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40 turkish shipyards

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GEMAK – The leading shipyard in Turkey is building an impressive portfolio of Greek clients

Gemak was established in 1969 by Naval Architect Mr. Ismet Uner as a small yard in “Golden Horn” in The Bosporus, Istanbul. All facilities were transferred to Tuzla bay at the Sea of Marmaras in 1981, which was designated as a ship repair and ship building area by the Turkish government. Following a demand-oriented investment policy, supported by the realistic vision of its founder, Gemak has become the leading shipyard in ship repair and conversion in Turkey. In 2000, Gemak acquired TGE Shipyard and entered the new building segment. By accomplishing the construction of a graving dock, TGE started to provide repair services, in addition to new building works. After completing the last new building project in 2011, TGE has become a pure ship repair facility. In 2005, in order to increase the capacity of TGE steel & pipe construction, pre-fabrication workshops were relocated to nearby Gebze. In Mr. Birol Uner, the Group’s CEO

2008, NETA Pipe & Steel Construction Industry S.A. was established as an independent firm in Gebze, providing services to Gemak Group

Mr. Murat Cengiz, GEMAK’s Marketing Manager, Shiprepairs

shipyards, as well as to other shipyards and industries. Gemak Group has an impressive portfolio of conversions, repairs, new buildings, modification of all kind of ships and offshore structures, drilling and production platforms, thanks to its strong technical skills and modern technology. In close cooperation with its exclusive Greek Agent, N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau Ltd., GEMAK has earned a solid reputation in the Greek market, as many Greek Owners will testify, such as Tsakos (several vessels), Arcadia (three times), Naftomar (three times), Springfield (twice), Delta Tankers (twice), Queensway (several vessels, including conversions), Sun Enterprises, OSG, Mantinia (extensive bottom damage repairs after grounding in Brasil), Chronos (full scale 40K dwt tanker conversion to asphalt carrier), Alexandria Shipping (twice), Ancora (several vessels), Atlantic Bulk (twice), Avin (twice), Free Bulkers (twice), Ciel (Costamare group), Conbulk, Consolidated Marine Management, Electra, Elmira Tankers, Halcoussis Z&G, Ikarus, Interunity, Val Enterprises, Vita Management, Vulcanus etc., to mention but a few. More importantly, GEMAK invests in long term relations through repeat business and indeed the majority of the Owners mentioned above are established repeat clients.

GEMAK repair facilities


With 3 docks and 1,9km available berth space,

steel plates and profiles.

Besides dry-docking and repairs, Gemak has suc-

Gemak Group is serving about 150 ships per

Ample steel work capacity with production up to 30

cessfully completed conversion projects of all types,

annum, corresponding to over 4 million DWT ship

tons per day.

such as lengthening, single to double-hull, tanker to

repair capacity. More than 1.500 ships in total

Steel and pipe works in stainless steel.

bulk carrier, bulk carrier to cement carrier, product

have been repaired to date.

Lifting capacity up to SWL 470 tons.

tanker to asphalt tanker, tanker to FSO etc.

Facilities, Services and Strong Points

100 nozzles blasting capacity

In 2010, a 47.474 DWT, product tanker operated by

1 x Capesize drydock 300x53 m (56 m working

Hydroblasting up to 2500 bars

a well known Greek specialist in this field, was con-

breadth), presently being lengthened inland from

In-house tank coating facilities

verted from product tanker to asphalt carrier ;

260 m.

In-house staging capacity of 150.000 m3

− New heating coils as well as main thermal oil pipe-

1 x Panamax floating dock 233x37 m.

Shaft/propeller/stern-tube/rudder/steering gear

line were supplied, fabricated and installed in cargo

1 x Handysize floating dock 170x26.3 m.


and slop tanks.

1 x Self-propelled Floating Crane SWL 100 tons.

Engine, turbocharger, governor, pump, compressor,

− To maintain the cargo temperature at 160°C in

Total length of wet berths 1900 m

cooler, heater overhauls

cargo tanks, new thermal oil heaters, each of 6000

Total number of 20 cranes operating at the shore

Reconditioning and heavy machining facilities

kW capacity, were located inside a new deck house,

side, which means good availability at any one

Repairs of deck machinery, cranes, hatch covers

built over the poop deck.


Hydraulic and pneumatic system repairs

− All cargo pipes and main thermal oil lines were

More than 120 permanently employed engineers

Boiler repairs/re-tubing

insulated. In order to eliminate the extra thermal

and naval architects.

Electrical /Automation / Radio-Navigation repairs

stress, cargo and ballast tanks were reinforced by

Running on self developed ERP software.

Overhauling of HVAC systems, qualified carpenter

stiffeners, frames and carlings.

Keeping an average stock of about 10.000 tons


− New cofferdams were created in slop tanks.