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Take the wheel. Capture the thrill. The new Peugeot RCZ delivers unforgettable driving excitement and with a redesigned front end featuring stunning feline lights, it’s thrilling on the outside too. Low monthly payments, BIK and CO2 emissions plus up to 53.2 mpg mean it’s also a surprisingly smart choice for business. Maybe it’s time to re-think sensible? The new Peugeot RCZ. Test drive it at Hardie Motor Group today.


HARDIE OF LARBERT Main Street, LARBERT, FK5 4AN Tel: 01324 562799 HARDIE OF STIRLING Kerse Road Garage, STIRLING, FK7 7RT Tel: 01786 451616 The official fuel consumption figures in mpg and CO2 emissions for the RCZ range in g/km are as follows: Urban 27.4 – 41.5 (10.3 – 6.8), Extra Urban 50.4 – 62.7 (5.6 – 4.5), Combined 38.6 – 53.2 (7.3 – 5.3), CO2 168 – 139.

*Rate refers to the RCZ Sport THP 156 . 6 rentals in advance followed by 35 monthly rentals with a non-maintained contract. Rentals are subject to VAT. All rentals are based on 10,000 miles per annum but variable annual mileage available (5,000 to 40,000). Excess mileage charges may be payable. Business users only. A guarantee may be required. Over 18s only. Model shown is the RCZ GT with matt black roof arches at £320 optional extra. Written quotations from Peugeot Contract Hire, Quadrant House, Princess Way, Red Hill, RH1 1QA. Offers apply to eligible vehicles supplied and registered from by 30.6.13 until such time they are withdrawn by Peugeot Motor Company PLC. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.




elcome to our latest edition of our INCommerce magazine. I hope by the time you read this we are into some better summer weather!

We are now well into our first year of operation and I am delighted to say that we are now the fastest growing chamber in Scotland. In saying that, we wish to become the largest and most successful Chamber so we have a long way to go. In order to help us grow we have now introduced a Members’ referral scheme as we need you, the members, to encourage more businesses throughout Forth Valley and beyond to be part of our success. The more members we can attract, the better we can achieve greater business connections which is a primary aim of FVCC. Please check our web site for more details or just give us a call. We have recently been contracted by Scottish Chambers to deliver a Business Mentoring programme throughout Forth Valley and this is available to businesses with a turnover of £100,000 or more which are growing but would like some support. Please contact us if you wish to know more about achieving your growth aspirations with the support of a Mentor. This is a FREE service - you just need to show commitment to the programme. Also if you would be interested in giving something back as a Mentor and you have some skills/ experience that you feel would be of value, then again we would be delighted to hear from you. As a Chamber we are now organising and delivering networking events throughout the whole of Forth Valley with great success including Speed Networking in Alloa, and an open day with Stirling Business Panel at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery. By doing this we are helping businesses to connect and hopefully work with each other across central Scotland, something which has to date not really happened. This in turn is helping us to attract businesses from outwith Forth Valley who wish to be involved - a great advantage to our regional economy. A number of our events have recently been sponsored and my personal thanks to those businesses which have supported us in this way. If you would like this opportunity or indeed have ideas or thoughts on what support and services we should deliver, just get in touch! I look forward to meeting as many of you over the coming months and wish you every success with your business over the coming months.

Contents Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow!


How To Write The Perfect Advert In 7 Easy Steps


Falkirk High School Business Breakfast


Chamber News


Member Survey Results


Chamber Member Referral Scheme Business Support Where Will Google Go Next? Datel Demonstrate Latest Developments

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Social Enterprise – The Myths Around The Model


Major Commercial Law Firm Now In Forth Valley


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


Labels4Kids Join Government Task Force


The 2014 Commonwealth Games – and Beyond


Stirling Glass Artist Showcases the Stirling Business Awards


Are You Ready For Summer Spending?


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Chamber Services New Hospital Treatment Insurance Available To Chamber Members


Falkirk Business Exhibition 2013 Members' Register


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YES We send a bill as soon as we complete a job. We monitor and enforce our credit terms. We finance capital expenditure in the most cost effective manner. Employees understand the importance of the business’s cash flow. Mistakes cause us to improve processes. Our bank is our partner and understands our business and its financial needs. We complete work efficiently. We catch mistakes before they reach customers. We keep a close eye on budgets throughout the year. Adequate controls are in place to control employee overtime.



In times of economic uncertainty, cash is undoubtedly “king” and to help you focus on your cash flow and profitability, use this checklist. Simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to say whether each statement is true for your business. If you have more ‘no’ answers than you are comfortable with, you may be


• •

Maintain adequate cash reserves to pay bills and expand the business Reduce interest costs Improve relations with your bank manager

The past few years have been difficult for many suppliers in collecting debts with debtors taking longer to pay and as the process is circular it affects everyone. Customers and suppliers all operate within the same economy, therefore it is important to consider your cash control. Bank lending is proving difficult to obtain, as while the banks want to lend money to appropriate cases, they also want to see that the business is being controlled by good accounting systems and processes. Experience shows that it is the clients who have efficient credit control processes which provide the best results in cash collection and reduced bad debts. Don’t feel guilty about collecting a debt. You are owed money for goods or


Credit Control- Cash Collection

services supplied. The law is on your side. Start the collection process as soon as the sale is made. Never forget that the reputation, survival and success of your business may depend on how well you are able to collect overdue accounts. Consider the following 10 points as a means of ensuring your credit control is being efficiently managed:


Cash is the lifeblood of a business, but with so much emphasis usually put on profitability, it can be easy to overlook this fact. The bottom line is important, but poor cash flow management can have a distinctly adverse effect on the business. Cash flow management can help you:

facing cash flow issues and actions will have to be taken. Often when reviewing a business with cash flow issues an area to focus on is credit control/cash collection where results can be seen quickly.



ften said to be the three most important issues in a business, particularly in recessionary times.

1. Ensure invoices are issued as soon as the work is undertaken or product supplied. 2. Provide clear credit terms. 3. Set credit limits on all customers. 4. Issue statements at the same time each month. 5. Ensure your accounting system provides aged debt summaries. 6. Monitor debt collection daily. 7. Phone customers to remind them the payment is due. 8. Follow up with a polite letter requesting settlement. 9. Stop working for customer until outstanding debts are settled. 10. Pass debt to debt collector. Sometimes a phone call can be more of an opportunity especially if you haven’t spoken to the customer in a while. You may find out about how the business is doing, why they haven’t paid you, can you sell them more or is now the time to stop trading with them. Our own Credit Controller has mentioned that: ”It is important that if you are unable to settle your suppliers within the normal credit terms, that you communicate early with your supplier, rather than ignoring the debt, as communication will create an opportunity to reach an amicable solution, rather than the debt being pursued via the legal process”.

For further information and advice, contact us at or visit our website at

We forecast cash flow and base our financial arrangements on our projections.




How To Write The Perfect Advert In 7 Easy Steps


can’t touch my toes. I’ve never been able to touch my toes. This is a great source of mirth and merriment in our family, as my wife, who can with little effort fold herself into a shoebox, uses children’s parties and Christmas and New Year’s Day to have the congregation watch on in astonishment as I can barely get my ring finger past my knees. It’s not my fault. If you look carefully I have slightly shorter than average arms. I explained this to my other half, who after much cynicism, declared that yoga would sort me out. I trust you can empathise with my reluctance to join a class. Afterall it’s one thing after a few sherries demonstrating to my elderly aunts that I have the flexibility of a cucumber, it’s quite another looking like I’m in a fully body cast whilst in a room full of people with the elasticity of Stretch Armstrong. So when I saw a leaflet on the coffee table in my local community centre for private yoga lessons I nearly snapped a hamstring in my enthusiasm to pick it up and enrol for course of sixty sessions (the number I reckon it would take me to get the tips of fingers to my ankles)… that was until I read the advertisement. The headline read – ‘Learn Yoga.’ “Oh no!” I thought “I have to learn something. Man that sounds like hard work, I mean who wants to have to learn something.” I read on: ‘Improve your Yoga by practicing with a yoga master who was taught in India.’ “Oh brother, it gets worse.” I lamented “I’m probably going to have to chant and stuff.” I read on, now with trepidation ‘I’ve been practicing for twenty years.’ I was devastated! “He’s been practising for twenty years…you’d have thought he would have


learnt how to do it by now. I don’t have twenty years, it’s my mum and dad’s golden wedding next month and I have to be able to touch my toes by then!” I pointed out to the puzzled lady at reception. I dropped the leaflet and pondered hiring a body double for the upcoming night out. This is a common problem for small business people: - not their lack of flexibility, but that there are few resources to teach us how to write a decent advert. And as such we waste thousands of pounds every year getting leaflets printed and placing ads in magazines that nobody reads. So what should the yogi have done differently? 1. Write a strong headline, that’s written in customer terms. I’ve tested many and ‘How to’s’ work best for me. For example ‘How to improve your flexibility, fitness and lose weight, in ten weeks or less, or your money back!’ If you need help writing this, go and buy a Cosmo or Men’s Health and substitute your product or service in the headline. 2. Continue the benefit from the headline into two to three benefit-driven bullet points with strong evidence in the next part of the advert. For example, ‘After ten weeks of yoga you’ll be at least 20% more flexible’, ‘if you keep going for a year you increase your life expectancy for a further two years.’ 3. If you want to brag about your achievements then tell the customer what’s in it for them. For instance ‘I became a certified yoga instructor in India, I know secret moves to help you get fitter faster than a teacher trained in the UK.‘ 4. Use social proof. Who else says you’re great other than you? ‘Jim Smith, who couldn’t bend down to tie his shoelaces before taking my class says “This Yoga class is brilliant, I now sleep upside down in my wardrobe, and my wife finds me irresistible.” Keep it truthful though – I mean the wife bit…come on!


5. Use a guarantee. ‘If you can’t touch your toes after ten weeks you get your money back.’ 6. Offer a bonus and a call to action. ‘Call before the 1st of May and you get your first lesson free.‘ 7. Offer a freebie to get permission to start a relationship. ‘Call this 24 hour answerphone to get my free booklet on how to get do basic yoga moves at home’ I’ve still never taken that Yoga class and I’m much worse off for it. I wonder how many of your potential clients have not bought your product simply because your advert didn’t stop them in their tracks and feel compelled to pick up the phone!

The author, Stuart Corrigan, is Managing Director of change management consultancy firm Vanguard Scotland and author of “The Need for Change” – the world’s smallest and easiest to read guide for making your business better.

Stuart Corrigan


Falkirk High School Business Breakfast


e all know that the development of skills is crucial for life, learning and especially for the world of work, so that young people develop into successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. In drawing up their developing skills programme, Falkirk High School quickly realised that employers were crucial in supporting teachers to identify skills needed by young people to prepare them for the world of work. Staff recognised that Curriculum for Excellence could best be delivered through partnership working to ensure that both school and the workplace could meet the needs of pupils. So on the 26th April 2013 an innovative event took place where local businesses were invited to attend a Business Breakfast at the High School, with the aim of employers being able to directly put across their thoughts and ideas on the employability skills of young people in the area. Representatives from Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, Forth Ports, Ineos, Renellas, Syngenta, Whyte & Mackay, Malcolm Allan, The Grange Manor Hotel, Positive Qualities and Greig Melville H.R. all came together with senior staff to take part in a frank and positive discussion which opened up lots of new avenues for exploration. This joint approach provides a clearer line of sight between learning experiences in school and the skills expectation required by employers. “Through networking with each other we are able to provide a strong link between the school and the local business community.” explained Depute Head, Gregg Orrock. “As a school we will benefit greatly from the additional expertise and information about the world of work, and this will enable us to develop effective and relevant approaches to learning and teaching. This partnership approach will afford our young people a broad range of opportunities and a greater understanding of the employment market. It raises ambition and leads to successful transitions for young people leaving school.” Michelle McKearnon, Business Development Manager for the Forth Valley Chamber praised the school’s proactive approach and said “It is refreshing to see a public organisation taking a direct and proactive approach to dealing with the business community. If you want to know what the employers think – ask the employers, which is what Falkirk High has done. When people get around the table and talk to each other, great inroads can be made into understanding how each other works and what is needed to create new ideas and new partnerships. I think some exciting new developments will come out of these Business Breakfasts and we are looking forward to supporting the initiative.” All the partners are hoping to continue working with each other to promote lifelong learning and welcome any business who would like to be involved. Please contact Iona Henderson, Principal Teacher Skills Development for further information. Tel: 01324 679010


Creating Inspiring

Great ideas, tailored, effective and affordable design for print, brand, marketing and online. Get in touch for your free initial design consultation. We’d love to talk to you, and we make great coffee.

01324 633 785



dition 3 already! It seems hard to believe that the Forth Valley Chamber has now been running for more than 8 months, and reached 200 members by the end of May, making us the fastest growing Chamber in Scotland. We have been very busy since the last edition and are delighted to welcome two new Premier Partners – the MacRoberts Partnership and XLtec Solutions Ltd. Our Premier Partners have been delivering events and training, as well as giving strategic input into the way forward for the Chamber and we are very grateful to them for their on-going support.

evening seminars throughout May and June, then we wind down a little over the holiday season in July and August. Check the events programme at the back of the magazine and our website Some of our keynote speakers at events have also been kind enough to submit articles

Member Survey Results


ver the last few months we have been asking members to complete our survey to help us deliver the services and products that they require. Alison Melville of Greig Melville HR

We asked members two questions in the survey:

1. To identify the barriers to growth which they had encountered and the impact these barriers had had on their business. and

2. Which topics they would like to see delivered by us as masterclasses.

Social Entrepreneurs hard at work aboard the Campbell Christie

The Events programme has been hectic and varied. From HR advisers giving their all in a social media role-play session (under every HR person is a budding Olivier it seems), to Social Entrepreneurs afloat on the high seas (ok, the Canal), we have really been enjoying providing our members with events which are both informative AND entertaining. We will be continuing this trend with more business breakfasts, networking lunches and

Mandy Campbell of the Chamber and Victoria Walsh of The A9 Partnership think they have the right answer…


for this edition of InCommerce on their areas of expertise. See page 10 for Stephen Whitelaw’s thoughts on Google and page 14 for John Bennett’s vision of social enterprise. We have also had a new temporary member of staff over the last few months: Angus Greaves from Forth Valley College has been on work placement 3 days a week and assisting us with a variety of tasks from general administration to database input and market research. We have been very grateful for his help and are pleased to have been able to add to his employability skills and CV. If your business is interested in offering work support to a student, why not contact Forth Valley College and see what they can offer? Please send us your comments and articles for inclusion in the next magazine, and remember that as Chamber members you can take out advertising at a discounted rate.


The results are shown in fig.1 with “finding new customers” and “use of social media” coming joint top as barriers, closely followed by “increased regulation”. Other areas of concern were “cashflow” (see our article on pages 4 and 5 for help with that), “strategic planning” and “local competition”. In response to demand for training, “Marketing and PR” and “Use of Social Media” were joint top – not surprising given the two main barriers listed in Question 1. “Managing the Sales Process” came in third place and then a range of different topics including “Protecting Intellectual Property”, “Customer Care” and “Lean Thinking”. It is noticeable that social media is still proving to be a challenge for businesses, and, at the risk of upsetting our more mature members, it seems that many of our/my generation are still not getting to grips with the using social media as

CHAMBER NEWS a marketing tool to help us to find more customers. Love it or loathe it, it is here to stay and it is a vital weapon in the marketing arsenal. We already run courses on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook but shall be looking at our programme to try and increase our range of courses on these topics. Although the results to Question 1 are shown as a combined percentage of those

who listed the barrier as a major impact, or impact, there are some interesting results among the “minor impacts”, with “personal leadership” identified as one area where perhaps people could do better. Could it be that respondents find it hard to accept that their leadership skills or lack of, in fact have a major impact and would we get a different response if we put this question to the workforce! Watch out for some new

partnership work with The Leadership Factory, which might just produce some useful findings on this topic. Thanks to all who responded and remember, you can contact us any time to give us your thoughts and suggestions as to services which you would like us to deliver.

Q1. To identify the barriers to growth which they had encountered and the impact these barriers had had on their business. Finding appropriate premises; 4% Personal leadership skills; 5% Training staf; 7%

Credit Control system; 1%

Overseas competton; 1% Finding customers; 16%

Customer follow-up and care; 8%

Use of social media; 16%

Obtaining fnance; 8%

Increased regulaton; 14%

Personal health/wellbeing; 9%

Trading online; 9% Working capital/Cash-fow problems; 11% Accessible business support/advice; 9% Strategic planning; 11%


Recruitng staf; 9%

Local competton; 11%

Q2. Which topics they would like to see delivered by us as masterclasses. Using Survey Monkey; 7% Efectve Telephone skills; 5% Marketng & PR; 22% Efectve Telesales skills; 7% Top Tips - beter use of SAGE; 8% Trading Online - advanced; 9% Social Media - advanced; 22% Trading Online - beginner; 9%

Raising Finance; 9%

Managing the Sales Process; 16 %

Family Business Issues and Planning; 9% Social Media - beginner; 16%

Employment Law Update; 9%

Health and Safety; 11% Presentaton Skills; 15% Customer Care; 11% Improving Negotaton Skills; 12% Protectng Intellectual Property; 14%

Lean Thinking; 14% Organisatonal Development/HR; 14%




Chamber Member Referral Scheme

What is it? The referral scheme is a way to develop and grow the membership of the Forth Valley Chamber by using our greatest assets – our existing members!

How Does it Work? Simple. Spread the word about the benefits of joining the Chamber to your clients and colleagues and ask them to name you as a referring member on their application form. Once they have paid their membership fees they become an accepted referral and we will credit you accordingly.

What’s in it for me? As well as benefitting from a stronger, more diverse Chamber, you will be able to access a range of rewards. As a thank you for your referral, you will be able to attend the following monthly networking lunch FREE of charge. This takes place on the third Wednesday of each month and you will be able to attend the one which follows immediately after the date your referral is accepted. To keep things simple, we regret this cannot be carried over to any other event but you can send another member of your organisation in your place if you are unable to attend.


And there’s more….once you reach a certain number of referrals, things get even better!

3 accepted referrals and you become a Bronze Member. This entitles you to one FREE ad in the monthly ezine which goes out to our entire database.

5 accepted referrals and you become a Silver Member. This entitles you to a FREE quarter page ad in the next edition of the INCommerce magazine. This goes out to our entire database as an e-version, and has hard copies distributed across the Forth Valley.

10 accepted referrals and you achieve Gold status! Your reward is a Radio Interview and FREE advertising on Central FM, going out right across Central Scotland. All referring members will be mentioned in dispatches in our weekly update eblast. The referral scheme starts on May 1st and we look forward to signing up many new members.


Member Good News


our Equipment Solutions of Grangemouth won a Special Award for Most Impressive Newcomer at this year’s Executive Hire show in Coventry. They were praised for “ a pioneering spirit” and “a true passion for hire and customer service.”


alkirk Charity Open Secret has been nominated for two national awards in the 2013 Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations’ Scottish Charity Awards. The manager Ilene Easton has been nominated for the Charity Champion of the Year award, and the organisation itself has been nominated for a Partnership Award for its work with NHS Forth Valley.



Where Will Google Go Next?


n the 90’s I presented a talk to global audiences called “The Dark Side of the Web” (which ultimately got me into quite a lot of trouble) because in those days not many people were aware of the risks of being online – which was understandable. Now they just don’t seem to care – which is more worrying! My latest talk, which I have been presenting to audiences is called “The Future of the Web” (which is yet to get me into trouble) and I’m totally amazed at how little people understand about the wide reach of Google. So let me explain: When I first met my wife I fell madly in love with her – now 21 years on (I don’t remember breaking 3 mirrors!) it’s a love/ hate relationship i.e. I still love her, but at times I really hate her! What’s this got to do with Google, I hear you ask? Well, for ‘wife’ read ‘Google’ and that is exactly how I feel about them. I’ve always been an early adopter of Google and their related services – it all started back in 1999 – I’d been using the search engine Alta Vista and a few others at the time – then along came a rather clean looking home page with the name “Google! Beta” It was very fast, clean and seemed to provide highly relevant results so I dipped in and out of it over the coming months – until it very quickly became the fastest and most up to date search engine we had ever

seen. By 2004 Google was being used as a verb within the tech community and in 2006 it entered the Oxford English Dictionary. Although we all know Google as a search engine – they are in fact the largest advertising company on earth with revenues of more than $50 billion per annum. In the UK Google are selling credit cards, car insurance, mortgages, flights, hotels and much more from the home page of Google through their powerful advertising network. However, as much as Google has provided us with a truly wonderful search tool and many amazing related products they have been rather naughty en-route… they scanned in all the world’s books (part of organising all of the world’s information) but forgot to ask permission from the copyright holders. They took photos of our local neighbourhoods to create the truly amazing StreetView product on Google Maps but forgot to “turn off” a program that gathered our wifi details…. the list goes on – I’m guessing they have amassed so much wealth that their thinking possibly goes along the lines that all these issues can be sorted in courts at a later date. Such is the wide-reaching power of Google, that there is now genuine concern about the way it is changing not only our lives, but also the way we think! I was driving my son and his friend to a sleep-over recently and decided to test their general knowledge in the car with a fun ‘capital city’ type quiz. They were both doing very well until when I noticed in the rear view mirror that they were online using Google! When I had suggested that they put their mobiles in the front of the car, a 3rd world war almost broke out, but they did agree to not use them for the rest of the quiz. Alas they did not do so well on their own! A lot of research has been done on the subject of children and technology and in particular how the internet is rewiring our brains. The technical term for this is neuroplasticity – our children are out-sourcing their short term memory to Google! Scientists have carried out numerous MRI scans on our children’s brains and they are very different from our own as a result of a dependence on technology.

Nicholas Carr, a famous American author, who has written for the Harvard Business Review wrote a very disturbing and yet thought provoking article in the Atlantic in August 2008 called “Is Google making us Stoopid?” I suspect it upset Googlers, but Google is rapidly changing we way we think and solve problems, and ‘change’ as we know, is a constant we have to live with. So… where to now for Google? One thing is for sure – Google has no shortage of bright people. One of them is Andy Ruben. In 2005 Google liked his company so much they bought it. That company was Android – the rest is history. However, in a surprise move last month, Andy stepped down from his role in running Android and is now working on “something else” – no one knows what. Let me have some wild guesses at what Google might be planning for such a bright person. 1. Google Implants (“The Web in your head”): Probably initially a subcutaneous rfid/nfc version 1 chip leading to a neurological version 2 to ‘help’ us think smarter… you will probably one day be able to buy your children’s education in a chip - I wonder if the “Google Doctor” implant would be more expensive that the “Google Lawyer” implant. 2. Google Robots: I’ve seen some impressive robots in Japanese houses and restaurants and they appear very useful. However can you imagine a Google robot that knows everything in your home? Oh No… I feel another love/hate relationship coming on!!

Stephen Whitelaw, digital marketing consultant and technology evangelist.



Datel Demonstrate Latest Developments… - and offer you the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy TAB2


atel Solutions are a Fife-based company which has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1997, forming a number of formidable partnerships to allow on-going success and delivery of high standards. In the fast moving world of technology, it is vital to stay one step ahead, as MD Douglas Crookston explains: “Technology has become an essential part of 21st century business, whether it’s instant internet access, obtaining information on the move or saving money by combining data and voice communications. We have developed innovative systems to improve levels of productivity, increase staff performance and help businesses gain the competitive advantage.” Services offered by Datel include the following; • • • • • • • • • •

Digital and VoIP telephone systems Hosted IP telephony Voicemail Call recording and call reporting for management control Computer telephony integration (CTI) for greater productivity Bespoke marketing on hold for additional sales opportunities HD hosted video conferencing service Audio conferencing Lines and calls Cat 5E, Cat 6 structured cabling

Datel are approved installers and maintainers with various manufacturers including the LG-Ericsson iPECS platform, a pure IP communications system that is a revolution for small and medium enterprises. Their wealth


of experience advising organisations on telecommunication and data needs allows them to tailor a complete plan for all needs. Douglas has a passion for customer care and adds, “When organisations purchase a system from Datel Solutions they are assured of a long term relationship delivering a fast and efficient service to enhance the smooth running of their business. As part of our commitment we ensure that all sales and engineering staff receive on-going manufactures training to maintain the high standard of service offered.” To demonstrate some of the new technology available, Datel have recently opened a state of the art demonstration facility at their premises in Dunfermline which allows clients to see all of their products in a fully working environment. Formerly an old wash house, the building has been fully renovated to create an environment that allows clients to experience the portfolio of products in a fully working environment. Systems include the LG - Ericsson iPECS VoIP telephone system along with the iBOSS software which comprises the Call Recording, Call


Management and Wallboard Displays. In addition there is Hosted Telephony and Vidyo which is a Hosted Video Conferencing Solution. Forth Valley Chamber members can take advantage of an exclusive special offer to celebrate the opening of the new facility. Datel is offering up to 25% off existing telephone maintenance contracts. ***PLEASE CONTACT 01383 844244 FOR A QUOTATION*** Finally, Datel are offering a prize of a Samsung Galaxy TAB2 tablet in a competition to name their new state of the art demonstration facility. “The Wash House just doesn’t give out the right message,“ laughs Douglas, “so we are interested to see what our fellow members can come up with as a suitable name for the building in its new role. The Competition closes at the end of May and the name we like best will win the tablet. Email your entries to

TAKE A FRESH LOOK AT FUNDING LOOKING FOR A cash injection to aid your expansion plans or ease your cashflow? The answer could be a lot closer than you think – within your own business in fact – you just don’t know it yet. The trick is to dig a little deeper and look beyond the obvious. We’ve all heard the one about the fresh-faced apprentice who is sent by his journeyman to the stores for a ‘long stand’ and then told to ask the foreman for a ‘big weight/wait’. That’s one example of taking things at face value, without really thinking, much to the young apprentice’s embarrassment. Another is ‘Research & Development’ or R&D. Isn’t that confined to test tubes, men in white coats and dedicated laboratories? Well no, not at all. Almost every manufacturing operation, for example, is involved in some kind of R&D – be it prototyping, development or experimentation with materials or physical production processes – that entitles them to tax benefits. And the more R&D activity you’re involved in, the more you stand to benefit from the Government’s generous but massively under-utilised R&D tax credit scheme. Specifically designed to stimulate (and reward) innovative activity in UK manufacturing and technology, the R&D tax credit scheme is actually one of the best ways of unearthing hidden cash reserves within your own company, which you’re legally entitled to. And we’re not just talking about a few pounds and pence. According to Jumpstart, the UK’s leading R&D tax credit specialist, eligible companies can typically look forward to recovering £150,000 of tax relief within the first 18 months “Manufacturing companies are missing out on £ millions in tax relief that’s rightfully theirs. Over 90% of businesses either don’t claim at all or don’t claim enough.” Brian Williamson, Managing Director, Jumpstart.

Could there be hidden cash just waiting to be discovered in your business?

of talking to them. All on a no-win, no-fee basis. First though, you have to unearth those lucrative nuggets of R&D activity… To take a topical analogy, think of manufacturing as a kind of Easter egg hunt, only it’s not eggs you’re looking for but cold hard cash, and it’s hidden in every part of your process. Every time you change the shape of something from one state to another, for example, or have to assemble two pieces of technology, there could be a technical challenge to overcome. Frustrating though these technical challenges may be, if by resolving them you create a new and more efficient way of doing what you do, then, chances are, you’re entitled to tax relief on the costs involved. Eligible companies can deduct up to 225% of qualifying expenditure when calculating their profit for tax purposes. What’s more, they can claim R&D tax relief on expenditure that’s up to three years old. The travesty is that “over 90% of businesses either don’t claim at all or don’t claim enough,” according to Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Jumpstart. Scottish-based Clyde Blowers Capital, the name behind Clyde Union and David Brown Gears among others, is one of the 10% or so of enterprises taking full advantage of the scheme. “If everyone made use of the services of Jumpstart, then the UK economy and the Scottish economy in particular, with its long history of innovation, would be so much healthier. There is an estimated £980 million unclaimed out there and I urge all to follow us, and get what is, after all, rightfully theirs. It’s about economic impact and it is in our hands.” Jim McColl OBE, Chief Executive and Chairman, Clyde Blowers Capital

Jim’s last point – about it being in industry’s hands to make a difference – is a telling and important one. Consider for a moment how hard you work to maintain output, keep within budget and get product out the door, right first time and on time. Now imagine if you could still do all that AND reduce your costs by 25%, because that’s effectively what we’re talking about. On average, manufacturing companies can recover up to a whopping 25% of their costs, and often in cash. Surely, it’s everyone’s responsibility to find this hidden finance and get the reward that the manufacturers of the UK deserve. Jumpstart certainly think so. 100% focused on helping companies make successful claims, they have saved over £20 million for their clients in 2012 alone. But hold on a minute… doesn’t the very mention of ‘tax’ have you picking up the phone to your accountant? Well no, not if you’ve understood any of what’s gone before. Accountants may be the ‘obvious’ choice, but evidence shows that they’re not the right one. Why? Because R&D (as opposed to any other kind of ) tax relief is first and foremost a technical area, requiring a special combination of skills. Recruited for their technical expertise and promoted through the Jumpstart Academy, Jumpstart’s analysts are the ultimate hybrid – highly qualified technical experts who also understand the complex R&D tax credit legislation inside out. Right now, you might well be the apprentice when it comes to claiming your just rewards under the R&D tax credit scheme, but that’s no reason to have a long stand or a big wait for your benefit. Call Jumpstart today on 0131 240 2900 or email for more information. It costs nothing to find out and you’ve everything to gain.

Social Enterprise – The Myths Around The Model


never cease to be amazed by the potential for thinking up new ideas for incomegeneration among the aspiring and existing social enterprises with whom I have worked during my years within the sector; like a water-bottling company run by staff with learning disabilities, a hostel for young homeless people which also runs a budget funeral business and a travel agency staffed by people who’ve experienced mental health challenges. Social enterprises should be run on business-like lines as indeed was Pack-IT, my own social enterprise based in Cardiff. They are actually businesses – they provide services or products, they employ people, they use resources and they need money to run. However, many social enterprises do not think of themselves as businesses nor indeed understand the need to generate profits and be able to understand and handle the risk that is the natural habitat of business. There are obviously important differences in motivation between a private entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur. Whilst there are dangers in getting carried away with the ideas of business and applying them indiscriminately, those seeking to start their respective social enterprise “journeys” should be under no illusion that the long-term goal should be sustainability; the organisation’s capacity to endure over time. In the context of social enterprise, sustainability has two sides. One side relates to the fact that an enterprise needs to be able to survive and endure financially over time, whilst the second side is about being able to establish and continue to deliver its social impact. Building viability and sustainability in social enterprises is a very challenging matter and the difficulties should not be underestimated. Whilst we seek to be taken seriously as another business model, we must be careful to manage the


high expectations of funders, individual enterprises and the sector as a whole. Not only are there unrealistic expectations that social enterprises will be “sustainable” in relatively short periods of time, but there are also other political and social expectations of social enterprises that are unrealistic and could actually make it even more difficult to achieve a level of viability and sustainability. These include expectations that social enterprises should be exemplary employers, have pure supply chains, highly ethical practices in all they do, pay living wages and generally be the most excellent corporate citizens; a tall order in any circumstances! I honestly believe that most social enterprises try their very best to be those “excellent corporate citizens” in whichever way they can. However, we need to be realistic about just how difficult it is to meet any expectations, let alone all these whilst trying to demonstrate clear impact and be financially viable, let alone sustainable. It’s not a journey for the faint hearted. In truth, just like any other business, running a social enterprise is extremely hard work; rewarding sometimes but most of the time challenging. Within social enterprises it’s a particularly difficult balancing act, juggling social and business imperatives under a “mystique” which the majority of the public at large don’t understand. We’re an odd-ball outfit, we social entrepreneurs; passionate about what we do, impatient sometimes when those with whom we work don’t always “get it”, creative and sometimes – as I was told on a few occasions – a pain in the a**se, but we believe in what we do and the real benefits that social enterprise can deliver in a myriad of different ways. We’re also very critical of ourselves when we fail to meet our own expectations and those of others – funders, Boards and the like. I said earlier, running a social enterprise is hard work, very hard work but we must see the establishment of such an initiative as a process and a journey; it’s not going to achieve all its social, environmental and financial objectives at once, nor from the beginning.


Let’s not put too much of a burden of perfection on social enterprise. It’s not the silver bullet that’s going to solve all of society’s ills but if we can build social enterprises that are viable, both socially and financially, then the sector will over time, be recognised as a bona-fide business model that delivers against the “triple bottom line” of financial, social and environmental outcomes. Finally, as I write this, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a speaker at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Johannesburg a couple of years ago; “… I’ve been told (said the speaker) that if you want to start a social enterprise, Scotland’s the place to go”. How good is that??

The author John Bennett is the former MD of award-winning social enterprise Pack-IT, and former CEO of the Welsh Social Enterprise Coalition. He has had speaking engagements in China, Hungary, South Africa and across Europe, and participated in the Social Enterprise World Forums in Melbourne, San Francisco and Johannesburg. A founding member and former Chair of Social Firms Wales, John is a member of the Institute of Directors, a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and the Royal Society of Arts and is a graduate of Common Purpose.

John Bennett is given a tour of the Falkirk Wheel by Helmswoman Angela Finlay.

OUR COVER IMAGE for this edition comes courtesy of the of Falkirk based design company IDEAS. With a massive image library, cutting edge graphic design department, recording studio and video production facilities, IDEAS can create anything more or less. Without giving too much away, we asked IDEAS to demonstrate a typical image composition in Photoshop. 

Original cleaned up and logos added 

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“big enough to cope, small enough to care!”

Have you noticed that if you turn the last image upside down the R&B logo still reads R&B - how amazing is that? Headed up by creative director Don Jack, IDEAS’ team of creatives design a range of marketing materials for many individuals and small to medium sized businesses throughout the Forth Valley. Their brand development strategies and marketing, improve the way clients and audiences connect. Offering creativity on demand, the IDEAS team design printed collateral and websites which establish buzz and credibility and provide reasons why your customer needs your product. IDEAS is also widely recognised for their amazing designs for interiors and public spaces. Don comments “Our work is all round you. We create beautiful places where people like to be. The imperative for us is to keep you and your brand foremost in your customers’ minds allowing you to stand out and be unique in the marketplace. Typically, we will go on to create lush, coordinated marketing material which is designed to engender or accelerate customer response leading to outstanding business results.” Interestingly, some of IDEAS’ most successful clients started out in business just looking for a design for their business card. Don adds “Yes, we create hard hitting marketing campaigns, spectacular brochures, press ads that leap out the page and some of the most amazing websites you’ll ever see but sometimes all we do is provide that vital spark or lend an enthusiastic ear over a cup of our famous coffee. How can we help you?” Don Jack can be contacted on t. 01324 716827 e. Ideas, Redding House, Redding FK2 9TQ

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Airth Station Cattery and Kennels offer Day Boarding facilities to ensure that your dog has not been left at home alone all day for whatever reason. Your dogs are catered for in a lovely peaceful environment, socialising, exercising and playing with other breeds of dogs.


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Full skin and coat assessment Bathing in specialist shampoo Conditioner and blow-dry Clipping, trimming and styling Nail trimming Ear cleaning Doggie cologne Hand-stripping De-shedding

Airth Station Kennels, Station House, Airth, Falkirk FK2 8SG Telephone 01324 831549 •


perfect location for your next event

Forth Valley College has a venue for every occasion with our modern facilities offering the very best in conferencing, meetings, training, workshops, business dinners, awards ceremonies, special occasions and private dining. We have campuses across the Forth Valley region in Alloa, Falkirk and Stirling. Our campuses also offer benefits such as: • the latest technology • free wifi • free parking • catering from our award winning hospitality team

‘Discounted pricing on all block bookings’

To discuss your event, please call: (01786) 406097 or email: © Forth Valley College 2013. All information was correct at time of publishing, but may be subject to change.


Our Intellectual Property, Technology and Commercial (IPTC) department is led by 4 partners who offer expertise and full service cover to clients across a wide spectrum of areas, including: intellectual property; data protection; freedom of information; regulatory compliance; competition; IT and e-commerce; technology and media; international and domestic commercial contracts; and outsourcing. The IPTC team also advise on and draft a full suite of commercial contracts, including assisting clients in maximising

the supply of goods and services in both domestic and international markets whether by distribution, licensing, agency, joint ventures, licensing, or franchising and supply and purchase, software, cloud-based arrangements and outsourcing agreements. In terms of overseas dealings, the IPTC team has a strong network of legal advisers in most jurisdictions affording it direct access to local legal advice around the globe. Licensing of trade marks, copyright (including software), designs, patents and other forms of technology can form a vital component of your business strategy. Done properly, licensing allows licensors to benefit from a new stream of income (sometimes capitalising on a mature or under used asset), whilst licensees are afforded the opportunity to expand their business by creating new products and accessing new markets. Creating and establishing a recognised brand is usually the result of invested time and hard work, sometimes over a period of years. Maximising the value of your brand should be a key business objective. We can assist in protecting your brand by guiding your business through the process of applying for trade mark registration, whether in the UK or overseas. Trade mark protection is the first step in ensuring that your brand cannot be used by competitors on similar goods or in relation to similar services. Our team has a breadth of experience developing data protection compliance programmes and assisting clients to embed them in their respective organisations.



acRoberts LLP is one of Scotland’s leading independent commercial law firms, with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. We also have, through our Premier Membership of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, a regular presence in Falkirk, Stirling and the remainder of the Forth Valley area with one of our IPTC partners, Valerie Surgenor, regularly meeting businesses and attending events in the area. We have a well established and ever expanding client base in the Forth Valley area. We have over 40 partners and 100 other lawyers providing a complete range of commercial legal services to public, private and third sector organisations.


m ac R O B E R T S


Major Commercial Law Firm Now In Forth Valley



Working with both public and private sector clients, we provide practical and concise advice regarding data protection obligations, including the implementation of risk-based strategies, the preparation of policies and procedures, the handling of subject access requests, the provision of training and the carrying out of compliance audits. In addition we can advise clients on the handling of freedom of information requests and the application of applicable exemptions. In order to meet with local businesses in the Forth Valley area we will be providing regular workshops, presentations and services over the coming months. The first will be on assisting businesses to understand and capitalise on innovation and patented inventions. On May 22nd, Valerie Surgenor and David Flint, in conjunction with accountants MacFarlane Gray will give a presentation in relation to the recent tax relief regime “Patent Box”. In brief, the Patent Box enables companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned after 1 April 2013 from its patented inventions and certain other innovations. The relief will be phased in from 1 April 2013 and the lower rate of Corporation Tax to be applied will be 10 per cent. This talk will explain who can elect for the Patent Box, which patents are eligible, and how and when to claim. Speakers from MacRoberts and MacFarlane Gray will focus on the following areas: • The Patent Box and how it impacts your business. • Legal issues arising from the Patent Box regime. • IP licensing - what to think & when to think about it. • Other R & D reliefs/credits which a business could benefit from.

If you would like to speak with someone at MacRoberts or attend the presentation on 22nd May please contact Valerie Surgenor Partner, MacRoberts LLP on 01324 278022 or 0141 303 1241.



Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


f you have a problem, or have identified a new business opportunity, but lack the internal skills and resources to address the challenge or exploit the opportunity then who can you call? You might try the A-Team, but I’d like to suggest you reflect on what is perhaps one of the Government’s best kept secrets first: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). Providing over £30m in grants per annum, KTP is a UK-wide programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base. With a three decade history and delivering an average £250k profit impact per project (over 800 active projects currently in the UK) KTP can be applied across your organisation, from NPD to Operations Management and Marketing/ Internationalisation. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership serves to meet a core strategic business need and to identify innovative solutions to help that business grow. KTP often delivers significant increased profitability for business partners through improved quality and operations, increased sales and access to new markets. Social enterprises see improved results, too. There are three principal players within a partnership: • Company partner - this is usually a company (including not-for-profit) but in some cases it can be a health 18

or education organisation or Local Authority. KTP supports a broad crosssection of UK firms, regardless of size; • Knowledge-base partner - this is a higher education institution (e.g. university), college or research organisation (public or privately funded) – KTP buys out 1/2day week support from your chosen academic team; • KTP Associates – Each partnership employs one or more high calibre Associates on a full time basis, usually based 5-days a week at your company site. Current metrics show associates are, on average, 28yrs old and many have higher degrees or relevant industry experience.

How Much Does it Cost? The flexible nature of KTPs is one of their biggest benefits, and projects can run from 6-months to 36-months duration and involve from one to five KTP associates. In short, each project is tailored to the needs of the company partner. On average the annual budget is ~£65k, with grants of up to 67% available against these costs. Depending on the nature of the project, some of the company costs may also be recoverable downstream through the R&D Tax Credit Scheme.

Here’s what companies think: Jim Houston, General Manager, Woodward Aircraft Engine Systems: Recently completed KTP with the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Glasgow on the automation of fuel control testing, improving test productivity and reliability. “We found the KTP a great way of achieving


an accelerated burst of innovation that solved technical challenges that were beyond our existing capabilities. It provided the targeted resource and expertise required”. Geoff Crowley, Managing Director, Highland Colour Coaters: KTP with the School of Engineering & Built Environment at Glasgow Caledonian University to reveal knowledge about the phenomenon known as “gassing” and hence optimise production yield, quality and scope in powdercoating on galvanized steel. ”KTP has enabled our company to tackle a problem that costs us money, but which we were not resourced to handle on our own. A KTP project has enabled leveraged investment, beyond what we could have done ourselves, to address this technical issue. We’re only half way through the project term, have seen benefits already, and have uncovered other improvements and savings we didn’t envisage. In addition, we have had a great opportunity to assess the researcher as a potential employee.“

Where do I learn More? In person: Dr Stuart Mckay, Business Development Manager at the West of Scotland KTP Centre, based in Glasgow, would be happy to answer any questions or to discuss your project requirements. Alternatively, your Scottish Enterprise Account Manager or Business Gateway contact will also be able to provide information on KTP. Online: www.ktponline. will provide you with a range of searchable case studies and some truly inspirational project stories from micro companies to multi-nationals across the UK.


Because kids lose stuff Personalised name tags and labels for clothing and equipment.

Labels4Kids Join Government Task Force


orth Valley Chamber Member Ann-Maree Morrison, Founder and Managing Director of Labels4Kids Ltd has been invited by No.10 Downing Street and BIS (Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) to join the “EU e-Commerce Task force.” In the inaugural meeting just 4 of the 31 members were women and no other Scottish task force member exists. Labels4Kids provides personalised name labels internationally for parents of 0-12 year olds and also to care homes and corporate customers. They are about to launch a new IT CMS platform and website - a substantial investment for the business to enable it to franchise overseas. As a fast growing business which is already supplying internationally, the Department of Business pinpointed Labels4Kids to be the ideal SME to give advice on what would be helpful for SMEs in Britain to expand internationally into Europe online. The aim of the task force group is to find solutions to propose to the European Commission in Brussels

on trading cross border online across the EU. No.10 will take the proposals to the European Commission as the UK leads the way in Europe on e-Commerce. The series of task force meetings is headed by Lord Young at Whitehall and Westminster. The EU e-Commerce task force aims to address the imbalance of more trading going out of the UK into the rest of the EU, compared to the rates of EU trade coming into the UK. The inaugural meeting was held at Admiralty House, Whitehall on the 12th March and there are several task force working meetings to attend over the coming months. At the end of June the results will be put to No.10 and then taken to the European Commission as recommendations for improvement and harmonisation. The second meeting was held on April 8th at BIS in Westminster (which AnnMaree likens to the Harry Potter “Ministry of Magic” if you are trying to envisage what it is like). To give some idea of

the statistics being studied, the government believes in principal, e-commerce within the EU should have no borders. In fact rates of cross-border purchasing have been low for many years. Rates remain at about 9% of all trades and the EU has expended some effort to create a Digital Single Market but has not, so far, succeeded. Only 20% of all retailers sell cross-border (27% from the UK). The members of the task force are looking at reasons for these trends and proposing solutions for both large and small businesses to address and improve these rates. Ann-Maree is supporting the role of SMEs in e-Commerce and will be back in London in May for the SME task force meeting concentrating primarily on SME interests in e-commerce and exporting. Other business members of the task force include the heads of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, so some great networking for Ann-Maree whilst she is taking part. Ann-Maree has many opinions on how the UK government can step in to propose changes in e-commerce for retailers in Europe and has voiced these already. She says, “It is encouraging as a small business to hear that the big guys have exactly the same problems, but in larger proportion. They just have more resources and more money behind them to more easily track down the solutions. This is what I want to make easier for SMEs.” Ann-Maree welcomes any members trading online abroad to email her with feedback for the SME meeting in May on





The 2014 Commonwealth Games – and Beyond

Business opportunities via the Portal…


nless you have been living on another planet recently, you will know about the imminent arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Scotland next year. The Commonwealth Games Business Portal has allowed companies from all over Scotland to register and bid for contracts, and now the Glasgow Business Portal is building on that success to offer even more opportunities. The Glasgow Business Portal is a website which allows businesses to compete for more than £1.5 billion worth of public and private sector contracts in the city. It is based on the successful Commonwealth Games Business Portal platform, which has attracted around 21,000 registrations over the past few years. Some examples of projects that businesses and organisations will be able to/have been able to bid for via the new portal include the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the New South Glasgow Hospital, Glasgow School of Art’s Garnethill campus redevelopment, the newly completed 185-221 Buchanan Street (opposite Buchanan Galleries) and the University of Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre. These projects alone represent contract opportunities worth over one and a half billion pounds. The Portal has allowed companies to bid to work on Gamesrelated projects such the Athletes’ Village, the Emirates Arena, the Hydro at the SECC and Tollcross International Swimming Centre. All of these projects offer tremendous opportunities to firms that go beyond the value of the contracts and safeguarding jobs – the global showcase offered by the Commonwealth Games in particular

presents the chance to develop international networks and new skills. In terms of the value of Tier 1 contracts awarded so far related to the preparations for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Scottish firms have won over £250 million, with more to come over the next 16 months. Businesses interested in registering for the Glasgow Business Portal should visit It is very important to note that businesses and organisations not registered cannot bid for contracts. Firms wishing to be considered for contracts must register their details and complete the ‘Business Readiness’ questionnaire - this is a straightforward, free, online registration process that should take no longer than 10 minutes. So far there have been almost 21,000 registrations, with more than 12,000 of these from Scotland. It is expected that the Glasgow Business Portal will benefit firms by helping them to develop their business networks, providing buyers with the widest possible network to engage with a diverse supply chain, giving access to business support networks and identifying potential partners for the formation of an onward supply chain. In addition, by bidding for contracts and receiving feedback, companies will be in a better position to bid for future opportunities. To ensure the highest possible business performance in projects using the Glasgow Business Portal, it is necessary to attract as many firms as possible to compete for contracts.



Stirling Glass Artist Showcases the Stirling Business Awards


on Piccolo from Showcase Glass, based on the Broadleys Industrial Park in Stirling, was asked to design and create 11 glass awards for the Stirling Business Awards 2013.

The first year of the awards ceremony which took place on Wednesday 20th March at the Forth Valley College - Stirling Campus was a huge success. He designed the awards to capture Stirlings 2 most iconic and recognisable landmarks those being the Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument. Each award is formed out of strips of coloured art glass then fused and shaped in the kiln. Each of the 6 transparent colours are inspired by the Stirling and Bannockburn Caledonian Society tartan produced by Wilson’s of Bannockburn. The glass has been carefully shaped with undulating curves to represent the dramatic landscape and hills of Stirling whilst allowing



the award to reflect and disperse an array of coloured light. Each sits on a clear glass base with a random bubble effect that highlights the sweeping curves of the River Forth. Each individual award has then been sandblasted with the winners name and then silver wiped to highlight the engraving. Jon welcomes commissions from private individuals and larger organisations and is happy to discuss any ideas and requirements.

Showcase Glass, Art and Craft Unit 7, Imex Business Centre, Craigleith Road, Broadleys Industrial Park, Stirling FK7 7WU. T: 01786 359 252 M: 07 812 812 812 W: E: F: T: @showcaseglass


Are You Ready For Summer Spending?


ith summer just around the corner – we hope – and visitors from all over the world arriving in Central Scotland for holidays, it is time to make sure you are ready to make the most of the tourist market. But are you prepared for international cardholders? Have you noticed that while most international visitors to the UK carry credit or debit cards, they don’t always have Chip and PIN capability? John Champion from First Data Merchant Solutions, which provides preferential rates to Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce members, offers advice on what to do if you are handed one of these cards so you don’t lose a sale.

While Chip and PIN technology has been established in the UK since 2008, it’s still not a standard feature on many international payment cards - including those issued in the USA. ‘The magnetic stripe and signature strip is the fall back solution where there is no chip, it’s not working or has been disabled,’ explained John. ‘So we suggest two things – firstly that retailers remind their staff how to use the stripe option and secondly to remember all the old ways of spotting fraud.’ ‘So if you are handed an international card without Chip and PIN technology - don’t panic and definitely don’t turn the customer away!’ says John. ‘A little planning and training will mean that you make the most of international cardholders.’ For more information about special card services rates for members, call Iain Morrison on 07713390958 quoting Forth

Valley Chamber of Commerce T946. Merchant Solutions are provided by FDR Limited, trading as First Data Merchant Solutions, as agents for Bank of Scotland plc, the registering member under the Relevant Card Schemes.

• When checking the signature, look closely at the signature strip and make sure the original signature has not be ‘overwritten’ • Look at the front of the card under a UV light – does it have the appropriate mark? • Make sure the first four digits of the MasterCard or Visa card number are also printed above or below the embossed number • Check that the last four digits of the embossed card number appear on the receipt



Consultancy Service

Helpdesk provides you with our round-theclock support, and our dedicated customer care representatives, without the high costs associated with providing in-house helpdesk services.

Astute Facilities Management has designed a functional operational model, which incorporates all the key drivers, to assist our clients to procure and manage an effective and efficient facilities management service.

Reactive Property Maintenance Reactive Maintenance from one phone call 24 Hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year we provide emergency response from multi trades covering the UK, measured against our agreed Service Level Agreements. Planned Preventative Maintenance

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(Grangemouth Office)

Astute Facilities Management Planned Preventative Maintenance to assets encompasses adjustments, replacement and basic cleanliness, that forestall asset breakdowns.

Compliance Monitoring Statutory and Mandatory Requirements for your company based upon Government Legislation, Industry best practice and HSE guidelines. Quoted works We will provide competitive quotations for further works either from reactive calls or for minor project works.





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IPS Scotland


IPS Scotland is a Scottish Government funded programme and supports the first time inventor, innovator and small business start up. It aims to provide help and expertise for individuals and businesses who want to protect their ideas, products, brands and develop innovative businesses and products, taking them to the market, quickly and professionally.


LCM delivers training, advice and support in areas of food safety, nutrition and health and safety. We offer training courses, one to one mentoring, telephone advice or any other service that may be required. We are here to help the individual, it is all about meeting your needs to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Hardie Motor Group

The Hardie name has been synonymous with quality service since 1958. Our two Dealerships in Larbert and Stirling offer the full range of Peugeot vehicles all ideally suited for today’s business user. Low CO2 emissions and fantastic economy combined with our full suite of funding solutions ensure we have a tax efficient motoring solution for you.

Falkirk Football Community Foundation

Falkirk Football Community Foundation delivers sport and education programmes covering social and emotional issues, education, health and well-being to children, vulnerable young people and adults, helping them develop into confident, responsible, ambitious, employable people, able to positively contribute to their communities.

Moirs Scotland

Established in 2006, MOIRS provide a bespoke cleaning service to both Residential & Commercial clients, covering the whole of the Forth Valley and West Lothian areas. Along with our associates we also provide window, carpet and driveway cleaning as well as a comprehensive facilities management service. Fully owned and managed by Cariss and Graham Moir.


MacRoberts LLP is one of Scotland’s leading commercial law firms with full service offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh and shortly Dundee. It was founded over 150 years ago by the MacRobert’s family and we have never forgotten that family business approach to service. With 48 partners and 100 additional lawyers MacRoberts is large enough to meet the commercial needs of businesses – in the Forth Valley area, in Scotland or wider afield. MacRoberts prides itself on offering a partner-led personal service. Our ethos is to work with our clients rather than for our clients in order to achieve their business objectives. The majority of our clients, many of whom are based in Forth Valley are SMEs and family owned/managed businesses. MacRoberts is delighted to be premier members of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce and will be involved in the work of the Chamber at all levels providing advice and support to help local businesses attain their goals, whether that be through forums, seminars or mentoring. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01324 278 022


Established in 1972, Leemic are a specialised supplier & service provider of Sharp multifunction devices: copy, print, scan & fax. We provide software for document management & job accounting. Secure log-in via pin codes or by the addition of I.D swipe cards or biometric readers. Rental & purchase options available.

CGH Creative CGH creative design and communications are based in Linlithgow and provide design solutions for corporate identity, branding, graphic design, company literature, motion graphics, website design and build, new media, advertising and packaging, working with clients across Scotland. Clients are mainly focused in the Technology, Science, Industrial and Engineering sectors – and include Wyman Gordon Ltd, CXR Biosciences Ltd and Onorach Clinical. Chris Hamilton m. 07843 856922

Company Growth Team Ltd Ambitious organisations are achieving results with The Company Growth Team Ltd., (CGT). Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team of senior executives will offer strategic advice and practical help enabling you to grow your business. Whatever the development stage of your business, you will benefit from our supportive, insightful, ‘real world’ advice. Whether your challenge is to increase sales, improve performance, restructure operations, manage financial challenges or create a winning leadership team, CGT can help. Telephone: 01786 433809

Belgica Furniture I moved from Belgium in 2002 to start up Belgica furniture in Bo’ness. My background is from the furniture retail trade in Belgium, where our family furniture business is based. We have been trading for 10 years in Scotland and going from strength to strength.


Graham Robertson Electrical and Security

Electrical contractors providing commercial and industrial security, intruder alarms, CCTV, access control, TV aerials and satellite installation. Tel: 01786 468050

Forth Ports Ltd

The Port of Grangemouth is Scotland’s largest deep sea container handling port which handles a significant proportion of Scotland’s GDP. In addition to its booming container business the port handles a variety of liquid bulk cargoes and general cargoes including timber, steel and bulk materials. Telephone: 01324 668401

Travel Counsellors Ltd I offer a wide range of bespoke Travel Services for corporate and leisure travellers whilst providing a highly personal Customer Service. Experienced and fully qualified – I have an extensive, in-depth knowledge of the travel business. 100% financial protection guaranteed.

Acumen Acumen can provide businesses with a whole range of accountancy services under one roof. Their office in Tillicoultry is made up of a young and enthusiastic team who service a variety of clients within the local area. Being able to offer the services of a larger firm means the practice can serve a wide range of businesses varying in both size and industry, delivering a consistent, professional and friendly service at all times. Email: Website:

Life Fit Phsiotherapy

Life Fit Physiotherapy strives to offer you the best possible care. Our team of five Chartered Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals provide an exceptional level of clinical treatment and guidance for all varieties of injuries and problems. Physiotherapy, sports massage, podiatry, Yoga, Pilates and Back Fit services all available.

Recyclate Supply Ltd Recyclate Supply Ltd has many years experience in the waste management and recycling industry. We aim to develop long term sustainable markets and relationships with both suppliers and end users alike. Operating on a global basis we can source, market, distribute and supply materials suitable for recycling and recovery to end users such as Paper Mills, Biomass Facilities and Waste to Energy Plants.

NEW MEMBERS Colin McKeand/Business Connector


The ability to network successfully can be one of the greatest assets in business, but if no thought or planning goes into the why, when, where and how of networking, it can become frustrating and non-productive. Good business networking skills can be learnt. Often referred to as ‘Scotland’s Mister Networking’ Colin can help you or your employees in the art of successful networking that delivers great measurable results and real returns on your investment. LinkedIn:





XLtec Solutions


Xltec Solutions Ltd can offer nearly 90 years’ experience in delivering and supporting office solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Companies can seldom see the true cost of their office equipment as devices are frequently expensed in different ways. A varied selection of photocopiers, desktop printers, franking machines, IT hardware etc. from different suppliers result in direct and indirect costs that are much higher than they need to be. Xltec is your one-stop-solution. We are partners with a number of industry leading manufacturer’s including Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Utax/Kyocera, Panasonic and Dell, underlining our commitment to providing optimal quality products and services. Reduce your office costs today! To organise a no obligation, free feasibility study - freephone 0808 168 4 169 or email

Market LED Many businesses have no idea how much their lighting costs to run - which often accounts for much of the total bill! Market LED can reduce these costs by up to 85% - without reducing performance. Make the switch to high efficiency Philips LED lighting - visit www. for your free survey.

3D Developments Limited Coaching for change and transformation. We are a dynamic coaching and business development company, offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to transform and perform. Face to face, on-line, telephone and team facilitation coaching allows us to work flexibly with clients. Health and Wellbeing is an area in which we are also successful.

Falkirk District Credit Union Falkirk District Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned by its members and run by volunteers to provide confidential, safe and ethical savings accounts and secure loans to its members. Anyone who lives/works within Falkirk Council area can join. Junior savers under the age of 16 years are welcome.

Springfords Chartered Accountants Our friendly and experienced staff will help you to ensure that you are fully compliant on all accounts and tax matters, plus provide you with the professional solutions you need when you need them at each stage of your business cycle from start up to exit, through growth and maturity.

The Plan B Partnership

Handelsbanken is a full-service Swedish bank with a decentralised working model. We have a strong local presence and a nationwide network of over 150 branches. We offer a long-term approach to customer relations having been ranked top bank in the UK for customer satisfaction and loyalty for the past 4 years.

Smart Specs Smart Specs is an independent Optical Dispensary operating in the High Street, Alloa. Stocking a vast range of eyewear and offering a complete service from receipt of the prescription to the final fitting of spectacles. We believe that value is about price, quality and superior customer service for our clients.

Canmore Business Service Ltd

   Do more, with Canmore

We collaborate with (overworked?) SME owners to provide the finance director input that all businesses    need, but on an affordable part-time, temporary or project basis. We recommend that SMEs utilise as their 24/7/365 cloud-based financial management f f SaaS. Having real-time information improves decisionmaking, promotes effective planning and makes compliance routine – even enjoyable!

The Plan B Partnership is Scotland’s 1st Financial Advice & Financial Inclusion Social Enterprise. Based in Glasgow & providing personal & business money advice across Scotland, the majority of services they provide are pro-bono & face to face. Their training & learning events are low cost & ideal for conferences, staff CPD days & AGM’s. 07887551466 & 0141 237 3895 @planbpartners

Bespoke Executive Tailors What you wear at home is your business, what you wear at work is OUR BUSINESS At Bespoke Executive Tailors a bespoke garment is designed and made for you and you only. Tailored to your exact style, to your exact shape and from the cloth type, colour and pattern you select. With our truly unique experience, we offer our clients the choice of consultation location; at your workplace, home or our various consultation locations‌the choice is yours to fit your busy schedule.


Rory H D Cooper


Do more, with Canmore

Tel : 01383 741802 Mob : 07853 360344 Fax : 01383 741802 E-mail : Web :

Canmore Business Services Ltd, 6 Killin Court, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 7XF



Do more, with Canmore

Back-office finance functions Interactive budgeting and forecasting Cash flow control Cloud-based real-time financial reporting Tailored management information

Bespoke key performance indicators Working Capital Oversight Progressive financial efficiency Liaison with stakeholders @CanmoreCofinance Independent director overview in

Careth Ltd The main business activities are grounds maintenance, contract cleaning, fencing and landscaping. Careth Ltd has dedicated teams for domestic garden maintenance, as well as teams for commercial grounds maintenance, contract cleaning, landscaping & fencing. The company is based in West Stirlingshire and covers the whole of Scotland. Phone: 01360 449042

Phase Broadcast Ltd

Providing Critical & National Infrastructure Transcommunication Services to HM Government & Authorities, Broadcasters, Telecommunication Infrastructure Operators and International Security Services. Serving our Core Operational Area of Scotland and the North of England, PHASE are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Services are not available to members of the public. Tel: +44 (0)871 288 2338 Fax: +44 (0)871 994 2378

Wildcat Solutions Wildcat Solutions is based in Stirling and offers consultancy and training in a wide variety of business software solutions throughout Scotland. Our particular area of expertise is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and we offer advice on the best option for your business – whether on-premise or in the “cloud�. We are accredited Sage business partners and Swiftpage Gold consultants. twitter: wildcat_ACT

We are Chartered Accountants with a wealth of commercial knowledge and experience. SYKAM offers financial management advice and support to new, growing and re-structuring businesses to help them improve cash flow and boost profits. We provide a personal hands-on service working with you and your business to help achieve your goals. E: W: T: 07791718861


An initiative of Fallin Community Enterprises, Recykea-bike recycles unwanted bikes either for spares or as fully reconditioned for sale at affordable prices. They also offer a full repair and maintenance service and deliver employability training to young people leading to nationally recognised qualifications. They are a registered Scottish Charity and are an EFQM “committed to excellence� organisation. To get on your bike call 01786 447559

Topstaff Employment Ltd

Topstaff Employment provides a range of recruitment services to clients and candidates alike, covering the commercial, hospitality and industrial sectors. Phone: 01786 451550

Interface Interface connects businesses quickly and easily to world class expertise, knowledge and research facilities available in Scotland’s Universities and Research Institutes. If you have a technical problem or need to develop your business, Interface’s free and impartial service will help you access academic support to solve your business challenges. Tel: 0131 651 4791



New Hospital Treatment Insurance Available To Chamber Members


n innovative new corporate health insurance product offering fast access to a wide range of surgical and medical procedures has been launched by Westfield Health. Hospital Treatment Insurance provides affordable private cover for non-urgent surgical procedures, many of which now involve longer waiting times on the NHS. Westfield Health Executive Director – Sales and Marketing, Paul Shires, said: “While the NHS is excellent at providing care for life-threatening illnesses and emergencies such as cancer and heart disease, patients requiring non-urgent treatments may begin to suffer, and face longer waiting times for routine surgery and scans as the NHS attempts to save £20 billion by 2015. “Delays in non-urgent medical care can increase sickness absence and place a heavy

financial burden on employers. Hospital Treatment Insurance will help employers to manage staffing levels more effectively and lower costs, while employees – many of whom will be able to access private care for the first time – will benefit hugely from quick treatment and having more choice and control over where and when they have their surgery.” With cover starting from £1.24 per employee, per week and two levels to choose from, Hospital Treatment Insurance enables employees to receive treatment at any hospital in the UK where private treatment packages are available. A wide range of common medical and surgical procedures are covered, such as hip and knee replacements, slipped discs, varicose veins, cataracts, abdominal hernias and gynaecological problems. Following referral from a consultant, employees are allocated a case manager who

will source and arrange a private treatment package to suit their needs. Paul Shires added: “There is no excess to pay when a claim is made and premiums are community rated, so everyone pays the same price regardless of age or location. No medical is required and a cash benefit is available if an employee receives NHS treatment.” Hospital Treatment Insurance is now available to all members of Forth Valley Chamber with five or more employees, either as a stand alone product or, for more comprehensive cover, it can be used in conjunction with Westfield’s Chamber Primary Health Plan.

For more information, please visit or call 0845 602 1629, available 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

FALKIRK BUSINESS EXHIBITION 2013 Friday 21st June 2013, Falkirk Town Hall


re you coming to visit us at the 6th Annual Business Exhibition? It promises to be bigger and better than ever - providing exhibitors and visitors with new contacts, sales leads and access to free business advice. 26

We are delighted to be supporting this event and will be there in force. Come and visit us and find out about Chamber products and services, training, networking and – most importantly, perhaps – how we can save you money! With our ever growing membership representing all sizes of businesses across the Forth Valley, we expect


to have a busy day helping our members to make connections. Drop in and have a chat – we’ll be there all day!

Central Scotlands Leading Independent Sports Outlet

zzOfficial supplier of Spalding Apparel to the British Basketball League. zzMajor supplier of Basketball Apparel and Equipment. zzOne of Scotland’s leading suppliers of all Football Team-wear and Training Equipment. zzLeading supplier of Lawn Bowls Apparel and Equipment, we are also the only retailer in Scotland, to have an indoor ‘short mat’ to enable customers to get a feel of and throw bowls before they buy. zzSupplier of Corporate & Work-wear. zzSupplier of Trophies & Medals for all sports & occasions. zzIn-house design, print and embroidery facilities.

1 Almond Court, Middlefield Industrial Estate, Falkirk FK2 9HT Tel 01324 873804 • Fax 01324 873804 • Mob 07834 062871 Email •

MEMBERS’ REGISTER 3D Developments Ltd

Back 2 Life Clinic

Calad Media

Ace Tyres and Exhausts

Balanced Strategy Solutions

Camerons Fine Foods

Action Insight Management

Bank of Scotland

Campbell Dallas LLP

Acumen Accountants & Advisors Ltd

Barrie Scott & Co

Canmore Business Service Limited

Joan Boyd 01506 499645

Robert Crawford 01324 639984

Graeme Scott Dodd 01324 867733

Barrie Alexander 01259 753555

AG Office Supplies Ltd Anne Girvan 01324 871857

Airth Station Cattery & Kennels Ltd Laraine Binnie 01324 831549

Aitkinson & Co

Neil Atkinson 01324 910081

Alexander Ross Holdings Ltd Robert Ross 03330000050

All Personal Gifts

Philip Townsend 01259 726698

Allied International Peter Duncan 01324 667488

Alphapet Online

Joanne O’Hara 01786 842620

Angus MacDonald MSP

Angus MacDonald MSP 01324 482100

Applegreen Homes Alan Wallace 0141 354 1618

Arran Brewery plc

Veronica Michaluk 0141 5762 1580

Astute Facilities Management Ltd Ray Young 07801 052080

David McCabe 01324 670670 Julie-Anne Kitt 07968 746246

Gordon Robinson 07753 804874

Clive B Scott 01324 637654

Basilico (Falkirk) Ltd Antonio Pallucci 01324 613311

Bee Copy

Tommy Thomson 01324 623319

Belgica UK

Michael Kartono 01506 829447

Bellair (Scotland) UK Douglas Farquhar 01324 471278

Bespoke Executive Tailors Graham Scott 0844 344 0576

Bierce Technical Services Ltd Shirley Quinn 07951 428186

Bird Investigations

Craig Hanson 01324 557141

John Gold 01786 460030 Rory Cooper 07853 360344

Careth Ltd

Keith Harvey 01360 449042

Central FM

Ron McEwan 01786 577024

Central Training Services Limited Allan Thomson 01506 829883

Centred Excellence

Nicky Coffin 07590 890727

CGH Creative

Christopher Hamilton 01506 842953

Clan Italia

Michael Lemetti 01324 636316

CloudCEO Limited

Mary Bird 01324 555807

Andrew McGee 07905 326144

Blueton Ltd

Clydesdale Bank

Borland Financial Management

Colin McKeand - Business Connector

Louise Sinclair 01324 829661 Paul Baillie 01383 623300

Boyack Associates

David Boyack 01786 832497

Boys Brigade - Carronvale House Keith Morrison 01324 562800

Café Albert

Matthew Bedwell 01786 860333


Alex Atkinson 07742 192515


Terry Quinn 01324 508203

Colin McKeand 01324 823664


Chris Wakefield 01786 406448

COS (Scotland) Ltd Matt McGrandles 08452 261896

MEMBERS’ REGISTER Crawford Hunter Upholstery

Exmos Ltd

GMS Music & Media

Creche Matters

Falkirk & District Association of Mental Health

Gracefruit Limited

Falkirk District Credit Union

Graham Robertson Electrical & Security Ltd

Falkirk Football Club

Greig Melville Associates Ltd T/A Greig Melville HR

Crawford Hunter 01324 629142 Fiona Grant 01324 639896

Cubic Blue Ltd

Stephen Ng 07896 956311

Dart Energy (Europe) Ltd Laura McEwan 01786 230200

Datel Solutions

Douglas Crookston 01383 844244

Delta Digital

Ron Skirving 0844 818 3959

Dickson Middleton

Craig Clinton 01786 474718

DM Handling Systems Ltd David McGillivray 01506 491421


Mark Ferguson 01436 678808

Empire HR Limited Steve Cook 01224 701383 Justine Riccomini 01506 826673

Endrick Trading Ltd

Lee Rooney 01360 440066

Events for Business

Janet Torley 07753 749535

Evolutio Ltd

John Paterson 0844 504 6534

Executive Golf & Leisure Ltd Graeme Pook 01786 832244

Gordon Coulter 01324 486844

Stuart McCallum 01324 671600

Claire Reid 01324 473695 David White 01324 624121

Falkirk Football Community Foundation David Craig 01324 624121

Fallin Community Enterprises (Recyke-A-Bike) Sandy Mohamet 01786 447559

Farmore IT Ltd Jonathan Farley 01786 489666

Finewood Holdings Willie Anderson 01324 673100

First 4 Frames

Robert MacKintosh 01324 466333

First Base Accountants

Lorraine Wheeler 01786 470044

Forth Ports Limited

Nik Scott-Gray 01324 668400

Forth Valley College

Ken Thomson 01786 406077

Fusion Group UK Ltd

Alex McKie 08452 694386

George Stevenson

George Stevenson 01324 621981

Giles Insurance Brokers Ian Smith 01324 611363

Heather McRae 01324 711011

Elizabeth Carnahan 01324 841353

Graham Robertson 01786 468050

Alison Melville 01324 628676

GS Insurance Services Ltd Kenneth Blake 01738 441555


David Beggs 01786 463109

Hardie Motor Group Iain Bolton 01324 562799

Harley Financial Services Douglas Harley 01324 625225

Healthy Working Lives Tom Neilson 01324 673519

Helix Binders Ltd Iain Kirkwood 01324 629025

Homeslide Door Systems Ltd Finlay Ferguson 01324 630391

IAM Catz Ltd

Iain Catterall 01506 407104

ID Systems

Iain Doherty 01324 611237


Don Jack 01324 716827

Insurance Advisory Services Ltd Jeanette Bell 01324 556414


MEMBERS’ REGISTER Interface - The knowledge connection for business Laura Goodfellow 0131 651 4791

IPS Scotland

Joe Murphy 07745 952204

iTFA Ltd

MacFarlane Gray Ltd

Polyurethane Products & Consulting Ltd

Hazel Burt 01786 451 745

MacRoberts LLP

Market LED

Jenkins & Co

Graeme Minto 01324 626496

Jumpstart Limited Don Galloway 0131 240 2900

K.W. Peter & Co Kenneth Peter 0131 445 8608


Graeme Little 01324 638471

Labels4kids Ltd

Ann-Maree Morrison 01786 473508

LCM Environmental Consultants Ltd Briony Norris 01324 810283


Sandy Muir 01324 492785

Life Fit Physiotherapy David Bowmaker 01324 433433

Lithium Systems Limited Stephen Franklyn 01259 727847

Little Kerse Leisure Ltd Stephen Barr 07974 805650

Lochgreen Learning Ltd Gus Simpson 01324 625720

John Foley 07949 114455

Martin Robertson Associates Ltd Martin Robertson 01324 633550

Microspec Computers David Pettigrew 01324 636147

Milton Photography

Graeme Milton 01786 235030

Moirs Cleaning

Cariss Moir 01324 624600

MP Locums Healthcare Ltd Susan Park 01324 710500

Northwood (Central) Ltd Jim McHugh 07847 353991

Ocean 70

Alex Stewart 0131 526 3268

Palimpsest Book Production Ltd Craig Morrison 08700 858142


Val Trotter 01506 826863

Performance Golf Shops Ltd Stewart Craig 07725 552601

Phase Broadcast

Logicomms Ltd


Phoenix Broadband Ltd

Anna Milne 0844 879 9044

Valerie Surgenor 0141 303 1100

Steven McGuire 01324 664713

Ross Downie 01324 810203

MacDonald Inchyra Hotel

Marie Temporal 0871 288 2338


Tony Freeth 01786 230830

Rob Craw 07739 224189

Positive Qualities Ltd Liz Hoskin 01324 492726

Print Central Ltd Stephen Matthews 01324 622776

Property Locker

Barry Jess 0845 805 9102

Psychologists Protection Services Ltd Ewan Murray 0845 0531182

Pulse RMK Ltd

Robert McKechnie 07853 190020

R.D.F. Print

Robert Faulds 01324 622262

Rachels Office Support Rachel Roden 01324 820380

Readers Direct Paul Henke 01360 440013

Real Improvements to Employers (RITE) Ltd Fred Best 01786 235055

Recyclate Supply Limited Gary Grant 01324 410211

Refractionz Ltd

Frazer Davies 01506 204663

Rhoddy Stewart Photography Rhoddy Stewart 01506 828983


Tailored Lettings Ltd

Video 3 Internet Broadcasting

Rooftec Scotland Ltd

Tapside Marketing Ltd

Viridis Building Services Ltd

RSM Tenon Ltd

The A9 Partnership Ltd

Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd

Robert Marshall 01324 873804 Mark Cattanach 01324 874923

Alastair Herbert 01324 475700

Russel & Aitken LLP

Karen McLachlan 01324 622888

Saltire Will Solutions

Dennis Gardener 01738 553156


Ian McVicar 01324 611311

Showcase Glass

Jon Piccolo 01786 359252

Signs Express (Falkirk) Catherine Begg 01324 666966

Simple Improvement Ltd Mike Bell 07791 758330

Skills Development Scotland Brian Hermiston 01896 662439

Smart Specs Optical Dispensary Anne-Marie Macklin 01259 218001

Justine Young 01324 884884 Jack Marshall 01506 823402

Victoria Walsh 01506 834700

The Boardrooms

Phil Diamond 01324 827551

The Company Growth Team Ltd Graham Oxburgh 01786 433809

The Grange Manor Hotel Lindsey Randall 01324 474836

The Intelligent Building System Ltd Colin McLachlan 07866 006434

The Leadership Factory Dr. Andy Kelly 01786 406621

The Plan B Partnership Lucy Haughey 07887 551466

The Royal Bank of Scotland Alan Smart 01324 668324

The Travel Architect

Fiona Bibby 07974 567003

Solutions IT Ltd

Toowist Limited

Springfords LLP

Topstaff Employment Limited

Stellar Group

Travel Counsellors

Storage UK Ltd


Colin Youngson 01786 498118 Findlay Paul 0131 440 5000

Russell Dalgleish 07920 008197 Derek Cooper 01324 812914

Joe Dorfman 01324 482217

Lee Marshall 01324 478245

Scott Douglas 01324 559976

Visit Scotland

Liz Buchanan 01292 616417

Wealth & Safety (UK) Ltd Geoff Gaunt 01324 832820

Wee Rascal Imprints Liz Melville 07510 899477

Westfield Health

Audrey McFarlane 01259 725810

Write Marketing

Andrea McFarlane 07833 776611

Xltec Solutions Limited Vincent Moore 01236 458054

Xtreme Karting

Barrie Henderson 01324 579797

Your Equipment Solutions David Johnstone 01324 467000

Stephen Whitelaw 07966 281455 Bernie Gibson 01786 451550

Pauline McCormick 01324 820666 David Fleming 01360 449111


Advertising Feature

Founder of FBD Brian Wright


Business Profile

At FBD we’re proud to be different.

We exist to add value to you and your business and we dare to be world class. We understand that to offer a world class service, we need first to become world class. We need to be proactive and we need to have world class systems and tools.

FBD was established in 2003. By 2006 the small business client base had grown to over 100 and FBD was one of the fastest growing accounting firms in the central belt of Scotland. The core team consists of: Brian Wright Managing Director & Director of Business Development Anne Wright Finance Director & Director of Training and Human Resources David Stobie Senior Accountant and Tax Manager Lesley Hand Office Administrator

FBD makes use of associates from a range of different disciplines to ensure that the most appropriate expertise is available to clients and that world class service is delivered at all times. Our associates are selected on the basis that their core values are consistent with ours. FBD believes the single best way to help clients to grow is talk to them more often and to be part of the strategic development of the business, adding world class financial expertise on an ongoing basis.

Contact us now on 01236 739280 or email us at for a free initial consultation.

Forth Valley Chamber says a big Thank You to member Gambero Rosso for hosting a fabulous dinner and wine tasting evening. Wines were supplied by Courtney and Barrow and got everyone in the mood for the delicious dinner which followed. The guests were treated to musical entertainment by Don Jack at the piano, and a very good time was had by all. Who is up next for inviting all the Chamber members round for dinner? 1 Burnbank Road, Falkirk FK2 7PE T: 01324 613 311

Service • Reliability • Quality • Integrity One of Europe’s foremost non-destructive testing organisations. Inspection Ecosse Limited offer specialised Non Destructive Testing including Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspections, with fully qualified technicians. We operate in all industries including: • Oil Refining • Petrochemicals • Engineering • Shipping • Power Supply • Food and Brewing • Non Destructive Testing A vital role in a variety of industrial, commercial and service applications. Inspection Ecosse Ltd., Unit 1D, Laurieston Industrial Estate, Old Redding Road, Falkirk FK2 9JU

Tel: 01324 627 772


May 2013 30th May – Half-day workshop (09.30 - 12.30)

Venue: TBC Trainer: John Paterson, Evolutio Ltd Cost: £50 plus VAT for members, £70 plus VAT for non-members (Note: this event may be eligible for funding from Skills Development Scotland for up to 50% of the cost)

Advanced/Intermediate LinkedIn Have you been using LinkedIn and have some connections but not sure how to get the most out of it? Are you building more connections, but not more business? If you want to further develop your LinkedIn skills to benefit your business then this workshop is for you. You will find out how to maximise the impact of your profile on LinkedIn. You will also learn how to make contact with valuable business prospects outside your network – without making a cold call or unsolicited sales communication. Some of the more advanced features of LinkedIn will be covered in this course with the aim of developing a LinkedIn strategy on the day that will assist you in delivering your business objectives. So if you would like more business connections to turn prospects into customers, book now.

June 2013 6th June - Morning workshop with MacRoberts LLP (Pensions AutoEnrolment) (9.45 – 12.30) Venue: MacDonald Inchyra Hotel Speakers: Martyn Shaw, Partner in MacRoberts LLP’s Pensions & Employee Benefits Group Katy Wedderburn, Partner in MacRoberts LLP’s Employment Group

Pension Auto-enrolment: What you need to know A great deal of media attention has recently been devoted to pension matters, including the forthcoming auto-enrolment requirements. They require employers to automatically enrol employees into qualifying pension arrangements and to contribute to them, or face possible financial penalties.

For all networking events members may bring one guest from another company free of charge. Please let us know this when booking, for registration purposes. For all bookings please phone 01324 66 55 00 or email quoting your membership number if requested.



The seminar will: consider the new requirements; summarise the dates by which employers must implement them; comment on recent changes to the requirements; consider employment and pension law considerations and strategies when implementing the requirements and changing any existing levels of provision; and contrast the new requirements with existing minimum pension provision obligations.

19th June - Networking lunch with Bank of Scotland and Campbell Dallas LLP (Funding) Venue: The Falkirk Wheel (more information coming soon)

21st June – Business Exhibition (10.00 – 16.00) Venue – Falkirk Town Hall

Come and visit us at the Business Exhibition. Our stand will be packed with useful business support information and people who are passionate about helping you and your business to grow and develop.

25th June – Business Breakfast (08.00 – 10.00)

Venue: The Scott’s Bistro, Grangemouth Speaker: Graham Oxburgh, The Company Growth Team Cost: £15 plus VAT for members, £20 plus VAT for non-members

SMEs - The Seven Deadly Sins… Every business today operates in an extremely tough environment, but sometimes our problems don’t stem from the economy or difficult market conditions. Often our difficulties come from the way we run our businesses. Graham Oxburgh, Partner with The Company Growth Team Ltd, has been working with SMEs for many years and has noticed common themes in businesses with “issues.” The 7 Deadly Sins for SMEs is a thought provoking reality check for directors and owners of businesses of every size and description. Graham says, “Business life is tough enough, so let’s get the things we can control sorted, and help struggling businesses improve and make good businesses even better.” (Please note that members can bring one new guest free of charge to this event as long as the guest is not from their own company)

Please note that to cover venue hire and catering costs, all booking fees must be paid prior to the event and are non-refundable.

AT FIRST BASE we provide a personal friendly service to a wide variety of businesses across central Scotland, including Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Rental Property Portfolios. We appreciate that your time is in demand so we will visit you and if it is more convenient for you, meetings out side of normal office hours can be arranged. Our rates are competitive and your fees will be agreed in advance and fixed, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Monthly payment terms can be arranged if required.

Annual Accounts VAT Annual Accounts Payroll VAT Accounts Annual Payroll VAT Free Initial Meeting Payroll

Self Assessment Tax Returns Corporation Tax Returns Self Assessment Tax Returns Company Secretarial Corporation Tax Returns Self Assessment Tax Returns Company Secretarial Corporation Tax Returns Fixed Fees Agreed In Advance Company Secretarial

Free Initial Meeting Fixed Fees Agreed In Advance PavilionInitial 2, Castlecraig Business Park, Fees PlayersAgreed Road, Stilrling FK7 7SH Free Meeting Fixed In Advance Tel: 01786 470044 Pavilion 2, Castlecraig Business Park, Players Road, Stilrling FK7 7SH I Bracklinn Callander FK17 8EH Tel:Road, 01786 Pavilion 2, Castlecraig Business Park,470044 Players Road, Stilrling FK7 7SH Tel: 01877 331331 Tel:Road, 01786 470044 I Bracklinn Callander FK17 8EH Tel:Road, 01877 331331 I Bracklinn Callander FK17 8EH

07973 144261

Tel: 01877 331331

07973 144261 07973 144261

WE do not believe in just dealing with compliance issues such as preparing Accounts and Tax Returns. It is important to get to know you, your business and what you want to achieve, so that we can be proactive in providing you with relevant business and tax planning advice. If you would like to know more about us you can visit our website where there is a wealth of FREE information including many business and tax guides. You can also register to receive our weekly newswire which will help you to keep up to date with changes to business and tax legislation and remind you of tax deadlines. This service is open to everyone, you do not need to be a client and no strings attached! So why not call us to see how we can help you. Your first appointment is FREE and without obligation. Contact Gavin Watt on 07976 274520.

TO RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF OUR BUSINESS START-UP GUIDE, packed full of information and advice for new and young businesses, email

For all your accountancy and taxation needs

Award Winning Nursery





Qualified and Highly Trained Staff


Early opening at 7.30 am

Business Plans

Record Keeping & Office Support Services

Escort service to and from local nursery schools


Now open in Linlithgow

Ample on-street parking

Phone Tricia to arrange a visit on

01506 239 295 Also open in Bo’ness Tel: 01506 828 007

•• Free Free Home Home Surveys Surveys

•• Free Free Home Home Surveys Surveys •• Fitted Fitted Furniture Furniture

•• Surveys Fitted Furniture • Free Home • Homes/Offices • Installation/Fitting Service Fitted Furniture • Installation/Fitting Service • Homes/Offi ces Guarantee • Fitted Furniture • Five Year • Installation/Fitting Service • Homes/Offices • Installation/Fitting Service • Five Year Guarantee • Five Year Gurantee Serviceces Co. Employing Falkirk Folk • Installation/Fitting • Falkirk • Homes/Offi • Falkirk Co. Employing • Homes/Offices

• Five Year Guarantee

• Experienced staff

Falkirk Folk

• Five Year Gurantee

• Falkirk Co. Employing • Experienced staff Falkirk Folk

TELEPHONE: 01324 630 391 Unit 5 Almond Rd, Middlefield Industrial Estate, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK2 9HQ

TELEPHONE: 01324 630 391 Unit 5 Almond Rd, Middlefield Industrial Estate, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK2 9HQ

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0772 340 2732




Look no further than Rooftec. We specialise in all aspects of roofing.



Proud to Sponsor Falkirk Fury BC

17 Cockburn St, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK1 1DJ Email:

01324 623319 •

SERVICES INCLUDE Tiling • Slating • Guttering • Lead Work • Single Ply Membrane • Built Up Felt Roofing • General Repairs 21 Easton Dr, Shieldhill, Falkirk FK1 2DR • T: 0772 340 2732 E: • W:

LCM Environmental Consultants Limited Consultants & Practitioners in Environmental Health

Are You Struggling with your tax return? Looking for an accountant who will help you make more profit and pay less tax?  Starting out in business?  

Quality service driven by passion for the individual At LCM we pride ourselves in providing the best solution for each individual business whether it be large or smalll. It is about the person, business or venture. We will tailor our service to your needs.

Protecting, Improving & Educating

We can help.

Barrie Scott & Co is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors with offices in Falkirk, Bathgate and St Andrews. We offer audit, accounts, and taxation services together with business support and advisory services to a wide range of owner managed businesses, clubs, associations, charities and individuals.

Compliance Services

Support Services

Consultancy & Systems Advice

Business Start-Up


LCM Environmental Consultants Ltd Tel: 01324 811664 Email: 3 Foxdale Drive, Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK4 2FE

T: 01324 637654 • F: 01324 635678 • 16-18 Weir Street • Falkirk FK1 1RA •

Forth Valley Chamber members can take advantage of an exclusive special offer to celebrate the opening of the new facility. Datel is offering up to 25% off existing telephone maintenance contracts. PLEASE CONTACT

01383 844244 FOR A QUOTATION

the GRANGE MANOR Glensburgh, Grangemouth, FK3 8XJ Tel: 01324 474836 Fax: 01324 665861 Email:

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Conference Facilities

ÂŁ10.95 per person Served 1pm - 5pm Champagne Afternoon Tea Why not indulge yourself with a glass of our House Champagne.

ÂŁ16.95 per person served 1pm - 5pm

We offer 3 recently refurbished conference rooms, accommodating from an interview 1:1 scenario to a formal board meeting or to company presentations for up to 160 delegates.

We are experienced in delivering a range of events and can support your event with administration assistance, A.V technicians and of course the organisational support of our dedicated events co-ordinater.

Colour Copiers | B/W Copiers Multi Function Machines Fax Machines | Printers Hire-Archy’s sale strategy is simple – to listen. You tell us what you need and we’ll offer you a suitable solution at the best possible price. We have offices in Kilsyth, Fife and Larbert and our main showroom is at: Logan’s House Tel: 01236 829 131 Lochlands Industrial Estate Fax: 01236 822 133 Larbert E-mail: Falkirk FK5 3NS

Carronvale House Conference & Training Centre

• 7 Conference Rooms • 21 Bedrooms • Sports Hall and All-weather Surface

• Car Parking • Great Central Location

Day Delegate £27 inc VAT Sports Hall Hire £30 inc VAT Carronvale Road, Larbert, Stirlingshire FK5 3LH

Tel: 01324 562800



Airdrie Savings Bank

Business Banking in Falkirk

Come into our branch at 33 High Street, Falkirk to talk about your business requirements. Alternatively, call the branch directly on 01324 624501.

Business accounts are subject to status and can be opened on day of appointment upon receipt of suitable identification and documentation

Branches in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Bellshill, Shotts, Muirhead, Baillieston, Motherwell and Falkirk

Trust us to make Business Banking easy Airdrie Savings Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. We subscribe to the Lending Code and are licensed under the Consumer Credit Act by the Office of Fair Trading. Our Head Office is 56 Stirling Street, Airdrie ML6 0AW.

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