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2010 / 2011

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Sustainability initiative

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(pictured) Solar panels on the roof at Dubbo City Regional Airport

Council Awards and Citations Queen’s Birthday Honours 2011 Public service medal

Central West Group Apprentices

Stewart McLeod, Director Technical Services “for service in the areas of water supply and sewerage management in NSW, particularly in the Dubbo region.’’

2011 Indigenous Apprentice of the Year: Phil Carney, Parks and Landcare Services Division.

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) NSW 2011 Engineering Excellence Awards Local Government Excellence in Road Safety Award (city and regional winner): Work on Driving Safely Fleet Education Kit, Technical Services Division. Excellence in Road Safety Engineering Award Highly Commended: Windsor Parade project, Technical Services Division.

Local Government and Shires Association 2011 Local Government Cultural Awards Cultural Award for Cultural Infrastructure: Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Community Services Division.

Local Government Aboriginal Network Conference 2010 Council Employee of the Year Award (Aboriginal employee): Grace Toomey, Technical Services Division.

Dubbo Chamber of Commerce 2010 Rhino Awards Apprentice of the Year: Amy Sutton, Parks and Landcare Services Division.

Parks and Leisure Australia 2010 National Awards Highly Commended: Parks and Landcare Internal Water Reform, Parks and Landcare Services Division.

Local Government and Shires Association Local Government Excellence in Environment Awards Natural Environment Policies, Planning and Decision-Making Award (Winner Division B and Overall Category Winner): Dubbo Urban Salinity Interpretation Project, Environmental Services Division.

Annual Report 2010/2011  1

Sustainibility people.planet.prosperity Dubbo today With strategic planning a major focus for Dubbo City Council in the past financial year, planning for the future required a different type of thinking. A new strategic planning framework opened the way for Council and the community to have important discussions about its people, places, sustainability, leadership and infrastructure. Interactive workshops, online forums, surveys and ‘have a say’ days, signalled the beginnings of a 25-year vision for the Dubbo Local Government Area. When created, the Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan will be the City’s highest level plan and future decision-making by this Council will be aligned to that Plan.

Dubbo’s important role as a regional service provider and the importance of its ongoing sustainability to the region’s future is always ‘top of mind’ for Dubbo City Council. Ensuring the City continues to develop and thrive will ensure our future generations continue to enjoy a lifestyle that is second to none. Over the past decade, Council has invested more than $138 million in community and essential service infrastructure to ensure it can meet the demands and expectations of its growing population. In addition to the creation of Dubbo 2036, the City’s future sustainability is also being addressed by Council as it continues to invest in long-term economic, environmental and social strategies. Professor Percy Allan’s review of Council’s financial sustainability and the revision of the Dubbo Economic Development Strategy are such investments in the region’s future and will help lead the City to long-term growth and development. They are the foundation for making smart decisions – in partnership with the community - that will significantly influence our people, our places, our sustainability and our City’s future infrastructure requirements.

DUBBO CITY SNAPSHOT Size of Dubbo LGA 3425 square kilometres Traditional owners Tubbagah People of the Wiradjuri Nation Villages Ballimore, Brocklehurst, Eumungerie, Mogriguy, Rawsonville, Toongi and Wongarbon Elevation 264m (Dubbo) Population 41,211 (Source: ABS 2008-09) Catchment population 120,000 Median age 35.7 (ABS 2007) Businesses More than 3500 Value of GRP $2.1 billion in 2008/2009 Main industries Retail, health services, manufacturing, transport, tourism, education, construction, business services, agriculture, government services

A decade of achievements After 10 years of big ticket capital works projects, Dubbo is a regional City firmly positioned to reap the rewards of future growth and development:



Purpose-built Dubbo City Animal Shelter



City and village water supplies



Apex Oval Stormwater Harvesting Re-use Project



City and village sewerage upgrades



“Greengrove” irrigation effluent project



Children’s and youth facilities

CBD beautification





Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre



Eastern and western industrial gateway projects



Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre



Western Plains Cultural Centre



1340 seat grandstand at Apex Oval



Tracker Riley Cycleway



Dubbo City Regional Airport



Flood protection in the CBD



Elizabeth Park Regional Botanic Garden

2   Annual Report 2010/2011

Mayor’s message “We are on the cusp of economic and development growth and there are many reasons for this but I have no hesitation in naming the number one asset of Dubbo – our people!”

Three generations of my family have lived in Dubbo and the region so I was incredibly proud to be named Dubbo’s 38th mayor. One of the many tasks I undertake is to be an unashamed champion for this City and what an enjoyable task that is. I believe we are on the cusp of dramatic economic and development growth and there are many reasons for this but when I am asked what makes this City special, I have no hesitation in naming the number one asset of Dubbo. Our people! While many organisations across Australia struggle with volunteer numbers, we have never had more people willing to give of their time in Dubbo. Council facilities and functions had 248 volunteers in this last year alone. Our world famous zoo had more than 100 volunteers last year and then when you start to count the service clubs, sporting clubs, community events, parent and citizen associations, fundraising events and a myriad of other volunteer organisations, the numbers quickly run into the thousands. It seems to me that almost everyone in our community is eager to volunteer which is a strong sign of a close-knit community. Community involvement was at the heart of the Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan which saw 20 ‘champions’ chosen to help engage our community in the process. Dubbo 2036 was designed to allow the community to have significant input into the shape of Dubbo over the next 25 years. The result was the most engaged strategic planning process I have ever seen. This is again an indicator of how passionate people are for the City in which we all live. It’s difficult to consider what Dubbo may look like in 2036, but turn back the clock 25 years and you start to gain an understanding of what is achievable. In 1986 Dubbo had a population of 31,000. Many items we take for granted today didn’t exist 25 years ago. For example, we did not have the Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Apex Oval grandstand, Elizabeth Park, a multi-complex cinema, a University (we now have two), a  27-hole golf course, a second river crossing, mobile phone access or the Internet. Many housing estates we take for granted – such as Eastridge and Grangewood – were still just paddocks. Local wineries were still only dreamed of and we had just built our first roundabout. Considering just these few items, you gain an understanding of how difficult it is to look forward 25 years.

My heartfelt thanks to the community and our 2036 champions who have helped deliver a vision for Dubbo that is exciting and sustainable. As we work towards communities being sustainable, I am proud of the fact that Dubbo has more houses with photovoltaic (PV) solar cells than anywhere else in the State. Approximately one in four homes in Dubbo are connected to the grid and produce a combined peak output of 5MW. In January 2009 the Macquarie Regional Library was the first Council building to have PV cells installed and many Council buildings are now generating electricity. Our core infrastructure in Dubbo could currently support a population of 55,000 and development interest from both internal and external developers is very strong. Council’s new Local Environment Plan has been gazetted which gives developers certainty and we have two new mines on our doorstep offering more than 1,000 jobs. The Evocities campaign will continue to showcase Dubbo as a viable alternative to over-crowded metropolitan locations and people all over the world are showing interest in our City. Dubbo has had some excellent building blocks in place and been well served by our two previous mayors, Councillors Allan Smith and Greg Matthews, who oversaw unprecedented infrastructure growth over the past 11 years. In our current group of Councillors, we have that unique mix of passion and diversity that ensures different points of views are considered and discussed. My sincere thanks to all of our Councillors for their time and effort dedicated to Dubbo. Lastly, my thanks to the engine room of Council. In the General Manager, Directors and 300 plus staff we have world-class industry performers. They live in this community and have a passion for their jobs and for the future of this City. Without this group of employees, all the best laid plans would never be delivered. I am honoured and proud to be your Mayor and I look forward to an exciting future in the capital of western NSW. Clr Mathew Dickerson Mayor of the City of Dubbo

Annual Report 2010/2011   3

Your Councillors

Cr Mathew Dickerson

Cr Richard Mutton

Cr Allan Smith

Cr Lyn Griffiths


Deputy Mayor

Technology and Business Consultant

School Counsellor

Chair Finance and Policy Committee

Phone 0418 639 053

Phone 0428 228 209 clrrichard.mutton@

Phone 0428 638 210 clrallan.smith@

Chair Planning and Development Committee, Chair Works and Services Committee Business Owner – Liquor Wholesaler Phone 0427 459 639

Cr Ann Barnard

Cr Peter Bartley

Cr Keith Harris

Cr Greg Matthews

Aged Care Worker


Company Director


Phone 0408 655 468 clrann.barnard@

Phone 0488 057 363 clrpeter.bartley@

Phone 0408 415 777 clrkeith.harris@

Phone 0427 248 410 clrgreg.matthews@

Cr Tina Reynolds

Cr Ben Shields

Cr Rod Towney

Company Director

Radio Producer

Phone 0439 450 503

Phone 0402 136 097

Manager, Aboriginal Education and Training with the Western Institute of TAFE Phone 0418 611 572

4   Annual Report 2010/2011

Looking forward General Manager’s Report

“Council aims to facilitate continued population growth through major infrastructure improvements and lifestyle initiatives. The Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan is a real opportunity to identify those opportunities and help direct us toward a sustainable future.”

I am again pleased to provide a report to the community about Council’s ongoing commitment to its mission: ‘to manage and promote Dubbo’s diversity, lifestyle and opportunity through innovation and excellence’. Dubbo continues to be known as ‘a vibrant City of lifestyle and opportunity’, again reporting a population growth of 0.8%. In addition, Dubbo’s membership of the Statewide EvoCities Program has contributed toward an additional 53 confirmed new residents – predominantly from metropolitan areas. While the Dubbo population has just reached 41,211, Council is always conscious of the need to continue planning for increased population levels into the future. To facilitate this growth, major infrastructure improvements and lifestyle initiatives in the past 12 months have included: • Commencing a significant upgrade to the stormwater drainage network in the central business district, which aims to protect property owners from a 1-in-100 year storm event; • Commissioning the Miriam Sewage Pump Station to provide services to future development in South Dubbo; • Officially opening the Ballimore Water Supply Scheme and the Wongarbon Sewerage Scheme; • Introducing kerbside recycling; • Officially opening the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre. Over the coming 12 months, further priorities to facilitate population growth include: • Constructing a 10-megalitre water reservoir to service the future needs of West Dubbo; • Significantly upgrading the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant to service future development and population levels; • Gazettal of the new Dubbo Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011; • Installing a 10-megalitre stormwater harvesting reservoir at Apex Oval that will service 49% of the facility’s annual irrigation needs. • Implementation of the new Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan.

In 2009, Council engaged Professor Percy Allan of Review Today Pty Ltd to undertake a comprehensive review of its infrastructure and finances, and document the long-term funding needs and options. The review followed Council’s ongoing concerns and calls for additional funding to avoid a ‘tsunami of civil infrastructure failures in the future’. The report from Professor Allan on Council’s future sustainability identified a looming $10 million per annum shortfall in civil infrastructure renewal funding. In regards to this issue, I am pleased to report that preliminary steps have been taken to address the shortfall with $1.8 million re-allocated to urban and rural roads infrastructure in the 2011/2012 Management Plan over a four-year period. The injection of these funds is an important step by the Organisation in getting back on track to address the need to attain financially sustainable levels of funding for civil infrastructure. The creation of the Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan has been a real opportunity for the City to develop long-term strategies in this regard. The floods in December 2010 caused disruption and damage to our community and Council has been very focused on the remedial works associated with that natural disaster. I would like to thank all staff who worked around the clock to assist our emergency services in managing the flood situation and also the community for its patience during this difficult time in our City’s history. I am proud to again see Dubbo City Council represented in so many local, State and national awards including one of my own Directors – Stewart McLeod – being awarded a Public Service Medal in the 2011 Queens Birthday Honours. This is a great achievement for both Mr McLeod and the Organisation. In closing, I am pleased to present the Dubbo City Council 2010/2011 Annual Report to the community which details Council’s achievements during the past 12 months and the priorities for the coming year. I wish to thank outgoing Mayor Cr Allan Smith and I look forward to working with newly-elected Mayor Cr Mathew Dickerson. Thank you also to all staff and Councillors for their efforts in striving to achieve better outcomes for this City. Mark riley General Manager

Annual Report 2010/2011   5 Dubbo City Council’s executive team (top row): Director Corporate Development Ken Rogers, Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod, Director Community Services David Dwyer, Director Parks and Landcare Services Murray Wood, Director Organisational Services Craig Giffin, Director Environmental Services Melissa Watkins and Executive Assistant to General Manager Charlene Bower.

HOW WE OPERATE Dubbo City Council has six operational divisions responsible for the implementation of Council’s 12 Principal Activities which direct the everyday operations of the Organisation. The divisions are:



Sewerage services

Footpaths and Cycleways, Traffic Management, Street Lighting, Road Network.

Sewerage Services.

Waste services Domestic Waste Management Services, Other Waste Management Services.

Water supply

Community protection

Water Supply Services.

Stormwater and Flood Mitigation, Fire Services, Emergency Management.

Corporate Development DIVISION

City Development

Corporate business

City Development, City Marketing and Communications Services.

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets, Dubbo City Regional Airport, Dubbo City Holiday Park, Dubbo Showground, Property Development.


Built and natural environment Environment and Health Services, Landuse Services, Environmental Support Services, Sustainable Development Policy, Ranger Services.


Community services Cemeteries, Recreation Services, Library Services, Old Dubbo Gaol, Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre, Social Services, Rainbow Cottage Childcare Centre, Family Daycare Services, Cultural Services, Community Services Business Support Services, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Western Plains Cultural Centre.

Human environment Human Environment Services.


Parks and landcare Horticultural Services, Landcare Services, Parks and Landcare Business Support Services, Sporting Facilities, Parks and Landcare Operations.


Corporate services Customer Services, Corporate Development/Strategic Management, Fleet Management Services, Management Accounting Services, Financial Accounting Services, Human Resource Services, Information Management Services, Administrative Services, Civic Administration Building, Technical Support Services, Technical Business Support Services, Depot Services, Rates and General Revenue, Employment Overhead Distribution, Corporate Overheads, Works Services, Governance.

6   Annual Report 2010/2011

Sustainability initiative



To provide a transport infrastructure system that allows safe, convenient and comfortable pedestrian and vehicular traffic movement to, from and within the Local Government Area. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Achievements in 2010/2011 • Completed the following improvements to rural roads: −− reconstructed Obley Road (south of Dilladerry Road intersection) −− seal extension in Lagoon Creek Road −− upgraded the Mendooran and Mogriguy roads intersection −− widened culverts along Mendooran Road −− upgraded the Eumungerie level crossing. • Improved the intersections at Fitzroy and Macquarie streets, and Tamworth and Macquarie streets. • Completed flood response and commenced restoration works from the December 2010 floods. • Completed pavement rehabilitation in St Andrews Drive. • Commenced the Stage 2 extension of the Tracker Riley Cycleway (Dundullimal Reserve to Macquarie Street). • Implemented a shared cyclepath and

footpath in Talbragar Street (between Fitzroy and Darling streets).

will be injected into urban and rural roads during the next four years to help address civil infrastructure backlogs.

Highway intersection and upgrade the Bunglegumbie and Troy Bridge roads’ intersection.

• Upgraded bus shelters in Macquarie and Myall streets, Cobbora Road, Spears Drive and Bultje Street to disabled access standard.

• Formation widening on Mendooran Road.

• Completed the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre off-street car park in Talbragar Street.

• Upgrade bus shelters in Braun Avenue and Naman Street, and construct a new bus shelter in Wheelers Lane.

• Undertook on-street and selected off-street parking enforcement in the CBD and selected high priority zones (such as school zones).

• Install street lighting in Tony McGrane Place and at Eumungerie.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Construct roundabouts at the Talbragar and Brisbane streets’ intersection and the Bultje and Fitzroy streets’ intersection. • Upgrade Jannali Road. • Rehabilitate pavement in Margaret Crescent and St Andrews Drive. • Construct kerb and gutter in Macquarie Street near Regand Park. • Realign the Boothenba Road and Golden

• Continue flood restoration works.

• Improve drainage in St Georges Terrace and Waverly Drive. • Complete the Tracker Riley Cycleway bridge over the Macquarie River at Dundullimal Reserve. • Construct new footpaths in Wheelers Lane and Birch Avenue, and commence footpath reconstruction in Church Street (Brisbane Street to Macquarie Street). • Continue on-street and selected off-street parking enforcement in the CBD and selected high-priority zones (eg school zones).

Annual Report 2010/2011   7

sewerage Services To provide environmentally responsible sewerage services which maintain the health of the Dubbo community, are cost-effective, customer-focused and cater for sustainable growth. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Officially opened the Wongarbon Sewerage Scheme in August 2010.

• Complete the design and commence construction of the proposed upgrade of the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant.

• Demolished the old Bunglegumbie Sewage Treatment Plant, which was decommissioned in 2003.

When upgraded, the capacity of the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant will service a population of 55,000.

• Commission the Septage Receivals Station at Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant.

• Commissioned the Miriam Sewage Pump Station to provide sewerage services to South Dubbo.

• Implement a new Liquid Trade Waste Policy.

• Continued with the design phase of the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant, to increase its capacity to service a population of 55,000.

• Complete the Erskine Street Sewage Pump Station upgrade plans.

• Refurbished Sewerage Services’ mechanical/electrical equipment. • Provided sewerage services to Keswick Estate.

• Rehabilitate sewer mains (approximately six kilometres).

8   Annual Report 2010/2011

WASTE SERVICES To provide waste management services that are responsive to the needs of residents and businesses, committed to environmentally-sustainable practices and resourced to contribute to the local economy’s competitive edge as a regional service provider. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Introduced a fortnightly kerbside recycling service to all properties receiving a waste collection service, with 3176 tonnes of domestic recyclables collected in 2010/2011 in addition to 416 tonnes collected from Council’s recycling drop-off centres.

• Complete Stage 2 of the Small Vehicle Receival Centre at Whylandra Waste Depot.

• Conducted the annual kerbside clean up service, with 196 tonnes of green waste and 500 tonnes of bulky waste collected.

3176 tonnes

of paper, glass, plastics, steel and aluminium have been diverted away from landfill in Dubbo thanks to kerbside recycling.

• Conducted the annual household hazardous waste drop-off centre service at Dubbo Showground and a series of home composting workshops. • Completed civil design for the expansion of the landfill operations to a new cell at Whylandra Waste Depot. • Completed design plans for the construction of Stage 2 of the Small Vehicle Receival Centre at Whylandra Waste Depot. • Conducted the seventh annual Waste2Art competition and exhibition at the Western Plains Cultural Centre.

• Commence filling the new landfill cell at Whylandra Waste Depot. • Conduct an audit of commercial industrial and domestic waste streams. • Update the estimate of landfill gas emissions. • Conduct a compliance audit at Whylandra Waste Depot. • Conduct annual collection services for bulky waste, green waste and household hazardous waste.

Annual Report 2010/2011   9

water supply To provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective water supply which is customer-focused, enhances the Dubbo environment and caters for sustainable growth. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Officially opened the Ballimore Water Supply Scheme in August 2010.

• Construct the 10 megalitre water reservoir at Rifle Range Road in West Dubbo.

• Replacement of mains throughout the Dubbo urban area in:

• Replace old water supply pipelines within the urban area at:

−− Brisbane Street

−− North Street (Baird Drive to Bent Street)

−− Kookaburra Close to Margaret Crescent

−− Brisbane Street (Church Street to Wingewarra Street).

−− Leonard Street −− Strickland Street.

22.8% down In 2010/2011, Dubbo’s average household water consumption was 304 kilolitres – that’s 85 kilolitres less than the previous year!

• Completed demolition of the old water treatment plant and the construction of a stockpile site for water treatment solids.

• Complete roadside water filling stations to assist water carters, contractors and emergency services. • Provide water services to Keswick Estate.

• Completed the design of an additional 10-megalitre capacity reservoir at Rifle Range Road to service new housing estates in West Dubbo.

• Refurbish plant and equipment.

• Continued community education programs to reduce water consumption through alliances with SaveWater and other councils.

• Continue to educate the community about water efficiencies through educational campaigns and initiatives.

• Continue to support the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance to achieve water industry best-practice.

10   Annual Report 2010/2011

Community Protection To provide for the protection of persons and minimise damage to property under threat from natural forces and/or external hazards. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Achievements in 2010/2011 Sustainability initiative

• Commenced major upgrade of the Urban Stormwater Drainage Network in the Dubbo CBD (Brisbane Street and Hawkins Lane). • Completed 178 metres of brick stormwater drainage conduit relining in Church Street between Brisbane and Macquarie streets. • Completed twin Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) on the Wingewarra Drainage Line near Bligh Street. • Removed 76 tonnes of litter from 16 GPTs.

The stormwater drainage upgrade will help protect properties in the CBD from a 1-in-100 year storm.

• Completed a drainage options review in the Keswick/South Lakes catchments. • Undertook hydraulic and hydrologic modelling of the Mitchell and Goode streets urban stormwater catchment area, including preliminary trunk drainage design. • Distributed the 2011 Dubbo City Council stormwater calendar as part of the Stormwater Education Strategy. • Staged the Rural Fire Service State Championships at Dubbo Showground. • Completed a fire hazard reduction program targeting rural roadsides and villages.

• Completed fire trail construction in the Joygoy area, west of the Little River.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Finalise the upgrade of the Urban Stormwater Drainage Network in the Dubbo CBD. • Undertake drainage works in association with kerb and gutter construction in Macquarie Street (between Darling Street and Boundary Road). • Undertake further pipeline rehabilitation works. • Review drainage deficiencies in Wongarbon and Firgrove Estate identified as a consequence of the December 2010 floods. • Implement community education projects for stormwater. • Construct a new Western Region State Mitigation Services Depot on behalf of the Rural Fire Service at Dubbo City Regional Airport. • Conduct a fire hazard reduction program targeting roadside vegetation at selected high-risk sites.

Annual Report 2010/2011   11


Sustainability initiative


To facilitate and encourage investment that builds a strong economic base for Dubbo, enhances the standard of living of residents and visitors, and reflects the competitive advantages Dubbo has for key emerging and developing industry sectors.

has been invested by Council in community infrastructure and lifestyle initiatives over the past decade.

Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Corporate Development Ken Rogers

Achievements in 2010/2011 • Commenced development of the Dubbo Economic Development Strategy, in consultation with the community. • Engaged Dubbo City Development Corporation to provide economic development services to the City. • Supported delivery of the Evocities program, a group of seven NSW regional cities (Dubbo, Tamworth, Orange, Albury, Armidale, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga) being promoted as places to live, work and invest. Major outcomes included: −− 93,659 visits to and 89,707 visits to −− $4.07 million equivalent value of editorial generated by media coverage −− 1175 media appearances, reaching more than 14.8 million people −− 53 confirmed new residents to Dubbo and 703 prospective new resident enquiries managed under the Evocities Program (September 2010 to July 2011). • Updated the Dubbo LGA Economic and Demographic Profile.

• Delivered actions under the City Promotions Plan including: −− redeveloped with a stronger focus on events promotion; introduced an online Dubbo directory −− implemented a six-month ‘spend local’ retail campaign and seven co-operative campaigns promoting local businesses −− implemented a City Promotions Partnership Program (attracting 112 local industry partners) −− implemented the second phase of the City Signage Strategy −− introduced a Dubbo Education Tours Program and supportive online marketing −− attracted $41,535 in industry funding to support city promotions initiatives −− co-ordinated the ‘I love Dubbo’ events weekend. • Introduced a local produce and arts display at Dubbo Visitor’s Information Centre and distributed more than 4000 information kits to visitors, new residents, prospective residents and investors.

• Upgraded the Visitor’s Information Centre following the December 2010 floods. • Expanded event attraction and support activity including attracting five major conference events to Dubbo worth approximately $729,460.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Adopt and implement the Dubbo Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan. • Continue to support the Orana Regional Organisation of Councils (OROC). • Support expanded target market activities of the Evocities program. • Implement the City Promotions Plan, including the production of the new Dubbo City Guide and implementation of the Dubbo City Events Strategy. • Deliver four major conferences. • Maximise co-operative marketing opportunities via membership of ‘Inland Tourism’. • Promote Dubbo as a priority site for the rollout of the National Broadband Network, and its regional role as a mining service centre.

12   Annual Report 2010/2011

CORPORATE BUSINESSES To operate specific activities on a commercial business basis that are customer-focused, best-practice, sustainable, enhance economic strength and provide a financial return to the community. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Corporate Development Ken Rogers

Sustainability initiative

Initiatives at Dubbo City Regional Airport will save 10% of its energy costs. Achievements in 2010/2011 • Contributed $787,500 to General Revenue from Council’s business undertakings. • 176,420 air passengers passed through Dubbo City Regional Airport – an increase of 3.01% on 2009/2010, while total aircraft movements for the year were 10,447 – a 7.13% increase on the previous year. • Land Development (residential and industrial land) activities: −− all allotments sold in Keswick Estate Stage Two, Release Four −− completed a feasibility report on the Keswick Estate Stage Two, Release Five

−− two allotments contracted in Moffat Industrial Estate and developed a marketing strategy for industrial land. • Developed the Property Portfolio, including a review of community land. • Total throughput at Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets (DRLM) was 203,373 cattle, 1,182,890 sheep and 8410 goats. • Developed a comprehensive marketing and events strategy aimed at increasing Dubbo Showground revenue, while events at the Showground included 60 livestock and 66 non-livestock events. • Demolished the irreparably-damaged Dubbo Showground Heritage Grandstand and constructed a Heritage Pavilion using recycled materials. • Maintained a 4.5-star AAA Tourism rating at Dubbo City Holiday Park and developed a marketing strategy to increase occupancy levels.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Continue to contribute profits generated from Council-owned businesses to general revenue.

• Construct Keswick Estate Stage Two, Release Five including the development of 40 allotments and prepare for the next phase of development. • Review and report on Council’s property portfolio including property development, building maintenance and disposal strategies. • Implement the Moffat Estate Marketing Strategy. • Determine future management structure of the Livestock Markets. • Develop a master plan for Dubbo Showground and implement a new partnership program with major user groups. • Undertake a survey of organisers of major events at Dubbo Showground to ensure satisfaction levels are retained and return business is achieved. • Retain a 4.5-star AAA Tourism rating at the Dubbo City Holiday Park and implement a promotional program to increase occupancy levels. • Determine infrastructure required for, and commence implementation of National Security Standards at the Dubbo City Regional Airport.

Annual Report 2010/2011   13

BUILT AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT To ensure a clean, safe and healthy living environment for both present and future residents and visitors, maintain economic growth and development, and protect, preserve and enhance the natural and built environments. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Environmental Services Melissa Watkins

Sustainability initiative

The new Dubbo Local Environmental Plan will set the scene for the City’s future development.

• Implemented strategies from Council’s Environmental Management Plan - Dubbo ALIVE and reported on achievements in the annual State of Environment Report. • Implemented initiatives from the Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo (BOD) Alliance Regional Environmental Sustainability Plan. • Promoted and participated in the Companion Animals Welfare Scheme (CAWS), undertook pet safety education at schools and promoted Dubbo Pets Month.

• Provide grants to assist owners of heritage items through the establishment of a local heritage fund. • Implement outcomes from the Commercial Areas Development Strategy review. • Finalise development of the Comprehensive Development Control Plan to replace the 13 existing Development Control Plans. • Review the Dubbo Floodplain Management Plan.

Achievements in 2010/2011

• Conducted a successful Energy and Water Smart Expo, resulting in an additional 300 residents attending the 2011 event.

• Continue to promote and support the annual Companion Animals Welfare Scheme (CAWS) and Dubbo Pets Month.

• Approved 637 Development Applications totalling $80.5 million, including 120 residential dwellings with an average value of $292,225.

• Partnered with local businesses through the Sustainability Advantage Program to integrate environmental strategies with business planning.

• Review and redevelop Dubbo ALIVE.

• Finalised the draft Dubbo Local Environmental Plan in line with state planning legislation.

• Implemented actions from the Inspiring and Integrating Change project as part of the Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo councils’ Sustainability Alliance.

• Adopted Structure Plans for the urban land release areas in West and South-East Dubbo. • Issued 449 Construction Certificates.

• Develop and promote e-services to enable online public access to landuse and planning information. • Implement Council’s Energy Strategy to reduce energy consumption.

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Implement new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abatement Measures to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

• Gazettal of the new Comprehensive Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011.

• Hold an annual Dubbo Sustainable City Expo.

14   Annual Report 2010/2011

COMMUNITY SERVICES To ensure the active engagement of the community in a wide range of lifestyle opportunities which meet the social, multicultural, recreational, educational, cultural, entertainment and child care needs of residents and visitors. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Community Services David Dwyer

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

• 45,727 patrons attended the Old Dubbo Gaol.

• Hosted the NSW Country Touch Football Championships in Dubbo.

• The Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) was utilised for 239 days by 77,444 visitors, selling 27,568 tickets for 104 performances.

• Expended $29,000 on concrete beams and irrigation extension at the New Dubbo Cemetery. • 78,816 patrons attended the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre. • Employed four Aboriginal apprentices. • Achieved a 99% occupancy rate of child care places at Rainbow Cottage Child Care Centre.

$24,000 will be saved annually on the Cultural Centre’s energy bill when a 70kw solar panel system is installed.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Prepare the 2012/2013 Social Plan. • Refine the preferred upgrade option plan for the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre.

• Enrolled 418 children through the Dubbo Family Day Care Scheme.

• Allocate $144,519 toward library books at the Dubbo Branch Library and upgrade the air conditioning units.

• 800 young people attended 2011 Youth Week activities.

• Employ four apprentices under Council’s Aboriginal Employment Program.

• Produced the 2011-2014 Crime Prevention Plan.

• Provide $20,000 under Council’s Community Financial Assistance Program.

• Renewed the commercial areas alcohol-free zone for a further four years and introduced alcohol-free zones in six neighbourhood shopping centres for four years. • 64,355 people attended the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) which hosted 31 separate exhibitions. • 57% (23,398) of the Dubbo population were enrolled library borrowers; while 238,306 articles were borrowed from the Dubbo Branch Library, with $148,941 spent on new library books.

• Contribute $160,000 to the Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre. • Conduct a student exchange program with Council’s Japanese Sister City, Minokamo. • Develop a capital upgrade program to modernise the Convention Centre component of the DRTCC. • Establish an Education Resource Centre for public use at the WPCC and install a 70 kilowatt solar photovoltaic cell system on the Centre’s roof.

Annual Report 2010/2011   15

HUMAN ENVIRONMENT To provide a safe and healthy human environment with access to a high standard of facilities and preventative programs to ensure the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Community Services David Dwyer

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Conducted inspections of: −− 75 registered premises

• Conduct 12 free, monthly immunisation clinics and provide 3100 vaccine doses to children.

−− 257 food premises

• Conduct inspections of:

−− public pools and spas. • Provided 2795 immunisation vaccine doses at the free, monthly Council-sponsored immunisation clinics.

Council’s free monthly immunisation clinics are protecting our future generations.

−− every food shop in Dubbo (257 in total) −− all registered premises in Dubbo (75 in total) −− all public pools and spas in November, January and February.

• Conducted a Food Handlers’ Education Seminar in November 2010.

• Conduct two public health education programs.

• Lobbied the State Government for the staged redevelopment of Dubbo Base Hospital.

• Review the implementation of the Dubbo Crime Prevention Plan. • Continue to lobby the State Government for the staged redevelopment of the Dubbo Base Hospital. • Install an additional five safety cameras in the commercial areas of Dubbo.

16   Annual Report 2010/2011

PARKS AND LANDCARE To ensure that Dubbo residents and visitors have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of sporting and passive recreational pursuits in a clean, green setting and to provide landcare services for the rehabilitation and protection of the urban and rural environment, and to promote biodiversity in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Principal Activity Coordinator: Director Parks and Landcare Services Murray Wood

Sustainability initiative

Achievements in 2010/2011

Priorities for 2011/2012

• Elizabeth Park Sensory Garden completed and officially opened.

• Complete the Apex Oval Stormwater Harvesting Re-use Program including resurfacing the playing field.

• Completed pre-construction activities for Apex Oval Stormwater Harvesting Re-use Program. • Completed the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre car park stormwater harvesting landscape project. • Installed a stormwater harvesting garden at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) car park.

A 10-megalitre stormwater harvesting reservoir at Apex Oval will service 49% of the facility’s irrigation needs in the future.

• Upgraded sports lighting and re-sealed the cycle track at Victoria Park No. 1 Oval. • Constructed a pontoon adjacent to the Macquarie River eastern boat ramp with solar lighting and disabled access. • Undertook iconic tree planting around the North Dubbo playing fields precinct. • Completed Stages 1 and 2 transfer of ownership to Council of the Delroy Park open space. • Completed the Pioneer Oval Clubhouse in conjunction with Dubbo Hockey Association. • Restored the City’s parks, sporting fields and reserves following the December 2010 floods.

• Complete Oasis Valley at the Elizabeth Park Regional Botanic Garden, and implement the Centre of Excellence in Amenity Horticulture. • Install an entrance gate at Shoyoen Japanese Garden. • Complete the master plan for Regand Park. • Upgrade sporting field lights at South Dubbo Oval. • Implement the Feral Animal Control Strategy.

Annual Report 2010/2011   17

CORPORATE SERVICES To provide sound management of the resources of Council, representative and responsive government, meet statutory requirements and provide services to the Organisation in a cost-effective and timely manner. Principal Activity Coordinators: Director Organisational Services Craig Giffin;

Sustainability initiative

Dubbo 2036 will represent a 25-year vision for the City.

Director Corporate Development Ken Rogers; Director Technical Services Stewart McLeod

Achievements in 2010/2011 • Maintained Council’s strong financial position with cash, investments and highly liquid debtors (excluding external and internal restrictions) within the target range of $1.5M and $2.5M. • Completed all statutory financial and community reporting in accordance with legislative requirements. • Commenced development of the Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan – a 25-year vision for the City. • Partnered with Bathurst and Orange councils to employ an Internal Auditor. • Established an Audit and Risk Management Committee incorporating independent members. • Updated Council’s Strategic Plan, which provides a long-term blueprint for Dubbo’s future. • Implemented Council’s Information Management Strategy, which guides the introduction of new technologies to enhance service delivery and improve efficiencies. • Council’s fleet of plant, equipment and motor vehicles met targeted usage rates; operational costs were within benchmark rates. • Provided 157,165 customers with information about Council services and initiatives via

• Issued 350 media releases and delivered on seven communication plans for major Council projects.

Priorities for 2011/2012 • Implement the State Government’s new integrated planning and reporting framework legislation through the development of the Dubbo 2036 Community Strategic Plan. • Develop a range of long-term financial strategies to address the findings of a corporate-wide Asset Condition and Financial Capability Review. • Continue sound financial management, including quarterly reviews. • Pursue opportunities for strategic alliances and resource sharing with neighbouring councils. • Review Council’s vehicle fleet to ensure operational requirements are being met in a cost-effective manner. • Implement an annual Strategic Internal Audit Program. • Increase the level of community awareness of Council activities through the delivery of the 2011/2012 Corporate Communications Strategy. • Implement initiatives from Council’s Community Engagement Strategy to encourage community participation in Council’s decision-making processes.

18   Annual Report 2010/2011

Caring for our community

The environment

Community awareness

Our environment is not just trees and water; it is where we live, the places we go and the people we meet. Listed below is a snapshot of environmental initiatives where Council and the community have worked together to ensure our environment is sustainable for future generations.

Council conducted its sixth annual Energy and Water Smart information night featuring 24 exhibitors and attracting 600 people. Due to its success, the 2011 event was expanded to become the Dubbo Sustainable City Expo at Victoria Park – an all-day event.


Council again showcased local environmental issues at the Dubbo Show, providing information on waste management, recycling, composting, government rebates and energy and water conservation.

Council’s environmental management plan, “Dubbo ALIVE – A Living Initiative for a Vibrant Environment”, outlines a range of environmental education initiatives. Since the adoption of Dubbo ALIVE, Council has continued to improve its environmental performance in the areas of energy, waste, biodiversity, salinity, water and pollution.

Salinity Council received $120,000 from the Central West Catchment Management Authority to co-ordinate and implement the award-winning Dubbo Urban Salinity Landscape Interpretational Project, which aims to gain a better understanding of urban salinity in the Dubbo area for planning strategies.

Partnership programs Council continues to partner with various bodies to promote and deliver environmental sustainability in the region. In particular, Council has worked closely with the Central West Catchment Management Authority to achieve environmental improvements across the catchment, and continues to participate in the Bathurst Orange Dubbo (BOD) Sustainability Alliance, and the Orana Region of Councils (OROC) and Central NSW Councils (CENTROC) environmental programs.

Grant funding ($2 million) received from the Environmental Trust by the BOD Sustainability Alliance is assisting the three councils in the areas of energy, stormwater harvesting and biodiversity through the Inspiring and Integrating Change project. In Dubbo, the project is focussed specifically on energy and will result in a range of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies being implemented within the Victoria Park/Civic Precinct of the City.

Safer roads Ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers is a focus for Council’s Road Safety Officer. Key safety programs in 2010/2011 included:

Child restraints Council provided free child restraint checks in four ‘Seat Belt Saturday’ events held throughout the year, with 103 restraints checked in 77 vehicles. Free sample bags including information about changes to child restraint legislation were distributed. Parents and grandparents praised Council for providing ‘an informative and free service’ to give them peace of mind when transporting the children in their lives.

Annual Report 2010/2011   19

Council’s Road Safety Officer also presented information to child care providers and at the ‘Dads For Kids’ Expo. Evaluation of the project indicated that the number of traffic infringement notices for unrestrained children decreased, particularly when the Seat Belt Saturday events were conducted.

Female drivers An unusual spike in females involved in car accidents resulted in a campaign to raise awareness about urban driving behaviour. Female drivers were encouraged to ‘Put a Little Road Safety in their Day’ as they went about their busy lives juggling the work/life balance. Radio and newspaper advertising, banners, email education, media releases, posters and presentations to community groups increased awareness about urban driving behaviour.

Parent workshops Two workshops educating parents and supervisors of learner drivers were conducted. These workshops were very well received as they provided information about the Graduated Licensing System and the journey from Ls to P1, P2 and beyond. There was a strong emphasis on parents and supervisors encouraging a courteous and safe driving attitude in their young drivers. Workshop dates were advertised on Council’s website and through the local media.

Supporting our City’s youth Dubbo City Council and the Dubbo City Youth Council supported a range of activities aimed at youth development throughout 2010/2011, including: • Organising an ‘extreme sports road trip’ with Newtons Nation which bought a festival and extreme sports atmosphere to the Dubbo Skate Park, including nine professional skate boarders, BMX and scooter riders showing the locals how far they can push the limits. This partnership looks set to continue into the future. • The Youth Council formed a partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation to give young people in Dubbo the opportunity to get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Young people can obtain a gold, silver or bronze award for service to their community by becoming members of the Youth Council and assisting in community programs. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally recognised and also gives the young person points towards their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). • Council’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing and support of Dubbo’s young people saw staff and Youth Council members attending meetings to increase awareness about issues that affect Dubbo’s youth, such as the Parliamentary Review of the

Youth Allowance. Research into the health of young rural people is being investigated by the University of Sydney’s School of Rural Health in Dubbo. Two research programs, the Adolescent Rural Cohort - Hormones, Health, Education, Environment and Relationships (ARCHER) Study and the Young Adolescent Males Study (YAMS), have been undertaken with the assistance of Dubbo City Council to better understand health issues that affect young people aged 12 to 24. • The popular Midnight Basketball program again provided entertainment for young people in Dubbo on Friday nights while also delivering life skills through a workshop program.

Youth Week 2011 Youth Week’s theme for 2011 was “OWN IT” and this is exactly what young people did. Activities were well supported with almost 800 young people attending the planned Youth Week events. The activities that were on offer in 2011 were the Youth Art Prize, Cybersafe Families information session, Youth Homelessness Matters display, Kinship Workshop, Youth Trivia, and DJ and Art in the Park. Each of these events brought young people together with many new friendships created.

20   Annual Report 2010/2011


Australia Day 2011 The local community commemorated the spirit of the nation at Dubbo’s 2011 Australia Day celebrations at Victoria Park. The event featured an official agenda including flagraising and national anthem performed by Kayla Atkins, Mayoral address, Citizenship Ceremony, cake cutting and the all-important Australia Day Awards. Dubbo’s Australia Day ambassador, sports commentator Andy Paschalidis also delivered the keynote address ‘about the true spirit of being Australian’. Dubbo Fire Brigades, Dubbo Police, SES and the Dubbo Rescue Squad were also represented on the day, with a host of entertainment including a snake display, face painting and jumping castle. There were also performances by Sing Australia, Dubbo District Concert Band and the PCYC Baton Twirlers and Gymnasts.

Dubbo’s Australia Day Awards A woman described as the ‘glue that binds several volunteer organisations’ was awarded Dubbo’s 2011 Citizen of the Year,

with Sally O’Connell considered ‘a great asset to the community.’ Dubbo’s 2011 Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Ben Costa, while popular local identity Geoff Mann was named the City’s 2011 Service to Sport Award recipient. Benjamin Bunt – a sports all-rounder – was awarded 2011 Young Sportsperson of the Year.

Sister City Program Dubbo’s Sister City relationships were further developed with Minokamo (Japan) and Wujiang (China). Highlights of Dubbo’s Sister City Program included: • Two student exchange programs between Minokamo and Dubbo. • In August 2010, then Dubbo Mayor Cr Allan Smith led an 11-person delegation from Dubbo to visit both Minokamo and Wujiang. This delegation included three Councillors and eight residents who all paid their own travelling and personal expenses. • In October 2010, Dubbo welcomed a delegation of five from Wujiang, led by

the Chairman of the Wujiang People’s Political Consultative, Mr Bao Yurong. • A $20,000 allocation by Council to commence a Sister Cities Exhibition Room at the Western Plains Cultural Centre that will feature gifts, memorabilia and educational material. • Council’s website will soon feature material in both Japanese and Chinese for the benefit of residents in Minokamo and Wujiang.

Financial support In 2010/2011, Council provided assistance and financial support to many events and non-profit organisations, including: Dubbo Jazz Club: $10,000; NSW School Bands Festival: $2,000; Orana Toy Library: $830; Orana Early Childhood Intervention: $2120; Dubbo Dream Festival: $1400; Riding for the Disabled: $650; Dubbo Education Fund: $1000; The Dubbo City Eisteddfod: $7000; Red Ochre Festival: $5000; Macquarie Philharmonia Orchestra: $5000. In addition, Council donated $20,000 to community organisations through the Community Financial Assistance Program.

Annual Report 2010/2011   21

Cultural facilities Western Plains Cultural Centre The Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) celebrated its fifth anniversary and continues to attract increasing numbers of patrons. The Centre has consolidated its place as a leading regional cultural institution in Australia. The Centre continues to attract touring exhibitions from major art and museum institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, Monash Gallery of Arts, Object Gallery, National Archives of Australia and NSW State Records.

Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre The official opening of the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) was held on Friday, 23 July 2010 with guests travelling from as far afield as

Queensland and Albury. A commemorative gala concert titled “Achieving the Dream” was held in conjunction with the formal official opening. The concert showcased the best local and regional talent as well as interstate artists with international profiles. Since the official opening, the DRTCC has gone on to win awards, secure a Platinum Sponsor, and attract audiences of up to 3400 people for performances such as ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’. The DRTCC has enlisted more than 2000 subscribers to its online newsletter, while selling 27,568 tickets for 104 performances in 2010/2011.

Macquarie Regional Library – Dubbo Branch The Dubbo Branch Library boasts a membership of 56% of the local population, with 238,306 items borrowed from the Library in 2010/2011.

Library staff fielded over 17,000 requests for information with 163,538 Library visits recorded. The Library now holds 65,841 items and participated in the Summer Reading Club, Library Lovers’ Day, Library Information Week, National Simultaneous Storytime and Law Week with displays and activities. The Library hosted a number of events including the 40 year Macquarie Regional Library anniversary celebrations in August 2010 and the launch of Matthew Carr’s book “BattleScars” and Pat Clarke’s children’s book “The Magic of Goonoo Forest”. The Library has commenced the digitisation of photographs and historical documents from the Local Studies Collection which are accessible through the Library’s webpage. A successful new program designed for young adults, Reading, Writing, Random, was also introduced.

22   Annual Report 2010/2011

Summary of statutory report Under the Local Government Act 1993, Council must provide certain information on its operations to the Minister for Local Government. This information is summarised below and full details are available in the Statutory Annual Report which will be available for viewing at Council’s Civic Administration Building, Church Street, and the Macquarie Regional Library Dubbo Branch, Talbragar Street, from December 2011.

State of the Environment Report

Major contracts awarded

Multicultural services

Each year Council prepares a State of the Environment Report, which focuses on major environmental issues. This report will be available for viewing at Council’s Civic Administration Building, Church Street and the Dubbo Branch Library from December 2011, as well as Council’s website:

9 contracts valued in excess of $6,215,486 were awarded by Council in 2010/2011.

Council has procedures in place for providing interpreter services to the 4.74 per cent of Dubbo residents over the age of five years of age who speak a language other than English at home.

Condition of Public Works Council maintains a network of 1,266km of local and regional roads, which is made up of rural and urban roads, including footpaths and cycleways. Council’s maintenance program for 2010/2011 totalled $7.26M at an average cost of $5,736 per kilometre. Council spent $94,070 on the maintenance of urban drainage infrastructure. Council’s sewerage system services 13,447 properties. Maintenance expenditure was $1.16M. The water supply system services 14,525 properties. Maintenance expenditure was $1.2M.

Legal proceedings Council was involved in 1 legal proceeding during 2010/2011, at a total cost of $907.50.

Senior staff Council employs four senior staff as defined under the requirements of the Local Government Act with these being the General Manager, Director Organisational Services, Director Technical Services, and Director Environmental Services. The amount below includes salaries, fringe benefit tax, private use of a Council vehicle and employer’s superannuation contributions as follows: General Manager


Director Organisational $176,729 Services Director Technical Services


Director Environmental $194,438 Services

The Bushfire Management Committee The Bush Fire Management Committee held two meetings. During these meetings, agencies discussed land management and fuel reduction issues. The NSW Rural Fire Service provided funding of $30,000 to Council to assist it with roadside vegetation management and hazard reduction activities during 2010/2011.

Council has established a Multicultural Festival Advisory Committee to organise an annual Multicultural Festival. The Festival was held in September 2010 and was very successful. In 2010/2011, 53 people became Australian citizens at Council ceremonies.

Contributions Council contributed a total of $229,937 to 56 organisations under Section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Private works There were no private works undertaken by Council in 2010/2011 which were fully or partly subsidised by Council.

External bodies exercising Council functions There are no external bodies exercising functions delegated by the Council.

Overseas travel Councillors Griffiths, Mutton and Smith represented Dubbo City Council on an overseas trip to Council’s Sister Cities in Minokamo (Japan) and Wujiang (China). in August 2010. The trip was at the full expense of the respective Councillor and at no cost to Council.

Annual Report 2010/2011   23

Partnerships, co-operatives and joint ventures

Services and programs for children

Council was involved in joint ventures with the Macquarie Regional Library, CENTROC Weight of Loads Groups, Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance, Bathurst Orange Dubbo Alliance, Central West Salinity Water Quality Alliance, Orana Region Organisation of Councils and EvoCities.

The proportion of children and youth in Dubbo’s population is higher than the State average. Council has factored this knowledge into its planning for new recreational and sporting facilities.

Controlling interest in companies Council held no controlling interest in any companies during 2010/2011.

Human resource activities A review of Council’s 2010/2011 Safety Systems Plan and the development of a new plan for 2011/2012 were conducted by the Workplace Safety Advisor. The Plan helps to ensure Council’s compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and its associated Regulation 2001 through the development, implementation and review of policies, procedures and systems. The turnover rate for the period 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011 was 10.34 per cent; up 1.4 per cent for the period 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010. Recruitment activity for the period 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011 totalled 56 new appointments with an average time to fill positions of 8.04 weeks, 0.6 weeks less than the 2009/2010 period. In managing recruitment, selection and induction processes, the Human Resource Services Branch ensured the application of fair and equitable processes and maintenance of the principles of merit and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Council directly operates the Rainbow Cottage Long Day Child Care Centre and the Family Day Care Scheme. It also provides recreation and sporting facilities such as playgrounds, sporting fields, skate park, BMX track, cycleways and the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre. Council provides a venue for the Yarrandale and North Dubbo play groups, After School Hours Care, Vacation Care, Girl Guides, West Dubbo Pre School, Dubbo and District Pre School and Orana Early Intervention Centre.

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 During the period Council received five applications for information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. The information requests were acceded to in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Information and Protection Act The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 was introduced to provide central safeguards to an individual’s privacy in relation to a wide variety of personal information held by public sector agencies such as Council. In accordance with the Act, Council, on 26 June 2000, adopted a Privacy Management Plan, which outlines policies and practices to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act. No applications were made for information under the Act and accordingly, no review of Council’s Privacy Management Plan has been required.

Elected members Totals of $34,981 and $176,285 were paid during the period for Mayoral and Councillor fees respectively, with an additional $27,323 for Councillors’ travel and subsistence. From July 2010 up until 30 June 2011, there were 11 Ordinary Council Meetings and three Extraodinary Council Meetings. Attendance at these meetings was as follows: Ordinary Extraordinary Meetings Meetings

Cr Ann Barnard



Cr Peter Bartley



Cr Mathew Dickerson



Cr Lyn Griffiths





Cr Greg Matthews



Cr Richard Mutton





Cr Keith Harris

Cr Tina Reynolds Cr Ben Shields



Cr Allan Smith



Cr Rod Towney



24   Annual Report 2010/2011

Income statement

Balance Sheet

For the Financial Year ended 30 June 2011

As at 30 June 2011

Actual 2011

Actual 2010

Actual 2011

Actual 2010



Income from continuing operations



Current assets

Rates and annual charges



Cash and cash equivalents



User charges and fees





























Interest and investment revenue Other revenues Grants and contributions provided for operating purposes



Grants and contributions provided for capital purposes



Total current assets

Other Income Net gains from the disposal of assets Total income from continuing operations





Expenses from Continuing Operations Employee benefits and on-costs Borrowing costs




Non-current assets



Investments accounted for using the equity method

Infrastructure, property, plant and equipment








Materials and contracts



Total non-current assets



Depreciation and amortisation



Total assets



Electricity and heating




Contributions and donations










Family Day Care (fees)













Other expenses Net losses on disposal of assets Net share of interests in joint ventures and associated entities using the equity method

490 102

Total current liabilities 39

Non-current liabilities Payables Borrowings





Total expenses from continuing operations





Net operating result for the year



Total non-current liabilities



Net operating result attributable to Council



Total liabilities



Net operating result for the year before grants and contributions provided for capital purposes




Retained earnings



Revaluations reserves






Net assets



Total equity

Note: A full set of Dubbo City Council’s financial statements are available online at:

Connecting Council and the community Customer Service Centre The Customer Service Centre is Dubbo City Council’s one-stop-shop of information for the general public. Specially-trained customer service staff manage all face-to-face and telephone enquiries, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Phone 6801 4000.

Public Officer Council’s Public Officer Craig Giffin can provide information on Council’s financial reports, Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, management plans, policy documents and information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act. The Public Officer can be contacted on 6801 4000.

Council notices Every Thursday a ‘Council Column’ is published in the Daily Liberal newspaper, featuring information about proposed developments, draft policies, positions vacant, tenders, quotations, public notices, and Council and Committee meeting dates and times. This information is also available on Council’s website:

City Connection Council publishes a weekly news page in Dubbo Photo News called City Connection to promote Council’s many activities, upcoming events, notices and initiatives.

Council’s website Council’s website can be accessed at The website includes up-to-date information about Council services, as well as media releases, public notices, positions

vacant, submitting development applications, education kits for school children, booking information for parks and sporting ovals and various other documents relating to Council operations. Council’s website also contains email addresses and phone numbers to assist the general public contact the City’s elected representatives.

Twitter and Facebook Dubbo City Council provides regular updates on social media channels Twitter (@DubboCouncil and @VisitDubbo), VisitDubbo, and via RSS Feeds.

Public documents Dubbo City Council provides a number of documents to inform the community about Council operations. These include: • Strategic Plan 2011-2031 • Annual Management Plan

COUNCIL’S CONTACT DIRECTORY Building and Development Professional Building and Planning Duty Officers are available for consultation without appointment within the core hours of 1pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Customer service staff and duty officers can be contacted by telephone on 6801 4000 via Council’s Customer Service Centre. Pre-lodgement meetings can be arranged outside these times by appointment. Online planning/building enquiries can be submitted at this link on Council’s website: www.dubbo.nsw. Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre (02) 6801 4490 Dubbo City Animal Shelter (02) 6882 1934 Dubbo City Holiday Park 1800 824 820 Dubbo City Regional Airport (02) 6801 4560 (Administration) 0417 717 871 (Grounds Operations) Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets (02) 6801 4540 Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (02) 6801 4371 (General) (02) 6801 4378 (Box Office) Dubbo Showground (02) 6801 4570 Dubbo Visitors Information Centre (02) 6801 4450

• Statutory Annual Report

Family Day Care (02) 6801 4470

• Function (Business) Plans for Council services and businesses.

Fire Control (02) 6881 3900

These documents can be accessed at Council’s Civic Administration Building or at the Dubbo Branch Library, or by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 6801 4000.

Correspondence All correspondence to Council should be addressed to the General Manager and also marked to the relevant officer’s attention, and sent to: Dubbo City Council, PO Box 81, DUBBO NSW 2830 Telephone: (02) 6801 4000 Facsimile: 6801 4259 Email:

Immunisation Clinic (02) 6801 4000 Macquarie Regional Library – Dubbo Branch (02) 6801 4510 Old Dubbo Gaol (02) 6801 4460 Rainbow Cottage Child Care Centre (02) 6801 4480 Western Plains Cultural Centre (02) 6801 4444

Dubbo City Council Civic Administration Building Church Street, PO Box 81, Dubbo NSW 2830 Phone: Fax: Email: Web:

(02) 6801 4000 (02) 6801 4259

Customer Service Centre hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, Civic Administration Building, Church Street, Dubbo. All enquiries, including after hours emergencies, phone (02) 6801 4000.

Dubbo City Council Annual Report 2010-11  
Dubbo City Council Annual Report 2010-11  

Dubbo City Council's 2010-2011 Annual Report: Sustainability - people, planet, prosperity.