Trad says the upgrade will drive significant regional growth and create approximately 60 jobs. The investment is expected to increase the airport’s ability to facilitate jet aircraft by 33 per cent at peak times and provide for overflow parking. CONNECT NOW

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Official Blessing of St Benedict’s Catholic School Site Corner of Shaw Road and Dalrymple Road, Shaw Photography by Mel Bernardin


Fr Dave Lancini blessed the new school site, which officially marks the start of stage one of St Benedict’s Catholic School, Shaw. Jackson Semler will construct the new multi-million dollar school with construction due in December 2017 and the school due to open in time for the 2018 school year.


3 1. Rae Knight-Wsol, Denise Lumsden 2. Trevor Watt, Simon Jackson, Karolien Kern 3. Robie Jayawardhana, Jenny Wyles 4. Ernie Christie, Louise Vella-Cox 5. Paul Cosgriff, Alanna Jacoby, Judy Bell 6. Judy Bell, Katrina Wootton, Kath Tarttelin 7. Penny Collins, Paul Cosgriff, Father Dave Lancini 8. Barry Horner 9. Jasmine Apap, Lisa White 10. Stephanie Giorcelli, Cathy Day, Paul Clay

4 6


7 8



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Otto’s Street Food & Flicker Fest Tour Otto’s Fresh Food Market Photography by Mel Bernardin


Food and film buffs enjoyed live music and street food by Otto’s Smokin’ Rocket followed by a specially curated selection of short films from Flicker Fest under the stars!



1. Veronika Koplikova, Tyler Gibson 2. Hannah Murray, Lauren Carter 3. Leisa Stevens, Larissa Moule 4. Andrew Hennessy, Anna-Lena Gombert 5. Adam and Tanya Elstob 6. Dale and Kevin Mack 7. Wendy and Trevor Noble 8. Trevor and Marie Bond, Gareth Loftus 9. Doug and Glenda Unwin 10. Sylvia and Greg Cottier









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12 13


11. Heath Oxford, Micheal Smith 12. Cody Smith-West, Catherine and Adrian West 13. Sam and Charmain Girgenti 14. Ocean Dijoux, Cerelia Ferguson 15. Sandor, Caleb, Renee and Tim Kovats 16. Ian and Beth Jaques 17. Bridget and Yianni Cassimatis 18. Tamara Hogan, Angel Peel, Alicia Korner 19. Kim Addison, Sandra and Don Peel, Renae Summers 20. Andrea Keneally, Simone Low, Leisel Nordine 21. Jillian and Jon Peters


16 17

18 20



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A Touch of Tassie A Touch of Salt Josephine Carter Photography



A feast of delicious dishes by A Touch of Salt’s chefs designed to match freshtasting cold-climate wines and beers from Tasmania made for a fantastic afternoon for the sell-out crowd at the riverside location.

1. Rhonda Shenahan, Ege Heeringas, Tom Shenahan 2. Janelle Struss, Rachael Reeves 3. Kym Bryant, Leith Gausel 4. Steve, Jo and Meg Andrews 5. David and Bettina Naughton 6. Glenn and Noemi Mintern 7. Lisa McDougall, Nola Hayman, Rob McDougall 8. Olivia Roorback, Erica Flores, Sarah Kearby 9. Rowena Hallows, Chrissi Lewis, Mark Finch 10. Rob and Vicki Dorgelo


4 6








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11. Christopher McDonald, Ankita Jauhari 12. Grace Tirendi, Lena Hewitt 13. Sandra Hintz, Jace Ford 14. Cherie Malone, Mal Pirret, Althea Sharples 15. Sam Masangomai, Methembe Mpofu 16. Danni, Ella and Alan Fidler 17. Tess Wilson, Kelli Attlee 18. Paul Lewis, John Hallows, Tim Marcus 19. Mavis Pilla, Julie Rawlings 20. Tricia Newman, Leanne Whalley, Kate Whalley-Thompson 21. Simone Feist, Allison Mckay, Tracey O’Shea


14 17 16 18




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12PM — 2 PM










DUO Food+Drink






z 126

21 Palmer Street 4721 1478 @duomagazine



COCKTAILS flinders st. townsville.

call 4721 5705



Cannon Park Shopping Centre 4723 7839



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AQUA RESTAURANT AT THE VILLE Aqua is Townsville’s most popular buffet, open daily for breakfast and dinner. Kick-start your day with a classic buffet breakfast offering everything from eggs cooked to order, grilled bacon, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns, fresh fruit, cereals, pastries, fresh juices and more. For dinner, Aqua provides a relaxed atmosphere any day of the week and features fresh seafood, soups, hearty roast meats, delicious pastas and decadent desserts. Open 7 days for breakfast and dinner. For more information visit or for bookings call 4722 2261.

Fuel Cafe in Belgian Gardens is known by coffee lovers for its own special blend of coffee beans and perfect Bezerra 160ml coffee. It also delivers a delicious menu for breakfast and lunch with indoor and outdoor dining. There’s a great selection of healthy take-away meals including a gluten-free and lactose free range. Try your favourite blend made with our house made Almond or Soy milk. Catering is also available. Belrowes Place, 49 Bundock Street, Belgian Gardens 4721 2101




20% OFF

REGULAR WHOLESALE PRICES Including: Mason Cash Bowls Typhoon Vintage Scales Kilner Faceted Storage Jars ALL IN STOCK NOW!



4721 2101 | 0447 338 689



“When & where you need them.” 62 Ingham Road West End Townsville Phone: 4721 4999 Local Call: 1300 721 156 Offer ends 31 May 2017




Only 5 min walk from the Sugar Shaker



DUO Food+Drink


WILD GOOSE BREWS & CHEWS The Goose vision is simple, kick back and relax and have a gander around. Dismiss the worries of your day at our convenient locations on Flinders St East. Have a laugh or two and enjoy great gastropub food made with only the freshest ingredients. Drop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy great daily specials plus a great selection of wines, draught beer and cocktails that are sure to give you goose bumps. Wild Goose Brews & Chews is also perfect for your next function or event with 3 space to choose from. Open 7 days a week. Monday 3pm-1am Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-1am Saturday-Sunday 3pm-1am 137 Flinders St East. 4771 2799

Situated on The Strand, this unique waterfront venue enjoys panoramic views of Magnetic Island and Cleveland Bay. The versatile venue can be hired for business meetings, corporate workshops, social events and private functions. As one of Townsville’s premier wedding venues, with an indoor outdoor space, it offers couples the perfect venue for your special day. Open to the public for Sunday at the Bay with live music from 2pm Sundays. 80 The Strand, North Ward, Townsville 4724 4211


A TOUCH OF SALT Winner of Australian Good Food Guide 2017 Chef’s Hat & 2017 Readers’ Choice Award Perched on the edge of the Ross Creek, within Townsville’s CBD, family-owned restaurant A Touch of Salt serves up waterfront views from its al fresco deck and air-conditioned interior. Renowned for quality and creativity, the restaurant delivers an exquisite dining experience and a reputation for foodie festivals, intimate events and as a venue or caterer for weddings and functions. LUNCH: Wednesday–Friday from 12pm. DINNER: Tuesday–Saturday from 6pm. 86 Ogden Street, City 4724 4441



The Cactus Saloon has three great levels, all with their own unique bars, sensational food and excitement. With an authentic smoker oven, Texas BBQ style slow cooked ribs have never been tastier. With our new range of succulent meats we also offer takeaway lunches and late night dining. Experience Townsville’s home of Cocktails, BBQ and Craft beer. Lunch: Tuesday–Sunday Midday– 3pm. Dinner: Tuesday–Sunday 5pm–9:30pm. Late Night Menu: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30pm–Midnight. 237 Flinders Street Townsville 4721 1708



$5 vouchers



$20 per person

$4 vouchers


Pre-purchase and go into the running to WIN a VIP package to our next festival, to be held July 2017, valued at $250!





A Touch of Salt


Join us for an Italian feast as our chefs deliver the fire and flavours of Italy with our own playful twist. All paired with delicious Italian wines and beers.


D UN A from 12pm 8 MA

DUO Food+Drink


MICHELS CATERING Winner: ‘Caterer of The Year’ & ‘Best Venue Caterer’ Indulge your taste buds and experience a divine menu created by Michels Catering for your next function… wedding, corporate, BBQ, party, soiree… Michels Catering has evolved into an ’on-trend’ catering company with a strong customer focus, making it one of the regions most versatile and respected caterers. Michels award winning team caters to an array of palates and dietary requirements (food allergies, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan), offering a diverse range of delicious fare, sure to impress. 7 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 1460

From the pastures of Central Queensland to the lush valleys of Northern Tasmania, the Independent Meat Company (I.M.C) Steakhouse showcases some of the finest produce from farmers around Australia; guaranteeing tender, juicy steaks of the highest quality. The I.M.C.’s 10 select beef cuts showcase that ‘great’ and ‘Australian’ need not be ‘expensive’. The I.M.C. also has a well-stocked wine and craft beer bar and monthly showcase steaks. Bookings welcome. Dinner Only 7 nights 5pm–late. 17–21 Palmer Street South Townsville 4724 3243


JAM Winner of Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hat 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 With seasonally designed menus using the freshest produce from local suppliers, Jam consistently offers unique dining experiences that leave you coming back for more. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Matt Merrin and his team deliver modern Australian cuisine that is sure to impress. Jam is also perfect for your next private function or event, with elegant dining locations ‘Loft by Jam’ and ‘Luxe by Jam’. Open Tuesday–Saturday 7am–late, Sunday 7am–3pm 1 Palmer Street South Townsville 4721 4900



Townsville’s first market place providore of specialty foods and gifts. Freshly baked artisan breads, fresh quality produce and meats direct from local farms, as well as everything else you need for the gourmet’s kitchen! Drop in for breakfast or lunch to enjoy a coffee, frappe, smoothie or coldpressed juice as well as a famous pie, pretzel sub or snack lovingly prepared by our in-store chef. Open Monday–Saturday 6am–7pm, Sunday 8am–4pm 3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755


ta home

1 COURSE $25


2 COURSE $35 3 COURSE $39


D e l i v e r i n g r e s t a u ra n t q u a l i t y f o o d s t ra i g h t to your table.

D E G U S TAT I O N C U R AT E D BY CRAIG A seasonally

i n s p i r e d 7 co u r s e

menu designed by our Executive Chef C ra i g S m i t h . $95 EXCL. WINE $145 WITH. WINE


Call for enquiries.



DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Food+Drink


CAPITOL REGENT CHINESE RESTAURANT Capitol Regent is a family owned business established since 1980. There are now five locations in Townsville, with the most recent restaurant opening at the popular Fairfield Central. All restaurants are fully licensed with all meals cooked fresh to order. Lunch Specials, A la Carte and take away available. Delicious meals include Prawn Dumpling, BBQ Pork Bun, Duck Spring Roll, Brisket Noodle Soup and Laksa. Open 7 Days NEW LOCATION – Fairfield Central, Idalia 4778 1477

Our Mission comes down to 3 words: Burgers made good. We offer 100% grass feed, free range Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Steak with freshly baked bread every day. Come in and try our selection of sides including our Sweet Potato chips. Fully licensed and family friendly. We’re even happy for you to make your own! Dine in or take away. Made with Love. Open Sunday to Thursday 11am–10pm. Friday and Saturday 11am–late. 3 Palmer Street, South Townsville 4976 9990


OTTO’S FRESH FOOD MARKET Townsville’s first market place providore of specialty foods and gifts. Freshly baked artisan breads, fresh quality produce and meats direct from local farms, as well as everything else you need for the gourmet’s kitchen! Drop in for breakfast or lunch to enjoy a coffee, frappe, smoothie or cold-pressed juice as well as a famous pie, pretzel sub or snack lovingly prepared by our in-store chef. Open Monday–Saturday 6am–7pm, Sunday 8am–4pm 3-5 Illuka Street, Currajong (behind Warrina Cineplex) 4759 1755



Coffee is our Passion. Food is our Love. Customers are our Life! Welcome to Stellarossa, Townsville’s popular café espresso bar. Come and experience the Stellarossa difference today with a full breakfast, lunch, pizza and pasta menu. Fairfield Central is also licensed. Known for our 5 Star Speciality Coffee, come in and try it, you will enjoy! Find us on Facebook to keep up to date. Stellarossa Fairfield Central Stellarossa Stockland Townsville



Overnight Accommodation Buffet breakfast for 2 Table games vouchers valued at $30 2 x drink vouchers FROM $158* PER NIGHT For more information, visit or phone 4722 2333. Subject to availability, change and cancellation.*Room rate is based on Deluxe Hotel room. Upgrades available. Fees apply. Guests must be aged 18 years and over to book package. Vantage Rewards member’s discount not applicable. Bookings for breakfast are highly recommended. Black out: 2nd May, 13th May, 4th – 8th June. The Ville practices the responsible service of alcohol. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet



DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet




Preparation: 25 minutes

Cooking: 15 minutes

Serves 4

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cooking: 2 minutes

Olive oil spray, for cooking

220 g low-fat fresh ricotta or cottage cheese

300 g flat mushrooms, stems trimmed, thickly sliced

Small handful mint leaves, shredded, plus extra leaves to serve

200 g cherry tomatoes, halved

Finely grated zest of ½ lemon

2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

4 × 35 g slices mixed grain bread

100 g baby spinach leaves

¼ cup (40 g) Sweet Spiced Nut Clusters

4 × 35 g slices mixed grain bread

• Place the ricotta or cottage cheese, shredded mint and lemon zest in a bowl and mash together gently with a fork, retaining some texture in the cheese.

Avocado and Ricotta Smash 140 g avocado, chopped 220 g low-fat fresh ricotta, crumbled small handful coriander leaves, roughly chopped 1 teaspoon lime juice, or to taste 3–4 drops Tabasco sauce (optional) • Lightly spray a large non-stick frying pan with olive oil and place over medium heat. Add the mushrooms and 1 tablespoon water and cook, covered, for 5 minutes or until the mushrooms start to lose their moisture, stirring occasionally. Remove the lid, add the tomatoes and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until the tomatoes start to collapse. Stir in the spinach and cook for 30 seconds or until the spinach is wilted.

• Toast the bread and top each piece with one-quarter of the minty ricotta. • Scatter evenly with the sweet spiced nuts and a few extra mint leaves and serve. U N I T S PE R S E RV E Breads, cereals, legumes, starchy vegetables 1 Dairy 1 Healthy fats 1

• Meanwhile, to make the avocado and ricotta smash, mash the avocado with a fork, leaving some texture. Gently mix in the ricotta, coriander, lime juice and Tabasco (if using). Season to taste with freshly ground black pepper. • Toast the bread and top with the avocado smash and mushroom mixture and serve immediately. U N I T S PE R S E RV E Breads, cereals, legumes, starchy vegetables 1 Dairy 1 Low-carb vegetables 1 Healthy fats 2

Images and recipes from The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet by Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth and Pennie Taylor. Available now, Macmillan Australia RRP $34.99.

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DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet


Preparation: 25 minutes

220 g low-fat cottage cheese 400 g tinned salmon, drained, skin and bones removed, flesh flaked 40 g pecans or walnuts, finely chopped 2 tablespoons finely chopped basil finely grated zest of ½ lemon 4 large Lebanese cucumbers (170 g each) or 2 telegraph cucumbers, ends trimmed, if desired


Cooking: nil

• Place the cottage cheese, salmon, pecans, basil and lemon zest in a bowl, season with freshly ground black pepper and stir to combine. • If desired, peel strips of skin from the cucumbers, leaving some skin intact, then cut a thin slice lengthways from one side to form a stable base, if necessary. Cut the cucumbers in half lengthways, then, using a teaspoon, scrape out the seeds, leaving at least a 5 mm thick layer of the flesh intact, to form a hollow. (If using telegraph cucumbers, cut them in half widthways first.)

2 x 35 g slices mixed grain bread

• Toast the bread and cut into quarters, then into small cubes.

300 g mixed salad leaves

• Divide the salmon mixture evenly among half of the hollowed cucumber lengths, then top with the remaining cucumber lengths to form ‘sandwiches’. (Alternatively, divide the filling among the hollowed cucumber pieces and serve as open ‘sandwiches’.)

300 g cherry or grape tomatoes, halved 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 teaspoons lemon juice 80 g avocado, sliced or diced

• Place the salad leaves and tomato in a bowl, then drizzle with the olive oil and lemon juice and toss to coat. • Arrange the cucumber ‘sandwiches’, salad, toasted bread cubes and avocado on a large serving platter. Season with freshly ground black pepper and serve. UNITS PER SERVE Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, tofu 1 Breads, cereals, legumes, starchy vegetables 0.5 Dairy 1 Low-carb vegetables 2 Healthy fats 3

Images and recipes from The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet by Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth and Pennie Taylor. Available now, Macmillan Australia RRP $34.99.



WEEKS 7–12 CARB EXTRA For an extra 10 g carbs per serve, add 320 g (80 g per person) drained tinned lentils or 120 g (40 g per person) cooked corn kernels to the salad before dressing.

DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet

DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet



DUO Recipe The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet


Preparation: 15 minutes

1 large stalk lemongrass, cut into 6 cm lengths 1 × 5 cm piece ginger, peeled and thinly sliced 1 small fresh red chilli, thinly sliced (optional) 1.5 litres salt-reduced chicken stock 400 g chicken breast fillets, thinly sliced on the diagonal 150 g oyster mushrooms, torn in half if large 2 bunches broccolini, trimmed and stalks cut into 2 cm lengths 2 baby bok choy, halved lengthways 100 g snow peas, halved on the diagonal 100 ml light coconut-flavoured evaporated milk 1 tablespoon lime juice


Cooking: 15 minutes

• Combine the lemongrass, ginger, chilli (if using) and stock in a large saucepan and bring to the boil over medium heat. Add the chicken, mushrooms and broccolini stalks and bring back to a simmer. Add the broccolini florets, bok choy, snow peas and evaporated milk and bring to the boil. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the lime juice, fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves. • Place the bean sprouts in four large serving bowls. Ladle the soup evenly into the bowls and scatter over the Thai basil, coriander and cashews. Serve with lime wedges, if you like. UNITS PER SERVE Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, tofu 1 Low-carb vegetables 2 Mod-carb vegetables 0.5 Healthy fats 1

3 teaspoons fish sauce 5 kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded 150 g bean sprouts, trimmed

NOTE A good alternative to light coconut-flavoured evaporated milk is to use 100 ml light evaporated milk with ½ teaspoon natural coconut essence added.

Small handful Thai basil leaves Small handful coriander leaves 40 g raw unsalted cashews, toasted lime wedges, to serve (optional)

Images and recipes from The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet by Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth and Pennie Taylor. Available now, Macmillan Australia RRP $34.99. DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Interview


Suburb: West End. AKA: I haven’t had a nickname since school. Back then I was called TED as in teddy bear. I’m renowned for: Eye matching paint colours at work and giving expert technical advice. Only a local would know … all the tracks to the top of Castle Hill. My most memorable holiday was… my wife and I did a three day cruise from Townsville to Cairns via the outer reef which was fantastic. Met and made some new friends from Wales and the USA. A holiday in Fiji at X’mas and New Year in 2010/11 was also special. Right now I wish I was… finished renovating our house in West End, but we’ve only just begun. My favourite day is: Sunday (sleep in, relax). The biggest influence in my life was/is: Obviously parents figure heavily in my life influences, but I also had a great football coach from 14 to 16 years old. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… my wife thought putting chocolate sauce into an old tomato sauce squeeze bottle was a good idea. Unfortunately chocolate sauce is a terrible condiment on a meat pie. The kids thought it was hilarious though. Someone famous I met was: Does Steve Price count? Who nose? My motto is: Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright it’s not the end yet.


Suburb: Townsville City. AKA: Just Elley. I’m renowned for: Being brutally honest and simply just getting things done! My friends say, I’m a bulldozer with a soft heart. Only a local would know… that free wine at ‘ladies night’ on a Friday at the Australian Hotel is no longer a thing! My most memorable holiday was… snowboarding fresh powder for months on end in Hakuba, Japan! I had no responsibilities and it was the first time I got to experience travelling overseas – take me back! Right now I wish I was… joy riding in a helicopter over the Swiss Alps! My favourite day is: Any day when I feel like I have achieved something and made a difference. The biggest influence in my life is... my mum. We weren’t allowed to play until our chores were done to her standard. She definitely taught me the value of doing things right the first time and doing them to a high standard. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was…once I was leaving a Gala Dinner when I noticed a very drunk girl almost passed out in the toilets. I got her to jump in to the car with us so we could get her home safely. Not even five minutes into the drive she vomited all over the limousine and my nice formal dress! Someone famous I met was: Hamish Blake and Ryan Sheldon – I got caught up in their snowball fight. My motto is: If you can’t clean the house right, how can you expect to run a Fortune 500 company right? M Y FAVO U R I T E Song Travelin’ Soldier – Dixie Chicks Shop Cue! Eat Good Steak Drink Sauvignon Blanc



M Y FAVO U R I T E Song Time by Pink Floyd and Little Black Submarines, The Black Keys Shop One that I can get in and out of quick Eat Anything Mexican Drink Really don’t have a favourite but enjoy a wine or two with dinner

DUO Interview

We’re blessed with so many talented and interesting people that we introduce you to four local characters each month. If you think someone should be featured just send an email to :



Suburb Rangewood. AKA: Duffy, GW. I’m renowned for: Smoking too much, overindulging on the Bundy and can fall asleep anywhere. Only a local would know … no such thing as Winter here. We have hot and really $#%&ing hot. My most memorable holiday was… the one that sticks out the most is my honeymoon with the wife in Thailand. Great beaches, great nightlife, cheap alcohol, really different food and pretty cool wildlife there. Right now I wish I was… rich or fishing. Rich to see more of the world and fishing because even if you catch nothing it’s still a great day. My favourite day is: Gotta be payday, pretty self-explanatory. The biggest influence in my life: Both my parents really. Dad a bit more so in teaching me the ways of the world. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… when I fell asleep in a garden near The Strand and woke to three police officers. Someone had reported me as looking like I was dead! They told me they knew I wasn’t, even before they turned their car off, as my snoring was so loud. Someone famous I met was: Darren Lockyer. My motto is: Don’t sweat the small stuff. MY FAVOURITE Song All Dropkick Murphys Shop Tackle/gun shop Eat Steak or red emperor Drink R um, rum, rum

Suburb West End. AKA: Vic or Victoria… depending on what I am up to! I’m renowned for: Being upbeat. Only a local would know… 98% humidity, storm clouds, thunder and lightning doesn’t mean it’s going to rain in Townsville. My most memorable holiday was… my most recent one. Exploring on a jet ski ‘in my own backyard’, circumnavigating around Hinchinbrook, Pelorus, Orpheus, Esk, Palm Islands. Snorkelling with colourful fish and corals in these beautiful tropical waters and I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Right now I wish I was… on my jet ski. My favourite day is: Any one of the many days I’ve spent with friends or family. When you just laugh a lot and love a lot. The biggest influence on my life… has been moving to Townsville. It‘s a dream lifestyle that has come true. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… my grand opening day of The West End Teahouse and everyone that came in ordered coffee! Then DUO Magazine did an article on West End, interviewing a long term resident who said; “We’ve just had this great Teahouse open up in Echlin Street that serves really good coffee”… Well, I was laughing. Someone famous I met was: I belong to a family of footy fans. On meeting Jamie Lyons (a few years back when he was at the height of his career as a Manly footballer), I thought he was a cricketer! He bought me a beer. We clinked glasses and said “Cheers”. My motto is: “Live everyday to the fullest… but in moderation”. M Y FAVO U R I T E Song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls Shop Seafood, especially if I caught it, but didn’t have to prepare it Eat I avoid them like the plague, my most unfavourite thing – shops, shopping of any description Drink Tea of course because I’m the West End Teahouse lady DUOMagazine May 2017


DUO Last Word

Colour Your World Returning from Morocco determined Townsville needed paint, pattern and colour, Rose Alexander and her partner Ray opened Gaysha to cater for creative types. Words Kylie Davis

Photography Josephine Carter

GAYSHA Contemporary Paint & Pattern in South Townsville will celebrate its second birthday on July 16. Packed with products to re-love and re-purpose furniture, the shop stocks Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, as well as her instructional books and range of brushes, waxes and stencils. “The inspiration for Gaysha was a trip to paint a pavilion in the heart of Morocco,” Rose says. During this time Rose worked alongside professional interior decorators to completely makeover a master bedroom suite. The group installed a feature wall incorporating stencil techniques, metallic foils and patinas to create a stampede of Arabian horses. “We made lasting friendships and were inspired to bring these elements of handmade creativity home,” Rose says. Focused on upcycling, Gaysha embodies the spirit of the artisan to 146

DUOMagazine May 2017

transform the ordinary into something beautiful. “We have furniture we’ve re-loved ourselves with Chalk Paint as well as Royal Design Studio furniture stencils, rollers and brushes,” Rose says.“We also stock handmade gifts including Mariana jewellery and fragrant products made from Australian native plants.” To help those who want to makeover their own piece of furniture, Rose and Ray run workshops where customers get

“The products work perfectly to update tired kitchen cabinetry and synthetics.”

to use Chalk Paint products on their own items. “The workshops demonstrate popular techniques like whitewashing and distressing, and the products work perfectly to update tired kitchen cabinetry and synthetics,” says Rose. For Ray, Gaysha is what life after Queensland Nickel looks like. Ray was an employee at the Yabulu Refinery for 32 years and says, before Gaysha, his knowledge of colours was Caterpillar Yellow and John Deere Green. “But I’m thrilled at my promotion to Executive Sales Manager of our store,” Ray says with a grin. “Talking to our customers comes easily.”




Introducing the world’s first premium compactcompact convertible SUV. Featuring Land Land Introducing the first convertible SUV. Introducing the world’s world’s first premium premium compact convertible SUV. Featuring Featuring Land Rover’s Rover’s new InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system and the very latest Terrain new InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system and the very Rover’s new InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system and the very latest latest Terrain Terrain Response technology. The newThe Range Evoque Convertible is perfectly adaptedadapted Response technology. new Range Rover is Response technology. The newRover Range Rover Evoque Evoque Convertible Convertible is perfectly perfectly adapted to the city. Book your test drive today and conquer the urban jungle. to the city. Book your test drive today and conquer the urban jungle. to the city. Book your test drive today and conquer the urban jungle.

Townsville Land Rover Tel: (07) 4726 Townsville Land Tel: (07) 4726 Townsville Land Rover Rover Tel: (07)7777 4726 7777 7777 52 Duckworth Street, Townsville 52 Duckworth Street, Townsville 52 Duckworth Street, Townsville Drive responsibly and off-road. Drive on responsibly on and off-road. Drive responsibly on and off-road.


Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community. We’ve been doing it for a decade, making...


Every month, DUO captures the unique spirit of our region and grabs the attention of our community. We’ve been doing it for a decade, making...