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U N I V E R S I T Y O F T H E W E S T O F S C OT L A N D I S A R E G I S T E R E D S C OT T I S H C H A R I T Y. C H A R I T Y N U M B E R S C 0 0 2 5 2 0 .



MAY 2017, ISSUE 32


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An interview with Fatherson on page 18


contents HERE WE GO AGAIN. The importance of voting for 16 – 34 year olds 4

TOP BEER GARDENS in Edinburgh and Glasgow 26

PARTY PROFILES. A summary of each party’s agenda in June’s General Election6


WHAT’S ON IN EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW. All of May’s highlights 8

MACARONI FEST Pastaval is back at Southside Fringe 27

LET’S TALK ABOUT LIMMY. An interview with Scottish comedian Limmy 10

BECOMING VEGAN. The trials and tribulations of being vegan






ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is back on 9th June 31

Need a reason to stay in Glasgow? We’ve got you covered 10


We caught up with Frightened Rabbit ahead of their Electric Fields gig in September 15

FYNEFEST. Three days of beer, food and music 16 A CHAT WITH ANNA MEREDITH. We

chat to the Scottish composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music 17

FATHERSON. The three piece Scottish band


WHAT’S ON at Glasgow’s Women’s Library 31 GIG GUIDE. An overview of gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow in May & June 32

ADMIRAL FALLOW discuss Live at the Longlist 35 GIGS OF THE MONTH. The top gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow this month 36 NHC PICK OF THE MONTH. Check out

who New Hellfire Club have named their pick of the month 37

chat festivals, the Barras and Glasgow’s music scene 18

THE LEGACY OF ALIEN. A look back at the Alien franchise so far 38





The Skids ~ Stevie McCrorie ~ Showaddywaddy ~ Nipples of Venus ~ Eugene Twist ~ Milestone

POTM: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Our predictions for this month’s Blockbuster 40






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I’m not that into politics. I’m not the first millennial student to say that and I certainly won’t be the last. However, this isn’t to imply that I don’t value the importance of democracy in Britain. It’s just, simply, that in my four short years of voting, I’ve already found myself avoiding certain colour combinations, emblems, dishonest voices on my radio, and poignant faces on my television. Their negative connotations – empty words, for example – conflate my rational thinking, and the result is that I’ve just lost faith in the democratic system to provide for me the way it promises to. When I vote, it just feels like making a choice between Starbucks or Costa. Greedy politicians preach that the “future belongs to the young people”, or at least they did in 2014 when they enfranchised 16-year-old voters in the Scottish Independence Referendum and, of course, when the Conservatives didn’t want to leave the EU in 2016. Upon hearing and reading this phrase, I find myself begging the question: at 22, am I still a young person? My reason for enquiring is that I’m curious as to whether the right here and now is the future that was supposedly promised to me, the one within my control? Is this the present that I should take ownership of? Because it doesn’t feel like it; this is why we should never give up. In light of this year’s general election, the Independent reported that the younger generation – that’s 16-34-yearolds, just to clarify – will remain dreadfully under-represented in Parliament this term, regardless of who wins the election: the mean age of members is 50. In fact, politicians are so out of touch with our generation that they were given a handbook to understand us this year. You’d be forgiven for thinking this would merely be a slim summary of Snapchat, Instagram, and the other social media giants, however, this handbook was a rather sinister collection of facts, like, how we will have to wait much longer for our state pension and how our wages have suffered more than any other group since the 2008 recession. Millennials are currently trapped which is concerning as, in a few years time,

we will be entrusted to look after the very population that has neglected our requirements. So, if you’re like me and who you give your vote to comes down to merely who has the nicest smile next to the grand opening of the new local school, then listen up. You are misrepresented in your government, alright? You are treated with the delicacy of a snowflake in the media and, sadly, parties aren’t likely to appreciate your full worth until they need to attain a rapid increase of numbers. As a student, you make up over 235,000 of the Scottish population and – just to put that


by Rachael Procter @rrretro___ r.procter@tsaglasgow.com

into perspective for you – that means that you and over 234,999 others will make up the future professional circuit of the country. You are among the generation of doctors who will care for you and your family, the sportsmen who will win us the Olympic Golds, the politicians who will run our country, and the journalists who will report on the next General Election… You are suffering at the hands of a government who doesn’t truly understand your generation’s needs and that little tick in the box is, fundamentally, the only weapon of attack you have. Register by 22 May to vote in the General Election on 8 June.



Love your pizza or we’ll deliver another one, absolutely free†






*Add £2.50 for each Stuffed Crust pizza ordered. Includes Create Your Own with up to four toppings, Small Pizzas not included. Terms and conditions apply. Errors and omissions excepted. Offer valid until 30/06/2017. Offer can be withdrawn without notice valid student ID must be shown. Minimum spend for delivery is £10.99. †Terms and conditions apply, see online. Like for like exchange, excludes temperature for collection orders, the Quality Guarantee must be claimed in-store at the time of collection or within 30 minutes. For collection orders, the Quality Guarantee must be claimed in-store at the time of collection or within 30 minutes. If the replacement pizza is required to be delivered a £3 delivery charge will apply. Offer valid at Papa John’s Glasgow – Duke street, Broomhill, Shawlands, Paisley, Hamilton, Edinburgh Fountainbridge, South Clerk Street and Edinburgh Leith.

15467 PAP Glasgow Student BOGOF 265x343mm (Mar 2017) (1) ST.indd 1

08/03/2017 10:44



We’re sure you’re very aware at this stage that a snap election is taking place on 8 June and we know you’ve already read about how important it is to actually use your vote. However, the confusing part is trying to decide what political party to vote for. Perhaps your family are staunch supporters of a particular party and you’re trying to decide whether to follow their lead or branch out and support another that better aligns with your own personal

views. Or maybe you weren’t happy with how the party you voted for back in 2015 has behaved since then. Or quite possibly you’ve got absolutely no clue about the various party policies, leaders and general election in general. Whatever stage you’re at in your decision making, hopefully our guide will give you some useful info and provide a place to start with when you’re making your choice. The most important thing to remember is that you should try to pick one that best represents your views, don’t waste your vote.

by Liam Menzies Twitter:







LEADER: Jeremy Corbyn. Since 2015,

LEADER: Theresa May. After the UK

LEADER: Nicola Sturgeon. Since

Corbyn has contested two leadership elections, furthering his majority in 2016. This will be his first General Election as leader of Labour. Since the snap election was called, Labour has cut the Conservatives lead in the polls by seven points.

voted to leave the EU, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister with Theresa May being uncontested to become the new leader of the party. Much like Corbyn, this will be her first GE as leader of the party with the Conservatives aiming on extending their majority.

becoming leader back in 2014 following Scotland’s decision to stay in the UK, Sturgeon has been warmly received with her party becoming the third largest party in the 2015 GE. This will be her second GE as leader.

POLICIES: Put 10,000 extra police on street.

POLICIES: No rises to VAT for five years

Create a million good quality jobs across our regions and nations, and guarantee a decent job for all by investing £500 billion in infrastructure and industry. Build over a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million council homes, through their public investment strategy.

(until 2022). Theresa May has refused to reveal whether she will increase other taxes for higher earners though it’s alleged she’ll abandon David Cameron’s commitment not to increase income tax and national insurance.

STANCES: Corbyn has been reported

halved on Brexit with former leader David Cameron and Theresa May campaigning for remain while the likes of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were firmly leave. May has since vowed to take the UK out of the EU following the triggering of Article 50. The Conservatives are very firmly against Scottish Independence, priding themselves on keeping the union together.

referendum on Scottish independence. The removal of the Bedroom Tax. The NHS revenue budget to rise by £500m more than inflation by the end of the next parliament. A commitment to creating a wealthier, more successful Scotland. SNP councils will also work with the Scottish Government to transform the provision of early learning and childcare.

as saying that Scottish Independence is “totally fine” though the rest of his party do not share this view with Labour previously teaming up with the Conservatives in 2014. Concerning Brexit: “Our support for invoking Article 50 is unconditional but we would seek to amend or influence the government’s negotiating terms in line with our priorities.”

STANCES: The Tories were completely

POLICIES: A pledge to fight a second

STANCES: Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU last year and as such, the party has been pushing for the country to have a special status in the EU. Unsurprinsgly, the party is strongly for Scottish independence, campaigning for a second referendum though not making it their main aim.




LEADER: Tim Farron. Succeeding

LEADER: Paul Nuttall. The newest

LEADER: Unlike other parties, the Greens

infamous leader Nick Clegg, Farron faces his first GE as leader of the Lib Dems. Farron has been involved in controversy regarding his views on gay marriage and sex, resulting in the Lib Dem’s opinion poll rating fluctuating.

leader out of the six main parties, Nuttall has had a rough start with his party’s opinion poll rating being in single digits. With the party only managing to win one seat in 2015, many speculate that they will lose it.

POLICIES: Hold a second referendum

POLICIES: A ban on full face coverings.

on the terms of Brexit. Increase in the threshold at which students have to pay back tuition fees. Announce measures to help end rough sleeping. Address the critical funding and capacity challenges the NHS faces.

An explicit ban on the practice of Sharia Law. A £10 billion a year cut in the foreign aid budget. The right-wing party also wants the abolition of postal voting in most electors over fears of vote rigging.

STANCES: The Lib Dems are very

STANCES: Paul Nuttall has vowed to

strongly pro-EU as shown by their policies. When it came to the triggering of Article 50, 7 out of the parties’ 9 MPs voting against it with 2 abstaining. The Lib Dems are also anti-Scottish independence, criticising the SNP for wanting to go after another “divisive referendum”.

“hold the government’s feet to the fire” on Brexit, something the party has campaigned for decades though many doubt the party will hold relevance now that the formal proceedings to leave are underway. Unsurprinsgly the party is opposed to Scottish independence, campaigning against it in 2014.

are co-led by Caroline Lucas and Jonathon Bartley. Winning just 3.8% of votes in the last GE, the Greens stand as the underdogs once again with their opinion poll ratings hitting 1% this month.

POLICIES: Scrap tuition fees and bringing back maintenance grants. Offer voters the chance of a second referendum with the option to remain in the EU. Pledge to maintain equivalent funding for Universities losing cash from the EU. The party are also expected to announce they want the voting age in the UK lowered to 16.

STANCES: The Greens have promised full opposition to what they call “extreme Brexit” as shown by their policies. In terms of Scottish Independence, the party is strongly for independence for Scotland, campaigning alongside SNP back in 2014.


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ket c i 2 t £ dent stu



a ms







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er Off



5 ril 1


Discover Glasgow with CitySightseeing Glasgow

7 201

Tours run daily Every 15 minutes from 9.30am till 4.30pm Hop on hop off service Starts at George Square




/bordersbuses Glasgow

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62 Edinburgh - Penicuik Peebles - Galashiels Tweedbank - Melorse

/citysightseeingglasgow /glasgowtour

95 Edinburgh Newtongrange Galashiels - Selkirk Hawick - Langholm Carlisle




HIDDEN DOOR FESTIVAL 26 MAY – 4 JUNE Dozens of musicians, bands, artists, poets and filmmakers will be showcasing their talents at the fourth edition of the Hidden Door Arts Festival from 26 May – 4 June. The non-profit, volunteer run festival features 10 days and nights of music, theatre, film, spoken word and visual art, all taking place at the old Leith Theatre. The venue lay derelict for 28 years and Hidden Door hope the festival with provide the ‘initial spark’ to get the Theatre running as a major Edinburgh arts venue. Music highlights at the festival include performances from SAY award winner, Anna Meredith; Scottish indie legends Idlewild; alt-rock trio Dama Scout; ‘multi-

instrumentalism mayhem’ with Hidden Orchestra; and an exciting collaboration between Tinderbox Orchestra and SAY Award winner, Kathryn Joseph. We’re also looking forward to spoken word event ‘Freak Show’, an hour of uninterrupted spoken word from the UK’s top performers, and theatre show ‘What Would Kanye Do?’, a solo performance from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate, Clare Marcie. Check out the full programme at www.hiddendoorblog. org/event/ to decide what you fancy checking out and to buy tickets for evening events. The festival is free to explore during the day, until 6pm.

EDINBURGH ZOO NIGHTS 26 MAY Anyone who has ever been to the zoo, or anywhere really, with kids knows how stressful the experience can be – you don’t get to properly enjoy it when you’re too busy keeping them safe, entertained and out of trouble. So take the kids out of the equation and head to Edinburgh Zoo Nights on 26 May for a carnival themed, adults-only ‘festival of wonder’, where you can explore the hidden

world of the zoo. Aside from the usual things you’d expect at a zoo (like lions and tigers and bears), the event also features live entertainment, street food and drink, face painting, photo opportunities, meet the keeper talks and Q&As, a silent disco and more. Tickets are on sale now for £20 from the Edinburgh Zoo website.




Are you bored of running a predictable route and feeling ready to take your 5K game to the next level? Or just looking for something a bit different to do on a Saturday afternoon? Well then get yourself signed up for Gung-Ho! where you’ll run, jump and bounce your way across the giant obstacle course, which features the biggest inflatable slide in Europe and a foam party finish. The Gung-Ho! team have also added brand new record-breaking obstacles for their 2017 editions, which take place across the UK – stopping off at The Meadows in Edinburgh on 13 May.

Exploring the world’s finest breweries sounds delightful but a tad expensive. Thankfully the smart folk over at the Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival have taken all the stress and most of the expense away with their world-class festival that brings together a specially curated, global gathering of the world’s finest breweries at the Biscuit Factory from 26-28 May. Explore and taste hundreds of special beers, sample the one-off menu from Edinburgh’s best street food market, The Pitt, and enjoy the live music and DJs. Tickets range from £30-£105 and are available from www.edinburghcraftbeerfestival.co.uk.

Vintage lovers can sort their holiday wardrobe at the award-winning Lou Lou’s vintage fair, when it returns to Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms on 28 May. With over 40 stalls of vintage fashion, homeware and collectables, you’re bound to find a bargain or two, or three, or a car-full. The event will also feature live performances and the chance to get pampered in the vintage beauty salon, provided by Lipstick, Lashes and Locks. The Edinburgh-based salon are pros at victory rolls, glamorous pin curls and sky-scraping beehives, so if you fancy treating yourself to a glam makeover book ahead by emailing lipsticklashesandlocks@gmail.com. Entry costs £2.50 and is payable on the door.


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MAY 2017, ISSUE 32





It sometimes feels like a new foodie festival pops up every other weekend, not that we’re complaining or anything, it’s always good to have an excuse to celebrate the excellent Scottish grub. That’s why we’re excited for the first annual Scottish Street Food Festival, which is taking place on 20 and 21 May at the Riverside Museum. 15 of Scotland’s finest food trucks have been confirmed for the free event including Firedog, Nomad Wood Fired Pizza, Bowl Food, Street Food Putter Club, Chick +

Can you imagine anything better than watching Harry Potter alone whilst all cosy in bed after a crap day? How about watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on a 40-foot screen, surrounded by thousands of other wizarding-world loving muggles as a live symphony orchestra performs every note from the award-winning score of the beloved first film? In case anyone is in need of a refresher, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone depicts young

Pea, Bruadair and Fresh Revolution. Along with these tasty street food trucks, the festival will feature cocktail and craft beer bars, cooking demonstrations, live music stages, market stalls and activities to keep kids occupied. It’s also taking place during the Scottish boat race weekend, so you’ll have fantastic riverside views of all the action as the annual rowing competition between rivals the University of Glasgow and The University of Edinburgh takes place on the River Clyde.

Harry’s first adventure at Hogwarts as he adapts to the life-changing news that he’s a wizard and meets several friends who help him discover the truth about his parents’ deaths. If you’re a Potterhead and this is your dream day out, head to Ticketmaster now to purchase your tickets for the recently added matinee performance of the concert on 20 May. The original 6.30 pm event sold out very quickly, so make sure to get your tickets asap. Prices range from £25-£65.




Glasgow-based gig theatre company, Blood of the Young, are premiering their new show, Daphne Oram’s Wonderful World of Sound at the Tron Theatre as part of the Mayfesto festival from 9-13 May. The theatre show is all about 60s Radiophonic Workshop music pioneer, Daphne Oram – who was a central figure in the evolution of electronic music and the first woman to design and construct an electronic musical instrument, among many other achievements – and the show features a live score from SAY nominated musician Anneke Kampman. Check it out now before the show heads out on tour across Scotland this June, tickets range from £8-£16 and are available from www.tron.co.uk.

Exercising often feels like a necessary evil for most of us unfortunately but it doesn’t have to be – there are many ways to keep fit, have fun and even raise money for charity, what a win-win situation. If that sounds up your street, sign up for Color Me Rad, which takes place on 13 May at Glasgow Green and will definitely be the most colourful 5K you’ll ever run. For £25, you’ll receive a free t-shirt, sunglasses, RAD tattoo, race bib and colour bomb for the final colour throw. A portion of proceeds raised from the event also goes to a local charity partner, for Glasgow this is Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids.

Tracks from Armand Van Helden, Utah Saints, The Prodigy, Scott Brown, Technotronic, plus UV cannons and thousands of glowsticks – it must be a 90s rave, right? Correct, everyone’s favourite warehouse in the west end of Glasgow is throwing a 90s night that is not to be missed on 26 May. If you’re heading to Riverside, kick the weekend (and your summer) off with a bang and get your tickets from www.tickets-scotland.com/90sra. Early bird tickets are gone but the night’s still cheap at only £10 a ticket for the second release.


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Need an excuse to stay in Glasgow this summer? We’ve got you covered... As students, we dream of summer from the moment university or college kicks off. We spend months thinking of those glorious months of no studying, exams and the endless fun plans we make. Then when Summer finally does arrive, the SAAS payments stop and the realisation hits that travelling around Europe for six weeks is way out of our budget. You’ve got some money saved, but it’s not quite enough to fund flights to Bali. You were planning on using it for your usual T in The Park weekend but that’s out the window. So what other options are there for cash-strapped students? May we introduce you to the ‘staycation’? As the name suggests, instead of heading abroad you stay put in your own country or even city (you don’t need to go to the islands of Scotland – although we recommend you do at some point) and explore it like a proper tourist. Luckily for us, there’s so much to do in Glasgow. The city is home to eight of the top Scottish visitor attractions, according to a new study from Glasgow Caledonian University’s Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development, with the Riverside Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Glasgow Science Centre all featuring on the list. If you were abroad, taking in all the local culture, you’d definitely make an effort to check out the museums so make the same effort right here and head to the Gallery of Modern Art, The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens and of course, Kelvingrove Museum. Also, museums are free in Glasgow, so you’ve got no excuse. You could also explore Glasgow using the City Centre Mural Trail, which you can download from www.glasgow.gov.uk/citycentremurals – it’ll take you on a tour across the City, taking in some of the extremely impressive (and very insta-worth) street art and suggesting interesting places nearby.

by Courtney Hendry Online Editor



Aside from the main tourist attractions, festivals take place every month in Glasgow,

which always draw in plenty of visitors and if you see one that interests you, build your staycation around it. So if you were gutted about T in The Park taking a break in 2017, why not head to TRNSMT instead? Taking place from 7-9 July at Glasgow Green, the fresh, new, non-camping, rock and indie festival features an exceptional line-up of musical talent; Radiohead, Kasabian, Biffy Clyro, The 1975, Belle and Sebastian, Catfish and the Bottlemen, London Grammar, George Ezra, The Van T’s, Two Door Cinema Club and more form the award-winning line-up. With weekend and single-day tickets available, you can choose exactly how much of your staycation you want to dedicate to TRNSMT. Standard tickets cost: £59.50 (one day), £110 (two days) or £155 (three days). However, if you do have some cash to splash, you could opt for the VIP tickets, which give you access to an exclusive chill out zone away from the crowds with its own bar area, gourmet food, comfortable seats, upgraded flushing toilet facilities and DJ sets. These tickets will cost you £99 (one day), £185 (two days) or £235 (three days). If you’re local enough you could always make use of the transport links to and from Glasgow but if you’re wanting to properly go all-out with your staycation, book into a hotel in Glasgow. TRNSMT have partnered with hotels across the city to provide great value ticket and accommodation deals. For £260, you can purchase a three day ticket for the full weekend, plus a single room at Glasgow School of Art or if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, you and a friend could stay in a double room at The Grand Central Hotel and buy a weekend ticket, for £402.50 each. There are so many accommodation options in Glasgow to suit every budget, which is why we’d recommend staying in the city if you’re going to TRNSMT. Not only will it feel more like a proper holiday but it’ll mean you don’t need to rush for the last train or

bus home and you can properly explore Glasgow’s bars, restaurants and nightclubs when the festivals finish for the night. Speaking of Glasgow’s best bars and restaurants, whether you’re looking to grab some food before you head to the festival or searching for the best bar to head to afterwards, you’re spoilt from choice in Glasgow. The King Tuts team are likely to be pretty busy with the King Tut’s stage at the festival, which will provide a smaller stage for emerging artists to perform to huge crowds, but we’d still recommend heading in to the legendary venue at some point during your staycation. They offer 20% off food for students, so make sure your bring your student card. Although there will be plenty of food trucks and bars at the festival, which is open from 2pm on Friday and 12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, if you’re looking to explore more of Glasgow’s brilliant food scene, head to West On The Green, in the Templeton Building, before making your way into the festival site. The beer hall-style bar and restaurant offers tours of its working brewery, along with an award-winning German inspired menu using fresh Scottish ingredients. Or if you’re looking for a late-night munch after the festival’s finished, make your way back to the City Centre sharpish and you might just make it to Paesano before it shuts at 12am (on Friday and Saturday nights). The 20 minute walk will be worth it when you’re tucking into one of their pizzas – it’s really no surprise Paesano topped the list of best-rated pizza restaurants in the UK on TripAdvisor earlier this year. If you’re keen on heading straight to a bar after the fun ends at Glasgow Green, head back into the City Centre and make your way to Flat 0/1 on Bath Street. It has student-friendly drink prices, it’s always packed, there’s a very quirky vibe about it and Flat 0/1 has hosted some infamous club nights. We suspect a lot of your fellow TRNSMT festival-goers will be heading here to keep the party going. Or for those of you looking to continue with the indie vibes, head over to Sauchiehall Street and into Firewater. With an indie/rock playlist, a fairly intimate yet bustling vibe at the weekend and very comfy areas to chill with a drink after a long day on your feet at TRNSMT, it’ll appeal to your whole group. Although, if it’s too busy, make your way over to Broadcast, also on Sauchiehall Street, which is generally more roomy and sure to be a great place to keep the party going. Although you might feel like it’s not much of a ‘holiday’ when you’re staying in your own town, having a change of scenery from your own home (without needing to spend a fortune on flights), looking at Glasgow in a new way and having the chance to experience the biggest new musical festival in Scotland is sure to change your mind.

, n o i t a u d a r G r u o Y


and Salted Butter h Warm Rye Bread Soup of the Day wit Popcorn Shrimp Tempura Batter, onut and Coriander and Lime Aioli Crayfish Tails in Coc and Lemon ad Sal f Lea sp Cri served with Bacon Chowder Clam and Smokey Rye Bread served with Warm uton Cro e Goat’s Chees ked Goat’s Cheese, uton topped with BaReduction Cro e och Bri d ste Toa mic lsa Ba and nt pla Grilled Egg


MeatLoaf h Onion Gravy, f Meatloaf with Ric Scottish Prime Bee Grilled Market Vegetables sh Ma Chive The Graduate , Four Cheese with Smokey Bacon Beef Burger toppedtring Fries and Minted Slaw ent cul Suc de ma me Ho ied with Shoes Macaroni accompan ilable) (vegetarian option


ya Deep South Jambalain Long Grain Rice, ce Vegetables bound Chargrilled MarketSouth finished with a Spiced Tomato Sau ep flavours from the De en Supreme Of Chick panied with Fondant Potato, s accom Jus ffed with Mushroom Chicken Breast stu téed Garlicky Greens and a Tarragon Sau


Strawberry Sundae awberry Coulis Chantilly Cream, Str d layere with Fresh s rie ber aw Str sh Fre Oreo Cheesecake Vanilla Ice Cream accompanied with Choc Chip Brownie am h Mint Chip Ice Cre ip Brownie served wit Double Chocolate Ch es ees Ch of ion Select Chutney Oatcakes and Fruit accompanied with

s! e u n e V t a e r G 4




what: KNOCKENGORROCH WORLD CEILIDH when: 25 – 28 May where: Dumfries and Galloway headliners: Max Romeo / Molotov Jukebox / Mouse Outfit / La Dame Blanche / Ed Solo / Zion Train / Deekline / Rura / The Scott Wood Band / Mungo’s Hi Fi / Filastine / Age of Glass

what: HIDDEN DOOR FESTIVAL when: 26 May – 4 June where: Old Leith Theatre. Edinburgh headliners: Anna Meredith / Idlewild / Riot Jazz / Soweto Kinch / Hidden Orchestra / Callum Easter / Kathryn Joseph / Bdy_Prts / Marnie (Ladytron) / Dawanggang / Rival Consoles

what: RIVERSIDE FESTIVAL when: 27 – 28 May where: The Riverside Museum. Glasgow headliners: Sven Vath / Groove Armada / Slam / Optimo / Jackmaster / Detroit Swindle / Jasper James / Paula Temple / Alan Fitzpatrick / Derrick Carter / George Fitzgerald / Nina Kraviz

what: FYNEFEST when: 2 – 4 June where: Fyne Ales Brewery. Argyll headliners: FyneFest brings people together to drink great beer, dance to great music and eat great food in the beautiful surroundings of the brewery estate at the head of Loch Fyne.

Scotland’s festival calendar presents us with a cultural treat, from traditional Celtic music to classical and pop music, in widespread venues the length and breadth of the country and this year’s calendar is as diverse and exciting as always. All the old favourites are there, including some good folk and jazz festivals, along with some new additions to the family. If you appreciate good culture and music, you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking here, whatever your taste may be.

what: EDEN FESTIVAL when: 8 – 11 June where: Raehills Meadows. Dumfries and Galloway headliners: Cat Power / Gogol Bordello / Boney M / Agnes Obel / Alabama 3 / Jungle / Alice Russell / Mala / Admiral Fallow / So Solid Crew

what: KELBURN GARDEN PARTY when: 30 June – 3 July where: Kelburn Castle. Largs headliners: Akala / Mr. Scruff / The Hot 8 Brass Band / Mungo’s Hi Fi / The Mouse Outfit Music. Art. Adventure. Scotland’s most magical music festival.

what: EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL MAGIC FESTIVAL when: 30 June – 8 July where: Edinburgh information: 80 different events across the city from free installations to the world-class Gala show at the Festival Theatre.

what: TRNSMT when: 7 – 9 July where: Glasgow Green. Glasgow headliners: Radiohead / Kasabian / Biffy Clyro / Belle and Subastian / Catfish and the Bottlemen / The 1975 / London Grammar / The Kooks / Two Door Cinema Club / Twin Atlantic

what: HEBRIDEAN CELTIC FESTIVAL when: 19 – 22 July where: Scottish Hebridean Island of Lewis headliners: The Waterboys / Imelda May / Dougie McLean / Lucy Spraggan / Skerryvore / Lau / Peatbog Faeries / C. Mcleod / Lewsi & Leigh / Elephant Sessions / Imar / Tide Lines

what: BUTEFEST when: 29 – 31 July where: King George’s Park. Rothesay headliners: The Wedding Present / The Chair / We Are Scientists / Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 / Elephant Sessions / Gerry Cinnamon / Three Daft Monkeys / Have Mercy Las Vegas

what: BELLADRUM TARTAN HEART FESTIVAL when: 3 – 5 August where: Belladrum Estate. Inverness headliners: Franz Ferdinand / The Pretenders / Sister Sledge / KT Tunstall / First Aid Kit / Birdy / Feeder / Gallagher and Lyle / Young Fathers / Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes / Deaf Havana

what: EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL when: 4 – 28 August where: Edinburgh headliners: The Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival, which in 2016, spanned 25 days and featured 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues.

what: DOUNE THE RABBIT HOLE when: 18 – 20 August where: Cardross Estate. Stirling headliners: Songhoy Blues / Liars / Start to End perform Daft Punk’s Discovery (Live) / Jenny Hval / Roddy Woomble / Steve Davis (Snookerstar DJ) / Dubkasm / Earl Gateshead

what: GROOVE LOCH NESS when: 19 August where: Loch Ness. Inverness headliners: Faithless / Skream / Julio Bashmore / Theo Kottis / Kidnap Kid Scotland’s biggest electronic festival set along the banks of the iconic Loch Ness.

what: MIDSTOCK FESTIVAL when: 1 – 2 September where: Dalkeith Country Park. Midlothian headliners: Feeder / Hot Dub Time Machine / The Skids / Stevie McCrorie / Showaddywaddy / Nipples of Venues / Eugene Twist / Milestone / Arlene Stuart / Grado / The Time Frequency

what: ELECTRIC FIELDS when: 1 – 2 September where: Drumlanrig Castle. Dumfries and Galloway headliners: Frightened Rabbit / Dizzee Rascal / The Jesus and Mary Chain / Band of Horse / Glass Animals / Arab Strap / Anna Meredith



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MAY 2017, ISSUE 32


FRIGHTENED RABBIT On the 1st of September, The Scottish borders will play host to Electric Fields; a two-day festival set in the idyllic grounds of Drumlanrig Castle. Comprising of music, poetry and some of the most mouth-watering catering seen anywhere in Scotland, Electric Fields is a festival with a very unique twist; There’s a homegrown bohemian authenticity about the festival’s ethos, seldom found at other Scottish festivals. True to its inherently diverse nature, the music line-up is as varied as it is impressive. From one of the most acclaimed and revered artists ever produced by grime Dizzee Rascal, to alternative rockers Arab Strap and The Jesus and Mary Chain. There’s also techno, house and disco in the way of Glasgow natives Jackmaster, Dennis Sulta and many more performing on the Sneaky Pete’s stage, rounding off what’s set to be an absolute screamer of a weekend. Sharing the headlining duties with Dizzee Rascal are Scottish indie-folk rockers Frightened Rabbit. Just over a year ago, the band released their fifth studio-record Painting of a Panic Attack to critical acclaim. Whilst their previous effort Pedestrian Verse flirted with the mainstream, Painting of a


Panic Attack really elevated the band’s profile, thrusting them into the public conscience. 2016 saw the band tour the album UK, Europe and even the United States culminating in a sold out threenight residency at Glasgow’s hallowed Barrowland Ballroom. The album was regarded as the band’s most mature album yet, sonically and thematically; a far cry away from the blunt honesty and directness of the band’s previous efforts Sing the Greys and Midnight Organ Fight. On touring Painting of a Panic Attack, drummer Grant Hutchinson concedes the band found it hard introducing the new material to an audience hungry for the cult classics: “It was definitely difficult at first introducing new songs into the set. Going

best crowds in the world. “Generally, any other festival we play at, could be England or California, it’s almost always guaranteed to have good weather. You can’t guarantee good weather here, quite the opposite. It’s usually pissing rain, but folk don’t care. They’ve travelled far and wide and are going to have a great time regardless. The folk are out for a party. Definitely the rowdiest crowds. in, I think we had a few too many songs. I Hutchinson also praised diversity and the think we struggled to find that balance. homegrown element Electric Fields offers: “It’s “It was refreshing for us to play new nice to play these festivals; a bit more alternative, material, but there are certain people who a wee bit less commercial. are always going to be disappointed”. “The line-up’s so coherent with its diversity: But just what can we expect from a you have families going to see Arab Strap Frightened Rabbit festival headline slot at whilst the kids go off to see Dizzee Rascal. Electric Fields? It’s well thought out, not just an unsuccessful “No songs like Poke” claims Grant. “No amalgamation of just random acts. There’s poetry solo acoustics. We want it upbeat the whole with Neu Reekie as well. There’s truly something way through: the big crowd pleasers. Mostly for everyone”. songs about drinking; folk are generally “It’s just nice to make everyone aware there is there for a good time”. life beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh” It’s this hunger for a good time that by Daniel Smith Hutchinson attributes to Scotland having the danielaviemore@hotmail.co.uk




I hope you’re all looking forward to FyneFest this year because it’s shaping up to be a great event. It takes place between 2-4 June 2017 and it only costs £60 per person for a weekend full of good fun, good drink and good food. The tickets will be digital so make sure to print out a copy or have it stored on your phone because you won’t be admitted to the site without presenting a valid ticket. While I’m talking about tickets, FyneFest, taking on board comments from the previous year, is offering tickets at a reduced rate for those living in the local area (Inverary, Furnace, Strachur, Lochgoilhead, Arrochar and Cairndow) those rates are as follows Saturday day tickets for £16.25 and weekend tickets (without camping) for £25. But whether you’re local or not there’s one thing for sure, there’s a lot to do and see this year at FyneFest. There’s plenty on offer for those who like a beer or two, the team at FyneFest do their best to bring a variety of fine drinkables to the event from IPAs to craft beers to lovely glasses of bitter. Basically if you like a drink then there’s something here for you, with cask and keg offerings aplenty. You can’t just buy drinks though, to purchase beer at FyneFest 2017 you need to pick up beer tokens at the token point. There is a bar that does accept cash, that would be the Brewery Tap and they can also provide tokens if you need a top up throughout the event. The tokens generally get you a half pint of beer but the exact amount depends on the style/strength/ availability of the beer. While FyneFest is undeniably about Beer there’s also plenty for those who like to eat. At FyneFest you’ll get to taste a wide range of foods from the local area, from venison burgers, to stovies and pizza. A few big names supplying food are Loch Fyne Oysters, Winston Churchill Venison, The Real Mackay Stovie Co and Ecko Eats. So you’ve been fed and watered but what’s a festival without music and again FyneFest doesn’t disappoint. This year there will be at least three stages for live music Here’s a breakdown of just some of the music for the event: Friday (Bombskare, Josephine Sillars,Acoustic Butterfly, The Fog Artisans and plenty of others). Saturday (Dr Hip & The Blues Operation, Have Mercy Las Vegas, Heron Valley, Bevvy Sister and plenty of others). Sunday (Josephine Sillars, Le Club by Thomas Neil Locarno, Mic Clark and Dr Hip’s @Lonely_Among_Us Wee Sister).



Photo credit: Kate Bones


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

ANNA MEREDITH AND HER INTRICATE APPROACH TO COMPOSITION If you’ve not already checked out Anna Meredith’s mischievous 2016 Scottish album of the year winning Varmints, and you’ve at least a passing interest in your ears then give it a whirl. It’s a mind and body stimulating, bracingly fearless mix of pop, classical, techno and genres undefined. There’s new ideas popping their heads round every crooked corner. It’s easy to imagine album opener ‘Nautilus’ in a horrific trip/dream sequence from a 40’s Disney movie (poor Dumbo) while R-Type leads with it’s Red era Dave Clarke kick and dark synth whirls before giving way to galloping rhythms and intense 80’s arcade style arpeggios. Her music has been played everywhere from the BBC Last Night of the Proms to flashmob bodypercussion performances in the M6 services and she’s constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in sound and space. Definitely one not to miss at this year’s Electric Fields festival.

With Varmints being a move away from your purely classical previous work to a more pop like sound and incorporating electronic instruments did you approach writing it in a different way? I’m not thinking too much about it being electronic or pop. The way that I write all the music is kinda the same, I use the same harmonic and musical building blocks no matter what kind of music I’m writing. I was just using a different set of materials, using electronic instruments instead of just exclusively acoustic instruments. With using electronics as well, it’s not solely that, but in terms of how the materials are approached it’s the same way I’d approach writing something for orchestra or choir or whatever. Increasingly I’m starting to perform more. I did a piece for the Scottish Ensemble last year that was an orchestra but also electronics and visuals so that kind of mix is increasingly becoming part of what I do.

Do you tend to tailor your performances to the space? Initially it was a surprise to me that I would be able to do the same gig each night. I’d basically shaped it before, obviously you’d want to know how long the set was what type of day it is, what kind of gig

it is, I’ll have a think about what the options are. A few times we’ve changed things during the gig and added things and taken things away but there’s generally shape that I think works pretty well that I don’t like to mess about with too much because I think it takes you through the variety of different types of energy.

I was reading a bit about a new piece you’ve been working on called Hum? Yeah it’s finished now but that was an installation at the Barbican’s Curve gallery which is a blacked out space that runs round the back of the Barbican hall. It has 20 students from the Junior Guild Hall school all with these UV lit tubes called whirly tubes that I adapted to different lengths so that they played different chord structures. I’m doing quite a lot of installation pieces just now, I’m quite enjoying these site specific pieces just now where I have to work around a particular space and think in quite broad brush stokes about what’s going to work in a particular environment.

Your approach to writing electronic music seems to be quite different from the way that most people approach it. Yeah well I write the music in Sibelius initially which is classical notation software and that’s where I make sure the actual nuts and bolts work on their own terms and then take the MIDI information out of that and into Ableton and shake it up from there. Also I work a lot with my band to make sure it works and they write their own parts so it’s a multi layered process that we go through which still keeps me in control right the way through. It’s collaborative in that we work on their parts together, I’ll do the main sound but when working out the drum part or the guitar part we’ll work together on their part from a demo I’ve made.

Looking forward from Varmints, what’s next? Will we see a follow up? Starting to think about the new album just now which is a wee bit terrifying but it’s really early stages, working out the musical starting points so that means for me kind of cutting myself off from distractions and focus on what ideas are going to work.




After headlining the first Electric Fields Festival back in 2014, it’s safe to say Fatherson fans will be buzzing to see the Glasgow trio head back for another appearance this September. Since that 2014 performance, the band have gone from strength to strength, picking up an impressive amount of career highlights along the way. There’s the release of their highly-praised second album, Open Book, their headline tour of the UK and Europe earlier this year and not forgetting the sold-out Barrowlands gig last December. We caught up with vocalist Ross Leighton ahead of Electric Fields to chat about the festival, those career highlights and writing about a blade of grass.


Q: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE PLAYING ELECTRIC FIELDS, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING HOW HIGH UP YOU ARE ON THE LINEUP? A: It’s been great to watch it grow up since a good friend of ours Nick Roberts has been in charge of it as well as us having a history with the festival having headlined it a few years ago. It’s been growing into a proper runner in the festival circuit which makes you feel quite proud and the fact so many of our favourite acts like Glass Animals are playing makes it all the better. It’s managing to stand up along the likes of T In The Park and TRNSMT by cornering a specific type of music which is pretty impressive.

Q: SO HOW DID IT FEEL TO HEADLINE AND SELL OUT THE BARROWLANDS RECENTLY? A: Yeah it was pretty much the best day of my life: just one of the most surreal things ever, I can talk about and think about it and it just doesn’t feel real. We’ve always wanted to play the Barras, it was a dream since day one to even play a gig there, but we never imagined that we’d ever sell out a gig there and playing in front of about 2,000 people who know all the words to your tunes. Definitely a career highlight: I had to rewrite my bucket list after that.

Q: WHAT’S THE PROCESS BEHIND YOUR SONGWRITING THEN? A: Writing lyrics is a funny one. At the moment I’m doing a lot of notes writing and I’ll do a wee bit here and there. It really depends if you’ve got a story to tell, the last

album was quite short and quiet where the songs all told a story each whereas at first, we’d just tell a story throughout a record. I can’t really do any of that abstract writing about a blade of grass or any of that.

Q: DOES IT TAKE IT OUT OF YOU TO WRITE ABOUT PERSONAL SUBJECT MATTER? A: Sometimes the thing that reaches the paper is just what happens, a pure stream of consciousness of stuff I’ve just blurted. I’ll look back at it and go *whistles* that’s rough, what were you thinking? When you’re in that way of thinking though it can surprise you even this far into your career and it just makes you want to share it all.

Q: YOU’VE BEEN PART OF THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE FOR A WHILE HAVING HAD YOUR BAND GROW UP IN IT, ARE YOU STILL IN TOUCH WITH IT? A: I still try to keep tabs of what bands are about and all the new faces but I haven’t made the best effort over the past few months because of trips away and such. There’s a lot of great acts like Pronto Mama, who have a new album out right now, and The Great Albatross who are bringing out a lot of new stuff as well. After listening to so much hip-hop, it’s definitely refreshing to come back to the grassroots and see what’s been happening. You can catch Fatherson at Electric Fields in Dumfries on 1 - 2 September, and at Dunbar Day-tripper Festival on 9 September.

by Liam Menzies Twitter:

@blinkclyro www.blinkclyro.com


Advertising Feature

ENHANCE YOUR EMPLOYABILITY WITH A POST GRAD Postgraduate study is the ideal choice for any prospective students keen to enhance their employability in the marketplace and there is a range of exciting postgraduate study options available at University of the West of Scotland (UWS) this September. UWS has full-time, part-time and distance learning opportunities for September 2017 entry in a number of subject areas including Business and Enterprise; Education; Engineering and Computing; Health, Nursing & Midwifery; Media, Culture and Society; and Science. The University’s programmes are designed in partnership with business, industry and the professions. Selected programmes are recognised/ accredited by professional bodies, while others offer opportunities for membership or exemption from professional exams – giving you a competitive advantage which helps enhance your job prospects. For example, our media and culture

programmes have some of the UK’s highest levels of accreditation from Creative Skillset, and other professional bodies such as the Broadcast Journalism Training Council. With teaching delivered by staff who are highly ranked researchers in their field; input from industry experts; and placement opportunities with national and international organisations, your learning experience will be shaped by those working at the forefront of their profession. We work with industry, government and partner organisations to tackle a wide range of exciting and diverse issues critical to

developing technology, improving lives and creating a more equal society in our regions and beyond. Our research activity also informs our teaching and learning to enrich our students’ experience. The University is committed to ensuring the best possible student experience and recent figures show that 98% of UWS postgraduate students are in work or further study 6 months after graduating. Also 91% of postgraduate students at UWS would recommend the University to a friend. UWS is officially recognised in the top Student A5 leaflet 22/2/17 18:13 Page 1 5% of universities worldwide, recently

being featured for the first time in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. UWS is committed to providing student-centred, personalised and distinctive learning and teaching experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research, knowledge exchange and enterprise. SAAS tuition fee loans may be available for selected courses. For further information regarding any of the University’s postgraduate course vacancies this September visit www.uws.ac.uk/pg2017 call 0800 027 1000 or email ask@uws.ac.uk

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IN EDINBURGH & GLASGOW As the university and college year comes to an end, there is one big thing on the minds of final year students, Graduation. While graduation might be straight forward, there is plenty to think about for the best venue for the after-graduation celebrations. Here’s your guide to having the best Graduation in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

EDINBURGH SKY BAR EDINBURGH For students in Edinburgh, there are various Graduation Ball venues, such as SKY Bar Edinburgh. SKY Bar offers stunning views of Edinburgh Castle and of the city skyline. It is located on Bread Street in the city centre, the setting will be sure to make your graduation celebration a memorable one. The bar is only open the first Thursday of every month, making it a very popular place to go when it is open. The bar can accommodate up to 180 guests, and their graduation packages start from £50 and range to £65 per person depending on the package chosen. The silver package includes private hire of the bar, a glass of prosecco upon arrival and a three-course dinner. The gold package, includes a DJ for the night for £55 per person, with the platinum package offering a ceilidh band for the occasion for £60 per person. The most expensive package is the Diamond package which offers both a DJ and a ceilidh band for the night, this costs £65 per person. For more information visit: www.skybaredinburgh.co.uk

THE BALMORAL HOTEL Another option for Edinburgh students is The Balmoral Hotel which is located beside Waverley Station. Boasting many industry awards, it offers a stylish and classy place to celebrate graduation. Their package offer includes a three-course meal and a glass of champagne for £35 per person.

ACANTHUS RESTAURANT Recent graduates can find a cheaper option in the capital at Acanthus Restaurant, who offer graduates a three-course lunch for £20 and a three-course dinner for £25. The restaurant is located opposite the Scottish Parliament and overlooks Arthur’s seat, which makes for a truly stunning atmosphere. Acanthus uses locally sourced ingredients and offers speciality cocktails. This restaurant which is in Edinburgh’s old town is sure to be a hit for a good celebration.

GHILLIE DHU RESTAURANT One more restaurant which could be an alternative is Ghillie Dhu, which offers traditional Scottish cusine. The restaurant is near Princes Street and is easily accessible from Haymarket train station. They offer a three-course meal for £24.95. This restaurant is perfect for those wishing to enjoy some quality Scottish food in an award-winning venue. For those who enjoy a ceilidh, there is one held here every week in their auditorium. For more information, visit their website: www.ghillie-dhu.co.uk Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have plenty of places to go to celebrate graduating in style, so no matter where you choose there will be lots to celebrate!


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

GLASGOW ORAN MOR If celebrating your graduation in a building with character and history appeals to you, Oran Mor could be the very place for you. The building was a church in the 1800s and many of the original features are still present within the building. Oran Mor offers a graduation ball package from £33.95 per person. The minimum number the ball can take is 100 guests and the maximum being 276. The package includes use of the auditorium between 6:00pm – 2:00am, a three-course dinner and a DJ. Oran Mor offers additional items such as pre-dinner canapés from £3.50 and chocolate dipped strawberries for £2.50. There is also a special accommodation offer available this year for grad ball attendees. Any guest can get a 10% discount from Oran Mor’s new 13-bedroom hotel, The Alfred, which is walking distance from Oran Mor.

WEBSTER’S BAR & BISTRO Another option for your graduation meal is Webster’s Bistro on Great Western Road. The bistro is situated close to Kelvinbridge Subway Station and is a popular restaurant for pre-theatre dinner. It offers classic food with main meals such as, twice-cooked pork belly with langoustines on colcannon mash and a beef trio of ox tail wellington, rolled ox cheek and beef fillet served with potato dauphinoise in a beef jus. For more information about what Webster’s has to offer, visit: www.bistro. webstersglasgow.com

COTTIERS RESTAURANT For recent graduates who wish to celebrate with a meal then there are many different restaurants offering special menus. If you favour the West End of Glasgow, Cottiers restaurant and bar offers Graduation menus. The building is a church conversion containing a theatre, bar, restaurant and wedding venue, surrounded by a garden with stone terraces for eating outside. They offer a three-course lunch or dinner and a glass of champagne for between £23.95 – £26.95. Graduation lunch and dinner will be available every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on any Monday or Tuesday which coincides with a College or University Graduation date. If you want to book Cottiers Restaurant for your special day call 0141 357 5825 or email bar@cottiers.com

THE HILTON GLASGOW Another option for a venue is The Hilton Glasgow. The hotel is close to the SECC and The Hydro and is located within the city centre. The venue can hold up to 60 people in their riverside suites and 120 people in their ballroom. The Hilton offers two different graduation packages. The cheapest is £32 per person and entitles you to a three-course meal, red carpet arrival and a cash bar. The other option is very similar to the first but with a glass of house wine with the meal and a DJ thrown in, this option is available for £38 per person. As with many graduation packages, upgrades can be added such as cocktails on arrival for £5 and balloon centrepieces for £4 per table.

by Amy McGhee amymcghee17@icloud.com






Looking for your first job and something to put in your CV? Don’t worry. There are lots of ways to build up your experience before you have to go into the world of work. Here are some ways you can build up your CV and experiences to make yourself more employable.










MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

WORK ON YOUR CV When writing a CV, you need to make sure you keep improving and updating the CV document. You should focus on the way you are presenting the information to an employer. Make sure the layout is correct. The most important and recent information should stand out on your CV as this is the first thing the employer will see. Your qualifications and experience should be obvious as the employer doesn’t know you. Your CV should include information relative to the job you are applying for. Think about improving the appearance of the document to make it more eyecatching, but don’t change too much of the layout. Try to show your CV to people in your workplace or on your course to get feedback on the impression it produces. You should also think about developing your CV by improving the content. Your CV is important for giving an employer a great first impression of you as a worker.

DEVELOP NEW SKILLS Once you have worked out how to enhance your CV, you might find that you need to develop new skills or areas of expertise in order to achieve your goals. This could mean going on training or professional development courses. There are many different courses on offer. Choose

something that you will enjoy and that will be useful in your future career or job. You could also consider volunteering or an internship. It is a great way of getting new skills and of helping a charity or local organisation. And it will really enhance your CV and give you a sense of self-worth during a difficult time of unemployment. Future employers will look favourably on someone who thinks outside the box to try to develop their workplace skills.

CHANGE YOUR JOB APPLICATION PATTERN Perhaps you have got into a rut with your job applications. You might have sent out so many applications that they start to blur after a while and you forget exactly how many you sent and where to. While you might change your application slightly for each job to tailor it to the job specification, you might still rely on a cover letter and personal statement that was written months ago. You should try starting again from scratch. How would you sell your experience and skills now? It is also important to consider the types of job you are applying for. Perhaps you are applying for too narrow a range of positions and could consider alternative roles. Open up your options; you might not land your

dream job on the first go but getting any job is better than nothing due to the experience you can gain. Or maybe the opposite problem could be true. Are you using a ‘scattergun’ approach and applying for too many jobs when you would be better applying for positions only in your field? You should try narrowing it down to a few certain fields making it easier to keep track of your applications.

DO A MOCK INTERVIEW Doing mock interviews is a great way to get ready for that real interview you have coming up. It will give you the chance to rehearse some of your answers to challenging interview questions and hopefully you will get some positive feedback on your performance. You may also notice some things you are doing during the mock interview, like fidgeting. Noticing these bad habits before your interview will give you a chance to learn to control them or stop them completely. Perhaps you haven’t had an interview for a while, or are changing careers and are unsure of the interviewing format for a new job. Doing a mock interview will give you more confidence and help you know what to do when the real interview comes. You need to find someone supportive (a current colleague, teacher, lecturer or even

a parent) who will take the exercise seriously and is willing to act as the interviewer. The more you practice the better you will become. Practice makes perfect as they say!

IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION In a world where everyone is online in one way or another it’s no surprise that the majority of employers will check your online reputation by Googling your name. They may also scan your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media profiles you have to find out more about you. This is an area where many potential employees let themselves down. Go through every online profile you have and make sure there’s nothing there which will portray you in a negative light. You should also make sure that no-one else has posted anything that might show you in a negative way. A thing to think about when going through your social media is never to post anything you wouldn’t be happy with your Mum seeing! It’s also important to have an up-to-date online presence and websites such as LinkedIn are a good way to find new jobs. Check your profile regularly and keep your CV updated so potential employers can see it.

by Keira McLean Twitter:

@KeiraMclean_xo k.mclean@tsaglasgow.com



How To

Eat Well Away From Home When you’re used to opening the fridge and seeing it restocked each week with the essentials that your parents somehow know to buy, it’s pretty daunting when you move out and have to not only try and make a shopping list but to come up with, and stick to, a budget. We know all too well the feeling of moving out, needing to fill the fridge and feeling totally unprepared as you wander the aisles of your local supermarket confused about what exactly you need and how much it should all cost. That’s why we’ve explored the three main things to consider before your shop: recipe planning, budgeting and ethical shopping. Read on for our top tips.

PLANNING Ever find yourself feeling really skint but have no clue what you’ve spent your money on because you’ve got nothing to show for it? Let’s think back to all those takeaways – you know what we’re talking about. The £10 spends here and there on junk food add up – in fact the 2015 BBC Good Food Survey found that although 16-24 year olds earn the least, they spend an average of £63.65 each week on food, compared with the typical spend of £53.70 for adults, with £19.61 on takeaways alone. According to the survey, one of the likely reasons for young people wasting their cash on takeaways is due to their lack of cooking skills, it found that the average 16-24 year old only knows how to cook four recipes. If you’re reading this thinking that knowing four recipes is impressive and wouldn’t know where to begin with cooking a proper, healthy meal head to www.nowcookit.co.uk.

The website is run by the Co-op in partnership with SORTEDfood, with the aim of addressing the cooking skills gap. It offers cooking tips and advice on everything from boiling pasta to building your own pizza. There are also loads of great and easy recipes on the website with options for every meal of the day, After you’ve had a look through some of the recipes, pick a few you’d like to make throughout the week. Once you’ve made a few and have built your confidence, you’ll

According to the 2015 BBC Good Food Survey the average 16-24 year old only knows how to cook four recipes

soon realise that cooking for yourself isn’t just cheaper than spending your SAAS on takeaways, but it’s also healthier and if you’ve got a few friends round to help it can also become quite fun if you all pitch in. When you’ve decided what you’re going to be making throughout the week, make a meal diary and take a note of all the ingredients you’ll need and add them to your shopping list. Make sure you’re being as economically efficient as possible – don’t add random notes to your list like ‘snacks’, make sure you stick to only what you need for your pre-planned meals. Also, we’d recommend having a nicely stocked spice cupboard, adding various spices can make such a difference to your meals.

BUDGETING Speaking of being economically efficient, if you’ve now realised you’re an ‘average student’ spending around £20 each week on takeaways, think how much you could be saving instead. Learn how to cook a good few recipes, save that £20 each week and within a year you’ll have saved over £1,000, doesn’t that sound nice? If we’re still sticking to calculating your food spend based on the average student, that would mean you’re left with £44 to spend each week on food, which is totally unnecessary – you don’t need to blow so much of your SAAS on eating well. Considering the average UK family weekly food and nonalcoholic drinks shop costs £56.80, according to a recent Office of National Statistics survey, and you’re just buying for yourself, you should be able to get your weekly shopping in for much less than £44.


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

Take advantage of your student status and head to your local Co-op Food Store, where you’ll save 10% on groceries, drinks and household products if you have a Young Scot Card – which is free for anyone aged 11-25 and living in Scotland. If you’ve not got a card yet, you can apply here: www.young.scot/the-young-scot-card/ You can save even more when shopping at Co-op Food Stores by signing up to the Co-op membership scheme, which according to the retailer could provide combined savings of nearly £7.5 million, while also earning £300,000 for good causes. The membership*, which has a one-off fee of just £1, rewards members with 5% back when buying own-branded products and services and it donates a further 1% to local causes, community groups and charities. Just remember, the membership scheme is only available in Coop Group Food stores. John McNeill, Regional Stores Director for The Cooperative Food in Scotland said of the student savings: “Young people are facing increasing financial pressures, and by working with Young Scot to develop this initiative we’ve found a way to help them make their money go further while being able to shop conveniently. “We’re a community retailer, with Co-op Food stores across the length and breadth of Scotland, and by offering a discount to Scotland’s young people we’re giving them a great incentive to make good, healthy choices about the food they eat.” Although it’s always great to receive discounts on your shopping, it’s even better when your shop was cheap to begin with. Cut your food shop costs by sticking to the meal diary we spoke about earlier and visit your local Co-op Food Store for the fresh ingredients you require throughout the week. Also, remember that own-brand products are generally always cheaper than regular brands and they usually taste as good – if not better – than the branded items. There’s also that nice 5% reward on own-brand products at Co-op, which you can then use to save money on future shops – just don’t forget your membership card!

ETHICAL SHOPPING When you’re feeling confident in your ability to plan your meals and buy in all the ingredients for a student-friendly price, it’s time to start looking at how you can help not just yourself, but the environment. Did you know, an estimated 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink waste was disposed of in Scotland in 2013? And according to WRAP

The average person throws away around £200 worth of food each year in the UK (the Waste and Resources Action Programme), the average person throws away around £200 worth of food each year in the UK. Which means not only are we throwing away perfectly good food but we’re wasting money which could be spent better elsewhere, and all this wastage has serious impacts on the environment. Most of the food we waste will end up in landfills, where it will decay and produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change.

Key reasons for the amount of food wastage occurring include: cooking too much, incorrect storage and not understanding dates. Most people aren’t aware that the ‘best before’ date is about quality, not safety. You can still eat after this date, it just might not be at it’s best. However, the ‘use by’ date is important. Food can be eaten and most can be frozen up until the use by date but not after. Although it’s important to be aware of how much food you’re wasting in your own home and to try and cut down your wastage, you should start paying attention to what and where you buy from. Try to buy your shopping from somewhere that’s really trying to help reduce Scotland’s food wastage, such as the Co-op which supports WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste Campaign. To help make a difference, Co-op offer regular articles in their free in-store magazine about reducing food waste, along with tips on using up ingredients from the recipes and new labels on packaging which offer information to help avoid waste – they were the first in the UK to introduce storage instructions on loose produce bags. Also, on the back of staples such as rice and pasta the Co-op provides clear instructions on the correct portion sizes, very handy for those of us with eyes bigger than our bellies. Aside from their efforts to reduce wastage, the Co-op are also the UK’s largest convenience seller of Fairtrade products and since 2009 over 250,000 people have benefited from Co-op projects including the creation of schools, technical colleges and tea co-ops. In early 2017, Co-op also became the first UK retailer to commit to using only Fairtrade cocoa in its products. So if you’re looking to make an effort to buy Fairtrade products, along with saving money on your shopping, the Co-op have a shop in every postal district in the UK, meaning their ethical and studentbudget friendly products are accessible for everyone.




Summer is almost upon us once again! The mornings are that little bit brighter, the mercury is slowly creeping higher, spring lambs are frolicking in the meadows, and the grim spectre of exam stress is now lurking just around the corner. Once you’ve overcome those dreaded end-of-semester assessments, you’re perfectly entitled to kick back, enjoy some cold beverages, and enjoy the summer sun. With this in mind, here’s some of the best spots in Glasgow and Edinburgh to have a celebratory drink this summer.





The Cowgate is home to perhaps the most famous Edinburgh beer garden; The Three Sisters. It almost seems an oversight to describe The Three Sisters as a bar, as it’s more of a hub of activity, spread across several areas. On top of the beer halls and rooms that can be hired for functions, there’s the impressive courtyard. During festival season in August, expect this area to be crammed with tourists and people handing out leaflets.

Just within spitting distance of the Strathclyde student union, you’ll find the Ark. It’s the perfect stepping stone between the university and the city centre, with one of the biggest beer gardens in central Glasgow. Here you can try a broad selection of beers, wines and cocktails as well as decent food, all whilst controlling the music on the stereo. Worth remembering that although the Ark has a big beer garden, it’s also next to a big university next door, so it gets busy.



If you find yourself on the West edge of the Meadows in need of a stylish tipple, you’ll be in the right neighbourhood to check out The Blackbird Bar and Restaurant. If you’re in the mood for a modern twist on traditional Scottish cuisine, then the Blackbird is the place for you. They also offer an extensive drinks menu featuring exclusive cocktails for every occasion, and a glorious outdoor patio featuring artwork from the street artist Mr Doodle!

For those of you in the West End of Glasgow, there are few places that can offer a beer garden with the scenery of Kelvinbridge’s Inn Deep. Not only a great bar, but also a great spot for food, Inn Deep quite fittingly sits on the edge of the River Kelvin at the point where the river winds into Kelvingrove Park. Be on the look-out for cyclists and dog walkers following the path that runs along the main entrance to the bar!



Along the city’s iconic Grassmarket, in the shadow of Edinburgh castle, there’s a row of pubs and bars that attract tourists and visitors throughout the year. If you’re looking for a nice spot when the sun’s out, be sure to try the BeeHive Inn. Like much of Edinburgh’s old town, tradition reigns supreme, and the BeeHive does a great job of invoking a traditional London pub. There’s seating both out the front and back, so you can make sure you’re always in the sun throughout the day.

If you’ve been in any bar in Scotland over the last couple of years, you’ll have seen that the country is in the midst of a craft beer phenomenon. The likes of the Brewdog and Drygate have put Scotland on the map as a leader of these fine ales and beers. If you want a proper taste of the latter in appropriate surroundings, take a stroll down to the brewery that sits just a two minute walk from Glasgow Cathedral to the East of the city. There’s always a buzzing atmosphere of a summer’s evening, and plenty of heated areas for when the sun goes down.



For those looking to get in the craft beer act on the East coast, the Hanging Bat on Lothian Road cuts out all the clutter and offers straight up beers and lagers. The trendy interior reflects the in vogue drinks behind the bar, and if you’re lucky, you’ll grab one of the seats that sits at street level outside the front door. It’s the perfect spot to sit with a fine ale and contemplate the impending summer while people make their way up and down the street.

This one is a little out of left field, but the Village Hotel is the perfect spot if you’re going to a show at the Hydro, or are planning on spending an evening across the river in Finnieston once the sun has disappeared. Along with a cracking bar that’s somewhat undiscovered, you can also take advantage of the £1 burger with any drink deal that’s on every Friday, all within view of the regenerated Clyde.

THE STREET If you find yourself in the Edinburgh New town, you’ll be hard pressed to find a sleeker and cooler bar than The Street on Picardy Place. Cocktails, beers, wines, pitchers and shooters. The Street has all of it, set in a modern, funky interior. Outside, there’s a sizeable seating area for you to enjoy your fancy drinks and soak up the unique atmosphere offered by this great pub.

THE ROYAL DICK To the East of the city’s Meadows area, you’ll find the arts and events venue, Summerhall. Throughout the festival period, this space hosts dozens and dozens of events and acts, representing the best in the arts community. Part of the venue, that was once a small animal hospital, has been converted into a bar called The Royal Dick (no giggling at the back!). The inside has been creatively furnished to give the place a strong sense of character, and the bar offers a wide array of drinks, including gin from their next door neighbour; the Pickering’s Gin Distillery. There’s a large outside seating area off the street that keeps you separate from nearby traffic, and is the perfect place to unwind with a cool G&T.

THE RUM SHACK For the discerning drinker wanting to stay south of the river, there’s plenty of bars and hotspots in the city’s up and coming Shawlands area. One of the trendy bars that’s worth checking out is The Rum Shack. If you’re looking for something beyond the usual beer and wine fayre, you won’t be disappointed. Taking inspiration from the Caribbean, the drinks menu is full of rums and cocktails and there’s also jerk chicken dishes on offer. The beer garden is sizeable and catches the sun for most of the day.

BIER HALLE Where the Rum Shack might be for those fond of spirits, if you’re in the market for beers, lagers, and ales the Bier Halle on Gordon Street is where you want to be. Popular among the local student population for its famous two for one pizza deals, the seating area for the Bier Halle extends part of the way along Gordon Street, in front of TGI Fridays. It’s the perfect spot to do some people watching. Like what you’ve seen above? Think we’ve missed an undiscovered gem? Let us know by tweeting us @TSA_Newspaper

by Lynne Robertson bordersandburpees@gmail.com


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

THE SOUTH SIDE’S BIGGEST FESTIVAL RETURNS The Southside Fringe Festival offers arts and literary events and runs between 12th – 28th May and will include new venues this year such as, Gallery 53 and Skyline Barbers. Corinna, who oversees the festival’s programme explains “We have close to 200 listings in the programme this year. Our programme is a mix of art, music, heritage, theatre, spoken word, literature, cabaret and this year we’ve introduced a literary element. We have two flagship outdoor events programmed the first is Art on the Park on May 13th at the Art Park, House for an Art Lover. This is also the launch of Southside Salon, a two week exhibition dedicated to the Southside and will be accompanied by an art market, live

entertainment, workshops and a bar will be available as well as a bar on site. It’s shaping up to be a great day. The last weekend of the festival 27th and 28th May, we’re taking over Queen’s Park Arena, the redeveloped bandstand in Queen’s park. Saturday we have an afternoon of unplugged music there and Inhouse will be launching the weekend with their plans for the summer programme of events at the outdoor venue. Sunday sees the close of the festival with a variety of acts, food and drink will also be available and expect a few surprises over that weekend!” The festival also aims to help the south side of Glasgow by getting local businesses involved. Corinna explains “We engaged with local businesses in 2012 to ask them

MACARONI FEST PASTAVAL IS BACK AT SOUTHSIDE FRINGE They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, but can you imagine what a Saturday spent tasting some of the best mac and cheese in the Southside would bring? We’re imagining pure and utter joy, so that’s why we’ll be heading to the McIntosh Pastaval on Saturday 20 May. The event, which is part of the Southside Fringe Festival and is run by the Foodie Explorers, in association with McIntosh of Strathmore, allows mac and cheese fans to sample and score various Southside restaurant’s offerings of the cheesy delight,

before a winner is crowned. One half of the Foodie Explorers, Emma Mykytyn, explained to TSA how the event works: “Bring yourself along to McIntosh Pastaval HQ which is at The Butterfly and The Pig South to pick up your mac and cheese appreciation pack. Then, using the map inside, make your way around the competing venues tasting their mac and cheese. “Mark your scores and thoughts down on your scorecard and once you have visited all of the venues bring the scorecard back

how a festival would best benefit the Southside. From this we developed the festival as being venue based. We match event producers up to and introduce them to venues. The ethos behind the festival is that local businesses invest by paying an annual registration fee. We hope via these mediums and any press attracted to promote the venues in the Southside, giving a consolidated voice and aiming to boost footfall and bring new people in to the area.” The festival boasts several interesting events, as Corinna explains, “Our highlights this year include Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5 playing the opening weekend at the O2 Academy on the eve of the 13th. A must for all students, they’re a great fun band. Pastaval on May the 20th will also be a firm favourite with lovers of Mac n Cheese.” The festival organisers believe the events will be a hit with students, “We’re fairly sure

to base. We will then input the scores into to our system to find out who is the winner. We need the scorecards to be returned to count up the votes. Each card returned is entered into a draw for some fabulous prizes such as a meal for two at Buddy’s and a McIntosh Hamper.” Confirmed restaurants for the 2017 McIntosh Pastaval include The Butterfly And The Pig, Buddy’s Diner, Millbrae Hill Cafe, The Bungo and Waverley Tea Room. Previous winners have included The Butterfly and The Pig (2015) and the Waverley Tea Rooms (2014). However, according to Emma one of the newcomers could scoop the ‘suitably cheesy trophy’ prize. She said: “I think it’s going to be a tough fight. Newcomers Millbrae Hill Cafe will be

restaurant is home to arguably the best macaroni cheese in the city. It also hosts the monthly Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club night, where mac and cheese fans can gather and sample three specially selected ‘MACnificient’ macaroni dishes and one SMAC mystery mac recipe.

of sightseeing planned in Edinburgh, make a quick stop at The Piemaker on South Bridge. Take one of their cheap and cheerful macaroni cheese filled pies to go and enjoy all the city has to offer, we bet you go back for another.

CAFE GANDOLFI – Based in the Merchant

cheese as a filling in your burger, you can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been missing. It’s a whole new burger experience and one you need to try out. We recommend trying Lewbowski’s offering, it consists of mac and cheese, mozzarella, bacon fritter and bacon jam, how mouth-watering does that sound?

THE ADMIRAL – If the Foodie Explorers

Online Editor


wanting to show what they are made of and I’m sure that The Butterfly and The Pig South will want to keep their crown.” As for the Foodie Explorer’s personal favourite mac and cheese spots in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Emma said: “You can’t beat the mac and cheese at The Admiral in Glasgow city centre. In Edinburgh it has to be Teuchtars Landing for us, mac and cheese in a mug!” Tickets are £10 per person and are available to buy via www.foodieexplorers. co.uk from 1st May 2017. If reading this has left you in the mood for decent mac and cheese and you can’t wait until 20 May, here’s a few of our favourite restaurants with top quality macaroni cheese in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


City, Glasgow, this is another favourite for food lovers of Mac ‘n’ Cheese. They use locally sourced ingredients, adding an edge to their serving. Their portion comes as part of the Cafe Standard Menu, and the dish is served in a Mull cheddar sauce which gives it that extra stringy taste to enjoy.


by Amy McGhee



SLOANS – Glasgow’s oldest bar and

by Courtney Hendry

students will enjoy our music programme, lots of great gigs to be seen, but there really is something for all tastes from photography exhibitions, literary open mics to heritage talks. There are also opportunities for any students who want to do volunteer work at the festival, as Corinna explained, “Inhouse are currently working on engaging students to help with the delivery of programmed events at Queen’s Park Arena, they are especially looking for design and journalism students to volunteer over the summer. Students can come along and find out more at QPA at midday on Saturday the 27th of May.” For those interested in attending any of the festivals events, some are free, however some are ticketed, which can be paid at the door. For more information about any of the festivals events visit: www.southsidefringe. com

recommend, we know it must be delicious and with five different versions of macaroni cheese on offer, The Admiral is definitely worth a visit. The delicious choices include: classic macaroni, caramelised leek and chicken, sun blushed tomato and basil, chipolte and three little pigs.

THE PIEMAKER – If you’ve got a busy day

LEBOWSKIS – If you’ve never had mac and

MUM’S GREAT COMFORT FOOD – If you’re craving that proper ‘home cooked’ feel, head over to Mum’s Great Comfort Food on Forest Road. Their dish is made with spring onions, cheddar cheese and Applewood smoked cheese and is raved about online. The friendly service is also constantly commented on, so head here when you’re in need of a decent meal and a friendly smile.




“Why isn’t honey vegan? Don’t bees have to make honey to survive? Why can’t we eat it?”, “What about eggs, would you eat eggs if you owned the chickens and knew they were happy and healthy?”, “Isn’t being vegan so expensive?” – these are just a few of the random, fairly stupid, questions I’ve asked during my frequent chats about veganism with my vegan colleague, Kenny. Every time we spoke, I found myself feeling more and more curious about veganism, which is why after I moved out and suddenly became responsible for exactly what food I was buying and eating – and could no longer blame my eating habits on whatever my mum stocked the family home fridge with – I decided to challenge myself to adopt his diet for a week.

Philly Cheese Steak and the Seitan Worshipper Burger at The Flying Duck

k c u D g n i y l F THE








!!!! ! ! d d n n e e i i r r F F a TTeellll a




0 1 4 1 5 6 4 1 4 5 0 theflyingduck.org

Now I’ll admit, I eat a lot of meat. Sorry, let’s make that I ate a lot of meat, but we’ll get back to that later. Most of the meals I have are based around meat, especially chicken – I eat a lot of chicken. I generally think of the meat first and build the rest of the plate based around that, so the thought of cutting meat out of my diet was really confusing, what would I have for my dinner? Just salad? Fruit? You’ll be glad to hear that no, I didn’t spend a week just munching on lettuce leaves – that’s not what veganism is about. Vegans have a wide, varied diet – they just don’t eat anything made from an animal. So no meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), honey or eggs – although there’s quite a lot more to it than that. If you’re looking for an exact definition, according to The Vegan Society, veganism is: “a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” The Vegan Society also revealed that in 2016, research found that there are over half million vegans in the UK, which has increased hugely since the last estimate of 150,000 ten years ago. With so many more vegans living in the UK, the veganfriendly product choices available are constantly on the rise too.

However, although I did my research, knew what options were available and felt committed to trying veganism, I didn’t really know where to begin. But I soon discovered how handy it is having a vegan colleague sitting right across from you, Kenny helped me source some vegan friendly foods, with Bute Island Foods donating so many interesting varieties of ‘sheese’ and Sgaia providing enough ‘Mheat’ to keep me going right through the week. Although these generous donations helped tremendously, doing my usual weekly shop was daunting. I filled the basket with fruit and veg (so far so good), then a few tins of beans, bread, rice, vegetable soup and pasta for lunches during the week and then it came to snacks, my ultimate weak-point in life, and I added salted popcorn, fruity ice-lollies and Fry’s Peppermint Creams (all vegan friendly). Admittedly these aren’t the healthiest vegan snacks on the market but for the purpose of a oneweek experiment, the snacks kept me going. Day one officially began on Monday, where I mixed the ‘Smoked Cheddar Style’ sheese, through a bag of macaroni pasta, which made around four portions. To me, it tasted exactly like Kraft Cheesy Pasta (that famous wee red box we’ve all had at some point), and I was very pleasantly surprised and considered my first official vegan meal was a success. However, my partner, Bruce (who decided to eat vegan dinners with me to save the hassle of making two different meals, but didn’t stick to veganism strictly during the day), wasn’t quite as keen – which meant another two and a half portions for me throughout the week. Although we had plenty of vegan options for dinner stocked up in the fridge, with an ‘original steak’, ‘aromatico’ and ‘fragrante’ burgers, ‘streaky bacon rashers’, ‘herbed roast’ and other ‘mheats’ from Sagia, I felt a bit lost when it came to breakfast, my usual roll and sausage from Greggs was definitely out the window. I tend to grab something quickly in the morning, usually a bowl of cereal with


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

a sliced banana through it, and have a larger lunch and dinner, with a few snacks throughout the day. However, after trying a few alternatives to cow’s milk I decided I wasn’t keen on any and stuck to having a cinnamon and raisin bagel (with some of Kenny’s vegan butter which I was helping myself to), or a glass of the Alpro Chocolate Soya milk, which is my favourite find from vegan week, with a banana.

and paired with sweet potato chips, became one of our favourite meals of the week. I had the ‘Fragrante’ burger, which is made with golden peaches, rosemary and cinnamon, and made the ‘Aromatico’ burger for Bruce – which I definitely preferred. The Fragrante was unusual but a bit too sweet for me, however the Aromatico was perfect and went so well with the sweet potato chips.

On Tuesday, we went to a vegan restaurant for the first time, opting for The Flying Duck, on Renfield Street, who made us two of the best milkshakes I’ve tasted in a long time, seriously don’t leave The Flying Duck without trying the chocolate milkshake.

Using some leftover pasta from earlier in the week, we also decided to cook the Sgaia original steak and cut that up and spread it through the pasta with a tomato and basil sauce and plenty of veg, which went down very well. I think when you’re starting out with eating substitutes, it’s maybe easier to make that transition by using a lot of other flavours from sauces or spices, we barely noticed it was ‘mheat’.

I’d been told by a few sources to try the macaroni cheese but after making it the night before, I decided to branch out and opted for the Philly Cheese Steak (seitan steak, cheese, fried onion and bell pepper) and Bruce tried the Seitan Worshipper Burger (Jalapenos, Chili, Cheese, ‘hawt sauce’). I think going into this vegan week, we naively expected the alternatives we ate to taste exactly like our usual burgers and steaks, and maybe some do but everything we tasted definitely didn’t, but that’s not a criticism of the food.

Despite having no plans and having planned out meals for every night of the week, it ended up being a really busy week so unfortunately the rest of our meals weren’t as exciting. I went for more mac and cheese, this time using the Cheddar style sheese with caramelised red onion, which I didn’t enjoy as much as when it was made with the smoked cheddar style sheese.

Although we were both very aware that we weren’t eating meat, we were surprised at how good the substitutes actually were and polished off as much of the massive portions as we could. Aside from loving the food and milkshakes, we’d go back to The Flying Duck purely for the atmosphere, we visited on a Tuesday night and it was fairly quiet but we loved how chilled out this quirky, understated restaurant is and plan to head there again with a group of friends to take advantage of the board games.

I also made a salad, using the Greek style ‘Sheese’ from Bute Island Foods, with some of the Sgaia herbed roast mixed through it, which sorted me for lunch and dinner, and I also fell back on good old beans on toast, with the cheddar style sheese spread, when I was in need of some comfort food. The only meal I messed up was my attempt at making rolls and bacon on Saturday morning, I burnt them to a crisp, which was gutting as we were both hungover and looking forward to a roll and bacon, but a cinnamon and raisin bagel sufficed.

After having a brilliant vegan meal cooked for us, we were nervous about making dinners again the rest of the week, my cooking abilities aren’t much to boast about, so when it came to cooking the ‘Mheat’ provided by Sgaia, I wasn’t feeling confident. Luckily the burgers were simple to cook

Although I did really enjoy all of our meals, I found myself feeling more tired than usual the next morning and after re-introducing meat haven’t experienced this. I know that it was likely due to my body adjusting to something new and that if I stuck at it, the tiredness would soon be replaced

by a new-found energy. I haven’t however introduced much dairy back into my diet, I’ve had dairy-free months before and now feel I could go without it, I’ve also found that eating less dairy helps keep my skin troubles under control. After my research during this vegan week about the cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industries (I’ll let you decide whether you want to read more about this, it’ll really make you think twice), I want to make a conscious effort to reduce my consumption – I couldn’t believe that nearly 60 billion animals are killed each year, with the majority raised in crowded, awful factory farms. After speaking with Kenny about feeling guilty eating meat again, he advised checking out the Meat-Free Monday Cookbook, which I’ve now bought and hope will teach me some new cooking skills, along with helping to reduce how much meat my partner and I eat. This concept of having meat-free days is what I’ve taken away from this weeklong experiment. The evidence of not just the environmental benefits, but the benefits to our own health are too important to ignore: a 2010 study by Oxford University’s department of public health found that eating meat no more than three times a week could prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from strokes, as well as save the NHS £1.2 billion in costs each year. Now, when I’m planning dinners for the week ahead, my mind doesn’t automatically go to the meat first like I did before. I’ve been looking at different vegan options I can try making for dinner and I’m excited to finally use my crock-pot for some of them. I hope that instead of just sticking to meat-free Mondays, we’ll be able to introduce more meat-free days into our diets but for now I feel happy that this change will be a positive one and allows us to make a small contribution towards protecting the environment, whilst also embracing a healthier lifestyle. by Courtney Hendry Online Editor



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The plight of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya has reached new heights as Chechen police are reportedly urging parents to kill their gay children, according to survivor testimony from one man held in a “gay torture camp” in the country. Authorities have reportedly been telling parents of gay men to “sort it out” or the state will intervene, the victim, who has not been identified, claimed. An independent Russian newspaper reports that as many as 100 men have been rounded up by Chechen police with unspecified numbers being killed. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesman called the report “absolute lies and disinformation” and suggested there are, in fact, no homosexuals in the Muslim-majority region. He continued to contend that “If there were such people in Chechnya, the law-enforcement organs wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning.” The arrests allegedly began after gay rights group GayRussia.ru applied for permits for gay pride parades, which were denied. But why is Chechnya inherently homophobic and how are human rights violations being permitted? Chechnya is a predominantly Muslim and highly conservative society; homophobia is subsequently far-reaching and homosexuality remains a contentious concept. Following two separatist armed conflicts in the 1990s, Chechnya became increasingly conservative under the leadership of President Akhmad Kadyrov and his son Ramzan, head of the Chechen Republic. In Chechnya, as in other southern Russia regions, Vladimir Putin “has empowered local leaders to enforce their interpretation of traditional Muslim values, partly in an effort to co-opt Islamist extremism, which has largely been driven underground.” LGBT+ people

by Jonny Stone @jonny_stone_ j.stone@tsaglasgow.com

are particularly vulnerable to honour killings by their own relatives for tarnishing family honour, with prison sentences often shortened or dismissed in the event that such murders can be performed. The Kremlin has supported denials of an antigay purge, contending that it has no information to back research carried out by journalists and human rights organisations. Aside from demonstrating the importance of demonstration and democracy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in a joint press conference asked Putin “to utilise his influence to protect these minority rights.” Gay rights activists in Russia have helped organise an emergency contact centre which gay people in Chechnya can reach out to securely to get help with evacuation, but when activists and journalists face persecution and death themselves in this campaign against gay people, how are these people expected to be protected? What is so frustrating is the feeling of powerlessness in being able to protect our LGBT+ community in danger, especially when homophobic violence and sentiment is so deeply engrained in Chechen and Russian society. Amnesty International, however, present a petition to call out the Chechen government on the persecution of people who are, as they put it, of “non-traditional orientation”, and urge immediate action to ensure their safety. At time of print, the campaign needs 29,936 more signatures. Furthermore, using social media to keep the story in public consciousness is vital: too often, stories of human rights violation slip off the radar when news outlets move onto the next story. This is too important to forget about; sharing articles, petitions and reminders of Chechen persecution can keep the issue in the public eye, where it belongs. We must also put pressure on the British government to offer asylum to those who wish to flee Chechnya amidst this persecution. These stories of kidnapping, torture and murder under a permissive government are harrowing. In 2017, we have achieved much progress in achieving gender and sexual equality, but we must offer any support we can to ensure the lives of our community worldwide are protected.

Listen. I know I wax lyrical about gay icons in this column. But I spent my childhood obsessing over the queen of queens, Debbie Harry. She’s number one. Eternally youthful, queen of punk and truly trailblazing, she has been the derivative of all my favourite artists. From Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson to Courtney Love and Madonna, Harry’s influence on art and music is far-reaching and I’ve been hooked for as long as I can remember. Credit to my parents for playing Parallel Lines as a staple Sunday dinner record. Blondie returns (though do they ever really leave?) with their first album in six years, Pollinator, continuing the band’s traditional flirtation with multiple genres – pop, house, disco, rock. The band is often overlooked in crossing musical boundaries throughout their career (fun fact: ‘Rapture’ was the first rap song to reach number one in America), and somehow manages to retain a quintessential sound we associate with them. Their back catalogue, with singles like ‘Hanging on the Telephone,’ ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Maria,’ can be radically eclectic. The band collaborated with the likes of Sia, Charlie XCX and Johnny Marr to showcase a diverse, hookheavy roster of tracks. Album highlights include ‘Long Time,’ which feels like the power pop/rock we expect from the band, with a middle eight that makes lifts you up and breaks your heart simultaneously. Harry sounds as effortlessly cool as ever. Lead single ‘Fun’ brings Blondie back to disco, an era in which they released some of their most iconic and successful work, and fuses Harry’s soulful rasp with infectious melodies. The Bowiereminiscent ‘Fragments’ begins slow and solemn before picking up a fast-pace, bringing us back to ‘Eat to the Beat’ era anthems. Harry sounds world-weary and full of conviction as she instructs “You can’t create more time, you just make it / If you want a new life, just take it.” In 2017’s precarious political climate, and Trump’s America, never a truer phrase was uttered. Their recent output in past decade has perhaps lacked the ingenuity or risk taking of their previous work, but when they achieved so much so early on in their careers, should they be expect to reinvent the wheel with every release? Pollinator very much feels like an organic record, made for the sake of making music. And as an LGBT+ champion, Debbie is truly iconic. One of the few women to emerge so successfully from the US 70s punk movement, and bisexual, she has remained an outspoken activist for LGBT+ equality throughout her career. She turned down a performance at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games on the grounds of the country’s homophobic laws, stating in an open letter that the band “feel very strongly about these friendships and associations, and don’t feel good about participating in a situation where biases and prejudices are paramount.” She’s our cool auntie, and it’s good to have her on our side. Few artists have left an impact on pop culture quite like Debbie Harry and Blondie have. Harry remains a powerful and influential force after more than forty years into her career: visually and musically, Harry is the total package. Singers come and go, but icons live forever.


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

LGBTI NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD In some uplifting sports news, Manchester United dedicated a Premier League match to promoting its pro-LGBT campaign #AllRedAllEqual, which promotes “equality, inclusion and diversity.” Players including Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and Michael Carrick donned training shirts with the campaign logo, visible on the pitch before the match, ahead of their game against Swansea City. An enormous banner read “All Red All Equal is Manchester United’s promise to champion equality, diversity and

inclusion. To celebrate individualism. Accepting people for who they are, embracing the differences that make the world a more exciting place. There’s no greater goal than a more equal world.” UK men’s football remains a sport void of any out LGBT+ players, and until a player comes out publicly we must remain vigilant on homo, bi, or transphobic behaviour and ensure players and fans receive adequate education on LGBT+ issues. Such campaigns are certainly promising.

Non-binary writer and political commentator Jack Monroe has announced they are running for the Southend West constituency in June’s snap election. They are running for the National Health Action (NHA) Party, which stands to restore full public ownership of the NHS, priorities mental health issues and prevent any unnecessary hospital closures and funding cuts. Defending their campaign on Twitter, Monroe contended “I know having a working class tattooed sweary pr*ck with 4½

GCSEs talking about the economy unsettles some of you. So I’m gonna carry on. And what do I know about politics? I know what it’s like to be evicted when your housing benefit is late. I know what it’s like to starve.” This has been a great year for Monroe so far: they won a libel case against Katie Hopkins after Hopkins suggested on Twitter that Monroe was supportive of vandalism of a war memorial and was “social anthrax,” Monroe being awarded £24,000 in damages plus costs.

The White House is reportedly set to sign an anti-LGBT religious liberty executive order. The order, leaked in March, was written to protect people who discriminate based on “the belief that marriage is or should be recognised as the union of one man and one woman [or that] male and female refer to an individual’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy at birth.” A senior White House official confirmed to USA Today that executive

action on ‘religious freedom’ is still in the works and said the President wants to “allow for people to express and maintain their strongly held religious beliefs”, but is wary of directly rolling back LGBT rights protections. While gay marriage is by no means the most important aspect of LGBT+ legal protection, in Trump’s America, the potential unravelling of essential legal protection of the country’s most vulnerable LGBT+ citizens seems too great.

Marine Le Pen may be achieving success amongst conservative gay Frenchmen, with as many as 1 in 5 indicating their support for the Front National leader. Furthermore, her niece of anti-gay Marion Le Pen has “guaranteed” that same-sex marriage would be repealed if she wins the Presidential election. Maréchal-Le Pen, who last year said that same-sex marriage would “open the door to polygamy”, has made the guarantee that her aunt would repeal same-sex marriage if elected. She stated that “It

will not be the first priority, but it is a promise that we will stick to, and I will personally guarantee that this bill is demolished.” Meanwhile, presidential favourite Emmanuel Macron has appeared topless on the cover of a gay magazine. Garçon, a gay publication, chose the liberal politician as its cover star ahead of the final presidential poll: albeit his head photoshopped onto a naked torso... The cover image comes with the tagline: “Coming out: a necessary fight.”

Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating a huge milestone, as 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of her monumental coming out. It’s hard to believe there was a time before Ellen was the queen of daytime TV, but the comedian is a real LGBT hero – she had a hit sitcom Ellen in the mid-90s and decided to come out publicly and in the show. “The Puppy Episode” was threatened by religious groups, her show was cancelled within

a year – with criticism it became “too gay” – and she committed career suicide. But she returned to daytime to unprecedented success, averaging about 3.9 million viewers each day. Ellen is arguably the most influential LGBT person in the USA, and uses this influence to promote equality to an enormous audience. 20 years on and her courage has left an important legacy in LGBT+ equality.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS BACK ON 9TH JUNE Is there a massive Crazy Eyes-shaped void in your life? Worry not: the ground-breaking prison comedy-drama Orange is the New Black finally returns next month. After what feels like our very own prison sentence, season five is released in its entirety on Netflix from Friday 9th June, allowing us all enough time to book that weekend off work to watch it in one sitting. This season is not without controversy already: A hacker using the moniker thedarkoverlord reportedly grabbed the series from post-production company Larson Studios. The show was held at ransom and threatened to be released but Netflix refused to pay, leading the show to be uploaded to The Pirate Bay. Losing control over their most popular show must come as a big blow to Netflix. But we digress. SPOILER ALERT: to recap, we all remember the excruciating death of Poussey by the hand of Bayley, as well as the ham-fisted reaction from the prison which saw them reluctant to even inform her family. The prison released Judy King, who is being escorted out when things take a turn for the dangerous and Taystee leads a pseudo-rebellion amongst the inmates. Humphrey (that cretin who made the inmates fight last season) loses control of his gun and it ends up in the hands of Daya. I remember being so tense I didn’t realise I was grimacing and my hands were clenched in anxiety for a solid 5 minutes. In short, we were left with a plethora of questions and cliff hangers to be resolved. We know this season spans over a few days, meaning the drama will be even more intense and every moment counts as the inmates negotiate their own rebellion. With a cast as hugely diverse and captivating as this one, it’s not easy picking a favourite character; few are funnier than Taystee, sadder than Morello or more berserk than Crazy Eyes. This die hard fan’s favourite, however, is hairdresser Sophia, portrayed perfectly by the show’s breakout star Laverne Cox. Named this month as not only one of the Time 100 but one of People’s Beautiful People 2015, Cox has emerged as a true cultural icon and has done immeasurable work for transgender exposure. There is a lot to love about Orange; for one, it is hilarious. It’s an impressive feat for a show to execute both belly laughs and darkly funny observations so perfectly, never confusing the tone of the programme or compromising the grimness that inevitably comes with a women’s prison drama. But it’s the sheer diversity in Orange that makes it stand out from every other comedy drama. The show features an unprecedented number of lesbians, bisexual and transgender women of all races and dedicates adequate attention to tell their stories. The promotion and celebration of racial and sexual minorities is what makes this show landmark television, the cultural significance of

which cannot be overstated. The show isn’t afraid to cross the line: many storylines feel close to the bone and bring a real element of danger or tension. If you haven’t seen this show, don’t worry: you have plenty of time to blitz the first four seasons on Netflix. If anything you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for having a bathroom door of your very own, as well as a whole new appreciation for the many uses of a screwdriver.

WHAT’S ON AT GLASGOW WOMEN’S LIBRARY The Glasgow Women’s Library in Bridgeton, an excellent and invaluable resource created to advance the education of the general public by increasing the knowledge of women’s history, lives and achievements, boasts an exciting summer programme, launching on Thursday 11 May. The event is open to everyone – women and men – and there is no need to book a ticket. There is an afternoon event from 1pm and 2.30pm and an evening event from 6pm to 7.30pm. Browse the books at their second hand book sale, enjoy the selection of readings and talks and see a preview of the new exhibition Sisterhood is Powerful: Posters from GWL. This, the second of three exhibitions celebrating the unique archive and museum treasures at GWL during our 25th anniversary year, will showcase some of the many posters held in the GWL museum collection. Whether donated or created by and for the library, they illustrate the array of ways that poster art and design have been important to women, women’s groups and GWL. This exhibition has been curated and designed by the library’s first Designer in Residence, Kirsty McBride. The event is free and open to all. As well as its extensive lending library GWL boasts an enormous number of resources celebrating the history of women in Scotland, including historical artefacts and archive materials. The initiative also provides a range of services and programmes to support Scottish women and girls from all walks of life and tackles issues regarding women’s health and domestic violence. May also sees many other events through GWL, including their excellent heritage tours around the city, Creative Learning drop in sessions and a Transatlantic Literary Women Symposium, packed with engaging workshops, performances and talks. Visit www.womenslibrary.org.uk/ for more information and be sure to make the most out of the library’s exciting summer programme.

The events listed below were correct and up to date at time of going to print but please check the venue’s own website prior to booking


Gig Guide: MUSIC in Edinburgh and Glasgow Edinburgh TUE, 02 MAY Hector’s House Since May 2012 Hector’s House, known affectionately to many simply as Hectors, has become EdinburghÕs soundest midweek shindig drawing in capacity crowds each and every Tuesday. House, disco, techno, garage, hip hop, soul, funk across three rooms. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £0 - 6

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THU, 04 MAY PlayRoom (Martin Valentine ) Slo-jams, edits, afro, disco, house played by the one and only Martin Valentine. Cafe Voltaire: 22:00 Free

FRI, 05 MAY Domino Club (Napty P & P-Stylz) Weekly institution Domino Club is back and better than ever before. With DJ P-StylzÊat the helm of the mighty ship, bringin’ it to you live and direct from Cafe Voltaire every Friday evening. Cafe Voltaire: 19:00 Free Fly Club Edinburgh and Glasgow straddling night, with powerhouse of local residents joined by a selection of guest talent. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-10

SAT, 06 MAY Mixology (Rob Ralston) Brand new Saturday night at the Caf_ Voltaire - the speakeasy side of Cabaret Voltaire. DJs, cocktails, free entry = mixology. Cafe Voltaire: 21:00 Free

Fliiis, Chuchoter, L-Space Mixing elements of Indie, Pop, R&B, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, New Wave and everything in between Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 £4/6 PlayRoom (Martin Valentine ) Slo-jams, edits, afro, disco, house played by the one and only Martin Valentine. Cafe Voltaire: 22:00 Free

FRI, 12 MAY Glass Caves, Bellarose, Indigo Sixteen Band who busk for a living. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £7.00 Domino Club (Napty P & P-Stylz) Weekly institution Domino Club is back and better than ever before. With DJ P-StylzÊat the helm of the mighty ship, bringin’ it to you live and direct from Cafe Voltaire every Friday evening. Cafe Voltaire: 19:00 Free Takers & Users + Tear Up + Murdaball Bannerman’s: 19:30


Cara Dillon Won Best Album at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Queen’s Hall: 19:30 £20.00 Onloop: Moxie, Alexander Nut & Nick Stewart Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 £7.00 SUBSTANCE: JEROME HILL The Bongo Club: 23:00


The Borough Collective: Find Your Rhythm (Craig Smith & The Revenge) Craig Smith and The Revenge (6th Borough Project) monthly take over. The house specialists released a new album last month so come check it out! Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-7

Fly Club: Chaos in the CBD Edinburgh and Glasgow straddling night, with powerhouse of local residents joined by a selection of guest talent. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-10


Josh Taylor Harri Oakland | Bronnie | Robyn Regan | Cal Turner | Danny Boyle La Belle Angele: 14:00 tbc

Kishi Bashi (Jupiter One / Of Montreal) plus Tall Tall Trees Violinist, singer and composer, Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £12.00 Big Mouth Monday Open Stage (hosted by Cera Impala) Lineup of 15 minute sets from touring pros to total newbies Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free

TUE, 09 MAY Henry’s jam session Night of improvisation, unpredictability and good vibes. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free/donations

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Broken Windows + Ms Fi and the Lost Head Band New band of old friends and musicians from Leith who have come together to make original music from songs by singer and songwriter LIZ JONES, fuelled by their blues, rock, jazz and folk backgrounds. The Voodoo Rooms: 20:00 £10.00

Hector’s House Since May 2012 HectorÕs House, known affectionately to many simply as Hectors, has become EdinburghÕs soundest midweek shindig drawing in capacity crowds each and every Tuesday. House, disco, techno, garage, hip hop, soul, funk across three rooms. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £0 - 6

SAT, 13 MAY Rab Howat Band Rab, Roy, Ali and Lawrie, plus special guests, every Saturday for some old-skool rock. Bannerman’s: 16:00 Free Desert Mountain Tribe + The Durty Wurks, VFLambda Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £6.00 The Gift + Tiger Moth Tales Progressive rock The Voodoo Rooms: 19:00 £15.00 Nest Of Vipers + Rain May Fall + Turbyne + A Ritual Spirit Bannerman’s: 20:00 tbc Mixology (Natasha Kitty Katt) Brand new Saturday night at the Caf_ Voltaire - the speakeasy side of Cabaret Voltaire. DJs, cocktails, free entry = mixology. Cafe Voltaire: 21:00 Free MESSENGER The Messenger Sound System keeps the fires burning for all lovers of proper roots reggae music and rasta culture. The Bongo Club: 23:00 £6 b4 12 / £7 after

MON, 15 MAY Tom Chaplin Solo debut ‘The Wave’ Queen’s Hall: 19:00 £25.00 Big Mouth Monday Open Stage (hosted by Jack Of Diamonds) Lineup of 15 minute sets from touring pros to total newbies Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free

TUE, 16 MAY Her’s plus guests Ultras, Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas 80s indie influenced songs with nods to Orange Juice and the capriciousness of Ariel Pink-ish pop. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £6.00 Tuesday Karaoke Tuesday Karaoke Bannerman’s: 22:00


Henry’s jam session Improvisation, unpredictability and good vibes. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 22:00 Free/donations Hector’s House Since May 2012 HectorÕs House, known affectionately to many simply as Hectors, has become EdinburghÕs soundest midweek shindig drawing in capacity crowds each and every Tuesday. House, disco, techno, garage, hip hop, soul, funk across three rooms. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £0 - 6

WED, 17 MAY The Media Whores, Geek Maggot Bingo, Peter & the Play Piece Its punk rock Jim, but not as you know it!!! Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £9.00

THU, 18 MAY Echoic, Nasari, Glass Ships Alt-Rock with electronic elements – quartet from Reading Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £5.00 The Fureys Legends of Irish music & song Queen’s Hall: 19:30 £21.00 PlayRoom (Martin Valentine) Slo-jams, edits, afro, disco, house played by the one and only Martin Valentine. Cafe Voltaire: 22:00 Free Samo DJ at Juice Myriad of demented ideas with a twisted Scandinavian cheek. Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 £5.00 RITUAL Ritual returns with another midweek night of the best disco, deep and soulful house music. The Bongo Club: 23:00 £2 DL / £3 b4 12 / £5 // 2 for 1 for groups of 5

FRI, 19 MAY FLINT & PITCH #6 Flint & Pitch bring together two award-winning poets, Clare Pollard and Claire Askew; new work from writer Gavin Inglis; soulful tunes from Heir of The Cursed, with the show opening and closing to the rousing political folk-pop of Declan Welsh & The Decad The Bongo Club: 19:00 6 Heidevolk + Old Corpse Road + Sellsword Bannerman’s: 19:00 tbc KT Tunstall plus support Brit Award and Ivor Novello Award winning Queen’s Hall: 19:00 £17.50

BRAW GIGS & NEHH PRESENT... DUCKTAILS + JAMES FERRARO + TYPHONIAN HIGHLIFE Ducktails is the solo side project of Matthew Mondanile, a member of Ridgewood, New Jersey-based indie beach bums Real Estate. Summerhall: 20:00 £12.00

Freaks Credible, weekly Saturday night party. La Belle Angele: 23:00 tbc

Domino Club (Napty P & P-Stylz) Weekly institution Domino Club is back and better than ever before. With DJ P-StylzÊat the helm of the mighty ship, bringin’ it to you live and direct from Cafe Voltaire every Friday evening. Cafe Voltaire: 19:00 Free

Dr No’s ska club Classic ska, rocksteady, and early reggae with Dr No’s DJs Baz and Dave. All music played is from original vinyl. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 23:00 £5/6

Stone Foundation New album ‘Street Rituals’, produced by and featuring Paul Weller The Voodoo Rooms: 19:30 £13.50

Sam Gellaitry at Witness Atmospheric melodies alongside hard hitting bass with a variety of instrumental layers immersing the listener Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 £9.00

The Borough Collective: Touche (Huggy & Marco Capozzella) Monthly celebration of house and disco by some of Edinbrugh’s finest and most experienced Djs Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-7

Mixology (Shaka Loves You) Brand new Saturday night at the Caf_ Voltaire - the speakeasy side of Cabaret Voltaire. DJs, cocktails, free entry = mixology. Cafe Voltaire: 21:00 Free



Athens of the North Disco Athens of the North don’t really need or want guests at their night, but they do want friends with records. So for the next night their good friend The Mighty Zaf will be joining AOTN for an evening of rare disco shenanigans. Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 £5.00


Sweaty Palms, Kaspar Hauser, Wylde Night of dancing and mimosas. Refugees welcome. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £5.00 Sieben + Paul Littlewood + Andy Whitehouse Sieben is the vehicle for Matt Howden’s violin and voice looping whirlwind of sound. The Voodoo Rooms: 20:00 £5.00

Open Mic Sunday Session Classic tunes from the 60’s onwards. Bannerman’s: 13:00 Free Pleasure House Supported the likes of Sundara Karma, Swim Deep, High Tyde, Black Honey, Fickle Friends, Inheaven & more. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £6.00 Krysthla + Disposable + Ifreann Bannerman’s: 19:00


ELECTRIKAL: WALL OF BASS #4 GARAGE / UKBASS / BASSLINE / GRIME / DRUM AND BASS / JUNGLE / REGGAE / DUB The Bongo Club: 23:00 £8 / £5 (with name on FB wall)

Fly Club Edinburgh and Glasgow straddling night, with powerhouse of local residents joined by a selection of guest talent. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-10 The Borough Collective Presents: Rebel Waltz Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-7

SAT, 20 MAY Rab Howat Band Rab, Roy, Ali and Lawrie, plus special guests, every Saturday for some old-skool rock. Bannerman’s: 16:00 Free Nathassia Devine, SAAL, Original Primate Audaciously crafted live electronica with a seriously unique vocal style Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £5.00 Raising Jupiter Raising Jupiter Bannerman’s: 20:00


DJ Sotofett at Wasabi Disco Playing in Edinburgh for the first time! Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 £7.00 MUMBO JUMBO Melting pot of classic dance music: soul, funk, disco, hip hop, house and electronic beats The Bongo Club: 23:00 £3 b4 12 / £5 (concs) / £7 Freaks Credible, weekly Saturday night party. La Belle Angele: 23:00 tbc Cybernetic Dreams: Summertime Love !!! ITALO DISCO ALL NIGHT !!! Henry’s Cellar Bar: 23:00 £4.00

SUN, 21 MAY Open Mic Sunday Session Classic tunes from the 60’s onwards. Bannerman’s: 13:00 Free Belako, Barstow Bats Group from the town of Munguía in Spain, where punk and postpunk’s relevance has never faded Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £8.00 Damo Suzuki Krautrock legend and lead vocalist of pioneering German band CAN The Mash House: 19:00 £11.00 An evening with Kris Drever & Band Featuring Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow and Euan Burton Queen’s Hall: 20:00 £16.00

MON, 22 MAY Of Virtue + Griever (UK) Of Virtue + Griever (UK) Bannerman’s: 19:00 £6.00 Matt Andersen Juno Awards nominated Canadian blues guitarist and singersongwriter The Mash House: 19:00 £10.00 Big Mouth Monday Open Stage (hosted by Paul Montague and JA Sutherland) 15 minute sets from touring pros to total newbies Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free

TUE, 23 MAY Mystic Braves, Logan’s Close A mirage of shimmering guitars, stadium-sized castanets and herculean drumming, Mystic Braves’ desert psychedelia Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £9.00 Henry’s jam session Improvisation, unpredictability and good vibes. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free/donations Tuesday Karaoke Tuesday Karaoke Bannerman’s: 22:00


Hector’s House Since May 2012 HectorÕs House, known affectionately to many simply as Hectors, has become EdinburghÕs soundest midweek shindig drawing in capacity crowds each and every Tuesday. House, disco, techno, garage, hip hop, soul, funk across three rooms. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £0 - 6

WED, 24 MAY Barb Wire Dolls Greek punk Bannerman’s: 19:30


Edinburgh Blues Club Eric Gales + Bourbon Street The Voodoo Rooms: 19:30 £16.00


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

THU, 25 MAY 10,000 Russos, Is Bliss, Thee Rag N Bone Man The drones of the bass embrace you, the guitar makes sonic landscapes and refuses the riff, the drummer goes motorik and he is also the singer. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £8.00 Manran New album An Dà Là - The Two Days Queen’s Hall: 20:00 £16.50 Click Clack ft. Kings of Cheeze Monthly night of live music and other performing arts of an experimental nature – funky and idiosyncratic. Think Zorn and Ornette meet Beefheart, James Brown and Philip Glass in a basement bar. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 £6/£4 students PlayRoom (Martin Valentine) Slo-jams, edits, afro, disco, house played by the one and only Martin Valentine. Cafe Voltaire: 22:00 Free DUNT CLUB DUNT CLUB The Bongo Club: 23:00


FRI, 26 MAY Mt. Doubt, Life Model, Posable Action Figures, David James Ritchie Performing brand new songs from their upcoming EP, ‘The Loneliness of the TV Watchers’. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £5.00 Domino Club (Napty P & P-Stylz) Weekly institution Domino Club is back and better than ever before. With DJ P-StylzÊat the helm of the mighty ship, bringin’ it to you live and direct from Cafe Voltaire every Friday evening. Cafe Voltaire: 19:00 Free 101% Pantera 102% Pantera Bannerman’s: 20:00


COASTS (LIVE) Return with new single ‘Heart Starts Beating’ The Bongo Club: 19:00 £12 + BF / MOTD PINEGROVE Blend of indie rock, pop and country elements Summerhall: 19:30 £14.00 Big Mouth Monday Open Stage (hosted by Jack Of Diamonds) Lineup of 15 minute sets from touring pros to total newbies Henry’s Cellar Bar: 20:00 Free George FitzGerald Hiding Places Sneaky Pete’s: 22:00


TUE, 30 MAY Heaters Spacey, driving take on West Coast psych rock Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £7.00 Tuesday Karaoke Tuesday Karaoke Bannerman’s: 22:00


Henry’s jam session Improvisation, unpredictability and good vibes. Henry’s Cellar Bar: 22:00 Free/donations

WED, 31 MAY Tim Ripper Owens( Judas Priest) Tim Ripper Owens( Judas Priest) Bannerman’s: 19:30 £12.00

FRI, 02 JUN Ozzy Ozzspawn Ozzy Ozzspawn Bannerman’s: 19:30 No Strings Attached Craig Bratley Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00


HEADSET Garage / Techno / House (with Beneath & Parris). The Bongo Club: 23:00 tbc


Fly Club Edinburgh and Glasgow straddling night, with powerhouse of local residents joined by a selection of guest talent. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-10

SOULSVILLE Deep Rhythms and Rugged Grooves. The Bongo Club: 23:00


SAT, 27 MAY Rab Howat Band Rab, Roy, Ali and Lawrie, plus special guests, every Saturday for some old-skool rock. Bannerman’s: 16:00 Free Damien Dempsey Set to release a brand new studio album with Sony Music entitled ‘Soulsun’ on 26 May 2017. La Belle Angele: 19:00 tbc Speech Debelle New album, tantil before i breathe The Voodoo Rooms: 19:30 £12.50 Mixology (Natasha Kitty Katt) Brand new Saturday night at the Caf_ Voltaire - the speakeasy side of Cabaret Voltaire. DJs, cocktails, free entry = mixology. Cafe Voltaire: 21:00 Free BIG N BASHY Reggae / Garage / Grime / Dubstep. Get down early for Brother’s Reggae Session. DJs Inside: Skillis, Deburgh, Brother Most Righteous. The Bongo Club: 23:00 £3 before 12 / £5 Freaks Credible, weekly Saturday night party. La Belle Angele: 23:00 tbc The Borough Collective: Crash Goes Love (Gareth Sommerville & Cunnie) Crash goes love in the night, in the night, in the nightÉ’ The sexy, soulful, and disco fuelled side of The Borough Collective. Cabaret Voltaire: 23:00 £5-7

SUN, 28 MAY Open Mic Sunday Session Classic tunes from the 60’s onwards. Bannerman’s: 13:00 Free Jordan MacKampa Combination of jazz soaked beats, folk melodies and effortless gospel harmonies as well as his poet like lyricism. Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £5.00

MON, 29 MAY Wovoka Gentle Wovoka Gentle Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00


Rab Howat Band Rab, Roy, Ali and Lawrie, plus special guests, every Saturday for some old-skool rock. Bannerman’s: 16:00 Free


SUN, 04 JUN Open Mic Sunday Session Classic tunes from the 60’s onwards. Bannerman’s: 13:00 Free Callaghan British pop singer songwriter The Voodoo Rooms: 19:30 £11.00

TUE, 06 JUN Guadalupe Plata, ZED PENGUIN Provocative, deeply affecting blues and boogie Sneaky Pete’s: 19:00 £8.00 Tuesday Karaoke Tuesday Karaoke Bannerman’s: 22:00


WED, 07 JUN Joe Goddard (Hot Chip / The 2 Bears) at Witness Definition of indie-dance done right Sneaky Pete’s: 23:00 8

THU, 08 JUN NEHH PRESENTS... RICHARD DAWSON Newcastle-based folk Summerhall: 20:00 £14.00

FRI, 09 JUN Saint Etienne New album Home Counties Queen’s Hall: 19:00 £25.00 SUBSTANCE Collage of classic and cutting edge underground electronic The Bongo Club: 23:00 £TBC

SAT, 10 JUN Prince Party Celebrating the incredible life of our Genius Prince Rogers Nelson. Non stop Prince music and exclusive videos played by DJ Unique. The Voodoo Rooms: 19:00 £10.00 MESSENGER For all lovers of proper roots reggae music and rasta culture. The Bongo Club: 23:00 £6 b4 12 / £7 after Cafe Voltaire: Free



KISHI BASHI + TALL TALL TRESS Violinist, singer and composer, Broadcast: 19:00 £12.00

Anthrax + Anarchistwood + Sanction This + The Disturbed + Frenetix + Zero Hour Stereo: 14:00 £9 OTD


LOWLY Was like being put under a magical spell. Broadcast: 19:00 £6.00

JAMES LEG Keyboard player and howler John Wesley Myers, aka James Leg, (Black Diamond Heavies, The Immortal Lee County Killers, Cut In The Hill Gang) is back with a new brew of punk-ass blues. Broadcast: 19:00 £8.00 The Physics House Band + InTechnicolour + Dialects Avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz to prog to psych to tech-metal to tech-rock. A super-dense scifi mind feck of a thing – Stewart Lee Hug and Pint: 19:30 8

TUE, 09 MAY DUCKTAILS + JAMES FERRARO solo side project of Matthew Mondanile, a member of Ridgewood, New Jersey-based indie beach bums Real Estate. Broadcast: 19:00 £10.00 JOSHUA BURNSIDE : ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY + PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS TBA diverse palette of sounds, from south american rhythms, banjos and accordions to crunching beats, found-sounds, loops and whistling Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 5 Dakota Slingshot + Petal + Chrissy


LIONOIL: SOICHI TERADA, JG WILKES (OPTIMO) & DAVID BARBAROSSA 80s Japanese house royalty Soichi Terada’s Edinburgh debut The Bongo Club: 23:00 £8 (adv ) / £10 (door)

LATMUN Edinburgh debut La Belle Angele: All day


Barnacle LOUD indie-pop-rock Hug and Pint: 19:30


Howie Payne Solo artist, producer, songwriter and the driving force behind Liverpool group The Stand Stereo: 19:30 £10 STBF



Gallops Savage rhythms, brutally smashing together live electronic elements, angular and cutting guitars, insane and mesmerising live drums and the perfect amount of synth/ samples odditie Hug and Pint: 19:30 £9.50 FCK YES (LIVE) FAUVES, WALT DISCO, FCK YES DJS King Tut’s: 20:30 Free

THU, 11 MAY £10 STBF

DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE + THE NEW FABIAN SOCIETY + VFLAMBDA Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £6 adv Theme Park Theme Park Hug and Pint: 19:30


Williwaw - Scottish Association for Mental Health Fundraiser Evening of amplified ‘ukulele mayhem The Glad Cafe: 19:30 Donation HUNTING GREY HOWSON, LAWRENCE O’BRIEN BAND King Tut’s: 20:30 £9.00

FRI, 12 MAY VIDA / SHAMBOLICS VIDA / SHAMBOLICS Broadcast: 19:00 £6.00 Dan Croll He could have been a rugby player, Stereo: 19:00 £10 STBF The Great Albatross Album Launch Celebrating the release of their debut full length album, “Asleep in the Kaatskills,” on LP Records The Glad Cafe: 19:00 £7/£20 with vinyl copy of album HEY COLOSSUS + GUESTS Part Chimp + Reggae Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £6 ADV / £8 OTD SaraBeth + GLEN MITCHELL Hug and Pint: 19:30

An Evening with Luke Haines Sardonic, verbose raconteur and lyrically-dextrous anti-hero. Hug and Pint: 19:30 £17.50 Storm The Palace + The Colour of Whisky + Duotone Cinematic folk-pop revolution you hadn’t realised you needed. Taking inspiration from European folk, sixties orchestral pop and nineties guitar bands. The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £5.00 THE DYKEENIES FLUORESCENT HEARTS King Tut’s: 20:30 Sold Out

SUN, 14 MAY Dr Sketchy Glasgow Miss Raven Rose! Stereo: 13:00 £7/5 OTD Glad Academy with Raymond MacDonald: Music & Mental Health Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation, Raymond MacDonald talks about the relationship between music and mental health. The Glad Cafe: 16:00 £5.00 THE MOLOCHS Drowsy mid tempo Broadcast: 19:00




ESBK Events presents: Battle of the Bands in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity 5 Bands will preform to an audience, the winners of the competition will win a prize. Stereo: 19:00 £7 STBF

Gnarwolves - plus special guests Stereo: 18:30

SCRUFF OF THE NECK PRESENTS : GLASS CAVES + THE CAIRDS The band who busk for a living. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £7 ADV


THE DYKEENIES FLUORESCENT HEARTS King Tut’s: 20:30 Sold Out Tomboy Presents: Alicai Harley / K4CIE & Sycophantasy All gals rap and grime night with live set and djset Stereo: 23:00

PLEASURE HOUSE Supported the likes of Sundara Karma, Swim Deep, High Tyde, Black Honey, Fickle Friends, Inheaven & more. Broadcast: 19:00 £6.00 Pint of Science: The building blocks of the brain Evening dedicated to the strange and wonderful cells that make up the nervous system. Hug and Pint: 19:00 £4.00 HAUNT THE WOODS PELTS, FAIRWEATHER & THE ELEMENTS King Tut’s: 20:30 £9.50

TUE, 16 MAY CSC PRESENTS: SOFT KILL (USA) // ROXY AGOGO // KASPAR HAUSER Soft Kill Taking a day out of their tour with Chameleons Vox to make their long awaited Scottish debut. Broadcast: 19:00 £6.00 Pint of Science: A picture of the mind The mind is full of mysteries, from the origins of thought processes to neurological anomalies. To solve these mysteries, we must find ways to watch the brain in action. In this event, we focus on the creative ways that scientists can look inside your min Hug and Pint: 19:00 £4.00 Andy Lucas + Jane Kramer Pianist and singer Andy Lucas will be launching his new album, with his three piece band. American Country singer Jane Kramer will also be playing songs from her album Carnival of Hopes. The Glad Cafe: 19:30 Free TOM WALKER CRAWFORD MACK, CALLUM ROSS King Tut’s: 20:30 £10.00 ONLY THE SUBJECT: W/ THE PALE KIDS (LIVE) This night will feature musical sections from Sorbie Rd. and a live performance by The Pale Kids early in the morning. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 23:30 £4 otd / FREE entry for Students

WED, 17 MAY Pint of Science: Brain vs. World How do we make sense of the world around us? In this event, we look at the interactions between our brain and our environment, and the perceptions that shape us. Hug and Pint: 19:00 £4.00 QUEERY THEORY Bell Lungs + Black Doves + Frans Gender + Craig Manson + Natalie Sweeney Potter + Toni Jerrett Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5.00

THU, 18 MAY LOUD POETS LOUD POETS Broadcast: 19:00


MEGA RAN + RICHIE BRANSON + DMCIX Nerdy raps about retro video games and tributes to Biggie Smalls Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £6.00

NHC LIST OF TRUSTED PROMOTERS NHC MUSIC’s main remit in this musical world is to make life that much easier for the musicians and artists striving to make great music within it. That’s why we feel this list could help you. It’s a regularly updated list of ethically minded venues, promoters and bookers working throughout Scotland. These are people we would work with ourselves, and we guarantee you there will be no scammers, pay to play, or unethical business practices with the people and businesses on the list. So now you know who to safely work with, with your new college band in Glasgow and beyond! More names will be added monthly.

PROMOTER AREA GENRES NHC MUSIC Glasgow All genres Promise The Moon Ayrshire All genres STG Promotions Glasgow All genres EVO4Promotions Glasgow All genres/acoustic Daily Dischord Aberdeen All genres Shock City Promotions Glasgow All genres Fortune Promotions Edinburgh All genres Alternative Promotions Glasgow Rock/Metal The Littlest Hobo Scotland Wide All genres Cadaver Concerts North Ayrshire Metal Cadaver Concerts Glasgow Alt rock Rip It Up Promotions Glasgow All genres Red Door Records Glasgow Americana/Roots/Blues Vagabond Social Club Glasgow Americana/Folk The Fallen Angels Club Glasgow All genres Sound And Vision Glasgow All genres Events For Charities Glasgow All genres Dundee Disco Dancer Dundee All genres Dave Ritchie Scotland Wide Metal/Rock Good Grief Glasgow Progressive/Math Rock Noizy Indie Social Club Cumbernauld All genres Hashtag Management East Kilbride All genres Rusty Hip Collective Dundee All genres Cut Loose Promotions Glasgow All genres Critical Events Scotland Wide Metal/Hard Rock NDC Promotions / Events North Ayrshire All genres Scottish Tour Collective Scotland Wide All genres Black Reach Promotions Glasgow Metal/Hard Rock Traffic Cone Records Glasgow All genres Kstar Promotions Glasgow All genres Punk Rock Rammy Edinburgh/ Glasgow Punk

The events listed below were correct and up to date at time of going to print but please check the venue’s own website prior to booking


Gig Guide: MUSIC in Edinburgh and Glasgow SOUP WORX (Drumchapel Foodbank Fundraiser) An evening of spoken work, comedy & live music. Fundraising benefit for Drumchapel Foodbank in conjunction with OPTIMO Stereo: 19:30 £8 advance / £10 OTD Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter III Internationally renowned composer, band leader, saxophonist, sound experimentalist and mixed-media practitioner The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £10/£12 Wayne Devro Set + Finn LeMarinel Rooted in the ‘electro-folk’ and ‘Scottish folktronic’ genre. Hug and Pint: 20:00 £5.00

FRI, 19 MAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY RAMONE Celebrating the music of the NY punk scene featuring Ramoaners , Tenement & Temple, The Rockaway Bitches Shock and Awe + more ** all proceeds to cystic fibrosis. Broadcast: 19:00 QUJAKU (JAPAN) + THE CONTACT HIGH + GUESTS Heavy psychedelic acid rock from japan Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5 ADV / £7 OTD Sarah Beth Keeley Sarah Beth Keeley Hug and Pint: 19:30 £12 adv // £15 otd John Alexander + Roseanne Reid Native Glaswegian and Southside songwriter and guitarist John Alexander will be bringing his dustbowl blues to The Glad Cafe with the launch of his new album ‘Of These Lands’. The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £8.00 THE RAINBAND NEONWAVES King Tut’s: 20:30


SAT, 20 MAY Mojo Workin’ and Tailor Made present A Southside All Dayer The Redstarts and The 45s live on stage The Rum Shack: 14:00 £3.00 HOMESHAKE **MOVED TO CCA** HOMESHAKE **MOVED TO CCA** Broadcast: 19:00


SWEET CREEPS SINGLE LAUNCH Glasgow based slacker surf-pop Broadcast: 19:00 £5.00 Damo Suzuki + Matthew Black & Raydale Dower (Tut Vu Vu) Damo Suzuki - legendary ex-Can vocalist - returns to Glasgow to play with a one-off jam band featuring members of Happy Meals, Gummy Stumps, Breakfast Muff, Sean Armstrong Trio, The Cosmic Dead, First Temple of the Atom, In Posterface and more! Stereo: 19:00 £9 STBF Gabriella Cohen I wasn’t a character. It was just me. Hug and Pint: 19:30 £6.50 December December’s recent album ‘I will let you have your say’ is a collection of songs named after people who have inspired the band in their music and lives. The album includes songs named after Barack Obama and Kenny Dalglish in addition to Alison Stewart whic The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £8.00 THE DUNTS BOTTLE NOTE King Tut’s: 20:30


SUN, 21 MAY Big Chill with Kinoko HOHM Productions welcomes you to relax and enjoy a multi sensory experience in our bespoke chillout zone. colourful lights, smoky lasers, floaty bubbles, neon face painting and magical faeries! Fun times for children, parents and adults! Marvelous magical The Glad Cafe: 16:00 £3.00 Jeff Rosenstock plus specials guests Doe Stereo: 18:30 £10 STBF THE SHIVAS + YUNG Rock n Roll with mountains of reverb and walls of feedback Broadcast: 19:00 £7.00 Raging Fyah + Escape Roots + Tom Spirals Grammy award nominated Raging Fyah, play a special show inbetween dates with UB40 and Level 42. The Rum Shack: 19:00 £10.00

HIGHLORD + DEAD BY MONDAY + WARHEAD + BLOOD, FIRE & ROSE Powerhouse of Metal tunes and memorable licks with a symphonic edge, enough to please most metal heads. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5/6

CRASH CLUB LATE NIGHT SESSION First gig of 2017 for Crash Club and it’s a late night rave Broadcast: 23:00 £5.00

Jenn Grant + Hannah Georgas Melodic beauty and sonic diversity. Nuanced soulfulness in her voice, and touches on folk, R&B, and rock balladry. Hug and Pint: 19:30 £10.00

Mini Manoeuvres Mini Manoeuvres The Rum Shack: 13:00


MON, 22 MAY BARB WIRE DOLLS Greek punk Broadcast: 19:00


MON, 29 MAY £7.00


89p vodka mix 89p shots / 89p bombs 89p peach shnapps bottle of bud £1.50


Triptides Sunshine warped psychedelic group from Los Angeles Hug and Pint: 19:00 £8.00



WED, 24 MAY CLYDESIDE LIVE 2017 Charity gig for Cash For Kids Featuring; For Pony, Audio Cynic, Frantic Broadcast: 19:00 £5.00 ABBIE BELL + LAURA MURPHY + RABB Singer/songwriter based in Glasgow currently working on her solo debut EP which will be released through Antistrange Records. She is guitarist and vocalist for Athenas Army who are an all girl rock band also based in Glasgow. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5.00 The Besnard Lakes + Oliver Wilde Indie rock band from Montreal Hug and Pint: 19:30 £15.00 THE SISTERHOOD THE SISTERHOOD King Tut’s: 20:30 £10.00

WHITE HILLS + GIRLSWEAT + KASPAR HAUSER proponents of psychedelia as transformation Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £8 ADV / £10 OTD Parekh + Singh Whimsy pop Hug and Pint: 19:30


Pierre Kwenders + Mozart’s Sister Congolese-Canadian polyglot and postmodern pop artist who wants to change the way we think about “world music.” The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £5/6

INDIE NIGHT Territorial Pidgeon, TheAarons, 2 plus 2 Broadcast: 19:00 £5.00 GRAND COLLAPSE + SICK OF TALK + KINGPIN + YELT Cardiff hardcore smashers on tour & with a new record to boot Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5.00 Wovoka Gentle Wovoka Gentle Hug and Pint: 19:30


Molly Burch Beautiful, wistful love songs of loss, loneliness and reconnecting. The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £8.00 MARIKA HACKMAN MARIKA HACKMAN King Tut’s: 20:30 £13.25

WED, 31 MAY THE COURTNEYS Drift back to the sound of the early ’90s Broadcast: 19:00 £9.00 EWO + EL RANCHO PRESENTS : THE HEATERS + SHREDD Reverb coated, fuzz studded, hard driven garage psych with a kaleidoscopic, hip-shaking live set Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £7 ADV Silver Apples Psychedelic electronic Stereo: 19:30



THU, 01 JUN CHAMPS Alt pop and melodic heartbreak combined Hug and Pint: 19:30 £7.00 WHYTE Gaelic ambient electronic duo The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £8/10


THESTUDENTADVERTISER.CO.UK OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.THESTUDENTADVERTISER. CO.UK/EVENT-INFO-FORM Tangerines Mixing up late seventies’ chugging guitars with the sound of Pittsburgh circa 1966. Stereo: 19:00 £7 STBF JOE PURDY Honoring the giants of American folk while applying his unique skills as writer and passionate vocalist King Tut’s: 20:30 £9.50 ONRA (LIVE) Hiphop with eclectic range of sounds, from Jazz through to Funk and RnB Broadcast: 23:00 £10.00

SUN, 04 JUN THE INDIGO PROJECT + FIRST TIGER + THE LUTRAS THE INDIGO PROJECT + FIRST TIGER + THE LUTRAS Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £4 adv Adam Beattie Minor ballads and moody blues Hug and Pint: 19:30 £10.00 C.MACLEOD Following a 2010 album release under the moniker ‘The Boy Who Trapped The Sun’, C.Macleod returns with new album ‘Bloodlines’ produced by renowned producer Ethan Johns (Paul Mccartney, Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon etc) King Tut’s: 21:00 £9.50

MON, 05 JUN Froth Lush shoegaze soundscapes with driving krautrock beats Hug and Pint: 19:30 £7.50



WED, 07 JUN GNOOMES Russian psych-rock Broadcast: 19:00


Kite Base Savages bassist Ayse Hassan is in another band called Kite Base with bassist Kendra Frost. Hug and Pint: 19:30 £7.50

THU, 08 JUN Question Session 02 Question Session 02 music conference will be hosted in Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow on the 8th June 2017. The event will have industry leading figures participate in seminars, workshops and panels. Stereo: 11:00 Free Entry



ST. DUKES + GAVN & CAMY Four-piece band based in Glasgow, playing grungy blues with harmonies and elements of punk creeping in. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £8.00



WH?TE Gaelic ambient electronic duo Hug and Pint: 19:30 £10 // £8 (conc)

FIVE COUSINS FIVE COUSINS Broadcast: 19:00 Shut It And Skank Shut It And Skank The Rum Shack: 19:00 Mick Hargan Mick Hargan The Glad Cafe: 19:30

tbc £3.00 tbc

Savage Mansion + MUSH + Lush Purr Glasgow-based slacker-pop project of Craig Angus and friends. Hug and Pint: 20:00 £5.00 CARL BARAT AND THE JACKALS CARL BARAT AND THE JACKALS King Tut’s: 20:30 £14.25



TRUDY AND THE ROMANCE + Ayakara Broadcast: 19:00 £6.00


The Night Café + Safe To Swim + Bloxx Stereo: 19:00 £6.30 STBF



Sad13 Sad13 Hug and Pint: 19:30

ALDOUS HARDING Desolate imagery and stark instrumentation Broadcast: 19:00 £9.00


Bronston + HERSHEL’S HEAD + CLENCH Hug and Pint: 20:00 £6.00



The Pains of Being Pure at Heart The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Stereo: 19:30 £14 STBF


0141 222 2202


REALM OF TORMENT / DRAWN IN / FULL CONTACT / CHAMBER / XSERVITUDEX UK metalcore warriors Broadcast: 19:00 £8.00

Priests + Current Affairs + Kaspar Hauser Physical and combustible, urgent and visceral. Hug and Pint: 19:30 £8.00







Minus the Bear + Joan Of Arc Stereo: 19:00

£16 + BF

THE AFTERAFFECTS THE AFTERAFFECTS Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5 OTD Douglas MacGregor + Toby Hay Guitar player and composer who blends new with old, simplicity with complexity and melody with texture to create beautiful and dynamic pieces which draw the listener into his intimate and expressive sound world. The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £5.00 First Hate Synth-pop duo from Copenhagen Hug and Pint: 20:00 £7.00 RAINTOWN RAINTOWN King Tut’s: 20:30


SAT, 03 JUN THE BLIND SHAKE Spacey, primitive futuristic, and brutal. Broadcast: 19:00


PIXX Weird pop Broadcast: 19:00


Sean Nicholas Savage + Spinning Coin + Lush Purr The Glad Cafe: 19:30 £7.00

FRI, 09 JUN DONNIE WILLOW ‘EXHIBITION’ EP LAUNCH + ALBURN + THE BELAFONTE Launching their brand new EP ‘Exhibition’ Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5 adv Kevin Noon and the Sandford Soul Orchestra - Album Launch + Wolf Ruby + Scott Findlay Hug and Pint: 19:30 £5.00

SAT, 10 JUN Melt Banana + First Temple of the Atom Stereo: 19:00 £13.50 STBF THE STATLER PROJECT (ALBUM LAUNCH!) + PSYENCE + CAULDER 5 piece alternitive indie/dance act from glasgow. They have just finished new album Mechanical Intervention Nice ‘N’ Sleazy: 19:30 £5.00 Loosen Up Tropical, afro, disco, fun times. The Rum Shack: 21:00 tba


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32


GOING TO THE FRINGE? Got an event at this year’s Fringe Festival? Got a special offer or discount you want to showcase? On Wednesday 24th May, The SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) Award 2017 Longlist will be revealed in front of a live audience at Glasgow’s O2 ABC. Home to The SAY Award ceremony back in 2015, the venue welcomes the award back for this new ticketed event where SAY Award alumni Admiral Fallow, Steve Mason (acoustic) and Mungo’s Hi Fi will perform live, and 20 outstanding Scottish albums will be announced as The SAY Award 2017 Longlist. Each of these 20 albums will be in the running for the £20,000 grand prize, as well as the coveted title of Scottish Album of the Year 2017.

Get in touch today for advertising rates and target a readership of 160,000 throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh

With a busy summer on their agenda, we caught up wih Glasgow chamber pop quintet and previous SAY Award nominees Admiral Fallow for a chat about this years event. Flautist Sarah Haynes talks about the band’s upcoming gig at Live at the Longlist, their history with the award’s and their upcoming festival shows. HEY SARAH, SO CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR HISTORY WITH THE SAY AWARDS? We made the SAY Award shortlist in 2013 and the longlist in 2016, and we’re playing at the announcement of the 2017 longlist on Wednesday 24th May at the O2 ABC in Glasgow, alongside Steve Mason (acoustic) and Mungo’s Hi Fi.

HAVE YOU HAD A SNEAKY PREVIEW AT THIS YEARS LONGLIST? ARE THERE ANY ALBUMS THAT ARE STANDING OUT FOR YOU JUST NOW? All will be revealed on the 24th, so we haven’t been given any inklings yet. I’d like to see Rachel Newton and Meursault on there.

WHAT ABOUT MUSIC IN GENERAL IN SCOTLAND? THE MUSIC SCENE IS CONSTANTLY THRIVING, ESPECIALLY IN GLASGOW, IS THERE ANYBODY WHO HAS CAUGHT YOUR ATTENTION? One of the reasons I moved to Glasgow was because of its reputation as a music city, and I’ve been here for nearly twelve years now. It can sometimes be easy to take things for granted when they’re on your doorstep, but when people

come and visit they’re always struck by the unique musical community of the place, and I’m pretty proud to show them. As for current Scottish musical attention-grabbers...I was recently introduced to the music of electronic/traditional duo WHYTE, which stopped me in my tracks. I’ve also been enjoying stuff from Miracle Glass Company and Pronto Mama and I can’t wait to hear the new Bdy_Prts album.

YOUR MUSIC HAS A FANTASTIC BLEND OF DIFFERENT STYLES – CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE MUSIC YOU CREATE? We’ve been a band for while now so our playing fits well together, and we usually each know what the others are on about when trying to describe something in a writing situation. What tends to happen is that various musical ideas come from everyone, Louis writes the lyrics and we work on the songs as a band. We’ve also got a great relationship with producer Paul Savage who helps us make sense of things. We come from slightly different musical backgrounds but generally speaking we like the same stuff.

AS A BAND, YOU GUYS HAVE TOURED ALL OVER – DO YOU EVER NOTICE A CHANGE IN REACTION FROM THE CROWDS WHEN YOU’RE PERFORMING AT HOME? We’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of places over the years, and there are a few cities in the UK in particular where we seem to be warmly received: Bristol, Manchester and Newcastle spring to mind. We’re probably best known in Scotland though and enjoy the ‘homecoming’type gigs, especially if we’ve not played here for a while. We’ve always had fun on our Shetland visits and Glasgow is hard to beat.

0141 222 2202 info@thestudentadvertiser.co.uk www.thestudentadvertiser.co.uk Facebook: /thestudentadvertiser Twitter: @TSA_Newspaper

LASTLY, OTHER THAN THE AWARDS, WHAT HAVE ADMIRAL FALLOW GOT IN STORE FOR US THIS SUMMER? WE SEE YOU’RE ON THE BILL FOR EDEN FESTIVAL THIS YEAR? We’re mainly concentrating on writing our fourth album, but will be visiting a few festivals in the summer: Ireby Festival (27th May), Oban Live (2nd June), Eden Festival (10th June) and Cambridge Folk Festival (30th July).

by Katie Jones Editor katie@ thestudentadvertiser.co.uk




JAX JONES SWG3 (19/05/17)

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Jax Jones has announced UK live dates for May. Jax will be heading to Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and finishing up in his hometown of London as part of his ‘House Work Tour’. Jax has received huge praise and accreditation from his most recent hit ‘You Don’t Know Me’, featuring fellow South Londoner and third place winner of BBC’s Sound of 2017 Raye. The smash single peaked at no.3 in the UK single charts after it’s release


HUG AND PINT (12/05/17) Savvy, fun, creative, adventurous, determined and delightfully unexpected are a good start, but adjectives begin to run out well before facets of SaraBeth’s artistry do. A force-of-nature Texan who is already building a meaningful presence as a singer, songwriter and entertainer, she is a virtual lock to take the next step – if only because she hasn’t missed one yet. Earning fans one show at a time, landing considerable regional media exposure, scoring three nationally charted singles, developing a base in her native Texas, expanding it nationally and even internationally with a successful UK. tour in 2014 and second UK tour slated for 2015, SaraBeth has made astounding strides in a very short time.


KING TUT’S (16/05/17) British newcomer Tom Walker not only announces the release of his new EP Blessings May 12th on Relentless Records, but also a 7 date UK tour. Having already found critical acclaim in the UK from tastemakers everywhere including Pigeons & Planes, Sunday Times and Clash as well as BBC Radio1, BBC 1Xtra and Beats1, Tom is beginning to make waves in the US having performed on the prestigious Today Show and played three sold out shows in LA and New York. Live, Tom played a sold out headline tour in January including a show at the Camden Assembly and plays 7 UK dates this month as well as two BBC introducing shows in April in Manchester and London.


The Essex five-piece released their self-titled debut record in 2015, and are now gearing up to bring out their sophomore effort on September 8 via RCA. The new album has been produced by Mike Crossey, who has previously worked with The 1975, Foals and Arctic Monkeys. Nothing But Thieves have now shared Broken Machine’s lead single ahead of the release of the new album. Speaking about “Amsterdam” on Mistajam’s show on Radio 1, the band said: “It was inspired by our love of direct, guttural choruses. It’s like Conor is spitting the words in your face. It’s visceral and has momentum but also this beautiful moment in the middle which feels like a break in a sea storm.

in December of last year, broke the global top 50 on Spotify and is now certified Gold in the UK. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ follows Jones’ infectious previous single and summer club hit ‘House Work’ featuring MNEK and Chicago house legend Mike Dunn. Jax was also the writer and co-producer on Duke Dumont’s huge international 2014 hit ‘I Got U’, which resulted in his first UK No. 1 in addition to nominations on both sides of the Atlantic, at the BRIT and Grammy Awards.


OLD HAIRDRESSERS (4/05/17) ADORE // REPEL are a four-piece from Wakefield, West Yorkshire; a fiercely independent band with their own record label, who are currently building their own studio, who operate without a booking agent or manager, and embrace everything that has always been so healthy about the DIY ethic. Of course, many bands follow a similar path. The difference perhaps with ADORE // REPEL is that, without resorting to the machinations of the music industry, in 2016 they self-booked and played two full UK tours, along the way selling every bit of merchandise they took with them, performed sell out shows in Iceland for a second time and played the Reading and Leeds Festivals.


COTTIER THEATRE (26/05/17) Following a year of nonstop touring with a trio in support of her critically acclaimed sophomore album, In The Magic Hour, musician/songstress Aoife O’Donovan will perform a limited run of solo dates in the UK starting with a May 21st date in London. Written in the wake of her grandfather’s death, In The Magic Hour has garnered tremendous praise since its January 2016 release as “gorgeous” (Rolling Stone Country) ode to her idyllic childhood summers surrounded by family. The Guardian said Aoife possesses “the ability to surprise an audience with the contrast between her gentle appearance at the microphone and the invisible punch of her performance.”


THE ART SCHOOL (6/06/17) The internationally-acclaimed trio, who have shared the stage with the likes of Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine, come to Glasgow’s School of Art in June. Made up of Emily, Jessica and Camilla StaveleyTaylor, the Watford siblings rose to prominence in 2010 when they appeared on Tom Jones’ album Praise and Blame. They released their debut EP, Facing West in the same year, with a pair of EPs, Live at Cecil Sharp House and Mexico, the following year, which brought them to the attention of the major labels.


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32


It’s no great secret that Scotland’s music scene is a thing to be proud of. So we here at TSA have teamed up with Scotland’s very own New Hellfire Club to bring you a monthly pick of who we think are doing epically well right now. Keep your eyes out for these up and coming bands. This is TSA and New Hellfire Club’s ‘Pick of the Month’.

TRONGATE RUM RIOTS Hi there Trongate Rum Riots! It’s great to have you guys in this issue of TSA POTM for a chat, especially considering you seem to have so much on just now worth chatting about. So, let’s start the interview off by telling us a bit about the history of The Trongate Rum Riots, have you guys been a band long? Whose idea was it to get a band together in the first place? Any other wee weird facts we should know about you before we go on? Thanks for having us Jamie. Aye we have been gigging in Glasgow since 2012. We started out playing Sea Shanties and a few drinking songs in bars, and our first proper gig was near Halloween. So we did a bit of Victorian style Pirate madness and it stuck. We got more gigs and kept adding to the material from there. We have had many incarnations to this point and different members. Wee weird facts. We have never played in Uzbekistan and reality is an illusion. Apart from that...not sure.

I need to get right into the name issue, as to be honest (even though I have personally known you guys for what, a few years now?) I have no idea what it’s all about, so where did it come from? I reckon the name story depends on what mood we are in or who you speak to in the band. Right now lets just say it may or may not have been a historical incident. It might be a drunk fantasy, or maybe a bit of both....we have no idea either.

You have a new release coming out soon, and we’ve all waited patiently for an album from you guys for what seems like ages (much excitement on this end), how hard was it to put together? Were there any major hurdles in getting it recorded? We done a couple of EPs before and we were happy with them but we recorded the album ourselves to try and capture the live feel to our music. We didn’t want it to be too polished. We recorded the majority

Photo credit: Nicola Roberts

ourselves then Headhunter Studios helped us pull it all together. Its been about two years so we are excited about it. It is in the bag now and we are looking forward to touring over the summer.

As far as genres go, The Trongate Rum Riots are pretty difficult to pigeonhole. I’m not even sure what I would class you guys as; Anarcho-Sea Shanty Punk perhaps? Riotous Pirate folk? I’m just spit balling now, so tell me, does being so unique in a packed local music scene make it generally harder, or easier for you to get gigs? We just play what we like to play. Folk mostly with a punk feel but there are ballads and bar room blues numbers as well. Genres are tricky. Yeah...I like Anarcho-Sea Shanty Punk. Some people have described it as Speed Folk, Snuff Shanties and Kebab Rock...Who knows. Our style of music suits being played live. There are some great bands about Glasgow.

Onto recommendations now, who else would you recommend we all have a listen to on the local scene, anyone you guys love gigging alongside that the readers shouldn’t be missing out on? Joe Bone and the Dark Vibes, Woodwife, Wire and Wool, Cut throat Razors and Pronto Mama. Victoria McNulty is an amazing poet that we have been doing some shows with...there are too many to name.


What’s coming up for The Trongates then? I’m assuming with a new release coming out, there is also a new release event? The launch is on the 12th of May at the Classic Grand in Glasgow so we have been preparing for that for the last while. We have been keeping out of trouble but we are playing the Moniaive Folk Festival and the Balloch Folk Festival before we head to open the Cowal Games.

So, the floor is yours, is there anything else coming up in 2017 we should get excited about? What’s your plans for the rest of the year? Taking the new album on the road and multi-packs of crisps. We will be heading off to play at the Festival Du Chant Marine, a big sea shanty Festival in Piampol, France. We are well up for bringing a bit of Glasgow madness to the continent. We have got several dates in the north of Scotland and will be playing the Orkney Rock Festival. Mostly we will be stuck in the riot van with crazy instruments, playing old folk tunes with our faces stuck against the windows. 2017 is looking good. We are just happy playing as much as we can.





Alien: Covenant is set to be released May 12 in the UK and May 19 in the US. The film was directed by Ridley Scott and written by John Login and Dante Harper. It is a direct sequel to the 2012 film Prometheus and is the second installment in the Alien prequel series and the sixth overall. The film stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demián Bichir. Now that we’ve got the bare facts out of the way let’s talk a little bit about the plot of the movie. It’s set in 2104 and follows the crew of the colony shop Covenant as they travel to a remote planet on the other side of the galaxy. They believe that this place will be a veritable Eden but instead they find a planet filled with danger and inhabited by David (the artificial life form from the first movie) as well as some monstrous alien creatures who are

YEAR 2091: PROMETHEUS (2012)

YEAR 2179: ALIENS (1986)

Ridley Scott, who directed the original Alien (1979), returned to the franchise to produce the first prequel of the series. The USCSS Prometheus voyage to moon LV-223 begins in 2091, and the crew arrive in 2093. During this time in the Alien universe, Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) is born in 2092.

Ripley is discovered after being in space stasis for 57 years. In the same year, and the same movie, we’re introduced to popular characters Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), and Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden (Carrie Henn).


At the beginning of David Fincher’s movie, the unit 2650 crash lands on Fiorina “Fury” 161 facility, killing Hicks and Newt. At the end of the film, Ripley sacrifices herself, but genetic samples of her are collected.

The next release in the franchise, also directed by Scott, will be set 10 years after the events of Prometheus, around 2103.

YEAR 2122: ALIEN (1979)

by Thomas Neil

determined to hunt and kill all of the colonists. With Alien: Covenant being a direct sequel to Prometheus, which was set in the same universe as the Alien Franchise but was not intended to be directly related - in fact a direct quote concerning Prometheus was that it has “strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak” but not connecting it any further allowed them to explore new ideas. Prometheus had an overall positive critical reception but received flack for unresolved or predictable plot points. It was intended to jumpstart and rejuvenate the franchise, feeling that it was a step in the right direction to linking the past and present movies But for those who are slightly confused by the timeline of the movies, let’s piece together the jigsaw and have a look back at the Alien franchise so far.

The original classic sits neatly in the middle of the chronology of the story so far. During 2122, Spaceship Nostromo is returning to Earth, with Ellen Ripley aboard, before it is interrupted by the distress signal that triggers the events of the movie.

YEAR 2179: ALIEN 3 (1992)

YEAR 2379: ALIEN: RESURRECTION (1997) Flash-forward 200 years and the film earns its title by cloning Ellen Ripley, using the genetic samples that were collected at the end of Alien 3. Chronologically, these are the latest events in the franchise.

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CARNIVAL RIDES & GAMES with carousel, magic shows, face painting & silent disco

ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS with animal talks, creepy crawlies & pop-up science stations

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with champagne & sushi, Edinburgh Gin, crepes & coke floats, Brew Dog bar






MAY 2017, ISSUE 32









Michael Fassbender returns to the Alien franchise after his brilliant performance as the ‘synthetic’ human David in 2012’s Prometheus. For Alien: Covenant, however, his great friend and director, Sir Ridley Scott, has raised the stakes, setting the formidably talented Irish actor the challenge of playing two different androids within the same film. Not only is Fassbender again slipping inside the uncanny skin of David, whose scientific meddling and elusive motives in Prometheus were at the root of so many horrors, he is also playing Walter, the Covenant’s synthetic crewmember. This has meant the versatile star of the X-men series, and Oscar nominated for 12 Years a Slave and Steve Jobs, has got to perform entire scenes opposite, well, himself. Identical save for his short, black hair, Walter is markedly less emotional than his counterpart. David has evolved in unimaginable ways. Here’s what Michael Fassbender had to say on his character.




Yes, it’s ridiculous at times (more often than not, if we’re completely honest) but Fate of The Furious is everything that we’ve come to know and love about the franchise – it’s high-action, high-adrenaline, ludicrous, cheesy and entertaining. We also loved the new cast additions, Charlize Theron is her usual incredible self, but Helen Mirren’s cameo is the movie’s true highlight


You wouldn’t think that a movie about a talking raccoon and cute tree-creature who can barely speak, could evoke so much emotion from its audience, but Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 managed to bizarrely leave some viewers in tears. This highly-anticipated sequel just about lives up to expectations with its great characters and perfect amount of action but admittedly it’s not quite as fresh or clever as the original.




Now I’ll admit I wasn’t ever mega excited by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, after all it was a franchise based on a ride and it just felt like a needless cash grab. Despite that, I was consistently surprised by this movie series, and I’m still waiting for my Splash Mountain movie. But anyway, despite that the movies always rated fairly high on my list of favourite films because the stories were fun and the characters likeable and very quotable – “I’ve got a jar of dirt”, anyone? However, although many fans felt similarly about the fun story, characters and praised the action sequences, the films have suffered critically, with each new release receiving worse reviews than the previous. After the fourth installment in the series, On Stranger Tides, flopped I wasn’t expecting much from the latest addition, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and assumed that it had again succumbed to sequelitis. I expected it to be disappointing again and a by-product of an industry that won’t let a franchise die while it can still squeeze some money out of it. However, a few well placed previews genuinely changed my mind about the upcoming release. The movie, at least from the perspective of all the trailers and previews, perfectly captures the spirit and charm of the first films and tied together some dangling plot threads. It also seems apparent that Walt Disney have realised that the last movie undeniably struggled because despite being a main character Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) can’t bare the direct spotlight of being the only focus of a movie because then his charming eccentricities become annoying. Which is likely why they’ve introduced some exciting newcomers to the franchise, and brought back Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), although considering

we’ve only had brief glances of Knightley it’s questionable how large her role will be. In the latest instalment, we’ll see a down-on-his-luck Captain Jack trying to dodge deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazer (Javier Bardem) who’re determined to kill every pirate at sea – notably Jack. To survive, Jack must attempt to locate the legendary Trident of Poseidon and to find it he must team up with astronomer Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) and headstrong young sailor, Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites), who is searching for his father. Production of this movie was a long time coming. Preproduction started in early 2011 but the process was held up because of script and budget issues which meant the movie missed its intended 2015 release and the updated 2016 release, before finally being earmarked for a 2017 release after many issues. It’s also likely that the studio were nervous about how this instalment would fare after their gamble on The Lone Ranger in 2013 did not pay off. The movie, starring Johnny Depp in the lead role as another eccentric character, flopped and many questioned whether Disney had lost faith in Depp’s ability as a leading man. Hopefully the introduction of the fresh new characters and distinct return to the feel of the original film will prove enough to save this instalment from suffering in the reviews like its predecessors. Perhaps after a misstep or two the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is on to a winner with this fifth instalment, which could breathe new life into the series. Hopes are high that they’ll do well with the series now that it’s understood which aspects of the series work and by Thomas Neil which don’t. @Lonely_Among_Us

Book Corner If you’re looking for something a bit grim and gory, with a ridiculously high body count, The Belko Experiment is the movie for you. The sadistic ‘experiement’ plot is attention-grabbing enough to keep us intrigued (even with the annoyingly small amount of rationalisation) but the brilliant cast is what really makes this bloody film well worth watching.



If, like me, you weren’t blown away by Paula Hawkin’s debut thriller, Girl On The Train, don’t let it put you off reading her latest novel, Into The Water. This darker, psychological thriller will grip you from the start with the story about a small English town, the mysterious Beckford Drowning Pool and the reasons why so many women have died there.

Long-time friends and awardwinning authors, Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, have finally collaborated, resulting in the sure-tobe sinister and thought-provoking, Gwendy’s Horror Story. This new story takes place in Castle Rock, marking King’s long-awaited return to one of the towns in his fictional, freaky version of Maine. Look out for it, and the delightfully scary cover, when it’s released on 30 May.


THE HANDMAID’S TALE It’s hardly a new book, in fact it’s 32-years-old, but if you’ve not read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale yet then make sure to pick up a copy soon, and then binge-watch the fantastic TV adaptation starring Elizabeth Moss. It’s set in a near-future New England, where a closed-off totalitarian community has overthrown the United States government and cracked down on women’s rights, forcing some women into the role of ‘Handmaids’, who are assigned to bear children for powerful couples who have trouble conceiving.


MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the epic fantasy action adventure King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Starring Charlie Hunnam in the title role, the film is an iconoclastic take on the classic Excalibur myth, tracing Arthur’s journey from the streets to the throne. When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy…whether he likes it or not. King Arthur is in UK cinemas 19 May.


Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is an out-of-work party girl who finds herself in relationship trouble with her sensible boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens), and is forced to move back to her tiny hometown to get her life back on track. She reconnects with childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), a good-natured bar owner with a coterie of drinking buddies (Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell), and resumes her drinking lifestyle. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a larger-than-life creature begins attacking Seoul, South Korea on a nightly basis, captivating spectators around the world. One night, Gloria is horrified to discover a connection between these catastrophic events and her own fractured psyche. Deconstructing the monster movie genre in wildly imaginative ways, writer-director Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial, Open Windows) unleashes a fantastical tale that also triumphs as a wholly original and subversive romantic comedy. Colossal is in UK cinemas 19 May.



Free spirited Emily’s excitement for her romantic South American holiday turns to tears when she is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend. Seeking refuge with her uptight mum (Goldie Hawn), Emily somehow manages to persuade her to take a chance on some fun and she agrees to join her daughter on her adventure in Ecuador. But, Emily doesn’t just want to sit by the pool all day sipping cocktails, so she talks her highly-strung mum into a walk on the wild side. Hitting some local bars, the unlikely duo let their hair down and begin mingling with the locals. But a chance encounter with a mysterious man leads to their kidnapping and mother and daughter must set aside their differences to escape their hellish predicament. Schumer stars in the movie, alongside the legendary Goldie Hawn (Private Benjamin), who makes a welcome return to the big screen after a 15-year break. Snatched is in UK cinemas 19 May.


Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is head of a team of the most elite lifeguards in the country, maybe even the planet. But the council is about to cut this beach hero’s funding… With the Baywatch brand in danger, what can Mitch and the team do to salvage this impending wreckage? It’s time to bring in Matt Brody (Zac Efron) – double gold medallist and a bit of a loose cannon. With Matt now a part of the team, it’s business as usual until a dead body turns up on the shore. Investigating further, all hell is about to break loose for the Baywatch gang, as they go to new lengths to protect the safety of those on the beach. In this revamp of the much-loved TV show, Dwayne Johnson (Furious 7, Central Intelligence) takes the lead role of Mitch Buchannon, originally famously portrayed bY David Hasselhoff, and is joined on screen by Zac Efron (We Are Your Friends, Dirty Grandpa) and Priyanka Chopra. Baywatch is in UK cinemas 29 May

WONDER WOMAN Wonder Woman is soon to hit movie theatres around the world when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana soon discovers her full powers…and her true destiny. Step right into the world of Wonder Woman and catch the hotlyanticipated movie in 3D, IMAX or IMAX 3D at selected cinemas! Wonder Woman is in UK cinemas 2 June.





www.s1jobs.com/recruiterprofiles/tsa s1jobs.com have been at the heart of the jobs marketplace in Scotland for over 14 years and are very proud to partner with The Student Advertiser here to bring exclusive and relevant job vacancies to the readership. If you’re keen to apply for any particular vacancy, you must follow the established application route through the s1jobs.com website. As there’s usually over 4,000 live job vacancies on the site each week, we’ve collated all the vacancies noted here under a single online address, especially created for the readers of The Student Advertiser. Simply enter the address noted below into your web browser, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a mobile device or a static PC, the s1jobs.com website is fully mobile optimised ensuring you get the best experience possible. If you require any assistance, the customer service team at s1jobs will be keen to help on 0141 302 7510.

Salary: Competitive Agent: Hutchesons’ Grammar School Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow We are seeking to appoint a friendly, enthusiastic and skilled School Secretary to support the Head Teacher and her senior team. The successful candidate will be well organised and meet deadlines in a calm and collected manner, even under the pressure of conflicting priorities. With excellent written and verbal communication the appointed candidate will be able to work effectively and professionally with all stakeholders, dealing with issues in a sensitive and confidential manner. The post is offered on a full time, term- time only basis. However, there will be a requirement to work an additional 5 days during the summer holidays and on 4 in-service days.

CUSTOMER SERVICES - GERMAN SPEAKING Salary: £17000 per annum + plus shift bonus Agent: Total Recruitment Skills: Customer Services Location: Glasgow Based within their modern, state of the art, well equipped Glasgow offices (with parking, coffee shop, internet cafe and lunch venues on site), you would join a fun, friendly and very outgoing team environment. Handling all manner of customer inquiries, over the phone and via email, you will have first class communication skills, both verbal and written (GERMAN AND ENGLISH). This is NOT a call centre environment, but much more of an open plan, friendly, large office environment. SHIFTS 3PM - MIDNIGHT, Wednesday to Sunday, £17,000 PLUS 10% shift allowance. INITIALLY 12-15 weeks TEMPORARY BUT WILL LEAD TO A PERMANENT CONTRACT FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. APPLY WITHOUT DELAY - RECRUITING RIGHT NOW!!!!

PDI VEHICLE TECHNICIAN Salary: £8 per hour Agent: Brightwork Skills: Automotive Location: Glasgow We are currently looking to recruit a PDI Technician to join a national dealership based in Glasgow on a temporary contract initially, but with a chance to go permanent. Ideal candidate would be part qualified and have at least NVQ 1 (preferably NVQ Level 2) in vehicle maintenance. Full UK driving licence is also essential. The successful candidate will be responsible for carrying out pre-delivery inspections on new vehicles and used vehicles checks. Working hours are 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri but some weekend work may be required. ‘Brightwork Ltd offers the services of an employment agency for permanent work and an employment business for temporary work’ We may only contact selected applicants due to volume of response.




Salary: £21,500 Agent: Anderson Knight Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow Anderson Knight is looking for a Telephone Account Manager to work permanently in Glasgow. This will be working with a well established financial services company. Main responsibilities: - Account management - Hitting realistic sales targets - Conducting outgoing sales calls - Maintaining and strengthen relationships Developing a team of advisors The ideal candidate must be a polished individual with a professional approach and a background in financial services. Please apply for further details.

Salary: £Competative Agent: Halo Hotels (Crowwood) Skills: Hospitality/Catering/Tourism Location: Glasgow An opportunity has arisen to join the team as a chef de partie at one of our hotels, with a busy guest restaurant and banqueting for 140, we are looking for someone who has at least 3 years experience in the kitchen and holds the relative food safety, and training documentation appropriate to the position. The position is available immediately with a competitive salary offered commensurate with experience, the position is permanent and full time. In the first instance send your cv, and you will be contacted in order to arrange an interview



Salary: £Negotiable Agent: PTM Security Solutions Ltd Skills: Engineering/Technical Location: Glasgow Field Service Engineer required to carry out Service, Repair and Installation of Door Entry Systems and carry out routine PMV inspections to Fire Alarms and Smoke Extraction Systems. You must have relevant experience and qualifications and hold a Full Driving Licence. Any and all endorsements must be disclosed. The post is Full Time and carried a probationary period of 6 months. You must rotate 1 week "On Call" with the other engineers (following probationary period). A Company vehicle is provided and company branded clothing is also provided.

Salary: £DEO Agent: Stafffinders Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Stafffinders are currently recruiting for a permanent full time experienced Bookkeeperfor our Glasgow client. Must have experience in the following: Maintaining Sales and Purchase Ledger. Bank Reconciliation. Preparation of VAT and PAYE Returns. Processing of timesheets, credit control,supplier payments. Preparation and submission of invoices. Sage line 50. Sage Payroll. Sage Job Coasting. All Microsoft packages. To apply please email CV to Karen.auchincloss@ stafffindes.co.uk

Salary: £13-16/h Agent: Hudson Construction & Property Skills: Construction/Trades/Property Location: Glasgow My Client is an English contractor that is expanding to the Central Belt of Scotland and building its team. There is lots of work lined up and already underway with the leadership of a good core team that we have built up in recent months. We are now seeking a Junior Land Surveyor to join the team and assist in levelling, target shooting etc. on multiple contracts including rail road, and water projects. Any experience is helpful, but there is significant opportunity for training and development. This will be on a contract basis to start Please note you will receive an automated response advising you that we have received your CV. Hudson is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management solutions worldwide.

CREDIT CONTROL CLERK (TEMP TO PERM) Salary: £17,500 - £19,000 Agent: Anderson Knight Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Anderson Knight are currently seeking a temporary Credit Control Clerk to work for a well known client based in Glasgow on a ongoing temporary contract with the chance to go permanent. Main Duties: Cash Collection by telephone, letter and email. Opening new accounts . Maintaining accounts and putting accounts on stop. Cash Allocation. Review ledger . Produce monthly KPI’s. Adhoc finance reports when required . Deal with all customer enquires . Adhoc duties as required . In return my client is offering a competitive salary with fantastic working hours, with great development opportunities. Interested please apply now to patricia@ andersonknight.co.uk or call me on 0141 348 7754 for more information.

ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT Salary: £DOE Agent: Independent Accountants in Scotland Limited Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow IAIS have an excellent opportunity for an Accounts Assistant to join them on a permanent basis. Our team provide high quality advice and assistance in

every aspect of our clients’ financial and accounting requirements. You will be required to assist in the preparation of Accounts, Tax Computations, Management Accounts and VAT returns with the addition of other ad-hoc duties within the office as and when required. Ideally having worked in a practice setting you will be comfortable in preparing accounts with minimal supervision although working in a team and be comfortable using Sage to Trial Balance and a working knowledge of Iris would also be beneficial. As you will be the first point of contact for many clients an excellent telephone manner along with strong communication skills are required.


£ Commensurate with experience The Centre of Therapy and Counselling Studies Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow An opportunity has arisen within our expanding organisation for someone to take charge of the reception area while sharing some of the duties carried out by our administration team. This is a full-time post working from Monday to Friday within a busy academic and clinical environment. Duties will include: Managing a busy reception desk as first point of contact with visitors, students, clients, therapists and trainers. Answering incoming telephone calls. Carrying out specific administration tasks and operating systems. Essential Qualities: Warm and friendly manner Mature and professional attitude Good communication skills Good organisational skills Ability to work on own initiative as well as within a team Reliability and punctuality

PART TIME CASHIER Salary: £8.00 - £9 per hour Agent: Allstaff Skills: Retail Location: Glasgow AllStaff Paisley require a Permanent experienced Part Time Cashier for our client based in Hillington. The location of the client can offer parking facilities & good public transport links. Hours required to be worked WILL be Thursday 1-7pm include a Saturday between 7am to 12noon. Candidates will be required to cover F/T hours during periods of annual leave. Duties will include: Inputting data from tills onto system and balancing cash. Checking invoices and matching. Answering customer calls and queries. Uplifting cash from tills and checking cash into the safe. Inputting details onto the system. Filing, faxing, photocopying. Updating excel spreadsheets. General office duties. Allstaff is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy

PRODUCTION OPERATIVES Salary: £7.65ph Agent: Topstaff Skills: Production/Manufacturing Location: Glasgow Position: Experienced production operatives urgently required for part time assignments in the Glasgow/ Hillington area. This position will be ongoing temporary assignments with the possibility of going permanent for the right candidates. Requirements: Applicants must have a good work ethic, should be dexterous and have good attention to detail. This position involved small parts on a production line so nimble fingers and experience are essential. Working hours: Hours of work will be 22 hours per week Monday to Wednesday 16.30 until 21.25 and Thursday 16.30 - 22.25 For immediate interview please call Topstaff Employment on 0141 427 7070 or email your CV to warehouse@ topstaffemployment.com.

PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR Salary: £23,000 + Benefits Agent: Lusona Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Lusona’s Client a well known business based in the city centre of Glasgow seek to recruit a payroll administrator on a permanent capacity This is an excellent position for a candidate looking develop there career within payroll Main Duties for this role are: Process monthly payroll . Process all PAYE and NI contributions. Processing various expenses. Update all RTI information. Deal with any auto enrolement queries. Liaise with various department regarding payroll queries. Process all year end payroll. Ensure all current payroll legislation is adhered to . To apply for this role you will have at least 2 years previous payroll experience based within a fast paced environment, have excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to work own your own initiative



MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

SENIOR COMPLIANCE ADMINISTRATOR Salary: £10 - £12 per hour Agent: Hudson Contact Centre Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow My client a large forward thinking organisation is currently recruiting a Senior Compliance Administrator. You will be responsible for : Supporting the manager with implementation of departments strategy. Managing customer databases . Accurate processing of all documents . Contribute to the continuous improvement of processes and procedure. Liase with internal and external contacts. This will be a 3-6 month role and to start ASAP. You must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The ability to deal with several administrative skills at the same time is essential. Please note you will receive an automated response advising you that we have received your CV. Hudson is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management solutions worldwide.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATOR Salary: £10 - £12 per hour Agent: Hudson Contact Centre Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow My client a large forward thinking organisation is currently recruiting a Senior Compliance Administrator. You will be responsible for : Supporting the manager with implementation of departments strategy. Managing customer databases . Accurate processing of all documents . Contribute to the continuous improvement of processes and procedure. Liase with internal and external contacts. This will be a 3-6 month role and to start ASAP. You must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The ability to deal with several administrative skills at the same time is essential. Please note you will receive an automated response advising you that we have received your CV. Hudson is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management solutions worldwide.

ALARM ENGINEER Salary: £25000 + overtime and call allowance Agent: APS Protection Systems Skills: Engineering/Technical Location: Glasgow APS Protection Systems Ltd require time served Installation/Service Engineers. This is a permanent position and the role consists of carrying out service, installation, testing and commissioning of electronic fire and security systems. Applicants should have a high level of experience and knowledge of electronic fire and security systems. The successful candidate should be

highly motivated with the ability to work responsibly on their own or as part of a team, have excellent skills in communication and problem solving and have an enthusiastic and helpful manner. 40 hours per week,. 28 days holiday including 8 statutory days. Basic salary 25k per annum depending on experience, overtime and call allowance will be paid in addition. Company vehicle. Mobile Phone. APS Protection Systems Ltd is an independent company based in Larkhall, Scotland, hold NSI accreditation and provides security services to both domestic and commercial clients.

TEMPORARY ACCOUNTANT Salary: £34,000 - £38,000 Agent: Anderson Knight Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Anderson Knight is currently working with a prestigious client of ours who seek a Qualified Accountant to work on a temporary to permanent contract based in Glasgow City Centre. Main Duties: Producing Monthly Management Accounts including the P&L and Balance sheets Carrying out all Balance Sheet reconciliations Responsible for all PAYE Preparation of monthly VAT Returns Adhoc duties as required To be considered for this role we are looking to speak to candidates with immediate availability. Interested please apply now to patricia@andersonknight.co.uk stating your notice period and salary expectations. Or call me on 0141 348 7754 for further information.

PRODUCTION OPERATIVE Salary: £7.20 to £7.90ph Agent: Uin Foods limited Skills: Production/Manufacturing Location: Glasgow Food Production Operatives Location: Cambuslang, Glasgow We are recruiting for Food Production Operatives for different departments. These roles initially are on fixed term contracts potentially leading to permanent employment; depending on performance and Company requirements. We are looking for candidates with recent experience of working within manufacturing workplace. Successful candidates will be expected to follow food hygiene procedures and be able to work accurately under pressure in a fast paced environment. Available shifts: Bakery 8am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday Bakery 8am to 4:30pm Saturday-Sunday Production 7:15am to 7:00pm (Monday Tuesday Saturday Sunday one week; Wednesday Thursday Friday second week) Hygiene 7:00pm to 6:45am (Monday Tuesday Saturday Sunday one week; Wednesday Thursday Friday second week) Rates of pay Dayshift £7.20ph Nightshift £7.90ph


£16,380 to £17,000 depending on qualifications and experience Agent: The Presbytery of Glasgow Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow The Presbytery of Glasgow has a vacancy for a fulltime Trainee Administrator to work within a small team providing administrative/secretarial support to our two Presbytery Clerks and other staff members/ committee conveners. Based in Glasgow city centre, the successful applicant will have some administrative experience and/or appropriate qualifications, including a working knowledge of MS Office, and will be able to demonstrate a willingness to learn. Hours of work Monday - Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday 8.30am to 4pm Further details A full job description is available by email from the Office Manager, Ms Karen Lafferty (klafferty@presbyteryofglasgow.org.uk). Applications, by cv and covering letter, may be sent to this email address or made via S1 jobs. (If applying directly, please use the job title as the subject of your email.) n.b. Some flexibility in start date may be possible for applicants completing training courses within the next few months.

PHP SQL DEVELOPER Salary: Up to £40,000 DOE Agent: RHA Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow RHA is a specialist audio company based in Glasgow. We develop, manufacture and market innovative audio products with sales channels in over twenty countries. We are seeking a full time Developer to develop and support our internal ERP system. Development includes all aspects of the lifecycle, including design, development, deployment, training and maintenance. The ideal candidate is creative, and passionate about developing quality software, using good programming practices. Candidates should also have a strong willingness and aptitude to learn the latest web development technologies. Required Skills & Experience Strong knowledge of system architecture, data structures, design and integration. Object-oriented PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML. SQL, database design & normalization. Problem solving attention to detail Selfsufficient, can take user requirements, debug code and solve problems with minimal guidance This is a great career opportunity within a truly innovative company

COACHBUILDER Salary: £10.00 - £14.00 per hour Agent: Aspirare Skills: Engineering/Technical Location: Glasgow Coachbuilder, Glasgow, £10-£14 per hour Our market leading client currently has an exciting opportunity for a time served coachbuilder to join their renowned

team with over 30 years’ experience for their blue chip commercial client base. Working in a fast paced environment, our coachbuilder will require experience in panel beating, vehicle bodybuilding and bodywork with the process continuing on to spray painting and completion. This opportunity provides a 6 month contract with a view of permanent position in a specialized company with rapid growth and progression possibilities. To be considered for the Coachbuilder position, you require: Time-served as coachbuilder Good knowledge of engineering standards operations Ability to follow plans and designs The forthcoming contract position are suited to hands-on, pro-active experienced coachbuilders who will undertake PSV and HGV vehicle rebuilding damage repairs. Apply NOW! Send your CV or call John on 01698 324664 to not miss out on this promising opportunity.


£Dependent on Experience

Agent: McAllisters Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow A full time experienced Accountant managing a portfolio of clients. Minimum at least 3 - 5 years continuous experience in an accountancy firm required. The Accountant role involves the following: Preparation of small limited company statutory accounts. Preparation of sole trader and partnership accounts and personal tax returns. Use of Iris software and Sage Line 50. Involvement in personal tax, corporate tax, VAT and PAYE work. A good working knowledge of Sage payroll, RTI and Auto Enrolement. Familiarity With Xero, Kashflow & Sage ACT and other online accounting software would be helpful. The Accountant in Practice role would be best suited to the following type of individual: An enthusiastic and positive individual who enjoys a variety of work and is confident in dealing directly with a wide range of clients. Someone with good organisational skills and the ability to work to strict deadlines. Strong communication skills and the capacity to work well as part of a team.

PART TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT ADMINISTRATOR Salary: Competitive Salary Agent: ACE Refrigeration Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Automatic Cooling Engineers Ltd require an experienced Technical Support Administrator. The successful candidate will have experience of administering NHS/ Government contracts and dealing with NHS compliance paperwork. Part time. 5 days per week (20hrs per wek). Competitive Salary. Applications with Full CV to ahunter@acerefrigeration.co.uk


£Commensurate with experience The Centre of Therapy and Counselling Studies Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow An opportunity has arisen within our expanding organisation for two people on a part-time basis to join our administration team carrying out duties in varied aspects of our operations. These are part-time posts working from Monday to Friday with actual hours to be agreed. Duties will include: Carrying out various administration tasks, procedures and operating systems within a busy academic and clinical environment. Essential Qualities: Warm and friendly manner Mature and professional attitude Good communication skills Good organisational skill Ability to work on own initiative as well as within a team Reliability and punctuality

PART TIME CASHIER Salary: £8.00 - £9 per hour Agent: Allstaff Skills: Retail Location: Glasgow AllStaff Paisley require a Permanent experienced Part Time Cashier for our client based in Hillington. The location of the client can offer parking facilities & good public transport links. Hours required to be worked WILL be Thursday 1-7pm include a Saturday between 7am to

12noon. Candidates will be required to cover F/T hours during periods of annual leave. Duties will include: Inputting data from tills onto system and balancing cash. Checking invoices and matching. Answering customer calls and queries. Uplifting cash from tills and checking cash into the safe. Inputting details onto the system. Filing, faxing, photocopying. Updating excel spreadsheets. General office duties. Allstaff is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy

PRODUCTION OPERATIVES Salary: £7.65ph Agent: Topstaff Skills: Production/Manufacturing Location: Glasgow Position: Experienced production operatives urgently required for part time assignments in the Glasgow/ Hillington area. This position will be ongoing temporary assignments with the possibility of going permanent for the right candidates. Requirements: Applicants must have a good work ethic, should be dexterous and have good attention to detail. This position involved small parts on a production line so nimble fingers and experience are essential. Working hours: Hours of work will be 22 hours per week Monday to Wednesday 16.30 until 21.25 and Thursday 16.30 - 22.25 For immediate interview please call Topstaff Employment on 0141 427 7070 or email your CV to warehouse@ topstaffemployment.com.

PART-TIME RECEPTIONIST Salary: £18,000 pro rata Agent: PRG Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow PRG Business Support are recruiting for our client exclusively for a front of house professional to join them on a part time basis working Thursdays and Fridays in the centre of Glasgow. Based front of house for our established client we are looking to speak with individuals who have a proven track record within reception coupled with good administrative skills. Duties: Meeting and greeting clients and external partners. Answering telephone and relaying messages. Basic admin duties and housekeeping. Dealing with incoming and outgoing mail. Please send

your CV to Emma Cameron to be considered for this vacancy coupled with your current salary, availability and holidays pre-booked in the next 6 months. To be considered for this role please send your CV to supportroles@prgrecruitment.com confirming your notice period.

PART TIME UNDERWRITER Salary: £25000 per annum Agent: Hudson Contact Centre Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow Hudson have partnered with growing financial services business to appoint a part time Underwriting assistant. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an innovative business who are invested in developing and training team members. Hours 10am-2pm Monday to Friday (overtime available) Underwriting experience would beneficial however not essential: Strong experience working within a financial services environment. Working in a detail orientated environment. Experience looking at credit files. Ability to manage a busy workload. A team player with a flexible attitude. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Strong Excell skills. Proactive approach. To find out more about this role then please get in touch on 0141 227 9134 or Kirsty.burke@hudson.com Please note you will receive an automated response advising you that we have received your CV. Hudson is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract professionals and talent management solutions worldwide.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TEAM MEMBER PART TIME Salary: £18,000 ñ 21,000 Agent: Hudson Accounting & Finance Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Hudson Accountancy and Finance client are looking to add an Accounts Payable Team Member to the current team on a part time basis. This is a outstanding opportunity to join a prestigious organisation based on the outskirts of Glasgow. Key duties of the role include; Maintain the integrity of the financial ledger. Receive and check purchase invoice from suppliers and internal departments. Complete journals and adjustments as

required. Process data accurately in accordance with deadlines. Reconcile transactions for specific suppliers. Creation of excel spreadsheets collating charges on a monthly basis. Provide a fast efficient service to internal and external customers. Experience required; Knowledge of financial and accounting procedures. Strong Accounts Payable knowledge. Supplier statement reconciliation experience. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work to tight month end deadlines. If you are interested in this vacancy please contact Greg McDermott or Pamela McCulloch in our Glasgow office on 0141 240 2444 or greg.mcdermott@jobs.hudson.com Please note you will receive an automated response advising you that we have received your CV.

BDC SALES ADVISOR Salary: £Highly Competitive + Bonus!! Agent: Peter Vardy Ltd Skills: Call/Contact Centres Location: Glasgow BDC SALES ADVISOR - PART TIME - WEEKEND & WEEK NIGHT HOURS Peter Vardy is the fastest growing motor retailer in its sector and has ambitious plans for the future. Our vision is to create the world’s best motor retail operation as measured by our colleagues, customers and investors. The company has won Sunday Times Awards for being a Top 100 Company to work for and has a real commitment to gaining success through colleague satisfaction. Due to the continued growth and success of the contact centre, we have an amazing opportunity for a sales driven person with a desire to succeed. This role will see you utilising your passion for customer service, while offering your expert knowledge to provide solutions. As a BDC Sales Advisor, you will be required to deal with customers on a one on one basis delivering a first class service every time. Person Specification: Skills/Attributes Required Confident and positive ‘can do’ attitude. Excellent communication and influencing skills. Good learner with willingness to develop further. Strong team player. Well organised and good time management. Flexible. Ability to thrive under pressure. Competent with PC and internet. Apply today to get your career started at PV!




SALES ASSISTANT / RETAIL ADVISOR Salary: £250 - £400 Weekly Agent: The Interactive Team Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Sales Assistant / Retail Advisor Are you looking for a career within sales and working with customers face to face? Are you looking for something different from the usual 9-5? Are you interested in a sales assistant role that offers real career progression and does what it says on the tin? At A4 interactive, we know inspiring leaders comes from every sort of back round. What matters most is your ability to connect, provide innovative solutions, and create an environment where all can succeed! Looking for a sales position that combines you brilliant people skills with your enthusiasm with customer service? We are uniquely focused on delivering amazing customer service experiences and were looking for incredible individuals to work within our interactive team and strive for greatness!!! Customer service and sales requirements are: Ability to strike up conversation?. Fun, bubbly, positive personality. hunger to learn and develop. What we can offer is: Full training professional development programme. fun and inspiring work environment. weekly pay. Travel opportunities. Experience in leadership. Full time/ part time positions. Immediate start. If this sounds like you please apply now and start tomorrow!!!

SUPPORT OFFICER Salary: £12.15 per hour Agent: Pertemps Scotland Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Our client, who is based in the Public Sector, has a requirement for a Support Officer. This is a temporary part-time role (either 5 half days or 3 full days per week), and is in Glasgow City Centre. This role attracts a pay rate of £12.15. This role requires a current Disclosure Scotland issued within the last 12 months. MAIN DUTIES/ RESPONSIBILITIES o Analysing complex letters and emails, identifying key issues o Using In-house systems to draft responses, including Ministerial responses and diary cases. o Responding to correspondence, addressing key concerns and ensuring that letters are drafted using appropriate language and tone o Engaging with internal colleagues across several policy areas to obtain contributions for responses o Managing correspondence workload effectively, and meeting corporate deadlines. o Providing briefing and correspondence contributions on migration related issues o Supporting the team with some event and meeting management, and ad hoc duties Key Skills o Calm and logical - able to handle reading and dealing with difficult messages from members of the public o Excellent communication skills verbal and written o Experience of using Microsoft Outlook and Excel o Ability to make decisions based on known documented processes If you have the necessary experience and skill set for this role, please submit your CV to contract.glasgow@pertemps.co.uk

Position: Quantity Surveyor (fit-out) Location: East Kilbride Salary: up to £45,000 Peace Recruitment is looking to source a Quantity Surveyor for a busy contractor, based in Glasgow. The role is to work with an excellent organisation, established for over 20 years, who specialise in fit-out, refurbishment and construction, both in the public and private sector. With an estimated turnover for this year of just under £20million, this increase in projects means the firm are looking to add to their commercial team. Based out of their offices in East Kilbride, the successful quantity surveyor will be out on site 2 -3 days/week. Projects are predominately across the central belt of Scotland. The ideal candidate will be a qualified quantity surveyor, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience or alternatively working whilst on a part-time QS course. Fit-out experience with a similar contractor would be beneficial but they will also consider candidates from alternative construction backgrounds. You will be joining a commercial team of 5, and in a friendly, open plan environment. Our clients pride themselves in their collaborative culture and the MD’s door is always open. Along with a basic salary (depending on experience), there will be a car allowance provided and pension. To apply for the role, click on the link, or for a confidential discussion on the role contact Nicola Monro directly on 0131 510 0304.

INCOME OFFICER (PART TIME) Salary: £30,714 - £33,726 pro rata per annum Agent: West of Scotland Housing Association Skills: Social Services/Housing/Childcare Location: Glasgow Income Officer (part time) Working Wednesdays Base - Glasgow East Office £30,714 - £33,726 pro rata per annum Defined Benefits Pension Scheme West of Scotland Housing Association is a dynamic social housing provider with a unique history and vision for the future. We are passionate about delivering exceptional services to our tenants. We also want to help make a positive contribution to the lives of those people living in the communities. Are you an experienced housing professional who is willing to take responsibility and make decisions? Can you convince us that you are a creative problem solver who is committed to improving service delivery and meeting demanding deadlines? Do you have a proven track record of forming effective working relationships with others because of your excellent communication and interpersonal skills? Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is confident and assertive; a team player who will adopt a flexible and methodical approach to organising and prioritising a busy workload. You should have good knowledge of current housing policy and practice related to social housing income maximisation. If you are interested in an exciting opportunity to work in a progressive environment which strives for continuous improvement, please visit the recruitment page of our website www.westscot.co.uk to download an application pack, email vacancies@westscot.co.uk or telephone 0141 550 5650 to request a pack. Completed applications must be returned by 12noon on Wednesday 4th May 2016.


team. Hours of work will be Tuesday to Friday, either morning or afternoon to include early evening – 20 hours per week over 4 days. Campbell Dallas LLP is one of the most dynamic and progressive firms of chartered accountants in Scotland with offices across 4 locations and international links. The firm scooped Accountancy Firm of the Year and Training Team of the Year at the Scottish Accountancy and Finance Awards 2015. By joining us you will help to contribute to our success, whilst being supported and encouraged to maximise your own potential. Working in a fast paced environment your role will primarily be to firstly identify and thereafter to provide advice on consumer debt solutions available to individuals who have been referred to the Personal Insolvency Department for assistance. You will communicate to management and external sources on case progression whilst ensuring all deadlines are met. It therefore goes to say that we are looking for strong communicators who have a confident and polite telephone manner and who can engage at all levels. You should have previous debt advice experience, or have worked within personal insolvency. We are looking for IT literate candidates. You will work as part of a team, however should be able to work well with minimal supervision. We are looking for a focussed individual who has a high level of attention to detail and can effectively plan and organise their workload. If this role is of interest then we would love to hear from you, please send your CV and covering letter.

CATERING ASSISTANT Salary: £5.56 - £7.33 Agent: Sense Scotland Skills: Hospitality/Catering/Tourism Location: Glasgow Catering Assistant Location: TouchBase, Glasgow Salary Scale: £6.56 - £7.33 (10-13) Part Time: 25 hours per week We have a job opportunity in our Touchbase Café for a Catering Assistant who will be responsible for food preparation and presentation to the highest standards whilst adhering to all Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Environmental Health requirements. The post holder will also work together with others in the catering team to provide a welcoming customer service environment which takes account of each customer’s needs. This will include the provision of information in accessible formats. DUTIES To comply with all Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Environmental Health regulations – training will be provided on this if required. Adhering to all café processes and procedures in line with the highest standards of food hygiene and health and safety. Café physical environment Cleaning of the physical environment and all catering equipment including crockery and cutlery as directed by the Café Manager or Café Supervisor. General Preparation of food and drinks for the Touchbase Café and catering service. Serving customers in the café, this includes money handling. Reporting any Health & Safety or equipment malfunction issues. Attending supervision sessions with line manager Attending training sessions as required Undertaking any other associated tasks as reasonably requested

Salary: FTE circa £19,000 - £20,000 Agent: Campbell Dallas Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow Don’t Fret About Debt is part of Campbell Dallas LLP, and offers Debt Solutions to our clients. We are now recruiting for a part time Debt Advisor to join our





Salary: £24,416 - £26,190 Agent: Indigo Childcare Group Skills: Education Location: Glasgow The Indigo Childcare Group are recruiting a Manager for our Garrowhill Early Learning Centre to cover maternity leave. Reporting to and directly supporting the Director of Services, you will be an exceptionally wellorganised person, with a pro-active approach, skilled in collaborative working, recognising the importance and commitment required in this mid-management role. You must be an excellent communicator at all levels, demonstrate diplomacy and tact, with the ability to establish clarity. Candidates must hold or be working towards a BA in Childhood Practice / Postgraduate Diploma in Childhood Practice / SQA Professional Development Award Childhood Practice (360 credits at SCQF Level 9). If not working towards this minimum qualification, applicants must have an SVQ 4 or equivalent and be willing to undertake the BA. Candidates should also have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a senior role. CV’s are not accepted please click on the ’Apply’ button to show your interest. Minimum qualifications apply.

which include: Ownership of compliance certification associated with technical designs to clients. Management of quality system. Company vehicle management, overseeing fleet administration. Project Coordination. Other general support duties. Candidates would need the following attributes: Strong attention to detail. Take ownership for projects. Strong communication skills. Team Player. In return you will be rewarded with fantastic professional office environment, friendly team atmosphere, competitive salary and benefits. For more information and to apply please submit your CV or call Joanne Steggell on 07881 300 527.

QUANTITY SURVEYOR - FIT-OUT CONTRACTOR Salary: up to £45,000 + car allowance + pension Agent: Peace Recruitment Skills: Construction/Trades/Property Location: Glasgow

Salary: Circa £20k pro rata Agent: HR Consultancy Skills: Accountancy Location: Glasgow

HR Consultancy is currently recruiting for an experienced Payroll Administrator on behalf of our successful and expanding client. This role is an exciting opportunity to be part of a period of growth within this UK wide business. Please note this role is offered on a part-time basis at 15 hours over 2 days. Your main responsibilities would include: Process and maintain payroll records accurately and efficiently Responsible for managing monthly and annual payroll cycles from start to finish Respond to all requests in a professional and customer focused manner Maintain employee records, process Payruns, SSP, Pensions, Other Deductions, end of year processing RTI submissions Prepare payroll reports for customer review and approval Keeping up to date with payroll legislation Maintain customer confidentiality at all times You must: Have considerable previous experience working in a busy payroll position Be confident and accurate in your own workload Have excellent organisational skills Enjoy contributing to team success If you wish to apply for this position please forward your CV to Eilidh Black via email at eblack@ hrconsultancy.co.uk or apply online. HR Consultancy acts as both an employment business and an employment agency.

PART TIME ADMINISTRATOR Salary: £7.00 - £10.00 per hour Agent: HAYS Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Part Time Administrator required to cover maternity leave. Based in Wishaw. £8.00 - £10.00 per hour. Your new company Based in Wishaw, this pioneering technology & production company manufacture energy efficient, resource-saving technologies and are a leader in the global market. Your new role You will be required to cover maternity leave on a part time basis (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 8:00 - 16:30). This role will be primarily focused on SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) Administration and will also require supporting other admin tasks within the companies Service Support. You may be required travel to another site in the North of England. SCADA activities will include coordination and liaison with customers using internal communication process to seek approval so SCADA activities can be performed on customer sites. What you’ll need to succeed Experience working within an similar Administration role previously is essential as you will be working within a fast paced environment and on multiple CRM systems. A high attention to detail, customer service skills and strong organisation skills are essential. What you’ll get in return You will be joining an innovative team and dealing with a broad range of duties. You will be working part time and will be offered £8.00 - £10.00 per hour based on experience. This a great opportunity for an individual looking to expand and develop their own administrative skill set. What you need to do now If you’re interested in this role, click ‘apply now’ to forward an up-to-date copy of your CV, or call us now. If this job isn’t quite right for you but you are looking for a new position, please contact us for a confidential discussion on your career.

GRADUATE £26000 - £36000 per annum + Pension, Car, Bonus Agent: First People Solutions Skills: Construction/Trades/Property Location: Glasgow First People Solutions are working with a market leading earth’s contractor within the construction industry. Due to continued success the client has a number of vacancies for Setting-out Engineers based around Scotland. The Candidate You will ideally be from a main contractor background with at least 2-3 years post graduate experience. Experience with Trimble software. One man robotic. LSS advantageous. Autocad advantageous . Remuneration £26-£36k depending on experience. Car. Final salary pension. Bonus. Living away allowance £40 a night plus digs.

APPLICATION DEVELOPER GRADUATE ROLE Salary: Competitive Agent: Contact Advantage Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow As a Application Developer you will work as part of our development team to design, develop, and test products to ensure they meet set standards. You will be responsible for delivering projects on time and to set specifications. In addition you will provide assistance to our dedicated support team and interact with 3rd parties as needed. If you are looking for an opportunity develop your skills and grow within a technology company, apply today. EXPERIENCE: Degree in the area of Computer Science; or, equivalent work experience. High attention to detail on projects completed. Selfmotivated with initiative to accomplish tasks. Familiarity with .NET Development (C#, VB.NET, ASP) and MS SQL Server. Mobile application development experience a plus .

IT BUSINESS SUPPORT Salary: £18,000 - £20,000 Agent: Nine Twenty Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Nine Twenty Technology are working with their client recruiting for an IT Compliance Executive and project support opportunity. Working for a growing business in their state of art offices on the outskirts of Glasgow towards Paisley. This role would suit a bright, switched on graduate or someone with similar experience who are looking to take on an exciting new opportunity within the IT sector. This is an exciting opportunity to work in a new role and take ownership of duties

ASSISTANT BUYER Salary: Competitive plus benefits Agent: Arnold Clark Skills: Procurement Location: Glasgow This role would be ideally suited to a new graduate looking to make a career move into Procurement. Your main duties will include the management of multifunctional teams concentrating on cost, negotiation, sourcing and product change within a complex supplier package. You will also be responsible for the development of partnership relationships with supplier along with being able to identify and project manage individual cost reduction projects. The successful candidate will have excellent interpersonal, negotiating and influencing skills, good commercial awareness and IT literate. You will be educated to degree level and have CIPS qualification/membership (or working towards this). Candidates must have held a full UK Drivers Licence for a minimum of 1 year. We are currently recruiting at our Autoparts, Glasgow . With a turnover in excess of £3 billion, over 160 branches nationwide and an ever expanding portfolio, Arnold Clark is proud to be Europe’s largest independent motor dealer. The successful candidate will benefit from excellent working conditions, extensive training, life assurance and private health care, making our package one of the best in the industry. EMPLOYMENT WITHIN THE ARNOLD

CLARK GROUP IS OFFERED SUBJECT TO SATISFACTORY REFERENCE AND DISCLOSURE CHECK. Only successful candidates will be contacted for interview. Please email your CV via the apply link.

ASSISTANT MANAGER Salary: £12.00 - £13.00 per hour Agent: HAYS Skills: Admin/Secretarial/PA Location: Glasgow Assistant Manager RHI Scheme 22k pro rata Glasgow city Centre My client, based in Glasgow city centre, is currently looking to expand their existing team by adding an additional 4 Assistant Managers on a temporary basis. You will be a recent graduate who has preferably gained their degree in Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geography or Physics. You must be able to demonstrate experience of working in a team, have excellent both written and verbal communication skills and strong numerical and analytical skills. IT literacy and experience with using Microsoft Office is essential. As Assistant Manager your key duties and responsibilities will be: Check and verify the accuracy of supplied information. Register calculation on IT system. Ensure applications re dealt with in an efficient manner. Assess eligibility of applications. Dealing with queries from current and new applicants. Raise IT issues. Providing support in and ad-hoc basis to other teams. Due to the nature of this vacancy you must be available for interview at short notice. Successful candidate will start after a disclosure has been returned. An excellent opportunity, not to be missed, applications are being considered immediately. Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment and employment business for the supply of temporary workers. By applying for this job you accept the T&C’s, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers which can be found at hays.co.uk




£25000 - £50000 per annum + Excellent banking benefits Agent: Eden Scott Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Eden Scott’s client is a fast growing and highly innovate Agritech start-up using the latest cloud and IoT technology to drive innovation on the farm. As a result of sustained business growth they are creating an Research & Development centre in Glasgow and are looking to hire a team of developers that are up to the challenge of creating the next generation of farming software. They are seeking Software Developers from graduate level through to experienced ( 4 years + experience) to work in a fast packed, agile development environment. The ideal candidate should have strong analytical skills and a great problem solver that can work issues on their own initiative. The candidate will be working on the their platform developed using the latest Microsoft technology and should be willing to take a lead in architectural decisions Skills required: C# MVC Framework 4.0.4,5. Fluent NHibernate. Jquery/Javascript, Bootstrap, Knockout. Knowledge of Knockout and CQRS design patterns. SQL Server 2008 +. Experience with API’s, WCF and/or RESTful web services. UX/UI experience desirable. Microsoft Azure. Agile/Scrum. The company: A Microsoft’s Accelerator Company Winner of the most innovate start-up in agriculture Benefits: 25 day’s holiday. Training on the latest Microsoft technology. Access to labs, and experiment with the latest farm gadgets. Social events. This is an exciting opportunity to play a key role in the growth of a tech start up. For more information get in touch: niall.bree@edenscott. com or 0141 410 1008

PARA-PLANNER & GRADUATES Salary: £35,000 + bonuses to £45,000 Agent: IFA Consultancy Centre Ltd Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow An excellent opportunity has now arisen with the I.F.A Consultancy Centre Ltd for a Dip PFS level 4 qualified Para-planner to join a prestigious organisation based in the Southside of Glasgow. We offer excellent long term career prospects in a very busy I.F.A. office working with experienced and technical Consultants. In addition, we are also looking for Graduates who are studying for the same level of qualifications and want on the job experience to develop their careers in the financial services industry as Para-planners. Salary negotiable subject to criteria. Role offered : Working alongside highly qualified successful Consultants, you will be required to provide client research & analysis supporting the Consultants in their role with both new and existing clients and proactively managing their tasks to support the provision of regulated advice through annual reviews. We would ideally prefer an experienced individual who has knowledge working with “Inteleflow” the Intelligent back office systems but not exclusively. Salary £35,000 + bonuses to £45,000 + exam support + career progression There is a genuine career opportunity to become a Chartered Financial Planner with this organisation if this is your long term goal, there are excellent career choices available as a technical Paraplanner in relation to Investments, final salary and pension drawdown research. The salary and benefits package is negotiable for the right graduate candidate so please contact me by email, in confidence, to discuss the details. Please apply by e mail, enclosing CV via the apply now button.

GRADUATE/JUNIOR DEVELOPER (.NET) Salary: £22000 - £30000 per annum Agent: Cathcart Associates Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow .NET Developer - great career progression on offer - gain valuable certifications and work in a friendly environment Technology consultancy in Glasgow City Centre seeking a .NET Developer to join them in their base in Glasgow City Centre. The company were established in the early 2000s and have since gained an excellent reputation for providing bespoke solutions to their customers - their software helps their customers to automate workflows and improve efficiency and save time and money. They are a value-led organisation who are committed to providing a high level of service to their customers - and this has played a key role in their success with a huge amount of their business driven by repeat custom from happy clients! My client offer a relaxed and friendly working environment and are committed to helping you grow your technical and non-technical skills - this is truly a role you will enjoy and there are real development opportunities for driven Developers. They have a strong history of hiring Developers in the early stages of their careers and can offer strong training and mentorship. The company are based in Glasgow City Centre but have a global client base and you will have opportunities to travel Internationally for work. Your skills: *Experience with C# .NET. *Good SQL Server skills and ideally, T-SQL. *Web technology skills; HTML, CSS, JavaScript. * Agile/ Scrum knowledge and experience. * Good problem solving and communication skills. If you’re interested in this role and keen to find out more, please apply online and/or call Rhona Kennedy on 0131 510 1500.


£18000 - £25000 per annum + Excellent Benefits Agent: Harvey Nash Skills: IT/Telecommunications

Location: Glasgow Harvey Nash’s client, an exciting technology consultancy start up, based in a premium office location in Central Glasgow has an opportunity for Junior Developers to join their expanding team. This is an excellent opportunity for passionate and ambitious developers to work with hot, new technologies and liaise directly with a diverse range of clients. Whether you are a fresh graduate or perhaps want a fresh challenge this could be the role for you! About the Role: You will be working in an exciting, fast paced and varied environment where your input and ideas will be welcomed from day one. It is a tight knit team and you will be expected to deliver high quality software both individually and as part of a team. You will be creating smart process applications using the latest Microsoft development tools (.Net, C#, SQL) and working in a client facing environment so excellent communication/interpersonal skills are essential. You will have the opportunity for international travel and the chance to dramatically enhance your professional development. About You: Ideally you will come from a Computer Science or Software Engineering background or possess the relevant professional experience. Strong problem solving skills and a positive attitude are required. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate knowledge of: Visual Studio, C#/.Net T-SQL abs QL Server Familiarity of Agile methodologies Web development skills, including JavaScript/JQuery, HTML and CSS would be desirable. Knowledge of the Kofax TotalAgility suite would be a plus but by no means essential as excellent training will be provided. In Return: In return for your hard work you will be rewarded with a competitive salary and a generous benefits package. To apply for this role please submit an up to date CV as soon as possible.

GRADUATE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT. Salary: £18,000 plus uncapped bonus Agent: Titan Global Resourcing Skills: HR/Training/Recruitment Location: Glasgow As part of our continued growth plan, we are currently looking to hire a Graduate Recruitment Consultant to join our team at our offices in Glasgow city centre This opportunity is perfect for recent graduates who are looking to pursue a career in recruitment and who feel passionately about working in a progressive company with development opportunities. If successful in your application, you will benefit from our comprehensive initial training programme, which is split between training room work and real time on the job training and support. This is followed by full ongoing training and support on all aspects of being a successful Recruitment Consultant. With our full support, and following our specific operating procedures and systems, you will be given a fantastic platform to develop successful business relationships with clients in one of our various industry sectors. Graduate applicants do not require any experience of working in any form of recruitment, what we do look for is the following personal attributes that we believe are required to become a successful Recruitment Consultant. Excellent listening skills and effective communications skills. Determined and hungry to succeed. Able to work to targets. Organised and able to work at pace simultaneously on a variety of different tasks . Proficient in IT skills, using Microsoft packages . Able to follow specific direction and working procedures . Positive, professional attitude and a personal pride in delivering good quality work. If you have these attributes, and you are keen to pursue a career in recruitment, you can apply for this graduate position by sending your CV to Jim Gallagher or calling 0141 378 0180 for further details

JUNIOR-MID LEVEL SOFTWARE ENGINEER (SCIENTIFIC R&D) Salary: £22000 - £35000 per annum + bonus Agent: Cathcart Associates Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Junior to Mid-level Software Engineer required for a Scientific Research and Development company in Central Glasgow. My client are a global organisation who manufacture equipment for scientific research and development. They have over 5,000 staff across several continents. Their Glasgow base is a small, close-knit team with varied technical skills, who work collaboratively on technically challenging projects. You will benefit from joining a large, stable organisation, but will work in a small team. High calibre Graduates and junior-mid level Software Engineers are required to join this small, friendly team. You will hold a degree in a relevant discipline (Mathematics, Physics, Software Engineering, Computer Science etc), and ideally, will have had some experience developing software in a commercial environment (whether this is a permanent job, or internship/placement through University). You’ll work with varied technologies - mainly C# and related .NET technologies, but also embedded software systems and C/C++. You will have: *A Degree in a relevant discipline (Mathematics, Physics, Software Engineering, Computer Science etc). *Ideally, some exposure to C# or an interest in learning .NET. *Exposure to any other programming languages a bonus; C, C++, Java. Bonus skills: *A background in a scientific discipline; Maths, Physics, Engineering etc. You will benefit from: *Contributory pension, BUPA healthcare and Life Assurance. *Annual bonus scheme. *On-site gym. *Convenient location - good public transport links and parking available. This is a really great opportunity to really progress their career. If you are interested, please apply and/or call Rhona on 0131 510 1500 to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

BRAND EXECUTIVE Salary: Competitive Agent: Whyte & MacKay Skills: Marketing/PR Location: Glasgow BRAND EXECUTIVE LOCATION: GLASGOW (CITY CENTRE) SALARY: COMPETITIVE Whyte and Mackay Ltd, is a global spirits company with an outstanding portfolio of brands, including The Dalmore and Jura single malt whiskies, Whyte and Mackay blended Scotch whisky, Vladivar Vodka and Glayva liqueur. We are also proud to be the UK distributor for Flor de Caña rum, Ungava gin, Camus Cognac, Cockspur Rum and Rumchata and are a principal supplier within the UK Private Label whisky sector. Based in Glasgow we have this exciting opportunity for a Brand Executive to work on the The Dalmore brand. Reporting to the Brand Manager and part of a small and effective team, you will work closely with our UK & International sales team and distributors to ensure a coordinated approach, the role will involve working on projects to drive brand growth and build distribution and visibility in flagship markets. This will include contributing to and shaping channel and regional marketing plans/ strategies as well as day to day implementation of current brand and market plans/strategies and project managing campaigns and sales initiatives across the full range of channels and territories. Of graduate calibre, with preferably a marketing/business qualification, you will have at least 6 months demonstrable experience in a marketing/brand/PR role within an fmcg or luxury brand environment. You will have the ability to focus and drive multiple projects through to completion and demonstrate a flair for developing creative marketing ideas across digital and mainstream media. As a member of the sales and marketing team you will be able to communicate effectively and not only sell your ideas to internal senior members of the team but deliver them at pace into the marketplace. Please apply by sending a full CV and details of your current salary.


£30000 - £50000 per annum + great benefits Agent: Net Talent Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Role: Software Developer/ Senior Software Developer Location: Glasgow Salary: 30,000 - 50,000 + great benefits, flexible working and super office environment Who we are looking for: We are looking for solid .net developers of all levels - from graduate to senior. You’ll come from a good educational background and have a solid understanding of the latest Microsoft tech stack. Key Skills/ Experience: Experience working for a software company with web-based applications using Microsoft technologies (or a solid degree in Computer Science - or similar). An extensive technical knowledge and strong background. Knowledge of C# or VB.net, ASP.NET and web technologies such as Web API, WCF, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax. OO knowledge and practical experience of design patterns etc. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team and independently. Knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL. Nice to have: Agile software methodology experience. A passion for technology. Xamarin. .net 4.0/4.5 techniques a plus. The Company: One of North America’s most successful software houses, whos product is making an ethical contribution to technology. Why people work there: They are a fully agile, software centric company. The developers go to work in a relaxed atmosphere that is free from politics and overriding hierarchy. They have the chance to work in very interesting and cutting edge .NET projects. They also have access to full training and the chance to work with mobile development. If this sounds like it could be of interest and you’d like to know more, please apply ASAP or contact Darren on 0131 270 6631 for more details

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Salary: £25-50,000 Agent: Farmflo Skills: IT/Telecommunications Location: Glasgow Software Developer: Graduate - Senior Level Eden Scott is delighted to be recruiting on an exclusive basis for Farmflo who are a fast growing and highly innovate Agritech start-up that is using the latest cloud and IoT technology to drive innovation on the farm. As a result of sustained business growth they are creating a Research & Development centre in Glasgow and are looking to hire a team of developers that are up to the challenge of creating the next generation of farming software. Farmflo are seeking Software Developers from graduate level through to experienced ( 4 years + experience) to work in a fast packed, agile development environment. The ideal candidate should have strong analytical skills and a great problem solver that can work issues on their own initiative. The candidate will be working on the Farmflo platform developed using the latest Microsoft technology and should be willing to take a lead in architectural decisions Skills required: C# MVC Framework 4.0.4,5. Fluent NHibernate. Jquery/Javascript, Bootstrap, Knockout. Knowledge of Knockout and CQRS design patterns. SQL Server 2008 +. Experience with API’s, WCF and/or RESTful web services. UX/UI experience desirable. Microsoft Azure. Agile/Scrum. Other info about Farmflo: Awards A Microsoft’s Accelerator Company Winner of the most innovate start-up in agriculture Benefits: 25 day’s holiday . Training on the latest Microsoft technology . Access to Farmflo labs, and experiment with the latest farm gadgets . A chance to spend time on Farmflo home farm . Social events . This is an exciting opportunity to play a key role in the growth of a tech start up. For more information

get in touch: niall.bree@edenscott.com or 0141 410 1008 Please note all third party enquires and direct applicants will forwarded to Eden Scott for response.

CREDIT STRESS TESTING ANALYST Salary: £Competative Agent: Change Skills: Financial Services/Investment Location: Glasgow Change Recruitment Group have a fantastic opportunity for a Credit Stress Testing Analyst to join our client who are a leading Banking Institute. Based in Glasgow, this role will be based within the Risk Management team reporting to the Head of Credit Stress Testing. The core function of the Analyst role will be for the responsibility for supporting the risk assessment of the lending portfolio through processing and analysis of Credit Stress Testing. Other responsibilities will also include: * Supporting the Head of Credit Stress Testing in the delivery and ongoing development of the Credit Stress Testing capability for risk assessment of the lending portfolio, which will drive better information to support senior management decision making and regulatory requirements, to meet IRB standards. * Collection and manipulation of key exposure data and necessary associated asset quality data from systems for input into stress testing process. * Processing of the data through the Credit stress testing models/calculators to deliver Risk Weighted Assets, Bad & Doubtful Debts, Expected Loss outputs and various other critical measures for review. * Production of regular MI for Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting purposes. * Assist in production and maintenance of documented procedures for the various processes. * Escalation of any issues in data collation/ processing outwith agreed tolerances to senior colleagues. To be considered we are keen to speak to candidate who have the following skill set: * Recent Graduate in the area of Finance/Maths/Science or Stats or 1 - 2 years minimum experience in an analytical role within a financial services environment and preferably with exposure to processing Credit Stress Test outputs and the development of Credit Stress Testing frameworks. * Good technical capability, e.g. in SAS, MS Excel, and ideally in SQL. * Good communication skills to be able to effectively communicate complex processes and outputs to colleagues with varying levels of technical knowledge. * Ability to build relationships and networks both internally and externally. * Good teamwork and collaborative skills. * Ability to implement with speed and efficiency and drives process effectiveness. * Clear customer focus and take accountability for actions.

CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES ASSISTANT Salary: Averages £250 - £450 PW Agent: SLS Recruitment Skills: Sales Location: Glasgow Put your customer service and sales skills to good use! Join a friendly, fast growing customer service team; be rewarded with fantastic incentives including national travel, international travel and financial rewards. Based in Glasgow, our client has become one of the country’s top Sales, Customer Service and Marketing companies with associated sales and customer service offices both nationally and internationally. Due to a huge growth in client demand customer service roles have become immediately available in their busy Sales and Marketing Company, where you will be representing clients in residential environments. Our client truly believe that people are the key to their success therefore they seek individuals who are passionate about learning sales and customer service and thrive in a team environment. What`s on offer in sales, customer service and marketing with this company? - Opportunities for career progression within sales and customer service - Recognition for hard work - Travel opportunities Friendly and fun environments - Access to one on one coaching in sales, customer service and marketing What`s required? - Customer Service Skills - Effective communication skills - Self motivation and strong work ethic - Great personal presentation - Team player Willingness to develop sales and customer service skills If you are looking for an opportunity to be a part of a successful and passionate sales and customer service team in a vibrant company and think these qualities best describe you, then please click the `APPLY` button. This particular opportunity requires people who are available Monday to Friday. No previous sales or customer service experience is required but are an advantage for this self-employed, commission only plus incentive role as their established coaching system and driven sales and customer service team are ready to coach you in all aspects of their business through their daily coaching syllabus called their Cycle of Development. Please attach a copy of your CV and contact details and, if you are successful, our clients will contact you by telephone. Graduates are welcome to apply and candidates with the following experience: sales, customer service, retail, marketing, catering and hospitality, customer service training, field sales, marketing representative, waiter or waitress, call centre outbound and any other sales or customer service role.




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SPFL: WINNERS AND LOSERS When you try to decipher the highlights from any competition over a certain period of time, you tend to focus on the opposite extremes. The good; what worked, what was successful; and the bad; what didn’t, what failed, Bilel Moshni. So, as the SPFL Premiership is knee-deep in postsplit fixtures and the rest of Scottish football looks forward to its final league game of the season, let’s have a look at the winners and losers across Scotland’s four divisions.


This one is pretty much self explanatory for anyone living in Scotland that knows a football from a hockey puck. The return of Rangers to the top flight, it was predicted by most, wouldn’t be enough to knock Celtic, the leaders of the pack, off their perch. As such, it’s no surprise, really, that they’ve won the league with the post-split season to spare. But credit should be given where it’s due – Brendan Rogers has taken the Celts to a level of dominance not seen since the famous Lisbon Lions side of ‘67. Of their 34 games so far, they’ve won 30 and drawn 4, most recently putting five past Rangers, just as they did in the first Old Firm match earlier in the season. Not only this, but they proved they’re not going to be pushovers in Europe either, twice taking Champions League points off English Premiership goliaths Man. City. In a year with any normal Celtic side, I’d probably be writing here about Partick Thistle and their historic top six finish, but Rogers’ Celtic were far from ordinary.


The Jambos’ season can be split into two distinct acts: Act I: Neilson, and Act II: Cathro. Before Robbie Neilson left in December to take the MK Dons job, the Tynecastle side looked to be plodding along pretty content to a top 4 finish, with ambitions of competing with Rangers and Aberdeen for 2nd. Then he left. Enter highly rated former Sporting Lisbon and Newcastle coach Ian Cathro, to a mixed reception from Scottish football. Now to pre-empt, this isn’t to say that Ian Cathro will ultimately be a failure as Hearts boss – most Hearts fans reckon he should be judged on next season. However, it’s fair to say that within the context of the 2016/17 Scottish football season, Hearts have been a bit rubbish. Since Neilson left, they have slumped to fifth place, and now sit 12 points behind what can only be described as a disappointing Rangers side, and just four points ahead of Partick Thistle in 6th. What might sting

fans more, though, was a Scottish Cup loss to fierce rivals, Hibs, currently in the Championship, for the first time in five years. Cathro may well turn it round, but Hearts’ place here, for now, is well deserved.

WINNERS: GREENOCK MORTON Most Scottish football fans will have one thought at the mention of Morton this season, and one thought alone: the thought of manager Jim Duffy allegedly offering Hibs manager Neil Lennon a ‘square go’, amidst a sea of handbags and fisticuffs, towards the end of a 0-0 draw between the two sides on a cold March evening. Now as incredible as these scenes were (and believe me, they were incredible), they shouldn’t detract from how impressive Morton were in the Championship. They went almost a year without losing a game at home before Dunfermline won 1-0 at Capielow in March, and have already secured a promotion playoff spot: remarkable, considering they were tipped to be closer to the relegation playoffs. Their form has been formally recognised by the SPFL, as manager Jim Duffy is the only manager outwith the Scottish Premiership of the four nominated for the manager of the year award. Should Duffy lead Morton to promotion – a very real possibility – one could argue he’d be a deserved winner.


When St Mirren finished the 2015/16 season 20 points off the promotion playoff spots, it was put down to struggling to adjust to Championship football after relegation. It’s common enough for teams not to bounce straight back up. Surely they’d turn it round over the summer and be ready to challenge Hibs in 2016/17. Nope. St Mirren, in fact, spent the majority of 2016/17 adrift at the foot of the table, and looked certain to be relegated until a 2-0 win over Ayr kicked them into a near miraculous late run of

form. The story of their season is one of misery and disappointment, and one Saints fans will be glad to put to bed – providing they can avoid getting dragged into a relegation playoff spot on the last day of the season.


Relegation can go one of two ways. It can lead to a struggle for life, a drop from which some teams don’t recover. However, sometimes time in a weaker division allows teams to find their feet, thrive, and get back to entertaining paying customers. In Livingston’s case, the latter is applicable. The West Lothian side convincingly swept aside everything League One had to throw at them, clinching the title by mid-April. They scored more and conceded less than anyone in the division, and ahead of the final game sit 16 points clear of second placed Alloa. Their entertaining brand of attacking football, though, is perhaps the most impressive part of their promotion campaign, with Liam Buchanan notching 22 goals, and they will be one to keep an eye on in the Championship in 2017/18.


The less said about Clyde in 2016/17 the better, really. Despite starting the season with reportedly the biggest budget in League 2, and the strongest squad on paper, a disastrous run before the new year from which they only took one point from ten games led to the resignation of Barry Ferguson as manager. They looked to be staring relegation from Scottish football’s senior divisions in the face, but have seen something of an upturn in form of late under the joint management of Peter MacDonald and JP McGovern, giving them a fighting chance before the final day. Bully Wee fans will only hope they can pull one big performance out of the bag in order to avoid what would be a catastrophic 10th place finish. by Robbie Copeland Twitter:




MAY 2017, ISSUE 32

SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW SCOTTISH SPORTS? Sport and Scottish culture are intertwined, and when it comes to worldwide sports such as football and rugby, Scottish fans are amongst some of the most passionate in the world – even when results aren’t going their way. While the likes of football, rugby and golf dominate the sporting consciousness in Scotland, many other sports are played throughout the country, with the popularity of each very much varying from region to region. Scots – as well as Scottish emigrants – have made key contributions to the history of sport, with the likes of golf, football, rugby union, cycling and basketball all having been given the Scottish touch over the years. So, while you may be well-acquainted with the likes of Celtic, Rangers, the Glasgow Warriors and Russell Knox, how’s your knowledge of Scotland’s more traditional events? Caber toss, anyone? by Christopher Duffy @Chris_Duffy15


christopher_duffy@ hotmail.co.uk


Curling sees players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area, which is divided into four concentric circles. Two teams, each with four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones – also called ‘rocks’ – across the ice curling sheet towards the ‘house’, a circular target marked on the ice. Each team has eight stones, with the aim of the game being to accumulate the highest score for a game. Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the centre of the house at the conclusion of each end, which is completed when both teams have thrown all of their stones. A game usually consists of eight or ten ends. The curler can make the rock follow a curved path by causing the stone to slowly turn as it slides, and the path of the rock may be further influenced by two sweepers with brooms who accompany it as it slides down the sheet, using the brooms to change the state of the ice in front of the stone. A great deal of strategy and teamwork go into choosing the ideal path and placement of a stone depending on the situation, with the skill of the curlers determining as to how close the rock gets to the desired target .


Shinty is a sport that is unique to Scotland, and is said to be one of the oldest in the world. A fast moving aerial game, what defines shinty from the likes of hockey and lacrosse is the fact that feet can be used to stop the ball – but not the hands (unless you are the goalkeeper). You can carry the ball on your caman – a curved stick with a triangular in section – which can be also be swung above shoulder height. The game is played between two teams each containing 12 players, with the game being played over a 90 minute period. There are no restriction in regards to how players can swing their caman, and the ball – which is similar in size to that of a tennis ball – can be struck with both sides of the stick. A team scores a goal when the whole of the ball has passed over the goal-line and under the cross-bar. A goal can only be scored with the caman, and a goal will not be allowed if the ball has either been kicked, carried or thrown by hand – or arm – by a player of the attacking side.

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event which sees competitors toss a large tapered pole called a ‘caber’, with the event commonly being carried out at the Scottish Highland Games. In Scotland, the caber is usually made from a Larch tree and is typically 19 feet 6 inches (5.94 m) tall, weighing in at around 175 pounds (79 kg). The term ‘caber’ derives from the Gaelic word ‘cabar’, or ‘kaber’, which refers to a wooden beam. The main objective is to throw the caber so that it turns end over end, falling away from the thrower. Ideally, it should fall directly away from the thrower in the “12 o’clock” position. The distance thrown is actually unimportant.


Kirkwall’s edition of the Ba’ game is traditionally held on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. A remnant of mass football games, stories of the Ba’ begin in the 1800’s, although the game itself is believed to be much older. The game sees men of all backgrounds and ages compete for the prized leather ball. There are two sides, the “Up-the-Gates” and the “Doon-the-Gates”. The Ba’ is thrown up to the crowd at the Mercat Cross in Kirkhall. The Up-the-Gates goal is up the street opposite the Catholic church, with the Doon-the-Gates goal being down in the harbour. Which team you play for very much depends on where you were born; those born between the line of Old Post Office Lane and the harbour play for the Doon-the-Gates, while those born on the other side of the line play for the Up-the-Gates.

The straightest end-over-end toss scores highest. If the caber lands on its end but falls back towards the thrower, the score is lower than for any end-over-end throw – but is based upon the maximum vertical angle that the caber achieved.

The Men’s Ba’ is thrown up at 1pm by an honoured Ba’ veteran, or supporter, to a crowd of up to two hundred players. The leather ball then disappears into the scrum for what can be hours. There can be various twists and turns as a team tries to gain control of the leather ball, with tactics including smuggling as well as fake runs up or down the street to cause confusion among the players.

The record for the most caber tosses in 3 minutes is currently held by Canadians Kevin Fast and Warren Trask. They both managed to perform 11 successful caber tosses on 6 September 2014 at the Trenton Irish Scottish festival in Ontario, Canada.

The game is over when the Ba’ reaches the goal of one of the sides, with the winning team then deciding as to who is the Ba’ winner. This honour is given to a player who has played well in numerous Ba’ games, and they get to take the prized Ba’ home.