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Professional Shower Caulk Removal Service in Atlanta Caulks are widely being used since they are inexpensive and simple to work with. Regardless, caulking has genuine execution issues and bombs in months. We settle the issue for a lifetime and arranging a momentary help isn't our style. D'Sapone does not perform ​shower recaulking service in Atlanta​. We perform caulk removal service and substitute caulk with Sentura, which not just improves the shower surface appearance, it upgrades everything. Sentura is a two part pigmented solvent based epoxy/resin. We similarly give a 5 year labor warranty for our service. A noteworthy difference between Sentura and caulk is recorded underneath.

The Caulking Curse: Caulk peels and parts in dry settings. In wet condition, it peels and washes out of the corners. It loses its bond, when certain cleaners are applied, affecting stains to happen. In showers, this strategy enables dampness to stream around the shower corners, conveying mold that sneaks into the room. Mold can't be found in its beginning period and gradually, it develops all through the whole surface. Caulking likewise makes the surface look horrendous with its thick lines.

Advantages of Sentura: • Various fillers come without bonding control, while Sentura a crucial filler is formulated with a 1200psi bond, securing the corners for a lifetime. It can never be harmed by chemicals or cleaning.

• It waterproofs each of the corners preventing them from allowing the absorption of fluids, causing mold and stains. It will never peel or stain in any settings (dry and wet).

• We can shade it in more than 40 extraordinary tints that are unmistakably enough to suit your requirements. Sentura renders a rich trademark look in each of the corners with its smooth and solid lines.

Other than providing caulk removal service in Atlanta, we in like manner offer complete shower restoration service. A short record on our restoration technique is specified underneath.

Getting Rid of Surface Stains Thoroughly: When we oust all the caulk from your shower, our authorities complete shower cleaning service in Atlanta​ by sprinkling Imperia Deep Clean all through the surface to pound out significant set up stains, mold and mildew with efficiency. Starting there, we apply the corners with Sentura. Usage of this skilled caulk substitute isn't the conclusion of the task. We in like manner perform grout and tile sealing to shield the surface from future stains.

Passing on a Hydrophobic Surface with Celine: When we clean the entire surface, perform caulk removal, thereafter the usage of Sentura, we furthermore seal the tiles with Celine. It is an unmistakable clear topical solvent based epoxy/resin which waterproofs the surface and shields it from future stains, mold and mildew. Celine also adds a slight sheen to your shower. Not only Atlanta, but we service caulk removal in all parts of Georgia like Alpharetta, Woodstock, Johns Creek and many more locations. Get a free estimate by filling up a simple form @ ​ for more details.

Professional Shower Caulk Removal Service in Atlanta