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Extraordinary beginnings

Your child’s years at nursery will be some of their most formative.

This is where they’ll grow, explore and learn, soaking everything in with an abundance of curiosity.

This is where confidence is carefully nurtured.

This is where lifelong knowledge is discovered.

This is where creativity has space to flourish. This is where nature is explored (even within the big city).

This is where a successful education begins.

Extraordinary beginnings

Welcome to The Kindergartens

Set in the heart of London communities, our ten Nursery Schools offer an outstanding pre-school experience. With a variety of different settings, from smaller, cosier groups to larger, more bustling spaces, no matter which one you choose, each share an ambition to nurture enthusiastic, kind, confident and imaginative young people.

We believe it’s important for children to be introduced to as many new experiences as possible, and so our time together is filled with an ambitious and enjoyable mix of indoor and outdoor activities. As well as learning, we make sure to spend plenty of time exploring ways to expand their imaginations, boost their creativity, and embrace the wide-eyed joy our little adventures can bring.

In each of our Nursery Schools you’ll find a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team, ready to welcome you and your child. We’ve always been passionate about building strong relationships with parents, and we’ll make sure to keep you involved every step of the way, sharing progress, shaping goals and celebrating achievements together.

But the only true way to discover is to come and see for yourself – we can’t wait to meet you and your family.


I am incredibly proud to be part of The Kindergartens. We have exceptionally high expectations of our children, and have the joy of watching them grow into confident, curious and happy young people. Our children are independent learners, and receive the best care and support from our highly skilled teachers. Above all, we want each and every child to leave The Kindergartens ready for the next step in their educational adventure.


Staff are highly skilled and provide a curriculum that helps children to progress. Children enter eagerly, confident in the knowledge there will be something exciting or interesting for them to do. Ofsted, The Park SW11, 2022


Where knowledge is shaped

Our curriculum

At the Kindergartens, we help prepare children for a confident step into their educational journey. Our Early Years Foundation

Stage (EYFS) curriculum has been designed to shape curious, enthusiastic and motivated young minds, as well as broadening imaginations, unlocking creativity, and encouraging a true sense of adventure.

Communication and language: Developing communication, speaking and listening skills to use with both adults and their peers.

Physical development: Immersion in a wide range of sports and activities to increase their coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills.

Personal, social and emotional development: Establishing a sense of self and personal identity, along with developing an outward awareness of oneself.

Expressive arts and design: Increasing children’s creativity through activities which promote curiosity, exploration and play.

Literacy: Preparing for education, we begin by encouraging children to link sounds and letters for a smooth transition to reading and writing.

Mathematics: Exploring the foundations of mathematics whilst encouraging children to learn, practise and discuss their developing knowledge.

Understanding of the world: Providing information and instilling curiosity in an age-appropriate way to help children to make sense of the world.


Where curiosity grows

Forest School

Originating from Scandinavia in the 1950s, Forest School increases children’s understanding of, and appreciation for, the outdoors in a play-based environment. It forms an integral part of our curriculum, as we’ve found real experiences help make learning more purposeful and meaningful.

Forest School supports children to:

• develop an appreciation of nature and all living things

• make independent choices

• assess their own risks

• work as part of a team

• inquisitively question the world around them

• build their problem-solving skills

• adopt a positive attitude to learning

We find our own slice of nature within the capital by taking fortnightly trips to Wimbledon Common and Holland Park. Activities include understanding signs of seasonal changes, observing wildlife and insects, and learning how to use real tools safely. Forest School is designed to allow children the opportunity to ‘give things a go’, and so we offer consistent encouragement and praise to create a positive experience.


Where creativity flourishes

Specialist lessons

curriculum is supplemented with a range of specialist lessons which provide rich, enjoyable and exciting experiences each day. These are taught by our trusted network of specialist external teachers who provide the highest quality instruction.

Afternoon club

We run an extensive range of afternoon clubs at each of our Nursery Schools. Not only does this support childrens transition to school and prepare them for a longer day, it builds their independence and confidence in encouraging them to try new and exciting experiences. These include but are not limited to:

Special events

We organise a range of additional events throughout the year which offers the opportunity for parents to come along and be part of their child’s journey. This includes charity events, summer fairs, nativity plays, poetry recitals, sports day, picnics and end-of-term parties.

We also enjoy our annual ‘Make a difference day’, which has been designed to give children the experience of ‘giving’ and helping others. Previous activities have included visiting a local charity shop, and delivering flowers to care homes near us.

• Sports • Dance • Drama • Music • Ballet
• Art • Movement and dance • Tennis • Construction • Science • Drama • Multi-sports • Science and nature • Little Artists



At The Kindergartens, we welcome children from the ages of 2-5 years old. Discover our ten unique spaces, filled with character, warmth and laughter. Children can join us at any point during the term, from the day of their second birthday. We highly recommend visiting our nursery schools to get a true feel for the different environments and teams before making your decision. Our private showrounds offer the opportunity to meet our teams, hear more about our curriculum and daily routines, along with being able to ask any questions you might have. Our admissions process 1. Arrange a showround at one or several of our nursery schools by contacting us on 020 3540 1082, or by emailing 2. During your visit, if you’d like to register your child for a place you can do so with the Registrar. 3. Once your child’s place is confirmed, we’ll arrange their start date and any settling-in sessions needed, so they feel happy and ready to join us. Page 11 Bumble Bee SW11 Page 12 Mouse Hole SW11 Page 13 Mouse House SW11 Page 14 The Crescent II SW17 Page 15 Mouse House SW18 Page 16 The Park SW2 Page 17 The Park SW11 Page 18 Pooh Corner SW7 Page 20 Pooh Corner W8 Page 21 Mouse House SW6 Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page Go to page

Bumble Bee.

absolutely amazing,

son thrived so much with their support. They always put the children first. Really fantastic nursery.

Bumble Bee SW11 has been a popular and well-established nursery school in London for more than 25 years.

Settled in the crypt of a church, our characterful and charming space stretches across two floors by means of a fun spiral staircase, which our upper kindergarten enjoy using to access their upstairs classroom. The upstairs and downstairs classrooms provide a dynamic space for learning and play.

Time spent outdoors is always time well spent, and we enjoy daily trips to the nearby local playground and tennis courts, along with our thriving Forest School programme which keeps our children well connected to nature.

Our team at Bumble Bee has been brilliant at delivering amazing outcomes, and we hold close connections to the top schools in the area, supporting parents to choose the right next step in their child’s educational journey.

This is the place where curiosity thrives.
Bumble Bee SW11
We absolutely love
The staff are
and our
It’s good to know Capacity 38 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included

Our daughter had a brilliant year. It was the best possible start to education life we could have asked for. The afternoon clubs provided the perfect balance of opportunities, to develop a variety of skills and interests.

Mouse Hole SW11 creates a positive and welcoming introduction to Nursery School.

With all our children in their second year of age, we support children to take their first tentative steps outside of the family home, gently building their confidence and social skills with both other children and our team.

Our busy and varied activities help children to develop curiosity and wonderment, with the freedom and encouragement to explore their creativity.

Wandsworth Common is right on our doorstep, and so we enjoy daily outdoor adventures in the fresh air as a group. Our smaller group helps younger children to develop their communication skills, and compassion for others, in a safe setting.

In their second year with us, children make the move to Mouse House SW11 (see right), which is a larger, more energetic group, as a natural next step in their growth and development.

12 Mouse Hole SW11
good to know
Capacity 36 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included
This is the place for gentle beginnings.

couldn’t have wished for a better start to our son’s education. Mouse House is a wonderful nursery and we’d highly recommend it. The staff were excellent, and there’s a perfect balance of work and play.

Mouse House SW11 is our flagship Nursery School, welcoming up to 80 children into an energetic and sociable atmosphere.

Whilst being one of our largest groups, you’ll still find the same warm homefrom-home feel. We offer longer days which introduce children to something close to a school-day experience, helping prepare them for their next step.

Our experienced and supportive team have delivered strong educational outcomes over the years, with children moving on to nearby schools including Eaton House, Wandsworth Prep and Hornbury House.

You’ll find a bustling calendar of activities, trips and events at Mouse House, including our popular Christmas, Easter, and end-of-year shows, so there’s always opportunity for children to share their new passion or skill in front of a willing audience!

This is the place for firm foundations.
Mouse House SW11
It’s good to know Capacity 80 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included

children attend The Crescent II, and my third will start later in the year - this is a testament to its wonderful teachers and the warm and exciting environment they have created.

The Crescent II offers a nurturing and progressive environment with plenty of creative opportunities.

Our large space is divided into smaller rooms depending on age, which offers a classroom-style environment and helps support a smooth transition into education. We’re also lucky to have a large outdoor space which we enjoy spending time in every day.

We put a large emphasis on the more creative aspects of the curriculum here, which helps children grow in confidence and self assurance.

As well as enjoying time on Wimbledon Common, there’s an abundance of opportunities for us to get out and about in the community, including trips to the playground and nearby Fire Station.

Our team at The Crescent has been established here for many years, and so hold close connections to the local schools, supporting parents with next steps.

This is the place where creativity flourishes.
The Crescent II SW17
I’ve had two
It’s good to know Capacity 50 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included 14

It’s good to know

Mouse House SW18 is a warm and welcoming space, set in the heart of Earlsfield.

With a previous life as a doctor’s surgery, our space at Mouse House SW18 has been divided into two learning spaces, with children experiencing an early introduction into a school-type environment by starting in one room and progressing to the other.

We’re really proud of the lovely community feel that has been built between our parents, children and the team here at Mouse House, which has created a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

House is a lovely nursery where the children are engaged, entertained, developed, and most importantly loved by the staff.

One of our most popular features is the outdoor space - we’re lucky to have a beautiful garden with a play house, mud kitchen and planting areas, which offers many opportunities for fresh air and adventure throughout the ever-changing seasons.

This is the place for confient beginnings.
Mouse House SW18
Capacity 38 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included 15

good to know

Nestled in the grounds of Telford Park Tennis Club, surrounded by woodlands, it’s easy to sometimes forget we’re in London when you’re at The Park SW2.

We’re set in a lovely quiet area with a huge amount of outdoor space to discover.

Our long-standing team is very knowledgeable and incredibly committed to upkeeping our high standards of care, and excellent success rates into future schools, along with holding excellent parent partnerships.

Both our sons have been at The Park, and we think it’s a wonderful nursery. The children leave very well prepared for school. The staff are fantastic and so kind and encouraging. A really special place.

Spending time outdoors is very important to us at The Park SW2, and along with making regular visits into the local area, our children love going to Forest School at Wimbledon Common, where we join up with children from The Crescent II, which offers the experience of working and playing together in a larger group.

The Park SW2
Capacity 20 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included
This is the place where nature is always close-by.

It’s good to know

Our ‘hidden gem’, The Park SW11 is a bright, spacious space tucked away in the upstairs of a church.

We love our quirky setting - the high ceilings and big open space create an interactive and sociable setting for our children.

With room for just under 40 children, our group creates a perfect introduction to a school-like environment.

Outside we have a beautiful enclosed garden space which wraps around the side of the church, home to climbing equipment, a sand pit and a pirate ship!

We’re also lucky to have Battersea Park right across the road, and so we enjoy plenty of time outdoors, soaking in the nature that’s right on our doorstep.The Park is such a special place to learn and grow. My daughter has been there since she was three, and is now fully ready and excited to start big-girl school.

This is the place for everyday adventure.
The Park SW11
Capacity 38 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included

My daughter was rather shy and reticent around strangers. However, after being at Pooh Corner for just over a year, she has really blossomed and is chatty, outgoing and inquisitive. I put this down to the nurturing environment.

Pooh Corner SW7 is a bustling, sociable and safe space where children thrive.

Recently refurbished, with a large open space and small enclosed garden, we have room for up to 50 children.

Our friendly and sociable group of children sees communication skills grow and friendships blossom as they learn and play together each day.

Preparation for education is a key focus for children’s time at Pooh Corner, and it’s good to know that our team holds great connections with potential future schools. We enjoy close relationships with our parent group, and always have great turn-outs at our frequent events and socials.

Our Nature club is a place we know our families love, a chance to spend time together, learn, and make new friends. Being out in the fresh air and learning all about our surrounding greenery make this a very special club to be part of.

We also have Ballet classes with Chelsea Ballet for those budding dancers. This is a great space for children to develop and grow, all whilst being active and having fun.

Both clubs’ benefit from diverse learning groups, as well as encouraging language development and their communication skills to blossom.

This is the place where confidence grows.
Pooh Corner SW7 18

Where Cecilia found her passions

Our experience at Pooh Corner SW7 has been exceptional. The care and attention given to each child every day by the teachers is genuine, individual and forward-thinking. Cecilia has experienced gardening, Forest School, cooking, ballet, tennis and much more. The teaching is imaginative and varied, so the children learn easily and never get bored.


It’s good to know Capacity 50 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included 19

good to know

Pooh Corner W8 is a smaller, cosier setting for building confidence.

With room for up to 14 children, this calm and quieter environment is perfect for those first independent steps outside of the family home.

Our approach to play and learning has a gentler feel too - our aim has always been to create a real home-from-home, with a free-flow approach to make best use of our space. Outside we have a lovely small garden space to enjoy spending time in, whatever the weather!

Settling in was easy, and the plan was very well put together with the Headteacher. They offred me the confidence that my son, who was not very sociable with new faces, would enjoy it. And yes, he did! I highly recommend Pooh Corner.

Our smaller group size at Pooh Corner W8 has created a close group of parents, and so you’ll feel a real sense of belonging to our supportive little community.

This is the place for a home-from-home feel.
Pooh Corner W8
Capacity 14 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included

From start to finish, both my girls have loved Mouse House. The staff ave continued to be enthusiastic, helpful, flexible and brilliant at preparing the girls for school. Thank you very much for four incredibly happy, memorable years.

One of our newer additions to The Kindergartens family, Mouse House SW6 has a warm and welcoming feel.

Offering a sizeable open-plan classroom with free-flow access to a small private garden, the children are encouraged to use the natural resources around them to support their learning. We encourage curiosity, building upon the children’s genuine desire to explore.

When we’re not playing in our garden or venturing to Wimbledon Common for Forest School, the children enjoy spending time at the various local parks and commons available to us in the area.

Being a smaller setting, we’re proud to have very close relationships with our families, and work together to ensure the very best outcomes for our children.

This is the place for positive starts.
Mouse House SW6
It’s good to know Capacity 24 Ofsted Outstanding Term time 08:45 - 16:00 Drinks/snacks provided (excludes lunch) Supplies included

The Kindergartens year

Our year is split into three terms; Autumn, Spring and Summer, with the opportunity at a selection of our Nursery Schools to extend into the Christmas, Easter and summer breaks, offering an extra level of flexibility where needed.

Autumn Term Spring TermSummer Term

September - December January - March April - July

Staying connected

Alongside our end-of-term reports, we hold a parents’ evening once a year in spring to offer you the opportunity to talk in more detail about the progress your child is making, along with any next steps for their learning and development.

We have active Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) in all our nursery schools, who act as a liaison between parents and the Headteacher as well as organising many events across the year to raise money for charity and offer parents the opportunity to socialise - including coffee mornings, cake sales and picnics.

To further support your child’s transition into education, we run annual Future Schools evenings, where we share our vast knowledge on the different schools in the area and the various registration and admissions processes.


By joining The Kindergartens, you will have the opportunity to also join the Dukes Club.

The Dukes Club is an extraordinary community of parents, pupils, staff and alumni, designed to connect families across all the Dukes Education nurseries, schools and colleges. It is a space to learn, network, take advantage of exciting opportunities and amazing rewards, and make new friends.

As a growing family of schools, our scale and scope enables us to provide you with exclusive access to a huge array of opportunities that would simply be beyond the reach of any single school.

Belonging to the Dukes Club provides access to expert advice from leaders in the worlds of education and parenting. We will keep you in the know with the latest information, invite you to exciting family events and fun social gatherings, and offer you and your children opportunities to enjoy adventures of a lifetime.

The Dukes Club will be a chance for you to find a mentor or work experience for your child, to meet among like-minded individuals and socialise both online and in real life.

Find out more at


“Little Dukes is a family of nurseries and nursery schools in the UK. Our settings are distinctive in identity and style, yet united in offering outstanding early years teaching and learning, providing the strongest foundations for children in their journey to school.”