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Read how this farmer / innovator and her husband Rob, turned discarded bananas into a health and beauty empire.

For this motorsport athlete, being a SuperUte competitor in a cut-throat race is the ultimate day at work.

Growing up in Townsville in the late 70s, Paula dreamed of working with the likes of INXS. Thing is, Paula’s dream came true…

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Enjoy a one hour recital by this Sydney based trio of talented young musicians. The A.S.H trio (an acronym of their names Alisdair, Shirley and Hana) will perform works from Ravel, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev. Suitable for audiences: All ages Bookings: Not applicable, FREE event



The inaugural North Australian FRIDAY 19 JULY, 7:30PM | QUEENS GARDENS Festival of Arts kicks off Placing at #7 in the 2011 Hottest 100, Don’t miss this great opportunity to in Townsville this July! San Cisco reached popularity with their


welcome Joe Camilleri and The Black breakout hit ‘Awkward’. While Brisbane Sorrows to Townsville as part of Encompassing theback Northern band Young Lions are fast building the North Australian Festival of Arts. momentum and are on the verge of Fringe Festival, Strand Ephemera 1RAR Rock Band 7:30 – 8:15pm entering Australia’s elite touring bands. ofCamilleri Storiesand the Joe the Black Suitable for audiences: All agesand Festival Sorrows 8:30 -10pm Bookings: Not applicable, FREEline-up event includes headline acts, Suitable for audiences: All ages punk cabaret, comedy, circus, FREE event Bookings: Not applicable,

dance, burlesque, theatre, popular family shows and more! Tickets on sale now at nafa-tsv.com.au


Join emerging pianist Maggie Pang for an informative performance featuring Rachmaninoff and Janacek. Maggie is a musician at the Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne and has studied these two composers in depth. Suitable for audiences: All ages Bookings: Not applicable, FREE event


Join Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band) and a community choir consisting of flood volunteers in singing Help is on its Way - fostering a dialogue around positive men’s mental health. Suitable for audiences: All ages Bookings: Not applicable, FREE event

NAFA is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland


NOISE is a gathering, a united force of percussive energy and powerful dance designed to pull audience members into the present moment, to wholly captivate attention and energy. Join us as we celebrate community and togetherness anchored by our primal connection to rhythm. Presented by Dancenorth in association with Townsville City Council. Suitable for audiences: All ages Bookings: Not applicable, FREE event

A line-up not to be missed. A festival for everyone. JULY 2019 NAFA-TSV.COM.AU



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Krista and Rob Watkins


Beauty Finds


Tropical Beach House




Paula (Peej) Jones


Mikaela Smith






Madison O’Shea


Ian Bowrey


Dy Hills




Madison Dunston


Home Away From Home


Dr Desmond Ong




Where Are They Now


Daniel Tait | Sonia Pace


Grant Collins






Paula Washington


Icon Cancer Centre






Karen Quagliata


The Calendar


5 Minutes With…


Podium Hair & Beauty


Home Discoveries



Kelly Koolstra-Aplin


Banana Beauty

Sound Check

Costume Play is Big Business Super Woman

Meet four ex-locals

Winter 2019

Happy 15th Birthday

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Tame the Mane

Inside My Bag

My Fortress

The Women’s College University of Queensland

Tait Accounting & Business Advisory | Pace Financial Centacare North Queensland

Accounting & Super

Gimme Moor

Renato D’Ettorre Architects

The Long Life Plan

A New Take on Life

Townsville Orthodontic Specialists Clarity Hearing + Balance

Delivering Firsts in Cancer Care Our top picks

Hinchinbrook Event Calendar

Marina Residences Corporate Exclusive Preview Clare Bowditch Concert

Townsville Home Buyers Expo 2019 Mackay Amateurs Race Day

Ignatius Park Blue & White Ball Matthew Gianoulis 30th Birthday Celebration the Announcers

Some Things I Love


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welcome DUO Magazine Stacey Morrison Scott Morrison Joan Fanning Advertising enquiries Call 0421 084 491 Editorial enquiries editor@duomagazine.com.au Writers Kylie Davis Tamara Hogan Photographers

I’m sure you’re going to love our 154th issue. How good is our North Queensland Winter social season? With so many things to enjoy over the next two months there’s no reason to hibernate. Arts, sport and culture! Hallelujah! Starting with Townsville, there’s The Northern Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA) and the inaugural Northern Fringe Festival with over 200 events. And not only this fantastic festival but also the Filipino Festival, Townsville Cultural Fest, IndiaFest and the Australian Italian Festival in Ingham plus Strand Ephemera. Cairns has loads of great events including the ReefBeat Music Festival, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and the Cairns Festival and many more. And sports fans across the North have an abundance of spectacles like the Watpac Townsville 400, Paluma Push, Townsville Cup, McDonalds Townsville Running Festival, Townsville Triathlon Festival, Australian Pole Sports Championship, Cairns Marathon, Cairns Magic Millions Up & Coming Stayers Race Day, the MSF Sugar Great Pyramid Race, The Mackay Cup, and the Beach to Gardens Charity Fun Run... just to name a few! So be sure to book ahead so you don’t miss out on seeing some incredible moments. Have fun, drive safely and catch you next issue! Directed by Fiona Perry A CONTEMPORARY VERSION OF THE SHAKESPEAREAN FANTASY




Stacey Morrison Editor-in-Chief

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Banana Beauty

How farmer and innovator Krista Watkins and husband Rob, turned discarded bananas into a health and beauty empire.


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As farmers, entrepreneurs and co-founders of the company Natural Evolution, Krista Watkins and her husband Rob, occupy daily lives similar to the landscapes of their minds; innovative, original, and pioneering. Together, they have grown a booming industry out of the fertile soils of Walkamin, nestled in the lush surrounds of the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland. As a duo, they have each played an instrumental role in their company, though Krista’s efforts were recognised in late 2018 when she received state-wide and then national recognition as the AgriFutures Australia Rural Woman of the Year™. Like all ‘overnight’ successes, Natural Evolution’s astounding achievements have been every bit of ten long years in the making. Running a Lady Finger banana farm in Walkamin, Rob always wondered about the surrounding wildlife’s preference for green bananas. Then came the fateful day he drove over a bunch of unripe Lady Fingers, releasing a powdery explosion into the air. Upon inspection, both Rob and Krista concluded the substance tasted “flour-like,” and “the mad kitchen experiments began.” After dispatch for testing, laboratory results revealed the humble Lady Finger as “the richest source of Resistant Starch ever tested on earth,” and a fantastic source of gluten-free flour that optimally enhances ‘good’ gut bacteria. It was the sale of the family-owned banana farm that forced the Watkins’ hands. “Rob had an intuition about the banana flour; we believed his discovery had to be brought to market.” “Our first-born daughter was four months old, however, with the time of the essence, and together with Mum’s help, I returned to educator work to help finance our dream. Leaving my small baby was a huge commitment. I’d come home and help pack orders at night, and be up again at 4 or 5am to process more, before starting school for the day. There were many, many late nights, early mornings, and a few all-nighters.”

Fast forward a decade, and the Watkins are proud owners of a world-first pharmaceutical-grade Banana Flour Factory. Together, they are renowned for Rob’s Nurtrolock (nutrient preserving) technology, Krista’s HR and marketing acumen, and their globally in-demand Green Banana Flour products, now extending to baking goods, beauty treatments, health supplements, and animal produce. The bursaries granted by Krista’s AgriFutures awards also contributed to researching sweet potato by-products, an industry which wastes an average of 50 tonnes per acre. “We’ve since launched our Gold Sweet Potato range, with Woolworths stocking our products from March 2019. We’re even establishing a sweet potato processing facility in Bundaberg.” Krista explained their next unveiling, the Plantation Brew Co, brings a Gold Sweet Potato Vodka and an oak-aged Green Banana Rum to market. “Rather than going to waste, we’re collecting the static water that comes-off factory product, to create authentic, sustainable, distilled beverages.” Beyond production, however, the Watkins have stepped into the realm of educators and enablers, launching Evolution Industries earlier this year. “We’re teaching the magic in the middle, where the research, development, and building behind an innovation occurs.” Like the namesake of their founding company, Krista and Rob’s floury mix of inquiry, sweet aspiration and pioneering spirit has, quite literally, yielded the richest fruits of Natural Evolution. naturalevolutionfoods.com.au facebook.com/GlutenFreeResistanceStarchBananaFlour instagram.com/explore/tags/naturalevolutionfood

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ating a drummer turned out to be a life-changing event for 15-year-old Paula Jones, who loved listening to records non-stop in her room. “While we were out seeing a band one afternoon I noticed a guy at the back of the room checking a bunch of gear,” Paula says. “I asked what he was up to and someone said ‘he’s mixing the sound’. After they explained what that meant, I said ‘that’s what I’m going to do’. Everyone laughed, but I instinctively knew mixing sound was for me.” Every weekend Paula would bug the sound guy to show her how to mix and many hours were spent reading engineering magazines. “I met some fabulous people at the Seaview who I’m still friends with today,” Paula says. “One guy called Sneaky Pete and I hit it off and we’ve been friends ever since. We’ve worked together with various artists including Jimmy Barnes, and he’s now the Production Manager on Elton John’s final tour. So you never know what friends and future colleagues you might find starting off in Townsville!” After moving to Sydney in 1983, Paula started live mixing and met a monitor engineer who had a friend who owned a studio – Rhinoceros Recordings. Blown away by the gear in the studio, Paula knew she had to work there, so she started going up late at night to clean and help out for free. “They couldn’t get rid of me, plus I made a mean cup of tea, so they eventually gave me a job,” Paula laughs. “I loved records and was a huge fan of many of the artists who’d worked there, so I couldn’t believe my luck. David Nicolas, who was the friend of my friend, is one of the great Australian record producers and we’re still close friends.” Scoring a gig as assistant engineer on INXS’ Kick record was a career-high for Paula, whose first time overseas was to London with Michael Hutchence to mix Kick.

“I never wore shoes in the studio. I just ran about in my socks (still do). One of my tasks was to take the multitrack tapes off the machines at the end of the day and put them away. I did all the labelling before I locked up the studio too,” Paula recalls. “One night I couldn’t find my shoes anywhere. I must’ve looked for over an hour. I finally gave up and went to take the tapes off. I got the box and checked the label – Devil Inside Take 27 and 28. But underneath, in very neat writing, was Paula’s Shoes, Take 2 and there were my shoes. Timmy bloody Farriss! We were in there a long time, so we all went a bit nutty.” In London, Paula was also lucky enough to work with Elton John and Chris Thomas, who was the producer on Kick. “He was a great mentor who started off at Abbey Road with George Martin working with the Beatles,” Paula says. “We did the three songs Elton sang on the Lion King soundtrack. Can You Feel The Love Tonight went on the win the Academy Award for Best Song and I’d moved to LA by then, so it was quite the moment.” Living in Hollywood for many years, Paula worked with an impressive line-up of artists including Stevie Nicks, k.d. lang and three out of five of the solo Spice Girls. It was only when she and her American husband Ringo decided their then 10-year-old daughter Phoebe might be safer growing up in Australia that the trio moved to Sydney. “They both love it here, and Ringo and I have bought a 12.5-metre motorcoach and turned it into a mobile control room for streaming and recording live shows and festivals,” Paula says. “We’ve started our own streaming platform (blindchihuahua.com) where we can stream the shows for artists with amazing sound quality. “Ringo and Phoebe are still agog at everything but are fast becoming hardcore Aussies,” Paula says. “And I appreciate Australia so much more after living overseas for so long. It’s great to be back!” www.blindchihuahua.com


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peej Growing up in Townsville in the late 70s, Paula (Peej) Jones dreamed of one day working with the likes of INXS. The amazing thing about Paula’s story is that her dream came true. WORDS BY KYLIE DAVIS

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alking with Madison O’Shea is like falling down an Alice-in-Wonderland rabbit hole, full of heightened colours, strange new words, and giddying tales of makebelieve. Maddie is a Cosplay enthusiast, or, as is known among her community, a Cosplayer (to be clear, we are not talking about pushing pieces of cos lettuce around a plate). “Cosplay is the words ‘Costume’ and ‘Play,’ combined,” says Maddie, avidly leaning forward, her passion for the topic lighting her features. “It’s a performance art that is about dressing in costume, using your creativity, and having fun.” Maddie explains that, like herself, most Cosplayers are hobbyists, “though a small number become professional,” being sponsored to attend events, launch products or through building social media channels. Coined in the 1980s in Japan, ‘Cosplay’ initially grew from fans dressing as their favourite character at science-fiction, and later, pop-culture conventions. Evolving into a global phenomenon, Cosplayers have since formed a subculture of competitions and events, connected by a vibrant network of online platforms, forums, and influencers. Maddie uses a plethora of creative skills to hone her Cosplay craft, including “foam-work, sewing, costume-making, and make-up and wig styling.” She embraces the pop-culture surrounding Cosplay, citing inspiration from, “roleplaying all-things-nerdy, including


duoma ga zine.com. au

gaming, anime, manga, action-films, comics and cartoons.” Maddie is not alone in her hobby, with up to, “3,000 participants at the recent Magneticon Convention in Townsville.” Internationally, major city conventions boast up to ‘140,000 attendees’ at a single event, injecting enormous amounts of money into the economy, pushing Cosplay into the realm of big business. Maddie herself has curated over 15 costumes, using a combination of thermoplastics, foams, felts and wigs to create her characters, with her favourites including ‘Raven,’ ‘Kanna,’ and ‘Witch Mercy.’ Often, Cosplayers adopt their character’s effects, “you take on different mannerisms in different costumes. As Kanna, I feel cute, fun and comfortable. In a black leotard and cape, I have bountiful confidence.” Maddie displayed a video of her dressed as a character I was surprised to recognise. With one of my nieces being a keen impersonator of ‘Ladybug,’ I quickly identified the blood red unitard and scattering of black spots. The costume was exquisite, with an uncanny likeness to its namesake, but it was Maddie’s costumed persona I was taken with; she exuded sassiness, cheekiness, and exuberance. “That’s the essence of Cosplay. Sure, it’s about escapism, and the friendships made, but it’s also about boosting your confidence and just having fun. There’s no rules or age limit; I’ve seen younger and older Cosplayers alike. Cosplay is for

everyone. No matter your age, height, weight or body image.” “That, and interacting with children. Along with birthday parties and character appearances, my friend and I have a children’s hospital ward visit planned. When kids recognise your character, their faces light up; it’s the most heartwarming feeling.” While Maddie has her eye focused on a ‘big build’ for next year, she offers simple advice for budding Cosplayers. “To become a Cosplayer, wear a costume, whether you’ve ordered it, or built it yourself, join an online network, and attend an event. We advocate positivity and are inclusive of anyone who wants to give Cosplay a go. The Magneticon team makes you feel like you’re a part of a big family, which is what Cosplay is essentially all about.”

www.facebook.com/TMCosplayy/ www.instagram.com/uhohmaddiocosplay/

Regional Events Mackay: Sugarcitycon Townsville: Magneticon Cairns: Tropicon National Events Supanova & Oz ComicCon Australian Cosplay Events Calendar facebook.com/Australian-Cosplay-EventsCalendar



When dressing-up moves beyond child’s play to become a pop cultural phenomenon duoma ga zine.com . au






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or motorsport athlete Madison Dunston, being a SuperUte competitor in a cut-throat race is the ultimate day at work

As a 20-year-old motorsport athlete in a maledominated field, how’d you land in the world of racing?

Speaking of crashes, have you had any? A number actually! My first on my 17th birthday. I went around a corner at 160km/hr and crashed into someone who had spun-out in front. In Townsville, too, I came around a corner too fast and hit a cement wall.

I grew up watching Dad race Go Karts! He’s been my idol and the reason I jumped into Motorsport. I was seven when I raced Go Kart the first time. I instantly fell in love with the adrenaline and strength it gave me, especially with the helmet on! Being young and female in this sport has been challenging, but I’m up for a challenge and always pushing to do my best!

How does your mother cope with you hurtling around tracks at-speed?

How did you transition from Go Karting to Aussie Cars?

I’m so excited to race the SuperUtes! It’s a step closer to the big game. Racing in my hometown is amazing, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity! I’ve been exercising, and training double-time to be ready as ever for the best weekend of racing!

After winning the Queensland Go-Kart Championships, I wanted to go further. Being smaller cars, the Aussie Race Car Series was a natural step and a great way to learn. Dad was supportive and helped source an Aussie Car. My first real practice at Phillip Island was also my first race!

Excelling at Motor Sports; what’s the formula? I focus on consistently pushing myself to a quicker lap time! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but knowing I can fix them is what makes me put the helmet back on. I train after-work, hitting the gym to develop my core, legs, and cardio. I reach up to 230km/hr on-the-straight on race days, but without local facilities, I can’t practice at speed; so, I use a simulator to practice and improve my reaction time (to avoid crashes)!

Poor Mum wanted a ballerina! I remember going to ballet classes, but it wasn’t for me. Mum tells me not to go too fast and to stay safe on the track!

You’re competing in the Watpac Townsville 400 Supercars Colorado SuperUte. What does this event mean to you?

Your past victories include the Sydney Shannon’s National 2017 Ladies Cup Champion, along with the Aussie Racing Cars 2018 Women’s Cup (where you were 16th outright). What’s your ultimate dream when it comes to motorsport? Getting into Supercars fulltime, and even racing overseas one day; I’d love to race in Europe!

www.facebook.com/madisondunston www.instagram.com/madisondunston

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So many talented people come from the North. Each month we feature some who you may know and others we’d like you to meet. Tell us who else we should include.

Where are they now? I grew up in the Cairns region. Back then Townsville was the ‘big smoke’ at the end of a long drive to see the only rheumatologist north of Brisbane. In my twenties the Bruce Highway seemed much shorter, particularly with the prospect of a long weekend on Maggie Island. I’ve lived in Townsville twice – once as a journalism student at James Cook University and a second time as a sub-editor at the Townsville Bulletin. I now live in Brisbane where I work as a government communication and engagement officer. I like Brissy because there are lots of green spaces, even in the city centre, great walking tracks and heaps of free or cheap stuff to do on days off.

Andie Gatti Communication and Engagement Officer Queensland Department of Education Brisbane education.qld.gov.au

Tim Russell Technical Officer (Cultural Heritage) Ecology and Heritage Partners Melbourne ehpartners.com.au


I was born and raised in Mackay and spent my university years in Townsville studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology at JCU. Currently I’m living in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, which is a leafy suburb north of the CBD. The traffic has been quite difficult to get used to, as it’s very much a ‘drive fast and get out of my way’ type of attitude compared to the easy driving in North Queensland! My work focuses on Cultural Heritage Management in Victoria, which includes Aboriginal and Historical archaeology. I usually travel across the state to perform archaeological digs and surveys in often remote areas. I also spend time in the Melbourne office to

duoma ga zine.com. au

write archaeological reports and catalogue artefacts. The remote work I travel to is often quite picturesque, which is an added bonus of the job. My current project is focussed on the potential UNESCO site Budj Bim – a significant Aboriginal cultural heritage site that has existing structures that are over 6600 years old. I was also on Mt Napier in Western Victoria, which is an extinct volcano that has important Aboriginal Cultural Heritage attached to it. I gained invaluable work experience in North Queensland for archaeological work, which was a defining factor in gaining my employment in Melbourne.

People say it’s a big country town and I like it that way. Currently, at work, I’m providing strategic communication advice and support on multiple projects to help improve children’s early education and developmental outcomes. My time at JCU gave me a solid grounding in my professional life. I found it valuable to have lecturers and tutors with experience in the industry. Growing up in North Queensland also shaped my outlook on life. I’m a glasshalf-full type of person. Most problems or challenges can be solved with some common sense, determination, tolerance, respect – and a sense of humour.

I moved to Balgal Beach (50km north of Townsville) from Mt Isa when I was six years old. I went to Rollingstone State School for my primary years and St Patrick’s College for secondary school. I then went on to complete a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at James Cook University in Townsville. My husband and I lived in Cairns and Brisbane before moving back to Townsville in 2012. (I married my childhood sweetheart and we have two beautiful girls, aged 7 and 5.) Two years ago we moved to Adelaide in South Australia. We definitely miss the warmer winters in North Queensland! I grew up in a really small community, but everyone was

Imelda Alexopoulos Partner PwC Australia Adelaide pwc.com.au

Robin Twaddle Heritage Consultant Environmental Resources Management Brisbane erm.com

My father grew up in Ingham and we still have family up there today. I also attended JCU Cairns, where I did a PhD in Archaeology that focused on the South Wellesley Islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria. I now live in Brisbane on Moreton Bay. It’s a lovely relaxed area with ocean breezes and a short walk down to the bay. My partner Leah and I also recently adopted a rescue greyhound named Boss. I’m a Heritage Consultant for Environmental Resources Management (ERM), where I work with a very talented team of heritage professionals across Australia to provide heritage services to a variety of clients across government agencies, the renewable energy sector,

willing to contribute to make the community flourish. You learnt really quickly how to do more with less, and why collaboration and diversity is so important. I’m now a Partner at PwC Australia, leading the firm’s South Australian financial advisory business. I also lead PwC’s Future Industries and Social Impact focus in the state. I recently started a new national business called PwC Align. The purpose of PwC Align is to identify innovative start-ups and scale-ups that make a significant difference to society by solving important problems, and to help these startups and scale-ups accelerate their growth on both a national and global scale.

the gas and oil sector and the mining sector, as well as many other areas. I’m involved in a wide range of projects that encompass both Aboriginal cultural heritage and built heritage. Outside of work I continue to collaborate with Professor Sean Ulm (my PHD supervisor) on research projects as an Associate Research Fellow as part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage. My time at JCU and in North Queensland taught me a lot of skills that not only provided a strong professional base but also exposed me to a wide range of people and ways of life, often pushing me outside of my comfort zone and providing important life experience.

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Voltaire Camel Leopard Ankle Boot $99.95

Billini Winter 19 www.billini.com


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Givara Black Suede Block Heel Pump $99.95

Bonita Blush Suede Stiletto Heel $89.95

Basta Cream Snake Ankle Boot $99.95

Dara Red Suede Block Heel $99.95

Narita Grey Snake Ankle Boot $109.95


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Doppio Black Ankle Boot $109.95


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WARDROBE Perfect Winter combinations

Deadly Ponies Bikkie Shealring Bag With Cage Nightshade $749 deadlyponies.com Isabelle Quinn Pascal Knit Top $150 and Pant $155 www.isabellequinn.com.au Elka Collective Pearl Trench Coat $349 and Joanie Jean $189 elkacollective.com

YOUR LOCAL OPTOMETRIST CAN SEE YOU NOW “...But how well you see them is probably the question”



duoma ga zine.com. au

Townsville 246 Ross River Rd. Ph 07 4779 7433 Ayr 137 Queen St. Ph 07 4783 1361 georgeandmatilda.com.au

Happy 15th Birthday

Celebrating 15 years of putting smiles on customers’ faces, the Podium Hair and Beauty team is proud of its achievements and excited for the future. Fun, friendship and fabulous hairstyles have now been a signature of Podium Hair and Beauty for 15 years. “I want to say thankyou to our team and customers who have given their support to us over the 15 years. I’m extremely grateful,” says Podium Hair and Beauty owner Kelly Isaac. “Since day one our focus was to create a salon atmosphere that had great energy, build a solid team and do what we love doing well. “Many of my staff have been with me for over seven years and we work really hard on creating a culture with a

healthy work-life balance. We’ve achieved so much together as a team. We really are like family.” ​ After 12 years in Ogden Street in Townsville’s CBD, the salon relocated to Gregory Street near The Strand and now sports a fresh new fit-out. Having opened the salon as a sole operator, Kelly is proud to have seen the team grow into a tight-knit group of 12. Having always been industry-focused, Kelly and her team have developed many confident apprentices, creative stylists and industry leaders over the years.

Her loyal customer base has also resulted in many great memories, close friendships and different hairstyles. While there has been the usual highs and lows of running a small business over the 15 years, the salon culture has remained strong. “We pride ourselves on being professional, passionate and ambitious,” Kelly says. “And because we’re celebrating 15 years in business, we have a few little surprises planned for our customers…”

Podium Hair and Beauty 39 Gregory Street North Ward, Townsville 4724 2488 www.podiumhairandbeauty.com.au

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1. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner $32 each www.tigi.com.au 2. TONI&GUY Bamboo Brush Collection Paddle Brush $20 www.polishedbrands.com 3. Jo Malone London Star Magnolia Hair Mist $85 www.jomalone.com.au 4. John Frieda Root BlurÂŽ Colour Blending Concealer $19.99 www.johnfrieda.com.au 5. TONI&GUY Acrylic Clip Tortoise Shell hair clips $8 www.polishedbrands.com 6. Parlux Alyon Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer Jade $299.95 Available 1 August 2019 www.parlux.com.au


duoma ga zine.com. au

Inside My Bag

Mikaela Smith I am a Townsville girl and have lived here the majority of my life. As a strong St Patrick’s College graduate, I started a Bachelor of Business with JCU after high school. Life ended up taking me on a working holiday to the United Kingdom. Travelling the world has been an important part of my life having been to over 14 countries with more on the to-do list. I am a very sentimental person and I’m always surrounded by pictures of my family and friends.




2. 10.


13. 14.





15. 6.


7. 28

duoma ga zine.com. au

1. 1. Mimco Bag It’s got a zip, so nothing falls out and it’s actually really sturdy; I’m defiantly someone who has her life in her bag. 2. Rugby League World Cup In 2017 I was privileged to be the Event Coordinator at the Semi-Final and Final in Brisbane. 3. Before you speak coffee I can’t handle a turmeric latte, so this is perfect because it still has anti-inflammatory ingredients. 4. Believe in Yourself card This card from my parents has lived in my wallet for the last 18 years. 5. Zonta badge I’ve been in Zonta for almost 4 years now. 6. Map of Australia My grandfather gave me this before I moved to the UK. He took it on international business trips so he could show people where he was from – a true proud North Queenslander. 7. Friendship medallions Given to me by a friend of 20 years. Very sentimental to me. 8. Garmin watch It counts my steps, stress levels and much more. 9. Earphones I’ve come across a great app called Blinkist – you can either read or listen to a ‘blink’ of a book. 10. Mac lipstick My nickname is Mac so I have a huge collection of Mac lipsticks. 11. Flower Bomb Viktor&Rolf A gift from my mum I only wear on special occasions. 12. Fire Championship pendants My most prized possessions from when I was Operations Manager at the Townsville Fire. 13. Grandad photo Me and my Grandad who passed away a year and a half ago. I miss him dearly. 14. Cards from Ireland From when I lived in the UK over ten years ago. 15. Hand Carving My mum and her friend brought this back from Peru for me. 16. Fisocrem Those that know me, know I am always carrying some sort of injury, this stuff is great! 17. Artwork My favourite role is Aunty to my brother’s three children. This is from Stella, which she did for me when I was living in Brisbane.

H E A R T S O N F I R E S T O R E S , A U T H O R I Z E D R E TA I L E R S , H E A R T S O N F I R E . C O M

to celebrate your love Emma McConochie: Castletown Manager

Debbie Stanborough: Stockland Manager

Renae Catalano: Castletown

Angelo Catalano: Design Manager

Choose the World’s most perfectly cut Diamond Hearts on Fire from North Queensland’s most experienced Jeweller and Diamond Experts. CamillaDER.indd 1

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“My Fortress is investing heavily in technology to ensure you can interact with us when and how you want.” Through an advice process revolving around education, My Fortress ensures clients’ financial goals are met by taking into account their superannuation, investment, insurance and estate planning needs. “We run over 40 educational seminars each year focusing on investment strategies, retirement and borrowing to invest,” says Group Chief Financial Officer Ian Bowrey. “As the Group Chief Financial Officer, I lead the strategic direction, operations, finance and human resource components across the three businesses — My Fortress, Austax Townsville and My Mortgage Partner.”

Financial Peace of Mind Providing personalised financial planning, insurance and investment services, My Fortress helps clients reach their life goals. 30

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Locally owned and operated, My Fortress has been servicing the Townsville market for over 30 years as Dalle Cort Financial Services. The business employs over 60 staff including eight financial advisers, 12 accountants and a mortgage broker and is located in the Fit for Life Financial Services Centre in Hermit Park. As well as financial planning, the centre also includes Austax Townsville, which provides tax and accounting services and My Mortgage Partner, which provides mortgage-broking services. Having financial planning, accounting and mortgage broking working together in a onestop-shop ensures the group can service all of their clients’ financial needs. Clients have access to a collective of finance professionals working together to achieve their goals — a truly innovative centre with all clients’ financial needs under one roof. “My Fortress provides holistic advice and offers financial planning, insurance and investment services. This includes a personalised plan to help you meet your goals based on your priorities, spending habits and attitude to risk,” Ian says.

“Our group hashas a culture of of ensuring clients areare always better offoff “Our group a culture ensuring clients always better from utilising ourour services and mymy jobjob is to make sure wewe strive from utilising services and is to make sure strive towards that every day. towards that every day. “We have over 2500 financial planning clients that relyrely onon ourour “We have over 2500 financial planning clients that expertise to to help them achieve their goals.” expertise help them achieve their goals.”

Build Buildand andprotect protect your yourfuture futurewith with

IanIan spent eight years working with global accounting firm PwC spent eight years working with global accounting firm PwC before joining MyMy Fortress to to lead thethe business. While thethe client before joining Fortress lead business. While client base is predominantly located in in Townsville and surrounding base is predominantly located Townsville and surrounding areas, technological advances allow MyMy Fortress to to service clients areas, technological advances allow Fortress service clients across Australia. across Australia. “My Fortress is investing heavily in in technology to to ensure youyou cancan “My Fortress is investing heavily technology ensure interact with us us when and how youyou want,” IanIan says. interact with when and how want,” says.

MyMy Fortress Fortress 6262 Charters Towers Road, Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park Hermit Park 4771 3800 4771 3800 www.myfortress.com.au www.myfortress.com.au

My Fortress isis anan Australian wealth My Fortress Australian wealth management company working with over management company working with over 3000 members to provide expert financial 3000 members to provide expert financial advice and secure lifestyles regardless ofof advice and secure lifestyles regardless their financial situation oror life stage. their financial situation life stage.

www.myfortress.com.au www.myfortress.com.au

Ian IanBowrey Bowrey

Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer

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Home away from home Residents of The Women’s College within the University of Queensland enjoy academic advantages, a sense of sisterhood and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

MAIN PHOTO L-R Gemma Kelly Teanna Matthews Alexandra Baxter Mrs Flo Kearney (Head of College & CEO) Chloe Alcorn Xiaohong (Kate) Liang Emily Brook


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Statistically, students who call a residential college like The Women’s College within the University of Queensland (UQ) home, perform better academically. “We’ve been looking into research in this area (Coates and Edwards) and what’s clear is that students perform at a high level academically because of the environment they’re finding themselves in,” says Head and CEO of The Women’s College at UQ, Flo Kearney. “Being on site here at UQ, they have direct access to professors and lecturers on a regular basis and we also run a tutorial program at no extra charge.” Tutorial groups are set up based on the various courses students are completing and there is vertical integration among the students with different year levels in attendance. The College is also introducing a young alumnae program (for alumnae one to five years out from graduating). “Having these young women, who are freshly engaging with their careers, connecting with our residents works really well as they relate strongly to this age group,” Flo says. “It’s all about that mentoring and networking – supporting the leaders of the next generation. They are young women who are being empowered to look at the next stage of their journey.” This networking reaches beyond UQ itself as The Women’s College also caters for students of the Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and the Australian Catholic University. Alexandra Baxter, who is studying Fine Art at Griffith University, says she was promised a lifechanging experience as a resident of The Women’s College at UQ and that’s exactly what she’s had. “Every day, I wake up to a community of women who encourage me to be better,” says Alex, who is a third-year student. “Women’s has served as a support system, an unbelievable network, an incredible advantage and, above all, the most empowering gift I will ever receive.”

Regular formal dinners with guest speakers are also held at The Women’s College, providing an opportunity for residents to not only hear sage advice but also learn about placement leads. “Once we develop that broader perspective and self-direction in our young women, it gives them the confidence to move forward and take on new challenges and leadership roles,” Flo says. “That’s part of what sets us apart as a women’s college. We’re all very mindful it’s a big step from high school and a transition into adulthood. The pastoral care we offer to them, all of the programs we have, the guest speakers who come in, the tutorials – everything is considered through the lens of the needs of young women at this stage of their lives.” Of course these needs also include plenty of extracurricular activities including a wide variety of sports (such as debating, chess, drama, art and other group competitions; choralfest, bandfest and dancefest) as well as community service. “When the young people are part of the College community they have an unbelievable range of both sporting and cultural activities available to them,” Flo says. “We have an Inter-College Competition between the 10 colleges here at UQ, with something for everyone to get involved in. It’s a chance to make new friends and enjoy social activities. “It’s all about being in a safe, supportive environment while studying at university.” The Women’s College within the University of Queensland College Road, St Lucia, Brisbane 07 3377 4500 www.womens.uq.edu.au

ALUMNAE & FRIENDS EVENT IN TOWNSVILLE Thursday 8 August 5.30pm The Ville Resort Casino www.womens.uq.edu.au/event/townsville-regional-event/ www.facebook.com/events/2389559091276903/

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Putting clients first leads to growth Partners in life and business, Daniel Tait and Sonia Pace have expanded their accounting and financial planning firms with staff who share their passion for personalised service.

ABOVE L-R Pace Financial Kristy Devney Jodie Marquardt Sonia Pace Tait Accounting & Business Advisory Daniel Tait Pam Sinteur (nee Morzone)

After significant growth across both of their businesses (Tait Accounting & Business Advisory and Pace Financial), Daniel Tait and Sonia Pace are thrilled to welcome Pam Sinteur, Jodie Marquardt and Kristy Devney to their teams. “This has enabled us to maintain focus on our clients and deliver the personalised service they deserve,� says Daniel, who is a Business Adviser, Accountant and Owner of Tait Accounting & Business Advisory.


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“And now we’re proud to have expanded our businesses with team members who share our vision.” Daniel’s partner in life and business, Sonia Pace (Financial Adviser and Director of Pace Financial), couldn’t agree more: “When the right people come along, and you know they’re the perfect fit for your business and your clients, you embrace them into your team.” When Pam Sinteur was looking to return to the workforce after maternity leave, it was important to her to find a workplace with similar values. “Tait Accounting & Business Advisory and Pace Financial treat their clients and employees with care and attention,” Pam says. “I’m grateful to be part of their team and a Townsville-owned family business.” In her role as an accountant, Pam creates relationships built on mutual trust. “Tait Accounting & Business Advisory is not a traditional accounting firm. The primary focus is on your business and what you need or want from it and how to make it work for you,” Pam says. “This means there is more involvement in understanding how your business works.”

As a financial adviser, Jodie takes care of new and existing clients by providing personal financial advice to help them achieve their goals. Having worked in financial services since 2006, she brings a wealth of industry experience and also spent time over the past few years completing a degree in Financial Planning ‘with Distinction’. Embracing the concept of ‘goalsbased advice’ long before these became buzzwords in the industry, Jodie has a genuine passion for helping people. “Every person is unique with different dreams, goals and world views. Consequently, I like to take my time getting to know them, so I can tailor my approach to their requirements and preferences,” Jodie says. “I found this wasn’t always possible working in larger organisations where volume of business was often prioritised over what the individual needs. As a boutique firm which is not aligned to any financial institutions or product providers, we have the scope to look for solutions that can truly put clients’ best interests first.”

“We appreciate and value the variety of clients who select us as their trusted partners – from those looking to start growing their wealth, small and medium business owners, employees, professionals and mums and dads, to those entering or already enjoying retirement.” The friendly face and voice of Pace Financial is Personal Assistant Kristy Devney. “I wanted to work in a boutique business where the focus is on providing the kind of personalised service that clients deserve,” Kristy says. “My role is to liaise with our clients and provide administrative support to our financial planning team. Being in the finance industry since 1994, and realising how uncertain people can feel about money, I really understand the importance of great customer service when it comes to handling our clients’ financial affairs so that they feel at ease.”

“When the right people come along, and you know they’re the perfect fit for your business and your clients, you embrace them into your team.” Sonia Pace

It was several years ago while working behind the scenes as a paraplanner that new recruit Jodie Marquardt first met Sonia. “She quickly became one of my earliest mentors as well as a close friend,” Jodie recalls. “Although we then went in separate directions career-wise, we often talked about working together again one day and that day has finally come.”

Tait Accounting & Business Advisory 510 Woolcock Street, Garbutt 4448 7007 www.taitaccounting.com.au

Pace Financial 510 Woolcock Street, Garbutt 4448 7777 www.pacefinancial.net.au

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Centacare North Queensland Executive Director, Paula Washington

We’re here for our community Social services agency Centacare North Queensland is celebrating its 40th anniversary with new Executive Director Paula Washington at the helm. Townsville Catholic Diocese’s not-for-profit agency, Centacare North Queensland, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. What began as a small, volunteerdriven organisation has grown into one of the largest regional, rural and remote services in the state. Nowadays it has more than 170 staff delivering 40 programs across 33 percent of the state.


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Newly appointed Centacare North Queensland Executive Director Paula Washington says that Centacare North Queensland has been ably led by strong, compassionate and committed leaders for 40 years and she hopes to continue in this tradition. “I feel incredibly fortunate to step into the Executive Director position and have the benefit of working for, and learning from, three former Executive Directors here, as well as another in my former role with the Centacare Rockhampton diocese,” Paula says. “Coming into the role at a time when our communities were experiencing social, economic and environmental hardship was challenging but I’ve been both amazed and reassured by the community resilience, care and cohesion that has arisen after the floods across Queensland. “I will always remember the incredible support of Centacare Far North Queensland, who managed to secure 1000 litres of vinegar for the Townsville post-flood clean up and get it transported to us for distribution. Centacare North Queensland staff came together with good spirits and humour to distribute the vinegar in community and Recovery Centres. This is the kind of collaboration and goodwill that makes for extraordinary outcomes and reminds me of my good fortune leading an organisation with so many remarkable people on staff.”

Mindful of the massive geographic area that Centacare North Queensland covers as part of the Catholic Diocese of Townsville, Paula is committed to maintaining a strong presence in these communities. “We have offices and staff north to Ingham, south to Bowen and west to the Northern Territory border,” Paula says. “I have worked and lived in these communities. I understand them and respect their individual needs. Investing in local communities and delivering services there is our point of difference. Being recognised for our capability, compassion, professionalism and responsiveness to local need is crucial. “As a not-for-profit organisation we have limitations on our capacity at times but I have a strong leadership team at Centacare North Queensland who look to creative ways to support the work we do. Whether it’s collaborating with other services and offering office space to stretch our combined service footprint or seeking new funding to address emerging service needs, we do everything we can.” An emerging area of growth for the organisation is increasing its profile in the provision of professional development, training and employee assistance services. “We have qualified and experienced staff providing EAP services to local organisations across the

region as well as internationally recognised training such as Mental Health First Aid and ASIST Suicide Intervention Training,” Paula says. “We’re seeing a steady growth in demand for these services as employers and the broader community recognise the importance and impact of mental health.” Whatever challenges the future brings, Paula is here for the long haul. “My motivation for working in this sector is lifelong – I’ve made a deliberate career choice to work with people in the provision of social and support services,” she says. “This year marks my 25th year of working in the community and social services sector and I still feel as energised and committed as I did all those years ago.”

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Karen Quagliata Director The name, ‘Accounting and Super’ defines exactly what we do. Our firm is boutique style, meaning we only deal in a specific space, and that is small to medium enterprise and self-managed superannuation.

We are a highly experienced team of accountants and aim to deliver quality, personalised service to our clients. Accounting & Super Townsville Office Level 1, Suite 3, 54 Denham Street Ayr Office 132A Young Street www.accountingandsuper.com

Handing down the business Let’s talk about succession.

Consider the family business, trading for years, and the present owner decides it is time to hand down the business to their child/children or other family members. Firstly there must be a want to continue, a passion to continue the business and a forwardthinking strategy. The current owner must be open to handing over the reins and trusting the next generation, especially if the desire is to keep the business within the family. Appropriate preparation and cooperation between the owner and family members is essential throughout the process, but especially during this planning phase. It is one thing to want to hand a business down, but it is another to consider what value should be handed back. What does the owner deserve and what is deemed to be fair and equitable. It is essential to ensure the business is professionally valued, regardless of if the


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business is handed down or sold to the next generation. All assets are taken into account as well as liabilities (e.g. loans, both secured and unsecured, current and non-current). It is also prudent for seller and buyer to have separate, independent legal and accounting advice so that all relevant topics can be covered carefully, and all parties are aware of the situation, and the ‘what if’s’ that can occur before, during and after the transaction. Another important consideration is the structure required for the purchaser, and what will work best for them. Whether this is a Trust, or a Company or other structure, it is vital to understand the tax consequences as well as the advantage and disadvantages of each. Of course, if the business is being gifted and not sold, all these matters need to be reviewed carefully. During this process, however,

the owner still must ensure the preservation of the business and its viability but also maintaining the family relationships. The last thing anyone would want is relationships to be strained over succession, and this is why good open communication is critical. Further to this, a hand over is also about protecting the customer from feeling vulnerable. The goal is to ensure they don’t go elsewhere, particularly those customers who often may resist change. When considering succession, this may also include selling the business to long term, dedicated employees. The key here is to ensure that they have the ability and the resources to be able to complete the transaction and that the owner receives what they believe is deserved. Whether handing down the business, assets or power to the next generation within the family or someone already

close to the business, the priority should be that of protecting the business itself, the assets within, its ability to generate income, and ensuring all debts are met, all loans facilitated, all taxes paid, and all consequences considered. It is not a simple walk in the park type exercise, and for any business, can be very time consuming, especially if there are multiple family members involved.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of a qualified advisor before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly Accounting & Super Pty Ltd employees or agents shall not be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.

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1. Kasbah Imports Large Honey Comb Pendant $693 kasbahimports.com.au 2. Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover $142.95 www.zanui.com.au 3. Kip&Co Mandarin Tassel Throw $269 kipandco.com.au 4. Artesania de Galicia Amboa Gundivos vessels from $485 www.spenceandlyda.com.au 5. Mayfield Nudara Table Lamp $262.95 www.zanui.com.au 6. Castle Road Interiors Petsa Cushion www.zanui.com.au

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This Beach House, located on a remote tropical island is designed with minimum effort


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Tropical Beach House

and to have maximum flexibility to control the three elements of light, air and water.

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Tropical Beach House A small one bedroom 100 x 100 m2 beach house. Virtually the entire structure opens out onto the natural environment allowing the landscape to blend seamlessly with the living spaces including the bedroom and bathroom : an invigorating and healthy exchange between nature and its owners. Retractable timber shutters made from low-maintenance native hardwoods that will age and eventually blend in with the surrounding tropical landscape. and sliding glass doors shield against the extremes of intense heat, torrential rains and humidity. Solid walls have been dispensed with in order to achieve maximum openness allowing as much air in as possible. The entirely white interior gives a cool contrast to the exterior heat. The steeply pitched ceiling, capped with a traditional roof ventilator, allows accumulated hot air in the roof space to escape. This ventilation system combined with ceiling fans makes air conditioning needless despite it’s tropical location.


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Renato D’Ettorre Architects Darlinghurst, Australia Architect Renato D’Ettorre Renato’s architecture draws inspiration from past masters and civilisations, attempting to represent the present with a desire to leave enduring buildings for the future. “Our object is to create an architecture that is evocative, attempts a sense of place and beauty, satisfies the human need for textural and tactile expressions, calms or stimulates the senses with light and shade, space and materiality, whilst reducing complexity to achieve clarity and simplicity thus emphasising the ephemeral elements that good architecture can generate.” dettorrearchitects.com.au instagram.com/renatodettorrearchitects

Photographer Willem Rethmeier willemrethmeier.com

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The Marina Residences project is the latest offering from North Queensland based property developer, Maidment Group. Taking prime position along the iconic, mast-filled waterscape within Townsville’s Breakwater Marina, the development is set to redefine the standard of luxury waterfront living in North Queensland. Located within Townsville’s exclusive Mariners Peninsula, with its spectacular views overlooking the Breakwater Marina, The Strand, Castle Hill and Magnetic Island, Marina Residences is positioned in one of the most breathtaking locations in Australia and provides a rare opportunity to live in one of Townsville’s most unique and exclusive waterfront settings.

From the inside to the outside, the Marina Residences lifestyle is all about convenience. With direct access to the marina promenade and walking distance to the burgeoning restaurant and café scene of The Strand & Gregory Street lifestyle precincts, Marina Residences offers the perfect blend of luxury cosmopolitan living and urban convenience and provides residents access to the very best entertainment and lifestyle amenities Townsville has to offer.

“Offering 11 executive style two and three-level marina homes and 16 luxury boutique apartments.”

Architecturally designed to complement its waterfront setting and an emphasis on creating generous internal and external living spaces, the project is much more than a complex of new waterfront dwellings. The combination of spacious design and the pursuit of uncompromising quality, all set against the backdrop of an iconic waterfront location, will ensure these city-defining residences offer a new standard of luxury living in the North.

D I S P L AY S U I T E NOW OPEN 30 Mariners Drive, The Strand 10am to 5pm www.mresidences.com.au

Now you can live close to everything and still be surrounded by nature at the foothills of Mount Louisa at Hillside Gardens. This very desirable boutique estate of only 38 level home sites is the perfect place to build your new home.

At nearly 50% sold now is the time to choose your new home site at Hillside Gardens! With recently completed modern homes, more under construction and home sites selling from just $157,500*, Hillside Gardens is your best location choice to build your new home in Townsville. Call today for house + land packages and our current price list. *Average $175,522


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9-17 Thorn Street Mount Louisa Visit Hillside Gardens and you’ll be impressed. Take Greenview Drive, turn right at the roundabout into Thorn Street and follow the signs. Join us on Facebook and hillsidegardenstownsville.com.au For more information please call Nicky on 0473 986 222 duoma ga zine.com . au


Asian Roasted Salmon Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 30-45 minutes Serves 6

INGREDIENTS 2kg salmon, cleaned and descaled 3 garlic cloves, chopped A thumb ginger, finely shredded 1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped, plus extra to serve Juice of 1 lime 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar 5 teaspoons sesame oil ½ cup soy sauce Sliced lime Spring onions (scallions), chopped coriander (cilantro) and steamed Asian greens, to serve METHOD Preheat oven to 180°C (355°F). Combine garlic, ginger, chilli, lime juice, vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce in a bowl. Place fish on a double layer of foil or baking paper on a large baking tray. Fill cavity with half the spice mixture and pour the remainder over the top. Add sliced lime, wrap fish in foil or baking paper and bake for 30-45 minutes, until cooked through. Top cooked fish with shredded spring onion, coriander leaves and extra red chilli. Serve with steamed Asian greens.

Recipes extracted from The Long Life Plan New Holland Publishers RRP $35.00 Available from all good book retailers or online www.newhollandpublishers.com


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Chickpea Masala Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 30 minutes Serves 4

INGREDIENTS 1 large onion, finely sliced 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 5 teaspoons of finely grated ginger 1-1½ teaspoons salt 2 teaspoon ground coriander 1 red chilli, deseeded and sliced 4 teaspoons ground cumin 1½ teaspoons ground turmeric 2 teaspoons garam masala 5 cups chickpeas, cooked (see below) ½ cup coconut milk 150g green beans 400g tinned diced tomatoes Broccoli rice (see page 108) and leafy greens, to serve METHOD Fry the onion until softened. Add garlic and spices and cook until fragrant. Add chickpeas and tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes. Add coconut milk and green beans and cook until beans are tender. Serve with leafy greens and broccoli rice. Chickpea base Soak dried chickpeas overnight. Drain and rinse, then boil in water until plump and tender.

Recipes extracted from The Long Life Plan New Holland Publishers RRP $35.00 Available from all good book retailers or online www.newhollandpublishers.com


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LEFT: Dy at home with her son Ben and daughter Maddi.

Bad headaches and extreme tiredness were proving bothersome for Dy Hills in January last year, but she wrote it off as stress. Even when the family brought to her attention that she was having blank moments and speaking some ‘unreal words’, she didn’t take it seriously. So when diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour on the 23rd of March 2018, it came as a shock. “The day before, I left work (with the Medical Service Group at the Townsville Hospital) at about 4pm,” Dy recalls. “I was in bed and asleep by 5pm with another headache. I went to work the next day again but, by lunch time, the headache had returned.” Although her colleague and friend Amie encouraged Dy to go home, she decided to stick it out. “I just remember being held against the wall so I wouldn’t fall over after I had apparently done a bit of a disco dance,” Dy says. “They then organised me a chair to sit on, and a couple

of doctors came to talk to me, but I don’t remember any of that.” Amie was advised to take Dy to the emergency department and, fortunately, she was in the right place at the right time for an accurate diagnosis. “By about 5pm, after an MRI and PET scans, I was told I could have one of three types of cancer,” Dy says. “I was in the hospital for four days as the diagnosis was narrowed down to a Grade 4 brain tumour – Epithelioid Glioblastoma. And that’s when I was told: ‘Dy, you have six to 18 months to live. Go home and do whatever you want!’ “As I wasn’t even 50 with two young adult children, the diagnosis certainly put a different perspective on life. Given a timeframe for this life certainly changes your view of your daily priorities.” After Dy’s first surgery on the 29th of March 2018, she was encouraged to contact Dr Charlie Teo to see if he might take her case on. By mid-May Dr Teo’s

office had called to say he could potentially help. Dy’s excitement at this prospect was quickly followed by fear when Dr Teo advised her tumour had doubled in size since her first surgery two months before. On the 23rd of May, Dy was in operation again, and the fantastic news is that Dr Teo was able to remove the entire tumour. “With Charlie operating on me, my lifespan increased to five years at that time,” Dy says. “Now I have scans every three months here in Townsville to make sure the tumour isn’t growing back. “I still get very tired, and I’ve had to discover a new level of ‘normality’ but so far, so good following a long period of radiation and chemo. “I’m very grateful to the wonderful Townsville Hospital clan for my first surgery and for continuing to look after me. And, of course, Charlie has my eternal gratitude.” Dy’s Dad, Col, also had cancer and, sadly, passed


When headaches that Dy Hills had put down to stress turned out to be a brain tumour, the mother of two instantly restructured her priority list. WORDS: KYLIE DAVIS


away a couple of years before her own diagnosis. He was a very active Lions Member for close to 40 years in Charters Towers, Emerald and Townsville. The last club he was with was Townsville Cleveland Bay and, in honour of him, they created the ‘Shoot for a Cause’ competition. “Last year, I was truly blessed when the Lions Club decided to donate the day’s profits to the Charlie Teo Foundation as they were aware of his great work and the benefit he had brought to my family and me,” Dy says. “If DUO readers could also support Dr Teo and his Foundation, that would be brilliant!” And Dy has this final hard-learned advice for DUO readers as well: “If you have headaches and are very tired, get yourself checked out. Be good to yourself!” TO DONATE NOW GO TO www.charlieteofoundation.org.au


positioned teeth found in Neanderthal skulls from over 50 000 years ago! Although the clinical skills to predictably correct tooth alignment are far more recent, humans have been attempting to straighten teeth for a very long time! Archaeologists have discovered Egyptian mummies with metal bands around teeth connected by catgut, which appear to be the earliest type of orthodontic braces! Hippocrates provided the first written description of tooth irregularities back in 400 BC.

ABOVE L-R Dr Desmond Ong Dr Geoff Stanton Dr Linda Ton Dr Paul Hanrahan

The History and Future of Orthodontics Crooked Teeth Through the Ages

Healthy teeth and an attractive smile have long been considered to be desirable. Across every ethnicity, there are many examples of how humans have sought to improve or enhance their appearance. Crooked teeth is definitely not a new phenomenon, with evidence of poorly


duoma ga zine.com. au

Orthodontics: The Very First Dental Specialty Edward Angle (1855-1930) is known as the ‘Father of Orthodontics’. Angle’s original classification of malocclusion (malocclusion literally means ‘bad bite’) from 1899 is still used today. Angle designed many types of orthodontic appliances and is largely credited with evolving orthodontic treatment from a speculative process into an exacting science. Angle firmly believed that due to its complexity, orthodontics required specialist training and he subsequently established the first postgraduate program devoted exclusively to orthodontics. Universities throughout the world have continued this training ever since with graduating specialists now known as orthodontists. Modern Techniques Orthodontic appliances and techniques have greatly improved over the past 100 years. Adhesive and digital 3D technology has further enhanced and refined contemporary clinical practice. Orthodontists certainly look beyond the mere ‘straightness’ of the teeth and

are trained to holistically diagnose and treat the mouth as an integral part of the human face. The sleek braces used today are vastly different from the ‘metal bands’ of yesteryear and modern clear aligner treatment can now treat many types of orthodontic problems. The Future of Orthodontics All orthodontists have completed peerreviewed scientific research as part of their full-time specialist training at university. These orthodontic research projects continue to increase the knowledge base in molecular and biomaterial science, genetics, engineering and human growth and development. In turn, this advancing knowledge will continue to improve the efficiency, delivery and effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.

Although modern technology has reduced the technical difficulty of providing orthodontic treatment, a correct and accurate diagnosis remains essential to provide an excellent treatment outcome. A computer or 3D scanning device will never replace the complex reasoning skills of a human brain or the empathy of a caring clinician. History has demonstrated that orthodontics is deserving of its own dedicated specialist training program. A specialist orthodontist has the knowledge, clinical expertise and commitment to life-long education to provide the best orthodontic treatment for their patients. In the words of the great Confucius: “Study the past if you would determine the future.”

Desmond Ong Orthodontist Desmond Ong is currently a Clinical Academic in Orthodontics at the University of Queensland and an Orthodontist at Townsville Orthodontic Specialists. Desmond has published over 15 clinical articles in various dental journals and is regularly invited to present his research and clinical lectures at national and international conferences. Townsville Orthodontic Specialists 17 Martinez Avenue, West End, Townsville 4775 4433 www.tsvortho.com.au

For the Smile of Your Life

Dr Paul Hanrahan | Dr Linda Ton Dr Geoff Stanton | Dr Desmond Ong

17 Martinez Avenue The Lakes Townsville 4775 4433 admin@tsvortho.com.au www.tsvortho.com.au duoma ga zine.com . au



When the ringing doesn’t stop Tinnitus affects 1 in 5 Australians – what can be done to manage it? What is tinnitus? Imagine a constant noise in your head. A noise that never lets up. It’s there when you try to sleep and there when you wake up. From a slight high pitched whine to a locomotive constantly in your head tinnitus is different for everyone. The biggest consideration is to understand that the noise a person hears is not imagined. It is real and a symptom of a malfunction somewhere in the hearing system. What causes tinnitus? There are many causes of tinnitus and sometimes tinnitus is brought on or aggravated not just by one of these causes but many. Here’s a list of just a few of the known tinnitus causes and aggravators: • Exposure to loud noise • Stress • Anxiety • Middle ear infections • Age related hearing loss • Some prescription drugs • Compacted ear wax • Ménière’s disease • Head injury How does tinnitus affect people? The effects of tinnitus vary from person to person and depends on the severity of the. Most people can cope with the slight constant annoying sound, but for others the disease can lead to ongoing problems. Tinnitus can have psychological consequences for sufferers. They can be concerned the sound will grow and


duoma ga zine.com. au

Tinnitus affects 20% of the Australian population. While there is no cure, several management strategies have shown to be effective in reducing the impact on sufferers.

become so annoying they think they will literally go insane. This is an extreme case but the constant noise can deprive sufferers of sleep leading to shortened attention spans, lack of concentration and even depression. Is there a tinnitus cure? It would be great if there was a magic bullet for tinnitus, but unfortunately

there is no cure. Over time however some treatment and management options have been trialled that have shown effectiveness in some sufferers. • Hearing aids: If the cause is hearing loss related, solving the hearing loss allows people to hear softer sounds they otherwise might miss. These sounds in turn masks the tinnitus. • Masking devices: Masking devices create a different sound to mask the perception of the tinnitus. White noise, ocean waves or music are created in the same pitch of the tinnitus to help cancel it out. • Neuromonics: Neuromonics uses specially formulated music to mask and break the loop with the emotional area of the brain, which reduces the stress associated with tinnitus. Neuromonics also includes some counselling to help the sufferer emotionally deal with the tinnitus. No matter how bad the tinnitus is, the sooner a treatment and management plan is developed, the better the long-term outcome for the sufferer. If you do suffer from tinnitus, speak to Clarity today to see what steps you can take to lessen the impact of this disease.

Grant Collins Principal Audiologist/Owner Grant is a passionate and tireless advocate for ethical and evidence-based hearing health assessment and treatment. Grant and his wife Sara started Clarity in 2008 in north Queensland and have now grown it to 35 clinics throughout the state. Clarity

prides itself on ensuring you get the right, expert diagnosis and the best advice and recommendations to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Clarity Hearing + Balance Call 1300 clarity (1300 252 748) www.clarityhearingsolutions.com.au

For more than just hearing loss Local specialised audiology expertise Thousands of Queenslanders have trusted Clarity for the best advice and treatment options for hearing loss. When it comes to complex audiology conditions, Clarity are also the trusted local experts.

Talk to Clarity about:

Call 1300 CLARITY or

+ Vestibular Migraine

Mackay Townsville

Clarity offers a complete range of specialist expertise right here in Mackay and Townsville. Seeing you specialist locally provides you with a better health outcome sooner.

+ Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

If you have any concerns, from hearing loss to more complex audiological issues, contact Clarity today.

+ Balance/Vestibular Disorders + MÊniere’s Disease

4957 2000 4779 1566

Clinics also in: Ayr | Bowen | Charters Towers Collinsville | Hughenden | Ingham | Mt Isa | Proserpine Richmond | Sarina and more

+ Tinnitus + Hearing Implant Technology + Central Auditory Processing Disorders + Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss + Industrial Deafness

Independent Hearing Loss Experts and Audiology Specialists

www.clarityhearingsolutions.com.au duoma ga zine.com . au



Delivering firsts in cancer care Under a unified rebrand, Icon Cancer Centre continues delivering a series of firsts in world-class cancer care to North Queensland.


duoma ga zine.com. au

Before Icon Group opened centres across the three major regional cities of North Queensland, cancer patients had to travel extensive distances outside of their home towns to receive treatment. Being away from support networks for months on end only added heavy financial burden to an already highly distressing time for individuals and their families. Since 2011 however, Icon has been the first to establish a series of advanced cancer care centres that have, quite literally, changed the face and scope of cancer treatment in the North. Initially established over eight years ago in the Far North, Icon Cancer Centre at Cairns Hospital is delivered in partnership with the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service. The Cairns community were the first to experience a dedicated radiation therapy centre, finally negating the need to travel long distances. In the years since opening, the Cairns Hospital based centre has saved patients a collective 5million kilometres of travel, or the equivalent of six return trips to the moon! This centre also became the first Queensland-based department to provide Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, a cutting-edge treatment benefitting people with leftsided breast cancer, along with more recently introducing stereotactic radiation therapy designed for secondary brain cancers and lung cancer.

Again, with this advanced cancer treatment now available in Cairns, patients no longer need to travel to Townsville or Brisbane. The people of Townsville were the next to benefit from close-to-home cancer care. Since December 2013, Icon Townsville, specialising in chemotherapy, immunotherapy and treatment for blood disorders, has provided patients with over 6,000 treatments, and well over 10,000 consults per year. Dr Sabe Sabesan has also been one of the first pioneers in supplying telehealth cancer care to further reduce the need for patients to travel too far from home. Telehealth enables the centre to provide expert cancer care to the greater region through video consultation with patients living remotely. The centre is

now also looking to increase access to clinical trials, giving people in the north more opportunity and hope. More recently, Icon Cancer Centre Mackay opened its doors in January 2018, bringing the first radiation therapy service to the Mackay region, which has already saved people in excess of 497,600 kilometres, and 5,390 hours of travel! The centre also provides chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies and treatment for blood disorders. Mackay treated their first stereotactic radiation therapy patient in December 2018, and just as in Cairns, patients can now receive advanced treatment while staying close to community support. Of late, the centre introduced yet another first, with the installation of an ‘isolator,’

CONNECT NOW iconcancercentre.com.au/cancer-care-centres/ Facebook: Icon Cancer Centre

Icon Cancer Centre Cairns Block E, Ground Floor Corner Lake and Grove Streets Cairns 4036 5200 admin.cairns@icon.team

a machine that allows short expiry medication to be manufactured on site that would otherwise necessitate people travelling to receive the same standard of care. The same machine is also available at Icon Townsville. Icon’s commitment to North Queensland has seen people like Mackay local Natalie Hine, experience a completely different journey to recovery than would have been possible only a year earlier. When first diagnosed with cancer, Natalie’s immediate thought was, “who would look after my kids for 5 to 6 weeks?” “Being able to receive my treatment locally was such a relief… I felt so grateful to be able to recover in my own bed, with my network and family close by.” Townsville Site Manager, Georgina Whelan, explained

that rebranding the three sites under the Icon Cancer Centre banner “will help patients in the North clearly identify their respective regional centres [as synonymous] with the treatment excellence provided by Icon Cancer Centre.” It’s perhaps Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton, who best sums up the impact of Icon Cancer Centre’s establishment in North Queensland, stating, “it’s our firm belief that people should have access to quality care as close to home as possible.” Icon Cancer Centre provides radiation therapy to all patients, with no private health insurance required.

Icon Cancer Centre Townsville 9-13 Bayswater Road, Hyde Park 4795 7100 admin.townsville@icon.team Icon Cancer Centre Mackay 148 Sams Road, North Mackay 4961 3200 admin.mackay@icon.team

duoma ga zine.com . au



duoma ga zine.com. au

duoma ga zine.com . au


Our top picks for what’s happening in The North.

The Calendar

Paluma Push

India Fest

Xavier Rudd - Townsville Cultural Fest

If you’re near Townsville

6th - 7th July

1st July – 31st August

Filipino Festival Riverway, Pioneer Park

Northern Australian Festival of Arts Townsville City Townsville will play host to the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts. With a monthlong lineup featuring Cabaret acts in the Spiegeltent and Strand Ephemera along the Strand, the Australian Festival of Chamber music in Queens Gardens. The city is abuzz over the festival thanks to the accompanying Northern Fringe festival with acts scattered throughout the city. www.townsville.qld.gov.au/nafa

6 July Style Over Speed Black Tie Bike Ride Townsville City Riding your bike is an ad for cycling… so do it in style! Style Over Speed is a traffic-stopping black-tie affair. Over 80 cyclists parade through town along The Strand, out to the casino and back finishing with live music, a bar and a fashion parade by participants with their bikes. www.whatson.townsville.qld.gov.au/ events

Now in it’s 11th year, this free two day event highlights the Filipino culture through dance, music and food. There’s entertainment for young and not so young - games, rides, karaoke competition, bands and food stalls and prizes to be won, the biggest prize being a return trip to the Philippines thanks to Air Nuigini. Find us on Facebook FAANQ

16th – 20th July Jesus Christ SuperStar Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre In true stadium style, just as Andrew Lloyd Webber intended it to be, this will be a sound and lighting spectacular. Propelled by a stirring score, by turns driving and majestic, satirical and tender, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR illuminates the transcendent power of the human spirit with a passion that goes straight to the heart. www.tecc.net.au

21st – 22nd July The Paluma Push Paluma A race from the Paluma Village via the Paluma Dam through World heritage rainforest and cattle


duoma ga zine.com. au

property to Hidden Valley Cabins. Three courses are available, the 42-kilometre recreational trail, the 53-kilometre intermediate course and the competition course which is 70 kilometres. www.palumapush.com.au

27th July Townsville Cup Townsville Turf Club Don’t miss the biggest race day of the year in North Queensland! Townsville Cup Day is set to be one of the biggest and best on record. It will be a massive day of racing, fashion socialising, catching up with friends and enjoying some of the best trackside hospitality around. www.townsvilleturfclub.com.au

3rd – 4th August Australian Italian Festival Ingham The Festival is an artistic and cultural Festival highlighting the Italian influence on Ingham and North Queensland and their involvement in the Sugar Industry. Guests gain access to entertainment, competitions, free amusement rides for the children, market stalls and homemade, mouth-watering Italian food from the best local Italian Nonnas. www.australianitalianfestival.com.au

Filipino Festival

4th August McDonalds Townsville Running Festival Jezzine Barracks In a setting that sees the sunrise over Magnetic Island, the majestic coral sea, the sunset behind the iconic granite of Castle hill, you’ll have picture perfect prime real estate to bring you a Running Festival that stands like no other. Not just a run, it’s an experience. www.townsvillerunningfestival.com

10th – 18th August Townsville Triathlon Festival Strand Park Introducing the brand new Intersport Townsville Triathlon Festival Multisport Event. Entering its 17th year and now being established as a significant race on the National Triathlon circuit as a World Age Group Qualifying Olympic Distance event, the Townsville Triathlon Festival is the ‘Big Weekend’ – a weekend of racing, fun and a full festival atmosphere with an array of events and activities to take part in across one massive weekend. www.townsvilletrifestival.org.au

Photo: Andrea Francolini Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club - NAFA Northern Australian Festival of Arts

16th -18th August Townsville Cultural Fest James Cook University Townsville Cultural Fest will celebrate 25 years of ‘Unity in Diversity’ this year, with headline acts Xavier Rudd, Bobby Alu, Baker Boy, and L-Fresh The Lion joined by hundreds of performers showcasing music, dance, food and culture from around the world. This global fusion will combine with free familyfriendly activities, free workshops. www.culturalfest.org

22nd August A Night at the Opera TYTO Conference & Events Centre Opera Queensland will be coming to Ingham to tour Songs to Die For. Come along to experience the

The Townsville Cup

wonder, magic and joy of opera at close range. Enjoy a beautiful evening under the stars at the TYTO Amphitheatre overlooking the tranquil lagoons. www.tyto.com.au/event

22nd – 24 August The Tempest presented by Townsville Grammar School Townsville Entertainment Centre Townsville Grammar School is proud to present a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s fantasy, The Tempest. One of Shakespeare’s last plays, The Tempest is based on the themes of love, betrayal, revenge and family. Directed by Fiona Perry, Costuming by Jenni Ansic. www.tecc.net.au

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week

25th August Cape Pallarenda Trail Run Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park Their signature event in the Outer Limits Trail Run Series. So close to home and taking in some of the best trails in Townsville with stunning views onto Magnetic Island. Join them for a great day on the trails www.outerlimitsadventure.com.au

29th August – 4th September SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week Magnetic Island Bringing together the excitement of competitive sailing and community events, along with the ambience of Magnetic Island, SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week offers an experience to remember.

With top-notch racing, live bands and partying galore, the shore side program of this annual regatta is sure to leave you wanting more year after year. www.magneticislandraceweek.com.au

31st August India Fest Riverway A burst of colour and culture is returning to Townsville with IndiaFest on again Saturday 31st August. A free event at the Riverway Oval with traditional Indian Cuisine, Cookery Workshop, Arts and Crafts Village as well as Bollywood Extravaganza, folk dances and fashion shows. India Fest promises to be an entertainment extravaganza that will explode your senses. www.indiafesttownsville.org

Artists represented: Anneke Silver Graeme Buckley Heather Bryne Gai Copeman Ed Kulpa

Gallery 48 Kathy Cornwall Afterlife

acrylic on wood 29 x 10 x 16 cm

2/48 The Strand Townsville

Part of the North Australian Art Festival 1 July–31 August

visual arts, painting, drawing, fine art prints

Anne Lord Steve Maguire Sue Poggioli Vince Bray Jim Cox Lynn Scott-Cumming

OPEN Wednesdays + Saturdays 12 noon to 5pm gallery48thestrandtownsville.com Facebook: gallery48thestrand Mobile: 0408 287 203

duoma ga zine.com . au


Our top picks for what’s happening in The North.

The Calendar

Soweto Gospel Choir

Emma Pask

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 10th Anniversary

The Young King - Cairns Festival

If you’re in Cairns

11th-13th July

19th July

17th August

6th July

Club Gotham Villains of Vaudeville Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

Soweto Gospel Choir CPAC Theatre

The MSF Sugar Great Pyramid Race Gordonvale

The infamous Batman Cabaret returns! Jokers den of dastardly deviants returns to paramour cabaret theatre. Featuring a multiaward-winning cast of burlesque and cabaret performers from across Australia, this immersive tribute will excite seasoned cabaret fans and comic book veterans alike.

Winners of the 2019 World Music Grammy Award for their album Freedom which celebrates and commemorates their nation’s struggle, the world’s most critically acclaimed choir brings their concert to Australia for the first time.

FREE family event run by The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair Association Inc. The Festival activities includes the main event; The Great Pyramid Race and the new Half Pyramid Race, as well as other sporting activities. Pop-up stalls, entertainment, cultural and craft events, children’s activities, rides and amusements for everyone.

ReefBeat Music Festival Cairns Showgrounds A New Music Festival for Cairns – ReefBeat is a one-day event with a massive lineup of top musicians, bands and performers. Headlined by The Thundamentals and a vast swag of other supporting acts. With mind-blowing stage production, exotic creatures, dancers, circus performers, drummers, lighting shows, tribal performances and a sound system that is second to none. www.reefbeat.com.au

10th – 14th July Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 10th Anniversary Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal CIAF’s tenth-anniversary celebration kicks off with a spectacular party at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal. With a first glimpse of the centrepiece of the event Art Fair inspired by the theme, My Yarn Now, along with a vibrant entertainment line-up on the outdoor stage, food and drinks from local artisan suppliers and a spectacular fireworks display. www.ciaf.com.au


duoma ga zine.com. au



19th July

14th July

Emma Pask Tanks Arts Centre

Cairns Marathon Koah A multi-terrain race over dirt roads and bitumen through the Eucalypts and rainforest to finish in Cairns Queensland Australia. There are three other events on the same weekend and over the same course, but with varying distances.

Award-winning Australian vocalist Emma Pask has firmly established herself as one of this country’s favourite Jazz voices. Emma has played support for the American music legend George Benson on his Australian tour. www.tanksartscentre.com/whats-on


3rd August

16th July

Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup Carnival Cairns Jockey Club

Magic Millions Up & Coming Stayers Race Day Cairns Jockey Club Enjoy a day out in the perfect Tropical North Queensland winter weather while having a punt on 7 TAB races. Gates open 12noon and children under 15 are free.

Headline event of the Cairns social calendar and the local racing industry. Cairns Cup Day 1 Saturday 3 August. Welcome, Lawn Party & Calcutta Thursday 8 August. Schweppes Cairns Cup Golf Tournament 9 August. Cairns Cup Day 2 Saturday 10 August.




23rd August – 1st September Cairns Festival A full program of events that features music, art, theatre, film, comedy and more are held across the region. Cairns Esplanade is the central heartbeat of the festival with favourites like the Grand Parade and Fireworks as well as the Festival Family Concert and Film Nights. Munro Martin Parklands hosts a blockbuster soundtrack to the festival. City Lights features an expanded program with the Cairns City Library projection now being complemented by multimedia installations right across the city. Make sure you also get involved. www.cairns.qld.gov.au/festival


Our top picks for what’s happening in The North.

The Calendar

Madame Butterfly

The Killer Queen Experience

If you’re in Mackay 4th July Glory Days The Boss Experience Mount Pleasant Tavern The exciting new show which brings to life the hits of The Boss…Bruce Springsteen. Starring the vocal talents of James G Brennan and his incredible group, emulating the sounds of the E Street Band. This brilliant two and half hour show features all the big hits. A show not to be missed. www.glorydaysaus.com

13th July The Taylors Solicitors Mackay Cup Ooralea Racecourse The most hotly contested local race is the Mackay Cup. Attracting thousands of racegoers, Mackay Cup Day proves to be one of the biggest race days of the year with seven local runs, Fashion In the Field and entertainment. www.mackayturfclub.com.au

19th – 20th July 2019 Mackay Chamber Music Festival Mackay Three days of concerts masterclasses and other special events. It brings some of Australia’s


duoma ga zine.com. au

Lee Kernaghan – Backroad Nation Tour

finest musicians together to play chamber music in beautiful Mackay. This year, the weekend again promises to be full of community spirit, friendship and brilliant music. www.mackaycmf.com.au

27th July Madame Butterfly presented by Opera Australia MECC Auditorium One of Australia’s greatest theatrical minds, John Bell, directs this production, complete with beautiful costumes and sets. Hear Opera Australia’s excellent singers perform with a chamber orchestra, along with a children’s chorus, drawn from local communities. www.themecc.com.au

28th July Sydney Street Medical Beach to Gardens Charity Fun Run Iluka Park Mackay The 2019 Beach to Gardens Charity Fun Run raises vital funds for local helicopter rescue service RACQ CQ Rescue. This year, there’s a selection of beautiful scenic routes, including 5 kilometres, 8 kilometres, 16 kilometre and 21.1 kilometre routes along the Bluewater Trail and a 2.6 kilometre dog walk at Iluka Park. www.beachtogardensfunrun.com.au

1st August Yamato The Drummers of Japan MECC Auditorium Their acclaimed performances of Japanese Taiko drumming and music have captivated audiences of over 7 million people in 54 countries across the globe. In their brand new show Passion, the drummers challenge and push themselves to their absolute limits. Yamato will leave audiences exhilarated by this visually spectacular, high-energy and explosive show. www.themecc.com.au

15th August The Killer Queen Experience MECC Auditorium After sold-out shows across the world, The Killer Queen Experience is coming to Mackay for one night only! Starring the most recognised Freddie Mercury performer on the planet, John Blunt. Don’t miss your chance to re-live the best moments of rock; The Killer Queen Experience is a must-see for any fans of QUEEN, young and old! www.themecc.com.au

17th August Yoga Fest Mackay 2019 Mackay Surf lifesaving Club A celebration of all the fantastic Yoga based offerings in our local

Yamato The Drummers of Japan

community across Mackay and surrounding districts. This is an opportunity for the Yoga community to come together and share their many different styles and limbs of Yoga. Your Yoga Fest Pass includes workshops, general entry to stalls and a unique Yoga Fest promo bag! www.facebook.com/yogafestmackay

31st August Lee Kernaghan – Backroad Nation Tour MECC Auditorium Lee Kernaghan is one of the all-time greats of Australian music with 38 number 1 hits and a ute load of Golden Guitar awards to his credit. Following his sold out 25th Anniversary Tour Lee began turning his experiences out on the road into songs and a brand new album Backroad Nation. Book tickets early to secure your place to celebrate with Lee as he tours the country with his new album. Lee’s Special Guests are the 2019 multiple Golden Guitar award winners The Wolfe Brothers and CMC’s Female Artist Of The Year, Christie Lamb. www.themecc.com.au

touch wild hinchinbrookway.com.au

Don’t be fooled. The Hinchinbrook Way isn’t a drive. It is one hundred drives meandering through graceful cane fields that make the ride even sweeter. It isn’t one adventure, it is thousands as you discover mountains and mighty waterfalls, island paradises and prehistoric landscapes, marine wonderlands and a sport-fishing mecca. It is where you can go as fast or as slow as you like. Go adventuring, touch the wild, go flat out, relax, put your feet up, have a laugh, enjoy an ice cold beverage. This is our way of life, it is The Hinchinbrook Way. Join us on your next weekend or holiday.

IMAGES L-R Off Yanks Jetty, Orpheus Island - M. Fitz Flat Out - B. Dee Forrest Beach - Q. Lawson Zoe Falls - K. Purling Kayaking Zoe Bay - Hinchinbrook S. C. Jourama Falls - Q. Lawson Wallaman Falls - P. Unger


Mon 26 August 2019


‘CINDERELLA SPINDERELLA’ DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS! Cinderella works hard cleaning the house while her bossy step-mother, Edna Bucket, sits around texting on her phone and eating scones all day. It’s hard for poor Cinders to make any real friends since she is always cleaning or cooking and by the end of the day she is very tired and falls asleep early. Murray the Moose has just delivered an invitation to a special party but Cinderella can’t go alone. Edna Bucket doesn’t like partiesso she won’t be going. Will Cinderella go by herself ? Will she find a friend to go with? Will she ever meet a Prince? An interactive, educational and fun production incorporating safety messages. Come along and see for yourself. 10.00am – 11.00am | Hinchinbrook Shire Library – TYTO | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4614.

Sat 29 June - Sun 14 July



Activities will be available throughout the School Holidays for children and children at heart. Search “I Spy : Book of Riddles” and create your own riddles with photographs. Activities will vary over the two weeks. 10.00am - 4.00pm | Hinchinbrook Shire Library | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4614.

Sat 6 July 2019




AUSTRALIAN ITALIAN FESTIVAL 25TH ANNIVERSARY Join us in a spectacular celebration of Italian Culture and the contribution of Italian migrants to the Australian way of life in North Queensland. A truly authentic Italian Cultural Festival • • •

6.00pm | The J L Kelly Theatre | Booking www.hinchinbrookway.com.au/whats-on/bolshoiballet-spartacus | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4618.

Wed 10 July 2019

Sat 3 & Sun 4 August 2019


Using Laughter Magic. Puppets make the world a happier place. Building and developing children’s literature through language and laughter. The White Wizard makes life just a little more fun. Partner Programme State Library of Queensland, First 5 Forever and TYTO 10.00am - 11.00am | Hinchinbrook Shire Library | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4614.

Thu 25 July 2019

THINK BUSINESS Getting the most out of yourself, your business and others 5:30pm to 8:00pm | Cost: $25 | TYTO Conference and Events Centre | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4618.

• •

World class entertainment including Guiseppe Cacciapaglia Opera singer from Bari Italy Flag throwers direct from Parma in Northern Italy Luke Stewart and Sal from MKR performing cooking demonstrations Homemade mouth watering Italian food Free amusement rides for the children

Tickets starting from $16 Book online and Save www.austrailanitalianfestival.com.au e: admin@australianitalianfestival.com.au

Fri 23 August 2019


Tue 20 August 2019

THINK BUSINESS Tourism Statistical Analysis and Reporting for Businesses and Event Co-ordinators 5:30pm to 8:30pm | Cost: $25 | TYTO Conference and Events Centre | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4614.

Fri 30 August 2019


7.00pm until 10.00pm | Cost: Adults $20 & Child $10 (3-16yrs) | TYTO Conference and Events Centre

You’re invited to enjoy baked delights, and tea and coffee whilst you test your knowledge. Come along and keep your mind nimble. Last Friday of every month between July – October.

Bookings are Essential: Please book your ticket via https://www.hinchinbrookway.com.au/whats-on/ opera-queensland-songs-die. Please note this is a ticketed event. Please show your ticket upon entry. If tickets are still available on the evening they will be available at the gate. Food and beverages including alcohol will be available for purchase at the event. Please note: BYO beverages are not permissible.

9.30 am – 11.00 am | TYTO Conference and Event Centre | Cost:$8.50pp for local seniors, $12.50pp for non seniors | To book phone 4776 4726 or email events@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au | Payment to be made prior to the Hinchinbrook Shire Library. Please note there is an easy access drop off point in front of the Library off McIlwraith Street, Ingham, and then access to the carpark. Mini-bus parking in Macrossan Avenue.

North Queensland. This signature event attracts a broad selection of submissions from artists nationwide. Celebrating the best in current practices across several media, while encouraging the development of Youth Arts, the Awards are an excellent platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their work. 10:00am - 4:00pm | TYTO Regional Art Gallery


WORKSHOP 12/07/2019 - 13/07/2019


WORKSHOP: PAM FINLAY Learn to paint and create!! During this fun-filled acrylics workshop, Participants will have the opportunity to create a work on canvas, using techniques learnt from accomplished artist Pam Finlay. This workshop is designed for kids aged 5-17 yrs. 10.00am - 3.00pm | TYTO Regional Art Gallery | Bookings are Essential, Phone 4776 4725 or Email gallery@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au

17/08/2019 - 25/082019



Monday 19 August : Macrame : 10.00am Tuesday 20 August : Pen & Wash : 10.00am Wednesday 21 August : Floral Art : 10.00am Thursday 22 August : Woodwork : 10.00am


The Kennedy Regiment mini Museum. The collection showcases a compilation of published works, periodicals, military records, photographs, writings, ephemera and artefacts sharing the history of The Kennedy Regiment, including the 31st Battalion, 31/51st Battalion and the 2/31st Battalion and their role in the Australian military narrative. Group tours are available to cover Art, Culture and Nature. These can be customised to suit you occasion and/or interest group. Call today to discuss your group itinerary. Hinchinbrook Shire Library.

TYTO WETLANDS TOURS Discover the wetlands and learn about some of the 243 bird species found at TYTO. Conditions: minimum numbers or by appointment, group savings available. 9.00am Daily | Hinchinbrook Visitors Information Lounge | Paid: Tour: Tuesday and Saturday



A journey that brings to life a yesteryear that shaped the great pioneering cane communities of Hinchinbrook. 9.00am Daily | Hinchinbrook Visitors Information Lounge | Paid: Tour: Tuesday and Saturday

For more information on these workshops, Phone 4776 4725 or Email gallery@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au



Free fun at TYTO everyday. Nature Bingo, Feed the Turtles, Quirky Quizz, Code Cracker and Hinchess or Checkers. Ask at the counter of any TYTO outlet and get started on your fun.

13/06/2019 - 14/07/2019


ART - KUKOA WANYAMAPORI WETU: SAVE OUR WILDLIFE BY SUSAN HOLLAMBY Award winning artist Susan Hollamby elicits the inner character of her subjects, drawing the viewer to contemplate the potential stories and emotions the artist holds close to her heart. Hollamby believes every being has a story and strives to unearth these narratives with her work. An exceptionally technically accomplished artist, Hollamby has been featured in numerous international galleries, won many first prize awards and has been accepted for a wide assortment of prestigious displays including the Archibald and Percival Portrait Prize. 10:00am - 4:00pm | TYTO Regional Art Gallery


MARKETS CONROY HALL MARKETS 2nd Saturday Every Month 7.00am - 11.30am | Conroy Hall, McIlwraith Street

FORREST BEACH MARKETS May - September: 4th Sunday Every Month 8.00am - 12.00pm | Progress Park, Forrest Beach



Where do you find once upon a time and happily ever after? At your library storytime! Storytime is a great way to develop a love of reading and introduce your child to books. Experience the magic of stories, action rhymes and songs with your child at the library. Ideal for children aged 1-5 years. Session include a new story and related craft activity each week. A part of the ‘First 5 Forever’ initiative. Ask more about this @ the library.” 10.30am - 11.30am | Every Thursday | Hinchinbrook Shire Library | No Booking is Necessary

LUCINDA MARKETS May - September: 2nd Sunday Every Month 8.00am - 2.00pm | Borello Park, Lucinda

MERCER LANE MARKETS February - December: 1st Saturday of Every Month 8.30am - 12.30pm | Mercer Lane, Ingham

RAINTREE MARKETS February - December: 3rd Sunday Every Month 7.00am - 12.00pm | Rotary Park, Ingham

19/07/2019 - 15/09/2019

41ST HINCHINBROOK ART AWARDS The TYTO Regional Art Gallery invites artists from local, regional and national arenas to enter the 41st Annual Hinchinbrook Art Awards of







Marina Residences Corporate Exclusive Preview Marina Residences Townsville Hunter Hoodcamp Photography

Launch of the Marina Residences project and an exclusive preview of the luxury Display Suite. Guests experienced four storeys luxury custom joinery, premium fixtures and finishes, and state-of the art technology, complimented with the breathtaking views from the balcony.



1 4





9 1. Cr Jenny Hill, Glen and Annette Maidment 2. Kellie and Corey Stephenson 3. Carl Valentine, Therese Smith 4. Jason and Cheryl Collins 5. Peter Petersen, Evan Hatzithomas 6. Deonnie and Brett Brogan 7. Scott Morrison, Angelo Castorina 8. Tracey Stack, Heidi Scharf, Emma Nancarrow 9. Nick Ryle, Neville Smith, James Pascoe 10. Russel Laird, Virginia Bendall-Harris


duoma ga zine.com. au



23 AUGUST 2019 7:00PM - 10:00PM TYTO CONFERENCE AND EVENTS CENTRE 73/75 Mcilwraith St, Ingham Adults $20.00 & Child $10.00 (3-16yrs) Bookings are Essential: Please book your ticket via


Please note this is a ticketed event. Please show your ticket upon entry. If tickets are still available on the evening they will be available at the gate. Food and beverages including alcohol will be available for purchase at the event. Please note: BYO beverages are not permissible.


duoma ga zine.com . au


Everybody has a story to tell. Learn how to tell yours. Take part in our free writer’s workshops at Townsville’s Festival of Stories.






Debbie Terranova is an Australian author of contemporary and historical fiction. In 2018 she was awarded a QANZAC 100 Fellowship with the State Library of Queensland to undertake an exciting research project entitled “Queensland Women and War”.

Mirranda Burton’s first book ‘Hidden’ was published by Black Pepper in 2011, for which she received an Aurealis Award for Best Graphic Novel/ Illustrated book.

Mark Brandi is a Melbourne based writer. His bestselling novel Wimmera won the Debut Dagger (UK) and the Indie Book Award for Debut Fiction.

Fleur is the best-selling author of Red Dust, Blue Skies, Purple Roads and her latest novel Fool’s Gold.

T.M. Clark combines her passion for storytelling with her love for Africa. Her first novel was shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Award 2014.




Saturday 6 July, 10am – 12noon CityLibraries Flinders Street

Monday 8 July, 10am – 12noon Friday 12 July, 6:30 – 8:30pm CityLibraries Thuringowa Central Old Magistrates Court A LIFE IN DRAWING


Monday 8 July, 6 – 7pm Saturday 13 July, 9:30 – 11:30am CityLibraries Thuringowa Central CityLibraries Flinders Street DRAWING FROM LIFE

Monday 8 July, 7 – 9pm CityLibraries Thuringowa Central


Saturday 20 July, 10am – 12noon LAYERING YOUR NOVEL CityLibraries Thuringowa Central Saturday 27 July, 10am – 1pm Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens PRESENTATION, Q&A AND BOOK SIGNING


Saturday 20 July, 7 – 9pm Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens Saturday 27 July, 2 – 3:30pm Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens FROM PADDOCK TO PAGE

Sunday 21 July, 10am – 12noon CityLibraries Flinders Street


Sunday 28 July, 10 – 11:30am Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens FINISHING THAT BOOK

Sunday 28 July, 12:30 – 2pm Empire Theatre, Queens Gardens



Clare Bowditch Concert TANKS Arts Centre Cairns Alison Jones Photography









ARIA Award-winning singer, songwriter and sometimes actor, Clare Bowditch, returned to Tanks for a night of her trademark humour, empathy and beautiful music. With a few Top Ten albums under her belt, Bowditch shared with the audience her newest release Woman, the first single from her forthcoming solo studio album.




1. Leanne Harmer, Cassie McGee 2. Lani Annesley 3. Jane Davies, Andrew Snelleman 4. Alan and Karla Blackshaw 5. Simone Shaw 6. Shannae, Liam and Rodnes McIntyre 7. Sally Hall, Heather Sinclair 8. Dom and Lou Johns 9. Colleen Wheate, Siobhan Church 10. Lauren Harding, Sophie Anderson 11. Simon Primrose, Jeanette Wormald duoma ga zine.com . au



Townsville Home Buyers Expo 2019

Home buyers looking for a smooth and stressfree buying experience were impressed with this one stop information hub for the savvy Home Buyer. Local businesses showcased the latest products and information to those looking to build, buy, secure finance or just wanting to get up to speed on the latest in home technology.

The Ville Resort-Casino Townsville Hunter Hoodcamp Photography










1. Jess Baker, Monique Petersen 2. Emily Petersen, Jamie Petersen 3. Tammy Curtis, Katrina Hobbs 5. Ditch Jones, Leanne Jones 6. Todd Carnes, Zoe Sanders 7. Caleb Hutchinson, Kacey Marshall 8. Shane Brown, Rebecca Kastner 9. Denise Jarvis, Lisa Cody 10. Paul Dennett, Chris Di Glacomo 74

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Amateurs Race Day Mackay Turf Club Mackay Liz Andrews Photography


This year marked the 103rd year of Mackay’s popular Amateurs Races. The iconic race meet continued the tradition of celebrating another year of an outstanding day of racing, beautiful fashions and entertainment.



5 7


6 8



1. Ann-Louise Grech, Sam Nutt, Larissa McGlade 2. Nicci DePinto, Kimberley Powell 3. Kim Hold, Shay Fagg, Brooke Barnes 4. Vanessa Cafferky, Kristie Usher, Nikki Nicholson 5. Aleisha Martin, McGuinness Flogginton, Alison Coonthole, Dabbington Trontok 6. Michelle Woods, Lisa Clifford, Danielle Clifford 7. Lance Batten, Christopher Richardson 8. Abby Carter, Scott Green 9. Claudia and Alexandra Cristaldi 10. Jemma Grzybowicz, Lisa Bailey duoma ga zine.com . au



Blue & White Ball Ignatius Park College Townsville Hunter Hoodcamp Photography


Past students, teachers and families gathered to celebrate fifty years of Ignatius Park College at their Blue and White Ball. Party-goers danced the night away with music by Cranky Pants and were entertained by comedian, Sean Choolburra.


2 5


6 8




1. Michael Conn, Sean Choolburra 2. Grant and Jocelyn Abraham 3. Michelle, Michael and Lara Whiting 4. John McGuire, Rebecca Mason, Dennis Offermans 5. Natarli Sorensen, Zac and Sabyne Gough 6. Phillip Sherriff, Debra Saville 7. Shaun and Carolyn Clarke 8. Steve and Connie Mosch 9. Alex and Di Salvador 10. Katherine and Richard Ventic 78

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Matthew Gianoulis’ 30th Birthday

Matthew Gianoulis, Townsville photographer and DUO favourite, recently celebrated his 30th Birthday with a suave polo day event surrounded by close family and friends. The afternoon was filled with giant lawn games, good food laugher and drinks on the green.

Private Residence Townsville Josephine Carter Photography




5 8


6 9

7 10


1. Chris and Marissa Stelmaschuk 2. Melanie and Peter Gianoulis 3. Thomas Gianoulis, Chole Simmons 4. Marissa and Demi Papageorge 5. Mark and Belinda Diaz 6. Andrew and Joseph Anthony, Matthew Gianoulis, Nathan Anthony 7. Demi Anthony, Matthew GIanoulis,Nathan Anthony 8. Helen Spero, Rene Karpathios, Anna Gianoulis,Maria Anthony 9. Tele Gianoulis, Manual Karpathios 10. Perry Karpathios, Leah Buchanan, Matthew Gianoulis duoma ga zine.com . au


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5 minutes with... the Announcers

Dave Daly Power 100 Townsville

First job? Coles Trainee Manager but when a cadetship came up at Radio 4GY I jumped at it. Most embarrassing on-air moment? When Neil Finn said live on-air that my questions are all boring so I fired back at him saying, ‘Sorry Mr Superstar’. Worst on-air moment? See above. Craziest on-air promotion? I had to bare my ass on a flyer for the Fatboys Breakfast Show. The campaign was “Save the Fatboys Asses.” Most touching moment on radio? Raising over $50,000 for Camp Quality on Radio Mix-FM in Darwin. A great cause. What does your partner think of you being a celebrity? Nothing! She lives overseas, to her, it’s just a job that kind of pays the bills, maybe…

Juanita Soper Star 102.7 Cairns


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Who is your celebrity crush? Doug Mulray. Crazy man from Triple M Sydney in the 80’s. He was the Best in my eyes and ears. All-time favourite song you put on high rotation? ‘Thick as a Brick’ by Jethro Tull. It runs about 40 minutes. Hardest thing for you to give up? Bundy Rum. As I write this I’m having one now. Is that bad? Best purchase ever? iPhone 7. My whole life is on it. Pretty sure aliens invented the iPhone! What Superhero who would you be? Fartman, I have that skill. Favourite destination? Calaguas Island in the Philippines. I will keep going back. Just Paradise. Incredible. Google it now. My motto is: “We are only leasing the Planet we don’t have the option to stay”.

First job? Fragrance Consultant at David Jones. I loved it. Most embarrassing on-air moment? Singing ‘Black Velvet’ by Alannah Myles as sexily as I could, late one night not realising it was going to air. Sorry, Townsville. Worst on-air moment? Maybe 18 talking to a man live on-air who was suicidal. I’d only been on radio a short time and wasn’t prepared for it. Craziest on-air promotion? Cycling 90kms on a stationary bike broadcast live from the studio. Most touching moment on radio? My husband proposed to me live on-air Christmas Day 2005. What does your partner think of you being a celebrity? He would laugh if you ever described me in that way. Who is your celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth, practically

stalked him last time I was in Byron Bay. All-time favourite song you put on high rotation? VERY HARD QUESTION. ‘Dangerous’ by David Guetta/ Sam Martin has a certain intensity to it that I like. Hardest thing to give up?Cheese with my girlfriends because they’re my two favourite things. Best purchase ever? Our Jayco caravan we bought to do the lap of Australia as a family. We only lost $4k when we sold it 18 months later. #winning Hidden talent? My head toss dancing to ‘Proud Mary’. Someone famous you’ve met? Standout for me was when I introduced my 89-year-old Grandmother to Kamal, she turned into a flirty teenager. Funniest thing ever. My motto is: “Own it.”

First job? Woolworths Checkout Operator. Most embarrassing on-air moment? Being flirted with by a cheeky puppet live on-air left me a little frazzled! Why Strassman could not have brought Ted E Bare into the studio rather than Chuck Wood is beyond me. Worst on-air interview? I’ll name him. Bob Katter. You can’t interview him live because he doesn’t stop talking! I’m in Katter country though and I’ve even put on THE hat! Craziest on-air promotion? A live broadcast in my bikini from a spa in the middle of a Home Expo. Most touching moment on radio? The most moving things probably happen off the air when the mics are off. People grateful for you and what you do for them. Who is your celebrity

Jodie Shepherd 4LM Mount Isa

Rachel Clifford Southern Cross Austereo Mackay & The Whitsundays

First job? I worked at a bakery when I was in school. I got to eat all the leftover food at the end of my shift. Most embarrassing on-air moment? I called a superintendent police officer Super-Nintendo instead. Craziest on-air promotion? My co-host made me go out mid show and wash people’s car windows. May not sound that embarrassing, but it was so awkward standing at the main intersection of town getting rejected by cars who didn’t want me to wash their windows. People thought I was crazy, haha. Most touching moment on radio? Talking to all the people rescued by the RACQ CQ Rescue Chopper that we fundraise for. Amazing stories of loss and

crush? Robert Downey Jnr. Ever since I saw him in Tuff Turf in the ’80s and he keeps getting better. All-time favourite song you put on high rotation? ‘Your Smiling Face’ by James Taylor. Best purchase ever? A wind-up T-Rex toy to excite one of my little dogs. Best $5 ever spent! Hidden talent? I think it’s still in hiding! Someone famous you’ve met? I’ll give a special shout out to Jimmy Barnes because he’s a gentleman. I spilt red wine on myself at a concert while taking photos. Jimmy strategically placed his beer in front of my spill so I didn’t look like such a lush. Favourite destination? I’d love to do Europe. Immersed in culture and history plus get a tan. My motto is: “Limitation is a creation of the mind!”

survival. Who is your celebrity crush? Zac Efron. Don’t get it twisted, not high school musical Zac. I’m talking Zac Efron now. As a man. All-time favourite song you put on high rotation? ‘Californication’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were the first artist I downloaded when I got my very first MP3 player haha. Hardest thing to give up? Fake tan for sure! Best purchase ever? Every holiday I’ve ever been on. Hidden talent? I have disjointed elbows, so I can twist my arms around without moving my whole arm. It freaks people out haha. Someone famous you’ve met? Kylie Jenner wax figure at Madame Tussauds in LA. My motto is: “Everything happens for a reason.”

duoma ga zine.com . au







duoma ga zine.com. au

some things i love 1. My favourite destination is California and just recently I’ve been to Ireland. I’m so in love with Dublin. The drink I love? Caramel Latte on Soy, Red Bull Sugar Free, Moet Champagne and I love Pina Colada. My newest drink is Gin and Tonic! 2. My favourite Fashion Designer/ Stylist/Photographer is my amazing friend Richard De Chazal. I also love Kitten Damour and have a favourite black dress from Grace & Hart that I will never part with! Another iconic piece I have is my mother’s emerald green velvet dress that my nanna made her for her 19th birthday. It is 55 years old, I love wearing it. 3. My favourite shoes are my red bottoms, black and leopard print Christian Louboutin heels. I also love my Puma Black/Rose Gold RS Trophy Trainers. I can’t live without my black ugg boots. Most treasured possession from my husband is my Guess white gold watch with diamonds. I only wear it on special occasions. I also adore my engagement and wedding rings. I love bling bling. I also inherited my Nanna’s marcasite watch which is extremely sentimental. 4. Music genre and artist I love? My favourite music is Rock’n’Roll.

6. Images: Left + Above: Kerri Hill Photography

8. I’m Kelly Koolstra-Aplin, a Cosmetic Tattooist & Makeup Artist and owner of Maiden Ink Tattoos in Mackay. I’m also a photo/rock journalist and a magazine creative director. My husband of 20 years is tattooist Mick Aplin. We have two beautiful children and two adorable grandsons. Family means everything to me. We work together and encourage each other’s careers. My favourite bands… there’s so many but l love Motley Crue, U2, Concrete Palms, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Valkyrie Odin and all Australian Rock’n’Roll. 5. Movies that affected me were… The Notebook and Legends Of The Fall. They both were so sad and beautiful and they both really touched me. 6. A car that suits my style? The car l absolutely love to go driving in is a best friend’s Buick. It’s one of those moments when we can pretend nothing else exists and we go cruising for hours! Almost like the movie Thelma and Louise! If I wore a hat.. I love beanies. I’m known for wearing them! If I could get away with it I would wear my beautiful friend’s De Millinery Danica Erard crown she made me for a photoshoot. It was a Fleur De Lis. I would wear it everyday!! 7. The lingerie label I love is… Honey Birdette. 8. My favourite perfume is Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison. I love the oriental vanilla/floral tones. It smells divine. Everytime I wear it I get complimented on it. Makes me feel beautiful.



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