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Happy New Year from Jennyruth Workshops We find out what the team at Jennyruth Workshops have been upto for the last few months

Brave soles!

Brave fund raising from Marie Curie volunteers!


05 astronomy 06 local news 06 advertorial: 07 local news: 08


advertorial: FEATURED

Retirement Planning for you! The Yorskshire Sky Second round of funds awarded FEATURED

Nature in the Garden FEATURED

Ripon Library this Winter

Ripon Library

find out what’s on at Ripon 08 We Library this Winter


08 local news: 10 local news: 10 gardening: 12 14 infocus

out & about

Local Events across the area FEATURED

Winter at Jennyruth Workshops FEATURED

Marie Curie fundraising success FEATURED

The importance of Witch Hazel Advertising Details & Advertiser Index

Welcome to the Winter issue We welcome 2020 with a wide range of local news and updates from across Ripon, including updates from Jennyruth Workshops (p10) and Ripon Library (p8). There’s also a story of bravery for a worthy cause on p10. Don’t forget, if you have any news, events or stories of local interest, please feel free to send them to editorial@ jkanorth.com. I hope you all enjoy the issue and I’ll see you in Spring.

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Best wishes,

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Why not you? It’s the time of the year when we all think about what we are going to do differently. It’s also the time of the year when we really don’t believe we will or can change. If we start with that mindset it’s not surprising that we don’t achieve what we say we want to. We don’t succeed, which reinforces our belief next time that it’s all impossible, and so on year after year. There are all sorts of reasons to convince ourselves. I’m not clever enough, I don’t have enough time, enough money, I live in the wrong place, I never have any luck, I don’t know what to do. That may be true, but you probably also know people who have less of these attributes than you, and yet they seem to achieve more. How do they do that? That’s really the wrong question. It doesn’t matter how they’ve done what they have. It’s much more important to focus on what you want to achieve and how you are going to make it happen. But first of all, you have to believe that you can. The question is what can stop you? When we were young children we didn’t worry about making mistakes. You didn’t take your first step, fall over and give up, did you? You didn’t think “I don’t know how to do this, I’m calling it a day. Crawling isn’t so bad, I’ll get by.” As adults, we seem to have forgotten how to live from pure inspiration and keep going until we get where we want. There are some things I am never going to achieve no matter how hard I try - score the winning goal in the World Cup final, play the headline set at Glastonbury. But I know, deep down these are not really my goals so I’m not going to do what it takes to get there. I do know that I want to help as many people as possible to live their lives full of purpose and meaning. My responsibility at this time of the year is to work out how I can do that, but without imposing any artificial limits. I would challenge you to do the same. What do you really, really want to accomplish this year? If we were talking on 31st December, what would have had to happen to make 2020 the best year of your life? I’m a financial planner so you might expect me to talk about investments. However, living your best life has got nothing to do with having more money. It’s about finding a clear vision of what you want to achieve and building a plan to make it happen. That’s what we do at Serenity. We give you time and space to figure out what truly matters to you, help you work out how to get there, and make sure you do what you say you are going to do. Call me, and together we’ll make a brilliant 2020.

financial planning

Serenity Financial Planning t: 07590 353776 e: ian@serenityfp.com w: serenityfp.com

Serenity Financial Planning is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Yorkshire Sky

Local groups gather to celebrate the second round of awards from THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District

I am often asked by youngsters and indeed parents if we can see where the Apollo space craft landed on the Moon. To give a little history on the landings they were: Apollo 11 - July 16-24, 1969 Apollo 12 - Nov. 14-24, 1969 Apollo 14 - Jan. 31-Feb. 9, 1971

Following a successful launch of the second funding round in July 2019, the LOCAL FUND Panel (made up of donors, Friends of the LOCAL FUND and representatives of Harrogate Borough Council) met in October and awarded over £35,000 to 16 groups from across the Harrogate District.

The Moon & The Apollo Landings

Apollo 15 - : July 26-Aug. 7, 1971 Apollo 16 - Date: April 16-27, 1972 Apollo 17 - Date: Dec. 7-19, 1972

Note Apollo 13 - Date: April 11-17, 1970 developed a fault and those on Earth held their breath as the crew were brought back to safety. A major film starring Tom Hanks was made of this venture in the 1990’s. You do not need any equipment to visualise the approximate landing areas just hold the Moon map in front of you and let your imagination roam, but with a little knowledge of the Moon’s surface and a reasonable telescope it is possible to home in on the areas where the astronauts explored and perhaps surprisingly you do not need a full Moon. Observing the full Moon through a telescope can be difficult because of the excessive reflection of light from



the Sun. The best way of observing specific areas is to observe in the region of the terminator (the shadow or boundary between the illuminated and non-illuminated areas of the surface when the Moon is going through its various phases between a new Moon and a full Moon (a wax-

ing or growing Moon) and between a full Moon and a New Moon (A waning or shrinking Moon). Moon map courtesy of NASA


The Planets Mercury: Not visible during January. Between 9th and 16th Feb you may be able to observe Mercury low to the left of due West around 18.00 hours. Venus: Venus is going to be with us on early evenings viewable in the South West from the second week of January through to the Spring. Note how close to the Moon it will be on 28th January and 27th February.

Wishing All Our Readers A Happy & Contented 2020 - John Harris

Grants awarded ranged from ranged from £365 to support smaller groups such as Dacre & Hartwith Village Hall and Harrogate Hospital Radio and larger awards of up to £3,000 made to Whixley Village Hall and the Harrogate AFC Sporting Memories project. In addition to this, earlier in October over £30,000 was awarded through the LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District and the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire partnership ‘Dragons Den’ event held at Rudding Park with local charities and community groups pitching their projects to a panel of ‘dragons’. In November the groups came together with donors and supporters of the fund to celebrate these awards which highlight the vital work of community groups and charities across the Harrogate District whose work is dedicated to improving the lives of local people. THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District is an innovative partnership between Harrogate Borough Council, Harrogate & Ripon CVS and Two Ridings Community Foundation designed to encourage local giving and be a long-term source of funding support and encouragement to the work of local organisations tackling social issues that affect local people. Harrogate Borough Council has contributed £30,000 this year towards THE LOCAL FUND, which together with funding from the Harry Bolland Trust Fund and other local donors and fundraising through the LOCAL LOTTO has meant that over £60,000 has been invested this year in local grassroots organisations working to make a difference to the lives of local people. The Fund comprises donations from organisations and individuals, and dormant trust funds and is managed on behalf of the partnership by Two Ridings Community Foundation, an independent North Yorkshire charity. More information about the Fund is available from: www.tworidingscf.org.uk/tlfharrogate Alongside the fund, THE LOCAL LOTTO provides a fundraising opportunity for local voluntary and community groups, which enables Harrogate residents to support the local organisations they care about most. Money raised through THE LOCAL LOTTO will contribute towards keeping the community sector thriving across the district.

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Nature Wildlife


in the Garden

It’s early morning and you see the glistening winter garden lays dormant, bejeweled in frosted diamonds. As the sun’s warming fingers stretch out the garden begins to stir. The snowdrops are peeking through, the hedgehogs are snoring away and Mr Robin Redbreast is foraging in the leaf litter. There’s magic all around if you know how to look!

Plants in Focus: Food & Shelter

helpers. When allowed to flourish they create a balanced system between themselves and help to improve garden health and diversity.

Ivy - Hedera helix Provides year round evergreen shelter for birds, nectar in winter and berries in spring

So give them a little food and shelter through winter and they will return your investment with interest through the rest of the year.

Crab Apple – Malus sylvestris A small tree supplying 2-3cm fruits that persist well into winter and flowers in spring

Winter’s frosty embrace has slowed nature’s rhythms once again. However, under this sometimes bleak cocoon there still lies a wealth of life and the nascent stirrings of spring. We must do our bit as stewards in the garden through the winter months by supplying food and shelter for our wildlife. This is the hardest time for much of the flora and fauna and helping it to come through into spring in good shape will get the garden off to a healthier and more balanced start. Rather than seeing wildlife as unwanted inhabitants we should embrace them as nature’s little

If you want to create your own wildlife retreat or have any questions at all regarding your garden then please contact Timothy Campbell Landscapes (BSc (Hons) Environmental Conservation) on 07739071012 or visit: www. timothycampbelllandscapes.co.uk

Firethorn - Pyracantha teton Another evergreen providing effective thorny shelter, berries through winter and flowers in spring

Happy Gardening!

Wildlife Corner Bird’s Buffet

There are many species of bird that visit our gardens through winter and they each have their favourite feasts. Why not take the time to make your own bird snack bar and sit back to enjoy the show. Here are a few species and what they like. • Wrens – finely chopped animal fat and grated cheese. • Sparrows, Finches and Nuthatches – sunflower heads, herbaceous plants and berry cakes. • Starlings – peanut blocks • Tits – insect slabs • Thrushes and Blackbirds – apples and raisins on the ground are a must • Goldfinch – niger seed


It’s important to provide a balanced diet. In addition, caged feeders can help to control unwanted guests such as squirrels and pigeons. Finally, try to provide some ice free water every day for them to drink, and have fun.

Call Tim now For foradvertising gardening and landscaping advice: 07739 071012 / 01765 601151 contact Christine: 01609 777401 | www.jkanorth.com



Out & About

What’s On @ Ripon Library? Saturday 1st Feb: 10.30am-11.30am: £2.00 Whistlestop Thistle Junk Modelling Workshop Join local artist Jay Stelling for a junk modelling workshop based on the book. Suitable for ages 4-8. Booking essential Friday 7th Feb 10.00am – 11.30am: FREE My Neighbourhood Community Information Fair Can we help? FREE advice sessions for Ripon residents. Drop-in and speak with community organisations in an informal atmosphere. Services attending include Ripon Police, Harrogate Mind, Diabetes UK, White Rose Credit Union, North Yorkshire Adult Learning and Skills Service and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Saturday 8th Feb: 10.30am: FREE Harry Potter: ‘Tri-Wizard Tournament’ Join the Ripon Library team for an amazing Harry Potter inspired event with crafts, games, and dragons. Please contact the library to book a place Monday 10th Feb 10.30am – 11.30am: FREE Coffee and conversation ‘Stories of old Ripon’ A talk by Tony Hirst A new weekly session to meet with others and enjoy a cuppa. Once a month there will be an invited speaker Monday 10th Feb 1.30pm – 2.15pm : FREE

Regular Events

Monday: 10.30am – 11.30am Coffee and conversation group (all welcome) Monday: 1.30pm – 2.15 (As advertised) Musical stories and rhymes for pre-school children Monday: 4.30-5.30 pm FREE computer help sessions (book in advance) Monday: 4.30pm – 6.00pm Squigglers art club for young people aged 10 and over. £2 per session Tuesday: 1.30pm- 3.30pm Craft, knit and natter group. All welcome to bring their knitting, crochet or needlecraft and join our friendly group Wed: (alternate) 11am – 12.30pm Harrogate Stay FREE tenants support and advice services



Every Month Imagination time Music, songs, stories and rhyme for families and under fives Thurs 13rd Feb: 5pm – 6pm Skate Night Bring your scooter or skateboard and skate around the library whilst it’s closed. For ages 7-18 Tues 18th Feb: 11am - 12.30: £2.00 ‘The Secret Science of Superheroes’ Science themed family event Ever wondered what Spiderman eats for breakfast? Join Hull University Lecturer and author of ‘The Science of Superheroes’ Mark Lorch for a fun and fact filled morning. Suitable for ages 8+. Please book a place. Tues 18th Feb: 11am - 12.30 Creative Writing event with author Abi Marsh Join author Abi Marsh for creative writing tips and support for young adults and the young at heart. Suitable for ages 13+ Please book a place. Many more events online Ripon Library and Customer Service Centre: The Arcade, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1AG 01609 53 6623 ripon.library@northyorks.gov.uk Access your county council services online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.northyorks.gov.uk

Wednesday: 10.15 – 10.45am Storytime for children ages 2 – 5 FREE Wednesday: 4.00pm - 4.45 pm Library Builders – Lego free play session for children FREE Thursday: 1.30pm – 2.30pm Storytime and simple crafts for children ages 0 – 4 FREE Friday: 10am – 12 noon Mental health support drop-in with Harrogate MIND Friday: By appointment FREE Support to trace your family history online using Ancestry and Find My Past Available all week: By appointment FREE computer help sessions (book in advance) Please contact the library for more information.

n Ripon Ghost Walks @ 7.15pm Explore the darker side of the historic city of Ripon on this ghost walk, hearing tales of ghouls and ghostly goings on around every corner! Explore the darker side of Ripon’s history from the macabre to the mysterious! Discover ancient burial sites, curious bone finds and characters who lived and died hundreds of years ago but who some say still linger! Meet at the Cabman’s Shelter on the Market Place for a 7:15pm start IF YOU DARE! There’s no need to book - just turn up. Price: Adults £3, Under 16s £1. The walk will last around 1 hour 35 minutes, finishing back at the Market Square in time to see the Ripon Hornblower at 9pm. For more details: yorkshiretrails.co.uk www.riponmuseums.co.uk/events .........................................................

18th January

n Whistlestop Thistle: Junk Modelling Workshop Join local artist Jay Stelling for a junk modelling workshop based on the book Suitable for ages 4-8. Booking essential 10.30am-11.30am: £2.00 Ripon Library and Customer Service Centre: The Arcade, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1AG 01609 53 6623 ripon.library@northyorks.gov.uk .........................................................

19th January

n Wedding Open Days Come and find inspiration for your perfect wedding day here at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. See the Great Chamber and Oak Room set for a wedding in Fountains Hall, with wedding coordinator on hand to discuss plans. You will also be able to explore the abbey and see the wonderful opportunities for your wedding photographs and get some inspiration for your perfect day.

Booking essential. Free event fountainsbookings@nationaltrust.org. uk 01765 643197 Also on 16th February & 15th March .........................................................

25th January

n Ripon Cathedral Wedding Show Join us for the Ripon Cathedral Wedding Show on Saturday 25th January for over 50 suppliers from all over Yorkshire to help you plan your special day, in the spectacular setting of Ripon Cathedral, you can also enjoy a tea rooms and live music. Open 11.00am – 3.00pm Keep your eye out for updates on our Facebook page or more details: www.riponcathedral.org.uk/events/ weddingshow .........................................................

26th January

n Guided wellbeing walk through the abbey landscape Start the new year being inspired by the great outdoors. Can you feel the crunch of winter leaves underfoot? Or hear the birds sing? Join this free guided walk to be mindful and present with the nature and landscape around you. We’re no experts but we do know that being outdoors makes us feel good. Octavia Hill, founder of the National Trust, once said, “The need of quiet, the need of air, the need of exercise, and, I believe the sight of the sky and of things growing, seem human needs, common to all”. Have you ever noticed how good you feel for a little fresh air? Stop, stand still and be present in your surroundings. Join one of these free well being walks to help reconnect with nature and the world around us. Also on 23rd February & 29th March Booking essential Free event (admission applies) 10am - 11.30am .........................................................

Ripon Area Music & Arts Diary 18th January


10:00am: Millthorpe School, York, YO23 1WF. Singers of all ages and abilities who can read music are welcome to join us for this all-day event. (Under 18s must be accompanied by their parent or guardian, who must remain present to act as chaperone at all times). There will be an informal concert for friends and family at 4pm, tickets for which will cost £5. Timetable for the day:

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9.30: Registration and complimentary refreshments 10.00: Warm up and 1st session 11.15 Break 11.45 2nd session 1.00 Lunch break (bring a packed lunch, as our new venue is further from the city centre) 2.00 3rd session 3.30 Break 4.00 Performance Places are limited so book early at eventbrite.co.uk to avoid disappointment. Ticket prices include score hire. For full information, visit our website at: www.yorkmusicalsociety.org.uk Tickets: Adult: £20; Student: £10; www.yorkmusicalsociety.org.uk

3rd February n Parasite + Director Q&A & Satellite Replay From the imagination of Bong Joon-Ho’s (Okja, Snowpiercer, The Host), Parasite finds a family of grifters worming their way into an upper-class family’s perfect world. The Kims are living a marginal life when their son fakes his way into becoming the English tutor for the ultra-wealthy Park family. Soon all four of the family members have roles in their hyper-stylish modern home, having used every dirty trick in the book. But the house hides secrets that are way outside the Kim’s scheme. Already the most successful Palme d’Or winner ever, Parasite is what happens when the have-nots have their day. A deliciously fun poisoned cocktail of dark humour, social satire and perfect set pieces, this gripping thriller is a sensational experience that keeps surprising to its last drop. DIRECTOR Q&A + SATELLITE RELAY Director Bong Joon-ho joins us live in person for a preview Q&A at Curzon Mayfair that will be shared via satellite. Curzon Ripon, 75 North Street Ripon HG4 1DP .........................................................

10th February

n The Virtuoso Violin Every season we try and make room for a promising young performer at the start of their career. Emmanuel Bach is one such. Having won the Royal OverSeas League String Competition 2018 he is gaining increasing recognition as a virtuoso soloist and chamber musician. With South African-born pianist Jenny Stern, he will be performing an exciting and varied programme including Mozart’s remarkable sonata composed for the flamboyant 21-year old virtuoso violinist Regina Strinasacchi and Tchaikovsky’s contrasting and meditative “memory of a dear place”. Emmanuel Bach - violin Jenny Stern - piano

Mozart - Sonata K.454 in B flat Brahms - Sonata No. 1 in G, Op. 78 Britten - 3 Pieces, from Op. 6 Every season we try and make room for a promising young performer at the start of their career. Emmanuel Bach is one such. Having won the Royal OverSeas League String Competition 2018 he is gaining increasing recognition as a virtuoso soloist and chamber musician. With South African-born pianist Jenny Stern, he will be performing an exciting and varied programme including Mozart’s remarkable sonata composed for the flamboyant 21-year old virtuoso violinist Regina Strinasacchi and Tchaikovsky’s contrasting and meditative “memory of a dear place”. More details and for tickets: riponconcerts or: 07711 567013 Ripon Cathedral, Minster Road, RIPON, North Yorkshire, HG4 1QT .........................................................

19th February

n Saviour Pirotta: Author event 10.30 – 12.30: £2.00 Join popular children’s author Saviour Pirotta for an exciting insight into amazing adventures and writing super stories. Suitable for ages 5+ Please book a place. .........................................................

9th March

n Coffee and conversation ‘The Women’s Suffrage movement in Ripon and the local area’ 10.30-11.30am: £2 A talk by Harry Fairburn A new weekly session to meet with others and enjoy a cuppa. Once a month there will be an invited speaker. Ripon Library and Customer Service Centre: The Arcade, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1AG 01609 53 6623 ripon.library@northyorks.gov.uk ......................................................... Please note: the editors cannot be held responsible for any changes to events listed. Please contact event organisers directly. All events correct at time of going to press.

21st January


01756 799912 Christ Church, Skipton, BD23 2AH 7:30pm www.skiptonmusic.org.uk/concert/ antara-duo Tickets: For ticket information please contact Skipton Music: www.skiptonmusic.org.uk ..................................................................

22nd Jan

THE BACH PLAYERS Richmondshire Concerts

Influence Church, Richmond, DL10 4AS 7:30pm Music by Rameau, Jacquet de

la Guerre, Marais, Rebel, Anglebert, Clérambault and other composers of the age of Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King’, performed on violin, viola da gamba, theorbo and harpsichord. Tickets: Adult: £16; Full time student: £1; rsconcerts.org ..................................................................

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Jennyruth Workshops News 2020 Greetings to all our super supporters and customers, Happy New Year to you all. Together you have helped us by buying the wonderful gifts that our lovely workers produce.

Christmas Party at Ripon City Golf Club. However Jennyruth Workshops is not just about Christmas. Throughout the year our staff, workers and volunteers produce a wide range of great products including an impressive variety of bespoke items specifically designed for customers by our talented staff, volunteers and workers. On the subject of volunteers at Jennyruth Workshops we have had two sessions for people to spend time with us to see if they would like to volunteer in our woodwork shops, paint shop, garden or our new kitchen installed by our newest member of staff, Davy, with the enthusiastic assistance of many of our workers.

By the time you read this Christmas will be a fading memory of food and presents. At Jennyruth Workshops we can look back on a very busy build up to Christmas with a very successful stall at the Cathedral Craft Fair, our own Craft Fair at Jennyruth Workshops and our wonderful

If Jennyruth Workshops appeals to you as a place to volunteer and share your craft skills with a group of adults with learning difficulties, (who will welcome you with warmth and enthusiasm), get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange a visit. Make it your slightly late, new years resolution.

Jennyruth Workshops Unit 5, Red House Farm, Newby Hall Estate, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5AY Tel: 01765 606620 email: info@jennyruth.co.uk www.jennyruth.co.uk

Marie Curie fundraisers are brave soles The heat was on late last year when a group of plucky souls completed the firewalk Challenge to raise funds for Marie Curie at Ripon Rugby Club. Sixteen people took part in the event, ranging in age from 17-years to 76-years, and raised a staggering £5,000. More than 100 family members and friends gathered to watch and provide support and encouragement. The fire (wood over coal) was lit an hour before then managed by constant raking until the temperature on the glowing embers reached the desired 1200F. Satisfied that the correct temperature had been reached, the firemaster instructed the participants complete their firewalk in turn. The Firewalk Company, Time4Change, hosted the event with Marie Curie’s Ripon and District Fundraising Group. The charity has worked in association with the company for 20 years, putting on firewalks all over the country. Foxfly



from Melton Mowbray provided aerial videos and photography of the event. The Marie Curie Ripon and District Fundraising Group received very generous sponsorship from K A Anderson Metal Recyclers [Keith Anderson is President of Ripon Rugby Club] Ripon Farm Services, Green Lane Gp [Chris Beadle designed the posters], Ripon Business Services and Foxfly from Melton Mowbray Liz Tite from the fundraising group explained: “I’d like to offer my personal thanks to everyone who sponsored me or other firewalkers as their encouragement was fantastic. I’ve raised £1,993 to date which reflects people’s generosity and confirmation that it was a lunatic thing for me to do. With special thanks to my sponsorship agents - Glenys Gittings, Rob & Sue Ankcorn and Christine Winterburn - I could not have done it without you all. And final thanks to Richard Tite who collected and swept up the aftermath. The Firewalk was very professional and truly entertaining for both walkers and watchers.” Gemma Hewitt, Marie Curie Community Fundraiser concluded: “I’m immensely proud

of Liz Tite for all her hard work in promoting such an unusual event. I enjoyed taking part in my second firewalk, it’s great fun and really brings the community together. It isn’t painful, simply a really empowering and uplifting experience. I feel honoured to work for such an incredible charity with such dedicated volunteers and supporters.” The Group is still accepting donations here: www. justgiving.com/fundraising/liz-tite If you would like to join the Ripon and District Fundraising Group or stage your own event then please contact Gemma Hewitt on 01904 755260, email gemma.hewitt@mariecurie.org.uk or visit www.mariecurie.org.uk

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Silver award makes Charlotte a shining example! A weight-loss expert from Ripon has won a sparking silver award for the exceptional work she does in helping more than 100 people in the area to lose weight every week.

Charlotte Stow, who runs the Ripon Slimming World groups, has been given the ‘Silver’ status by the national slimming club because of her success in supporting local slimmers to reach their dream weight, improve their health and change their lives. The accolade is awarded to Slimming World Consultants who have 100 members or more in their group come back week after week because they’re losing weight beautifully and wouldn’t miss their weekly group for anything. Its the first time Charlotte has been awarded the prize since becoming a Consultant in June 2019 and it’s the first time the Ripon Group has received the award as well. She says: “I am delighted to have received the ‘Silver’ award for the Ripon Thursday group. I feel passionately about helping people to transform their lives by losing weight in the same way that I did when I lost 1 1/2st with Slimming World in 2016 Losing weight made me feel happier and

healthier and gave me so much more confidence. I became a Consultant because I wanted to share that feeling and help other people to achieve the same success I had myself. Seeing the members in my groups – mums, dads, grandmas and young people too – reach their target weight is so rewarding and receiving this award is just the icing on the cake. “This award belongs to the Ripon Thursday group’s 191 members. They’re the ones who make our group the success that they, with their fabulous commitment, the wonderful support they give each other every week, and, obviously, their impressive weight losses while following Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan. “The Ripon group has really put healthy weight loss on the map. Together, they’ve lost an amazing 1955.5llbs, that is 140 stones since June this year. Obesity is at record levels everywhere and many people here are suffering a range of weightrelated health problems from diabetes to heart problems and feelings of low selfworth that impact on their working and personal lives every day. It’s never been more important that overweight people get the support to

For advertising contact Christine: 01609 777401 | www.jkanorth.com

make changes to and lead healthier lives – both for themselves and the future generations, their children, too.” If Charlotte continues her success for a number of months, she’ll swap her Silver award for a Gold standard. she says: “I’m over the moon to have become a Silver Consultant and now I’m going for Gold, although I feel like I’ve already struck gold – I have a healthy figure, a fabulous job that I love and lots of great friends in the members. I’m very lucky and I truly believe I have the best job in the world.” To join the Ripon group, which is held every Thursday at 3.3.0pm, 5.30pm or 7.30pm or Friday at 9.30am at Ripon Bowling Club, either pop along or give Charlotte a call on 07855 003179.




Witch Hazel January is a great time to plant deciduous trees and at this time of year a tree with added winter interest is always a welcome sight. Enter the witch hazel. These lovely trees with their citrusscented spidery flowers are widely sold in garden centres as container-grown plants Look for plants with a number of evenly distributed well-placed branches and avoid those showing signs of stress, damage or disease. Ideally choose an open, sunny position in the garden. They also work well if planted next to pathways and doors where you can enjoy their gorgeous scent on wintery days. Avoid very shady sites though or the plant may become straggly Witch hazels need free-draining soil that doesn’t dry out in summer. A light soil mixed with plenty of organic matter,



such as well-rotted manure or compost, is best. They will also grow on heavier clay soils but make sure that as well as digging in plenty of organic matter you ensure good drainage by planting on a slight mound, about 25-30cm (10in-1ft) high and 1m (3ft) in diameter. The only soil witch hazels won’t tolerate is a shallow chalky soil. And make sure you don’t plant them out if the ground is waterlogged.

well-watered throughout the first couple of springs and summers as they take a long time to fully establish and lack of moisture can cause flowers to drop.

Witch hazels grow slowly but eventually make large spreading shrubs. They aren’t fond of pruning so make sure you leave enough space around your plant for it can develop naturally. Make sure they are

By Rachael Leverton

They don’t need regular feeding but applying a top dressing of a general in late winter or early spring will help young plants to grow. Happy New Year and Happy Gardening!

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Boiler Servicing Johnsons Heating: p12 Neil Green Services: p4 Builders & Contractors Design Exteriors: p16 NYG Ltd: p15 Business Services Printing.com: p14 Carpets & Flooring Searles Carpets: p3 Childrens Services Kell Bank CE Primary School: p1 Cleaning Services Daily Poppins: p4 OvenU: p6 Zero Dry Time: p4 Design & Print Printing.com: p14

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homes & businesses

West Rounton

Bedale Skip Hire: p13 Design Exteriors: p16 H Hill & Sons: p12 Mini Digger For Hire: p1 SJ Landscapes & Trees: p13 Tim Campbell Landscapes: p7 Gifts Silverdale: p8 Healthcare & Wellbeing Hear & Now: p11 Slimming World Ripon: p11 Hire Bedale Skip Hire: p13 H Hill & Sons: p12 Mini Digger For Hire: p1 Home & Interiors Dales of Thirsk: p3 Searles Carpets: p3 Kitchen Design Dales of Thirsk: p3 Logs Lindrick Logs: p1

Machinery Black Dog Machinery: p14 Memorial Dales Memorials: p3 Oven Cleaning OvenU: p6 Painting & Decorating Simon Kitching Painter & Decorator: p5 Pets & Animals Fun Dogs: p9 Plumbing Johnsons Heating: p12 Neil Green Services: p4 Property Maintenance Aerial & Sat Fix: p13 Design Exteriors: p16 Handy Andy: p14 MH Joinery: p5 Millennium Windows: p3 Neil Green Services: p4 NYG Ltd: p15 Peter Cox: p13

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Simon Kitching Painter & Decorator: p5 Yorkshire Loft Ladders: p15 Property Sale SOLO Property Services: p1 Removals & Storage Rocket Removals: p6 Smart Move: p4

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Renewable Energy Peak Power Systems: p15 Tree Surgery SJ Landscapes & Trees: p1 Windows & Blinds MH Joinery: p5 Millennium Windows: p3 NYG Ltd: p15

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01609 777401 | www.jkanorth.com

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Ripon Masham InFocus Winter 2019  

Ripon Masham InFocus Winter 2019 showcases a range of local news, events and updates from across the Ripon and Masham area.

Ripon Masham InFocus Winter 2019  

Ripon Masham InFocus Winter 2019 showcases a range of local news, events and updates from across the Ripon and Masham area.

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