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One Week Project

Miami, Florida: Holocaust Memorial

Graphics II Professor Cecilia Guardia Spring 2009

In the spring semester the rst year students take a trip to Miami. One of the places they visited was the Miami Holocaust Memorial. For me, the experience of being here was beyond words. This place was an inspiring and silencing collaboration of art and architecture. From the giant tortured arm reaching for the sky, to the human scale sculptures begging you to be saved and to the hall which ushers you down to the center of the memorial surrounding you with slices of light and the names of the most feared concentration camps. I took the opportunity to step away from Miami and spend some time capturing the emotion of the Holocaust. The following photographs have no need for explanation as the emotion conveyed within them is enough. I tried to nd the moments which felt the most heart wrenching, which twisted your soul deep inside. These photographs still affect me every time I look at them. This memorial is truly worth the experience, as it is breathtaking.

DEDICATIONS All of this work could not have been possible without many people along the way and I would like to take a moment to thank some of them. I rst would like to thank fellow classmate Leo Morantin for taking this picture of me in class, it came in handy! I’d also like to thank some other classmates for putting up with my insanity and helping me in times when I needed it the most: Darci, Danny, Ashley, Carly, John, Dominic, Jason, Justin, Emily, Danelle, Jordan, Kuebler and many more! I’d also like to thank a few of my professors: Steve Cooke, thank you for giving me room to be me and grow on my own. Cecilia Guardia, thank you for pushing me so hard! Mark Weston, thank you for being a friend when I needed it the most. Michael Hallants, thank you for helping me grow as an architect your instruction has been invaluable. Bob Hudson, thank you for helping me grow up in the world of architecture. Susan Elftman, thank you for breaking me down and building me back up again, giving me the architectural backbone I needed to thrive. Thank you to my friends and family for understanding when I have to become absent from every fun thing outside of school. Thank you to my family, especially my Dad for nancially supporting me, without you a lot would not be possible. Lastly I would like to thank my mother, Kathryn Johnson, who died while I was in Design 3. Mom, I miss you so much and wish you could have seen all that I have accomplished. The love you have given me has made me who I am today and I owe you everything.

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