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CHAPEL VIEW Winter 2015

“The best of all is, God is with us.” —John Wesley


ADVISORY BOARD PRESIDENT Charlie Berardesco, T ’80 VICE PRESIDENT C.B. Richardson III, T ’92 PAST PRESIDENT Gina Harrison ADVISORY BOARD Zoila Airall, PhD Zach Heater, T ’17 Nancy L. Jirtle, PhD Anna R. Jones T. Walker Robinson, MD, T ’00, G ’01, M ’09 Max Sirenko, T ’11 Valerie Sirenko, T ’11 Amanda Wright Smoot, WC ’63 EMERITUS MEMBER William E. King, PhD, T ’61, G ’63, G ’70

CHAPEL STAFF OFFICE OF THE DEAN Luke A. Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel STUDENT MINISTRY Christy Lohr Sapp, Associate Dean for Religious Life Adam Hollowell, Director of Student Ministry Bruce Puckett, Director of Community Ministry Joshua Lazard, C. Eric Lincoln Minister for Student Engagement Gerly Ace, Staff Specialist for Student Ministry MUSIC Rodney Wynkoop, Director of Chapel Music Robert Parkins, University Organist Christopher Jacobson, Chapel Organist Brian Schmidt, Assistant Conductor & Administrative Coordinator of Chapel Music J. Samuel Hammond, University Carillonneur John Santoianni, Curator of Organs & Harpsichords Michael Lyle, Staff Assistant to Chapel Music WORSHIP & EVENTS Sara Blaine Clark, Event & Wedding Coordinator Blanche Williams, Wedding Director Jack Adams, Interim Worship Coordinator COMMUNICATIONS Adrienne Koch, Communications Specialist James Todd, Multimedia Manager DEVELOPMENT Ava West, Staff Assistant for Development ADMINISTRATION Joni Harris, Assistant to the Dean Lisa Moore, Accounting Specialist & Office Coordinator UNIVERSITY HOUSEKEEPING Oscar Dantzler, Chapel Services


Duke Schools Abbreviation Key T (Trinity College of Arts & Sciences) D (Divinity School) G (Graduate School) E (Pratt School of Engineering) WC (Women’s College) MD (School of Medicine)

Winter 2015

God is With Us 2

From the Dean’s Desk: God is With Us



From the President’s Desk: In Life, in Death, in Life Beyond Death CHARLIE BERARDESCO, T ’80


Duke Chapel Restoration Update


Above: Chapel community minister Bruce Puckett leads PathWays Fellows in prayer at a blessing of the PathWays house. Left: Prayer station at the house.

Students Connecting Faith and Learning


Bach in Liturgical Context



Staff Updates: Welcome, Amanda Hughes and Farewell to Adrienne Koch


Community Update: Humanitarian Service Award Recipients


Annual Report of Giving FY 2015

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Photograph by Chrislyn Choo, T ’16. She says, “I photographed this lattice on a fall retreat with Duke Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Its resemblance to a stained glass window reminds me that nature is the first chapel, designed to mirror its Creator. God is with us throughout the world.”


God is With Us


Play an Advent video message from The Rev. Dr. Luke A. Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel

reetings, Friends of Duke Chapel. I write to you from my temporary office in Duke Divinity School. One of the great joys of being at the Divinity School this year is that most mornings I have the privilege of seeing some words of hope from John Wesley on the wall of the Westbrook building. They are the words that were on Wesley’s lips as he was on his deathbed: “The best of all is, God is with us.” The theme of this issue of Chapel View magazine is, “God is with us.” Recently, I had an experience that recalled to mind how God is with us. Before I was scheduled to leave town, I went to the hospital to visit a woman who was dying and to offer a blessing over her life. This was the first time I was meeting her, and I found her lying in bed with tubes in her mouth and nose, and needles in her arms. Her three daughters surrounded her. As I started talking to her, she began to talk to me, but what she was saying was not clear. So, one of her daughters took the tubes out of her mouth—making the nurse who was there very nervous! When they took the tubes out, this woman, who was on her own journey back to God, said something to me that I will never forget. I was there to give her a blessing, but because she knew that I was going to get on an airplane later that day, when they removed the tubes, she said this word to me: “Godspeed.” Here was a woman who was dying, and she was telling me, “Godspeed.” Those words were so appropriate for her; I

should have been the one telling her “Godspeed,” as she was making her way back home to God. But in that interaction, what I recognized was that she was saying, in that one word, “God be with you,” just as she knew that God was with her as she travelled back home to God. When I think about God being with us in our darkest hours— on our deathbeds or wherever we may find ourselves located in life — I’m reminded of the season of Advent, where we celebrate the coming of God in Jesus Christ, who is Emmanuel, God with us. There is an ancient hymn, a favorite hymn here at Duke Chapel during Advent: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. It speaks so deeply to the presence of God in our lives. In the midst of our exile, God is with us. And I’m reminded of one of the verses that says:

O come, thou Dayspring, come and cheer our spirits by thine advent here; disperse the gloomy clouds of night, and death’s dark shadows put to flight. Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel. As we enter this Advent season, may God’s richest blessings be upon you and your families and your friends. Remember, God is with us — or as someone recently told me, Godspeed. From the Dean’s Desk


In Life, in Death, in Life Beyond Death


s I write this, I have just returned from Duke for meetings of the Chapel Advisory Board — and, wow, there is building going on everywhere! It is amazing to see all of the construction and renovation occurring on campus; of most interest to me, and I suspect to you, is the work on the Chapel. Scaffolding continues to surround much of the Chapel, although the front of the Chapel is now clear. As the work continues, please continue to keep all of the university, especially the students, Chapel staff and those working on the renovations and repairs, in your thoughts and prayers. During our board meetings, we received an informative update from Ray Walker, the university architect overseeing the renovation. Much work has already occurred, and we are encouraged by the progress and schedule. So much so that planning is already beginning for events around the reopening of the Chapel building—so, be on the lookout for announcements. The board also met with staff and students — it is always thrilling to meet with those who help make the Chapel a living place. Their talent and enthusiasm never cease to amaze me—it invigorates me every time I visit campus—to know that there is a vibrant Christian community in the middle of an internationally renowned university that is thriving even while one of the main symbols of that community—our beloved Chapel—undergoes restoration work. As I think about the thriving Duke Christian community that continues without the building that has housed it for so long, it affirms for me, as we move into the Advent season, that there are constant signs around us that God continues to be with us. I have heard from staff that student interest in faith is actually growing—that there is more engagement across the spectrum of available activities, even as the Chapel itself is not available as a building. To me, that is a clear sign that the Chapel’s mission—to bridge education and religion —continues to be relevant—that God continues to be relevant and present on the campus of Duke University. This is the time of year when we thank those of you who have supported the Chapel with your gifts. The names appear later in this publication. Each of you who has chosen to support the Chapel financially has made it possible for it to be a presence in the lives of the Duke community. Your gifts fund many of the programs and staff that enable the Chapel to be an active part of university life. In fact, over half of the direct costs of the Chapel for fiscal 2015 were funded by gifts,


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

“‘In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us. We are not alone.’ As a young student, away from home for the first time, worshiping in a new place for the first time, those words resonated with me, as they do today.” Charlie Berardesco, President of the Duke Chapel Advisory Board and the income from gifts, from our generous donors. The university is also generous in its support of the Chapel—the costs of the repair and restoration we are seeing today are being funded by the university — but in order to maintain the programs — to make the Chapel alive for students and the greater Duke community — we need financial support from those of you who value the Chapel as more than a symbol of the university. We need your support in order to make the Chapel real in the lives of students and those who see the Chapel as a spiritual home, whether that is every week, or for special occasions like weddings or funerals, or in times of crisis, such as for patients at Duke Hospital. Duke Chapel, as a living community, provides all of that and more for many people across not only the Duke campus, but around the world. In past letters, I’ve asked readers to share stores of how the Chapel has affected them. Now, I ask you to submit stories of why you support Duke Chapel financially — what leads you to give of your resources to the Chapel? Please submit your stories to, so we can share them in future editions of the Chapel View magazine or online. As I think about why I support the Chapel, why it is the largest single gift I give every year and why I intend to leave much of my estate to the Chapel, it comes down to, at its core, words I heard almost every week at the Chapel while I attended Duke in the late 1970s. At that time, the Chapel used an affirmation of faith that included the words, “In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us. We are not alone.” As a young student, away from home for the first time, worshiping in a new place for the first time, those words resonated with me, as they do today. They gave me hope and confidence — that all of this was not just about me. That in fact, God is here with us, every day. And, I am confident that God continues to be present on the campus of Duke University today and in the lives of students, staff and visitors. I look forward to writing to you in future editions of Chapel View magazine, and hope that some of you will reach out to me with your questions, comments, and suggestions. And, as always, thank you for your support of Duke Chapel and its mission and ministries—it is vital to the Chapel and its work, and I know that everyone associated with the Chapel is grateful for your support.

From the President’s Desk


The yearlong Duke Chapel restoration project aims to preserve the building


uring a media tour inside the Chapel this semester, Dean Luke Powery quipped that the congregation’s newest members are “the Scaffolding family.” Indeed, scaffolding has dominated the building, both inside and out, since restoration work began in May. The reason is simple: the bulk of the work is being done in the Chapel’s highest places—the ceiling and roof—where workers need a steady platform. As work has finished in the highest locations, some of the scaffolding has been taken down and repositioned. “Buildings, like people, have lives, and the life of this one was starting to get old at 80 years and so it was time for a little fix-up,” said Paul Manning, director of project management for Duke Facilities Management, during the tour. The project is on schedule for the Chapel to reopen in May of 2016.

With the building being closed for a year, other infrastructure repairs and maintenance are also being done. Woodwork in the chancel has been refurbished. A new air conditioning system is being installed. Electrical and audiovisual wiring is being replaced and upgraded. Nearly all of the work is aimed at preserving the Chapel’s original character. Project leaders have taken care to protect the Chapel organs and other delicate items from dust and exposure.

On the roof, crews are replacing lead-coated copper sheets. Inside the building on the ceiling and along window tracery joints, crafts“If we do a good job,” explained men carefully grind 3-6 inches of damaged mortar away and replace project manager Ray Walker, “you it with new, more flexible material. will never know we were here.” 6

CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015


Staying In Character

Watch a video of a media tour inside the Chapel

Chapel Restoration Update


Connecting Faith & Learning Students are expressing and exploring their faith through Chapel initiatives Duke students deepen their faiths in many ways— from singing sacred music to serving people in need to participating in conversations with people holding different perspectives. The Chapel helps facilitate students’ faith exploration and expression through its PathWays Student Ministry, Voices for Interfaith Action, and connections with various campus Religious Life groups. Chrislyn Choo, T ’16 and Eric Ho, E ’17 sing “How Deep the Father’s Love” during a Chapel worship service in Page Auditorium. The two are part of Duke’s Christian co-ed a cappella group Something Borrowed Something Blue.


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

The 2015-16 PathWays Chapel Scholars pose for a photo in the Alumni Memorial Commons at Duke’s Divinity School. Through the PathWays Chapel Scholars programs, students commit to listening for, and responding to, God’s call in their lives. This happens in many ways—reading groups, mission trips, summer internships, service projects, and relationships with Chapel ministers and campus chaplains.

The Rev. Katie Owen Aumann and Chapel Dean Luke Powery serve communion to students participating in worship in Goodson Chapel at the start of an Academy of Preachers conference. The conference, co-sponsored by Duke Presbyterian Campus Ministry, aimed to support and inspire young people in their calls to Gospel preaching.

Senior Yi Ying Teh presented a paper at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City on how different faiths respond to climate change. Her research compared the role of faith in communities San Francisco and Bolivia.Teh is co-president of Duke Voices for Interfaith Action (VIA), a Chapel PathWays Scholar and a member of Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship through Duke Religious Life.


Duke Chapel co-sponsored a Potato Drop event with other campus and community groups. In a day, participants bagged 40,000 lbs of gleaned potatoes for distribution to food relief agencies.

Click to play a clip from the United in Praise student gospel group’s Fall semester concert. The group, formerly the Modern Black Mass Choir, is advised by the Chapel’s C. Eric Lincoln Minister, Joshua Lazard.

Students Connecting Faith and Learning


Bach in Liturgical Context A Chapel Music concert puts J. S. Bach’s music in its original context of a Lutheran Vespers service

The Chapel’s Vespers Ensemble, along with the Cappella Baroque orchestra, presented the Bach Vespers concert Friday, Oct. 16, in Goodson Chapel at Duke Divinity School. In line with the Chapel’s mission to bridge faith and learning, the concert was constructed to provide an opportunity to hear J. S. Bach’s music in its original context of a worship service. The 80-minute program was presented according to the order of a Lutheran vespers service at the time of Bach, and drew upon music from Bach and contemporary composers. Adding a note of authenticity to the standingroom-only event was a Gospel reading in German by Dr. Anne Gidion, a guest lecturer from Germany at Duke’s Divinity School. Below is a condensed version of the concert program notes written by Thomas Isaac Collins, D ’16 and a tenor in the Vespers Ensemble. Click here to see the full concert program.


hrough our efforts to faithfully model an eighteenth-century Lutheran Vespers service, we hoped to create a sensuous facsimile of how the congregation would have heard

Bach’s cantatas in their original form. To adopt this historical mindset, a few points are essential for understanding the mindset of congregants in Leipzig. Martin Luther’s decision to em-

brace the contemporary musical forms and styles of the sixteenth century was a critical foundation for the Lutheran choral tradition that Bach inherited and cultivated in eighteenth-century

UPCOMING CHAPEL MUSIC CONCERTS Handel’s Messiah Duke Chapel Choir and Orchestra Pro Cantores 7:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 4 2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 5 3 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 6 Page Auditorium Miserere: A Selection of Lenten Sacred Music Duke Vespers Ensemble and Orchestra Pro Cantores 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 21 St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Durham, N.C. Verdi’s Requiem Duke Chapel Choir and Orchestra Pro Cantores 4 p.m., Sunday, April 10 Page Auditorium


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015


Listen to an excerpt from the concert

Leipzig. Since Bach used emerging forms and practices of his day to write his cantatas, music historians often attribute the secularization of Lutheran church music to Bach’s works; however, because Luther established an openness to music in all of its forms, Bach would not have been able to conceive of any philosophical or functional difference in music along liturgical lines. In his role as cantor at St. Thomas church in Leipzig, Bach provided music for all of the main churches in the city. His cantatas were the centerpiece of his work every week in worship. For the first two hundred years of its life, the Lutheran church held the office of cantor in almost equal esteem with clergy. In Leipzig, the congregation would have seen Bach’s music as an extension of the sermon. Luther used the term “Klingendepredigt,” or Music-sermon, to describe his vision for the music that would immediately follow the sermon in Lutheran churches. To listen historically to the concert’s cantata, one must understand the way Bach’s music inhabits the rhetorical genre of the sermon. Just like a sermon, Bach’s music is meant to persuade the congregation of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Luther wrote that the music-sermon should be a “musical exegesis that might intensify the Biblical text through melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, and contrapuntal means and might thus let it strike the hearer in full force.” As a rhetorical expression, the music-sermon engages the congrega-

tion as a whole. The first line of Psalm 130 (which is the beginning of our featured Cantata #131) is “Out of the depths, I cry, Lord, to you.” The power of rhetoric transforms the “I” of the individual congregant into the unified prayer of the entire body of Christ. Without the liturgical context, this cantata could simply be read from the point-of-view of a single believer. But when we recognize the importance of the music sermon, the music gains the expressive power of many voices raised in supplication to the Lord. If a sermon is characterized as a proclamation and invitation to experience the good news of Jesus Christ, then we can see how “Aus der Tiefe” models a sermon through its use of scripture. Psalm 130 is a lament psalm, meaning that it has its own specific rhetorical structure. Lament psalms emphasize supplication, penitence, and confession. Many of the lament psalms describe the people of Israel surrounded by enemies and in times of distress, but even in hardship, words of supplication and penitence always end with assurance of the Lord’s goodness and praise of God’s faithfulness. Bach not only constructs the cantata musically based on the lament psalm, he also uses Lutheran hymns to ground the cantata’s move toward hope in the story of Christ’s Crucifixion. In the second and fourth movements of Cantata 131, Bach forms a duet by combining an aria for solo voice with a hymn sung by the treble voices. The hymns served a dual function: first, both of the hymns are thematically related to Psalm 130 and are used to interpret the psalm text in the same manner as multiple texts used in a sermon; second, the hymns would have been known to the congregation, and they would be invited to consider both the hymn and the psalm in a new way. The intertwining of the hymns with Psalm 130 allows Bach to offer the good news of Christ’s gospel in the cantata by reminding the congregation that their hope was won “on the

wood with deathly agonies, so that, for great woe I might not perish in my sins, nor eternally despair.” The “I” of the chorale tune encompasses the full communion of saints that have sung those words throughout the Lutheran tradition. Considering the rhetorical power of the music-sermon reveals the way that Bach saw his music not as beautiful decoration for worship, but as the instantiation of the eschatological vision of his faith. The music of Johann Sebastian Bach was not composed in a vacuum and understanding the context of liturgical life in Leipzig demonstrates how Bach’s music fully engaged his tradition and his community. Historical listening opens our ears to Bach, the servant — a composer responding to the needs of his congregations with depth and utmost creativity—and we hope our Bach Vespers has been both educational and spiritually fulfilling. — Thomas Isaac Collins, D ’16

Thomas Isaac Collins, D ’16 sings a solo at the Bach Vespers concert.

Bach Vespers


STAFF UPDATES Welcome Amanda Millay Hughes! Amanda Millay Hughes joins the Chapel staff in January as the new director of development. Amanda comes to the Chapel from the Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she has been the director of external affairs and an adjunct associate professor of art for 11 years. In this position she has served as the lead development officer and helped to shape the organization’s identity and image. Her experience will be invaluable to her work in development at the Chapel, as she cultivates relationships with current and new Friends, and as she develops, manages, and carries out all aspects of a comprehensive fundraising and stewardship program. Amanda has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and an MFA in Art and Religion from Goddard College. She is the author of several books, articles, blogs, and resource materials, including the Ackland’s Five Faiths Project curricular materials and A Place for Meaning: Art, Faith, and Museum Culture. Other publications include: Lost and Found: Adolescence, Parenting, and the Formation of Faith (Cowley Books, 2004) and Five Voices Five Faiths: An Interfaith Primer (Cowley Books, 2005).

Farewell to Adrienne Koch, Communications Specialist at Duke Chapel Adrienne is taking a position with The Duke Preaching Initiative at the Divinity School, an initiative supported by a Lilly Endowment grant. In her new role, she will direct the component of this initiative that involves the digitization of sermons and the creation of online pedagogical and research tools for homiletical study. Adrienne will also continue to precept preaching courses at the Divinity School. This move not only builds on her skills in preaching and communication, it also allows her to focus more attention on her process of ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. Adrienne began working at the Chapel in 2011 after graduating from Duke Divinity School with a Master of Divinity degree and a certificate of Gender, Theology, and Ministry. Adrienne also holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Malone University with concentrations in Communication, Psychology, Bible, and Theology. Adrienne is currently finishing a Theological Studies Certificate in Anglicanism at Sewanee: The University of the South.

COMMUNITY UPDATE Two Durham community members were awarded the Chapel’s Humanitarian Service Award to honor their lives of service and simplicity. Each received a grant of $1,500 to further humanitarian efforts. The recipients were Patricia James, founder of Durham Triple Play Long Ball Program, a nonprofit youth baseball program, and Marcia Owen, director of the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, which seeks to prevent and rectify the injustices of violence in Durham. James, an employee of the Duke Community Service Center, founded the Durham Triple Play Long Ball Program in 2010. She created the league as part of Major League Baseball’s Reviving Baseball in Inner-Cities initiative with a mission of social, physical, and educational development through playing baseball. Since its inception, Durham Long Ball has received national recognition and has helped develop numerous young men in the “triple play” of academics, baseball and community. In 1992, Owen and some pastors and leaders from the Durham community decided to respond to the violence they witnessed in the city by hosting prayer vigils at the sites of murders. The Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham has grown out of this vigil ministry. In addition to vigils, the coalition now hosts monthly community luncheon roundtable meetings, weekly food delivery to families of homicide 12

CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

From left: Patricia James, Dr. George R. Parkerson Jr., and Marcia Owen

victims, and volunteer teams that support men and women in transitioning out of prison. The Humanitarian Service Award is inspired by the lives of two Duke professors: Dr. George R. Parkerson Jr. and the late Dr. C. Eric Lincoln.

FRIENDS OF DUKE CHAPEL ANNUAL REPORT OF GIVING Fiscal Year 2015 – July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 Thank you for your generous gifts to Duke Chapel this last fiscal year, July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. We want you to know how deeply we appreciate your support. Without that support, we could not provide life-changing student ministry or the Chapel’s vibrant worship shared through media ministry. We could not provide inspiring music and arts, or the important work of interfaith engagement, were it not for you and the thousands of other donors who join you in supporting our ministry. Please continue to give generously in the current fiscal year, helping the Chapel live into being a “great loving church,” ensuring that God’s love permeates every aspect of our ministry.

We are grateful for gifts of every size. All FY 2015 donors are listed in this online Annual Report.

Founders Society (Gifts totaling $25,000 or more based on computer records beginning in 1972) Anonymous Barbara & Ernest Adelman Marsha & Charles Altmeyer Sylvia & Edward Arnett Margaret Ball & Peter Stace Donna & Robert Bearden Charles Berardesco & Jeffrey Thurston Mary & Clifford A. Best, Jr. Barbara & Jack O. Bovender, Jr. Sara & Bruce Brandaleone Susan & Thomas Brasco Betty H. Briner Brenda & H. Keith H. Brodie Elaine & Mark Brown Katharine & Edwin C. Bryson, Jr. Clotiel M. Caffey Lydia & Robert Califf Janet & James Clapp Thomas C. Clark Priscilla & John Denegre Stephen Denning & Judith Johnson Isobel Craven Drill Gail & C. Stephen Dula Evebell L. Dunham Robert F. Durden Ryan K. Eidson Sarah & Peter English Philip Ellis Erlenbach Margery & Joseph C. Farmer, Jr. Thomas Felgner & Nicolette Maestes Eleanor & James Gates Ferguson, Jr. Elizabeth & Richard Fisher Doris Hudgins Gaudette Dorothy & Jon Gockerman

Janet L. Gwyer John M. Harrelson Gina & Jeff Harrison Mary Putman Hartman Cammie & W. Barnes Hauptfuhrer Donnie D. Haye Judith & Richard Hays Carolin B. Head Judith & Patrick Henry Jenell & Jan Hottinga Earlene & Nelson Jackson James R. Jacobs Kay & James Kelly Thomas S. Kenan III Barbara & G. Mac Kimbrell Karen & Jefferson Kirby Lois S. Klauder James Pierce Knight Raymonde & John E. Koonce III Patricia & John Koskinen John B. Lewis, Jr. Imogene Lipscomb Gay Mclawhorn Love Abigail Martin Henry R. Massey Jane & Richard Massey T. Benjamin Massey Joyce & Harold C. Mauney, Jr. Kathleen & Aubrey Mcclendon Ina Ann W. Mccoy Joann White Mccuiston Mary “Kazie” Metzger & John Harvey Wendy & G. Radford Moeller Sarah A. Moore

Karen O. Moran Patricia & Thurston Ballard Morton III Leslie L. Neumeister Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr. Lois Pounds Oliver Bess Burghardt Paine George R. Parkerson, Jr. Charlotte & J. Russell Phillips Ann & Richard Posey Andrea & Julian Powell Carol & James F. Rabenhorst Michele & Dudley Rauch James C. Ray C.B. Richardson III Roy O. Rodwell Ann & Charles Sanders Nancy Alyea Schiebel Ella Eugenia Shore Katharine & Ted Shults Linda & John Sigmon Charles T. Smith, Jr. Amanda & Richard Smoot Ann E. Sperry Frederick Steckler & Robert Murphy Jackie A. Strange Sylvia & William Teasley Robert J. Theis, Sr. Donald J. Thompson Karla & William Trexler Kaye & John A. Wallace, Jr. Peggy & John Weinerth Jo Bailey & Samuel M.B. Wells Ruth & A. Morris Williams, Jr. Patricia & William Willimon

We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Staff Updates | Founders Society | Annual Report of Giving


20 -Year Consecutive Giving Leudzer Algra Sylvia & Edward Arnett Helen Percilla Barnhart Donna & Robert Bearden Anne L. Bird Diane & Gary Blandino Elaine & Mark Brown Jackson B. Browning, Jr. Betty C. Brunson Katharine & Edwin C. Bryson, Jr. Virginia & Michael F. Byrne, Jr. Lydia & Robert Califf Yvonne Carey Janet & James Clapp Darry & Edward Conner Malcolm F. Crawford Sarah Dale Prophet & Wallace Prophet Priscilla & John Denegre Gail & C. Stephen Dula Sarah & Peter English Barbara B. Eshbaugh Marla Jane Franks Nancy & J. Rodney Fulcher Mina Jane Grothey Janet Harrington Hall Gina & Jeff Harrison Stella & John Herpel

Caroline & R. Harrison Hickman Alexandra & Steven Holland Velma & Samuel Johnson Joan S. Jones Sarah & Thomas Juntune Lynn & Michael Karpinski Kay & James Kelly Kenneth H. Kerr Helen Brewer King & William E. King Patricia & John Koskinen Veronica & Carl J. Lange Edwin B. Lee, Jr. Emily & T. Carleton Lee Sara E. Marks T. Benjamin Massey LaNelle & C. Byrd Looper Cammey & Thomas Manning D. Keith McKenzie Karen & Perry Miller Wendy & G. Radford Moeller Sarah A. Moore Margaret & Robert F. Morris, Jr. Nell & Fred Mowry Pamela S. Newsome Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr. George R. Parkerson, Jr. Carolyn & Wade H. Penny, Jr.

Elizabeth Rainoff Lauren & John Rowe Michael Stephen Sayko Nancy Alyea Schiebel Mary & Richard Schwartz Mary & Christopher Spivey Ella Eugenia Shore Mary Alice “Molly� Simes Ann E. Sperry Sandra & David Sprouse Robert W. Stubbs Pamela & Thomas Swanner Donald J. Thompson Juanita M. Todd Jeanette & A. Granville Tolley Linda & Kurt Travis Karla & William Trexler Judith C. Waldron Martha Rudy Wallace Peggy & John Weinerth Edyth James Wheeler Carol & Charles Denny White, Jr. Emily Jennings White Ann Wilder Sterly Lebey Wilder Leigh J. Wynkoop Rodney Wynkoop

10 -Year Consecutive Giving Becky & Julian M. Aldridge, Jr. Agnes & Francis Ali-Osman Elizabeth & Alvin Alsobrook Mary Frances & Robert W. Bailey Noel M. Bakhtian John Richard Banks, Jr. Martha & Frank L. Barkley, Jr. Charles R. Beaudrot, Jr. Deirdre & David Beck Jane Sanders Bellet Alexandra & Andrew Bentley Charles Berardesco & Jeffrey Thurston Hope Williams & Thomas Bersuder Mary & Clifford A. Best, Jr. Dorothy C. Bevan Winifred & Bill Bierbower Kristen Elizabeth Blackman Jane & W. Eugene Bondurant Sarah & Michael Borns Elizabeth Van Nest Braun & Jack Braun

Julia & O. Whitfield Broome, Jr. Roger A. Bruhwel Anne & William F. Burch III John A. Bussian III Lydia & Robert Califf Naomi & Joseph Canning Holly Chambers & Joseph R. Steedle Mary & William Chambers Mimi & Allan Charles Jennifer & John Chmelka Jewel & William Christian Janice Church-Jackson & William Jackson David Ciaffa Charlotte & B. Jefferson Clark Muriel Neal Cleary Lucy Reuben & John Cole Ann & Robert Cole Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer & John Collins Roberta & Eddie Cone

Alan W. Cooper Ruth & Carlyle Craven Shelia & Jay Creswell Marjorie & Gray Crouse Ann Woodall Davant Calvin D. Davis Ellen Davis & Dwayne Huedner Mahlon W. DeLoatch, Jr. Judith Johnson & Stephen Denning Sharon D. Dunaway Evebell L. Dunham Kim Duong Robert F. Durden David B. Eck Melissa & Mark Edwards Gay & Edward Elliott Stuart & Roland Elliott Claire G. Engle Philip Ellis Erlenbach Sallie & John Everette Thomas Russell Ferguson III

We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

10 -Year Consecutive Giving Grace J. Fishel Marc Alan Flick Linda & Wesley Fowler, Jr. Kelley & Robert Gamble Annie Lewis & Robert Garda Katherine & Edwin Gauld Padgett & Edwin R. Gerler, Jr. Audrey & Sean Gleeson Thomas W. Grey Ruth Ann Griggs Janet L. Gwyer Deborah & Russell Hall Margaret Ann Hall Martha & Thomas R. Hall III Patrick Spencer Hamrick Kathryn & Henry Hargrove Patricia Inlow-Hatcher & Anthony Hatcher Jean Elizabeth Haworth Donnie D. Haye Rebecca & James R. Haygood, Sr. Patricia & Chase Hearn Linda & Richard Heintzelman Karen & Richard Heitzenrater Corinna & Gordon Herbert Rachel M. Hoffer Kristen & Raymond Hohenstein Alexandra & Steven Holland Susan & Edwin C. Holt Parma & Robert C. Holt, Jr. Nancy & David Hudak

Heidi Hullinger & James Chandler Martin, Jr. Betty & William Hunter Janice & William Jackson Mildred & Charles T. Johnson, Jr. Velma & Samuel Johnson Nancy H. Jones Diane B. Joyner Betsy & J. Roger Kelly Anna & Charles M. King, Jr. Caroline Marie Klein Abigail & Craig Kocher Meg Korpi & Russell Wright Nanci & John Kryzak Katherine & Joseph Landing Reba & Jonathan Lark Anne & H. Jack Leister Betty & T. Landon Lindsay Karen & Rex Loftin Ann & William Long Jane & Samuel B. Long III LaNelle & C. Byrd Looper Nancy Smith Marks Linda & Robert McClelland Lavonne Adele Meads Kristen & Benjamin Moore Colleen & Ansel Mullins Patricia & Joseph Naftel Lois Pounds Oliver Mary Ellen Owen Betty & Harold Park

Susan & G. Robert Parkerson III Cynthia & G. Paul Phillips III Marjorie & Ashmead Pipkin Ann & Richard Posey Karolyn & David Pratt Carol & James F. Rabenhorst Michele & Dudley Rauch Keith Alan Redmill Thomas Render Karen Rhodes & David Sauer C.B. Richardson III Susan M. Ridgeway Elizabeth & Michael Riegel Carolyn & Paul Rizza Jacqueline & James Robins III Mary Ann Roe Mary & Robert Samuel Sandra & Harold Rose Kelly & David Schnabel Mary Michael & Richard S. Schweiker, Jr. Steve Sherman Barbara & Jeffrey Shivers Paula L. Sligh Eleanor & Michael Smith Laurie & Colin Starks Priscilla Stewart Molly Stringer & Ronald Burris III Isabel & William Stuebe Pamela & Thomas Swanner Louise & Banks Talley Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Thomas Robert Wright & Lee Thomas Margaret & Norris Thurston Lillian & Donald Townsend Susan Watts & Gary Fried Norma & Richard White Elizabeth & James Wiggins Mary & John Wigodsky A. Hope Williams & Thomas Bersuder Blanche & Alan Williams Dorothy S. Williams Ruby Leila Wilson Barbara Armstrong Wold Cynthia Womack & Kevin Boyle Kenneth Paul Woodcock Meg & Russell Wright Dolores & David Yoder Jean & Paul W. Yount, Jr. Rebecca & Eugene Zielinski Geraldine & Lawrence Zipf

We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

20-Year and 10-Year Consecutive Giving | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel $20,000 and Up

Charles Berardesco & Jeffrey Thurston The Congregation at Duke University Chapel The Estate of Alton James Coppridge & Helen Burnett Coppridge Imogene Lipscomb Ann & Charles A. Sanders C.B. Richardson III $10,000 to $19,999 Donna & Robert Bearden Benjamin C. Boylston T ‘54 & Eleanor A. Boylston UNC-CH ‘54 Thomas Felgner & Nicolette Maestas Michele & Dudley Rauch Mary R. Robinson

$5,000 to $9,999

Brenda & Keith H. Brodie Elaine & Mark Brown Judith Johnson & Stephen Denning Ellie & James G. Ferguson, Jr. Mary “Kazie” Metzger & John Harvey Donnie D. Haye Kay & James Kelly Raymonde & John E. Koonce III Patricia & John Koskinen Lois Pounds Oliver Andrea & Julian Powell Carol & James F. Rabenhorst Sally & Russell M. Robinson II Amanda & Richard Smoot Robert Joseph Theis, Sr. Leanna & William Thomas Donald J. Thompson

$2,500 to $4,999

Barbara & Ernest Adelman Agnes S. Ali-Osman Jacqueline & Theodore Ammering Winifred & William Bierbower Erin Blondel & Ernest Young Naomi & Joseph Canning Martha Keels & Dennis Clements III Katherine & Arthur DeAlmeida Evebell L. Dunham Philip Ellis Erlenbach Thomas Russell Ferguson III

Tracey & Christopher Frattaroli Claudia S. Henry Claudia & Robert Kubek Katherine & Joseph Landing Xi Lian Cammey & Thomas Manning Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr. Cynthia & G. Paul Phillips III Katharine & Theodore Shults Valerie & Max Sirenko Joanne & Samuel Wells Carol & William Windham


Anonymous Joan & James Akers Cynthia & B. Charles Anderson Linda & Bertrand M. Anz II Lindsey & James Argalas Placide & Franc A. Barada, Jr. Lynn & Timothy Baxter Diane & Gary Blandino Mary & Raymond Boardman Neil Patrick Brown Stanford Maxwell Brown John A. Bussian III Lydia & Robert Califf James Paschal Carroll, Jr. Janet & Kenton Carter David Chi Katherine & Gordon Clayton Johanna & Benjamin Collins-Wood Cristie Columbus & Clayton Roberts Roberta & Eddie Cone Jeanie & Robert Cook Jennifer E. Copeland Finesse & Therman Couch Princess & John Daniel Ellen Davis & Dwayne Huebner Sandra & Michael Davis Mary Carol & J. Daniel Day Abby Lauren Dennis Deborah & David Douglas Elise & Carl Drake Gail and C. Stephen Dula Kara Haas & Preston Dunnmon Robert F. Durden Holly & Thomas Epsy Marguerite & Donald Fleenor Leslie & John Fucigna

Carol & Chester Glitz, Jr. Peggy & Cambridge F. Glenn II Doris & Kenneth Goodson, Jr. Leslie Graves & John Fucigna Sue & David Grissom Janet L. Gwyer Jean & Robert Haas Martha & Thomas R. Hall III Elaine Hopkins Hammond Audrey & Ed Harlow Gina & Jeff Harrison Virginia Joslin-Hastings & Douglas Hastings Teresa Hatterick & J. Randall Minchew Marianna M. Henry Christine & Clyde Hohenstein Sara Elizabeth & David Hyre Nancy & Randy Jirtle Cathleen & Timothy Katt Thomas S. Kenan III Leslie & George Kirkland III Muriel G. Kirkland James Pierce Knight Grace & Kevin Kusnierek Reba & Jonathan Lark Grace & Kenneth Lee Sizhe Li Christy Lohr Sapp & Paul Sapp Jane & Samuel B. Long III Abigail Ellen Martin Cathy & James McAuliffe Linda & Robert McClelland Ina Ann W. McCoy Anne Hall McMahon Robin L. Mitchell Wendy & N. Shepard Moyle Cheryl Anderson Ney Jean & John P. Norris Claire & J. P. Paquin George R. Parkerson, Jr. Lynn Rose F. Patterson Cheryl & Robert Pegues Gail & Luke Powery Rebecca & Paul Pritchard III Renee & Bruce Puckett Aeyoung & Jin Rhee Ann Rich & Dan Snyder Susan M. Ridgeway Mary Ann Roe Barbara & Andrew Roland

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Kelly & David Schnabel Elle Eugenia Shore Charles T. Smith, Jr. Phyllis & Mel Snyder Ann E. Sperry Frederick Steckler & Robert Murphy Emily & John Stout Beth Gettys Sturkey & Jeff Sturkey Amie Lynn Tedeschi Juanita M. Todd Karla & William B. Trexler Martha Rudy Wallace Carolyn & J. Hunter Weimer Tina Weinberg Peggy & John Weinerth Marianna & Todd Westhus Elizabeth & James Wiggins Evelyn Rivers Wilbanks Sterly Lebey Wilder Eric S. Williams Pamela K. Woodard Catherine Serena Wu Sandra & Jonathan Yuen Kimberly & Richard Zimlich


Debbie & Wedge Abels Zoila E. Airall Elizabeth & Alvin Alsobrook Sylvia & Edward Arnett J. Duncan Ashe, Jr. Harriet & Julius Banzet III Meghan & T. Adam Benson Rosemary & Barry Berger Carolyn & John Bigger, Jr. Laura & William P. Bivins, Jr. Kurt V. Blankmeyer Sandra Powers & Edward Blocher Melanie Elizabeth Bolling Roxanna & David Bottjen Mary Henderson Bowman Noreen M. Burke Joseph M. Butler, Jr. Nancy & William A. Campbell, Jr. Mi Chen Charlotte & B. Jefferson Clark Laura & Kevin Colebank Darry & Edward Conner Malcolm F. Crawford Shelia & Jay S. Creswell, Jr

Julia & Andrew Crewson Bonnie & John Dauterman Susan & Clinton B. Davis III Adriana Doi & Richard DiGuilio Elizabeth D. Dixon Elizabeth Kennard & Patrick Donadio Kathi & Stephen Eason Grace C. Ekeleme Claire G. Engle Pascale Thomas & Tayo Famakinwa Suzanne Ferlic Johnson Margaret & Donald Fluke Angela Ford & Kenneth Nelson Marc A. Fowler Robert Lee Freund Melinda & Charles Gallegos Annie Lewis & Robert Garda Katherine & Edwin Gauld Augustus O. Grant Thomas W. Grey Ebony J. Grisom Leah & John Gutekunst Kathryn & Henry Hargrove Tammie G. Harris Patricia Inlow-Hatcher & Anthony Hatcher Helen Locke Hess Kristen & Raymond Hohenstein Charlotte & Douglass Holmes Margaret Schramm & Dawson Horn III Karen & Jack Horrell Khlid S. Ishaq Amy & Nathan Jones Hayes & Stephen Jones Frank Jordan, Jr. Karen & Jefferson Kirby Abigail & Craig Kocher Ann & William Long Sara Elizabeth Marks Jennifer Martinez & William McArthur Nancy & Kevin McGrath D. Keith McKenzie Lavonne Adele Meads Evelyn Cook Middleton G. Scott Middleton Benita & Michael Miller Karen & Perry Miller Delinda & Joseph Mix Ira & Bruce Mueller

Bryan Henry Parr Stephanie J. Pennington-Grant Carolyn & Wade H. Penny, Jr. Sharon & John Perfect Sharon and John R. Maxwell Perkins Ann & Gary Perko Doren Madey Pinnell Ralston M. Pound, Jr. Renee & Bruce Puckett Martha & Blair Sheppard Elizabeth Rainoff Sung & Donald Reynolds Karen Rhodes & David Sauer Jason Gary Richards Virginia & Steven Roark Nicholas Romano Nancy Alyea Schiebel Robert Skolfield Schmidt Mary Michael & Richard Schweiker, Jr. Deborah A. Schwengel Lorraine & Anthony Sease Susan Shaw & Pelham Wilder III Bomin Shim Barbara & Jeffrey Shivers Linda & John Sigmon Winnie & Thomas Stark Hettie & Edgar Stuart Mr & Mrs. J. Michael Thomas Annmarie & James Todd Kirsten Travers-UyHam & John UyHam Martha Nims Valent Elizabeth & Jose Vega Laura & Michael J. Wallace, Jr. Nancy B. Wawrousek Nanette & Mark Weadon Linwood Neal Wheeler Norma & Richard White Blanche & Alan Williams Andrea & Duncan Wilson Andrea and Duncan Barbara Armstrong Wold Richard A. Wood, Jr. Kenneth Paul Woodcock A. Lorraine Woodyard Diane & Edward H. Wright Rodney A. Wynkoop John Richard Yanuklis Lynn & Charles J. Young

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel $250-$499

Lois Irene Abromitis Marsha & Chuck Altmeyer Darryl Wade Anderson Katherine & Eric Bass Charles R. Beaudrot, Jr. Meghan & Adam Benson Alexandra & Andrew Bentley Jeannette & John E. Benton, Jr. Dorothy C. Bevan Anne L. Bird Linda & Steven Blalock Kenneth J. Bolich Jane & W. Eugene Bondurant Cynthia Womack & Kevin Boyle Elizabeth & Jack Braun Banita & Dwayne Brown Jackson B. Browning, Jr. Rebecca & William Buchanan William E. Buffington, III Erin & J. Brett Busby Martha & Jared William Butler Elsie S. Byrd Gina & Arch Campbell Barbara D. Carman Jean & G. Paul Carr Barbara Barksdale Clowse Geraldine Dawson & C. Joseph Coates Lucy Reuben & John A. Cole Sarah & Wallace Prophet Cindy & Shawn Daly Ann Woodall Davant Gracie & Ernest C. Davenport, Jr. Ginna & H. Clint Davidson Mary H. Dawson Gaye & John Deal Judy C. Deaton Mahlon W. DeLoatch, Jr. John D. Denning Evan Cole Dunnmon Jared Alexander Dunnmon David B. Eck Martha Jane Elson Sallie & John Everette Kate & James B. Ferguson Brian Kenneth Fitzpatrick Kenneth R. Fitzpatrick Marc Alan Flick Carol & James Fogartie Harriette & J. Lawrence Frank

Susan Watts & Gary Fried Denise & E. Mark Garner, II Melinda & William H. Gates III Ronda White & Brian Gavigan David Gentry Ashton & James Goodfield Barbara & Douglas Goodman Kay & Robert Greene Carol Gregg-Stratton Ruth Ann Griggs Ina & Philip A. Guzman Melody & Theodore R. Hainline, Jr. Deborah & Russell Hall Leslie Morrison Hardy Ernestine & Merel Harmel Sara & J. Stephen Harper Karen & Richard Heitzenrater Kate & Willie Gordon Hendricks John C. Henry Sarah & Eric Hoverstad Stephen T. Hughes Diane R. Hummelbrunner Elizabeth Hummelbrunner Grace & John Oldenburg Janet & R. Julian Irvine Karla Mae Jacobus Sherry & Robert Johnson Willie Holt Johnson III

Susan & L. Gregory Jones Sarah & Thomas Juntune Kenneth H. Kerr Melanie & Billy M. King Amy & Charles Kirschbaum Uma Kuruganti Caroline Louise Lattimore Ann K. Leake Nancy Smith Marks Victoria & Douglas McCrea Nancy & James McIntosh Lisa & Robert McLaughlin David C. Mellinger Wendy & G. Radford Moeller Andrew Taylor Moore, Jr. Erica N. Moore Rebeccah & Harry Neff Deborah & William P. Nixon III Mary Jane Love Nye Susan & G. Robert Parkerson III Michelle & George Pettit Heather & Matthew Phillips Neala & Edward Philpot Barbara Kleinschmidt Piech Eleanor Rose Pishny Ann & Richard Posey C.T. Woods-Powell & Richard Powell Karolyn & David Pratt

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Sarah & Wallace Prophet Robert C. Rapp, Jr. Keith Alan Redmill Edith & James Redmond Michael O. Reese Katherine Louise Wiggins & Luis G. Rios Matthew Ritchey Carolyn & Paul Rizza Thomas Walker Robinson Alfonso Emmanuel Romero Michael Stephen Sayko Amy & William Shaw Mary Alice Simes Eleanor & Michael W. Smith Frederick George Springman Laurie & Colin Starks Philip A. Stenberg Maxine Stokes Jackie A. Strange Pam & Thomas Swanner Louise & Banks Talley Robert Wright & Lee Thomas Brynne & David Thompson, Jr. Sally & Joseph Todd Sandra & W. Stephens Toler Heidi & Michael Tucker Virginia Moyer & James Tucker Margaret Via Lawrence R. Walker Ann Wilder Barbara Wilkinson & Leonard Carlson Nita Wilkinson Frances & John Wooten III Yun Xu Du Zhang


Thomas Peterson Adelman Medora & Andrew Akers Leudzer Algra Francis Ali-Osman Lisa & Craig Allen Deborah & Robert Altany Susan & Lorenzo Amato Carolyn & Jack Anderson W. Richard Arnold, II Edith G. Arrington Laura Stough & Jorge Arroyo

Walter Joseph Ashbrook Kathryn & Wait Aumann William O. Autry, Jr. Mary Ellison & Gregory Thomas O’Malley Sarah & D. Robert Bahner, Jr. Mary Frances & Robert Bailey Sarah Diane Alexandra Baker Nancy & Myron Banks Barbara & Albert L. Barco Martha & Frank L. Barkley, Jr. Bonnie A. Barnett-Murphy Nicole & Mark Barrett Jennifer & David Baxter Molly Anne Beck Theodore Cobert Belsches Jessica Dickinson & Ori Ben-Akiva Jaime Betancourt Kay Gross & Richard Bias Tami & Stephen Biddle Donna & Sherman Bierly Rita & Darrell Bigner Kazimiera & Stanley Blachut Teresa & Brent Blackwelder Jon Blades Elizabeth Lee & Stephen Bogdewic David Borg Sarah & Michael Borns Sarah Sullivan-Boyd & Edsel Boyd, Jr. Patricia P. Bradley Colleen O. Branche Heather & Paul Brennan Lee & Daniel Broh-Kahn Gloria J. Brooks Teddie & Anthony Brown Jackie Elliott Brown Virginia M. Brown Noelle & Howard Browne Thurletta M. Brown-Gavins Roger A. Bruhwel James G. Brunnquell Betty Cathey Brunson Nancy & James H. Bryan, Jr. Katharine & Edwin C. Bryson, Jr. Carol & Richard Bucher Ronald Burris, II Ann & Richard Burts III Melissa & John L. Campbell Molly & Robert Alexander Campbell Yvonne Carey Kathleen Carrigan & James R. Lovelace

Margaret E. Cervin Holly Chambers & Joseph R. Steedle Mary & William F. Chambers Allan D. Charles Mimi Charles Elizabeth & Dennis Chen Qinghua Chen & Jianping Yang Christina Chiou & Eric Tong Jewel & William S. Christian Connie Chu & Benjamin Wolf Lorraine Howard Clark Muriel N. Cleary Frank Wilson Coble, Jr. Brian Edward Coggins Neil Scott Cole Mary Collins-Stauffer & John Collins Arline Lockerbie Colvin Nan & Richard Conser Alan W. Cooper Carol & John J. Cooper Catherine Cordeiro & Kyle Gabb Christie Lynne Cordon Laura & John H. Corey Katherine & Daniel Corlew Christy & Kenneth M. Cox Richard Lewis Cox Ruth & Carlyle Craven Adelaide & Richard Craver Deborah & Osmond Crosby Karen & James Cross Diane & Kenneth Cutshaw Grace Ann Danello Grace & Timothy Danello Eugene Thomas Daniel Larry T. Daniel Ellie & James Daniels Calvin D. Davis Patricia & Harold Davis Tamela B. Davis Lorraine & George Dawson Alfred R. de Jaager Robin & Vincent Defilippi Therese Delgado-Almaguer Judson Davie DeRamus, Jr. Mary Carol Digel & Richard Wurster Margaret & Hart G. Dillard Rana B. DiOrio Leslie & Dennis J. Donahue Mark Steadman Donnithorne Jo Ann Cannon Dorin Anna Lee Smith Dorsett

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Iris & Raymond Doucette Steven Michael Doyon Kim Duong Jennifer & Preston Kendrick Dure Sallie & Greg Eagerton Lori & Robert C. Eberhardt Anna & Robert J. Ehrich Ryan Kevin Eidson Susan Elaine Eldon Elizabeth Ellis Elkins Roland Collins Elliott Sarah & Peter English Cleveland Kent Evans Holly Ewell-Lewis & Kenneth Lewis Elissa F. Feldmeyer Elizabeth & Thomas Fitzpatrick Janice L. Fitzpatrick Clara B. Flanagan Valerie & Michael Forbes Regina & William Ford Mr. & Mrs. Roy N. Ford, Jr. Steven Scott Foster Susan Leigh & Reed Fountain Melanie Trull & Jack Fowler Linda & Wesley C. Fowler, Jr. Joan & Irving P. Fox Catherine Copenhaver Fraise Marla Jane Franks Mr. & Mrs. Neal E. Franks Lauretta Frederick & Christopher O’Connor B. W. Freese Emilee & Scott Hendrix Joshua N. Friedman Tara O. Friedman Nancy & J. Rodney Fulcher Diane L. Fulton Tracy & Paul Gaines Denise & E. Mark Garner, II Martha Joe & Philip R. Gelzer Janet Hortin & John Geneczko Carol K. Gerber Lucretia & Milton Gilbert Rose Marie Gillikin Thomas R. Goforth Elizabeth A. Goode Mary Catherine & Donald W. Gould, Sr. Charles Alan Grandy James A. Gray III George W. Greco

Lisa Nagorny & Richard Green, Jr. Mary & Robert Greenawalt Margaret & Joe Grills Mina Jane Grothey Bing Guo & Lun Ye Sarah Haas Jane & John S. Hahn Cheryl & Charles T. Hall Maria Monge & Craig Hall Sharon & Jeffrey Hall Margaret Ann Hall Sarah & Ralph K. Hallett, Jr. Debra & Charles S. Hamilton II Stacy P. Hammonds Jane & William F. Hamner Mary Moore Hamrick Rachel Handel Barbara Hannah Frank Thomas Hannah Virginia Martin-Hansen & Michael Hansen Harry H. Harkins, Jr. Jelard Scott Harmon Lisa Thomas-Harner & Kyle Harner Ann & John B. Harris, Jr. Clinton R. Harris Colleen & Loy H. Harris Karin & James B. Harris Lisa & D. Michael Harrison, Jr. Lynn & Jack Harrison Mary Jane & John M. Hartenstine Monica Hill & Daniel Haygood Caroline & Barton Haynes Carolin B. Head Kerri & Chad Hefner Ellen & Craig Heim Linda & Richard Heintzelman James P. Hendrix, Jr. Emilee & Scott Hendrix Nixon Hennessee III Judith & Patrick Henry Corinna & Gordon Herbert Stella & John Herpel Patricia L. Hersh Joyce Wasdell & David Hessee Caroline & R. H. Hickman Sallie & Joseph Hildenbrand, Jr. Susan & Dan W. Hill, III Sandra & John A. Hill Nancy Plaster Hillyard Warren Frederick Hillyard

Chika Hiraoka David Anthony Hoagey Anna & Thomas Hoang Anne & John N. Hodges-Copple Barbee & Lewis Hodgkins Elizabeth & David Hoffman Janet Holderness & William Transou Dale Everette Hollar David Edward Hollar Susan & Richard Eric Holmer Susan & Edwin C. Holt Alison & Michael Hood Sharon S. Hope Ruth & Fred Horner Janet & John Geneczko Jenell & Jan Hottinga Kim House James Litton Howard Vicki and Laurence Howard, Jr. Marie & Robert Howenstine Michelle & Arthur Glenn Huckabee Heidi Hullinger & James Martin, Jr. Betty & William Hunter Cindy & James L. Hutton III Joe Im Geraldine Dysart Ingram Janice & William Jackson Xiaoqiu Jiang & Xuan Luo Charles Raymond Johnson Matthew Johnson Mildred Crinkley Johnson Velma & Samuel Johnson Carolyn Eagan & Marshall Jones Nancy & David Jones Joan S. Jones Mary Molloy & Walter Jones Diane B. Joyner Tamara & David Kamrass Barry Soohyum Kang Linda & Edward Karolak Pat & Allen Kelley Fredlyn & George Kelly III Alexandra & John Ketner Caroline Marie Klein Carole Ann Klove Andrew C. Klumpp Brooke & Nathan Kostelnik Susan & Brian Kradel Irene & Charles Kuebler Jennifer & Matthew Middleton Lydia & Chia-Hung Lai

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Camille & F. Louis Lambe Karen & Gregory Lanpher Val & Stu Larcombe Marguerite LeBlanc Bethany Kristin Lee Joann & Richard Lee Mr. & Mrs. T. Carleton Lee Misty & Matthew Lenhart Gail B. Leypoldt Hui Li Anne Smyrski Light Evelyn P. Lloyd Laura Figueroa Locklair Karen & Rex Keller Loftin Lloyd M. Long, Jr. Lindsey & Alex J. Lopez Aurora Lopez Terry & David Lupo Kellie & Josh Maio Christina & Brian Marchiel CoraLynn Harward Marshall Nona & Carle W. Mason, Jr. Jane & Richard C. Massey William Preston Massey Sally & Sanford J. Matthews, Jr. Helene & James C. Mau Gordon Maxson James Oliver May, Jr. & Richard Cox Easter Maynard & John Dempsey Parker Nancy & Mark A. Mazza Edgar E. McCanless James K. McClanathan Christiane & William McCloud Robert Wade McDonald Tina & James Mcghee Maribeth & James Dean McGuire Fred Headen McIntyre, Jr. Gail Tousey McKinnon Elizabeth & James McMahon Grover C. McNeill Eleanor & Bruce Meade Karen & Rob Melhem Silvi & Mark Millard Melissa Josephine Mills Margaret & John Moore, Jr. Sarah A. Moore Steven Moore Margaret & Robert Morris, Jr. Carolyn & Fred Morrison R. E. Morrissett, Jr.

Suzanne & Daniel Moyer Colleen & Ansel Mullins Candy & Jeffry Mullins Elizabeth Burger & Marc Munfa Robert Conor Murdoch Philip T. Murkett Melanie P. Murray Melanie & John Musgrove Patricia & Joseph Naftel Stella & Richard C. Nelson Shannon Jasmine Nelson Joyce & William Newcomb Genese & Paul Raymond Newman Phillip Daniel Nicholson Mary & Larry E. Norton Corrie J. Odom Jan & James O’Kelley, Jr. Ellen & Edgar O’Neal Lynn & James O’Neill Amaretta J. Onstad Jennifer & Graham Orriss Virginia Owens-Long Jo Anne & Douglas Padgett Frances M. Page Bess Burghardt Paine Lynn & Peter Pappalardo Betty & Harold Park Sydnor J. Patrick Penelope & Jonathan Pejka Michele & David Perkins Harriet & David Peters Catherine & Jason Piche Sharon & Richard Piech Marjorie & Ashmead Pipkin Mr. & Mrs. Farrel F. Potts Sobana & Samuel Prasad Rildia & Douglas Pritchett Evelyn & Charles Pruden, Jr. Pamela B. Puckett Kevin Thomas Quandt Lynn & Mark Rauch Dorothy & W. Neal Raver James C. Ray Elizabeth & Andrew Reck Carol & Earl Reed Richard M. Rehm Joyce S. Reid Amy Kathleen Reynolds Elizabeth & Michael Riegel Amy & Jason Robbins Stacy & Robert C. Roberts

Jean & David T. Rogers Andrea Wigodsky & John Rohrs Anne P. Rote Lauren & John Rowe Elizabeth Edwards Russell Cathy Kaman Ryan Leanne & Jeffrey Rzepiela Sheila & Kenneth Sandberg Stagg Nicholson Sanders Annette Brisendine Satterfield Thomas J. Satterfield Martina & Michael Scarrone Kathryn & Erik Schmidt Candace Young-Schult & Roy Schult Mary & Richard Schwartz Sharon & Mitchell Schwartz Debbie & Edward A. Scully, Jr. Sara & Jeffrey Seremak Annette Elaine Sessions Patricia Sherron Jeanne Shingleton Lucy Koesy Shingleton Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dean Shoffner Karen & Glenn Simpson Kavisha Singh Leslie & Eugene Sirbaugh Lee Sitlinger Martha & Samuel Sloan Barbara & Charles M. Smith Christine S. Smith Pamela M. Smith Virginia & David Smithwick Starr & Philip Snead Megan R. Sopher Diane Wilson Spencer Lori Spivey Sandra & David Sprouse Mary & Charles E. Staats, Jr. Donna & Dallas Stallings Lucia & Steven Steinhilber Bryan Stensvad Michelle & Luke Jesse Hartley Stewart Benjamin G. Straus Molly McMyler Stringer Martha & Robert Stromberg John Anthony Sullivan Michele & John J. Sullivan, Jr. Carole & George Summers Joanna Campbell Swanson Benjamin Frederick Tandy

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Betty & James W. Tarlton III Laura Hunter Taylor Deborah & Shawn Teagan Jennifer & Francis Tetel Eleanor & Robert Kirk Thompson III Melvin L. Thrash Carol & Jerome Pound Tift Henry H. Tingler Tracy & James W. Tinnemeyer, Jr. Kenneth Travers Mary H. Troxell Jean Tryggestad Natalie Van Kirk & Frederick Schmidt Eleanor Vance Phyllis & John Jay Vandenberg Tricia & James Keck VanKirk, Jr. Jennifer S. Vaughn Carolyn & Bernard S. Via, Jr. Steven Russell Vickers Diane K. Viveiros Deborah & Alan Wagner Caroline & John Walker Elizabeth & Leo Walker Charles Chifan Wang Daniel Liwei Wang Wendy Ann Ward Linda Diane Weiksnar Virginia & Mark Wells Carol & Charles D. White, Jr. Basilius M. Wibowo

Mary & John Wigodsky Charlotte & Claude Williams, Jr. Dorothy S. Williams Neata S. Williard Paul L. Wilson Ruby Leila Wilson Steven Blair Wilson Linda & Stuart Winikoff Christopher Andrew Winter Eileen M. Witt Joha Hyun Won Leigh Joyner Wynkoop Julia & T. Greg Yager Mr. & Mrs. David E. Yoder Charles D. Young Lance Brendan Young Susan & Stephen E. Young Timothy Michael Young William Youngblood Royall A. Yount, Jr.

Up to $99

Margaret Abernathy Hannah K. Adams Karen & Larry Adams Regina Smith Adams Sandra Adams & Gregory Devereux Oluwatimilehin Ayobami Adegoke Kate & Marco Adelfio

Medora & Andrew Akers Jerianne P. Alberti Becky & Julian Aldridge, Jr. Amy Melissa Allen Kelvin D. Allen Meredith Quinn Allen Sarah & Joseph D. Alleva Laura & Henry Almquist III Robert Amico Lauren Nicole Amicucci Noel James & Richard Ammons Marilyn & George Anderson Nancy & W. Banks Anderson Pamela Grace Anderson Robert Gardner Anderson III Christine Nyamekye Appah Kathleen S. Ashton Alexis & Thomas Atwood Angela H. Averette Linda Christine Backus Mary Courtney Bailey Sally S. Bailey Noel M. Bakhtian Martha & Bruce W. Ballard John Richard Banks, Jr. Siobhan & Brenden Lee Barco Stephanie Thomas Barlin Helen Percilla Barnhart Virginia & Wendell B. Barnwell Mali D. Bartges Tracy Bartlett & Kenneth Byrd Joyce & Teddy F. Bassett Peter Bartlett Bastian Julie W. Batchelor Suzanne Bay Morganne Brittany Beard Deidre & David Beck Alvin York Bell Elizabeth Jordan-Bell & Andrew Bell Jane Sanders Bellet Zachary William Callmann Bencan Gary L. Bennett Lakisha Bennett Jeff Berndt A. Hope Williams & Thomas Bersuder Mary & Clifford A. Best, Jr. Jerry Lee Bishop Shelly A. Bishop Michael James Black Elizabeth Ruth Blackwood William Saunders Bliss

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Erica Lynn Blyther Ashley N. Bolick Jean Bollinger Yvette Lynne Bonaparte Kristeen & Randy Booker Anne Marie Bossart Sandra & Jeffrey Ralpha Boswell Helen Boussios & Marc Jacobs Donette S. Bowers Barbara & H. Michael Boyd Arielle Arichea Brackett Ann Hutflies and Douglas Brewer Andrew Jay Brimmer Eugene H. Brooks, Jr. M. Jennifer Brougham A. Brown Alexandra R. Brown Betty F. Brown Mr. & Mrs. George Augustus Brown Kathryn N. Brown Lori Anne Brown Joy & Roy Brownlow Jane D. Bruce Dorothea G. Bruni Shelby Bryant & John Richard Parrish Mary & David Buckingham Lynnsay Buehler & Robert Townes IV Barbara & Paul Buescher Carolyn & Richard Bullington Mr. & Mrs. William F. Burch III Laurel Burk Sarah Marshall Burks John Clay Bush Margaret McLarty Byrd Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Byrne, Jr. Deborah & Donald L. Cady Barbara C. Calhoun Rosalie Ann Campbell William Arthur Cano Jenna & James Milton Canzoniero Emily Anne Carey Samantha Carreon Margaret Starr Caruthers Sarah & Bedford Cash Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Castillo Ra Quel Cervantes-Torres J. George Chall Charles Bennett Chambers Jenn Chambers Kim B. Chandler DeLisle E. Chaney

Gael & J. Smith Chaney Ruther-Decker Chaney Elizabeth Chapin Yu Chi Mabel O. Chibo Jennifer & John Chmelka Donna Choi Jung Hyun Choi & Sangwoo Kim Karmel Wong Choi Adam Alexander Chopko Melody Chou Bessie Chronaki Arlene Ng Chua & Roland Rivera Oranat Palm Chuchuen Yichun Chung Carville B. Clark Denise A. Clark Mary Jane E. Clark Joann & Robert Claytor Mary Anne G. Clyburn Louise B. Cobb Karen & Steve Cochran Ann & Robert Cole Sally & Gregory Connell Linda K. Conner Michael Jacob Cools Elizabeth & Charles Cooper Krista & Wade T. Cooper Dileeni Corea Victoria & Charles Cork Mr. & Mrs. John A. Corzine Sara Delle Couch Melissa & Thomas Cournoyer Pamela & Dallas Covington Robin & Kent Coykendall Miggie Mackenzie Cramblit Thea Terese Crane Richard Swain Crawford Camille Elise Creed Michelle & Justin Crocker Marjorie & Gray Crouse Samantha Elizabeth Cunningham Bethany & Gregory Czaja Beau Daane Kris & Bob Dahlberg Lane & John Dallas, Jr. Thomas F. Dardugno Teresa & A. B. Dark Jenny C. Darocha Kay Kohring-Dasilva & Keith Dasilva Brea Tymora Davenport

Christi & Larry Davis, Sr. Margot & Zachary Davis Joanne Yoder Dearth Mignon & Arthur Deberry Sofija Dalia Degesys Paul Gaston Del Valle Abigail Rae DelBianco Susan Delgado-Park & John Park Benjamin Taylor DeMarco Cathy Doyle & Ronald DeVeau M. Myron Dice Mary E. Dittmann Lauren Murphy & Eric Dixon Rebecca & Christopher Donald Sara Ruth Dorn Laura P. Dorster Catherine I. Doyle Robert J. Drennen Derek Charles du Plessix Daniel Demeke N. Dubale Judy & Earl Dulaney Sharon D. Dunaway William W. Dunkin III Elizabeth S. Dunn Jennifer Katherine Durst Flo & Daniel Durway Julie & Derek Duval Jordan Edward Dyslin Mr. & Mrs. William T. Easter Melissa & A. Mark Edwards Doris & Mark B. Edwards Randolph Scott Elf Ruth S. Ellerthorpe Mary H. Ellis Madeline K. Elsea Lee Lauren & Matthew Emery Virginia G. England Tara & Thomas Eppinger Barbara Bell Eshbaugh Allison Bienkowski & David Evans Fonda & Danny Evans Deanna Evans Valentina Lares & Hector Falcon Maja F. Falcon Ann Goodson Faust Susan Smith Feaster Gretchen Grace Feinberg Gretchen Adele Ferber Caroline & Daniel Ferris Ellen & Robert File Grace J. Fishel

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel James William Fleming III Jan Leigh-Fleming & Ron Fleming Kaye & Joseph Florence IV Jennifer & Edward Floyd Dennis Follensbee Andrew Fong Dawne & Joseph Fountain Marilynn C. Frederiksen Rose Anne & Benjamin Freed Sherry & Theodore Freeland Alia Eve Fry Laura Fuess Dawn Futrell & Bruce Updyke Emily Ketterling Gall Rose Anne Gant Mr. and Mrs. Gary Alan Gauger Amy & Daniel Gaultney Padgett & Edward Gerler Mark Warren Giguere Alice & Edwin Gilbert Jennifer & John W. Gilbert IV Charles R. Gildart III Lisa M. Giragosian Murphy Olivia Glass Louise & Ronald Glover Annette Eckerd Goard Lauren & Reuben Goetzl Molly Goldwasser & Colin Tate Aleksandra Goloto Artura & Michael Stolpe Marla & Alexander Gozman Gail & Timothy Gray Matthew Franklyn Gray Jessica Mary Green Kathryn Greene & Jeffrey Sheely Mr. & Mrs. Steve A. Greene Michael M. Gregory Stephanie Grey Erin Kathleen Griffin Joann & David Grimes Matthew Grossman Carol & Frederick Grover Sara Catherine Guerrero Rosemarie & Joseph Gulla III YoonHye Grace Ha Lawrence A. Hagemann Mr. & Mrs. Brad W. Haithcock Jr. Dexter & Robert Hall Janet Harrington Hall Maynard D. Hall Molly Cay Hall

Ron L. Hall Emily Brady Hallquist Carol C. Hamel David Hamilton Patrick Spencer Hamrick Marianne & Ian Han Diana Erin Hancock Leigh Flagler Hanke Patricia A. Hansen Christa Hanson & Fredric Owens Thomas Langdon Harris Vicky Hartwell-Ivins Norman Robert Harvey Justin Mark Haseltine Victoria & Galen Hatfield Alexandra Paris Hauspurg Elizabeth Louise Hawkins John R. Hawkins Jean Elizabeth Haworth Brendan Francis Hayes Rebecca & James Haygood, Sr. Patricia & Chase Hearn Susan & W. Drew Heitzenrater Wanda Mintz Henson Deborah & Joseph Herczeg Gregory A. Hewett Susan C. Hill Cheryl Hines Elizabeth Anne Hinshaw Rachel M. Hoffer Jennifer & Michael Holak Ellen Jean Holcomb D. Artemas Holden Alexandra & Steven Holland Mary Via & Frank Holleman IV Diane & Stephen Holloway Anne Sumwalt Hollowell Paul Jacob Holmer Barbara & George Holmes Parma & Robert Holt, Jr. Vicki & Robert Hood Bonita & F. Michael Hooper Kay & Ralph Franklin Howard Katherine Leigh Howe Betty & William Howie, Sr. Yongmin & Yimin Hua Laura Huang Armando Steve Huaringa Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hudak Jesse Nathaniel Huddleston Barbara & L. Arthur Hunsley, Jr.

Stephanie & Larry S. Hunt Lauren Renee Hunt Susan K. Hunt Lisa Hurley Sean Lawrence Hyberg John Charles Hyde III Leslie Cornell & Rick Hyman Ann Jackson Caroline J. Jackson Mary & Robert Jacobson Lauren Jadovich Darian Jaynes Can Angela Jiang & Rick Szcodronski Chris Johnson David L. Johnson Gretchen & Seth Jolly Angela & Michael Jones Elizabeth Nora Jones Jennifer Jones Paul H. Jones Ellen Sakornbut & Randolph Jones Sydney Virginia Jones Laura LaNelle Jorgens Nalini L. Joseph James Lesslie Junker Mark Kagika Toby Ann Sugarman Kapahu Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Karpinski Catherine Wilfert-Katz & Samuel Katz Betsey Freiburger Keene Carol & Walter Keim Heather & Stephan Keller Betsy & J. Roger Kelly Thomas Kenney Ronald S. Kertzner Michelle Joanne Khan Vanessa Sendros Khan Christopher S. Kim Duke Duk Kyeom Kim Jasmine E. Kim Patrick Kinas Anna & Charles M. King, Jr. James Ralph King Jr. Langley Claire King Martha & J. Ray Kirby Kristen M. Kirby Kayla Marie Kirk Cheryl Arthur Kite Angul Klychang Kraig Michael Knas Kay Kohring-Dasilva & Keith Dasilva

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Marlene L. Kole Meg Korpi & Russell Wright Andrew W. Kragie Barbara & Neal Kramarcy Wilmer L. Kranich Heather Marie Krieger Andrew Astwood Kryzak Nanci & John Kryzak Antonia Maria Laino Daniel Lane Jr. Veronica & Carl J. Lange Bernice & Chiles Larson Frances Hope Laumer Mollie McVay Laverack Charles Andrew Lawson Suzanne A. LeBold Elizabeth D. Lee Steve Lee Wha Sil Lee Mr & Mrs. Johan R. Lefever Jan Leigh-Fleming & Ron Fleming Anne & Howard J. Leister Stormie T. Leoni Brenda & K. Thomas Lester Margaret Lester Shelby Denise Leverett Jennie Scudder-Levin & Gregg Levin Robert Scott Levine Mr. & Mrs. Jason A. Lewis Kay & Robert Lewis Carrie & Yiming Zhou Jack Li Liwu Li Shuchun Liang & Xing Wei Lin Liao Yu Hui Lin Joan Starr Lindop Kassity Yefei Liu & Tai T. Mai Maronda & Derrick Lockhart Christina Elisa Lombana Kathryn & William Sutherland LaNelle & Charles B. Looper Mary E. Louden James Erskine Love IV Emily R. Lozen Nancy & William Lucas Joseph James Lucco Sebastian Hubert Lukasik Emily Elizabeth Lumpkin Linda & John Lytvinenko Alec Macaulay

Jackie D. Machardy Caroline Leslie Maglathlin Horace H. Mah Manish Malhotra Angela Pierrie & Shea Maliszewski Kathy McKee & Quentin Mallard JoAnn & Louis Manarin Kristen E. Manderscheid Angelyn Galloway Mann Wenjun Mao Andrew T. Margius Eve Louise Marion Anita Seipp Marmaduke Michael Reed Marquardt Mr. & Mrs. Alton B. Marshburn, Jr. Dolores A. Martin Anthony Paul Marzocca Diana Elisabeth Massey Marilyn Pace Maxwell Kim & John McAllister Grace Louise McCalmon David Bruce McCarthy Christiane & William McCloud Linda & Thomas McCurdy Margie L. McDaniel Bonnie & Richard McGeorge Maura & Brad McIlvain Juliane Renate McIndoo Carolyn A. McKeon Bonnie & Peter McWilliams Suzette Meade Erik Jefferson Meadows Lyn Means & James Zimpritch G. Rodney Meeks Sharon Meizen-Miles & David Miles Emily Ford Melson Victor Cardell & Robert Melton Martha Redding Mendenhall Doris E. Mertz Kristina Meservey Linda & Douglas Mesler Elizabeth B. Midgett Sheila & Sam Miglarese Allison Corinne Milam Brian David Miller Darla R. Miller Faith Miller-Sethi & Rajiv Sethi Meredith & Warren Min Susan Minkoff & John Zweck Adam Shawn Mintz Alexandra Leigh Mistretta

Linda A. Mitchell Elaine & George Mokrzan Dana & Peter Moller Kristen & Benjamin Moore Mr. & Mrs. Don R. Moore Teri Lea Mora Mario Alberto Moreno Carolyn Yarian Morgan Ronald Dean Morgan Hunter Moricle Allison Morris Karen Clapper Morris Lauren Morse Margo J. Mosley C. Ivan Mothershead IV Nell & Fred Mowry Matthew Albert Mrozek Tiaria Shantez Mulbah Angela E. Q. Munasque & Jarryd Werts Ruben Munoz Lauren Murphy & Eric Dixon Francina L. Muse Donna & Stephen Mustanski Nancy H. Myers B. J. & Gregory Nace Joan Nambuba Mariam Elizabeth Nassiri Jason Michael Nassof Davis Jared Nelson Megan Elizabeth Neureither Joyce & William Newcomb Meredith A. Newlin Mary Bergson Newman Pamela Sargent Newsome Rachel Ney Christina Weiling Ng Lauren W. Niculescu Maria Niswonger & Wilfred Wollheim Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Nolan Sandra & Michael Noonan Effie & Keith Norman Mandy Powers-Norrell & Mitchell Norrell Whitney & Joe Novak Eric Jason Oberstein George Ofori-Amanfo Albert Kyungtaik Oh Eric J. Ojerholm Penny Oslund Lauren Elizabeth Ostendorf Cameron James Oswalt

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Ruthie Chen Ousley Rebecca Ouyang Zhufeng Ouyang Kathleen Marie Overman-Jeske Elizabeth & Russell Owen Mary Ellen Owen Irene Owens Mary Helen Owens Robert E. Owens Allison & Joshua Oyster Vivian Pace-Smith & Roland Smith Millie & William Padgett David E. Pard Betty L. Parrish Cathy Julia Patla Rolvix Harlan Patterson III Elizabeth M. Paul Julie & Keith Pavlick Kathryn & Andrew Peluso Jean & Paul Yount, Jr. Amy E. Peppers Sarah & Ross Perkins Allison Ruth Perrin Jennie & Calvin Perry Kathleen Rebecca Perry Sheila K. Persson Joy & Erik Peterson Joann & Neil Petry Jennifer Lynn Pettie Meaghan & Brett Pettigrew Anna & Leonard Pfeiffer Betty Phillips Heidi & Michael Pickens Kristen & Matthew Piehl Willard Cresse Pierson III Betsy Bryan Pitts Kevin Cameron Plattenburg Frances & Charles Poel Joan N. Poole Taylor Louise Pope Deborah L. Potter Christie & Taylor Powell Jessica & Jason Prager Mark Rohit Prasad Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Probert Chris & Doug Prybylowski Steven Quasny Mary Jim & Michael Quillen Celia & Henry Quillian III Susan M. Raff Edward George Rahall

Ken Randall Anita Lorraine Ransom Gerald A. Regan Antoine Dushun Reid Lorraine Y. Reid Julia & Hugh Reinhart Rachel Margaret Revelle Molly Marie Rhodes Jason Edward Rice Rebecca A. Richards Dolores & Roy Richardson Elizabeth J. Richardson Alma W. Rittenberry Stephanie Danielle Roach Diana & Jim Roberts Joan & Joseph Roberts, Jr. Jacqueline M. Robins James A. Robins III Lynn Robinson Christopher T. Roby Allison Suzanne Rogers Yuniko & John Rogers III Joo-young & Matthew Rognlie Andrew Rohm Amanda Drake Rojas Hendrika S. Rose Judith & Morgan Roseborough, Jr. Elizabeth & Foster Roser, Jr. Lizzie & Lyle Ross Ginnie & Ernest H. Ruckert, Jr. Anna Haldeman Ruddle Alexander T. Ryan Mary & Wayne Ryder Cynthia Schwarz & Prakash Sakraney Mary & Robert Samuel Alexandra Sansosti Beverly R. Saunders Kenneth D. Schlecht Susan & Frank Schmaltz Jeffrey L. Schmidt Stephen Julius Schnurr, Jr. Wendy & Paul Schreiner Evan Andrew Schwartz Patricia & Mark Schwing Charlene A. Scott Ann & Samuel Scoville III Dorothy Scrimgeour Dionne G. Seale Linda & Richard Seale Clare & John Seelke Marie & Rochener Seraphin, Sr.

Sandi & Mark Sessions Bonnie B. Sessums Faith Miller-Sethi & Rajiv Sethi Barbara & Steven Shantz Laila Elizabeth Sharafi Courtney & Bobby Sharma Terence Michael Sharma Elise & Graham Sharpe Warren B. Shaw Megan & Nick Shelburne Diana Normile Sheldon Lisa & David Shelow Steven R. Sherman Heather Skeeles-Shiner & Mark Shiner Robert G. Shreve Denise Holmes Shungu Angela Silak Vanessa & Harrell E. Siler Katherine W. Singer Paul R. Singer William Paul Skelton IV Ingrid & Brian Skop Paula L. Sligh Allison Smalley Audrey & Brian Smith Sandy & Charles A. Smith Elizabeth & Kevin Smith Hannah Kathryn Smith Sue & Joe Smith Delores A. Sopher Christine & Christopher Sorli Kristin Janelle Sourbeer Mia Quigley South Cyrena & Charles Lee Sparkman, Jr. Mary & Christopher Spivey Charles Edgar Staats III Leigh L. Stallings Bradley Stankey Cedric Miguel Stapleton Betty Lou Siegle Stark Jenny S. Starling Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allan Steege Blaire Elizabeth Steiger Ryan Victoria Steiger Natalie Edelen Stevens Michelle & Luke Jesse Hartley Stewart Priscilla Stewart Connie & William A. Stokes Jeanette Stokes & Dwight Honeycutt Artura & Michael Stolpe Ronnie R. Storch

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel Barbara & Lee Strange Katherine Rockefeller Struve Allison & Erik Stubberud Hsun-Kang Su Stacey Miller Succop Martha & Bob Sullivan Sally Jeanne Sullivan Kristin & Chad Summe Theodore J. Susac II Kathryn & William Sutherland Donna L. Swahlan Pamela & Mark Swank Zachary T. Swanner Pamela & Jeffrey Swanson Cheryl Lynne Tapager Joshua Duncan Taylor Raymond Mason Taylor Susan & Thomas Taylor Susan C. Taylor Ronalee Tefft Jonathan Churchman Temple Alanna Yu-Ting Teng Hiromi Terawaki Debbie & Ronald Bradley Thie Holly & Mark Thomas Leah & Jared Thomas Kimberly Williams Thomas Anne & William Thrift Margaret & Norris Thurston Priscilla & Robert Tillett, Jr. Tania Tinsley-Little Nancy E. Titus Jeanette & Aubrey Granville Tolley Brenda Tondeur Lynnsay Buehler & Robert Townes IV Lillian & Donald Townsend Linda & Kurt Travis Victoria Marie Treboschi Amy Jacqueline Trivette John Trollman Yuann-Yi Tsai Stephanie Lauren Tupi Jesse Turner David L. Tyeryar Louisa & William Umphres Christopher Alan Urruela Stauss Sarah K. Van Kirk Susan & Braden Van Winkle Susan & Jeffrey Mark VanderKam Rishi Sahai Vasudeva Robert Alan Vincent

Catherine & Christopher Vrettos Jessie Noreen Wager Judith Curtis Waldron Kristina Marie Waldt Allen F. Wallace Priscilla & John P. Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Walser Laura Walser Michelle R. Walsh Lisa Chinyere Wanda Cynthia L. Wang Melody Wang Joanna G. Wappler Ware & C. J. Washam III Brooke Raylynn Watson Audrey & Johnny Watts Christopher Gordon Wegwart John P. Weinbach Leigh Welsh James Ryan Wendling Mary Lou & David Wertz Timothy Lawrence Wertz Kathleen Westbrook Amy & Jonathan Whaling Emily Jennings White Mikayla Margaret Wickman Catherine Wilfert-Katz & Samuel Katz

Margaret Grace Wilkinson Alice June Williams Anne & David Williams Dian Spruill Williams Elizabeth Olatayo Williams James M. Williams Margaret T. Williams Patricia Larsen Williams Shauna & Yarbrough Williams Nancy & Snodie Wilson Sara Pennington Wilson Lori & Christopher Winland Robert D. Winn Patricia & Steven Craig Clayton Ellis Wisely J. David Wiseman Andrew David Wisnewski Sarah & Frederick Woelfel Virginia B. Wohlford Mattie & Daniel Wolf Maria Niswonger & Wilfred Wollheim Ericka Shin Wong Ho Yuen Frank Wong Marsha H. Wood Whitney Jean Woodhull Katherine & Robert Woodrum Michael Holmes Woodworth Paul M. Wrayno Eugenia Ching Wu Tzi-Sheng Wu Ling & Hong Xu Lei Yang Michael Yeeling Yau Jonathan M. York Karen Youngblood Deborah Younglao Jean & Paul W. Yount, Jr. Theresa Anna Yuschok Tahsin Ahmed Zaman Barbara & Albert W. Zanner, Jr. Paul Martin Zarian Ana Maria Zayas Margaret Zhang & Shengyong Zhou Siyu Zheng Xin Zheng Lin Zhou Carrie & Yiming Zhou Geraldine & Lawrence Zipf

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


Gifts in Memory of Dr. Franc A. “Andy” Barada, Jr. Wendy & G. Radford Moeller Dorothy C. Bevan Frederic DeCov Bell Elizabeth B. Midgett R. Booth, B. Booth & R. Booth, Jr. Mary Catherine & Donald W. Gould, Sr.

John F. Keever Carolyn & Richard Bullington Claudia & Lester Kern Peggy & John Weinerth William Klove Karin & James Harris Carole Ann Klove

Billie Powell Peggy & Cambridge Glenn Dean C. Powell Families Peggy & Cambridge Glenn Julia D. Pridger Larry T. Daniel Ralph Jessica Mary Green

Wesley and Roberta Brisendine Annette Brisendine Satterfield

Mary & Robert Bruce Kubek T’40, MD’44 Claudia & Robert Kubek

Susan Pollard Browning Jackson B. Browning Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaPointe Thomas Russell Ferguson III

Thomas Joseph Render Laura Fuess

Paul B. Cobb Louise B. Cobb

Robert Leavenworth Suzanne A. LeBold

Wade Sato Kristin Janelle Sourbeer

Michael Colvin Arline Lockerbie Colvin

Marveline Blackmon Lee Betty L. Parrish

Jason Dean Peggy & Cambridge Glenn

C. Eric Lincoln CT Woods-Powell & Richard Powell

Augustus Sayko Michael Stephen Sayko Bill Sessums Bonnie B. Sessums

Sally Ivey DeRamus Judson Davie DeRamus, Jr.

Virginia Owens Long Lloyd M. Long Jr.

Hugh M. Shingleton Jeanne Shingleton Lucy Koesy Shingleton

Drew Everson Langley Claire King

Jason Scott Manse Jaime Betancourt

Samuel & Inez Singletary Shauna & Yarbrough Williams

Rita Guerrero Sara Catherine Guerrero

Kevin Martin Dolores A. Martin

Ben Smith Gordon Maxson

Barbara and George Hauptfuhrer Barbara & Andrew Roland

Katie McClary T’01 Meaghan & Brett Pettigrew

J. Benjamin Smith Rose Anne & Benjamin Freed

Mildred L. Hendrix James P. Hendrix, Jr.

Catherine Dean McClean Peggy & Cambridge Glenn

Frank W. Steinbrink Brooke & Nathan Kostelnik

Betsy Hood Barbara D. Carman

Walt Metz Teresa & Brent Blackwelder

Lazarus Stokes and Julia Stokes Maxine Stokes

Bernice Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Johan R. Lefever

David Mulbah Tiaria Shantez Mulbah

Ronald E. Valent, Class of 1970 Martha Nims Valent

James Hatten Howard III Kay & Ralph Howard

Albert Nelius James May, Jr. & Richard Cox

Betty Hunter Laura Hunter Taylor

Sarah Austrell & Harry Lee Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Nolan

Dr. Howard C. Wilkinson Barbara Wilkinson & Leonard Carlson Nita Wilkinson

Branson C. Jones Joan S. Jones

Sheldon Pinnell Doren Madey Pinnell

Estelle Young Timothy Michael Young

Elizabeth Jean Reed Ronnie R. Storch

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or


CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

Gifts in Honor of David Arcus Jesse Turner

Joni Harris Margaret Ann Hall

Courtney Bailey Mary Frances & Robert Baile R. Bangle, E. Reeves, L. Hunt & A. Ervin Nixon Hennessee III Lois Bryant Lizzie & Lyle Ross Duke Chapel Choir Arthur Craig DeAlmeida Katherine Touw DeAlmeida Elissa F. Feldmeyer Sara Clark Angela Pierrie & Shea Maliszewski Ralph W. Conrad Mary Jane Love Nye Carnell D. Couch Finesse & Therman Couch The Baptism of Landin Justin Crocker Michelle & Justin Crocker The Marriage of Chien-Kuang Ding & Shih-Han Chang Cammey & Tom Manning

Beth Gettys Sturkey Bomin Shim

Mildred Hendrix Frank Jordan, Jr.

Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr. Adelaide & Richard Craver Harriette & J. Lawrence Frank

Adam Hollowell Joshua N. Friedman

Taine & Charles Nolan Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr.

James Todd Margaret Ann Hall

Lee & Corinna Huffines Carolyn & Bernard Via, Jr.

James Osborn Stacy P. Hammonds

Christopher Jacobson Thomas S. Kenan III

Julia P. Philyaw Larry T. Daniel

S. Van Sant & C. Van Sant Mary Catherine & Donald W. Gould, Sr.

Willie Jennings Angela Ford & Kenneth Nelson

Sheldon R. Pinnell Doren Madey Pinnell

William N. Klove Carole Ann Klove Adrienne Koch Margaret Ann Hall John & Evelyn Koonce Raymonde & John E. Koonce III Wilmer L. Kranich Mrs. Wilmer L. Kranich The Baptism of Micah & Jacob Lenhart Misty & Matthew Lenhart Robert V. Lindsay Charles D. Young

Evebell Dunham Mary Alice Simes

Mr. & Mrs. Madey Doren Madey Pinnell

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Elf Randolph Scott Elf

Jennifer W. McAneny Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Walker

Ben Elliott Jackie Elliott Brown

Betty McHale Camille Elise Creed

Jim & Glener Gilland Gina & Arch Campbell

Shannon Meeks Dr. & Dr. G. Rodney Meeks

J. Samuel Hammond T’68 Kate & James Ferguson Rebeccah & Harry Neff Elizabeth & Leo Walker, Jr.

Alexander C. Ney Cheryl Anderson Ney

G. Lee Pollock Melanie P. Murray Luke Powery Wendy & N. Shepard Moyle Ira & Bruce Mueller Donna & Dallas Stallings Bruce Puckett Benjamin Taylor DeMarco Robert C. Rapp, Jr Ruth Ann & Fred Horner Margaret Rote, Class of 2015 Anne P. Rote Christy Lohr Sapp Laura Stough & Jorge Arroyo Margaret Ann Hall Ella Jean Shore Richard Lewis Cox James May, Jr. & Richard Cox

Lucy Hart Peaden Taylor Margaret Ann Hall

Emily & David Vavrichek Susan & Harry L. Nolan, Jr. Scott K. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Walker Robert Paul Ward Wendy Ann Ward Samuel M.B. Wells Sara Elizabeth Marks Ella Eugenia Shore Charles & Elizabeth Whaling Amy & Jonathan Charles Whaling William Graham Wheeler Linwood Neal Wheeler Jennifer & Sandy Williams Charlotte & Claude Williams, Jr. Rodney Wynkoop Jesse Turner Mary Frances & Robert Bailey Imam Adeel Zeb Patrick Spencer Hamrick

Brian K. Smith Christine S. Smith Megan R. Sopher Delores A. Sopher Duke Chapel Staff Teresa & Barry Dark

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel made in FY 2015 (July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015). We have made every effort to list donors correctly. If we have made an error with your name or giving level, please contact Chapel Development at 919-684-5955 or

Gifts from Friends of Duke Chapel | Annual Report of Giving


FINANCIAL SUMMARY Fiscal Year 2015 – July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015

Chapel Budget Gifts from the Friends of Duke Chapel and income from the more than 70 endowments set up by Friends underwrote 43% of the Chapel’s more than $3 million in direct costs for Fiscal Year 2015. University Budget: $1,269,161/42% Endowment Income: $936,506/31% Restricted Giving $362,698/12% Unrestricted Giving: $378,656/12% Earned Income: $91,470/3% (from ticket sales & wedding fees)

Funds and Endowments The following charts provide a snapshot of several of the Chapel’s major funds for Fiscal Years 2012 to 2015. They show the number of donors and gift totals, and expenses paid from this year’s gifts and last year’s fund balances.

Chapel Annual Fund • Gifts to this fund provide unrestricted support for Chapel operations. Donors 7/1 Balance Gifts Expenses 6/30 Balance

FY 2012 1,069 $123,887 $260,072 $232,107 $151,852

FY 2013 1,344 $151,852 $284,538 $377,698 $58,692

FY 2014 1,533 $58,693 $271,772 $167,082 $163,383

FY 2015 1,030 $163,383 $304,509 $415,818 $52,074

Chapel Development Fund • Gifts to this fund pro-

vide unrestricted support, including media ministry and building maintenance and improvements. FY 2012 Donors 270 7/1 Balance $87,126 Gifts $53,495 Expenses $71,843 6/30 Balance $68,777


FY 2013 272 $68,777 $45,645 $50,694 $63,728

FY 2014 288 $63,728 $57,098 $105,860 $14,966

CHAPEL VIEW magazine | Winter 2015

FY 2015 176 $14,966 $52,246 $81,455 $9,922

Friends of Duke Chapel Fund • Gifts to this fund provide unrestricted support for projects recommended by the Duke Chapel Advisory Board. For example, the fund pays for radio broadcasts of Sunday Worship and Thursday Vespers Services, and for a portion of the webcasting and website costs. FY 2012 Donors 223 7/1 Balance $49,070 Gifts $76,646 Expenses $120,353 6/30 Balance $5,363

FY 2013 288 $5,363 $64,380 $57,822 $11,920

FY 2014 273 $2,522 $62,558 $31,622 $33,458

FY 2015 168 $33,458 $57,969 $81,455 $9,922

PathWays Fund • Duke Chapel PathWays offers undergraduates and recent graduates opportunities to hear and respond to God’s call for their lives on campus, in Durham, and beyond, through study, counsel, service, and community. These students are pursuing careers as diverse as medicine, law, public service, ministry, social entrepreneurship, and international missions. FY 2012 Donors 379 7/1 Balance $47,372 Gifts $185,712 Expenses $217,079 6/30 Balance $16,005

FY 2013 382 $16,005 $157,547 $140,032 $33,520

FY 2014 404 $33,520 $151,615 $182,476 $2,659

FY 2015 235 $2,659 $127,560 $55,694 $74,524

Interfaith Engagement Fund •

This fund supports students in Duke’s Voices for Interfaith Action who create opportunities for interfaith engagement among their peers: planning community studies, service events, dialogue dinners, text studies, and public events. They see religious identity as an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of selfunderstanding, and they enjoy exploring opportunities to learn more about each other’s traditions as well as their own. FY 2012 Donors 5 7/1 Balance $91,630 Gifts $100,660 Expenses $60,584 6/30 Balance $131,706

FY 2013 8 $131,706 $570 $44,230 $88,046

FY 2014 7 $88,046 $1,345 $16,930 $72,461

FY 2015 8 $72,461 $4,828 $5,085 $72,203

Chapel Choir and Music Endowment •

This endowment supports the Chapel Choir and the music ministry of the Chapel. Funds provide for guest musicians, concert expenses, the purchase of music scores, and choir reunions and retreats. FY 2012 Donors 80 7/1 Balance $627,915 Gifts/Interest $63,251 Expenses $32,110 6/30 Balance $659,056

FY 2013 94 $659,056 $62,903 $48,666 $673,294

FY 2014 127 $630,868 $71,786 $36,672 $665,982

FY 2015 57 $665,982 $65,821 $95,280 $668,161

Wells Endowment for Student Ministry •

This endowment was established in March 2012 to honor former Dean of Duke Chapel Sam Wells and the Rev. Dr. Jo Bailey Wells upon their departure. Endowment income will permanently support the Chapel’s student outreach and ministry program which has a profound influence on the lives of hundreds of students. The current name of this ministry is PathWays.

Donors Gifts

FY 2012 177 $80,622

FY 2013 85 $52,276

FY 2014 38 $41,879

FY 2015 21 $17,520

Where the Offering Goes Duke Chapel’s outreach includes support of area ministries through gifts collected in the worship service offerings two times each month and at the Christmas Eve services. The Chapel Offering Committee, which is comprised of Friends of Duke Chapel, Congregation at Duke Chapel members, Chapel staff, and students, select ministries to support. The grant-making process not only benefits people in need, but also seeks to introduce students to faithful stewardship and community building. We hope you will visit the websites of the organizations listed below to learn more about how you can further support their work.

Genesis Home • $5,000 El Futuro • $4,100 Dress for Success • $3,500 Senior PharmAssist • $3,500 Family Health Ministries • $12,000 Habitat for Humanity • $3,500 To support the Duke University Chapter Share the Warmth • $2,631.59 share-the-warmth.asp Kidznotes • $3,500 Interfaith Food Shuttle • $3,500 Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham • $2,500 To support the Circles of Hope and Healing Project • $2,500

Parents of Murdered Children • $1,500 To support the Durham, NC Chapter Food Bank of North Carolina • $3,000 Reality Ministries • $3,000 REAL Durham • $5,500 Matched by the Stewards Fund Durham Economic Resource Center • $5,000 Matched by the Stewards Fund Open Table Ministry • $3,000 Durham Crisis Response Center • $3,000 United Methodist Committee on Relief • $3,500 To support earthquake victims in Nepal


EDITORIAL STAFF Adrienne Koch Luke Powery James Todd Ava West PHOTOGRAPHY Chrislyn Choo, T ’16 Duke University Photography Emily Graff Darbi Griffith, T ’16 Brian Mullins Photography Joe Payne Photography James Todd, T ’98 Ray Walker DESIGN CCGD

Chapel Friends Email List

GO GREEN and join the Friends email list to stay up-to-date on activities, events, and the life of the Chapel. To join, email, or visit chapel-friends Questions? Please call 919-684-5955. Visit us online at

UPCOMING EVENTS DECEMBER 3 Lessons and Carols Service Vespers Ensemble 6 p.m. Goodson Chapel



Worship Service Preacher: Dr. Christy Lohr Sapp 11 a.m. Page Auditorium

Choral Vespers 6 p.m. Goodson Chapel

Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel


17 Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Walton 11 a.m. Page Auditorium

Christmas Eve Children’s Service 2 p.m. Page Auditorium

Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel

Christmas Eve Worship Service 5:30 p.m. Page Auditorium

Choral Vespers 6 p.m. Goodson Chapel

Handel’s Messiah Chapel Choir 2 p.m. Page Auditorium

Lessons and Carols 11 p.m. Page Auditorium


Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Carol Gregg 11 a.m. Page Auditorium

Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Thomas Long 11 a.m. Page Auditorium

4 Handel’s Messiah Chapel Choir 7:30 p.m. Page Auditorium


Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Luke Powery 11 a.m. Page Auditorium Handel’s Messiah Chapel Choir 3 p.m. Page Auditorium

10 Choral Vespers 6 p.m. Goodson Chapel

13 Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Luke Powery 11 a.m. Page Auditorium Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel


JANUARY 3 Epiphany Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Carol Gregg 11 a.m. Page Auditorium

10 Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Luke Powery 11 a.m. Page Auditorium Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel



Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel

28 Choral Vespers 6 p.m. Goodson Chapel

31 Worship Service Preacher: The Rev. Dr. James Forbes 11 a.m. Page Auditorium Choral Evensong 4 p.m. Goodson Chapel

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