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4 | MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

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to the winning participants in the 2nd annual DukeEngage Photo Find Awards. During their summer of service in the U.S. and abroad, DukeEngage group and independent project participants were invited to submit their best photos in four categories: immersion, partnership, reflection and gratitude. The following eight images and artist statements best represent some of DukeEngage’s core values. Visit the DukeEngage website to see a slideshow of all photos submitted.


Immersion - Group Program Uganda / photo by: Richard Ruiz

Artist Statement: Our thank-you celebration during the last weekend. The Duke team and the community partners celebrated the deep friendship built throughout the program.

Immersion - Independent Project Madagascar / photo by: James Wu

Partnership - Group Program South Korea / photo by: Justin Ching

Artist Statement: A boy that I’ve only seen rowdy and inattentive in class carefully pokes my arm. I turn around, he’s holding up a book and asks me to read it. I ask him instead to read it for me and he tells me with hesitation that he can’t read Korean very well. For a half-Korean child who hasn’t lived in South Korea for very long, I understood he might have felt selfconscious for asking but I felt his enthusiasm to read these Korean folk tales. It takes effort from both parties to create the environment of learning: having understanding of the circumstance of the student and the boy’s, as well as several other students’, desire to learn (and in this case, to be patient with me reading in slow and broken Korean).

Gratitude - Group Program Turkey / photo by: Connie Hernandez

Artist Statement: Erin is hugging our Turkish mother, Halime, to say goodbye. We were thankful for all the work she did for us while we were there. From cooking in the heat during Ramadan to helping us figure out the washing machine, she went above and beyond for us.

Gratitude - Independent Project Ethiopia / photo by: Riyanka Ganguly

Partnership - Independent Project Peru / photo by: Elise Pearson

Artist Statement: During a remote village expedition to evaluate and support a newly instated environmental curriculum that she helped develop at Center ValBio, Kelly decided to experience traditional Malagasy hair braiding. Warmly welcomed into the dim mud hut, she sat on a straw mat as a Malagasy woman known for her neat handiwork transformed Kelly’s hair into rows of tight braids. At the campfire that night, the Malagasy education team could not stop talking about Kelly’s hair because they had never met a vazha, the Malagasy word for foreigner, who changed her appearance to respect local cultural norms. They deeply appreciated Kelly’s consideration and later reflected that this event altered their perception of foreign community volunteers.

Artist Statement: During installation of wind turbines it was essential to establish a relationship with the community for insuring proper installation, maintenance and to emphasise the purpose of the project. The engagement of the community children in all activities was the base foundation of a successful summer!

Artist Statement: When I first went to Gondar, Ethiopia as a young, single woman by myself, I was terrified. But then I met Kalkita and she held my hand as I ventured the streets, somehow making me feel so much more safe and confident now that I knew I had this 7 year old looking out for me and holding my purse. This picture is from my last day as I say goodbye to Kalkita, and as she wipes away my tears and tells me to “stay strong” in Amharic. I am so grateful to her and all my friends in Gondar for reminding me that I can be strong and for helping me prove to myself that my womanhood does not restrict me from following my passions and experiencing new adventures by myself.

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September 26, 2016  

September 26, 2016