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Transcription - as well as allowing the viewing of the media file, the system also produces a complete transcription of that file. Transcription editor can then playback the audio portion of the media file. As the file is streamed from the server and the CC is highlighted. Changes can be made. Translation - once the text has been

AVMS-100 is the ultimate web browser based system for indexing and the processing of Audio and Video files. All Video files are stored in MP4 format which supports a wide range of supported devices. This innovative solution provides the ability to search indexed audio and video media using Keywords, Dates, Topics, Descriptions, Titles or Phrases.

created, the system allows the user to switch on automatic translation of the English text. The conversion provides support of multitude languages. This converted text can then be copied & pasted into other documents.

Translation - the text can be converted automatically into 15 different languages. This allows the created transcription to be sent to multiple countries along with the appropriate link.

Search - system provides a list of hits, actual location, confidence scores and in addition where the actual word or phrase is located in the audio or video file. By simply clicking on the title, the media file is streamed from the repository server. This ensures an instant replay and only provides the portion of the media file you are interested in viewing or listening. This reduces the network bandwidth.

Closed Caption -automatic generation ensures that all videos comply with Section 508. The system produces a DFXP (Timed Text) standard file. This exciting feature ensures a complete solution and saves costs and effort.

Security control is implemented using a multi level role model. Viewing of media content is restricted by Role, Department and Classification of the media file when originally indexed.

Server web based solution ensures that the system is accessible from any Computer, I-Pad, I-Phone or similar device. Using an ASPNET web services model gives total reliability and scalability of the system. Contact:

Web Browser - this ensures that the IT department has minimal involvement and instant operation of the solution, just open your browser and start searching, subject to your permissions levels.


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AVMS Brochure  

AVMS Brochure - August 2011

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