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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo| A focal segment of Dubai mall Dubai is the United Arab Emirates' ostentatious holiday spot. Encompassing high rise buildings & gigantic shopping malls, the city has been transformed from a desert outpost to a destination that oozes glamour. In this glimmering Middle Eastern city there is no dearth of glittering souks, luxurious hotelsand swanky malls that fascinates travellers from across the world.

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is one such enthralling attraction that will leave you spellbound with its many delights. Centrally located within 12 million square feet Dubai Mall, the 10 million litre tank is the largest suspended underwater aquarium in the world. To indulge in the irresistible charm of Dubai mall aquarium, apply for Dubai express visa now!

Interesting facts & figures about Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo is a focal segment of the Dubai Mall’s diverse& incredible leisure portfolio. Endorsed with innumerable certificates of excellence, leisure & entertainment, the Dubai aquarium & underwater zoo gives one more reason to visit this spectacular world of luxury brands and high fashion.

Dubai Underwater zoo & aquarium offers unlimited marine exploration through unique experiences. These are: 1. Guinness World Record: World’s largest indoor aquarium Measuring 51m X 20m X 11m in size, & weighing more than 2, 45,000 kilograms, this enormous tank has been acclaimed the largest of its kind in Guinness Book of World Records’ 2010 edition. The aquarium has a capacity to hold 10 million litres of water, harbouring approximately 33,000 exotic aquatic animals from over 200 species. Boasting the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks, rays, & myriad other vibrant marine creatures, this fascinating world make kids squeal in delight. 2. Aquarium Tunnel:

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo has a 48-metre long walk-through tunnel that offers a 270degree view of the aquarium to the tourists. It allows the visitors to experience the colours and contours of life underwater via its 75 cm thick acrylic walls. 3. Get acquainted with rare and interesting info on underwater life The underwater zoo, located on the second level of the mall, offers you a stupendous opportunity to learn unique facts & valuable information on different kinds of marine animals, including giant spider crabs, sea horses, water rats, jellyfish, penguins, and crocodiles. The underwater zoo comprises of three ecological zones: 

Rainforest: It comprises of apristine river bed environed by some of the most incredible freshwater animals like Giant Catfish, Water Rats, dangerous Piranha, and playful Otters etc.

Rocky shore: It is a rugged environment where land meets sea and only the tough can survive. It is a home to several Giant Spiders& Crabs.

Living ocean

Adventurous Activities in Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo While it is a delight to stroll in this enormous aquarium, visitors can also be entertained by its maritime activities that offer them a unique experience. These include:

1. Shark Dives: Shark diving is a great experience for adrenaline junkies. It offers once in a lifetime opportunity to plunge into the depths of 10-million litre tank to watch sharks and stingrays etc. 2. Cage Snorkelling: It allows tourists to take a crazy dip into the vibrant marine world and adore its myriad colourful species from the safety of the cage. 3. Scuba Diving: With a professional 2-day PADI certification course, the aquarium offers great opportunity to explore various avenues of adventure. 4. VRZOO Experience: This immersive virtual reality experience allows you to feel the thrill of getting up close and personal with the world’s most amazing animals. It includes entering the habitat of gorillas in Uganda, swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives& tryst with elephants in the South African savannahs. Every shopping enthusiast swears by the products from Dubai's mall. Home to all shopping brands, this colossal mall besides boasting wide ranging products also offers stupefying opportunity to explore the wonders of nature up close with its enormous Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. So apply for Dubai visa online to explore this charismatic maritime escapade.

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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo| A focal segment of dubai mall  

Explore Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo & marvel at the wonders of nature up close with around 33,000 animals. Apply for Dubai visa & experi...

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo| A focal segment of dubai mall  

Explore Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo & marvel at the wonders of nature up close with around 33,000 animals. Apply for Dubai visa & experi...