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Spring 1994 • 1

Dear Readers

Dulcimer Players News to Observe Daylight Savings Time Now that I've got your attention, look at the expiration date on your mailing label. Generous folks that we are, we just gave you a month. January expirations are now February; April expirations are now May; July expirations are now August; and October expirations are now November. Of course, it is probably only fair to tell you that, in order to be so generous, we took a month from you on the other end! Other than that, nothing has changed. So, why did we disrupt your journal filing system? For years-twenty, to be precise-we've mailed the DPN early in the release month. The April through June issue would be mailed by Apri1lOth, for example. Increasingly, we had questions, especially from new readers. April was almost gone; had they missed an issue? It was obvious; we needed to change the issue dates. I resisted, until a major magazine to which I subscribe did the following: A bi-monthly, they decided to go to nine issues a year and then twelve. A while later, they went to nine issues a year, and now they are back to bi-monthly. All of this happened

in about a 4-year span. I have no idea when my subscription ends! But, I figure if they can do it, we can. Again, nothing changes. Deadlines remain the same, as do our printing schedules. Issues will still be sent by the 10th of January, April, July and October-only now you'll get your DPN before or at the beginning of the release month. I wish everything in life were so easy to solve. Now you'll be able to read your Daylight Savings Time issues of DPN by the pool in the long, Daylight Savings Time evenings each summer! See you in August.

PS: It will take us some time to get all of the printed changes accomplished. We have scads of subscription forms and publishing dates are listed more places than you'd imagine. It will probably be the end of 1994 before we find them all. Just know that the official word is contained in this letter!

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Letters to Us


m A dulcimer and folk music enthusiast is


seeking a quality photo (color or black and white) of dulcimers and/or folk instruments in a "still life" format that can be enlarged to approximately 8 x 10, suitable for framing. I would like to be able to extol the virtues of dulcimers and folk music with a framed print on my wall. Does anyone know of an excellent poster advertising a dulcimer festival which would be suitable for framing?

We are writing to you in answer to your editorial in connection with being one of your first subscribers. The DPN is a great help to us in keeping our interest up and gives us inspiration in what's happening in the dulcimer world. Being makers we found the earlier issues very helpful from feedback and articles by dulcimer makers. Although we have a large collection of DPN's we go through them regularly and reread them and still enjoy the old ones as well as the new ones. We over here appreciate your efforts and commitment to the Dulcimer players in this way as it keeps us informed of new developments and new areas of interest.

Janice Coles 46 Banstock Drive Toronto, Ontario Canada, M2K 2H6 00 r m looking for some information on a Norwegian zither called a langleik. I've been collecting information about the instrument in order to make construction drawings to build from. Most of the information I have found is in the form of photos or drawings, which is probably good enough to make a reasonable copy of the langleik. I have not been able to find information on the string tunings or methods of playing the instruments.

Jeff Uverman 1722 Elmsmere Ave. Richmond, VA 23227

Peter and Dorothy Schalcher Junabee via Warwick, QLD, Australia

DearDPN, I have just received the OctoberNovember 1993 Dulcimer Players News and very interesting and informative it is too! Likewise the technical details regarding the hammered dulcimer and melody accompaniment. Enclosed is the tuning I have evolved for my own dulcimer (below). In passing, after buying quite an old instrument similar to that of the late Billy Bennington and find-

ing that his was less ringing, thereby allowing the quick tunes to come through with relative clarity of individual notes, we, together, had a go at tuning made to his pitch. This had to be abandoned because starting to up the pitch the two whole tones required resulted in breakage of strings. I notice my subscription is due, according to the reminder in this current copy. It reads: "Sub. Exp: 1011/93 Issue:' We would normally read this, in this country as the 10th of January.We put the day first, then the month. I have noted this difference in various letters I get from relatives and friends in America.

R.P. Garrod (Nh.) Little Melton, Norwich, England

DearDPN, My name is Cyrille Vladimirow. I am president of a new-born company for distribution of all kinds of formats of music. Because of the character of my business, I must be well informed about all news, new records and studies in musical areas all over the world.

Cyrille Vladimirow Terra Distributors Group POBox 34,BG 1612 Sofia Bulgaria tel. 35921513-090, fax 35921885-349

DearDPN, This letter probably won't do any good, since the dulcimer builders I'm writing

51 If there are any dulcimer players here in Germany, preferably in the Munich area, I'd like to be in touch with them.



Gunther Scholl



Heimstr. 30a 82131 Stockdorf, Germany Tel: 89-8576733



C mm I am a beginning mountain dulcimer

player needing private lessons in or around Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Call Pam Hill at 3041728-2246. II!

~_-_-_-_-:...C_._~~~·F_ _ _ _ 8~

(.2) (,:1.)



~---'B --'-·E r----~------A-6!~--\.





-$-·0 --------~

fo-------------------------------Q -4~~ a --e- 0 --------~ /----------.;~---....:;...------ F --u:.-~ ~----


~-----------" Fft-e- B - - - - - - - - - - - - - \ . fo---------~---~-------------E~~~ ~----- £"-.d>-A --------------~

I------------------------------D---EI!J--_\. -e- 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - " " " " ~-------------~----~--------- c ~~~ ~---------~~F~-----------~-----~ ~------D

1----------.. B



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Spring 1994 • 3

about most likely don't subscribe to or advertise in DPN. But I'm writing anyway, just in case. I've had several new players coming to me for lessons, and I've had to send them to reputable builders to get a decent dulcimer, or at least to get some modifications made. This is because their original purchases looked like dulcimers, but were not really playable musical instruments. They're just expensive wall decorations. The problems I'm seeing are strings mounted so high that the instrument is only in tune when not fretted, strings mounted so low that there's nothing but a buzz, generally shoddy workmanship, tuners that don't work, and construction so heavy that the instrument will not vibrate. One might as well string up a 300 year-old living oak tree, and try to play it. I'm asking those builders (they know who they are) to take their craft seriously, and stop taking advantage of first-time buyers who desperately want to trust them.

ArtCarran Fairfield, Ohio

DearDPN, In response to Ms. Germands letter and to Mr. Daniels' response: [Fall 1993 and Winter 1994 DPNs] 1,100, have ordered an instrument that I expected delivery on within 6 months. That was about 4 years ago. Still no dulcimer. I put a little money down on it, but not even 10% of its cost. Certainly, I'm waiting impatiently. If I hadn't wanted the instrument very much, I'd not have ordered it in the first place. During my adulthood, I've spent some bit of time doing consumer advocacy. But, it just doesn't seem appropriate here-it's all a little more complicated than that. I know quite a few builders rather well. Some are ''good businessmen:' Some are not. A few of them have people on staff to get the work done more efficiently. Many of them don't. Some of these builders not only build instruments but perform, teach, do recordings, and ship those recordings. Some of them run retail stores, as well. Many spend time going to festivals/shows to hawk their wares (believe me, every 2day show takes 4-6 days, minimum!). They often do their own bookkeeping, janitorial services, and anything else that's demanded in the course of trying to make ends meet

while maintaining the artistic integrity that made them want to travel this road, in the first place. I was raised in a family of independent business people and married a CPA I've had good, solid training in what it takes to take care of business in a timely fashion. But, you'd be amazed at how carefully you have to control growth to keep things going smoothly. I certainly congratulate those of you who manage to do it all so well. But I certainly understand those of you who just can't work on it today because you've got other responsibilities more pressing (like the IRS) or because you're in the middle of another recording (which will end up putting lots more food on your table than my instrument will) or just because you feel uninspired and need to replenish your soul. I just can't find it in my heart to be angry or judgmental of someone whds not able to keep all the plates spinning all the time. I thought perhaps some of you would feel the same way if someone told you a little bit about what it's like to be a builder. And, I didn't think any builders would be likely to write and whine about how difficult it all is. I still hope to get my dulcimer one of these days. When I do, I trust that it will be a work of art by a superb artist, as well as craftsman. And, I will have seen to it that my getting this instrument did not cause one single moment of anger or frustration in either of our lives.

dulcimer to such gatherings, but I always take my dulcimers, when I take my 100m. When things are slow, or we have closed up the crafts booths for the day, there is a lot of fun "pick-up" music made.

Jane H. Jones Blacksburg, Virginia

DearDPN, Happy Anniversary! It's so wonderful to have more events to celebrate. DPN was already ten years old when I began playing the hammered dulcimer. I've always known that DPN made it easier to join the HD subculture because it offered a real sense of community-a friendly, sharing community that I wanted to become a part of. Thanks for working so hard for us. You have helped to make it possible to have more viable clubs, festivals, gatherings, recordings, instruments, accessories, and music by offering all of us the opportunity to network with all levels of players and dulcimerphiles.

Steve Schneider Congers, New York

Unda Lowe Thompson Denton, Texas

DearDPN, As I read through my Fall 1993 DPN, I was very much interested in your "Dear

Readers" Letter. Your request for word from long time readers/subscribers set me to going through my (I firmly believe "mymust-be-almost") complete collection of DPNs. The only thing I can say about my early dulcimer days is that I had only Jean Ritchie's book and DPN for what seemed a long time, before new material and contacts came along. My dulcimers and looms are probably my most enjoyed and cherished material possessions! So often musicians will be with craft events or are craftsmen too. I don't take my loom whenever I take my

Over 25 years of hammer dulcimer design innovation. Instruments of versatility, beauty, and expanded tone and range. Also, the recordings of Sam Rizzetta, on compact disc and cassette! Write for free price list.

Rizzetta Music Dept.D Ro. Box 510

Inwood, WV 25428

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

News and Notes


he artists of Maggie's Music . (Annapolis, Maryland) garnered eight awards out of fifteen nominations at November's Warnmies ceremony in Washington, DC. The Wammies are awarded annually by vote of members of the Washington Area Music Association. Maggie's Music earned more awards than any other label, winning not only in the expected categories of Irish, traditional, and contemporary folk, but in the more competitive general awards where it ran against popular rock, rap, reggae and heavy metal labels. Among the awards was Label of the Year. A few years ago, dulcimer collector Anne Grimes was featured in a Dulcimer Players News article by Erik Blomstedt. In January 1994, she was featured in Ohio Magazine The article discussed her fine collection of 45 dulcimers and her current .

--->.:::.: ~ ~ ~ 9"=- E

project of cataloging 200 years of Ohio folk songs and the 50 years worth of notes she compiled while collecting them. Traditional song met the Macintosh computer in Anne's life three years ago at the age of seventy-eight. Although mentioned in the What's New

column, it is worth mentioning again the project of Mary Mason and Anne Martin of

Circle just scheduled its first-ever fund-rasing concert: April 24th from 2:00 to 4:0Q There will be at least 15 hammered dulcimers along with accordion, guitar, fiddle, bodhran, bones, and international dancers. Held at the Emanuel Lutheran church in Pleasantville, NY Call Steve Schneide r for details at 914/268-8809. Any dulcimer players welcome; the more the merrier. ~

Atlanta, Georgia. These two women have developed a method of writing tablature In Braille for all stri nged musical instruments that use tab. Their syste m is quick to learn,

easy to use, and provides a means of musical communication previously not available to the visually impaired. For information, contact th em at 215 Glen Meadow Ct., Atlanta, GA 30328. A new magazine has articles on various regins and styles of fiddle playing, interviews with top fiddlers and transcriptions. Subscriptions to Fiddler Magazine in the. United States are $ 14 for I year (4 issues). A sample copy is $4. Fiddler Magazine, PO box 125, Los Altos, CA 94022. The Hudson River Hammered Dulcimer

IE: E2

Henry Il Clark died suddenly on January 3rd in Birmingham, Alabama. He was a charter member of the Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Association in Birmingham, the Ala-Sippi Dulcimer Association TIshomingo, Mississippi, and the Paul Pyle Dulcimer Association in Thllahoma, Tennessee. Until his health began to decline, Henry played his dulcimer every day. He was well-known in the Birmingham area for playing at civic, educational and historical events.

Waltzing with the Mountain Dulcimer


Some Glad Morn/ny! 17te lonq-awaited reo cordinq of traditional hvmns from Xendra Ward & Bob Bence is now available! ,Teatures: Blessed AsslIrance. 717hlsperln(J J(ope, CiT7e me That Old-Tline ;edl(JIOlL 717111 The Circle Be U nbrolC'lL III be Somt7f7here Llstmln(/. and manv more of .Americas bestloved hvmns/ ••• • • • • • • • •• To Order: •••••••••••• Send $1 Qll!I for each tGlpe or $1 EfXl for eoe;hl C [J to: Upcreek Preducti0ns • 31032 S,R. 325, Langsville, OH 4574" (Please add $ZX' shipping to each order. Ohio reSidents also add 6% tax,)

by TuU Glazener WaUring with the Mountain Dulcimer Tablature book containing arrangements for 18 waltzes for mountain dulcimer in DAD tuning. Melody line is written in standard music notation with dulcimer tab below. Back-up chords with suggested fingerings also included.

Includes "My Own Home," "Brahm's LuUaby," "Skater s Waltz," "Black Velvet Waltz." and 2 Bach Minuets

Order #BOOI . .. . .S9.00 Wallzl"g with tbe Mou1Itain Du/c1mer Tull Glazener & Jim Spcny 4S minute cassette featuring all 18 tunes from the tab book. Featuring the mountain dulcimer along with guitar. aUloharp. hammered dulcimer and button accordion. Digitally mastered.

Order #C002 . . .. .S10.00 Dulclfled - Tull Glazener & Jim Spcny 50 minute instrumental cassette featuring both mountain and hammered dulcimers along with guitar. autoharp and button accordion . Selections include "Sunny Side of the Street," "Paganini Melody," "Misty," and "Ashokan Farewell,"

Digitally mastered ...Order #COOI. ... SIO.OO Add $1.50 shipping per order. Send check or money order to:

TuU Glazener 6936 W 71st Street Indianapolis, IN 46278-1609

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Musical Reviews

MistwOOd • Donna Halpern, P.c.!., I nc. 200 N. Cobb Parkway, Suite 216, Marl";ta, GA 30067 (cassette)

edited by Carrie Crompton

Melange • Christy and Fred Cook PO Box 811, Bragg Creek, Alberta, niL OKo, Canada (cassette)

is a very focused, exciting mix of Baroque and Middle Eastern music. All of it is virtuosic, difficult music on the dulcimer, and it is all played wonderfully. Both reper-

toires have a note-against-note contrapun-


recording is a performance with the

performer(s) absen~ yet every recording has some kind of "presence:' I~s a product of miking and mixing decisions in the studio, the energy and personality of the performers, and

their intentions in creating the recording. In an effective recording, these factors all reinforce a good performance. For instance, MIstwood by mountain dulcimer player Donna Halpern takes up my whole house when I turn it on: it has a very big presence, even at low volume. The dulcimer is pan of a band with fiddle, bass, mandolin, banjo and guitar, all of which are balanced so as to sound as if they're right there in the living room-with a sound system! The intrinsically small sound of the dulcimer is magnified to have an equal place with the c1awhammer banjo. This is what I call a foreground recording. It reach-

es out and grabs your ears, and it's annoying to have your Jistening interrupted while it's playing. Donna's repertoi re is mostly traditional ("Sail Away Ladies;' "Clinch Mountain Backstep," 'f\mazing Grace") and her playing style is unusually passionate. I like the intensity and drive in both Donna's performance and the presence of this album.

Another very intense foreground album is Melange by Christy and Fred Cook. This husband/wife team from Alberta plays hammered dulcimers of all sizes, from soprano to bass. The title of this album doesn't prepare you very well for wha~s inside (titles are the subject for another column). which

tal quality which is accentuated by the

interpretation on two dulcimers. The Rumanian, Ukrainian, and Klezmer tunes are in exotic "gypsy" modes, while the Bach, Purcell and Rameau pieces are in standard major and minor scales. The recording alternates between the two to refresh the ears and keep you listening. Most of the pieces are longish; two are over

nine minutes, but they're never merely repetitive or hypnotic. The presence of this recording is as exotic as the Eastern reper-

toire; I'm not sure quite what kind of space I'm in when I'm listening. but it isn't my living room in Andover, Connecticut.

Ballincheol by Robert Almblade and Carolyn Cruso is another excellent duo recording with a very different presence. The repertoire is traditional music they have learned in their travels through Europe and the U.S., including Irish (three by O' Carolan). Swedish, Breton and Hungarian tunes. The music is familiar in spirit, though some of the tunes are new to me: "Small Coals for Nailers;' "Matt People's Reel" and "Robert's Farewell;' for instance. I~s the attention to sound quality that gives this tape its polish. The acoustic space the

musicians have created in the studio is much larger and more resonant than your average home, yet the instruments are so close within that space that the effect is of

Ba/Rncheol • Roben and Carolyn Cruso, 2318 2nd Avenue #582, Sea ttle, WA 98121 (CD and casselle) Du/ciner Joumers • Judy Schmid~ PO Box 188, Canton, MO 63435 (casselle) there's a certain discretion in the mix which allows the listen ing mind to coast o n the sound, instead of fixing on it. As middleground music, thi s recording adds grace and value to ordinary life. Dulcimer Journeys by Judy Schmid~ 1993 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, is, like Mis/ wood, a recording in which the dulcimer is a natural, individual voice within the context of a traditional band. Here you'll hear all your old dance

favorites-uSt. Anne's Reel;' "Fisher's Hornpipe," "Pig Ankle Rag;' "PetronelIa"-sounding as if the band is playing for a well-attended dance at the Grange Hall and you've just stepped out on the porch for a breath of air. That is to say, you can still hear all the sparkle ofthe dulcimer, but you're not so close that you can hear the hammers striking the stri ngs. The sound is sti mulating and authentic, and makes my fee t feel ligh~ but it leaves my imagination free. A wonderful sensation! These four recordings work for me

because their music and their acoustic presence are well-matched. When this happens,

a recording is more than a record of a performance-it's an experience.

an intimate performance in, say, a marble museu m hall . The arrangements for ham-

mered dulcimer, flute and cittern are full of subtlety and rhythmic complexity, yet

Send books, albums and tapes for review, to Carrie Crompton, II Center Stree~ Andover, CT 06232 Ii!


Acomplete line of Hammer Dulcimers and accessories handcrafted by Rick Fogel


"T~~-wt>­ ~....1u:t<>~M'-<" n





1916 Pike Place, Dox 906, Sea lUe, WA 98101"" (206) 784-1764

8885 Trinity Avenue Baton Rouge, Louls/anQ 70806·7935 TEL (504) 926-8581 .... FAX (504) 756-4632

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


An eclectic collectioll of ~I Victorian/Ciuilll'ar period music ~ lUitll a unique, [resl' sound. ~ ~

Mostly love ... a little laugl'ter

Blue Lion· L.R. Baggs

Dulcimer Pickup • The finest amplification system available for the dulcimer • Wann, acoustic sound

• UnobtrusIve Installation • Adaptable to most mountain


HAMMERED DULCIMERS Fine Instruments since 1977 Finished and Kit Form Two Octave (9/8) through Five Octave (20/19/8) Including Chromatic Models

Michael C. Allen, Maker 5701 Stover Rd. Ostrander, Ohio 43061 tel (614) 6664253 SASE for Brochure & Prices


$12.00 ppd.

Blue Lion Musical Instruments

Rosamo"d Campbell 1037 Central Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091

4665 FarkhUl Road Santa Margarita. CA 93453 (805) 438-5569

Dg~~I~fiit '~~T0i{Y

The Right Mountain or Hammered Dulcimer for you

• We're open year 'round ·All major credit cards accepted ·The Appalachian Dulcimer is the easiest of all stringed instruments to play ·10 Dulcimer styles to choose from ·Lifetime guarantee on our instruments ·All instruments hand built in historic Fredericksburg • Full line of tapes and music accessories

The Dulcimer Factory, Inc .

Visit the Hill Country's largest acoustic instrument store at 155 E. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Dealer Inquiries Welcome Send $1.00 for our full line catalog

.,<' "


715 S. Washington St. FredeTicksbuTg, TX 78624

John & Shirley Nay/or

210-997-6704 Fax 210-997-8752

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Spring 1994 • 7

Dulcimer Clubs Update edited by Judy Ireton

ow is the time to write about celebrations. Congratulations Maddie, 20 years! All of you who are reading this have made this possible, and collectively we all now have the pleasure of sending the DPN off on its 2nd 20 years. On your mark-get set-Grow!

Another reason to celebrate is Spring. As I write this. it is a record breaking 14° below zero, half of my furnace system is broken, the house is 52° and 10" of snow lies round about. When you read this, I w ill be outside marveling at the beauty of all my wildflower gardens, thankful that they

Dora Mountain Dulcimer Players. There are two groups in Mount Dora, and this will help the hammered dulcimer players and

mountain dulcimer players know what information pertains to them. Happy to see you head into your second year with success. A new club to this newsletter is the Subterranean Strings. Their youngest member is in her 20's and the oldest has played mandolin for 70 years. Exact age not given.

They have moved to accommodate their growth, so contact Gloria Hansen at 2619 N. Carolina St., Saginaw, Mi 48602 and save the 3rd Friday of the month for the

next get together.

val. I will be recharged, having taught

An extension of HANDS (Hammers and Noters Dulcimer Club) meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month in the southern Chicago area. The group is called Suburbhands. George Robertson can be contacted at 708/381-4176 for information. Several individuals are trying to start illi-

numerous workshops sharing the tunes I

nois extension groups in Morris (Diane

have learned from the DPN, from all of you and from the many wonderful books we are all privileged to have avai lable to us. The entire summer lies ahead of us. Clubs who do not meet in the winter are off and playing, festivals are being held all across the country, and jamming (my favorite) under the trees, is in full swing. New clubs will be "springing" up everywhere.

Ippel at 815/942-0609), in Elmwood Park (Donna Tufano at708/456-6292) and in DeKalb (Kathy Walsh at 8151758-0814). Give them a call if you are interes ted. Hope all of you near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida have contacted John Ringle at 3051767-6205 to find out all of the information about a new Southeast Florida Club. NO? Cali him today. Morehead City, North Carolina formed a dulcimer club last October. They planned a one-hour get- together that lasted three.

can survive such adversity. I also will have attended my 5th Festi-

The Dulcimer and Accompaniment Association, DAA for shor~ is a new group in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They meet 2nd Sundays at Trinity Lutheran Church on Highway 53. For more information, call Joe Ridolfo at 615/899-0102. Welcome to the Over The Rlver Dulcimer Club in South Carolina. Susan Bafford can be reached at 1027 Brookhaven Dr., Aiken, Sc. 29803. 803/649-6916. Players of any skill level from " both sides of the Savannah

River" are invited to join. While it is not a new Ciub, it does have

Great! You are off to the right start. Their

mances between October28th and December 6th. They ranged from the Mayor's International Reception to the Festival of Trees to the Quilters Sewciety. She says they're not professionals, but they enjoy

sharing their music-including "There's A Song In The Air" from the Fall 1993 DPN.

Many miles from most of us is another new club, the Queensland Dulcimer Players in the Brisbane, Queensland, area. Begun in June 1993, they now boast around 20

members-from beginners to reasonably accomplished players. The youngest mem-

ber is 9 years while the oldest is somewhere in the late 70's. For information, contact John Dillon at 2 Macquarie Street, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia. Phone 07-2455998.

Now to the "theme" that stands out in your newsletters. I am pleased and encouraged to read of so many of you making trips to visit other clubs nearby. This is a perfect way to increase repertoires as you share music and fun. ~

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the waterbath is to the body Oliver Wendell Holmes July ireton Dulcimer Clubs Column 6865 Scarff Rd. New Carlisle, OH 45344

name will be The Crystal Strings Dulcimer Club and meetings will be one Sunday a

Another New Club

month. Give Donell Meadows a call at 9191726-7699 for details. Marty Mudroch sends us news from the Joliet, Illinois Area Dulcimer Club. They meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Messiah Lutheran Church. Marty can be reached at 815/485-8819 for

Sondra Hensarling, PO Box 887, Woodville, TX 75979, 409/283-7862, Meets I st Saturdays

a new name. The Hudson River Ham-

further information.

mered-Dulcimer Collective is now called the Hudson River Hammered Dulcimer Circle. The group had not met for some time so they are sort of new. They meet at the beautiful Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York on the first Sunday of each month at I :00. Look in the News & Notes coiumn for information about their April 24th fund-raising concert. Another new name, sort of, is The Mount

Ohio has a new club for mountain dulcimer players: The Banks of the Dhio Dulcimer Club is looking for members. Contact Linda Sigismondi at 474 Kathy St., Gallipolis, OH 45631, 614/446-9244, for information. In the Dulcimer Clubs Directory we had an incorrect zip code for the Northland Mountain Dulcimers in Rochester, MN. it should be 55904. Nancy Kampmeier writes that they've been busy, doi ng fi ve perfor-

Heritage Viliage Dulcimer Society

Since 1980...

La.d. Publications


1& •


PI~~!I:~n~! sells auto harp books, recordings, strings, and accessories.

Write for a complete order form.

i.a.d. Publications, Box 504·0

Brisbane, CA 94005 4151467-1700 (M·F 10-3 PaCifiC TII1;o)

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Technical Dulcimer by Sam Rizze/ta

Editor's Note: We left out a sentence in Sam's column on Oil Finishes(January 19940PN). Just to keep everything straight, the following sentence should be added to the 4th paragraph after "This might be 100 grit or 150 grit," Smooth the wood with orogressiveJy finer urit aaoors through either 320 urit or 400 grit.

Dulcimer Finishes, Part lWo: Water Base FInish I probably started woodcarving and woodworking around the age of four or five. And although I wouldn't consider myself "old" (quite yet~ I have had a long career of acquaintance with the various hazards of woodworking, Of special concern are potential cumulative effects of long-term exposure to the chemicals of the trade, and especially finishes and their solvents, Even with the excellent organic filter breathing masks available, some exposure is inevitable and not all risk factors are clearly understood, One must be concerned for personal safety and for the release to the environment of substances that may be detrimental to others, For this reason. I stopped spraying lacquers some years ago and use other finishes carefully and sparingly in well-ventilated areas or finishing booths, When the water base finish Hydrocole was developed, it looked like an environmentally friendly replacement for clear lacquers and varnishes, However, it left much to be desired in my early tests, In the last few years, though, improvements in Hydrocote and in techniques for using it make it a great choice for environmentally and safety-conscious dulcimer makers. Hydrocote is su pplied in a form ready for spraying, but it may be brushed on or even wiped on, also, For non-spraying applications it dries a bit too fast. But an additive, Flow-ow , is available which tames it for brushing, allowing brushed areas to flow together into a more level, smooth finish, Flow-out is added to Hydrocote in increments of 1 ounce Flow-out to 1 quart Hydrocole and tested on scrap before commiting to your valuable project. Add no more Flow-out than needed to work well in your shop conditions at the time of finishing. Temperature and humidity will change the working properties and the amount of Flow-out required, For wiping and brushing you'll normally not need to thin Hydrocote, For brushing, I use conventional sable hair brushes, but the foam rubber brushes sold for latex paints work great for some projects, Hydrocote must be mixed rather than shaken to avoid air bubbles, For a wipe-on finish, as I described earlier for oil finishes, a little more Flow-out slows drying to cover larger parts of the instrument smoothly with less roughness where adjacent strokes meet. When first applied, Hydrocote looks almost milky white and leaves prominent brush marks, You may wonder if you are ruining your lovely dulcimer! But as it dries, the finish will clear and level rather nicely. If coats are not too thick, one may apply two coats per day with a light sanding between coats, Allow several hours before sanding even though Hydrocote will feel dry on the surface much sooner, Hydrocote can be rubbed out to a satin gloss using the techniques

earlier described for rubbing out wipe-on oil finishes, It will be a thicker finish and requires more sanding to level it. It is possible to rub Hydrocote to a high gloss in the same manner as lacquer, if that look turns your crank. Hydrocole Dual-Purpose Sproying Lacquer is the current updated form of Hydrocote that you'll want for most instrument projects, It has that slight amber tinge that we've come to expect from traditional lacquers, Hydrocole Resislane is a polyurethane which is somewhat harder and neutral clear in color, This might find a use for fretted dulcimer fretboard finishing or over certain stains where the clear-amber shade of Dual-Purpose might be less desirable, Hydrocote is now available from many of the mail order suppliers of finishing products, A good source is Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply, 21 N, Shafer St., Box 900, Athens, OH 45701; 800/848-2271 If you build instruments, you'll want their catalog, When ordering Hydrocote for the first time, be certain to get Stewart-MacDonald's free instruction pamphlet. This is a must. Whether you plan to spray, brush, or wipe on, this information will save the dulcimer maker a lot of trial and error, Hydrocote is a new kind of product and it does work a bit differently, It is possible to learn to obtain fine results with it for musical instruments. Most importantly, it cleans up with water, has almost no annoying fumes or odor, and should provide greater personal and environmental safety-considerations for all dulcimer builders and players to be concerned about. ~



-********* ~ *************


•••• ***.***** ••• *

Pa~t~ cipaJe! ••

*******************.********** *.*****~*** *******

Fort Defiance Bicentennial Celebration

Olde Tyme


Saturday, A"'''''I...""t 13, 1994 Registration at Noon - Competition at 1:00 p,m, ***********************-****-***-**----******-** FOR MORE INFORMATION 419-783·1994

Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for Contest Rules to Olde Tyme Dulcimer Contest Fort Defiance Bicentennial Committee c/o Greater Defiance Area Tourism and Visitors Bureau P,O, Box 7010

Defiance, Ohio 43512


Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Supplies for Dulcimer Makers From Folkcraft Folkcraft is your source for instrument making supplies. All wood is carefully dried and seasoned. Tops, backs, sides, and fingerboards are sanded to exact tolerances and matched. You')) also find quality accessories and strings, and quick delivery. Items within the same category may be combined for quantity discounts. Example: 4 walnut backs 2 cherry backs, use the 6-11 price for each. Orders for 50 or more pieces in the same category receive a 10% additional discount from the 12 and up price. DULCIMER BACKS


Dimensions 7' x 32" x 1/8" for 1 pc 8" x 32" x 118' for 2 pc (two 4' pcs) Hem' 1-5 501 Cherry 1 pc ........... 8.50 502 Cherry 2 pc .............................. 8.50 503 Walnut 1 pc ......... 8.95 504 Walnut 2 pc ............................. 8.95 505 Hond. Mahogany 1 pc ............. 8.80 506 Hond. Mahogany 2 pc ............. 8.80 508 Birdseye Maple 2 pc 11.10 510 Curty Maple 2 pc . 11.10 511 E. Indian Rosewood 2 pc ......... 25.25

MACHINE HEADS - individuals with screws, for horizontal mounting, white plastic button 3024 Setof4 .......... S7.75 3026 49-144 ....... S1.50ea. 3025 5-48 ............... S1.65 ea 3027 145 & up ..... S1.30 ea.

6-11 8.05 8.05 8.50 8.50 8.35 8.35 10.55 10.55 24.00

12&up 7.25 7.25 7.65 7.65 7.50 750 9.50 950 21.60

GROVER ·PERMA-TENSION" - pegs with pearloid buttons (Set of 4) 3030 (1 SeI) $29.50 (2-4) S24.50 (5-11) S20.40 (12 & up) S17.00 3040 Rosewood button add S4.00/set FRICTION PEGS 3050 Ebony ............ S3.00 ea 3060 Rosewood ... S3.25 ea. STEWART -MACDONALO FIVE-STAR DULCIMER PEGS Pearloid button (Set of 4) 3065 (1 Set) S75.00 (2) $60.00 (3-5) S48.00 (6 & up) S42.75

SOUND BOARDS Dimensions r x 32" x 118' for 1 pc 8' x 32" x 118' for 2 pc (two 4' pes) Sitka Spruce and W.R. Cedar are vertical crain 551 No. 1 Spruce 2 pc .................... 9.40 554 W.R. Cedar 2 pc ...................... 9.40 555 Butternut 2 pc .......................... 8.95


8.00 8.00 7.65

3.50 3.70 3.65 5.30 5.30 10.90

3.15 3.35 325 4.75 4.75 9.80

(copper plated) (use with ball end strings) 4085 Set of 4 ........... .40 4087 Pkg. of 250 ........ 9.40 4086 Pkg. of 50......... 2.50 4088 Pkg. of 500 ..... 15.00


Bulk Packed (Combine Sizes for Best Discount) Plain Sizes .009 - .013 Wound Sizes .020 - .026 Plain Sizes Wound Sizes 1-12 Strings ..... ........ ..................... .50 ea. 1.25 ea. 13-48 Strings ................................ .35 ea. 1.15 ea . 49-144 Strings.. .......................... .30 ea. .90 ea. 145-288 Strings ............................ .25 ea. .70 ea. 289 & Up Strings ........................... .18 ea. .50 ea. - SPECIFY BALL OR LOOP END -

DULCIMER SIDE SETS Dimensions 2' x 32' x 1110' (2 pcs) 601 Cherry ....... ............................. 602 Walnut ....... ............................ 603 Hond. Mahogal1Y ..................... 604 Birdseye Maple ........................ 605 Curly Maple ............................. 606 E. Indian Rosewood .........

3.65 3.90 3.80 5.55 5.55 11.45

FRET WIRE 18% Nickel-silver. Pre-straightened, 2' lengths 4090 per foot ........................ ...... .85 5000 1/4 lb. (about 19') .............. 9.50 5010 1 lb ...... :............................. 28.75

FINGERBOARDS Dimensions 3/4' x 32' x 1 112" 650 Cherry .................................... .. 651 Walnut ..................................... 652 Hond. Mahogany .................... . 653 Clear Maple ............................ .. 654 Bdseye Maple ......................... . 655 Curly Maple ............................. 656 E.lndian Rosewood ................ .

8.50 8.95 8.80 7.55 10.55 10.55 21.75

8.05 8.50 8.35 7.15 10.00 10.00 20.70

7.25 7.65 7.50 6.45 9.00 9.00 18.60

DULCIMER CASES CHIPBOARD (Lozenge Shape) fits both hourglass and teardrop styles 39' x 4' , 8' tapering to 5' width 5017 (1) $33.95 (2) 527.15 ea. (3-5) S23.75 ea. (6& up) S16.98 ea HARDSHELL 39' x 8' x 4' 5020 90.00 ea.



CARRYING BAG 42' x 8' Cordura fabric. padded. lined. Has shoulder strap. handle, book/accessory pocket 5051 (1) $49.95 (2) $39.95 ea. (3-5) S34.95 ea. (6& up) S29.95 ea.


To fitabove

Sl.25 per ft.

DULCIMER PICKS Circle one: large triangle or long oval shape 5070 Pkg. of 5 .......... 1.00 5080 Pltg. of 144 .. 14.40 5075 Pltg. of 72 ........ 10.80 5071 Herdim® -3 In1' picks (3 gauges in 1 pick) (1-2) .75 ea (3-5) .60 ea. (6-11).53 ea. (12 & up) .45 ea.


Abalone Dots (6 MM) Mother of Pearl Dots (6 MM)

.50 ea. .40 ea.

DULCIMER PEG HEADS Dimensions 1 1/2' x 3' x 8' for 1 pc 1 112' x 3' x 8' (two 314' pcs) 750 Cherry ... 751 Walnut ..................................... 752 Hond. Mahogany ................... .. 753 Birdseye Maple ....................... . 754 Curly Maple ......................... .. 755 E. Indian Rosewood ............... .. 758 African Mahogany .......... ..


Circle: 1 pc or 2 pc 4.90 5.25 5.15 6.60 6.60 14.60 4.85

4.65 5.00 4.90 6.25 6.25 13.15 4.65

11002 each... .30 11000 Pltg. of 50...... 11.50 11010 Pltg. of 250.... 47.50

4.20 4.50 4.40 5.65 5.65 12.50 4.20


Nickel plated .135 X 11/4'long 13080 Pkg. of 50 .......... 5.00 13082 Pltg. of 500 ........ 30.00 13081 Pkg. of 250 ........ 18.75 13083 Pltg. of 1000 ...... 50.00

Write for our complete supply list. Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery!

DULCIMER TAIL BLOCKS Dimensions 2" x 1 1/2" x 3' 850 Cherry 851 Walnut .................. . 852 Hond. Mahogany ................... .. 853 Clear Maple ............................ .. 854 Birdseye Maple .................. . 855 Curly Maple ........................... .. 856 E. Indian Rosewood ............... ..

2.25 2.30 2.30 2.05 2.50 2.50 4.45

2.10 2.20 2.15 1.95 2.35 2.35 4.20

Nickel plated 11020 Pkg. of 500 ............ 80.00 11030 Pkg. of 1000 .......... 130.00

1.90 1.95 1.95 1.75 2.15 2.15 3.80

SHIPPING-Mostorderssrupped via UPS. Pleaseinc1udeyour street address with order. Orders up to $100: Minimum shipping charge for woods and accessories - 55.00. Orders of $101 and up: Add 5'7.. of the total order. We will bill for additional shipping when orders contain large quantities of heavy items.

Prices subject to change without notice. Please call for current prices.

IIQlkcr~U tnalrumanla ,


Box 807, Winsted, CT 06098 (203) 379-9857 VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED

Spring 1994 • 9

Festival Profiles Heartland Dulcimer Camp The first ever Heartland Dulcimer Camp arrived in style on July 25th, 1993, in Parkvill~ Missouri (near Kansas City) with the care and efforts of Esther Kreek. Music was all around us for five full days and was enjoyed by local peopl~ trying to survive the tragedy of the floods, and by those from six other states: Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. The camp was on high ground, safe and secure. We managed to learn lots of music, jammed, practiced and performed together, danced and had lots of great late night talks. Heartland Dulcimer Camp, Heartland Presbyterian Center, 16965 NW 45 Highway, Parkvill~ MO 64152. 816/942-6233. Jackie Brenchley and Rachel \tUkas

Summer Solstice Folk Music and Dance Festival Just off Highway 101 (Ventura Freeway) and down the Malibu CanyonlLos Virgenes Road you will find SOKA University in Calabasas, California. This is the setting for the upcoming 14th Annual Summer Solstice Folk Music and Dance Festival presented by the California Traditional Music Society to be held June 24, 25 and 26, 1994. This festival has grown and expanded since its beginnings in 198Q The festival in 1980 was primarily a mountain and hammered dulcimer event. It consisted of one day of classes, mostly held under tarps amid the lovely castle setting at Graystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Elaine and Clark Weissman, Executive Director and President respectively of the California Traditional Music Society, sensed a real demand for participating and teaching of traditional music. The first festival had approximately 35 workshops. Five hundred people were allowed entrance in order to keep the noise down in the area. TIckets sold out two months early. This year there will be over 300 classes offered, attracting over 5,000 professional and amateur musicians for a weekend of performances and classes. Summer Solstice Folk Music and Dance Festival, 4401 uancas Plac~ Thrzana, CA 91356-5399. 818/342-7664.

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Carilyn Vice

Join us for the

on Friday, May 13 at the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site and Saturday, May 14 at the Wyandotte Woods State Recreation Area, Corydon, Indiana

Featured Performers Jean Ritchie Madeline MacNeil Dick "Richard" Albin Jon Kay Event Schedule Friday, May 13 at Corydon Capitol State Historic Site 7:30pm EDS: Evening Concert at the Bandstand Please bring your own lawn chair Saturday, May 14 at Wyandotte Woods State Recreation Area lOam to 12 noon· Workshops 2pm to 4pm· Close-up Concerts 7pm to 9:30pm • Evening Concerts • Hands-on workshops: Mountain dulcimer, hammer dulcimer and morel • RV-Camping available: Vendors, jamming, beginners WELCOME I • Lunch may be purchased from on-site vendors. All program times are listed on Eastern or "fast-time"l • Please bring a lawn chair, insect repellent/sun-screen and dress for the weather. • All programs free of charge. There is a $2 gate fee for Indiana residents, $S gate fee for non-resident admission to Wyandotte Woods SRA. • Phone the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce for information at 812/738-2137

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


Events nice Campbell, 288 Adario W. Rd., Shiloh, OH 44878. 419/896-2808.

May 15-21 • Brasstown, NC Hammered Dulcimer Workshop for beginApril 29-30 • Cambridge, MA Blacksmith House Dulcimer Festival. Workshops for mountain dulcimers, concerts for kids and adults, and jamming Info: Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 42 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138. 617/547-6789.

Apr 29-May 1 • Chicago, IL area Great Plains Folk Festival, featuring workshops, (including a computer workshop for TAB), child care available, children's events, dance, gospel sing, concerts, and vendors. RV space available. Info: Jackie Brenchley, 7081251-6618 or Margie Hafer, MVCC, 10900 S. 88th Ave., Palos Hills, IL 6046i 708/974-5745.

May 1 • McCalla, AL Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival held at Tannehill State Park between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Jamming, performances and sale., booth. Camping avai lable. Info: Buddy Rush, 2245 Tal-Heim Drive, Birmingham, AL 35216-522i 205/979-9713

May 6-8 • Glen Rose, TX Texas Dulcimer Festival, held at Oakdale Park, features contests for mountain and hammer dulcimer players. arts and crafts fair, workshops and concerts. Info: Dana Hamilton, 904 Houston , Arlington, TX 76012. Telephone 817/275-3872

May 8-14 • Brasstown, NC Mountain Dulcimer Workshop for beginning & novice players. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800IFOLK-SCH.

May 13-14 • Corydon, IN Traditional Music Festival at Wyandotte Woods State Recreation Area features dul-

cimer workshops, afternoon and evening dulcimer concert. Free admission. Gamping available. Info: Jeff Cummings, Wyandotte Woods SRA, 720 Old Forest Road, Corydon, IN 47112. 8121738-8234.

May 13-15 • Marlon, DR Spring Fling Campout at Hickory Grove Lake Campground with members of the Mansfield Dulcimer Players. Workshops,

jamming, "suicide stew" supper. Info: Ber-

ners. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800.FOLK.SCH ..

May 20-21 • RogerSVille, AL First Creek Dulcimer Festival, featuring workshops for mt. dulcimer, open stage and jamming at Joe Wheeler State Park. Info: A. D. Chafin, PO Box 7, Waterloo, AL 35677. 901/925-9385.

May 20-22 • near Helen, GA Spring Festival. Workshops, concerts and open stages, held at the North Georgia Christian Service Camp. Cabin lodgi ng, meals. Reservation deadline is May 9th. Info: Pat Corley, 16160 Freemanville Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30201. Phone 404/47i4283.

May 21-22 • Coshocton, DR Dulcimer Days at Historic Roscoe Village. Mid-Eastern Regional Dulcimer Champi-

Clip and Save FelJruarY-ApriIIssue: Events from early February to early May Deadline· November 1st

May-,/uJy Issue: Events from

~arly May to early September nils IS Our largest yearly calendar

Deadline. February 1st

August-OCtober Issue: Events from early August to early November Deadline· May 1st

NDVember-January Issue: Events from early November to early February Deadline· August 1st

May 29-June 4 • Brasstown, NC Appalachian Music Week, Includes mountain dulcimer classes for beginner/intermediate. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800.FOLK.SCH.

onships for mountain and hammered dulcimer, workshops, concerts, jamming,

June 3-4 • Owensboro, KY Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival. Concerts,

exhibits and sales. Info: Roscoe Village Foundation, 440 North Whitewoman St., Coshocton, OH 43812 614/622-9310 or 800/877-183Q

workshops, crafts, and vendors at English Park, Info: Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society, clo Gilda Shortt, 3506 Montrose Ct. Owensboro, KY 42303. 5021926-9877.

May 21-22 • Claremont, CA Claremont Spring Folk Festival. So. Calif.

June 3-5 • 8verson, PA French Creek Dulcimer Retreat in French

Hammered Dulcimer contest, concens, workshops with dulcimers, quality crafts. Held at Cahuilla Park. Info: (send a stamp) to C. S. F. F., 8755 La Vine St., Alta Lorna, CA 91701. 909/987-5701.

May 27-30 • East Troy, WI Strlngalong Weekend. Concerts, workshops, crafts, dulcimer-building, and si nging and dancing at YMCA Camp

Edwards. Dulcimer activities, dulcimer lessons, group and private. Bring or rent an instrument. Info: UWM Folk Center, Ann Schmid, PO Box 413, MIlwaukee, WI 53201. 800/636-3655 or 4141229-4622.

May 28-29 • Newcomerstown, III Defeated Creek Dulcimer & Old·Time Music Fest. Hands-on teaching workshops for mt. and hammered dulcimers and other instruments, jamming and concerts. Info: Dulcimers by 1. R., 10068 Stonecreek Rd, SW, Newcomerstown, OH 43832. 614/498-7753.

Creek State Park. Informal gatheri ng for all levels of frettedlhammered dulcimer play-

ers and other acoustical instruments. Open stage, jamming, workshops and cabi n lodging. Info: Greater Pinelands Dulcimer Society, Art Cucinotta, 6 Big Chief Trail, Medford, NJ 08055. 609/654-9323.

June 4-5 • Overland Park, KS Dulcimer Days Festival. Workshops, miniconcerts, folk dancing, hymn sing, jamming, open stage and sales booths. Info: Ike Lajoie, 6741 Mackey, Overland Park, KS 66204. 913/236-9289.

June 5-10 • Mars Hill, NC Traditional Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill College. Includes classes for begin-

ning, intermediate, and advanced clawhammer and two-finger banjo players along with guitar, fiddle, lap dulcimer, Sppalachi-

an singing and more. Info: Continuing Ed. Program, Mars Hill College, Mars Hill,NC 28754. 800/582-3047.

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


Roscoe Village presents

'Dufcimer 'Days


22.2.,).2.'f. 199'f

Mid-Eastern Regional Dulcimer Championships May 21-22, 1994



~~ Glenn MeClure HdrJllIIut:d Duleimer

Kpren Mueller


MM.lo...r Mo.Mhur Fre+tkd. Dulcimer WORJ(.SHOPS·CONCERTS·DANCING ;rAMMING •HYMN SING .",,,,,, """",



a'I ~

-Competition Fee Same as Entrance Fee Saturday Evening Concea will fealllre: 'Cecelia Webster from Gross Pointe Woods. MI • James. Hoffmann & Willey from South Bend, IN

WAU _ 12..7' rOWUR 1'LACI!:

B"fOIlAHTOf'(. NT 1,) ' 0,)

.07- •• , .


..M. W. . 0f!iI1~~L>

Call 1-800-877-1830 fflIatf)4COe ~ 381 Hill Street. Coshocton. OH 43812

The CALIFORNIA TRADITIONAL MUSIC SOCIETY presents the 14th Annual Summer Solstice Folk Music, Dance & Storytelling Festival June 24 - 26, 1994 FI'el:ted DulciIner Nea l Hellman Cath y Traul Hessom Michael Rugg Susan Trump Carilyn Vice


a 1DJDer


Patty Arnelotte Dan Duggan Jim Hayes

Cliff Moses

YELLOWBANKS DULCIMER FESTIVAL June 3 & 4, 1994 English Park Owen sbo ro, Kentucky

~e~ut~1 • Ramona Jones & Alisa Wall • Kendra Ward & Bob Bence • Susan Trump • Sweetwater • Jon Kay FREE ADMITTANCE

Workshops, Ope" Stage, Crafts & Food Vendors, Limited RV Parking,

Rain Facilities

Maggie Sansone

Over 300 participatory music / dance / folk art / s torytelling / instrument workshops per day

Soka University Campus, Calabasas, California 4401 T ..... ncas Place, Tarzana, CA 91356-5399 - (818)342-7664 (Song)

D01l ' t miss this o1le . .. ollr 3rd a1l1lual event!


'lJulcimer &cieIy

John or Gilda Shortt 3506 Montrose C t. Owensboro, KY 42303 502-926·9877

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Spring 1994 • 13

Juna 10-11 • Cosby, TN Cosby Dulcimer and Harp festival #18 at Folk Life Center of the Smokies. For makers, players and listeners of mountain and hammered dulcimer and all kinds of harps. Workshops, children's activities and storytelling. TIcket includes primitive tent camping. Info: Jean & Lee Schilling, PO Box 8, Cosby, TN 37722.615/487-5543. June 11 • Pleasant Valley, IA Fldd1ers Jamboree, rasing proceeds for the Children's miracle Network, Children's Cancer & Blood Disease Fund. Fiddle contest, workshops, open stage and concerts. Info: Fiddlers Jamboree, Julia Petersen, PO Box 17, Pleasant Valley, IA 5T161. 319/355-2308. June 17-19 • Hastings, MI Southern Michigan Dulcimer festival featuring concerts, workshops, dances, closeup concerts, open stage, jamming and musical sales area. Campsites available. Info: Warren Guiles, 9575 Peach Ridge, Sparta, MI 49345. 616/887-9436. June 18 • Brethren, MI Spirit of the Woods Folk Festival Performances, music, dance, children's activities and crafts at Dickson Township Park. Camping available; some sign language interpretation. Info: Spirit of the Woods Music Association, 11171 Kerry Rd., Brethren, MI 49619. 616/477-5381. June 24-26 • Blue Mt. Lake, NY Northeast Dulcbner Symposium Week.1I. Workshops, demonstrations, concerts, a dance, and more for hammered and mountain dulcimer. Concurrent with the No Octane Regatta. Info: Barb 'fruex/, Northeast Dulcimer, 434 Preble St., S. Portland, ME 04106. 2071799-6899. Juna 24-2& • calabasas, CA Summar Solstice Folk Music ad Dance FestIvaL 300 workshops for instruments (including dulcimers), singing, dance and crafts, storytelling and concerts at Soka University. Camping on site. Handicapped accessible. Info: California Thlditional Music Society, 4401 ThlDcas Place, Tarzana, Ca 91356. 818/342-7664. June 24-26 • Altamont, NY Old Songs Festival of bdltmnal Music and Dance. Altamont Fairgrounds. Concerts, participatory dancing, learn-hows, dulcimer workshops, storytelling and family activi-

ties. Camping available. Handicapped access. Info: Old Songs, Inc., P'Q Box 39~ Guilderland, NY 12084.5181765-2815

Juna 25-July 1 • Williams Bay, WI Summer Strlngalong, featuring dulcimer workshops, dulcimer-building, jam sessions, concerts, open stage, crafts, singing, dancing. Other instruments included. Williams Bay is 90 minutes from Chicago. Info UWM Folk Center, PO Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201. 800/636-3655 or 414/229-4622 June 25-26 • tullahoma, TN Paul Pyle Dulcimer Festival, featuring performances and jamming. Pot luck supper and annual meeting on Saturday the 25th. On Sunday the 26th the festival will start at 1:00. Info: Paul Pyle Dulcimer Festival, 105 Point Circle Drive, Thllahoma, TN 37388. 615/455-6800. June 26-Aug. '11 • Kingston, NY Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Workshops. Music and dance classes (beginning and experienced levels), evening concerts and dances. Info: Jay Ungar, RDl, Box 48~ West Hurley, NY 12491. 914/338-2991. June 26-July 1. Boone, NC Appalachian State University Dulcimer Playing Workshop. Comprehensive courses for all levels of mt. dulcimer playing and specialized courses. Concerts, open stage, short classes, dance & field trip. Info: Lou Ellen Jones, ASU Office of Cont: & Inst., Boone, NC 28608. 704/262-3045. June '11-30 • Mt. View, AR Mountain Dulcimer Workshop at the Ozark Folk Center. Intensive sessions, beginning and intermediate levels. Info: Ozark Folk Center, PO Box 500, Mountain View, AR 72560. 50V269-3851. June 'I1-July 1 • Blua Mt. Lake, NY Northeast Dulcimer Symposium Week. Full week intensive. Participants work with master players (mt. and ham. dulcimers) in small group and private lessons. All playing levels. Info: Barb Truexl, Northeast Dulcimer, 434 Preble St., S. Portland, ME 04106.2071799-6899. Julne 3O-July 3 • Newport, PA Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering. Autoharp workshops, contest, and concerts. Info: Limberjack Productions, PO Box A, Newport, PA 17074. 717/567-9469.

July 3-8 • Brasstown, HC Mountain Dulcimer Workshop for beginning & intermediate players. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902 Telephone 800IFOLK.SCH. July 8-10 • Unicoi State Park, GA Appalachian Music festival. Concerts, exhibitors, workshops, and dancing featuring traditional Scottish, Irish, folk, dulcimer, string, and old-time mountain music. Info: Programming Unit, Unicoi State Park, PO Box 84~ Helen, GA 30545. 706/8782201, ext. 282 July 8-10 • Bar Harbor, ME Downeast Dulcimer and Folk Harp Festival Workshops, open stage, concerts, song sharing, and sales booths. Motels and camping nearby. Info: (send SASE) Song of the Sea, 47 West St., Bar Harbor, ME 04609. 2071288-5653. July 8-10 • Brasstown, HC Mountain Dulcimer Weekend Workshop for beginning players. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800.FOLK.SCH. July 8-10 • Carthage, MO Summerfest 1994. Workshops, concerts, jam sessions, crafts. Autoharp, mountain and hammered dulcimers. Info: L. Woods, PO Box 158, Crestline, KS 66728. 316/3892377 or 417/624-3580. July 9-10 • Morris, IL Gebbard Woods Dulcimer Festival Workshops, concerts, jamming, dancing, children's activities, crafts. Info: Donna Thfano, PO Box 5~ Elmwood Park, IL 60635. 708/456-6292. July 9-10. Warrenville, IL warrenville Folk FesUvaL Concerts, workshops for mountain and hammered dulcimers, jamming, crafts, children's activities. Info: Dona Benkert, PO Box 248, Warrenville, IL 60555. 7081717-8495. July 10-August 12 • Elkins, WV Augusta Heritage Arts Workshops. Five weeks of classes, concerts, dances, etc., including many week-long mt. and hammered dulcimer workshops, beginning to advanced. Mountain dulcimer construction. On-campus lodging and meals available. Info: Augusta Heritage Center, Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV 26241. 304/636-1903.

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~~ ........ .......... SeC~nd =n~~l ...........................~ . . !~ . HEARTLAND DULCIMER CAMP ~ July 24 - 29, 1994

Beginning and Intennediate Level Classes In

Hammered and Mountain Dulcimer

Yeeee Haa~me to the




a nd

much much more! Instructors:

J an lla Baker Esther Kreek Maddie MacNell Linda Thompson Susan Trump

For more infonnation contact: Esther Kreek. Director (816) 942-6233 For registration contact: Heartland Presbyterian Conference Center 16965 NW 45 Highway • Parkville . MO 64152 (816) 891-1078 •

Featuring a weekend chock full of "JAMMIN ' LEARNIN ' , & LISTENIN '. Enjoy teach in g , hands on wo rk shops for beginning and intermediate lap and hammered du l ci mer , gu i ta r, banjo. jug , autoharp, penny whistle, and pizza box bodhra n, just to list a few ! !! In concert enjoy the music of " COUNTRY SUNRISE SPECI~G ", BILL SCHILL I NG, " SHAKIN' HAMMERS STRING

1! _~ND",



PASSAGE " , PLUS MANY MORE! !! These bands wil l . feature old time . bu l eg ras s , gospel , Irish, fiddle, and foot stomp in' da nc e tunes . P l an on spending this weekend with us just nin e miles south of NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO , right off of 1-77 . For more inf o rma tion and a flyer write: DULCIMERS BY J . R. 10068 STO NE CREEK RD St, NEt,COMERSTONN 43832 . Or c all (614) 498-7753




Paul Van Arsdale * .Just Friends * Stone County The Olde Michigan Ruffwater Stringband Bob & Susie Hutchison * Mark Tindle ***Concerts * Dancing * Workshops * Gospel Sing*** "'Children 's Activities • Jamm ing • Close-up Concerts*** Barry County Expo Center Hastings. Michigan (616) 945-2224 Food & Camping on grounds

Informat ion: Warren Gui les 9575 Peach Ridge Sparta. MI 49345 (6 16) 887-9436 or (517) 750-3472

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


Spring 1994 • 15

July 10-16 • Morehead, KY Dulcimer Camp In the Mountains at Morehead State University. In-depth classes in lap and hammer dulcimer, mini-classes, concerts, jam sessions, air-conditioned suites and classrooms. Info: Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 40351. 6061783-2077 (KY) or 800/354-2090 (other states).

July 10-Aug 6 • swannanoa, Ne 1be swannanoa Gathering, featuring weeklong workshops in the folk arts. Celtic Week, Old-Time Music & Dance Week, Contemporary Folk Week, and Mt. Dulcimer Week. Campus housing & meals available. Info: The Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, Box 9000, Asheville, NC 28815. 704/298-3325, ext. 426.

July 14-17 • Evart, MI Dulcimer Funfest at the Osceola County Fairgrounds. Concerts, workshops, open stage, Jamming and sales booths. Camping available. Info: Donna Beckwith, 817 Innes NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 616/459-6716.

July 16-17 • Cooksburg, PA llines & Techniques for Hammered Dulcbner. A limited enrollment instructional workshop of tune learning and sharing in Cook Forest State Park. Pre-registration is a music. Info: Marilyn Karns, Cook Forest Sawmill Ctr. for the Arts, PO Box 180, Cooksburg, PA 16217.

July 22-24 • Binghamton, NY Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering. Held at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Workshops (mountain and hammer dulcimers, autoharp) concerts, open stage, contra-dancing and jamming. Primitive camping available. Info: Ed Ware, 1259 Fowler Place, Binghamton, NY 13901607/669-4651

July 22-24 • Rockford, IL Folk Music Festival Rockford Museum and Midway Village. Performances, workshops (ncluding hammered & mountain dulcimers), jamming, dancing, children's programming, and more. Info: Rockord Folk Music Festival, PO Box 1583, Rockford, IL 61100. 8001521-0849 (IL), 800/4235361. WSG: I didn't receive conf. on this, but think it will go.

July 23-30 • Plymouth, MA Plnewoods Music & Dance camps: Folk Music Week. Concerts, jam sessions, song

swaps, music lessons and country dancing. Partially handicapped accessible. Info: Country Dance & Song Society, 17 South St. Northampton, MA 01060. 413/584-9911

July 24-29 • Parkville, MO Heartland Dulcrm. Camp. Beginning and intermediate level classes in hammered and mountain dulcimer. Info: call Esther Kreek, Director, 816/942-6231 Registration: Heartland Presbyterian Conference Center, 16965 NW 45 Highway, Parkville, MO 64152.816/891-1078.

July 25-29 • Princeton, NJ Hananered Dulcimer I: How do the hanuners fly? Class on hammered dulcimer technique, tuning, chording for accompaniment and repertoire. Graduate credit and campus housing available. Info: Westminster Choir College, Hamilton at Walnut, Princeton, NJ 08540.609/924-7416, ext. 227.

July 29-31 • louisville, KY Kentucky Music Weekend. Concerts, workshops, dances and crafts at Iroquois Park. Also see August 1st listing. Info: Nancy Barker, Box 86, Bardstown, KY 40004. 502/348-5237.

July 29-Aug. 6 • Mendocino, CA lark In The Morning Music Camp. Music and dance, workshops, dances, parties, harps to hurdy gurdies, bagpipes to belly dance. Camping and childcare available. No pets or day visitors. Info: Lark In The Morning, Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460. 707/964-5569.

July 29-31 • Abingdon, VA Virginia Highlands Festival, featuring a hammered dulcimer building workshop. No woodworking experience needed. Info: Southwest Virginia 4-H Center, Abingdon, VA 24210. 703/676-6180.

July ~ • Indianapolis, IN Eagle Creek Folk Music Festival Solo and group performances including mountain and hammered dulcimers, autoharp, guitar and fiddle. Info: Dave and Sue Beard, Central Indiana Folk Music & Mt. Dulcimer Society, PO Box 1503, Indianapolis, IN 46206. 317/462-9681.

July ~ • Kirtland Hills, OH Ultle Mountain Folk Festival, with traditional music, performances, exhibits, food, country dance, formal & informal workshops, jamming, and arts and crafts (include dulcimers and supplies). Info: Joan

Kapsch, Lake County Historical Center, 8610 King Memorial Rd., Mentor, OH 44060. 216/255-8979.

August 1-5 • louisville, KY Kentucky Music Week. Instruction in fretted and hammered dulcimers and other instruments plus singing and concerts. Info: Nancy Barker, Box 86, Bardstown, KY 40004.5021348-5237.

August 1-4 • MI. View, AR Sununer Hammered Dulcimer Workshop at the Ozark Folk Center. Intensive sessions, beginning and intermediate levels. Info: Ozark Folk Center, PO Box 500, Mountain View, AR 72560. 50U269-3851.

August 2-8 • Brasstown, NC Hanunered Dulcimer Workshop for intermediate to advanced players. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800.FOLK.SCH.

August 12-14 • WA or OR Kindred Gathering #20. A gathering for friends of modes and dulcimerie. Site to be announced in next DPN. Workshops, concert. Info: Robert and Janette Force, 1228 Blaine St., Port Townsend, WA 98368. 206/385-5289.

August 12-14. Brasstown, NC Mountain Dulcimer Weekend Workshop for beginning players. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC 28902. Telephone 800.FOLK.SCH.

August 12-14 • West Dover, VT Dulcimer Daze. Open stage, workshops and concerts. Info: Folk Craft Music, PO Box 1572, Wilmington, VT 05363. 8021464-7450.

August 13-14 • Salem, WV Dulcimer Weekend at Fort New Salem, (a nineteenth century West Virginia settlement), features workshops (hammered and mountain), concert, and jamming. Info: Carol Schweiker, Fort New Salem, SalemTeikyo University, Salem, WV 26426. 3041782-5245.

August 13 • Defiance, III Fl. Defiance Bicentennial Celebration. Old 1Yme Dulcimer Contest. Registration at noon, competition at 1:00 p.m. Cash prizes. Send SASE for contest rules. Info: aIde 1Yme Dulcimer Contest, Gr. Defiance Area Tourism Bureau, PO Box 7010, Defiance, OH 43512. 782-1295.

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Dulcimer Camp in the Mountains

Ju 10-16

Our fourth annual Mountain Dulcimer Camp will soon be here featuring intensive instruction in all levels of Lap and Hammer Dulcimer playing. Mini sessions will offer Lap and Hammer Dulcimer as well as Autoharp, Banjo, Fiddle, Harmonica and Tin Whistle. Sing alongs, Jam Sessions and Evening Concerts will be a part of the daily menu. We can assure your comfort in air conditioned suites and classrooms. Our qualified staff Susan Trump, Sue Carpenter, Tull Glazener, Maureen Sellers: Kendra Ward Bence, Anne-Marie Begley, Peggy Robberts, Art Nicholas, Bob Bence, Leo Blair, Ron Dobler, George Jackson and Rodi Jackson will be looking forward to meeting you.

Morehead State University路 Continuing Education Morehead, Kentucky 40351 (606) 783-2077 or (606) 783-1054 1-800-354-2090 0


iii Folk Center

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AmwUJIdn!l Tlie FirstAnnua! August 15-20 • Brasstown, NC Hanmered DulcImer Workshop for beginners. Info: John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasslown, NC 2890.2. Telephone SOo.FOLK.SCH. August 20 • Sand SprIngs, OK 8th Ever DulcImer Day. Workshops for mounlain and hammered dulcimer plus afternoon and evening concertS. Info: Indian Terrilory Dulcimer Celebration, PO Box 471532, Thlsa, OK 74147. 9181744-8928. August 2&-28 • MIdland, MI Old Car and Folk Music GatherIng. Jamming, workshops, concerts and dance. Camping available. Info: Bill Kuhlman, 2769 S. Homer Rd., Midland, MI 48640. 517/835-50.85. Aug 3O-Sept 5 • Avoca, IA Old-TIme Country Music Contest and Festival. Contesls and workshops for hammered and mountain dulcimers among many other instruments at the Pottawattamie Counly Fairgrounds. Camping available. Info: PO Box 438, Walnu!, IA 51577. 7121784-30.0.1. Sept 2-4 • La Crosse, WI Great River lI'adltlonal Music and Crafts Festival Music and dance workshops, craft demonstrations and sales, ethnic food and children's area. Info: Greal River Festival of ArtS, 119 Ki ng SI. La Crosse, WI 5460.1. 60.81785.1434. September S-11 • Shepherdstown,WV Upper Potomac DulcImer Festival. Annual hammered dulcimer festival, featuring classes aI all levels, open mike and a concert. Info: Joanie Blanlon, Box 1474, Shepherdslown, WV 25443. 30.41263-2531. September 1&-18. New Milford, CT HousatonIc Dulcimer Celebration. Classes in mountain and hammered dulcimer, vendors, concerls and more. Info: RoBear Productions, P.O Box 518, Sherman, CT 0.6784. 203/567-8262. September 18. Huntsville, AL MountaIn DulcImer Festival Performances, jam sessions, sales booths al Burritt Museum and Park. Handicapped accessible; camping available nearby. Info: Damon Nolin, PO Box 1823, Hunlsville, AL 3580.7. 20.5/881-5352. September 23-24 • MemphIs, TN MemphIs Dulcimer Festlva~ fealuring per-

formances and workshops on hammered and mountain dulcimers, autoharp, etc.

Info: Memphis Dulcimer Festival, 95 N. Evergreen SI., Memphis, TN 38104. 9011725-6976. l:!







~ ~






AUGUST 12, 13, & 14

~ ~







! ~










~~ ~


~~ ~





(amia /Wst ofotliers)


September 16,17,18 In theEMUi:ffu1LitdfieIiI fii[{, tf New Mifoni CT


~~ ~
















VendOrs, Coru:erts. and mudil1Wre


For more injvrmofion cofl








P.o.. Bo.X 1572 ~ WILMINGTo.N, VT. 05363 ~




Climes in Mowztain and HammereaDu!dmer


~ ~

Sa!!j; Rogers





~ ~ ~ ~



Madidlne MtUNei!




willi our very spedo[!llWsfs




Dufdmer Cefebraiion

~ ~

~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


(203) 567-8262

RObeor ProdUdiom PO Bo}C518

5!iermon, cr 06784 (vend'or In'luiries welUJme)




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Plans for the Sixth Annual Festival are now underway ... Featuring Concerts and Workshops for Fretted and Hammered Dulcimer, Autoharp, and other Folk Instruments.


Get on the mailing list for our Festival Flier, to be released June 1st. Write to: LARKIN KELLEY BRYANT 95 N. Evergreen St. Memphis, TN 38104 (901)-725-6976

Vendors inquiries welcomed.

rrJulcimer Classes at Swannanoa 1994 J-{ammereo r"Du{cimer with Celtic Week July 10-16

Old-TIme Week July 17-23

Walt M1chacl

BW TroxJcr

Jv(oul1tail1 r"Du{cimer with Old-Time Week July 17-23


Dulcimer Week July 24-30

Mary Greene Co m e learn and share tlus smnmcr in the h e art or the Blue Ridge Mountains. Call or wrhe for a FREE catalog; TilE SWANNANOA GATHERING, Warre n Wilson College, PO Box 9000, Asheville, NC 28815-9000 (704) 298路3325 ext.426.

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Ken Kolodncr

The Seventh Annual

Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival July 9 • 10, 1994

Gebhard Woods State Park • Moms. Illinois Mike Anderson - Gerry Armstrong - Rosamond Campbell Kat Eggleston - Barbara Ernst - Nic Ferraro - Kiu Haghighi Jim Hudson - Diane Ippel-Williams & Rob Williams Iris - Just Folk - Peppermill String Band Jean Ritchie - Bill Robinson & Friends - Paul Van Arsdale and many more! Concerts - Workshops - Demonstrations & Hands-on Instruction - Instrument Crafters Musical Recordings & Accessories - Old-time Dance - Children's ktivities - Jam Sessions

Information: 708·456·6292 815·758·0814 Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival P.O. Box 59

Elmwood Park IL 60635

SPOTUJOred b;y HANDS of IUinoia, Inc., a not-for-profit organimtion dedicall!d to PruerWn8 and promoting duJci mer music, in auocialionwith the Iaino;a Department ofConaervation and the City of Mom•. Partially aupported by a grant (rom the IUinoia Aria Council, a allJle agency.


JUllY' 8, 9, 10 J4.tI!l('f,'D OMCfI

Carthoae, MlsSDUrtJ

Located three miles east of Carthage on Highway 96

then one mile noJ1t1 on road 12

110'1(. M~ L. 'Ja.t>oru


$. S9.l1TJ{

,. ,o:J/!}(yit»/.. 1($'D O~"f1

JtCCO'MMO'DJII.'T1C»(,S: 'EC01(t) LC11JflE. 4J 7.J5I·J9OO ~1{;~stJ'~ 417·J5I·24J2 '1J'aUtMOO'U 4J7-624·2J9O


MOWQJII9( M(:p ~('E9(1'.'D 'D'ULCIM'£!R.5 ~~, !!l'D'DL'E, S~'HI, (j'llmut J1C~10IJ(.

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316·389·2.377 417·624·3580 417·624·2.387 417·358·1943

20 â&#x20AC;˘ Dulcimer Players News


he common thread running through many of my endeavors is a passion for learning as much as I can, as quickly as possible. Sometimes my threads end up as fin ished projects; other times I leave loose ends. I made an afghan in my first attempt at crocheting, but my patchwork quilt and numerous needlepoint projects remain unfinished, and I have yet to learn to use my loom. Sometimes my passions are more athletic than artistic, as with my newest undertaking. racewalking. Most of my creative passions. however, I find are woven into music through my dulcimer. When I purchased my first dulcimer and the only dulcimer book I could find in 1981, I began playing chords and fingerpicking individual strings simply by following without question what the tablature directed-fret here, pick there. Before long, I was fingerpicking a piece in the key of G whi le tuned to D-A-D. Later, I became aware that I must have been doing something unusual or difficult when another dulcimer player wondered why I wasn't "strumming in Ionian." So I began my understanding of the simplicities of the dulcimer as they related to the complexities of music theory. Ah, the complexities of music theory! Memories of childhood


piano lessons washed over me; and as the \Yaves receded, there was my dulcimer like a shell to enjoy for its simple beauty and to open to discover a pearl. The pearl I found made sense of all that memorized music theory from long ago.

My dulcimer taught me that music is more than reading another composer's notes. Writing, arranging, and even playing music from memory or by ear became possible for me for the first time. At times I've composed tunes by feeling my way on the fretboard, happily oblivious to chord names, time signatures. modes, or other musical particulars. The dulcimer has this wonderfully simple, innate ability to teach us music in such a natural way that we end up intuitively applying elements of music theory. ''Simple co mplexities" best summaries my approach to playing and teaching. The end result may be compl ex, but the steps along the way are easy. I look for simple patterns in music and develop those patterns into practical technical exercises th~t are melodically rewarding and fun to play. My attraction to th e dulcimer is spiritual and physical as well as acade mic. I like to think that my love for the dulcimer is so mehow rooted in my Pe nnsylvania Dutch heritage. When I first played a dulcimer, I kn ew that this German zither descendant was the instrument I had been unconsciously searching for throughout my years of playing piano and organ, and my brief dalliance with the gui tar. I had found a stringed instrument that I could play while holding my hands in the same relative position as when playing a keyboard. My first few years of playing were intense: I spent five or more hours a day practicing. Since those early days, I've been performing. teaching, and recording my (instrumental) arrangements of traditional, contemporary, and original music. I published a fingerpicking instruction book in 1991 and released a recording in 1993. My musical passion, I hope, has woven a few finished tapestries for my audiences and students. Ell

Sue Carpenter, PO Box 570, Nassau, NY 12123

Homeless Siamese About eleven years ago, a stray Siamese cat adopted my husband and me. She was attracted by the sounds of my dulcimer and often snuggled against my instrument as I played. One day, with the Siamese purring into my dulcimer, I composed "Homeless Siamese." If you listen carefully as you play, you'll hear your dulcimer sing the words "homeless Siamese" in measures 4, 8 and 12 The tune can be heard on my album, Heliotrope BOllqlle( featuring Homer the Siamese Cat on vocals. Although Homer is not the title cat, he too was once homeless before residing at the studio where I made my recording. I fingerpick the piece, but you can certainly adapt it to strumming or fiatpicking. You' ll find a number of inverted chord positions, those with higher fret numbers on the bass string than on the treble or middle strings. These inverted positions may challenge your left hand. Try fretting the treble string with your pinky, the middle string with your middle or ring finger, and the bass with your index.

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Spring1994 • 21

Homeless Siamese

Slowly, with feeling 8m



D A ~ D ~~ v




7 5 5




0 0 2 1 2-4-2-1-2

5-5 4




FOm A1














·· Em








0 Em



4-3-2 0 0 2-0 2-4-2-1-0












7 5 5 flJ







Sue Carpenter @ 1993


~4-5- -~+~

0 Q - 4 - ~3 7-51-2- ~3 2-3-4 6-40 5 2-4-2-1--2- -3-5-3-2-1--2-3---4--7-6+ - 5 - 3 -

L...J flJl







1 1 1-2-3


L..J Dma.j1





1 2

p1 0

0 2 2 1 2-4-2-1-0

2 0








D. C. GIl 1----5 4--4-5-+--I:1 7-5 1----4 2--2-4 5 6-4 -----3--5-3-2-0-2-3 4--7-6+-5-3








6+-7-8--9 5-6--7-7 4-5-6+-t-7


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22 • Dulcimer Players News

DALLAS CLINE "Music and the Arts offer the foundation for healthy, happy beings with the strength to be gentle and the ability to construct a world in harmony." Dallas Cline tain dulcimer. An ad in Sing Our magazine brought about the purchase of her first dulcimer. made by A. W. Jeffries of Virginia. "Moving to Connecticut with three girls to raise;' Dallas explains, "I found myself teaching seventeen guitar classes, playing the dulcimer and autoharp with two groups, and hosting a TV show on folk music with WLAD in Danbury. Life was truly filled with music!" Later on she founded the Connecticut Folk Arts Center and held workshops on making and playing the dulcimer as we ll as presenting Saturday night concerts at the Barn Coffee House. During this time, Dallas managed to squeeze in a few books for Oak Publications and Sesame Street. Her first book,

Homemade /nSlmments for Children, published in 1976 and still in prin~ brought her an invitation to be on the "Good Morning America" TV show. Another literary opportunity was a request

from Music Educator!"Journal to do an article on instruments for children, which included how to make a o ne-string dulcimer. Dallas has been teaching dulcimer for many years at Folkcraft in Winsted, Conn. "Teaching over the years;' she says, "and sharing the joy of music with so many thousands of students, both young and old, I have learned to knolV that each of us has music inside us. Some hide it. .. and some express it easily. So often I hear the 'I have a tin ear' comment from a student and then watch them blossom as they hear themselves making beautiful music. l(s as though they found their soul! For me as a teacher to be able to tap


that soul in someone and see it emerge, is a great privilege. One of the most gratifying experiences in teaching was at a senior center in Hartford, with a class of ten men and women all over seventy.


Some had never sawed wood or made music. They made dulcimers • from kits and learned to play. They were thrilled r" ~ Establishi ng a small company called Common Treasury Publishing with partner. Wil Schaefer, has brought about the creation hand·cranked phonograph happily sounding out old Carl of three mountain dulcimer books by Dallas, including a Christmas book and one about the capo, as well as a VCR lesson tape for Sandburg ballads and Mac McClintock songs had a strong hold on me as a small child;' says Dallas Cline. "My moth· beginners and a tape on tuning. A current adventure Dallas is planning is a tour to Scotland with er played the mandolin and my grandmother sang and played the piano. The desire to make music myself in those early years was travel agent experts, visiting places where they will hear much of overwhelming." A year of mandolin lessons at age nine and a per· the traditional music. Dallas will teach dulcimer using the Scottish formance on the radio station in Asbury Park, N.J., sent Dallas off music relating to that found in our Southern Appalachians. into a musical life. Piano lessons followed, interrupted by a serious The future holds a wish to make a tape of children's songs as a interest in boys, college, and then back to music in the fifties. legacy to pass on to several musical grandchildren. "It has been a Adult education classes in folk guitar led Dallas into performing rich life;' Dallas muses, "Filled with learning, blessed with a folk and presenting a radio program called '1..ive at Five" with her husmusic family across the country and with so many dedicated students who have become, as well, dear and lasting friends. I am band in Saratoga, N.Y During this time she heard Jean Ritchie and Paul Clayton and became enchanted w ith the sound of the moungrateful! " ~ Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact



Spring 1994 • 23

Coming Home

Written for a loving friend


Dallas Cline © 1992

(Accent the

~ dark notes)


- - - - - 2)-----,r---(2-----r----1--r---------.r-----1


----(3-3 2-2) (1-1) (1-1 - - - - - - ' - - - - - 4 -"---3 _ _ _...L.._ 2 -1- 2 -1..L: O------II



1 - - - - - (1 ) - - (1) 1----2 0


( 2 ) - - - - . - - - - ( 0 - - 2)--....---- 2 - - - , - - - - - - 1 1--~-1





1----------------'T----1 1 - - - - - - - - - - + - - (0- 0)



I. 2-3-1-2-1 =C=O ~





2------------1 (1-1) - 2 --------I


3-2-3-2 h




1-----O-(0-0-O)!-~7------+--(5~5) jL



. 61/2







IfIl ~





















(4-4) 5



..... I











1 (0-0)





,........ I ....-f

2 (3--3)+:-(0)



1. _L I __ , .l II



7 (7 - 7 )



7(6 -6)-




5-3-2-3-2~ (O-O)~-_(O_)1_-2--1 h




"Coming Home" may be heard played by Wil Schaeffer on the cassette Just Friends Again Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

24 â&#x20AC;˘ Dulcimer Players News

ESTHEIt KItEEK and that led me in a new direction. In Dublin I first heard Phil Coulter's piano. His song, "The Town I Loved So Well;' nearly made me cry. Working with guitarists Charlie Pinzino and Jerry Faier has been a great learning experience. Listening to all of these musicians helped me to develop my own style. A few years ago I entered the hammered dulcimer contest at Winfield, Kansas at the last minute. I had no "contest piece" ready, so I played what I thoug ht the audience would enjoy. I did not place in the top five, but I had a marvelous time. Afterward a lady stopped me and said, "Each year there is one thing that touches me and makes this trip special. When you played 'The Water Is Wide' it made me feel things I haven't felt for a long time. Thank you." Thars the bottom line. It doesn't matter how many songs you know, how fast you can play or how well you embellish a tune. Whether or

not you reach others with your music is what is important. My music has taken me all over the country. I give living history presentations for schools, museums, churches, etc. of music and a diary of the Orego n Trail and of th e ethnic groups that came through the Midwest in the 1850's. Co mbining history, storytelling

and music has been very rewarding. Teaching the dulcimer has been anoth er way to share. I played for six years before I could read music. Then I took two se mesters of keyboard, chord theory and improvisation at a local college. In July 1993 I started a dulcimer ca mp near Kansas Ci ty. The 1994 se.ssion is July 24-29. ~ We all have something to offer in this world, and I think I am ti supposed to be an "encourager." I have appreciated each one who

=offered help, taught me a new tune or hammering pattern and ~ inspired and encouraged me. ~ ~

think you need it." Those were my husband's words. We were ordering a hammered dulcimer for our son and AI ordered one for me, too, for Christmas 1977. He was right. The dulcimer gave me a new interest and a new life. The closest teacher was 100 miles away and, since it was a gift, I felt I had to make th e effort to take lessons. I can't think of anything (other than my family) that has given me such joy. My parents grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and my mother sang the ballads to us. I lived in Baltimore, Maryland, until AI was transferred to Missouri in 1965. I heard my first hammered dulcimer in the Ozarks. As I listened to different players, my idea of what I wanted to do with the dulcimer changed constantly. I loved Sam Rizzena's gentl e style of playi ng. When I heard Dana Hamilton, I thought I'd give up because I couldn't play that fast. I wanted to stand behind John McCutcheon and try to catch the bright sound of his music. Linda Lowe Thompson played a song at Augusta and I knew it had personal meaning for her. Cathy Barton's music had a special lilt. Then I heard Patrick Ball play the harp in a friend's living room


Esther Kreek has six recordings: Tollch the fust and 71 ..y fussed \>\by (historical recordings for th e St. Joseph Museum),

Dulcimer Daydreams, Dulcimer Memories and Be 77lOU My Vision (prod uced by Sampler Records) and Christmas Joy (on her label, Serene Sounds).

Esther Kreek 1156 West 103, Dept 206 Kansas City, MO 64114 816/942-6233

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Spring 1994 •

~ r e y a r P y M In , ve o L 4 JI Jf r e b m e 11 Rem G



beau - ti haste with




Cur - tains on if

ful this

moon climbs the mes- sage it

• I





kiss - ing fee - tion








then that mem - ber

my you,






c:r 1'1/





mem - ber



I~ share

r a/l



ry my



F and


night when



sor - rows



I~ ~ ~ I kneel





bed - side



~. F I~ F ~ I prayers. my










mem - a

r Ir



gJ I J F and

from a









is re

it I'll




rose say

I r F F IF



g Ir r r



r r

dew - drops bring you








the and




and the to

and Ihe in

Slars dove

back by Ihe beau - ti - luI

sky bears



are pinned a of

nighl Wings



/' G


of the



hea - ven of kiss


Tradition An: Esther Kre~


Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact











S~d The Light



OLD TIME COUNTRy VOLUME 1 Blue Moon of Kentucky Standin On T h . Give Me The Roses While I Live Eyes Crying In The Rain Blue Lily Ofhe Va1J~;romlses ~:~~b~l~ross And Follow Me Down In The Valley At The Cross When The Saints Go M hi You Win Again Side Sunny The On Keep In ng arc G101)' To His Name on'S Mountain WOlvert Old Gospel Ship Sweet Hour Of Pca COming Around The Mountain Be ~e'li Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill I Feel Like Travewi';COn The Old No.9 Of W~ Tramp On The Street I Have Decided To Follow Jesus FJowers ~d~OOd Master' The For Flowers g Gatherin The Old Rugged Cross Miller s Cave s t Bouque Grace g Amazin The Prisoner's Song Little Rosewood Casket When The Roll Is Called U VI d Cheating Heart Your River The At Gather We Shall p on er I Told You Lately (That I Lo Yi Have MODES AND KEXS LTSlEIl OLD TIME G AND KEys USlW ve ou) MOpES 0 fum songs all ns CASSETTES $8 95 E OSPEL CD: Contai Please Ad~d$Ioo ~s~el Volume 1 and 2 CDS $13.95 EA. A. U.S. Dollars Only路 aCking And Shipping Per Order 路 ~:1IeT~~ec:JoMrM~ney Order PayableKTo:k J & J M USIC. USIC, P.O. Box 2036 PLEA SE NOTICEomo, IN 469()2 The

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Sunple Sounds The Upstairs Gall Ernest Tubb R ery High Country ~~~hOP

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Spring 1994 • 29

Fretted Dulcimer

erally choose D. I tune my wound string to D (below middle C) and my unwound strings to d' (above middle C). If it feels to me like an unwound string may break at the high pitch I always tune it low. I heard the name "bagpipe" tuning used by California player Holly Tannen many years ago and I think it is well chosen. More recently I had the privilege of meeting traditional player Jacob Ray Melton at the Boone, North Carolina, Dulcimer Week. Mr. Melton, from Galax, Virginia, has always used this tuning and pitches his strings at D. His beautiful style delighted me. To appreciate the bagpipe quality that gives this lUning its name I have chosen a beautiful Scottish traditional song, "The Bluebells of Scotland." You can also use these fret numbers and play the song in the more familiar D-A-d' tuning, but I encourage you to experiment with the distinctive bagpipe voice of the dulcimer. ~

by Lorraine Lee Hammond

ers take a break from the capoing we have bee n doing. We will resume our move up the fingerboard in subsequent . . columns, but it is hard dulcimer work. Let's enjoy an easy, satisfying tuning and a beautiful song. In this issue we' ll celebrate the timeless drone voice of the dulcimer and explore the "bagpipe" tuning. It is accessible for players



of all experience levels and convenient on dulcimers with any number of strings.

Rule For liming: Thne all of your strings to the same note! I gen-

The Blue Bells of Scotland Bagpipe Dulcimer Tuning

Old Scottish Air




-, where

and oh

1 4 I 7 -


is your _

high-land lad-die gone?


'I Oh



I 6 5 I 4-

1 I 5 6.7 I 223 1 I





I where



I 6 4 5 3 I




and oh


4 I

I 7 -

6 5 I


gone to fight the


I I 41 2 0 2 4 I 7 -


for King _

I 5

6·7 I



George u- pon the







I I 6·7 1 2 2 3 1 I



higirland lad- die





is your-



And irs




I 61 7 -


in my


I 6 51 4 -







wish him safe at


I I 6 ,7 1 223 1 I 0

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AUTUMN IN THE VALLEY A companion album to Oktober County: folk and classical treasures (both early and new) - an irresistable collection of Appalachian, Celtic and classical arrangements plus a new crop of Hellman originals, featuring lots of Neal's friends: Joe Weed, Barry Phillips, Robin Petrie, and many more ... Campac! Disc: $14.98 CasseHe: $9.98

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Borealis Music



Mifa'We Christy and Fred Cook's fifth recording

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wooden flu te,


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Rhapsodyjor Adrlonna by Christy Cook,



Falrffghl M/roge by CMsty Cook.


Inuention No.3 In 0 Minor by J. S. Bach.

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Mountain Dulcimer Tales &Traditions At my reques~ Ken contacted the owners to see if they would be willing to talk to me. I quickly received a post card from Jeanette Hamner, giving me their phone number and inviting me to call.

by Ralph Lee Smith A Gift of Love: Discovery of a Great Scheltholt

Colonial Williamsburg

The instrument that is illustrated here is one of the most beautiful and most important American scheitholts that has ever been discovered. As an added wonderful touch, the Pennsylvania German inscription running along its side suggests that it was a gift of love from the maker, Samuel Ache,

[ called right away, and the Hamners described the instrument to me in detail. As we were talking, an idea came to me. I wonder, I said to the Hamners, if Colonial Williamsburg, which is not far from Hampton, might like to see the instrument. The

to his fiancee.

Hamners gave me permission to call and

The Hamners and Ken Hamblin The instrumen t is owned by Charles and Jeanette Hamner of Hampton, Virginia. It passed down in Jeanette's mother's family, who come from the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. In the early 1990's, the Hamners brought it to Ken Hamblin, the well-

known dulcimer maker of Salem, Virginia,

find out. I called Colonial Williamsburg and talked to Marcia Katz-Hyman, an Assistant Curator. Yes, Martha said , they would very much like to see it. I called the Hamners back, and they personally delivered the scheitholt to Colonial Williamsburg for study.

Curators examined the instrument and

for restoration. Early in 1993, I called Ken to check on an old dulcimer that was reported to have passed through his hands. The dulcimer, it turned ou~ had been brought to him for

prepared a three-page "Curator's Work Sheet." The Work Sheet includes a detailed description of the instrumen~ and the full

restoration by an intermediary for an owner

photographs were taken. Martha sent me a copy of the Curator's Work Sheet and a set of photos.

who was a person of advanced age and did not wish to deal with outside parties. I agreed with Ken that we should not disturb

text of the Pennsylvania German inscription, with an English translation. Numerous

used instead of "B" for the seventh tone of the scale. The soundholes, the Work Sheet states, consist of three sets of round holes, "two of which form squares (a center hole with four perimeter perforations that go through the belly and four that do not) and one of which forms a cross (with one center perforation that goes through the belly and four that do not), all of which are defined by

concentric scribe lines,"

Decoration The basic color of the instrument is an old orange-red, with the exception of the bottom which is unfinished. The decoration, the Work Sheet says, consists of "painted and inked decoration in black and red on all surfaces except the bottom,

which is unfinished. Decoration on the belly includes wavy lines with circles as a border and around sound holes, stylized

flowers. vines and scrolls... on tuning head penned ink scallops and free-form scrolls and leaves on top and sides; on long side, stylized tulips, scrolls, vines and flowers (similar tofmktur decoration); on short side, inscription penned in black ink between scribe lines with inked decorative letters and other decoration,"

A Beautiful Inscription

this person. But Ken had some other inter-

Features of the Scheltholt

esting news. "The dulcimer was one of two instruments that I have recemly restored," he said. "The other was an old scheitholt that was signed and dated, and had a long inscription in Pennsylvania Dutch running along its side. I think the date was 1788."

The scheitholt is made of maple and a soft wood, perhaps pine. It has nine strings, of which three pass over 14 frets and the others are grouped in pairs of two. Note

names inscribed between the frets show two octaves of the scale in the key of C, beginning from the open fret. Following old German note nomenclature, "H" is


The inscription, translated into English, reads as follows: "This heart of mi ne shall

be given to you alone, amen it will come true, we will sing and play an entire (wood abraded and word or words missing; perhaps 'lifetime'?) Hendelberg Township, Dauphin County, 27 February Samuel Ache 1788:' [~s wonderful to think of Samuel Ache

·. i

DULCIMER STATIONERY -€l from folknotesr designed & drawn by Vikki Appleton prinled on recycled paper

• .__



\; -- . ,1 '


Send $1.00 for 12-pege catalog


5779 ELLICOTT AD . BROCTON, N.Y. 14716 17161792-9012

~ ...


- hammered dulcimer - mt. dulCimer -iiddle - auloharp & more

For an order form , cali (313) 552-0817 or write: folknotes: Dept. DPN2 17325 Cambridge, Slid., MI 48076


Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Spring 1994 â&#x20AC;˘ 33

and his bride, who [ am sure was beautiful, playing and singi ng with this instrument! What a precedent for today's dulcimerplaying coupl es!

Special Thanks [ would like to thank Charles and Jeanette Hamner, Ken Hamblin, Martha Katz-Hy man, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, for the role that each of them played in making it possible for all of us to see this great American scheitholt.

The Samuel Ache 1788 scheitholt.

A Final Note: Readers Catch an Error My article in the January-March 1994 issue of DPN included a 1929 photo of a man named F. M. Waits, holding on his lap a dulcimer that strongly resembles the "schei tholt-on-a-sou ndbox;' which was acquired at an auction by Josie Wiseman. This photo was inadvertantly reversed in printing. The error is important because, if the photo as shown were correct, the instrument could not be Josie's. Two tremendously alert readers, Merv Rowley of Roselle, Illinois and David Moses of West Lafayette, Indiana, wrote to me about it. Here are excerpts from their letters. From Merv: "[f we look carefully at the picture we can see that the gentleman is holding a noter stick under his thumb, across the fretboard near the peghead-end of the instrument. His other hand rests near the bridge, in playing position .. .If this is his natural playing position. however. the man must have been left-handed! ... Ordinarily, the question would be academic, but in this case the answer has a bearing on whether or not Mr. Waits' dulcimer is the same one purchased by your fri end, Josie Wiseman. Josie's instrument is definitely fretted for a right-hander." From David: "[f the photo of Mr. Waits is correc~ which [ doub~ the instrument he is holding is set up left-handed and is not the same dulcimer as the Wiseman instrument.. .There are two indications that the photo of Mr. Waits is printed backwards. One is that very few dulcimers are set up to be played left-handed and th e other is that the fly on men's pants have been constructed with the [eft side overlapping the right side for many years." With readers li ke this, who needs Sherlock Holmes? I'i!

Head of the scheitholt. The tuning pins are modern replacements, installed by Ken Hamblin.

Lower part of the scheitholt, showing the lower two soundholes.

6. Portion of the inscription, showing location. date, and Samuel Ache~ name. All photos by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Used with permission

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

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dulcimers . t in wh is tl es . fr ce! reed s. fidd les, keyboa rd s, gu ita r s, -m a nd o lin s, bo dhT 3n s and so n gs. Boo kin g pcr formam:cs, festivals and workshops. -.4mong my b"ppiesl 'disco'lJeT;es' a/the yltor!" Ann Schmid, Die" Srrillgl110llg ~ r:O Jl.((lO fl.( :md f.lithful nor only to the sound bur tbe spm'z ~ A r拢.( India1J..1 "Form tbe nlle/elts for the fun '11)(' Videlw,k!es,lfmger (PoTLt'r, IN)

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"One of the best hammered dulcimer albums

Rich Voice Ow.m.yourdulci:rwl"$~

among the bet I ~~ 5een (atId prt'ttY nt.u w top!)

to come along

-/ttItl Ritc1tk

in a long time."

Ow.tin Wildn- Is my succnlIOr 10 Sunhnrth Folk hutnllnmlS.l rely him III any on the Sunhe~rth lintage 01. craftsrN.lUhip. qlUlity, ud service to the iIoLk music community. - w.lttF P. Mmill, SO/Mlartl!

-Mitzie Collins, Sampler Records

A few of the last Sunhearth dulcimers made by Walter Martin are still available, but going quickly. They are the large AD-4 concert models. Call far mtmItiDns, prier, w~.

To Order·: Cassettes S10

CDs S15 Please add S1.50 postage and handling. Make checks

• (or for bookings)

Steve Schneider plays original and fraditional acoustic music from home and abroad, featuring Hammered Dulcimer with flute, fiddles, guitar, cel/o, piano & more.

For brochure and orden'ng inFmul/ion, urri'e or aaJl

Bear Meadow Folk Instruments 3 Arlington Street

payable to: Steve Sc:hnelder Mail to:

Salient MusicWorks PO Box 34 Congers, NY 10920

Rochester, New York 14607 (716) 442.{)127 A~ A~.blt

LornJ .... La: twrunofld

(Brookli. .l

Mutlc Empori"'" (Cunbridpl

~= Sue ~.~~

Carpenter I




Eastern P~V&nLI



IkIcb Mwlc Supply

New Brbin, PA



J-{e(f..otrope 'Bouquet Instrumental Mountain Dulcimer Music by Sue Carpenter - Featuring Sue's unique fingerpicking style - Traditional , Contemporary, and Original Selcections •.. .a sparkling new album .. .explores the diversity of dulcimer repertoire ... pushes the envelope ... : AlbanyTimes Union

Revised, Second Edition

• ... her sure-fingered playing .. .brings out the expressive vocabulary of (her] dulcimer .. .. Her unique style and sense of humor really shine .. • Melroland

Over 80 Arrongements by Anno Borry

Cassette $10 + $1.50 S&H • CD $15 + $2.00 S&H •

Patterns and Patcfiworl( - Easy, step-by-step lessons in fingerpicking •... the most complete instructional manual on right hand technique .. .a standard tutor for (mountain] dulcimer players ... a boon for us teachers: Carrie Crompton Dulcimers players News Book $20 + $2.75 S&H • at

A REPERTOIRE BOOK for the Fretted Dulcimer


Mountain Dulcimer Straps • Adjustable· Fits all laps & dulcimers· • Quick release buckle· • black, red , rainbow, green, blue. purple'

• $12.00 (Ppd.) •

Make check payable to: Sue Carpenter " P.O. Box 570-0 Nassau, NY 12123


NY residents add sales tax on total including shipping Canada add $3 • Overseas add $6

15 New Arrangements Most with Melody and Harmony Ports American Populot Old English. and Early American Tunes; Christmas and Easter Carols; Traditional Tunes in NonTraditional Tunlngs; Songs for Singing; Marches for Mountain DulCimer; Ensembles for DulCimers. Recorders. Flute. Guitar Chords. -The Sound Is the Gold In the Ore: Robert Frost Order From: SOUNDINGS

PO Box 1974 • Boone NC 28607 Singles Copies: $18.75 Postpaid In the u.s. NC residents please add 6% Sales Tax

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weetwater MUSIC




The }\agic f'orest Dance n.elodies on Acoustic Instruments Silk DIU' Snhnnn T.,ihlJ,unio:: All c n lM<nch u f 5 1. TinILuhy 51(:. Al\l\ c' ~ ilccl /L'Oi!>cl!.u Bleil Ruck 1111: Cnllile Jue/Spotted Pu ny D ee r Run Nmlh lCh y o f 511\'111\1\1,11 RI1CJlimc Ann ie 5i1wr "'" Cuhlm j1i1h:: Leaf 1\.'u-5Iq.l 5irk 1\"u T lw ''''''ji(: fUl C!>! QUIIiI HI B\" 'IIII /Sliidic r':<> Joy (Iulil ,"1bc r ic.,)/Cll c k Ol)!Io N~t J\j Luj (" kn Lllj c. kn/ DllI\( c ,",MY D(lnCC

Duminilll\ Rccl lBiCJ Juhn Mc Ne il r..l ll l khcny Blm.!><}1l\ S h e ll lUldnllil t"II II!.ICdl ol K.lllu ~ hkll

Tom and Carole Norulak With Dennis Kempthorne & John Whitacre Accordion • Hammered Dulcimer • Guitar Upright Bass • Mandolin • fiddle Available on Cassette from: Thomas J. Norulak 754 I'ranklin Ave. Pittsburgh. PA 15221 $11.50 postpaid

.ifflelody .ifflusic & Harp Center of Houston Mountain Dulcimers Hammered Dulcimers Autoharps Fiddles Banjos Harmonicas Pedal Harps Folk Harps Crystal Flutes Sheet Music & Books Tapes and CD's Much More!!

Largest Selection of Harps East ofthe Rockies! Peggy's 1I1usic hooks: "Sounds Clear as a Picture" Beginning hammer dulcimer instruction book.

"Play Book/or Hammer Jammers" Arrangements/or Hammered and At/oun/ain Dulcimers. "Dynamic Dulcimer Playbook" Instructions for A/f ountain Dulcimer and arrangements/or combined acollstic instruments.

Gather for a Dulcimer weekend with workshops by Houston's own Peggy Carter. May 28 and 29. Call or write for a brochure.

Call or write for a free 20 page catalog. 14641 Gladebrook Suite 5 Houston, TX 77068 713-583-1090

TAKE ME HOME Cassette jeaturing hammered and mountain dulCimer, and more acoustic instruments playing traditional tunes from the British Isles and the U.s. All books and casselles: $10.00 plus postage. Available from Melody Music.

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


certainly has a vision oftha potential 01 tha

~DUk:imerplaY(HS NIIWS,

(Iratted1 dulcimer," _ Jeff Daly.

Wintar 1991.

• An Inhabited Garden . .. ............................................................... $9.95 Real·TIme Ca558"& 0115 lingerpickad dulcimer solos, including All in a Garden GfHn, Soldillrs March, Morgan

Magan, 1119 Foggy Dew. cc Alao by Tom Baehr - Books for fretted dulcimer » • New Tune. I Old Friends .....................................•..........................$4.95 19 Songs and Dances. including Old JOfI Clarlc, Soldiers M~. Wi1dwood Arlcans.ts Traveler, Fbp Eared



• A PI.aunt Addiction . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . ............................. $5.95 28 Dances and Songs, incfuding Hal. to the WBdding. 011., II» Walflrlal. Ridcelt's Hompips. AU in a Gwen Greim. The Foggy Dew. PIOIISB add 51 .50 postage and handling for first item. 5.50 for each additional item. Hogflddl. Pr .... P.O. Box 2721, Woburn, MA 01888+1421

(616) 853-6371

1faruf craftea nwuntain aruf fiammerea aufcimers

~.L. &:

-..»ood. And SOUl





Jeannie Tomanica 8250 MI. Garfield Nunica, MI 49448


Dulcimer Co. 11378 East Point Drive So"" Delton. MI 49046 SUlO for more (616) 623-3422 Information



WARNING! A(cording to the Surgeon General, using your dulcimer when you 're up the creek without a paddle may be hazardous to its health. The Surgeon General recommends that you send for my free brochure to receive information on my hond(rafted instruments that ore built and guaranteed to lost a lifetime. Write Jeremy Seeger Dulcimers, Box 117, Hancock, VT 05748 or call 802-767-3790. Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Hammered Dulcimer from the end result, I must have decided I didn't like more than one

by Linda Lowe Thompson

triplet every two measures and preferred to have the extra note above when the general trend of the melody was on its way down

and vice versa. However, these decisions are totally a matter of per-

All The Way To Galway I learned this great little tune from New England Fiddler.\ Repe110ire (Rodney Miller and Jack Perron, Peterborough, NH, Fiddlecase Books, 1983). As is my wont, I promptly taught it to seve ral people at our dulcimer club meeting. These people had dif-

ferent levels of dulcimer experience/skill. so, we made a multi-level lesson out of it:

sonal choice and taste. Learn the bare-bones tune. Then, look at Version Two. If you've o nly been playing a few weeks, you'll find trying even one triplet slows you down enough to lose the flavor of the tune. So don't try any of them. But, come back and try Version Two in a few months. If you've been playing a while longer, you might want to try a couple of triplets, just to get an idea of what they can do for a tune. .. but remember to come back to this and add a few more when you've played a few months longer. If you're a bit

more advanced, use this as a springboard to give you new ideas for your own arrangements.

For Beginners: This tune is in D. That scale is D E F# GAB C# D.

About the hammer patterns for these triplets: most of the time

Play the D scale found on 4 courses of the treble bridge, using both sides of the bridge. I can't tell you where it is, exactly, because that

you keep th e hammers in the same patterns as when playing just

varies from instrument to instrument. Consult your tuning charl, if necessary. Even though G# is not in the "regular" D scale, it's easy to use it in D tun es--even if you don't have a "chromatic" dulcimer. See-it's right over there on the left side of the treble bridge, just below that A. Now, learn the unornamented tune (it's to be played AABB).

Make a mental note that G# is right there whenever you want it. The last note in measure two of the A-part is a D played on the left side uf the lreble bridge. The next note is an E almost an octave lower, on the right side of the treble bridge. Yes, I know I have you playing both of those with your right hand. It works quite well, if only you remember not ever to cross your hands, literally. Always keep the left hand to the left of the right hand. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but I've had it happen to me a few times.

the bare-bones melody because you've added two extra notes and one is the same as the melody note. But, if you get to adding chro-

matics or if you happen to be in a situation like the one I created in the 4th measure of the B-part in Version Two (in which the midd le note and the melody note are on different sides of the bridge), you may have to do a bit of hammer pattern adjustment. Notice mea-

sures 5 and 6 of th e B-part in Version Two. In the unadorned version, I could go RLRLRLRL. But, since I decided that C-natural was the ideal choice for the middle note on that particular triplet, I needed to hit the C#s with my left hand so that my right would be

free to grab the C natural on the right side of the bridge. That meant changing the original hammer patterns to have one hammer repeat two notes in a row. I decided to start off measure 5 with two rights because the dotted quarter note gives me the most available time between any two notes before I get to the C#-C natural-C# triplet.

For Slightly-More-Advanced Players: One of the nicest ornaments I

In Conclusion: I've been asked to include markings about how fast

hear dulcimists use is a mordent/inverted mordent played like a triplet. The notes they play: first, the melody note, then either the

this should be played. Around here, the accepted speed for a polka is a half note=1I6. So, that's the standard speed I suggest. However, when I play this tune in performance with a few added doo-dahs, I play it at about a half note=1I2 Actually, I prefer the slightly slower speed. In his Autobiography (1978), James Galway said "It is next to impossible, I believe, to toss a brick in the air anywhere in County Galway without its landing on the head of some musician." And that is despite the instructions of England's Queen Elizabeth I in her 1603 Proclamation: "Hang the harpers wherever found:' I'd really like to hear from you. Send all requests, questions, suggestions directly to me at 1I14 Vine Street Denton, TX 76201. As Zach says, " See yater." m!I

note right above or the note right below the melody note, then back to the melody note. The rhythm they use: a triplet-3 evenlyspaced notes which fit into the space normally devoted to 2 of those notes (in this, I'm using 3 eighth noteslbeat.) I suggest you try adding triplets in lots of places in thi s tune. Decide where you like them best and whether you prefer them

with the note above or the nOle below.

For Sllghtly-More-Advanced-Than-That-Players: Remember the article I did about adding chromatic runs? Play that same D scale the beginners did. Now, play the chromatic D scale: D D# E F F# G G# A A# (B-flat) B C C# D. What about throwing a chromatic note into the middle of one or two of the triplets you choose-for example, A-G#-A? For All Levels: Version Two of All The Way to Galway shows the way I might ornament this tune with some of those mordent! inverted mordent triplets. When I was trying to decide where to put them in this version, I found that I could put one on almost any quarter note and have the extra note either above or below. Judging

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Spring 1994 â&#x20AC;˘ 39

All the Way to Galway VEllStllll1

J=116 o




Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


VCR .. BUMPS'N DIDDlES ON THE MOUNTAIN DULCIMER: Six beginner lessons.24.95 THE TUNING TAPE: Cassette. Learn to tune into five tunings easily and train your ear at the same time.7.95

****** THE CAPO BOOK U1:Using the capo.8.95 CAPO: 8.98. Set: 16.95 CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: Unique carols. All levels. 9.95 . PACHELBEL'S CANON IN D: Tab for both mountain and hammered dulcimers.4.95 SHIPPING: $2.00 fllSt item .50 each additional. COMMON TREASURY PUDLISillNG

P.O.Box 906 ,II NSTED. CT. 06098


Jim Curley "BORN HILLBILLY" FF.ATt,;'Rl!\(; JIM Ct.:RI.E\' WITII SrECIAI. GUF.5TS rLW]:-IG TIl.ADlTIOKO\l 1'.:-1]) OR1Gl~ ..\L SOl'\GS O~

MOl.::-ITAI:-I DULCI MER. SAW A:-II) OTHER CASSlrrF.S8.50. SI .50 SI-IIl'/ II ..U\,[) I.I>1G MOUl\TAIl\' ]:-;'STRUMEr-l'S Cmlri\cT DISC 513.50.51.50 SHlrj IlA:-:IlU:-':G 51h GF_o\R rRODUCT10:-':S

['.0 . IIOX 3406·1) SHAWl\EE, KS66203

AVAIu\III.E FOR rERSOl\A I. AI'I'EARAS'CES .o\T CO>lCERTS. fFsnv.... LS OR \\'ORK.<;llO rs

913·268· 1156


"1993 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion" Presents...

An Instrumental Recording featuring

Hammered Dulcimer accompanied by

Guitar. Bass. Fiddle. Banjo. Autoharp and Celtic Harp "Reel de Montreal". "Drowsy Maggie". "Blind Mary". "Clarinet Polka". "The Water is Wide". "Pig Ankle Rag". and more ...

'I1le San FrancIsco

Area's source for

-Hammerecl and MountaIn DulcImers - Bowed Psalterys - Tapes & CDs -AccessorIes - Books and instructIon-

R 3'O((OWInG WinD

trabitional music from Celtic sbores

GLclU\. mo"yCV\'::J hot MHVt1.c,.inf/ in ~h RI",.anycmenb with fiddLe, ccUo, oboe, guit;n,., ,.cco,.de,., meLodcon, pennywhbtLe CV\d mol"c! A compcUing mu.::JicaL )oUJ<ncy that ::JhouLd,,'t be m~

To order "D.loi.,rJlln".", mail $11 .50(shipping and handling included) to:

Judy Schmidt P.O. Box 188. Canton. MO 63435 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Music Folk ..

cloUd Cover by


presents in concert and workshops

Tabby Finch


playing Hammered Dulcimer and Celtic Harp

dell and Mandolin

d Zampoo3S • Joe DeZarn, FiI Carlos Attico, Quena an • Seth Austen, Guitar



Maddie MacNeil

Ralph Gordon, CeHo and Bass . · ch Bouzouki and Percussion W Jess. "' , f!he washington,'--, DC L.. ' '~elher some 0 Tablry" debut albwn ",mgs -. f ad'tionIJ/ music from I"",,"u, area's finest musicians m a ~~ I

E iand France, and Sou ng

Concert Sat. May 7, 8pm., $8.00 Beginner H ammer Dul cimer Workshop Thurs. May 5. 7·9pm. 8 15.00 M oullt ain Du lcimer Work ship rrl. M ay 6. 7-9 pm. S 15.00 Interm ediat e Ha mmer ed DulCim er Work sh op Sat. M ay 7. I -3pm . 8 I 5.00




Produced by Seth Austen and Engineered by BiU McElrov a~ award.winning BtAS Recording Studio.

Available on chrome cassette for

$10.00 plus $1.50 p"'tage.

Order from:


Space Is limited . ca ll for reservati ons

8015 Big Bend Blvd ., St. Louis Mo 63119 (314)-961-2838

Round Hill, Virginia 22141

maggie's rTlaslc II ~ ~~


Traditional Music featuring tl1e Hammered Dulcimer


MIST & STONE Maggie Samolle NAIR D INDIE AWARD Winner for Best Celtic Album . Haunting (... e\'ocative Celtic tunes from Ireland. Scotland. the IsleofMan and Galicia.

ANCIENT NOELS Maggie Sa"sollc (... Eusemble Galilei Medieval and Renaissance dance tunes and ancient carols featu res hammered dulcimer with Celtic harp. fiddle. recorders and vi ola. Makes wonderful listening year round!

C ~-:.-:..-:.:.: ~- -


~'.'"'' ' '

Ceo/toiri The Celtic trio - Ceoltoi ri - with Ka ren Ashbrookon the hammered dulcimer and with Celtic harp. guitar and beautiful Irish-Gaelic vocals performs traditional [;,. new music from Ireland. Scotland (,. America




"Some of tne best moments in tne nistonj of Celtic music!" DULCIMER PLAYER NEWS

New tUlles boo lis for t{.e (tnmmered du/dmer Mist & Stone Tune 8001< - 14 arrantementsofunusual Celtic tunes from our top selling album. Mist (... Stone. HammerDuldmerTune Bool<- 18arrangementsoftraditional tunes from the British Isles and America from the album - Hammer Dulcimer [;,. Guitar. BOOJ(fTAPE SET: $IS

CALL OR WRITE FOR OUR FREE CATALOG. TAPES $10. CDS $15 , BOOK $8. Postpaid with mention of this adl Payable to: Maggie's Music, Inc., P.O. Box 4144-DPN, Annapolis, MD 21403. Call & Charge It! (410) 268-3394

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact


Music Folk Recordings announces the release of

All Instrumental featuring hammered dulcimer. with guitar backup and banjo. Side One: Golden Slip pers. Home Swcct I lome. Cin:lc lie Un broken /Old Joe d arkThe ~ ":cli n £ I louse. Soldier's Joy. Ode To Joy Side Two: Missou ri , Ulad:!xrry llI0.0;.s0m, Flop- Eoln:d r. lulc. Cu unl!), Dancc:J l'e1ilc Val se. UbcrtylSeIlCc:J Slluan,: Dance.

order send $ 10.00 pl u s 8 1.50 Shipping To: Music Fol k Inc .. 80 15 Big Bend Blvd .. St. Louis . MO 63 11 9

Cafc or write toaayfor your 'F!I...(E/£ auUimer catawB of (1lIer 300 items featurinB

:Master Work,\' Jrammer iJ)uCcimers 6y IJW,sse{[ Coati.,

or call 3 14-9/l 1-2838 Rick is available for cmacerts

Ron Ewing Dulcimers 224 East Maynard Columbus, Ohio 43202 614-263-7246

12/11 - $450.00 15/14 - $600.00 Hardshell Case - $120.00 Stand - $30.00 Hammers - $10.00 Shipping - $15.00

P.O. Box 228 ton, Tennessee 37 (615) 725-3191

CAPOS Maple / Walnut overlay & Brass Dot, $10 Ebony or Rosewood overlay & Pearl Snowflake, $14 Gold or Black Aluminum, $16 (Postpaid). Send SASE for brochure.




301 Cliff Drive

Branson. Missouri 65616 - 1417) 334-5388 Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

What's New contemporary tunes. "Sandy River Belle," "Bonnie Tyneside," "My Kind of Girl:'

edited by Carrie Crompton

Still Among Friends· Wire Kwire, 2021 Pendragon Rd ., Kingsport, Harps and Hammers· Jim Hudson, 3148 Bolgos Circle, Ann Arbor, MI48105 (cassette) ° Instrumental arrangements of popular songs with Jim Hudson on hammered dulcimer and Lindsay Haisley on

autoharp. "Moon River;' "Georgia On My Mind," "Autumn Leaves;' "'Til There Was You."

The Old Rugged Cross: Vol. 1 • Jim Hudson, 3148 Bolgos Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 4 8105 (cassette) ° Hymns arranged for hammered dulcimer, autoharp, guitar and bass. Jim recorded this tape as a tribute to his father, Don Hudson. "Peace Be Still;' ' ~ma zing Grace," " No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus,"

Hammered Fiddle limes. Rick Thurn, Music Folk Recordings, 8015 Big Bend, SI. Louis, MO 63119 (cassette) ° A collection of inslrumental tunes with up-front hammered dulcimer. There is one dulcimer duet with Renee Poirier, "Country Dance"lPetite Valse." "Blackberry Blossom," "Golden Slippers;' "Flop-Eared Mule:'

Tablature In Braille· Anne Martin and Mary Mason. 215 Glen Meadow CI., Atlanta, GA 30328 (book and tools) ° Anne and Mary have developed a simple system of Braille tablature for all stringed instruments which use tab. The materials consist of a booklet of instructions for the sighted (knowledge of Braille is not necessary~ a slate and stylus for writing the Braille, and a booklet written in Braille explaining how to read the tab. Examples illustrating one-line and three-line tab are provided in print and Braille.

TN 37660 (cassette) ° This recording features hammered dulcimers, strings and song presented by Tammie Davis, Ellen Matthews and Linda Waltner. Selections include "Whiskey Before Breakfasl," "The Roseville Fair;' "Liberty;' and "From A Distance."

Farther Down The Road· Kim McKee and Ken Willson, PO Box 704, Polson, MT 59860 (cassette, CD) ° Hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer and guitar are featured on thi s recording by Montana residents Kim McKee and Ken Willson. Selections include "Cold Frost Morning;' " Kate O'Dwyer/ Down By The Sally Gardens" and " Ragtime Anni e/Shenandoah Falls."

And All Through The House· Elk River Dulcimer Co., 301 Cliff Dr., Branson, MO 65616 (cassette, CD) ° The recording features Comer "Moon" Mullins, Doug Kraatz and Joe Sanginette on mountain dulcimer, guitar, violin and Autoharp. The Christmas selections include "Deck The Halls;' ' ~ngl es We Have Heard on High;' "Silent Night," and "0 Holy Night."

Double Dulcimer Delights· Barb Dutton and Family. 4091740-1019 (cassette) ° Christmas carols, including '~d es t e Fideles;' "What Child Is This;' and "Silent Night," are played on double hammered dul cimers . ~

Maiden Creek Dulcimers

Cookin' on a Dull Simmer. Bob and Susie Hutchison, Kitty Paw

Your Source for Traditional Music

Music, 1300 Seneca 'frail , Frankfort, KY 40601 (cassette) ° Mountain dulcimer and vocal duets with an occasional bodhran, set of spoons, tin whistl e and bass fiddle on 16 traditional, original and


IRISH BODHRAN • DESIGNED.}i1" ,It", MUSICIAN · • FUN {In,1 EASY In PI.AY · ~""Ir.l/ 6.rt1l,,, '""/ ~ IS " D IA.- GO AT S K I N HEAD S OL. I O WHIT E O AK - S TE A M SE N T BO D Y




,, •

° ADJlISTS · 10

Good Old Hymns # 1 - 15 great old gos pel songs and hymns. DAD/DAA; BEG-ADV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.95 Christmas Sweetness - 14 unusual carols + medleys; INT/ADV; DAA/DAD. 3rd printing, .. . . . . . . $4.95 Christmas Wonder -13 carols + medleys; 1, 2, 3 players. BEG-ADV; DAA/DAD. 2nd printing . . . . . . . . . . . $4.95 Celtic Songs and Airs #1 - 15 Scots, Iris h, Welsh . DAA/DAD; INT/AD\/' 3rd printing . . . . . . . . . . .. $4.95 Fiddle and Banjo # 1 -15 new arrangements. Mostly DAD. Stubborn INT/ADV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.95 Cowboys and Vaqueros #1 - 12 Southwestern songs, 2 $4.95 medleys. Available again . . . . . . ,. . . Beginner's First Songbook - 22 oldtimers for 1, 2, 3 string playing, DAA, intro DAD $6.50 Beginners Old Time Favorites (40 tabs/chords) mostly DM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.95


Shipping 1st item $1.95, $ .50 each additional, your sales tax









{U,,!,uum# '"'o/"''''(!

J('/~¢ifll()'" Ii;,u


Fine Fretted Dulcimers Made to Your Order Send SASE for Catalog, Book Contents

Maiden Creek Dulcimers 216/345-7825

Please do not reprint or redistribute without permission. Contact

Box 666 Wooster, OH 44961


Classified ads are 40¢ per worrJ, payable in advance. There Is a 20% dIscount for classified ads running unchanged in 4 or more consecutive issues.

For Sale: Grass Roots Hammered Dulcimer. Five-year warranty. $300, case $55.00. 219/838-6459. Finely DesIgned Hand-Crafted Folk 1bys. Limber Jack, Dog, Pony. Bear. Frog. Rooster. Lamb. Unicorn and Dinosaur. $1295 each includes shipping. Jean's Dulcimer Shop. P.D. Box 8. Cosby. TN 37722 Great Place for Worksllopsl Weekly group specials May 14-December 15. Also willing to barter hammer dulcimer lessons for guest house space-anytime. New Dawn Caribbean Retreat, Box 1512, Vieques. Puerto Rico 00765 or 809/741-0495. Ask for Gail.

Note-Ably Yours: Mail order for books. records, cassettes. videos. musical gifts, jewelry. stationery. folk instruments. Vast Celtic and folk harp music inventory. Call for free catalog. 513/845-8232. NoteAbly Yours. 6865 Scarff Road. New Carlisle, OH 45344. CD & Cassette Duplication: Excellent quality, honest prices. Acoustic music specialists. Oasis Inc.. 800/697-5734.

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine: Sharing Songs Since 1950. Sing OUI! provides a diverse and entertaining selection of traditional and contemporary folk music. Quarterly issues contain 20 songs, over 100 pages. feature articles. interviews, record and book reviews. instrumental "teach-ins:' Plus columns by Pete Seeger and Ian Robb. $18 (1 yr.) $32.50 (2 yrs.) $45 (3 yrs.) Sustaining Membership: $30, $50 or $100/yr. Sing Outl Box 5253-D. Bethlehem. PA 18015.

CfmbaJoms: Chromatic hammered dulcimer with damper pedal. Alex Udvary. 2115 W. Warner. Chicago, Illinois 60618.

The Bowed Psaltery Instruction And Song Book, by Jean Schilling. Beginners' playing instructions. care of the psaltery and bow. tun-

ing. string replacement, and seventy-six songs. with chords--Ameriean. English.Scottish. and Irish favorites, hymns. carols, and O'Carolan tunes. $11.95 postpaid from Crying Creek Publishers. P.D. Box 8, Cosby. TN 37722 Autoharp Qua1er1y: the only magazine bringing you everything about the autoharp world. 44 pages of articles. lessons. events. music. and more. Subscribers enjoy 10% discount on merchandise offered in the AQ Market Place. Four issue/first-class mail. $18 in u.s.; Canada $20(US). Send check to Autoharp Quarterly. PO Box A. Newport, PA 17074. Instrument Builders: Our respected quarterly journal American Lutherie is entirely devoted to building and repairing dulcimers, guitars. mandolins, lutes. violins. and other string instruments. We also have instrument plans including a hammer dulcimer. Write for complete info, or send $36 for membership. Join us for our big 14th National ConventionlExhibition. July 19-23, ~ in Thcoma. GAL, 8222 S. Park. Thcoma. WA 98408. What The Hili People Say. Cassette Album by Susan 1i'ump. A delightful collection of contemporary and traditional songs with the rural flavor of yesterday. Featuring "The Haying Song;' "Blessed Quietness:' ''Loudonville Waltz" and more. PO Box 313. Newtonville, New York 12128. $10.25 includes postage. For Sale: Blue Lion custom Braz. rosewood dulcimer with gold keys. Baggs pickup. koa binding, and rose inlay. Like new. $950. Ron Ewing 6-string. cherry with spruce top. $450. Will Sears 16-string Hungarian citera. Birdseye and curly maple with rosewood and spruce top. $450. 1\vo Oscar Schmidtt 15-chord Centurion Autoharps (U.S.A) with h.s. cases. $300 each. Call 7121246-5734 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m .• CST.

related question? Call the '~uto­ harpoholic® Hotline": 800/78241:17 (M-F, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Pacific Time).

Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, VoL L The season of Advent The Coming of the Lord, by Steve Eulberg. 24 settings of 16 Advent hymns arranged for fretted dulcimer-solos. duets. trios. playing with others. Ecumenical & multi-cultural. Ancient & contemporary. Thorough research on sources of hymns and tunes. Preface by Esther Kreek. Each arrangement includes: Melody lines. full lyrics. chords & readable tablature by Finale®. For players with basic playing experience. 47 + xi pp. OMM BK93-0l. $9.95 + $1.50 S&H. Owl Mountain Music. PO Box 4485-DPN. Kansas City. MO 64127-0485. 816/231-1995.

oCome Sing (Songs for tile Sea-

sons of Ufe~ Cassette album by

Clare Wettemann featuring psaltery (Robert Beers type). Includes Dumbarton's Drums, Copper Kettle, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and ten other contemporary and traditional songs. Three are original. RR 1. Box 83. Jor-

danville, NY 13361-9611. $10.95 includes postage.

Folk Harps • New and Used. All sizes. Mountain Dulcimers. Info: 1-800-398-4277.

Circa 1920's Clmbalom for Sale: Solid cherry. Made and played by Joseph Albert in a Hungarian dance band in 1920·s. Flint, Michigan. Brass plate has his name embossed. $800. Call DeeDee 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekdays: 517/673-3929 Pre-Loved Fiddles, Mandolins, Banjos, GuRars. Mostly pre-1940, some 1900. Carefully restored for good playing. Inexpensive. Also buying. Maiden Creek Dulcimers, Box 666. Wooster. OH 44691. 216/345-7825.

Sweet-Water Dulcimer Capo. A new and different Mountain Dulcimer Capo made of Hi-Tech polycarbon. The finest non-breakable capo available. $9.95 includes postage. Dealer inquiries invited. Folk Craft Music. PO Box 1572, Wilmington. Vermont 05363. 8021464-7450.

NOW IN TWO LOCATIONS! Enjoy Demonstrations & Workshops Hammered & Mountain Dulcimers Harmonicas & Other Folk Instruments

In the Heart of Northern Indiana Amish Country:

---Simple Sounds---

Bectronlc 'lbner: Iorg AT2. $49 postpaid. Listens to 7 octaves. needle meter tells how sharp or flat. Kits, Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers, Bowed Psalteries. Celtic Harps, Bodhrans. Concertinas, Bagpipes. Catalog (2 stamps). Song of the Sea. 47 West Street, Bar Harbor. Maine 04609. 207/288-5651

In Historic Montgomery, Texas, Just North of Houston:

Autobarp Players: Need information on workshops. recordings. publications. or have an autoharp-

Open Year ·Round. Phone And Mail Orders Welcome Write To Indiana Address For Free Catalog. Ask About Workshops

Upstairs in the Davis Mercantile

p.o. Box 837, Shipshewana, IN 46565-0837 (219) 768-7776

--Simple Sounds Again-Davis Cottage 308 Liberty, Montgomery, TX 77356 (409) 597-6900

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All original music by Bruce Warren, "Wired For Sound" is a unique blend of hammered dulcimer, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, and more. Strong melodies in a contemporary setting - a truly new sound for hammered dulcimer musicl

"Bruce Warren had been playing hammered dulcimer for only 3'h months when he won the 1979 National Hammered Dulcimer Championships. Is that enough to qualify the Arkansas native as a 'natura!'? Probably, and his 1993 release, Wired For Sound, is testament to his talent." InVision Magazine "Now this is really something else. This disc is subtitled 'new music for hammered dulcimer' and it is indeed new music. Never have I heard the hammered dulcimer played like this. I can only recommend that you check this out for yourself; you'll be glad you did. " Nighiflying

Cassettes $12, CDs $17 (postpaid) Bruce Warren P.O. Box 535 Eureka Springs, AR (501)253-9128

The Midwest Center for Dulcimers, Foik, & Vin tage instrum ents



Hammered Dulcimers by:

Mountain Dulcimers by:

路 Dusly SIrings .R. L. Tack & Son .Michael Allen-Cloud Nine 路 Russell Cook-Maslerwork.I' .Grassrool-' .James Jones 路 Chris FO.H

.Blue Lion .McSpadden .Folkcrclfr .Cedar Creek Banjos by: Deering & Gihso/'l

Autoharps by: Oscar Schlllhil

Guitars by: .Marrin .Guild .Gihson . To "lor


. Yairi . Takallline

Folk Harps by: DusII" SIring.'. Folkcrafr. Mid-fa sl Mf.~ . We can make custom cordura cases for yom' hammered dulcimer!! Full line of stringed instruments

Buy & Sell vintage instruments

Mandolins. Flutes, Recorders, Bagpipes, Bowed Psalt erys, Mu sic Books, Tapes, & C Ds C all


wl'ite for a f.'cc catalogue Sept. 1993 Issue

8015 Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63119


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1994-02, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 20 No. 2  
1994-02, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 20 No. 2  

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