Dugoni School Year in Review 2018-2019

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Academic Year in Review 2018 ­– 2019

MOMENTUM AND MILESTONES Momentum is defined as strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. The Dugoni School family worked closely together over the last academic year to build on our school’s rich tradition of excellence, creating even more momentum that will drive us into a successful future. Focusing on that future, we implemented new initiatives as part of our Strategic Plan— “Transforming the Future of Oral Health Education.” To support our students and residents, we made new investments in digital dentistry and technology, further integrated our academic curriculum, created a dedicated Outcomes Assessment team to track and measure effectiveness across our organization, launched our Personalized Instruction Program and built new partnerships within healthcare and education. Those are just a few examples of how we moved forward in pursuit of our five strategic priority areas: ◗ Improving Experiences and Outcomes While Lowering the Costs of Healthcare Education ◗ Prepare Confident, Competent Oral Healthcare Providers for Current and Future Practice Models ◗ Embrace Advances in Medicine and Dentistry to Create a Dynamic and Visionary Curriculum ◗ Retain, Recruit, Support and Develop Diverse Faculty and Staff with Demonstrated Expertise to Improve Clinical Outcomes and Student Education ◗ Expand the Role of the Dugoni School as a Community Partner in Health and Wellness We also celebrated several milestones, such as the fifth anniversary of our new San Francisco campus and the 20th anniversary of our famed White Coat Ceremony. Our students made milestones of their own, such as the launch and growth of our student chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists, which received national recognition as Chapter of the Year. It is difficult to capture all of the highlights of the 2018-2019 academic year into one publication, but we hope this report gives you just a glimpse into a few highlights of the year. Thanks to all of the members of the Dugoni School family who contribute to our success every day. Together we are fulfilling our purpose of helping people lead healthy lives. Sincerely,

Nader A. Nadershahi ’94, DDS, MBA, EdD Dean

ADVANCING OUR ACADEMIC PROGRAMS A dynamic teaching and learning culture is essential to the success of our programs. In 2018-2019 we launched new personalized learning opportunities for students, implemented curricular reforms, built new partnerships and moved forward in other ways to support our culture of academic excellence.

We launched a new dental medicine and surgery rotation at Stanford School of Medicine for our DDS students, and continued to grow our relationship through joint research projects and guest faculty lectures.

Students experienced digital dentistry, with all students getting experience in digital scanning, designing and milling. Students completed 300+ restorations using digital dentistry techniques.

Our newly updated International Dental Studies curriculum gave IDS students earlier access to patient care in the clinics, resulting in equal or better production in seven of 12 categories compared to their DDS peers.

Our Personalized Instruction Program (PIP) is now a requirement for all DDS students. A few notable projects by students included the Dugoni Pre-Dental Bootcamp, the Dugoni Peer Support Program, a CAD/CAM instructional video, preventive education and materials for people with visual disabilities and the Philippines dental outreach mission trip.


STUDENTS IN THE LEAD Growth and leadership go hand in hand at the Dugoni School. Our students stepped up to lead new programs, organize new initiatives and become further involved in professional organizations both locally and nationally.

The Dugoni School’s American Association of Women Dentists chapter won national Chapter of the Year Award from the AAWD.


Letitia Edwards, Class of 2020

Rising student leaders included Letitia Edwards, Class of 2020, elected the ASDA District 11 trustee to represent California dental schools at the district and national levels, and Anthoula Vlachos, Class of 2021, who was elected ASDA District 11 secretary. In addition, Dr. Renz Antonio ’19, won a national ASDA Gold Crown Award for Best Feature Article.

Anthoula Vlachos, Class of 2021

Dr. Renz Antonio ’19

Student leaders organized the Bridge Builders festival showcasing international cultures, and led lunch-and-learns about diverse cultures and traditions. All of these activities helped our community learn more about each other and the world.

PATIENT-FOCUSED CLINICAL CARE The Dugoni School’s stated purpose is “to help people lead healthy lives.” That purpose comes to life each day in the school’s dental clinics in San Francisco and Union City, and at our extramural clinic locations. The Dugoni School is a trusted dental home to thousands of people from throughout the region.

Approximately 35% of patients at the Dugoni School have Denti-Cal insurance, so the clinics are a healthcare safety net for people who have almost nowhere else to turn for dental care. But the remaining 65% of our patients come from all walks of life, from businesswomen and musicians to retired individuals and military veterans.

“It’s almost like you’re a part of the family here. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place.” —Steve Plante, patient

“The clinic has been a godsend. I’ve had lots of difficulties with my mouth, since I was young, and I’m so thankful for the care I’ve received.” —Terri Irvin, patient

95%+ patient satisfaction rate 350 digital impressions taken with Trios scanner 28,000 patients

118,000 patient visits

$19.2M value of care

Our Professional Oath Our commitment to patient-centered care is formalized during the professional oath students pledge at the White Coat Ceremony. Did you know that our school was the first dental school in the country to hold a white coat ceremony back in 1998? Other dental schools soon started holding white coat ceremonies as well, and this year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of this milestone in July 2018.

CONNECTING WITH OUR COMMUNITIES Throughout the Bay Area, our students, residents, staff and faculty give their time to a variety of community events, offering screenings and oral health education. We are also involved in other community programs outside of healthcare to build connections with our neighbors. Plus, our impact extends abroad, as students and faculty participate in international mission trips to bring dental care to underserved patients.

Our digital connections with the community continue to grow! Did you know the Dugoni School Twitter account @dugoni_dental has among the most followers of any dental school in the world?

Give Kids a Smile and Give Special Kids a Smile events in San Francisco and Union City reached hundreds of underserved children, including many with special needs.

Students and faculty led international mission trips to care for people in the Philippines, Guatemala and Mexico.

The first-annual “Campus Community Night Out” event held in October brought our SoMa neighbors, resource providers and community leaders to the school.

The Dean’s Speaker Series brought U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier and broadcast journalist Jan Yanehiro to the school for an evening of insight and inspiration.

SENIOR SMILES A Senior Smiles and Wellness Health Fair provided multidisciplinary health screenings for nearly 125 senior adults.


Staff and faculty volunteer hours at activities to support local nonprofits as tracked by the Employee Volunteer Opportunities Committee.



DDS and IDS student volunteer hours at Student Community Outreach for Public Education (SCOPE) community events.

RESEARCH INNOVATIONS Our faculty, students and residents produced a broad body of scientific work, from biomedical research to clinical case studies to articles on effective teaching methodology.


proposals submitted to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Two research projects received funding from California’s Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). The funds will study the impact of smoking on oral health, which is a growing area of focus for the Dugoni School’s research community.


faculty publications over the last academic year (as sourced by SCOPUS)

Faculty members contributed to the first issue of the new peer-reviewed Pacific Journal of Health, which included articles on teaching methods for dental students learning oral surgery and the use of social media in children’s health campaigns.

ACTIVE AND ENGAGED ALUMNI Alumni reconnected with the school and each other at regional continuing education programs and social events organized by our Alumni Association. Countless alumni come back to the school to teach while maintaining outside dental practices. Others mentor prospective dental students or volunteer as members of our Alumni or Foundation boards.


Alumni Association members and affiliate members in our growing network


attendees at the Alumni Association’s 120th Annual Meeting, making it

one of the largest dental school alumni events in the country!

Young Alumni Make their Mark Two alumni, Dr. Dan Hammer ’11 and Dr. Brian Hathcoat ’12, were selected for the “10 under 10” national award by the American Dental Association’s New Dentist Committee for their impact on the profession within 10 years of graduation.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning Our Continuing Dental Education (CDE) division organized 40 courses attended by more than 1,800 dental professionals. Courses and topics included International Bone Symposium, Oral Surgery workshop, Dental Sleep Medicine Mini Residency, Bone Grafting workshop, Lasers for Hard and Soft Tissues, Dental Hygiene Symposium and 3D Printing and Virtual Reality Dentistry in collaboration with Delta Dental of California. CDE also provided 1,352 CE certificates to faculty and staff for 39 cross-training and in-house programs.

50% of all CDE program presenters were external speakers from across the country and the globe.

The Dugoni School’s highly regarded Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions (RDAEF) program graduated its largest class to date in May 2019.

Travel CDE programs were held in breathtaking destinations, including Hawaii, Sonoma Wine Country and Monterey, along with an Adriatic cruise in Europe.


CDE hands-on workshops sold out and had significant waiting lists.

PHILANTHROPY THAT FUELS OUR SUCCESS The Dugoni School’s fundraising campaign reached $53,444,767 toward its $ 65M

goal (82% of goal)

65M $53,444,767

The generosity of alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, corporations and foundations enables the Dugoni School to serve as a model across the globe for superior dental education. Gifts and pledges received during the past academic year enhanced our endowment for student scholarships and faculty research, grew our Annual Fund, supported our new facilities and priority programs and increased care for underserved patients through our clinical services and community outreach.

Supporters of the school donated $3,508,853

during the 2018-2019 academic year.

IDS graduates Dr. Mahek Pipalia ’19 and Dr. Na Wang ’19 were selected to receive the Dr. F. Gene and Rosemary Dixon IDS Scholarship, which was awarded to them upon graduation.


The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation awarded $ to support special care and to enhance training for the next generation of healthcare providers through a grant to the Dugoni School’s Special Care Clinic and Hospital Dentistry Program.

For her outstanding clinical excellence, Dr. Michelle Fat ’19 received the Dr. Henry A. Sutro Oral Rehabilitation Award, which provided her with a gift of $100,000 to recognize her outstanding oral rehabilitation design and execution.

Supporters played golf for a good cause during the Kids in the Klinic Golf Classic in October 2018 raising $120,000 to support oral healthcare for underserved children through the Kids in the Klinic Endowment.


Net Tuition

74.0 % 59.06 M

Dental Clinics

18.0 % 14.5 M

Student Fees

3.0 % 2.6 M


2.0 % 1.7 M

Other Sources

1.7 % 1.4 M

Gifts & Endowments

1.0 %

985 K

Contribution from Auxiliaries

.3 %

205 K


$ 80.45 M


Faculty Salaries

23.0 % 18.2 M

Staff Salaries / Dental Clinics

15.0 % 11.6 M

Dental Clinics

15.0 % 11.2 M


14.0 % 10.8 M

Staff Salaries: Academic, Student Services, Facilities & Admin

12.0 % 9.3 M


10.0 % 8.0 M


4.0 % 3.1 M

Debt Service – Bonds

3.0 % 2.6 M


2.0 % 1.7 M

Academic & Student Services

1.0 %

920 K

1.0 %

660 K

Student Aid: From Gifts & Endowments


$ 78.35 M



144 total class size 2,175 applications 51% male 49 % female DAT academic average 22.16

GPA 3.51



74 applications 7 enrolled AEGD

177 applications 8 enrolled ORTHODONTIC

74 applications 3 enrolled


144 applications 3 enrolled


1,216 applications 47 enrolled



792 applications 26 enrolled COUNTRIES REPRESENTED Bangladesh, China, Egypt India, Iraq, Moldova, Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia, Syria and Yemen


67private practice

8 military

63specialty/residency program